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Button Fever Game Description & Overview

What is button fever app? Are you a multitasker?

Place your buttons and start to gain coins!!

- Merge and upgrade your buttons
- Place your buttons and create your own keyboard
- Click more, gain more!!

Click and enjoy!

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App Name Button Fever
Category Games
Updated 15 September 2023, Friday
File Size 381.3 MB

Button Fever Comments & Reviews 2023

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I can’t get unstuck!!!. I use to love this game! Even when I thought I was stuck I could always find a way to get unstuck! Well, that was until the most recent update! Now I am stuck stuck and I don’t know how to become unstuck. My board is completely full except for one spot for a single button, basically a button with a number 1 can only be placed there! My 3 slots, where new buttons are placed, is also full! In the 3 spots I have a button with a number 4 on it, a number 2 on the second slot’s button and the third slot contains a button with the number 128 on it! I can’t get any new buttons and I can’t move any of my buttons from my slots to the board because there’s no space for them! If this could be fixed somehow I’d greatly appreciate it! Either add a destroy/bomb feature/bonus, that can be bought for $1000, or $100,000 or even $1,000,000, that can be used to destroy a button in one of the 3 slots so that way, when people happen to get stuck, like myself, we don’t get discouraged, and almost want to quit because we think we’re stuck forever and won’t be able to ever move or add another button to the game! Other than that, thank you for an awesome game that actually helps me fight against my anxiety! If this problem gets fixed I’ll edit my review, or write another review with a better grade, but if it doesn’t get fixed, and I remain stuck, I will be deleting the game! Sorry but that’s how I feel!

Great Game. This game is very fun pushing buttons to make money which you can spend on upgrades to make more money or buy more buttons. The only thing I find annoying is that the touchscreen on my phone is not in correct proportion to my finger on the screen so buttons higher on the screen can’t be brought straight down to merge with the other buttons. They have to be placed on a lower spot on the board. Other than that this is a great game to play

Spam, ads, copyright, and Unresponsive non-forum game.. There are 4 things a game need. 1. Uncopyrighted strikes Such games as, other games you made. These strikes make every game you play non ad-free. They say it’s ads free but if you look closely you will know the game you play has ads because it is an ad.

2. Reasonable ads These roll i games have unreasonable ads. They just promote other games and their own just for money unless the visitor jus quits the game or pay ads. Even if you f Pay ads you won’t stop seeing ads which is a bug

3. Different updates Most of the game updates are “having bugs? Ewww” and “new features!” We have to know what features because if you just say “new features” then the player isn’t gonna play the game because you won’t know what the game is about. The video and the photos of the game shown is just another game Using this gameplay photos and videos too.

4. Responsive game messages and game forums If a game doesn’t have a forum then is has to respond to its messages. Then we will know that the are paying attention. This has its perks, more game views and attention etc. this is how to enter the gggames’s “can play games” list. Everyone follows gggames and ggapps.

Note: If your game isn’t I. The gggames list then you just have a couple million. You would have some billion votes, views, and visits aka vvv if you are in the list.

Another bad simple game. I refuse to play this game more than5 minutes if even that. Gameplay features are locked behind ads, special blocks are given if you watch ads, upgrade to your stuff can be gotten through ads, and i think another thing is ad based. But that’s tolerable, except they then throw forced ads at you anyways. I watched 2 ads back to back at the very start of the game for the extra key slots, and a minute later i was forced to watch one for no reason. For as simple as the game is, paying 3 dollars for no ads also seems over priced. To top it all off, you can’t play in airplane mode, or without internet, it’s produced a pop up that stops your ability to play. I can see it working behind this box, they just want your ad money, so they won’t you let you play at all without internet. Do not give this game your time, it’s clearly another scam like so many simple games.

leaderboards. The leaderboards are completely fake and they dont even do a good job at faking it right now (and always after they reset) i have 432m the number 3 spot has 423m yet somehow in in 23rd place and the thing in 22nd place has 525m. If you look at the place above you and the place below you at any point their builds will be exactly the same. The places below the too 3 constantly go up as if they were online at a rate that is impossible if you were offline but the top 3 reset every time you reload the game. Also the rate the bots go up is impossible for the blocks they have on their board. Overall fun game but need a lot of work

Very hard to play. This game is addictive and very fun, but I can’t even play for 5 minutes without it getting frozen for a few minutes. I’ve had it freeze for 10+ minutes and I can’t do anything about it. There is no options to remove lag or anything and it keeps the game almost unplayable. The finger tracking is off most of the time which makes it hard to move any buttons around, this is a more recent problem that just started happening but it’s a permanent thing now. Sometimes to move the button down to the bottom of the screen you have to find a way to use two fingers to move it even just the smallest bit. My finger could be at the very bottom of the screen and the button, if it was at the top, would only have moved a little bit. If it wasn’t for the addictive-ness of this game it would be at a 1 star for me.

Too many ADS!. When you have a game that is about clicking your screen and then you toss in random ads in the middle of it with no warning or anything its annoying and highly irritating. I had to uninstall because i got so fed up with it. Also the offline earnings in this game is useless, dragging and dropping buttons is really buggy sometimes, and theres 2 ads for dancing animals that have no description or anything...game has good potential but the lack of good offline earnings, and the constant barrage of ads kills the vibe for this game.

Amazing, however…. This game is really fun, I installed this yesterday and I’m at 1 billion total. There is only two things I can say to improve this game. Firstly, after awhile the game gets kind of boring and it seems like theres nothing to do, I would suggest a prestiege system, or add more rows to place buttons. Secondly, the offline earnings system is close to useless. No matter how much you upgrade it, it still doesnt seem like much money that you earn. Also, most of the time you don’t even want to get the money because you have to watch an ad.

No support or forums. The latest update made my upgrade button when selected make everything else invisible except the board. The ranking when opened wouldn’t close when hitting the x. You had to select another player to view then go back to your own game. When trying to locate any kind of support or forum the game doesn’t exist on Rollic’s website and when I was finally able to fill something out the game wasn’t even in the list. I ended up having to delete the game and redownload it. Unlike most games where progress is saved no matter what, mine was not. So all the hours of progress lost. But hey guess what store and arena! The arena I can’t even move at all or select the go back button. I had to close the game and reopen just to get back to my board. Good concept. Horrible execution and no where to submit reports of bugs or even a forum to look for any recommend actions for known bugs.

Very addictive. This game has made me realize life does not matter, only buttons. They are very tappable and pushable, and amazing things, that make a number go up constantly, or do something at least. This is why I have decided to punch my wife and divorce her, but first of course I put my kids up for adoption so I could focus more on tapping these buttons! I would have never came as far as I have if not for this game, now I do not have to worry about reality, all I need is my phone, a charger, and an outlet. This is the only thing I have to pay for after I sold my house, now I roam the streets feeling happy as ever, because I have found true meaning, in this game. I would completely recommend this to younger viewers if they needed something to tell them what to do in life! My new motto is- “just keep on tapping!” Because of this amazing game! My life would not be the same without it, so I really do recommend this, when I say, please get this game, so you can play it NOW.

Needs better Offline. Offline income makes no difference. Unless they’re expecting you only open the app once a month, it’s worthless. You’d have to spend a lot on upgrades that make very little improvement, but by that point you’re better off just upgrading the other stuff. I can click for 10 seconds and make more than offline makes in a week. It’s not based on how elaborate your button set up is or any other upgrades, it’s just a set amount per hour.

