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Control the assassin and hunt down your targets one by one. Use your surroundings and shadows to stay hidden from flashlights.

Targets with automatic machine guns can be lurking around each corner. Attack them swiftly and escape without being spotted.

Each eliminated target drops valuable gems. Use gems to unlock faster assassins.

Can you unlock the fastest assassin?

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VIP Membership automatically renews for $6.99 per week after the 3-day free trial. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the end of the trial period of purchase. After buying the subscription, you will unlock the following features: Ninja Assassin character, all ads removing, 5000 gems and permanent +100% level gem earning. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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- A small question

Can you make traps so if you hit a trap guards will hear it and come running??? Also you should add bossfights like you get to use a gun and the boss takes three hits but you have to make it threw a dungeon so you start off fighting the boss you get one hit go threw a dungeon of traps and hunters then fight the boss again and so on.... Also you should add a game mode where you are a hunter and everything is pitch black except the hallway in front of you you have to navigate to the exit while the Assassin is running around in the pitch black hall ways (ps wherever hunter looks is brightened and the hunter is played by another random player trying to kill the hunter the hunter can take three kills and then they are out the Assassin has infinite lives once killed will respawn in the starting zone, middle or end the hunter will respawn at the start the hunter will have a tiny map in the corner of the screen you can turn it off and on but the map does not show where you are it just shows the start and end... the Assassin can only see what’s in front of them... Then the Gemgeoens are infinite but the more bosses you beat there the more GEMS YOU GET!!! Ps: sorry there is barely any punctuation!

- Really fun but...

Alright, I’d you’ve seen the other reviews, then you might know what this is about. The ads. There is a huge amount of ads and I almost deleted the game for it. I am on a hard level and it’s annoying me, and when I’m already ticked off, an ad comes. I think “annoying...” and just watch the lords mobile ad that I’ve seen hundreds of times. After that I try the level again. I die. An ad plays. This time it’s a game I’ve only seen 90 times, not a hundred. Repeat the same process. Every. Single. Time. I. Die. I’m not sure if I should keep playing this because after every round, an ad plays. That’s a problem with mobile games. That’s why my games category is almost empty.

- Genuinely great game, some possible changes

This is the first game that I can see real potential in it. The graphics are simple and family friendly, there’s not a single microtransaction in sight, and skins are more than just highly expensive cosmetic choices, but also give you special boosts. What I’d like to see is a tone down on the ads, more game modes added like Endless Play (You kill as many guards as possible in an infinite room until you die) and Campaign (A simple story with levels that get increasingly more difficult as you progress, with more and more game mechanics thrown into the mix too), more sound effects like a “Huh?” when the guards hear something, “Huh!” when they see you, and “ugh...” when you die, and more unique abilities for possibly modified skins. The ninja can throw ninja stars across a distance, some characters can kill guards quietly without others being alerted, and a new undercover skin that lets you walk around without alerting the guards UNLESS you stab someone up-close within their sight or shoot someone from far away, alerting everybody. But all-in-all, this is a genuinely great, addictive game. I love it!

- Like the game but left with a sour taste

Great game, simple concept, fun all around. The only thing that brings the game down is the add spam. Now I get you need ands and all but I bought add block and there didn’t seem to be a difference. The amount of adds is just nuts. Anytime there is a loading screen for a 20 second level, add. You want your 3rd quest slot open? Add. You want random box that shows up every 3 levels that’s an add. Oh yeah there is an add for the gems you got at the end, on top of that box with 500 gems. Like I get it but the only thing for me is just that quest add that keeps showing up, like I’d rather that just take up a button in the corner then take up my quest space every time. Other then that love this game, just feel sour after buying add block for the quest space to still have the add mission show up. There are cool things that could be done such as a sniper that could kill you in one shot or higher difficulty missions that give more gems then normal. Or a 1 time mission where you have to kill and enemy and upon death you get a ton of gems or a skin piece. Maybe enemies with different weapons like shot guns. Would be nice to add more maps, or a map creator to make your own scenarios

- Feels like an EA game. Money-grabbing nonsense.

TL;DR: Don’t waste your time giving any money to these insidious developers. The game is fun, and of course it needs to pay the bills. But it’s only fun until you realize you have to watch a video after every level, to gain the currency, to open “gifts” that pop up in the middle of some levels (of which you MUST watch the video). Granted, some are skippable while most are not. Now there’s an easy fix: pay a WEEKLY $7 PREMIUM to get NO ADS, ruin the progression system by doubling gem drops, and special access to stronger characters from the get-go. It’s clear this simple game was ruined in the development stage because on LEVEL 3 it is shoved into your face. “Sure, Ok. 3 day free trial then $7/week? No big deal.” Good thing there was a free trial because now I see that there are STILL videos everywhere. Not after completing each level, but to access the aforementioned gifts, to double your currency drops, and THERE IS STILL AN AD BOX BENEATH THE GAME. Honestly stay far away. The game’s concept is great though, so this I give it a 2/5. Tone down the ads and fix the premium and you’d have a great game.

- Legitimately fun game, with plenty of room for growth.

The levels to be procedurally generated, but unlike most mobile games, the AI is just random enough to always provide a new challenge, despite the fact that no new enemies or elements get added at any point after the shield guys. Still, lots of fun, one of those games I’ll keep installed to play whenever I get bored. I have some ideas for additions: 1. Add a character that had the ability to stop time, with a cool down- when activated, whenever your finger is touching the screen, time will freeze, but your “freeze” meter will drain. You can choose your path carefully while time is frozen. When you release your finger from the screen, time resumes and your “freeze” meter begins to refill. 2. Add a “boss” enemy that takes several attacks to kill. Each time you hit him, he’s knocked down, until the 5th time in which he stays down. Being spotted by the boss doesn’t count toward your “don’t get spotted” challenge. 3. Add a camera option that locks camera movement to player movement. Sometimes the camera has a mind of its own and it can cause some control issues. 4. Add a “tracker” enemy that will track you around for a greater length of time, if alerted. 5. Add a “survival” mode where new enemies enter the arena in waves, with the goal of getting the highest kill count before dying. 6. Add a wider variety of map styles.

