Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition [Games] App Description & Overview

Bad North DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air/Mini 2, 3/iPod Touch 6th gen and lower

Your home is under attack. The king is dead at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a distant glimmer in the fog, fading fast with every passing moment. As you rise to take your father’s place as ruler, it will fall to you to stage your defenses. But make no mistake – this is no fight for victory, but a desperate grasp for survival.

Bad North is a charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Defend your idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders, as you lead the desperate exodus of your people. Command your loyal subjects to take full tactical advantage of the unique shape of each island. Everything is at stake: fail, and watch the blood of your subjects stain the ground red.

It’s charmingly brutal, with beautiful procedurally-generated islands and adorable soldiers juxtaposed against the blood-stained realities of war. You control the broad strokes of the battle, giving high level commands to your soldiers who try their best to carry them out in the heat of the moment. It’s accessibly deep, with simple player inputs masking a dynamic combat simulation that make it inviting to new players while challenging veterans.
Keep fighting, warriors. Not for power or riches or glory, but for hope of peace to come once again in the harsh lands of the Bad North.

Key Features

REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Position and relocate your troops to fend off the Vikings, who each have their own counters to the threats you pose. Pick your battles and plan your evacuations carefully! Lose a commander and they’re gone forever; lose everything, and it’s game over!

INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: You command the broad strokes of your defenses and monitor positioning — your soldiers do the rest, navigating and engaging intuitively in response to the situation at hand.

PROCEDURALLY-GENERATED ISLANDS: Each island is both stylistically charming and unique in its layout. Plan your strategies around every nook and cranny, for you only get one chance to save them from the enemy invasion.

UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: A stronger, smarter defense leads to greater rewards. Use these to develop your subjects from a ragtag militia into seasoned warriors.

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Implemented error tracking to help improve the game stability

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Comments & Reviews

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- Great strategy gem

Gameplay is great, campaign is challenging ( never made it past 52%) and the different strategies and builds for commanders creates a new challenge every play through. I would like to see more added to the game such as different units, or combat ranking or even a new game mode but all in all great game

- Stuck on the loading screen

I’m sorry I can’t give a good review at the moment, by all means I want to because I’ve played it on pc and it’s a great game but right now the game is “glitch” and stuck on the loading screen. If this gets fix I will come back and change my review but until then it’s a glitch game I can’t play that I paid money for.

- Game shuts down

When I open the game to start a campaign, the game shuts down and continues to do that with no reason. Don’t waste money on this game.

- Great Game

This was a great game from beginning to end. No in-app purchases, just a single price to enjoy all the levels. I read reviews beforehand saying it was buggy but I never encountered any bugs. I’m using the newest iPhone so perhaps that’s why? Either way, great game and hope for more expansions and/or versions.

- Best game ever

I have all ways wanted to play bad north but I did not have the right teach to play it. But know when I saw bad north was on the iPad I just had to get it. Great job. I do think you should put more kinds of troops though

- Can’t play it

I bought it and it says it’s not compatible. Even tho it says works on my iPhone. So I just wasted $4.99 that I saved up for. Only $4.99 but still a lot for a kid who doesn’t make much. But at least We will have it if I ever upgrade my phone. It’s an amazing game, beautiful. I got it on Xbox one and I love it!

- Won’t even let me in the game

When I tap on the app it goes to the loading screen and just stays there. I’ve had this game for several months now hoping it was just a bug and it would get fixed but now I just want a refund of my money. Help?

- Amazing game

I love the strategy and the art the only complaint is it very often crashes

- Great

Works amazing on iPhone 7+ I originally found this game by accident on the PS4 a while back and had sunk hours into it, then it came out for the phone with controller support. Haven’t come across bugs or frame rate drop ever. I’m excited to see other games like this from the developers

- Great game! But it has a few issues.

I love bad north. But I have been encountering problems trying to load the game. I would load up the game and press start, but it won’t load. But before that issue popped up I loved the game. It’s very addicting and fun!


