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Videoleap Video Editor & Maker [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Discover how fun and easy it is to create high quality videos with Videoleap by Lightricks!

Whether you want to make artistic, Hollywood-level films or simply share memories and funny moments with friends, Videoleap is a breakthrough video editor just for you.

Movie making pros can take advantage of powerful high-end editing features. Beginners and casual users will have fun cutting and combining clips simply, intuitively and on-the-go. Edit movies or create videos for Instagram with pro quality video editing tools. Add video effects, sounds effects, filters, green screen and more to create beautiful movies.

Download Videoleap now and start creating amazing videos today.

Movie Editing Tools:
• Keyframe animations.
• Green screen/chroma key compositing.
• Fit video clips to format - place clips on blank or colored canvas.
• Non-destructive video editing.
• Unlimited undo/redo.
• Intuitive timeline with zoom for frame by frame precision.

Video Special Effects:
• Prism, Defocus, Colorfy, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration and more!
• Text: variety of fonts, emojis, shadow, colors, opacity, and blending.
• Unique, adjustable film filters for every moment.

Creative Cinematic Compositions:
• Mix videos & images together to create double exposures and artistic looks.
• Layer-based editing! Add videos, effects, text and images then reorder them however you like.
• Customize layers with transformation, masking, and blending modes.
• Apply seamless, cinematic transitions to your clips.

Precise Video Editing & Rich Possibilities:
• Clip editing: trim, split, duplicate, flip, mirror, transform.
• Color correction: adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more.
• Change aspect ratio and fit clips automatically.
• Customize the color of your background.

Sound Editing:
• Over 100 sound effects!
• Dub audio and voice overs
• Control audio volume and apply equalizer presets.

And More!
• In-app stock footage, including green videos and overlays!
• Helpful mini-tutorials within each feature.
• Projects are auto-saved. Work on them whenever, wherever.
• Preview your work with full screen.

Download Videoleap now and wow your followers with the videos you’ll create and edit on iPhone!


Unlimited Access Subscription
- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Videoleap.
- Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively, a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription).
- Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.
- If eligible for free trial and you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. Subscriptions will start immediately after free trial ends unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period.

- Terms of use:
- Privacy policy:

Videoleap is part of the Creativity Suite, including Photofox, Quickshot and Pixaloop.

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Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey Videoleapers, We have some good news for you GIF lovers! You may now loop GIFs infinitely by simply dragging the right handle. No more duplicating the same GIF over and over again, no sir. (Or ma'am!) Other than that we've made several "under the hood" adjustments to keep the app running super smooth and fast. Got a feature request or just need a helping hand? Drop us a line at: Keep creating, The Videoleap Team

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Comments & Reviews

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- My Review

I’m a profession television producer and editor from Detroit Michigan I have worked for both local and nationally syndicated network broadcast now for over 30 years and produced shows for the NFL, BET,ABC,and CBS to name a few. I must say that I’m throughly impressed with the editing engine made simple and right at your fingertips through the Videoleaf app. My wife and I recently went to Jamaica to celebrate my birthday and I decided to capture our entire vacation with my smartphone and some other handy tool #Gimble #Getit that would lend them selves to my creativity and when I got done I had some 700+ pics and videos on my phone so I decided to put videoleaf through some paces. After working all night on my cellphone I still can’t say that this platform has had enough. So I just wanted to share my testimony and experience with you. It’s Awesome amazing simple to use and very user friendly. I’m sure that from the beginner to the pros they will all agree with me. That Videoleap is a must have for any and all who desire to produce broadcast quality productions right from your handheld device while sitting in the airport waiting on a flight or on the couch. Your production will take a serious uptic and I believe Videoleap is the wave of the future. Bravo Brovo Videoleap 5👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 up If anyone would like to see my Birthday 🎁 video I’m happy to share upon request. 🎬🎥🎞 Thanks again P.A.Brooks 🎨

- Needs More

This app is amazing to use, and very simple to understand. I’ve made multiple really cool special effect videos for my TikTok account, and it’s all because of this app. The only things that I can think of at the moment about what this app needs is a bigger resistance against crashing, something it does a lot of when handling too many tiny details at once, like zooming in on a clip with multiple editing points, as well as a custom masking feature. I often get annoyed by my limitations with the masking feature because I’ve used After Effects and Premier Pro before, but they’re just too expensive, but their masking feature is unbeatable. I would like to be able to work with a more flexible masking tool rather than having to figure out how I can get the line, or the mirror, or rectangle, or circle mask to work for me. If I could bend the line tool, I could definitely pull off SOOO many cooler effects. I don’t have all the (physical) recording space in the world, or the best recording equipment (An iPhone 8’s camera and microphone) and I can work with what I have. If I had better lighting tools, a dolly, an actual tripod, external microphones for secondary audio, and more space to record my videos, I could make some higher level videos, but I don’t have that and I’m still making some good videos. But that masking tool can be a real nightmare, but it’s also the only option I got. Also, if we could stretch/warp video shapes and sizes, that could be pretty cool.

- Glitches after ios 13 update

I have been a paid subscriber for this app for about two years, it is by far the most intuitive and versatile video editing app I have ever used. I use it daily. However after the ios 13 update there are some critical glitches that render some basic functions of video editing unusable: there is now an inability to mute volume on some clips without it causing audio failure for a project, thus rendering a project useless even after trying to reverse the edit. There is also a consistent “freezing” of video scrubbing which makes detailed editing impossible without constantly reloading the app. I have a 7+ and had no issues until the ios 13 update, however these are critical glitches that a paid video editor needs to correct in my opinion, especially the audio issues as detailed audio ability is not only a highlight of the app, it’s a basic function of video editing in general (the ability to successfully adjust volume of a clip and final product). Also, attempting to seek help from within the app itself in order to send error logs/etc does not currently work either, however customer support does respond by emailing them directly and that’s positive. Fixing the glitches is still needed however and is somewhat unacceptable for a paid app.

- Good but....

Ok so I have had this app for a little over 1-2 years now and everything is fine. I love this app because the fonts and it has more than most other editing apps!! Con: Theres way too much pro stuff. I get that you do this for money but it isn’t fair at all. Only 2 overlapped layers?? I would think maybe change it to 4-5. Another thing is that you barely can make any gacha memes that I do because you can only fit 2 overlapping layers when I have 10. I was about to move to another app. I love this app and it’s just wonderful. The reason why I gave it a 3 star is because 1. Too much pro stuff. 2. You can’t flip it or do stuff like you can with cute cut. 3. The pro is WAYYYY TOOO MUCH!!! $70 or so for 1 time free purchase!! It’s outrages like make it 50 or 45. 70 in my opinions is way too much. Change the price from what it was a year ago, $32. You barely do anything by being a free user! Please change!Also, you cannot screen record and the only way to do it is the waste money and I am certainly NOT DOING THAT. Please go back to allowing sr. Soon, no one is going to use this app because later on, you’ll just pro everything!!! and I’m not up for it AT ALL! When you do screen record it makes it all bad forcing you to buy it! Outrageous!!

- Super good but..

This app is a really good editing app, and I was super proud that I found a good one. But...when I exported my video I found that the watermark was DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER!! I’m super disappointed...if you were going to put a watermark, first off, why directly in the middle?! And second I would’ve appreciated it if the watermark had shown while you were editing. Now, I have to fully restart my video and try to find an editing app without a watermark that’s really big and that doesn’t bother me much. I would’ve kept the watermark if it wasn’t in the center. Again, I’m super disappointed...I’ve just wasted about a week of editing. I know that the watermark and the screen recording thing is to prevent people from avoiding the watermark and/or cropping it out but putting it directly in the center is just absurd. Very, very disappointed. Again, if you’re putting a watermark at least not directly in the middle and if you’re putting it in the middle you should make it to where it shows the watermark is there rather then it just being there once you export/screen record. I honestly don’t even know what to do about my video.....

- Beautifully well done app...Suggestions

First off all, this app has to be the most incredible, simple, easy editing app there is. It’s really easy to figure anything out, first day I got it it was so good I edited videos for 3-4 hours just on the first day of installation. However what I really would like for you to do is to update the animations for mixers, such as custom animations I see this as a way to do what you want when it comes to adding animations. Another thing I really want to see is, an option to stretch something like stretching an image out and being able to see an image progressively get longer and being able to make an animation like that. I know other apps can do this, but however I would love to see this happen for this app because if I switched editors (which I’ve tried) I would just come back here but with less animations. So please update the animations for the mixers! Another thing that I wish that you would add, literally all the features for Pixaloop into video style that’s what I honestly really really want and would be so helpful!

- Not cooperative.

Out of all the editing apps I have used this app has so many added things that really make this app professional and very good. There are a lot of good things about this app but it has been the worst that I’ve used as well. Most of the time if the video is really long the app will start freezing and frames will go back and fourth if I want to go to a different frame and I just have to sit and wait there for a couple of seconds for the app to kick in and finally load. Sometimes the app will crash and it is very frustrating. I thought I would get a better experience paying monthly so I did. I don’t really regret paying monthly because it does come with good perks. Another thing that really just pisses me off is that sometimes the video will not export because “the app couldn’t load the last few frames on one of your clips.” And that is very frustrating. I have contacted them and they haven’t responded so hopefully they do soon. I hope they fix these problems because it really just ticks me off and takes away time. If you are going to be making long videos, I do not recommend this app for you. It does not cooperate with you at all.

- Great but a couple issues...

This is the best video editor I think I have ever had. I got the membership for my Birthday and I will probably never change editing apps probably ever again, but, there is one major thing I would like for you to fix. My progress was deleted! I went into my video I edited previously and Where the video timeline should of been there was just a bunch of Caution signs with exclamation points in them. Also the preview box was black! I thought when I exported my video it would fix itself but it didn’t. The screen was just black and all that you could see was the text and special effects added on top of a black screen. Pleas fix . I’m going to have to export my edit and re-import every time I need to edit my video. I also would like the masking tool to be more flexible instead of just a line mirror box and circle. I would love to have a line that has several bendable points on it. I would also like a tool to add a shape where you can move the vertices around with options like opacity, outline, color, and animations. Thanks for reading and God bless!

- Wonderful!

Tbh, when you use this as a free user, you’re really limited, so you can barely do much at all. Not very proficient for video making. However, the full version is honestly worth it! Ever since I paid, I could do all sorts of things! Specifically, add subtitles with more effects I couldn’t do with other subtitle apps I use (other than MojiMov, which doesn’t actually autosave so :p) & add pictures to create videos like croppy animations or color-coded videos! Videoleap DOES get laggy, though, if you add too many layers of stuff (which I wish wasn’t the case...). And all that for just $32 for one year of subscription? I think that’s plenty worth it! Other than the lagging-due-to-too-many-layers problem, I don’t have any other problem with this app. I mean, it COULD do a bit better with a few new things, like text transitions, but overall I’m pretty content with this app. Just, I do hope the developers somehow find a way to make Videoleap not as laggy with excessive layers eventually, if possible 😖

- best video editing app ever

this is the best app on the app store for video editing. i’ve tried a lot of apps, i’ve used imovie for a long time but this one is the best. at first it’s a little bit difficult to use but u get used to it. i have an iphone 7 and i edit a lot of videos, A LOT, because i do music videos and i can’t afford a laptop that costs $1000 and premiere pro, so i use this and a bunch of other apps to get the stuff done. i really love this app, it has helped me a lot but i’m noticing now that if i add too much in just one video (a lot of videos, 40+ min the whole project, effects, glitch, etc) it gets very slowly like iMovie. i know i have the iphone 7 and it’s 3 years old, but developers of the app please if you can fix this or make the app optimized for older devices for people that makes big projects like me would be amazing. thank you for developing this app, again, it has helped me a lot!