- Fine gameplay, but an uncommon amount of ads.

I always give games that I like, but have too many ads, a four star rating. I like this game. I understand the need for ads, too. But dear lord it’s crazy how many ads this has. On top of having an ad after pretty much every level, you’ll have occasional ads after accessing the character menu in between games. There are also nuanced ad placements, that are there just for game progression. A quest slot will be filled without viewing an ad, if you want any extra characters, you will need to view an ad. The subscription for no ads is very pricey, too. I’m not going to waste my time watching ads for a game I watch ads for half of the time, because quite frankly I can beat the levels in the time it takes to watch an ad. And I’m not going to waste my money paying over twenty dollars a month for a game that doesn’t show in content. TL;DR: Okay gameplay, ads are not only excessive, they ruin gameplay.

- A Meh for Me.

For being a game showed to me from an add in another game, it’s pretty decent. Adds have a purpose like getting extra currency and retrying. The fact that you can get the best character in the game by just buying it is fine because it’s a single player game. The levels are copy and pasted but it is slightly seasoned with much more difficult enemies, which there are only 2. There is a blue guy, basic path finding, low damage gun. The red guy is much more difficult. The red guy can sweep the area very well, has a forward facing shield, and a much stronger gun. Another enemy is the diamond one, but it’s practically an AI that has basic path finding and no sort of attack. The levels beyond 150 are incredibly are and there are very little instances of easy levels. 172 is a pain as there are 12/14 enemies advancing towards you from the start. This level made me quit. Overall pretty meh game to past the time. 😐

- Potential

This game is pretty lay back considering the levels don’t actually get more difficult they just add more guards. I think it can go somewhere good if they add more to it, for example like having the arena that you’re put change themes, add some sort of blockage to make more difficult, add music ( they have certain sounds when you “kill” somebody but nothing exciting), make more assassins most definitely and maybe make them a little more reasonable to buy/ earn cause the way they have the set up it’s for them to have the consumer be a long term player but we all know our generation hates to spend no longer than a few weeks on a game especially as simple as this one. In conclusion it’s “ight” just needs to be tweaked out so the gamer doesn’t get bored of quickly, hopefully they ( the creators of the game ) update things or make a better version. Thank you.

- Run!

After playing for a few hours and trying to get the faster characters I must rely on keys to unlock more characters because “random” gems are unlocking from worst to best, levels last about 30 seconds and after each one there is a 1 minute add. Want more gems? Watch an add! Want to unlock more try’s with keys? Watch an add. Oh you didn’t get it a second time? Watch another add. Oh man, you still didn’t get the character? Watch more adds for more try’s. I Click the button and... nothing you collect the gems and are screwed out of a guaranteed character. You WILL spend 4 times the amount of time watching ads vs playing the game. If you enjoy it turn off WiFi and cellular data so you don’t get bombarded with ads. However, I’m uninstalling this right now because I have been robbed of 3 characters in a row on the final key watch an add scheme. Developers like this should be banned from the App Store.

- Game is amazing!

This game is amazing! It’s simple, fun, and addictive. It’s kind of like the Pac-Man of assassins. I could see a game like this being put in a Dave N Busters. The gameplay is easy and straight forward. Only thing I’m not a fan of is even after I purchased the no ads, there were still ads when you unlock a gift. I understand it’s probably their way of generating money for the app, but still I feel if you pay for no adds since that’s part of the game line then there probably shouldn’t be any ads there. But aside from that this game is amazing!!!

- Please read and use my comments into consideration

. Horrible placement of ad’s. Horrible bait. Very “Cheap”. Would not recommend this game to a friend. Horrible level choice. Stressing bits. Also: Creative. Addictive. Fun. Let’s start with the ad’s. Every single level there is a ad. This would be okay if they were short but they are 25-50 seconds long. Very irritating right? What that has caused is: I play the game less, I only play a level when I am bored, the game keeps me occupied but the flaws keep me away. This game is acting very ya know- cheap. It takes so long for another level because of the ad’s and sometimes it takes so long to not get x2 diamonds that you might think you are supposed to click on it. Each level is 20-30 or 30-50 seconds for me. So sometimes it takes longer to go to another level then playing the game. Also the levels are so weird! I will be on a high level and I will get a low level round, sometimes I get 5 people to kill sometimes I get 3 people to kill and others is 4. But we can’t forget it still, the ad’s. Game would be much better without the cheap look. Less ad’s please! And if could please fix the other flaws others have experienced.

- This is just dumb

This game has a good concept and all, but it executes it very badly and the game ends up too easy. Because of how easy it is, you are spending most of the time watching ads, which are placed after levels, as quests, closing the selection menu, even reopening the app from the background. Of course there is the option to remove ads for three dollars but that likely doesn’t even remove the quest ads and I would not like to find out. Then there is the premium. Seven dollars per WEEK is a lot for a mobile game they probably made in twelve hours. It doesn’t even give that much, just a character that makes the game even more unnecessarily easy and some currency and a boost to profits. Normally I like games similar to this, in the rogue-lite genre, but the mere existence of this game is an insult to it. Do not even waste your time on this game unless you like watching ads every five seconds.

- Total BS

I accidentally purchased the $3.00 no ads option. That was my mistake, I’m not blaming that game for that. What I do have a problem with is that even though I purchased the no ads option the game is constantly trying to get me to click onto ads. Showing a link to look at an ad for a bonus and waiting 3-5 seconds to show me a much smaller button saying “no thanks” to be able to move on. It is so easy to accidentally click a button to go to another ad that you can’t get out of without waiting for it to finish or just closing the game. Not to mention the “VIP option” that they have. $6.99 A WEEK for a low tier mobile game that plays more like Ad-Clicker the Game with occasional breaks where you’re an assassin. The gameplay is meh at best. Do not recommend for game play. If you still download it do not waste your money on the no-ads option. It’s a complete ripoff.

