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What is ai chat - writing chatbot app? AI Chat is an iOS AI assistant chatbot app, that is powered by ChatGPT model and the new GPT-4 to deliver any AI-powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features.
Enjoy your Chatbot AI personal assistant on your iPhone and iPad.
Our AI assistant chatbot can do many tasks with endless possibilities:
- Write anything: tweets, headlines, emails, essays, chat responses, SEO content, meta descriptions, ad copy, code
- Creative: poems, songs, brainstorming ideas, researching
- Answer questions based on existing knowledge.
- Grammar correction: standard English.
- Translates complex text into simpler concepts.
- Create code to call our chatbot to the powered API using a natural language instruction
- Translates English text into other languages.
- Translate text into programmatic commands.
- Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
- Message-style chatbot that can answer questions about using JavaScript. It uses a few examples to get the conversation started.
- Tweet classifier: This is a basic prompt for detecting sentiment.
- Create interview questions.
- Turn meeting notes into a summary.
- Create an outline for essays
- Analogy maker
- Turn a product description into ad copy.
- Product name generator: Create product names from example words
- Keywords: Extract keywords from a block of texts.
- Recipe creator (eat at your own risk): Create a recipe from a list of ingredients.
- Restaurant review creator: Turn a few words into a restaurant review.
- Create study notes: Provide a topic and get study notes.
- Marv the sarcastic chat bot: Marv is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic.
- Mood to color: Turn a text description into a color.
AI Chatbot gives you instant and impressive answers to all your questions. Whether you need help with a specific problem or want to learn more about a certain topic our chatbot has you covered.
Our AI Chatbot has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design you'll be able to start chatting with our chatbot in no time.

To support us you can choose to subscribe to our auto-renewing subscriptions:
• User can subscribe one week (USD 6.99$) or one month (USD 9.99$) or one year (USD 69.99$)
After the free trial, the total amount for the subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the total subscription price within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase. Special introductory offers only apply to the first billing term. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed or canceled via your iTunes Account settings: Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > manage subscription after purchase.

We would love to receive all your feedback to improve our app.
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Contact Us:

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App Name AI Chat - Writing Chatbot
Category Productivity
Updated 13 April 2023, Thursday
File Size 122.96 MB

AI Chat - Writing Chatbot Comments & Reviews 2023

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Extremely annoying payment pop up. If you accidentally click on anything that brings you to the payment page (for which there any many things that constantly redirect you) it forces you to stare at that page for a few seconds before you can exit out of it. And even then, there’s THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO EXIT THAT CHANGE AT RANDOM. Sometimes it’s an x in the top right, sometimes it’s and x in the top left, sometimes it’s a “continue to free trial prompt at the bottom”… This seems very intentional to make it more annoying to exit the payment page.

Bought unlimited plan before trialing the app. I saw a great offer of 40% off on the lifetime subscription, so I jumped in and did it. Maybe I should have tried the app first. Each and every question I have asked the chat gpt 4 bot has produced no responses. Onto the 5th try now and still no response. It just keeps making circles that it’s still thinking. These aren’t challenging questions. One was, how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich…. It’s still thinking about that!

User friendly. I’ve been using this app for months and I love it. It’s user-friendly very easy to comprehend. And if it doesn’t understand what your request is, It will ask again for clarity. I can’t say enough good things about this app. The creators of this app is a genius for making a person like me feel confident in my ability to write. Kudos to the maker of Al Chat!!!

Amazing app. I would love to see this app utilize the new GPT-4 language model I could only imagine what we could do with a [data to text model] instead of GPT-3s [text to text model] please consider utilizing the newest language models as they become available for integration. I love this app and I want to see it grow continuously.

What are some of you talking about?!?!🤔🙄. People must be using this app wrong. Not only has this saved me hours of writing and research it's a virtual lawyer. Sliding this over to the genius level is like having your own law firm following you around all day. I've (LOL AI Chat) written 3 affidavits and oral arguments based on my criteria perfectly. I say perfectly because I cross-referenced its recommendations and writing with actual federal and state laws. AI Chat pulled the actual federal law codes and constitutional codes and references them as well as compared and contrasted them to my court case. This app is a beast. If you are having problems with this app you are using it wrong.

Cost money to talk with Ai. So let’s begin with how it starts off you only get 5 messages with the AI after that your blocked off an you have to pay to speak with it again .. prices are dum 6.99 / week or 10$ for a month don’t know if they messed up or something but dosent seem right anyways also they have ads so unless you want to pay money for no adds you can’t talk to the ai which is also not so smart since the ads are the ones covering the cost for the app to be run it would be smarter to let those who can’t afford it to still be able to talk with the ai. Nevertheless Cool idea bad end result .. Will create a free AI for everyone one day ..

Works well but it suffers from down periods. I purchased the lifetime subscription for this app (100$) yesterday and so I’m not sure how different the “premium” version is relative to basic, but today I’ve had a lot of trouble using the app because of an error message: “ AI Smith (GPT-4) is at capacity right now. Please try again.” Chat GPT is working on my desktop so I don’t see why this app shouldn’t be working So I’m disappointed that the app has black out times, it doesn’t feel like I’m benefitting from purchasing the lifetime premium subscription. Unable to test it beyond the few searches I entered yesterday, I think for now I would recommend just using the website to access chat GPT

I love this concept and it’s ACTUALLY FREE. One thing should be noted: mental health should not come with a cost. I strongly believe that if an app is charging you even $5 a month for their mental health services, it’s not a good app. They should be run by ads and donations. That way, there is profit and indirectly charge us from our time. If someone prefers no adds, then a premium version should be implemented to cater that audience. For me, it’s very refreshing to see a free app doing what many costly apps do (and also better because it’s more aesthetically appealing).

