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Fascinating spa experience...

True ASMR experience. Lots of mini-games are waiting for you.

Collect all the money and upgrade your spa center.

Can you unlock all the rooms?

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VIP Subscription offers a weekly subscription for $4.99 after a 3 day free trial. After purchasing this subscription, you will immediately unlock: 3 new Managers, Unlock All VIP Decorations, x2 Income from Spa Center and %200 LEVEL BONUS, and remove all random ads. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will be renewed unless you turn it off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. See below links for more information.

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- Perfect!!!

It is really nice when you crack the bones the hands are skeleton hands for Halloween. And I personally like how you can give the devil customer a tan and make him look more like a devil. Please make more great and funny stuff in this game.

- WTH developers !

Seriously this game is terrible It is not appropriate for kids and there is no ASMR experience. One, who could be so cruel to have a level were you increase a woman’s chest size dramatically and inappropriately. Two, SO MANY ADDS I swear to god this is the most add filled game I have ever played there is an add almost every time you touch the screen! Third, the cracking levels are supposed to be satisfying but there not because there is no experience there are jut adds and uncomfortable cracking noises Don’t even respond developers unless your truly sorry I don’t want to hear one of those formal “we apologize for this stuff contact us if you have questions” because that shows you don’t actually care your just trying to make money through an add filled cash grab. So if you want players to actually appreciate the work you put into this (which there is honestly none) then FIX PROBlEMS PRESENTED TO YOU!! It’s not hard! I’m done wasting my time you probably won’t even pay attention. I am Severely unsatisfied. Thanks for reading

- The wrost game I ever played

I hat this game and I can give you some many reasons 1. The Adds ok let’s be really they are why to Many adds they are like a add they are like a Every second and sometimes you can to restart the game because you can not go back to the game 2. When You First Start ok when you first start the game it is Incredibly inappropriate like what the hell do you have to make someone breast big for!? I do not think this is for 12+ this is 18+ and I hate this 3. The Cover ok why is the cover with someone head off of there body like kids can be Traumatized by that and I really hate how you don’t know what you are doing and I don’t know how the App Store approve this That is all I have to said if you are reading this please don’t play this game it is extremely inappropriate and sexual and it is not for kids have a great day and stay away from these games kids

- Ewwwwwww🤢🤮

Dear person who made this game, OK so why did you make this I saw this game on a add and I was like I have to download this for I could give this crap a rating so I just wanted to say why?! This is not good for kids like it starts with making someone's breast bigger like no one likes that that's not good for kids this crap should be for 18+ tbh or not even game like seriously this is just disturbing 😩✋🏼️and gross if I could give this crap a zero I would oh well I guess a one star but don't download this at least the second game is good because you just do nails but if you want a spa game don't download this game get a good game not a game like this crap if I was the person who made this game I would feel ashamed of myself because this game is gross so I rated this a one for a reason this game is a piece of crap so don't download it please and thank you

- So many adds and inappropriate

I personally hate the game their is so many adds I open the app got money and their was an add and most of the adds are very inappropriate the amount of adds is a big flaw the other thing is the first level is about making a women’s breast bigger gross the person that made this does not care that the app tells you to make a woman’s breast bigger not ok at all the thing says 12+ but no kid younger the 12 it is going to care what age you need to be this game should not exist in the first place a kid is going to see the app and think it’s fun but really it is teaching things no kid 12 or under should know so the person that made this if your reading this get some help you are really messed up Thank you

- I like this game!!

This game is actually really entertaining, and it has a lot of diversity/options to it. There are some parts which are... questionable, but for the amount of options this game has it’s actually really well developed! Of course there are the annoying ads, which never stop playing, which is the biggest flaw to the game. The no ads option is cool but the amount of ads in the game is just insane. I can see this game improving for the better, but to get better reviews and more players decrease the amount of ads.

- ⚠️Read this ⚠️

There are many children out there who download this app and are like ew ew ew 🤮but really this game is not disgusting, and if you are mature enough to get this than you’d understand it’s not, and it’s simply is real life. Plastic surgery, and what woman want. I think that it’s completely appropriate for teenagers / 12+ AS THE TITLE SAYS. 12+ . If you see that that means there may be some grown up stuff in it or things that a child SHOULD NOT SEE. I am 11 and I find this app fine, I’m just not interested in it. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that you need to be mature for this.