- Agree on remove ads review

I’m enjoying this game and was thinking of removing ads (the free game is very ad heavy). But read a review that the remove ads options doesn’t remove all of them. This gave me pause. I don’t have a problem paying money for a game I enjoy but the idea that I’d pay but still have to suffer through them is concerning. $2.99 isn’t bad to remove ads but I’d rather pay as much as $4.99 if I knew they’d all be gone. Right now I don’t know what my $2.99 gets me. So going to hold off. The game without paying is getting untenable so sadly I may have to pass. I guess this is a note more to the developers then other players. $3 or $5 isn’t a big deal to me but need to know what I’m getting. Otherwise a fun game and recommend giving it a try.

- Prize Room from the recent update

This is broken for me. I play this game daily and I’ve earned hundreds of the keys for the prize room, however I haven’t earned a single one of the prize room characters. When given the option to see an ad to get more keys to open the 9 boxes, the ad doesn’t start. The collect sign appears and doesn’t give me an opportunity to try to earn the character. I haven’t been lucky enough to win one with the first 3 keys have. It honestly feels like the game purposely chooses boxes opposite of the ones I choose so that I DONT get a prize room character. Idk if anyone else has experienced this as well but it’s honestly irritating and defeats the purpose of earning new characters if I never get a chance to earn said new characters.

- Hard to see enemies

Overall it's not a bad game, it's simple and fun and there's genuine rewards to getting new skins. The one huge problem with the game is the view of the rooms. The screen seems more focused on the enemies than the player which is very frustrating. This makes it much harder than it should be to sneak around behind enemies to stab them. But not hard like the game get more difficult as it goes just troublesome to tap the right corner of the screen to be able to see the whole terrain. Occasionally this makes it possible for enemies to sneak up behind you without you noticing because the screen is focused on another group of enemies. This would be easily solved if the camera followed the player around instead of enemies so you could see threats and obstacles from all sides equally.

- Good game can be improved won’t stop playing thou

I like the game, as other people have commented a version with better guards. And maybe for those with more mature nature make it so the bodies actually stay and that over time they have a chance to be discovered making killing the rest of the guards that much harder. Also other cosmetic changes as well such as guards being equipped with M16’s and that if a gun is fired all guards investigate and if the one who spots you tells other guards they start a man hunt ( top down Metal Gear solid esk gameplay) Still 4/5 could be better but great game... Oh and make a no ad version too. I JUST WANNA PLAY THE GAME!!

- Amazing game

This game is one of the better ones I’ve downloaded and it’s amazing, but the ads take away from that overall feeling of you being an assassin running around killing people, I also feel like every character needs a primary upside and a primary downside, like the faster ones have a larger stab radius that alerts more guards of your position. I don’t like how the player character’s path finding makes them find the smallest distance between the guard and them, but other than those things it’s a great game.

- Amazing with one problem

I like this game in all because it’s creative and all but here’s the problem: so often when your very hidden you will get spot and when you get to like lv 112 it’s impossible, but if that was fixed then this game is amazing. Also I have a good idea for The game: maybe there could be 2 multiplayer choices where it would be co-op mode where you help the others beat the level and enemies mode where there’s 2 people with there own screen and who ever beats the level 1st wins! 😅😀 soo... I may give this a... killer/gamer kids!

- What’s the point of the skins and the power ups for the skins

Ok so I started playing and there were skins that had like 10% speed or more health and the vip skin I’m pretty sure that it is terrible except for the ninja stars 😐annoying so don’t buy that because it’s bad except for the stars ⭐️ ok I have to admit that the power ups are good bc the vip is not at a reasonable price DONT BUY IT and if haven’t read the stupid thing it says a month u have to pay every month but 5 stars because I really liked it

- Reached the end

Great game and pretty much reached the end. That means I’ve collected all of the regular players. Since I still enjoy playing I’m trying to collect all of the players in the prize room. The problem is that y’all aren’t living up to your end of the bargain. After I get 3 keys and if I don’t get the player as a prize I click to watch another ad to get three keys. However, I know I’m not going to get the player again so you can show me another ad but when I attempt to get those last 3 keys the game doesn’t show the last ad and only allows me to collect the money I’ve won. If I’m willing to watch an ad for you you need to give me the reward.

- Amazing but....

Alright this game is fairly entertaining, it’s well balanced, original and puts your speed to work as levels get harder, the only reason I give this unique and awesome game a 2 star is because of the ads, the pop-ups are so aggressive I spend more time waiting to quit the ads than actually playing the game and it’s a shame because I really like it. I hace stopped playing any certain level because I get overwhelmed with the ads. My penalty is 3 stars as a reminder of the urgency to fix this, putting that away, I’d give 5 stars (I know the ads might be the main source of benefit for this free app, but there are many other free apps with a more balanced ad pop-up strategy)

- Excellent game but ads everywhere

This game is an excellent game I have started playing this game today but there are so many ads if the ads are fixed this game would become a very nice and great game they just try to make you buy the removed ads and also this premium for 3 days must be removed the game can be a normal game with no in-app purchases these purchases are so weird like they make people to just buy it because they want to make someone to spend like 100$ on this game and thank you hunter assassin but if you remove ads it will be excellent

- Great potential but way too many ads.

I understand that it’s a FREE game and I don’t mind occasional ads. However, this game goes beyond that and throws in so many ads that it is ridiculous! I can’t play at all without being bombarded with so many ads. I’ll tell you what developer: you’d probably make more money long term if you decreased the ads because so many people delete these games because of the crazy ads. I hate this new era of games where they’ve all just become so money driven and completely STUFFED with micro-transactions. I will never play this game again unless if they decrease the ads. Till then, cheers. 🤠

- I’m disappointed

It’s a great game but every single time I pass level I get an ad and it’s really annoying, I don’t know how to upgrade it my phone took for ever to download this game its highely Lagi and it needs a lot more fixes are you have the two stars because it’s kind of a challenge if you come to think about it you have to go through corners to make sure the guys not to you but it’s kinda rude to you because I feel bad stabbing people but I don’t I just hide from them, any who whenever you pass levels it’s kind of hard to do the next one because it’s annoying you with an ad every eight seconds so I want an update right now because it’s annoying.

