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What is coffee stack app? Who doesn't start a day without a cup of coffee? Coffee Stack is a cup stacking game with runner Coffee Shop elements for extra fun! In this fantastic cup of coffee, you have a chance to collect all the stacks and pack coffee, fill them in different flavors, stack them and sell them to customers and earn cash rewards.

Start with a coffee cup & Collect coffee cups stack them in a long queue. Upgrade your line to turn your coffees into delicious drinks, sweet cappuccinos, lattes, and frappuccinos! Add the beautiful sleeves, put on cute lids, and voila! You have an art piece of coffee cups!

• Fun cup game where kids learn to serve and make coffee.
• Choose your favorite barista hand and learn how to make the best drinks.
• Easy to use stacking controls for kids to play.
• Stack yummy recipes as you play!
• Make hot or cold, tasty drinks for customers on your runway cafe.
• Upgrade your cups of coffee; try not to give them for free!

More Features
• Design and upgrade your COFFEE SHOP!
• Decorate your Coffee Shop as in your caffeine stimulated dreams, improve your coffee corp and turn it into an empire as you earn money!

If you like coffee games, you will love this game! What are you waiting for? Open your shop, and invite in your first customers!

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Coffee Stack Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Coffee Stack Version 7.0.224 November 2022

- Now you can design and run your own cafe! - New levels added! Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more amazing updates to come..

Coffee Stack Comments & Reviews 2022

- Super satisfying, but keep the updates coming!

First of all, I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s literally the best and most addicting game I’ve ever downloaded (and I go through a lot of apps)! I definitely recommend it and the similar game gem stack! I think that the graphics are amazing and unlike other games, you can keep going even after the main levels are over! That being said, I have only had this game for 3 days and I have already completed all the main levels, collected all of the bucks, hands and recipes-both wheel and regular, i have a high score of about 840 and have upgraded my cafe to the max. Maybe I’m just addicted, but I really would appreciate it if you could add more to the game, because i’ve collected all there is to collect and beat all the main numbered levels. An issue i have is that the game is VERY battery draining! I’ll find that I just play it on a 15 minute car ride and i will have already lost about 20% of battery, where i wouldn’t have lost that much playing any other game. A suggestion i have is that maybe in the “design your cafe” mode, y’all could give like 3 options for each upgrade so we could ACTUALLY design it! (I only recommend this to make it true to the title because buying upgrades isnt exactly designing. Either this or change the name of the mode). Again! Amazing game and 100% recommend it!

- Great game! Just a suggestion….

Okay, to start off, this game is fantastic. Amazing. In coffee stack you can upgrade your shop after earning money from stacking the cups with coffee. There are also obstacles which catch my attention even more! Even though I’m not old enough to drink the actual coffee, I love the game. My only complaint is the ads. Literally, between every single level I get an ad. EVERY single level. It is kind of annoying but overall the game is wonderful. Truly fantastic. You could do some kind of program in your shop as an option maybe, you could create your own coffee and post a picture of it and the recipe on like a social thing on an app in coffee stack. But you can only do it in coffee stack and post pictures of the coffee recipes. You could also do a thing where you can trade different coffee designs for another one you like. You can also trade the coffee recipes you make. You can pay the money you earn for materials to make your own coffee. ALSO, you can use the coffees you make in the levels. I have a lot of ideas but of course, you don’t have to choose any. Just ideas! Have an amazing week! P.S. one of my top four fav games!!

- A great game!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 but only two problem…

It’s a great game I love that you can write something on your coffee and save it. It’s a cute game and I think you should try it. But there only one problem… the ads…. Well why? Let me explain. I understand how every game you play most of them have ads but that ok but when they keep coming every second it gets annoying and the same problem with this game. Every time I finish a level a ad shows up. For example, when I first started playing the game I finish the first level and a ad show up I thought it was fine and it ok until I started playing for a while and every time when I finish a level ads keeps coming up and that is so annoying. So I think they really need a little less ads. And the second problem every time when I finish a level it so laggy I don’t know if it my phone or the game but I think it the game because my phone most of the time don’t lag in a games but in this game it does and sometimes it kicks me off idk why I think they should do a little bit updating and try to make less ads and try to make it not crash on me and other people who having the same problem! But the game is really fun and I enjoy it most of the time thank you if you reading this and you agree!😊

- ✨VERY✨ addicting, one issue

So this is a very addictive game and it’s so fun! The way that you can customize what kind of coffee you want as you earn it (sadly by watching ads most of the time) and the levels are also very fun. I don’t really like how most of the levels don’t change at all and over time it gets kind of boring seeing the same perks and obstacles EVERY time you play it, but it’s still addicting. One issue I have is that over time, after you’ve bought a good amount of stuff in you coffee shop, for some weird reason the game doesn’t allow you to buy anything else? So basically, I’ve saved over $50,000 in this game, and I’ve bought a LOT, and I can still get more by watching ads, but without watching ads, it says that whatever I want to get more is locked and it just shows the little thing where you buy stuff (at the bottom of the screen) and the amount of money, and a lock, so I can’t get that thing that’s locked without watching an ad, which I’ve also saved up plenty of money to buy at least 100x that. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if I can’t figure it out, but please fix it if you know what I’m talking about, or tell me what to do so I don’t stall and get confused lol Sincerely, a coffee stacker addict

- Really amazing game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ok, I do love this game, but there’s just a few glitches, 1: on some of the adds, the screen will go black, and it stops going, so I have to flick up the app. 2: sometimes, it will just bump you out of the game, which is annoying, because it’s already happened over 5 times in the few days I’ve had this game, but other than that, this is a perfect game. And the adds don’t really bug you, or at least they don’t bug me as much as they do with other games. Ok, now with the fun stuff about the game, 1: you have you own cafe, where you can spend your fake money that you get in the rounds from selling the coffee to get things like furniture. 2: you can pick the hand that you have that holds the coffee you make, 3: you can write your name on the coffee cups you have with your hand, and it doesn’t need to be your name if you don’t want it to be! 4: you can pick your coffee cups, 5: it levels up! (I can’t tell you to much about the leveling up bit, or I’d spoil it.) but to the makers of the game, “this game is one of the best, and it’s super fun!” And if you liked what I said, I think you should really get this app! Thanks for reading 😁

