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What is genshin impact app? Step into Teyvat, a vast world teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy.

You and your sibling arrived here from another world. Separated by an unknown god, stripped of your powers, and cast into a deep slumber, you now awake to a world very different from when you first arrived.

Thus begins your journey across Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven — the gods of each element. Along the way, prepare to explore every inch of this wondrous world, join forces with a diverse range of characters, and unravel the countless mysteries that Teyvat holds...


Climb any mountain, swim across any river, and glide over the world below, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery each step of the way. And if you stop to investigate a wandering Seelie or strange mechanism, who knows what you might discover?


Harness the seven elements to unleash elemental reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo interact in all sorts of ways, and Vision wielders have the power to turn this to their advantage.

Will you vaporize Hydro with Pyro, electro-charge it with Electro, or freeze it with Cryo? Your mastery of the elements will give you the upper hand in battle and exploration.


Feast your eyes on the world around you, with a stunning art style, real-time rendering, and finely tuned character animations delivering you a truly immersive visual experience. Lighting and weather all change naturally over time, bringing every detail of this world to life.


Let the beautiful sounds of Teyvat draw you in as you explore the expansive world around you. Performed by the world's top orchestras such as London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the soundtrack changes seamlessly with the time and gameplay to match the mood.


Team up with a diverse cast of characters in Teyvat, each with their own unique personalities, stories, and abilities. Discover your favorite party combinations and level up your characters to help you conquer even the most daunting of enemies and domains.


Team up with friends across various platforms to trigger more elemental action, tackle tricky boss fights, and conquer challenging domains together to reap rich rewards.

As you stand atop the peaks of Jueyun Karst and take in the rolling clouds and vast terrain stretching out before you, you may wish to stay in Teyvat a little longer... But until you are reunited with your lost sibling, how can you rest? Go forth, Traveler, and begin your adventure!

If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center.
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Requires iOS 12.0 or later

Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd Generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad Air(3rd Generation), iPad mini (5th Generation), iPad Pro (2nd Generation) 12.9-inch, iPad Pro (2nd Generation) 10.5-inch, iPad Pro (3rd Generation) 11-inch, iPad Pro (3rd Generation) 12.9-inch, iPad Pro (4th Generation) 11-inch, iPad Pro (4th Generation) 12.9-inch, iPad Air (4th Generation), iPad (8th Generation), iPad mini (6th Generation), iPad (9th Generation)

Available Text Languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Italian, Turkish.

Available Voiceover Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English (Voiceover and text language can be changed independently).

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App Name Genshin Impact
Category Games
Updated 17 January 2023, Tuesday
File Size 3.47 GB

Genshin Impact Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great game, needs some fixing tho. As a heavy genshin daily player, I’d like to say that this is the most fun game I had in quite some time. The character designs are great, the voice lines are great, and the graphics are truest stunning (playing on a pc/ iPhone 13 pro). However, this game does come with several flaws. First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Please improve your resin system. With more content than ever, we players need more resin than ever. Please increase resin tick/gain speed to 5 min per, and increase resin cap to 200. This would help a lot. Furthermore, the content in this game is kinda drying out. I’ve done all the quests there are and it gets boring after some time. The only thing left to do is to farm for talent up materials or artifacts, which relies on RESIN. Additionally, you should improve your daily commission system, an improvement towards the expedition system where it's auto or a resend button would be nice. I'd also like to suggest having an expedition where you could get primogemms,, but have a chance of failing to get them. Please also buff certain characters such as yoimiya, Kokomi, these 5* are overshadowed by other characters. Bennet should be nerfed, as he single handedly can care an entire abyss team. Make his healing stop at 60% and reduce his attack buff. Also buff qiqi and keqing. Your character balance is needed more than ever

Better than Breath of the Wild. I know that title sounds very questionable, but this game is amazing. Firstly, it’s free to play which is really shocking because the graphics, character designs, and overall how nicely the game runs is excellent quality. For BotW I had to pay $60 and didn’t even play for more than 2 hours, but Genshin Impact is completely free! Paying for primogems is completely optional and doesn’t effect gameplay at all. Second, the storyline is very intriguing. Some may argue that once you get to high Adventure Ranks and wait for the story to be updated it can be boring, I disagree. There are plenty of commissions and quests to keep you entertained. Plus, there are domains, bosses, spiral abyss, and events! Another thing is the characters. Each character is unique, has a fantastic design, and interesting gameplay. Seeing a character in a quest has me saving primogems for their banner every time! Speaking of design, Teyvat is such a large and beautiful world. Sometimes I just walk around and take it the sights. The songs, the view, it can be an action packed liar or a tranquil mountain. In conclusion, Genshin Impact is definitely worth the download and it’s completely free, in fact it’s probably one of the best games out there and my personal favorite. Download Genshin Impact, it’s absolutely worth it.

Playing this game without spending money... This game is incredible! Endgame can be quite slow but as of recently, they’ve been leaving us with amazing places to explore that are so beautiful and fun! The challenge of some stuff has been making it a lot more interesting. If you are into lore, this story has a nice plot to it as well and I definitely think it’s worth mentioning. Besides that, you can play without spending any money. This has its ups and downs, mostly downs to some so I think I should mention about it. I definitely have had a better experience with this than others so I’d like to warn and recommend some things if you plan to play f2p. As a f2p(free to play) this game can become a double edged sword when you are working with the gacha system. I cannot stress how many times people will expect the gacha system to work in their favor and then quite the game because it didn’t work their way..! If you have to Rely on Luck to get the character you want, don’t expect to get them! Xd You shouldn't rely on luck, I’ve seen it through my brothers, it does not end up well half the time. Also, plan ahead! There will be times in the game play when you will be guaranteed the next character you want! So plan it out well and save your primogems (the Gacha currency for wishing)for that certain character.

The only thing saving me from boredom. I remember starting Genshin with a wondrous. Everything was so new and exiting. I started in April. I still remember freezing in dragonspine or worried about if I had enough eggs to keep going during my battle. The journeys and quests were endless. This was until AR 47 or somewhere around there. All the quests were completed and most regions (Only two around) were all completed. At this point, the Inazuman word had spread, and people were talking about saving for kazuha, or Ayaka. Once Kazuha came out, is when I stopped being a bit bored again. I had managed to pull him as my first 5* too and was pretty excited, which got me back in. Before all I was doing we’re commissions and then either farm artifacts or farm ley lines. Now I was on a bit more. Inazuma was just about to be out, so I used my fragile resin to farm a bit more. And finally, the arrival of inazuma. It kept me up. I was back to that curious me. Then as time slowly passed, it went away again. Now the most saving me from boredom are the events. This game is dear to me. But it takes so long for a new “Best new quest!” To come out. I remember the golden apple archipelago. That was one of the best quests I was able to be apart of. But once it’s gone it’s gone. This game is awsome fun and great. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because at some point you will be stuck in this endless cycle of commissions+farming every single day. Repetitive, and gets tiring. But I still love you.

Amazing game but…. They desperately need to change the resin system. Up to about AR 45 it might not seem like a big deal but when you get to end game content it is really frustrating to have to wait over 20hrs for about 10-20min worth of game play which is often disappointing due to the RNG system. The RNG system wouldn’t be an issue if a very large amount of resin was available or a massive cut to the cost of basically everything that costs resin. I just want to play the game and have fun rolling the RNG system for artifacts but I can’t do that cause of the resin now that I’m AR 50. If they don’t fix this soon, this incredible game is going to fizzle out. Very limited game play mixed with low rewards in the end game will be this games demise. To Mihoyo who will probably never see this. This is bad business on your end. If someone can’t truly farm for an artifact or character/weapon experience, than why would they spend their money on a new character once they are AR 50 or higher? The process of acquiring the gear for a new character and leveling them and their gear up becomes a gigantic chore that takes away from the ability to increase any current character’s strength. eg: I didn’t bother rolling much for Eula and multiple other’s because I didn’t have the resources to level them up without holding back on the character’s I need to be stronger for spiral abyss.

Awesome.. The title of this review says it all. Let me start from the day I installed Genshin impact. It took me a long time to create an account, because it kept saying that “the password wasn’t secure”. However, after I got through that part, the exciting stuff began. The storyline was so exciting, and the characters were great. Yes, the gacha is annoying, (you have to grind 90 rolls to get a five star) but it’s still good. A little bit into the game I realized the game kept crashing (if you play on pc or maybe PS4 then you’ll probably have this problem less often, but I’m playing on mobile)it’s very annoying when it crashes of course, but I deal with it. Another thing about this game is that some challenges/quests are kinda hard (ex., you keep getting frozen when trying to defeat enemies), but I just search up guides to figure it out. Also, I heard the spiral abyss is really hard. Plus, to do good damage you need good artifacts, and those artifacts don’t always have good substats. This game is still in progress, so the entire storyline isn’t out yet. The details in this game are stunning, for example you can see the characters breath in cold areas, and the npc’s react when you bump into/ use attacks near them. the characters all have cool idle animations, plus the voice actors are great. The events in Genshin are also extremely fun, too and so far all the updates have been great. Again, the title says it all.

Love! The characters tho…. Hi! I just would like to say that this game is the most fun I’ve ever had! It is engaging, enthralling, and very nice. I like the American AND the Japanese dub. Some of the VA’s you’ve hired are relaxing to listen to. Especially Zhongli’s voice. But, speaking of Zhongli, I have no way to wish for the characters that I would like!! I say this because acquiring primogems, while easy enough, just isn’t enough. I usually save up..but there’s no telling what the next character(or weapon) will be up for the wishing. When I do wish for them, I don’t get them, and only get the essence of a character or some weapons that aren’t…prime. Don’t get me wrong, the anticipation of the wish is AMAZING and I love receiving these gifts, but as someone who has tried like, 9 times to get 5 star characters, I’ve only gotten new characters 4 out of 10 times, and only one five start character. It’s just simply to hard to get characters and nice weapons is all I’m saying. Other than that, its an amazing game, with beautiful scenery, lovely, silky voices, and an exciting and gripping plot line. But, we cant forget about the fight mechanics, and the EPIC BOSS BATTLES! I love this game! And the characters! I am grateful for whatever comes my way. I just wish getting characters and the weapons you want were easier! Thats all from me! Bye bye!

Pretty decent game. I have played this game since its release, and so far, I still think it’s a good game. I really love the beautiful graphics and characters! The storyline and the voice acting is great, too. I also enjoy doing the events! I love the Co-op feature; it’s more fun to play with other players. As an F2P, I can assure you that with enough patience and grinding, you will do fine. It’s a self-paced game, so you don’t have to worry about trying to catch up with other players. Alright, now that I have said the pros, here are the cons of this game: the gacha rates, how little primogems we earn, and the grinding. It’s hard to get a five-star character. I get that, but after maybe like 4-5 x10 pulls and only getting duplicate characters & weapons? It’s hard to earn primogems to begin with, and the gacha rates does not make too happy about it. Like I said, it is also hard to earn primogems since you earn little by little each day. I’m not complaining too much about the grinding, but I will just tell you that it gets harder and harder as you level your characters up. In doing so, you must have a lot of patience and time. All-in-all, this game is pretty good despite some flaws here and there. I understand that the developer needs to make money, hence the pretty low gacha rates. However, I think this game is worth playing if you overlook the low gacha rates lol.

Gorgeous, immersive, fun gameplay 💕. Believe the online hype—Genshin Impact is a gem in every area you can think of, and it’s singlehandedly raised my expectations for games to the sky. I actually can’t praise this game enough. The graphics and art are the best I’ve seen—being open world makes it even better—and the entire aesthetic down to the settings screen is super clean and pleasing to look at. Soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous as well! The characters are all so lovable (!!!) with beautiful designs. The actual gameplay is made unique and interesting by the option to have 4 party members you can switch between and an elemental reaction system (it doesn’t get boring). And aside from all that, what really surprised me was how invested I became in the story of the world. Everything is designed to add to the incredible worldbuilding, and it just creates an incredibly immersive experience. The only downsides I can think of are that it gets grind-y in late game and eats up a lot of your time (that’s an element in any RPG and to be expected) and that it takes up a huge chunk of space on your phone. Be careful about starting if you’re really busy, because the world totally sucked me in, especially since new content and events are constantly being released. :’)) All in all, please give this game a shot—there’s something in it for everyone!

Astounding.. I never usually play these kinds of games. Lately even, I’ve been playing things like Escape from Tarkov and have been fiddling around in Conan Exiles. But this game is insane. Maybe I’m crazy, but at first I thought it would be one of those overcrowded mmo’s with a poorly written story but I have been and stayed intrigued in even side quests! The music is beautiful, the way it was written so well for all the different places and events, I love the effort they put into it. Graphics are pretty good, they’re not intended to be top of the line realistic or anything so for the type of game it is, the graphics are quite beautiful. This is a game where you’re not required to pay to play (of course, it makes things easier), despite it being free. You can actually earn currency and things such as primogems just from quests and exploring, and leveling up becomes really difficult after a while but it’s obviously still possible. The game is all around easy to grasp and the characters are each unique and well made. I’ve been glued to this game for the past few weeks and that’s saying something for myself. I usually like a game for a couple days and throw it away. But this, I haven’t played a game this much since Divinity II and Ark. I really love everything that has been put into this game and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Maybe increase the drop rates?. I really love this game but sometimes I kinda feel a little bad about some people complaining about the drop rates. I agree that this game is an amazing game for a free one. Which I think would probably make it one of the best mobile games. Although this is kinda of a complaint, this doesn’t mean I don’t like the game. You should keep in mind that a lot of games have flaws and I know people are always trying to fix them. Since there will be a lot more regions and places to explore, you would probably need better characters and equipment right? Since the game will get a whole lot harder in the future (and have a ton of more content), I feel like increasing drop rates or adding things for f2p people who don’t want to put money in the game. I’ve been playing since the release and even though I don’t always play, I’ve only gotten a 5 star character and sword. And I have only spent my primo gems on summoning which I think is saying something. I do know that 5 star characters and weapons aren’t always the best but usually, they have good base stats and abilities. I do like using 4 star characters though. Although, keep in mind that this issue will probably be resolved in the future because there will probably be more chances to get better characters and weapons and 4 stars aren’t all that bad anyways.

Good at the Beginning…. Just to clarify, I definitely would’ve rated this game five stars if not for a couple of reasons. First of all, the game is beautiful. The graphics quality is great if you have a good PC or mobile device, but if you don’t, it gets rough. It has an immersive story and great design. The only tiny thing I would critique is having a bit more customization with characters and possibly weapons. Other than that, the only main problem I have is the amount of content. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re first starting out, this game has a inconceivable amount of things to do. But once you get around AR 45 (Adventure Rank,) the content amount seems to die out. The way Genshin works is that there are different regions for you to explore. When the game first came out, there was only one region- Monstadt. Hoyoverse keeps adding new regions, but I feel like the amount of content for the end game is too small. It ends up getting to the point where the only way to get primo gems (the way to get new characters and weapons) is to either collect them from Daily Commissions, that only reset daily and give a small amount of primo gems, events, which come rarely and often take days to unlock the whole thing, and to buy them from the in-game store. Overall, it is a great game that a totally recommend to anyone that’s not going to invest a lot of time into. I suggest saving your primo gems early on and waiting to spend them on something you really want. Great game!

The new update… just no. ( I rated this a 5 stars so hoyoverse sees this ). The game starts out pretty fun, there was lots to do and I was wishing all the time because of how easy it was to get primos. But I’m AR 55 now, and I’ve stopped playing for a while because the game has gotten more boring, and it’s so hard to get primo gems other than events and some of the story or world quests. I’ve been keeping up with the new updates and saw that Sumeru was gonna come out. I’m Arab, and I was excited to see that it was based off of the Middle East / South Asia. But I was so disappointed to see you guys doing the same thing Aladdin did, mix up Middle Eastern and South Asian culture, there was barely any good culture representation of South Asian / Middle Eastern. Also the biggest thing, why are all the characters pale? The Middle East is diverse and not all people from there are tan some are paler or on the darker side of the spectrum, but there was only ONE character that was only a bit tan. And none of the characters had traditional clothes, or curly hair, and there was no Arabic / Hindi dub. I also didn’t see much rep for South Asia either. And being completely honest, coming from an Arab I expected much better. I don’t Know if this is racism, or just Hoyoverse didn’t do the proper research but either way I think this should be fixed.

Wonderful game, just somewhat predictable and repetitive. Summing this entire review up in one statement, this is, hands down, one of the most polished and near-perfected rpg games available and the evidential effort instilled in the unique features and personalities of every last character, environment and sound effect reflect Genshin’s beauty very profoundly. There are hundreds of positive factors this game wraps around, but the primary reason why this review isn’t completely five stars is because after about 3 weeks of in-depth play, you start to realize exactly where certain mobs spawn, just how many of that ONE type of the same exact weapon you earn through the wishes you obtain every single day of gameplay. That being said, Genshin loses its “unwrapped-gift” charm (intentional metaphor) and eventually becomes somewhat of a chore once you realize spawns, camps, and challenges never change in location and aren’t really surprises once you find them (unwrap their features) once. You find chests in the exact same spot and everything as well, not to mention, obtaining the same exact weapons through wishes every time kills the thrill of spending tokens or whatever the money system is called (I don’t remember) each time and looking forward to something new. Six weeks of gameplay and the lack of random events added to repetition completely killed my interest. Beautiful game, well developed, but way too predictable.

Amazing.. This game is really addicting, and really fun to play! The graphics are absolutely wonderful, and the character’s outfits and personalities are really great too! The amount of effort put into this game is astonishing, and in my opinion the game itself has no problem to it, except for the fact that it does take up a lot of storage, but that isn’t something that could be helped, and in my opinion it was worth it. I really love how the game is actually playable even if we don’t pay money, since in some games, we might have to pay money to unlock some things, but we don't necessarily need money in this game to get a lot of characters, since the game already gave many ways to earn primo gems! I was also looking over the 1 star ratings, and I thought that they were all ridiculous, with most of them just asking for a certain character. I do think that it would be great if MiHoyo can make some clarifications if there is a “canon” MC, since there has been a few people who think that Aether is the canon MC, while others believe that there is no canon MC. It would be great if we can actually get a response from the developers about this situation instead of people continuously debating on the canon MC. Anyway, thank you for you time reading this review, have a wonderful day/night!

Definitely a must-play. Absolutely beautiful! The scenery of the open world is breathtaking. When accompanied with brilliantly written soundtracks, the scenery is basically given life! Majestic mountains and waterfalls, lively villages are all results of careful pairing between the soundtracks and design. Even if you aren’t too keen on fighting enemies, just running along in the open world and exploring is a pleasure. The exploration portion of the game is well thought out too. There are many puzzles to solves, getting surprised with the weird locations at which they place treasure chests, and world quests with great backstories. The backstories are also well written, many providing players with reasons to look back and experience it again. I really have to give the designers of the characters a hands down, the designs are top notch. The voice actors are chosen well and the background of the characters really breathes life into them. There are many reasons to love (or hate in some cases 😂) each character. The fighting mechanisms should be relatively easy for players to get used to. I enjoyed fighting certain enemies and how certain characters really enhance or diversify my play style, although some enemies are downright scary or annoying (I’m looking at you dendro slime!). Overall, the game is truly fascinating and should be given a try!

