Trace Table - Light Box App Reviews


Trace Table - Light Box App Description & Overview

What is trace table - light box app? A simple, effective light box for tracing drawings and artwork.

Trace drawings, photos, tattoos, flash, lettering, inking, line work, comics, homework, anything!

Trace Table maximizes your screen brightness, so the lines are easy to see.
Lock your artwork in place, so your hand doesn’t accidentally move it while you are drawing.*
Outline Mode easily adjusts photos to help you see lines more clearly.

Trace table now comes equipped with our new AR Image Projector. Simply position your device above the canvas and view both the image and canvas directly on the screen. Tracing has never been so easy.

You can also unleash your creativity with our Digital Paint feature. Choose from a different tools such as brushes, pencils, and more. Watch as your creative thoughts take shape on our digital canvas, transforming into a masterpiece before your eyes.

- MAX brightness management.
- Trace artwork from Photos or Camera.
- Outline Mode makes it easy.
- Resize, move, and rotate artwork.
- Flip the artwork for reverses and transfers.
- Lock the screen so nothing moves while you’re tracing!*
- Home screen swipe protection on iPhone X, XR, XS.
- AR projector.
- Digital paint.

“I originally made Trace Table to help my wife draw cartoons on notes to put in our son’s lunchbox. It really helped her drawing confidence and speed. I hope it can help you with your art.”
— Trace Table Developer

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Terms of Use:

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App Name Trace Table - Light Box
Category Photo & Video
Updated 18 October 2023, Wednesday
File Size 112.12 MB

Trace Table - Light Box Comments & Reviews 2023

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Easy to use. Great tool to use to trace my tattoo drawings!!!

Some easy. This is the best app for tracing I have found. Easy to use.

Perfect for my needs!!!. Had an issue at first but I figured it out!!! Love the app!!

It’s ok.. I think the app is pretty good, overall. But may I make a suggestion to add flashlight on the phone without having to worry about using a lamp or overhead light to see what I’m doing when drawing on the paper. And possibly an AR, so that the image can place itself on the page. I know you’ve been working hard to make this app, but there’s still room for improvement, but you could at least add the flashlight feature. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Now what I needed - Please refund. Sorry to leave a one star review I tried to email but the email address for support bounces. I didn’t realize that this was not an app for tracing electronically but rather on paper. That’s not what I need. Please refund and be sure no future charges come out of my card. Thx

Simple and easy to use. Allows you to lock the screen so your image won’t move around while you trace it. You can also resize or mirror the image vertically.

What; No Landscape Display mode option… ❓❗️🤔👎. Developer, if I’ve missed something and there really is a landscape display option then kindly respond — otherwise, this is a complete deal-breaker.

Used to be simple and good.. I don’t need another app trying to do everything. This used to be bright enough to use tracing paper over 20lb printer paper. Now, it can’t. Quite disappointed that i have to upload an image and use only tracing paper. Totally NOT what I want. I use hand made pencil templates and create conceptual iterations for hand lettering projects. Useless now. Deleting after this review is posted.

Trace Table. This app works great for tracing patterns. I love it. It is perfect for my needs. I can trace small lettering and designs without needing to use printer and getting a print too large.

Now I can trace on iPad. Before I got this app I would open a photo that was mostly white space, but it always giggled around or would close when trying to draw. Then I searched, how to use iPad as a trace box and found out that 'there's an app for that'. This app works perfect. Thank you very much. Well worth 99cents too, as a small stand alone light box could cost twent in thirty bucks.

Perfect Solution. Perfect solution for a portable light box that also has your camera roll images readily available.

Trace Table. This do like using this app. However, while tracing, the app closes. This s there a way to prevent this? Thanks.

Slider doesn’t do anything! UPDATE. Previous comment: Just that.... has anyone had any luck using the slider? I have tried every imaginable combination of functions, but I do not see where the slider has any effect at all. Clicked on the link to the developers web site, but that was no help as there is no way to contact the developer. Does the app work? Yes. Is it supported? No. Would I buy it again? No. Just downloaded the update. The slider now works! That helps a lot. Two problems: 1. The width of the slider went from wide to narrow. Makes it harder to use. Needs to return to a better width. 2. When using the slider, it does not brighten or darken evenly. From being light, it seems to take effect on the right side of the image first. And vice versa. Inste needs to brighten or darken evenly. Programmers - please fix!