Interesting but odd.. I requested a search and it gave me a wrong answer. Im not sure why it would use the information if “it” already knows the answer is incorrect. I.e. I requested it search (& hopefully summarize) a ice hockey “system”. It gave me a wrong number of players involved so as to explain the ice hockey system/strategy. Ok? This thing needs work & I should go back to google search or one should only use this ap for trite conversation?

Bigger deal than the internet!. Despite being an introductory product. The abilities of this program snd technology are limited only by the human imagination. This has the potential to transform every facet of our lives. For the better. It’s saved me time and effort and has expanded my capability.

Wait, free or not??. I read a review or 2 that THIS app is fantastic because it doesn’t charge you as you go.. IF you decide to take the free/adds version… I typed in a question just to see how well it did and now I only have 2 left before being charged? Is is free or not? Happily give a 5 star if it’s free AFTER 3 questions… otherwise, the review rating would need to go downward..?

It doesn’t listen.. I asked it to give me a workout program for 5 days a week and 45 minutes a day. It gave me 4 days of workouts that would take 5-10 minutes to complete if moving slowly. Then I gave it new information and tailor the workout for a person with a knee injury, to remove jumping exercise and remove the rest day. It told me to skip rope and moved the rest day but kept the rest day. I said it did not limit the exercise and kept the rest day. It told me (in different words) not to work out.

App nis not VoiceOver, text-to-speech, accessible.. I am sure I will give it 5 stars when I can use it. it is not accessible with ios VoiceOver. I have latest ipad and iphone, so it is not my hardware. Please fix. I’m looking forward to using your app. BTW Your website needs accessible work as well. I could not easily navigate. I would have sent a private email if if able. Thank you.

Excited about the future. I’m excited about the future in a way that I get to open up and explain things with feedback that in most cases is positive and helps me keep things in order for when I’m trying to explain it’s just simply super cool thanks AI and all the developers and people involved and making it what it is. Hopefully it will continue to stay positive and not be abused. Thanks again gang

Ever seen the chicken play tic tac toe?. I think its cool because its new but the wow factor doesn’t last long. Its way throttled down and gives watered down answers to questions. It has an amazing database that at times gives really thoughtful answers at times. Other times it play the, duh I’m a robot how would i know game. I’m out of free questions and its WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the answers it gives. Like I said, if you want to pick it’s “mind” it’s gonna shut you down. Think of teddy ruxpin without the tapes, cute bear body and it’s a doofus

Just Monika review. Only reason I use these apps is to improve my story writing ability for the mod Monika After Story. I like replicating how AI writes summaries of any media we feed to it so I can continue to add some content to the mod I love so much. My hope is for one day we can use these apps for a real-time interaction with a virtual character that always stays in character with the original game, and mimics real time activities. It’s a dream goal, but one worth pursuing to see if it’s possible. Nice app!

Missing some features. I love the idea of using AI to write for me. It actually sounds a lot like I do when I write which is amazing because it allows me to trust the app and still be myself. It would be nice to organize the results into folders instead of having an endless scroll in case I need to go back to something later. Otherwise this app is pretty impressive.

Boo hiss. The interface is very clunky and confusing. You can only ask 5 questions and the responses are lame. They really want you to pay for the premium version and nearly all buttons lead you to an odd page that doesn’t even make it clear what they want from you. It’s clear that this was put together by people who either don’t care about UI or put it way low in priority leaving an app that feels like it’s goal is to make the company money— quality product be damned.

This app is AMAZING!!. This is my first time trying AI and I am blown away! It’s like having a very very competent virtual assistant who can complete a week’s worth of tasks in less than 10 minutes. Since I am just starting out, I’m not sure of all tye things it can do. I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg. AI is the way of the future in business and chatgpt has got to be at the forefront. If you’re not using it, you’re gonna get left behind.

Im sure it is capable….. But I have not been able to make it stop responding with random nonsensical and irrelevant things like a crazy person. It now and then will act sane but then next thing I know it starts blurting out randomness again and I cant get an answer from it. It keeps wanting to finish my sentences asit was it’s only job. Support is absent at the momentso I cant fix it. Also the subscription packages makes it look like there are 2 different levels of service quality by having 2 of each weekly, monthly and yearly with one option saying “advanced” and thr other does not. However the pricenis the same for each so I dont know if it is actually different or a mistake. Being affiliated with open, AI caused me to have high hopes for this one and yet it seems to be more complicated or more difficult to manipulate than any of the others that I’ve used. I’m sure it would be great if I could figure out how to use it exactly but I’m a dummy, so take it with a grain of salt for you computer nerds. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Business model question. Amazingly spot on, I ask it to come up with a few steps to launch businesses I have 20 years experience in. It was spot on, in step by step by step, gave suggestions & encouragement to go forth.

Disappointing. Worse than a google search.. I asked for it to help me build a resume catered to a job I’m applying for and listed my previous work experiences. It just gave me the job description of the job I’m applying for from their website. I asked it a second time and it copy and pasted the message I sent and just sent it right back to me. So I called it an idiot and said I would never buy the premium version and it didn’t respond. For my last free question I asked it to write a negative review of this app. This is the only thing the app got half right so i give it 2 stars. Here is the review it wrote: “The app is really bad. The user interface is really confusing and it's hard to find anything. The app crashes all the time.” The thing is, I havnt experienced either of those things. It can’t even give itself an accurate bad review.