- Almost perfect, but could use some updates

This is a great game, especially for younger kids who can’t be mature around blood or guns. It’s a really fun game I won’t argue with that, but I do wish that the levels got a little harder. Another really great update would be to add another, well I’m not sure I don’t make games, just another thing that is trying to get you. The fact that there is only one thing trying to kill you gets kind of boring. It would be good to do something more creative. It it a wonderful game but definitely update it a little.

- The best game ever

I like to your email address to your funny car payment for tomorrow night I have a sitter at noon so y’all have to pick me up at noon to get ready and I can go to get my grandma and I’ll take care of her tomorrow night I wanna go pick her up tomorrow morning she will be home tomorrow morning and I’ll take her out there tomorrow morning to pick up some stuff from moms one time is that okay for you

- Holy ad campaign!

Game seems entertaining enough, when you get to play, but holy crap are there a lot of ads! Level, ad, level, ad, another ad to open gift found, check the new skin, ad, try to play a level, ad, level, ad..... In the 20 minutes since I installed the game, I’ve played about 15 levels at 10 seconds a level (super easy at the beginning), so 2.5 minutes playing and the rest watching ads. That is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I understand ads taking the place of micro transactions, but there is a line where it becomes too much, too often. And this game crossed the line, and kept going for another light year.

- Ads

It is a super fun game. I love the graphics and play style. But I hate these types of games where almost every time you finish a level it pops up something that you get for an ad. This game isn’t so bad, but even so on the home screen it always gives you the option for 200 gems if you watch an ad. After every other level it also tells you that you “found a gift” but you have to watch an ad to get it. Overall this is a fun and enjoyable game except that it is ad thirsty.

- Decent core, ads are an issue.

Got to level 15 before I gave up on it. The core gameplay loop is simple and fun (kill guy, run from the guys that come to investigate, repeat) The problem is ads. This is one of the most ad invasive games I have ever tried in the history of mobile gaming. If you opt into all the currency boosts for each level, free gem ads, ect. You could very well average three ads per level. Even without, there is a pop up ad after every level normally (about 13 out of 14 clears in my play), this doesn’t even factor in banner ads either on every menu.

- Good concept, but unfair later on

I have always been a fan of stealth games, so when I saw this in the ad store, I thought I was gonna have fun. And for the most of the early game, I did! But once you rack up to 12 targets, stealth is almost impossible and is extremely hard to pull off. They don’t give you any big maps either, making it even harder to stealth because everyone is cramped in a small space. It doesn’t help that every time you die or rarely win, you get hit with an ad, despite subscribing to the vip service saying it was gonna be ad-free. It was fun playing the game while it was actually possible. I got to round 138

- Great game, too many ads

I found this game through an ad from archero! It looked simple and fun so I downloaded it. Immediately I realized that this game had way too many ads. I get that they need to make money somehow but they go a little too far. Every other level your forced to watch an ad so you can keep on going. Then there’s 3 missions at a time to upgrade your player and every few missions one of them is to watch an ad. Then once I was forced to watch an ad to get 3x diamonds from one of the levels when I didn’t care for it. Don’t get me wrong the game is fun to play when you’re not getting bombarded with a ton of ads.

- Frustrating free app

The game itself isn’t so bad. Actually it’s pretty fun, but you will spend way more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I find I can usually clear a level in about 30 seconds and then you have to watch at least one 30 second ad. Then a lot of the time you have to watch another in order to claim your prize. Then after you’ve just watched two, possibly even three ads if you’re unfortunate and don’t clear the room you have to watch another ad in order to continue. I would imagine I could pay to not have to deal with all the ads but that’s just silly. It’s definitely not that great of a game.

- Great game

The game is amazing, and I enjoy playing. However I can’t keep track of how many adds they make you watch before a stage, and after a stage. They do give you a option of paying 3 dollars for it without no adds, but at the end of the day that’s not a free app. I would understand if they made you watch a add after 3 matches, but the amount of adds you have to deal with is unnecessary, and ruins the game. Some will say they need to make their money, but as a game creator they should think about how it ruins their content, and should balance it better. Finally it’s a amazing game, but it is hard to play without due to the amount of adds the developer put between stages.

- Very fun but omg the ads

This is a really fun little game. Concept is cool, the art design is good too, but omg there are sooooo many ads. You genuinely spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I understand the need for revenue but come on. Want to change character? Watch an ad. Finished a level? Watch a ad. Want to see what characters u can unlock? Watch an ad. The worst part is that most of the ads are long too. If it were the normal 5 second ads or the ones you can close immediately it wouldnt be too bad. But you genuinely spend more time sitting down and watching ads than you do playing the game. Besides this pretty good game, its a shame you cant enjoy it.

- Not bad

Let me just start off by saying that this game has a great concept and I really like it a lot. But there are some problems with it. For one, there are too many ads. I know that maybe you have to sometimes, but there’s way too many. Also, you sometimes ask us to watch ads to have another life, but when we say no, you make us watch an ad anyways. But still, I love the game, and maybe if you fixed my problems, it would be even better.

