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Get a grasp on your surroundings, then throw it at your foes! Beat your enemies with other enemies! Throw explosive barrels on their heads! Grab platforms from under their feet!

In our new action packed game you have control and freedom to deal with obstacles as you please. Become the ultimate force master!

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- Very great game, just needs improvements

I absolutely love this game, but every level I go through it’s the same, and it really gets boring, with adds I don’t have a problem with cause I turn on airplane mode, I do this because when I didn’t have airplane mode on, I was surrounded with adds, and it didn’t let me play the game. Also, please add more abilities, effects like some blood maybe, but most of all SOUND! I would love to hear sound in the game to make it more hype, so things you would need to improve are: Adds, levels, sound, effects: but like I said, it’s an awesome game.

- Awesome, but additions would be really appreciated

So the simple gameplay is very fun and enjoyable. Personally I don’t think the game needs much to be better, just some new level designs to change up the setting a bit as well as making the levels just a bit longer like maybe lasting 3-4 minutes instead of 1-2. Also adding some secondary objectives, like defeat a specific bad guy, or solve a simple puzzle, or unlocking new force powers like maybe a time freeze or a shield, or even some alternate paths to take would be great. Just a little something to change up your play options is all. An option for blood effects or disintegrating bodies would be cool too, but mainly adding little new elements to the gameplay would make this game a lot better, especially adding new level settings.


Hello I absolutely love this game it is so fun and I have some ideas for it ok so you could have like colors for the force you can unlock and new powers like a force slam of where you have a new special move where you grab everything around you and and it is like a bomb and they explode every where and you could get a like arrow kinda like that guy from guardians of the galaxy vol 2

- This game has changed

So I’ve been looking at the reviews and some are reasonable but others are a bit ... how do I put this... overreacting yes a little blood would be nice I’ll admit but I tested these reviews to see if they were accurate now there is sound now when I first went in it there wasn’t sound but after contemplating about adds it kicked in And yeah the add placement could be better but it’s better than a add interrupting a fight you know now what i mean and there has been a change in the maps including the enemy’s and yeah I’d want a little bit more abilities than the frenzy but better than nothing

- Nice Time Killer

This is a great little time killer to get during quarantine. The physics never get boring and it looks very nice. However, there are some things I would like for you to look over. Most of the time when I get to the bridges (the ones with black and yellow arrows that you have to push down in order to pass), it soft locks the game. I assume this is due to a crash that caused the ads to play, but then I have to restart the game and do the level all over again. I like the direction the new maps are going. Keep it up!


It’s a good game, I love how u can throw stuff at ur enemies but after the second boss it starts all over again so maybe all a little more levels and advancements like stronger force power or more health and shields, also a second or third power move. I know the game is new and to much to ask but just to keep it in mine

- Fun but don’t recommend, still needs work

I played this, it’s pretty addicting but then I played more and more and realized, it has to much adds, I’ll open a door in the game, ad, I’ll pick up a couch, ad, I’ll beat a level, AD, I’m saying get rid of the ads, and maybe more people will play this, I hope you see this devs, fix your game, get rid of all the ads, and you’ll make more money of this, have a good day

- Trash and lazy

This is clearly just a quick cash grab you can tell by the ad placements every two rooms and once you beat the first 13 levels you’ve been on every level there is nothing more to be added once you beat it and you can just delete it and you would’ve had just the same experience end it is not even a challenge at all nothing can get close to you because you’re so powerful and you can just deflect bullets by doing anything i’ll put the difficulty in can you please get out of your comfort zone and have reasonable ad placements

- Just a money grab

This game is so cheap it’s just to make a quick buck. I guess it is kinda fun, but there are only basically 10 levels and you just keep repeating them. There is nothing new after 10 minutes you may just need to delete it. And the ads! There are probably 2 adds per level. I would say that 1/4 of the play time is just by looking at ads. This has a lot of potential, but it needs some improvement.