- Liking it more and more

The more I play with it, the more I like this app and its features. You have to learn how to get it to do what you want since it doesn’t always have the exact same features of some other programs I’m used to using, but once you figure it out, it can do a lot. When you do struggle with something, the support specialist are really great in getting back in touch quickly and helping out with specific instructions, which I found very encouraging and helpful. I use PhotoFox a ton to first edit my images, and then import those into my video projects. Using these apps have really upped the final version of the school book talks that I been doing with my students. After seeing what can be done, the students are becoming more creative with how they approach their presentations, which is ultimately getting more students interested in reading. How cool is that!!

- 🙌 Excellent! 🙌

I’m so glad I finally found this app. I spent day after day, seriously frustrated, trying to find a video editing app that did what I needed it to do. I needed to post more engaging content on my social media business profiles and I didn’t want something that take forever to create. I needed video editing with the capability of adding more to your video within the SAME APP & most importantly be user friendly. Hallelujah I’ve found it. It’s ridiculously user friendly. Without watching any sort of help video or howtos it’s easy to use. The interface works the way you think it should. The drag and drop is such a timesaver! I love it. Yes I paid to subscribe and it’s worth the $. I took the time to leave a review because I feel obligated to tell people like me; small business, boutique, online storefront type people that this is 100% worth it.

- Great, buuuuut...

Hi Enlight! I’ve been editing with this app for a long time, and I love it! However, there are some things that I really really want to be added. First is custom animations. I know KineMaster can do this, but I don’t wanna use KineMaster; like I said: I love Videoleap. Anyway, when you add a layer from Mixer or a text layer, I might want to make it do something specific. But there are only a few animations to choose from. So my recommendation is that maybe you can “record” your own animations and save as many as you want. When you add a layer, you press “animations” and select what type you want. Then you can choose one of the different options or press “custom.” Press record, and then use yours fingers to move the image or video around the screen the way you want it to go. After that, you can save the animation and use it, or not save it and use it. I really want that ability and that’s it. I’m very happy with everything else. Thanks for reading!

- Don’t use this app if you have an older phone!

So I have an iPhone 6 and I edit videos to put on tik Tok (I use this app pretty casually but I like to make big projects sometimes). I was editing a video that had a bunch of images that needed to be edited in. I even purchased premium so that I could edit multiple images in. However, when I got to the third picture, Videoleap crashed. I went back into the app and started over as my progress had been completely forgotten. My app crashed again the second time I re did it. This was when I began to get frustrated, because I’m paying 35 dollars a month for an app that keeps crashing on me when I try and put any sort of strain on it. So I came here, to write this review. I’m not sure what the company can do about this. Or if they will do anything about this. The app itself is good for simple videos, such as putting text over clips. But doing anything that’s even slightly more difficult. I wouldn’t suggest using an iPhone 6 or older.

- Reasons on why the two stars.

The first star is that you can edit your videos or whatever you are trying to edit anyway you choose. The second and final star is because on how amazing these effects are. Now the reason why I didn’t give you a third or any other number of stars is because your app doesn’t let me do more on the video when I try to save it and I have to get th pro version which is asking for to much and you guys in my opinion are being ridiculous with this because my intro was great until I realized that I had a limit so, I had to remove almost everything except for the lightning and name electrifying effect. If you want more stars from me and make me happy fix it where you can add a bit more because I couldn’t even add the thunder sound effect. Which is why I’m downloading another app for it this on you for making me use somebody else’s app so think about this comment otherwise when people read this they will realize how much this app lacks and they will go for something else. Thank you for your time.


Guys cmon man, I’ve literally only seen bug fix updates at this point. Where are the new transition effects, filters, features, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong and there is something in the works contributing to a big update down the road but I think something can be learned from an app like “prequel” which is another app I payed 36 for similar to your yearly charge. They’ve delivered consistently new updates to everything with effects you would almost believe come from a professional editing software along with seasonal filters/effects. Cmon man, y’all can do better (and have the potential to do far more than prequel) pleasssee I’d love to believe you’re working on something big behind the scenes but please don’t get comfortable with where you’re at. I see so much potential in this app...because for the longest I wasn’t even trying to pay for it and I typically don’t pay for anything extra service offered on a mobile app. Videoleap and Prequel are 2 exceptions to that.

- ALMOST perfect

I wish I could give 4.5 stars because the app is ALMOST perfect. I have the Pro version and tbh it was the best investment during quarantine. I’m away from home and my ipad has now become my source of editing literally every short video I can think of, either for work or personal stuff. There are two major things I would suggest to the developers and you guys would make me and I bet so many others soooo happy. 1- I tried googling how to select many clips at once, in the mixer layers, but I couldn’t find any solution. I would really love to select a bunch of sequenced clips and move them right, all in order to add a new clip before. I know this is doable on the main layer, but once the clips are located on top, I need to move them one by one to do the changes before... 2- Is there a way to pick other colors for texts, apart from the ones that are given by default? I couldn’t find this option but it would be awesome to pick a color from the clip I’m working on or simply just have the option to open the color wheel and pick from there? 3- (bonus) - I read a review suggesting more flexible shapes for masks and YES that would be super great! I gotta say none of these flaws has stopped me from enjoying the app. I just wanted to do my part and suggest what I think would be incredible improvements! I hope to see some (maybe all) in action very soon! =)

- *1 yr update*

1 year update- yes there are some kinks but the developers really work hard to stay on top of them more than any other app I have In addition to adding/updating the app with new features. I’ve been using a variety of video software for over the last 15 years and yes this is REALLY GOOD STUFF. I just started using this a week ago, and so far I’ve just had some minor disappointments that I really hope to see resolved in the future. 1- is I’d REALLY LOVE an option to “INVERT” a MASK selection, the options now are pretty useless to me. I noticed the blur feature has the ability to “invert” so seems like it should be easy to add that to masked areas. 2- please create a lock feature to hold or merge selected frames together to prevent unwanted movements. No one enjoys redoing tedious time consuming edits! 3-option to insert blank colored frame to hold or fill space in the timeline area being edited or for just for credits. Any movement alters the entire timeline, again, No one enjoys redoing tedious time consuming edits! 4- cut, copy and paste would be GREAT! 75% of the time dragging isn’t accurate and just slows down the whole process, again No one enjoys redoing tedious time consuming edits! The other issue is repeated crashing on iPad Pro. Although I will say, even with those issues, this app still outperforms all the other video apps on my device at this time. Thanks!

- Completely Worthless for Hour-Long Videos

This app is absolutely incredible for video making. However, with the videos that I am trying to make, which are more than an hour long, start to cause glitches and REPEATED CRASHES in this app. I am getting extremely annoyed by this problem, and it keeps resetting my projects to the previous point after it crashes! Whoever is developing Videoleap please find a way to fix this problem of working on videos more than an hour in length. I, as a YouTuber, need good apps to create these incredible videos. And I got this app and made it pro so I could do this. However, it doesn’t seem like this app can handle such videos of monumental length. Also, these premium clips you have, why must we have iCloud space in order to include them in our videos? This is also a problem. If you are able to fix these problems, please fix them! ASAP!!!!! I am very upset with the issues of crashes and other things. I want this to be a good app. Don’t let your loyal customers down. Good luck.

- Good start, needs an update.

This app has the potential to be amazing. They have the advanced features that set it apart. However, there are some basics that the app is still lacking which will hopefully be addressed in an update soon. 1) when you drop photos into the timeline, there is no option to scale or reposition them (you can if they are in a mixer layer, but this is not really how it should work) 2) there is no way to adjust the speed of a clip (slow it down or speed it up), this is something that most basic editors can do. That said, their support team has been very responsive and have acknowledged the shortcomings and said they are working on the (though it didn’t sound like they had the speed control on the immediate timeline). I love some of the powerful features, but am really looking forward to them implementing some of the more basic features which are holding the app back.

- Love it

I am not good with computers and certainly not good with my iMac, totally brand new world for me. I’ve purchased other video makers and of course there is the iMovie that comes with the iMac and they all had something to offer. But they all had something missing as well. This app fit my needs. It had brief tutorials that got me started and the rest I figured out. Now that they added voice over I am completely in love. Posted my first video made with this app on Facebook last night woke up to rave reviews from my friends. The most common comment was that it looked very professional. I posted two other videos before this and I think they were avoiding me because no one want to tell me how horrible they were. But this app really makes a difference in the quality and professional back of the product.

- The Final Cut Pro X of iOS (almost)

All I can say is that if Apple was working on a FCPX for iPad Lightricks just beat them to the punch. When photofox came out and actually while we had Enlight, I envisioned an app like this one that would use all your awesomeness that you do with photos but for video. I am not disappointed! This app is the best I’ve seen! not even apples mobile iMovie or Adobes clip video editing apps come close to Video Leap. I vlog and do videos for clients so I use Final Cut Pro X for editing and I forever been wanting something like FCPX on an iPhone or iPad. I have an iPad Pro and with a few more updates such as 4K and a way to cut multiple clips faster ala fcpx, this app will be my go to editor and then I can finally retire the MacBook Pro. Keep it up and keep it coming, Video Leap can be the golden video editor standard for mobile and beyond.

- Great App

I enjoy using this app quite a lot. I rarely rate apps but I thought I’d give me little opinion on this app since it’s one of my main tools on my phone. I’ve used many editing apps and so far this one has stuck on to me. I had used this app back then and subscribed for the month back in 2019 summer. Fell in love with the simplicity of it on making videos. I had recently subscribed to the yearly subscription a couple months back and one thing I will say is that I would love for more additional features or options. Such as transitions, being able to use the zoom transition is one of my favorites but I dislike the fact that I can’t target where it will zoom since it’s only set to the center. If we can have a little more options on some of the features that would be great. Would love to see more improved features, other than that 4/5.


Hello video leap support. I would like you to address this issue I'm having with your app. I spent approximately 3 hours on editing a video! And the experience using your app was quite amazing, but when I was done editing I tried to export my video file to my camera roll. It kept saying "cancelled" so I tried a few other times and it did not do a dang thing. So then i thought it might just be my device? So then I proceeded to clear up some storage on my device to hope to resolve the issue. I also even restarted my device to see if I could resolve the issue! And to keep in mind I am a PRO MEMBER so I invested my own money into this app. Anyways so after I restarted my device I went into the app and I clicked on my project I was editing. Everything had a "!" On it saying if it were corrupt or something. If this is the case that it is corrupt I was wondering if you guys could recover some how or whatever process you guys do. I really wouldn't want my 3 hours of my time wasted and my money as well on this app for nothing, so PLEASE email me back ASAP!

- I recommend it for those seeking higher grounds...

I love this app, along with IMovie, it saves me the time to upload videos to my computer and just be able to do it on my tablet! There are lots of pros and cons to this app, such as the cost and wonderful effects. As a customer and experienced editor, I would pay for this if computer programs are not at your fingertips. Although, the prices are quite high and I would not recommend it. There are a few bugs, but not many. There are lots of beginner tools to use! But if you want more you have to pay for it, which seems reasonable; giving the fact that the beginner tools are like a taste of the app and its delicacies. I highly recommend this app for those who are willing to pay, and I am very satisfied with it! Thanks Lightricks Ltd for, VideoLeap.

- Pro member... Freezing???