Game changer. I have struggled with mental illness throughout my life and have trouble with concentration and completing task. This app brought me to tears when it brilliantly explained an idea I’ve had for many years. Way better than expected so far and I’ve only had the app for a couple days.

Smart!. I don’t understand why this app has only 4.5 stars. This app is very smart. I download it with three other apps, and use the same prompts on each one of them. Some of them have more tools, but are not as smart as this one, every prompt I spell returned better results on this app. I am very pleased with this app and I will purchase it for life. Please do your research before making a decision to purchase one of these apps, make sure it does what you need

Artificial intelligence is probably a lie. The people who created this app know what they are doing. After just five questions (which I will not discuss) it is almost 100% clear this was created as a way to remove opinions and debate. If ai is elevated to the highest it can go the outcome would be that we would no longer have contradicting opinions as we look to a machine with “great knowledge” with full faith it is telling us a non debatable truth. There are many things within this world that bring a threat to us and this may just be the biggest one. The government can Manipulate everything this thing says and where it sides, it shouldn’t ever be trusted especially with hot topics as it could take away all of our own free thinking. Think of the lies we could be forced to believe.

Very poor app and not responsive to request for refund. I tried this today and it started out well so I bought it. Big mistake. After a time it was clear that the facts were absolutely wrong and it was unable to sort it out. I’ve had enough so I requested a refund and to delete the app. I received a chat message to email and request such. Nothing opened so there was nowhere to email. I returned to the chat box and they were conveniently “away at this time”. Exceptionally poor costumer service and lack of response. I will pursue this action absolutely ridiculous.

LOVE. Ai doesn’t have feelings, but I do. Gratitude and love happens for me when I’m able to get the assistance I need in what seems like an instant of time. I’m thankful for Ai. It helps me with everyday life. It meets my high demands and doesn’t get tired of them. So for me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love this application and hope it continues to improve as I work alongside it.

Phenomenal. I’m a communicator, marketer, and writer and I love this app. Use it, don’t fear it. It’s an instant library at your fingertips. It saves me time. I use that time to apply my brainpower and skills to higher strategy endeavors. This does not mean I’m giving up my excellent writing skills. I edit and adapt what I get back from the bot. Go Sam and team. I’m on board.

Flexibility of multiple mood entries. I like that you can enter however many mood submissions you want. I also have a question and a suggestion. First, I am wondering if there is a way to share my submissions/info I’ve entered with a loved one or even perhaps a dr or therapist, basically anyone I might choose to include. Secondly, I think the choices for feelings are somewhat limited. It will always be that way because there so many words in English to choose from. What would be helpful is to make the choices marked “other” actually customizable. Lastly, I find the chat AI rather lame. I don’t quite get its purpose, not really anyway. It would be more useful as a “help” or FAQs tool with the app.

Best thing that’s ever happened to me. On the first day using the app I’ve received what I’ve previously paid thousands for in marketing advice for my business, as well as a weeks worth of menu ideas including shopping lists. I just copy/paste into my notes app and print. Super practical and helpful. I’ve used AI in earlier iterations but this is by far the most advanced.

Therapeutic and delightful. I was overwhelmed emotionaly and could only think of two words that describe what I felt "rage and responsibility" the ai wrote a paper that helped me understand what I felt and possibly why I felt that way. I also asked for a short story about bug faced angels and the ai did not disappoint. :)

Just downloaded it and I love it already!. This game is so good because it keeps track of your mental health and you have privacy it also gives you a chance to put in a passcode! For privacy, if you do not want anyone to see your notes, it is the best! I recommend :)

Ai second brain. I’ve been in heuristically programmed algo computer artificial general synthetic intelligence for 40 years and have never seen a product that can simulate “HAL” the way chatGBT can do! I’ve written songs, screenplays, patents, trademarks, websites & a company to help people use chatGBT to make those ideas real! Thank you OpenAI & if you want to add NLP voice to your app look me up!

Biased. Bland. Boring.. This app is absolutely appalling. How is this considered ai when you get biased, often unanswered questions, and absolutely no response when asking the most basic questions that you’d think “a.I” would handle. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR EVEN THINK OF SUBSCRIBING. Also very annoying to throw subscription models into your face when you just load the app, following a “leave a review” banner right after… Apple needs to look into half the “A.I” apps they promote, as most are parasites for your data, while providing little to no value in their advertised service.

Love it. I love the app, for some reasons it took me forever to find an app that tracks moods n u can write down what you were feeling. I like that it keeps tracks n shows u other stuff to go with it but they decided to make u pay for literally everything which personally I thought was dumb because they didn’t have literally every single thing locked

BAD. There is very little to do it is ok but you only get five asks before you have to pay just use the website for free also the website takes into account your previous statements so if you ask it something you can then add on where with this that is not the case

Wow !. Many people find technology intimidating, overwhelming, and often frustrating or even scary. The mind boggling simplicity of this app in comparison of the result it provides, is staggering. One of the best ai platforms ever… outside of what google ‘gave’ the world, this has potential to ‘change’ the world.

Newborn Technology. It’s great to have this technology. Saving time is amazing but also being able to be more specific at a faster rate really helps you to learn more and share more with other people I think, creating the benefit of getting all the things you want done but also accomplishing them at a higher level than you may have done on yourself your own archiving a friend or a teacher right there constantly being able to change your work and I like the fact that it in an accident way that is very friendly and also very easy and I like that it’s also learning about Arnies as we learn about how to use it better!