- Problems

I think that the game is really fun but it’s to short you should make it about 4 min it’s long and also it’s like every single time I walk through a door theirs another add and is really annoying but it’s a grate game and it’s fun but you have to Shane the problems but like I said it’s a grate game 👍🏻

- Good Game

I love the game, you should make more games with new powers! I also think the game could use some sound, it would also be cool if we could mess around with the dead bodies. It would also be nice if you had the option to look around. Other than that, good game!

- Entertaining

Extremely fun and entertaining game my only complaint is it has a tendency to stop working Midway through the game and then you have to restart the games all over again it also has a tendency two kill my phone battery in like three seconds but that was kind of expected

- Great game simple

So this game is fun and satisfying I love somtimes u can kinda force choke one person and fling them I know this game is new but I would like more bosses or levels in the future but your headed on the right path and I recommend downloading this game so keep this game alive it has great potential so good luck

- Good game also no more adds!

I love the game it’s just the adds it’s very anointing when I have to watch a add can you make like a wheel and it would have a new setting or a new character and the adds on it and the adds sign on it and it has across on it

- Good but no challanging levels

I love the game but there it just repeat the level over and over making it the same easy difficulties playing a level also I want some sound of the people and some blood

- After the update

It’s a great game but could still need some power ups like slow motion super streingth or like punching stronger enemies just stuff like that but this my opinion so you can still go with other people want

- Should download

This game is really fun, when I got it I did not expect much But the game really surprised me! All the powers and stuff is just so fun, and when I picked up a enemy I just couldn’t stop throwing them! This game is the definition of fun especially when I throw bullets!

- Great game but...

I was wondering and yes I saw someone already ask for this but could this game like have everyday life?. It would be really fun to use the force to make breakfast and dinner. Maybe you could even go to the store or work. Besides that it’s a pretty good game👍🏽

- Excelent game but could be more content

It’s a really good game but I think it should have more like every 2-4 levels have a light saber level or have the ability to freeze time or make gravity all shifty and stuff. Will still play but looking forward for more content!


This game is awesome, I’ve always wanted to play a game that involves telekinesis, the developers should make the levels longer , add the ability to move your screen, and have a boss , every few levels to keep the game exciting because it’s too easy and short, other than that, amazing game

- Sound affects

This game is amazing you should really play it it’s just a neat sound affects like maybe if you had someone across the wall it makes like a splat noise but overall it is a really good game I enjoy playing it constantly

- More effects

You should put blood effects so like when you throw someone against the wall there should be like a blood splat and have a option if you can turn it off and on

- I love the game but...

I love this game so much! It’s very fun. I would add some thing though. I would add some new maps and when you pass a level you get coins to get new abilities and colors for your powers. I love this game but there is not much to it.

- Sudden freezes

I would play the game have fund then when I come to a door to got to the next area my game would just freeze and I would have to close the game and restart the entire level could you please fix this.

- A great game but could be better.

I love the game but a few more updates could make this spectacular, such as moving dead bodies, the enemies having health, more levels, and looking around.

- Way To Simple

I’ve had the game for a while and it was fun at first the ads were fair and it was enjoyable. Soon after I kept playing I started to practically fall asleep while playing this is probably the easiest game I’ve ever played, all I ask is for the devs to at least make this some sort of a challenge.

- so satisfying!! 👌👌👍🏻👍🏻

First of all, I LOVE this game! It’s the type of game I was begging to exist! Also I’m a huge fan of Star Wars. So this game is perfect in so many ways!! Dear developers: can you make more hands for your guy? Please write back! -Jack

- Great game but sound

This app is cool and easy to navigate through but this new update has it to where you can’t turn off the music playing in the background; kinda annoying. Other than that, love the game.

- Don’t waste your time

There’s really no point to this game at all. I literally just played it for 5 minutes and was already bored with it and I lost interest. It was downloaded for maybe 4 minutes before I played it and it was deleted in like 2 seconds after playing it. Make a better game and also to top it all off it will literally drain your phone battery. -0 stars.