- I threw up in my mouth

Okay, so you can tell that this game is weird by the picture. It looks like your ripping a woman’s head off and if you look closely, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE RED. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the first task. The game itself is just...No!! This isn’t 12+ This is 18+. I just had to check out how bad this game was when I saw an ad where there’s a woman and your saying "Shake That 🍑" And the woman starts twerking. Just NO. This is not suitable for kids that are under the age of 18. I literally only played for like 1-2 minutes and I regret it. On the first task, you grow a woman’s breast. THATS A HUGE NO NO. Just don’t download this game for your sake

- Please change this

So I know there are supposed to be advertisements but that is to much. It’s annoying and it’s frustrating and all that. And please remove the cover of the game. It look like the head is unattached to the body. And please remove the plastic surgery. It’s weird and I’m not sure if this is necessary. So please change that. Oh and it’s also kind of gross. Because it starts with making someone’s breasts bigger. It makes it REALLY big it’s kind of gross so remove that please. Thank you, developer!

- Ewwww

Nobody wants there kid playing this literally the first level is about making this lady breast like super big that part is showing kids “if u whant people to like u get big breast” like dude this game is showing kids porn and stuff oh and the sounds ugh ewww moaning and other inappropriate sounds and what if a kid was by there parents with the volume up all the way I’m sure a parents does not whant a kid playing a game that make breast big or has moaning sounds or porn in it and have u seen the cover for this game it shows a lady with her neck broke off I’m not impressed with this

- This I sexist

When I first stared playing this I thought it would another ok game but after you unlock the room that has you make female breast bigger it’s very inappropriate and sexist since every time you do it they ask for the biggest thing ever. And it’s just inappropriate and disgusting. Also not including how many adds are in this game. It’s very annoying and is also in appropriate for many other reasons. And I think this game should be banned for being sexist, inappropriate and also having way to many adds.

- ....really? (𝙺𝙸𝙳𝚂 𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙳 𝙱𝙴𝙵𝙾𝚁𝙴 𝚈𝙾𝚄 𝙶𝙴𝚃)

I’m basically still a kid and I get ads like this? I mean this game is really inappropriate for people and should be rated something like 17+ and it’s pretty sexist so I don’t think games like this should be made and I think that this game is pretty bad... just look at the first level.. plus the ads are about well (🍑) soooooo yeahhh dont do that if you want to make an older game, dont make it look like a fine, classic arcade game that well kids get. I would reat this app a -1 out ot 10 because its inappropriate. ☹︎☹︎☹︎

- It’s ok

The only reason I say it’s okay instead of great because when you massage them it sounds like your watching porn the moan and say “ oh I love it mhm” and kids might wanna play this and this could be mistaken for porn and the ADS ARE OUTRAGEOUS like in order to play a level you have to watch a 30 second ad it’s horrible and to get rid of ads they are asking for 3 bucks so parents I don’t recommend this game for your kids this could teach them bad stuff.

- The Noises

I like this game and someways. But the one thing I don’t like about this game is the noises that the customers make when you’re cracking their bones or massaging their back‘s or anything. The noise is highly inappropriate. You could be mistaken for watching something else. I don’t think this game should be for 12+ I think it should be for people that is 18+ especially what you had to do on the first level I don’t think kids should know about that at all

- Ugh so bad and sexual

This game is the worst there are 30 secs long adds every time it’s very very inappropriate for kids so any parents reading thing this is a no brainer it’s horrible the first level you have to pump up this ladies breast to a size of watermelon i repet very very inappropriate and very porn and the ladies in the game moan sexually and inappropriately too it’s a very bad game do not download I REPET DONT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE GAME VERY INAPPROPRIATE I trust you play it alone parents for your approval just in case your child has it very bad game so much bugs and more.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- One teeny little problem 🤭😬

So I am playing this game and for once, the problem Is not adds, it is just the Halloween theme, it makes everything look so filthy. Not only that, but the cover on the app is not that appropriate for children in my opinion but besides all that, it is a really good app. Just one question, is this a spa or a hotel.

- What this needs to be banned no offense

When I first started I liked it it was no inappropriate levels until I got to the shrinker and sizer I didn’t like when you had to make the breast big it was horrible but there was this one level I just hated it was where you had to stab the person in the back with needles but the sounds they make every time you massage them it sounds like I’m watching porn my mom had to come in and ask what’s am I watching like a million times bruh ;-;

- Please stop with the adds and the game play.