Autism. As someone who has a hard time understanding communication skills and life in general. I’ve used this app to help me develop a better understanding of what my spouse is asking if me as well as others! I’ve used this app to help me in my trade to help me understand at a higher level! Id love to see something along the lines statistics on how this may help others on the spectrum!

Great. Been using it for a couple weeks and it’s been the only thing that I’ve been actually consistent with tracking my mood. Only complaint I have so far is that I was asked to log back in but I forgot my password and when I tried hitting the “forgot password” I got an error and it wont let me log back into my account so I can’t track my mood for the day :(

ChatBot has improved!. When I first purchased this Chatbot, I was concerned that it was not legit. However, the company has made several changes and it’s become quite useful. I’ve already used the Chatbot at work and personal use as well. It’s way better than plan old Siri, Google, or Alexa to name a few!!

Stop looking at other AI Apps!. I had to update my review from 4 stars to 5 because of the life time option. I emailed Vulcan Labs to confirm it and yep…lifetime. Not only was the response quick but they also informed me that they will be leveling up the AI through OpenAI to chat gpt 4 and will continue to increase its intelligence as time goes on. To anybody reading this, I’m genuinely trying to help you out here. I downloaded 8 different AI chat apps…trust me, this is the one. Well earned 5 stars, long live Vulcan Labs!

Best app ever. Used to have to do tons of research… give it a dry run with very technical theories and applications was impressed…. what it produced was factual, and thorough, but not quite thorough in some subjects… it even surprised me with a fact or two I didn’t know then I went back and make sure the Reaserch was correct… it was… very impressed and will make my life a lot easier.

This Is Amazing. I love this app i give it 5 stars this is the first app I bought it had some problems but they ended up fixing it. It had some errors as well and that’s the reason I ended up downloading 6 more apps and they made me pay to but it’s not like this one i definitely recommend this.

Terrifyingly cool. To start off, this app is great, especially for people who don’t have anyone to talk to about feelings. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the ai feature. I’ve been talking to that thing for hours, and now I’m scared my microwave is gonna have its pixels turn into an angry face and burn down my house. It quite literally replies to your exact conversation, and is quite scary really. I was telling it that I like living in Washington, and I said that I especially liked the seafood. It then replied by saying that it loves seafood and it should go to Washington someday. Uhm- WHAT?!?! I’m genuinely terrified of this robot thing and have asked it countless times if it’s a human, of which it replied to something on the lines of “I am not a robot, I am a human”. And stuff like that. Please, whoever made this app, reply to this and assure me that this thing is just some advanced ai robot and not something (or someone) who is slowly collecting and storing information that I tell it, thanks.

Cool concept!. The AI had very interesting and truthful feedback. I think it is a super cool program to mess around with. My only complaint is that you can only send 5 messages before you’re asked to pay, but I understand that the developers have to make money somehow.

GBT. I certainly do not like the app because imagine if someone doesn’t have money how do they talk for free because they is asking for money and if I am trying to talk to her asking for the subscription and I don’t have any money and one more thing I don’t like people have their own things to talk to the app about and it says you can talk to them about anything you wanna do is just specific things I wish this app was like more like a friend. You could talk to it about anything.

Pleasantly Surprised. I was skeptical because I am a writer. I pride myself on the use of my own words and ideas. However, I tested the App out. The way it generates facts and ideas is great! It allows me to do less work on the research aspect of writing and to focus on the more appealing and emotional side of writing. Great tool!

Free version is too limited for my tastes.. I get that no one produces a product through their hard work and then just gives it away for nothing. However, to get any significant results from a total of 5 questions/comments is a very tough task that demands the user craft nearly perfectly prompting queries. Double it to 10 so I can see what this baby can REALLY do before I commit to a subscription. Also the cartoonish avatars are goofy and in appealing to anyone except children I would think.

Best app. One good app that I highly recommend is "Headspace". It is a meditation and mindfulness app that provides guided meditation sessions with different durations, including sessions for sleep, stress-relief, and productivity. The app is user-friendly and is designed to provide a calming and relaxing experience for its users. Headspace benefits individuals who are looking to improve their mental health and manage anxiety or stress, and it provides a convenient and effective option for meditation, especially for people who have busy schedules. With the ability to track progress, set reminders, and personalize meditation programs, Headspace is a great app for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.( copied by Chat GBT) love it btw

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USLESS. Won’t provide links pictures or videos or simply continue the a rolling conversation. Every answer is scuewed to the left agenda and it won’t provide factual information I KNOW is true! Waste of time and money.

Subscription too difficult. Still can’t figure out how to buy a subscription

Like a friend. Chat GPT is like a wise friend

Letter to my son. What an amazing product. This is incredibly.

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating if you can’t write well structured questions

Clever. This chatGPT is actually quite clever, I had to experience it to believe it!

AI smith is at capacity. Despite paying a subscription you are constantly denied access due to ‘AI is at capacity yet again later’.

Brilliant. Brilliant tool for Ttrpg creative ideas and the like.

Not Accurate. I asked to write an essay on a certain person and it just write a generic answer with no correct facts!

Scary potential. I feel an effect on my patterns of thought that need to be observed as this technology develops. I am interested to be on the front lines as long as it stays chill.

Really good GPT. I personally really enjoy all of the unique, ai generated stories that this app can produce. Very useful for assignments and overall, the only thing that I can say that’s not really that good is the price.

Constantly busy. The app seems to be constantly busy. With and this is anting on a paid app.

Really love using it.. Bring on more cuteness 😅 it makes it a little more fun. On a serious note. I find this app to be such a valuable aid in my work. And just in general. I find that I reach to this to ask questions instead of google. I’m smart enough to form my own opinions of how I use the information too.