Hello. Hello I love this app I use this app all day long for my hobby and I think it would really be great if could create a flip app to flip words so when transferred to paper and applied to a surface it faces correct way phone don’t have feature in camera could we have option in app

Works great!. This app performs just as advertised. I love that it locks the image so that I can't accidentally resize or move it mid-trace. The screen is bright enough for even thicker white paper, and there's even a cool auto trace-ish function. Definitely worth the low price.

Just what I needed. It’s a light box and helps prepare photos for tracing. Very simple and easy to use. Use it for all my light box and tracing needs.

Useful app…. One major complaint, there should be a way to completely lock the image. Effective for the most part, but as others mentioned, one can accidentally close/minimize the app or jog the image inadvertently by accidentally actuating the home function… Consider a full lock, so when the image is locked, the user cannot minimize or close the app without unlocking the image. Not sure if that is possible, but would get 5 stars from me if updated in such a way.

Crafty gift from the heavens!. I originally downloaded this app in order to do some hand drawn art. However I discovered another use for it when I was going through some DIY Clothing TikTok‘s and I realize that I could copy images onto tissue paper to embroider onto my clothes. This is really great for anyone who has seen a TikTok DIY where they magically put images onto clothes but don’t tell you how. I was able to use all the features, the light box, the flip, the lock, and make different sizes of the same image for different pieces of clothing. I’m excited to put an anatomical heart on a sweatshirt, on one of my baseball caps, and on a tote in the future. I will also be making stencils for some bleach art. Thank you Kevin! I am going to add myself into the people that appreciate you making this app, in addition to your wife!

App changed. I used this as a backlight for diamond painting but now it’s something completely different and doesn’t have that feature anymore

Good little app written for a good reason. Thanks to everyone who has supported it.

Doesn’t get bright enough!. Otherwise this is well designed but it doesn’t work.

Frustrating App. This app is very frustrating as it doesn’t have the option for rulers, so if you need the image to be a certain size to trace, it doesn’t work. The locking ability is kind of a joke. My palm was constantly opening other apps or closing this app. My advice is to just get a cheap tray table, or use a glass tabletop with a light underneath, save yourself time and frustration.

5 stars. This is so helpful! I wish I new the creator. I bet he is very nice and smart

Super Useful!. Love this app for creating quick small studies. Very effective for fast efficient workflow. Highly recommend.

can i have a refund?. it was unclear to me what this app did. I thought I could trace my photos digitally with my apple pencil. this is not an available feature. can you please refund me? I would have download a free version first to test it if it were available. seems like a trap.

Brilliant and useful. This is a great idea! You can take pictures or upload pictures then lock them to trace right off your phone or iPad. Saves time. With thick paper you can still make out the overall structure of the picture. Helpful for watercolor sketching to get the idea right without spending too much time and losing the moment. Thanks for making this!

Great app. Worth the dollar. As an illustrator this app has helped a lot. Easy simple to use. I love the ghost feature that turns the picture into a black/white outline you can adjust the contrast on! Makes tracing easy

Brightness. Brightness level has diminished to the point of unusable:0(

Good. It’s a really good app but accidentally hitting the outline or unlock button on the top can be annoying

Trace table. I’m very happy with this app the screen is bright enough to trace onto card stock I love that the screen locks I’d give this app a 5 so far I’m happy I bought this

As advertised and perfect. Just what I needed. Simple to use.

Perfect for inking art!. I’ve been using my iPad as a makeshift on-the-go tracing table to transfer my digital pencils to bristol board to ink my final drawings. Previously, I had to trace with the Apple Pencil while keeping my fingers and palms lifted from the tablet, so as not to shift the digital art, which was VERY difficult and usually failed every ten seconds or so. I needed a program that would lock my image in place so I couldn’t accidentally move or zoom in/out with my hand while tracing with the pencil. This app is PERFECT for what I needed, immediately simple to use, and has several additional functions that I haven’t used yet, but will probably be very grateful for when I do! I’m so grateful this app exists!

