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Step into Teyvat, a vast world teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy.

You and your sibling arrived here from another world. Separated by an unknown god, stripped of your powers, and cast into a deep slumber, you now awake to a world very different from when you first arrived.

Thus begins your journey across Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven — the gods of each element. Along the way, prepare to explore every inch of this wondrous world, join forces with a diverse range of characters, and unravel the countless mysteries that Teyvat holds...


Climb any mountain, swim across any river, and glide over the world below, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery each step of the way. And if you stop to investigate a wandering Seelie or strange mechanism, who knows what you might discover?


Harness the seven elements to unleash elemental reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo interact in all sorts of ways, and Vision wielders have the power to turn this to their advantage.

Will you vaporize Hydro with Pyro, electro-charge it with Electro, or freeze it with Cryo? Your mastery of the elements will give you the upper hand in battle and exploration.


Feast your eyes on the world around you, with a stunning art style, real-time rendering, and finely tuned character animations delivering you a truly immersive visual experience. Lighting and weather change naturally over time, bringing every detail of Teyvat to life.


Let the beautiful sounds of Teyvat draw you in as you explore this expansive world. Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the soundtrack changes seamlessly with the time and gameplay to match the mood.


Team up with a diverse cast of characters, each with unique personalities, stories, and abilities. Discover your favorite party combinations and level up your characters to help you vanquish even the most daunting of enemies.


Play together with friends across various platforms to trigger more elemental action, tackle tricky boss fights, and conquer challenging domains together to reap rich rewards.

As you stand atop the peaks of Jueyun Karst and take in the rolling clouds and vast terrain stretching out before you, you may wish to stay in Teyvat a little longer... But until you are reunited with your lost sibling, how can you rest? Go forth, Traveler, and begin your adventure!


If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center.
Customer Service Email:
Official Site:


Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air (4th generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (2nd generation), iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation), iPad Pro (11-inch) (4th generation), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation), and iPad (8th generation).

Available Text Languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai.

Available Voiceover Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English (Voiceover and text language can be changed independently).

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Genshin Impact Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New Characters: Albedo and Ganyu New Area: Dragonspine New Event: The Chalk Prince and the Dragon New Domain: Domain of Blessing - Peak of Vindagnyr New Artifact Sets: Blizzard Strayer and Heart of Depth - Fixes some known bugs in the game. - Optimizes stability of the game client.

Genshin Impact Comments & Reviews

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- My Favorite Game ❤️❤️

Besides everything that people say, this game is amazing! I love that there is constant gameplay. There is so much intel on everything, makes you actually understand what you need to do for leveling up. I will say there are some stuff I would love to include, such as... Having a trading system for a better way to buy stuff especially rations. I always have those going down. And the villages don’t restock as fast when I am doing back to back events. I would also like if we could actually do quests in multiplayer. I feel like that would be awesome. Because of just how much power they hold, it would be nice to have some backup. But this app literally contains so much stuff to adventure in. You can interact with literally everything! I love that I can play with my friend and help them battle out some of the creatures around the map. I do say, you might have to watch tutorials just to get the basics. But then it is like an easy reflex to figure everything out. And the graphics of this game is also out of this world. It is kinda laggy being in multiplayer and on call. But all of that I still have an excellent gameplay. And I love the character design, thought I think the main characters could have more avatar options. I wish we could decorate our main character or find people who could give us clothes to buy. Thank you for this game it is such a joy to just have something to do and leveling up my characters!

- The most impressive game I’ve ever played.

Words cannot describe how impeccable this game is. I have never in my life seen a game quite like genshin. The graphics are ‘Breath of the Wild’ tier (seriously), the game runs extremely smooth with rarely any lag at all, the story is fascinating and exciting, the character development is phenomenal, and it is overall extremely gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. I have played hundreds of rpg games, most of which I payed money for, and none of them have even come close to the quality and beauty of this game. There is so much attention to detail in every little part that it is so hard to not fall in love with (there’s cooking, characters to acquire, storylines to follow, constellations to unlock, mini side stories to collect all in the world in the form of books - just to name a few). NOT TO MENTION ITS FREE. I have never once received an ad while playing the game, nor does it spam your screen constantly with in game purchases. One of my favorite parts of this game is all of the voice acting. Pretty much every character has a voice over, which makes it feel so much more real. They all have their own personalities and traits which make them so much more personal and interesting. I have not found one thing to complain about with this game yet, and tbh I don’t think I ever will. This game is truly fantastic and a beautiful work of art. 10/10 recommend to anyone. You won’t regret downloading this game, trust me.

- Super addicting

I wish I found out about this game later when more stuff is released, that way I could grind for that much longer. I’m AR 37 and this game is super fun. I’ve spent an average of 5 hours or so everyday playing this game since I got it. I loved BOTW, it was one of my fave games, and this was obviously inspired by it, but other parts of Genshin make it unique in its own way. Great character personalities and designs, great story, and funny, interesting dialogue, entertaining gameplay... this is why it’s so addicting. I love Childe and Xiao they’re so cute. And I would’ve expected Paimon to be annoying, but she is actually really fun to have as my guide and her sassy attitude is amazing lol. Despite the traveler being silent, his replies are sassy and hilarious as well— to Paimon and to other characters in general. I’m glad his voice was added in the the voice over section of the game with Paimon. UGH, this game is just so good and I’m going to be sad once I run out of things to do on it since the game is so new. My only complaint is the ridiculous rates on Gacha. They’re not kidding when it says the chance to get a five star is .6 percent or whatever. At least make it 1 percent because dang... also, make artifacts and weapons a little bit more accessible as well. Otherwise, this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. I’m happy for Mihoyo’s huge success in sales in this game as well! I’m so grateful for u guys and keep producing great content!! 💖💖

- The most successful open world game

In my many years of trying to find games to play on the phone and ACTUALLY being satisfied and having something to play till 3 am. Genshin Impact has shown me that I waited long enough, the game asked me to write a review but I just couldn’t stop playing at the time. I have a few suggestions but the game doesn’t need major changes the updates are spontaneous but that is to come of a new game so it’s not a complaint, if you’re looking for a game that you can like and that has beautiful graphics along with fighting mechanics then this is your game. With the dungeons and monsters and many different places to visit it’s even fun just running around looking at the world, although one suggestion I have is that instead of just food to heal your party members why not add craftable health potions and such so my character doesn’t feel sick when eating so much 😂. The purity and smooth play of the game is phenomenal though, I’ve already suggested it to a dozen people and I think this game has greater potential, on the other hand I was opening this was a open world multiplayer aswell, but the story says otherwise. If you need to relax and relieve stress this is the game, but if you want to play with friends and find people to meet you better have them added or you’ll be alone like I am! All in all having a better friends system would be awesome but the game itself is phenomenal! Paimon is so Kawaii!!!!!

- Amazing! But...

So. The only problem I have with this game is the overwhelming lag that this game brings to the phone. If you guys could really fix this, I’d be very happy, cause I was Interested to see all of the amazing animations that you guys could bring to such a magnificent game as this one. Plus, it should be brought to my attention that you should get the material for wishes easier. I have been trying my hardest, but I always seem to get nothing, although I just do quests and stuff that don’t have them. (I understand that this is a very early version of the game, and your improving it.) Also, VERY. good job on the character models for this game. Honestly, this is the first ever good RPG game, making the fact that all the others were not very good, since it limits you to a lobby, not experiencing the world, and just fighting. I would also like to add, something That would improve this game a lot is if you guys had different Customizations. Like Clothes, Wing Gliders (there are 3 available so, I guess I have a wrong point there) And much more! It would seem to me so fun if there was a whole variety to this game. Also, Amazing game on the characters. I really like all of them, and I favor this game a lot. As being one of your big fans, please take these ideas into suggestion and improve the game early on! I would love to see this game being one of the most played games in the world ! ! I hope the best of luck to you guys!

- Runs pretty good on mobile 💃

I think the game is super fun and in the past few weeks I’ve already gotten to ar 31! I love the characters and story lines, the only complaints I have are about the gacha and the mobile app. The gacha system isn’t too bad compared to other but it definitely isn’t the best. To get a 5 star character you want is extremely hard if you don’t have luck. Having to spend money for more primo gems to get something good is inevitable. Every 90 wishes guarantees you a 5 star but that’s only if you’re wishing on the same banner. And that 5 star isn’t guaranteed to be a character. The free characters you get while playing the game are descent, but the characters obtained from wishes are definitely more desirable. The mobile app is great except occasionally it glitched and kicks me out of the game. The loading screen had been working fine until recently, whenever I try to play I have to wait on the white loading screen for about 2 minutes before actually being able to play. Which isn’t bad but it definitely isn’t practical. The other thing is when one of the story lines includes “animations scenes” or some bigger scenes it always glitches on my iPad. Which is such a bummer because I would love to see the beautiful scenes 🥺. My I pad is fairly new being a gen 7 so I guess there are some glitches to be expected since it’s mobile and not a pc. But overall I love this game to death and the cute characters that come along :))

- Great Game!

So at first I was going to play this on PC, yet my computer is pretty slow and this game doesn’t work very well on it, so I usually play in my phone. So far I’m at Adventure Rank 27, and I’ve had almost no problems with the game. The storyline is great and there’s almost always something to do whether it’s the main story, side quests, daily commissions, or just exploring. The one thing that’s bad about this, as I’ve seen mentioned a lot before, is the resin system. The resin is the main part of the game that helps you level faster, but it regenerates at 1 per 8 minutes with a limit of 120. This can lead to a boring hour of just wandering and waiting for the resin to regenerate. Now onto the effect it has on my device. I’ve seen others say that it heats up your device pretty quickly, but I’d say it’s only a tiny bit faster at heating your device up as other games are. Now the devise I use is an IPhone SE that I got in October 2020, so it’s fairly new and had lots of storage when I decided to download. I’m glad I had lots of storage available because this game takes up around 4GB and more of storage on your device. The 4GB was expected thought because of the amazing game graphics and quality of gameplay, which at first glance does not look like it could fit on a mobile device. I’ll continue to play the game and I can’t wait for new updates and more stories!

- Surprised

I’m one of those people who Judges a game by its video/screenshots/price/platform rather than description so at first, I personally thought it was some copy or ripoff of another game that costs 60$ more that will be left unnamed, but it’s much different. There are some things I would love changes too like, you don’t start with so much stuff, you can have two to three characters out as an a.i. that you can switch to when you need them for a puzzle or you want to get them out of a predicament instead of having one out at a time and hear characters that may not be there, with that edition you could have a healer and strategize rather than switching to what you need when you need it out of nowhere. Another thing is that the gameplay and story through me off from how original and fun it was for a game I was initially going to play as a time waster. I would quiet enjoy to have more skins for your characters and voiced dialogue/more story into the main character instead of a random flying thing that always seems starved. I love the mystery so if you are into that sort of thing I think that you would like it although even with fast travel, travel is quiet annoying and unfortunately, I have no ideas for that TL/DR: You should play because of story and animations if not because it’s free PS: I played this on PS4 though I tried it on iPhone, and I didn’t like the controls

- Amazing game but there is flaws

Many people play this on mobile complain how slow the updates is but personally I see it as it’s also a pc game as well ( I play mobile due to my pc is not good enough to load it apparently). Things take time to make and program and compare to those mmo rpgs online back in the days it’s reasonably paced. The graphic is amazing, story is decent too. The only thing I personally don’t like is the summon system. How rare it is to get a 5*. I personally don’t spend money on games unless I feel this game is WORTH the money (aka if I truly enjoy it and not just cuz of op/cute characters) let’s be real majority of mmorpgs require grind and wait and ... stuff, this is the same. If you like to get op really fast and then blow pass people and play few min a day with all the 5* summons.. I’m sorry go download some idle game instead because you are NOT gonna play long in this (plus it’s a waste of money...) The energy system is a little annoying due to once you are out... no more dungeon runs for artifact/upgrade material but there is bosses, other materials to get so it’s ok. Plus it’s not good to game all day so it’s good to limit game play a little for people can enjoy the little things in life and relax a little. Over all this game to me is a full 5* thank you for whoever read this to the end since I know majority of the people are too lazy to pay attention.

- Astounding.

I never usually play these kinds of games. Lately even, I’ve been playing things like Escape from Tarkov and have been fiddling around in Conan Exiles. But this game is insane. Maybe I’m crazy, but at first I thought it would be one of those overcrowded mmo’s with a poorly written story but I have been and stayed intrigued in even side quests! The music is beautiful, the way it was written so well for all the different places and events, I love the effort they put into it. Graphics are pretty good, they’re not intended to be top of the line realistic or anything so for the type of game it is, the graphics are quite beautiful. This is a game where you’re not required to pay to play (of course, it makes things easier), despite it being free. You can actually earn currency and things such as primogems just from quests and exploring, and leveling up becomes really difficult after a while but it’s obviously still possible. The game is all around easy to grasp and the characters are each unique and well made. I’ve been glued to this game for the past few weeks and that’s saying something for myself. I usually like a game for a couple days and throw it away. But this, I haven’t played a game this much since Divinity II and Ark. I really love everything that has been put into this game and can’t wait to see where it goes.

- Amazing game ever!! but one problem...

Hello, so um I started playing this game for a week and a half and it’s very impressive to be honest. I love everything about it although there’s not much I can say because this game is already amazing as EVER, the animations of the characters are hella awesome but problem is when it gets to the animation part it lags and slows down the animation and the voices are still going on- and when I log in and start playing for like 5 to 10 Minutes it just restarts and I’m back in my background of my device I have this problem ever since I started Genshin Impact. I’ve played Honkai Impact as well but no problems with it. At the same time I’m also thinking if it’s just that something may be wrong with my device... I put it to 5 stars cause I love this game already even though it lags and crashes down for some reason I KNOW that you guys are improving everything about this game and that’s cool it’s just a bit frustrating because I kept going back and fourth log in and then out, I hope you guys can fix this problem sooner or later?.. but I’ll still keep playing Genshin Impact because I have already sell my soul to it lol ( I’m not good with feedbacks but hope this explains enough of my problem, I’m sure other people are having the same experience as me as well!.. ) and so thank you for reading this.

- The game doesn’t translate well to mobile

Genshin impact is a great game. very fun to play, engaging story, and aside from being a BoW clone it has an element of uniqueness to it. Over all a great game, but just not quite there on mobile. Has a lot of lag, but on top of that doesn’t provide the must haves for mobile gaming. The game doesn’t provide an option to rearrange ur hub layout, which is super surprising Bc this is a simple service that is provided by almost all newer mobile games. The game isn’t claw sensitive, for example if ur using an archer and you do an aimed shot, the game doesn’t allow u to hold the shoot bottom with one finger and aim with another which is really annoying. It’s not always a problem but it definitely get in the way. The game also isn’t compatible with a controller which is also surprising. It’s seems like the games has an obsolete approach to mobile gaming which is weird Bc the game legit just came out. Aside from the hiccups it’s a great game, just a way better game on every other platform. Take for example Fortnite mobile, epic was able to take the experience players had on pc and console and give it to mobile players. To the point where some mobile players were able to out preform some console players. That’s was amazing on epics part. Genshin hasn’t be able to make the game comfortable to mobile players and that why I’m giving it a 3. If this was a review on p4 I’d give it a 5. Devs not to make the game a better experience on mobile


One word: graphics This game is absolutely beautiful! If you don’t actually like playing it, just use it as a 3D pose reference honestly. It’s a secret tool for any artist. Anyway, putting the amazing visuals aside, the gameplay is very fun, and also addicting. It so hard to find a decent open world game, so I was really excited when I got the ads. To be honest the ads don’t really do the game justice. I downloaded it under the impression that the combat portion would be lame. I thought you would only be able to view it from 1 POV, specifically from above. I had thought that the combat would be more like other combat heavy games, where you can’t exactly mover around freely, or just avoid conflict. When I downloaded it I completely believed that I would’ve deleted it within 3 days. However, I can now confirm that this is one of my favorite games. I would recommend this to anyone that appreciates animation, loves orchestra music, or just likes the open world concept. Not to mention how cool the fighting animations are, and how diverse each character is. From outfits, to different skills, you can tell the devs put a lot of work into every detail. I haven’t yet unlocked the multiplayer mode, but I’m very much excited to try it out. If you made it to the end of this review, you might as well just download the game already lol.

- Hate it or Love it

-Opinions out of the way I love the game, I believe it to be a very good Free to Play game. Especially as a Free to Play mobile game, *cough* PC is better. Anyways I can see why it’s off putting for some, “it’s just a breath of the wild clone”, “the gacha rates are terrible”, “it’s over hype”, and e.t.c. -Honestly if you seen Free to Play games out there they are always “copies” or just plain ripoff of other games. For instance, PUBG and Fornite, Overwatch and Paladins, and many more. People tend to side with games that they played first and hate the others. An I do see that many of the stuff from Breath of the Wild is being copied in this game. -Ok for those who complain about the gacha rates, you obviously haven’t played any gacha games or maybe you just have bad luck. Also it’s a Free to Play game made in Asia, what do you expect. If you can’t be a whale, flop! -Can’t really say much on the overhype thing, I too get that feeling with other games sometimes. All I can really say is to play it and find out, like just play “Free to Play” for like a good amount of time to see if you like it and if not then that’s ok. -In the end, in all I think that Genshin Impact is hopefully putting a higher standard on game quality for other mobile game and gacha games. Just trying to say that I’m Addicted to this game, if you got far to reading this then pats on you. 👍

- One of the best

This is one of the best games I have ever played, mobile or otherwise. The game is beautiful, the music is spectacular, the acting is decent, the game has interesting systems and mechanics, has interesting and highly customizable equipment/stats and has a great curve for learning to build and balance a party. The exploration is amazing and rewards you for paying attention to your surroundings. Sometimes the tangible rewards are lacking in uniqueness, but the feeling of solving the puzzle or finding a random boss fight is great. I hope for true boss encounters in the future and larger dungeons, but this is a game I will be coming back to for years. The whole story can be beaten with free characters and items, and a decent amount of premium currency is given for playing the game to allow you to acquire a few more characters. If you want to get into the optional content most is possible for free, but paying allows you to have more fun and a more tailored party with better synergy. Seeing my first 5-star character’s ultimate ability for the first time was amazing. It felt like I was setting the whole battlefield on fire. That said, it is a long and involved game and can feel somewhat daunting. It is mostly single player and I really wish multiplayer was in a better place, because my friends really just wanted co-op.