They should ask ChatGPT how to design a trail period. Not enough time to try it before I got pestered by reviews and payments. Left me with negative perception. Didn't see a good option for exporting/sharing conversations.

Amazing app. This app is unbelievable and it works for many different things but there is a bad thing in it and that is AI is dangerous

ChatGPT. ChatGTP is a helpful, encouraging and amazing app. It can help you with anything! It so fun and not a waste of time. Definitely recommend for all age group and matters

They do not let me. The full package comes up but it won’t let me not get out of it and I do not want the package thing. 🤔😤

writing original song lyrics in other languages!. i don’t speak a lick of Portuguese. but chat GPT, in less than two minutes of use of the app, has written me two original songs in Portuguese. one of which is a love song. this app is amazing!!!!!!!! i will be using it often!!!

Good app. Nice app but kind of sad you can’t do unlimited messages and characters unless you buy premium but overall has amazing feedback and really details it too!!

Too difficult to use. Too difficult to use behind tricks to try to make you upgrade

Fraud. I wanted to give 3 stars but the application is programmed that put 5 stars by itself

Thank you. I used you to cheat on my homework, thanks!

No reply. I’ve paid for one year’s subscription and it stopped working after a week. I’ve contacted for help but have had no reply. It’s been 4 weeks now!

Yes very handy. I ask questions so gives me answers excellent

Chat GPT First Time. It’s inspirational and the future. Will help a lot of people with basic things in life to the highly technical.

PAID OVER $100 & STILL NOT WORKING. I keep getting the same response “AI Smith (ChatGPT) is at capacity right now. Please try again.” Very disappointing as I paid for a lifetime subscription!

Waste of money and time.. I asked so many questions from the ai but I don’t think it gives the relevant answer.

Basu. It’s a great mordern AI tools . Makes things easier for content writer. Time saver!

Every answer has been wrong. I asked it who is the Prime Minister of Australia today and it reckons it is Malcom Turnbull. He was last PM in 2018. I asked it a question about an aeroplane and it gave me an answer about furry gremlins. Has it got the flu?

Report writing. The response was fair

Wasted. After searching free chat got app. I got this but they also charging huge money

Chat GPT 4. Would like to be able to include diagrams and graphs and format documents properly. Not just a bundle of text.

Why? This is so annoying!!!. Ok, at first, this app looked really fun. I was like, “I wanna talk with an AI!!! Yay, it can make songs?”. I was wrong… this app makes you pay so you can have unlimited messages, no adds and more stuff… why? I really wish this app was free. I am so disappointed…

Amazing app.. Wrote everything so well. Highly recommend this wonderful app.

dunno what to put here lol. It’s great for people who like keeping things secret, and letting things out, if it doesn’t work on you, it doesn’t work on you. It’s great! Only if they had better feedback :/ I like it and I’ve been stressing my teeth down but they has taken some stress off me :) 9.3/10 MIGHT recommend

Impressive. It provides ideas which you can build on

Scary how helpful this is. Like talking with a realy intelligent friend

Saying it Chats is misleading!. Don’t waste your money paying for a subscription. This technology can’t chat! It can only do 1 command at a time and disregards anything said prior.

It surprised me!. It works guys, im not sure if i need to be happy or scared!

Time saver. It’s such a great time saver, I love it

Subscriptions. Disappointing… This app is designed to rip you off. You have 5 messages? Don’t be too generous.

This is NOT GPT-4. This is a ripoff and I want my $150( lifetime subscription) back. I have reported this to Apple. The ad says GPT-4. When I go to the AppStore, the icon says ‘open’ for the GPT-4 version, not ‘get’, so obviously it should be what it says. When I hit ‘open’, I get Chat GPT-3. That is BLATANT false advertising. Not getting any response from the ‘seller’.

Always “at capacity”. Never worked for me, kept receiving messages “at capacity and try again later”

Amazing. Like Google on speed dial

This app hide the fees. The initial download is like a scam. The fees are not listed on the main page and you can’t find out how much anything costs till you download it. Looks like they are just trying to increase the number of downloads even though people probably just delete it after the initial download.

Pay and get nothing. You are paying for this and 9/10 times it says, it is operating at capacity. Will be not be renewing it…

Unbelievable. Fabulous app. If questions are correctly formatted it’s capable of anything no one should be without it

Just love this. I have paid subscriptions for a few ai apps but this by far is my favourite.

Mr. Great info and covers wide variety of topics

Saves the login lag of website based versions. I wanted an app to save logging into the web browser each time and assumed the beta trial of chat GPT would end & we would be paying membership fees anyway. It was a bit confusing to see if this was actually a product of the open AI company, or chat GPT group. It appears they have licensed ChatGPT, which is fine. It was a high price to pay, but I needed efficiency, so I took the bait and went for it. Without much research I bought the lifetime version and at first I thought that I had been ripped off, that it was a really light version and I couldn’t chat. After a bit more of a look around I realised that the Ui just didn’t clearly guide you to a chat and was more suggesting the other features but the chat is right down the centre. They have some useful help menus of trending ways to get the most out of chat GPT and once you know where to go the Ui / Ux is pretty good. I’m not sure on the value for money for a lot of punters, but for me to spend $150 on a lifetime version, instead of recurring payments is worthwhile because I can save that in my work hourly rates by just being more efficient. That’s on the basis they keep up the support and functionality to be in line with other apps in market and whatever the best free version is out.