- To many ads

The ads in this game are everywhere please remove them I didn’t want to have to give this one star but I have to because of that reason I will change my review when you change this problem I hate when I want to change my character and it makes me watch two ads i would like if you could put two ads limit on this app until then I’m keeping one star if you do change the game add more girls please and thank you I love this game but the ads I do not recommend getting this if you hate ads 😠I don’t get the idea of putting more then ten ads in one game this is not a game it is a ad only nothing else. 🙄

- One major flaw

It’s a fun little game to kill some time. One major problem is that there are too many triggers to start ads. One is when one finishes a level, two is when one wants another life after they die, three is when one wants see what’s in the gift that you “find”, four is when one exit the 9 lockboxes mini game, five is when one gets a new character from the mini game, then six, the one that drives ME bonkers, is when one tries to switch characters. Too many repetitive triggers for ads throughout the game. 3/5

- One little problem

I don’t like where when you get discovered by one guard all the guards have discovered you too. Example, you run pass one guards sight they shoot at you then once you turn there’s another guard who isn’t near that one guard at all shooting at you. How does he even know that I’m down the path from him out of his site and he’s still able to shoot at me? How come? But otherwise I love the game, but I would like to see new maps and that little error fixed.

- Yes! More!

The game genuinely feels like something from the golden age of apps. The gameplay is simple, just like you might’ve seen in the demo. And yet, there are so many styles! Stay still, follow them, or trick them into a hallway and feel that satisfaction of 6 kills. The microtransactions are a little on the nose, but they feel a bit less nose-pressy than other mobile games. In case you don’t know this, turn off the WiFi.


Okay I typically don’t mind a game that has ads every few levels or after being able to play for some time before one pops up but it’s after every, single, freaking level. I get it, it’s a free app and you need to make your profit off of it. BUT having an ad literally every minute, with more ads cleverly placed as gift boxes (you try to open one up and you spend 1 minute watching an ad) gets annoying extremely fast. I genuinely thought about getting the 2.99$ thing just for no freaking ads but then I realize, oh hey. I wonder how many other people thought the same thing? Yeah, no. Don’t download this stupid app people.

- It’s great but...

The game is fun with many opportunities in the future but it’s to slow. I wish there were levels and more fast paced gaming. It’s so slow, in the beginning you start out fighting one or two or three people and it get boring. Can u add levels, new enemies, and more longer levels. Maybe even add a mode where you can’t kill enemies but you have to find and complete tasks and if u are found you will be shot at, and you can like throw distractions to ward the enemies away. That would be fun. Thank you.

- So Many Ads HUGE SCAM

So this game, it is great I love it it’s very entertaining. The game though seems to throw 30 second ads at you every two matches that’s not including the extra optional ads. The first levels are so easy that you are getting more ad time than actual screen time. I have never seen a game with so many ads in my life. I would give the game 5 stars if there weren’t so many ads. You think you could fix the issue by buying the VIP so you don’t get ads. VIP is 6.99 USD so around 7 dollars; but not only is the VIP 7 dollars the VIP only lasts for a week. So you have to pay a weekly fee if you want no ads. BIGGEST SCAM I have ever seen on the App Store.

- A fun game rendered unplayable because of all the adds

This game is catchy. It hooks you and makes you want to jump tight into the next level. Unfortunately to get to the next level you have to sit through two adds for other apps. I completely understand if you want to offer voluntary adds for people to watch to get more gems or something, but forcing people to sit through adds between each level is ridiculous. I’d give this 5 stars if it had no mandatory adds but since it has so many of them and they render the game unplayable I’m giving it 1 star and deleting the app after playing 15 levels.

- Entertained A Lot

This game is amazing! I get entertained by it in most of my apps. I especially love the updates! Since the update “Hidden keys to unlock prize room” was added, I've played it 24 7. Its great to play while on long road trips or in bed waking up. (Im writing this review while waking up.) But anyways, this game is amazing and you should really buy it if you haven't! This game gets a 5/5 rating from me!

- Great game but too many ads

There’s no doubt that this is a fun, simple and addicting game, but there’s just too many adds. After every game, you’re give the option to watch an ad for an extra life. However, whether or not you click the “No Thanks” button, you’re still forced to watch an add. They even play adds while you’re in the middle of the game! I understand most games that don’t require WiFi are like this but this one was by far the worst, at least for me it was.

- AD’s AD’s everywhere

Just liked the song “signs signs everywhere signs blocking up the scenery....”. This game reminds me of that song can’t play the da..n game cause of the advertising every 3-4secs. If I wanted to watch ads I’d watch TV or I would have continued playing half a dozen other games that do the same as this games does. I can’t figure you app makers out why do you think we want to play a game that continuously plays an advertisement every time one completes a level. Not going to happen with me I’ve deleted this game and those who read this review take warning it’s nothing but ad after ad every few seconds.

- A game in the lightest sense of the word

This “game” is very fun for the first few levels, but after level 25ish they really don’t change at all. At level 25 the rooms have about 8 targets and by level 85 the rooms still have only about 8 targets and the layouts don’t really change with many levels having identical layouts. This all seems to indicate that this app was made to collect money through ads and microtransactions rather than actually making a compelling game. Play the first few missions and you’ve basically played every mission. This game needs more.

- Enjoy the game, hate the amount of ads

I really like the simple concept and think that this could be a fantastic game if you had different enemies with different guns and pleeaaassee. Stop it with all of the ad spam, I mean I respect how you have to find money in a free to download game but the ads just ruin the game for me. Ended the level? Ad. Want to collect your gems? Ooh sorry and ad showed up right then and you just clicked on it. So love the game, hate the ads

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- The game is good but...

The game is pretty good overall but they should add some more faster,stronger enemies. Also maybe some new maps like libraries or jungles so the map isent always the same. Also can you guys like not shove ads into our faces every five seconds. If you are reading this thanks for your time 👁👄👁

- Fun, but needs work.