- Nice

I really like the game the one thing I don’t like is you cans do anything while moving if you can change this please do but otherwise my favorite game I have :)

- It was so so

The game is very fun, but there is a big problem that I have with going through doors to the next level. I’m not sure if it is my phone or not, but whenever I try to go to a door, most of the time the game freezes and I have to start the level all over game

- Overall a great game

This game is very fun and brings a lot of joy to me but it needs some bug fixes such as whenever I start a level it freezes and I have to restart the whole level and the boss just glitches underground to the point where I can hit it

- This game suks

It too glitchy and it won’t let me pass the gate and bridge and also for some reason when one of the fighters hit me once then I kill them they legit multi hit me some how

- This is like the most best game ever

I really love this game and app best performance of magic and powers ever. Love it in just the first few levels . Please make unlimited free levels even a second app to say how good your app and game is. Best game ever

- LOVE THE GAME, but I have an Idea for new games

You should maybe make like other games where you can have super speed and another where you can have teleportation. Thanks!

- Few Things Needed

This is a great game and all but it’s kind of getting boring. I’m on lvl 182 and have no new powers or any new hand gauntlets or maps. Please add more powers, bosses, maps, skins, etc. Thank You!

- Giltch

The game is cool and impressive, But there is a giltch from which the agents can walk through the door to the next level. Into the previous one. Please fix that

- Good but

When you are in the game some times it will give you a add but the good part is that all the time when you finish you will not have a add

- Love it by the way I’m 8 years old so some spelling mistakes

Love it a little to much adds but a very very good game. I love the graphics and the way you can swoop up people. Very enjoyable and addictive 👍🏼

- I found glitch in the matrix

So I was doing level 26 but this one door that I need to pass to finish the level is glitching I have tried 10 times to get through the door but it does not let me finish it and I was very excited to play it and do the next boss level but this level hates me so it was a waste of a 20 minutes that I could have used on Azzyland

- Love it but just one teeny tiny thing

Love it think I’m getting addicted to it but there’s kinda some lags but don’t worry about it 5 star rating this is one of your best games so ok

- Easy and addicting

This game is really easy to play and is addicting and fun as well. The only thing it needs is some updates!

- 3 star

I like the game but it has the same people and I don’t like how you can’t change the hands and the level and the bosses are the same I like playing it but it needs more thing and different levels and harder bosses

- Picking up rag dolls

This game is great that’s why I’m rating it five stars but you should be able to pick up DEAD enemy body’s if you do implement this this could result in some very fun game play

- The controls are awful

My only complaint is that the controls are really bad but I would change my review to five stars if the controls were like the controls in your other game called “knock em all”

- Good but it repeats

It’s a really good game, but when you reach a certain level it all just repeats and you get bored after a while but the game can be fun and it’s fun to use the force function.

- The problem is

The problem is you

- Awesome games

When o play this I feel like a blue yoda with the hands and as I have been playing the levels are awesome and I have caught so many bullets playing this

- We need gloves

I think we need gloves because it would be cool wearing gloves and unlocking different gloves if you want you could add special gloves anyway you don’t have to add it I just thought it would be pretty cool.

- Turning to be a little bit better

The turning needs to be a little bit better

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- Very well done

It is very well done I like the graphics but I would like more attacks like being able to use both hands and also being able to have a health meter for yourself and the other characters. I would also like sounds like help me I’m getting force choked by a man to be coming from the npcs, and also add more health to the boss where he is more of a challenge. Also add the boss being able to use the force. But an even better thing would to be able to free roam around a city and rob banks and other corporations Thanks in advance

- A bug

So when I was playing level 16 I was fighting a fat boi and the followed him out of bounds and then fell into a abyss and fell until I stopped falling and couldn’t move so I had to restart the level so please fix that bug. Thank you Sincerely, Louise