Don’t bother. Too many glitches. Points don’t add up correct , if you close the app good chance things will be different next time you play. The game board will be missing tiles your score will drop and your “Champion” position will be lower even if you just close and reopen the app for a second. And “your points so far” don’t mean anything. And if you think a update will make this app work better, don’t hold your breath. This app isn’t worth it. If you like this style of game, you can probably find a dozen just like it that work.

Bored quickly because of ads. I played for a few days and it’s been frustrating to say the least. I enjoyed it at first, thinking I understood what to do. The scoreboard makes no sense at all. I had made over $1B and I was so low on the scoreboard. The top scores are $500mil? Then I open the game and for some reason I’m in the negatives! What is going on??? I paid the ads because it was so constant. Usually in most games, if you pay for the ad you never have to see them again (as it stated when you buy it) but to get all the fancy “free” stuff you still have to watch ads… this game makes it very hard very quickly to make money and to merge. If you don’t watch the ads for the auto tapper or the max 32 block then you’ll be tapping forever, and trust me, it’s very boring after 5 minutes.

It Randomly says Net Worth -2 Billion + Leaderboard is Confusing. This game is Really Fun to play when you have nothing to do , it’s Fun to play , however randomly when clicking , it will turn your Net Worth in to -2B or - 2 Billion cash. I am able to recover from that happening due to how Far I am , but it’s odd that it happens where your money goes in to the Negative , is this a bug of sorts? Also on the Leaderboard Function what exactly is it tracking? The Leaderboard on the corner doesn’t make sense to me since it goes back to 99 at the beginning of the day.

Fun but than at the same time boring.. So I got this game and thought it would be fun, so I got it and it was boring, I just stared and my phone, tapping my phone. I don’t even know how there are people in first place! And then it get annoying because for some reason there’s a pig in the corner of my screen and it say weird gibberish, but then my friends got the game and then we competed against each other and then it got a tiny bit more fun. But still it’s not that fun.

When I pay for no ads, I expect no ads. I never pay for mobile games, but I like clickers, needed to zone out for a bit, and wanted to support a developer. I paid the 3 dollars, got “no ads” and was immediately greeted with “FREE” buttons and other ad buttons necessary for progression or rewards ALL OVER. Obviously, I am incredibly frustrated with this, so I went to restore my purchase and hopefully get money back. To my delight, the RESTORE BUTTON DOES NOT WORK. It’s only $3.00, but I feel scammed and will never be downloading a game from this publisher again.

Two stars for game idea. This game is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately it is buggy as can be. It’s next to impossible to get the buttons to place. You have to try to see green highlights under the button you are placing. Then while you are trying to move buttons sometimes they glitch out and don’t move where you are dragging them to. I had to resort to dragging them to each of the boxes on the bottom just to get them to place on the far right of the screen. Once I was trying to rearrange the block to be more profitable and an ad started why I had a button lifted. Now this button is stuck in the middle of the screen greyed out. The developer needs to spend some time working out the bugs. I understand why they haven’t fixed them as there is too many ads to be able to have someone beta test this game.

Fake Champions Board. 1. There was a name called Drake1 and Drake and Drake2 2. I looked at the champions board and the person ahead of me had 40.3 million, but then when I leveled up the person behind me had 36.8 million, all in net worth. 3. The person in first had 300 million in my screen, but on my brothers screen the person in first had 650 million Even though the Leaderboard is fake, the game is still ok but not great. An by the way, I am deleting the game this is actually so bad and I am changing this to 1 star.

Lies! Deceptions!. I’ve been getting spam ads of this game recently so I gave it a try due to them plastering a “NO ADS” sticker all over their adverts. I open up the game and what do you know? Like every single other mobile game trash, its filled to the brim with ads. Open the menu, ad. Play the game, ad. Not touch anything, ad. Get an ad, well heres another ad. I get it, the developers need money and thats fine, whats not fine is false advertising. I wouldn’t even really care if the game had the horrendous ads or not, the problem occurs when an ad pops up and decides to crash your game, wasting 45 seconds of your time because of how terribly designed advert tech is. The game itself is fine; not much beyond any other clicker game. But I beg you devs to have the guts to not post “NO ADS” on your advertisements then slam the door in a new user’s face when they realize the lie.

Needs Improvement. i recently downloaded this game just 2 days ago and it’s very confusing. the game often lags which can cause you to lose some high value buttons, which is terrible considering how expensive things get so fast. whenever you start getting far and in the game and have to start merging blocks, not only is it confusing to merge but it also sets you back so far. if you merge to get a “512” block it’s insanely difficult to start earning money to buy more blocks. for these types of games you usually have offline earnings but on this game the offline earnings are determined by how much you upgrade it. it’s useless, you may as well not update it at all since you make more money clicking for 20 seconds then you would make in a week from offline earnings. some days the game just doesn’t work. when you try to get into the upgrade window it just gets rid of every button on the screen. PLEASE fix this game!! it honestly has so much potential if there weren’t so many advertisements and problems. i looked through the reviews and it seems the developers aren’t responding to any type of feedback which is very disappointing.

Trash. Any game like this that can’t be played on airplane mode / without internet is trash. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work on airplane mode because you can literally see the game running in the background with the exact setup I had before getting on without internet, except instead of the game it had a big pop up saying “not connected to the internet”. Instantly deleted the game, it’s not worth playing a game with developers that are too greedy to let people play it without internet when there’s no reason to need it

Needs Work. To start, merging isn’t profitable. In fact you’re better off with an all +1 board than a +2. The only perk to merging is reducing space. In fact, the more money upgrade is worthless when looking at big pieces: each +1 block adds the upgrades value, so you’d get 1.1 per 1 space, so it’s worth 2.2 for 2 spaces, yet a +2 that takes up 2 spaces only gets 2.1? The more you upgrade your money upgrade, the less valuable the merged pieces become, and with their random shapes what’s the point of getting them. You can lock yourself in a state where you can’t progress because you can fill out your board with pieces, and have nowhere to put your merged pieces, aka you can’t empty the merge slots and you can’t merge anything to make space. Was frustrating to deal with so I uninstalled. Overall it’s a good concept, but it needs serious polishing. As others mentioned, there’s ad buttons everywhere, could use less. Also the moving of blocks is buggy.

Effective. I’m not saying this game is good exactly, but I WILL say that it has hijacked my brain’s reward system so thoroughly that I basically don’t know where the last two days have gone. Like most games these days, it’s borderline unplayable without buying the No Ads package, but it’s only $3 so I didn’t mind. Of course, I still ended up watching ads for rewards anyway. Anyway this game has me thoroughly hooked. It’s a good thing they don’t offer micro transactions for bonuses or I would be broke!

Level help?. This game is not bad, I can see it become addicting. However, I’m trying to complete a task- upgrade to level 11.. I don’t see any way to level up or even see what level I’m on?! So is there a way to upgrade levels and how? I’m starting to wonder if the offerwall messed up and input the wrong task instructions, because I can’t find any levels in this game.