Update is not great. This was my go to app for years, I loved it. The recent update to the interface is a nightmare. I find myself unlocking the image constantly and moving around my image im tracing. It’s so frustrating. I miss the simple interface.

Great app. Straight to the point cookie cutter app does exactly what it says it does

Incredibly useful. Several great features. You can lock (and unlock) the image with one click so you don’t move the image around when you try to trace. Yes, iOS has a feature to lock the screen (I have been using it) but it is much more cumbersome to use than this app. You can also reorient your image (horizontally to vertical etc.) just using your fingers to rotate. Yes, you can do this in iOS also, but again, much more cumbersome to do. Lastly, one click switches your image to a line drawing, again making it much easier to trace. Well worth the small fee.

Too Cool!. What a wonderful idea! This is a great way to improve your drawing skills! This app can be used for all sorts of things. It should come included with your iPad! I dare say kids can come up with all sorts of uses. Generate a list! I think it is SO admirable that these developers haven’t charged even a little bit more. I’m not alone in saying we’re tired of being taken to the cleaners by just some of these business people. I just now installed Trace Table and I can guarantee I’ll be using it a great deal. One caveat… I almost wrote on my screen with a black pen. I had intended to grab my Apple Pencil! Terrific job! Keep up the great work!!!

What happened to the original?. I open it up and now it’s forcing me to use an image?! Like, what happened to the original thing? I bought this app and used it all of the time. It WAS like a blank screen. I could use the screen as a light for my paper images. I don’t want to have to upload anything.

Just does what you want. It’s a magical moment when you hope there’s an app for that and then there just… is! Reminds me of the good ol’ days in the App Store. No ads, just $1, just useful. To the developer: thanks for making this. 🙂

Better than others. This app is honestly great, other apps require you to pay in order to trace 😒, but not on this app. I highly recommend this app.

Great but it doesn’t prevent the screen from dimming. It’s great for trace but I’d like an app that I can also use as a reference without having to touch the screen. Someting that would override the sleep settings on my phone

Tattoos. Perfect for tattoo parties when there’s no printer hook up to size designs.

4.8/5 ⭐️. Only thing I can say negative is It would be cool to be able to share photos into this app from other apps

I like it. It’s a nice app, y’all! Definitely worth the 99 dollars I paid for it!

Trace Table. I can see what I want to trace, but it closes itself waith some movement as I'm tracing over the iPad. Is there some way to stop this? It kind of defeats the purpose of the app. I have put the lock on, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I love it!. I use this app to trace images to study for school. Works perfectly.

Amazing! 🤩🤩🤩🤩. This is the best app ever just download it right now it helps so much

I never write reviews but this is so useful I have to. In embroidery circles, we are always looking for ways to transfer patterns to fabric and this has by far been the easiest way. I pull up the PDF and put it directly into Trace Table and it works perfectly. I’ve recommended this no less than 50 times and I will never stop. Huge help!

Good but could be better. Just before this current update the options to change the filter where faster and smaller. Now the lock button is bigger I keep hitting it and it makes it allot harder to get the outline and landscape has also become more difficult. Overall it does the job and the projector is a nice feature but it deserves some more tweaks.

Incredible. This app had a lock and the ability to let me trace photos, its useful, i would give more if i could, knowing how useful this is, edit: AND A TRACE MODE?????

Issues. When im trying to upload a picture its not working it just skips it and shows nothing i dont know whats going on but im upset about it

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Does not work in any useful way. Waste

Repetitive payments. Scam?. I like the app, but it seems to be charging me $1.49 each month. This isn’t showing in my subscription section of the App Store. Is this a scam?

Help. I loved Trace Table but since the new update I can’t seem to resize the image once I’ve uploaded it? I can flip it now but no resizing :(

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Un-interested. We should be able to try it for free an if we like it u can charge us for the upgrade

This app is a scam. It’s a scam to get your money. Nothing happens with this app 😡 I want my money back

Love It. Works perfectly...I use this to make small micro tattoo transfers and it works without a problem every time...thanks!

need to pay again. I paid for this app a couple of months ago, and now i need a subscription to use it !!? if you decided to add a subscription, it should not affect the ones that already paid for it

Lack of options. This app needs at least more options like brightness/contrast and flip/rotate. It’s a money trap, this app should be free and i encourage you not to get it.