Gorgeous and fresh. I’m not the type to write a review but there are so many wonderful things about this game that I’m DYING to say. First of all the art is gorgeous and clean, not just the map but the characters too. Secondly is the music. The music was performed by an entire orchestra which really helps set the mood. In a way they’re soundtrack almost rivals some of Nintendo’s tracks. No matter how beautiful the art and soundtrack it needs to have good plot and gameplay to succeed. And I can say that this game does have that. The mechanics aren’t too difficult even on mobile which says a lot. Even though mobile commonly has problems like mistapping and sometimes an annoying movement system they haven’t shown up enough to damper my opinion of it. The characters are all different with unique skills and abilities which is exciting and fun. The plot is immersive and interesting. Also the grinding system of loot and resin gives the player a reason to come back. There are a couple problems of course such as low drop rates for artifacts and characters but that’s how gatcha games are. Also since it’s open world it takes up a LOT of space and memory. Not for older phone users thats for sure. Overall I guess one complaint is that Paimon, the sidekick, can sound kinda annoying but I switched to Japanese VA and I think that helps a lot. Overall 10/10 great work Mihoyo

Surprised. I’m one of those people who Judges a game by its video/screenshots/price/platform rather than description so at first, I personally thought it was some copy or ripoff of another game that costs 60$ more that will be left unnamed, but it’s much different. There are some things I would love changes too like, you don’t start with so much stuff, you can have two to three characters out as an a.i. that you can switch to when you need them for a puzzle or you want to get them out of a predicament instead of having one out at a time and hear characters that may not be there, with that edition you could have a healer and strategize rather than switching to what you need when you need it out of nowhere. Another thing is that the gameplay and story through me off from how original and fun it was for a game I was initially going to play as a time waster. I would quiet enjoy to have more skins for your characters and voiced dialogue/more story into the main character instead of a random flying thing that always seems starved. I love the mystery so if you are into that sort of thing I think that you would like it although even with fast travel, travel is quiet annoying and unfortunately, I have no ideas for that TL/DR: You should play because of story and animations if not because it’s free PS: I played this on PS4 though I tried it on iPhone, and I didn’t like the controls

So long partner o7. Genshin has been one of the best games ive played and will be for a while the fan base yeah can get a little wild at times and yeah i disagree with somethings but over all one of the best times ive had mostly all the people ive played with were kind and the characters were great the story was amazing and i felt at ease and happy the whole way through i was an F2P and ive made it all the way to AR 56 and almost cleared spiral abyss with 35 stars the whole game was fun and i enjoyed every second but all good things must come to an end with genshin taking up to all my storage i cant keep playing and once inazuma came it was over but the day before the update i did my last wish and tripled crowned my childe on his b-day :D but now since i dont have a pc or anything else to play genshin on i guess its over the road has ended and my time is over i would have loved to play the new update i was even saving for yoimiya but i guess its time to leave ill still stay in the fandom but never be able to play :( good bye genshin ive had my fun but goodbye i wish everyone who reads my story luck to get whatever 5* you want now or in the future goodbye take your time on everything no rush all journeys must come to an end but the memories we made along the way will stay with us till the end.. o7

Some wrinkles to iron out, but otherwise decent. This game plays like a Breath of the Wild clone with completely optional gatcha elements. The fact that you can have a party of four, with each member having unique elemental skills and weapons specialties for whatever puzzles and enemies come your way. Plus the story of finding your lost twin and learning about the seven Archons is really engaging. And while the game’s PS4 counterpart lacks cross-save compatibility, it might prove useful to content creators who wish to do a Let’s Play of Genshin Impact. That said, I gave this game four stars. The reason for this isn’t because of some minor glitches that allow items to just float in midair (like what happened to me lol), but because of overheating issues on my IPhone SE Second Generation and the amount of battery life it siphons compared to some of my other apps. For mobile users such as myself, this game could definitely use a Battery Saver feature in the options menu. Could help with the battery issues, especially since once it overheats to a certain extent, the phone can lose charge... while it’s charging. Thank you for your time reading this, looking forward to more story content, and while I wouldn’t use the possible controller compatibility feature, I’m sure others would look forward to that. I hope you take this constructive criticism and implement it into future updates

I cannot express how much I love this da*n game. Before this game my life was a barren wasteland of… well crap.. it was crap most definitely crap. Then one evening while talking to a friend on discord they happen to be streaming it, I was like “heyyy whatcha playin’ there??” Thus Genshin Impact was downloaded onto my phone. Now.. at first I was like, “this game is kinda hard… it’s kinda strange”, but.. as time progressed I got more and more interested in the stories, quests, themes etc. Then a couple months into playing Eula happened, I was awestruck, I was mesmerized, I was completely hypnotized by that blue hair and oh so thique thighs she has. But what captured my attention more than her character design, was her impeccable swordsmanship. The way she swings her claymore with such grace and beauty just.. *Mwuah* magnifique! Now lemme tell ya I dumped a little over $300 on her. I ended up pulling Diluc before her sadly losing my 50/50 but it was all worth it once I got her in my party. I will add as a final touch to this review, that Genshin Impact has saved me from lots of depression, this game makes me feel good, takes my mind out of the dark and brings me such joy I cannot describe it through words alone. For that I thank you Mihoyo, you’ve helped me, and you’ve helped thousands of other chronically depressed teens who are probably failing school as well just like me. Thank you so much. *wipes a tear away*

HAD to get to Inazuma. Good game but I wish Hoyoverse would add something like a market you could go to to get character ascending materials from different regions a player hasn’t reached yet. I have both Yoimiya and Sayu and I can’t level up Yoimiya past level 40 and Sayu past level 20 because I haven’t reached Inazuma yet. I think a lot of players would appreciate this if Hoyoverse added it into the game. Also if u could make the gacha system better that would be amazing. I’m adventure rank 43 and only have three five starts(besides the traveler and Aloy) and only one of them is a limited time banner. Then with Aloy it would be cool if Hoyoverse could add a exclusive area for her, since she’s kind of just there and not important to the story at all. And since Hoyoverse added Fischl to Honkai Impact maybe they could add a Honkai Impact character to Genshin. A idea I have is for a new element and weapon. If Hoyoverse was going to add new elements and weapons in. A new element could be Corruption (a element exclusive to dps characters) and a new weapon could be a Scythe because those two seem to fit well together. The corruption region could be based off of South Korea with a cyberpunky style. The last thing is that I wish you could buy stuff and customize Paimon, like how you can get new skins and gliders for characters. Also my phone is dying AND plz add more Adventure Ranks :)

Amazing game ever!! but one problem.... Hello, so um I started playing this game for a week and a half and it’s very impressive to be honest. I love everything about it although there’s not much I can say because this game is already amazing as EVER, the animations of the characters are hella awesome but problem is when it gets to the animation part it lags and slows down the animation and the voices are still going on- and when I log in and start playing for like 5 to 10 Minutes it just restarts and I’m back in my background of my device I have this problem ever since I started Genshin Impact. I’ve played Honkai Impact as well but no problems with it. At the same time I’m also thinking if it’s just that something may be wrong with my device... I put it to 5 stars cause I love this game already even though it lags and crashes down for some reason I KNOW that you guys are improving everything about this game and that’s cool it’s just a bit frustrating because I kept going back and fourth log in and then out, I hope you guys can fix this problem sooner or later?.. but I’ll still keep playing Genshin Impact because I have already sell my soul to it lol ( I’m not good with feedbacks but hope this explains enough of my problem, I’m sure other people are having the same experience as me as well!.. ) and so thank you for reading this.

My review. Dear Genshin Impact I have a problem with your game. Overall the game is great, a beautiful atmosphere I hope you keep up the good work. But that's not what I'm here for. Instead, I need a change. We all know that wind gliding is a feature that allows you to travel through the air with a wind glider similar to Legend Of Zelda's Breath Of The Wild. it is useful for traversing through the air and is much faster than just walking. There are a few characters that have a special glider effect allowing you to do something while gliding those being Kazuya and xiao both being very useful for traveling. Kazuha’s chihayaburu allows him to lift into the air a fair amount. And xiao’s lemniscatic wind cycling allows him to plunge into the air twice. Now tell me... What is the reason that allows you to glide? Wind right? Xiao originates from liyue the land of geo Kazuha originates from Inazuma land of electro. Alas, they still have effects in the WIND. MY PROBLEM is that THE GOD OF WIND HIMSELF VENTI! has NO WIND GLIDER EFFECTS. Makes total sense that the characters of geo and electro have effects in the air but GOD OF WIND VENTI HAS NONE. This needs to change and I hope you rethink your logic in the next update. Possibly allow Venti to have an effect similar to kazuhas. Rise into the air. If you ask me I think it makes sense to allow the god of wind to be able to do something in the air :) Cheers ChaosKing

Recommend! Things you should know before downloading. Genshin Impact is an amazing game! I love the scenery and the character designs are so pretty! The combat is fun, and characters each have something unique and charming. Before downloading however, you should know that this game takes up A LOT OF SPACE. Many people are complaining about the download time and file size. Especially when downloading later along the road, the updates will pile up greatly. Make sure you have a device with lots of space for future updates. Secondly, many of you may have read about the game’s gacha system. You make ‘wishes’ to get new weapons and characters. When writing this review, I saw people rating this game 1 star because they spent money on the game but didn’t get the character they wanted, calling the game a scam, etc. However, this is not true. The game is enjoyable without making any payments. I am completely f2p, and I have gotten most of the characters I wish for. I have lost 50/50 twice to Qiqi and Keqing, but I’m glad I did, because they are wonderful additions to my team. This game isn’t made for people to dump their money on getting characters. You’re supposed to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game and story. Hopefully you don’t get swayed by bad reviews, and hopefully you enjoy Genshin Impact (:

Awesome game, but pls fix graphics. I really like Genshin, I’ve been playing since a few months after launch and I’m quite impressed with the games scenery and a good amount of the character designs. I look forward to seeing all of the new regions, but I've noticed that as I download the new updates/patches, my graphics keep getting worse. Not really performance wise, but the characters look pixelated, buildings and structures look blocky even from a short distance, and the shadow detail is getting worse. My graphics where far better a few months ago, but after the release of Miko (from what I can remember), they started getting worse. I understand that as the game grows, it will be more demanding for my device (I’m on an I pad 11 I think), but my experience is definitely getting worse with every few updates, and I would really like to see the game and upcoming regions as they are meant to look, not as the blocky blobs that they have become (also, I am playing with maximum settings, and it has done little to fix the issue). I know that there is likely little that can be done, but mobile players have been struggling with graphics for a while, and many of us would appreciate if there was some way of optimizing the visuals for our kinds of devices. Would give a 5 star rating if the graphics quit getting worse with each patch.

Amazing Game but this company is being greedy. I absolutely love this game and have spent more than I would like to admit on it. It’s one of my all time favorite games. That being said this anniversary they showed up that they do not not care about their fans with the rewards they gave. Worse yet is their silence and deleting of comments they don’t like so I guess I’ll give a bad review even though I love their product. in addition they have released a character who clearly needed more time in the oven and looks like they don’t play their own game when designing. They have changed the skill descriptions after players summoned a character to fit their narrative on why it doesn’t work with certain things. In the year I have been playing endgame has been non existent and most of what you do is chores to get your meager amount of currency to get stuff and get better and better artifacts that there is nothing requiring you to be so well built . I highly recommend this game if you want a good casual phone game that can be played on other devices. That being said know this company doesn’t respect you are your time with them. They will always give you the bare minimum resource wise. I did not want to make a bad review but at this point they are not listening to their fans and actively silencing people. Edit : they ended up giving some extra rewards so I’ll give them back a couple stars

Rough.. As the title says, Genshin is a pretty unpolished game in some areas. The lack of rewards during the anniversary, the resin system, the artifice to system (which was almost seemingly implemented into the game to work against the players progress) are all evidence of a game leading to failure. Quite frankly, this game would have been dead months ago if resin wasn’t a way for mihoyo to time gate some of the game’s LITTLE content. You might be wondering how I can say that the resin is a bad system while also acknowledging that it’s what keeps the players playing, but my point is that players feel like they’re missing out opportunities to get artifacts and whatnot and that they feel that they’re actively killing their account by NOT draining their resin, so they feel forced to play to prevent that. One of the main reasons this game is still going actually is because there’s no competition for the game to compete with. Honkai? Not open world. Blue protocol? Doesn’t exist yet. Tower of fantasy? Not out yet. ZZZ? Not out yet, and even if it was it’s also CREATED AND OWNED by Hoyoverse (Honkai too.) They’re literally competing with themselves. As soon as an anime rpg open world game comes out which is very well done and isn’t plagued by the same problems Genshin is, then the game will really be hit hard player wise. It’s player return count is already dwindling every time a new update comes out. This isn’t even half of my issues with this game.

Stuck.. Overall, Genshin Impact was a pretty cool game at the beginning. Including the immaculate amount of high quality graphics and the absolutely adorable designs, such as Paimon. Although, after at least 30 minutes, I believe, of downloading the full version, following Amber and completing quests, all the way to discovering the temple and fighting the monsters, I had uncovered a level where you had to fly to reach the other side. You were stuck on a huge cliff, on one side, a huge gap in the middle, and the other side. The instructions that Amber had given me were to fly across the gap to get to the other side. After all, I had just discovered the game ability to fly a while ago. Thinking this was easy, I concentratedly pressed the button and attempted to fly across the gorge, only to be sent down into the "abyss" and be revived. Just then I had discovered that your characters could die, unfortunately. I repeatedly tried over and over to fly across the gorge without the game automatically making my character sink in a sort of slow matter, enough time to make me fail to reach the other side. My lives were decreasing and soon enough, the only character left I could use was Amber. Eventually I just gave up. Developer, do you think you could possibly consider this problem that I, a mobile player, have been having? I cannot play Genshin Impact until the "glitch" has been fixed, since my lives are decreasing every try. Sincerely, -An Upset Player.

Great Game!. So at first I was going to play this on PC, yet my computer is pretty slow and this game doesn’t work very well on it, so I usually play in my phone. So far I’m at Adventure Rank 27, and I’ve had almost no problems with the game. The storyline is great and there’s almost always something to do whether it’s the main story, side quests, daily commissions, or just exploring. The one thing that’s bad about this, as I’ve seen mentioned a lot before, is the resin system. The resin is the main part of the game that helps you level faster, but it regenerates at 1 per 8 minutes with a limit of 120. This can lead to a boring hour of just wandering and waiting for the resin to regenerate. Now onto the effect it has on my device. I’ve seen others say that it heats up your device pretty quickly, but I’d say it’s only a tiny bit faster at heating your device up as other games are. Now the devise I use is an IPhone SE that I got in October 2020, so it’s fairly new and had lots of storage when I decided to download. I’m glad I had lots of storage available because this game takes up around 4GB and more of storage on your device. The 4GB was expected thought because of the amazing game graphics and quality of gameplay, which at first glance does not look like it could fit on a mobile device. I’ll continue to play the game and I can’t wait for new updates and more stories!

It’s great but it needs more customization.. This game is great overall but I think it needs a bit of customization like a character creator where you can make your own character when you go into it you need to pay 2 primo gems to make your own character and it will also ask if you want your own animations and moves witch cost 10 primo gems you can choose yes or no when you get into the character creator it will ask if you want a male, female or a small female after selecting it will ask your characters name when after you Type it in it will show step one the eyes you will be able to customize the eyelashes eye color and eye shape and eye size after that step 2 is mouth you will be able to choose from cat mouth normal mouth and squiggly mouth and lipstick step 3 is hair you will be able to choose bangs side bangs back hair and ponytails and colors step4 will be what type of character you want a cat like diona a elf or a human step5 will be to choose your skin color step6 will be for the ones who payed the primo gems for custom animations and moves if your on a pc you can upload your own animations and moves after all of that you will chose your weapon, hat, glasses, hoodie, top, skirt, socks and dress if you want you can change your character for free later on that’s all I got to say as I said overall the game is good but it needs customization thanks if you put this in the game.

Hate it or Love it. -Opinions out of the way I love the game, I believe it to be a very good Free to Play game. Especially as a Free to Play mobile game, *cough* PC is better. Anyways I can see why it’s off putting for some, “it’s just a breath of the wild clone”, “the gacha rates are terrible”, “it’s over hype”, and e.t.c. -Honestly if you seen Free to Play games out there they are always “copies” or just plain ripoff of other games. For instance, PUBG and Fornite, Overwatch and Paladins, and many more. People tend to side with games that they played first and hate the others. An I do see that many of the stuff from Breath of the Wild is being copied in this game. -Ok for those who complain about the gacha rates, you obviously haven’t played any gacha games or maybe you just have bad luck. Also it’s a Free to Play game made in Asia, what do you expect. If you can’t be a whale, flop! -Can’t really say much on the overhype thing, I too get that feeling with other games sometimes. All I can really say is to play it and find out, like just play “Free to Play” for like a good amount of time to see if you like it and if not then that’s ok. -In the end, in all I think that Genshin Impact is hopefully putting a higher standard on game quality for other mobile game and gacha games. Just trying to say that I’m Addicted to this game, if you got far to reading this then pats on you. 👍

Concerned with primogems and content for higher AR players. This game is pretty incredible when you first start playing. There’s plenty of content, characters, and so on. However, when you start playing more you’ll slowly realize that there’s less content for higher AR players. And that’s the problem. Less content means it’s harder to grind for primogems, not to mention the rewards are so little which makes it even more difficult. To make it worse primogems are WAY too overpriced. You cant even get to pity for $100. I feel as if mihoyo doesn’t care about our concerns and only wants our money. New banners are coming out, and there’s not really any way for you to grind for wishes. After you reach 100% world exploration and get to a high AR there’s almost nothing to look forward to in the game except for daily’s, domains, and new events. There’s a problem with the resin too. There should at least be a way for you to get more resin once you reach a certain AR. Other than that, you just do your daily’s and log off. And another thing, the wish system is also overpriced. Wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be 100 primogems for one wish at least? Considering how hard it is to get primos. If you cant do that, then at least make it a little more easier to get farm primogems in the game. For example, let us earn primogems in domains, like the Abyss. It doesn’t have to be much, just something. You really can’t expect much from this game after a while, and it eventually becomes boring.

Worth the hard work!!!. When I first started I had no idea how to play it would be nice if before you played there where instructions but idk if there where I didn’t actually read or remember so if there word my bad!!! But I had no idea how to play so I didn’t like it at first. Eventually I figured it out and went to the statue of the seven the first one they tell us to go too I thought it was pretty interesting since then. After wards I went to mondstant (idk how to spell it sorry) and that’s my favorite part bc I thought I would be alone in the game and that I would have to make camp fires and that but At the end there was a town where u can buy stuff and relax … etc witch is great!!! Therefore came the missions and at first I did all of them and defeat every enemy I saw but when I continued playing I started to avoid the fights because I just wanted to get to the target like if it was a walk in the part but the coding in genshin made it very hard meaning that it was nearly imposible to not be attacked by enemy’s but even so I did avoid the enemy’s . But I came to realize if I fight more enemy’s I get leveled up! So that’s great I avoid but also fight sometimes. Right now currently having a hard time with the mountains it’s pretty hard to stay warm and idk how to pass the mission it’s called “lost in the snow”. - but overall I loved the game it makes me feel all sorts of emotions!!!!

My Favorite Game. I never write reviews but this game deserves 5 stars and it especially does now that spoiled brats are rating the game 1 star just because a free game didn’t give them a tesla for anniversary. I also never spend money on games but this was the first game that made me want to spend money because it is that good and I feel like the company deserved it. You can enjoy this game entirely for free though and still get lots of cool 5 star characters and weapons. You will get tons of primogems (currency used to get the rarest weapons and characters) just by doing quests, achievements, and having fun playing the game. Gacha system aside, Genshin has stunning graphics and an even better soundtrack. They consistently release a new major update to the game every 40 days so you will never be bored. I’m still in awe that this masterpiece which is now my favorite game was free right from the beginning. Anyone complaining about anniversary rewards should remember how generous Mihoyo is already… Seriously it’s a multi-platform game with free major updates every 40 days and they still give tons of primogems to us. People who compare Mihoyo to EA obviously haven’t played EA games. If they were like EA, Genshin would cost $60 and every update would be DLC instead of free AND we’d have to buy Genshin 22 for $60 the next year💀

Good game, but…. I’ve only been playing for about 7 months now. I’m AR 50, a mobile player and a light spender. There are some really great things and some not so great things I’ve noticed about Genshin Impact. Great things: I love the graphics and the effort and thought put into all the character’s designs and backstories. All the areas and quests are flawless and beautifully made. The storyline makes sense and is really fun to play out. Not so great things: I don’t like that in the entire game, there are only two characters who are maybe even a bit tan, and they’re only four-stars! There is no Black representation whatsoever. Same with non-binary and transgender characters. There isn’t a gender-neutral traveler option; you’re just either Aether or Lumine. The wishing system is also a bit sucky. Free to play players have a horrible time saving primo gems. You almost HAVE to spend money to get any good characters. Even if you do spend money and get lots of primo gems, you’re still not guaranteed the character you want. This game also takes up a LOT of storage, especially on mobile. PC edition is much better than mobile. The graphics are better, it glitches less, on and on and on. Hoyoverse also does nothing to recognize player’s concerns and takes advantage of the fact that you practically have to spend money to succeed in this game. This is not a bad game, it just has some issues that need to be addressed.

AAA Title for free. This game is insane. I’ve played now for a total of 42 days, according to HoyoLab. Easily hundreds of hours. I play every day for hours. This is the only game I'm currently investing time in. And let me say it is WORTH your time. A HUGE open world not pay to win and complete flexibility with how you play. I have invested around $20 total over the course of my time and it was for 1 character, Xiao. I didn't get him, however i did end up getting him with a free wish i received, go figure. But this is not like a normal GATCHA game. You get so many characters with the chance at more and more completely for free. You never have to spend money. There is no pay wall and the story lines are fantastic. I literally cant type out enough praise for this game. Its the best game i have played hands down in a very very long time. It does need some more end-game or late-game content, especially because at AR37 the story just stops. DEVS: This game is a huge accomplishment and you should all be proud. Its extremely ambitious, especially if you are planning on including zones that represent every element, however, keep with it. You guys can have THE best game of all time if you listen to your fan base and keep this momentum up! The lantern rite event was absolutely incredible! P.S. try and keep the tower defense mini game in! Its so much fun just to pass time! And it gives us a reason to keep playing after we finish our daily grind!