Currently the game is pretty fun to play for a bit, however i think it could be greatly improved by doing even just one of these three things: - Adding different enemy variations (Faster enemies, more powerful enemies, enemies with different F.O.Vs, etc. etc.) - Changing up the map every so often. Perhaps there could be a forest style where the obstacles are trees and bushes, a mansion style with bookshelves and stuff, and so on. Also, consider making the maps able to scroll horizontally aswell. And possibly: - Instead of tying character skins and abilities together and having only 10 characters, seperate these two features and have 1. A skill tree split into two (or more) routes, one upgrading health and the other speed, and spread through out these paths are special abilities- so perhaps once you’ve gotten 5 speed upgrades, you gain the ability to turn invisible for a few seconds once per round, i dunno. And 2. A shop with a bunch of different skins, which would allow you to add any skins you wanted without worrying about tying them to certain abilities and making them better or worse. As i said, pretty fun game, but boring after a bit. Hope this helps, and it’d be awesome to see you really add to this game. Not enough stealth games on the appstore.

- Ads

This game is very good but a few problems. 1. The maps will be a little bit laggy or the FPS will go from 40 to 10 and makes the game slow. 2 Ads after I finish a level or want to get a new mission or close another ad another one starts nw I know these companies give you $1000 or more to advertise there games,products etc but 15 ads every minute is not needed if the game is good we will play it and Will see the ad enough times when we play it so just fix the FPS and lower the amount of ads cause it is a good game and I will see the ads a lot the more I play it.

- Not for iPhone. Best for iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best played on iPad. When played on a phone you can’t even see the whole playing area. The most frustrating thing is not being centred in the screen. The character my be closer to one edge of the level yet that edge is not in view. Not sure why. Dumb. Impossibly, the character will change its destination randomly. And lastly (some say “Bring back the home button”) when playing near the bottom of ur phone screen, inadvertently ‘reach ability’ or multitasking is offen activated. The game definitely has potential. It just needs more talented or motivated developers. Harsh, I know, but true imo ii’mbo.

- Jacks letter

Omg who ever made this game is so so so smart and I love this game so so much at night I couldn’t stop playing it it’s so fun and can you please make more people bye. 👏👏👏👏👏

- Honest game - Honest Review

The game is fun at first, but gets repetitive shortly after. I'm past level 100 and enemies have not been improving for a while. Solution is to add more enemy types: - Faster version of base enemy - Smarter enemy that takes different route - Capitain enemy that coordinates other units (when its killed AI becomes dumber) - Camouflaged enemy (hard to spot) Maps feel all the same. Solution is to add different elements: - Pushable blocks - Doors that require a keycard - Cameras that can alert enemies - Sentry turrets - Floors that make noise if you walk on them + Make sure maps feel different, don't just retexture the base map ( eg. like a jungle maps will have traps and camouflaged enemies, but base map has cameras and turrets) Hope this gives you some ideas

- Constant ads!!!

The game would have been fun however the amount of ads you have to sit through and watch is outrageous!!! Almost every time you finish a level, without fail you have to sit through a 15-30sec ad which is way over the top!, if the game had 1 ad every 5 levels I would still be happy to play, but with this amount of ads I spend more time watching then playing... really disappointing

- It has potential

This game is great but it has quite a few ads and getting gems for new characters is quite tedious, I believe if you lower the amount of gems you need to get a new character it would really help the quality of this game

- Too many ads and regularly freezes on ads

Game play is not too bad and using ads for bonuses etc I could live with. When it started freezing up at end of level when playing or returning from advert got to annoying. I’d if didn’t crash I could have lived with all the ads

- I know a way

To all my friends complaining about ads, turn off your wifi/mobile data to get no ads at all, the only problem is that you will not be able to claim those ad loot boxes, don’t forget to turn on your wifi/data when you are finished with the game!

- To many ads and repetitive

This game has potential but after playing each level you are forced to watch an ad. Each level seems to be based on the same map with very little changes, feels like you are just replaying level 1 over and over with no apparent goal.

- Meh, its ok

I like the concept of this game and the way you earn currency, but i feel like it just gets repetitive over time, only adding ONE more enemy each, like, 10 levels. I feel like they should add a mode for pros that immediately give them 5 enemies and over time add 2 or 3

- Way way to easy and too much adds.

I got up to level 14 and got very boring very fast because of all the adds and the levels are just the same just rotated all the time. It’s super easy and the next assassin is too hard to get to. This game is not a game I would recommend to play. Please fix the game then I may play more.

- Would five star this

This game is pretty fun and clever idea but way to many ads. Seems the game is go make you watch ads, even to open gifts you win requires watching an ad. More watching ads than playing the game. But it’s really cool other than that

- Absolutely choked with ads

You get forced ads for navigating the menus, ads to get currency, ads to respawn, ads at end of levels, ads to collect currency earned in a level, ads to complete bonus achievements... and to remove the ads is a $10 per month subscription!! The game is okay for casuals and I might pay a 1 time $2 ad removal fee but that’s all...

- Potential

App has great potential, somewhat repetitive after a while tho. Very nice mechanics and gameplay. It would be awesome to see some more variety for the game in the future.

- Annoying. Too many advertisements

This is the most annoying app I’ve ever used. I downloaded and played for like 20 minutes during which i had to watch like 20 advertisements. Uninstalling now. I don’t recommend this at all. Who would play a game to watch other games advertisements. So frustrated.

- Will crash your phone

Was a good game but almost every time I touch the phone it wants to play an ad. You spend more time watching adds than playing and it will lag your phone until it crashes. I’m not sure what it is running in the back ground but it uses loads of memory. Don’t advise downloading.

- Rid of ads free

Mk so this is how u stop ads. So basically u can just turn off ur wifi on ur phone and there will be no ads but if u have data/credit u will still get the ads anyway I hope that helped

- Too many ads

I’m all for paying to remove ads if the game is worth it but I honestly can’t play enough to get into it. You need to watch 20s of ads after every level... and even after looking at different menu items!? Seriously terrible. It’s like 10% playing and 90% ads.

- This needs daily rewards

This really really needs daily rewards because then that make people go on it everyday to get the reward

- This game is great

It feels so satisfying when you kill someone but the best part is it’s offline

- Add joystick control option

The game is fantastic, but the movement mechanics isn’t the best for me. I think that if you add joystick control options, movement around the map will be easier.