Is there an update coming to fix the freezing glitch? It won’t play where I need it to... I have to start the whole video over to see one edit... also, scrolling frame by frame freezes as well. This has slowed down progress a lot. I must say though, this is an AWESOME APP. I was happy to fork over the $5 for a pro membership. Seriously, I’m really excited to have found it. A few more suggestions in addition to fixing the freezing glitch... 1) could more precise speed/slow down edits be added? Sort of in the way you allow filters to be split... it would be handy not having to split an entire clip to slow down or speed up one portion of it. 2) the audio mixer would be much more efficient to allow unlinked audio to be ‘voiceover’. I can edit audio tracks in a different app and import, but that becomes tedious and degrades quality. If there were a couple different options to add tracks as ‘background’, ‘foreground’ or voiceover that would be phenomenal. 3) more FX choices would be great, and a few more options of glitch effects to choose from. I LOVE how you can customize the effects and filters, though. Not many apps offer that. 4) is there foresight of allowing horizontal mode in editing? My sore hands would be grateful! :) Thanks! Keep up the great work!

- Great idea horrible execution.

Th Enlight app(original) has been my go to for photo editing, so I thought I’d give it a try. I won’t lie , it’s a decent app, but then even trying to tag a 60-70$ price time as a one time purchase it’s definitely not worth it. For the features it has, how the UI simply fails to handle several projects at once had been a horrible experience for me. I like how they allowed me to cycle through music tracks but not being able to see them side by side nor link new audio tracks to current clips is disappointing. I made my decision after to spent 25+ minuets editing one video project to not only at the end , have the project failing to export. Issues started when I realized the effects weren’t applying to the project .Closed the app, and opened it again to find out all my work was for nothing because I couldn’t even use the live preview function watch my project nor even export it. I will not be spending any money toward this app, and wish the best for the further development and reliability fore subscribed users.

- Love It, But I Have A Few Ideas

I’ve Been Using This App For The Past Couple Of Months And I Love It! It’s Really Easy To Use Yet Has So Many Features. The Only Bad Thing About This App Is The Occasional Crash When Editing Too Many Things At Once (Or Too Fast) But I Have Absolutely No Problem Since It Saves The Last Thing I Did And I Can Just Start Back Where I Left Off. I Would Like More Features Though. For Instance, Animations For Actual Video Clips Much Like The Text Animations. For Example, An Earthquake Or Shaking Effect (Wiggle Animation) Or A Trippy, Wobble Effect (Wave). An Increase On The Audio Effects Would Also Be Very Much Appreciated (Bass +, Bass -, etc). The Differences In Regular Audio And An Edited Version Is So Subtle It’s Almost Nonexistent. New Audio Effects Such As Echo, Making Yourself Sound More Distant, Robotic, Etc Would Be Cool As Well!

- suggestions

This is by far my favorite video editing app, and even with the free version there’s a lot you can do with it, just figure out your way around! I used it for free for most of the time that I had it, and just recently accidentally skipped the date to cancel the free trial and I now have it for a year when I have no idea how I want to use it, haha! But this app IS easy to use and gives you a lot of fun options, and I love it so much. To the creators: I love all of your products and I know you guys work on updating all of the apps often but something I’d very much enjoy to use on Videoleap is distortions, of both audio and visuals. I would love to change and distort pitches as well as fun filters for videos that allow you to change the shape and more of the video. Thanks for all the hardwork!!

- Phenomenal app with incredible customer support

Anyone frustrated about the price point for the full featured app: I know what it’s like to not have the $ to buy quality video and graphic design programs. Unfortunately, we’ve all been conditioned to pay under $5 for phone apps. But Videoleap, and more importantly, this company is worth the investment. I have sent one email requesting a Ken Burns effect and the response from customer support has been fantastic - including detailed instructions about how to do it. I am confident that this company will continually improve their products and provide great customer service as long as they have a sustainable business model. They produce quality training videos and have worked to create an online community that inspires creativity. Keep it up, Lightricks!

- Love it 💞

I really love this app. There are a few things that I wish you could add to this app to make it better. Though, that is not the reason why I give it 4 stars. I give it a 4 star because using the free version is very limited. I am not someone that likes to pay to make videos for my free time. I do understand some things, like extra filters, effects, etc. But having limited things on top of the video I personally don’t like. Some things that I wish you could add is more transitions. I love to make edits and finding apps on my phone is difficult because they’re aren’t many transition options. Otherwise, I use this app for my edits beside transitions. I just wish there were more options. Not many app companies or owners read these and use these reviews but I hope you take some of my suggestions and make some of these happen.

- Please developers look at this :)

Hi, so I am a content creator and I have been using your app, but there are so many cool features that are VIP. Here me out, I would have gotten the paid version until I realized it’s a monthly subscription and people like me can’t do a subscription so please just make a paid version in the App Store! I would appreciate it and many other ppl would too! It would be better where you can pay 6.99 or whatever it is that you choose and then get all the cool features :) PLEASE DO THIS Also, the app crashes a lot and glitches out when editing so please fix that! Also there is a glitch where I go to files (google drive) and when I click on the file I want, it doesn’t work and doesn’t put it in the thing I’m editing...

- One of the best if not the best video editor on the iPad

I have tried out just about ever video editing app I can find and this one is by far the best I have tried so far. Has way more options and features than I have a need for (right now still a amateur). Once I get a better feel for editing I plan to buy the full version but the free version does more than a lot of over paid version. The biggest thing for me is being able to trip / splice clips together and have control of putting a watermark / logo on the video. Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask and for Videoleap it isn’t but I haven’t had much luck find just one app that could do all that, that didn’t have some kind of compromise in one area

- Get away with all that “Pro” stuff!

When it comes to making an edit and stuff everything is fine. But it’s sad how in order to save your video you have to pay for there to be no watermark. I hate that. Then if we choose to screen record it’s our choice, ya’ll should not be having the watermark on the screen if we are screen recording. That’s kinda like stalking because how would ya’ll know the person is screen recoding, of screen recoding isn’t ran by you. All ya’ll care about is money, ya’ll don’t care about ya’ll customers happiness. We shouldn’t have to pay for everything on the app. And there shouldn’t be a limit to how much stuff we can use. Just stop with all that pro stuff. And if customers choose to screen record then that’s none of ya’ll business, so, please permanently remove that notification that pops up about screen recording off the screen! It’s irrelevant and useless.

- Video corruption

The editing software has been giving me a lot of crap recently, but before I get to that, I want to point something out. The free trial is really weird payment wise, instead of making you pay monthly if you forget about canceling the free trial, it makes you pay YEARLY. So I thought that was a little weird and borderline suspicious when it comes to money. So what’s been happening is that my videos are corrupted. I looked at the app recently and my video was corrupted, I didn’t think about it much because basically all editing softwares do this. But the next day, ALL of my videos are corrupted. Every, single, one. This is just unacceptable. All of the videos I had took hours to edit, and all of them were corrupted. The difference between a normal editing software and this one is that, the normal one will only get about one of its videos corrupt, this one made ALL of the videos corrupt. I will be uninstalling this app shortly, please, fix this issue.

- Waiting for certain things

I love Videoleap so much, but it’s missing a few things that I think would make it perfect 1:The ability to have a flip animation where your photo flips over to the other side. 2:A way to stretch out your videos/photos like the transition tool from Enlight Photofox. 4:A Way To Turn Your photos without affecting the size sort of like the one in Cute Cut where you can grab a corner and just turn the photo. Also include the dot in the middle that tells the photo what point will be staying in the same place. 5: A better Chroma Key. Please improve your green screen because at times it ends up leaving holes in my videos, and changing the threshold and spread doesn’t help me out. 6: This might be a strange request, but if possible, can you make a way to merge videos? Like in a sense to where one video placed on top of another can be made into one video by merging them together. You would have to make sure it would also work with things with transparent backgrounds. 7: Draw tool sort of Like KineMaster’s. 8: Shadows, But On Photos. 9: Add cartoon filters. 10: Motion Graphics Customizable Titles, Animations, Matte Transitions, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Bon Bon Emoticon

- Complains and Why I like this app.

So, there a lot of glitches.. and things that you need a lot of images added it’s harder to make witch makes you have to close the app and go back in it... witch makes absolutely no sense... Also here’s a problem, how al of a sudden, the voice cover doesn’t work, I mean it worked all the time but now when you play it, it just stops when it want to. Now, I can’t finish it and have to finish the video using another app... The good thing about this app is that it is very very good with the structure to make small projects. I mean I don’t expect anything to be perfect, but I am very impressed how this was made I land I highly recommend people who make small things should use it. Thanks for your time reading this. Hope you can fix the glitches.

- Crashes

This app is good for short video edits with not many cuts and additions mixed in. I make videos with upward of 50 cuts and different scenes and the app cannot handle it. It glitches, it shows down, and it crashes. Whats worse, the app simply will not compress and export some videos of a length of about 7-8 minutes if there are too many cuts made. So, in that case, I have to delete half of the editing I’ve already done just to be able to finalize the first half of the video. Then I need to go back in and re-edit the second half. THEN I have to go in and piece the beginning and end together. It’s a HUGE waste of my time. Otherwise the app works fine and has some cute features. I actually prefer the interface to iMovie, and I like the sound effect library as well. Just wish it wouldn’t crash on me 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Awful

Since the update all of the things about this app that I loved have changed. I am a NON PRO person. I used to screen record even if it is a way of cheating, mostly because you are limited. Now you add a watermark! Also the price of the buy for once have came up to $70. This is outrageous! I loved to animate on this app, and I would LOVE if you could add at least more than 2 overlapping layers, otherwise me and MANY other people will move to the next apps, like KINEMASTER, Videostar, or cute cut pro. I am very disappointed and I hope you change that back. 2nd part to it- I know how to free export. This app has lots of great ways to make a video. Only if you pay. That’s why I USED to screen record. Next if I try to make a video longer than 2 minutes it CRASHES and starts lagging and eating a lot of battery. I would love if you could add more FREE effects or make some of the pro tools non pro. Thanks

- I can’t break it!

I am a creative professional and I love working on my iPhone. When it comes to music, video or photo software of I will do everything try and push the limits of them. Most of the time, they break. VideoLeap, however, has been 100% stable and I love how deep the features are. Nothing on the iPhone compares. The way it integrates with Photofox is brilliant. Love being able to use key frames to animate video and objects. And the voiceover feature is shockingly useful. The only feature I wish was in this app was the ability to lock groups so that they will move together when an edit is made earlier on the timeline. Heck, maybe the feature exists already but I can’t find it.

- Im frustrated and there is no way i could afford premium

I would love to get premium but my parents would NEVER let me pay 70 bucks for unlimited access and i probably wouldnt be allowed the monthly payment either. I would probably get them to say yes if the permanent payment was 5 bucks but they still might say no. I want to go to film school and even before i do that i want to be able to start making short films, but i cant do that or afford it. I know this sounds like a sob story but it really is something i love doing but im stuck with imovie and i cant afford a greenscreen. I have seen good reviews about premium but again, its just too much and especially since i have no way of knowing if this is the type of platform i want to use. Its like gambling with the hope of winning something usable. I am 15 and i want to get a scolorship for filmschool. Please take this into consideration and thank you for you’re time and have a nice day. 🙂

- Solid 4, some things I think could improve

Honestly love the app. It fits all of my needs! There are two things it could fix though. The first is that it is very hard to pinpoint an exact volume that you want to change it to. For example if I want to have the audio be 200, it’s hard to get exactly on 200. It often goes to 202 or 198. One thing that could help that is changing it to how it is with the speed, how it is a multiplier, like 2x volume instead of 200. Or just type in the volume you want. Besides that, the only other problem is how laggy it gets. It can sometimes be impossible to edit because it won’t change frames when I drag the cursor to a different spot on the timeline. Besides that, this app is great. Amazing job!

- Speed up an slow down

Update: thank you very much for adding ability to speed up / slow down videos! But why it’s limited to 5x?! Seriously, why? I actually bought a full version beforehand, even when you didn’t have that feature, because I thought that you will nail it and do it right. How disappointing it was to see the speed is limited to 5x. Oh man :( Please fix it, let me choose any speed I want. I will be here waiting. Please add an ability to speed up and slow down clips! Most importantly: don’t limit it at 8x like all other apps. Make it possible to speed up them as much as I want, like 140x. I would buy it without any doubt. There is no app with such feature in the App Store.

