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Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!

Swipe your finger to throw the balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom. 
Collect all the items to get additional balls and make an endless ball chain!

The level of bricks will be increased after each round you throw the balls.
Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Don't forget the angle is the key point!

Game Features:
◉ Free to play
◉ Endless gameplay
◉ Simple ball control
◉ Challenge your friends with the best highscore

Ballz App Description & Overview

The applications Ballz was published in the category Games on 2017-02-18 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 99.71 MB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Ballz Reviews

Purple Penguin 12345678910

This game is awesome  Purple Penguin 12345678910  5 star

Great job on this game


Latest Update is a Seizure Waiting to Happen  UncleBarnes  5 star

Love the app. But, really? The last update is like a Chinese cartoon that causes seizures. Please resolve


What are coins and rings for?  Kimmy.Bell  3 star

Fun game, but I don’t understand how to use collected coins or rings. Any help?


Too many ads  justaguythatcantgetanickname  2 star

Ads are too much and take too long. Can’t enjoy the game


Finally, The Major Bugs Are GONE!!!!  CWS91709  5 star

Finally I can keep playing after hitting 3771. It used to just reset and go back to the same level, over and over again. This is a wonderful game. Addicting, YES! It looks like only every other ball shows after you hit 900, but all register a hit. THANK YOU!!!!


Updates are great!  Kidview9  5 star

Developers listened and fixed the freezing glitch. THANK YOU! Have read other reviews and agree about taking the restart button away and still using different colors even on higher number balls. Really hope there is no limit to how far I can go and am currently on my way to 5000 so I can see how the number on the box is recorded!


Ads open in the middle of gameplay  The_Kilted_Hamster  1 star

Are you so desperate to promote other games that you’ll ruin this one?


Bug fixes  10Bub  1 star

Your last update totally screwed up this game. It does nothing but glitch now.


Fun!  Emtech  5 star

Fun game! Great time waster on the airplane.


Restart button  Mehhhhhhh01  4 star

This app is great, but I’ve gotten really far several times, and accidentally hit the restart button. The game should as if you are you sure you want to restart after you hit restart.


Great game but needs some work.  Secg89  3 star

Every second game I play the ball will end up bouncing horizontally for ever. I end up having to quit the game and restart it losing the current game I was on. Bit annoying that I paid almost $5 for a game with such and obvious glitch in it. (I know they are meant to start falling back down to the bottom naturally but they aren’t most of the time)

vent off

BALLZ UP  vent off  1 star

This game was good till it freezes and restarts the same level. Fix up please


Mc  Fishnmick  1 star

Hopeless on a small device.


Crash  Eyvak  3 star

Hi there, I have been playing this game recently, my top score is 3711 but I can’t play anymore lack of crash my phone is IphoneX could you guys please update the app? Regards Thanks


Will make you rage  ();lol  1 star

Very, very, very, very, very, very, very annoying sometimes. Well most of the times


Ballz  Bonnyfox372  5 star

It's addicting and really fun and my mum is addicted.


Good game but glitchy  impyprincessa  2 star

Great game, but glitchy. Currently can’t go any further, as it just turns off. Best is higher than level. Frustrating.


Good game  Al2011'  4 star

Please fix problem with game closing after finishing round


The perfect time killer just try to avoid addiction  AG-103  4 star

This game is the perfect time killer and it is hard to avoid getting an addiction to it. Great game and good work. Keep it up.

Punting Billy

Good Concept  Punting Billy  2 star

Poor execution. Glitches , errors and regular problems.

gaming nerd1627

DONT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!  gaming nerd1627  1 star



New update lowers score  mrjacobbloom  1 star

The new update truncated my score to 3 digits, so I'm basically back to where I was in January. Do not update or you'll lose your score if it's over 1000!