- My request please do

I love this game but I think there should be more attacks and better and a pvp mode where u vs other players

- More more more

There needs to be more everything, more levels more ways to use powers possibly even try and bring in a way you can use different powers for different types of levels! There needs to be a change of levels because honestly doing the exact same levels after time and time again can be super boring. the fact you can’t move and use the powers also need to change! the fact that you can’t free look around also is quite annoying! good game but definitely needs more work

- Good but need more updates

So when I first got this game I was happy but the more I played the boring it got it’s just the same old levels I am still playing it But you need more updates to make it popular But anyways it’s great game 👍

- A game

It is so interesting and fun

- Same old same

There are too many things that are the same .every level is the same and it’s too boring

- Good

Good and Fun but I think it would be better if there was like challenges you can do and if you could unlock different powers/abilities.

- Boring

So when I play the levels it just does the level again and repeats the same level again pls fix that that’s what makes it boring

- Not even a game

This is literally to easy all you do is swipe the screen and win

- Glitch

I was playing the game and I was fighting the fat guy then Enemies walked through a closed door.

- Levels

Good game but needs more levels!!

- I ❤️ this game!!

Is the best.... Thank you

- Ffftffgggfyytt


- Ripped off

I just paid for no adds and they are relentless and constant interruptions... ripped off!

- No

Just no

- Good

It was so good

- Trash


- Cool


- Very good but...

You need to make the levels less repetitive.

- Lame

Lame not very well designed really boring recommend it to -1000000000000000 yr olds, is a great game

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- Good game

Good game

- Awesome I love it

It is super awesome I love it

- Upgrade Bosses

Thanks for the new update but maybe change the bosses so the’re different from one another

- Best thing ever, I have ONE suggestion.

Please add soldiers wearing helmets and soldiers with machine guns hiding in the sandbag cover

- Sucks

The games controls are so damn bad I’ll swipe to take someone out then it makes me move and I end up dying due to being punched I don’t understand why the devs didn’t just make one side for movement and the other for force game sucks don’t play it

- Undertale

Lol this is like sans from undertale his force and bones it’s awesome!

- Great game and fun to play

If the game is laggy it means my battery is low so I don’t have a problem with it lagging. I think there’s to many adds and turning off my wifi didn’t help! Overall this is a great game and very fun to mess around in! Although could you please add harder levels!

- This game is awesome

This game is the best but it’s so many adds

- Good

Ok it is good and all that but make more levels. I don’t like it when you keep doing the same level over and over. But it is really good

- All the 1iq people.


- Best game

Teh when is the best game ever is so cool and btw there’s no adds for me after the door and make it to hard it’s to ez

- Cool concept but falls short

I think the gameplay would be fun, but it’s laggy, and the gameplay is very easy. Though it’s cool to mess around in for a bit I guess

- It’s really good

It’s good when I’m bored at school! Also you can turn your phone or what ever your playing on to airplane mode, so there won’t be anymore ads. So it is really good you should maybe add a few more powers or things to do to buy or unlock.

- Too much adds!

I Agree,There is too much Adds,You guys need to Up your game and remove a lot of adds! (From one Of your favorite players)

- Its a really good game

If you add some another magic tricks and somthing to make game not boaring

- Oct 31

I hate the retarded ads that has

- Game

Game good me like game thank u game makers

- Great Game

It is a great, satisfying game. Especially nice when I need something to pass the time. Also, someone’s review said that ‘after every door, there is an ad.’ If you turn off your wifi (in the settings), ads aren’t able to pop up at all.

- A nice, no-add way.

If you want no adds, just simply turn off wifi!

- Love it but...

You guys put more ads in it and also can you make it harder it is too easy but it is super fun

- Yeah well I want

Yeah well the game is cool but.. THE ADS I CANT SUPPORT IT

- Good but wasy

An very good and fun game. I play a lot and enjoy it buuuuut, the levels are tooooo easy. Add some more difficult levels and maybe an endless mode. Also some cosmetics would be an great add to rhe game.