App of Ads with occassionsl gameplay. Within the first few minutes alone this game will throw in a half a dozen different ads at random moments while you are in the middle of playing. And sometimes the results of the ads are to produce more ads. In the first five minutes I got about 30 seconds of gameplay. And the argument that the ads help to keep the game free are illigitimate. Many games manage to not have more ads than gameplay or to only place the ads at logical points. It’s a shame because the game itself seems like a great concept. Too bad I’m not sticking around to find out. To the developer, maybe you should give people a chance to play before throwing all these ads at them. Then maybe they’ll spend some money on your app

Needs money update. Gave it a 3/5 because it is a fun time killer, however what I don’t understand is why the 1 button gives more than the 2 button, and like…. Up to the 64 button, 4 ones still give more. That is a problem. Please fix Update: the initial problem I had was fixed but I also realized it’s impossible to get past 2.1b for some reason??? As well as the fact that why can I only get 1 blocks, not 2, 4, 8, etc?? I want this game to succeed so please listen to the reviews

The No ads feature doesn’t not work. I purchased the no ads option because I do enjoy idle apps without the ads to use all features of the game with out hinderance. For $2.99 I paid I am still occasionally receiving ads and all related “power-ups”/ features are still only obtain through watching the ads as well. To the best of my knowledge I do not know if it no ads premium feature is working at this current time as intended. But if so then, still receiving occasional ads on top of watching ads to acquire full functionality of the game IS the intended functionality of the no ads $2.99 premium feature, then I highly would recommend all future consumers to NOT PURCHASE. I would put 0/5 but this is the lowest rating I can physically put in a review the product and app quality is very misleading.

Promised no ads. The advertisements for this game swore up and down that there were no ads, which upon trying out there were ads immediately at the bottom of my screen, then I thought they meant ads that were non intrusive and did not interrupt gameplay, then upgrades started saying “free!” like it was doing me a favor but all it was was making it so I needed to watch an ad in order to buy and upgrade, I closed the upgrade menu and upon a few more minutes without clicking on the “watch and ad for this and that” it gave me an intrusive pop-up ad, blatant false advertisement, I expected better.

They need to fix this. It was one of my favorite satisfying games. That was until I had three different buttons taking up the building spots and no where to put them. Which made it to where I could literally no longer play the game. They need a place where you can throw away or delete buttons so this doesn’t happen, because I had to completely delete the game and start over.

Fun but lots of ads and leaderboard is fake. The game is fun if you like clickers and money earning games but the offline earning is super buggy and only works like 40% of the time, there are WAY WAY WAY more ads then there should be and the leaderboard is completely fake 😂 I would attach a screenshot if I could but right now first place has $505mil, I am in 45th place with $533mil and 44th place is at $606mil lol definitely needs some major improvements.

Offline earnings? Never heard of them. The experience: You download the game, the ad looked promising. Oh! You can upgrade stuff now! You upgrade offline earnings as much as you can. It’s bed time! Your offline earnings should be 100k at the next day! You wake up, only a few thousand but that’s ok. Watch ad? That’s probably to double the earnings. Wait… where are your earnings? You spent all your in game money to max it out and you need to watch an ad to get even a single dollar? Delete game, rate it one star, write this same exact review, never think of the game again until years later you see a cool ad!

Fun but buggy. I had a good time playing this game. But there is a game breaking bug which prevents you from moving forward. I played for a while but this happened recently and now I can no longer play. I had only one square on the board available and I had three larger pieces in my three stashed places. Therefor I cannot fill it with another single. Or move a single off the board to use my new pieces. I’m at an impasse as there is no way to remove or delete a piece you need to delete to keep the game going. So unless they fix this it’s impossible for me to keep progressing at all.

Bit Confusing. Not sure I understand the champions board. It’s forever changing and even when your total is above the highest player, you’re still not #1. Also, “Money earned so far” often goes negative. Not sure what thats about. Seems like a bug. Besides the ads to unlock the help presses and special blocks it’s quite addicting though. Pretty sure I have button fever.

Ehh. Ads.. It’s a pretty okay game. Hence the 3 stars. It’s like every other game. Full of ads and the gameplay is mediocre. They don’t care and just want us to watch ads. And until us consumers put a stop to it then they will continue. We set the boundaries for the amount of ads there are. And we’re letting them get away with way too much. But it’ll never change. Can’t wait to live in a movie where I’m forced to watch ads in my eye balls. So yea. Shame on us, shame on the developers and shame on apple for allowing it as well. But they get their cut too.

It’s an okay game for a mobile game but…. I’m in highschool and I get really bored just sitting in study hall so I like to play games on my phone, recently my school has instituted a rule where we can’t use school wifi and the roofs are so dense that it’s impossible to get a signal unless you’re right next to a window, I downloaded this game because I’ve seen some ads about it and it seemed pretty fun. Next day im in school, I boot up the game. Instead of starting it up normally, it wouldn’t let me play because I need internet 💀. Why should I need internet to play a mobile game, I know there’s people who turn off the internet to avoid ads but dude, it’s really annoying how I can’t play this game at school and it’s probably going to end up deleted since I don’t have a use for it other than a time waster.

So many ads. I got this game while hunting as a time waster until we saw some deer. There are SO MANY ADS. You can go very little time without seeing one. Besides from that, I love how simple this game is and the mechanics. Sometimes it will slow down my pieces moving and add a weird form of resistance, but it goes away. I love the feature where it lets you spectate other players. Other than ads and a small bug, this game is really good for when you are going to bed it just need a quiet time waster.

Could be better.. The concept of the game is fun, you can click your way through and upgrade your buttons to get more money. But the game casually lags and when you pick up the buttons they’re very far distanced from my finger, making it hard to scroll them to combine them together. There’s also a lot of “offering” pop ups I click on by accident and end up having to watch ads which gets annoying. Please patch this issues.

Not bad, need to delete a block. So far it’s a great time killer. The ads are a bit excessive (I watched an ad for the little helper finger, and had a forced ad within the 2 minute time period). Don’t bother investing in offline earning, do the math, it would take weeks to make back the investment in offline earning. Each tap I do is worth about 8k right now, and I thought offline earning would be good but I can only make 1k PER HOUR, and the upgrade is several hundred thousand. I ran into an issue that I ran out of space and merged blocks in my little queue at the bottom, now I can’t merge or move blocks, we need to be able to delete or sell a block PRONTO!

Too many forced ads. The game itself is pretty decent but you can’t play offline to avoid the forced ads and on top of that it wants you to pay $2.99 to have no ads which is ridiculous I played for a couple weeks and got annoyed with the ads and quit playing if any of you have the same issue I do with this game I recommend searching for “offline idle games” those typically do not have forced ads and if they do they’re minimal in conclusion I would give the game itself 3 stars however with the amount of forced ads (most of them being “need extra cash?” Ads) it’s more like a one star game

False Advertising. The advertisement I got for the game said it didn’t have ads on it. It said “no ads” in big letters along the bottom of the advertisement. So imagine my surprise when I get the game and there are forced ads. The only way to get rid of the ads (which are incredibly annoying and pop up every couple minutes) is to pay $3. The ads are annoying, but normally I’ll just quietly delete an app without rating it if there’s too many ads. But this game advertised themselves as having “no ads”, which is a complete falsehood. I hope the FTC fines them for it

Just like all the rest. Ads, Ads, Ads. In the first 5 minutes you play you’ll watch about 5 different ads. A lot of progress is also locked behind watching ads. You can pay real money to get rid of the ads but how are you supposed to know it’s worth buying if the ads prevent you from even playing the game to begin with. Every game this company makes is identical. Simple mindless games with no depth or thought simply to get you to try it and collect ad money until you delete it or pay to remove the ads. They don’t care about the game, they just make it interesting enough for you to try and regret. Every app they make is a reskin of the previous one. App Store games are dead and have been for a while. I’ll pay to get rid of ads if the apps worth it but they make games specifically just to throw ads on. They don’t care about the content they just want to annoy you with ads until you pay to remove them.

