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What is coffee inc: business tycoon app? Welcome to The Coffee Inc, business simulation tycoon game!

As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire!

=== Key Features ===

- Open more than two hundred coffee shops. Location! Location! Location!

- Choose your own exteriors, interiors and store equipment in order to differentiate your stores from competitors.

- Seven cities to expand your business (so as your competitors!).

- Develop the best coffee blends to uniquely stand out your products and shops.

- Set products and pricing strategies wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops.

- Hire store employees, train/motivate/compensate them well and keep the service level high.

- Conduct store marketing as well as corporate level marketing to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

- Very realistic income statement and balance sheet to provide detailed financial insights.

- Borrow money from the Bank if you are short on cash.

- File for IPO to increase the capital and expand your business aggressively.

- Acquire (M&A) competitors through the stock market.

- Once you get big, you can invest in real estate and other venture businesses.

- Expand your business to become an owner of professional sports team franchises.

- It's a turn-based game. Enjoy the game at your own pace, even offline. No more waiting for hours and days!

- Because we'd like you to fully enjoy the game, there are no annoying ads.

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Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon Version 2.1101 December 2021

- Added a link to Coffee Inc 2, new version of the game. - Performance enhancement..

Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great game, couple of problems

Love the game overall very fun and very addictive. Just a couple issues I noticed overall. I started a game and saved it. Then started a new game. I exited the app and when I opened it up again I went to play the first game I started and it auto saved over my second game. So I lost all the progress I had made in my second game. I started the game with 2 rival coffee businesses. Bought out one and the second one got down to 1 shop total. All of a sudden a new coffee company was created, but after 2 years they still have yet to open a coffee shop. How are they even still a business? The company with 1 shop continues to see increased sales each quarter despite me opening a store right next to it, discounting all prices to 20% off and offering all incentives (I.e. buy one get one free, free WiFi, etc.) all my employees are in the green happy at this location as well. Wish there were more in game decisions that would affect your stock price as well. Very difficult to make a profit off the stocks once you are pretty much the only business with any stores. Would love to see some new updates with additions to the gameplay and new possibilities. Like maybe doing an interview or holding share holder meetings. Or the workers starting a union. Just ideas that can make the gameplay more dynamic. Thanks for the awesome game and I hope to see more from you guys soon!

- Can’t get enough of this game!!! Suggestions though???

I think I’m addicted to this game!!! It’s so fun, cool and somewhat educational. Realistic prices and numbers when building or buying something. Even with product pricing and marketing against your competitors. The game forces you to strategize and execute your plans to be the number one chain and make MONEY!!! I have no complaints but I wish there was a way to play with friends or people online. I’m not sure how hard it would be to make this happen but I think it’ll keep players engaged more. Players could tap on competitor’s properties and see how they’re marketing and financing. Then you, the player, could make the necessary adjustments to your properties and gain more revenue. Just a thought. Also, I wish there was a tutorial to explain everything. I’m kinda winging it right now. For example, when I start to lose money, I think “ok let‘s make some random changes to stay out the red.” However, I’m sure if I had more knowledge or some type of understanding of business and finance, I could excel a bit more (or fail a bit more too). Nonetheless, I really dig this game and I believe that it has the potential to encourage and influence future entrepreneurs. Just imagine if high schoolers and middle schoolers had this as a part of their curriculum for a business or finance course. It would do NUMBERS!!! Just my thoughts. Best $2 spent in a while!

- Amazing, feels unfinished

I love this game so much because it’s genuinely difficult to get the hang of. I found myself actually researching economics just to get the hang of this game and make better decisions when it came to my stock price, venture capitalism, etc. My biggest problem is that the game feels like it maxes out at a point and becomes very repetitive/grindy. For example, once you win some marketing battles against the competition and your stock price takes off, you can sell as much of your company as you like without losing any percentage of profit. That becomes seed money to invest in startups (an aspect of the game solely governed by RNG), and after you hit on those you can invest in real estate and you’ve pretty much topped out your earning capability. The game is wicked fun in the beginning, but gets shallower and shallower as your wealth increases. That being said, after I give it a break for a month or so I always end up re-downloading it and playing the crap out of it for a few weeks, because it’s really just that good. I hope that the second version or a future update adds more penalty for risky financial moves (like selling all your stock) and gives a better method for evaluating investment opportunities than “hope this goes well.” All that said, GET THIS GAME!

- Pretty good, some changes need to happen.

The transition from week to week needs to be redone. For example, after getting a loan, my goal is to pay that off so I can start making money again. There’s should be an option to skip multiple weeks or a month if wanted. Secondly, instead clicking on the date to change the week, can you add a fast forward button or something towards the bottom of the game to make it seem more seamless to transition weeks. Also on the week to week notification, could you include an option to view positive/negative’s of a business. Example, if I made a shop and down the line I was off doing other stuff and I don’t notice a decline in sales I would get notified, so I can change things around. Example, mostly if a shop or real estate was constantly losing money or I’m under a certain % of revenue. Also, in 2 games, 1 in 2068 & 1 in 2066, the game crashes every time I transition weeks. No matter what I do. I wonder if it’s because I have so much going on, shops, real estate, investments, and different sport teams if it glitches up and can’t process everything.

- High ceiling

I like this game a lot. I randomly found it on the top paid games and it turned out to be pretty fun. I loved it for a few days, and with the help of one singular Reddit post I managed to learn a little. But there definitely needs to me some sort of tutorial. There’s is practically no information to find ok this game and nothing within the game itself. You are just thrown into the fire and have to figure things out. That would not only make for a better experience overall, but it would bring some appreciation to some of the features that I have no idea what they do/what they are. While this game does get boring once you reach a certain point with money, I think this game has great potential. The base for the stocks, real estate, and investments have a great base. I think there is a lot that can be expanded on, and even having a different business other than a coffee shop. There is a lot of room to grow and I don’t doubt that the devs will be able to expand this game. I like it and I’m optimistic about the future, but there is work to be done.