Controller support!. The fact that this game actually looks exactly the same as its trailers is impressive already. I love the characters you can get and I actually found myself really appreciating the characters’ stories, voice lines, and little side-quest things although I know that’s not necessarily a huge thing for most players in the game, and it seems that the developers are constantly working at updates which is really nice and keeps things fresh with all the events and different ways to earn gems to roll for new characters or items. One thing I’d love to see for the game is controller support for iOS- I play on both my iPhone and iPad, and while controls on the iPhone are generally fine, I’ve experienced slight lags in dashing to dodge and whatnot on iPad, even with just pressing the buttons. I would love to more precise controls on larger devices like the iPad (or even iPhone, honestly) and since I don’t own a PC, just the option of having a bigger display without sacrificing smooth controls would make this game incredibly engaging. Hopefully that’s something the developers could consider implementing into future updates. Otherwise, the game is incredible and so engaging- you won’t regret playing! Edit: controller support came with 1.3, there is no reason to not give five stars :)

Such a Great Game. I’ve never enjoyed games where you do quests and have a major storyline, but this game is SO GOOD. The stories are amazing, as are the characters, and all of it meshes together to make it an awesome game. The animation is top-notch. I was always so amazed at how they add even the smallest details, like how when you go up stairs the characters slow down. The elements the characters have adds a whole level to the game, but they didn’t copy it the way others have. Each character has a unique part of that element when they use it. The world is such an amazing place, and as you travel along, you feel like you’re actually discovering a new world. The pulling characters system is such a great idea, and while I get very frustrated if I can’t get the character I want, it’s really exciting to get it when I do. The multiplayer system is such a great option as well, and it lets you help other players or get help from people. The game being FREE is just another aspect that gets it so much support from me. While you can buy items in the shop, there’s absolutely no reason you need to buy things in the game other than to get them easier. All in all, just play it. A lot of different people enjoy this game, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably considering downloading the game, so please do.

burnt out. I’ve been burnt out from multiple games but for genshin, it just never seemed to go away. I remember starting this game last year and I was addicted to say the least. I had gone through a phase and during my worst times, this was my only source of comfort. I love this game for that as it saved me from everything that was going on at the time. I used to never think I would get tired of genshin but I did. I don’t know if I can force myself to play anymore as its tiring to even open it. But the memories I’ve made and shared with my friends, they were priceless and I don’t want to but sometimes it’s good to change. Im putting this off as of right now. Its been weeks since I opened this game but everytime I do, its as if something comes over me. I just lay there and admire what I had spent over almost 2 years grinding and caring for. I smile everytime I look over my builds, characters, weapons. I have spent quite a lot on this game but I don’t regret it. I would never regret anything I have spent on this game. It saved me I suppose you could say. But being burnt out is ok. I hope that one day, I’ll get that same energy I used to have to be able to play it every second of the day. Its fine if I dont either, the memories I made and friends I created will forever stay in my heart. (now that im rereading this it sounds really cringy but anywho its a good game so download it!)

It could be a bit easier.. So first problem is getting the materials, you can either buy them ONCE at souvenir shops only once, there’s never going to restock, which is a stupid idea if you’re gonna put them there. You can’t choose what day to get those materials you need, you have to wait every other day for them. Upgrading characters and weapons is already hard as it is, like getting something from a boss and it taking it forever to get the boss gone. Getting materials is so hard I can’t even level up without having the mobs being a higher lvl than me. Second, it’s so hard to do a story and world quest because all the jobs to get rid of the mobs are hard because they’re a higher lvl, like I can’t even finish one story quest or even archon quest without having to quit them because they’re just that hard, and it takes the fun out of it. I may sound like I’m complaining but even my friends agree, and it just brings our mood down. I do enjoy the stories but get upset because I have to quit them just because I’m not able to remove a mob. I still enjoy each day and still have fun on it because of small little jobs to do, but even they are sometimes hard. I still do enjoy I like the character designs, and the elements and can’t wait till more new things, more characters, more places. But those are the main problems for me.

Amazingly Written Game!. I’ve been playing Genshin Impact for 3 months now, and I’m AR 46, so I’d consider myself well versed with it. It has beautiful regions to explore and interesting characters to play with! I easily spend hours on it daily, and with Inazuma coming out in a few weeks, I’m very excited to keep playing! HOWEVER, this game is quite difficult to play as a mobile player. The controls themselves are not hard to maneuver, as I’m quite used to touch screen controls. The problem with this game is that it crashes very frequently. Though I have noticed the patterns on the times that it crashes, it is very bothersome and annoying as it disrupts my playing and adds up extra time on the loading screen. I still have about 10 extra GB of storage, my WiFi works perfectly fine, and my graphics settings have been set to the lowest, but every time i try to co-op domains, the game kicks me out. It’s frustrating and kind of embarrassing when you return to their world. This may be because of my own device and not the game, however crashing seems to be a frequent problem. Despite these technical issues however, I do recommend playing this game and giving it a shot! It is without a doubt one of the best ever created with so much detail and effort to make such a lively world! Thank you, Mihoyo :))

best game in the universe! <3. this game is the best game I’ve ever downloaded! it’s a great open word game, the plot is amazing and all the characters very well designed and have great backgrounds. i love all the fun things you can experience in this game like domains, bosses, and the wishing system (getting characters). and the system of daily commissions, and you’re reputation in different places to get wind gliders is super fun! also there’s gods that rule over the seven nations of Teyvet, and all the gods will eventually become playable characters, like Venti (anemo archon), Zhongli (geo archon), and Baal that will be coming soon (electro archon). also every nation has something special like Mondstat is the city of freedom, Liyue is the city of contracts, and Inazuma is the city of eternity and etc. some things are a little too complicated for me, for example building characters with artifacts, also artifacts help a lot with getting though with enemy’s faster (better dmg, def, hp.), but I just try my best. something I don’t understand is and I don’t like is that you can’t craft and unlock teleport waypoints and talk to people while in co-op mode. and I also love the new map, but I’m not so good at puzzles lol. also visions and all the elements, pyro, hydro, anemo, electro, dendro, cryo, geo. something I wanted added to the game is being able to pet animals, although it seems kinda silly I still think it’s cute. pls download this game its the best, enjoyy! 🤍

Really fun game. This is a wonderful RPG with like-able characters who have great abilities. I stopped playing this game because it was too expensive! I pulled 2 5-star weapons other than the one I wanted. I was guaranteed to get Baal's weapon the next time I pulled a 5-star weapon, but at what cost? I spent so much money to pull for a weapon that I never got. The only 5-star character I enjoyed is Eula. But it took weeks or maybe months to get decent artifacts. Even if you don't spend money I think you will be disappointed because the rewards aren't worth the amount of time it takes to earn them. I think that it should a little easier to pull 5 stars and decent artifacts. I also think the daily commission rewards should slightly increase with a players Adventure Rank. I don't think getting rewards should be easy but I shouldn't feel like I am playing the lottery either. I think there should be reruns for popular characters like Venti, Xiao, and Hu-Tao. A separate banner that changes periodically for past banners would be great. There are so many players who are saving primogems for characters in previous banners. It's disappointing when you play a character's story quest, get to use the characters on trial and then thats it. The world itself is amazing and I love the stories as well. I am still a big fan of Venti and other characters. I may play the again later in the future.

This game is fricking awesome. First of all let me say I was pleasantly suprised at what this game could offer!! There is so much stuff to do and it never runs out! Now let me say I NEVER write reviews but this game blew my mind. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because of the lack of changing clothes option you would think with all these options and customizational paths you would be able to at least change your clothes or your hair it would be so cool if you could change clothes or even your hair!! Like you could cut it or make it longer or different hairstyles things like that of course you would have to pay for the clothes and getting your hair done. I don’t think you should be able to change your hair color though since you are looking for someone that looks like you so being a whole different color of hair wouldn’t really match the description. So yeah you don’t have to come to the hair thing super quickly just start off with a clothing store in Mondstadt and I notice they mention they know you are not from around there when they see or mention your clothes so make different clothing in different stores but accustomed to the city. But start off small and just continue updating the game I think it would add a whole other aspect to the game making it even more fun than it already is! I know it would for me!! Other than that the game is fantastic!

Love the game but I wish there were some minor changes. Overall the game is great, but there are some major problems. While some QoL changes have been made since I last considered reviewing the game there is some new insight now that I’ve spent a small amount of money on the game. Mostly, my biggest complaint is with the weapon banner wish. Even though they added a guarantee system, it’s still incredibly hard for smaller spenders to get the weapons they want. I won twice and got both of the ones I wanted but that’s incredibly rare and most people don’t have that sort of luck. I know they don’t take feedback very often, especially in such an oversaturated category, but I wish the Fate Points would carry over to the banners. It is still reasonably hard to get the correct weapon, but right now, I feel very discouraged from spending my money on the banner because if I don’t spend enough then all of it will go to waste. I also have some concerns for how this game will conclude. I don’t think the system of adding so many new characters every single update is very sustainable. In HI3 each of them has different battlesuits but the characters are technically the same people, so the story is somewhat more streamlined. I also think a condensed resin/resin refresh rate/resin cap increase is overdue since Sumeru will probably come with many more weekly bosses.

Pls download, you’re not gonna regret it. Yeah so please ignore the fact that this is SUPER short. I wrote a whole essay then my computer had the AUDACITY to glitch out and hit the cancel button. So I’ve been playing Genshin since around may of 2021. And since I started playing I’ve loved it. The reason I felt pushed to write this is because recently changed servers and started from the beginning. I had forgotten how no matter what kind of games you like Genshin will always have something for you to do. There are so many quests and things to grind. And if you don’t like grinding there’s stuff for you too. There’s so much diversity in gameplay, so many characters, and so many different places to explore. I have at least two friends who only play to take pictures of the sunsets in game for desktop backgrounds (it hysterical to watch and listen to them talk about “finding the perfect angle” or “exactly which side the sun should be on”). Plus I myself have become a completely different person because of Genshin. Seeing all of these characters being themselves, and not caring about the public eye, fictional or not, made me feel more confident in myself. Anyway I would like to thank mihoyo for making this amazing game. And if you are contemplating downloading Genshin, don’t hesitate, I’m confident you’re gonna love it. 💗

Truly Stunning Mobile Game. I was on the fense about getting this game for a while until finally I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly impressed to find out that not only were their advertisements true to the actual game (as most others simply lie), but the gameplay itself feels fully fledged. This is the sort of game you’d expect from a console, and I gotta say it’s nice to see the effort that went into this. The combat style is engaging and fun. I also love that while it sticks to the familiar mobile trend of having in-app purchases, the game itself was free and my experience has thus far not been dampened despite the fact that I have not spend a single penny on it. It has given me little need to do so, and that’s awesome. I must also note that I am playing this on a more powerful phone as I understand that others have complained about lag, and I don’t blame them, this game file is HUGE, but is you are fortunate enough to experience a lag-free gameplay, (if not something close to it) then it really is beautiful. As mentioned before, the advertisements you see about this game are true. I loved hearing the side stories of the characters, as well as their own tutorials on how to use them. Very well done. I hope they stay true to this for the times ahead. Also, Paimon is adorable and NOT food!😜 (To each their own😉)

The game doesn’t translate well to mobile. Genshin impact is a great game. very fun to play, engaging story, and aside from being a BoW clone it has an element of uniqueness to it. Over all a great game, but just not quite there on mobile. Has a lot of lag, but on top of that doesn’t provide the must haves for mobile gaming. The game doesn’t provide an option to rearrange ur hub layout, which is super surprising Bc this is a simple service that is provided by almost all newer mobile games. The game isn’t claw sensitive, for example if ur using an archer and you do an aimed shot, the game doesn’t allow u to hold the shoot bottom with one finger and aim with another which is really annoying. It’s not always a problem but it definitely get in the way. The game also isn’t compatible with a controller which is also surprising. It’s seems like the games has an obsolete approach to mobile gaming which is weird Bc the game legit just came out. Aside from the hiccups it’s a great game, just a way better game on every other platform. Take for example Fortnite mobile, epic was able to take the experience players had on pc and console and give it to mobile players. To the point where some mobile players were able to out preform some console players. That’s was amazing on epics part. Genshin hasn’t be able to make the game comfortable to mobile players and that why I’m giving it a 3. If this was a review on p4 I’d give it a 5. Devs not to make the game a better experience on mobile

The most successful open world game. In my many years of trying to find games to play on the phone and ACTUALLY being satisfied and having something to play till 3 am. Genshin Impact has shown me that I waited long enough, the game asked me to write a review but I just couldn’t stop playing at the time. I have a few suggestions but the game doesn’t need major changes the updates are spontaneous but that is to come of a new game so it’s not a complaint, if you’re looking for a game that you can like and that has beautiful graphics along with fighting mechanics then this is your game. With the dungeons and monsters and many different places to visit it’s even fun just running around looking at the world, although one suggestion I have is that instead of just food to heal your party members why not add craftable health potions and such so my character doesn’t feel sick when eating so much 😂. The purity and smooth play of the game is phenomenal though, I’ve already suggested it to a dozen people and I think this game has greater potential, on the other hand I was opening this was a open world multiplayer aswell, but the story says otherwise. If you need to relax and relieve stress this is the game, but if you want to play with friends and find people to meet you better have them added or you’ll be alone like I am! All in all having a better friends system would be awesome but the game itself is phenomenal! Paimon is so Kawaii!!!!!

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Easily one of the best mobile RPGs available. I’m always wary when I download mobile RPGs since a hard majority tend to be autoplay P2W asset flips with terrible voice acting and either no coherent story or one that just isn’t interesting enough to pay attention to. Since I started playing Genshin, it almost immediately became a hyper fixation and one of my inspirations to turn my attention in art to background and environmental design. The game has gotten some flack for being a supposed BoTW clone but anyone that’s actually played the game can see how differently it feels and plays. They just have a similar skeleton, as most games do. The gacha element is something that tends to throw people off at first, but there’s more than enough opportunity to grind the gems to roll at least two pity draws every few banners and if you build your characters correctly, you can play just fine with the free characters you’re given. The grind can also get disheartening, especially during the final leg of the main story chapters, but again, if you actually go out in explore and do the side quests, you can bring your adventure rank up in due time. Overall, Genshin Impact is an absolutely fantastic game and I’d recommend it to just about anyone

I’m in love with this game 12/10. Honestly I’ve never knew of this games existence until one time I went to my friends house and saw her playing it i decided to download it and give it a try and honestly it was really fun. The start really amazed me the scenery and the music and the voice acting I cannot believe this game is free, I would’ve totally paid money to play this, another thing I can’t believe is that they have to voice most of the quests and npcs in four languages even more maybe, I’ve read a lot of reviews that are saying they have bugs and lags, but I’ve never experienced any of that I guess it just depends on your internet and what device your using this game is 12/10 the best game I’ve ever played, the character designs are beautifully done and they have such a deep past, the scenery and music is wonderfully amusing I could listen to it all day and the amount of effort they developers put into it is beyond imaginable I have a lot more to say but I can’t make this review too long :>

I love this game but…. Genshin impact is an amazing game I found last year and from then I have been playing everyday non-stop untill one day I was playing and I wanted more apps to download but when i downloaded it won’t work. So I decided to delete Genshin and download it again but when i download it and logged onto my account it wouldn’t let me and said I have too much storage but when i deleted the app it still wouldn’t let me go on. So I deleted every app I had and still no hope and I gave up and download every app back till this day I still don’t have my account back this is really sad since all my hard work and effort was all lost I hope Genshin fixes this problem bc that would be a blessing thank you for reading this and bye. I have something to add… now it’s 2.8 and I really wanna play but the gigabytes of this game won’t go down I deleted and downloaded gushing about 3 times now and my little brother told me to just give up now but I worked on this acc for over a year now I’m not ready to let go of this wonderful game so I’m begging please try to lower the gigabytes.

Thank you. Although there are many improvements that need to be made in Genshin, I am thankful to the devs and all those who have contributed to Genshin. I am also thankful that mhy has begun listening to their community. Genshin impact is a stunning game, from the beautiful music, incredible visuals and very amazing characters and story. The effort the devs have put into creating atmosphere and depth within their open world is amazing, how you can explore, climb and swim every corner of teyvat. Inazuma is a great example of how every small detail counts, how they use colours to illicit a certain mood, small particles to create depth and sound design to immerse you into their world. Liyue and Monstadt are exceptional to begin with, but the improvement between those two and inazuma leaves me extremely excited for the future of Genshin Impact. I am also so excited to discover to story they plan to tell through their game, and perhaps once their main story is done, expand beyond teyvat?

Good Game but Bad Company. I started playing Genshin the second it was released internationally and after levelling up to AR 25, I created a new account. Now in that account, I was blessed and I got Diluc, Qiqi, Klee and Mona unlike my first account which.... only had traveller (cause I didn’t understand how wishing worked). Now, Genshin is a very beautiful game with an amazing plot line and wonderful music, but Mihoyo is a really bad company. A few months ago, I had lost my account and contacted the Mihoyo. They said they would come back to us in 10 - 20 working days. They replied to me after 1.5 months. After that, they didn’t even help. They said I already got it back and said to contact them again if it didn’t work but then under the email it said, don’t reply to email. What am I supposed to do? I lost hours of work and effort and all the characters I had. I even lost the chance to wish for my favourite character. This is all because of Mihoyo’s incapabilities to strengthen people’s accounts. You could already tell how bad they were from the anniversary event. Please Mihoyo, help me get my account back.

What made me most interested?. To be honest I don’t know what I was thinking when I first saw this game and picked to download for release, I kinda liked that you can be so interactive with it. Like your apart of it you can fight go your own way, without being restricted like other games, they don’t base it around levelling up. You can collect really cool characters and use them and check them out. Other games just make them png and tbh it’s boring so with Genshin I was clicked that they had such unique characters. I started off with honkai. Stopped but after awhile back into it, I think I have a always been into the type of adventure games that you can look at and are more 3D looking than 2D overall I’m glad I came across The game and am always to stay and keep playing! It has such a nice Graphics and beautiful parts with always something to do. If you don’t run outta resin ahha! But jokes aside this game was well developed and super fun, if you looking for a gacha themed, adventure game you can really travel in then Genshin is the game for you! <3 I suggest it to a lot of people and always fun to see my friends play it too. Keep it up! (I started around when the game released but only got back into it on October 25th my birthday so At this moment I’m ar56 btw!)

NGL THIS IS A GOOD GAME. I’ve been playing this for the last month on console and just starting to play on mobile when I’m not home, there’s non stop stuff to do it’s endless, yeah when you get up to adventure rank 40+ it’s slower but there’s always stuff to do, love the character designs, the stories pretty cool, heard there’s a update coming with new characters and gear, one little problem is the resin, goes to quick and you never have enough and also the prices for the primogems is quite a bit, surely y’all can have like a weekly discount or monthly on a specific amount and maybe people will buy it more, I’ve spent about $200 on this game and not disappointed, if you have the money go ahead, always make sure to search up videos on how to pull characters from the banners, besides that, awesome game!

