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Are you ready for a thrilling ride?

Rush through the void while dodging obstacles in this endless roller coaster ride. Think quick and tap to switch lanes in order to reach incredible speeds!

◉ Complete 100 challenges
◉ Rank up by gathering XP
◉ Collect 50 spheres (including 5 secrets)
◉ Receive daily rewards
◉ Unlock 25 roads
◉ Compare your high score with players worldwide

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Rush App Description & Overview

The applications Rush was published in the category Games on 2017-11-28 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 126.77 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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Rush Reviews


nice  钱币欧元美元人民币  5 star



Great game but  5vcjkec  3 star

I played this game and loved it until I got an ad at the bottom of my screen... during a run. I may sound like a baby but I deleted the app I do ads like that


Good game, A LOT OF PROBS  _Chiquitita_  2 star

The game has a lot of glitches, which makes it difficult to enjoy as the screen/game simultaneously pauses as the game is rolling. Hope it gets fix to download it again. Otherwise, deleted for now.

Cesar's review

Worst Game  Cesar's review  1 star

Haven’t really been able to play ever since I download it an ad pops up and freezes the screen

Fransisco 1111

Great but a new bug.  Fransisco 1111  4 star

I found a new bug not allowing me to play because it will not let me press the play button. Ketchapp you need to fix this

Bob adobo

Addictive  Bob adobo  5 star

It is super addicting and fun I would recommend getting it


Fun  gfdSam  5 star

It's fun!


Need a couple tweaks  SyberCorp  4 star

The numbers on the triangles are pretty hard to see against some of the colors of the triangles. I would like to see you add some type of outline to the numbers, like white outlines and black numbers (or possibly just white numbers and no outlines). Also, an ability to remove the ads for a fee would be nice. There are too many ads that display throughout the game and either cause interruptions or lag (depending on which ad is being discussed).


Game Center  Ohedbuo  4 star

Wish y’all would make it so it would sync across devices


3/5  roam444444  3 star

It’s a fun little game and somewhat addicting. It would be a lot better if it didn’t freeze every single time I open the app. My phone is new and works perfectly and I’ve tried restarting the app and deleting/redownloading the app, but no matter what I do; when I open the app it just freezes and doesn’t let me play. If there was an update to fix this problem I’d continue to play.


To frustrating  lil'apples  1 star

I love this game very much but the ads won’t go away there’s a heap of glitches and it freezes every time I go on it so what’s the point of downloading it when you can’t play it anyway.


Loved it  Croz_may  5 star

Absolutely love this game. It is a super fun challenge which requires fast thinking and gets rid of boredom. Would definitely recommend it!!!


Doesn’t work....  AzZaRrD0901  1 star

I played the first tutorial round which was fine but now the game is completely unresponsive. I can’t start a new round, even though I restarted the app several times. I’m on iPad Air 2 if that’s helps.


Too many adds  Jon012345  3 star

To many adds, difficulty spike is huge early on


Fix your game  JodieAlali  1 star

When I open the game I can’t play at all. Animations and music play but I can’t press the play button or anything in the screen. Fix your game please

Tristan Bates

👍🏻  Tristan Bates  4 star

Great game! Nothing wrong.


Help  Livvysparkles  3 star

We just got the game and we hit play and it just froze please help!..

Dard ting

Glitch  Dard ting  1 star

Plz fix the ad glitch cause when I start the app up it freezes and then I can’t play


Good game but  TheOnlyProGamer10  4 star

This is a really good game but I won’t recommend it for people who get frustrated over games. But on the bright side the game is really good.

Jerry Sullivan

Great game, horrible ads  Jerry Sullivan  1 star

Constant ads make this awesome game virtually unplayable, then it locks up unless you’re willing to pay. Not a great business model.


Awesome but can’t remove adds  Hshajaidhx  4 star

This is awesome like any other review that says this is awesome but i would like to at least remove adds for a small price because sure ads are annoying but having them lag your MID GAME switching to a different ad that gets annoying. Overall good


Amazing but raging  HyuushahsbbJwbbx  3 star

The game is challenging and addictive but sometimes when I start the game, the screen is unresponsive because of the same add that keeps popping up. This is the reason that it makes me angry not the actual game. 😡

your friends the castillod

Best one  your friends the castillod  5 star

I love it and I'm addicted to it


Lags and Stops  Xphoas  3 star

It randomly lags and stops. I just recently got this new iPhone 32gb and it gets annoying. *It lags at the start*


Love it! Fun and makes you say "Once more!"  Funkyyoungstuff  5 star

You'll want to play over and over. The ad for the candy crush knock off game is a little repetitive but it's only shown every 5 rounds or so, and the app developers need to have ads in order for the game to be free so it's an inevitable thing, not a complaint. Just maybe get other sponsorships so I see new commercials occasionally lol


Absolutely  Sleepanda23  5 star

The best game I’ve played in a long time.


I love it!  thekiller11511  5 star

Great game

layla jaye🐶🦁

I know it’s long just hang with me  layla jaye🐶🦁  5 star

I know This is long but hang with me. This game is so fun and addicting. I would recommend this game if you are very bored and tired of playing the same game over and over. Believe me I know the feeling. You get all these daily rewards and there so fast it’s not even rip off. When you are playing this game after you die an ad or two might pop up every five times you die. I‘m not accurate, But I would recommend this game for you.


love it!!!  ksugamama1  5 star



Real thoughts  Sniper_x32  1 star

This game is a great game to play when you are board it is verity exiting and great to look at but this game contains lots off adds witch leads to lots of lag and it is very disappointing when you are about to beat your high score then it freezes and you lose this game has a good concept but bad actions taken by the developers to make this game .

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