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Brightness. Brightness level has diminished to the point of unusable:0(

Review. Great app , very useful Thanks

NOT free. App only lets me use the “light box” mode, which is the same as just opening the photo in the album.

Fun. This is a fun app. I’m having lots of fun using it.

Doesn’t work. Plain and simple “It doesn’t work.”

What does it do?. No idea why anyone would need this.

As advertised and perfect. Just what I needed. Simple to use.

Older version maybe??. I love the idea of what your app does with locking images in order trace, but there's nothing compatible with versions 9 or less. Which would be fine except Apple has decided to stop updating certain models of iPad forcing us to buy newer models when our older ones still work great. Do you by chance make aversion compatible with v9.25?


Worthless. Just another crappy app! Save a buck!

Very good. Love this app it’s so good

Hate it so much because why do you even have to pay for this stupid app. 0 s1 star


very clever & useful. kevin: you have an extraordinary app. is there a way to prevent the ipad from going to the MAXIMUM OUTPUT, as far as the display intensity is concerned, everytime the application is initially opened.? thanks for creating this app scp

Light table app. It’s a cool tool. Very handy!

Simply Useful. Does what it says it will do. :)

Is that it?. I didn’t find it very useful due to limited function.

Great app. Straight to the point cookie cutter app does exactly what it says it does

Easy to use!. Best tracing table for iPad ever!

Aweful. This is the most complicated thing I have ever seen !! Hope I get my money back !!!

WhatI think. This app is good for all of us art people because it helps us scef rf f vtvtvtv fvdv dvfv fvfv fvifvifi fkvkfv kf vfkkfvkfvk fkvfkfvkfvkfvifvivfkvfivfifvrvffvrf rkcedkcededckwckkscdkcr crcedsabcdefghijklmopqurmopqusabcdefghijklmnopqus iikju6huynnhjjjkjhjyhujihh

Finding I’m using this a lot. Helpful. Using a lot.

Doesn’t get bright enough!. Otherwise this is well designed but it doesn’t work.

Easy to use. Great tool to use to trace my tattoo drawings!!!

Exactly What I Needed. A dollar well spent

Not what I needed. I found this app up useful for my needs. Too much distortion.

Good. It’s a really good app but accidentally hitting the outline or unlock button on the top can be annoying

I loved ot. Wow

Worthless. It’s just really bad. Not worth sending money on!!!

Why did you ruin this app?. It was so easy to use before! What the heck happened?

Trace Table. It traces, but doesn’t allow you to enlarge it.

Review on how good this app is. Hi so a few things that I want to say is that I make paper squishy and if you don’t know what that is you can search it up on YouTube or TikTok and I have been struggling on drawing and when I saw this app I downloaded it and I tapped on light box and put a picture of what I wanted to make and when I tried to zoom in and it worked and I was so happy and I saw a lock button a when I clicked it I thought nothing happened and when I tried to zoom in again nothing happened like nothing moved and I was so shocked and I started tracing and it made it so so much easier for me love!! This app

So helpful, acts like a cheap light box. Love it

A must. Best app for stencil creations.

Closes the camera roll. It closes the roll immediately now before I can even select an image. Totally unusable now

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Trace Table - Light Box 1.7.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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trace table - light box ipad images 3
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Trace Table - Light Box iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.7.1
Play Store com.kevinmangan.tracetable
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Trace Table - Light Box (Versiyon 1.7.1) Install & Download

The application Trace Table - Light Box was published in the category Photo & Video on 28 March 2017, Tuesday and was developed by AESTIVALIS APPS LTD [Developer ID: 1678478554]. This program file size is 112.12 MB. This app has been rated by 1,939 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Trace Table - Light Box - Photo & Video app posted on 18 October 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.7.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.kevinmangan.tracetable. Languages supported by the app:

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Trace Table - Light Box App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed minor bugs

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