I’ve reached out several times and got no response other that telling me that I submitted a request! My game will not finish loading I have deleted and reinstalled, deleted it data and tried offloading it but it still fails to launch I would appreciate some help with this.

- It is amazing but buggy.

First off, amazing that this was a PC game gone Mobil. Second off, needs to be updated were I can play my save and not restart the whole game again. Hopefully this game goes strong and gets fixed.

- Great game

Super fun and challenging, please make a sequel.

- Just keeps crashing!!!

Played this game for maybe 5hrs and was beginning to really enjoy the gameplay. All of a sudden the game crashes and proceeds to crash every time I’ve tried to play since. I’ve tried everything short of deleting and re-downloading the game. Please fix the crashing Bug!!

- Great game, but currently unplayable

LOVE the game, down to every little detail they've thought of in this game. Same buggy experience others have had tho. Normally it's fine, but sometimes it freezes on the Start screen. Usually takes a phone restart to fix. This time even that hasn't done it, so I can't play. Real bummer... this was my work break. UPDATE: Managed to get it to work by turning off my wifi connection 🤔... will kindly bump up another star for now and report back if the problem continues to repeat itself. UPDATE 2: It’s happening again. This time the no wifi hack gets you past the Start screen, but then your islands never load... what’s the point in paying for this if you can’t play it?...

- Amazing Game

I have been looking for a game with this type of strategy for a very long time. This game offers a beatable game that won’t take ten minutes but hours while being able to hold you attention. Things I want to see in the future- I would like to see if possible that resources could be collected to build a castle at “your home”, and have that castle get tested by the Vikings. I would also like to see bigger island and more squads to control. Four is a good number but there were times I craved an all out war between the Vikings and 5-6 squads of my guys. Another thing I think would be awesome is there was another goal to meet in the game that continues the in game growth. Once I get to the last level I don’t want to start over I want to continue on and maybe in the future build castles, collect resources and have a castle defense to it that is permanent. And last I wish that we could play from the opposite perspective. Let us play as Vikings and coordinate our own attacks on islands and explore the world, pillaging and building bigger and better boats and weapons Overall this Game is beautiful, but I see so much more in it! Can’t wait for an update!

- Bugs

It’s getting me mad that I have to make a new campaign because the old ones would crash every time.

- Doesn’t Load

We have been trying for an hour. Our iPad supports this game but it just won’t load.

- need more options

Need option to switch off shadow effect Horrible crashes on iphone 7, need update ASAP If shadow effect is removable, i believe many more devices can be available to run this game

- Game is awesome but the loading bug is still there

Really love this game but can’t get past 45% of of it due to the “generating islands” bug that keeps saved games from loading. It’s a bummer considering this game is incredibly fun to play.

- Needs fix

Will not load past title screen no matter how long I wait or times I re-download the app.

- Loved this game but...

Loads endlessly despite deleting and reinstalling numerous times. I’ve had this issue for months and it’s crazy with all the reviews here that they haven’t solved this issue

- Great game, crashes a lot.

This game is awesome. It has great tactics, visuals, sound. A really good tactics game where you manage your troops to fend off waves of enemies. It just crashes a lot. I’d give this game 5 stars if it didn’t crash so much.

- So fun until later.

I love this game in all but after a couple of islands the game just doesn’t work it freezes and then crashes if the developers could just fix that one problem I think this game could be a huge success on mobile. If your planning on getting this game don’t get it I grinded it and lost everything because of what I said above but I’d the developers fix the freezing and crashing bugs this could be a smashing hit!

- Unplayable

At a certain point, levels won’t load and save files themselves also won’t load sometimes.

- New things

I feel like they should add new units to the game and add more upgrades add to where you can have more than four generals

- Too buggy

It bums me out cause it’s a super cool game when it works. I just deleted it after my game save got corrupted for the second time. It appears to be repeatedly corrupting the game save because it tends to crash whenever it saves or attempts to generate new islands. If they fix this and make it stable to play it would probably be one if my favorites on my phone.

- Sigh

This game would be so much fun if it wasn’t for the pathetic support. Crashes all the time. No communication from creators. No future. Waste of time and money.