- Some wrinkles to iron out, but otherwise decent

This game plays like a Breath of the Wild clone with completely optional gatcha elements. The fact that you can have a party of four, with each member having unique elemental skills and weapons specialties for whatever puzzles and enemies come your way. Plus the story of finding your lost twin and learning about the seven Archons is really engaging. And while the game’s PS4 counterpart lacks cross-save compatibility, it might prove useful to content creators who wish to do a Let’s Play of Genshin Impact. That said, I gave this game four stars. The reason for this isn’t because of some minor glitches that allow items to just float in midair (like what happened to me lol), but because of overheating issues on my IPhone SE Second Generation and the amount of battery life it siphons compared to some of my other apps. For mobile users such as myself, this game could definitely use a Battery Saver feature in the options menu. Could help with the battery issues, especially since once it overheats to a certain extent, the phone can lose charge... while it’s charging. Thank you for your time reading this, looking forward to more story content, and while I wouldn’t use the possible controller compatibility feature, I’m sure others would look forward to that. I hope you take this constructive criticism and implement it into future updates

- A pleasant surprise to play!

When I first saw the game, I thought I’d be able to customize my character in similar ways to other games I’d played (changing physical appearance, ability, etc.); yet as I played the game, I found myself still enjoying it despite not having this ability. The story, animation style, battle tactics, monsters, and characters are all lovable and delightful! It feels like being in a movie or playing one of my Xbox games. Really well done to the creators. So far, my favorite character is Lisa for both her charm and powerful lighting strikes during combat. Keep up the great work! I would like to suggest the ability to possibly change clothing on characters as well so that it feels more personalized if that’s alright. One downside I will note is having to walk everywhere and how gliding takes up physical energy. I can understand swimming and such, but gliding? Yeah right. Anyway, walking around to different locations without having something shoot at or lunge at you is a bit much. Overall, I still enjoy it despite the walking aspects. Perhaps you guys could create different elemental mounts? Like not your traditional horses and stuff. I’m talking about like birds, lions, or unique creatures like that. Again, I’m no game designer and I figure they don’t want to hear my peas and cues, but just food for thought. Still love the game and the graphics. Well done!

- One of the Best Mobile Games of the Year! 💖

I've searched the app store for months for an open-world game with good graphics, good characters, and fun battle mechanics, and this game comes along out of nowhere and immediately checks all of those boxes! This game is gorgeous, there's so much to do, and I ended up falling in love with each and every unique character. I have to admit, though, the chance to unlock a 5-star character is a little too low for my taste, but what makes up for it is the fact that you can play through the game without paying a cent for new characters and still have a wonderful, fun-filled experience. I also wanna note that this is a very large game that needs a lot of space and battery to run at its full potential. But I think that a few gigabytes of space is definitely worth it for this amazing title. Even if there's no enemies to defeat, I still find myself immersed, just exploring and taking in the beautiful scenery. There's even extra lore in the form of books to collect and read! The amount of content given to you at the start is incredible, especially for a free-to-play game, and new stories and characters are added regularly! In times like these, this is the perfect game to unwind with, and I can't wait to see what's in store for this game in the future!

- Absolutely Fantastic

People are calling this game “anime Legend of Zelda,” which is pretty much true. It is so fantastic and honestly I’m so in love with it. The storyline, combat, graphics, everything is great! The fact that you can switch characters to fight certain elements is something that I really like, especially with the really amazing voice acting that comes with it. I haven’t been this invested in a game in a while and I’m ready to play it through and through. I haven’t found any glitches yet so far so that’s Great! One thing I will say, though, is that I really am excited for this to come out on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. I kind of hope it could come out on Mac but Mac has been kind of complicated recently and various games have been becoming incompatible with it due to new updates. I also would love it if mounts were a thing. Even if horses can’t be programmed into the game, at least a hoverboard or something that goes equally as fast as the running speed. This game, I understand, just got released so there’s still obviously more things to do, so I can’t wait to see what more there is to come! I love everything about this game, I forgot to say how glorious the music is, too, and I’m just honestly amazed. Anyways, weeb/geek rant over. I’m just too happy with this game.

- Best game with a hint of that Zelda vibe

This is by far the greatest mobile game out there, and at first I thought it was another anime game, but upon further inspection and some gameplay I’m now addicted to it, and it’s a pretty good game to be addicted to, from the high quality art and views to the rich backgrounds that make a character who they are is just mind-blowing, because the media had never seen anything like this. While playing the game though, I realized some things. If you’ve played legend of Zelda breath of the wild, you’ll understand, but if not, just follow along. I feel this game gives a very clear legend of Zelda breath of the wild vibe to it, because they are alike in ways like a survival game and that you loot and scavenge for materials and you can face monsters around the map, and that you can CLIMB(something you don’t see in an everyday game) swim and lots of other ways to get around the island. It’s also similar in the fact that you can glide, although it is taken a lot more seriously. Now, don’t get the wrong message, legend of Zelda breath of the wild will be a part of my childhood, so the fact that it gives me that vibe makes it so much more better. I hope that mihoyo will make lots of more games like this in the future and I wait for what’s in store!

- At A Loss For Words ...

I’ve played for about 2 hours now and I’m ready to write a review. I’ve played many open world games in the past, and many have had their ups and downs. Then Genshin Impact came. Patiently day after day I would wait eagerly for the game to launch after seeing it appear on the App Store. While the download did take a little while in the beginning, the wait was more than worth it. The game is just absolutely beautiful, from the environment to the designs of the characters them selves. The game brings you in to another world full of color and adventure. The music is soothing to the ears as I walk the lands of Teyvat moving from quest to quest or finding a monster to beat. The game is smooth when it comes to combat controls and the layout of everything in general is very appealing, not like other games full to the brim with buttons and menus. This game reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild. (For those who have played it would see what I mean haha). The only con I can see with this game is that my phone overheats a bit. Overall I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us players. If you’re still reading this quit right now and get this game. You will not be disappointed. This will be quite the adventure to behold.

- Amazing, even better with some work.

I first want to state that the game itself is a very well made and well thought out game. It can get you addicted within the hour of playing it. I really enjoy getting the story quests and all the other small minor things in the game that make it that much more interesting. It has so many amazing features to it and when you first start playing it and getting used to the story, side quests, and things you have to do to progress is really amazing. Once you get farther into the game (adventure rank 25 and further) it gets much harder to progress in the game and harder to level up the adventure rank further. You need your adventure rank a certain rank to actually get the next story quest. This leads to 20 hours of grinding to level up just to get 20 or so minutes of a story. Making it easier to level up in the game would make the game much more enjoyable and interesting because you have something to look forward to instead of dreading the hours of grinding needed to level up a few times to get farther into the story. I’m a mobile player and I also would like if there were to be a battery saver on it so my phone would not always be on 20%.

- I expected it to be better

When I saw other people playing the game and say how cool everything was, how the graphics are amazing, the story is engaging, when I got the game I was excited. But when I actually opened it the screen was black. So I thought that this is just the opening screen but when I started to play, everything around me was black and I can only see a certain section of where I was. It made me really uncomfortable and I felt pain that I couldn’t play the game. I had really high hopes to be able to play it but I couldn’t. So since I wanted to play it I continued to but when I got to the part where I got sucked up in the tornado and had to fight the dragon, that’s where I gave up because my whole screen was just black and I couldn’t do anything. So when I went to the app on the App Store I saw that you would have to have the iPhone 8 or up, I got kinda mad because not everyone is able to get the newest phone. Some people don’t have that kind of money (like me). So the MAIN BIGGEST thing you can do is to let the game be playable on all mobile devices so that way everyone can be happy and play. I know this game is new and all and you guys have a lot of reviews but I think this is a main one to do or at least think about. Hope you guys see this review and react to this. 😊 Also your other game (HonkaiImpact) is REALLY good so I thought this game was gonna be good.

- Great f2p game

I find myself playing losing track of the time the story line keeps you wanted to play more pros they do not have a pay to win aspect you can get everything free been playing two days and I already got a 5* so don’t let the reviews say other wise yeah normally the drop rates are low but they have events that boost up to 50-75% so save and use during those like I did and the 4* characters are still just as good u want to have a variety of different squads as you progress another pro which seems to be underrated is the voice to chat with npcs I think many will agree sometimes u just wanna skip through and sometimes u don’t feel like reading not to mention you feel more immersed into the game hearving different voices as you progress with different characters the only con I really think is the no mount system while it’s still beta hope it comes in future but they’re are ways around this some characters increase your stamina for entire party so u can run longer and climb higher so they doing everything right I’m a firm believer in making a game good enough free some players choose to purchase to support versus having to purchase just to progress so this game get a a+++

- Well worth your time!

This game is absolutely beautiful. The animators definitely spent a great deal of care and time in bringing this game to life. The aesthetics of the world and everything within is outright amazing! The characters and NPCs all are unique as well. I spent so much time just exploring the rather large area of the world right out of the gate rather than jumping into the story line. To everybody that’s thinking of doing the same, as it is quiet fun to do, I recommend at least going along and getting your wings and first couple team mates before you do begin to adventure around. Just need a few of those perks in order to complete a number of.... well I’ll say encounters so as not to spoil anything. This is in my opinion the perfect open world game for mobile. But with all the praise there is also a downside; this game is an absolute monster on battery life. Make sure you have a power source nearby if you want to dive into this world. Trust me, if you start roaming around, time and battery life will go before you even realize how long it’s been. Would recommend the developers to include a battery icon and clock visual in game so players can monitor both as they play. Otherwise this is a perfect game to me.

- Beautifully designed, with great gameplay but.....

Really have been enjoying my time with this game the world is absolutely stunning, the dialogue I find to be quite humorous and the gameplay is overall really fun. I especially love the way the elements will interact with each other adding another layer of thought behind party builds. However this game is very very very very greedy surprisingly for a mostly single player rpg with very limited co-op. The rates for the gacha are actually absurd the rate for a 5* character/weapon is a measly 0.6% which would be acceptable if you didn’t have to get a character 7 times to actually fully unlock their constellations(abilities,talents, passives etc.) as well as the 0.6% being split between characters and weapons so realistically there’s a 0.3% chance of pulling a 5* character and 0.3% for a 5* weapon; so unless you have 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend on the game to actually get the characters you want your best bet is to be f2p and just go for 4* characters that way you may be able to unlock there full potential (constellations) Hopefully that will be addressed considering the recuperated the development cost in 1 week of the game being out. If not I don’t see much longevity for this game which is a shame because it has limitless potential if the devs can see past the money bags.

- My last problem was fixed, now there’s another

I wrote a review last time, telling you my issues with this game and random bugs. I was able to get that fixed, my solution was to reinstall the app, but with this glitch I’m not sure what to do anymore. For one, it kicks me out a lot, which is expected from a really high quality game, but not this much. How the “getting kicked out system” works (Or for what I found out) is that for however long I don’t play, that time will affect how long I can stay in the game for. So if I don’t play for about 2 days or so, that would be like 2 hours of free playtime, then I’ll get kicked, then my playtime decreases every time. This is weird for me because I haven’t seen my friends ever complain about this before. Another glitch is that some times when I wanna play Genshin impact, it just keeps me at a white screen for a couple of minutes, until it kicks me out of the app. Mainly the biggest issue is the first complaint, but the second one might become a issue if it keeps doing that. Anyway, I love this game, it’s brought me happiness and I can tell the developers worked so hard on it, but please, if you don’t mind, fix the glitches.

- The combat is awesome!

Ok.. so we all know there is some cons to every pro in gaming. Well it’s basically a Japanese gotcha game. You don’t have to throw money at it but you can be rewarded for everything in the game which is slower. But the real reason for this review is the combat.. it’s amazing! Four party members to rotate in combat and different elements to play mix and match with. You can go for pyro-electro for explosions for massive AOE damage. There is an element to every character and they transfer to the next chosen character in battle. The targeting is pretty spot on to. Most games have this weird tap to cycle target but this one doesn’t. It lets you do everything on your own. The biggest con that this game has to begin with is grouping with your friends. The game doesn’t allow you to group till adventure level 15 (not character level 15). When you are able to get with your friends man it is so much fun cause the mix and match of elements is pretty crazy for the amount of things going on in the background. I give this game an honest 8/10.. The reason for is the gotcha system to pay to get ahead is a gimmick.. but other than that it’s super fun and would highly recommend to anyone and it’s free to play.

- So good it might be ruining my life

Genshin Impact is a fantastic game. From the get go, its absolutely beautiful and the attention to detail in each and every frame and background is astounding. The story is captivating and every quest is interesting and not boring at all. It definitely is a game that will keep you wanting to play more and more. The way that the game changes weather and time is also beautiful as well. I’ve watched sunrises, sunsets, battled in the rain, fought numerous amounts of monsters, all within a MOBILE game. The game is such an amazing mobile game that it feels like you’re playing on an actual console (or on the computer). Paimon is definitely the most annoying character out there and RNG is the worst way to try and get characters ever because I have terrible luck BUT EVEN SO, the game is so much fun to play you will have trouble putting it down. Each character also has unique abilities and there is so much to learn in this game. Definitely would recommend and I’ve had the most fun playing this game over all other games that I have ever played on a mobile phone. Hands down, if I could give it 10/5 stars, I would. (But please, make Paimon less annoying, please).

- Great game but MAJOR FLAW

First, let me just say this game is absolutely fantastic and fun to play...for a week or so. Once you hit around Adventure Rank 30 you will become gated so hard by the resin (energy) system that you can only play for 30-60min a day with meaningful progression. Resin refreshes at a rate of 1/8min so you can regenerate 180 resin per day. All content that you need to grind (Mora [in game currency], character exp, weapon enhancement mats, skill enhancement books, world bosses, weekly bosses, equipment dungeons, etc) costs 20-60 resin each! Be careful spending money in this game because they have cleverly hidden this restriction since you can play an unlimited amount through exploring the map in the early game. It will not become apparent how painfully limiting this energy system is until you have finished the current main storyline (AR30). If you are an extremely casual player who can only play an hour a day, then yes you will be able to enjoy the game for quite some time. But if you are gamer that loves to progress as much as possible and level up all your characters then you will hit a brick wall. Even if you spend money to refresh your resin, your money will only net you a few extra minutes of playtime. One star until the devs fix their energy system and actually allow people to play their game without having to spend hundreds of $$$. Such a disappointment because this is one the best games on mobile

- Mona problems

I don’t know if this is intended but Mona’s dodge initially goes towards the enemy instead of the direction I’m trying to go. Whenever I use her ult the joystick disappears and I have to lift my finger and hold down to move again. This is REALLY annoying especially when I’m in a sticky situation where I have to back up that very second after casting the ult but I have to take that second to reactivate the joystick. Mona’s recovery takes longer than other characters...why? I’ve actually tested this in the stone chamber domain. Once the Cryo mages dance (summons ice shards that orbits the mage) I constantly get knocked around until I’m out of the range, meanwhile when I use someone like chunyun, after the first knock up, he recovers pretty quickly (just like everyone else except Mona) and can dodge the second knock up. Next, I want to talk about her “mirror reflection of doom”. This ability is weird with ranged enemies. Let’s say I activate this skill and it’s sitting between me and the ranged enemy, sometimes they redirect to the taunt but most of they shoot past the taunt and target me. If a solution can be made for the issues I’ve explained, it’ll make mine and probably other’s experience more enjoyable!

- I wish it worked for more IOS platforms

The games great, I played it on my moms ipad for a few decent moments and the animation was smooth, no lag. Im amazed that there can be a mobile game this good, but Im disappointed that on the ipad I played on, brand new by the way, without anything on it, deleted all photos and all other games, I was still kicked out every 5-10 minutes. I couldnt actually gain progress because it wouldnt save the things i did in simply 5 minutes, which is reasonable, but I dont think thats a problem I should have to worry about. Then, I tried to play on my iphone 7 to find it doesnt show water or sky, its black, and you can only see a half a chunk away. Of course, this is only for iphone 8s or lower, as it says in the game description. My problem with that is I dont understand why that would happen?? Iphone 7 or 6 is a phone i see a lot of people owning so its disappointing that it means a lot of iphone users cant play. I then tried it on my computer, and my moms computer, and yet again can only be in for a few seconds and get kicked out of the game almost as soon as it loads up. Genshin is amazing yes, but Im sad I have to save up for an entirely new computer to play it. Please fix these flaws.