I understand the game is so pose to be a about you being a person changing the girls looks and every thing, but don’t you think the game and adds are to you know sexual. ok cut the crap let’s get to the point, I know the adds and the game are so pose to attract little boys and get them aroused. Like I swear mobile game adds and these type of mobile games are just getting more sexual, these types of people that makes these types of game are just money hungry.

- It’s worse than I thought

Saw all the bad reviews and thought “hey let’s see just how bad it is” it’s pretty bad, the first level you are supposed to increase some chicks breast size with a laser and they don’t go for slightly larger, nah they go for 2 watermelons per breast size, that’s not to mention the very very bad moans, almost forgot to add that there’s an ad after every single level and if you turn off WiFi it won’t let you play In conclusion this game is worse than you’d think

- Too many ads, Inappropriate

The ads i was getting about this game looked pretty cool. i decided to download it and find out for myself. First level was very inappropriate for a 12+ game. A women getting a breast enhancement was not the first thing i wanted to see when playing this game. As i played and played there were WAYYYYY to many ads. I could barely play the game because i kept getting ads. This game was a let down thought it was gonna be cool but i ended up being disappointed.

- Just... no

First of all every time you play a level you have to watch a full 30 second ad. Every single time. Second, even when you DON’T select the option to triple your score by watching an ad it STILL makes you watch an ad. This game is stupid. It sounds like you’re watching porn and if I could give this crap 0 stars I would. It had potential to be fun but the sound effects are uncomfortable and the ads are honestly ridiculous.

- Not horrible but...

Not bad but there are a ton of ads. When you pick that you do not want the bonus then you get served an ad I think that is crappy. If you want to play the game wo ads kill your connection before yo7 load it. I personally won’t bother if a dev needs to force ads when you select to not take the bonus. They have ads on the bottom, ads for bonus, and forced ads. That tells me the devs are greedy and I say it’s not worth it unless the game is really fun.

- broken

Alright, so obviously, this game is inappropriate, vulgar, and broken. So the reason it’s inappropriate, look at the reviews of this game, they’re horrible! Now my reason for it being broken, you need internet connection to play and you need to watch a unskippable 30 second ad every time you play a level. The ads for this game too, THE ADS! I first saw this game from an ad, it shown a woman getting a buttocks enlargement and then her twerking. Obviously, this app isn’t 12+.

- Where do I begin?

Ahh where do I even start?! As a parent, I would not allow my children to download or even play this game. I believe women should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, but is it really necessary to make a game about it? Also, the noises... I have noticed a lot of reviews about the noises. Even though a child may not recognize it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!! Oh goodness! Definitely do not recommend to any age really. A concerned parent.

- Inappropriate

Game stars off with growing a woman’s breast’s to a ridiculous size. Female characters moan when you touch them, it sounds very sexual. Every add is 30 seconds long after EVERY level. One add is full of cussing. Some levels you can see the side of a woman’s breast. Some people are saying it has blackface and whiteface, I didn’t make it that far to see it but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. I do not suggest for children. This game is perverted, sexist and disgusting.

- why🤮

I let my child have my phone and play this game but guess what it started off with the boobs and when I checked in on him I saw it so I played a little and it was disgusting. Then when I came back from work I went to bed my child stole my phone and played it again and there it was but it was the twerking one it is disgusting I don’t know how this game doesn’t have little ratings. Totally wouldn’t recommend.

- About the ads.....

I love this game and the people who’s saying “I HATE THE ADS” their is ads for a reson, their are ads isn’t because the he/she is trying to make the worst game ever, it’s because, that this game does not cost any money osprey your reading thank you if your not pls read again. Thank you for reading!

- Hilarious

Love that you can’t break necks and the sound are hilarious just make it were I can blow up peoples breasts and maybe where the breast don’t have to be super huge

- Needs improvement

So its soooo hard to unlock all the rooms and there is way to many ads and vips and you cant choose what to do for example if you liked the massage you could choose for only massage people to come for that day otherwise its a good game

- Not for 12+

Dear perverted developers, I have a couple of things. First, this is NOT for 12+ audiences. It’s more 18+, and I’m not going to say why. Second, why so many ads? Seriously, I get one every 5 seconds. You’re just trying to make money off of kids learning about the birds and the bees. Are we not going to mention the first level? Besides that, I love cracking people’s necks. Your game is garbage 😌

- Too many ads

The game is fun to play until you get bombarded with ads after every small thing you do. Its totally absurd how mant ads I’ve gotten in a five minute period. I like playing the game, but I am extremely close to deleting it because of the insane amount of ads you receive while playing.