Good but has one problem. After reading a lot of reviews I heard a lot more people have the same problem as me and your probably know which one it is: your game crashing. I play on the 6th generation 2018 iPad and my game crashes every minute now before in my first account which I played until adventure rank 31 my game would crash every 10min it was annoying but I lived with it then every boss fight would crash when I’m about to kill the enemy witch was VERY annoying it was the final straw when I would wish and my game would crash while the cutscene and never get the item/character I made a new account it would crash every 10min and freeze at every cutscene this account was blessed (according to me) I had gone further then my expectations I had my favourite five star ( Klee ) I was at level seventy yesterday night I made a new account on the Hong Kong, Tokyo server and I would crash every single minute I couldn’t even glide with my wind glider when I was supposed to meet amber at adventure rank 2!! It would crash half way down Mondstadt then I would have to wait a minute to get in to the game for it to happen over and over again but the worst thing was when I was going to do my 10 free wish’s (luckily it was purple or I would have gone insane) MY GAME CRASHED!!! That account was cursed so I went on my main account and it crashes every minute I can’t even walk so that was my journey with this game I had a nice time playing but I think that’s all until miHoYo fixes the problem.

this is a matter. Hello! If you do catch up to reading this, please. i really need you’re help, i suppose there are other kids like me with the same problem, Anyway. This game is highly recommended, i recommended teachers and other kids to play it, but it seems that, the European server, really all the servers are making our wifi lag, we need help in making one for our country, Australia, if you are able to do that with no hassle than thank you and you are legendary, but until then i have to be sneaky when playing this awesome game, when my eldest brother is asleep or when the others are at the store. Despite of that problem, i want to somehow have my friends still able to join but we fear that we may or may not loose all of our data. if we can know a little more about this problem that could also be a good help, thank you for reading this, sincerely Cre3perJosea.

toxic side of genshin. hello, i would like to say that there are many obligations about genshin anniversary awards but to you actually keep in mind that giving out “free” 5* is not as easy as it seems, you have to keep out a balance and make it fair for everyone who took alot or wishes and time to get those 5* that they wanted, so just asking and forcing for one is practically unfair and just stupid. be grateful mihoyo is giving you quests to get you those primos and it’s your choice to waste them or save them no one’s stopping you and no one’s forcing you either. So why make a big deal about mihoyo should give out free 5 star standard or just your typical “Zhongli, xiao, albedo, ganyu etc” characters. And for those that may disagree with my review; I know rewards may be little and some of you guys feel jealous about someone having xiao and other, please remember that it’s just agame, no one forced you to spend money, make a big fuss, send d3ath threats to those that have your favourite 5 star character or to make up 1 star reviews just because you were mad that they didn’t give you 1000+ primos, reminding you that this is their first anniversary so maybe next anniversary shall be better. for those reading, thanks, have a wonderful day <3

review by an eula main. This game is fairly great, since its available on mobile, pc and xbox. There is a select few in the community who are toxic, but there is a lot of kind people in the community. The visuals is also great, except for some glitches with the landscape and characters. Multiplayer is also good but sometimes I would lag. Events are also great but isn’t quite fair for those who just started, the anniversary rewards also weren’t that great but I believe that the memories of the game is the gift. Of course this game has gacha, but just because the select few don’t get the character that they wanted doesn’t mean you have to send death threats etc to the developers. Other than the community being toxic I believe that this game is good, the beginning scene where the twins get separated, the plot and more. A summary of the bad things that happens is the amount of crashing for some other devices, the select few who are toxic and that is it! - P. S this comes from someone whos been playing since 1.5 with an ipad air ❤️

An Honest Review. Genshin is a beautiful game; visually speaking. And after a year of playing, gotta say the disappointment is immeasurable. There are glaring issues still present since the beginning of the game and only more have popped up since. Whether it’s a small bug like Kokomi’s walk on water glitch or the everlasting bugs with Dvalin. Larger issues remain unfixed while smaller issues are retconned. The recent 2.1 story itself is full of plot holes and while I’m mostly forgiving I can’t overlook how mediocre this 1 year long wait has been. Then the big 1, this has only added fuel to the fire. What we’ve gotten is no different from any other patch seen this far, it’s not special, oh wait no I get an extra 40 gems from watching a play I could see in the archives. Don’t get me wrong props to the team that worked on it, specialising each version must have taken a lot of time. Unfortunately, I can look at this information any time I wanted, and to top it off you get sent to a web browser that runs it so slow and laggy. There’s still no login event it’s all out of game, and to top it off everything is time gated and locked. What I did for the anniversary is the same thing I’ve been doing on any other day, you would never guess that it was a special day. This patch has been no different to any other. I hope to see this game improve because it can be fun and I hope to change this review when it can show instead of tell.

Anniversary Drama. I have been playing Genshin Impact almost since the very first day and ever since then this game has been one of, if not, the best game that I have ever had the chance to play. I had always been a fan of gatcha games and this game ticked every box! Now this may just be me but I personally didn’t mind the anniversary rewards, it was rather balanced with 20 wishes given to all players AND a free glider, as well as a couple of mini events for some extra primo gems. Some others may say that other games give out 100 wishes or a 5* unit, but everyone seems to forget that EVERYONE is going to get Aloy, A FREE 5*, once 2.2 hits in a couple of days. As well as this, more rewards could be on the way hopefully. The problem with our community thinking 1* review bombing will ‘make a difference’ is just childish as well as harassing VA’s who only voice the character, they do not control how they work! I agree that some bugs are still present and should be addressed more than others but the Devs are trying their best to suit everyone’s wishes. Anyway that’s enough ranting for one day :D Keep up the good work Genshin, it’s been an awesome year!!

Another review..about crashing, again.. Hey, devs could you fix the crashing problem on ipad/tablets? Its really painful for us having to crash every minute. Genshin is a crossed platform game and it would be really helpful if you stoped the crashing on ipad. And, lessen the graphics in cutscenes, its so painful when you are glitching and just want to see the cutscene which is absolutely pointless. Ipad is my main device along with pc but ipad feels so nice, although crashing creates a problem every time I coop, change setup, go into quests, teleport, wish. Theres so much more, since its Inazuma now and ipad/tablet devices are suffering even more limiting the crash limit by every 1 minute and then crashing. It would be a miracle if you fixed it or added a new feature to log into the game quicker. Please, Im begging you. Crashing is a problem in this game and I would want you guys to pay attention to it. Spend your time though, crashing made me learn how to tolerate and be patient.

I Love It. Simply as the title says. I love it. The graphics are gorgeous even on a phone. The world is detailed and beautiful. The music is outstanding. The characters are fun. And the story is deep and interesting, yet can also be ignored if you wish to do so. Combat, though, is a different story. But that varies from player to player. With one character, it’s simple and basic. But build a party of 4 with different elements that you can swap out on the fly, it becomes a different story as you strategise how you want to take down enemies. To build that party of 4, you may need to use the Gacha system which is flawed at best. Characters come and go, which is fine, but to guarantee you get them is definitely a tall order. And getting their best weapons is even worse. Hey it’s not a perfect game. But despite that, Genshin Impact is pretty great as is and one of my all-time favourite games.

Great Game, Selfish Creators. This game has consumed me. The lore, character design, the story, the thought put into everything. If you’re wanting to play this, I wholeheartedly recommend it. But the biggest flaw is that Mihoyo has a weak reward system. The effort and time players have taken into making the Genshin community amazing and into funding this game seem to be ignored. It’s frustrating to contemplate that all the money and microtransactions made into making this game great come with very little thanks. The anniversary rewards are laughable. It’s clear you only get favoured if you funnel all your expendable income onto this game. It’s hurtful that all the love I’ve given to Genshin Impact is ignored because I’m not constantly spending money or promoting them in exchange for favours. It’s horrible that the reward we get are next to nothing. I love this game so much and I’m so happy to have given my hours into exploring its world. I just wish I was valued as a player and an individual instead of as a statistic or a customer. Please do better.

Ugh.. This is my ONLY downside in Genshin Impact. Firstly and lastly, WHY does your progress HAVE to reset when you change the country!! It brought to my attention that me and my friend was TRYING to join each other, and it turned out that you HAVE to select the same country in order to do so, none of us did it, but, we heard it RESETS your progress when you change the country. And that REALLY annoys me. I would be appreciated IF you are able to change the country, BUT, your progress DOESN’T reset. I cannot express on how ANNOYED I am. Because usually in most games, if you ever change the country, it DOESN’T reset the progress you made. I’m very disappointed, especially in a game that is excellent with graphics, voice acting, storyline etc. If you were able to change the country, without your progress being lost, I would’ve given this a 5 star.

LOVE IT but buggggsss. So you know the new event (Moonlight Merriment), I was doing the quest ‘The Path of the Austere Frost’, one of my friends joined to help me and when we unfroze the frozen boar it ran, I hit it and it dropped nothing. Does anyone now an alternative way to finish the quest or do I have to just deal with it… in fact this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, i guess I’m just unlucky when it comes to glitches because in the luhua landscapes world quest i remember we had to two of collect something but i only got one, i literally watched ten different gameplays to help me but that when i realised that it must of been a glitch. I know these types of glitches have happened to a bunch of people and due to this Mihoyo could possibly make it so you could restart a quest but still attain the same amount of rewards as doing the quest normally, I am aware that this could cause issues but hey its worth a shot.

amazing game. i’ve been playing this game for a while, and every time i play i just cannot believe that it’s free. the amount of artwork, music and voice acting efforts that were put in this game would make me instantly think it was a payed game if i were to see it for the first time, but it’s open to everyone, and you aren’t even forced to pay (unless you like wishing a lot hehe) to make progress, it’s one of the best games i’ve ever played. it feels so nice knowing you have a little world inside your pc, mobile, playstation, whatever device you play on and have all these characters who are also ur friends. the music and the cutscenes are my favourite parts of the game and i’m sure many other people would agree! you have created something special mihoyo, even if it’s a little addictive it’s still one of my favourite games to look forward to with updates +events !! i hope sumeru is as beautiful as ever (have no doubts that it won’t be) and i rly wish everyone who has ever contributed to making this game the best!! without you guys this game wouldn’t be as amazing as it is, also the storyline is BEAUTIFUL!! i love how every individual characters has a story behind them that we continue to learn about as we progress in the game, hopefully aether and lumine will be reunited soon, but travellers journey is far from over <3

genshin on macs?. Hi! So I have been playing Genshin for not that long, and I was on a new iPhone 7. It crashed almost all the time. Most of the time it was when I opened something, or when I teleported somewhere. But sometimes it just crashed at random times, like in the middle of a battle or commission. And the bad thing is was, whenever it crashed during a commission, I had to start alllll over again. I only have a MacBook Air as a computer, and I would really appreciate making Genshin for macs as well. Also, this is an amazing game, keep up the good work! I have so many ideas about future characters and outfits and events. One of them is the Sakura blooming festival, because apparently Inazuma is based off japan. The festival would have special foods and maybe new characters. Ayaka, Sayu, and the Raider Shogun would have Sakura themed outfits. Well, that’s all, I love this game, thank you for making it!

Needs more dedication to F2PS. Genshin Impact is great. I love it, it’s really fun, amazing graphics, lore so deep that the galaxy is smaller. The aesthetics, the designs, the engaging gameplay. But there is a very large issue in the gacha system. Although it follows normal regulations in the “gacha law”, it still needs to be more F2P friendly. There is an obvious difference in the roster and damage of a spender and a F2P. The spenders can mix and match in whatever way they want and C6 anyone they want. While it takes eternities for a non spender to get together a formidable team. There are always cost friendly options, but still, it’s a large difference between a Bennett with a Mistsplitter and a Bennet with a Favonious Sword. All I ask is to GUARANTEE the first five star you get on a limited banner is the rate up one. I also think we should definitely have epitomised paths for the four stars to make it easier as well. If you are worried about your pockets that go to your ankles only being half full, don’t worry, the content is still amazing. But I think why a lot of people are getting so mad and insulting the game is because of losing 50/50 to Qiqi. The weapon banner is even more cruel, and I don’t need to get into that, just give the weapon instead of having to do 270 wishes (tops) for it. It’s just some generosity.

✨🔥👌Wow :O👌🔥✨. I don’t know where to start. Ok, maybe at the begging. I was chilling watching some anime, and an add came up for a game called ✨genshin impact✨ what I saw in that add was amazing character designs, graphics, fighting, and a immersive storyline. When I downloaded the game ( thank god my storage was enough, my PC pushed through) I saw exactly what I had seen and heard in the add. Beautiful characters, and a rich storyline awaiting me. I have been playing for a year now, and mihoyo never disappoints. I have hooked all my friends into it and we are all addicted. I would like to say I’m F2P, but… KOKOMI. genshin has a wide range of characters to use, with all different animations and fighting styles. The community in general is really nice, and genshin was such a help moving through Covid. It is where I go when I feel that I have too much on my mind, where I can relax with the beautiful graphics and music. It’s a lovely game, and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a amazing (and free!) RPG. Stay safe 〜<3

My favourite game ever :). By far, Genshin Impact is my favourite game I’ve ever played. The storyline line is intriguing, the characters are so interesting and the overall gameplay is super fun. There’s something in this game for everyone, whether it be the fun events, playing with your friends, collecting or levelling up characters, getting achievements or just exploring the world of Tevayt. The only problems that I’ve had, and noticed that other people have had, is the game crashing. This is understandable as it is a very big and open world game and especially on older phones, it will crash a lot. Nevertheless I still play this game almost everyday and I’m hoping to get a PC so that I am able to play with better Graphics and Frame rate. I definitely recommend this game to everyone as it’s so fun being able to be immersed in this fun and interesting world. I can’t wait to continue my journey and see what’s to come!

The best open world game I ever played. The game is perfect for me, the world is not too big yet not too small. I think I’m still at the start of the game because some areas are still restricted. There’s a slight problem with the graphics on mobile with its rendering, with the pitch black of the further abyss, I want to see the whole world with my own eyes, so I download the game on pc. The world was the the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in an open world game, and that’s when I realise that “my iPhone 6s+” can’t run such beauty, so I continued playing the game on pc, but I hope this beauty can be run by my phone so I can play the game where ever. I think this can will be the most addictive game that I’ll ever play, because the battle mechanics is so destructive that I can kill a high easily. I will recommend this game but if you have the same graphics problem as I have, giving a try with a computer.

A honest and realistic review. Genshin impact is a great game. Everyone that’ll play it enough will learn to love it like many of us in the community but there’s a fair amount of toxicity within the community that I believe is not fair on the developers of this game. Genshin impact is a gacha game, which means obtaining your most wanted characters is a difficult task since it’s dependent on your luck unless you play for a long time and save up the in game currency. This game has become a year old recently and for the anniversary we didn’t get many rewards. We basically got enough of the in game currency to get a 4-star weapon or character twice (minimum) which the community wasn’t happy about. We also had some events where we could get the in game currency to obtain characters and so on. The main issue is people are complaining about the lack of content. Some content creators are making money from promoting the idea Genshin impact is dying when it’s really not. Genshin impact is a year old game that needs to be given time to shine. And so the main complaints come from the people that absolutely grind the game and play it a couple hours a week because there’s no content to make or anything to do really. For new players this game is amazing though. You will enjoy playing the game, maybe not as much in the gacha system since it’s well known to screw you over with bad characters but otherwise a great game.

Genshin Impact. I used this app on mobile and it honestly is not that good. First of all, when you log in, you have to wait VERY LONG. Like, why can’t you add a little tutorial gameplay or you can play a bit while it loads? Or, even a tutorial video would be fine! But, you just have to sit there waiting. Even after that, the start lags like mad. Fighting and the animations are ok, it is just the dialogue and animation part in there. Secondly, wishes. Who wants to spend so much just to get a single character, when you have to roll at least 90 times? Even primogems are hard to get! Even so, the new character added isn’t even that good… Thirdly, confusion. I sometimes get confused and off-track when I play storyline. It is confusing and sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Also, could you explain things like constellations? I had to find out these things by myself, watching video after video finally to know what constellations were, or for example, c1. Could you make these reasons above better and also improve the tutorial and explanations? Thank you. If you do this I will re-download the app. Ilysm devs!

don’t listen to them. Okay mihoyo. Listen. Do Not EVER listen to those selfish idiots trying to milk you for op things. I myself think that you have done very well to support everyone that has contributed in building the community. I am very much grateful for them, as they are better than nothing. There is one problem. I fear that if nobody does something (not saying that you guys have to change the rewards) this game may be taken down. I personally think that Genshin is a great game and do NOT let those people make you guys feel down. Especially the ones who are being targeted. VAs should not EVER be harassed because of how the character fights or what they do. Even if nobody might see this, I just needed to say what i thought and is right. If they are making you down, if you are a player or staff, you should NOT EVER let it get into your head. And if you have spammed 1 star reviews just because of a ANNIVERSARY REWARD, consider yourself not part of this community because even if I’m not part of the making of genshin, I know that they do want people like you here. ps Good job Mihoyo, Keep it up 🥰

4 and a half stars (just a few problems). This is a great game, I love the scenery, and the graphics in this game is amazing, there is one thing though, I only got this game because i thought you just ran around looking at the scenery and living life as a character from the game (or something like that) but anyways without the storyline it wouldn’t really be “Genshin impact” (I hope this is making sense). One thing I definitely don’t like is that you have to do an ascension quest to ascend you adventure rank, I’m stuck on rank 25 because of this, and I don’t think it’s fair for people who don’t exactly know what they’re doing. Finally I just want to say that MOST of this game is PG rated, but if your under the age of 9 or something I suggest you don’t get this game just yet, the traveller kind of bothers me now, and Lisa would make most people uncomfortable (including me), and that lady that makes perfume l _ l, but anyways without all of that it’s a pretty good game, I would suggest it

I’m a gacha addict. From playing countless of gacha games and spending well over $10,000 overall on gacha pullings. Genshin has made me overall just spend money on two things; battle pass and Welkin moon. As a busy person, Genshin is the only game I have for now. I disagree that mihoyo should follow other gacha games, giving out free primos and items here and there. But they should try and make us work for it. Some gacha games I feel very I’ll unsatisfied, but yes I felt a couple times of Genshin being like that too. I come back to it knowing that it has been one of the best rpg anime gacha games in existent. I hate the Zelda enthusiast saying it’s a clone. It’s not. It’s been a good 1 year of playing. And for me if I can’t get into a gacha games after 3 months I stop. I stayed with fire emblem heroes because I love the franchise but stopped only early this year. If feh was designed more like Genshin but keeping the turn based I would most likely love it more. Maybe I’ve just grown to stop liking seeing chibi avatars in game 24/7. And prefer seeing well developed bodies of both genders like Genshin is doing. Yes, let’s go with that 5 out of 5 stars. A pointless lil rant review.

Setting the bar for future mobile titles. The world is huge even just between Liyue and Monstadt. It’s not as densely populated but there is enough within the open world to keep you busy ala BOTW. The mobile game elements actually work really well and I feel like I could have payed $60 for this game and still without the gacha in it. The gacha characters play differently enough to the others that they actually add a little more depth to the game. You don’t have to roll the right character to progress, at least not where I’m up to as there are base characters that join to get you through. However the gacha characters do have slightly better stats. You can find pretty good gear in the open world if you wander as well, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing. The game systems are pretty balanced and the game is even accessible to those who don’t want to spend any of their money. You’d be able to download the game and lock your kids out of purchases and they’d still be able to progress through it and have a similar experience to those that do spend money. The story isn’t ground breaking, but it is engaging enough and the soundtrack is impressive. It’s not just the same 3 tracks, as you move around areas the music changes. It’s a really good game, I hope this signals to other developers that even mobile gamers want a bit more than just top down or short dungeons.

orientalism and inaccurate representation. I think this game so far has done a commendable job on representing the cultures it has presented in its characters through mondstadt to inazuma. However, with what we have of sumeru so far my confidence is failing. All of the NPCs we’ve encountered are white despite the region supposedly being based off of the SWANA region (frankly a bit of a misguided decision considering how difficult it would be to properly represent each culture within it but whatever that’s a different post entirely). Yes pale people exist in these regions, however they are hardly the majority. With this in combination of recent leaks divulging designs that seem unfocused on any particular culture and are instead an in-cohesive depiction of orientalist stereotypes as seen in Dori’s design, I can’t see myself wishing on any of these potential banners let alone spending any money. I understand that this is a fantasy game, however with the standard of output this company has shown itself capable of previously this handling of sumeru is unfortunate at best and bigoted at worst. I doubt me kicking up a fuss will really do anything lol but those are my thoughts.

I’ve been playing for 2 years, and... you guys did a really really great job on Genshin, I love, and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the game, especially the music, and the controls are easy to get used to, all the events feel a little bit repetitive, but still fresh, the designs of the playable characters are amazing, and each one is unique, just the side characters look a bit cloned. I only have one complaint, I play on PlayStation, (on my TV) but all my friends always complains that their game keeps crashing, and it’s especially frustrating when they just defeated a hard boss. And with all the new events, and whatever codes you put in, The crashes are very difficult to fix. I know you guys don't read this, but I just wanted to rant on about how good this game is, even with all the tiny annoying things that bother me, I love this game. And I am looking forward to seeing the rest nations. :) 🌪🪨⚡️🍀💧🔥❄️

i like it but…. genshin is a good game imo. it’s rich in lore and the characters, world and art is gorgeous. i would be lying if i said the anniversary event didn’t disappoint me. the rewards weren’t great and quests i found frustrating. mihoyo is a money hungry company 🤷 to spend money on the game everything is so absurdly expensive and often without much payoff either. i certainly agree that those that spend money on the game should have better opportunities to get better characters and weapons but being f2p is /too/ difficult, especially when you get to a higher level in the game. i know people that have played for months and have only gotten one 5 star because of pity. the pity system is wayyyy too expensive and why make one wish 160 primogems? why now just 100 or even 125? getting new characters is a fun experience until you realise you need like 300 hero’s wit to get them to 90 so pls make hero’s wit even just a LITTLE more available cause i’ve finished the archon quests and it’s so difficult to find hero’s wit…

Great!. I’ve only played for about 2 months so far, but boy is this game stunning. The scenery ranges from peaceful to absolutely chaotic, and the music always makes me happy (even if it’s my thousandth time being kicked from the game and it’s only been like 3 minutes—). Oh yeah, on that note, this game definitely would’ve been a 5-star, but right now, it’s really bugging me sometimes. I always have to keep my graphics on the lowest, and even then, it’s so laggy and keeps crashing! Not to mention that I recently bought some more storage, and cleared out a lot of photos and deleted a lot of apps. I literally have not even used up half of my storage, and it still is just…! Also, I think it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more generous with the rewards. Although I can’t really call this a very grindy game, I still need to squeeze out every last drop of primogems to ensure I get the character I want (I’m f2p, so ehe). All in all, Genshin is actually very good. I’m the type to just play a game for a week, then forget all about it, but I have a feeling I’ll be playing this one for awhile. I mean, there’s still soooo much to explore and enjoy, and that’s one of the many merits of this game. Please keep the great work up, and don’t forget about the ideas that we have too!^^

lack of consideration. i didn’t want to write this review, i really didn’t want to, but i have to because mihoyo is not taking action. the anniversary rewards, lets just say everyone is extremely displeased with them, and even though tons of the playerbase is complaining, mihoyo has NOT implemented any changes or improved. it surprised me the lack of consideration and how little mihoyo cares about what their own playerbase says. its almost as if mihoyo does not care a single bit about the anniversary entirely at all. it’s ridiculous. the rewards are downright horrible as other gacha rpg games give rewards pretty much 10x better. i’m disappointed, very disappointed, i loved this game so much even though i’m f2p, i thought i would still always enjoy it and here those thoughts came crashing down. other ppl speaking up about it are even being banned and silenced by mihoyo. the heights this game has reached and yet mihoyo can’t even CONSIDER giving us better things? tell me thats not horrible. i truly love genshin but mihoyo needs to stop being greedy and give back to their players.