- Something is wrong with the Text now

I use this App to do my main work for a client, and yesterday I was doing my standard edits, and presently for some weird reason, when I add text to my videos, it appears like the Opacity level is low, or there is some blending applied. The only thing that makes the text look more solid is when I turn the stroke up to 10, but then the colors don't even match what you picked. Like when I go for the color gold, it's looks nothing like gold. So I'm not sure what's going on, but it's definitely off right now and messing up my workflow. Please Please Please fix this. 😢🙏 UPDATED! They fixed the issue! Thank you to the people over at Videoleap!

- Needs more settings but it’s still great!

The other app Pixaloop has really good features that need to be implemented into Videoleap like 3D feature would be pretty awesome if you could also freeze frames in videos while it moving or slow a certain part of the video down while the rest moves fast or slower depending on the settings! Also if you added the effects too just the whole entire effects settings on it. Overlay and elements would be nice too! And even the animate feature into a video format! This app is great I’ve used it for a year now! I’d highly recommend this! But it would definitely be more worth it with more features!

- Functionality, cost, and annoyance

This app almost instantly heats up the back of my IPhone XR whenever I use it for 5 or more minutes.. often times the app will crash because of this. Thankfully your progress on editing isn’t affected. That being said the pro features you gain access to through a monthly or annual membership are a tiny bit underwhelming, yet without them the free version is not worth using. Another HUGE problem is that audio backtracking won’t actually play until sometimes 5 seconds into the video while editing. Which makes the very crucial task of syncing the audio in the beginning impossible. Would bump to 4 stars if this was just a paid version of the app and/or the subscription offered something more, and PLEASE fix the audio playback.. cannot properly synchronize anything in the first 5 seconds of videos

- Worth the investment

Forget the naysayers and reviewers carping about the cost of this jaw-droppingly robust editing dynamo... it is worth every penny and then some. I am a recent convert from LumaFusion (which I also adored), as I found VideoLeap even easier to use and every bit as powered. I apply fairly sophisticated prosumer-style edits to various videos (surgical, family, etc.) and VideoLeap continually astounds with its ability to convert fanciful project ideas into video reality. Bravo, developers! Appreciate the ongoing refinements to the app and can only imagine the work and creativity involved. Why should you not be rewarded for your work? Some of us out here are happy to pay just a bit for quality. Keep on!

- I felt very moved by this app

This so called, “Enlight app,” gave me much more than I expected. I had many doubts about this piece of work when I first saw this app. As I dived into the realm of electronic photo editing, I started to realize how much of an amazing app this is. I am a very unique person in which I prefer my toast to be well done and with extra butter. This means that I love apps that make me feel at ease and at rest from stress and pain. I have made a couple horrible choices in my life, like dating a girl named taylor, or playing baseball, but installing this app isn’t one of those. It has changed my life mentally and verbally. I feel very much as a great person in life and I hope you will feel the same once you install or reinstall this app. Amen.

- Love but problems

Hello I have paid to use the app for a year (December 31) and it was working fine all these months but it seems like July and this month the app has been having problems. I always edit my videos on here but recently when I try editing my video, I can only see some of it but then the screen on the app goes black but I can still hear the audio. When I try to just save what I have edited so far in my video the app cancels the download immediately. I like this and and I rely on it for my videos but this problem keeps occurring every time I use it and I restarted my phone thinking maybe my phone was the problem but no the same problem keeps happening. Also I have the IPhone 11 pro max and my phone shouldn't be the problem.

- Loved it...still want to

I got this app to edit videos for our youth group and have some experience with premiere and other programs and love the user friendly but highly powerful dashboard. Unfortunately this week I spent hours edited and trimming up a video to post, which requires a deadline and when I went to upload it just crashed. I’ve attempted to actually re-edit the entire video thinking it was maybe a corrupted file or something going on with the same results so now I ha e to edit with another program I hate and can’t do nearly any of the things I want to do and I’m stuck with my only option to use very limited editing. The video is under twenty minutes with maybes a handful of things added mostly just cuts were done in the video. I e had longer more detailed edits on other video so I’m disappointed.

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- The best video editing app on the iPad

This app is incredible. I love it! I can do so many things with it and it is so easy to use. Time and time again I am discovering new things I can do. Great app. But the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I would love for you to make the masking tool better, it only has shapes, I’d love it if you could draw up your mask and animate it as it goes (as well as keep the shapes, also please if you do this don’t make it a pro feature). Also, can you please add more effects, again, not pro (but you could if you want have more effects in pro less in free like usual just add more effects to the free one). Apart from that best app ever! Definitely recommend it and also, no matter what anyone says, it is better than KineMaster.

- Best video editor but perhaps not for everyone

I really appreciate finally someone is able to make such an extensive app that can possibly substitute for desktop video editing apps on phone to some extent. I think asking price is very fair considering the professionalism and features in this app, for all people who think it’s expensive take a look at the price tag of apps with similar functions (you can probably find em on pc only) and then compare how affordable the asking price is (referring to one time purchase). I purchased Enlight as well and I’m going to purchase this soon, working with Enlight has proven to me that despite of the high price tags developers are constantly supporting and adding lots of features and I am sure Videoleap will be in good places in coming month. So far I used this app to make my own creative videos and the results were amazing considering I’m working on iPhone 7, perhaps many of features aren’t meant for daily use but the free version already provides an array of useful tools which you need for typical editing. If you looking to go beyond and use your imagination I’m sure you will find your purchase worth every cent. *****Also please add landscape mode !!!!!! Overall good app and thanks.

- Great but one problem...

Hey I have been using the free version of the app and it's great but there is a problem. I was editing a video, but after using like 3 transitions, I wasn't able to use any more. I thought it might just be a limit on the video because I didn't have pro, so I saved the video and tried to add transitions on another one. However, the transitions themselves were still greyed out and not I can't use them at all. Great if you could fix that, or just explain why they aren't working :). That is all, other than that the app is great! Thanks!

- Pricey

Pretty good video editing software. Although a bit clunky at times when using the phone, there is no need to use a computer because this software is enough. I got caught out at the end though when Videoleap wanted to charge me $11 per stock video that I used, despite my already purchasing the Premium version. Came to a pricey $175 at the end of a 2.30 minute video AFTER already paying for the full version!! At the time of editing, there is NO INDICATION that you will need to pay extra....until you try to export your project at the end. Next time, I think I’ll just stick with the tried and true iMovie to avoid wasting so much time and money on a 2.30 minute film clip.

- Free Version

I love this app and have been using it for well over an Year now but it has been really hard to make better videos because of the very limited free version. For example, the free version doesn’t get to overlap text which is a feature I would love to see for the free version. I’m normally not a payer but I would pay for the features if I could. I really love this app and it’s honestly so close to being perfect with the easy to learn interface and features but PLEASE focus a bit more on giving the non payers a better experience with some decent features

- Some problems...

I really like the app but just ONE thing... when I add pictures and stuff and I add a certain amount, the app get very laggy and it gets quite annoying. And it’s also very annoying when you play the video on the editing page and it doesn’t show up properly so I don’t know how to time it right. Sometimes even if I try to watch it through the full screen mode it goes off timing then what it actually is and I have to export it in order to see if the ACTUAL time is right. Please, if you can fix these two problems...

- Great app but just some suggestions

This is a great app and has the best features available for ios. You've got a very simply built interface with many effects and stuff and could easily beat many PC video editors built for the same purpose. One of my biggest troubles is deleting bits of the video when i have lots of little audio clips wich are placed in time with the video. When the video is edited, i need to move each audio clip forwards or backwards to match the video one by one. Other than this suggestion, you have a perfect app.


This is absolutely amazing! Every video editing app I have used would be on a 5 right now, and this would be on an 11! It works so well, and runs so smoothly! The only thing I would like to see in the future is video crop, for free? It’s a wonderful and exquisite app, but I generally feel as if video crop should be free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but sometimes I’m in the need of cropping a video without a watermark, and so must other people, but I have to pay. That’s the only downside. But overall, AMAZING!

- Bugs and Lags

I have been using this app for 2 years now and i love it, the features in it are amazing, but there are bugs and my most recent edit. I’m editing a video for my workout routine, and i’m doing voiceovers. I picked up where i left off yesterday and whenever i tried to make a new voiceover, it kicks me off the app. And also, whenever i move the video back and play it again, it either the audio or the video itself that slowed down. Please fix this developers

- Very good app but needs changes

Video leap is an amazing editor! And I encourage anyone to use it. But the thing that’s not very good is the watermark. It’s ok if you want to advertise your brand. But I feel like there should be an option where you have 5 places to put the watermark. Bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left and the middle. And it would be good if you were able to choose one of those spots for the watermark. This would be a very significant but good change for Videoleap. Because I feel that it is unfair that if you don’t have premeium then there is no point in the app.

- Awesome app

Just downloaded this app and I’m super impressed, definitely wasn’t expecting it to be this good! Please don’t change anything (like adding non stop ads🙄) or ruin the app like many other creators did with theirs. I think the only thing I’d think about adding would be transitions for texts & videos. Still such a great app! Possibly a 7 day free trail for the Pro version could be useful as I would not want to spend such a brave amount without knowing what I’d get.😄

- It is great but can be improved

I used to worked with bunch of video editing apps but when I used this app I left all of them and stuck to it, it is fast, powerful, handy and enjoyable, Two things need to be fixed and add 1- cropping the video frame to desire size( now the frames are fixed) 2- when a segment deleted it goes forward rather to back to the end of last segment I really appreciate the video leap team for their great job !

- The undisputed best video app on the market

Worth every cent. I can make a professional looking video in minutes. I usually use filmora, premier pro and after effects so this app is a god send. Please make available more filters and effects also there are a few bugs like when you have multiple layers and effects the video stops responding and you need to restart the app. Fix these things and you will have a customer for life ✌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

- It’s pretty good...

Yes, it’s awesome, and it’s got amazing features but... it keeps on lagging if I put a lot of pictures or videos in. And then I actually have to restart my project ALL OVER AGAIN! I don’t actually have to restart it all over again, but honestly, doesn’t having to rearrange everything and put every single attachment back on again count as starting from scratch? I really like the app, and I don’t want to stop using it. But if it keeps on doing this, I think I will have to go back to KineMaster.

- Great app but still room to improve

Love a lot of the features this app provides, but still only in its early stages to what it could potentially become. The Photofox integration is a brilliant feature and I like how it has a chromakey tool, but frustrating that it needs more work as I seem to still use other apps to do my green screen work due to its performance. Also would like to see the option to import through iOS files, as adding music and effects I still find myself having to use other apps to import my own music. Apart from that, plenty to love about this app. Hope to see some more updates and useful stock content to keep me subscribing. Huge supporter of Enlight and Photofox. Photofox is the best thing since sliced bread and fingers crossed we see much more future development in this one!

- Good but needs help

It is a good app I just wished that it was a little bit easier because I am new to this type of stuff and making a movie with my siblings and this helped a lot but it was hard to manage I would recommend this app for people who have at least a year of experience or people who have a lot of experience this app was really good once I got used to making and editing movie's.