- Fun but too many ads

It is fun but it has to many ads after every thing there is an ad

- Super inappropriate and so many adds🤮😮

This is my first review, so I was playing on my iPad and I see an add of some decent Asmara and other crap but 2 weeks later I see an add on the same game “and the developers decide to put a girl in a tube and squirt water down her crevice 🍑🍑😱😑🤮and she turns around and Twurks, dovelopers never mastake someone’s behind as marakas” so plz stop also way to many adds

- Sound and ads

It’s a good app but the sound when you massage needs to change my parent thought I was watching something else and I keep getting this ad that sells weed and I’m tired of it

- This is kind fun stop hating on it

I like the game it’s super fun but I don’t like the inappropriate stuff but it’s fun stop hating on it and yeah when you play a lot you will like it

- 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 kids do not download this game plz

I don’t like this game because when you are massaging the person or cracking your knuckles they make these sound like a sound I don’t like it is not for kids so don’t download it download a better game and I get this game one start this game is not good also when you crack their backs they make a weird noise and I just don’t like it

- Spa master

This game is so trash after every level there’s a ad I just couldn’t do especially the unskippable ads u had to go through and I had to watch a ad to start a level and after I finish the level there’s another ad. I never made a review before because normally I like the games I play and leaves stars but this game is pathetic this game is a walking L TRASH GAME.

- Way to many ads and inappropriate

Way way way too many ads and the fist level, I mean, come on seriously it is teaching kids bad things you have to make a woman’s breasts giant and also the sounds uugghh that is disgusting and they moan when you massage some ones back and and arms and neck.


okay first way to many ads, and if this app is targeted for kids... THE SOUNDS are highly in in appropriate and uncomfortable. i literally cant believe a game like this was being played by my 7 year old cousin.

- Horrible/Inappropriate

This game is HORRIBLE it’s inappropriate and in the first one on the game you make a lady’s Brest bigger it just horrible it shouldn’t be for 12+ it should be for 19+ Thai game is just 🤮

- Inappropriate Noises and way too much ads

This game is just so stupid first of all why does it make such a weird noises when you give them a massage secondly why is way too much ads every time when you click something it gives you an ad like how desperate are you for money Lastly the game was pretty boring to finish it off

- Annoying

I never leave reviews but this game literally had an ad popping up every time I pressed a button. Totally not what I thought when I went to download it. Among other things that is wrong w the game is that it starts off with you making a woman’s breasts bigger. This game shouldn’t be rated for 12+ if you ask me.

- Don’t waste your money buying NO ADS

Payed the 2.99 to remove ads and guess what. Still watching freaking ads. The noises made when cracking and messaging are really inappropriate and the boob enlargement section is disgusting. They always ask for the biggest size possible. Makes them look deformed. So mad with this game it’s not even funny. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

- Terrible

I downloaded this game because I sit in my last class playing games on my phone but the amount of adds makes it pointless to even play 90% of the time your just watching adds and the other 10% isn’t even good enough to redeem itself this game isn’t worth the download

- Ads

I’m a person that likes to remove ads by playing on airplane mode. I play mobile games to entertain myself when I’m bored, I don’t want to watch ads nonstop and I heard this game has a lot. Switched to airplane, started the game, and it won’t let me play without an internet connection. So that it can bombard me with ads. Deleted. Not worth my time.

- I would be better if you don’t put ads in it

Come on don’t put ad


In the beginning I hate THAT PART!!! You have to make the girls breast bigger, stop sexualizing woman breast’s THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!!! especially when the girl moaned at the spa. She moaned like twice. This is NOT FOR KIDS. NOT FOR KIDS, people don’t moan when they get their back Cracked or massaged. THIS IS JUST WRONG 😑 I TELL YOU DONT PLAY THIS GAME KIDS!! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, IF YOU FIND IT INAPPROPRIATE!! THIS IS VERY MOSTLY LIKE INAPPROPRIATE. THE MOANING SOUNDS ARE VERY DISGUSTING, AND EW ITS SO GROSS FOR KIDS. WHY TF WOULD U ADD MOANING SOUNDS, BREAST CHANGER?!! CMON NOW.