- The best game of all!!! 😍😍🤩🤩

I love this so much!!! I am so obsessed, I always click on it!! 😍 It keeps me away from boredom and entertains me like it possibly should! please keep in note, your game is awesome for real!!! 🔥 You made it so juicy that everyone just can’t stop playing!! 🤩🤩 i’ve always wanted to make a restaurant but really not in real life, just for fun! This game solved it!!! 🎊🎆 I decorated my cafe and it’s also dinner to name your restaurant. I named mine Expressa ❤️ which was really creative indeed!! It’s fabulous to pick a hand style to really set the mood and i like how it has some coffee upgrade!!!! very smooth to stretch out the money gotta say. I don’t care about ads expect inappropriate ads. But ads kind of ruin the game 😕😕 not really possible for this kind because it’s fun!! i avoid Roblox and play this 😍🥲 Sorry Roblox- I like this game’s creativity. the theme is kind of like a stack game. Even more fun!!!! 🤩🥳🎊🎆 more fun than some merging and stuff. I REALLY LIKE YOUR GAME!!!!😍😍🤩🤩🥳🥳🎊🎊🎆🎆🔥🔥🌼🌼 Keep up the good work! not just good, UNBELIEVABLE!! 🔥

- Very fun But needs updates!

I’m doing a thing where I buy a bunch of games and delete the ones I don’t end up liking. This is one of the games I kept!! 🎉🎉 So this is game is very fun and addicting! It’s really fun to try to beat your high score. Yes, there is a bunch of ads but most games have that problem so it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, no ads when there’s no Wi-Fi! :D Like I said, this is game is fun and well made. They were smart and made it so you can run your own coffee shop every few levels. That makes the game a bit more fun but that’s just like a side game. What would be really nice is maybe a few more things could happen when you direct your cups across. I’m sorry, can’t think of really any ideas. But I don’t know! Maybe either add extra sugar or extra milk. yeah, can’t think of anything 🤦🏼‍♀️ Overall though well made and good job on that! Thanks for reading by the way and have a GREAT day! <33

- Love the game 😝🤩but…..

Ok so I LOVE this game!! But there’s a few things that I think should be changed like after awhile I spend all my cash on opening the shop but it’s rushing me and it won’t even let me fin serving the ppl or gimme a choice to move to the next shop now or when I’m done so I don’t really like that part cuz I have to reset the game so it doesn’t go by so fast cuz it won’t even gimme the cash when I served them 🙁 second you can’t buy like new hands or accessories for the cup you can only watch adds to get them and me and prob a lotta ppl don’t have great Wi-Fi 24/7 so if I miss the first chance I have to watch so many adds to get it like it would be nice if you could buy them and I don’t have the money to get the no ads 😩. That’s all I hope you can change these probs cuz I really love this game but instead of being relaxing like at the start it starts getting frustrating… but other then those flaws I really enjoy this and the ppl making it did pretty good 👍🏼👏🏼 just I’m begging plzzzzzzz change those cuz it’s not really fair!!!! Thx 😊

- Coffe stacks

Such a great game but my only problem is that my sister she got onto this level 50 and she unlocks this Holick barista land and apparently she went up in the clouds and got it I did not see it although the ads are really interesting it’s a pretty nice game if you are into games like that it’s basically like one of those games where you get a lot of ads but the address sort of interesting you can get free daiquiris online and also you can purchase swimming rings off the company so it’s really awesome and this game is also really stupid because one time I actually want some thing and I didn’t get it because I didn’t log on correctly or something I don’t know what it was but basically you can buy stuff off of it and unlock stuff and then it’ll be sent to your home to do it in real life it’s really cool because you can get like onto levels and you unlike unlock a café at a certain level and you can like add stuff to it which is why I think this game is really fun if you’re into stuff like that

- Fun But Genre Based

This is my opinion. I think Coffee stack is fun and is a nice game to play when you are on a road trip, on a plane, or just bored in general. People are complaining about ads, and if the ad is inappropriate- ok complain. But it’s not really the developers’ fault, and really and truly, that is every mobile game EVER. If you are going to complain about every mobile game that has an ad showing ads- simple. Don’t play mobile games. The cafe is a bit boring and I wish very much that there was a story, more coffee options, more decorative options, or just more things to do in general. This is more of the collect and level up kind of game, so if you don’t like this game you won’t like games that you have to collect. However this was designed very well and I must give kudos to the people designing this and there are lots of different recipes to unlock. Good job!

- It’s good, but there’s one problem....

I really enjoy the app and like how you can change the way the coffee looks. I also enjoy fixing the kitchen/coffee shop, and playing the game itself, but there’s just one itsy-bitsy problem. The problem is that every time I play it there is an add after I play one round of the game, and while that add is playing the app crashes and I have to start the app over and over again after every single add. It’s not a big problem to me, but I think you should fix it in the update, or it might just be my electronic. The reason I rated it five stars is because it’s good, but it’s not perfect, but is any game perfect, completely perfect without one problem even if it’s really small? No. Exactly. Other than that tiny problem it is great, and I would recommend getting it!!!! Thank you for sparing time to read this message, have a wonderful and exciting day full of surprises and good things!!! Jesus loves you sooo sooo much!!!!!!

- Great game! (And volunteer request)

I usually don’t leave reviews for mobile games like this, but I really wanted to for this game. For starters, the ads ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME RIGHT! I cannot tell you how many ads I’ve seen where it’s so simple yet they play it wrong! The ads for this game actually make me want to download it, and I wasn’t expecting the extra mini game of the coffee shop! This game is definitely addicting and really fun, although it takes a while to get to the next shop. Yes there are quite a bit of ads, but it’s not as persistent as some other games I’ve seen. If any developer sees this, I would *love* to design new concepts for cups, shops, hand designs, and other things for the game since I myself am an artist! [This is a volunteer, and since I’m a minor (I’m 14) if I’m going to get paid I’d need to get my dad involved, although there is no need to pay me] I have Discord (ang3l_du$t#4690) Instagram (ang3l_du3t), and Twitter (ang3l_du3t) if you’re interested!