- Rip off

I would pay $5 per month but when it asks for $50 straight up subscription I deleted the app No app no matter how good is not worth being givin the opportunity to trial first at a small risk (I don’t mind risking wasting $5 but not $50) Also remember these developers make millions for nothing once they get into your reoccurring (subscription method) payments because they sit dormant for 6 months or a year then $100 silently slips out of your account (at Christmas time when least noticed due to many different spending transactions) & if you’re like most people you won’t notice for a year or two, long after you stopped using the app

- must read!💕

I think this app is amazing! i have a fan page on instagram, and i love making edits! i’ve tried almost every editing app i could find! This app has so many FREE transitions, stickers, layers, texts and many cool fonts, and so much more! On many apps like this one, you need to pay monthly for cool things like that, but you don’t with this one! It’s also watermark free! Overall, I rate this app 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Good but there’s a problem

I have been using this app for a while but there was a frustrating thing that happened recently. The app itself is one of the best editing apps I’ve ever had but once when I tried to add a few more photos into my edit it got laggy and then glitches me out and then all my work was gone. That edit took a long time so I just gave up in the end. I hope that problem can be fixed soon. Thankyou. New update now I can’t even play my video. It’s getting even more laggy...

- Great but…

This is a great app, but there are playback issues where the video plays when you don’t want it to (i.e. when you’re scrolling through a video). Could you also add an option to ‘nest’ certain parts of a video? I find it very annoying when you have a text animation on top of a video, and the text does not stay with the video (if you shorten the clip or move it elsewhere on the time line). Otherwise perfect app. Recommended.

- Not good .

Lucky I have purchased one month subscription because on the face of it it seemed to be well worth the money. I bought the app two days ago and attempted to make a fancy 2.5 min video. After spending 5 hrs editing ... surprise surprise can’t export . The flick was perfect. Got up the next day and I thought to myself “maybe it’s my iPhone “. Let’s use iPad. Another 5 hrs later the clip was finished and the result . You got it ... Can’t export. So are the files to big, if so then why the app doesn’t give any warning. It seem to have great figures but maybe one can’t use to many of them at the same time or is it for the beginners or is it the iOS 12.4.1 and yes mine is up to date. I use a lot of editing apps that maybe are not as flash but they work . By the way it did export the video in early stages so that wasn’t a problem only once I made it fancy that it just wasn’t able to handle it so it maybe perfect for the basic editing. Truly disappointed.

- One problem

Dear Developers I love this app so much but I’m really hoping to make it better by adding drawable masks, because i cant mask that well with the shapes which I don’t like, if you could make it like Adobe After Effects that would be great. So if you could make the masks be able to have any shape and outline it yourself that would make me so happy and i will make this review a five star. Love from a small editor

- This is so annoying ;-;

I’m giving it a two stars because although the video imput and search was great, it’s really frustrating that you have to buy pro to put music and remove the watermark. And why do you tell me after I’m done with my video? To dig it in more? I’m a student and definitely don’t have my own savings to buy pro. As much as I want to, I can’t. When I try to screen record, your watermark is right in the way. I’m doing this for a school lesson, and this just delays me and makes it way harder. Thanks.

- Why the subscription???

This is a great video editing app. I use it all the time. But why do you have to put expensive subscriptions on all your apps, Enlight? I would give this app 5 stars if there was no subscription because without it I can only put 3 layers and most of the good effects are pro too. Also you could do a bit more work on the Chroma Key. Plzzzzzz add more stuff you can do without pro or make it cheaper or something. Otherwise, 5 stars. It's a good app

- Easy to use

I have found this app easy to use and it allows me to do what I would usually do on a computer (I really like the layers it allows). The only negative I have is that it only lets me use music that I have purchased on iTunes. As I have an Apple Music subscription, my music doesn’t show up as usable content. Unfortunately I can only use the free U2 album that Apple forced onto everyone’s phones.

- Great, better than iMovie, wish I could get rid of watermarks

I love this app as it has so many features but I wish that the premium didn’t take so much away from the base part, I couldn’t even export my video onto photos because it some music (probably uncopywrited), thus I had an assessment with a large watermark in the middle which was a pain, apart from that, the app is great.

- Easy and awesome to use

I do majority of my fitness videos using this apps. Similar to iMovie however much more user friendly and has a lot more features. It does have its glitches now and then which gets abit frustrating when you’re on a roll getting a project done but can’t fault the features.

- It's getting unreliable to use for my projects.

I only use this and movie maker. There is issue that am facing from a week or 2. When I add a certain amount of videos (don’t know about pics coz I don’t use them) then it starts getting laggy and then crash. Sometime I work really hard and when am nearly finished, snappp it crashed. So, your app is now getting unreliable for me and am using only movie maker now. Am using iPhones 64GB

- Awesome, 2 suggestions

Amazing! I just wish you could add a section in audio where one can record sound, so that voiceovers etc can be done on the one app. Another suggestion: like in the enlight photo app, it would be awesome to be able to erase the surrounding areas of a video that do not serve, when mixing. Other than that, an absolutely awesome app! Thank you!

- A little disappointment

When I got this app I watched like the video and kinda edited it but when I tried to add my photos to my own project not the one that was already there once I got the app and when I was trying every time I pressed the button to make the project it would glitch me out of the app. I honestly don’t know if it’s the Ipad or the app but it might of been me added too much photos but I’m sure somethings wrong with the app

- My favourite

Videoleap is my go to app for nearly everything video editing. What it does, or does very, very well, and stylishly :) It's no Adobe Premier, sure, but I don't want it to be - it's perfect as it is. It fills a niche need I had when it first came out and I've been using it ever since. Nice one, devs! (Thought it was high time I actually got off my bum and wrote a review!)

- Request for a few stuff

This is a very good app but what about the masking, it’s great but could we have a option for advance masking we’re we could mask out objects without using a line or square and could you also try to add 2d or 3D tracking. Sorry for asking for a lot. Great app

- Great app!!

This is a great app for video editing, and I love that you can still do so much even with the free version. The only suggestion I have though, is to have pricing options for people who are only interested in specific features of the pro version, but don’t necessarily need the whole pro version themselves. E.g. I love the rgb effect (found in the glitch section), and some of the filters in the pro version but don’t necessarily need much else from it. That’s all! Otherwise I love the app!! Makes editing so much easier on iPad ❤️

- Great Editing App But......

Videoleap is a great editing app making it easy to use for beginner editors but the one thing I hate about Videoleap is it’s pro version of the app. You can’t have more then 2 layers if you don’t have the pro version of Videoleap and it just makes things bad. Videoleap, if you see this, please remove that feature. Thank you.

- Footage disappearing

Hello I love this app, when I first started using it, it was working perfectly, but recently I’ve being trying to edit a video but every time I reopen the app a few of the clips go missing and it just shows a black screen for the duration of the particular clips. Sometimes if I refresh it they’ll reappear, than others will disappear. It’s very annoying


It is a complete rip off and I would give it zero star if I could. The app has a three day free trail however doesn’t cancel the subscription itself not alert you that the three day trail has passed then ask you if you would like to continue using the app, it just takes away you money from your bank account, as a high school student I do not recommend this app to anyone who would be interested in using some high quality tools for editing, as it is over priced and unfair.

- Best Video Editing Software

If you want a simple app that can do the effects and has the quality as something as premier pro then Videoleap is the app for you. I used it for my fortnite montage and it was amazing to use. I could import my clips, music and effects quickly. Get Videoleap. It’s efficient, free and fun.

- Good but...

It’s really smooth and the editing system is nice too but every time I’m in the middle of editing (preferably after I download another clip) all of my footage doesn’t show up. Even when I exit/restart the app; the footage I’ve downloaded doesn’t work and the music I’ve put in doesn’t play. Please fix this problem, ASAP.

- Subscriptions

This piece of software looks well thought out with a clean and consistent interface. The software purchase price is expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the asking price. I really dislike software subscriptions, so am I glad to see there is an option to purchase outright.

- Ridiculous

If you want to look through the video when you edit it, you basically can’t because of how choppy, laggy and delayed it is. It is ridiculous how this hasn’t been fixed yet and every other editing app is not like this so I’m going to probably stop using it if it continues to be like this and I don’t recommend using it. The only reason it’s a 2 star is because it’s free

- Good but not perfect

The app is great for editing videos but something that’s been happening is annoying and happens a lot. Whenever I’m editing a video the screen freezes and plays the audio so I can’t really do anything but restart the app. It’s not major but it is a bit irritating.

- Very Good!

Thank you so much for your patience and dealing with the issues related to heavy layering on this app. Videoleap is a spectacular app. I have only used the free version, but it is still very generous with the amount of content available. Thank you for all your hard work! :)

- Great app and all but please fix the lagging problem

This app is amazing for a lot of reasons but when i add videos up to 24minutes it gets really lagging and the soundtrack gets so messy it’s annoying which means i have to log out of the app and start my project from scratch, PLEASE fix this problem thank you

- Could be better

This app is very good and I’ve been making awesome videos with it, the problem is you can’t really use it unless you pay. Without buying the “extra” payment there a billions of adds on it, and you vids disappear and expire in a couple days. Pls fix this as it is very annoying when you make a whole video and it just disappears and has no videos.

- Why would you change the perfect chroma key

You guys had a perfectly good chroma key which could make any cgi look real, but now you have changed it so that it is super glitchy and the picker dousnt work for me. Also you got rid of the blur option which was great. Please bring it back.

- Very useful

It's very useful and easy to edit for my account and only takes minutes to edit unlike other video editor that spending 2 hour for editing their works Thank you 😊

- Weird thing

I’m not rating or anything so 5 star but um I can’t you know put videos in so like I can’t find the button for so if the devs can help me or someone else,pls help but is probably Going to be good when I use the videos so yea help please

- Needs way more glitch effects

As the title and rating states this is simply the best video edit app available but it isn’t worth a paid subscription until more effects and glitches are added with options to adjust..

- Having a bug

The app is good but after working for exactly 5/6 minutes the app stops working and automatically quit itself its very annoying. Please fix it. I lost many projects.

- It crashed and I lost all my work!

I spent more than one hour on a video and when I had just reached the end it crashed and all my work was deleted! What the heck it causing that?! And can you fix it?! Because now I need to waste another one-two hours to make this video! Just be aware about this problem please.

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- Masking

Everything about this app is amazing! I haven’t ran into any problems yet but I was just writing this hoping someone would see this. Masking is a powerful tool that I use when I edit my videos, and if we were able to draw a mask frame by frame instead of being limited to a preset mask (linear, circle, etc.) this app would be ALOT more powerful. Just a suggestion that would make this app an 11/10, but other than that, 10/10!

- Deleting

This app is amazing! I would give it 5 star rating, but the problem is that I deleted it the other day to free up space. After that, it returned onto my phone, but instead of having the app icon, it had a white icon with gray lines across it with circles. I do not know if it’s my device that’s the problem, but i there is a way to stop it, please let me know ;)

- Way too expensive

Hate that they’ve gone with a subscription pricing model (or $140 for lifetime access)... Far too expensive. Enlight was much cheaper. Not sure why they’d do that—they’d sell ten times as much if they reduced the price to one tenth of its current cost. Wouldn’t those two actions offset one another, resulting in the same net revenue?

- Tricky?

I can not save the video project unless I sign up for Pro?! So it seems then that it’s not a free app.

- Impossible to cancel

I accepted the free 3 day trial and 5 minutes after I loaded it on my phone I decided to cancel it. It shows up in purchase history but will not cancel. I hate how these people make it impossible. Tell me how to cancel before you start billing me! I hate stupid apps.

- Junk

You have to pay to get the best benefits from it. So it’s not really “free” it glitches all the time. You can’t save videos because it may be “too long”. And when you try to contact them they ignore you for days. I’d rather use iMovie over this. Completely a waste of time. I do not recommend this app at all.

- This app stole 45 dollars

This app is garbage and charged me 45 dollars for no reason. Now I am 80 dollars in the hole with my bank because of the amount and the initial nsf fee and the nsf charges continue to mount because my next paycheque isn’t until the end of the month, which is coincidentally also my birthday. After bills I won’t be able to afford to even by myself a slice of cake though because this garbage app stole from me. Don’t download this.