- The reviews of constant crashing are no joke!

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the game, but it crashed 3 times before I even started playing after it first downloaded. Once I started to play I had at least 12 crashes within an hours time. The game is really fun to play, it’s challenging on what location to defend next, what defenses you should upgrade, and the graphics do move smoothly. The crashing only seems to happen in between battles so you don’t actually lose any progress but it’s still annoying to have to restart the game multiple times. The game is really fun to play and I’d like to give it a better review. Creators: please look into the constant crashing. I’m playing on a 7th gen iPad if that helps.

- Great game, not so great bugs

Since downloading this game I have had a lot of fun with it. My only problem is that once I hit 90% in a world, the game refuses to load. I ordered a pizza today and it arrived before my save loaded.

- Good game but buggy

Fun quick gameplay and very beautiful. But I lost an 80% complete game save and that’s very annoying.

- Needs fixing

I have a few problems with this game. But the one that makes me angry is when it won’t load my saved progress. I spent over 2 hours on that profile and it lags me out of the game. This game would be a five star if it would load.

- Crashes frequent

This is an overall wonderful strategy game, but there is some sort of issue with the game that once you far into a campaign, crashes become incredibly frequent to the point where it’s ruining the game, I can’t even get into my campaign now because it’s so bad, developers please fix this soon.

- bad north review :(

app literally won’t move past the loading screen at all and has been completely unplayable. It’s a shame because I was so excited to play this game, I hope the developers fix this issue.

- I can’t get in

I am stuck at the loading screen

- Game crashes

So many crashes. Great game but it doesn’t run well on an iPhone 8. Reached out to the game developers, however still haven’t heard back. The game is well worth the price when it works. Hold off till the bugs are worked out

- Shakes but great game!

Can make any progress on map because it crashes on every level I select. Very disheartening since I loved this game. Hopefully fixed soon.

- Zero Stars

...the game crashes every time at “Isle of Sorts”. Devs, please fix this. Can’t progress in the game until this is resolved. Will update review when fixed. Cheers. ***12/18/19 Over 50 days later and still can’t play beyond my current place (Isle of Sorts) b/c the game shuts down. Lowering to 2 stars until fixed.*** ***1/28/20 Finally revisited this game after walking away b/c it crashed so often I could not continue. Tried it today. Played two islands. Now, it crashes every time at Bumble Isle. Wow. Sorry, but if players can’t actually play the game they paid for, the game gets 1 star.*** ***4/19/20 Do Not Buy This Game. Bumble Isle still crashes game. Devs gave up. Never asked for refund, but anyone who soent money on this deserves to be refunded in full.

- Doesn’t even load

I was hyped for this game but it wouldn’t even load to the first screen so if I could I would rate this game 0 star and DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

- Game keeps crashing

What would have been an otherwise excellent game, with great artwork and a refreshing and mature take on the tower defense concept ends up as a painful exercise in frustration as the game keeps crashing and denying you the pleasure of progress and success. I contacted customer support and the best advice they could come up with after several days was turn-off WiFi and log out of game center which didn’t work.

- Item issue

Many times I equip a champion with a wrong item accidentally. And then it ruins my whole mood to continue the journey. I quitted game several times for that. Is it possible to have even just a second chance to rearrange the item plz.

- It’s a good game

This game needs some improving but overall it is an amazing game I just hope they treat this like their kingdom franchise.

- Crashing

It is crashing all the time cant play preoperly

- Best mobile game I’ve played

The game is super fun and the game is perfect for playing where you ever you want Some reviews say the game crashes a lot but that had never happened to me my only complaint is that they need to add more classes because currently there are only 3

- Absolutely Great Game

I usually hate arcade games where they get repetitive and boring, but this is a exception. The design is absolutely beautiful, and game requires a bit of skill. Don’t listen to the reviews saying they can’t load the game, all you need to do is update your game center account in settings, by changing your profile picture. The only problem is once you complete the game, you lose the desire to play it. So I recommend this game to people who like hopping on and out of a game every now and then.