- 1 suggestion, 1 flaw, 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This app is really fun so far. I just downloaded it, but I have only had 2 adds. I can kinda see myself having a problem with the adds later but for now, they are just fine. A suggestion. What if you get to customize you flavor of coffee. The better the flavor, the more money you make! With that little improvement, this app would be golden, flawless, another word for perfect😂! I have downloaded apps with pretty good reviews, they where fun. But this? This? This is a great game! I am excited to play this more in the future and show my friends! Back to the adds. I have seen reviews with complaints saying that the only downfall or flaw is ALL the adds. That’s what I’m worrying about. But other than that, this is an excellent app and I really think you should download this game. It’s super fun, just watch out for the adds.😉

- Possibly the best game EVER!

This is an amazing game! If your looking for a fun, time consumer then this is it! There’s only one problem though and it’s on every game. ADS! Theres not even too many, they’re just at… what’s the word… inconvenient times. There was a hole right in front of me! I was about to fall in and an ad appeared. I couldn’t skip the ad and it was 30 seconds. After watching the really dumb person on the ad, it was over. I got back into the game and all my coffee fell into the hole! That’s the only problem. This could very possibly be the best game ever created, just fix where the ads are (if you can idk if you can) and without a doubt the best game. Thanks for reading this! Download the game and see for yourself! I’m excited to hear how you feel about it. Just put “(riley)” with out the quotation marks in the title so I know to read it. -Riley

- 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sadly Addicting…

This game is great! very addicing but kinda of disappointing. So I paid the 2.99 to remove ads, I didn’t mind them at all since they weren’t annoying I just thought paying would remove needing to see ads to unlock the sleeves and instead allow me to pay with the money we make in game but nope.. I still need to watch ads to unlock which I refuse to do so 🥴 it’s kinda underwhelming when you constantly earn money in game, you reach the highest score even tho I tend to use this game when i’m anxious which i love, I feel it has so much potential. I hope in a long run theres more things to do. i’m aware of the recent update and glad it fixed the bug of ads appearing when I paid however I’d like to make some suggestions (out of good faith i swear I enjoy this game it just needs a lil more jazz) -Please add the option to buy things with the earned money since we constantly earn money it’d be to spend some! -You can add bonus rounds (maybe even with different scenarios?) -separate toppings instead of just having the full thing made in that magic machine -since we have a store, it’d be nice to see how much we “lost” in the each game (work shift?) -adding extras like the grabbing “free” hand but some with cash, maybe a thief? in some levels I hope this is actually read 😅i know nothing about devoloping so I hope i’m not asking for miracles😂 .. sincerely, An addicted coffee stacker

- So fun🥰🤩🤪😜😝😛😋

So I’ve been playing this game for about a year and I deleted it because I didn’t have it much storage left that was really dumb of me anyway and this is a really fun game and my friend she plays it all the time she’s obsessed with it and it’s really fun let your kids play this game and they will do everything they wanna do I have that from experience because I’m So I’ve been playing this game for about a year and I deleted it because I didn’t have it much storage left that was really dumb of me anyway and this is a really fun game and my friend she plays it all the time she’s obsessed with it and it’s really fun let your kids play this game and they will do everything they wanna do I have that from experience because I have a cousin that is 10 and he loves this game so get this for your kids thank you

- Good but one problem..

I downloaded this because I was like “there’s nothing to do” so when I downloaded it, I realized it’s like the ads! So I kept playing but after like every level, there’s an ad! I get it it’s probably paid but like, don’t put too much!! Also if you want to do that, make a skip button after 3 seconds! It’s no point watching the whole ad! Maybe if the ad is so good, they’ll download the app and forget about your app! I think maybe it should be like an ad every 2-3 levels. It’s really annoying. Great game tho. I play this like almost every day. The graphics are good and I like the game. Also, I try to use airplane mode, but it says you can’t play without internet! It’s kinda annoying too. Hope everyone has a nice day. And let’s hope the creators see this!😊

- This is my favorite game!🤩

Hi! I’ve been playing this game for a few months, and I have had a really good experience! Playing this is a super addicting, stress relieving activity. I just have a few things to say. One thing is, is the ads. I know that they want to make money from showcasing people’s ads, but it’s super annoying. If it asks you to unlock something for an add, and you say no, it gives you one anyway.. kinda annoying if you get what I mean. Anyway, the thing I dislike the most is this… I use to try to ignore the “free” cups and hands. Now, I collect them. I have every hand except the one you unlock at level 26. It won’t even let me watch an ad to get it.. it’s been bothering me for a few weeks now. Is there any way to get it? This is still my favorite game and I highly recommend it!🥰

- BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁

First of all I would like to say that if you are reading this you have to get this game. I got this game on my birthday and I have been addicted to it ever since. The goal of the game is to get coffee cups and fill them with coffee and design them. You get money at the end. And the best part about it is the higher the level the more money you get. You can design your own coffee shop and pick out the kind of cup, hand and recipe. I have 2 suggestions though, for the coffee shop please add more decorations, after you get all of them there’s no more decorations. Also I would love if you could add more cups, hands and recipes to choose from. Otherwise this is a great game and I recommend this to everybody. Thanks for reading this. Have a great day / morning/ noon/ afternoon/ evening/ night

- 3 and a half stars (not 3)

Ok, this game started off amazing! I thought it was so cool how you can not only make coffees for money but also make a whole coffee shop… but after a while it got boring so I left. I decided a little while later to go back into the game. All the progress I had made was gone! I was all the way back to level 1. No one else really wrote about this so I’m guessing it may just be me. But still, if this is supposed to happen or you can fix this can you please tell me?! As well as there are a ton of adds. The game will ask if I want to watch and add to get something and I’ll click no, after clicking no ill click a button to go into the coffee game or something and there will be an add right there. There is no way to dodge these adds and they take up a lot of time. Other then these couple things I really like this game and it’s fun. Thank you for reading until the end.