- Keeps crashing

Pls fix the crashing its really annoying overall this app is great execpt for the crashing just for that it sucks

- It’s buggy

It’s automatically selecting stuff before I can get to what I want to insert... Y’all need to move beatleap advertisement elsewhere, you can’t just stick it at the beginning of the tools...especially if I’m a pro user.

- I

I installed a trailer version for one week, but after 2 days they dedicated 55$ from my account. I canceled my registration but they didn’t pay my money back.

- Fake free apps

Loosing my time I cannot buy without trying first

- J aime

Parfait comme application

- Good editing app but..

Good editing app but everything is way to over price

- videoleap prombles

well not add music download from apple music

- So good

It’s such a good app if you want to do any editingI’m not sure how they did it even if it’s on iPhone you can do it or anything with editing you can do

- Great editing app but it be tripping some times

The app is great favourite editing app but it be tripping sometimes and it’s a annoying like I will pause a video Im editing and it will freeze for a while or show grey screen out of no where app keeps crashing needs to fix but great editing app ✅✅

- Need to transfer to MacBook

This is a really good app. I would love if it would transfer to MacBooks..It would really help! Hope you consider this suggestion..cause I only use this app to edit as of now

- Awesome app but...

Please add a feature where we can add music without paying! Then I think people would get the app more.

- Deserves 0 stars!!!

It doesn’t even deserve ONE star! I did NOT give them permission to take money out of my ACCOUNT!!!! I was billed for $54.00 and I want my money back!!

- Amazing

This is really good for connecting vids together thumbs up 👍🏻


I bought Premium plan because this app is so amazing and it's so good to edit video. However, I think it's just for short video because when I edited video that was longer than 10 minutes, it was so lag and It even had many errors. I hope you can fix to more flexible.

- Dumb app

I don’t like the microtransaction idea since halo 5 g this app only allows you to only have one image is really dumb and it’s ask you to pay premium for 150 a year holy god fo forsa that money hungry I don’t suggest you to install

- Waste of time

Isn't free and can't crop music and put it where you want, don't waste time on this app

- Good App when it isn’t crashing

I used the free version and it was good. However, since the most recent update it has been crashing and having glitches. Which makes editing a much more tedious task. Also with the free version you have a limited amount of things you can add (such as text and music). The basic tools are unlimited.


I can’t edit 90 percent of my videos this is garbage unless you Buy the pro feature you’ll get close to no editing don’t with the app and plus it’s really hard to use I’ll spend 40 minutes editing then ahha blah blah if you want to get what you worked for pay money Baugh it’s so annoying I just want to edit not pay money on a thing that I might as well delete bye I’m getting a new editor and don’t respond with ahhh sorry brah blah and all your other barf I heard you scammed somone so one simple word will do nothing because I know you don’t mean it

- This app is great

I love your guys app because there are no watermarks and you guys don’t have a lot of adds also you guys don’t ask to much for paying

- Great except for the text

I love this app except sometimes the text is glitching out. After I save the video and am watching it over, I see some of the text glitching out a bit. Like part of it will appear first and then the other will appear.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is such a good app. The team made it AMAZING. There is no app that works like this. It is amazing. I love that there are so many things you can do without paying. There are no apps available on iOS that works like this. If I could I would have gave you 20 stars. Thank you. I appreciate this app a lot!!!!!!

- umm

I’m trying to save a video but it won’t let me. It’s annoying. The fact I’ve actually been working on the video for a month makes it worse.

- pricey

I really love this app it works so well but it is extremely pricey for one use


i took a long time to make a cool live wallpaper for my phone, and it said in order for me to save the video i need to have pro, so i wanted to screen record but THE FRICKING WATERMARK WAS IN THE WAY!!! i hate this app.

- Suckkkk


- used to be good

it was fine until a while ago now everytime i put in videos i saved it glitches the video and makes it so i can’t even edit lags crashes a lot now what happened??

- Wow! It’s terrible now.

So.. I gotten the app again after two days and now whenever I try to choose a speific video, it always clicks on the wrong one! And when I try to add another layer it will pick one for me that I do not need! This app used to be so helpful but now it’s trash. I’m not using this again.

- I’m the boss

I gave Videoleap 5⭐️s because like my title I’m the boss why because after using the app for a while and finally paid for full app to get the most out of it. Saw some things I wanted improved on. Sent the team my suggestion and boom!!’ Update made and that’s why I feel like a boss Thanks for the great work and keep it up Videoleap team!!!

- Far too expensive

You say it’s a free app, and you have to pay a lot to get 3 layers. Don’t get it u can’t even do an among us live wallpaper ;)

- My go to editor...

This is my go to editor. Easy to use. Only issue, is the stock music. YouTube has notified me that quite a number of my videos cannot be monetized due to copyright. The majority have been fine, but I’ve had to rework 3 videos in the last 2 days which is unfortunate.

- Stupid

I used 3 things and it’s making me pay for a 3 second long clip for no reason and I tried screen recording it cause I was only making that one think then I was gonna delete this garbage app anyway but when I went to screen record it they’re so petty that they put a watermark over your project when it notices your screen recording, it’s so so petty and I don’t want to pay 10 DOLLARS!!! so I can make ONE THREE SECOND CLIP the creators are so money hungry it hurts I hate it

- Videoleap

Can you add music from anything other than Apple Music? The reason I downloaded Videoleap is because I don’t have any songs on Apple Music (which really sucks since all the apps I use need Apple Music to play songs). For now I’m rating this only three stars; My friend has this app and she says it’s really good, so if it can actually play music, then I’ll rate if 5 stars. -Subscribe to my friend Anurity on YouTube

- Overly

After the new iPhone update iOS 14, every text I add comes in overlay affect by default and it cannot be changed!


I love Videoleap because everything is SO EASY to work with! I also love how you can export your own videos to your friends!

- very good

Great app to Edit Videos

- Simple and easy to use

I was looking for a good application to edit my animations and this is perfect. And there’s no watermark so this is perfect. 10/10.

- Wow just wow...

This is better than imovie, kinemaster and powerdirector! Its the best editing app and it will always be! And the good thing is you can do a lot of stuff with no pro! And i love there is no watermark unlike kinemaster and powerdirector! I think this should be the movie maker for apple in my opinion!

- Keeps crashing

I love this app but it keeps crashing when exporting compacted videos, fix please

- Download it

By Videoleap

- Amazing

100% would recommend, just wondering, could we get custom fonts?

- Wrong app

Downloaded the edit video instead of the photofox I would like to join the company and make the exchange. I don’t do videos.

- It can’t save

When I first installed it was good but now I discovered that it won’t save I Need it to save i was going to upload a video on YouTube but it didnt save

- Keeps crashing

It just keeps crashing!

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- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With so many complaints from so many people about the increasing costs of subscriptions, I really think hard before I sign up! I signed up for this one and it was one of the best investments I have made recently. I now do things with video on my iPhone that could previously only be done on a desktop computer; and I get it done better and faster! If you do video, I believe you will like VideoLeap. I cannot say enough good things about the group of people who make this happen. I need to be very careful not to say too many good things because, who knows, they might decide to increase the subscription costs?! Keep it coming Light Tricks! Nicely 💙 done!

- Freezes, Crashes, etc

I love this app, I really do—it provides wonderful options for video overlay, animation, effects, etc. But it’s incredibly glitchy and crashes constantly while working with it. I’ve been working on a single (8 minute) video for about 2 hours now, having to manually close the app & reopen it when it freezes. It crashes so often during the editing process that I have to work it into my editing time. Usually this happens when I’m working with multiple layers but it also happens when I’m trying to edit small increments of time (ie trying to clip out 1 or 2 seconds). Please fix this, as I’m using the paid version but I don’t see the point in continuing to pay for an app that’s costing me more in time spent than it should be.

- Recent Issue - Please Help!

I used to love this app, and I would use it for everything. But the reason it gets 4 stars instead of five is the most recent issue. I find that when editing, it freezes a lot and the video won't play. And it's hard to see my progress because I will play it at a certain point and when I go back to the beginning and start it, it starts from the place it was last. I don't understand how to fix this issue. It has been happening a lot recently to the point where I can't use the app. It's too difficult for me. Also, I tried to restart the app, close it and open it again, and even restart my iPhone thinking that was the issue but I don't think it was.

- Wow. Thanks, developers, I ❤️ it!

I just got this app today and I am AMAZED and DELIGHTED. I am still working out how to use it, but it is very easy to use overall. I probably got it less than a few hours ago and already I am working on a new video. So far, I love the blending and green screen effects. They are really cool and work pretty well. I also am SUPER grateful for all the free stocks you give us. Also, the ability to animate using keyframes is really useful. If anybody is reading this and wants to get the app, you can pay a subscription or one-time payment to get SOME features of the app. However, a lot of really great ones are free, so why don't you try it out?

- Everything you need to know! :)

As a video creator, this whole app is quite irritating. If you’re working on a big project don’t bother. It doesn’t have an auto save feature just in case, and it tends to crash a lot (depending on your space.) me being broke I probably should’ve spent my money on saving up for a new computer rather than relying on video apps destined just to take your money and have a quick cash grab for overlays and effects that are not only in-unique, but are essentially easy to make with practice, and different software. But like I said this message is from a video Creator with millions of views on YouTube’s point of view. It WILL year your hair out, and isn’t worth the money! So if you’re gullible and don’t care about your project other than saying “it looks cool” and want to get it done for a Facebook travel getup, give these guys all your money!

- Awesome but a few things

I’ve used this app for a few years and it is AWESOME! One thing though, there’s a few features I’d like to see in the next update. I would like to see a pitch feature: All we have right now is a feature that allows the pitch to be the original pitch while the speed is different. But can we have it the other way around. The normal speed but different pitch. And second, a custom mask: I would like to have a mask that You could make a few points to have a mask you can make that you can change with key frames Oh! And I would love to see more transitions and maybe a heal feature like in Photofox!

- Review

I highly don’t recommend VideoLeap because I just was trying something new and so I made a mashup of four different songs on iMovie but I couldn’t add a picture to my audio I came on this app and spent about 30 minutes figuring all of this out! I found out I could add a picture to the mashup of songs I made but later on realized I COULD NOT SAVE IT!!! That made me mad! I mean I understand you are trying to make money and people wanted their videos to be cooler with cool covers and stuff like that but Gavin and app and not being able to save a video or picture makes me upset and I would not spend a one time purchase for $70, spend one month for $6, or twelve months for a year. That’s just really stupid and a waste of money and you do that to save a video to your phone I give this a 1 star rating because I’m that mad! Thanks VideoLeap for a waste of my dang time I’m deleting this app!!!!!!!!

- Why I give this app 3 stars overall.

I have a career and I used this app for a while UNTIL I noticed how I couldn’t add multiple layers! This is a HUGE problem because it is honestly too much, and most things on this app you have to pay for! The layers upset me the most because it is VERY outrages and having to pay for the layers to be “pro” isn’t exactly a good technique. This review is a statement for specifically for buying layers and with you shouldn’t have to, this app isn’t bad it just needs a little improvement with what you need to pay for. I NEED this to be free just that ONE thing because it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! I feel this should be an improvement. It would make the experience MUCH better. Thanks!

- Deserves more love

I am incredibly disappointed with other video editing apps. Not enough advance editing and I feel like it was made to be used by middle schoolers. And when I found a decent editing program they cost a bunch of money or have annoying Watermark glitches. But I came across Videoleap after tons and tons of searching, and HELL its amazing! Greenscreen, high quality features, even the basics of video editing have perfection. Please, if you are a young animator or just a human in the world who NEEDS a non-crappy video editor then download this! I’ll wait centuries for this to become as popular as iMovie. Please give Videoleap as much love as possible!