- Keeps crashing

I like this game but it keeps crashing and takes a long time to load, if it loads. Quite annoying.

- Never had a better game

I saw this game from YouTube at first I thought it looked very interesting and when it fully released I got it it’s beautiful music and graphics pulled me in and it is the strategy game I have been waiting for,I highly recommend this to anyone who likes strategy.

- Wish there was another game mode

If the creators read this can you add a mode we’re you are attacking island that have the Vikings on it I would love if you do that thank you.

- Crash Bandicoot

Crashes way too much. Fun game. Beautiful art. But it crashes so much it’s impossible to play. Very frustrating. I would not recommend buying this game.

- Compatibility issues...

This is a good game overall, I’ve seen people play it and it looked like loads of fun, but geez COMPATIBILITY ISSUES, it said it was compatible on my device, but when I loaded up the game, it said it Bad North was not compatible on my device. I play on an iPad mini, so I don’t know if this is a bug but plz fix it, because I just wasted 5 dollars, or I want my money back.

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- Awesome game

Great for when you have a lot of time on your hands. Despite people talking about crashing I’ve had no problems on my iPhone 7plus. The $8 is definitely worth it. Very replayable.

- It crashes every time if I play on it


- A nice little game

I was worried about choosing to download this game, since so many had complained or crashes. So far, I’ve not had any crashes on my iPhone 7s. So it’s all good for me in that respect. I love the simple but enchanting islands of this game. I just wish there was a bit more, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of visuals. Being minimalist in design doesn’t mean it has to be minimalist in content and variation as well. However, it’s still a good game and is what I expected it to be. I gave it 4 stars for being good but not great. If it had been buggy, I would have rated it lower. For me, it was worth the purchase. But the main reason for my review is simply to say that I personally have had no crashes, which is the more important thing given other reviews.

- Very unstable

A good game but crashes far too much.

- Loads of fun and strategy

Although the game is somewhat unstable and you will experience a few crashes I find that it’s not so bad that it impacts the playability of the game to much that really is the only negative about the game all the other aspects like the graphics to the strategy to the over all feel and aesthetics of the game are all really incredible definitely worth 8 bucks 👏

- Not compatible with iPad Air

Despite the info saying it was compatible with this device (iPad Air) once I start the game it has a pop up box that says it is not compatible. Spent money. Damn.

- Great game to spend free time on

As someone who doesn’t have much free time, being able to pick it up and play is great. Especially since levels don’t take that long (<5 mins). One thing I wish is to be able to zoom straight onto those cute little guys and see them close up.

- Pls take into account

This game is one of my favourite games I have it on computer as well how ever it is extremely crashy it crash’s almost every time I chose a path and select my save. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating but this damages the game experience and ratings I’d put money on it that this game would average 3-5 stars only if this was fixed.

- Too buggy

Crashes every game. Fun, but unplayable in this build

- Bad north is actually bad

This game is a total rip-off I paid $7.99 for this game only for it to save bad north is not supported by this device and it won’t let me play the actual game.

- Technical Issues

As of the current version of the game (v.2.00.6), it isn’t possible for me to recommend this game, as I have repeatedly experienced game crashes to the point where I can’t play the game the way in a manner it was intended to be played. This is the only application that I use that crashes on my device (iPad 5th generation) and it occurs quite frequently. I’m ver much hoping that the issues will be resolved so that I can review, and properly play, the content of this game.

- Regular Crashes and lost progress

Fun little game ruined by regular crashes that lose campaign progress. Hopefully these issues can be fixed soon, would not have purchased if I had known the issues were this bad. Real shame as the game is fun, looks and sounds great.

- Unbearable crashes

I read these reviews and thought the crashes wouldn’t happen to me/ I’d just cope- but it’s become unplayable because of the crashes. At the beginning the game is fine but half way though it will now crash as I try to do anything. The game currently isn’t worth your purchase people! If the game isn’t fixed I’d like a refund because it is literally unplayable. Great game, bad execution.