- Great game!

So, I kept seeing ads for this app over and over again and the ad looked fun to me. I downloaded it, and I started playing. It was so fun! I was play for about 7-10 minutes straight. I just couldn’t stop! It’s fun how you can change al, of the coffee cups and stuff like that. I’m so in to this game. And another thing, this game has absolutely NO ADS. No ads to interrupt my gameplay! MOST AWESOME GAME EVER. The only problem is the ads to get stuff don’t work on my device. When I try writing a name on the coffee cup, when I press “save” it doesn’t work. Same with getting the coffee cups for an ad, the same thing. I don’t know if it’s just my device that does that or others. But DEFINITELY download this game. -snappy_cat101

- Fun... but it needs help

So when I first downloaded this, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s satisfying and fun. But there’s just one problem, the ads. Before and after every single round, it gives you an annoying and long ad. It’s like the game is trying to force everyone to buy no ads! Picture this, you just got back from work/school and you had a horrible day. You worked so hard and your feeling really stressed. So you immediately start playing this game to try to calm yourself down. But as soon as you open the app, it gives you an ad. You don’t think much of it, but as soon as you finish one round, you get another. 10 seconds later, you get another. Can you see how this would just add to your stress and make you feel even worse? Please make there less ads, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s annoyed and upset about this.

- Fun game but….💕💕

It’s a really fun game … but like everyone else said Ads are crazy. After every level there’s an Ad to watch . For me it would be okay if they could make the levels a little longer . They show you like a tower of how much money you earned and how many coffees you collected for your shop . No matter if I flawlessly pass the level . I never get more than 14 coffees and the tower seems pretty tall . I’ve collected all item for my coffee shop . I am a level 80 or so and it’s just so repetitive. So maybe if they could add longer levels to actually be able to reach the top of the tower. And maybe less ads . It would get my 5 stars ⭐️. In the beginning I loved this game and even downloaded one similar to it (a candle one) but same issue . So I am debating if I should delete this game . I hope they do update and pay attention to reviews .

- A great game just needs a little more added to it

It is fun to stack your coffee and see how much money you can make but… The game says you can design and decorate your own coffee shop but there is only one option for your furniture to put in your coffee shop, so you can’t really design it how you want. I don’t know if I was obsessed with the game when I first got it but I upgraded and bought my entire coffee shop in just one day of playing the game. So maybe they should add more things to the game for upgrading your coffee shop. Even though I bought the entire coffee shop you are still able to play the stacking coffee part of the game. This is still a very fun game and I do recommend it but I just wish they would add a little more to the game, to make it funner.

- Great game, but it could be better

I saw the add on f this game and I got it immediately.I love this game so much but I thought of some things you could do to this game. 1.You can get cups recipes hands but I wish you could design your own cup, recipes , hand and you make a whole other app for designing your own cup or recipes and it is not like drawing on the cup you could search what you want then outline it and take a picture.2.I don’t think the idea of completing the barista then going to a new one is good, it would be better if you could stay with that one barista and then make it bigger, add waiters and more chefs, and more table.I hope you read this message and have a great day🥰!

- Crashes

It crashes after 5 mins its weird but the fact that upgrades are free for your coffee if nice I'm glad about that but its boring i have lots of games like once you upgrade your shop fully thats it you can unlock like more skins through ads but thats it it just has a content drought this is like the game “ make her up! “ all you do is save these people from being ugly in 2-3 levels but that gets boring to since you get like 12 things to customize only one avatar I'm mostly writing this after a year ago quitting this game but pls add more coffee shops to upgrade or do something with the levels i dont know what to say but games like this are just boring to me now i mostly like puzzle and running a store games and tycoons 😊

- Really good game(read before playing)

This game is a pretty good game it’s really relaxing and there’s so many maps and types of coffee and you have your own shop it’s pretty neat and I play this on my free time it’s just so easy to have fun playing this I don’t see many problems but there is some problems I also do not think there is that many ads there’s not so many ads so if you don’t like ads I think this is for you but sometimes when I try to get a higher high score it doesn’t let me and when I try to collect my money and click it it does a an ad it really don’t like that but out of that definitely play this it’s a great game!

- Meh

Honestly, it’s a pretty good game at first! It’s fun to unlock new recipes and new hands. But after a while, the game just gets too easy. There’s no point to it anymore. For example, my high score is 1020 and once I reached that, it seems like no matter how many cups I have at the end, I can never reach that. Like, if I have a big long line of cups with sleeves, lids and an advanced recipe, I only get into the 400’s ! It just gets really boring after a while. But it’s good for mindless playing. Also, I would like to point out that the amount of ads on this game is ridiculous!!!!!! I watch an ad once the game opens and halfway through the run, I have to watch another ad! At the end, I also have to watch an ad which comes out to about 3 ads everytime I try to play the game. It is absurd.

- This game is amazing!

I would rate 10 stars if I could. The whole game is incredible! There is challenge, but not too much, just enough to tease your brain. There is so much satisfaction in this game. Filling the cups, then lidding them. I didn’t know working with coffee could be so fun! I would 100% recommend this game to everybody, and with all due respect I can generally not understand any human being who could file a complaint about a game so intriguing. Thank you to anyone who had something to do with this game, and thank you for taking the time to design each level so there is nothing repetitive like most boring apps. If your bored, then definitely download!

- This is such a good game!!!🤩

I have had this gone for a little while and I’m still not bored. I absolutely love this game so much and the adds don’t bug me cause it’s not as much as some other games I’ve seen and mostly why I love it so much. I love the way the game is made and love that you can decorate the coffee shop and pick the cup you want and put your own signature it’s so adorable. But the over all game is super fun like the main part of the game I love the The obstacles in the way you can get more cups and fill it with espresso and creamer. So if you are trying to get a good game get this one because it’s just so entertaining for me and a few of my close friends.