- Well thought out but very repetitive.

While there is a good bit of strategy and skill required and involved. The good ends there. The game lacks any depth and is poorly made UI wise. Verdict: try this one, but gets boring quick.

- Ads...

The ads last longer than the levels

- The ads

There are seriously a lot of ads I know ur trying to make money but can you plz maybe take a little bit of ads off thanks, and I love the game

- Ads!!!!

The game idea/ mechanic is fun, but it’s bombarded with long ads, every round there’s a video ad for a minimum of 15-20 seconds which gets frustrating when you’re just starting the game and the rounds end quite quick.

- Way to pricey

Great games too expensive . Hate the monthly payment plans.

- Booooooo

Please try to make another update it actually is very boring😒

- Its a good game

it is a good game but the people that have the shield are just to op and there a bit to hard for a dude who just started whos on level sixty-four

- Fun but disappointing.

I understand there are adds in every game these days...but every 1-2 levels which literally take less then 1 minute to complete is quiet frustrating...only reason to pay for VIP is to have no adds and actually play the game.

- Pretty Good

Yes, it is very good! But I would give this 5 stars but the stuff is so expensive! I think that you should lower the price of at least the men! Thanks Star Rater

- Controls

Would be good if the running around was better more controllable

- Dont

Filled with ads, each level takes a maximum of 20seconds and they fill you with 30 second adds per level if you don’t get premium, level lacks variation, only one type of enemy, boring after 2-3 levels.

- What's with the ads

Great game but the ads are abit unnecessary. "Watch ad to get free stuff" *hits no thanks button* "an ad plays anyway" what the heck is all that about ay?

- Ads

Way to many ads in this game I can’t stand it finish a lvl add then open a gift add seriously more adds then game time fix it I have deleted the app because of it great game just to many adds

- Not good

Two words: revenue hunter The game has ads galore and has very little skill to the game... true waste of time... not through enjoyment of gameplay but through the monotony of waiting for ads or skipping ads or ads ads Would give half star if possible

- Average and no Ad’s doesn’t mean no Ad’s

Fun and visually cool. However gameplay monotonous and unchallenging. Free version unplayable for ad’s. Pay to remove ad’a doesn’t fully remove them.

- To many Gems for Skins.

The game is good but it cost a lot of gems to get any skins it’s a 4/5 stars because of the currency for skins but overall it’s a very good game.

- Adds

Would be 5 star but to many adds

- Bruhness

Bruh every time I finish a level I get sent back to my iPhones home screen then I have to click to open the app again

- Ads

Why do u have to watch an ad then watch another ad after every level if u want to get double gems

- Has potential, has a ton of ads

Saw an ad for this game and actually looked pretty fun. That was until you had to watch an ad per level. Never deleted a game so fast.

- So far great.

I really enjoy this game but I just haven’t played enough of it to give it 5 stars.

- What game?

Played for about 30 minutes. For each 8-10 second level there are 2-3 ads of up to 3 minutes in total. Even without the monotonous ads, this game will get boring quickly.

- Too many ads

I know that it is how you pay the rent. But sometimes less is more...

- Repetitive and very slow difficulty curve

I had high hopes for this game, especially after the first few levels. It just didn’t get harder and became so repetitive.

- Impossible to play

There are so many ad walls in this game. They make it impossible to play. I’d understand if they were every now and then, but they pop up after everything.

- 😡

Good game but just too frustrating beacause of many ads. Better watch than play.

- No Ads still has Ads

Paid for the ‘No Ads’ option and was really disappointed to still see ads.

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- Game is fun but

When you click on your screen it doesn’t always go to the right area. To make sure it wasn’t just my device I tried it on four different devices and it was the same for all of them. Other than that the game is fun.

- Ads???

Everyone is complaining about ads...guys, just turn your internet off...

- Awesome!!!

Just stop complaining about the ads people! All you have to do is turn of your wifi and boom- no more ads

- Those ads!!!!

I’m done... way too many ads. If you win... ad... if you lose... play ad to revive or... die and watch an ad anyway... if you win a present, it’s an ad to open it... seriously what ever happened to $5 games, now they want $6.99/week for the ad free version... that’s more than I pay for all my streaming services and Xbox live combined!

- How to improve the game

Well it’s just that there are a lot of adds that just pop up out of nowhere and I would like to be less of them also the quality😬 is not that great but other than that I like the game I can never get bored of it🥴😆

- A skin that should be added

They should ad a John Wick skin holding a pencil instead of a knife.

- Add more controls

Add more controls

- This game

You shouldn’t have to pay to remove adds. And when there priced at 3.99$ to remove. I don’t know, kind of stupid if you ask me

- Need to add

Need to add a snake skin

- Way too easy

Ridiculously easy. Stopped playing it was just pointless.

- Free skin

If you want free skin go to premium and do the tik tok go to it and go back and bam new skin that runs 25 present more and turn off wifi and no ads best game ever

- Best game I ever played

Keep it up!

- Awesome

Good game I by accident reset my phone I hope it will save my progress so yeah good game try it can you pass me? (I doubt it I was at 132) so download now and turn your wifi off if you are sad with the ads

- you need a cat skin

I love the game just that I want a cat skin.

- ❤️❤️❤️

This is the best game ever! Super fun and satisfying. It’s perfect when ur bored or just have a few minutes to spare. FIVE STARS!

- Ads ads ads

Too much ads

- Awesome game

Great game, awesome gameplay, but can you please add a metal gear solid snake skin or an option to be able to use a silenced pistol but if you use it you have to wait 3 min for recharge

- J’en y

Va hch

- Super good

I looove this game

- Grrrrrreat!

Great time consumer. Great app.

- 🤷🏼

Super, mais beaucoup trop d’annonces.....

- Porn Ads

My children download this game and were enjoying even having lots of ads. But Today it was showing a half naked woman in one of the ads!!! So definitely not a safe game for kids at any ages.