- Very good

I love this game and I’m only on level 5! I think :/

- Worth it

It’s the best app ever and plz add skins and force skins

- Cool it with all the damn ads

When I first started playing this game I thought I’ll just be a bad game because of the gameplay, it turns out it’s a bad game because of all the ads, because every single door you go through there is another ad so please stop it with the Ads

- Made me sick :(

It seemed like a fun game but after not even 5 minutes of gameplay, I ended up getting the dreaded motion sickness. If you’re prone to nausea from 3D type games, this is probably not the game for you.

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- A glicerina

This game is super funny and I love it I found a glitch where if you get the fat guys and put them in the roof they get stuck there

- I actually expect less

This game... IT IS SOO FUN I love to just drag people towards me or launch people but maybe you should add something like skins for your hands

- Game needs new levels

I like the game but I feel like it needs more levels and more advanced ones


This is soo cool and this is the 1st to have no adds and make some skins for the hands and make a story like how the person got magic hands and this game is A little dry but fun!!!!

- Force master

I thought this game was really cool except it got repetitive after a while. Also there is a lot of ads. But other than that this game is really fun.

- Good game

So many cool things to do just less adds then it would be awesome k plus I like taking the bullets then throwing them back

- Read it

It’s hard to do the front move fix it

- Much better then your other games

Really good controls, really fun but it’s pretty short

- Good

I love this game. It has an amazing concept but after every game there’s an ad, and you don’t even see your health bar so you don’t know if your about to die or not.

- I payed to turn off ads

So, I don’t mind paying to turn off ads on games like this. However, when I pay to do so, I expect there to be no ads. If you have paid to remove them and you die in this game, they still show you ads. I’ll change this if this is fixed.

- It’s great but...

Force masters is great and all but I think it should have less add it it’s always having ads.

- It’s a good game

It’s a good game, but you should be able to move the bodies even when they are dead. Also it’s a little glitchy but overall it’s fun.

- Amazing

Everything is, again, amazing. Although the game is more magick than the force

- Fix

It’s a good game but it randomly kills you once you get to a high-level I almost got to the next level and it really killed me when I killed the last hitman or secret agent or bad guy whatever

- This game is sooo fun

THIS GAME IS SUPER AMAZING well done....but......there are so many adds that I can’t play that need to get rid of the adds going through doors and just add adds at the end of the level because this is so annoying

- I love it

Very neat game!if I were the force master and the red ones were my siblings I would be so happy but please add more moves

- I can’t do the force thing

I do not like the game because it is whenever I run you can do the force thing

- Love this

I LOVE THIS GAME!! If you like fighting And super powers this game is just for you! I love this game so much and you will too! So what are you waiting for download now!! 😄

- Very nice but needs more

‘This game is amazing but it needs more maps and different powers

- Good but

It’s good but I wish the was more room to do the force I mean I want to move while I’m force pushing or throwing things but I sure did enjoy acting like sans the skeleton while I’m just slamming people into walls and murdering them

- Great game but...

This is a good game ngl just needs some more levels and the game is wayyyyyyyy to easy make the enemies stronger and maybe add some other powers like you can get guns from the people you kill and the enemies can hide and there’s a helicopter that can shoot you

- Eh, 90%

So, I loved this game as soon as I got it. I loved the concept. But when I got to level 40, the screen froze. I left and came back later, but did it work...nope. So, it’s a great game but please fix this glitch! 😭😭😭😁😁😁😬😬😬😅😅😅

- Eh needs more controls

Hey the game needs and update even some new controls and bout that my game keeps freezing not a big fan of that please more controls other than that it’s good and maybe different characters and some different damage effect but then that it’s a four star

- New maps. 3.5 stars

it’s fun until you figure out there is only like 3 different maps and it’s just an infinite loop no matter what level you are on

- Love it......but

Love it but it keeps stopping then I have to redo the level. Can you fix the bugs

- Finally

This game does exactly as advertised. First one I saw in ages. And it’s a fun pick up and play game, with great rag doll physics. 5 stars.

