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Love driving? You will love this game for sure!

Spin the steering wheel to drive your car.

Keep it on the road, and go as far as you can!

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The applications Finger Driver was published in the category Games on 2018-01-10 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 66.30 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Luis  Shadowd3mon25  5 star

It’s an awesome game


Ads ads ads  Aznoble  1 star

Before i even played the first time there was an ad. Followed hy an ad every three to four times. Unplayable


Missions  Cnnfj_679  3 star

Would rate more if my missions would t have started messing up. I’m not being rewarded for completing tasks. It’s not even allowing me to complete a task. Super frustrating.

Your Mama 1821

Great  Your Mama 1821  5 star

Best game for a reason!


Ads are ridiculous  MMK DOE  1 star

Ads pop up in the screen while playing it’s unplayable smh


Great idea but performance too low  Pro2005  3 star

It's completely unplayable on iPod touch 5


Add in the middle of a game?!  JoJo💚✨  3 star

The only reason I gave 3 stars is because in the middle of a game an ad will pop up and cause you to die. In some missions in the game you have to go on a streak of 300m and if an ad causes you to die you will get mad. The ads also pop up out of no where that there's a 92% chance you'll always press it and it'll take you to the AppStore. If you have anger issues that are easy to access in simple ways I don't recommend this game for you.


Clearly using bits for reviews  Norcim133  1 star

This is one long ad

Random reviewer lol

Annoying  Random reviewer lol  1 star

To many ads and super laggy. Ads pop up during the game and makes you lose. Didn't even play it more than 5 times before deleting


fun but needs update  Nic_8o8  3 star

I really enjoy this game but ever since I reached the 49th mission, it doesn’t track my progress. Say I have to collect 150 coins. It doesn’t register that I’ve collected coins anymore, or that I’ve driven x amt. I skipped the 49th mission thinking it was just a glitch for that one, but mission 50 isn’t working either. Please fix! Other than that, really fun game


Glitch with level 49  D6781  3 star

Great game, but level 49 won’t count the coins. Need to fix it please!


Awesome but lacking  2452567899844387888  5 star

I love how simple and fun this game is but I feel that it needs more features and goals to work towards. In no time you will collect all the different cars and apart from that the gems in the game have no use. After playing for a bit it becomes pointless to apart from getting highscores.


Can’t play because of the pop-ups  laineeeyy  2 star

There are far too many pop-up ads to make this game playable. I only just got it and while the game is fun it’s impossible to play with the constant pop-up ads. These ads pop up in the middle of the gMe and make you die so you cant even get a decent score. Not only that once you die you get more ads. Will be deleting the game from my phone. I understand you need ads to run a free app but this is overboard.

Pokemon go for like mate

Love it!  Pokemon go for like mate  5 star

I love game I don’t get the problem with the ads that everyone is getting because I’m smart and disconnect from my wifi when ever I play the game it’s really easy to learn and play great game.


30 seconds  Brownie1978  1 star

Is all this app lasted b4 deletion


Same as the others  Squigz1475  1 star

-Downloaded it 10:12pm -Played it 10:29pm -Deleted it because of the crazy amount of ads and bad sensitivity 10:31pm -Read others complaints on the exact same problems 10:35pm -Wrote this so others don’t waste their time too 10:41pm


Super Slow  Gplayer99  1 star

I been spending more time closing the ads, then actually playing the game. AND I KEEP CRASHING BECAUSE THE GAME IS LAGGING, BECAUSE IT's EATING UP CPU AND RAM LOADING THE ADS. I HAVE NO APPS OPEN IN BACKGROUND!!!


Way too many adds  jska92  1 star

Played for 2 minutes then deleted


It’s to small  nicola1204skittles  1 star

Is a stupid game and I don’t know why I got it

Hello shakiest

Shocking Ads  Hello shakiest  1 star

Ads are deliberately placed in the middle of your run, always making you crash, stopping you from getting high scores and actually enjoying the game. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING. already deleted the app


Please read  Bradertl  1 star

Number one- fix the steering it is way to hard it makes it where you can’t turn at all please fix


Really good game  Sgtkeebler  5 star

I never got ads until I crashed and had to restart my game, or if you want free points to buy cars there are ads. I bought the ad free game and it’s pretty fun I like this game.

Mc shooter254763

Bad controls  Mc shooter254763  2 star

In the video showed it makes it seem so easy to turn but when you play the game it’s like it has -20 sensitivity


Laggy  Hockey557368  1 star

Good idea the game is so laggy though


Mission 49  wisdomdog  4 star

Game stops recording my success at mission 49. Pretty fun though


Eh  Trevorffegj  2 star

Controls aren’t sensitive enough, can’t turn sharply. Perfect amount of ads for free game tho. Gets 4.19/10 on my special rating scale

Will Shattuck

3 crashes then Ad. Bad steering  Will Shattuck  1 star

Every three crashes then an ad. Steering is not linear and too slow for the game.

NYG Maniac

Awesome  NYG Maniac  5 star

Awesome Awesome AWESOME GAME GET NOW!!!


Not worth it  Ethan9372  1 star

First thing that happened upon opening was an ad. Not even the title screen. Easiest and fastest way to get deleted


Unplayable  infinitytomorrow  1 star

An Ad after every single attempt? Uninstalled after 1 minute

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