- Racism

This game is extremely racist and has white washing in it, because every person that comes in for skin care is black and then you spray basically white paint all off them and look magically they are white now? This is very insensitive to the time and should be taken care of immediately I’m so appalled that this is happening in 2020

- Disturbing

Okay so, I’ve seen ads about this and they were pretty disgusting. So I downloaded the app AND THE FIRST THING THAT PERSON WANTED I- no. So I did it and I noticed that they would make noises, after I know that you can skip the ad ones, then there was this needle one and I tried to skip it. So I had to do it. It was disturbing too and I had to do it. Please-


DONT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY THIS!!! I saw this game and I read the reviews before downloading it. So, I downloaded it to see for myself and the first thing you do is make a women’s breast’s bigger. Very inappropriate. Other reviews says there are inappropriate noises. I deleted the game as soon as I saw the inappropriate content. This is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for children under age.

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- What are you talking bout?

It’s a great game and this is NO racists Love it

- Don’t download this game

Why did you make this first of all you break peoples neck witch is very disturbing and second of all it is incredibly racist like you turn black people into white people like it actually matters what colour skin you are so to whoever’s reading this don’t download this game it’s horrible!! 😡


The game has waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to many adds like I can't even play the game without getting an add! It's glitchy! I wanted to break peoples necks and actually get asmr but I didn't get any of that! TERRIBLE IF I COULD I WOULD RATE IT -5 stars! The game is also a lair! From what I can see there is around 6 ratings NOT 245! AND THEY ARE ALL 1 STAR RATINGS NOT FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!!!!

- Good game.

This is a good and funny game even though there are ads but it is fun trust me hahaha

- Theres to may adds

And just saying theres too may adds just turn ur wifi off its simple and game it bad and raceist so never download game

- i came here to break bones not watch 30 second unskippable ads every 0.001 seconds

there’s an ad every 0.001 seconds, i only came to crack bones at redline because i personally think it’s hilarious but even that was no small feat considering there would be an unskippable 30 second ad on every button i’d push.

- 😈🥵😘🥰😍

Sexy! I love it

- OMG!

This game is so racist and is so inappropriate. It’s so not suitable for a 12+ year old kid. If anyone wants a ASMR game I don’t recommend this one. I was embarrassed

- Trash

It’s so glitchy and it’s racist like cmon you can do better

- Terrible and not asmr

The characters make inappropriate sounds and the game is not ASMR!! And it’s rlly glitchy too!

- Racist game

The game is racist turning black people into white people like what the hell

- I hate it

I just hate it sooo much like hell

- Just no

Breaking people’s necks, and RASIST?! Like really?!

- bruh

this is seriously not appropriate for kids



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- Well designed game

So relaxing

- Sex work?

This game is basically porn with ads

- stupid ads

i hate it because there’s ads every single time i finish something

- Targeted to kids

Opened the app, first task was to give a lady boob injections. If that wasn’t bad enough, the ad right after had people twerking. ‘Kid friendly’ huh?

- Good

It’s good but pls less ads

- ads

the amount of ads makes my eyes and ears continuously bleed at the same time, the fact that i can’t even turn off data or wifi to not get them is aids


To much ADS!!!

- too much ads

wayyy to much ads

- Ads

The ads are inappropriate and rude just like the game ... It’s a fun game to play but all of the inappropriate stuff

- no

terrible the ads are longer than the time i’m actually playing it sucks so bad

- Seriously

I saw an ad, and it seemed good, so I downloaded it. I was disgusted in what I found. And to think that this is meant for kids. 🤮

- Btw this games like sex but in a spa ;w;


- Les pubs

T’as des pubs h24 et meme quand ca te dit "tu veux regarder une pub pour x2" et que tu appuis non ca te met une pub, sans le x2 evidemment.

- Adds

It’s a great game but it has a lot of adds and sooooooooooooo many rooms.The adds take a lot of time and freezes all the time 🤦🏻‍♀️

- Fun but low key racist game

fun game but when there is a skin care mini game you just spray the person with a spray and it turns them really white and that just seemed a little suspicious to me. On top of that there is next to no people of color in the game. Improve your inclusion and than the game will be way better.