100/5! Been nagging all my friends to play it with me!. This game is the best I have ever played! The scenery is beautiful, the character designs are awesome and the combat is just 🤌 I’ve been playing for about six or seven months now and am completely hooked. Monstadt is a great place for the game to start, because it just feels so homely. Liyue makes me feel like I’m across the world, in China. The scenery in Inazuma is priceless, and literally belongs in an art gallery. Sometimes I spend full days just exploring the different nations, whether it be figuring out puzzles/riddles, or just taking it all in, you’re never bored. I also love the character’s personalities, and roasting the heck out of Paimon (heheh!) The quests are also very interesting, and every hour something huge is going on. The events are also great, ‘cause once you finish all the main story it just adds some extra little things, not so dramatic, but more of a... side comedy? 😂 The only thing I can think of that's wrong with it is that co-op mode can get a little laggy, but normally fixes itself anyways. There could also be a few different daily commissions, because doing the same ones gets less interesting. Super excited for Sumeru, and the new characters!! ~ Lots of love from a player who is a little too obsessed with this game ~

Wonderful. I love this game. It has tough battles, a suspenseful story, and thrilling characters. It has no ads, it’s not really annoying and making you pay for anything, all it is is pure, challenging gameplay. However, nothing is perfect, and these minor suggestions may help it become better. First, my battery seems to drain quite quickly. I don’t know if this is actually true or if I’m simply too immersed in the game to notice the time. Second, it takes up a lot of data, and it takes a while to download all of it. This doesn’t stop me, but it may stop others from enjoying it. Honestly, I think the wait is worth it, though. Third, I really think you should remove the Battle Pass introduction. When the game updated to version 2.8, a few days ago, it reset and showed the intro again. Soon after this, I completed the quest with the Defiled Statue, the Abyss Herald, Dain and the Field Tillers. I have a feeling I figured out the whole plot, and now I keep wondering if it actually happens. All of these aren’t really bad, though, so it shouldn’t come as your first priority.

Great game but. Like all the other reviews that you may have read, I have the problem with me crashing , If you have an old device , I suggest you DONT play unless you get a newer device as I have the iPad 6th gen, yesterday this problem had started annoying me, I am ar 44 and I have just finished hu Taos story quest, I decided to stop playing and the next day, I decided to play Genshin since it’s such a fun game but when I log into the game I immediately crash, I’ve tried going into the game several times but I can’t get in. I may just have to stop playing this game because of this problem, when this problem is fix which it would probably not since it’s such a good game with great combat and graphics. 10/10 game but I have to get rid of 5 points because of the crashing. To be exact when I started playing Genshin it wouldn’t crash at all as I started doing ventis quest with dvalin and stuff I started crashing , now inazuma came out and I have been crashing like crazy.

We need more diversity in characters and NPCs in Sumeru. In the game currently there are only two even vaguely tan characters (kaeya and xinyan) out of the total 40+. Now this could have been excused because all the current regions the game has are based off Germany, China and Japan, but the upcoming region Sumeru is based off the SWANA area. It is disrespectful to take the culture, architecture and clothing inspiration from a country and then not give the skin tones in said area representation. Please give the Sumeru characters darker skin tones and please do research into the culture of the region you are basing you region from. In terms of Sumeru NPCs so far in the game, every single one has been white. If this is anything to go by, then the future characters will be white, and that in truly unacceptable for a game that wants to base its regions off real life places and people. There is nothing to lose for the game by bringing in more diversity, if anything sales will increase as more POC will be inclined to play to see their countries and ethnicities represented in a game. In the trailer the character Cyno was previewed and his skin looks like it could be tan. If his in game model ends up being pale along with other characters, a lot of the player base will stop playing genshin. Please give Sumeru characters darker skin tones as it is disrespectful and racist to not do so when using all other inspirations from the countries.

Regular review??. It’s pretty nice the game. Yes there’s been issues such as anniversary rewards and a bit of a toxic community but when it comes down to it the game is amazing. It has a ton of content when you join as a new player, I’d say when u take your time playing u get the full experience. Considering the game is only a year old and still in development THERES a ton to do. Unless u grind for hours, you’ll be fine. The graphics and music are actually beautiful, I cant even begin to explain how high Hoyoverse has set the bar when it comes to these things. And the fact you can play without paying is great, but there’s always that urge you gotta but at the end of the day it’s all up to you. The fact you wish for characters is nice, but it’s difficult to obtain a consistent amount of primos constantly at end game, but you can still obtain them easily through events, abyss, daily commissions. Even chests if you still haven’t fully explored. Its worth ur time to start, it may be tough to adjust but once you do you most likely won’t regret it

Amazing but there are many issues. Genshin impact is one of my favourite games but there are a few issues i’d like to talk about. Firstly there is no oceanic server so my game and many others ping goes crazy and lags a lot. Secondly the gacha system is horrible and is so unfair with such a low chance of earning a 5 star character, because of that, it is nearly impossible/really unlikely to get constellations for 5 star characters without paying money. Another thing is that the adventure rank level awards are horrible, the most you get is 1 wish and it’s standard. People have been playing for months to reach their levels yet get such little rewards. Lastly, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to earn primogems. AR 50-55+ doesn’t have as many events as from when you first start the game which makes it harder to earn primogems, and with what I said before it makes it so hard to get wishes or 5 star characters without paying money. Apart from all the flaws, it’s a beautiful game with a great story line I just wish Mihoyo could be more generous.

don’t download unless you have a new iphone/ipad. I love/loved this game so much, I played everyday for around a year, I started in early october of 2020. I levelled up to AR55 and I even spent $50 (I’ve never spent money on a game before). I had stopped temporarily a month or two back due to the lack of content before the Inazuma update. However when I came back the crashing problem became unbearable. Previously I could deal with the crashing problem cause it only happened when I teleported to a city, replaced the characters in my team, and in general only every 20-30 minutes. BUT NOW, it’s less than 5 minutes and the game crashes. I even set the graphics and quality to the absolute lowest and it can only last 5 minutes. It’s an amazing game but with every single content update the crashing problem will get more severe. This is only the third area out of seven. I probably won’t be able to play again until I buy a PS4 or PS5 or a new phone (I have a 64GB iphone8). I wouldn’t recommend anyone to download genshin unless they have a recent model of the iphone or ipad.

More poc rep. I really enjoy Genshin as a game. The storyline, the dialogue between characters, and the gameplay itself. I do not, however, appreciate the lack of diversity within the game. Out of the 50 playable characters only 2 have dark skin, both of which are considered “outcasts” in their respective regions. Xinyan is seen as loud and scary by the people of Liyue and Kaeya was specifically sent to spy on Mondstadt by an enemy nation. Mihoyo is known to base each in-game region on a specific country or even a non-specific geographical location. The most recent and upcoming region is Sumeru, primarily based on middle eastern cultures. So far, in the small preview shown of Sumeru and various character leaks, all the NPCs and playable characters have pale skin, except one. If Mihoyo wants to use middle eastern culture in their game, they should at least portray the characters as such. Giving characters varying skin tones is far from impossible as we have seen previously. Until Mihoyo fixes the appearance of their characters, I will not be supporting them as a company and I encourage anyone else reading this to do the same. Thanks for reading.

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!. This game is really amazing and I have gotten all of my friends who can play, play this game. It is just REALLY addicting. I really appreciate how much time Mihoyo you has spent to perfect the game it is right now. Let me tell you something, my best friend who is a total”NOT ANIME FAN” she hates anime, doesn’t understand it and all, but once she tried this game, she got addicted to it as well!!! I am really thankful that Mihoyo has spent so much effort and time into this game so that we could enjoy it. Everything is amazing: the voice lines, the character designs, the quests and everything. It’s something that takes a lot of patience to achieve and I think Mihoyo deserves a medal for that. There is literally nothing I am unhappy about. I think Genshin Impact should totally receive 5 out of 5 stars for this. Many people have problems with this game, possibly because their wifi isn’t the best. Trust me. This game is absolutely AMAZING!! I definitely would recommend this game to everyone. I love this game with all my heart. I am literally obsessed with this game.

HELP CREATORSSS. OKAY OKAY FIRST I LOVEEEEEEE THIS GAME AND IM AM ALL OVER IT IM OBSESSED AND THE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU’VE PUT INTO THIS IS EXTREMELY AMAZING, THE SOUNDTRACK, THE VOICES, THE SETTING, THE SMALL DETAILS ARE VERY APPRECIATED AND I ENJOY IT OVERALLLLLL,THE AMOUNT OF GAMES WITH LESS THAN THE QUALITIES OF THIS GAME IS CRAZY- YOU EVEN GAVE THIS GAME OUT FOR FREEEE! utterly amazing- T//-//T SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY! Wait before you leave- There this thing that has been rappelling around my head for months now, I really love these graphic and I’ve watched these Chinese dramas where they have these great hair and story plot something like your game, but not fully Chinese. What I’m asking is if you could watch the show on Netflix called “The Untamed” it’s really beautiful- and I think if you made it into a game and maybe change up some areas and sort of produce it like how genshin impact was made it would be AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG! honestly I love to customise characters (different clothes, hair, eyes etc.) so if you could add something like that into a game something liked the untamed- I’m sure that many people would love it (just like genshin impact) and can appreciate the amount of effort and work it can take to create a extraordinary mASTERPEICE! Thank you for reading up to here hehe, I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING! P.S stay stafe pls. -Person who enjoys your games very very very very very (infinite very’s) much.

Welp things happen I guess. Ok first of all I love this game with a burning passion I have been addicted since September 20th 2020. I can’t stop playing due to the beautiful gameplay and story but now where at version 2.1 and everything has just gone down hill. Ok to start of I really don’t have the best device (IPad air 2) and I know everything is glitchy and slow and now I can’t even install version 2.2 because my iPad doesn’t have enough storage (even when I deleted all my apps and files). Also the game kicks me out every 5 seconds and I can’t even complete anything without starting again. But I mean it is what it is also I’m at adventure rank 48 and I only have 1 five star (Well C1) Mona which is kinda disappointing but I mean I’m a free to play player so I can’t really say much :) Also I’m gonna miss being able to play this game everyday but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop the random for good (most chillest fandom)

Amazing game, but one MAJOR problem. I am an AR (Adventure Rank) 55 player, and started playing since the Dragonspine update (late December of 2020). Quite recently, my laptop broke while I was playin Genshin Impact (it crashed when I opened the menu, and it refused to work properly from then on). After that, I switched to playing Genshin Impact on the mobile version. When I first started playing on mobile, I would have 30-40 minutes of smooth playing, up until the game would crash. I eventually got used to it, and I would simply open the game again. Sometimes it would crash when I teleported from waypoint to waypoint, entered a domain, opened the menu, and when I wished. However, quite recently, the game started crashing more frequently, and I could only play for less than 10 minutes before it crashed. This was especially apparent during a commission (a daily quest) which progressed in 3 parts. Basically, after finishing the first 2 parts, my game would crash and I’d have to start the commission from the very beginning. The constant crashing makes the game unplayable. Personally, I rate this game 3 stars because of the many problems I had encountered while playing the game (both on PC AND mobile). Although the game itself is really fun to play, the game constantly crashing turns the fun into annoyance and anger.

Great game but one problem. I really enjoy playing genshin it’s heaps of fun and there’s always something to do so it’s never a bore but all the time when I go to play the loading screen after I press the door to play the load always stops halfway through the geo symbol and I have to either wait for like 5 minutes or keep going in and out of the app til it works. I recently downloaded it on my phone and of course it took a couple ours to load everything but when it was finished loading I went to play and the same thing happened when I tried to load in it took me about ten minutes to get into the game and idk if this is a bug or it just generally takes that long for everyone to load in but if it’s not suposed to happen can it please be fixed? Thanks for your time. Ps don’t make one of the twins die at the end of the game thxxxx

Amusingly the best. I started playing Genshin Impact nearly two months ago, spending around 2 hours a day in the world of Genshin Impact. I loved it from the moment it started for me. My friends already played it, some of them since Genshin Impact started. They helped me with the harder parts, which was helpful because of the crashing (Yes, Crashing is a huge problem for mobile users. I crash every ten minutes when I’m lucky). I adore all the time put into making all the characters with their unique stories, And the fact that this app was one of the best games of the year in 2020, when it was only released in September last year. Yes, there are a few problems, but very minor usually, which Genshin Impact updates regularly as it’s yet to be finished. It’s constantly entertaining, and very unlikely you’re going to get bored. It’s more of an addictive app than a time killer app, but five stars for me, and I hope you too. Thank you for reading this. :)

Mihoyo is a stingy company.. In the first month of playing the game, Genshin is full of content, and in terms of design and gameplay, Genshin is a great game. However when it comes to addressing concerns that the community and playerbase have expressed, Mihoyo falls far short to that of other game companies, an example being the absolutely pitiful anniversary “rewards”. Despite being a multimillion dollar company, Mihoyo has decided to lock their “rewards” of less than ONE wish behind a COMPETITION that is basically free add content for the game. We are gamers, not artists or cosplayers or content creators, and the fact that Mihoyo can’t come up with decent rewards for the playerbase that made their game so popular in the first place speaks tons. Secondly, Mihoyo absolutely does not care about endgame players. There is a lot of content when you first start the game, however after months of playing it’s easy to realise that there is no true sustainable content. Mini games have been released only to be available for a set time or a set event, and this results in many players losing interest after just a few months of playing.

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Racist. Complete lack of diversity and white washing characters from regions which are typically known for having darker tones. Uses stereotypical clothes for charters and has mixed the cultures of North Africa, Middle East AND South Asia, completely disregarding their cultural differences. Whereas for other regions in East Asia, they made separate regions for China and Japan.

White Screen of Death. I have the IPAD 3 PRO. Downloaded game and when I open it all I get is a white screen. I’m assuming others have had this happen? Any known fix? Thx

Stereotypes, lack of diversity, and racism. I love the character designs, but there are a few issues I have. There are very few dark skinned characters. The fact that Xinyan, one of the TWO dark skinned characters in genshin is literally a full on stereotype. Loud, scary, etc. And in your other game, honkai impact. There’s a character named Carole, not sure what her last name is. But the way you wrote her personality is absolutely disgusting. She complains about being “too dark” despite being tanned, and her mom is extremely masculine which is also a stereotype of the black community. Plus Carole doesn’t have a dad. You need to stop with the stereotypes and make characters like your light skinned ones that aren’t stereotyped with a regular personality but dark skinned. It’s honestly not that difficult, there are people out there willing to spend their life savings if a dark skinned character is released, so you don’t have to worry about genshin whales who are colourist who’ll refuse to spend a single penny on them. Your soon to be released nation Sumeru is based on the Middle East, by making the characters light skinned you’re basically ignoring the darker skinned middle easterns, and of course they’ll feel left out. Which is disrespectful and non inclusive, you should’ve made at least half of your upcoming sumeru characters dark skinned, or at least tanned. In future updates please try to make non stereotypical dark skinned characters, representation is extremely important. Another racist thing in your game is Eula’s family, she would’ve been 100% better if her family members weren’t slave owners. There are tons of black people in your fandom that are uncomfortable with this and Eula herself, I understand that Eula is against this and her family in general, but it just makes her look like a white saviour. The slavery part of her family is extremely unnecessary and we already know that her clan are bad people. Please avoid any racist parts of history when writing your characters’ backstories, it’s not difficult.

Patch 2.2 light and leaves more to be desired. Mihoyo do better. Stop making new games and improve the one you have. It could have been a great game. Patches like 2.2 shouldn’t happen, it is a disgrace of a patch. You scraped the bottom of the barrel to find content.

State of the game and Anniversary. Genshin impact is a game that can be classified as few highs and many lows. Throughout the first year of the game Genshin has experienced numerous changes, with only two major changes impacting standing out: the adjustments to Electro and Geo resonance and play. These allowed their respective units to function at or almost to he level of their pyro and cryo counterparts (Zhongli excluded). Given this, there are still many problems with the current roster and the damage ceiling of specific units. Specifically electro damage ceiling and lack of damage modifiers for reactions involving anything geo and electro. These are but a few of the issues with the elements themselves and not the units that use them. The lows, to name a few, are the lack of log in rewards (not tied to a forum site log in), abysmal commission rewards, lack of story in game through the main story, and lack of end game content. As it stands, Genshin is the only gacha game that I have played that requires a log in to a separate platform for log in rewards. The primogems, mora, and adventure exp from commissions are lacking to say the least. Free to players often need to save months in advance in order to guarantee a specific unit, with a lack of a road map this is quite hard to predict what they may want. The mora itself is not enough to level an artifact past level 12, if that. The adventure exp, well, is pitiful beyond AR 50. The lack of story is astounding to say the least, Honkai, another gacha by miHoYo has much more cutscenes and dialogue between characters that fill out the narrative of each section. Genshins main story quest feels too quick and leaves no room for he development of characters, often leaving that to the separate ‘character quests’. More often than not these do no pertain to the current narrative, rather explain who they are and how they act. While not a bad concept, these characters do not act or change with the current narrative, rather it seems once the story introduces a character, your conversation with them during the two-three quests they appear will be all the story they receive. As for end game content, there are two choices: abyss or material farming, which both for a free to play player will only take around an hour respectively (or even less depending on the account). In summary (and if you skipped to the bottom), the flaws of this game out weigh the benefits. It is a wonderfully crafted world with brilliant gameplay and design, but with a team that lacks devotion to let it shine. I would say for miHoYo to step up their game, but it’s evident over the past year they do not care.

Lack of Proper Representation. With the recent official character design reveals, I have to bring up the lack of tone variation and highly orientalist costumes present in the officially revealed Sumeru designs. Hoyoverse, by making Sumeru, is trying to create a fictionalized version of a very wide area (I believe it may be based on the Achaemenid Empire, which stretched from western India to Egypt at the height of its power). However, the Achaemenid Empire was made up of manu different cultures ans peoples. A way to “represent” these different peoples is by having Sumeru characters with clear variations in their cultural identities — with each one having proper attire and history relating to the cultural aspect they’re meant to represent. However, Hoyoverse has not done that. The officially released designs of the Sumeru characters lack any skin tone variation, and their clothes seem to be a mix of different cultures within the Achaemenid Empire. They are picking and choosing what they want, instead of creating distinct characters that reflect distinct cultural identities and backgrounds. The character Dori’s clothing is just straight-up Orientalist — picking and choosing stereotypical “Arabian” clothing without actually paying any heed to the cultural clothing they are attempting to represent. This is in contrast to the care paid to differentiating cultural identities and backgrounds within Liyue and Inazuma. I am very disappointed, and hope that Hoyoverse will take steps to rectify this. Skin tone variation (i.e. having more tanned and darker-skinned characters) and accurate cultural representation (in clothing, names, etc) is key when attempting to depict such a vast and diverse area of the world.

The storage tho…. It literally took so much storage for me too even download the game. Once I finished, it turned out too only be a demo. So I tried too download the full version. After deleting literally everything I could, there still wasn’t enough storage! Good game, but bruh…

Security issues. My account got stolen. I spend a lot of money and time in this game only to get it hacked. There is a security issue in the game that a lot of players are addressing it. Tectone, Mtashed and ZealsAmbition talked about it and it needs to be addressed. Linking your email exposes the user privacy. Linking your phone number is not recommend as well. A solution is to give the user a two authentification factor so that the account is safe and secure. I will change my rating once I recover my account. I already email Genshin support staff but the time that it takes to have a response back is unbelievable. Some say for the problem to be solved and to get the account back takes months. So if you download the game , make sure to secure your account with everything you can link it up to.