- It's actually quite amazing, really.

i was skeptical at first, because most games that look this beautiful are usually false advertisement. But, this game truly is as beautiful as it looks. It is absolutely so fun, and there is so much to do when it comes to both main and side quests. It is an open world type game, so look for hidden gems and chests, too! Just exploring is beautiful and all the stories somehow fit together. Ranking up is fairly easy, but it still can be a bit of a challenge, which is great. You don't want something you can just blow through. They have great in-game shops where you can spend coins you find from just exploring. Hardly would you have to ever actually use real currency to play or profess, which in itself is amazing! The voice overs and the characters you can both earn, and win through Wishes are so great, and some of them are so adorable lol. I've already found quite a few I favor. This game is great to pass time and I highly recommend it simply because it's relaxing, yet has a lot of combat, exploration and just all around goofy fun, too. It's free, so it wouldn't hurt for anyone to just give it a try. You'll fall in love, trust me. <3

- General thoughts

The game is a gorgeous world with plenty of explorations to make. I have plundered quite some time into the game over the past few days since launch. It is absolutely interesting and fun to play. However, there are some design I, as a player, would like some change on. First, about monetization, it is absolutely fine to expect making a lot of money from this game consider the development cost and everything. However, one thing this game does not differ from many other Chinese games is a hard effort cap in gaining characters. I have played effortlessly on gaining in-game currencies but I would say it at maximum gives one draw each hour of gameplay. With a 0.6% chance, you barely gain any 5 star characters by only playing. Before the game launches, I was honestly expecting to see more monetization options on skins and other customizations, instead of on characters. Second, about protagonist gameplay, personally I would like the protagonist “traveler” to have more weapon options, the ability to wield two elements at the same time, and cross-element skills. Third, vehicle, bike, horse, or anything. :) Fourth, about map improvement, currently the in-game map does not display any progression on one time collections or any collection.

- The BEST mobile game I have ever played!!!!!

I never ever write reviews for games, like never. However this game has blown me away! I have played so many games on the App Store and every single game has bored me after a couple weeks of playing or it becomes to focused on forcing you to pay for things. This game however is amazing, so much to do in the game. From a great story line, to an amazing open world with boundless opportunities and places to explore! This game reminds me of Breath of the Wild, with daily’s similar to Destiny but all anime influenced. It honestly is the best of so many worlds! Yes you have the option to buy in game items and characters, but I personally don’t mind that at all cuz even if you play for free it won’t affect your experience of this game at all (although I would recommend buying things in this game with real money to support the amazing developers!). Before downloading though make sure your phone is strong enough to play!!! Overall I have never played a free mobile game of this caliber and would highly recommend any day! Please keep up the great work on this game and look forward to future updates on maps and storyline!

- It’s so good!

It’s like the love child of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem and Skyrim! Although the game has 4 player coop it is very much a solo experience. It plays like an actual game you would buy for the Nintendo Switch (of which is coming later). There is also a PC version which I recommend the most because it feels the most native, like it was made for it originally. It supports controller too! The game is cross platform save, meaning you can play with someone whose on their phone even if you’re on pc and even if you switch to a phone yourself — you’ll still have your save! There is voice acting for Chinese (The original I think? The only one to have the protagonist’s voice over in his profile’s story section), English (it’s grown on me and I really like some of the characters voices), Japanese (this is the most popular because of anime), and Korean (I also really like this one!). You can choose the female twin (Lumine) or the male twin (Aether) at the beginning, there is no difference except personal choice. I chose Aether because he reminded me of Link. I highly recommend Genshin Impact. You seriously won’t regret trying this game!

- Pretty darn good

This game is simply beautiful, it’s fun and well written. Aside from the little hell spawn that is Paimon, I love all the characters and find them engaging and well designed. It looks great on ipad and even better on PC (though I’d love to see it come to MacOS), and while it does look great on PS4 as well, Sony, as always, refuses to play ball so there’s no cross save available for it. I’m really enjoying the world so far and am quite intrigued to see how it will open up. So why not 5 stars? As with all gacha games, the method of acquiring new heroes is even more annoying than Paimon. I really enjoy Mihoyo games, they’re top quality stuff and really entertaining, but as much time as I put into Honkai Impact, I just couldn’t bring myself to keep playing because it would end up costing upwards of $500 to get the character I was actually looking for. As much as I’m loving this game, I worry the same will happen. I would gladly pay $60 for this game and $20 for every expansion they added and like $5-10 or whatever for skins if it didn’t have those god awful random loot mechanics. It’s a wonderful game, but knowing I’d likely have to reach into my pockets for it to give me a 5 star hero is going to keep me from giving it a 5 star review.

- Needs controller compatibility!

This game is by far one of my favorite open world mobile games! With all the details, fantastic voice acting, the scenery, everything is perfect! I’ve played maybe 10 minutes so far and I’m already hooked. I gave the creators many hints with a tweet and feedback saying this game would be amazing if it had controller compatibility. I don’t want my fingers all over my screen covering all the beautifully crafted visuals! I really do hope they add controller compatibility to mobile or just put it on Xbox one please! But, I know I’ve only played 10 minutes and I’m already writing a review. The reason why is because I’ve played multiple MMOs and open world games. The first 5 minutes literally got me hooked because of how they executed the intro. And not even that, the small details in the game like climbing trees to get to higher up fruit! The voice acting is amazing, and the characters are so far adorable, even the monsters! I can’t say to much because I haven’t played an hour or two yet, but this game is definitely worth playing if you’re a huge “Skyrim” like person! (Cause I am)

- A World building masterpiece

I’ve seen this game pop up quite a few times on my ads and out of curiosity gave it a go, when you run into anime games it’s common to have low expectations along with the common negative aspects of 3D Anime, but this game absolutely blew me away, the characters are loveable, goofy, and fun to interact with, the gameplay mechanics are simple yet doesn’t hand feed you the playthrough. The world building is absolutely astounding, The fact you can go to every single NPC and each one have their own stories, their own lives and original dialogue makes this world that much more immersive, I can’t imagine how much effort this team must have put into that alone. The soundtrack is beautiful, the graphics are simple yet fun and overall it is a very addictive game, the only reason I give it 4/5 would be the crashing and bugs, it is still a very /very/ new game and I presume they will be fixed in the future but it is extremely frustrating when you have such a wonderful world ready to play and it crashes every two minutes, with this you just have to be patient but if I could change anything in this game I would try to fix the crash bugs, But overall a very fun and immersive game!

- Didn’t have good expectation. That said, this game annihilated my expectations.

Ok, right of the bat, I don’t like Japanese styled games. I’m just not a fan of the art. But one thing I love is Breath of the Wild legend of Zelda. BOTW is a Japanese game at its heart but has kind of American graphics. It is my favorite game of all time. But, this game...... is exactly like BOTW but Japanese and mixed with the new hyrule warriors. You can switch people but it’s still you. You can glide. Sounds like the same world audio, (like the grunting of climbing a mountain sounds the same in both games). It is not my favorite game, but my favorite mobile game. I would rather pick BOTW if I had to but, full disclosure, I actually don’t own BOTW but have deafened ganon multiple times with on my friends switch without any intervention, so I’ve experienced the story, so i would recommend BOTW if you already have it but don’t want to pay and have the almost same experience this game is amazing and worth the 8 GIGS!! It takes to download. (READ HERE) But, I haven’t finished the story, not by a long shot, so the story may be good but I don’t know. The BOtW story was really good. But the story may be the turning point if you are into the story part of open world games.

- A little message to the devs

The game is ridiculously beautiful, there’s no mistaking there’s a lot of effort put into this, alongside the top tier Japanese voice actors. The designs, world, all of the exploration aspects are very detailed and it’s a very good open world. However I have a bit of concern that from the Wish rates this game will turn into a pay to win, with the abysmal drop rate. Granted, you can get characters from progressing with the story, however, there’s no denying that there is this feeling that you can just cruise early and be ridiculously op from the start, it can break a hardworking player’s spirit, and hopefully the devs will take this into consideration, and make sure that all players will be given equal satisfaction so that whale players can still be whales and free to play players don’t feel like their hard work becomes obsolete. I feel this game has a very good potential and it would be a waste to see the joy ruined by a pay to win, since the team really put a lot of effort into this game. Personally I don’t mind giving support to the devs by making small purchases now and then, but I’d rather not have my hard work flushed down the drain just because the game says “pay to win, baby”.

- True Showcase of Greed

As everyone is wowed and awed by its graphics as they sit in the Cinderella phase of this game, they thus will not objectively call Mihoyo on the greedy company they are. They’ve put their desire for money over the enjoyment players get from the game. This stems from their creation of the resin system. 120 resin with world events costing 20, world bosses costing 40 and stage bosses costing 60. There is no way to increase this cap, increasing AR does not refill it meaning you’d have to burn your refills (which only give back 60) or pay money to refill. If not, you’ll be waiting 15 hours to get meaningful play out of the game again. Premium currency dries up quickly, the coop is largely irrelevant because all content practically vanishes when you enter someone’s world. They have one again set up a sorry excuse for a pull system, that could very well require a duo pity system as they try to milk the willing, and the fact they made here heroes limited and largely pivotal due to element is a big tempting grab at your money. If it were not for graphics, this game would get passed off, but gamers these days fail us continuously as they lead with subjective nonsense for self justification from these scummy Gotcha games. When they decide to actually do the resin revamp, I’ll reconsider installing this greedy disappointment of a game.

- P2W

Do not fall for this trap. They paid so much for marketing to hide the fact that the game is still EARLY ACCESS in disguise. It's also a Gacha game so you should avoid it ASAP. The company that makes it is very anti-consumer to the point it puts EA to shame with their monetization practices. For people who are not familiar with Gacha, it's a basically an anime casino where you have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in a slot machine to get a playable character or weapon for the game. You can't even choose what you want, it's all random. You can spend 300$ and not get the character you want. Let's say you actually got lucky and got a character you want, you can't even level up this character at all. In order to get materials and money to level up your character you need to go on dungeons and the game only allows you to do 6 of them per day. The only thing you can do is free roam and do nothing at all in the game if you do your 6 dungeons a day. You can choose to do 3 bosses instead of the 6 dungeons and thats it. Please do not download this game, it's a complete waste of time and money. It encourages gambling and addiction and gives nothing back. It's extremely anti-consumer and they don't listen to feedback at all. There are many people who are getting paid to argue on reddit and forums and defend the company. Do not fall for their propaganda and lies

- Fantastic game, Long term investment needs work..

Overall, this game is stunningly beautiful and the game mechanics are well thought out and in depth compared to even most AAA titles. However, where this game falls short is the fast of how much it costs to be able to upkeep the game itself. If you are a person who gets dedicated to a game and wants to grind, this game might be too much you. The amount of investment to level a single character to maximum level will literally take months of daily grinding using the little bit of Resin they give you. The worst part of it all is it seems the developers realize this and refuse to change their flawed system that they have implemented on their players. The response to us not having enough Resin was met with an increased cap of Resin... but that doesn’t fix how long it takes to refill? Even without the Resin issue there still character tomes (xp) Imbalance issues, Mora income imbalance issues, heck even basic character xp issues from combat. I will reiterate that this game is beautiful and a blast to play but for long term investment it just doesn’t seem worth it. For now it will take my spot for the Gacha that I play but will be looking for other games to take its place as the grind is far too great.

- Really good just lots of crashes.

Hello. I’m new to the game but I can give you a good rundown of how it’s going so far (2nd release day). So far, I do have to say that the graphics/visuals and the audio as well are amazing! At first I had trouble loading the beginning cut scenes, but after that, I never had trouble with lag our audio glitches. The visuals are bright and beautiful, much better than most games out there currently. Now as for the gameplay itself, I am a newbie to this game, but it focuses mostly on grinding levels for many different characters and completing many different quests across the large world map. I love running across the map and not having to stop for any loading screens, it’s all one big world! Now there is something for the developers to work on, as this is rated four stars and not five. As in many other reviews, there are many, many times where I will just be playing and either the screen will freeze or the game will completely crash. That gets quite annoying. Now I do understand that this is only the second day off of launch, so I will give them grace... hopefully they can fix the crashing issue, then I will rate it 5 stars!

- Epic...Better than most console games

This is one of the best games I’ve played in years. Yesterday I spent almost 8 hours playing. I starting reading the reviews and saw a minor trend. Some people were saying they experienced graphic and audio lag and black spots. I’m using the iPhone 11 Pro Max and experience no issues. It’s the most graphically stunning game I’ve ever played on a phone. So if you if don’t have some power under the hood of your phone it may be difficult for you. With that being said this game is so refreshing. It breaks the static mold of mobile gaming today. It’s so underwhelming playing the same card based energy consumption model over and over that unoriginal developers have been using for years. Baffling how they seem to believe that we enjoy our games all playing the same with the same inherent limitations. Surely they must play games themselves. With the power that phones and tablets can come with today finally a developer has started utilizing it. Hopefully this is a turning point and other developers will see this creating a new model for mobil gaming. Thank you miHoYo for this epic creation!

- Amazing game!!!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of this game. The graphics are so beautiful, and it is very aesthetically pleasing whenever I play. There is a bunch of cool characters and an amazing storyline to play through. When I first downloaded Genshin Impact I was skeptical, and didn’t really know what it was. Now, after only a few days of playing, I am officially addicted. You can explore the map, battle monsters, collect cute, new characters, and complete quests to progress in the story. I am absolutely in love! However, there are a few small mistakes that the creators may have overlooked. At one point while summoning Dvalin, Paimon was talking to Lumine about her sister, when Lumine only has a twin brother. The game must’ve thought that I was playing as the brother, but I wasn’t. That’s about the only mistake I’ve found in the game, just pronouns. Otherwise everything seems perfect! I notice that the creators are frequently updating the game, which is always great to see. This game is by far my favorite RPG, and I would definitely recommend playing it. Thank you for creating this masterpiece! 💗

- I love the game but

Is really laggy and glitchy on the iPhone 7 like ik they recommend a iPhone 8 Plus but still can they at least add some kind of like settings menu to lower the graphics to make it run better or at least make it soo it doesn’t take soo much ram like the A10 still is capable of running good looking games if optimized correctly also I have a friend with a iPhone 11 and the game also lags there and even crashes soo I think there is some kind of optimization problem with it but yea great game the iPhone version needs some fixing I guess I’ll stick to my ps4 until I get a switch or it gets fixed for iOS I really did make a mistake getting a 1299 dollars monster pc instead of taking a switch and saving some for the iPhone 12 whenever it comes out and getting more simple pc because to be honest my pc is way too overkill for the games I play I got too hyped with this rtx 3080 I should have taken a rtx 2060 instead anyways ik this probably will no get attention by the devs but if it doesn’t please add a settings menu or make some extra optimizations to it if possible

- addictive/graphics/ but the lagggggg😭

Keep reading(I update when I can) Only been playing for 2 days now. This is now my favorite game. It’s almost as good as anything on pc. Definitely best graphics for any game on mobile. The only annoying character is the little fairy that follows you around as a travel companion. The game is like every anime game plus Sky children of the light and many others added together to make one awesome adventure. If you can’t get ahold of me, assume I’m playing this. Update: I have been playing for weeks now maybe a month. Currently I’m world level 3 at level 31, it is now laggy and harder to play. My character makes mistakes and the gameplay is harder. I wish there was more time to level up character before the bosses get stronger at each world level. It’s hard to use my characters when the bosses keep getting harder to fight. I have focused on Barbra and the Chinese girl that I forgot the name of. The gatcha system is too expensive. I still don’t have a level 5 character which is okay. I just need the lag to go away. Yesterday’s missions weren’t on my map so I couldn’t get my daily reward. Please fix this.

- A message to dev!

I love the game but please change it so that this game focuses on brainstorming to use different characters and team combos to fight different boss mechanics. For now we only care of 'elements' and once we got the good gears we just spam the attck button and this will finish the boss, no thinking needed. Pls make it so we need to use various of heros combinations. This will be much more entertaining than focus on fighting the same dungion over and over (which the current game flow focus on). To be able to do this, your abyss will need to have different bosses than just a bigger 'slimes'. Moreover, The current game make it impossible to fully lvl up more than 2 dps to 90 bc the lack of resources. This defeat the purpose of wanting to summon for more characters since I cannot do anything with them, there are no way for my new chars to catch up with my current lvl. Ppl are paying alot on the summon, not the resin, so putting a heavy pay gate on the resin only gonna kill off the game and make the game repetitive! This is one of the best game i played and i see a lot of potentials, I hope the devs can think of a strategy to make the game less empty after finishing the main quest.

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- Fun! But one problem

Sorry if my review is short and vague. The game itself performs pretty well on my device and normally i have average wifi speed and i was surprised to see that this game runs smoothly, one thing thats super annoying and has resulted into me not playing the game anymore is this error sign that pops up mow and then when i try to load into the game it says “failed to connect to server” no matter what i try it just doesn’t load and i have to keep deleting the game and re-downloading though, the game takes up alot of space and it takes way to long to download. One time i had to delete it again but my progress disappeared. This isn’t just a “me” thing its happened to a bunch of people i know that play, aside from this problem the game is super fun and enjoyable and a good game to play in your spare time.

- A PS4 review

I saw this gaming thinking it’s another one of those wannabe anime games, then I looked deeper and found out it’s an open world, got me pumped up I gave it a go and instantly fell in love with the game, there are so many things great about this. It has a similar mechanic to breathe of the wilds but doesn’t bother me the slightest, people will give it hate for the similar mechanics but you can have a co-op and play with your friends. One thing that should be slightly changed is the wish system it’s to expensive for one wish for example; the venti banner I’ve been grinding those primogems and gotten keqing which did get me frustrated. Aside from the wish system, and idea for the developers of genshin impact is transferring your account details to console/pc/mobile it’ll make the game more accessible for other people, yes they do have cross platform but transferring account to other devices would be amazing. I recommend playing this game to all who enjoys open world rpg.