- Great concept - Have played before...

Can’t open the app without it crashing. Please tell contact me to refund my purchase. Kind regards.

- Simply astounding

This game is such a work of art. To truly express how amazing this game, is something that only a Legendary story teller could do. And sadly I do not hold that title so I will do my best, now as Bad North is ported from Pc it will have some problems, so to truly get the best experience you must purchase it on computer. But that’s not to say that it’s bad, the only reason I’m saying this is because on your mobile device you might find a visuals glitch though it could only be happing to me, if so discard this sentence.This game is definitely worth the eight dollars and if the creators were to create an engaging story to match the art style it would easily be worth thirty to fifty dollars. Now I can’t really explain what makes this game so amazing, not because of an inability to do so but because I don’t think I truly put what draws me to this game into words. So I’ll just give a description of a scene from the ending of one of my play-through’s, though I’ll describe it in a story teller fashion. As the final enemy is run through with a spear, a silence never heard before descends upon Mackerel Mound. Osker the leader of the simply named pike squad looks out upon the island, he beholds the remnants of Mackerel Mound in a blend of awe,anguish,and anger. He draws breath only to smell smoke and the miasma of death, he quivers at the frost bitten wind wondering if he’ll ever get used to it. He looks down the cliff face where he had been defending to see the bodies of at least two hundred men most being Vikings though to his ever growing anguish there are a number of his brothers in arms laying in the brook of bodies. Now though I feel that I’ve bored you with a story, I think that’s part of the game to become attached to your men even if the only face you see is that of their leaders, I think the game instills a sense of wonderment, so that you can weave a story of your own. Though if you don’t care for that this game is non the less a masterful example of a rouge like, and if you enjoy those then please enjoy this.

- Very bad

Only Works with reception

- Keeps crashing damn it!

Love the game, very strategic and tactical and so addictive but “Why you always crash!?!!!” Can’t complete some very hard fought progress on two different saves! You’re killing me developers 😭

- Superb

Every detail is thoughtfully crafted and executed. Best game I’ve played on iOS this year.

- Crashes a lot

Bad North is a great game and is really fun but it crashes at least every 30min and I am up to the island before the final island and it keeps on crashing when I try to load into the island please fix this so I can finish the game otherwise 4 hours of gameplay would go to waste. Thx

- Fun but crashes

For what started as a bearable couple of crashes every now and then, has turn into a consistent crash every time I open the game. Paid primo $$ to play, expected to actually get to play it.

- My sort of game

Would have given it 5 stars but it crashes every now and then. It can be slow to load but not a real problem. I wouldn’t expect these problems in a paid game. Still, I like the game. Would like to see an option for a longer building type campaign.

- Ok now

Hade some teething problems, but having fun with it now. Quite addictive and never the same twice.

- Had Fun

I had a lot of fun playing this game but unfortunately it will not allow me to access any of my saves which is annoying as I have to start again every time I want to play

- Great game but crashes

Overall a really fun game and a nice port to mobile. However, there are occasional crashes which, while not often enough to ruin the experience, have caused some inconveniences, maybe once every 30 mins or so, especially when deploying to an island and the troops spawn.

- Fun and carnage

I only got the so today and love it already.

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@TheXvProject: Bad North (@PlausibleCon and @RawFury) also on sale, 40% off! The Jotunn Edition is brilliant!

Bad North (@PlausibleCon and @RawFury) also on sale, 40% off! The Jotunn Edition is brilliant!

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition 2.00.8 Screenshots & Images

Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition iphone images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition ipad images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition ipad images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition ipad images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition ipad images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition ipad images
Bad North: Jotunn Edition Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Bad North: Jotunn Edition Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Bad North: Jotunn Edition (Version 2.00.8) Install & Download

The applications Bad North: Jotunn Edition was published in the category Games on 2019-10-15 and was developed by Raw Fury [Developer ID: 1118513353]. This application file size is 340.76 MB. Bad North: Jotunn Edition - Games posted on 2019-12-21 current version is 2.00.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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