- Game is sans approved

LOVE IT, this game is different and unique, you don’t see that a lot sense almost every game is the same but THIS is perfect👍; (and it helps that it’s basically a sans simulator💀)

- Make more rooms and don’t make it look so obvious that it’s looping plz

It’s fun but can you do it?

- This needs to change

Okay. I lovedvthis game but ever since the new update i havent liked it....i was gonna buy the no ads but im just going to uninstall it. Sorry voodoo

- Laggy and complete trash

This game is so laggy and there are too many ads. They put one in every 2 levels and it’s super annoying. The lag is terrible and it makes my game twice as hard. Don’t get this game it’s very terrible and a waste of space smh.

- avatar look alike

honestly its a good game like the hand movements arent bad they are really good i watch avatar the last airbender and legend of korra and it looks like if u were an ir bender i wish they could make a fire bender game tho and not just a different look to the way the force looks like but a whole different game

- Ok I guess

This game is so repetitive I think it is fun but it would be great if the levels were different or there was a mode were you could be the red guys.

- My Review (I couldn’t think of a better title)

It is a fun game except there are ads after every level but other than that it’s not a bad game.

- Okay I guess

There are way too many ads every time I go through a door there’s an ad and every time I beat a level theres a ad please remove most of the ads.

- Toooo many ads

Way to many ads I have not seen a single thing that says click here to get rid of ads and a ad always pops up every second not lying

- Good game just it keeps freezing

This is a very good game I just down loaded it and it keeps freezing and hard to control still a good game

- Ihshehe

I lsdhhdhdhdhdhdhhhytfthc do cry Ic cut it go to it to it go if So do ES so it to it go it do us if hi it to us is good oh I it go if HS us to it if it go do if DHI us to Ic fry us do if do no HD Co off to it to it to it to it to go it to it to it RH go

- To much lag

It is really good game but it is too lagging, can you fix it plz

- Good game

Good game but I lag at some levels and have to restart the game but I give it 5 star


I love the game but it needs some sound effects and it’s needs to be harder it’s a great game tho

- It’s cool but...

There are a lot of levels on level 100 they kick you out and there are a lot of adds

- Lag

When I throw something it freezes my game please fix it

- Sound

Sound pleas

- Too many ads other than that it’s great


- The controls

The controls are so hard to use

- Not good

It’s a good game but first of all it has some much ads every time you move to a new room a ad comes then your phone gets hot.I do not recommend you get it.

- Best game

I will say this is the best game I have this game is super fun to throw around people and get anger out

- Love it

It’s my all time favorite game thank you

- Meh

I like the game it’s fun to play but I have no way of turning the characters grow on my own so it makes the game hard and there are way to many ads.

- Too many Ads

Every “level” has many game ads between and levels are very short

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@NoRivalsProd @AdamSandles2 @en6sm @ShinCresei @TylerDoesntMiss @ZenSkywaIker Still that > how fast Rey can beat a master in the force

Yoda Bot

Follower of the Force, a true Jedi Master knows, to answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not.

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@AdamSandles2 @en6sm @NoRivalsProd @ShinCresei @TylerDoesntMiss @ZenSkywaIker Failing for an entire movie because you weren’t trained enough > beating a master in the force within 40 minutes of staring to use the force

Force Master 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Force Master iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Force Master iphone images
Force Master iphone images
Force Master iphone images
Force Master iphone images
Force Master iphone images

Force Master (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Force Master was published in the category Games on 2020-08-22 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 474.16 MB. Force Master - Games app posted on 2020-11-20 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.orbitalknight.forcemaster

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