- Setting the bar for future mobile titles

The world is huge even just between Liyue and Monstadt. It’s not as densely populated but there is enough within the open world to keep you busy ala BOTW. The mobile game elements actually work really well and I feel like I could have payed $60 for this game and still without the gacha in it. The gacha characters play differently enough to the others that they actually add a little more depth to the game. You don’t have to roll the right character to progress, at least not where I’m up to as there are base characters that join to get you through. However the gacha characters do have slightly better stats. You can find pretty good gear in the open world if you wander as well, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing. The game systems are pretty balanced and the game is even accessible to those who don’t want to spend any of their money. You’d be able to download the game and lock your kids out of purchases and they’d still be able to progress through it and have a similar experience to those that do spend money. The story isn’t ground breaking, but it is engaging enough and the soundtrack is impressive. It’s not just the same 3 tracks, as you move around areas the music changes. It’s a really good game, I hope this signals to other developers that even mobile gamers want a bit more than just top down or short dungeons.

- The best open world game I ever played

The game is perfect for me, the world is not too big yet not too small. I think I’m still at the start of the game because some areas are still restricted. There’s a slight problem with the graphics on mobile with its rendering, with the pitch black of the further abyss, I want to see the whole world with my own eyes, so I download the game on pc. The world was the the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in an open world game, and that’s when I realise that “my iPhone 6s+” can’t run such beauty, so I continued playing the game on pc, but I hope this beauty can be run by my phone so I can play the game where ever. I think this can will be the most addictive game that I’ll ever play, because the battle mechanics is so destructive that I can kill a high easily. I will recommend this game but if you have the same graphics problem as I have, giving a try with a computer.

- The game is great but...

Game crosses out most points of a good RPG. Lots of exploration. A good plotline. Unique character cast. Beautiful graphics and music. The voice acting is acceptable and the battle system is fun. Some negatives are probably just the horrible internet connection. No matter how "advanced" your device is the game lags and disconnects every minute even at low graphics. I would like a more stable network though since the constant lags can be a let down. I don't want to wait a whole 5 mins for the title screen to open or a whole 60 secs for a cutscene to buffer. Sometimes I get that annoying black screen after one and it takes forever or never loads the character and I have to force close and restart, wasting another 10 minutes just to run game. To be frank, I won't waste my time trying to play a buggy game since most your time is spent on praying to the Seven Gods to make it load properly. I'll wait for the PlayStation and Switch versions.


I’ve been playing this for the last month on console and just starting to play on mobile when I’m not home, there’s non stop stuff to do it’s endless, yeah when you get up to adventure rank 40+ it’s slower but there’s always stuff to do, love the character designs, the stories pretty cool, heard there’s a update coming with new characters and gear, one little problem is the resin, goes to quick and you never have enough and also the prices for the primogems is quite a bit, surely y’all can have like a weekly discount or monthly on a specific amount and maybe people will buy it more, I’ve spent about $200 on this game and not disappointed, if you have the money go ahead, always make sure to search up videos on how to pull characters from the banners, besides that, awesome game!

- Big potential but be tread carefully

This game has amazing potential with everything done well being done extremely well. Visuals are top notch, animations clean, gameplay and combat system is FUN, music is loveley and there’s a lovely set of characters. What it doesn’t do well however needs to be adjusted. I know the gacha isn’t as important but even at 0.6 for 5 star is atrocious, 0.3 for a character. Pity is fine but not a point which can be used to defend the rates about a game playing different characters who all play differently. So I hope this gets adjusted and isn’t something to glaze over. This game can last long with the right rates and f2p friendliness (i’m not a f2p) I dont mind but seeing friends leave is due to limiting content and rates is sad. Oh yeah limited content, the resin is an issue in this game thats the currency to grind bosses and dungeons. 40 for elite monsters 120 cap and only 1 every 8 min. It’s like other gacha games. But this shouldn’t be like another generic gacha game this has potential to break all the tropes and pull in new people. Feedback of similar kind was given by many players during the beta but none were implemented, it’s a worrying trend. I’ve enjoyed the game during my time with it but I can only hope it will stay much longer without bleeding players once they realise things run out to do. Gameplay 2 stars Atmosphere+ world 2 stars Business model -1 star Energy currency to play 0 star Edngame trudge -1 star

- forgotten password? bye bye account.

it’s a stunning game, and well paced- but getting logged out after not playing for an extended period of time proves to be detrimental if you don’t know the password you used to set up. if you haven’t confirmed or added a third party account to your game- goodluck trying to reset your password; the company sends you a list of requirements that you must provide ( half of which you can’t actually obtain since it’s, you know, in the game that you can’t log back into ), and it takes WEEKS for everything to get in check and for them to get back to you. i’ve been attempting to recover my account for two weeks now, and i’ve provided all the information they required; and still they’ve told me that it’s inconclusive and that i cannot now log into my account. i spent money on this game and now that’s wasted. so; yeah. not happy at all. very disappointed in the communication with customer service and the time taken to complete a simple act. won’t be wasting my time with this company again. :)

- Incredible

This is an incredible breakthrough for the mobile gaming community. The graphics are pretty, and the fighting style is impressive. with a large cast of characters to collect, it leaves me yearning for more whenever I leave the game. That being said, there are some drawbacks to this game. 1. Some people (not including myself) have been experiencing lag spikes or even crashes, even with graphics set to low. I think this would be a common problem amongst the people with lower end devices, I believe a graphics retouch is in order to fix this problem 2. There’s no Australian Server! For us Australian players, it’s very hard to play multiplayer effectively. Having to join the closest server to us (Asia) but not having many English speakers there. It would be wise to add an Australian server, or even an Oceanic server for us.


I’ve been playing on PC for quite some time now and it’s been a blast really I’ve had a lot of fun playing it so I decided that maybe I might wanna play it on the go at times. I downloaded it on my phone and upon longing into my main account it did some loading and the told me I’ve experienced the full game and need too download the full version out of fear of loosing all my progress I deleted it and immediately logged onto my PC however all my data was fine so today after about a week or two I’ve decided to give it a second chance but before I even click on it I want too know if all my progress will still be there and what this means when it’s telling me I’ve completed it and need to download the full game. Please respond kind regards Tobias_Florian

- A little disappointed

Game looks very pretty and combat is fun, and is certainly has a large world to explore. That’s where the positives stop. Nearly everything causes the game to either lag or crash - such as entering a menu or turning a corner to quick or beginning a cutscene. Combat seems fun until you realise that the enemies give so little experience that there’s actually no point fighting them. It’s actually quite hard to level up your adventure rank so your progress gets stopped quite quickly. The Gacha rates are atrocious - the worst I’ve seen in any gacha game. 0.6% for a featured unit is laughable. I imagine the game runs better on a PC or console but for mobile devices this game needs some performance enhancement - the crashes are completely unacceptable for how much space this game gobbles up. I’d like to see improvements to game performance, gacha rates, and more reason to engage enemies. I had very high hopes but I’ve had a very disappointing experience thus far.

- (*´꒳`*)

I haven’t played much but if I don’t write a review I won’t be able to sleep. I was nervous because honkai impact 3 wasn’t my thing but excited because this game looked absolutely beautiful and I was right to be excited. This games graphic are amazing and I could stare at them for ages. The soundtrack is nice (although I only listened to it briefly listened to it at the start of the game) and I can’t comment on the voice acting cause tone deaf when it comes to reviewing people’s performances unless it’s extremely bad. It’s only crashed once for me but I was about to get off anyway so it didn’t bother me. I think that’s about all I have to say about this game with how little I’ve played of it but I am looking forward to playing some more so I will edit this if my option changes in anyway.

- Great game if you got a good phone

Game is console quality and is the mobile version of “can it run crisis?” Instead “can it run Genshin?”. Play the game on PC for maximum enjoyment because iPhone has, to be honest, horrible specs. I’m rocking an iPhone XS Max on medium graphics setting and 30 fps cap, overheats during long play times. Gacha rates are pretty low for 5star, especially characters at 0.6% which can put many people off. Other than that, it’s 100% f2p so I don’t see a reason not to play this game. Great story, graphics, decent voice acting and the best open world game on mobile for me. Edit: I’ve seen a review saying that there is no point in killing enemies. Don’t believe this, that person obviously has not played enough to realise you obtain vital materials to ascend your character and weapons from various and most enemies.

- Plz add game controller support

Been playing nearly a week, and loving it so far. Fights are challenging and have great animation, and quests don’t feel too repetitive ( for now ). The developers nailed the anime game themes with the character designs which I’ve been yearning for in a while. But of course, every game isn’t perfect. When in battle, my character would be stuck on a wall when being too close to a surface which could get really annoying. Also the camera angle gets too low, blocking my view when fighting and it’s had to readjust the camera when you’re trying to dodge and attack enemies (I’m using ipad). I think if this game can support game controllers, this problem can be greatly solved. Overall, great game and I’m looking forward to more development and improvement to this game :)

- A warning not a complaint

This game is amazing for a free to play game a graphics are amazing the battle controls are easy to use has got a great story and great character art only problem is the system to get players is a gacha system meaning you have to use crystals or the like to roll for a chance to get characters these crystals can be obtained through quests at the start and throughout I have only been playing for about a week now so I am not sure how many you get but it won’t be truck loads I have not and don’t plan on spending any money on this game but on other games with the same system I have spent to much money the gacha system can be very addictive and lead to huge loses if not careful how ever other then that this is a great game and would highly recommend it.

- 10/10

Mihoyo has done an amazing job with Genshin I’ve played both Honkai Impact 3 and GGZ and Genshin is another name to add to my all time favourite list. The graphics and gameplay are stunning, not to mention the music so I’m wondering why people are complaining about the space it takes. It has high level graphics and is an open world game so how do you expect it to take up less than 2GB of space? Honkai Impact takes up 9GB of space after 4 years of updates so Genshin will definitely take more storage after a few years of updates. The minimum phone that is able to smoothly run Genshin is an iPhone 8 Plus so people should stop complaining about their phone being laggy or being glitchy if they’re playing on an older phone.

- Fun but

I’ve been playing this for about 20 minutes and it’s amazing I’ve had so much fun i love the character modes there so kawai but it feels like my phone’s going to melt after playing for such a time it’s a iPhone 8 if you want to know so i was looking for if it was going to be on Xbox but it looks like that’s never going to happen but at least I have a pro so I’ll still be able to play it through i would have preferred to have it on my main console i don’t know if Sony are paying for exclusivity all i have to say is Console waring is for noobs And since then I’ve been playing a lot on my PS4 and I’ve been trying to get Venti and I’ve not been lucky i hate this gambling system i prefer something like Warframe where you can just get what you want i hate this $50 down the drain beware if you have a gamblers itch don’t play this game it’s not for you me if I don’t get what I want i get demotivated and right now I cannot play this game I’m to angry I’m not putting another 50 in this game if I don’t get what I want by the time Ventis availability is over I’m done with this game And then I’m going to reword a good company like DE with $100 because at least i’ll be able to get exactly what I want no strings attached

- Amazing game but I need help

I don’t get to experience a lot of this game because it takes about 1.5 mins loading time just to boot up and then when I’m in the game it crashes after about a minute I thought this was a space problem because at the time I only had about 2gb free at the time but now I have over 30gbs free and it still crashes I really want to play this game a lot like in hours shifts and stuff but I can only really play it for 10 mins a day (only about 5min actual gameplay) but the time it takes to load and mainly the constant crashes make it essentially unplayable please fix this idk if it’s a problem on my end or what but I’ve done all I can really do and really want to play this game a lot more because so far it seems really amazing

- 100% Recommend Playing

I love this game! The graphics are great. The music is great. So far the story is pretty great too! I love the characters and the voice acting is amazing! However, I would like to point out something that happens sometimes. (Most likely a bug.) When playing a cutscene or when a character says some dialog. The scene freezes. The music keeps playing and some animation (for example Paimon’s constellation effects) keep running, but everything else just freezes. This has only happened twice for me and I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. Not sure if this helps but I did only download the game today. I hope to see more from Mihoyo in the future! You guys are great at what you do. : )

- Great overall with minor blemishes

The game is fantastic and is, hands down, one of the most visually stunning games on mobile platforms and one of the very few that has customisable graphics settings to fine tune the experience on the device you’re using. My primary device is the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” and the game has run almost flawlessly with the occasional hiccup that only occur when the action gets heavy (I.e when there is a large number of enemies combined with lots of skills being thrown about). My only gripe on playing on such a large device is the lack of controller support such as MFI (steel series), Xbox One and / or PS4 dual shock 4 as it is not comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. My suggestion is to add this feature ASAP as many games support controllers in iOS. Furthermore, with the release of IOS 14, mouse and keyboard support is now supported via an API, given that this game is also available on PC, why not add PC-like keyboard and mouse support for those using the magic keyboard (or similar / compatible 3rd party solutions). This would be another great feature to add. Overall, the game is great and with some polish (and a few more added features) it can become the best.

- One of the best game out there

I just reach AR 30 so here is my honest review. As a seasonal gamer, ive played Eoa, hunter of oblivion, world of kings, axe, black desert and lately V4 and many more mmorpg. So when i heard of this game, i check it out, i didnt like the cartoonist look of it and was about to give it a miss. But i was bored so thought ill try it out. Usually new games with all the bonuses and fancy character recreation and rush to ranking, create an urgency to push leveling and spending. But this game, was different, its pull you in and you wonder what is happening and you want to stay and discover. The movement and combat system is smooth. There is no auto, no ranking, no rush to whale out. And its purely pve. You in the world alone. And yet its super fun and relaxing to play. Highly addictive and endless things to do. The storyline is like an anime movie and the character combat is superbly design and unique to play. But dont get me wrong, its challenging yet the combat system required you to figure things out which make it very enjoyable. If you like me, tried to the usual mmorpg, p2w auto ranking system, try this game. I can see myself play this game long time.

- A Beautiful Game

A game that has beautiful graphics, a good story and great characters. Many new characters are to come, yet they have low chances of summoning the one you want. Which I don’t see much of a problem. You can venture through the game doing missions with the three characters that you can get for free. I’m amazed at how my phone can handle this game as it had run smoothly with no problems. The fighting and animation is satisfying to look at as you have to use some of the skills and combine them with others to have a more damaging affect, which is a great mechanic. Everywhere in the world is filled with treasures, some are in plain sight, some are hidden. This is an addicting game, would obviously encourage to download and play.

- IOS 12 and iphone 6s

Against the recommendations of the developers of this game, I am playing on my outdated iphone 6s. This is my experience: Obviously, there are issues throughout the gameplay - white blinding spots whenever the game takes a long time to load areas of the background e.g. lamp posts, campfires. Some parts don’t even load and are constantly a white spot such as swimming in water. The game outside a small radius from the character are just black on the screen (so I couldn’t appreciate that assumingly beautiful cutscene showing the whole place at the beginning). This is only a problem when fighting monsters who are pushed outside of this radius and disappear. The intro video did not load and the audio was lagging. However, cutscenes and audio in the game load fine. Other than these problems, I’ve had a lot of fun with this game (~1hr in). Very reminiscent of BOTW when looking for and picking up items. The English and Japanese voiceovers sound great and I love the characters I’ve met. Not usually a fan of RPG phone games but this is one I can see myself playing into the future.

- It’s awesome! Just a few improvements to be made.

I really like this game. I was seriously surprised to see it work on my weak ipad, and with my horrible internet, and it’s really enjoyable. A whole range of characters to choose from, for lots of different play styles, and, even though it’s confusing at first, it’s overall an enjoyable experience. However... i have one issue. It’s awfully similar to The legend of zelda: Breath of the wild. The enemies are all too recognisable, and there are so many other components that just... make it feel like a copy. It definitely has its own traits and all, and taking inspirations is fine but they’re kind of crossing the line. Though it’s got lots of problems, I’d definitely still recommend it to anyone who is considering giving it a shot. (don’t let the long download deter you!)

- Game is fun, but seemingly completely graphically broken

I do not know if it is a problem with my phone, which is an iPhone 6s, but there are some major graphical issues. My most major problem is that there is a massive black dome around my character, which makes it incredibly hard to see anything. Other issues were that the fact were that water was black, and there was BLINDING amounts of white bloom at some points. Despite these bugs, the combat, collection, gliding, and movement are enjoyable, but due to the issues outlined above, it is extremely hard to appreciate any of this. If you do not have these issues, I highly recommend this game, but with these bugs? I would not Hopefully these are bugs that will be fixed. And if they are not bugs, but rather the limitations of my phone, than I hope that the game page is changed accordingly.

- Awesome game, but we need PVP!

I know it’s co-op open world multiplayer game which only focuses on venturing the vast world alone or together with few friends. However, if it had a different place located in one Conor of the world where we could meet with other player and PVP it would be best game ever made. That way, it wouldn’t be mmo and still be limited multiplayer. For example, a portal like place where we can PvP with friends or other players around the globe and that is the only place where more than 4 players can be seen together and it would be good if the PVP place are connected with everyone not making it in one’s world and making the the host but the participants of the world made by the system.