Serious changes. The game has a very good concept but how you progress is very underwhelming. merging your buttons does not bring profit as you can just keep single buttons scattered all over the board. and locking yourself is easy as you can’t delete buttons and you can’t simply replace buttons. it makes the game unplayable and forces people to delete easily. visual changes would be beneficial as well making it more satisfying to play. unfortunately for me i won’t be able to play due to me being locked from merging or deleting buttons.

Terrible development path. One of the worst games I’ve downloaded. Initially was addicted to the simple and cute build process to gradually make more money per click. But bug after bug after bug in developer releases just spoiled the game entirely. Now my billions of dollars I made over way too many clicks and ad plays has just magically been erased with the latest update and I guess they expect me to just start over. Rock bottom awful. Not to mention the very deceptive leaderboard which seems cool at first and encourages you to grow but as you progress in the game proves out to be completely fake and then even more meaningless and stupid when you pass the #1 “leader” but the game still ranks you at 99 with the “98th” ranked player having a score well above the “#1” player. Ridiculous. Oh and don’t bother to spectate the others on the leaderboard. Spectating a second time will generate a completely random fake board. And on top of all that… sooooo many forced ads. Come on… forcing an ad every thirty seconds unless you play a full ad for a boost???

Good Game. This game is awesome, and super enjoyable. Being able to use strategy to set up the buttons is a nice touch and definitely keeps me engaged to find the most efficient way to keep pushing the button. The only issue that I have come across is when buying the button speed upgrade. There seems to be no difference after a certain point when you upgrade the button speed. Am I missing something or is this a broken mechanic within the game?

Good but definitely needs work. 1. Add a delete option or set up a button storage upgrade. 2. Fix the offline earnings upgrade, it collects nothing when you return to the game. 3. Everything gets expensive way too fast, even for a game of this type. 4. Could you please add a index that shows all the button types that have been discovered? I have problems setting up my button layout because I end up forgetting what each button type looks like. 5. WAY TOO MANY ADS! Each is 30 seconds long and 9/10 you can’t skip! Massive ad for just a single +1 button is not worth it… but If you added some sorta upgrade where after watching a given number of ads you ‘level up’ and get a better button per ad THAT would make it more tolerable. Overall love the concept, it’s so hard to find unique games these days, I’ll make this review a 5 star once these are fixed/added. ☺️

Updates make the game worse, or add nothing.. I like that y’all fixed the forced ad in the bottom slots, however you removed the 32 button in the top right, and you score board is still fake. I also hate that you lose all you money if you go over 2 billion, fix these things and the game would be 5 stars. I know for a fact I’ve collected over 500 billion in cash in the game already, but constantly get reset at 2.1B. Also you could change the free button button to slowly get larger the more you use it. Not just 1 button. But a 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. Also if I’ve paid for no ads I should be able to choose to spend in game money for the auto click instead of being forced into ads.

It’s ok I guess. I like the simple concept of clicking buttons to gain money points and so on. I’m just genuinely confused with something that’s happening on mine. It’ll tell you how much you made overall but now it’s decreasing. Is it supposed to deduct from your overall?? If it keeps going down I’ll just be at zero overall earnings which will bring down my position on the challenge board. At this point it’s like what’s the point in trying to keep going and rank up if it’ll just set you back to where your going no where.

Good but so many forded ads and bugs. So… I am an oh ever. Since this came out. I used to turn off my internet to play without forced ads, but now that ended. There is a bug where you pick up a piece and it takes forever to move but your finger eventually just goes off the screen trying to move it. Another thing is that every 30 seconds to a minute and a half, there is an ad. I can’t enjoy the game if it is like this. Many games are like this, I know. BUT you can still change this:) if this does not change then I am editing this and lowering the rating to ⭐️

Ad free?. So, I just bought the No-Ads feature, and i’m still seeing Ads. Shouldn’t i get the option of NOT seeing Ads like in other apps? A recent example is in “Idle Recycle”, where getting No- Ads should mean NO ads. I also tried to restore the purchase in-app, but it seemed to do nothing when i tapped it? Please fix this. If it can be fixed, i might rate this a little higher. Thank You.

Don’t go to this game.. Everyone this is really annoying. Game won’t stop just annoying me every single time! I mean come on this game just is horrible you start an elephant on a ball! I don’t get anything on this this is really annoying like worst game ever I mean I’d I’d rather slap that guy in the face instead of trying to get myself into this game what I mean like slapping the creator in my face cause he’s annoying. And I don’t care if the person is a boy or a girl just please get rid of this game. Or at least just make it so that my nine year old iPad can play on this! This is really miserable! Plus I’ve seen like mostly bad reviews on your game it’s not good at all so get rid of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah awesome how much angry emojis I make is how mad I am.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾. I also want to give you a big thumbs down game.👎🏻👺. That’s really all about this OK goodbye Emma so I’m deleting this game.

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Moving tiles. Be warned that when trying to move tiles you won’t be able to do so efficiently as the touch recognition and movement is unbearable as it won’t move with your finger, I am yet to move a tile from the left side to the right in less then 2 turns

Not a good game. It forces you to be online and simply so it can shove ads down your throat in hopes that you will buy the removal of ads. After playing for a few hours (and a dozen offline) it already feels like it will take ages to keep progressing :/ Not sure I would bother continuing even without the abundance of ads

AMAZING.. but I have a few suggestions. U know how in the game when u reach a certain amount of money it says u can buy this or that yeah I want to be able to have a button where I go into your own little world and u can buy things! But other than that AMAZING game and I give it 5 stars

Keep grid locking the game. Game is great but when you keep the field full all the time you will eventually grid lock yourself and have to uninstall and start from scratch, if they added in a way to delete boxes then I would rate 5 stars

trash can please. So the preview video and all photos show a trash can yet I do not get one? Have already deleted and reinstalled once due to not having a trash can! Developers please fix as I’m not starting again

Tips and ideas :). Just some tips, -should be a library that shows what shapes each numbers -when buying upgrades such as offline multipliers and general multipliers , instead of just saying free when you cant afford them, it should say the price in red and then free underneath. -new game mode? ( every month or maybe two months a new board appears that you have to get as high as possible before the end of the two months, using a completely new currency that is seperate from the main board as well as new shapes maybe and new features. After two months top 100 players get small rewards, top 50 players get medium rewards and 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st all get large rewards getting larger as it is closer to first place. This is a fun game that has a lot more potential than is present. It reminds me a-lot of a very early version of a game called merge town. In general great game and hope to see more content soon. Thanks 😊

Bs. Paid for no adverts, still gets adverts. Ridiculous

requires internet connection. garbo, app forces you to use internet connection so you have to look at ads and all the ad loading makes game run like trash

Stuck. Unable to progress while not having enough space to either merge or place down a button please make a delete feature for things you don’t want

Great game. I LOVE this game and it’s amazing but… when I want to purchase stuff for example upgrades I purchase something but I have to watch an ad but the rest of the game Is GREAT tysm for reading this byeeee☺️☺️☺️👋👋👋👋

ad frenzy. literally just a game that plasters ads everywhere

Confusion. It doesn’t make sense that three +1’s which take one block each (taking up 3 blocks together) makes more money then one +4 which also takes up three blocks… is the aim to merge them all together or to just have the space filled with +1’s?

ads. too many ads, and can’t go offline

LOVE IT!! + please update upgrading feature. absolutely love this game seen it go through so many updates and improvements and now its one of my favourite games, only thing i would add is to be able to mass buy upgrades by holding them down, i like tapping the buttons but tapping all the upgrades makes it take alot longer to advance so adding that would great but highly recommend if youre looking for a tap game that doesnt require u to spend money to make basically any progress, no constant annoying ads and they actually listen to reviewers and improve consistently

False advertising. Got an ad, said “no ads!” Countless times, I thaught “oh maybe a game that doesn’t throw an ad in your face every five seconds” First loaded game. It was fine I guess, just a tapper game got boring after a minute, then I got an ad, thaught maybe I I clicked something accidentally. Nope, next it hit me with a “rate me!” Hell nah I’m not rating an app I have played for two seconds. Then another ad, then another, until eventually I couldn’t stand it. DONT GET THIS APP False advertising is illegal, and just annoying, put your garbage where it belongs

Ummm what?. When you guys made this game you should’ve made it younger cuz it’s kid friendly 😑

I am confused. I checked the in app purchases in the App Store yet where is the no ads button

Mass upgrade perk purchase. Add a micro transaction that allows you to mass upgrade. I’d pay for it.

