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Are you ready for a thrilling ride?

Rush through the void while dodging obstacles in this endless roller coaster ride. Think quick and tap to switch lanes in order to reach incredible speeds!

◉ Complete 100 challenges
◉ Rank up by gathering XP
◉ Collect 50 spheres (including 5 secrets)
◉ Receive daily rewards
◉ Unlock 25 roads
◉ Compare your high score with players worldwide

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Rush App Description & Overview

The applications Rush was published in the category Games on 2017-11-28 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 137.38 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

◉ iPhone X support.
◉ Premium In App Purchase.
◉ Fixes freeze bugs.

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Rush Reviews


Advertisement disgrace  superstarrr69  1 star

There is a add running on the bottom of the screen which keeps getting in the way.

cool girl 95 🤬

Fix and it will be a five star  cool girl 95 🤬  4 star

This Game is the bomb👍 you made this game flawless for the most part but me and my friends noticed that whatever I want and pay the extra ♥️ an add will show up and my ball would keep going on and on and will blow up with out me touching it


Why am I still getting Ads?!  Jcal387  1 star

I purchased the premium version on the promise of no more ads and I’m still getting them! Are you serious?!

BR 11

Ok  BR 11  3 star

This game is not the best game ever. Every time I play this game it has a lot of Adds. Every time you try to play.


Lit game  CRAB TREE 811  4 star

This game is awesome, I have had no problems with it or anything, I just like to rate things with 4 stars😁✌🏼


Get rid of the ad banner  EternallyKiw  4 star

I love this game, it’s so addicting and I can’t stop playing it but there is a flaw that I cannot stand. The ad banner that pops up on the bottom of my screen has messed me up so many times I gave up on keeping track. I’ve accidentally pressed it so many times and it messes me up every time. I would love if it was gone or atleast put somewhere [email protected]


Incorporate Levels  Junyper  4 star

Good game to test and work on reflexes. Maybe incorporate a variety of levels so players can work up to the faster pace.

Been Lisle

Fun game  Been Lisle  5 star

I really enjoy this game!


Collins review of the game  djcool504  2 star

The game makes the ball start going to fast for some individuals and should make it start going slow for a minute

makayla bauman

Game RUSH  makayla bauman  4 star

I think this app is so fun. I love a good challenge, but I think you should make different shapes and make moving obstacles so it is more challenging. I also think you should give the players a option to play the challenges. Overall I think this game is super fun!!!


Fun but there’s a few issues  AliSallyReviews  5 star

I love this game and I got it today and it’s just amazing but there are a few bugs. 1.It drains my battery 2.Sometimes it crashes and ruins the experience 3.i only said I got this today even though I got this 3 days ago and that’s how long it took to download should make levels because for beginners (like me) it’s really hard for beginners they could start at level 1 and go up. Other then that I love this game and I hope you read this and update the game. Please answer this review and thx for your time.


ADDICTIVE  lildoodles1  5 star

Great game lots of fun

macoroon lover

Rush the unique  macoroon lover  4 star

I feel this app helps me make quick decisions in a challenging way and the lights make it harder, overall I like this game 🙂 does get a bit boring after awhile😕

cookie unicorn80213

Funnest game !!  cookie unicorn80213  3 star

I like it a lot it’s a little challenging but it’s pretty fun I suggest that you should play it 😎🤓😇😃✌️👌🙃 peace out bye

jan hussain ali

Fun game  jan hussain ali  5 star

This game is very fun


Fun and challenging  awsome-123  5 star

This game is addicting and it helps you with looking ahead before going because it is challenging and it is also fun and very interactive


Rush  333334234542535678953535  5 star

Awesome game I love it so much 😀


It’s Awesome  Leelee7177  4 star

This game is so cool . It has awesome features. The music on rush is so cool . Rush is one of my favorite games. But the only thing is that it glitches a lot .But if it didn’t glitch it would be a five star game

coolghost 😏👻

Best game  coolghost 😏👻  5 star

This is amazing

i really really like ths game

I like this game  i really really like ths game  5 star

This game is fun and has great music

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