- A little help

Ok, I really like the game, it’s fun and you can make coffee and even have your own coffee shop, and if you go through like 10 levels then you get a new ingredient, BUT there are some things that are SOO annoying. 1st: a lot of things are expensive and really hard to get. 2nd(and the worst):the ads, every time you complete a level and want to get your money, it gives you a ad every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, also, the ads are like 40 seconds each, it’s soooooooo annoying! 3rd: sometimes, you can have too much cups and can’t see the start of your cups, and it could go in the red stuff that get rid of all your cups or the “sell” thingy, and then only gives you like 5$. Here are some of the good things!! 1st: It’s REALLY entertaining, it’s really fun to make the coffee and to add all those ingredients and to make them fancy. 2nd: you could sometimes get free money that helps you out. 3rd: even though things are expensive to get in your cáfe, it’s very fun to decorate and make it look nice! I hope this has helped you but you get to choose if you want to download it or not! I play Roblox, my user is SMA78, friend me if you see this I guess!

- Best game ever!!

I know that I am a 11 year old but I have to say this is way better than my other games (like roblox). First of all I got inspired by expressa to make my own name which is coffee catfe which is cat and cafe together. I am a huge huge cat fan so when I saw the cat 🐈 hand I was spam clicking get. I might have broke my screen😆. I drink coffee 24/7 so I asked my dad to get it and I love it. When I grow up(or not because I died) I want to start my own coffee shop. Also in any game if there is ads just turn on airplane mode but turn it off quickly if you want something that costs an ad. Bye! Now guess this coffee shop ⭐️ 💵

- This would be fun

However, 9 times out of 10 the advertisements quit working and turn the whole screen black. Then you have to X out of the game, close the screen completely and reopen which loses any progress you may have made. This advertisement issue happens back to back. I really don’t mind ads, they don’t bother me too much even if they are excessive but these ones are making it impossible to progress at all because the whole screen just freezes black. Makes playing the game and getting the stuff you were even watching the advertisement for impossible. This isn’t just on the chosen ads too. This happens on the ones that just randomly pop up as well. It’s really annoying. I downloaded the game because my daughter likes to play it and watch it be played and it’s beyond frustrating at this point.

- What’s with the adds?

So I got this game because it looked fun and I though that there would not be a lot of adds. But I was wrong there are SO MANY ADDS!!! Like when you finish a level it says you can get the money but when you press get, it already goes to a add. Every level it goes to a add. So my advice is get the game if you want but don't say that i did not worn you. If you are reading this pls this coffee game is really fun but so many adds. Hiiiiiii I'm here sister and i also got this game and it is so fun, I love this game if this game was never made I would cry but I agree the adds are crazy well of course when you double the money you have a add but when it says get it goes to a add. Love, middleschoolgirl

- Addictive but could be better

I am obsessed but this game drives me nuts as it is such a short cycle. I love the stacking cups part but i love the cafe too. It drives me insane you spend about 5 minutes on it then get told you completed it, get moved to the “basic” one and repeat. I want to be able to stay on the larger one and keep expanding it into a larger and larger cafe. Perhaps add in food or some other short of thing to serve. You also decorate a cafe but you dont use it so i dont know what its for. Please offer being able to keep 1 cafe, decorate it to keep & be able to expand. More & more tables. Buy more things to serve(food, desserts etc.) allow this to be a game to build on and be a stimulation type game. That would make this game top tier.

- the best !

the game is the literal best! it has a ton of levels, cute cups and a variety of decorations you can organize your coffee shop with, but after a while ur coffee shop won’t let you purchase anything else. As well as eventually the levels start repeating when you get to a certain point in the game, i’m not sure if the coffee shop problem is a bug or if it’s just how the game is. this game does have a few ads here and there but there isn’t an outrageous amount of ads with is amazing! i recommend this game for anyone who wants an addicting game to play daily:)!!

- Super satisfying and peaceful!! But a few things.

So I have play this game for about a week now and when I joined it I was so excited that started playing straight away. Anyways 1. Every time you finish the level A AD COMES UP like I’m done with these ad’s they drive me nuts!! 2. I think they should give you like $200 dollars like to start the game. I love this app in my opinion it’s very satisfying,peaceful, and calming. I would give this app a 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ just a few new things I think there should be in this game. I hope everyone is safe and healthy bYe GuYs!! Developer Response: We all love the game that you guys created and you guys did a impressive job. Keep up the good work!! (:

- Annoying

So I’m not having issues with the game it’s just that I play a round and then a add pops up I mine as well just watch a add for money and also after a round when the add is done it transfers me to a coffee game that you sell coffee to costumers and your a person and it audacity does that I hate doing that and once I go there I can’t get out without resetting the game I just want it to be the satisfying coffee in the cup and counting the money to add on to my little shop I really wish that it can be a option to play that little coffee game where u are a person taking orders fix this and I will make this 5 stars thank you for reading this I hope you have a great day and I hope you find this helpful.

- Great game but…..😬😑😤🙄🙄

So I just got this game and I got to level like 120 and the next day I went back into the app and it restarted me over. When I say start over I mean start over. Like I was back on level one and all the things I watched adds on were gone like they were never even there. It’s really annoying and the levels took me a while to accomplish cause after like level ten they get really hard, so I was just giving a heads up for all those who see this review. Also if you could fixed this little bug that would be great. And maybe don’t ask if you want the game to track you, it’s a little invasive and weird.


Ok this game is soooooooooo fun I play it everyday with my sister, the weird thing is I don’t like coffee at all but I love this game that is basically a coffee game😂 I would recommend this game a lot!! The only thing I don’t like about the game is the adds. If the developer reads this please please think about limiting the adds like a lot I feel like after every round you always have to watch an add. But out of all love the game! I think you should add more of the recipes too and not have to watch adds after like every round and maybe not so many adds for the skins cups etc! Thank you!