- How does real estate work!?

Hey this game is really fun! But I’m hoping the devs can clear some things up. Does the player have any effect on the value of their real estate? I’ve tried a lot of different things but it seems random. In fact, I’m usually negative which doesn’t seem like should be the case for real estate. I feel like we should be able to renovate, and increase property values by building nice cafes around it (like gentrification....) There is a glitch in the portfolio where you choose a real estate but it opens a different one It’d be nice if you could have a template store so you didn’t have to choose everything every time. The slider for stocks is kinda horrible if you need to pick a small amount. I don’t have the money to buy half a baseball team but I want to grab a million dollars or so worth, but the slider is hard to be specific with. This is a little thing but you don’t need to animate all the money stacking up each week, and then show the events. It would be nice to be able to move that along quicker. Last thing, I M&A’d the starting competition and more spring up, but they aren’t building stores or gaining much value. Yet, they can still win best coffee awards lol. I want to keep M&Aing to grow but, they don’t get an IPO either. I like the game but there’s some annoying things I’d love fixed/explained, thanks! Clearing even a few of things up would probably move me to five stars.

- Less of a coffee shop business sim

First off, loved how the game starts. Choosing a location and fighting for ad space with competitor coffee houses was a fun idea along with being able to micromanage price of drinks and even how to pay employees. Sadly past that, there is little to no customization you can make to your coffee shop after it’s inception into said spot. You can make more shops and repeat the same 7ish options of how it looks and machines but not much more. The income is fairly capped as well at this point. The game then pushes you to branch out to real estate and start up investing. Kinda strange that the income from 4 maps covered in coffee shops that are fully optimized couldn’t bring in as much income as trading in the in game stock market. Worse off it was a little disheartening that the income from a single piece of real estate completely blows out my “coffee empires” income. Great ideas though needs a lot more flushing out along with understanding of what it wants to be.

- Most Realistic Tycoon Game

Easily one of the best tycoon games available. Really well thought out in terms of game logic, AI competition, and options for a diversified portfolio. I’ve always wanted to own a sports team and now I can with this game :). Note to Developer: One bug that keeps coming up is if you’re offered a chance to invest in a start-up on the weekly recap and you don’t immediately invest, it does not give you the chance invest if you move away from this screen (only works for sports teams). There are times when I need to go sell stock from other portfolios to buy into a start-up, but this bug does not allow for this. Other than that, keep up the great work and can’t wait for more developments to this game.

- Too Quick and Buggy

So I did a couple quick runs to try and figure it out and by my third try I broke the game. Once you hit a certain point your coffee shops don’t matter and you make more by closing all of them and buying out your competition. One bug I found is that none of the competition will rebuild even after I closed all my shops. The trick to break the game is to just invest in venture stuff like crazy and eventually one will pay off big. Then you start to buy real estate until you own every property possible and you have infinite income. It didn’t take much time and got pretty boring. I owned 100% of every sports team at one point and changed the name of every school building. The concept is fun, but it got boring really quick and felt like it was too easy. I wish the coffee shop aspect mattered a little more, but it feels like none of the choices you make for customizing your shop really matter.

- Great Game but

Great game but my only problem is after buying out some competition and investing into stocks, buildings etc. there’s not really much to do. If anything right now I’ve established shops in every city and the competition isn’t even close. I’m currently just investing into stocks and companies and I just feel like it went from a coffee tycoon game into a stock simulator. Fun game for a little bit after a while you’ll get bored but great for the first day or two. Also noticed that when a something bad happens with your company or the competition such as having low numbers it really doesn’t affect the stock of theirs or your company. If you invest into a company and they don’t pass a rocket launch then it still doesn’t affect their stock so really it’s just more or less if the game wants the stock to go up or not. 4/5 would play it again in a few month.

- Its... ok.

Been playing for a few hours now. The worst part is that I discovered that after you pay the initial cost to get the game, it then wants you to purchase two more cities to expand in. You get three of varying size. There are two more that your competitors spread to that you can’t unless you purchase both of the other cities separately. I think that could work if this was free to play. But I bought the game, I should own the content. The other annoying part about the two cities it wants you to purchase is that you kind of peak out in those three starting cities and the game slows down a lot. So they kind of force you to buy them unless you want to very very slowly move forward. Being that the games wants you to purchase things worth hundreds of millions of dollars or more.... this is insane. Get rid of the pay wall and maybe the game would get a 4/5 star. The reason for the fifth missing star is just that the game is very basic and monotonous. Open coffee shop, make employees happy, turn on marketing, repeat. The animations don’t show much of the coffee making action. Nothing really happens. So you just keep repeating the coffee shop openings and then spamming the weekly progress button to keep getting money. Good things: Good financials Good coffee combination ideas Fun stock ipo ideas

- Awesome game! Play this game!