Xenophobic to its CORE.. I’m huge fan of genshin, and I’ve been playing since the release. I’ll be talking about the recently shown upcoming sumeru characters as well as a past video you’ve released. I wish to make it known that the poor representation with black and brown characters are very apparent. As well as including stereotypes alongside their character design. If you are going to create regions and characters from different cultures and backgrounds, at least do it correctly. Especially since you did just fine with Chinese and Japanese representation, this shouldn’t be an issue to do. I highly suggest doing more research about the cultures you will be basing it off of- to avoid any future racism and cultural appropriation. Do better. Make sure to have more black and brown representation, and of course do it correctly. Another problem I wish to bring attention to, is the miss use of indigenous culture. I’ve noticed in one the videos released in the past called “MiHoYo tour 2020 (CN) | now with subtitles”- that at minute 1:31 a designer has been seen creating hilichurl dances/movements with what appears to be a video from a powwow dance in the top corner of their screen. Suggesting they’ve been using it as “inspiration”. I suggest respecting indigenous cultures and NOT using their sacred dances for in game enemies. It is unacceptable and it is extremely disrespectful. So please change that.

so well done. I’m loving this game so much so far. It does crash often on my iPhone 8, but the game is good enough for me to look past that.

Where are the anniversary rewards????. Awful anniversary rewards. Disappointed and I feel like mihoyo doesn’t care about it’s users. I’m not spending anything for 2021.

Being gay. Screw mihoyo for makin me gay tf why are the characters ters so damn hot 🤨

Best RPG game I ever played on my smartphone. I can’t explain how good this game is. It is better than the Zelda I played on switch. Just to let you know this game need high end smartphone because it is huge like 8gb. I bet you will get addicted after playing it.

Great mobile game. I feel bad for everyone who isn’t able to run this gem, but pc is always an option. I just hope that it isn’t one of those games that start off good but as more updates come along it becomes diluted with heavy paywalls and such. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing!

Learn how to appreciate the player base. Mihoyo you are a multi billion dollar company. You make so much and yet you give so little. 100 pulls or even a 5 star from the banner wouldn’t hurt. You wouldn’t be here without us, maybe show us some love and not just maybe 100 primos for being an art major.

The lack of black Recognition. There’s only 2 black/blasian characters and one hates her skin color and is called scary. (Stereotyping) The new update leaks have no black/blasian characters either. Do better.

VERY HARD TO GET CHARACTERS. Please read this before spending any money on this game!! This game is very very fun and completely able to do free to play. However things slow down exceptionally after adventurer rank 30. The world, the characters, and everything in it like the quests are all amazing and interactive. However the only thing wrong with this game, is that it’s VERY VERY EXPENSIVE to even do a single summon on a banner!! I am a complete free to play player and because of that, I’m completely incapable of getting any characters that I want. Even people who spend hundreds of dollars can simply get very unlucky and not get anyone either, and it feels like a huge waste of money. It’s very unfortunate that such a good game that I absolutely love makes you spend SOOO much money to get anyone at all. So just be warned before spending money that you likely won’t get anything, the rates are horribly low. For a 5 star, it’s about 0.6% if I recall. The rates NEED to be improved because a f2p player like myself and a large portion of the community can’t get anyone.

Why. I miss my wife and kids

LISTEN UP, HOYOVERSE. You need to listen to what your fan base actually wants, which is accurate representation of cultures aside from the China-based region. It is absolutely disheartening to see that you’ll go so far for Liyue but stereotype black POC with your existing black playable characters, AND continue to stereotype with upcoming characters such as Dori with the orientalist ‘Genie’ that comes along with her. The outfit SCREAMS you did not do research into what was appropriate. Start acting like you give a damn and people won’t be so upset with you. That is what we want. We want varying skin tones, and *actual* variation on *playable* characters. Making black enemies is the exact opposite and you are digging yourself into a deeper hole. I can only imagine how worse it will get further into Sumeru, and Natlan in the future. I will not be giving my money to this company. Others who read this should consider doing the same.

diluc. diluc is very hot but he wont come home. pls fix this😢😔

Hu Tao. Hu Tao best girl

Doesn’t care about their community. After a whole year of support from their fans, they decided to give the players $10 worth of in game currency and now they are getting tons of hate which is well deserved. I hope you seriously reconsider the anniversary rewards other wise tons of players will quit

Could be the perfect game but-. Unfortunately resin exists and the devs refuse to listen to us when we say resin is obsolete in a game that has no pvp. It accomplishes nothing but discouraging people from playing because every tiny bit of progress is gated behind either resin, time, exp book/mora scarcity or all 3. Timegating is fine but the resin needs to go. Let us grind if we want to. Also the gacha rates are awful, but since you don't NEED to use the gacha to progress I'll let it slide, I guess. Actually that's a good thing because even if I did pull new characters it would take about a month+ for me to make them usable. (Because of what? Resin.) Don't waste your time with this game, it really is charming at first but looks can be quite deceiving. It'll start making you feel like you're wasting your time soon enough because of how little progress you can make everytime you log in. Shame.

Bro these rewards lmoo. Why

lack of account security. Players have discovered many security flaws in how your account information is handled, such as ways to bypass captcha, reset someone’s password, and expose your phone number and email. Mihoyo quietly patches these without offering any explanation to players. The players have been asking endlessly for a proper 2-factor Authentication system, in order to protect their accounts and information. It’s ridiculous that in this year, a service can be released without even the option for 2FA. That’s a basic security requirement. Mihoyo has failed their players. Additionally, the one time Mihoyo has released a statement about security flaws, they took no responsibility and instead blamed players for “sharing accounts or selling accounts”. Despite all the easily available proof on how to brute force into someone’s account - which Mihoyo was clearly aware of, as they quietly fixed it, but STILL chose to blame players in order to save face. Not acceptable. There is no excuse for not allowing players to protect their accounts, especially when money is involved. DO BETTER.

Amazing. Downloaded this game on the new iPad Pro and mini 5 it works great. Can’t wait for the iPhone 12 max to come out and play this on it too.

Smooth running+great design overall. Definitely one of the best free roam games around to play for free. Not pay to win either, all the premium currency is available to get by grinding. 10/10 worth the download, but most likely won’t run too well on older phone/ IPad models

add dark skinned characters???. The one thing majority of people who play this game were looking forward to in the next update were darker skinned characters…. its literally a region inspired by middle east and india so why has everyone been white so far??? this is so disrespectful considering the care and love put into regions that reflect china and japan but once a dark skinned region is involved you want to monetize the exotic nature of the region but not give representation to its people???

😔. no dottore= really bad game 😕

Stingy. laziest anniversary event ever

Review from Beta Player. + Great Graphics + Great Combat & Mechanics + Huge Open World + Long Full Voice Acted Story & Cutscenes + Game will expanded & updated. + Hundreds of hours of exploring. + Can beat the entire game with the free characters. - Gacha Rates are low - Mihoyo is being pretty stingy with Currency Overall: The game is pretty F2P Friendly, and I recommend playing through. Unfortunately if your going F2P your probably gonna be limited on characters.

Great. I don’t know what the other people are talking about, because I can open up the app just fine, and this is a really great game

Diversity. I was super excited to see Sumeru but even the clips from the livestream have all white NPCs…..disappointing ://

Do you not care about us..?. I don’t know what’s happening over there. But the way you don’t listen to us, and how you treat feels like betrayal. It’s disappointing, you know what I’m talking about. 100 primogems? A chance for a cosplay master, or a art major to get an award that doesn’t even be redeemed fully without waiting? Mora?? Like we can’t get that by doing simple things. And you just leave us the 10x pull. Leaving us 30-40 pulls would have been fine. Maybe 60 but 100? That doesn’t even give a pull. I still have faith in you, there still is time.. lots of love

Xenophobia. -Lack of diversity -Refusing to make darker tones -Making most characters as pale as paper -Not representing Middle Eastern and South Asians with different shades -Basing hilichurls off indigenous tribes and stereotypes -Refusing to make characters even a slightly darker

👌🏼. This game is absolutely amazing, no doubts about it! ALSO THANK YOU MIHOYO FOR GIVING ME MY FIRST FIVE STAR.... THE BELOEVED KAZUHA 😍

Do not install. This game is awful.I was playing the game until my mother entered my room wondering what kind of boku no pico stuff I was watching,she grounded me and now I’m typing this on my Samsung smart fridge in the middle of the if you see this I know you’re cheating on dad

amazing. this game is so fun diluc is hot

Representation. The graphics on this game are great and the play styles are amazing but the characters? Don’t get me wrong I love the characters but I would love the characters more and the game more if there would be at least 1 out of 40 characters that was a POC. I am disappointed that there is only one character out right now that is not as white as paper and she is basically just tanned. If the game had more diversity I might not have deleted it, but until then I will not be playing Genshin Impact again.

Awesome stuff!. Im stoked to play this game! I’m already aware of what to expect! Less than a day from now and we get Genshin and all its glory!

Fantastic, but…. I love this game. The graphics, the characters, the gameplay everything. But there’s something that’s been on my nerves. There’s this thing where your account “expires” and you have to log back into that account to get it. It’s happened to all three of my accounts. I lost my first ever account, which had Mona, Xiao and Venti, who I worked so hard to get. I was starting to build my team, and boom, just like that, my account was gone. When I tried to change the password for that account, it then mistaken it for another account which I ended up using the same email for without realizing. I almost lost my second account with Qiqi and Mona. And maybe soon even Klee, as well. Thankfully, I managed to get it back. I am just working on my newest account. I don’t know if this account expiring thing is a bug or added intentionally, but it’s really frustrating and just makes me want to delete the game. But I won’t. If this is some kind of bug, please fix it as fast as possible. I am already in misery because of losing my first ever account, and I don’t want to lose neither of the two other accounts I have. Thank you.

Pog. Still can’t beat raiden shogun 😎

It’s crashing all the time. Idk about you guys but I just got the app and it crashes every time I go in it. It shows like a white screen and then crashes right after. I tried reinstalling but it’s still the same problem. I waited for months for this game I’m very disappointed.

Lack of tan skinned EAs representation.. The new characters leaked for the upcoming Sumeru region make a terrible job at representing the residents of the countries it has been inspired by. In all of the leaks, only a singular character has somewhat of a tan (which is still awfully pale) and the Archon for this region literally glows. For a region inspired by countries with darker skinned people, it’s utterly disappointing. Many of us Genshin Impact players are extremely dissatisfied by those character designs. We wish you did better, Hoyoverse.

Best game ever!. This is actually the first (and probably last) time I write a review and it's because this game is simply outrageous and should downright be made illegal: How can you make a PC level game be playable on mobile?! Making this type of good graphics for a phone game is prohibited by every PC gamer community!!! This only has a 4.5 star rating?! How?!?! This is the best app (not game, APP) I have ever installed. Ever. WAIT, THERE'S AN ACTUAL STORY TO THIS GAME AND IT'S NOT JUST KILLING MONSTERS?!?!?!?! WAIT THERE ARE MULTIPLE STORIES IN HERE THAT YOU CAN READ THROUGH THE BOOKS AND READING IS LITERALLY JUST WATCHING A 5K HD VIDEO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's... free? Free?! FREE?!?!?!?!?!?! Ok right now I am just disappointed by the gaming community... 4.5 stars... guys... you disappoint me...

You get white screen? Read this:. I find this game very fun to play with on my free times! I saw some interviews saying that their game keeps crashing, i used to have crashes too.. its because you dont have too much storage, after i deleted some apps and opened storage, it worked for me (i use iOS)

This game isn’t worth it. I want the hours I spent on this game back.

terrible representation. they based a region on the middle east, but all of the characters from within it reek of orientalism. out of a cast of over forty characters, only two (at the time of writing this, during 2.8) have a skin tone other than white. disappointed, but not surprised coming from hoyoverse.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GAME???. I downloaded this game and didn’t know what to expect, but after paying it, I WAS SHOOK with the graphics of this game. Is this truly a mobile game? The visuals had me going crazy, it looked so good for a mobile game. The voice acting, the gameplay, everything about it is wonderful. You must try this game!

horrible. what the hell were u thinking with the anniversary rewards

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At A Loss For Words .... I’ve played for about 2 hours now and I’m ready to write a review. I’ve played many open world games in the past, and many have had their ups and downs. Then Genshin Impact came. Patiently day after day I would wait eagerly for the game to launch after seeing it appear on the App Store. While the download did take a little while in the beginning, the wait was more than worth it. The game is just absolutely beautiful, from the environment to the designs of the characters them selves. The game brings you in to another world full of color and adventure. The music is soothing to the ears as I walk the lands of Teyvat moving from quest to quest or finding a monster to beat. The game is smooth when it comes to combat controls and the layout of everything in general is very appealing, not like other games full to the brim with buttons and menus. This game reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild. (For those who have played it would see what I mean haha). The only con I can see with this game is that my phone overheats a bit. Overall I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us players. If you’re still reading this quit right now and get this game. You will not be disappointed. This will be quite the adventure to behold.

Great game with some flaws. I know this game is fairly new so I hope they fix this soon. This game is an amazingly fun open world experience and at the beginning and there is so much to do. But when you get to a certain point you sort of run out of things to do and you find yourself in a tedious repetition of just doing your daily commissions etc. at the ar 40 and up stage. It gets too easy in open world to the point where you are two shotting the bosses. The game encourages you to get stronger when there is no point to get stronger because you can already beat the games content. Another thing is the gap between f2p and p2w. Neither are better or worse but there is a substantial difference between the two. It costs about $300! To get 1 5 star! That’s outrageous and totally not worth it. We do need whales in the community to support the company but it’s like $20 for like 7 summons. Thankfully the game has added a lot of new content in the newest patch and those that will follow so there will be content. The biggest problem is the power creeps. Every new character is substantially stronger than the other so we are basically just wasting our money because the next character will be so much better than the last. Overall this game is very enjoyable but I want mihoyo to address these problems

Nice graphics, lots of fun, but a grind. I am redoing my review because it’s been months since I started, a recommendation in itself. The graphics are stunning, the fighting is lots of fun, but progress is slow. It takes time to grow and level. The world rank which increases as you progress is a great idea as it keeps it the fights challenging. The teapot house is incredible. I wish you could fit a little more in it but it’s really fun to experiment with and so nice to have parts of the game that can provide a little break from combat.. It’s also really nice to have parts of it that are useful like crafting and forging. I hope you will keep adding to the utility of it.I think it would be neat if you had some training features. Overall I probably wouldn’t change much about the game except I would make the drops a bit richer and I would improve the teapot editor. It can be very frustrating especially when you are dealing with floating elements. Also a lock feature would be helpful. I haven’t done much in the way of events yet, but hoping to do more. Btw, the loads allowed aren’t nearly enough in many cases in your realm. On autumnhold peak, you have multiple sections. I get one laid out and I can’t use the others. Things like fences should take up less.

Absolutely amazing service! (game was hacked). My game was hacked about a year ago and I was desperate in getting it back, I checked the forums and many others had the same issue, I was crushed. It seemed like there was no way of me getting my game back at all. The mistake was that I had not linked my game ID to any email… so I had no way of getting it back from the hacker. HOWEVER, I got in contact with the devs by email and explained my serious situation. I proved to them who I was and that my game was with a character named “this” and my game ID was “that”, I even sent them screenshots that I had taken that had my game ID in the bottom corner! Within a few days time, I was able to get back in AND link an email! I got my game back and I am so grateful! That was in late 2021. The devs are AMAZING! Gameplay-wise, I am IN LOVE with the characters and the story! This is by far the best game I have ever played! And I am a serious gamer, have been for years! My one wish is that I could enjoy the game on my Switch, but the mobile version is amazing, too! If you are wondering if you should get this game, STOP WONDERING and just download it! You will not regret it! And be sure to free up your schedule, you’ll be obsessed with this game in no time at all! ✨

Controller support!. The fact that this game actually looks exactly the same as its trailers is impressive already. I love the characters you can get and I actually found myself really appreciating the characters’ stories, voice lines, and little side-quest things although I know that’s not necessarily a huge thing for most players in the game, and it seems that the developers are constantly working at updates which is really nice and keeps things fresh with all the events and different ways to earn gems to roll for new characters or items. One thing I’d love to see for the game is controller support for iOS- I play on both my iPhone and iPad, and while controls on the iPhone are generally fine, I’ve experienced slight lags in dashing to dodge and whatnot on iPad, even with just pressing the buttons. I would love to more precise controls on larger devices like the iPad (or even iPhone, honestly) and since I don’t own a PC, just the option of having a bigger display without sacrificing smooth controls would make this game incredibly engaging. Hopefully that’s something the developers could consider implementing into future updates. Otherwise, the game is incredible and so engaging- you won’t regret playing! Edit: controller support came with 1.3, there is no reason to not give five stars :)

Great game! But-. Ok I LOVE this game. The story is super immersive and really cool, not to mention that the gameplay its self is really enjoyable! But, it takes up sooooo much space. My device has 32 GB of storage and over half of it is dedicated to this game. I can’t update it anymore because of the sheer magnitude of every new update. And this problem is probably the only one you’ll see causing significant issues if you play mobile, like me. The game runs fine, in fact, amazing for a game being played on mobile. But Unless you have loads of space, I suggest you play it on PC or console. Other then the fact I can no longer play the game unless i upgrade my storage, I 100% recommend it. Though, take my warning and don’t end up in my situation. I’ve played the game on all platforms, and while mobile works best for me, PC is good to, if you know the controls. Playing it on consoles also works, and that’d be my second method to play. And once you make an account with Mihoyo you don’t have to worry about making more, since one account works for all platforms. So that’s super convenient. All in all this is more of a warning/suggestion to those who want to get this game on mobile. It works great, but make sure you have the space.

For those entitled…. Has anyone ever considered that the creators can’t be everywhere at once? I mean, seriously? Y’all are getting out of hand with these negative reviews and comments, but have you ever considered the mere sliver of a thought that they can only provide so much for us? Has anyone thought about the fact that some aspects of this game operates on luck and patience? Has anyone else realized that they get so much at the exact same time that they can only focus on one thing at a time? They can’t be here, there and everywhere at the same second. That’s not how this works. We’d be lucky to get an aquatinted fate and 100 primos, and you guys think you deserve more just because you’ve been here since the first beta… I was in awe when I pulled my first 5 star, and pure luck alone got another five star off a different banner that I didn’t know I had pity for. My point is, this game revolves around patience and luck and work, not greed and gamble and anger. Truthfully, do it like I did. Spend a week off the game and take a deep breath if you feel entitled to more than what they’re giving, because they can only do so much, million dollar brand or not. You guys need to chill out and get over it.

It’s aight ig. Start of the game is unique, good lore and story at the beginning getting the point of the bat easy to understand and fun to learn. It progress once you move into liyue and inazuma. Tutorial is simple and easy to understand. Each character have backstories that you can choose and voice lines you can play. Large RPG game even though it’s not finished, amazing graphics and quests. The higher AR (Adventure rank)you are the more you get and learn, fun to play with others and fun to explore around, now that I’ve listed most of the good things I’ve experienced here’s some of the cons, it’s extremely time consuming, the rewards are somewhat unfair in some of the events and levels. It’s extremely Pay to win too (Whaling) there’s characters that you have a chance on getting during things called Banners. There’s easy pity and hard pity, the way you can get wishes is with primogems, to acquire these you need to either explore, to missions/quest or buy them. For most people you need over 50 wishes to even have a chance for a 5 star character, 1600 primogems for 10 wishes, 160 for 1 wish. Whalers usually spend large amounts of money to get these characters to get the advantage rather normally getting them, showing them on social media to some that haven’t even been able to get them, or some that even lost the 50/50.

Definitely a must-play. Absolutely beautiful! The scenery of the open world is breathtaking. When accompanied with brilliantly written soundtracks, the scenery is basically given life! Majestic mountains and waterfalls, lively villages are all results of careful pairing between the soundtracks and design. Even if you aren’t too keen on fighting enemies, just running along in the open world and exploring is a pleasure. The exploration portion of the game is well thought out too. There are many puzzles to solves, getting surprised with the weird locations at which they place treasure chests, and world quests with great backstories. The backstories are also well written, many providing players with reasons to look back and experience it again. I really have to give the designers of the characters a hands down, the designs are top notch. The voice actors are chosen well and the background of the characters really breathes life into them. There are many reasons to love (or hate in some cases 😂) each character. The fighting mechanisms should be relatively easy for players to get used to. I enjoyed fighting certain enemies and how certain characters really enhance or diversify my play style, although some enemies are downright scary or annoying (I’m looking at you dendro slime!). Overall, the game is truly fascinating and should be given a try!