- Very good if you like anime

Was sceptical at first but my brother said it was good and he wasn’t wrong. It’s a character collecting game but it feels like you’re playing an anime. The quality is AAA and the voice acting and cutscenes remind me kingdom hearts. I only wish it had MOGA controller support as I’m not a fan of touch controls but even the touch control isn’t awkward I just prefer physical buttons. It’s inspired by BOTW but not a carbon copy of anything this game is a bit better, more content lol. If this mobile game had MOGA than it would be perfect. If you’re looking for a good mobile game to get into do yourself a favour and try it. My get it on PS4 for the controls and definitely gonna get it on switch when it releases.

- I love the game, but it’s extremely bugged and unplayable for me.

I really hope you and the developers notice this, because the cutscenes, although amazing and beautiful, are bugged. I would recommend this game later in the future. One of the bugs are where I cannot see a single thing outside of a small circular area around my player. Whenever I go into water it goes pitch black, and water particles are bugged because they show as massive white circles of light. But these are all visual and I have no problem with the game. I would totally recommend it. It just takes a few hours to download. So don’t download it before a flight or something. 10/10 game, love the style. Bye!

- Amazing! But...

The game is amazing, the audio and visuals are outstanding even compared to PC MMO’s these days. I play on both mobile and PC, sadly the game seems to be way more optimised for mobile. Can the developers please concentrate on the PC optimisation a little better, just small things such as the zoom out distance is way further on mobile when it should be further on PC considering the larger screen. About 3/4 of the time you cannot see what’s happening around you on PC and it makes it extremely tedious to play. I’ll leave a 5 star review once the game has been optimised a little better for PC and deserved that extra little star. Keep up the good work developers this game has the most potential I’ve seen in many years. (EDIT) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of OR fix the automatic zooming, I play PC and quite literally I spend 80% of my time playing zooming out due to it automatically zooming in every second. This is ridiculous, claustrophobic and completely ruins the game. If this issue isn’t resolved in update 1.1 when I will no longer play the game.

- I want to enjoy it...

The game itself when I can play it runs smoothly and the mechanics are fun and easy to understand however the viewing range can barely reach over 50m and I only see darkness. Elemental effects blind my screen with a bright light that hurt my eyes the first time it happened. The animations are extremely laggy and can hardly play 3 seconds without lagging and having audio issues but like I said at the start when it works it works and I can appreciate it but until then I just can’t play it... Also I can’t continue the campaign because what looks like a storm dragon in a fragment of The animation it switches to the ranged character and I only see darkness so I’m also perpetually stuck and can’t do anything else in the game as I can’t quit “priority quest”


The game is great, however I paid for a microtransaction, my account was debited, and I never received what I paid for. I’ve now been given the runaround by customer support for 5 days with no clear timeframe (or even any assurance) if/when I’ll get what I paid for or even at the very least a refund. Very disappointing when the game implicitly urges you to pay in order to get any sort of decent Gacha content. Also considering the size of the player base, I doubt I’m the first person this has happened to. I probably won’t give money to this game again and after this saga of waiting a whole working week to hear nothing back about a transaction that should’ve been instant, I’m unlikely to recommend it to anyone either. A real shame due to the potential of this game, perhaps they didn’t anticipate so many customers. But they need to invest in customer care ASAP.

- It’s too hard to get a 5 star character

I love this game and everything about it. But I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’ve also been farming primogems, like thousands of them. And no matter what I do I never get a 5 star character let alone getting xiangling or fichsl is still so hard for me to get! The 5 star characters for me are nearly impossible to get and I really really love this game I just wish the 5 star characters weren’t on the brim of being so impossible to get because not everyone has a lot of time. Most of the players in this game have school too, I just can’t be on this game 24/7 just to get a 5 star character.

- I LOVE IT. PERIODT. But it lags a bit.

it’s an amazing game, although there are a few problems. 1. I have widgets on my iPad and that causes genshin impact to be REALLY SLOW plus it takes so long for me to even start the game, and I like to keep my widgets so can something happen about that?? the other problem is that the game sometimes glitches and lags. But in total I love this game and definitely recommend it to anyone that’s likes adventure type games it’s really pretty and the world in general is beautiful. I also would LOVE IT if I could customise my own character in this, that would make this game so much better!

- iPad Pro 2018 works great just needs a couple of tweaks

The game is great so far but playing on the 12.9 iPad is very weird to hold and not being able to move the on screen buttons to a more comfortable position for my thumbs (especially the joystick!) is frustrating and would be an awesome feature to see added especially if controller support is a while away. Even an extra setting to have the joystick be centred wherever my thumb is placed instead of it being static so you don’t have to do all of the UI customisation coding and whatnot and only the joystick asset being moveable would make a world of difference Also being able to fine tune camera sensitivity to decimal places would really help out the iPad experience because it seems like right between 1-2 would be the sweet spot for the bigger screen. These seem like small things to me, I don’t truly understand how much work it is but it would be awesome to see these updates to help out an objectively small part of the player base

- Great adventure

This mobile game is not only simple yet complex, but holds one of the most aesthetically pleasing art styles of seen in a mobile game yet! From the opening scene to the first mission. Truthfully speaking this is the first game of played from this developer, and they have gained another user of this great game. The first thing I noticed was the mechanics of fighting, simple yet complex when it comes to the various elemental features. Like pyro and cyro clashing, whilst water can be used as a conductor to make your attacks stronger. I’m lost for words and how fun and entertaining this game is. And I’m defiantly looking forward to it’s bright future.

- Incredible, but..

This game is amazing and the Graphics are gorgeous, the voice acting is magical, and I just love playing it, The story line Is so fun! But there’s just a few problems about this game. It’s really laggy, when i can get in, but I usually cant get past the start screen, it loads a bit then crashes, and i don't know why. Because i don't have much storage, but my friend also has this problem with this game, and she has a lot more space on her iPad. So I recommend getting this game but i would like it if the bugs would get fixed soon. Thx -Player

- This game is super fun but.....

I absolutely love this game, it is so much fun and adventurous. Meeting new characters and battling monsters, it’s the best game I probably have on my device! But, after getting to level 4 my character was completely unseeable and the world was pitch black, I could still move, but it would show that I was moving on the blue arrow in the top left corner, and the meter tracker isn’t working for me either. I’m not sure why, but whenever the meters go lower, the next step I take it goes higher, this game is so much fun but I don’t want it to be ruined by this weird problem, and I don’t want it to be ruined for everyone.

- Very good Breath of the Wild clone with Gatcha

Beautiful mash up of breath of the wild and an Anime MMORPG. While it lacks the quiet wonder of BotW, it makes up for it with its complex elemental system and character swapping. Have only played a few hours, so far its been pretty easy, but that’s alright for me, it’s still engaging and fights don’t feel like a waste of time. There’s Gatcha mechanics in this game, but you do get a guaranteed 4 star reward for every 10 loot boxes you buy, and you get enough at the beginning to buy 1 lot of 10 (which resulted in me getting 2 characters and a bit of loot). Overall, it feels like the predatory side of it is tuned down enough for me to feel like i can enjoy it without paying, but make no mistake you can definitely pay to win. I think it deserves a 4.5 star rating, so I gave it 5 to help round it up. Definitely give it a try if you liked BotW, or if you want to try BotW but can’t get access to it for whatever reason.

- Has great potential but too many flaws to make it playable

First off, I really enjoy this game. However, the world map is black except immediately around the character. When going into water (not that you would know by anything except the wet pop up) the character starts flashing white light until dry. My iPad is compatible but it just isn’t working. Since updating to new iOS it won’t even load, just crashes the app after a few secs. I know how this should play as it works on my phone and PS4 but wanted iPad play because it was portable and less cramped then phone. Please address issues as I would love to play through with the other twin on this.

- A black screen bug on the IOS

hey there, game creators. For a while I have been trying to find a decent game that could match my picky taste, and you have done an excellent job on the graphics and characters. My computer and phone works fine, though, I prefer to play on my iPad as it has smooth gameplay and better battery. When playing on my iPad Air 2, the background and sky of the game turns completely black. Is their any steps I could take to fix this issue? I wish you the best of luck in solving this issue. If it wasn’t for the black screen, easy 5 star.

- I love it, but there is need for slight improvements

I don’t know if this only happens for me, but I can not see the sky.. at all and that makes it really difficult to to things like fend off the dragon and such. I really like the game and it is absolutely beautiful, that needs to be fixed or it’s practically unplayable. Also, the cutscenes have A LOT of lag. Again, I love the game and the look of everything, but there are a few bugs that need to be fixed to make it actually playable. This is on iPad, by the way, so I’m not sure if it’s like this for everyone. :)

- Good game, exceedingly predatory monetization

It’s feels like an amazing technological feat that they got this game to run seamlessly between your PC and Mobile, and that it’s a genuinely fun game to explore and fight in. It’s just that it’s saddled with an extremely predatory monetization system. It’s got gacha It’s got daily passes It’s got a monthly battle pass It’s got an incredibly restrictive stamina system that throttles your playtime Whilst the first three I can forgive as the cost of a game bring free to play and being optional augmentative extras it’s the 4th that is it’s greatest sin, like a coin operated arcade machine once you’re out of stamina they want you to pay to be able to continue earning XP and Money and Equipment to improve your characters. If you don’t cough up the dough you’re looking at about 10-25 minutes of gameplay a day. If you do want to spend money you only get about an extra 15 minutes before they want you to turn out your pockets again A very fun game that is literally being held back by very unfun and unnecessary mechanics. I do not recommend you play until the stamina system is rectified and they’re not squeezing every dollar possible out of you

- Love this game!!

I love this game and it’s graphics! They’re so good. I’m surprised this is a free game. It’s exciting to actually play a game close to when it first comes out :P My only suggestion would be maybe adding something else to do that could increase your level? Because right now it’s hard to level up and I cant complete any more story quests until i’m at level 18 and i’ve done the other quests so i have to somehow level up 2 more ranks on my own, and the enemy’s /chests / shrines don’t really give much exp. Other than that though the game is awesome!!!

- Bug for iPad 5th generation

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to play this game and was really looking forward. Looking at the game’s device compatibility, it seems that the iPad 5th generation should work fine, but when I open the game, I encountered a major problem. One, cutscenes tend to lag tremendously for no apparent reason. Two, and most importantly, the skies and water, and any surroundings in the game are complete pitch black, making the game unplayable. Note that my device itself is pretty good, having more than enough storage, and no problems with it. I hope Mihoyo fixes this for older devices like mine, as I am really looking forward to play it.

- Render problem

I love the game overall but it’s just my opinion of the place i’ve got to. Which is still the tutorial. The problem is that I can’t see far even though I put my render quality to the highest so that means for the first boss fight where I levitate off the ground (meaning my screen is completely black because i can only see rocks trees and the ground). I also have downloaded the full pack so I don’t know what is going on. So please fix this glitch because i can’t play cuz i have no idea where the boss is. 4 out of 5 stars for the current gameplay :j

- Absolutely amazing!!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Mihoyo developers with Honkai Impact 3 (which is another brilliant anime game) Totally being honest, these does not disappoint at all!! Already well into the game and it’s full of adventure. Game mechanics work well and love how you can easily change characters to gain the upper hand in battle. Open world is very much like Zelda BOTW and I can see many concepts from that game, however this is a great game on its own and bravo to Mihoyo for putting it together. Well deserved 5stars and recommend to everyone who loves open world and anime. 👏👏👏

- 😢

I can’t play this game because my iPad doesn’t support it but I’ve been seeing people play this game and I’ve been wanting to play it ever since. Why oh why can’t I play this game. Is it because my iPad is too old? Sad, I hope they make it so people with old devices can play it as well. Sorry if this is an impossible request, as apologies I give this game a 5 start rating. As far as I’ve seen people play this, it looks really good. If you have a device that support Genshin Impact I really recommend playing it.

- One of the best!

Very impressive game, looks absolutely amazing. I rely don’t understand how anyone can give anything less than 5 stars. The game does consume a very high level of processing power certainly making it a battery killer. Works well on iPhone 7 with specs adjusted just below medium, bloom off shadows lowest setting which still provides spectacular visuals, for what you see you realise it’s thoroughly been optimised. The full game consumes about 10gb of space but if you want a full size console quality game that’s nothing.

- Too good

This game is just too good. The animations, the graphics even the ost that fits so well and adds to the scenery of the game. Just when you think you’ve finished all tasks and quests new ones pop up and you just can’t get bored with it. Only problem is though quite a few times, the game would glitch midway through a quest and I’d be back at the start with all the progress gone. Nevertheless, this game is worth it and so much more. Looking forward to what else you’ll give us ❤️

- Your predatory gacha rates are disgusting

I would rate you 0/5 if I could. We’re people too you know, not just a profit margin. I could rant on and on about how disrespectful and degrading your 0.3% 5* hero rate is but you already know what you’re doing. It’s only a matter of time before the community revolts and forces you to make a change. They won’t be able to reroll their accounts every time you release a new hero they want and then they’ll come to their senses. I’m usually more than happy to support games I enjoy for $100+ a month but I can’t support you. Your morals and business ethics are disgusting. Not until you treat us as your friends, fans and community and not just consumers to exploit will I give you a cent. I’m a human being just like you, treat me like one.

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- There’s only black around me, and I can only see a small bit of the ground.

But I’m using a non-compatible device, and the game looks great, so take my 4-Star!

- An RPG with Gacha Elements and a Horrendous Stamina System

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loves this game. I started on PC and just use mobile for if I’m out and about. As a PC player, with the way this game was marketed, I am extremely disappointed with everything AR30+. Myself and the guys spent hours upon hours exploring the world, doing quests, trying to roll those 5 Stars (I’ve rolled Diluc and Qiqi) and get those god tier artifacts with the perfect main and sub stats… but the resin system that is in place is utterly ridiculous. At this point, none of us care about adventure rank; all we care about is getting artifacts and occasionally ascension materials but resin prevents us from enjoying the very thing we reason we play games with a lot of grind to it: Farming. We absolutely love pouring hours in to running dungeons, defeating bosses, and so much more. We don’t care about the drop rates, we don’t care about Adventure Rank XP, we just want to have fun and grind the perfect items. What can be done about this? As I said, I’m a PC user and simply use mobile for when I want to check things when I’m out of house. 1) Remove the resin system from loot and reduce Adventure Rank Experience by 90%. This makes 500 domain runs give 5000 ARXP. Let’s say each domain takes, on average, 2 minutes to clear: 500x2=1000/60=16.6 hours. This keeps players from levelling too far ahead of the current content while still having hours of stuff to do. We have lots of characters (of which I have 19) to grind the perfect 3-4* items that we’ll later farm for the perfect 5* set later on. Make resin give more ARXP, not limit what we can have fun doing and still be willing to pour money into for new character/weapon chances 2) Make resin double the loot. Reduce the amount of loot that drops from domains that you don’t use resin for. This makes farming for artifacts longer, depending on your RNG. This also makes it so you have less artifacts to use as level up material. And again, ARXP can be reduced unless using resin here once again. 3) Make resin increase the chances of higher quality loot. You can drop the drop rates further making more of a grind. Games like Warframe have this system and it’s still going strong after 7 years. The resin system is my largest complaint. As a mobile user, the resin system isn’t terrible; but it’s definitely not good either. As a PC user, on the other hand, the resin system is a massive turnoff for many. PC has many RPGS and MMOs that you need to compete against. This game has massive potential and made me start enjoying RPG and MMO styled games again after 7 years of nigh-non-stop Warframe. This game can easily become the next Warframe that shapes the future of Gacha games! The resin system is sadly the only thing holding this games true potential for longevity and sustainability in the PC/Console market. Until changes to the resin system are done to make this game grindable for hours on end, my spending will come to an absolute halt. I won’t support a game that forces me to stop and slow down my farming, especially with the way it was advertised and appeared to be through the starting levels. When these changes are made, my 2/5 star rating will change. If I was rating this game purely on the resin system as a PC user, it would be a 0/5. However, since I see its potential with what removal of the restrictive resin system can do and because I enjoyed playing this game up until it became a turtle-fest, it’s a 2/5. Thank you, and I hope this issue gets addressed.

- White Screen of Death

I have the IPAD 3 PRO. Downloaded game and when I open it all I get is a white screen. I’m assuming others have had this happen? Any known fix? Thx

- It’s crashing all the time

Idk about you guys but I just got the app and it crashes every time I go in it. It shows like a white screen and then crashes right after. I tried reinstalling but it’s still the same problem. I waited for months for this game I’m very disappointed.

- It doesn’t work

All I see is a white screen and then the game crashes

- Demo doesn’t work

I know the game officially release on the 28th but it says there’s a demo and it doesn’t work. But I saw the game on pc and it looks wonderful so 5 stars!

- Great mobile game

I feel bad for everyone who isn’t able to run this gem, but pc is always an option. I just hope that it isn’t one of those games that start off good but as more updates come along it becomes diluted with heavy paywalls and such. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing!

- Smooth running+great design overall

Definitely one of the best free roam games around to play for free. Not pay to win either, all the premium currency is available to get by grinding. 10/10 worth the download, but most likely won’t run too well on older phone/ IPad models

- Genshin impact is clearly the best app in history!

I started playing it yesterday, when heard it was on iOS I got so exited as breath of the wild fan, not like most botw fans I was happy it was on app everyone should get this game on iOS if they don’t have ps4. Its an excellent game and the fact that has multiplayer is amazing it may have lag sometimes but that’s probably because I iPhone 8. But point is it’s a game that is not worth hating it’s something you should like to play when your bored. (Note) don’t be dumb and load it on a iPhone 6 and lower probably 7 also DON’T BE A IDIOT. IT’S A GREAT GAME. Hundred stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

- Fix Zhongli

Mihoyo out here ripping players off and pretends to be deaf and stays silent. This won’t end well in the long run for this company.