Purple Apricot

Awesome and addictive, yet there is a problem  Purple Apricot  5 star

Right now I keep playing but I noticed something, eh, wrong in the Ball Section Item Thing Locker.... WHATEVER BOTCH! The balls that say “Follow Ketchapp on Twitter” and the other one, I just tapped them and I got them... FIX THIS DANG BUG OR I WILL CALL THE DONALD J. TRUMPET ON YOU!


Love it  BrittMangos  4 star

Super duper addicting. Love this game just wish it looks better on my X and also I have all these gold rings and nothing left to spend them on!! Wish ketchapp would throw an awesome new update in!


Love it so much nothing left to earn  CLPKBlessed  4 star

I have played this game endlessly and I’m not a mobile phone game app person ( well I guess now I am with this game). So much mindless fun and allows me to de-stress. But there is nothing left to earn. I have played so much, I have earned all the re is to earn. CN you add more colored ballz or more things to compete for? Thanks.


Fun  Myprettym  5 star

Super fun game. I wish it had some more bonuses. I’ve bought all the bonus balls, and now I don’t have much to work for.


New update is super glitchy  CarpeCarpeCarpe  3 star

It continues to delete my score and stay at 10 for 100s if turns. Also the ball keeps getting stuck. I didn’t run into this issue before the newest update.


Recent update broke game  markstir  1 star

The update of July 2018 is causing balls to get stuck in infinite left-right loops, even when there are no blocks left on the screen.


Addicting but glitchy  bowlergirl81  4 star

I find myself playing this all the time because it is fun. However, your ball can get stuck. If it does you have to close out and reopen it to start a new game. Thankfully I had a really low score when that happened. I was stuck for at several minutes below where any blocks are and had to restart.


Freezes  Tiffnmatt2  1 star

I’m at level 4536 and it freezes every game now. It shows level 453 - leaves the 6 off the end. This was my favorite game for months and would still be. Why should I give up my progress and delete and reinstall the game. I’ve been on the same game for months before the most recent freeze issue.


Glitches  clair.w  4 star

It is a really great and addictive game but for some reason mine just starts glitching and freezing sometimes while I’m playing, I don’t know if it’s just mine that’s acting up or other peoples too but it gets really annoying.


Exploiting  StanoTheKeeper  5 star

I got a score of 13000 just by closing the app


Please Fix  EoghanMcG  4 star

Great game there is just a glitch that can be exploited. If you exit and close the game mid turn it resets and you can take that turn again. Would love to see this fix as all my friends abuse this to get high scores of 700+.


Stuck at Best - 2085  Sri1611  1 star

Game won't move further and crashes after the round


This game could've been so much better  AranLally  2 star

This game is a clone of another game called "BBTAN", which came out over a year before Ballz ever did. And not only that, BBTAN is better than Ballz, because of this game's plainness and lack of features. This game has no personality aside from the name, and that, among other things, is why I uninstalled it and played BBTAN instead.


The best game ever  Classsssrevvviiiieeews  5 star

It's so addicting and really enjoyable especially for your children in secondary or primary schools it really gets the brain stimulating.


Best game ever  alexhaminatin  5 star

It's soooo much better than colour switch and it's so addicting

I like ballz

Great game!!!!  I like ballz  5 star

Ballz is a great game and it doesn't even need wifi! It passes time and is just an amazing game to play!!!


Terrible  Yamhead0002  1 star

Just a completely crappy game


Amazing  dickinmybum  5 star



Wow  dazzadabrain  5 star

A little but addictive Okay Very addictive Okay okay I’m addicted!!


Stupid.....but fun  JouMa2009  5 star

You will enjoy the game trust me.....

Jay 97

Addicted!! But one small issue.  Jay 97  4 star

The issue I'm having is that the game tends to freeze and continue repeatedly when my device has an internet connection (wifi). I have to turn the wifi off just to get it to stabilise. This is very annoying please fix. I spend hours playing this game but the freezing annoys me to a point where I don't want to play anymore. I am using an iPhone 5S, iOS 10.2.1

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