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Compete in a massive high speed water race.

Move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect coins.
Spin the jetski in the air for a massive speed boost.
Avoid the obstacles and use ramps for that sweet air-time.

Complete lots of challenging missions to unlock new jet-skis and boats.

Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience?

Flippy Race App Description & Overview

The applications Flippy Race was published in the category Games on 2018-11-27 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 148.55 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ Try out new POWER BOATS.
◉ Get a Head Start with Rocket Boat.
◉ Use Unicorns' Mega Spin Boost for that extra magical help.

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Flippy Race Reviews

mo nane

Amazing  mo nane  5 star

I never got to know anxiety until I got this game and it is super addicting


Best game ever  163583)$  5 star

I love this game I play all the time it is amazing. I could play this game for hours and I really like that the daily challenges are too difficult. When I’m sick it’s really easy to do. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really recommend this game. This is the best game I have ever got. That is what I thought about this game


Very fun but..  thisappisprettyalright  3 star

The game itself is fun, the whole simple concept, it’s good for passing time but the ads are just so irritating. An ad comes after almost every try and they are so long and it’s the only thing that keeps me from playing it more. Not only is there ads but the ads make you play them too and it’s just so much waisted time in my opinion. Overall the game is good i love the new add ons, maybe could use some more motivating objectives, you know things to work for and i think It would be cool if each boat had its own thing to it like a power up that would make someone want to save up diamonds for it. I just have to play it on airplane mode to avoid constant ads which is inconvenient at times.


Harder than it looks  livs😜  3 star

This game was fun, I guess, but it was so hard! I just didn’t get it, I mean like, I like the race part, but I don’t like how he so far ahead, and u start in last, Idk, but it’s not what u excepted

Dr. C.E. Davis

Freaking Ads Keep Crashing the Game  Dr. C.E. Davis  1 star

Yes, I like the game but what’s the point when the ads keep crashing it? Seriously, lost hundreds of gems and thousands of coins because of these crappy ads.


Great game too many ads  s.koppert  3 star

I personally love this game. I like the way it was designed and all the challenges that come with it. However, I find it very frustrating how every single time you sink, there’s a 30 second ad that follows it. I get that you need ads in the app to make money. But it gets frustrating when there’s an ad every single time you play the game. Even sometime an ad will pop up in the middle of the game and you can’t see anything.


Idk  giannamilanmoss  1 star

It’s a challenging game but WAY TO MANY adds


Flips  dayinthelife50  4 star

Please add more flips.


Needs some small improvements  Maelstrom.  4 star

Great game! But, some things to make it better would be: First, an online multiplayer mode where you race real people or your friends. And secondly, the ability to go and replay levels you have already beaten. Overall, a great game! I just think these few things would help bring this game to it’s full potential.


It’s good but...  Eva😑  2 star

So basically it’s a great game it’s fun very fun.But it keeps giving me ads DURING the race.Thats my problem

Me octagon triangle

Too many adds  Me octagon triangle  1 star

Way too many adds

Magic nocholicala

Ads  Magic nocholicala  2 star

I loved this game. Played it everyday. Would play it on my breaks and it’d give me joy. But since the recent updates the ads have been way over the top. At this rate the ads are annoying me more than the people at work. And $5 it’s too steep for no ads. Like come on. Stop pumping out numerous amounts of games just riddled with ads to make a quick buck. Not happy at all.


Game  Baxboy14  5 star

A very fun racing game


not working correctly  hahagsbdocebbekakabdbfidhs  1 star

completing the daily challenges but n not receiving the reward!!


Had potential  ConeP20  5 star

Could be a great game but laggy and full of ads. Very repetitive as well


Good but...  Romain8K  2 star

Good simple game however... There is nothing to buy with the coins except to buy an upgrade that gives us more coins so what’s the point of that. I loose coins at every race... I start a race with 3.87k coins I finish the race with 2.82k coins. Where did they go??? And please redesign the layout once we pay to remove ads. The ads are gone but the space for it still there and empty


Solution for no ads for free  jackosmacko47  4 star

Turn your mobile data and internet off and then you’ll get no ads


SO. MANY. ADS.  SailorMoonX3  2 star

Sorry to be harsh. I really enjoy the game itself but I cannot stress enough how annoying it is to have a 30 second ad between each turn, as well as a banner ad at the bottom of the screen while I’m trying to play. Great game, but I debate every time whether it worth it to play or not coz it’s so damn annoying. And $5 to get rid of ads? Lol bye


How to get rid of ads  Dillbrom  3 star

I have found frustrated by how many ads there are highly recommend turning off ur data and wifi for best experience

Alice's Original Nickname

Review  Alice's Original Nickname  4 star

Fun game to play when passing the time and is very addictive. The only problem is the ads, there’s so many and can be frustrating.


Ads popping up!!!  Megacappy  1 star

The adds popping up in the middle of a game completely ruins the experience and makes me want to quit. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that is frustrated by this but it would be great if you put the ads, that you are not even sponsored to put, maybe after you die or before you start. Thanks Bye


Problem  ciaciaqueen  4 star

I love the game but when I’m in a race I would get a commercial which would ruin the game for me the otherwise I like the game


GOOD GAME BUT.....  addi🏝🏝🏖🏖  4 star

It is a good game but here are a couple of things you NEED TO CHANGE: 1 -I pressed try this boat, but instead of just letting me try it out I kept it for like 3 days. 2 -I was doing really good and then a ad just talk to me, so that means I was in 25th Place. 3 -I was it in a 1st place, but I got to the end of the race and it didn’t let me get to the next level.


Good but it be cool...  AnDrEaaa_:)  4 star

This game is super fun I enjoy it a lot especially during class when I’m bored as heck and I don’t want to work teehee I can easily just pull up this game and I’ll be good... but I think this game would be cool if we could play with other people like friends. Like you can add a friend and then race against them like we should have a choice of either play with friends or with robots. Yall should have that on this game cuz me and my hamies play this game hella it’d just be more funny to play against them.


Awesome 👏  Pukigadol  5 star

I just loved it 😍😍😍😍😍

not working fools

so fun but SO ANNOYING!!!  not working fools  2 star

when i tell you it is so frustrating because whenever you get up to like 600 gems and 1.2k in coins, IT ALWAYS GLITCHES ON ME!!!!! and the whole game restarts like i never played before. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!! it’s annoying and i’m tired of it


Ads - irritating and disgusting!  Jcy4  1 star

Of course I understand that you need to push ads to make money, but the constant ads that come your way when you are trying to figure out what the game is - makes one to delete it and move on! Terrible!

this is rude and dumb

Starting me over  this is rude and dumb  1 star

I was almost to level 300 and over 3 k gems. But it randomly glitched and started me over on level 1. This made me VERY upset because I worked hard to get all those gems and all of that just went away. If they do not if they do not fix this I will NOT continue playing the game. I also have found that many people have had this same problem. All I ask for is for you to give me my gems back. I don’t see when you started me over but it really made me mad.


It’s that game that makes you yell “NO!” when you lose ;)  Alaskis  4 star

It’s so much fun to play, and it’s even better if you listen to music while you play. Good time killer, but it is pretty hard to learn. Overall, really good game!

Doofay boy

Great Game  Doofay boy  5 star

This is my favorite game at the moment, such a good game to play when bored. The levels get harder as you go but they aren’t impossible. I love trying to complete the challenges and buying new boats/jet skis










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