- Best game on earth😀😁😍😋

This is the best game on earth please make more levels and more I love this game and it’s really easy to do I just got it like three minutes ago and I’m already on level 10 so please keep on making levels and this is the best game like my title says and by the way the people out there who says that this is A bad thing I think you guys are just lying because this is the best game on earth I love it and you guys should too thank you for the people that made it and if you could do like more levels then I would love that😇😁🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ And by the way my name is Annabel and I am nine years old

- The best game

Coffee Stack is officially my new best game I’ve ever played it’s really fun it’s challenging it’s really fun and it puts you into a level where like you wanna be like if you wanna make $50 it’s like oh it’s like oh you have to go higher and you have to go higher and you the way you are and more money makes you feel like oh I am so much money yay and I’m just a kid so you bet like if a six year old was s would be playing this she would be like oh my God I love this game because I get money every person loves money actually not really money real money but it’s just like money it’s really fun.

- Good but a couple issues…

So it’s good it’s really good. It’s unique and it’s fun. There is just some problems. One of them is the ads are violent, ya know? Because one of the ads are state of survival and I have a daughter who is 6 and plays this. And every time she sees this ad she throws my phone on the ground and there r just too much violent ads. But overall, this is good but please make the ads less violent, just please. And the second one there is like just- it’s just sometimes the hands look too scary for her and it’s just- u want ur kids to look at things what won’t be so scary for them and yes pls fix those ok it would really help. Ty for reading!

- great game but...

This game is like the best game that I have but not the best game I have it’s a great game and there is not to many adds! But the add for the game to get it is really annoying. It is annoying because the person keeps getting a cupel coffees it’s supper annoying! But the game coffee stack is really fun! If your still reading this I really recommend you to get it it’s really fun and indicating and you can make your own dissent for your name I made mine in cursive I love this game so much I play it all the time! It’s a no wifi game! I’m in a place were there is no wifi and when I play it the game did not need any wifi. Sorry for the long review.

- I love this game! But, there’s one problem…

OMG! I absolutely love this game!!! But I have a tiny problem. When I entered the game today, it took me to my cup collection and it said I had no cups and no hands or anything! And then, it also said “tap to start” which I tapped and it still didn’t work IDK if it’s because I’m at level 99 and I could have played the last level, or if there’s some kind of glitch in my game. Once again, I love this game so so much and I just wanted to tell the people who made the game that there may be something wrong with my game. Thanks for your time😁

- Superrrr fun but 1 thing

So I love this game, like super addicting but there is like one thing that is not good. At the end when they rate how much money you’ve earned for the round, it is not accurate. What I mean by this is one time I had about 20 cups at the end and it got me all the way to coffee lord. (Coffee lord is the highest you can get) And another time I had about 30 cups and it didn’t take me all the way up! And both rounds were like equally good looking cups so I don’t know why this happens but I would like it changed. If you are a responder, please fix this and respond to me. Ty for reading, bye!

- Good game love it and it’s fun problem tho

I love this game I just got it and I like it but at the end of each round is a ad and I hate that so if any devs read this please remove ads for free nor for money I’m almost 11 and not wasting a dollar just to remove a ad. I love the decorating to but some things you can get for free with ads and some ads take forever to skip. I like the game but I would like to also see some sort of drive thru like you can have 2 game modes and when new updates come out you can add more. That’s all I would like to see keep up the good work! ☕️

- bru

Ok, so this game is great and all, but a few flaws I would like to cover. First off, when I try to play the app, sometimes it just kicks me out and then makes me go to my settings. Second off, TO MUCH ADS! Every time I complete a level, ad. Ad after ad after ad. It’s frustrating and concerning. Lastly, the glitches. I would be moving the coffee cups I had collected, and I don’t know why, they start floating and glitching, then the app closes. I just want to enjoy an app on my free time with limited bugs as possible. Hopefully they can find a solution to this because it looks like everyone else is also having issues. Thanks for taking your time to read.

- Good but has some Flaws😩

I it’s a good game in all but you need to let us know how many levels there are because I play this game everyday if I get bored I’m Currently on level 256 but I question myself is this game going to keep going or am I going play in till I’m 700 I really like the a Another flaw is you can’t change you background in the game I like the game like I said but sometimes I feel like Deleting the game I really think they should work on their game a bit because of a lot of flaws and adds games shouldn’t have ads you have to wait like 1:20 so you get back on your game. So yea come hate for giving the game 3 stars but I really think this game need improvement😩

- Absolutely fantastic game one thing tho…

Ok let’s just say there is no words anywhere any time to describe how absolutely fantastic this game is like easily the best of my games but there are so many adds it’s crazy like every single level it’s the same adds over and over and over and I’m sick of it I understand this game needs to make money but this is too many adds! Maybe at least one add every 2 or 3 games and even worse it’s the same exact adds every single time at least make them fun adds!!! Other then that this is such a spectacular game I really suggest downloading it have a great day!

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- Name situation

Hi I find this game really intertaning and fun to play but when is comes to adds to get cool things it’s a bit disappointing bc sometimes we don’t get cool stuff bc we don’t want to have to go through the adds the we lose the cool things forever and that is very sad then when we making a sleeve cover with our name on it why can’t we just write our name on with a keyboard so it looks neat we’re now mine looks messing and I have to go through and ADD to get it neat but over all really great game to play when at a boring event sometimes it makes it more fun😛

- Great game!

Honestly I love this game so much. I generally play this in my meanwhile and I enjoy it. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it’s been perfect. Unfortunately I’ve been getting these two same glitchs for the past 6 times, the first glitch is with the “Golden Cup” I would reach to the Golden Cup or whatever its called and it would not add onto my stack. The second glitch is where I would drag my finger to the other side to move, it doesn’t move the stack. This honestly makes me quite furious because last time this happened it went onto the spikes and got rid of a lot of the coffees. Overall great game I love playing this time of game in my meanwhile or not even in my meanwhile! 👍


I love this game 4 3 reasons. It is challenging at first and other games it will just start of with 1 cup and the end. Unlike this and is super addictive If you want to become a store manager one day, this is a perfect game, and there is no ads in this. Maybe one or two but it is the best This game is so much better than artist life. This is an amazing game and I would truly reccomend it. I’m sorry I have texted so much but it is one hundred percent worth it From .. NiKI BlaNd..