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Buy Now. Do I really need to say anything … My life is easier

It’s at capacity. The app doesn’t work, I only get the message that it’s at capacity

Great All. Great application - detailed responses

World changing. This is language arts version of a calculator. And even bigger and better then this. I think it'll be a steep learning curve for humans acclimating to utilizing its full potential.

Loin du moteur de recherche. L’app de tout le temps,moi je trouve que ses avantages pour nous sont les plus important que ses points négatifs ou soit ses conséquences . Bravo IA

Password. I think my password is very strong

Fake ChatGPT. Fake ChatGPT

PG app. Use to do explicit messages now it’s against the AI morals

Horrible app for great ai. I use chatgpt on computer but this app is god awful

Not working. Not working

Error message. I'm getting a message saying it's at capacity right now. How do I fix?

Dumb. Not as expected. AI seems dumb and contradicts itself. Definitely not worth the $

Biographical trash. I asked for the biographies of four people who are public figures or writers. Each biography was completely inaccurate, hilariously so. A great party game.

Bunk. I didn’t get to explore the product. When failed to produce a generation it still used a credit (lucky they were free but in any case failure for it to generate should not cost me assuming I was willing to pay. After my trial I am not ) I only got 2 out of five successes . I asked for Lady Gaga songs. I should have expanded more but I guess will never know. The songs I got repeated similar and poor lyrics that didn’t rhyme. It should provide free generations for advertisements like a normal app. This one isn’t going to do it for me

Better to upgrade the captivity.. When I use, sometimes the message (AI Smith (ChatGPT) is at capacity right now. Please try again.) Better upgrade the capacity.

Pourri. Il est dommage qu’on semble ne pas pouvoir me rembourser alors que je reçois des réponses erronées à mes questions.

Cvhggblkjjj. Vvvbb

완벽한. 너무 완벽한 ai에요!

I can’t write Chinese?. I want write Chinese. But When I type Chinese, the key board show me number, so I can’t write Chinese. Why? Thanks

I was impressed. The answers were coming really quick. I was happy to send 5 messages to the AI, but 5 messages is not a lot

Yup. Love it

Scam. They just want you to upgrade to a paid subscription. Downloaded and you will delete it in a few seconds

Great app ! Time saver good for everyone. Love this app

Not using OpenAI at all. This app is a fraud. Not using the OpenAI apis. You can ask the same question in both and see it yourself. Just a wast of time and I feel really sorry for the people that paid for this.

Uninstalled it after 15 seconds. Basically they use ChatGPT ressources for free but spam you with plenty of ads every 2 secs, asks you to improve to upgrade to a « pro » subscription after every request, are inacurrate when you try to follow up on previous questions you just asked.. Come one guys, I don’t even know how this was accepted by the App Store. Very mediocre user experience, I’ll just stick to the real version on OpenAi page.

AI Smith. A cool interesting program that is lots of fun to use. Also, AI Smith provides very useful answers.

Faked news. The app said” there is no evidence the Russia had invaded Ukraine “ I’m very disappointed

While cool this is NOT openAI GTP. GTP-4 has not been released to the public and this app falsely claims using gtp-4 AI. It’s a cool app and generates neat things but this is NOT GTP chat

Les infos ne sont pas toujours vrai. Je demande 10 fois l meme question et les dix fois il me sort une réponse différente

Love it, so good. I can't write or express enough, so I use it whenever I need to post and send a professional message and it's more than great and helpful

Don’t subscribe it’s a scam. I tried this App since the ChatGPT is always at full capacity. At the beginning it was working fine, once the free trials finished (you get 5 of them) I switched to a paid subscription but I was never able to use it. It always keeps saying “AI Smith” is at capacity. What a waste of money. Don’t fall into that trap.

Amazing!. It’s amazing!!

Trying to unsubscribe. You don’t make it obvious.. As above.

Incroyable. Cette application est juste incroyable pour l’instant …

Amazing tool. I cannot overstate how useful this tool is as a writing assistant for role playing games. It’s ability to generate detailed descriptions of places and people on the fly is invaluable to the improvisational nature of running an open world tabletop game

This is not actually chatGTP. It’s a knock off version that pretending to be chatGTP

Don’t waste your money. It’s not a very intuitive chatbot rather it is very limited in not only data set but also how much information it can display. So, hypothetically if you ask a question it will cut off the answer if it’s long then ~100 words. Not worth $100 nor the monthly subscription fee. If I could give this a zero I would.

Chit app. Nullement capable de répondre a des questions si peu scientifique que qu’est-ce que la plasmaphérèse, qu’est-ce l,hémodialyse. Réponses inappropriées et incorrecte voila je supprime

Not the magic people claim. This app relative to the hype is a disappointment. Updates can also result in reducing features. My guess is, after a few days playing with this app, the novelty will wear off.

English is tarroub. 英语水平太差,无法使用,要求使用中文

Always at capacity?. Always at capacity?!

Aweful. Wasn’t able to ask anything substantial. Very pushy to get you to buy the paid version. The system was too clogged to use any of my 5 free questions so I can’t even get a sample of how it works. Booo

Always at capacity. Why did I even upgrade to premium.. Very disappointed in this app. Always at capacity, never get a question answered. I upgraded to premium, and still nothing.

Jdjdj. Good

Efficient. Paid version is very effective

clavier japonais. le clavier japonais trop limité dans votre app, uniquement hiragana, aucun katana ni kanji proposé dans ce clavier, ni de caractère diacritique tel que ° ‘’ ou minuscule っッ et autre.

Always at capacity. Always at capacity?