Highly recommend this Coffee ☕️ Inc game. I started out with no stores and only $80K capital. Not even enough to build a store. Thus had to take out a $30K loan to open just the first store. In a city amongst cities with other competitor coffee companies. I now own a ton of real estate in every city, and I could easily lease out every open location to build more stores. Due to the real estate I take in 12 million profit every week. Remember, I started with $80k capital, not even enough for a lease to build one store. This game is a game but also quite fun plus insightful for people that don’t know about seed funding, series funding, investments, stocks, managing prices, employees happiness, benefits to employees, advertising costs, etc. Great game

- I think the game is great but doesn’t make a ton of sense

Like I said the game is fun and pretty addictive however I find it rather hard to stay into it when you’re buying sports teams and investing in trains, rocket ships, medicine, etc. I definitely find it interesting and fun but just don’t see that as super realistic for a coffee company. I think it would be interesting to see a liquor brewing game of this style unincluding the investing in unrealistic ventures however maybe a drug dealing version would make slightly more sense you could have to diversify your strains the way you do with your brews but also try and invest in more legitimate businesses like real-estate and such. I find the concept very interesting. But all in all a very good game

- Great game

I love this game but one of my saves disappeared and I was really far along. Otherwise this is a great game! Also instead of having a coffee shop, especially with a new update, I think being able to partner, buy, and/or start a different type of business would be awesome. I noticed that no one invests in your company they only invest in other companies so you can’t see who else owns shares of your company. And add more locations please: I, personally, feel like it got boring because I got up to $2 trillion and I have nothing else to do. I also found that adding employees was a challenge, is it possible that there could be a tab or option to increase wages and employees?

- Super good tycoon

I thoroughly enjoyed the game even got the bonus cities. At 99 cents a piece it is super good value I’ve payed much more for games I didn’t get so intrigued by. The only thing is I’m still new to the game maybe only playing two weeks on and off but I’ve monopolized the coffee market even with three competitors I guess I need to change it to the hardest setting bc I’ve learned if you take on multiple loans at just above what you can pay you can rapidly expand, dropping prices for your competitors by opening stores near them then just ruthless buying out anyone who pops after you crush them.

- Great game can’t wait to see what’s added next!

Great game. I’m gonna have to agree that it’s probably the best $2 I’ve ever spent on a game. Can’t wait to see what else you guys can add to it. I would also love to see an autosave feature because I’ve swiped out of the app twice now and lost a looott of progress because of it. Would also be nice to have a text box, or something other than a slider so when trading stock and negotiating on real estate I can do even kind of numbers more easily. It kills my ocd when I go back and forth over say 1 million 10 times because I keep getting say 1.05 million then 950k and I can’t get an even 1 million. Keep up the good work though love the game!

- This Game is Phenomenal

I bought this game on a whim on payday because I had the 2 extra dollars and only a day later I bought all the DLC. The game itself is simple but complete bringing to mind the saying “keep it simple stupid” and the game just works. Grow your coffee company to the point where eventually you can buy and invest in IPO’s, stocks, and even buy apartment complexes and sports teams! It can get repetitive quick but other than that I have no serious base game issues. My few gripes with the game is that using sliders in a mobile game would be fine if I wasn’t trying to get an exact number on how much to pay my employees or charge rent or sell stocks. It should just be a type box. When opening a shop the second slider for interior does not end on the most expensive option which doesn’t make sense because everything else does. More customization would be appreciated too because as it stands once your company dominates the Earth there is little to do. Overall I would highly recommend the game and play it regularly. 8/10

- Great game, AI is terrible

This is the best mobile game I have ever played in regards to simulation, especially when it comes to business sims. Quite a bit of detail for how you run your business from the location to the % of beans from different origins to set your product ahead of the rest. My only complaint is the AI has no middle ground. Tycoon is nearly unplayable and the others your competitors don’t expand so you quickly outpace them. I know AI is one of the hardest things to design so I’m not gonna knock them game for it, just a note to the devs because it makes the game lose a ton of replay value. Otherwise, game is great! 8/10

- Great game but it gets a little confusing late game

I’ve bought out my 2 competitors now it’s just 2 small new companies, i have almost all the coffee shop properties, only thing that’s confusing as that my stock now is only 106 when it used to be in the 300 ranges when i was up and coming and making less income, maybe i don’t understand stocks fully but if this a bug it does make it had to get to the point i can own teams when I’m only making 200,000 a week and can only sell my company for 126,000,000 when i used to be able to sell for 240,000,000 when i was making less income

- Great game, a few recommendations

Game is great, I love the start of the game and the struggle to try to make it and surpass the other companies. Just a few things I would like to see, I usually like to discount all the items so I’d love to see a button to where you can “discount all” and a “marketing all” instead of having to click through every item, also more cities, they’re kinda new but they really expand the game and allow you to grow your company even more, and if this were the case you could offer a “map pack” which could be a pack of all the maps. Other than that the game is fun, thank you and keep up the good work.

- Other than a few things, very solid game

I’ve never left a review before but I thought it was worth stating that this game is fantastic. The way you can manage your companies and the depth it goes into is very impressive. My only complaint is the business license. In order to build in a new city (excluding 2), you need to pay .99 cents to do so. I find that annoying as this is already a paid game. However, it makes up for it by never even offering me an ad. So, excluding this, truly a great game that I see myself playing for a while

- Big Fan. Couple of Suggestions

First off I want to say this is by far my favorite simulation game I’ve played on iOS. I haven’t read any other reviews so I’m not sure if these things have been brought up before but theres a couple things I’ve noticed that I’d like to mention because I think they can help improve the game. 1. Competitors with no stores can win best coffee. 2. I’m still a little confused how the stock market in game works. Especially when it comes to my own stock. There have been quarters where I’ll increase my revenue by 10-20% and that doesn’t affect the price. 3. Overall depth. Once you become a big enough company the game is kind of no longer a challenge and is just a VC/stock sim. Typically for me by 2035 I no longer even care about my businesses because they’re only a fraction of my income. Currently in year 2040 revenue from my stores is about $1mil per week and my real estate income is $53mil and I end up profiting about $13mil per week. Love the game but I’d love to see more added.