- To many adds

Once you complete a level, you get the chance to collect your cash and you can get more money if you watch an add but even when I click for example "$345 if fine," ir whatever it says, it still makes me watch an add and I am not happy. When you build your coffee shop, and you accidentally or you step on the button thing which has a person on it to upgrade, you go straight in an add. There are still so many examples but these are the main ones. Companies need to understand they do not want to download their game with an add and this game is full of them. To make your app better then what it already is, please reduce the adds and that would make the game perfect. Your app is amazing and a fun game to play when you are bored but the adds are reducing the fun in the game. Keep making games like this but without so many adds and you guys will be the best game creates ever! Thank you for keeping me entertained!

- Almost perfect! Developers plz read

Hey, this is a great game and i really enjoy it! Thank you developers. I know other people are annoyed about ads but I don’t mind them - it’s how they get their money. My only problem (not sure if it’s just on mine) is I have upgraded my cafe and now all the options you are meant to pick from are grayed out. I can’t click them or watch a video. Am I just fully upgraded on my cafe? And if so, what am I meant to spend all my game-money on that I get from levels? Apart from that, this is a good game.

- Yas

This caught my eye when I kept watching the ads. It let me okay the game. At first I thought it would be fake advertisement but it wasn’t. The app is the just like the add. With a little extra part of the game where’s you can design your own cafe. You should definitely get this app.

- Nice

This is the best game but someone took my cup a few times which made daddy mad. I loved at the end were all the kittens took my cups and slurped it up through my long straws. I recommend this game to any alpha males looking for a good/fun time with their kittens

- Amazing

It’s amazing but the ads they just come it’s so not cool I hate ads the game is good is just ads I have them so much and I hate it that’s why I did 4 star rating but it is still so so much fun and good it’s just the ads that are annoying I hate when I don’t get past my high score I still good and fun download it it’s so good and fun so download it now!


This game is fun but the ads are just constant!! Literally every single level finishes with an ad and they’re always long it’s insane. It’s super frustrating and makes it not so fun and all the personalisation you’re supposed to earn you can only get with another ad and after all the ads you’ve already watched you really don’t have the patience for it. Kinda bummed cause I liked it but gonna uninstall

- This game is statistying but something is kinda weird about it

I love this game sooo much but when I downloaded it it asked would u like this game to track you? It’s kinda creepy Hutu get over it and I love it! 5/5 😊

- Ehh

So I downloaded it yesterday and it was great! But … today I was playing it and it stopped working so I deleted it and was gonna download it after but it didn’t work now I’m sad that it won’t let me download it please fix this developer. Thank you


I love this game because it is sooooooo satisfying and relaxing. I think everyone should play it if you are sad or angry. After I finish school I do my jobs then get my phone and play this game until dinner. PLAY THIS GAME 😁

- Just a little problem...

10/10 on everything, it’s perfect but the ads ruin it. Like every time you finish a level there is an add- but being honest, the ads are worth the fun and awesome game! Great job on making it.

- Love it

I really Oke this game but the only thing wrong with it is that it has an add after every single round and sometimes it starts to get annoying, anywho it is a great game and I recommend d it for some people who like randomness.

- Love it

Overall I really like it I just wish there weren’t that many ads because there getting paid by us watching them but the game quality is amazing

- Satafiing

It is really cool and my mum likes it probably because it has coffee in it and it doesn’t even has that many adds

- Awesome

This game is so fun I play every day after school but there’s one problem can you add more upgrades and more fun things thank you

- Good game but very glitchy

I rate this game 4/5 cause it’s super glitchy and it’s very annoying I can’t honk the rest of it is good cause it’s super fun and good if you want to be a store manager so try the game but if it’s too glitchy then don’t play it

- Best game

I play this game when I am board I showed my friends and family now everyone in my family plays it

- Getting boring

It’s great to start off but each cafe is just the same thing again and again. It would be good if you could add more staff, add sweets or different drinks.. just feels like once you reach a certain point it is like ground hog day..

- Read my'n and you wold want it

When you start playing it you don't want to stop, there is no adds SO GET IT

- Mix it up

Not many different cups. Would not get if you don’t like the same thing over and over

- Sunnyxmisty fan group

I really like this game but what I hate from this game is ads and my low score for blue and in blue and under blue like I mean the first colour

- Great Game but to many adds

This is one of my most favourite games, but maybe put less ads.

- Amazing

This app is amazing when I play it I think of Starbucks but the thing that concerns me is that they give you a choice to write a name

- Love it!

As soon as I saw the ad I wanted it! It’s so good! And really fun! 120% recommend it to anyone looking at it! There’s ads a fair bit but it’s worth it! Great job!

- Good but…

So I saw the ads on this game and I thought I would try downloading it. I allowed notifications but I woke up the next day to 100 notifications from that app! Don’t get me wrong it’s a super fun app just please tone down the notifications I currently have 50

- I love this game

I’ve only been playing this game for like two minutes

- Love this game

I love this game because it is so satisfying and if you are bored you can enjoy playing this game

- Some complaints

So it’s a great game and all but it won’t let me advance to cafe number three. I don’t know if this is just me but it’s very irritating! Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLEASE!!! Fix it!!!

- Good

It’s good but after a while I thought there was way too many ads . Ads after each round it got annoying

- Amazing

Coffee stack is so fun. No problems with it. It’s my go-to game! Have fun with it because you can do so much on it!!😊

- Fun but....