Good. Good

Less of this kind of pigswill please. This is another of those annoying games which pop up ads even when you didn’t click on a button to view one. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because the gameplay mechanic seems like it could hypothetically be interesting, were the player given more than a minute to play it in peace.

What?????. I kinda like this game butttt there is some weird problems like why does 1 button make more then for buttons combined also the ranking system makes no sense like how is 503k number 1 when The person in 4th has 708k and I have 650k an I’m 20th place what???? That makes no sense two stars because the mechanic works pretty good also Way too many ads.

cons of this game. there’s ads every minute and i didn’t even click anything, you also need to have internet connection to play this game too, so you can’t turn on airplane mode pretty addictive game, but it can get a bit boring. later on in the game, the buttons are like really expensive to get so it progressively takes more and more time. even with the upgrades. the new feature which is the champion (leaderboard) doesn’t even have real players on it, they’re all fake and ive gotten more money than first place, yet im in 70th place according to the game. this would’ve been better if it was not so ad bombarded and too time consuming, make an offline mode too.

Adds. To many adds

Deleted my best block and my second best. This was the only bad bit about this game

The game is broken. Wont let me merge 8 and 8 it just disappeared

Average. Game concept is cool but the frequent ads are so annoying! The advertisement said that the game was “ad free” but when I downloaded it, it proved otherwise. Pretty dissatisfied with my experience especially because I was excited to finally play a game without ads. I would recommend removing the “ad free” statement because it is very deceiving.

Adds. So many forced adds makes the game unplayable and it seems to be a low effort way of making money back for a low tier game, yes the game is fun but I don't expect to see 10 adds in 15 minutes

Not cool. I manage to get two 8 pieces and when I combine them they disappear

Only one problem. This game is so good but the only problem is that you can’t rotate the buttons.

The game is bugged. If you close the game it will remove all your buttons

One problem. I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s actually quite fun. Although, there’s one small problem. It’s really glitch at some points, and freezes my entire phone, meaning I can’t turn it of, I can’t use the home button, and I can’t close any apps in my phones back round. If you could fix the glitch, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ads and internet when not needed. Look it’s a good concept and could work amazingly in theory but i’ve been playing for maybe 3 hours and i can’t handle the ads every minute or even less. And it says you need internet connection but there is no good reason why a game like this needs it, the only reason would be ads. I hate games like this that just spam ads.

Adware. Game exists to spam ads and nothing else

Ads. If you pay for no ads there should be no ads. Absolutely ridiculous.

Good glitch. It’s a fun game but recently my game started to glitch (a good glitch) every time I refresh the game it gives me a 32 and 16 button.

Review asked for review too early. Give me a chance to play the game. As a result. 1 star

Glitching and impossible to rank. Ok so I was pretty committed to this game, paid to remove adds play extremely regularly but I’m starting to get rather frustrated and completely over the inability to actually rank anything decent. While playing the came will all of a sudden just shut down and when I reopen it like within a few seconds my ranking is so much lower then it was before the game glitched. My apps are on auto update so I am playing the latest version and no matter how hard I try I’m at 1.2M per/s earnings which well outranks the number 2 and 3 players, I’m still bumped out to like 98 or 99. Seems absolutely ridiculous and to top it off when your cash gets to $2b the game wipes it out so you have to start earning all over again. Would have given up completely by now if I hadn’t paid to play!!!

Hi I love your game. Judd

TOO MANY ADS!!!!!. The game is pretty simple and fun it’s really easy to do, I’m even top 100 in the leaderboard! But there is a big problem and I have one word. Ads. There are way to many ads then needed! I think I have gotten more than 100 ads already and I’ve only been playing for 1 week! It’s ridiculous on how many ads there are. Most of the time when I get a block, ad, in the middle of clicking, ad, please fix this problem! There are to many ads! The game may have a lot of ads, but i still like the game. I am also gonna request something, if you could, can you please add daily rewards where you can earn more money and possibly buttons? Maybe even a helper for free! And maybe you can add gems, if you are very lucky you might get a few gems if you are clicking, and you can use gems to buy more spins! I hope you atleast read this request and how you need to fix this problem, please stop with all the ads, there are too many.

Fun but unbalanced and progression is scuffed. Unbalanced in the sense that +1s are better than +2s and +3s+, offline earning is way too low or too expensive as I can earn 50k in 4 seconds while 10 hours worth offline is only 40k, having a full screen is more important than it should be, and merging buttons should scale much higher

What’s happening with the sounds???. So first of all, what’s happening with the SOUND? It constantly keeps having a sound that sounds like “I’m sorry” Which is getting pretty annoying because i like the sounds of the buttons so i get relaxed, then i suddenly hear a STUPID sound over and over again. The reason why theres still at least one star is because it’s still having not much adds randomly.

Don’t you dare…. So fun but it LOLed me so ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL *DABS*😎

Ads every 30 seconds.. Literally every 30 seconds they’re not even optional, but they do have optional ones as well. Great.

Ripoff Artists. I will admit while the game is enjoyable, I paid to remove the ads and yet I still get ads while playing. Honestly just a waste of money.

I have a problem with the upgrade slots. In the game you are only given three upgrade slots (not sure what they’re called so I called them that). I’ve had to reinstall the game twice now because these three slots were full, my board was full, and none of the buttons I had on the board was the same as the three I had in my tray meaning I was stuck unable to merge or buy new buttons. I feel an easy fix to this would be a simple trash can you can drag buttons you either don’t want or don’t have space for so I would be able to remove buttons and repossess my precious 3 slots

AMAZING!!!. It’s a very good game if you tap with two fingers it works

Too many ads. Ads popping up too frequently.

Its so good. So amazing and time consiming 😃

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Remove ads so i can play on long road trips. When i play i cant go off wifi but on a road trip i can't play because of wifi if you keep this thing where u only play with wifi people are gonna delete your app

🤬. Forces you to play with wifi, even thought it’s an offline game, so that it can shove ads down your throat

Why. Really shouldn’t require an internet connection to play this

So fun, awesome and cool. This app made all my problems go away. I love it. When I started, I was a noob playing the game, but then I got better and better. I could afford new pieces, merge and upgrade, and so much more. When I was at $100K earned, I started to think I was gonna get rich. Today, I’m already earning a lot of money from the game. I started with just a +1 block, but today, I have a lot of blocks. Earning a lot from the amount of time I’ve been away. So fun, awesome, cool, relaxing and addicting. Earning so much money. BEST APP EVER!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Advertisement part I have earned $12.7 mega-bucks (million bucks) today. I have got $1M+ in cash. If any of you also want to become a expert like me, just sign up today. Also, the first 10000 people to sign up will have 20% off premium price. Also, to stay free on premium, cancel on the day before the final day of your free trial. That way, you’ll still have premium stuff and free until you re-begin your free trial. Have a good day playing this game! 😊

:v. Its alright but the amount of ads is RIDICULOUS.