- Fantastic little game

I downloaded this around 2am as I laid down for bed. 6 hours later, and I was still playing. I like that there are zero ads, and it nails the “one more turn” aspect of this type of game. I started with $140,000 at 2am. As of now, my portfolio is worth $638,649,339 and I have $346,546,035 in cash. I’ve got 53% in real estate, 23% in stocks, and 24% Diversified. One of my stock holdings is currently worth $50 million. Too bad we can’t post screenshots with reviews. Overall, it’s a great game. There are a few small UX/UI issues that could be addressed, but nothing that takes away from the overall experience.

- Great game, I’d love to see a roadmap

Game is definitely a must have if you like REAL strategy/management games. Not like the other trash of mobile games which has become the standard of today. Keep up the good work, I’d definitely love to see what the devs add to it. Only complaint I could have is the later game (after you’ve build up your coffee shops) Please add an option to skip through weeks faster and a way to view the weekly “news” after you close out of it the first time.

- Just needs a few tweaks

Just got this game about a week ago and can’t stop playing! Lol My only suggestions so far would be updates to functionality of the app(UX/UI), as well as updates to investment types/capabilities (allow user to invest in other types of industries besides sports, EV tech and medicine. Such as other types of restaurants, green energy solutions or even banking/housing). I’m sure I’ll think of more as soon as I’m back in the game, but just some ideas that have come to mind as of now. Would really love to see some of these things added in soon! Otherwise truly loving it.

- Some bugs to work out.

Ive spent alot of time playing around with this game and there are bugs in the real estate section so that none of the icons match the property so you just have to guess and manage the properties randomly. I also have had the stocks sell/purchase slider stop working so its hard to buy and sell. You can no longer click to the left or right side of the slider for stocks to go up or down in increments. The sports teams seem to just lose money if you dont trade them quickly. If you keep them for season upon season with 1st place they continue to lose money. Real estate prices dont go up much, investments for them are usually in the red but they create income.

- Lacking end game features

The game is great and all but after you get to certain point, the game is pretty boring. At this point in 2037 in game time... I’m just buying every property in the cities I have access too, investing in everything that shows up, and looking a stocks once in a while. The game has so much potential, but it is not really a coffee game after you have a few million. It really turns into an equity or acquisition company. It has got to a point where I don't even need the coffee shops anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, but boring after you have a few million and buy your competition out.

- Love it!!!

Great game easy to get addicted to so many realistic things in the game such as prices. I do think this game can be better, maybe adding in better equipment that makes the process of making money more realistic. You could research items to make more money or maybe be able to buy a variety of sizes of cafes like big medium and small sizes all making prices higher or lower. In all this is a great game that could use improvements to make it an even better game.

- Great game, needs additional features!

This is a wonderful game and I have spent many hours playing it. I think it would be great if there was a huge update that would include additional features with the stock market and the ability to buy out companies that you have invested in. I really love this game but I think there could be a lot more to take it to the next level! Please please please provide an update soon!

- Good but had much more potential

They have a good concept here that is addicting and rewarding. Only things that they fell short on were the amount of things you could do while waiting for investments as there are only about 4 categories of investment. It could be a lot more detailed with the variables that are considered when making actual investments and have more common stocks so that it’s not a waiting game for when the sports seasons start up again. Other than that the progression is a good pace but would be better if other opportunities are added to the game.

- Developer Please Read

I enjoy playing this game so much! I think it would be so much fun if you add additional business to buy. Currently, you can invest in car, rocket, sciences and etc. but I think it would be more fun if you open it more to allow users to help the investment achieve and build, car factories, science clinics, rocket station and etc. I think it would be so much more fun if it because a full business tycoon! I’ll even pay $20 or more for a full version like that 😂

- I’d suggest following in the footsteps of BitLIfe!

Absolutely love the game!! Can’t get enough of it. Though it’s really limited right now, and gets repetitive after a while. My suggestion to the devs would be to take BitLIfe as an example and be as engaged with the community as them. They release consistent, engaging updates, that constantly bring new features to the game. I think this game has great potential, and deserves way more recognition!

- Recommendation

Guys I think it would be great if there was a company in the stock market that is very large and steady, it would be easier to make money and understand the market. It would also be nice if we had the option to ask for investment for shares in return, like all of these diversified businesses can ask for. It would also be nice to see other companies investing in you coffee company!

- Love it but

I've been playing for a while, honestly love this game. Especially the diversified options.. however I believe if you get to big it has a hard time keeping things straight as I am running into an issue where I click and then go back after selling or whatever and the list different. Or I'll pick something and it'll bea totally different building or stock or startup

- Fun but needs updating

First off, the tycoon difficultly is very broken. Your competitors have way more money and can open up 8 stores before you get 2. Also, I had 2 stores running in George Town, and my competitor had 1 (not open yet) and it said he was getting 75% of the profit in that town. Difficult and below are a lot of fun and easy to learn. I really enjoy this game but you run out of things to do quick. Also, the stocks and investments could have more too. 90% of the time you’ll lose money. Overall it’s fun, but not worth $2, plus in app purchases. It would be better free.

- Update Game Please

Hello I have been playing this game for a pretty long time and I honestly love the game. I have reached a level where I have so much money and I don’t know where else to invest and It would be fun to have a good place to make more money and make another business. The game has a bug where it won’t let me skip to the next week and I can’t advance. Hopefully it gets fixed soon :)

- Great game, I wish there was a way to “win”

Having worked up the ladder of difficulty, I have found that one way or another, I can usually buy out all of the other businesses competing with me. It just starts to feel like there is no way to “win” and you just keep getting higher and higher. Fun game, would be nice if there were more goal-based objectives or maybe game modes or scenarios

- What a great game

I’ve been playing this game for awhile and once you pay the money to just unlock all of the towns it makes it even more fun one thing tho that I think would make this game really fun is if they added natural disasters that make you repair the businesses and building you own as once you’ve made a lot of money there isn’t enough stuff to spend it on

- Simple, Fun and Addictive

Loved passing time with this game. Really great if you enjoy business finance and accumulating wealth, what’s great is that the game has more mechanics than just buying more coffee shops. It has not only stocks, but also venture investments and real estate too. In the future, would love to see more potential through buying new forms of stocks(such as fast food restaurants and other brands), as well as more cities!

