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Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!

Swipe your finger to throw the balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom. 
Collect all the items to get additional balls and make an endless ball chain!

The level of bricks will be increased after each round you throw the balls.
Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Don't forget the angle is the key point!

Game Features:
◉ Free to play
◉ Endless gameplay
◉ Simple ball control
◉ Challenge your friends with the best highscore

Ballz App Description & Overview

The applications Ballz was published in the category Games on 2017-02-18 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 134.64 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ Bug fixes (Continue button) and UI improvements.

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Ballz Reviews

Daniel Wressell

I am not impressed  Daniel Wressell  1 star

So I had a 1645 ballz score and I wanted to go to the menu and when I wanted to click MENU I accidentally clicked RESTART and without hesitation the WHOLE game restarted without asking me “if I wanted to restart for sure” so I have no clue why they wouldn’t have a button that says “are you sure you want to restart” because that is very annoying. I am very mad and I am going to delete the app.


Addictive  BMAlbert  5 star

That’s all I can say. It’s such a good game.

Jackson Garnett

Awesome game! Can’t wait for iPhone X support.  Jackson Garnett  5 star

Hoping for iPhone X support soon (with a full black screen for OLED too).


Ok also annoying  ypforjc  3 star

This app is so glitchy and I would watch a video to get to continue after I lose and it won’t even let me play it from where I lost. I think I have a additional game on my iPad!!


🤗😍—-😰😫  Girlstwo  3 star

I was at 636 and I hit the restart button instead of the continue button. I am so sad right now. I was beating my high score by like 400!! It would be great if you put the restart button in a different place or have an “are you sure” button after you press it just in case you don’t mean to press it. I see that a lot of people are having this problem. I like this game except for the restart button. I wish there was at least a way to go back to the same game after you press the restart button.

Mater crib

Hmmmmm  Mater crib  2 star

It is what it is. The boxes close in fast and it’s game over. To easy to close the app. I’ve had it for a while and only opened it a couple of times. Keep trying though. Others think it’s “addicting”.


Great game but  Hause247  4 star

I love this game. Have had it for over a year now. When I first downloaded the game you could lose and continue one time. Now the continue button does not work for me. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it lost all my progress just to see that the continue button still does not work. Please fix it I love this game.


Addictive  MrsLLucas  1 star

I love this game. But I have a request. I think you should be able to continue more than once. Possibly using the circles to buy more. Not just to buy different color balls. I’m downgrading my stars. I’m stuck at 3707. Once all Ballz have cleared the game it closes. When I open, I have to redo level. Ugh!!!!

Me Me Big Commentiquette Fan

Bluahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Me Me Big Commentiquette Fan  1 star

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Glitchy  Funfab5  2 star

Once you get up into the thousands, the app closes/crashes a LOT. I’m currently unable to progress to a new level, as it crashes every time it’s supposed to level up. Bummer.

Punting Billy

Good Concept  Punting Billy  2 star

Poor execution. Glitches , errors and regular problems.


Review  snazzawaka😸  4 star

The game is cool but you’ve still got to be careful to not get to addicted because it could lead to frustration and other worse things. Great game though and I love to play it. I rated it 4 stars. 😆😜👌👏


Restart button  Rabscud  4 star

Please add a “are you sure you would like to restart” when pressing restart I have lost games on 1000 by accidentally pressing the restart button

Skid stream

It’s fun  Skid stream  2 star

It’s fun to begin with. It becomes boring very quickly. It would be good if you are able to speed up the process straight away.


Game  Julie208  5 star

Thank you for giving me the game on App Store the game is incredible


I am addicted but  Dellychoice08  3 star

I am pretty addicted to this game it definitely passes the time but I wonder what’s the point of buying the Ballz they should give you something extra example extra bounce or an added ball or something with every different ball you collect


In my opinion  markonja  5 star

BEST GAME EVER & I've tried more than few of them, but everybody has his own fancy...


Becomes boring  Stw182  2 star

Good when you’re starting out. However as you gain skill you quickly realise you can’t lose. It’s a never ending game that will only end once you delete the app.


Crashing  Dan_The_Man_0174  5 star

Great game, but it keeps on crashing when u load the home page. Plz fix


Needs new update  KSR020202  3 star

I love this game however, now that I am at level 3678 the game will not move onto the next level. It just drops out. Very frustrating.


Loophole allows children to access internet through app advertisements  Psphotography  1 star

We purchased an iPhone SE for our 11 year old for Christmas. We were very careful to set up a lot of restrictions to prevent him from accessing the internet so we could gradually enable more privileges for him and ease him into having a smartphone. This game is rated for ages 4+. Our son figured out within two days that by clicking on one of the third party ads, he could scroll to the bottom of the screen and find a link to Google Home. He could then click that, and access whatever he wanted on the internet. The websites were opened within the app itself and did not open in safari. No parental controls on the iPhone can prevent this app from allowing a determined child to find the internet.

Scarcest cats and more

Awesome  Scarcest cats and more  3 star

The reason I gave this review three stars is because there are so many bugs and glitches. I love this game but sometimes it can get annoying when I have to get out of the app to try to fix the problem. I play this game all the time and it is definitely one of my favorites but I get tired of the problems.


Hooks  clarksteign  3 star

This game is addictive and fun until it gets more glitchy as you play it more. You will line up shots to make a shot to clear more levels and just as you release the balls the aim line moves and you miss causing the squares to fall. This is just to force you to watch another add. It’s garbage.


Simple but could use some tweaks  Mks01089  3 star

Like other reviewers, I like the straightforward nature of the game and simple UI. However, I don’t get the point of the coins. Who cares about changing the color of your ball? Why are they all hidden in the “store” area until you purchase? Why not allow users to purchase an additional turn or a redo?


RESTART BUTTON  Caymay5157  3 star



Good, could be great  ireLocus  4 star

Like many other point out, the restart button is a problem. Also, really could use an update, more challenges, something simple yet interesting. Otherwise, very addictive and fun.


Ok  Joyce22344  2 star

Watching a video to have one more try never works. Very frustrating.

Unanimous unAnimous

Fun game, needs updates  Unanimous unAnimous  3 star

Though this is an absolutely addicting and fun game, it is pretty basic and many improvements could be made with simple updates without too much work. Even with the many possible simple updates, the app hasn’t been updated in eight months, which is just disappointing. From such a big company as Ketchapp, frequent updates should not be such a hard thing to do. Along with that, there is no iPhone X support, making the experience much worse on the X.


Great game.  JRL2012  4 star

Want 5 stars? Add a few things. 1- knowing the total of all the numbers each turn would be cool. “I was able to take out 300 with 43 balls.” 2- add a scoring bonus if you clear the entire screen in your turn. Great job, hope you guys are making some money.


That dang restart button  murphy59  3 star

Read all the reviews hating on the restart button and never thought it would happen to me. Then I was on my best run ever, more than double my previous high score and bam - accidentally hit a restart button that should not be so close to the continue button. Love this game, but that’s gotta change.

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