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- This game is so coolest and the game that has ever made A spa

Yes 👍 and said yes we can get together tomorrow thanks for your time and your wonderful wonderful blessed blessed day

- Please take out adds

Please take adds out it’s so annoying

- Ugh

Get rid of all these d**n ads ! I can’t play this game at all! Pass one level ads. Next one... ad.... after the next level another ad! Every second. I had to uninstall the app good game just over flooded with get money playing these games ads🙄

- Please read

I have a question why every time you massage them they have to be have naked it doesn’t make sense this game should be banded please the App Store make sure this is not to be seen ever again are used to love this brand of a game but it’s horrible no one please don’t play it please please no.! Please the Mont is horrible

- inappropriate

i saw one of my little cousins playing this game and i watched and the girl on the game was moaning and she was wearing a small bra and panties. My cousin was massaging the girls back while she was moaning and saying "yeah your good!" AND the ads were disgusting, it was one of a game about kissing and other things... over all just not an appropriate game for kids.

- Hooray

I can finally snap the neck of my local customers as I get paid Truly PogChamp

- So bad and gross

Has bad stuff for your kids to see and has boob filling and is so gross. I hate it and it should be deleted, so bad please never get this app. Also even though it says 12 and up it should be like 18 and up so bad. 🤢🤮🤕 And the ads that this game shows is worse it shows women shaking there butts so so bad!!!

- Why I don’t like this game

I do t like this game because the sounds are kinda kreepy to me and it is really glitchy for me. It is not the best the part were you make like the woman’s boobs bigger it is inappropriate for younger players so I don’t like it and it should be banned for sure. It is inappropriate for other younger players. IT SHOULD BE BANND

- Do NOT download

If u want to watch ads every 20 seconds, or have ur screen all black, and much much more but the game is slow And it’s no good for kids to be doing this stuff and the app is really slow and can’t even get on to this app so pleas do not download this app unless u like ⬆️

- Paid for VIP and still get ads!

Why would you give us the option for a weekly payment of $3.99 with no-ads if the game is still gives us ads! Horrible service.

- The weird noises and ads.

Whenever I do the massages, it makes weird noises and can be mistaken for something else... This should not be 12+ but should be 18+. And also there are way to many ad’s! I can barely play this game because the ad’s keep slowing me down, and stopping me from playing this game.

- What...

Im sorry but the skin care doesn't sot right with me and neither does the tanning. Spraying a black man white?? Tanning a white person until he looks a whole different race?? This is not okay. The game is boring you do the same 4 things, They sound like sex characters. Overall I give it 0 stars. Do better

- Good..

This game is pretty fun, although the ads and the beginning where you made a cartoon characters breasts bigger um.. But yewh! I love the game. Take out the ads tho!


For the 1st level ur giving someone plastic surgery in the upper body and if u stop for a second the person says keep going and dose a wink then for the 2 level there’s a person naked and getting a tan no underwear on and they didn’t even censor it I DO NOT recommend for the inappropriate stuff and TO MENY ADDS!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!


This is ridiculous. This game has way too many ads and it’s getting annoying. It would be best if you reduce the amount of ads you display. But other than that, it is a good game.

- What the heck is this

This game should be taken down it sounds like porn and this is a KIDS GAME who ever made this you should take it down it is showing inappropriate stuff and it will make kids think that is how they are supposed to look take this down.

- Best neck snapper game out there

You can literally break someone’s neck

- Confused

I bought the V.I.P But the No Ads isn’t included at all. I got the upgrades all maxed out because I play this game a lot. This game needs an upcoming update because there’s nothing else to do with this purchase , I deserve a refund.

- Scammed

Bought a no ads feature for 2.99 dollars and nothing happened after restarting my game😐 waste of money I’m getting flooded with ads every second I click somthing

- What. The. Heck

I was playing a game then this ad popped up and I was like eh why not see if it’s fun. It was terrifying. This is very inappropriate for al ages! I mean did you even know that something in this game is inappropriate?! And by something I mean everything just look at the first level! ARe YOU CRAzY!?!?

- No ads

I actually like this game beside all the negativity comments that i agree with what annoys me the most was the ads. I bought it since every time i click on something theres always ad but it stills gives me add. I JUST GOT SCAMMED.

- You ruined it.