Fantastic game. Would recommend to anyone.. I love everything from, the story, the enemies, the music, and the abilities. It’s all amazing. I’ve been playing Genshin for a while now and have been amazed at the story and how the characters look. The scenery is also beautiful. There is so much content for new players and vets. This game has kept me entertained during the boring days and always connects me with kind people. I finally am going to get Kazuha after a long year and am so happy. The pity system is fair and there are many opportunities to get primos. The game is so well made with its giant world to explore and amazing character designs. The abilities are very versatile and would fit anyone wants. I overall recommend this game to anyone interested. I doubt you would regret it! -I notice that many new players go for characters that are said to be super strong but you should go for a character that you find fun and enjoy playing. Getting a meta character is good for damage but can get boring if it isn’t your play style. Go for whatever character you want but always do the trials first to see if you really want them. -One think I would like Hoyoverse to add is a artifact load out that can save what artifacts you use for a character and can easily be equipped.

Incredible Game, Company slowly turning players against them. I have enjoyed majority of my time playing this game, it checks all the boxes of: Puzzles, Adventure, Collecting, Dungeon Delving, Secrets, Lore, Beautiful Scenery and Characters and Art. Should you play this game? YES, it’s free…Unless you have a gambling problem. We all should know by now how addicting “Gacha Games” are, you see a character/weapon you want and you try and try again rolling for them but can’t seem to get them and finally you just decide hey maybe a few more rolls will get me them if I buy more premium currency…and just like that you fall into a trap. But besides that, it’s like Mihoyo (game dev) keeps making the wrong decisions. Between anniversary rewards fiasco, the current fiasco (KFC glider event, just look it up) and having great in game events that are TEMPORARY even though having them permanent would have gotten them praise from the community. Then also not fixing bugged characters/content that the community has stated OVER AND OVER for them. It’s just a mess beyond other things I won’t mention…I’ve lost faith in spending money in game. Besides all this crap, if you can stay free 2 play, and get past the slow beginning of story and leveling adventure rank, this game is phenomenal…and I am sure you will love it. P.S. do not look on social media for Genshin, there are extremely toxic people.

I love the game but…. Honestly this is one of my favorite games. However I feel like there are just a couple of things that would make the overall gameplay experience a little bit better and truly get that last star for me. First day I feel like the every day bosses are too expensive to farm when compared to the need to farm other resources like talent books artifacts and weekly bosses. In my opinion what should be done here would be to negate the cost of every day bosses so that they’re easier to form and don’t require resin. The other thing I feel is it the wish system is also too expensive for F2P players. Most gotcha games that I’ve played are not as expensive and I find that this fact really discourages me from wishing unless I really have to. Also the whole 50-50 system and the potential to lose to another unwanted 5 star again turns me off form wishing it’s always nerve-racking to wish for thise special characters. I think two things here would be beneficial one if you wish and get a five star your first five star should be a character on the banner I also think that wishing costs should be cut down to 75 primo gems rather than the normal 150 I think this would promote more wishing and more opportunities to get a character

Good start, but lacks late game. This game is great at the start since there is a ton of content to go through and fun characters to unlock/play with. However, once you start getting to late game, there is just not enough content to keep you entertained. The game becomes too easy and the only repeatable content is the spiral abyss which many players have maxed out completely. Genshin Impact simply turns into a grind. On top of this, the developers of the game do not really show any care for the players. They do not listen to them as many make great suggestions for improvement from small quality of life changes to modes that could entertain the players over a longer period of time. In addition, their lack of care has become incredibly apparent due to how they’ve treated their anniversary. Genshin Impact has been game of the year, yet they don’t reward their dedicated player base appropriately (with rewards that fall significantly short of any other Gacha game). In response to this, the players have become highly disappointed/enraged and are making this very clear. However, Mihoyo has chosen to ignore everything. They remove all comments on any website mentioning the incident and have not even given any acknowledgement to the players or their feelings. This leads me to believe that there is simply no future for this game, which is quite disappointing given how well polished it is.

File Size. I love Genshin Impact, their graphics, their gameplay, open world exploration, all of it. But every good thing has a bad side. Although Genshin has beautiful graphics, open world, etc like I said before, the file size is huge for some people. Especially mobile players such as myself. This problem isn’t only on mobile either, both mobile and pc players suffer this large file issue. And I do understand that you have to expect a large file size with this kind of open world and everything, but it makes a lot of people unable to even play the game due to its size. I’ve been playing Genshin for a while so when I say I understand, trust I do. This issue has been a long while one as the files get bigger and bigger. Sooner or later if the file size isn’t reduced or somewhat compressed, a lot of Genshins mobile or pc players with low space won’t be able to keep up anymore. I myself can’t even play on certain devices due to the amount of space it takes up. I know they’ve addressed this before, but especially with the Sumeru and the Sumeru Desert, the file needs to be compressed. Please address this issue as it’s causing many players issues and not being able to play. I do praise Genshin for its quality and it’s pull to keep players in, but if this is not addressed, their players will drop!

My favorite game!. This is by far the best game I have on my device. And I play it all the time! The creators certainly were not lazy when it comes to building the world and the characters, and making them believable. One of my favorite things about this game is just how much stuff you have to do! Unlike other games where you only have one main quest to do this one gives you several! So if you don’t have a Hugh enough level or adventure rank to do a certain quest there are several different things you can do, to pass the time. Also all of the characters, feel believable, and none of the plot feels forced. Also some of the food seems like it would be so delicious that I want to try it in real life! Also all the different monsters, mini bosses, and bosses are so creative that it actually feels like something that would be real in a different world. Also I really like how the game doesn’t necessarily tell you everything so you have to figure out some stuff. Honestly I tried to think of anything bad about this game but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t extremely minor. In conclusion I swear this game is the new “Legend Of Zelda” of our time and will be just as famous! And would recommend getting this if you like fantasy story games!

A great game at start but…. I’ve been playing since the start of 2022, I absolutely love the characters her, the world of teyvat and the lore in this game but sometimes it really bothered me how they weren’t even trying to make a dark skin toned character for the released region of Sumeru. Sumeru is basked on Middle eastern, Soutth Asian and Northern African cultures. Though they “tried” to make some dark skin tones such as Kaeya, Xinyan, Cyno, Candace, etc. but I never feel like they are actually dark skin, I have a friend who’s skin is similar to that but was usually White other than getting herself tanned slightly. I come from an SE Asian and the inaccuracy in the skin tones are really not it for me. The game itself gets very boring as time to time. All I do now is do my daily commissions and log off. But I rarely do that now since I’ve lost interest. There’s no point in playing unless you have characters that does 10x the damages. Whenever I was gonna work on my account, I was usually not on the day to farm for the talents, etc. The domains thing with the day limit really annoys me, but maybe it’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game but I don’t usually plays it anymore due to the lack of excitement, I love the characters and the lore like I have said. It’s pretty exciting to play when you are an early player so I do recommend you playing! 3/5 stars for me due to the racism and the lack of excitement.

A beautiful game with great potential... BUT. Let’s get this out of the way: Genshin Impact is a beautifully crafted game with obvious love and passion behind it. The stories of the characters are compelling, the soundtrack is phenomal and ethereal, and the combat is satisying and challenging at the same time. I have played this game since launch and followed its progress since beta. I will not deny that this game is great. HOWEVER. I cannot help but worry about the direction this game is going. There seems to be more interest in putting more banners out and releasing more new characters and weapons than developing the amazing the story that got experienced gacha players like me amazed in the first place. This current event, the Lantern Rite, was so hyped up and I was finally ready for more interaction with the characters and the scenery of Liyue. Instead, we got missions with NPCs and barely any interaction with the characters of Liyue. Mihoyo, this game and the combat is fun, however if there is no more content for people to enjoy then eventually they’ll leave. We need replayable enjoyable content that isn’t spiral abyss, is FTP friendly, and engages the already existing characters. I really want to see this game succeed more and push the boundaries of gacha, but it will not happen if there is hardly any focus on story and character development in a game which thrived on that at launch.

TAKES UP SO MUCH SPACE. This game is great. The story, the visuals, the characters, the voice acting everything having to do with the actual gameplay is amazing and I love it so much. But… there is a huge flaw that come with this game and that is that it takes up a massive amount of space on what ever device you are playing on especially for Mobil players. I actually can’t fathom how people are able to consistently play this game on mobil without having to delete every other app on their phone or other Mobil device. The game itself as listed in the description only takes up like 3.7 GB of storage but once downloaded you need another probably….. 10 - 15 GB for the documents and data and even if you have that much space with every game update (that comes every 1-2 months) you need to download more data consisting of like another 3 GB each update. (All of this info pertains to Mobil but my friend downloaded it on PS4 and it was 90GB of data). Another thing is that if you don’t update the game you can’t play at all, it locks you out until you have enough room to update because most of the updates are story based and keep you moving on in the game. I really wish it it wasn’t such a huge game, I mean I understand why, but I actually can’t play because there just isn’t enough room on my iPad to keep updating even with almost EVERY SINGLE APP deleted.

Fun but no endgame. Genshin impact is a very fun game to play at your leisure. It has everything one could ask from a game; great looking characters, exploration, monster farming, and etc.. but genshin impact struggles the most with it’s endgame content. It has already been a year and spiral abyss is the only true endgame content in the game. The game is updated every 6 weeks and there is events so it’s not totally dry. Big but though, what is the point of farming and grinding when we have nothing to test our artifacts/abilities? People will start being able to easily full star spiral abyss and then that’s basically it for endgame content. There is no reason to farm or progress any further optimizing builds and everything. The only thing that keeps this game alive is it’s consistent updates and events. If this game wasn’t updated as frequently as it is then it would’ve been dead after a few months. Overall it’s a fun experience until you reach endgame and can easily clear spiral abyss. After that you will be consistently doing daily commissions and using all of your resin day by day which gets boring real fast. The events sometimes are fun but they are really hit or miss. I recommend this game to those who want to casually explore the story and contents of this beautiful game, not recommended for those looking for an endgame hard difficulty content.

It’s fun game but …. The game generally will be fun for new players. Since they would have a lot of content to go through, however, as soon as you reach the end game, there is nothing to do… from the company POV “they don’t want to create stress on players” and they did that by making the game generally easy then without adding new challenging content beside the abyss. It seems they are targeting casual players, and that wasn’t always their vision on the game since during the first year, the game had much more fighting events, they created complicated damaging system, it’s hard to build a character, and it has a complicated RNG system for the artifacts. All that would not attract casual players. But since then they changed the game vision probably it’s a business decision “to make more money” by raising the middle finger for the old players who really believed on the game since it’s first days. In my case, I played the game two years now and It takes forever to build your characters with god tier artifact, and it takes too much money to get a signature weapon and consolations.. but after you spending all this money, time and effort. Their is no challenging content all of what i spent was pointless. And yeah their is a cap on the Rank last AR is 60. The stupidest idea ever…

Lacking representation for the cultures it bases itself on. Iv been playing Genshin Impact since it’s first ever update. It has been a game iv enjoyed and have had fun with for a long time. I’ve put money into It multiple times and have dedicated hours to playing it. One of the things that has kept me playing is the characters and beautiful world. However, the game has its mechanic flaws and already had a lack of representation for both skin tones and body types. But with the upcoming nation it has already made it clear that they will not be providing the same level of research, care, and representation that is present in the previous regions. The lack of representation is extremely clear now. Many many fans of the game hoped that the release of Sumeru would provide us accurate portrayals and skin tones associated with the swana region it’s based on. Instead we have been shown a jumbled mess of countries thrown together. Mondstat is based on Germany, Liyue is based on China, and Inazuma is based on Japan, why couldn’t they have picked a specific country and accurate representation for Sumeru as well? All the npcs we have seen so far in the game and through teasers are all white with no hint to any characters having a variety of skin tones. This has upset me and many fans of the game. Frustrating enough that I will no longer be spending money on this game and am considering not playing at all unless changes are made. This game is hurting many people.

✨ The best mobile game I’ve ever played ✨. The title says it all folks— but seriously— I was really hesitant to play when I first found out about it because it was SO popular that I was worried I wasn’t gonna like it and I’d feel bad. I finally downloaded it a two months ago as a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday and I am AMAZED. Now before we get any further I have to mention that I do hyperfixate on things and that may cause me to sway in favor of the game as it is my current one. However! The game has far surpassed my expectations and is the first game I’ve ever been able to play for hours on end daily without feeling burnt out and bored. The story-based fantasy concept and characters really make this game special. (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have favorite characters) The voice acting is top notch, featuring familiar actors that make it just that much more incredible to me. The art style is fantastic and the game mechanics are so well done. Honestly— I’ve gotta say— it’s my favorite game. I’ve gotten so attached to the lore and the characters that it’d be very hard for me to put the game down until I’ve had my fill for the day. (Plus the Hu Tao rerun has me so excited!!!) Thank you Mihoyo for making such an awesome game!!

Beautiful and fun game!. I have been playing this beautiful open world game on my mobile phone for a while now. I love games where I can explore and this is perfect for that! I don’t have any lag issues (as long as my phone battery isn’t dying). I have heard people complain about the gachapon system, but I’ve only put in a small amount of money and I’m happy with what I’ve got back, you get free characters that are fun to play (my Lisa is level 70 and she’s one of my favorites), and they give out prims so that you can still use gachapon without using real money. My biggest complaint is the resource intensity, you have a team of 4 characters, you can only get their level-up-resources on certain days, and you can only dungeon run so many times a day (due to resin). If your whole team needs the same day, it can be really difficult. And if you’re say level 50, and you get a new character, you have to get all those resources and enough in-game-currency to level up that new character before you can play it, cause if they get attacked by a level 55 monster (which is perfect for your over all level), and they’re only like level 5, they’re going to die. So I find the restrictions on resources annoying. Otherwise it’s a great game!

Almost complete perfection. First of all, I just want to say that this game is a true work of art! The characters have great diverse personalities, the graphics are absolutely stunning, the story line and all the other leveling and adventures and or quests are all genius. miHoYo should be very proud of the work they did on this game, because it’s amazing. However, there are two things that I don’t like. First, the download. It takes A WHILE. If u are reading these, and are thinking “my games taking a while....” it’s not just you. The game is SO content packed that it takes so long to download. Then, there’s the in game download. This may occur only in certain devices, but the second download takes a while too. IMPORTANT- if the second download keeps stopping and throwing you out, it may give you a notice that you do not have enough device storage space. That happened to me when i tried getting this on my chrome book. The final thing that bugs me a bit is the difficulty of certain things. Like, it’s SOOOOO hard to get a five star. And some quests are a bit more challenging and annoying then others.. so watch out. Anyways, even with the negativities, this addictive game is worth every minute! Again, AMAZING game! Absolute genius! Ty for reading! Have fun!

Good game but. . .. Tl:dr Beautiful game but sucky leveling system and impossible special items. So I downloaded this game because I’d heard and seen so many good things about it. The graphics, open world and storyline are absolutely stunning. But the storyline came at a huge time expense. Complete the first chapter by level 3? Can’t proceed in the story till level 5. Finished chapter 2 by level 8? Sorry can’t continue till level 11. And believe me when I say the leveling system is slower than cold molasses. It took me literally 3 weeks of clearing daily quests and side quests before I could finish chapter 2. And another 4 weeks before I could finish chapter 3. Then there’s the issue of the character and weapon enhancing system. After a certain point weapons and characters need special items in order to continue advancing in power. Well let me tell you after searching and unlocking the current entire map (at the time anyway) and trading with people and crafting and going to the in game shops that exchanged special items for the items you needed I could not get my characters/weapons to progress any further to the point where I kept dying every 2 seconds. If you’re willing to put these things aside for the story and graphics then be my guest. But most people don’t have the patience to sit there and grind out something and get nowhere. That’s why I gave this a 3 star.

Thank you.. Dear developers, I’d like to start by thanking you for such an amazing game. I’ve learnt a lot of things in the game, the culture, traditions and style of each regions which represent specific locations in the world, my english dictionary has grown quite a lot, as well as Japanese. I’ve learnt a lot about other peoples’ troubles and how everyone solves their problems so I can use the knowledge in real life. The game also makes my day, it brings joy to me everytime I start my computes or phone and I see the Genshin icon. So again, thank you for the delightful experience.💞 On the other hand tho, as you’ve already seen from the other reviews and considering your 4.4 star rating (which will likely change depending on your next anniversary rewards), you most definitely have to bump up the amount of rewards we receive, especially Primogems. Its extremely hard to defeat some bosses to gain certain materials for some people, and by giving us more Primogems, we’ll be able to receive more characters and beat enemies and monsters rather more easily, which is also good for you because people might stress about it, get angry and leave a bad review, and even quit. Thank you for reading, please take the last recommendation into consideration, thank you.💞

A pleasant surprise to play!. When I first saw the game, I thought I’d be able to customize my character in similar ways to other games I’d played (changing physical appearance, ability, etc.); yet as I played the game, I found myself still enjoying it despite not having this ability. The story, animation style, battle tactics, monsters, and characters are all lovable and delightful! It feels like being in a movie or playing one of my Xbox games. Really well done to the creators. So far, my favorite character is Lisa for both her charm and powerful lighting strikes during combat. Keep up the great work! I would like to suggest the ability to possibly change clothing on characters as well so that it feels more personalized if that’s alright. One downside I will note is having to walk everywhere and how gliding takes up physical energy. I can understand swimming and such, but gliding? Yeah right. Anyway, walking around to different locations without having something shoot at or lunge at you is a bit much. Overall, I still enjoy it despite the walking aspects. Perhaps you guys could create different elemental mounts? Like not your traditional horses and stuff. I’m talking about like birds, lions, or unique creatures like that. Again, I’m no game designer and I figure they don’t want to hear my peas and cues, but just food for thought. Still love the game and the graphics. Well done!

It’s such a addicting and fun game!. I started playing not too long ago because my siblings play a lot and introduced it to me! I’m so glad they did! The graphics is unbelievable and they update so much so you won’t always get bored a lot! Some people say it crashes ur phone or it’s too glitchy! Well..I’m on phone and it doesn’t crash for me maybe try updating or play on a newer device! The characters are so cute and the quests are so challenging but that’s what makes it fun! You can have a collection in the game or even level up your characters. It does take lots of battery but that’s a small problem. Also, it takes long to download because it’s a open world game which is so cool! My favorite character right now is Diona!! So cute!! You can also play with your friends or help each other out! What’s even better is that now you have a daily reward!! I also saw some comments on like why or how to get swords or characters, well by doing quests or commissions! You can buy wishes in the shop or get them as a reward!! By wishing you can get cool stuff and by telling if something is good they rate it off by stars. Like some of the characters are 5 stars for example. (But they are really hard to get) I hope this review was helpful! Stay safe!

One of the Best Mobile Games of the Year! 💖. I've searched the app store for months for an open-world game with good graphics, good characters, and fun battle mechanics, and this game comes along out of nowhere and immediately checks all of those boxes! This game is gorgeous, there's so much to do, and I ended up falling in love with each and every unique character. I have to admit, though, the chance to unlock a 5-star character is a little too low for my taste, but what makes up for it is the fact that you can play through the game without paying a cent for new characters and still have a wonderful, fun-filled experience. I also wanna note that this is a very large game that needs a lot of space and battery to run at its full potential. But I think that a few gigabytes of space is definitely worth it for this amazing title. Even if there's no enemies to defeat, I still find myself immersed, just exploring and taking in the beautiful scenery. There's even extra lore in the form of books to collect and read! The amount of content given to you at the start is incredible, especially for a free-to-play game, and new stories and characters are added regularly! In times like these, this is the perfect game to unwind with, and I can't wait to see what's in store for this game in the future!

Great but bad practice. The game itself is absolutely amazing. Good combat and what not, but the business practices are outright horrendous. It’s not bad because it’s a Gacha game, that in it of itself is loot box territory but it’s the fact that the company outright refuses to listen to community feedback. They make it almost impossible to truly have the most fun without spending money. Not only that but, rewards for very big events are laughably inconsiderate. Take the anniversary situation for example, you can only get anything truly worthwhile if you’re an artist or content creator, well newsflash not everyone is. And even then your chances of actually getting anything are still statistically almost 0%. I don’t understand what their aversion to giving the community literally anything is. They have never really given the community as a whole anything that great. It even lures you into thinking you’ll get something cool in your birthday only to find that when that day comes you get a cake that really doesn’t actually do anything. Like I get it you have to make money so you can’t constantly give away free stuff, but every once in a while wouldn’t hurt you’ve made billions already. I have had this game since it launched and never have I seen them do anything really all that good for the community, in respect to events or anything, in fact most events are also community run, they don’t actually do anything!!! It is extremely frustrating!