- I WAS about to pay the $70

I was genuinely about to pay $70 to get unlimited access to all features in the app but things about this app keeps preventing me to do so. Whenever I am on a serious part of my project it crashes and goes back to my home screen why would I pay $70 for it to do this. Also sometimes it’s super laggy! As if this sounds don’t match where my line is on the video. I have to delete the app and download it again for it to affect as it should. I am not going to pay $70 for something that has problems such as this. You’re gonna have to fix some stuff before I spend my hard earned money on this app! Until you fix it I will be using it for free, thank you.

- love it but upsets me at the same time

Don’t get me wrong i love this app but you know what’s rlly upsetting? it’s the fact that you have people get their hopes up and have them excited after they make an edit, then u just wanna not let us save it like are you serious do better i’m so serious. I get it you want that coin but at least let people save their videos that they worked hard and long on. I worked on one of my edits for an hour and was so excited to save it but nooo you just had to say “become a premium” like whatt? Other apps don’t even do that they let you save it but you just have to pay for extra effects. I hope y’all get that together because i’m still waiting to save this vid that i worked long and hard on. 😗


[EDIT] Turns out my phone was to blame. At the time I didn’t update my software and it was the reason the app was glitching. Now it works perfectly is one of the best video apps out there! I like the app, is really fun and can make cool effects but when I download the finished video to my camera roll there's random glitches in the audio that were not there in the original video inside the app. I tried to modify my video but those glitches were still there when I downloaded the video, is very annoying! If it doesn't get fix soon I'm going to have to delete the app and find a better one.

- I have to do more work then when I started

It was fine when I first got it. It was fun to make videos but for some reason it only works on my phone and not my iPad. I would record something with the voice record thing and I keep on having to go back again and again just to hear it. Now I am working on an animation for my friends for Christmas. I played it through multiple times to make sure it was perfect. Now when I was about to show someone the background of the image turned white even though it was transparent. As I written down already I have been checking it but it just randomly just went,”Hmmm, let’s make the backgrounds white.” It’s a good app but it has lots of bugs for some reason on my iPad.

- #4.... it’s about time ....

I have been through some video editing apps the past year ..... And I don’t have a fancy computer. My iPhone is all I have that edits video in 4K at 60 FPS and for what I do, nothing less than that is acceptable. I’ve owned all 4 apps for a while now and it’s good to see Videoleap at No. 4 cause I’ve played with most of the apps out there in the space and I find myself coming back here ... I’ve actually been meaning to reach out to them about some things and I’ve just downloaded the upgrade so I’m excited to see what’s new. The ONLY REASON this isn’t 5 stars is two minor things for most people I’m sure ... Editing in landscape And iCloud showing up all my albums and I wish I knew a way in ICloud or videoleap to adjust how many albums and where those albums are ..... Get that knocked out , and that 5th star will be shining ... Oh , and I’d love a solid tutorial series .... In depth .. I am no expert at editing .... But I shoot very unique stuff..... So learning how to use the apps deeply is of interest as well .... Thanks for all that you all do..... RyAn

- It was all good until my work got lost...

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to exit the app and enter again because of glitches. When I was finally done with on of my videos, I pressed “save”, but was unable to do so because I didn't have enough storage on my phone. I went and deleted a bunch of videos from my phone (including the original videos i included in my videoleap project) - Once I entered the app again after creating more storage, my project had a yellow warning sign on it. I’m unable to view my video I spent the entire day editing. Turned my phone on and off, still the same thing .... It’s completely gone. I cried. Can’t trust this app to save your precious art ... never again will i use my iphone to create videos. Should have listened to my gut. I’ll stick to the traditional way of editing on a desktop.


I wonder if a developer - ANY developer - will ever be straight up with potential customers and let them know in CAPITAL LETTERS, exactly what the app costs with all available features. It’s the “Pro Tools” as they like to refer to them, that we are oohing and aahing in the app’s advertising, so just be up front about it. Don’t make us download the “free” version and then “up-sell” us later. People HATE that kind of sneaky marketing ploy. Look, Mr. Developer: I don’t expect you to bust your tail making a good product and not make a dime for your labor. I don’t. If it’s good, I’m happy to pay you for it. All I ask is for you to be upfront about the costs and not hide them. You know exactly what I’m talking about so please don’t get into semantics with me either. Make it crystal clear what the full monty costs and consumers will respect you for it and show that respect with sales. Just try it. Thank you.

- I really love this app.

As a starting pro in the entertainment field I’ve gotten solid work using VLeap... on an iPhone. I’ve had to switch to a pc learning to use adobe premiere and while the platform is massively more robust and comping is solid, I still move my projects to VideoLeap for detail work. That’s a testament to the solid programming, the mostly intuitive UX of VLeap and frankly Apple, with their strange but useful storage programming. Thank you for making these updates. One has had to be VERY careful when moving and dragging. If you move your finger wrong and you are flowing, you could place some footage in the wrong place and mess up your (VERY DETAILED TO THE FRACTION OF A SECOND) edits, moving things just ever so slightly. Not much, but enough to lose time in finding where the problem was and then reloading a massive amount of data to your client files. My last edit was affected by that and I lost a chunk of time. I’m still happy with my work and am elated at this update’s potential. Way to go, Folks

- Cool but glitches

I like the app I’ve had it for about a year but after a while the app went bad when I wanted to rewind from the middle of one of my videos I went to rewind and it brought me back to the middle of the video and it kept on happening and it got really annoying and the next day the same thing happened again and I was so frustrated so I suggest that you could fix the app so that won’t happen again and when I go to the app it won’t allow me to update and I am not that happy about it and maybe you could lower the price on the pro packs it would turn making videos to perfecting them and it would be so much easier but other then those problems I really like the app.

- AMAZING!!!! but few suggestions

This is one of my favorite apps and I’m so happy I found it. Every editor needs this. I love this app so so much. I also loved the transitions that you recently added!! But I think you should add more transitions. I’m not a great editor myself, so I can’t make my own custom transitions, and I usually use presets. But I feel like effects such as flash, a shake effect, a mirrored sliding transition, a zoom out transition, a split effect, a vortex spin transition, the skew transition, and a jump transition. I hope you take these in mind and add them later on in the future 💗 other than that I have no complaints

- Annoying...

I just spent 3 hours on a video just to find out I have to pay to save it. I’m not signing up for the trial or paying them for any crap. Everything has to cost money and you cant even create a simple video. The prices are ridiculous. Now that movie has to be recreated because you have to fricken pay to get your video in your videos/photos. I was looking forward to this app but now I’m not gonna use it. Why can’t it be like any other app to do it for free? Oh I know! They just want the money. It’s disappointing that you guys had to do that. I don’t know why you have to be so thirsty for money. I’m not taking the trial either because guess what! They probably wanna scam your money like every other app that has “FREE” trials. I will not recommend this app to any of you unless your wanna pay these people for a ridiculous price.

- Very disappointed.

Once I downloaded it, I thought to myself alright I’ll be able to start making better videos since I do run a media company where we review games, companies, etc. Nope. I thought it was free and that’s what brought me onto this app. I understand that a company needs to make money I get it. But false advertising on Instagram to have people download the app and then realize they have to pay? That’s not the correct way to market a product. That is once again false advertising. I do NOT recommend this at all. Stick to iMovie for now, and don’t support this company. I hate companies that don’t release all of their information because they are literally lying to consumers. If their Instagram video that they were printing stated that it’s a free version then I’d be okay with it, but since they didn’t they don’t deserve our money.

- Too expensive

Okay, giving it one star is exaggerating, because I do love the app and it’s definitely the best mobile editing app out there, but This “Pro Version” thing makes me very angry. I’m an animator and I love to edit, especially when I edit multi animator projects together. However, because I’m just a teen with not a lot of money and have limited resources, that becomes a problem. The thing about the “Pro Version” is that it’s too expensive. You expect me to pay AT LEAST 70$ for a mobile editing app? Sure the free version is fine, but when I’m editing I usually edit around 20 parts altogether, and I have to add their names, make a credits, etc. This app will stop me from adding too many text boxes because “reasons.” I can only stack two things on top of each other because “reasons.” And then I’m constantly slapped with the whole “PAY 70$!!!!!!” Listen: Nobody is gonna pay $70. With that money I’d get something better on PC. Meanwhile I could go look for editing programs that charge $10 flat price for the full version. This isn’t necessarily a review, but a message to the creators to lower your price. If you want more money, make the Pro Version AT MOST $15. -Someone who doesn’t have a lot of money

- New Stock not worth it!

So the app I’ve used a lot, been a huge help. I especially love its ability to read/use GIFs. I’m giving this 2 stars however because it’s latest edition; Stock images/videos. They have a free section (that frankly is limited) and a paid section. Being a Twitch content creator, was excited for this new content to create marketing online. I’ve bought and used stock videos for marketing in the past from various sites. So I bought some of the premium videos. Was shocked to find however that if you want to use the same premium videos again, you’ll have to pay for them again! Just a smarmy tactic that’s made me move from using this app. I didn’t mind having to pay a one time fee...but needing to pay over and over is just too much.

- Just not enough for me to buy it

I just download this app and using a free version before buying it. While the app its really cool got lots of option including effect and filters I believe it has lock of some important features. Share sheet option for example is not available. When I open a video or music sound and try to open with videoleap using the share sheet option. Videoleap is not there. Some other feat like dragging a photo from video timeline to overlay a current video or pic in pic is not there you will have to start a mix video to add it. Fading a sound at the end I don’t see it. I want to pay for it but maybe on the next update when develop fix or add some basic features on it

- I wanted to hate you but I love you.

When I saw how much you costed, I wanted to hate you. It’s only because of the amount I have recently compiled in apps but yet again, your value surpassed the cost and I love you. You have succeeded in actually making a mobile video editor that works. I worked for Splice App with GoPro and we didn’t have even close to the user experience you have in our editor. Props to your engineers and your designers as well as the all the supporting units that go into a successful product as this is. I’ve never found such a positive experience with a mobile editor than this 1.

- Really, really fantastic

Wow, it's really really good. I used to download a couple video aps when I had to do a video project, one to splice videos together, one for overlays, one for filters, another for audio overlays and another for text... seriously the app does all of that and the format is really good too. It doesn't pause awkwardly and it's pretty fast al, things considered. Easy to mess around with, and, I don't see this a lot, you can change the aspect ratio you want to export the video in. Seriously, I think it's one of the best video editing apps on the apple store right now. Really glad it was made.

- Stop whining. Rejoice!

NEED HELP! As of recently, I cannot add a PNG that has transparency in the mixer. What happened? This stops me from adding a video bug to my work. First, to all the people complaining about hidden costs and expensive features, STOP! How exactly do you think the world works? This is an amazing video editor with lots of free features. If they didn't have a paid tier the program wouldn't exist. Now onto the review... I was an editor and videographer for ABC TV for 15 years. It is amazing that this app is so intuitive and blows away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I love the UI and the only head scratcher is that when inserting a new base timeline video and deleting an existing clip that the text and overlay layers don't lock onto the correct keyframes. Everything else just works and the haptic feedback to align pieces is inspired and brilliant. The fast transcoding to lower red is awesome when posting to social media. I can produce polished pieces within minutes without ever exporting and running Final Cut Pro. This app rocks!

- App is great, had to mention one issue

I’ve depended on this app for over a year, and it’s very efficient for editing. It’s cool seeing the app get so much more known then it was before too. You guys improved the app a lot, I used to have a lot of frustration, but there’s still one problem. It takes a lot of time and storage to make 2-3 minute Fortnite montages and that’s ok, but to make a 10 minute edited tournament video, it just kicks me out. So please fix this because I deleted some stuff and cooled down my phone but it’s just the same story. Also it just literally got to 100% then kicked me and didn’t save definitely 4 stars now

- I love the Text feature

Ok, even though the app occasionally freezes and I would have to restart, I give this app a five star. This app gives you amazing audio choices, filters, and my favorite, text styles. Unlike iMovie, which gives you limited choices, in Videoleap, you choose your own font, your own animation, and this is all for free. I do typography edits most of the time, and after a while I get used to the difficulty and it’s an amazing editing app. I one hundred percent recommend this to people who are just starting to edit, and want something free but not limited.