This latest update added a lot of stuff, including more ads. You took a decent game and made it unplayable. Greed ruins yet another one. 🤬

- Why

This is the worst game ever I was just playing over again it’s way better than us and the thing looks like it glitched and took off their clothes the ads are really weird I don’t recommend downloading it


First of all this game is VERY racist because when you tan people they turn really dark second off when you do ✌🏼skin care✌🏼they turn white like paper and the moaning noises when you crack their back or massage them and why does she need her pants off when she is getter her arms cracked 🙄

- To many adds 🙄

Okay I understand that there are supposed to be advertisements but this game has TOOOO many adds it’s driving me crazy!!!! I really like this game but please lower the numbers of the adds 🙏💋

- It’s ok

I like the game I really like how the girls are in bikinis but when it makes the boobs bigger can u have it remove the bra so I can see the boobs it would make it better

- 4 stars

The sounds are kinda innapropiete to me why is becuase it sounds like they are moaning but other than that its really good

- Never ever

I got this for my daughter and hated it she said mommy what is this and showed me a lady getting her boobs bigger I deleted the app with relief I told her it was nothing but it’s sexual don’t download this app and the picture has her head chopped off so change it please

- It’s a little gross

I love spa games but not this one it’s very very very gross and has lots of ads like every time you do a client it gives you a stupid ad that’s all.

- This game is the worst game i ever seen

First, The freaking ads are disgusting. Second, There is no point to even getting the game. Third and last complaint, The game’s ad is actually too inappropriate and can really be related too porn. That’s it I'm done bye.

- To many adds

I played for two minutes and watched over a million of the same adds and it is very inappropriate for kids the only good part is where they crack the bones but that’s all.

- No

Based on my rating and creative title, you know that this will be about the absolute abundance of ads. Not to mention that every now and then, even in the first level, you make woman’s breasts bigger. Please don’t download this app.

- 🗿

I loved cracking there neck but usually when you crack someone’s neck they die so maybe make it a bit more realistic...also the moaning noises definitely came of the hub and the game is also racist bc when you do skincare they turn white as a fück1ng piece of paper 🧻

- A lot of adds

A lot of i’m only 10 minutes in and I’ve had about five adds at at least 10 at most

- Ew

When I first got into the game the customer wanted me to make her breast bigger I think that is inappropriate for kids and sexual and there was the part where they make sexual nosies I think that is disgusting I would rate this at a zero if I could.

- It is fun

I like the game it is fun I play on it everyday now I love it it is a awesome game to play on you should get it


OMG their is so many adds please remove them they are so annoying and it’s slow and I try to click no thanks but it doesn’t WORK so ya please fix it please please please you so stupid for these adds so ya I hate you

- What a shame

This game is honestly fun but they ruin it with 2000 ads, and if you try to bypass the ads by turning off your WiFi your forced to turn your WiFi on to play. They ruin good games by being ad and money hungry.

- Bad. Don’t download.

This has so many ads. 8/10 of it is ads. If you click no, it will charge an ad on you, if you turn off internet it will say “ no connection” -_———

- Spa master

This game is good but there is just ads every 30 seconds and the sounds are just weird but overall the game is good but it’s just the ads and the sounds


I paid to remove ads and i still get ads after every single thing i do this is ridiculous and preposterous i am planning on suing this company for the money remove ads has cost me

- Ads

Paid for the ads to be off and still have to watch ads to play certain levels

- Gross and Way too many ads

There are literally ads every two seconds. Also the creators of this game are very preverted considering the sounds made by the women, and some of the tasks that are asked to do. Worst game ever😩🤚🏻

- To many ads

There are way to many ads after every lvl I get and ad and when I click play it automatically goes to a ad

- This game so sexy as hell

the girls have something for going for a swim and I love the bone part and the boobs

- to much ads

every time when you complete something there’s a ad. But it’s still a good game

- Trash

This game is nothing but garbage you can turn of your internet to not get ads but you can’t even play it’s an offline game this game is nothing but a bunch of money grab developers

- This needs to be fixed

Bro whenever you touch them they moan and it sounds like your watching something else this game is just weird

- Meh cause a new beginning

So i’m new to the game and already know there are SO many ads LIKE how many ads do you need?! AND there is not ASMR like SO BORING


I tood his was just gonna be a normal game whit peol doing a spa day and evryting but it’s inappropriated de add showed her but growing and dancing trow her but and you know that’s so messed up and de girls are not wearing close just de bra and her underwear like why make it better dude no one wants to see her body!

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Spa Master 1.6 Screenshots & Images

Spa Master iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spa Master iphone images
Spa Master iphone images
Spa Master iphone images
Spa Master iphone images

Spa Master (Version 1.6) Install & Download

The applications Spa Master was published in the category Games on 2020-09-23 and was developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK [Developer ID: 939257836]. This application file size is 276.43 MB. Spa Master - Games app posted on 2020-11-21 current version is 1.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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