Forced ads. Can’t play offline. Avoid like the pest. Took me 2 min to absolutely hate this ads simulator

Too many ads. This game has so many ads

ads. too many ads

It over heats my phone. This is the only app on my phone that’s had ever overheated my phone. It has happened multiple times. I have a iPhone 13 so it’s not a older phone eather. The adds are to many and you can’t even play when you waiting in the car because you need wifi. I downloaded it so I can have something to do during the 9 hours drive to my family’s place and I couldn’t play. I honestly don’t recommend. There way to many involuntary adds your bored can get full to the point you can’t do anything and will need to rest.

So bad. Don’t download it’s so bad

Paying to remove ads, does not remove ads. I paid for ad free, but there are still a ton of ads. It even stops you from being able to upgrade in game and forces you to watch an ad. It basically only removed the ads along the bottom of the screen, what a bummer.

Doesn’t work. Right off the bat the game glitches out and won’t let you merge any buttons together so you can’t get very far at earning. Then after about 20 seconds you get your first ad. Definitely not worth a download

Ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad uinstall. Well i had this game before and… the were WAY to many ads

Way too many ads. Can’t do anything in the game without having to watch a thousand ads and can’t play on airplane mode either. If I could give this game a zero I would.

Fun but extremely annoying. The amount of ads the just pop up in the middle of clicking is extremely frustrating. If you want to watch and ad to get an extra piece it has a 120 second cooldown, but every 20 seconds or so a random one pops up with no benefit to you. And you can’t even play without data or wifi to work around this problem because then it just doesn’t let you play at all, which means have fun trying to play this on a road trip without wifi to data. Also the little animals that pop up beside the amount of money you’ve made box is extremely annoying. I watched an ad when one popped up to see what they did and now there’s an annoying little fox constantly making a squeaking noise at random with no was to get rid of it above my board and it’s extremely annoying Finding ways for the pieces to fit and hearing the clicking noises is really satisfying however so I’ve been putting up with it for now but now that fox is making me ready to throw in the towel

Full Board Fix. I found a way around the full board issue, on newer iPhones at least. Pick up a button and swipe up to close the app while still holding the button. Use a 1 because the button is deleted. Terrible design, nothing seems to scale or add up when upgrading. Merging blocks makes them less valuable per piece?

False advertisement. When I saw the ad for the game it said “ad free game” when I played it the first thing I get is an ad do not play this game because of false advertisement!

It is not even working. I click it but it is not working

Chasing nothing (i guess). So, the game is alright. But there's a Leaderboard. You kinda wanna be at the too right ? Well you can't ! Because they are just some "bots" with terrible board design that makes about 0$ per seconds and yet have $176B ??? My board makes 3,5M/seconds yet I can never upgrade. Once you close the game for 10 minutes you fall down 10 ranks. Basically, there's no real "goal".

It’s a good way to kill time. But I paid for no ads and still get ads so until that’s figured out, 2 stars it is

1 star. App random crashed as I was moving my 2048 block and when I reloaded it my block got deleted. The app randomly starts saying I have no wifi when I am still connected.

I like the game but…. I like the game but I have a bug where I still I’m not in first place I have 905mill and I’m 99th And number 1 has 587mil So I don’t know if it’s a bug on your end or mine But I would like it to be fixed.

Literally what. Found a way to duplicate. Went from 83rd to 53rd 💀👎

Too many ads. Just too many ads I can’t stop seeing them

Annoying. There’s so many pop ups and ads, and you can’t even play it offline (the leaderboard is clearly fake) so I don’t see why you would need wifi

Ads. I purchased remove ads and I’m still getting them.

too many ads!. this app has to many ads, you have to watch ads to unlock upgrades how hideous is that? Fix your terrible advertisement before even considering that a game.

Im stuck. Can you add like à garbage or something cause now im stuck and can’t do anything cause my bord is full

FIX THIS GAME Mine is not working on a iPhone 13 or anything. FIX THIS GAME Mine is not working on a iPhone 13 or anything this is so annoying and frustrating I am deleting it now as it is a huge waste of time.

Don’t bother. Tap, ad. Tap no-ads, more ads. Upgrade a thing, ad. This game does not scale. It gets even more boring the more you play it. Merging blocks somehow makes them pay less overall. You are forced to watch dozens of ads to make any progress, and it’s not satisfying at all. Idle/clicker games are nothing new. Look up the freakin’ formulas and do it right or don’t do it at all.

Payment. It was 3.99 for no ads and it too 17 dollars off me

Hmm. Any game that has a tutorial I think it’s good but not good enough for a 5 star

Boring. The sight of just sitting there tapping your screen forever is not fun

Glitch. I can’t click on an ad for a prize When I click on the free with ad button it just turns it into a buffering logo Waste of time

So many ads. The game itself is fine, but there are so many goddamn ads that it completely ruins the experience. And the worst part is that it won’t even allow you to play on airplane mode, so you absolutly HAVE TO WATCH THE TERRIBLE ADS. Don’t even waste your time with this game, in fact, don’t even download all other one of this game studios games. Because I’ve played lots of them, and they are all awful, money hungry games that shove an ad into your face every five seconds. Terrible game, Terrible studio. I would give all of there games 0 stars if I could

Wifi. Game cannot be played offline

Advertisement fever. Stupid waste of an app. All ads, no option to skip, and no offline play. Unfortunately, zero stars not an option for rating. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!

Ads.. There are to many ads i would love to keep on playing the game but the ads just made me delete it. Please fix this problem and many people will be satisfied.

Payment issue. Still need to watch ads after paying for it

Not worth the time. Downloaded it based on an ad I saw. Determined it wasn’t even worth the time to download the app.

Buttons. It would be nice if you can change the orientation of the buttons to make them fit better

Ads Galore!. Involuntary ads are one the worst thing in existence. Thought I could stop them by going into airplane mode… nope, won’t let you play. I’m more than happy to watch ads when I decide to, but this? Uninstall.

What happened. Ok, so I started to play the game but I am at #100 Why? I am literally at a million rn what happened?!

Game was fun until I locked myself out. Turns out you can lock yourself out of any advancements. Just fill your board up and then have all 3 of your button zones with pieces that can’t fit on your board. Terrible game design.

Hmm.. I love it, but you should make it so you can rotate the buttons.

Why. Game won’t load and gives to many ad’s

To many ads. Would have loved to continue playing but the involuntary ads made me delete it

Horrible. Ads every couple mins and pop ups and you need internet to play

😭. This game is a movie of ads

Ready for a paragraph?. Never ganna give you up never let you down never ganna run around a desert you, never ganna make you cry never ganna say goodbye never ganna tell a lie and hurt you.

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Ads go crazy. I’ve played the game for about an hour and probably have watched around 40 ads. It’s an interesting concept for a game if they actually cared about the game, but you can tell this game was made to make money. Also the fact that 3 lvl 1 blocks makes more than 1 lvl 4 block doesn’t make sense considering they take the same amount of space

The advertisement said it has no ads.. I saw this game on an advertisement, and it said that there were no ads, and so I got it but besides the ads to get another space or a free button. There are a couple of 30 second long ads.