Runs pretty good on mobile 💃. I think the game is super fun and in the past few weeks I’ve already gotten to ar 31! I love the characters and story lines, the only complaints I have are about the gacha and the mobile app. The gacha system isn’t too bad compared to other but it definitely isn’t the best. To get a 5 star character you want is extremely hard if you don’t have luck. Having to spend money for more primo gems to get something good is inevitable. Every 90 wishes guarantees you a 5 star but that’s only if you’re wishing on the same banner. And that 5 star isn’t guaranteed to be a character. The free characters you get while playing the game are descent, but the characters obtained from wishes are definitely more desirable. The mobile app is great except occasionally it glitched and kicks me out of the game. The loading screen had been working fine until recently, whenever I try to play I have to wait on the white loading screen for about 2 minutes before actually being able to play. Which isn’t bad but it definitely isn’t practical. The other thing is when one of the story lines includes “animations scenes” or some bigger scenes it always glitches on my iPad. Which is such a bummer because I would love to see the beautiful scenes 🥺. My I pad is fairly new being a gen 7 so I guess there are some glitches to be expected since it’s mobile and not a pc. But overall I love this game to death and the cute characters that come along :))

I wish I could give a better review.. I really do wish I could rate this higher. First off, though, is I’ll list the things I found very good. The graphics are great during game play and the storyline is interesting. Now, sadly, the things I find lacking. I play on a first generation iPad Pro updated to iPadIS 15.0, so I would think the animated opening and cutscenes would play well. They don’t. The are s]choppy and staticky and I only get about a quarter of the animation and barely half of the dialogue and music. Second, the game controls are abysmal. Much of the time when I think I’m moving towards a navigation point, I’m moving away from it. And I don’t mean having to follow paths to get there. I mean I aim my pointer towards the waypoint, start moving and I get further away instead of closer. I have similar issues with combat, especially the magic as I’ll tap the button while facing my enemies and the spell shoots off to the side. Trying to use inventory is equally laborious and nonsensical. After barely two days of trying to play and getting hopelessly lost beside a cliff face, I uninstalled the game. Which brings up one last gripe. I downloaded the app, which then needed to download a 163 megabyte patch, then an 8.6 gigabyte chunk of game data before I could even attempt to play. If other people like the game, I’m glad for them. While I like most JRPG-style games, this one, sadly, is not for me.

Maybe increase the drop rates?. I really love this game but sometimes I kinda feel a little bad about some people complaining about the drop rates. I agree that this game is an amazing game for a free one. Which I think would probably make it one of the best mobile games. Although this is kinda of a complaint, this doesn’t mean I don’t like the game. You should keep in mind that a lot of games have flaws and I know people are always trying to fix them. Since there will be a lot more regions and places to explore, you would probably need better characters and equipment right? Since the game will get a whole lot harder in the future (and have a ton of more content), I feel like increasing drop rates or adding things for f2p people who don’t want to put money in the game. I’ve been playing since the release and even though I don’t always play, I’ve only gotten a 5 star character and sword. And I have only spent my primo gems on summoning which I think is saying something. I do know that 5 star characters and weapons aren’t always the best but usually, they have good base stats and abilities. I do like using 4 star characters though. Although, keep in mind that this issue will probably be resolved in the future because there will probably be more chances to get better characters and weapons and 4 stars aren’t all that bad anyways.

Best Open World game. I’ve played a lot of games, and often get bored easily. but mihoyo has done it again. Honkai is a great game, but it can’t compare the the open world, free playing style of genshin. i play mobile and console and both are fantastic and besides a few harmless( and hilarious) glitches the game and its graphics are incredible. i’ve been playing for about three months plus now, and i’ve logged in every spare moment. I love finding the Geoculus/Anemoculus and i often find myself exploring rather than doing quests! The story itself is no slouch. I adore the way each character fits into the story somehow and manages to add to the plot of the main story. Plus the excitement of new characters/reruns every two weeks keeps you hooked! Leveling is hard when you’re a new player, but once you get to level 18-20 and you’re familiar with mechanics and artifacts—you can’t help but fly through the levels. Besides the fear of being too under leveled in your own world, the f2p (free to play) choice and co op are so enticing that a friend of mine convinced our whole friend group to join! if you’re even considering downloading this game, you should try it out asap. you won’t regret it! (unless you fall into the hands of the gacha system;;; i’m no longer f2p😪)

Mihoyo/hoyolab/hoyoverse, please get your priorities checked.. So, to start off, Like many other people, you should prioritize players’ opinions instead of doing stuff nobody asked for. For example, many people are complaining about the resin system, though this is not much of a problem for me, it is for people with a high Adventure Rank. The banner system and story is nice and organised, but you should make it easier to get 5 stars, or atleast make a banner that in which you can only get characters, Also, The game is great but honestly, get your priorities straight, or else you might lose your mobile community. For example, most people are not gonna have enough storage space to be able to update the game once you finally finish the game. It says that the game itself is 4gb but in reality, it download over 14gb of data. You might say thats normal, You might be right, but thats an absurd amount of expectancy of determination from mobile players, people who bought 1tb of storage space on an iPhone are very lucky, but im not one of those people, also, it says that your game only supports iPhone 8 and beyond, but im on an iPhone 6s from 2015, and the game works just fine. Side note: i used to play on ps4, but not now.

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I've been playing this game for like a year and a half, and it's still just as fun as it was when I first played. It's absolutely MAGICAL. There are constant events and updates, which gives a pretty steady stream of free primogems, which is the main currency used to wish for characters (gacha system). There's almost always an event going on, and even if there's not, there's *TONS* of stuff to do. World exploration, reputation, farming artifacts or materials, fighting domains, questing, oculus or electro/dendro sigils.. it's amazing. Hoyoverse isn't just doing events or characters either, which I really respect. They're constantly adding more quests, and they also release new areas at a shockingly good rate. The graphics are beautiful, and the music has a nostalgic feel even if you've just heard it for the first time. The characters are AMAZING, and there's a character for literally everyone. And if you get burnout and leave the game for a while like I did, when you come back, it'll be amazing all over again. Coming back is just as magical as starting for the first time. The story is super immersive and beautiful, and it's just getting better! The newer quests are INCREDIBLE and I have to admit I teared up. TLDR: play it rn because you won't regret it <3

Absolutely Astonishing... but. This game is a whole wonderland of amazing and gorgeous. The graphics are exquisite and the fact that such perfect quality graphics can run at such a high frame rate on a phone is just incredible. Truly some of the most difficult feats a game can manage, yet this one does. On the PC, the experience is even better. The soundtrack, the individuality between the characters (birthdays, names, voices, stories, etc.), the multitude of different weapons, all with different animations with different characters; it's all just so wonderful. Unfortunately, while this game is definitely a 5 star rating, in my opinion, it could use some work. Keybinds, while they're all customizable, fail to recognize mouse buttons as keys, and therefore render my mouse buttons pointless. I'd like to use those buttons, y'know. Also, I think the game could do well with more outfit choices. Currently, only Barbara and Jean have different purchasable outfits (to my knowledge), and as someone who looks forward to character customization almost as much as the whole game, I'd like a larger selection. Those are just my opinions, though! Still a beautiful game. Growing up on World of Warcraft, this game reminds me a lot of it, and that makes me like this game even more.

AMAZING GAMEEE JUST ONE ISSUE. To everyone who rated Genshin 1 star yesterday, I hope you know that changed literally nothing. The game does not premote pedos. Venti, for example, takes on the form of a human that is NOT a minor. The same is for ganyu and xiao. Neither of their human forms are minors. Of course, there are charecters like klee and diona, but they have nothing offensive other then their skin color. This brings me to an issue. During the recent Sumeru event, we got charecters that should have been darker-skinned. However, we got charecters like Kusanali that were whiter that chalk. Pleas make charecters have darker skin. But, its an amazing game. To everyone saying that there is not enough content, this game was not designed for you. It was designed for people to get online to do their commissions or a bit of the archon quest during a quick break for maybe 5-10 minutes. Also, you have to take into account all of the work they usually do. This game has INSANE graphics and has mouthwatering food, a wide spread of personality through charecters, and a huge map plus a customizable teapot to build in. Plus, genshin is now giving us long awaited charecters and a entire anime. Although some things are wrong, this game is altogether an amazing platform.

One of the best Gacha/RPG games!! :D. To be completely honest, I absolutely love this game in so many different ways! I feel like Genshin Impact has such an amazing story line and plot that fits along with every aspect. I love the top-notch graphics and scenery which creates such beautiful visuals that really brings the entire game to a thriving life— Not only does the outstanding graphics impress me, but the background sound effects and voice lines are also extremely beautiful! The characters are also highly detailed with different features that distinguishes them each, I even adore that each character has their own story and background to which shaped them to who they are present. Totally recommend this game if you want to play an RPG game with engaging fighting scenes and stunning scenery. Not only just the sceneries I suggest, but also the story lines and the lore all behind it, almost every quest and plot connects to the unraveling mysteries that lie within Teyvat! That is what really makes Genshin Impact such an engaging game that keeps you occupied in your journey through a vast— and stunning world that will take you everywhere. Barely any mistakes or imperfections I see within the game. If you seem interested, please give it a shot and experience the artistic and magnificent world of Teyvat!

So.. To start off, great game.. I'm starting this off saying 4 stars because although i play on pc and never have storage issues, i do know when i use my phone it lags so hard my phone literally glitches. Other than that it's insanely good. Mihoyo/Hoyoverse had done so much with the storyline and the cutscenes and graphics are absolutely insane. The storyline gets me everytime. It's immersive. I go into every patch update thinking, "ah okay i'll play for an hour or two just to get the new island unlocked". Suddenly it's 5am.! There is just so so so much to do it's amazing. I've been playing since patch 1.5 (AR57), as of writing this we're in patch 2.5 and this game has grown so much. I don't think newer players will ever get bored. 8/10 in my book. Well you might ask, "why not a 10/10.?" well for one the storage issue but also the lack of primogem sources. I pay into this game a lot so i personally don't care but for f2p and low spenders it makes it incredibly hard to get good units, including 5 stars and sig weapons. Other than that I love this game. I've been playing for almost a year and i do not regret it. If you're looking for a fun, immersive, game that will lock you in, PLAY GENSHIN IMPACT. and if you EVER struggle.. well that's what co-op and endgame players like me are there for. Step into the vast world of Teyvat and have some fun.!

New Player. So, new player here. I’ve seen this with many other reviews in many other games, where the inexperienced players misunderstand something and they criticize the game for something that shouldn’t be criticized. That’s why I’m sorry if there’s any problems in this review. Anyway, I want to talk about the problems first. In the cutscenes, like the starting intro (where you explain your story to Emergency Food, aka Paimon) it was lagging like crazy. Literally every three seconds the screen would freeze, or the animation would sort-of glitch. The same thing happened when Emergency Food and I read the gliding manual that Amber gave us. I’m annoyed by this because it’s hard for me to clearly understand what exactly is going on! The audio keeps running during the freeze and then after it doesn’t match. The other thing is very small- the graphics are kinda girly... A pet peeve, if you will. I know this is your style and everything, so you shouldn’t change it. But just a little thought. Other than that, the game is great. Weapons look awesome, characters are amazing, the storyline is awesome. Progression at first is fast, and slows down after, which is a good feature to hook players at first but not make it too easy. I like this game!

Best game with a hint of that Zelda vibe. This is by far the greatest mobile game out there, and at first I thought it was another anime game, but upon further inspection and some gameplay I’m now addicted to it, and it’s a pretty good game to be addicted to, from the high quality art and views to the rich backgrounds that make a character who they are is just mind-blowing, because the media had never seen anything like this. While playing the game though, I realized some things. If you’ve played legend of Zelda breath of the wild, you’ll understand, but if not, just follow along. I feel this game gives a very clear legend of Zelda breath of the wild vibe to it, because they are alike in ways like a survival game and that you loot and scavenge for materials and you can face monsters around the map, and that you can CLIMB(something you don’t see in an everyday game) swim and lots of other ways to get around the island. It’s also similar in the fact that you can glide, although it is taken a lot more seriously. Now, don’t get the wrong message, legend of Zelda breath of the wild will be a part of my childhood, so the fact that it gives me that vibe makes it so much more better. I hope that mihoyo will make lots of more games like this in the future and I wait for what’s in store!

It’s good. The game starts pretty easy but gets incredibly harder as it updates, i started without knowing anything about it and didn’t know how to make characters stronger besides leveling them up and leveling the weapons up. I would’ve liked a warning about how annoying it is to make characters stronger but it was my fault for not doing research. For an anime game that profits off of visuals when it comes to scenery and characters the scenery is done really well but the characters lack a bit of diversity and seem to follow only 5 different formats wich is small girl, medium girl, medium guy, tall girl, tall guy. And although I love it I wish it was at least even. It seem a lot of people are mad because of how non diverse it is when it comes to poc. I think they should remember that this is just a game. And although it’s based on real places it doesn’t owe anything to anyone. It’s supposed to be a different world so obviously it’s mechanics are different. We will probably get more poc but i think people are taking things too serious for a game. And if they just carelessly make poc it would make even more people mad. You guys should remember it is a game that’s meant to be fun and getting all serious about representation might make the represent us bad instead of doing it carefully

amazing game. I think people forget this is a free game. There isn’t always going to be new stuff constantly. It’s the player’s fault for speed running the game. It’s continuously being updated and it has a massive road map. Complaining about finishing it all isn’t going to do anything for you. Mihoyo isn’t going to suddenly add new stuff just because you’ve done everything. I agree there should be permanent mini games and such but it’s a free game you’re not going to get some amazing perfect no lag game that’s this big for free. The exploration is amazing and sometimes i just go through and walk around for fun. You don’t need to spend money to play but that is the point of the game. All gacha games are meant to be spent on. Yes there are f2p options but if it has gacha there’s an incredibly high chance that you aren’t going to get free rewards and free characters. They don’t want to give free things because that’s the point of the game. You’re supposed to save and make smart choices on who you want to roll for unless you do spend lots of money. This game is amazing and it get way too much criticism because of how greedy people are. They aren’t going to cradle you and give you prizes just for playing their game.

By far the best gacha game I have ever seen, let alone played.. A huge open world with a truly massive amount to find, deceptively-simple-yet-engrossing mechanics and gameplay, unexpectedly-high production values, beautiful graphics; the list of reasons to like this game goes on and on. Even the gacha system manages to avoid being obtrusive or even annoying, providing the player with enough in-game currency to routinely make use of gacha draws without requiring any financial investment, and unlike most gacha games the characters and items acquired through the storyline and side-quests are enough on their own not just to enjoy the game, but to thrive; the one thing that I have not seen the game provide automatically that can be considered necessary (a heavy-weapons user to break up rocks and mining deposits) can be swiftly acquired early and for free from a special, beginners-only gacha draw. Genshin Impact isn’t just good for a free-to-play game, or good for a gacha game, or good for a phone game (though it is all of these things); Genshin Impact is good by any standard. My only regret is that I couldn’t find a way to link my account on the PS4 to the one my phone uses (the two versions of which are almost indistinguishable; no cut-rate port from more powerful machines here!).

A amazing game♥︎ but... I honestly love this game and the characters design and gameplay is amazing! But I honestly have a few problems, the first problem is that, getting 5 star characters seems a little bit too hard! It’s difficult to get 90 pity in 1 banner and to just loose my 50/50 to another 5 star, it hurts and I’m pretty sure other people who really want their dream character can relate. The second problem is the character designs, in my opinion I think we need more plus-sized and darker skin tone characters and sometimes I feel like the designs are stereotypical! Im really tired of mihoyo just having one different design and then they change it for something that they’re not and I’ve heard a lot of people saying ganyus og design was plus-size and you changed it. Third problem is sometimes when your adventure rank is higher the quests get WAYYY harder then they need to! Kinda the dragonspine quest and a lot of inazuma quests and boss fights. My last problem is storage, for mobile players Genshin can take up more than 13 GB, which is a lot and I’m pretty sure Genshin is killing a lot of mobile players storage, including me. But other than that, I love this game and I cant stop playing! I hope you realize the problems soon mihoyo.

Love it. I first downloaded this game bc my friends were really into it. When I first figured it out the game I thought it was hopeless. I felt that I would never get my dream characters bc it was to hard. But then I found out the best ways to get primos, and the concept of not wishing every single time I get 160 primos. Then I started finding what characters I liked and I was gonna pull for. And ofc it’s a beautiful game and then graphics are amazing. Even playing on my phone they are still amazing. Not just the characters, the quests and exploration are also super fun. I’ve only been playing the game for 3 months so I’m still kinda early on. The one thing about this game that could be a problem is the amount of storage it takes up. I can’t even download it on my iPad bc it takes up 20+ gigabytes. But if u have a device where you have enough to download it, it’s totally worth it. And if u don’t like it u can just delete it and u have all ur storage back. I would also like to add that it at least for me is way less addictive then other popular video games. Now it is still addictive. But I find that I don’t feel I have to play for hours everyday. To conclude this review, I love this game a would definitely recommend it!!

Absolutely Fantastic. People are calling this game “anime Legend of Zelda,” which is pretty much true. It is so fantastic and honestly I’m so in love with it. The storyline, combat, graphics, everything is great! The fact that you can switch characters to fight certain elements is something that I really like, especially with the really amazing voice acting that comes with it. I haven’t been this invested in a game in a while and I’m ready to play it through and through. I haven’t found any glitches yet so far so that’s Great! One thing I will say, though, is that I really am excited for this to come out on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. I kind of hope it could come out on Mac but Mac has been kind of complicated recently and various games have been becoming incompatible with it due to new updates. I also would love it if mounts were a thing. Even if horses can’t be programmed into the game, at least a hoverboard or something that goes equally as fast as the running speed. This game, I understand, just got released so there’s still obviously more things to do, so I can’t wait to see what more there is to come! I love everything about this game, I forgot to say how glorious the music is, too, and I’m just honestly amazed. Anyways, weeb/geek rant over. I’m just too happy with this game.

Great game overall, few flaws. Hello I’m gonna start this off by saying this game is great, I absolutely love the graphics and the work you put into all the characters, bosses, etc. But there is a few problems I do have with the game, past AR 45 (leveling system that they use for the game) has not much content other then waiting for new characters and quests to come out, mostly while we wait all we really have is collecting all the oculi (used for leveling up statues of the seven) and chests which really isn’t that fun to do. Now don’t get me wrong this is a great game and the graphics are amazing and all around is a pretty good game yet the game lacks content after you reach AR 45 and above once you add more regions though then the game will be more fun and interactive out of the 356 days I’ve had this game I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Overall great game, few flaws, also if your expecting me to bash them over the anniversary rewards that’s no way to get what you want and if I’m gonna be honest getting a free 5 star (typically the best characters) takes the joy of getting it away if you already know your gonna get it. Have a wonderful day developers and anyone who’s reading this and continue making this game a wonderful experience thank you!

I love this game!. Hi! You may know me as K o k I c h i or LunaMoon and yes I do play genshin all my pics are from my gameplay but let’s get onto the best things about the game, THE GRAPHICS KILL ME WITH BEAUTY ITS WAYYY BETTER THAN POKÉMON UNITE GRAPHICS 2. I love the characters and the land of teyvat every detail is the best! From the detail to the anything in teyvat and the detail on the characters detail it just- wow I never saw anything like this before! 3. Oh my lord did someone send me to heaven? Cause OH MY GOD I CAN PULL (I have a pulling addiction-) and pulling for the characters I love and being haunted by tighnari on my main account just I’m so happy! 4. THE CHAT EMOJIS- NAHH- I NEED THEM FOR OTHER GAMES I NEED ALL THE PACKS IMA FLEX THEM IN MY USERNAMES JUST THERE SO CUTE my favorites have to be the heizou kazuha (leaf kazoo) and xiao 5. Ok- i know these are complements yes but I really want to send pictures in chat like- I got funny tartaglia zhongli and lumine photos and I want to annoy the heck outa my friends with them and let them why i nearly have sanity but- I never had my own electronic sooo I don’t have a number and if I don’t- can’t send them it.. so it would be very great to have pictures allowed in chat! Now I don’t have anything else to say but I will get more to say someday bye! And hope you have a amazing day! Sorry this is very long

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
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Play Store com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

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The applications Genshin Impact was published in the category Games on 2020-09-26 and was developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 1599719156]. This program file size is 3.47 GB. This app has been rated by 425,200 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Genshin Impact - Games app posted on 2023-01-17 current version is 3.4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact. Languages supported by the app:

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Version 3.4 "The Exquisite Night Chimes" is now available! New Characters: Alhaitham and Yaoyao New Event: Version Main Event "The Exquisite Night Chimes" and Daily Login Event "May Fortune Find You" New Area: Desert of Hadramaveth New Outfits: Kamisato Ayaka's outfit "Springbloom Missive" and Lisa's outfit "A Sobriquet Under Shade" New Boss: Setekh Wenut New Weapon: Light of Foliar Incision

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