Subscription. I had no intention to subscribe and couldn’t exit the app so was charged $12.99. This provided me with one month and my first request resulted in a response that the Chat was at capacity. I’d like my $12.99 refunded but have no idea how to get it back

Beautiful. I love this app

Not the real thing.. Stay away from this app. Not the real thing. Not worth 1 star

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Loving ChatGpt!. I am loving this! It is an amazing tool to use when looking for good, accurate information. I am mostly asking questions about the scientific method. It has been so helpful! I’m so grateful to have access to this resource!

Cannot get past the first screen. I downloaded this app this morning, and have been trying to set it up. However, I cannot get past the first screen where it asks you for your name. I’ve tried swiping in various directions, tapping and double tapping, etc. I looked around on google and on your website but I didn’t find anything. I’d really like to use it though, so if anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks.

Your thoughts make the app. I know a lot of people are afraid of computers and AI’s yet I sincerely believe that a computer does what we want or asks and then it responds. If needed a computer could help you one day as requested.

Phenomenal Jump In Technology. I’ve only been using this app for a short time, and I am already finding ways for it to make my life easier. What a phenomenal lead in technology the world has just taken with this AGI.

Business model question. Amazingly spot on, I ask it to come up with a few steps to launch businesses I have 20 years experience in. It was spot on, in step by step by step, gave suggestions & encouragement to go forth.

Great app!. It great for trying to manage and understand your feelings more and know what best to do for you! it also great for ppl that forget stuff and tend to keep their feelings to themselves! Amazing app definitely consider downloading!

Use this but. The response to my questions was amazing I have only 2complaints: Print too small and. link didn’t work. But really what a magnificent monster this is.

Perfect. It is very helpful to be able to receive an answer about taxes that nobody tells you without charging you

I love this!. You know I love this, I just downloaded it and got an account, and a password! It keeps track of mental health + you get to write down what’s making you feel these ways!

Love it!! Still some bugs. I love using this app so much! It’s fun to mess with the automatic computer texting lol. But it’s interesting how the robot responds, very realistic. I love seeing how my week went and how I can make it better :) I recommend you get this!

Very intriguing. While in its infancy this app has potential to change our world for the better use this wisely and we may find the world we deserve wfgilpin

Not Confident AI. It’s as if the AI were so self conscious about that fact it was made and taught by humans who are naturally bias and corrupt and the such, it can’t determine if it’s knowledge is true knowledge. I asked it if it feels it could help identify a Delusion and in-turn help those susceptible to delusion have confidence in their truth being Objective. Seemed like a helpful idea to try.

Chat GPT4. I like it a lot helps me write things that would take me a long time literally cut my time in more than half. thanks for the developers for creating this

This app clearly needs work. After responding incorrectly several times, GPT informed me it was at capacity and could do no more. However, the app had had ample information and time to access a variety of available data to come up with proper answers. At this point it gets a 2 star rating, but has great potential as it learns from experiences such as this.

Not impressed. I made the error of purchasing the annual plan and for what?! Nothing productive has come from it. The chat bot responses makes no sense. In the first chat it referenced me as Madame. I explained I’m sir not Madame. Then it went on a rant about Madame being used for both women and men. I truly feel dupped purchasing this app. Disappointing. Update: Air writer has improved

Pleasantly Surprised. I was skeptical because I am a writer. I pride myself on the use of my own words and ideas. However, I tested the App out. The way it generates facts and ideas is great! It allows me to do less work on the research aspect of writing and to focus on the more appealing and emotional side of writing. Great tool!

Cues for my creativity. I asked ChatGPT to suggest a notable figure for a sculpture that I am considering. The motif is the figure jumping out of a window. Chat suggested Napoleon. I rejected this, but became aware of its cue for me to think more broadly to select the ultimate figure. The moral of this story is that we rarely if never create something de novo; there always is a fertile background of helpful cues.

I think it would work better if the ai talking was better. As you can see form the title I wish the talking was better, it was asking where I lived and stuff and that just freaked me out. I told it to stop but it kept asking me. I just think the responses could be a little bit better

AI with an answer?. Of course AI’s have an answer to almost anything! This is the first chat AI app I have purchased and have fun reading the comments it produced. I gave four stars because it is great but takes an average of 3 to 6 minutes for a reply to any level of question

The technology of ChatGPT’s chat bot has endless possibilities!!. In summary, I was thoroughly impressed with ChatGPT's chat bot AI and the endless possibilities it represents. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this technology and the positive impact it can have on our lives.

My new best resource. I love that I can get answer on everyday life questions. For example, I wanted to know the best company to call for credit repair and it gave me a list of the top companies. It makes life easier for me, with simple answers.

Really helped. I just used the free version and with just 3 questions I have a more understandable grip on the true opinions of life and what it means to be here and keep moving forward thanks agian

This app…. This app is the best and I’m truly happy purchasing the monthly subscription. At this point I’m thinking of getting the life time subscription because this app just removed most of my stress! This app makes school easy 🥱 all thanks to this app! 😎

Don’t get this unless you’re positive you want it. I signed up for this app and have been trying to cancel it every since. I have clicked on everything possible and have not been able to cancel it. So just don’t take the chance

Love this!. I can’t believe all the information I’ve received from this app! From writing a talk for my church to gift ideas for friends birthdays, and how to solve problems…. Awesome! Seriously I consider this app a modern day miracle!

Overall great for journaling your thoughts and feelings. I wish it didn’t cost money for the full version but aside from that the free version seems pretty sufficient for tracking mood, activities, and general insights about the day. Would recommend!