This game is fun but there’s so many ads and they make my phone all glitchy so I can’t click off them

- Play time is less than half the ad time

Way more ads than actual playing time, not worth it for the easy levels, pointless outcomes and time spent waiting for ads to finish or be skipped. Wouldn't waste your time if i were you

- It is fun

It is fun because it’s interesting nice fun entertaining wonderful super and I will always play it

- 3 star

I rated this three starts bc there are too many adds every time you finish a round a add pops up at least for me it does hope this help BYYYEEE

- You game is so good

Thank you for making this game the it’s the best world game in the world wide

- Coffee review

ILove this amazing game and I would like it to give me real coffees and rewards please see you tomorrow

- Amaze

This game is amazing and I can’t stop playing it you should play it NOW

- Coffee Stack Game

This game is amazing, fun and awesome. Whoever invented this game is a pure genius!!! Well done. I think lots of people will love this game if they get it. Once again. THIS GAME IS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

- Great game!

This game is so fun and there are no ads! I definitely recommend this game!

- 🥀

Too many adds

- Not really sure what to do… pls help lol

It’s not letting me into the game it just stays on a purple screen… I have tried resetting my phone but it doesn’t work…

- How good is this game

This game is soo entertaining I could play it forever!

- Coffee stack

This game is a enjoyable game to play and you get to decorate your own coffee shop

- So Amazing

This is the best game but a bit glitchy though

- The best game ever

Plz make more I don’t want it to end like coffie shake two


there are a lot of ads in this app, but it’s great! It’s the perfect game if you wanna be a store manager. And it’s not a scam game like fashion universe.

- Meh

Fun but it does get boring boring and it has suddenly reset I was on level like 99 and then it reset now I’m on level one

- Crashes too much

I couldn’t even get past level one. As soon as I opened app it crashed. I have deleted and tried many times but still doesn’t work.

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- Wow

It’s fun

- Coffee ☕️

This is an amazing game but I need my coffee ☕️ bye for now I see you 👀 LOVE 💗:Cassie

- Hi

This game is awesome

- 999999

So relaxing and simple would recommend choose to have ads they don’t just keep popping up every two seconds

- Progress

I lost all my progress in the game for no reason

- Fine

It okay but I don’t like that there’s so much adds😟😕



- Too many ads

It’s a fun game but there are way too many ads. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game

- Me

I hate Starbucks !!!

- So relaxing

Love it 😊

- It is really good but…

There are to many ads like I could take a three hour nap and it will still begin on ads

- Thunk

This app challenges your brain and its fun ❤️❤️

- Ok

I find it hard to control the hand/cups overall fun game especially when u have no internet

- Small neck dog

I always wanted a penis and after this game I finally found out I enjoy men! Wowza I love this game makes me wet.

- Great game

This great so much fun not those many ad’s

- I

Love it❤️❤️

- Angelina

Votre truc est trop cool

- This game is soo fun 🤩🤩

Soo fun game 👍👍

- It’s so good!🟫

I love, I cannot stop playing especially in the car, so much fun and kid friendly highly recommend

- Adds

To much ads but amazing

- Download it

I got tired of watching the ad so I downloaded it and it is BEST GAME EVER not including Roblox

- Awesome


- This game doesn’t even deserve a 0star

The game keeps freezing and freezing and freezing and the app keeps crashing and freezing freezing it’s stupid

- Love it but one problem

This game is awesome and i love it. But The ads tho 💀

- laggy asf

It’s just laggy asf

- Suggestion

This is a great game but I would like it if I could by more stuff and more cups ,hands and recipes instead of adds. Thank you

- Meh

Meh not bad just meh

- 😻👌👍🏻😀

I love this game it is so satisfying and very calming!

- Nice

It’s So cool and So Nice

- Good

I love it so much is cool and satisfying

- 😻😻😍😍

I LOVE it it’s the best game I played! If you are tempted to download it DO IT!Its free,it’s fun And it’s entertaining have a fun time with this game like I am😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Roblox vs this game

So it would be nice if you could take out all of the adds because then I would say I like Roblox very much I wish you the best and have a great life

- Hckgvxnbdb judge

Gdjchxbebdjc hdncjr fjvfs flaccid jog

- Joe


- It’s okay

It’s not the best game ever pretty good😅

- Coffee stack

It’s very fun and entertaining just got into one of my favourite apps

- Coffe stack


- Yes


- ❤️

It is so good you have to get it

- This game is fun

This game was fun and I loved it but now whenever I try to play it it kicks me out. Stay away from this game if you don’t want to be disappointed.

- Great experience

Wonderful experience I had so much fun playing this game


sooo addicting and it’s a great offline game!


ok hi. so this game is rlly good, not many adds and fun gameplay. u should download but like idc if u dont sincerely, john cena

- It's great! But why 12 plus?

This game is so much fun! I haven't experienced anything bad at all! But I am wondering why it is 12 and up, it doesn't seem to have anything ba in it. Although some of the ads in most games can be a bit, uh you know what I mean. But overall it's so fun! -Azra

- Coffee Stack

Not Bad, a little too much ads and kinda buggy but still not a bad game I would recommend this game if your on vacation going somewhere but it’s honestly not that bad because other games are not that good but this game out off all offline games is actually one of the best so thank you for you time coffee stack this helps improve on your offline games Sincerely, HussianSubPro


so I just downloaded this game, it’s amazing so far I haven’t experienced a single ad, u should download it right now!

- gamer

this is my SECOND favourite game, pre good, rather write on cups for free tbh

- Meh

I don’t really like it it gives me too many notifications it’s really annoying and plus I kind of hate the game. Sorry……

- Notifications

This game was fun until it started sending me notifications every 10 or so minutes. I turned the notifications off in my settings and they kept coming. Awful

- Horrible

I hate this game the adds are so annoying and very glitchy

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Coffee Stack 7.0.2 Screenshots & Images

Coffee Stack iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack iphone images
Coffee Stack Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Coffee Stack (Version 7.0.2) Install & Download

The applications Coffee Stack was published in the category Games on 2021-10-28 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 253.15 MB. Coffee Stack - Games app posted on 2022-11-24 current version is 7.0.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: markergame.coffeestack