- A real tycoon game

I miss games like these from when I was younger. These days most “tycoon” games are just idle games where the user doesn’t have to use any actual strategy or thought. It’s extremely refreshing to play a game like this from the convenience of my phone and without having to pay $60 like some computer games with similar experiences.

- Cute idea but overly simplistic

I’ve played for an hour or two now. I like the idea and business/ investment interests me, but the game mechanics don’t offer much in the way of development. Every time you have between 150k and 200k, rent a new space and open another store. I built 5-6 in each city, put 6-8 employees in each and increased their pay till they were all green. Then turn on all the per-store advertising. Skip all the brand advertising. Just like real life it is mostly a waste. Chug through the weeks and watch your bank roll build up.

- Great game! Many fun hours!

- One coffee place at max difficulty with lowest starting amount and loan. - Cocaine Co. -Balance prices to make barely any profit -Expand to more areas to compete with 4 other coffee companies -Buyout 1 company after years of almost goin bankrupt -Buyout 2 more companies -Invested in space company -Made ~$300,000,000 -Buy properties -Make rent profits dwarf all profits from coffee -Invest hundreds of millions of dollars in failed ventures - Grind for hours to get more money - Invest ~$150 - $200,000,000 in pharmaceutical company -Made -$6,000,000,000 - Rename all schools in Augusta University to my name by donating ~$2.5 billion. - Start Cocaine Co. IPO (stock symbol:COKE) -Sell 100% stocks for ~$16 billion - Buy everything 11/10- Would turn plutocrat again.

- Really Fun, but add more features

This is a really fun game that I’ve been playing non stop! Hopefully you continue to develop it. I think that if you gain a majority stake in a diversified investment, you should be able to exercise some control over that company. For an example, if you owned 60 percent of a rocket science company, you could control the company’s launch schedule, research and development system, and other things. Thanks!

- Errors

When you reach a certain part of wealth over 1 billion the game crashes me out or will delete my game files. I’ve made 7 trillion in total from investing & once I got done playing the game. I go back on this game & my game files just disappeared!!!! It’s a very great game until your close to beating it. Please fix this problem we’ve spent our money on the whole game plus the other worlds. Keep giving us amazing experiences & fix the bugs have a great night.

- Update?

Can we get a game play update? Maybe new menu items make it where when we acquire a business we can open up split spots with both in one area also seasons can the weather change? Would love to see some of these things in the game best business sim hands down! Worth every dollar and once you purchase there’s no need to purchase anything in the game

- Good game but needs better end game

The best part of the game is the beginning to build up your coffee company. But the end game seems poorly done and very tedious. I am many years in and the game just tries to screw you over. All my investments (real estates and 3 sport team investments) have all been about 50% value for several game years. Now my coffee shops are randomly losing profits. I’m still making around 600,000 a week but having to click one week at a time is very tedious when trying to get all real estate in the game.

- Love the game

This game is awesome and it’s easy to find yourself several years deep before you know it. I’d encourage the developers to keep adding on. I’ve purchased all the expansions to support them. After you get to a certain point, the game does get slightly boring then you need to start from scratch and rebuild a multi-billion dollar company.

- Great Game! Just need minor stuff.

Like I said, this is a wonderful game, but I kinda got bored after a couple of hours. This game lacks in playability and doesn’t bring you back to the game. More and larger cities would be nice. Instead of a end turn button, have it be continuous with adjustable speed and a pause button for managing. Overall, this game is worth it, but needs more content to allow us to keep playing and coming back.

- No Cap Whatsoever

Bruh I can’t een lie.. I usually don’t even play these type of games, I make a point to not spend money on apps, and I NEVER leave reviews.. but I can’t front… this the best game I ever played, NO CAP Can’t wait for an update! I showed this to all the homies and I’m chasing down an in-game Billion as we speak 💯💪🏿 Please keep the content heavy & steady, the streets need it ❤️🤞🏿

- It’s a great game but....

I wish there was more. Upgrading businesses and buildings would be nice to flip them for more cash. I wish the other companies lasted longer so I’m not monopolize so easily, I’ve played on all difficulties as well. I purchased all of the cities to further my businesses which was nice. I spend hours on this game a day so I really enjoy it. Just wish there was more to do :)

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- Once you reach over $1 trillion dollars

This game is super fun. Want to get to $100 trillion. There is a small minor few problems like once you reach a trillion dollars numbers start over lapping. Also there should be a way to type in how many shares you want to buy or a plus and negative buttons.

- No middle ground

Absolutely loved the start of the game but once you acquire multiple businesses and move to properties it’s difficult to move to the next steps. Buying other companies doesn’t seem to give you enough income to buy more property either and the repayments on the bank loans are more than you would make a week so that seems to be a no go zone as well. It’s also difficult to make money on stocks with the current algorithm. Should consider including maybe a “large store” option with even more foot traffic to allow for bigger incomes or even allow to invest in partnerships with other non-coffee related companies that can increase overall income to cover this lack of a middle ground between a poor or an extremely rich business Overall still really happy with the content just, needs a little more work

- Great game just want more features in updates

Eventually it gets boring if you have conquered the your competitors and all you basically do then is just invest in stocks (which only takes like 3 hours or so depending in your game settings). Please add something to make it more entertaining when you are rich and perhaps new ways to spend your money in order to make more return. Other than that great game 👍

- Great Great Game

Great simulation game similar to Business Capstone unit in business courses. Just a few suggestion: (1) allow change of equipments on the go instead of having to close the shop (2) increase demographic gameplay would be great (ie, jobs, age, gender, etc) (3) there’s potential to add in business hour adjustment (4) more flexible price setting (5) more dynamic (and realistic) bank loan system (6) advertisement varieties such as “face of the product” - choose from celebrities of various lvl of popularity, etc.