Very good game, to many ads. I use to love this game but now every time I try to play I get ads after ads and it’s just a annoying to have to watch a ad to play a game like yes have ads in games but not to many to were your forced to watch and ad every 2 minutes.

VutfrighfciqjvirvjijeijivjHi fir. You have a good night to see what the doctor said to me I have the same question do you I want the number again and again it will start again I don’t see the doctor again and I will see if you can do that and again I have the same number I have a doctor doctor that you have the rdoctor is you have the number I have to do it for you and again I will

It’s a good game but... It’s a really good game but you guys need to make this game have an offline mode it’s really annoying for people to have the smallest connection problem and an annoying screen that says “there’s no wifi” even though I do please you guys need to make these games non wifi. No one cares about the rank board literally no one just make it offline and maybe you’ll get even more downloads

This game is just a scam. Bought no ads and still gets plenty of ads, so don’t bother wasting your money. Also the amount of money you have is for some reason capped at around 2 billion, once you reach it you reset at 0 or negative. and the leaderboards are full of crap, none of them are real people and they don’t even try to hide it because the top person always resets to 501.3 million whenever I launch the game

Fun Game but…. Dont get me wrong, this is an amazing game. The only problems are that 1 I finally got a 128 button and i closed out of the game, got back on then it was gone. I also think the game would be better if you kept your rank because i got top 50 and it restarted me back at 98 again. Happens every time. Other than those two issues its an amazing game though.

Good but different. I played this game for about 2 hours till I realized something. My brother also had this game on his iPad and I had it on my iPhone but his game had a leaderboard and cam expand but the game that I played didn’t have any of those things! Can you please add that to the iPhone version of this game and then it will be 5 stars for me. Thank you.

Horrible. Not only is this one of those mobile games that shove an ad in your face every 5 seconds, the game itself makes you unable to play it. You are unable to drag the buttons to the place you want to because the scale of you moving your finger on the screen with the button and the actual movement of the button is so skewed, you physically cannot get a button to a side of the board.

Bad Math. I actually love the idea of the game, but clearly someone did not get the memo that higher level blocks should produce more money. As it is, it will always be most profitable to keep the +1 blocks until you just run out of space. My income and multiplier bonus makes my +1s worth $2, but my +2 is only worth $3. Thus, it’s better to have two +1s than a +2, and the discrepancy only gets worse as the blocks go up, my +16 is only worth $18.5!

Suggestions/Questions. 1 Add a separate board that doesn’t generate money so I can store tiles and manage my buttons more easily. 2 Describe what the trash can on the left side of the board does “does it delete my entire board? Is it a prestige function where you reset but get a passive multiplier in return?” Just no way to know. 3 Let me upgrade the tier of button I buy rather than having me buy +1 a million times. 4 What is my display name on the leaderboard? How do I customize that? It’s not in settings. Leaderboard just says “YOU.” 5 Let me customize the shape of a button. Example: The more I change the shape of a button the more expensive that shape will cost to buy. Thanks for reading.

It’s a very addicting app but…. One thing is ads I understand people don’t like paying the app for no ads but there should be an option where you can have no ads for like 20 mins per 10 hours

To much adds.. This game is pretty good, but there are way to many adds, it’s like a add for every button you need to press as well as adds every minute. Also the game is very laggy but that might just be my phone, I think if you reduce the amount of ads, this could be a really good game.

great game but something happened. I was just playing this game one day and my board was grey and i couldn’t tap it. I started to lose ranks and immediately i lost money. Is this a bug in the new update or something? They better fix it because i don’t want this thing keeping up storage.

This wasn’t worth all the space on my phone I had. So I saw a da and then I downloaded it saying what can be wrong 1-3 Star reviews so I went into the game and it worked everything work and then out of nowhere NOTHING I mean NOTHING worked so that’s why and if I was you I’D DELETE it so you that’s how it’s a 1 star review it’s a scam!!!!

Why so many ads?. There are to many ads in this game. The game is working perfectly but every 30 seconds there is a ad. I would rate this a five star it didn’t BARLEY have any ads. But now I rate it a 3.5 because of the ads. If you remove the ads you might have better response from people from their opinion.

Fun game but with some flaws. This is a really fun game I’m not gonna lie, but it drains my battery a lot when I’m playing. it’s also very addictive which is not good when I’m trying to go to sleep and I’m playing this game. I also like because I like the keyboard noise it makes when you click the buttons.

One star rating jus because it’s nice. While it’s a nice game, it’s an Ad-trap that only works when there is an internet connection so that the greedy owner could pinch every penny from the people who download it. The internet connection does nothing to improve the game nor does it show rankings for real, furthermore it plays Ad after Ad and the ads have ads in them, every one and a half minute you’ll get an ad. This isn’t a game this is a money scheme used to annoy us while the owner gets richer!

Good idea for a game. Really good idea for a game but the ads are really annoying, I wish the was maybe a rotate button so you can fit stuff in your board better also incase some people get stuck maybe a trash can you can use or a sell button thing so you can get some money from the button you have to get rid of

Riddled with ads.. Seriously, every 30 seconds you get an ad. To unlock spaces on your board, you have to watch an ad. Not a ‘bad’ game, but progression is slow without watching ads to get buttons. And if you watch ads that’s ALL you’re going to be doing. Because right after you finish watching one for a reward you’re forced to watch ANOTHER.

Doesnt seem too bad!. honestly this game is actually pretty good, unlike the other mobile games with spam ads, it doesnt make you watch one every second. This game instead lets you get into in ad if you wanted to. The game has earned my trust.

Poor controls and memory leaks make a frustrating experience. The developer hasn't figured out how to make drag-and-drop properly so buttons will lag far behind your finger. This can make it impossible to to actually move a button a significant distance across the screen. On top of that, the game leaks memory like a sieve. On an SE2, I can play for tens of minutes before I need to kill the game and restart it. Failing to do so leaves the system wholly unresponsive, making even killing the process a cumbersome task.

Changing Rating (read below). So first off, I did originally rate this game low. At the time I did not grasp what was happening. Progression is measured differently in this game. You must be willing to put the effort in if you wish to see results. Good luck mastering your play.

Help. The game is very good bu it is laggy and my game laged and wouldn let me prees any buttons i tried closing the app and restarting my phone that didnt work so i deleted it because i thought the restore button would work it didnt my most lifetime money was 12m and if the on of the developrs sees this pls help me get my stuff back

Great game but…. I like the concept for this game. However I bought the no more ads thing. However I’m still forced to watch ads! Everything still requires ads! I’ll keep playing. But it’s dumb to have an option to remove ads and not specify what types nor actually remove them.

Broken. I loved the game a lot because it is so mind numbing but I soon came across a problem. I filled up the grid then merged in the slots accidentally filling those too, leaving me stuck. I can no longer merge or add to my board so it’s almost impossible for me to continue playing. I would totally come back if they fixed this, with maybe a trash can or something, but for now I have to call it quits.