- Great

I don’t know what the other people are talking about, because I can open up the app just fine, and this is a really great game

- Review from Beta Player

+ Great Graphics + Great Combat & Mechanics + Huge Open World + Long Full Voice Acted Story & Cutscenes + Game will expanded & updated. + Hundreds of hours of exploring. + Can beat the entire game with the free characters. - Gacha Rates are low - Mihoyo is being pretty stingy with Currency Overall: The game is pretty F2P Friendly, and I recommend playing through. Unfortunately if your going F2P your probably gonna be limited on characters.

- Awesome stuff!

Im stoked to play this game! I’m already aware of what to expect! Less than a day from now and we get Genshin and all its glory!


I downloaded this game and didn’t know what to expect, but after paying it, I WAS SHOOK with the graphics of this game. Is this truly a mobile game? The visuals had me going crazy, it looked so good for a mobile game. The voice acting, the gameplay, everything about it is wonderful. You must try this game!

- texture

the game texture doesn’t work properly


Stop gating major game mechanics on five star characters behind constellations. Fix Zhongli. Stop being greedy. Do not spend any money until mihoyo addresses this (I’m going F2P until they do).

- Amazing

Downloaded this game on the new iPad Pro and mini 5 it works great. Can’t wait for the iPhone 12 max to come out and play this on it too.

- Great game but one thing.

This game is great! It’s fun and the graphics are rlly nice. The only problem is that it takes up 9 GB which is a lot and if you don’t have a lot of space like me, there will be some problems

- Best RPG game I ever played on my smartphone

I can’t explain how good this game is. It is better than the Zelda I played on switch. Just to let you know this game need high end smartphone because it is huge like 8gb. I bet you will get addicted after playing it.

- so well done

I’m loving this game so much so far. It does crash often on my iPhone 8, but the game is good enough for me to look past that.

- Security issues

My account got stolen. I spend a lot of money and time in this game only to get it hacked. There is a security issue in the game that a lot of players are addressing it. Tectone, Mtashed and ZealsAmbition talked about it and it needs to be addressed. Linking your email exposes the user privacy. Linking your phone number is not recommend as well. A solution is to give the user a two authentification factor so that the account is safe and secure. I will change my rating once I recover my account. I already email Genshin support staff but the time that it takes to have a response back is unbelievable. Some say for the problem to be solved and to get the account back takes months. So if you download the game , make sure to secure your account with everything you can link it up to.

- Players getting hacked! Beware new players!

I love Genshin Impact wholeheartedly, but so many players have been getting hacked that it’s not even funny. Just getting your account back is taking weeks upon weeks, it’s really sad. Players spend so much money, and if not money, than time on this game only to get their accounts hacked in the end. New players, don’t bother spending money on this game, until MiHoYo gets this issue fixed. And MiHoYo, you’re slowly losing a LOT of players because of this so I recommend getting your a** out of the clouds and fixing this ASAP!!!!

- App crash at first play

After download full game resource, I was so excited to jump to the game quickly. But the experience I got is so bad, unexpected. The sound has crashed, the gameplay with black color, and bunch of unexpected lights. Then I can not see anything. Anyone has same experience as me?

- Major issues but very fixable

There are some huge graphical issues while playing on my iPad on iOS 14. Textures not loading and an endless sea of black unloaded space. Also would like to see controller support, as the game already has controller support on other platforms

- Help me please

Hi Devs Or creators whenever i open my game its an all white screen is it because of my iphone 7+ not being good enough or something else Thanks

- Knock of

This is just a breath of the wild knock off

- Apple says compatible, game doesn’t

“Compatible with iPhone SE 1st Gen” Black screen and flashlight flickering. Do us players seriously need to buy a new phone just for this?

- My thoughts so far...

I love it. I’ve been looking for a game that’s worth playing on a mobile device (specifically my iPad Pro) and this blew my expectations out of the water. Gameplay is engaging, graphics are charming, and it truly does feel like a pc/console experience on a mobile device. On top of all of this, the storyline and quests seem genuinely thought out and not something that was just thrown together. By far one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had a mobile device. My one, and ONLY, critique is that I wish it had controller or keyboard/mouse support. However, the game is still quite new, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was added later on. Excellent work

- :)


- B e a u t y

Its great, definitely would recommend if you want a game for anime or smth idk but i love this and the characters are really pretty

- Love this game

THIS IS TJE BEST GAME EVER!!! I love this game the graphics are amazing totally recommend

- Great development, great game

Awesome game for mobile and console, the leveling up system gets a little bit annoying but mostly and awesome game

- Good Job!

I’ve been playing the game for a while now and in my opinion, it’s been really fun and enjoyable! The story and characters are really fun and interesting. The graphics are really nice and well made too! I hope that things will get even better from here. Great job so far guys!

- Never gets boring

Lots of content within each new update

- Lags on mobile

My phone has plenty of storage and is running on newest software and yet the game will overheat my phone, close the app randomly, lag quite a lot even with low graphics, and sometimes when open menu in top left the game will freeze! Other than that, super fun to play, enjoying the open world! Although I do believe the five star rates are pretty brutal/disproportionate compared to what seems fair. Be wary that gambling is an addiction, and is a struggle many deal with, so keep in mind how much investment you are putting into a free game!! This goes out to players, keep your mind sharp :)

- Zongli

He needs buff to weak like amber

- Best mobile game ever

I’ve played a lot, A LOT of mobile games. This one is the first to come in mind if you ask me which is the best.

- This game is awesome!

This is a very wonderful game good graphics, nice characters, good story etc.But I’m just struggling to update my version of the game, when I saw that the 1.1.1 update was out I thought I might as well go to update it on the App Store, but it just said open, no update button or anything, so does it update automatically or do you have to manually do it???I saw that when you get the 1.1.1 update you get free primogems but i saw nothing in the mail, so please help me with updating my version of the game.Btw if your wondering I use IOS

- Good Game

I’m happy to say this is a wonderfully crafted experience so far (I am adventure rank 25) and can’t wait to see what’s to come for this game!

- Really fun

I am right now playing so I can get to adventure rank 16 so I can play with my friends and the concept is great and it’s so open world. it has a story line, Yes, but you can go at your own pace, I love it

- Mac support one day?

I love the game, would love it more if it can be played on Mac

- Legit RPG

Very few limits. Climb whatever you want, jump and glide your way to hidden treasure. Huge open world. Mine and gather to cook and craft so you can upgrade and enhance. Entertaining dialogue and reply options.


I lovvveeee this game I have been obsessed with it, but there’s one thing. It keeps crashing often and it’s really bugging me could you please fix this?

- Un vraiment bon jeux ❤️👍

J’adore ce jeux il est maintenant dans les tops 1 de mes jeux. Son graphique magnifique et la manière de jouer l’est aussi. C’est bien évidemment que les jeux ressemble à Zelda botw (breath of the wild) mais si comme moi vous avez fini Le jeux et que vous adorer ce type de game (libre) ce jeux est vraiment parfait 👌. Je le recommande !

- The best open world on mobile

It’s a really good game but on mobile it’s crashing a lot so pls fix

- Wonderful.

This game caught my eye after I saw it in the Apple Store multiple times and curiosity kicked in, so I tried it, and now I’ll never go back. This game feels very similar to The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild, and that’s what caught my attention. I enjoyed exploring the areas that this game provides. The regions were also interesting as they provided different building structures and items to collect. You could choose different characters with their own unique abilities instead of just one main character with all the abilities and weapons, and some of the quests were quite interesting as well as they provided different stories for the players to experien-there’s even literally books to read if you wanted to! There are a few bugs such as the quests appearing in a different language below the map, odd areas you were able to climb on, your character can get stuck behind a chest if you open it while standing behind; however, it’s only temporary, etc. The bugs aren’t too significant though! You can still enjoy the open world experience like I did! Recommend this to your friends, or family members if you want to! There are also moments where the older audience may question the intentions, but that’s just sprinkling a bit of humour I suppose. 🤔 Keep up the good work developers! 🙂

- GREEDY devs, u pay to lose

I spent fair amount on this Genshin.(about $1000) Considering recent drama on Zhongli banner and outrageous respond from Devs, I have to tell u don’t play this game. Mihoyo does not respect their customers.

- Disregard for Players

The game lacks 2 factor authorization despite there being many instances of accounts being hacked. Not only this, but their design of the character Zhongli is incredibly flawed. Intended as a support but is a five star that is outclassed by most four star supports. His signature weapon also scales in damage the longer he’s out on the field, which shouldn’t be the case for a support character. His weapon screams dps, and regardless of whether he’s a support he lacks in that department as well.

- Gliding challenge

Don’t get me wrong I love this game but the gliding challenge must be broken it’s takes forever to load when your doing it & 2nd every time I tried redoing it because it wasn’t loading properly it said challenge failed after a few second when it just started so it must be broken or something Thanks.

- Unfair gacha mechanics

Rates are super low in this game for 5* characters at 0.6%. There is a pity system for guaranteed 5* at 90 rolls but the amount of gems you get for pulling is extremely small (50 per day from daily commissions while you need 160 for each pull!) The most recent 5* Zhongli is also terrible and feels more like a 4*. Many players saved for weeks and skipped banners just to roll for Zhongli after seeing his story and videos from the developers hyping him up. The character also has core skills which are locked unless you pull up to 6 duplicates! This is impossible for most of the player base since you need to spend thousands of dollars.

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- Finally!!!!!

Ok, you guys have definitely raised the bar with mobile games. I’ve been playing rpg games, open world games, mmorpg’s, gacha collect games, and etc for years without being satisfied in the long term. However, this game right here has definitely raised the bar. From the moment I first downloaded it, to now, I’ve been honestly impressed. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is beautiful, the characters are unique, the interactions are very well thought out, and the storyline is very intricate. I also love the way that you can incorporate elements and combinations to turn tides in battle, and the way that different characters have different things to offer in terms of combat. EVEN THE MENU SCREENS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I definitely see myself playing this for years into the future and I hope that you guys make more content as we go on and add events and things. You’ve earned it. This is the most beautiful, immersive, enjoyable game on the mobile market for me. Oh, and I heard there will be controller support? Kinda excited to see that added to the game since I mainly play on controllers. 👌🏾👍🏾


I just want to say how much I admire the work that was put into creating this game for mobile. The level of detail and overall immersion involved in this game really can make you wanna play for hours just discovering the land! I mean yes the combat system is by far one of the best that I have encountered not only amongst RPG genre but for many other combat involved games as well, Genshin Impact takes the cake! My only suggestion as for something to make the experience even better, would be controller support. I’m sure you folks down in development have heard this a million times over, but please would you consider at least adding it for a short time and letting us, the players, decide if we like it or not. There are many of us who prefer mobile or can’t afford consoles so for you to make this one a mobile was a huge one up for the mobile community. It’s just that some of us still enjoy remote control playing. If you could please hear us out, it’s the only thing we are asking. Oh and of course PVP!! Because who doesn’t love PVP! And then maybe co-op campaign?

- Best mobile game in a while

Still not sure how they made this a mobile game. Pretty much a free to play breath of the wild. The graphics are breathtaking and somehow the game still runs really well on my iPhone 8plus. The world is huge and being added to as I am writing this review. There is so many small side quests, puzzles, and objectives. The world is well done and the small treasures you find just feeds your brain dopamine and you can’t stop. The main story itself is alright with nice animations and cut Scenes. The game play itself is also really fun with a pretty neat combat system. There are some downside with this game. If you binge play this game (like 40hr/week) you will likely run out of things to do within 2-3 weeks and then have to wait for the new map expansion. There will still be things to do during that time but definitely not enough to keep you playing at your 40 hour/ week pace. But if you take things slow and investigate/explore the world as you slowly progress the main story and not rush and binge play you will have high quality entertainment for a long time.

- A couple changes and it’s a must play

A great game that seems to be easily able to expand on content over time. The combat is extremely fun and dynamic. Finding gear for your character is random, but with it comes a great feeling when you finally get the one you want. The world is gorgeous and filled up with things to grab/fight! I give the game 4 stars because the resin/primogem system rewards you with a ton of items at the start, but takes that level of reward away over time like a shady drug dealer. The rates for characters are awful given the price point for a shot at them, especially after you’ve spent money on the one time bonus gems packs. The more they add characters, the less likely you get the one that would fit perfectly in your team so that leaves me worried about the future of the game. I’m also going to be keeping a close eye on balance in the game. I want my money spent now on the game to be just as worth it if I had saved it till next year. Please value our spending on your game. I see myself having a lot more fun with the game and look forward to challenging content in the future. PLEASE INCREASE GÂCHA RATES AND RESIN CAP/RECHARGE. Thank you <3

- Great starting out. Terrible endgame.

I know there’s more content coming out which is great but once you finish the story so far the games true character comes out. It’s nothing but a cash grab. Once you have beaten the story everything left to requires money to do. Console quality graphics and story. Mobile game mechanics and monetization. This game is a gacha game meaning there’s a gambling element to it. For characters and weapons. Compares to other games in this category the rates for pulling characters and weapons are FAR lower than other games and the cost for pulling is twice as much as most other games. Character progression is gated behind an energy system on top of a grinding system. Most other games of this type are far more generous with their energy system. It gets worse. You can spend hundreds trying to get a specific top tier character you want but only to realize that the character is in balanced to the point where he is out classed by mid tier characters. Once the entire players base is up in arms about this the developer responds basically with “lol git gud”. So my advice for everyone is enjoy the game for what it is. Take your time to go through the story and don’t spend a single time. Use the free rolls you earn and don’t spend another time trying to pull anything else. It’s just not worth it.

- amazing

Fun and full of adventure. Genshin Impact is a RPG game. It has an anime style with beautiful scenes. You fight monsters and there's lots of characters you could get. Some are stronger than the others. They are marked by star ranking and colors. Purple is really good, blue is ok. Its Free and fun to play. My personal feelings for it is that I love the action but there's a lot of talking. Sometimes I just skip throws and hope for the best. The more you play the more you level up. The more you level up the more stuff you unlock and gain to upgrade your character and the weapons for your character. This Game reminds me of an anime I watched a long time ago. Sword Art Online. It's almost the same. Except in Genshin it's not Vr and there's not that many monster variations and you are not able to create your own character. What I like about Genshin is that it's a free map. You have missions to accomplish but it doesn't force you to complete them automatically. You can be given a mission and then do whatever you want. You can either explore the world and hunt and cook or you can carry on with the mission.

- Not what you expect

I’m quite surprised with the production quality of this game. For the internet to brush it off as a BotW knock of does it a disservice to the overall experience. Sure there are mechanics like climbing and use of a glider, gathering materials spread through out the over world, and the general environmental design and look similarities. But due to the combat and now the narrative is progressed, it’s a far different experience. It’s has taken good aspects of BotW and established it’s own game, I consider this to be a homage with extreme similarities than just a knock off trying to piggy back on BotW popularity and polish. I myself brushed it off as a BotW copy cat, but I was very surprised to be wrong about that. Now I hope the gacha mechanic doesn’t sour the overall experience and make it worth while for free to play players. Though like Arknights, I hope this game becomes something the player wants to put in their own hard earned money due to how well made this game might be. But this only has bouts been released, and the studio probably are planning to hold events like other gacha games, adding to the game.

- Great game, mediocre system.

I adore this game. The artstyle, combat, story. It’s all really amazing, and if you’re looking for a fun I open world game to play I can’t recommend this enough. It’s free on all platforms and has cross save, so it’s great on the go or at home. One issue though, resin. Resin is an awful system. You get limited amounts a day then you have to wait hours for it to restore. Resin is used for almost everything you grind, money key limes, exp key limes, domains, events. For all the things you can do with it you don’t have near enough of it. After you do the main story the game relies on you to grind your characters up, and get new ones to incentivize playing but you can’t for more than an hour because the resin system prevents long term gains. You should add a system where you can stack resin if you’re not using it, or increase the cap. Anything to make resin a resource that drains less quick. I want to spend hours grinding on your game but the resin system prevents that. Though that being said, there is a lot of things that don’t use resin such as side quests, main quests, and exploring so it’s still a great game despite this system.

- Great Game!

This is a super good game for being on a mobile device! I love everything about it except three things! I wish that there was a way to fully customise whichever sibling you choose to play as (hair, face, body, etc.), another way besides teleporting and gliding across the world (or running) I’ve seen some mobile games add creatures such as horses or mythical animals that you can collect and I would personally love love love to have a horse and just run through this world! It’s already so beautiful and amazing I don’t want to teleport and the running is just a little too slow for my personal taste (It’s perfect when you’re in the city parts though!) and gliding to me is just meh. My last thing is pets! I would love to have some pets that could maybe help you out when you fight but in return you have to feed them food that you make or raw meat. If I only had to pick one of these three options I would totally go with the ridable creatures! Overall though I do really like this game. I normally get tired of a game after playing it for a few minutes but this one surprised me. I can’t wait to see what else you guys add to it!