- Great game

Great game all in all. However app keeps crashing past November 19, 2069. Few things that i found out, if you buy all the available real estate it bugs out and doesn't show you the actual real estate you’ve purchased but the once previously above it. Also, if you can progress in different periods instead of by weekly that would be great

- Great, except…

Love this game, but couple of quirks. - The leap in difficulty from ‘Difficult’ to ‘Tycoon’ is massive. - When you buy out a coffee business, and then another starts up in its place, the new one doesn’t do anything at all. - When you start amassing a fortune, the opportunities to purchase businesses or property sharply declines.

- Ok but could be better

Great game however once you go IPO, you don’t worry about the coffee business. Also properties only lose money and the new week button shouldn’t have a confirmation, it’s so slow to go through a year. I also don’t get why companies take so long to go IPO, it makes the game last a lot longer but it’s unnecessary.

- More options

So much potential for it to take off, I do hope this game is still being developed. As already mentioned it’d be good if there was more customisation: store design, furnishings, equipment, layout etc; auctions, niche marketing strategies, staff differentiability & promotions, and trade. I think overall, having more options would make it a whole lot more interesting and addictive to play - and I would pay more if it’s reasonable. Nevertheless it’s fun to play for a week or two. It’s quite different to other simulations I’ve come across, and the animations are so well drawn.

- Good Game But

Coffee Inc is an incredible game! I love the way it looks and how you can customise your shops! But the bad thing is you have to save the game yourself. I was really far ahead in the game but I forgot to save it. So 2 days work went down the drain. Coffee Inc if your reading this please make an update so the game auto saves.

- Fun but shallow and easy

It is intuitive and fun, however the depth to the game feels surface level and its far too easy even on difficult, I can easily outplay the AI and make 40k per turn a few weeks in. Larger cities and more competitive AI will improve this game. Perhaps a more indepth system to the shops.

- Cool but limited

Really cool idea but very limited gameplay. Hard AI and smallest starting money really isn’t that hard to start dominating all markets. Would absolutely love this if there was more long-term gameplay. Basically played all features and couldn’t do much more after 2-3 hours.

- Perfection

This is not only a game! I love how this game lets me managed everything as an actual realistic store! See potentials and hoping more great features coming (like wholesalers, stuffs, etc) as I can learn and study business model from this game !

- Soon becomes a Stock trading game

I love this game and was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the stocks and investment options. For me the game quickly became more about real estate, stocks and trading, rather than running coffee shops. The monetary value of stock trading and investments completely out ways the little income the shops bring in. Currently my real estate brings in $4m per week and my coffee shops around $300k, giving me no incentive to waste time opening more shops. If your just looking for a coffee shop game then it’s okay, however for investors and stock enthusiasts, this game is one of the best.

- Good game

I really love this game, but you could make it better by allowing the player to upgrade the stores to your look as you acquire businesses and upgrade its equipment!

- Great app

Great app I just wish there was a bundle to get coffee inc 2 for a bit cheaper. I already have coffee inc which I paid for and I would just like to have the second version for a bit cheaper.

- Great games. Needs to be polished though

Polishing the game with some new features will actually make it perfect.

- Great game

Can you make an option that you can skip forward months or quarters

- Nice game but paywall

Its a good game but two cities are locked unless you pay extra, you also cant buy any companies unless you pay

- Good game but can’t upgrade machines in a store??

Love the game but i think the shops ahould be allowed to upgrade its equipment

- It doesn’t work.

I can’t promote, I can’t hire new ppl. All I can do is spend real money and buy one building and after that, nothing else.

- Broken

The game starts me off with $80k but i need $91k to buy my first coffee shop. So it’s unplayable

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- Great game needs more stats

Very fun game. However there’s a few stats missing that would help make a better experience. For example if u rent two stores near each other I’ve noticed not only u don’t increase ur net income but u start losing which makes sense but there’s no stat that shows the decrease in the customer demand for a specific store. The only way to find out is by seeing ur net income drop and before you rent a store it shows other competitors in the vicinity but for the most part you are your only competitor so it is not clear how far a store needs to be in order to ensure maximizing profits

- Update

This is the best business game I have played so far on mobile! I wish it would be updated with more features often! I always check back in every so often for new updates, because I have already gone as far as I could with my profits in the game it needs to be expanded other than that I love the game keep up the fantastic work!!

- After 3 day I was making 8.5 million per week so it’s starting to become repetitive


- Good game

Is there a way I can manage the properties I’ve purchased? I can only find them under income statements, where it shows the rent. But other than that once I purchase they are no where to be seen. Other than that I like it.

- Something to include

You can probably make owning a team more fun if you can add the option to buy some special player nothing too complicated just to help your team win the trophy and make you some money or take some new team and help them get all the way to the top help them get a new stadium or stuff like that

- Fun game but half of the features are not working


- Was not bad at first

It was fun at first when there are some challenges to stay in the green, but as we add more stores, it gets repetitive and there isn’t any deeper strategic directions for all the stores at the same time such as wage adjustments and option to change decor…etc. Also, once the direction is set and the store is in the green, you pretty much don’t have to do anything else. Towards the end game, somehow my cash keeps decreasing even though my net income is positive so there’s a bug as well. My own company stock also was 100% sold by a bug when I was trying to sell my investments for another company’s IPO.