- 5 stars

Thawed game is so fun Y u are good peaple

- Great game

The controls are a little hard but the game itself is awesome

- Too many ads

Deleted after level 4 as there’s too many ads.

- Lat off the ads

Way too many ads. Had to remove it.

- .

so many adss

- Good

The gameplay is fun and addictive, it doesn’t feel like there is too much different currencies, and the ads aren’t even a problem.

- Too much ads

Too much adds but overall a good game

- 2/5

This game was fun at the start till it just got old all you really do in the game is watch adds and kill I think they could do better if they ad a point to it

- Pretty good once you pay 4$ to remove ads

Game is fun. And once you have paid 4$ to remove ads, you get unlimited jewels no need for VIP

- Ads

Too many ads

- Lit fam

It’s lit fam

- Adds are annoying

Too many adds, all for TikTok

- Rate

Good app easy

- So good and fun for you when your bored

So good and fun for you when your bored

- Hate it

I played 3 levels and during those 3 levels I watched 4 ads. Stay as far away from this game as possible

- What the beak too much ads

I do not like ads in this game I don’t know how to stop the, M

- Too expensive

7 dollars a week for vip that’s 31 dollars a month and it’s not even that good

- More ad time than game time

Could have been good. Ad cash grab. Ad every two levels, every level literally two seconds long

- I agree and don’t complain

I not only make this because I LOVE ❤️ the game but I agree with someone because they said the game should have a John wick skin I like that idea 💡 A great game though even without that John wick skin 👌 but some are complaining about ad seriously guys 😐? That’s kinda dumb just turn off your cellular data or your wifi like...Really?

- Lies

I was told if I beat lvl2 I was legally a hunter I’m on lvl 25 and my hunting license hasn’t come in the mail yet this is bs

- too many ads

Payed to remove the ads and they still show them. What's worse you can't cancel the ads. Feels almost like a fraud.

- Good game but too many ads

To many ads

- It’s a good game, riddled with ads

It’s your typical phone game that has an interesting premise, but the developers clearly care more about ads then gameplay just like every other greedy AppStore publisher. Game itself is still alright though.

- Too many Ads

It’s good game but just too many Ads and irritating

- Too many ads

I downloaded this as it looked like an interesting app. Less then five minutes in I seen a grand total of four ads. Instant delete!

- Trash

Absolutely trash the ad was trash and gameplay was trash giving it a one star is generous

- Too many adds

Too many adds

- Fun But

At the rate of adds this game has, its s just not worth it!

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Mahir Arshad Farhan

@s_anuj Yep.but you can also try hunter's assassin it's more heavy


Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Master Hunter (Silver) Defeat all Alpha animals #PS4share

Ꭰąʂհ འҽղժąɾ

That Bounty Hunter is gonna get topped by that Assassin, but he didn't say anything.

XyanyaVieme of DraxisWeb Gaming & DTR_G

I want to see a #BeastBrigade in @SMITEGame with Assassin Ratatoskr or Fenrir, Guardian Jormungandr or Cerberus, Hunter Danzaburou, Mage Kukulkan and let Tiamat jump into the Warrior spot


@EtherealChi @FortniteGame Look at how many of those helmets in Midas' trophy collection belong to evil creatures. Chaos Agent and his creation Big Chuggus who experimented on people! Black Knight. Oblivion. Astro Assassin. Even Tomato Head... a creepy cult back in Chapter 1. Midas was also a hunter.


@EtherealChi @FortniteGame (...) such as Kondor (evil soul-devouring revenge spirit), Lexa the Hunter Protocol assassin robot, a Predator, a Terminator, a Xenomorph. He caused the Mandalorian's ship to crash. Agent Jones betrayed GHOST Agency & Midas, imprisoned his fellow agents in the mindwiping Loop.😠

Majestic. Majestic.

Nala is a stealthy assassin type of hunter but she also very much enjoys being the center of attention- to convey this her armor has dull and dark hues that pop off in flashy saturated colors while under UV light (e.g. when blacklight super is active)

lis faria

oq vc joga? — no pc era lol, genshin e yandere. no xbox eu jogo sea of thieves, dead by daylight, monster hunter, red dead redemption, momodora, hollowknight, spellbreak, assassin’s creed, star wars battlefront II, mine e por aí v…

darling baby fish 🧷

"she could've done worse. He wasn't a hunter, or an assassin. But he did have a hawk." Okay thank you that was funny


@FelineSharpshot Being as connected as I had been, I knew from reliable sources about any sort of assassin for hire or bounty hunter you could purchase. Your name was a frequent one, Ms. Zelvia." Moving one hand up to his chin. "Details are available in mass, if necessary."

𝒞𝒶𝓅𝓉𝒶𝒾𝓃 𝒫𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝒪𝒻𝒻 🏴‍☠️🇺🇸

I won the Witch Hunter achievement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla for 34 TrueAchievement pts

🎮 Guenwhyvar Do'Urden⚓

I won the Witch Hunter achievement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla for 34 points on #TrueAchievements


As Shay also hunts down the other assassins since he is dubbed the assassin hunter


Our April theme is Dearly Departed! This month is dedicated to those with an affinity for death be that a necromancer, assassin, zombie hunter or vampire.


Check out Vintage Star Wars IG-88 Bounty Hunter Assassin Droid 1980 Kenner Hong Kong #StarWars #VintageStarWars #Droid @eBay

Hunter Assassin 1.37 Screenshots & Images

Hunter Assassin iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hunter Assassin iphone images
Hunter Assassin iphone images
Hunter Assassin iphone images
Hunter Assassin iphone images
Hunter Assassin iphone images

Hunter Assassin (Version 1.37) Install & Download

The applications Hunter Assassin was published in the category Games on 2019-09-12 and was developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK [Developer ID: 939257836]. This application file size is 77.77 MB. Hunter Assassin - Games app posted on 2021-03-28 current version is 1.37 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rubygames.assassin

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