- My personal opinion on Genshin Impact

I really love the game and I’m enjoying it quite a lot. It’s really a fun game and I like the variety of missions that you can do as well as the characters in the game. I especially enjoy the characters the most. My only complaint on the game is that I’ve noticed that when you choose to play as the male traveller the characters you interact with still refer to you as female when voiced but the captions do refer to you as male. So I would like to see that resolved in a future update, if possible. I like that I was able to choose the gender of my character giving it a RPG feel to the game which I really love. However, I’m not fond of how because I didn’t select the female character the voices of the characters I interact with don’t follow the dialogue of the game captions so I’ll hear them calling me a girl or hear them say “hope you find your brother” but when I read the dialogue I’ll be reading the opposite. The upside is that I’ve noticed that Paimon seems to get the genders right so at least my travel companion doesn’t refer to me as the wrong gender. Lol.

- Long awaited Game!

I have always wanted to play a Massive open world game on my phone. It’s been years of searching for games on the App Store and I found a few games that were good, but they were not exactly the kind of game I was looking for. I was looking for a game where you have freedom instead of following a single storyline, I was looking for Amazing graphics in a game, and I was looking for something that is long and satisfying. This game has gone way past my expectations, from graphics, to gameplay, to story/side quest, to exploring freely. There’s just so much to do, I look forward to playing more and getting new updates to add even more improvements. Keep up the good work! (Also a few suggestions to make it better, Add more side quest that has some useful rewards maybe, and maybe a friendship or couple system to make it more realistic; like more interactions throughout the game, most likely with online people, oh and one more thing; even more characters and weapons which will draw more people on as well as keep players playing for who knows how long) thank you.

- Meh...

I honestly kinda had high hopes for this game when i downloaded it because i watched some game plays about the game But it didn’t turn out well, This game is going to need major bug fixes for the mobile before doing anything else with the game like updates and so on. And i know i should play on the “recommended” version of the iPhone but you cant expect people to go out and buy some expensive phone just to play some lame game. For more the opening of the game is my first impression. I just ended up with a nice headache because i used headphones. The audio was.. like all scratched up or, i don't know how to put this and the animation or video or.. whatever you want to call it was stopping non stop. The only smooth part of it was the character picking and picking your name. Then once i finally loaded up i was surrounded with darkness, that made it really uncomfortable. I’ll still and try to play the game and might leave another review. all i want is the mobile experience for ALL versions of the iPhone to be improved and not just the iPhone i want all the different platforms experience to improve if ey are having this same problem And sorry if this sounds all weird, random or doesn’t sound right. I don't have the best English.

- Great game but...

I think this is an epic game, the graphics are unreal and the story is amazing. I just have a problem with how this keeps crashing every time I play, my phone over heats like an oven and I think part of that may be because of its big map and top graphics. Although the game is good, it’s just really annoying that this just keeps crashing. Even tho this is meant for pc, I think they should make this version just different so it’s more suitable for the phone. Other then that, this game has no problems and is a great game, and for new players I recommend not wasting all your resources on leveling all your character, first aim to get al l the characters, then play with them, and then decide which ones are the best although in the process you will have to level up some of your characters but you only have to level up your two mains. But until then just save as much resources as you can. You can use the premogems to get wishes which you can use to unlock characters and weapons. Also you can play with friends after adventure rank 16

- Where to begin with this amazing game?

First things first, the graphics. Breathtaking! I experimented with the settings and the game is still pretty on the lowest graphics settings. Second, the story! From the games I’ve played, the story is really unique and interesting! Plus there’s side stories that can distract you while helping you level up! Another thing I love about this game is the attention to detail. Like Barbara for example, she calls herself an idol and whenever she does her abilities in Mondstadt the people clap for her! That’s just an insane little detail that I appreciate. There’s also so many hidden secrets and Easter eggs that are so amazing too! Basically this game is so worth it. I may or may not have been playing for hours on end. Keep up the amazing work!!! I do have one quick suggestion for the devs that’s been annoying me during combat. Can there be a specific button for climbing? I’ve been in combat a few times and suddenly my character starts climbing and it’s slightly stressful during boss fights. If you read this I hop you have an amazing day!

- Ways to improve upon your game

I would just like to start off by saying an amazingly well written and programmed game. I play both on PS4 and mobile but far prefer the console version. This game is a true open world game which is rare in games nowadays, with the amazing storyline and side quests. If I had any complaint about it, it would be about the fact that after level 20 leveling up gets increasingly difficult, repetitive and time consuming. Most side quests have to be found by just walking around I would like it more if you added more features to the map like possible side quests or explorable areas for more experience points to help with leveling. I also feel like there should be more mobs it gets a little repetitive fighting the same kinds on repeat though I understand since the game is fairly new. The last thing I would add is a monster dossier that’s probably one of my favorite thing about games I love being able to see all monsters I’ve fought/unlocked and also a little backstory on them.

- Love the game but...

I really love this game! The graphics are amazing, the battles are fun, and the voice acting is really nice to listen to. However, this game also has a few problems. One of them is the immense crashing. Every 5-15 minutes, the game crashes and it's getting really annoying. If it helps, sometimes I see red or green lines on the buildings before the game crashes. Another problem is the battery usage. Only this game drains too much of my battery and sometimes my iPad starts overheating. I've checked the other apps ands it's only this game that's causing the problem. Also, the enemy spawns sometimes takes way too long. For example, there's this quest where you have to unlock a tri-seal. The Meaty tribe has this sort of challenge and you get 1 minute and 35 seconds to defeat 10 enemies. The problem is, the enemies take too long to spawn and the result is 50 seconds of battle time. And those 50 seconds are becoming shorter because of the spawn time of the boss, so I can't pass the challenge. Please fix this, especially the crashing. I will hate to have to delete this game because of it.

- - mobile issues (ft. iOS)

first off i just wanted to say this game is amazing. they really payed attention to detail with some things that have heavily peaked my interest, therefor making me want to play even more. although, i am only a mobile user! i play on my iPhone 8, before (a few months ago) i tried playing this but it just led me to a black and white screen. im not sure what fixed the issue because after i waited 2-3 months for it to be fixed and it started working after i get an update for my phone? anyways, the bugs i deal with on a daily basis NEEDS to be fixed because it’s the small things ruining my gameplay. sometimes, when i’m fighting monsters, it lags a whole lot and the day switches to night, and the night switches to day. that happens about 3-4 times. it’s really annoying. whenever it’s raining for me, my game lags and crashes. and everytime i go into monstatd, the graphics become blocky, and i have to restart the game in order for it to be good again. amongst all these small bugs, i still enjoy the game. but PLEASE please please fix this. thank you

- Greedy company that brings the game down

Let me start by saying that I am AR40 at the time of this review. The gameplay and story are amazing. The gacha aspect is a hit or miss with their low rates. However, once you get past the honeymoon phase of the first 20-30 hours, you will start to realize that miHoYo designed the game in a way that limits the player’s progression in every single way possible. From the smallest thing such as crafting ores to level up your weapons to spending resin for running dungeons and bosses to get ascension materials. They limit it all. It’s like they are trying their best to prevent players from progression in an OPEN WORLD game. Some might argue that the game is design as a mobile game. The funny thing is that playing on mobile is the hardest compared to playing on PS4 or PC. Furthermore, I have never seen a greedier company than miHoYo. They made $100 million (their entire production cost) in the first 2 weeks, yet they don’t have any sort of daily login rewards outside of the initial 7 days and when they do send out codes for rewards or host events they give you crumbs - not even enough for a single gacha pull. I hope to see big changes soon because they seem so inexperienced even though they have another game Honkai Impact for the past few years.

- Don’t normally write a review but...

I knew nothing of this game until my friend got into the beta. I’ve been following it ever since. I couldn’t wait for its release. The game itself is fantastic. The music the story, sure it’s a BOTW clone but it does so much of its own thing that it really stands on its own two feet. The only downside I see to the game at all is the loot box style way of getting characters and weapons. But it is early. I’m only adventure rank 12. It goes to 60 so who knows what you will unlock along the way with time. That also being said even without 5 star weapons or characters I have had no real issue making it through anything so far so the characters and weapons to me are more of a skin/cosmetics thing then any sort of pay to win if anyone is concerned about that. But even with the one downside I gave it a 5 star and even wrote this review (which I don’t normally do) because the game is so fun. I own every console and built my own computer I don’t normally play mobile games but this one got me. It’s very well done.

- Absolutely amazing

I have put in about 40 hours of gameplay so far. Haven’t spent a dime but I have quite a few characters unlocked from playing the game. Sure you could easily dump some money in the game to get the characters you want but they give you plenty of currency in game. I find myself making a ten times pull every other day at this point. I know early on this will be easier to do with the rewards in game for the launch but you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy this game. The graphics are great the story and lore has been fantastic. There’s so much to learn and the characters you talk to fill you in on a lot of the worlds background. The voice acting has been awesome and the soundtrack is so good I have to play with my sound on always. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I installed the game even though I was waiting for it to release. Any expectations I had have been completely blown away. I’ve been telling everyone to get this game. You have to try it you have nothing to lose but your free time

- It’s beautiful but

I hope someone out there will see this some day, the game is absolutely stunning, in my opinion it’s on par with breath of wild, and it’s as close to breath of wild as you can get on mobile but, (and I’m probably the only person here with this issue) I was raised a devout Christian, and I can’t play games with elements of magic or dark magic in them, so I’ve never been able to play a game that’s as visually stunning as this, because of the sorcery and witchcraft which in my religion and culture is strongly banned. I hope one day someone will make a mobile open world game, as beautiful as this, maybe with technology as the “super powers” of the characters or mecha monsters, horizon zero dawn had this concept and I still couldn’t play because I have Xbox, not play station😔 it would make me so happy if one day, a game as beautiful and expansive as this, with legendary items and characters, could be made without utilizing magic or bloody gory violence. I think such a game would be able to increase its customer base to no end

- NOT FOR EVERYONE, but is great for some

Let me get this out of the way. First, YOU NEED A STRONG DEVICE to even run this game properly. iPhone 8 Plus and above will do the job. Sexond, the gacha, THE GACHA RATES ARE LOWER THAN FGO. Though you get a lot of currency to pull near the start, I recommend saving and not immediately rolling the gacha unless you’ve already decided to pay up. Third, BE CAREFUL REROLLING, YOU MIGHT GET BANNED because bots are rerolling accounts which are being sold. Fourth THIS WILL BE GRINDY I played in the beta, and most other players will agree, it takes time and many resources to build teams, and I specifically said it with a plural word. Fifth, YOU WILL NEED MULTIPLE UNITS for end game since dungeons have different effects which will benefit specific characters. I think I mentioned most of the things that WILL RUIN most people’s experience, now for the good stuff. This is MiHoYo’s third major game, Honkai impact blew my expectations and standards for a mobile game, and I know this will do it again. I wouldn’t have imagined an open world mobile ga,e like this when I first downloaded Honkai. THIS CAN BE AN AMAZING GAME, it just needs time...

- Great game, except for lag. and a known issue

So I am officially addicted to this game. So much replay ability is very good in a game and this game feels like it should cost money, and deserves a 5 star review. However, as with many games, there is also a problem. The problem with this one is that it fails to run well on lower end devices. Don’t get me wrong, I am still addicted to this game. The constant crashes and massive lag spikes don’t deplete that much from the game itself, as they barely ever screw you over. I wasn’t actually going to write a review, until the lag spikes interrupted my gameplay. At the Luhua Pool, there is a quest where you have to help a man find his art supplies. However, my lag spike did not load that character. Or the door to the temple. Seeing as there was no door, I walked into the temple, without doing the quest and a supreme lack of oversight. I claimed the chests when they loaded and teleported out. Now I attempted the quest just because I need XP. So here I am, an idiot who opened a door with no chests. So now I can’t complete the quest. Thanks, game. Please fix this I need it badly.

- Possibly a masterpiece!

First off, I haven’t played the game too much, but from what I have played and continue to play the game is just amazing, the graphics, frame rate and dialogue are truly top notch. And with elements like the open world and polished combat you are sure to have loads of fun! I also want to address the negative reviews, pretty much ignore almost all of them, those reviews are mainly talking about how the game wont open or doesn’t have controller support. To that I would, chill out. The game has been out for like 2 days and I experienced the same issue with logging in, but after a little while I was able to get in and start playing. It makes no sense to me when people rate a games quality based on the fact they couldn’t get into it. I understand it’s frustrating, but that’s kind of a weird thing to give the game a 1 star when you literally just need to wait a small amount to play. Overall the game takes a lot from BoTW and I’ed say if you download this you’ll absolutely love it!

- it’s not a knock off; it’s inspired by!

A chinese company making a free to play game that captures all the best aspects of JRPG’s & breath of the wild! This is one of few times the gatcha system didnt dissuade me from playing. The game has a great original soundtrack, combat system, & (something Botw lacked) voicelines for practically everything (& in multiple languages)! To top it all off, the game is cross-compatible w/ ps4, pc, mobile; cross-save for mobile & pc, & a tba switch date! All of this free so i dont understand how anyone could give this game anything but five stars. The story & dialogue are better than most retail games lately & the cutscenes are as beautiful as the world that’s created. There’s gonna release more content for free. I could go on about how astounded i am by this game & i recommend to anyone who enjoys PvE & multiplayer. I have an iphone xr & it runs super smooth & my phone doesnt get as hot as i thought it would. my only negative critique is the lack of keybinding/being able to edit the location or functionality of the mobile controls.

- Absolutely stunning

Alright, this has got to be the BEST game I’ve ever played on my phone. It’s incredibly immersive, expansive and so finely-detailed for a game that’s adapted to the iPhone. It’s like playing an actual console game on your phone. No lagging, no annoying ads to watch or skip, no required in-app purchases or pay-to-play/win nonsense. It’s got a Zelda BotW vibe, mixed-in with maybe some Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy elements. The developers put so much detail in the game, and it shows. There’s voiceovers, a free-roam environment to explore, tons of quests to complete, etc. Honestly, I’m blown away that this game is free. Games like this is so rare nowadays, where develop quality games for others to enjoy first and foremost, and cashing in on the game from it being less of an emphasis. Not saying we all deserve free games, but it’s easy to see how money-hungry game developers are nowadays, and are willing to churn out a mediocre game year after year for the sake of money, and expecting people to pay top dollar for them. I HIGHLY recommend this game.

- 10/10

I usually hate games like these because they require skill to play, but this game requires no skill. The amount of serotonin I got from this is amazing. I especially love the amount of voice acting in this game along with the graphics. I also think it’s a very nice feature to have a time and weather cycle going even if you’re sitting idly by. You also get to cook foods and ingredients with items you have collected on the ground or have bought with the game currency which I think is a very nice side feature. I do have a question though, I noticed that we get to form bonds and friendships with the characters but does it go any farther than that? If so I think that’s really interesting. I’ve been playing since yesterday and I’m already in love with this game, the plot, and the characters. If you’re reading this to decide if you want to play the game or not, I highly suggest it. It’s not a pay to win game, in fact I don’t think there are any in-app purchases though you’ll have to check.

- Amazing but super laggy (please read)

So, when I got this game I was super exited! But when it comes to those scenes? Well it stays on a picture of it, it kinda makes the sounds.. some what but I can’t see anything, it’s like the game is going to crash but it isn’t.. I’m playing on my iPad, does that have to do anything with my problem?? And when i log on, I’m logged into my Game Center account but it says I have to go back to it, and when I don’t swipe the game up and restart, it crashes but that what I have to do to play it, what’s up with that?! I wanna play the game, not stare at nun all the time or whatever, but enough of me complaining, I just love all the details to this game, it is a remake of hanikai impact, (if that’s how you spell it) although I haven’t payed hanikai impact yet, or downloaded it.. so I’m not sure how good it is compared to this game, BUT I would recommend playing this game because it’s a super good game to play, only if your interested in fighting a lot and surviving, not too too much for survival but I still love it. Have a great day, please consider what I said. Choa~

- Good experience

I downloaded this game the day it came out, and I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised. The gameplay is pretty good and simple, the music is nice and fitting, the graphics are great for a mobile game, I like the anime aesthetic, the voice actors are good(at least the japanese ones), and open world games like this are my favorite. It feels like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but with magic. The story is relatively engaging and there are mechanics that make it feel like a survival game, like cooking, climbing and hunting. Some downsides I can think of are that the game is really big. Right now, it’s sitting at 7.12 GB of storage and took around half a day to download. Another downside is the rarity of the good characters. I have pulled quite a few times so far (around 30-40 times) and have gotten no characters, only items. And the last downside I can think of is that sometimes when alot is going on, the FPS drops like crazy, but that’s expected for such a big game. Overall though, this game is good enough to get 5 stars from me.

- Great game at the start....

I do really like this game. The art style combined with solid mechanics and an interesting story make it worth playing alone. That said, there are things that do need to be fixed. Early on they throw a lot of free stuff at you (as most f2p games do) and there is a decent amount of content to keep you occupied. The problems start once you hit adventure rank 20 or so. After awhile the game literally becomes pay to play. You have the energy to do a max of 6 missions (depending on the mission, could be as low as 2.) you are basically given a choice, save the daily gems you get to do a free 10 summon once a month, or use them to get more energy so you're able to upgrade and level up characters and gear. Despite this I do really enjoy the game and will continue to play, but if the current resin system doesn't change or they don't add other free ways to just play the game then I will be abandoning the game. Definitely worth checking out for now. Without a few changes in the future I would definitely say pass and spare your wallet.