- My company has 36 cafes and is valued at $4.8 Trillion

Game is so realistic! My company earns $128k per week, but the stock price has ballooned to nearly $5 Trillion and the car company is worth nearly $500 Trillion. What have I done.

- Ideas

Adding onto my previous points, we should be able to purchase options contracts. And futures contracts for coffee. Add a bank where you can keep savings. Have other companies invest in your own stock. Buyout space and electric car companies. Allow more companies on the stock market at once. Have Inflation. Tax.

- Great game

Fun game and I think you can learn something about the coffee business probably. But all difficulty’s other then the most difficult one are very easy and the most difficult one is unrealistically difficult.

- Best tycoon game

Overall is the best. But really needs more features. After a certain point it gets a little slow since coffee shops are obsolete and what not. You also need more very late game things to do, maybe if one of the space ventures actually makes it you can develop space coffee? Because right now I have about 40 trillion and I can only buy real estate and teams as well as stocks. It also would be nice if once I fully own a sports team, the family stops asking for investments.

- Nothing happens..

Overal has been a fun game. Could use more to do as you collect all this money and nothing to buy… but over the last 3-4 weeks of playing I noticed nothing happens anymore. When you forward a week ahead there’s never any events happening. No new store openings, no sport events or company launches.

- Could be the best game ever

I’ve really enjoyed this game! The more you play the more you learn how to be successful. I understand this game is called, “Coffee Inc.” But why? It could easily just be a business game where you could make any business you would like and follow a similar structure. Not much would change in that sense (still rent space and build shops, other companies are created to invest in, etc.) but the algorithm changes based on what type of business you would start with. I know others have suggested this, and I think there is something there! Also, it’s very interesting when you buy a building, you still have to lease it to build a shop there? Why would I have to pay ‘rent’ when I would be the landlord? As for M&A options, why not allow for you to buy any company. Maybe I want to diversify and start growing in other avenues. Not just stocks, but owning those other companies. I also don’t see the point in the professional teams? You buy all the shares and technically own the team, but it literally means nothing...You don’t make money off the team when they do well, you don’t get to change anything, you don’t gain any form of access in anyway. I’m very confused as the point of this feature. Overall I think the game is fantastic. Great job, but I am on board with most here. It’s missing that little thing to make it the absolute best. It just feels as though it’s not done. I hope a developer reads these, because this game is awesome and I want more!


This game sucks every week i lose money and i have done everything possible to make money

- Super detailed

Love the game. It’s a little buggy sometimes, but other than that it’s a lot of fun.

- Pretty Good

The game overall is really fun to play. It’s just that I played to year 2067 August 8th and it doesn’t let me go over that. I think there is a bug.

- Want all the cities? You have to pay for them.

I assumed since this was a paid game I would get access to everything. Nope! Right off the bat if you want to build in a good city you have to spend more $. It has some basic UI issues as well. I got fed up after 15 minutes and deleted it.

- Still a few bugs to fix

You need to fix a couple bugs. For example as you get pass the year 2030 in the game certain stock and it’s slide doesn’t work. What i meant is that when i click to buy a share / a stock to the company in the game it barely work.

- Unrealistic

Fun for a bit but gets repetitive soon. Also, this game is in no way a simulation of how a company is run and expands in real life.

- Not enough complexity

After seeing all the reviews and praise I thought I was getting a complex challenging business growth game. However, I’ve only played for a few weeks and already feel done with it. The premise is great but lacks trade offs of decisions. Basically max out all your equipment, adjust HR to ensure green happy faces show up and use a bit of cash on marketing and you will be make money (but not win because you don’t ultimately win in this game, in fact even if you rid all cities of your competitor stores they are still showing up on competitor screen with a valuation). Bit frustrated with the added payments for cities, would prefer they were scenarios or some type of challenge like that. Would be much better if you had to choose between high volume or expensive or to be the best espresso vs serving everything on the menu because those are real trade offs.

- Awesome game

But please add some more cities!!

- Very Informative

Quite impressive. Hope new updates show up soon. Want more from it . Wouldn't mind spending money for this app tbh.

- Best business simulation game ever!

Love it! So maybe options. Very in-depth. I hope more and more updates keep rolling out with more features.

- Wonderful Game + Suggestions!

Hello Developers, Thank you for the great game! I have a suggestion if you are interested: Your M&A and investing concept is simply amazing! It takes the game to another level that is not found elsewhere. Please consider a PC version of a tycoon game with those elements - I can totally see it exploding due to its realism.

- Missing a couple features but nice game

Would be nice to be able to skip a quarter instead of week by week. Would be nice to give option to issue shares instead of selling directly, which would dilute the value of shares. It would also be nice to be able to set a general directive HR-wise about salaries and store features such as a quick build option and Wifi for all stores as an example. I would also appreciate the option to take a more active part in companies in which i invest (for example if i own 25% of a coffee company, can i get a say in their decisions?) Otherwise it really is a great game, well worth the money and i do appreciate the developer activity in maintaining his game!

- Awesome

I need more games like this!

- Good overall, but could use improvements

Actually teaching for how to make a profit off the real estate, and gaining interest and how to buy stocks smartly, etc. Also more company options than just coffee shops

- Awesome game

This is game one of best business/investor game I’ve play. I think it needs more tho higher investments, able to create your own company (cars, pharmacies and space etc.. Should have board meetings how to handle situations. Fines for the company not following the laws, able to buy out company’s and re name. And a lot more business’s.

- Good game

A couple ideas- Need to be able to sim up to a month, you need to be able to see what the bonus of building a more expensive store is There should be ways to renovate purchased buildings so you can raise rent More companies in the stock market Maybe board meeting questions that affect the revenue of companies you invest in That should be a start lol

- Confusing but has potential!!