- Basically, the best video effects and editing app in the App Store

Maybe there are apps more powerful or produce better effects (debatable), but nothing is as easy to use or intuitive as this app. I wish all iOS apps were this simple to use. Not that this app Is simple. It has robust features. I can create amazing videos from multiple sources, find and add stock footage, and add effects faster than any other app I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot. Just wish there were more text effects and transitions. Expensive yes, but worth every bit of the price.

- The best video editor for iPad

This video editor is slightly less capable than Adobe Premiere Elements on desktop but it’s still the best there is for iPad. Eg: It has key framing but you can’t choose the interpolation type or curve (linear only). It has basic chromakeying but no way to control color spill. It has adjustment layers but no way to apply to just one clip. (Pick a layer and everything below it is affected.) You also are missing a lot of things like proper layer management where all clips are treated equally, and basic effects like blur on just one clip. It’s great for a quick Instagram video level edit but not ready for more serious projects just yet.

- Well There Is a New Problem

I think this problem happened after the new update last week, but the problem is that when I go look back on past edits there is this ⚠️ on some of the images and the audio on some of my edits does not work. Does not work: as in the audio is completely gone, but the bar that shows the audio is still there. I don’t know if this was added on purpose and was not mentioned for some reason, but please fix it. I have edits that I haven’t finished and worked hard on. It might be because of copyright issues, but I would like to hear it from you guys. Also, is anyone else also having these issues?

- lots of bugs

i’m not going to write much about this and i’m not going to sugarcoat it but instead get straight to the point here. this app is amazing. i love all their features. i’ve been using for over a year now. however, videoleap would be 100 times better if they got. rid. of. the. lag. there is so much lag in this app. i know it’s not my phone because my phone can handle much larger applications just fine. i fear there’s too much being added to the app that whenever i use it it’s crashing, freezing, but worst of all the lag is just the worst. my suggestion is to PLEASE take a moment and stop adding new things, and instead fix these issues. thank you.

- Nearly impossible to cancel free trial

I thought I was purchasing an option to be billed monthly but when I realized I would be billed for the whole year up front I tried to cancel the “free trial”. I couldn’t figure it out no matter where I looked in the app. I ended up getting billed and filing a report with apple even though it says no refunds. The app simply wasn’t what I needed for the project I was working on. I ended up completing in iMovie. The app might be what other people need but any app that allows you to sign up for a subscription ought to be required to have the option to cancel in the app, AND have it displayed prominently. $36 down the drain, and now I will never utilize anything from this developer again and will warn everyone to stay away. This is probably the first review I’ve written...I’m that frustrated.

- Can you actually be serious?!??

I’m sorry but this app is horribly crated. It cost WAYYYYY to much money to get the good features, and it looks only good with the features. I opened it for the first time to make a video edit and it was like a monthly fee or like 70$ for ever!!! Sorry but why can’t you be normal and make the app 3 dollars to buy period! With the features (that cost everything I’ll ever make in my live) it looks great!!!! I mean the effects and things you could do look very amazing. But looks to me like you can only add one clip, have like 4 overlays and the features are not even that cool what so ever! So I have to say, you must make this better. Make it cheaper!!! I am not paying freaking 70 dollars!!

- works very well... when it’s actually working

(these problems may be because my iPhone is an older gen - 6S Plus - IDK if it’s just my phone itself) my only real problem with Videoleap is just how unstable it is sometimes. I’ve actually only ever had a few full crashes, but much more common is the corruption of certain files and frequent lagging when there’s a lot of content in a video. to be fair, Videoleap actually runs quite well for shorter videos/less-edited videos but if your editing is very intensive you’ll probably get some lag my biggest issue is probably the really inconsistent corruption. sometimes when I export my video, the entire project will go to hell but sometimes it’s just fine. Videoleap itself is a very solid editing app and is pretty easy to edit with but its general instability makes it a bit cumbersome to use at times. if I ever get a new phone and these problems go away I’ll change my review. tl;dr - Videoleap is a solid video editing application but is generally too unpredictable for comfortable use

- Surprisingly amazing!

I love it! It has many tools for video editing. One thing that would be pretty amazing would be tools for the audio. Editing the audio from the videos can be a hazzle when you want an echo-ish or background-ish filter for the audio. Or when you want the audio to have some reverb fading away or loop the audio in a perfect manner rather than doing it manually. Also to add more transition filters from one scene to another; filters that look smoother rather than synthetic. Aside from that, to me this app is so amazing! Can do wonders with it.

- Ok...

The app is free and I’m sure it’s great, but the first page that pops up once you download the app is a page of upgrade options and at best that confuses people. I’m sure after using the app for a bit, I will give it a 5 star rating like most, but I’d still give those first few seconds after downloading it a one star rating because it’s not well thought out and it’s probably hurting your cause. At least, give people a minute to see that it’s free and to play with it, before showing upgrade options. Who in the world is gonna upgrade before they’ve had a chance to play with it a minute anyway?

- This App Is So Awesome & Amazing

A few months ago well let me say this I have been using this app for a couple years now and I have had nothing but the best experience making videos with it. I recently ask about a voice over feature I emailed the support team they happily said they would look into it and they emailed me back stating that the voice over features I inquired about had been added I give this app 10 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, And it’s not because of what they did it is because I feel so valued. Check this app out for yourself

- So close to five stars...

I would give this app 5 stars, but it needs a few minor improvements like... more sounds affects for videos there’s not even a (crickets) sound effect. For the most part it’s a great app and I use it for many different projects and photos, however.. there have been times where I’m working on something and it glitches.. freezes.. and f#%^ing kicks me off and, obviously I had to reopen the app and then it has deleted everything I was working on. Its only happened like three times out of all the times I’ve used it but it’s super frustrating when it does happen.

- Love the app but I have a question

Hi I love the app it the best for me making voiceovers for edits but I had a question why when I make an audio of an voiceovers for my edit and I use the videos I saved from yt or Instagram and later I delete them off my camera roll the whole thing on Videoleap gets erase and if I need to fix something i have to do it again and it shows this symbol” ⚠️” if I don’t have the videos on my camera roll. a”I have to start over I was wondering if there a thing you can fix but it ok thank you I love the app very much💖💖💖💖

- How many of these have I written?

I just wanted to ask(if you’d ever see this) could you add a way to stretch photos and videos in Videoleap? It would make videos way more dynamic, y’know squash and stretch. Also a weird glitch happens if you were to export a video, edit said video than export it again and keep doing this the audio drifts to the left, I mean it’s totally fixable but it cuts out any audio that gets left behind so I have to put like 2 seconds of nothing before the video so that it can’t cut out my audio. Thanks for reading

- got what I asked for but it’s too laggy

I’ve been looking for a free app that would let me use slow mo and extracted audio for fReE and I finally found it. also, there aren’t any watermarks? wow. I’m happily surprised. after a couple days of using the app: it gets difficult to edit because everything is slowed down for how laggy it is. I’m not sure it if it’s my one device, but it gets hard to transition on time without it going haywire. then, how long it takes to export. I don’t think my WiFi is that bad. would use again once everything is easier to run through without any struggles.

- Does not format for IG stories

I wanted a video editor that specifically could be edited to fit the IG stories. Even though this app claims they can format a video to fit those dimensions, it doesn’t. I want an actually rectangle that fits the entire screen. I signed up for the 3 day trial. I emailed the owners. They waited exactly 3 days and a couple hours to get back to me. Even though this app is fairly good for a basic video editing app, it’s not worth the $35, especially when I was looking for something specific that they don’t provide. Very disappointed in the billing process. I would like a refund so that I can try another app that can fit my requirements. As soon as I find a video editing app that can resize to IG stories correctly, ie, filling the entire screen, I will end up using that.

- Free and solid

I’ll start off by saying, I’m not a professional videographer. I think this app is, by far, the best free video editor out there. It’s definitely a huge step up from the iMovie that comes with Apple devices these days, and again, beats out most competition I’ve seen. I downloaded all of the video editors that were in the top 100 and none could compare to Videoleap. Videoleap is easy to use, and gives you all of the basic features you could want. I also have LumFusion and honestly, Videoleap is a great app for beginners or people looking to create a decent video for work, a school project, or any other purpose.

- Its the BEST out there.

Create seamless, compelling, beautiful animations and videos. Hands down, closest thing to after effects I’ve found for phones. I have a couple bones to pick, and they are outweighed by the intuitively designed user interface. Smooth operation, sleek editing bay, and accessible controls make this one a keeper. Might even drop the $$$ for the added benefits. Wish I could view the waveform while editing other assets for rhythmic montage, and an easier way to switch between assets then tapping would be nice... but the future is bright with this one.

- Amazing app

This app is a great alternative to adobe premiere. It mimicked its keyframes, which is very handy in making animated effects. It has great special effects, and I love the glitch category. The controls are easy, the sequencing is similar to adobe Final Cut Pro X and premiere, and it really does make sense they would only charge you about a dollar and a half a year. That's liveable. Especially compared to the over-one-hundred dollars a year package premiere comes with. Although it does not come with as many features, I definitely recommend you look into this.

- Really nice editor (as long as you don’t mind lag)

Enlight is one of the nicest free editors out there, and it’s really impressive the amount of tools you can work with. It does have a tendency to get laggy with larger projects, which can make it an absolute nightmare to edit with. While not as smooth as Splice or Videoshop, it really makes up for that with much better quality editing and a larger variety of features. I haven’t had too many issues with crashing although Enlight does occasionally quit with larger projects (but it saves your work, so nothing beyond a minor irritation).

- My mobile editing tool of choice

Been into aerial cinematography for some time and found this app several months ago. I am glad that I bought the lifetime license when it was on sale because I used it almost daily. It’s easy and fast, have some pretty useable effects and get the job done, even on iPhone. Seriously, I’ve delivered several commercial work in record time because I’ve “cheated”, editing and color grading on the go, right after shooting! Some suggestions for future updates: -Needs some subtler, cinematic filters. Most of them are really strong and could be destructive to the original footage because it pushes the colors so high. -Needs footage stabilization options. -How about some contemporary transitions like whip/blurry/Zoom? I actually think they are kinda campy, but some clients like it :/ -A VHS filter is all the rage right now, think about it. I wont mind paying an extra for these, if the price is right and is not some monthly nonsense.

- this app is great.. but

I feel the premium costs are not advertised until after you have completed a project and go to download. this app is super easy to use and the customization options are amazing! but it’s not worth much if you have to either pay a boat load of money or have a super glaring watermark. it’s understandable the developers need to make money, but this could be fixed by having someone using premium watch a few minutes of ads to download or something similar to that. this excludes people who can’t afford to pay a steep cost to use what is otherwise a fantastic app. please release an alternative way like ad watching so everyone can actually use it

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@P4Hater it’s mostly used for editing videos but i’ve come to see it also works just as well for making banners

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker 1.15.3 Screenshots & Images

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images
Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images
Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images
Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images
Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images
Videoleap Video Editor & Maker iphone images

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker (Version 1.15.3) Install & Download

The applications Videoleap Video Editor & Maker was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-09-24 and was developed by Lightricks Ltd. [Developer ID: 606310584]. This application file size is 178.94 MB. Videoleap Video Editor & Maker - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-12-28 current version is 1.15.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lightricks.Enlight-Video

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