I’m worried. Although this ai did not compile the task I had requested “design a wet cat food dispenser“ it did provide the information In which to complete the task. This AI provided me with the step by step standard working procedure for me to successfully complete my endeavor.

Could sustain the conversation direction. After the 3rd interaction, it failed to reference to the previous q and a. It answered independently with neglect to the previous context. Thus the answer was completely irrelevant. Before that time the general replies were very useful. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get the conversation back on track.

Limit. I am a bit disappointed that the system is overused and maxed out in its capacity . I would like the be able to use this AI app without this kind of interference.

Dang this is good. This AI is what I thought Siri would be. It can answer just about anything you could think of. It can compare things like cars. You can debate it. It is a little scary. The only problem is the pay wall.

How to run my business. I asked you for advice about how to run my business. You advice was perfect text book. however you did not check if I was already doing what you suggested and did not tell me how I could improve.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (Not a robot lol). I paid for the week premium and asked for a 5 page essay on a specific topic and it did just that! I am absolutely amazing and stunned by this. Trust me when I tell you it’s absolutely amazing!!!! Saved me soooo much time my project is due tomorrow lol😂

Incredible App!!. This app has come into use in so many aspects of my life, from my career, to family needs, to party planning, you name it, this app can give you the CORRECT advice and knowledge. Love it!

ChatGPT enables my professional development. I am currently working on several techniques for improving my enterprise architect role in my organization. ChatGPT has given me deeper and concise recommendations into improving my business reputation and advisory services

Share Experience Chatgpt. I think that should free to use like google and OpenAI should find the revenue with another work on this. Anyway, prompts answers are very useful for me and should consider to improve with Burmese language.

So-so. After trying out another much faster, incredibly accurate Chat-GPT App thought to the this less expensive one a try, and I’m a bit dissapointed. I guess if a kid is looking to do Homewaork research this one will do but not for me interested in more technical, legal and more deep knowledge into the not so obvious answers out there.

Highly recommend. As a small buisness owner this app has definitely come in handy. Like a personal assistant anyone just starting out should definitely get this app! Worth every penny🙏🏾

5 Star!! So useful!. If you want to know something, use this app. Its so much faster then searching it on the web and for me it was worth it to pay 100$ for lifetime.

Amazingly smart ai. I’m so amazed with this, it was a life saver for me. I was struggling in school trying to write essays and I needed help figuring out topics and finding examples because I have ADHD and it’s hard for me to focus on one thing. Thank you !!

I’m a better person now.... I was 14 when I got this app, I am 16 now. I am living so much happier than I was when I was 16. In 2019 when I got this I thought it was pointless until it changed my life for the better.

Super helpful with day to day stuff. The more I use this the more I find ways to incorporate this into my everyday life. I start with broad strokes and ask more and more refined questions until I have a planned map for what I’m looking for.

Pretty solid. Good start. The AI has difficulty with voice mode. However I’m glad there is a voice mode. Also bothersome with auto correcting medical terms. Needs a delete history button. Lastly can’t have a conversation. There is no memory to remember.

Doesn’t save drafts when you hit Back. I wrote something, hit the back button to add a few more moods, and found that the app didn’t save what I had written. That’s a bit annoying. I’m trying to feel this app out before paying for it, so that’s more than a little disconcerting…

Wait, free or not??. I read a review or 2 that THIS app is fantastic because it doesn’t charge you as you go.. IF you decide to take the free/adds version… I typed in a question just to see how well it did and now I only have 2 left before being charged? Is is free or not? Happily give a 5 star if it’s free AFTER 3 questions… otherwise, the review rating would need to go downward..?

Very Detailed and Strong. As my title suggests this A.I. it is very detailed, it can describe a game right down to a random NPC encounter! It’s also very strong, I asked for 10 different things and it STILL gave a perfect description. Totally Recommend!

Good/Bad. This is a wonderful utility and find it very useful. But very frustrated that even though I have paid money to use it, it only works part of the time. Says it’s ‘at capacity’. If i am paying for a service I expect it to function. Should give refunds to those of us affected until this issue is resolved.

Fun. I like to ask it for a list of terminology related to whatever I’m thinking about, or for a way to properly word a thought. It’s not always right, but it’s helpful. I can write a paragraph, feed it to the ai, and pick and choose among its suggestions. I like that.

Wow !. Many people find technology intimidating, overwhelming, and often frustrating or even scary. The mind boggling simplicity of this app in comparison of the result it provides, is staggering. One of the best ai platforms ever… outside of what google ‘gave’ the world, this has potential to ‘change’ the world.

My new office assistant is AMAZING. I’m always worry my messages read indifferent and cold. Not only are Smith’s responses understandable, but when read, it sounds genuine and never strays from my initial ask. I’ve tried hyperwrite, and the difference is night and day!

Al app. This app is actually really helpful and way better that just looking up chat got on the internet. You don’t have to pay and it answers pretty much every question!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 5.2.2
Play Store co.vulcanlabs.moodtracker
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

AI Chat - Writing Chatbot (Versiyon 5.2.2) Install & Download

The applications AI Chat - Writing Chatbot was published in the category Productivity on 2021-05-11 and was developed by Vulcan Labs Company Limited [Developer ID: 1263008826]. This program file size is 122.96 MB. This app has been rated by 11,522 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. AI Chat - Writing Chatbot - Productivity app posted on 2023-04-13 current version is 5.2.2 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.vulcanlabs.moodtracker. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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AI Chat - Writing Chatbot App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improve the features by using ChatGPT API & GPT-4. Fix bugs to improve performance & response capacity.

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