Confusing for people who aren’t into the finance side of business, maybe make it more customizable, as bank, cheaper prices, more about the business then the finances! Has great potential though! Would be great as more of an idle or simulation game!

- Good idea bad implementation

Bad business model with additional in-game city purchase. Missing features. Redundant. See for yourself.

- Kind of Confusing at first

I’m confusing at first but once you start playing the game you learn a bit more. I think this game could greatly be improved by having more customization in building the coffee shops and I think you’ll be cool safe you on 100% of a soccer/baseball team you could customize their jerseys maybe even the logo?! I know that it’s about coffee but I think it would be a really cool idea for the game! Add Different stock opportunities too!!!!!! And add in more sports teams such as hockey. And you could also add a mining company.

- Nice concept boring however

I started a game and am supposed to wait days to open up and begin business? By the time that happens I would have played a dozen games actually worth paying for.

- Excellently built app!! Just a bit easy of a game.

I am very impressed with how awesome the build of this app is. It’s very professional and clean. I’m actually an accountant and the way the financials work is amazingly accurate to real accounting. Like, I’d hire you guys if I ever needed an app built lol. That aside, the game can be challenging, but even on hard mode, as soon as I issue my IPO enough to build me like 20 stores in one week and then the competition just drains away week after week and I slowly sell the remaining of my shares, buy, sell shares, buy and repeat until I have so much money. I would tweak it a bit to make it more difficult cause I feel like I’ve “figured out the game” within no time. Would be 5 stars if gameplay was more challenging after a while, it definitely I was hooked for like 2 days straight LOL! Making deals is fun and risking buying sports teams haha

- Impressed!!!

Tycoon game on mobile at it’s best! Congrats devs, amazing game🤟🏻

- Not worth paying for

Not worth the money. Kind’ve boring.

- Good game, but beware of pay wall

I like the game and the concept, it seems like the devs have put a lot of thought and work into the systems. There are some issues though; first off, they hide companies behind a pay wall which sucks as I already paid for the game. But even after purchasing the cities I could never take over all the companies. I LITERALLY bought all the properties and rented them all out. The final company would not go under or sell shares. Leaves you with the feeling like the game isn’t finished or has a flaw. Especially for completionist like myself. TLDR: cities are paywalled and shouldn’t be, there is no true sense of winning because the game doesn’t end and doesn’t let you buy out your last competitors.

- Great game with room to grow

I'd been searching for weeks for a new business simulation game and was ecstatic when I found this. I would definitely recommend buying this, although I think the price for the new markets is expensive relative to the cost of the game. Some suggestions to the game to make it even better: - For the HR, we should be able to click on a staff member and have it take us to the store that they work in, so that we don't have to search to find the stores our workers are unhappy in - In the main marketing section it should have a tab where we can activate the store level marketing for all stores or individual stores. - A section in the main menu for customer feedback would be better than having to click an individual store and wait for the feedback to come in slowly - We should be able to do market research in the game to see how different markets react to the different exteriors and interiors. For example, Madison might like the fancier exteriors where Georgetown might enjoy the cheaper, simpler designs.

- Really nice

At first I was like “nah I’m not gonna pay for a tycoon game” but after reading the reviews I said why not and it’s actually really nice and challenging, it’s not just a little tycoon game, it’s not always easy and everything you do has an impact on the game (either on your revenue, on the number of items you sell or even your competitors stuff) I would just like Las Palmas and Augusta to be free but I still understand this because you can see they put a lot of work in this game.

- Settings?

Great game overall, I’m having a lot of fun playing it. One complaint I have is that (unless I’m just missing it) there is no way to turn off the sound in-game. I often like to play games while listening to music on my headphones, and this game will not allow me to turn off the sound. Most of the game is silent anyways, but to change anything inside my stores or look at customer reactions, I have to listen to very loudly mixed “in-store” music the whole time I’m trying to look at it. This is not helped by the fact that there’s no way to see the customer comments except by sitting inside the store and watching the entire day of business. Some simple quality of life upgrades would really take this game up a notch, and are really more necessary than extra pay-to-play cities.

- Probably the Best Business Sim

This honestly is one of, if not the best business simulation game on the App Store. The amount of potential this game has is off the charts. I personally think this game would be taken to the next level if the stock market options and investments were the main focus of updates and got more in depth. Can you imagine being able to invest in 30+ companies in various industries? Everything else feels spot on, not one bug yet and I’ve played over 20 hours. Incredible Work.

- Loved the game, make it more complex

Game was really fun, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Here’s some ideas on how game could be more better: - Be able to pick suppliers for non coffee bean expenses. - Details on how the store decors affect revenue - invest in other businesses other than sports teams - invest in stock market other than coffee companies - Offer dividend for stock - Revamp marketing so it’s not boring (can do campaigns and stuff) - Ability to endorse athletes and celebrities - Allow purchasing land and constructing Coffee Shops, not just leasing them

- Big recommend

Honestly just a really fun lil tycoon game and the dev seems to be giving it a lot of support with content filled updates.

- Good game to kill a few hours

First game I’ve ever bought since I love the tycoon games and the price is reasonable for the challenge. Couldn’t figure out under what conditions M&A would work. I would offer 70 percent takeover premiums that were rejected and my market shares were all 95%. I feel like those should definitely result in mergers.

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Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon 2.11 Screenshots & Images

Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon iphone images
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Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon (Version 2.11) Install & Download

The applications Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon was published in the category Games on 2019-05-02 and was developed by Side Labs LLC [Developer ID: 1455696606]. This application file size is 227.03 MB. Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon - Games app posted on 2021-12-01 current version is 2.11 and works well on IOS 14.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.sidelabs.Tulsa