Feels cheap. I know it’s a free game and free games have ads, but I’m not here to really complain about that. It’s a great concept and fun idea, the clicking noise is great, I do love the sound that mechanical keyboards make. But this game feels depressing, the environment is empty, low motive to continue… and the annoyance of extras that linger. I tapped on this lil cat looking thing, ad comes up (which wasn’t warned about) and now it’s just constantly there, distracting with dances and very annoying noises that can’t be stopped without turning all noise off. It doesn’t even do anything either! Maybe add some backgrounds, light instrumental music, And noise adjustments rather than just turn it on or off. That’s the best I can give. Just find a stock image, royalty free music, and add one thing, shouldn’t be that hard to give it more life and vibrancy

Bug. For some reason I can’t get the middle left, top right things on the table and it’s just a loading sign the whole time even when I close the game and I can’t get free bricks, can’t get the helper, can’t click the people that come out behind the screen and can’t get a brick that you get after upgrading your brick to a new brick

Too many ads. There are ads like every minute, usually I don't care if random ads pop up, because I'll just turn my Internet Off, but this game literally won't let you play without Internet, it makes a Fake Apple Notification pop up saying you're not connected to the internet, and under it, is says you're not connected a 2nd time, then when you turn your internet back on, the 2nd No Internet will still be there

Has potential but App Devs are slime. I was really getting into this game, has all the right pieces for a toilet time killer while I’m pooping. But the disgusting monetization methods were just far too much to tolerate sticking around. Doing pitiful upgrade offers with no option to not accept you are forced to watch a commercial. That’s just absolute garbage game development. I hope the game devs see this, money is dope but not when it ruins a promising game.

Very enjoyable.. I gave a five because I see a lot of potential. It would be nice to have different shapes after 256 and to be able to rotate the blocks. I’m hoping that will be the case later. I do enjoy this game a lot though.

Too much work, and scammed me.. The prices get exorbitant after a certain extent and you spend extended amounts of time for a single button which seemed crazy to me. On the part of being scammed, I have paid for the No Ads ($2.99), due to the high amount of ads like any other mobile game. But I still get ads after paying for no ads? I wish I knew how to dispute so I could at least get a refund for my money since they can't even effectively provide a paid feature.

Buggy and full of ads. The most annoying part is that it's nearly impossible to drag blocks around the screen. Moving your finger two inches only moves the blocks one inch, and your finger would need to go off the screen to get the block where you want. Please fix this. The ads are too frequent, but that's honestly what I expected for this type of game. Overall it's a good concept, but the execution needs work.

Game is ok. Game is ok but it’s not like the add it takes lots of time and effort just to get another button on the board. I’ve played for longer than a couple weeks and the highest I got was about 16k button the amount of money you need to get a 1$ worth button is to high and makes the game boring . The price of a button starts low but gets to like 10k a button when your only make a couple hundred dollars a sec.

Hear me out. It’s a good game until you buy something and realize the computer money and your money are DIFFERENT and I did not notice at first and I think that’s stupid. Plus there’s way too many ads. Also my game bugged after playing a while because the keys would only move half as far as my finger

Glitch to many adds lags out a lot. This glitch if you get an add while holding a button you will either lose that button or gain a 2nd also why are there so many adds this caused me to lose a button cuz I was holding one also lags out to which also made me lose buttons

Very good ASMR But some ads.. I know they need to get money somehow but the ads are to much.. and I like how it shows what place you are in the leader board. But also the ASMR is so good! I listen to this day and night. This game is addictive. But long story short, I recommend trying out this game.

Sell ur phone b4 getting this app. This app has by far been the worst thing I’ve ever downloaded. I opened the game and within 30 seconds of playing I got advertisements. I got at least 6 different ads with the 5 mins I played. I would only recommend this app to people I dislike, just to make their short time playing it as painful as mine. About the gameplay, its a very cute idea, would be better if the devs wanted to make a game instead of their spam ad app! Hope you have a wonderful day, I will once I uninstall.

Not Good. It is a fun game and it doesn’t overload you with ads but i noticed that as i kept getting farther and farther it would reset my earned money so far to negative 2billion every time i got to around 2billion it has also started to just completely take away my money over and over again also when i reach around 2billion and the leaderboard is absolutely nowhere near accurate.

Stopped letting you upgrade. I don’t know why, but I had the game for maybe three days, and all seemed fine at first. But last night when I clicked the up button to upgrade the button speed, offline earnings, and online earnings, it took away all the buttons but I was still able to push on the board and collect money? There’s no option to contact support so I ended up just removing the game after reinstalling it did nothing. Maybe one day it’ll be fixed 🤷🏼‍♀️

Good game but if your a developer please read this. I grinder so much and got like 1.3million coins I think but next day I went in and the app crashed I went back in and my progress was gone please give me that 1 million coins 😭

Needs improvement. Two things. Make it possible to delete blocks so you cant get stuck and be unable to place more blocks. Also, this game shoves a ton of ads down our throats. Only make it give you ads when you want to get stuff from watching it. Its an OKAY game but it needs a lot of improvement

Stuck!!. Game is fun but after getting all 8 rows open, I tried maxing my income by combining to the highest level and filling the rest of the space with 1 blocks. In my combining area, I have an 8, a 4, and a 2, but can’t place them anywhere!! I need a delete block function or a way to combine more blocks to continue to progress. Also, leaderboard doesn’t work right- maxes out at around 500 million it looks like

Fun but.... This game is fun, I enjoy it a lot. However the only issue I’ve run into is, you can’t delete buttons. I’ve made a mistake with my button layout. All my slots are full, I could easily merge stuff to create space but I can’t because they’re full. So basically right now I’m at a complete halt, no point in playing anymore

Server connection, ads, glitches.. I apparently had a bad server connection with my gig Wi-Fi and I was in the middle of moving my 1024 piece and boom disappears from the game doesn’t exist. Now I’m unable to make a sufficient amount of money from the game to buy more blocks. To build. So games broken and over. I bought no ads and still was forced to have ad recommending me to keep blocks after merging that I couldn’t skip for 2-4 seconds waiting for the no thanks to show up. This game is a utter waste. Garbage.

Ehhh. Game is fun but no point in merging blocks. No point in up grading offline income. And starting to become no point to play. Most recent up date makes it where you can’t move blocks at all but an inch then slows it down and you have to almost drag your finger off the screen to place it where you need after 3 or 4 tries. Stop fixing stuff that wasn’t broken and fix the stuff that is.

Fun, but growth is too slow. This game is tons of fun to kill time, but it’s extremely tedious to need to start from just 1 button each time you’re increasing the numbers. It would be super helpful to be able to purchase higher number buttons instead of having to merge over and over

There are far too many adds and far too frequently. I have only been playing for about 10 min and I keep getting stopped by adds and it’s extremely annoying. The game is a fun time waster but it’s not worth it. Also why would I watch the add for a rewards when I’m forced to watch an add then the reward screen pops up in the first place. It’ll be deleting this game. I know I could kissy but the add free stuff but I haven’t even been able to enjoy the game long enough to want to pay for add free. It’s just a shame

Great Concept. Such a great concept, but poorly executed. Developers like you are the reason I’m studying to be a game developer. You shouldn’t have to watch ads to progress. You shouldn’t be competing against fake people (if they’re real then where do you enter your name cause I don’t have a name in the game.) Finally, I don’t recommend anyone play this game, but they do have a great concept, it really could’ve been so good, but they fumbled the idea.

Way to many ads. Ok, this is on trending(at the time of me writing this)? How, a game with ads that interrupt gameplay, block upgrades and are required to play the game, should not be getting this much attention, not to mention the steep curve in difficulty makes the game progressively harder and harder to play, the game wont even let you play until you have WiFi, forcing you to play with constant ads. I knew I shouldn’t have tried this game.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.9.17
Play Store com.vp.shootingbutton
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Button Fever was published in the category Games on 12 June 2022, Sunday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 381.3 MB. This app has been rated by 20,848 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Button Fever - Games app posted on 15 September 2023, Friday current version is 5.9.17 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.vp.shootingbutton. Languages supported by the app:

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