- Great but there is one thing

This game is great. I like it a lot and I can do almost every quest, there is one quest that is extremely hard to do in mobile. It’s the search the vault/protect the cache, the first round to fighting off one mecha/ruin guard and then you live on to defeating 3 at the same time. If the cache still has some percentage left and you beat the 3, you then have to fight the ruin hunter. Unlike another quest where you’re surrounded by water that you/your enemies can drown in this only has water where you can freeze your enemies and it only sometimes works. I’ve found a few quests to be difficult but this is by far the hardest. I have gone to tutorials and even those in the comments also say that it’s is extremely difficult on mobile. Considering this, I’ll probably drop this quest as I’ve done it multiple times and I’ve depleted a lot of my food. Other than this I love the game, I’ve played for about 3 days and I’m already adventure rank 20. Plus I haven’t had any technology problems like crashing, or glitching. (I have an iPhone XR)

- Great game but

This game compared to mobile games is definitely a must have. It being a open world breath of the wild style game. Exploring and grinding quite fun. The story while so far nothing spectacular is fun. The only two things that brings this game down a little. Is the gatcha system and rates. While free I wish they did things like separate the weapons from the character banner. Do what epic seven and allow multiple rerolls. So you don’t have to make a new account. Plus that would stop people selling accounts. Another thing is for people that aren’t used to gatcha game or rusty. Give them some more tips like focusing on two dps rather than the whole team. Had to start over cause I had to much fun and spread my resources thin. Trying out all the new units. Still for a mobile game this is the best of its kind. It’s about as good breath of the wild a fun but flawed game in iteself. So yeah I recommend it...... though devs can you please stop giving me 5 star weapons and just give me a five star character instead. XD

- Awesome, but could use controller support

I’ve been poking at Genshin Impact the last couple of days. I love the graphics! The character system is really fun too. I love being able to swap between the main character and others to combine elemental powers and find new ways to take down enemies. Being able to climb every where and glide is a lot of fun too. However I will say the mobile controls are a little annoying at times. I love that you can summon more heroes to fill out your team. It’s tempting to use real money to keep pulling for a hero, however it’s nice that you can earn in game currency to do the same. I look forward to seeing what new heroes they bring to the game. I haven’t been able to find anything that suggest this game can use a controller. I play on an iPad Pro and have a lot of space to navigate, but I find when running around the world it’s hard to pan the camera around with out hitting other abilities or sometimes my thumb doesn’t register when I’m tapping on powers to activate. If developers could add controller support I’d give it a 5 star.

- I’m very surprised highest graphics 60 FPS

Coming into this game I thought i was fake when I saw the trailer on the App Store but it blew my MIND when I started playing it first of all I’ve never thought in a million years that a game like this open world battle game would exist this early I’m very HAPPY ❤️ I think this is the very very closest game that comes anywhere near Breath of the wild I’d BOtw had a combat system like this one I would still be playing Botw when I found out of can change the graphics to even higher same with the FPS THE GAME RAN EVEN SMOOTHER!!! And more beautiful I kinda feel guilty playing this game for free I wouldn’t complain if you charged for this game but thank you so much for making this game free a lot of people including myself can’t get the money right now but I’m happy it’s free thank you so much I’ll complete this game it’s lot of fun I recommend going into settings and changing the FPS to 60 and the graphics even higher your experience will be 100% even more enjoyable thank you!!!!

- Favorite Mobile Game EVER

I have seen so many mobile MMOs that I was scared this would just be a carbon copy of the others gameplay wise. I was so pleasantly surprised. There is no button you can press to have the game play itself, there is nothing to automatically move your character from place to place. You are forced to run around this world and explore which I absolutely adore. Not only that but the graphics are stunning! I don’t even mind that I had to free up quite a bit of storage on my phone just to download this, it was worth it! I wouldn’t have even minded paying for this game. I genuinely never expected the quality to be as good as this. Yes Honkai Impact is fun, but this game is on the next level. ALSO WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ATTRACTIVE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME LIKE WHAT?! I’m going to be really irritated when I look at one of my sketchbooks and it’s just filled with these characters and human versions of monsters bc I totally haven’t started drawing the monsters as humans already. Send help I’m obsessed.

- This game is like juicy fruit

Initial impressions are very high but like my favorite gum it loses steam quite fast and you end up hitting a wall of grinding and tedium in order to progress. Have no fear just buy the monthly pass or spend money on a battle pass you might say? Both of these things don’t actually compensate you with progress within the game or speed up the character progression system. Even if you do end up pulling a 5* character later the resources needed to max them out make it feel like less of a good thing and more of a sinking dread of choosing between progressing and gearing or wasting thousands of resin leveling up a new character. Mihoyo is this game a collectors game or not? What’s the reward in spending any money here. I’ve never played a game where I’ve spent so much and gotten so little, I understand there’s not a lot of content because it’s new but this monetization strategy might be successful initially but will drive off spenders like me because unless I keep spending I basically have to grind endlessly just to hit a pity banner. Until the game improves and they make more significant changes to the resin and summon system id stay away.

- FUN & some suggestions

I LOVE the game so far! It really is like botw, which makes me appreciate it even more. The graphics, storyline, and everything about the world is beautiful. I’ve spent a good few hrs so far without getting bored. I also like how this game isn’t pay to play. The spawn rates aren’t that good but I can live with it. You can still progress in the game with the default characters. The game itself is great, but I do have some suggestions that I think will make the game even better: - The ability to go into every building. While the towns are beautiful and big, I think it would be great being able to walk into houses and every business. - Have more ways of healing. Cooking is great but maybe add an inn at each town? And also, have characters revive over time after getting defeated in battle? Or you can even add a feature where characters heal little by little whenever they sit. - Have the npc conversations go back to where you left off prior to you selecting your reply. It’s kind of annoying having to go through all the dialogue in order to read the answer to every choice. Like I said, the game is fun. The only real con I have is that the game overheats my phone and crashes at times. I usually have to play with my phone near a fan and plugged in to keep it cool and prevent the battery from draining. Other than that, you would not regret downloading the game! Note: I play on an iphone 8 so I can’t speak for the experience on older models.

- entertaining game but a few bugs

It’s been 2 days and I’m VERY addicted. The game itself is fun, but there are a few flaws. Around every 30 minutes or so, the game crashes, and cut scenes are very choppy/laggy. It can be annoying sometimes, but I would still continue playing. Sometimes when I’m in the loading screen, I can’t log in either until i refresh the app or shut down my device a few times. (These problems I’m having might just be my device itself, as I’m using an older ipad.. not completely sure though) It’d be nice if this game could be played on a Mac as well (there’s a windows extension, which allows you to play on a Mac but I’d assume it’d run a bit slower). Other then these minor problems, the plot is very interesting and I never imagined myself to be playing a RP game and be entertained well. Even if you’re unsure about this game, I recommend trying it out (the uninstall action is always there if this game isn’t for you). Who knows, you might end up spending five hours a day on this game like me.

- Wow. Just wow

Okay so, I NEVER have enjoyed mobile gaming other than your casual mindless low budget games. Games that you play cause you’re bored and waiting around. Nothing that you really need to focus on. But THIS? This game is absolutely fantastic. It has an amazing story line. It’s fully fleshed out. Ease of access to play. I downloaded it about 2 hours ago and have been playing it since. I’m only now taking my first break from it to write this review and then I’m jumping right back into it. Its beautiful graphics and gameplay design, open world exploration features, and my interest in anime rpg’s, has sucked me in and I have no intentions of stopping until I need to go to work. This is absolutely amazing. Developers? If you see this? Please continue making games. Don’t ever stop. I would have paid good money for this if you asked me to. Thank you for being the first to make a mobile game I am willing to put my time into. Would have given this 100 stars if I could. WOWOW!! 🤩

- Lots of potential, but poor instructions...and buggy

I really wish I could rate this game higher than one star. It has a ton of potential, and I looovvvee the idea of a wide open world with quests. I play on an iPad, and the first problem I encountered was basic navigation. There is a joystick control in the lower left corner of the screen, but it’s never mentioned in the help, and there’s not enough contrast that you can easily see it. I only found it because I remembered another game with a similar control that I hadn’t been able to see either. Once I got navigation sorted out, I advanced to Adventurer 4 and had fun doing that, but then I got to the part where I made it to Mondstadt and was given my glider and forced into a confrontation with Stormterror. The audio is apparently corrupted because it keeps stuttering and the screen is completely black except for a few controls. Every now and then, I see a red arrow, and I assume Stormterror is in that direction, but I can’t see what I’m supposed to be doing. Things like this really ruin the game for me. I will probably uninstall and reinstall and try again, but I don’t hold out hope it will help much. I’d like to be able to escape that quest, but I can’t.

- White screen and black background

I have been waiting for a very long time for this game to be released so I pre-ordered it downloaded came back to my iPad first generation to play only to get hit with a white screen it takes about 4 to 5 seconds before it shows up and then I’m hit with a complete black sky but the characters the buildings the ground everything is visible but you can’t see from a far everything is black is happening on other devices on the iOS not just The iPad Pro first generation which I am on please fix this issue the game runs perfectly fine on my Samsung Galaxy A20S! So it blows my mind that the game is glitching out on an iPad Pro first generation. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!! Honkai 3rd impact works prefect on my iPad Pro 1st gen so idk what’s going on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game played around with the graphics on the lowest setting but it will not take that black background away and white loading screen. It’s funny because this game works perfectly fine even on high stands on my Samsung galaxy A20s

- Buff Zhong Li

He is very underwhelming as a 5 star, and his support abilities are not even on par with Venti. Zhong li was hyped up as a fighting god, but instead his normal attacks are so low. His pillar’s aoe is too small and enemies can easily walk away from it. What would be better is if the pillar had a taunt like Mona, so enemies would actually take damage instead of walking away. His petrify is too short, and since his normal attacks are so low, switching to another character uses up time. What would be better is if the petrify was longer and the physical/geo damage buff it had in beta was added again. Please consider making some buffs to Zhong Li, he is my favorite character. Geo as an element overall could also use some changes to boost up damage. Zhong li as a shield user is an alright idea, but since the game is all about beating the clock and doing the most damage, having shields instead of a damage dealer is not the best. Locking his core support abilities behind a constellation paywall is also bad. Characters should feel complete at constellation 0, and constellation 6 should be bonuses. Going all the way to constellation 6 should not be the only way to make him feel complete, instead of feeling complete at constellation 0.

- Would like to love this game.

Right now when I start the game on my powerful iPad Pro all I get is a blank white screen for about 10 minutes, then music starts and I’m able to “play”. Upon initiating my game, the intro cutscene was 98% frozen and only offered about 3 seconds of actual footage until I got disconnected somehow from Ethernet (likely server side issues). After about 6 forced restarts of a broken laggy cinematic that I cannot skip, I managed to reach a very smooth part where I could pick and name my character. After that it was a couple more seconds of broken cinematic which I somehow managed to get through on the first attempt. Then the real horror began... My first open world experience was that of a 5 inch view distance and then black nothingness. All enemies were giant blobs of white light, and only some of the grounds textures would actually load in. The only part of the game that actually works smoothly and completely is the User Interface Game Menu such as talents etc etc. Character animation is very well done, but with all these other issues mounted up I’m gonna have to call this a game flop for IPad Pro users. 👎 I do not recommend this game for anyone using a Mobile Device.

- Is it worth it?

Personally I would say yes and no the game has amazing music, story, and the overall feel of the game is great. But I would not drop any money on this game. The drops are bad 0.6% and even if you pay your still going to get useless things. I have played multiple Gacha games like epic seven, love Nikki, knights chronicle, Guardian tales and their drops are much better than this game. Furthermore the currency to get drops without spending money can be obtained by opening chest, problem is you will most likely get 2 and 4 useless items. The stamina mechanic is unbalanced in my opinion the enemies could start rushing and shooting missiles at you but if your stamina is depleted your just going to have to hope that your character doesn't die which they most likely will. Even though the game is new they should try to fix these problems but then again in the beta version when you opened chest you could get I believe 10 for the free currency but they cut that so yeah.


I been playing for around 20 hours now and I can say that Genshin Impact is probably the best open world RPG you can get. It’s similar to breath of the wild where you can interact with many of the world’s elements. The graphic is insanely well done and the storyline is exceptional. Game like this are free because they rely on the Gacha system to profit. There’s nothing wrong with this because the developers put in an insane amount of work and we can support them by purchasing stuff. However, if you are free to play know that in the latter stages, it will get increasingly difficult to progress without spending. I Benn playing for many hours now and haven’t reach that stage yet. So rest assured that even if you are F2P, you can have a very good time as Genshin impact focused on solo progress and PvE instead of PvP. I spent $20 on the game and progression would still be normal if you didn’t. Overall this game seems very balance and it’s clear that the developers put a lot of effort in making this game.

- The game is solid

If your looking for a fun game to either pass time or invest your days into this is the game to do it with. The other review is someone who tried to launch it when the server wasn’t live yet. So that problem won’t happen for you. Back to the review. I’ve played over a hundred hours during the beta and everything translates well to the base game as well. This game has full voice acting for most of the characters in the world going into this game don’t think of this as a BOTW clone. This game was heavily inspired by BOTW’s art style but that’s the only part taken. This game is built from the ground up and people can easily sink 200 hours into the game. A heads up is the company who makes this game is famous for making gatcha games. Everything in this game can be earned in game but it also can be bought with money. There is also co-op in the game. So if the gatcha style bums you out just know that the summon system is the only gatcha mechanic. I hope this review helps you out.

- If you do add it back, I would really appreciate it!

Can you add back the feature where you can sign up without and email? I just got into this game, but I don’t wanna sign up with email, and I know this is on me, so I’m being a bit dramatic. Though, I would really appreciate if you add back the feature! Again, I know this is on me not wanting to put in my email, so if you don’t want to, I understand, but if you do, I’d be happy. I saw a trailer of this game a while back and really wanted to play it, I watched gameplays, but I really wanted to play it myself. I apologize for being annoying, but that’s my personality. 😔🤧 But if you don’t want to add back the feature, that’s fine, I know there must be many requests due to many players. So just take your time! I hope you have a good day. 😄 _____________________________________________________ {I just realized how long this is.} [So if you don’t wanna read all of this,] [I put a summarized version.] _____________________________________________________ 『I hope you can add back the feature where you can sign up without an email, due to me not wanting to sign up with and email, I know this is on me being a little petty, but if you do decide to add back the feature, I would greatly appreciate it!』 ______________________________________________________ 「From the gameplays I have watched though, the graphics seem to be very well, and same for the characters and story!」 (And once again, I hope you have a good day!🙃)

- GREAT game

This game is AMAZING. It takes place in a fantastic open world rich with lore, scenery, and people. The gameplay mechanics are easily learned and the player characters are all very unique. Quests are easy to understand, but difficult enough that some might take some actual planning to beat. The leveling system is simple and gets increasingly harder as you go on. There are multiple different types of puzzles out in the world that give rewards when completed. Other features such as gliding and cooking will never not be fun to do. It’s truly an amazing game. However, it’s also prone to lag and random crashes. I’m nearly 100% sure it’s due to the massive amounts of data within the game that they let you download all of at the beginning of your journey. The crashes can take place at the worst times, but they miraculously always start you back off only a few steps from where you were. Other than the lag and crashing, I have nothing but positive experiences playing this game. This game IS worth the hype. EDIT: after about a week of playing, the crashing has almost completely stopped, though once in a blue moon does it happen again. The lag also becomes less common, though not to the same rate as the crashing. Lag occurs mostly in battle, and while it can get annoying, it’s understandable with all of the fire, magic, and claymores being thrown around. Still an amazing game, just thought I’d add this.

- Could be great

Let me start off saying the game is great. The story, the quests, the characters, they are all amazing. The mechanics and the art is great. The thing is, it’s incredibly difficult to play. The cutscenes never work, the audio cuts in and out and my screen freezes. I tried closing it and opening the game again, but the cutscene just does the same thing, so I have to wait it out. As your traveling around, the graphics don’t load, so sometimes you have to interact with a character or something but you can’t since the graphics didn’t load. The only way for the graphics to appear is to close out the app and re open it. Sometimes when you interact with something or someone in the game, the game freezes, so you have to close out the app and reopen it. I don’t like having to reopen the app every few minutes. It gets quite annoying. It’s such a fantastic game, but these bugs are making it really hard for me to want to keep playing. Please fix these bugs, I love the game and don’t wanna give it up. (I do wanna mention I am playing on mobile)

- Great game! Lots of crashes.

Overall, I am absolutely blown away with this game. As someone who has been around since Honkai’s earliest days, I knew I could expect great things from Mihoyo, but I didn’t think I could be more excited than I already was the day of the release. I remember being there for the countdown before everyone started screaming that the game was finally out! The mechanics, visuals, gameplay, movement-everything just feels absolutely amazing! There’s just one small problem I have. Occasionally, my game ends up crashing. I do play over my iPhone 8 and it tends to have a heating problem, so I’ve balanced this out with lower graphics, but the game crashes frequently and I’m unable to prevent it anymore than I already have. I’ve taken precautions to reduce battery usage and prevent over heating, but it will still occasionally crash! I’m in awe for this game, but I’d love for this problem to be looked at if possible for some of us who wish to play undisturbed.

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Genshin Impact 1.2.0 Screenshots & Images

Genshin Impact iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Genshin Impact iphone images
Genshin Impact iphone images
Genshin Impact iphone images
Genshin Impact iphone images
Genshin Impact iphone images

Genshin Impact (Version 1.2.0) Install & Download

The applications Genshin Impact was published in the category Games on 2020-09-26 and was developed by miHoYo Limited [Developer ID: 1286705195]. This application file size is 2.52 GB. Genshin Impact - Games app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 1.2.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact

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