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Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard is the personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. With hundreds of checks and features and seamless integration, Grammarly helps you type with ease in any app. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.

Mistake-Free Writing
– Sophisticated grammar checker
– Contextual spelling checker
– Advanced punctuation correction
– Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder

Works Everywhere
– Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps
– Easy to set up

Improve Your Skills
– See short, clear explanations for every correction
– Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future

A Better Auto-Correct
– Keyboard lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling
– Helps you spot auto-correct fails before you hit send

Grammarly Keyboard App Description & Overview

The applications Grammarly Keyboard was published in the category Productivity on 2017-11-02 and was developed by Grammarly, Inc. The file size is 147.36 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This update includes improvements to experimental features.

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Grammarly Keyboard Reviews


Cancel Subscription  SerenityDawn1971  1 star

I was charged $29.99 immediately! However, I felt that this application was not worth $29.99! I tried to cancel the subscription, unable due to the fact..... There's no cancellation button!!! Buyer beware of the application! Total rip off!!! No telephone number to contact the developer! I found that it's impossible to email as well!!!!


Sign Your Life Away  jaybird-gsu1989  3 star

This is a great Ap. I have bought for all of the Clerical Workers in my office including myself. Improve your writing skills as well but I just came across something I find something very disturbing. It says if you check the box for full access you are agreeing to let them transmit any keystroke you make any where they want even CREDIT CARD ENTRIES. Does that mean they can sell your credit card number, does that mean they can use your credit card to remodel their office? Obviously not but it still scares me enough not to use it anymore until they can more properly explain exactly what they do with your info. These Aps never can seem to be specific about what do with it and that’s hard to understand when your asking to share my credit card info with anyone. Explain that and you would be 5 star.

Orion Brock

No apple keyboard support  Orion Brock  3 star

Grammar feature can not be pressed while apple keyboard is active


Grammarly is awesome  HarrisTheBossHL0  5 star

Grammarly is really cool because sometimes I mess my puncuation up or something and it corrects me!


Security Alert!  Boomski94  1 star

This app doesn’t work unless you agree for them to use “full access” and literally says it uses 3rd party apps and everything you type such as credit cards and home information can be exposed! What in the world? Who would even think this is ok???


Making it better  آدرین  4 star

To make it better you need to make Grammarly a new update that makes it like a game. For example, you can tell people which writing level they are in. You can also put quizzes for people.

Timberland Boxes

✌️🏾  Timberland Boxes  1 star

I type things wrong on purpose (like using the wrong to/two/too or the wrong their/there/they’re and many more things) to test the app it doesn’t catch the mistakes.

nun of your business 😭😂

Amazing  nun of your business 😭😂  5 star

It is good I love it I could see what I did wrong after I finish the text I'm writing if I want


Good  JJMonion835  5 star

I like the app it’s nice app good 😀👍


Needs work  OmenBoy  1 star

Not very accurate. Very frustrating to type on. There should be an autocorrect or replace setting so you don't have to constantly touch the suggested word. In most instances, the suggested word or correction is what was intended. Also needs swipe, automatic space after punctuation, and a dark mode. Pretty poor and unusable now.

Lily's thoughts on apps

Grammarly thoughts  Lily's thoughts on apps  5 star

I think Grammarly is a great app. It helps me a lot because I type quick so I get lots of mistakes whilst typing. So when I get something wrong I can just easily have it autoCorrected. I hope you keep on updating the app so this can keep on getting better and helping lots of other people with typing.

Howcome a nickname is so hard

I don’t want to install another keyboard.  Howcome a nickname is so hard  1 star

The keyboard layout and responsiveness are poor compared to the native keyboard on iOS.


Slow and bugged  GamjaTheCat  3 star

There’s no doubt that Grammarly is a great tool but iOS app is simply a trash. It’s slow, interface keeps crashing any many more.


Horrible  dushfhusi  1 star

Deleted it straight away doesn’t correct a thing


Waste of time  honestrevlewer  1 star

Default autocorrect is so much better than this trash.

Corban Staples

Amazing app! No extra purchases!  Corban Staples  5 star

When I first saw this app, I thought, yeah, probably $20 a week! But no!!!! Completely free and amazing! No catches! Noiceeee!!!


I love it  aninhalaura  5 star

I am really enjoying to have this app in mu phone. Helps me a lot


Try this app  animaliy  5 star

This app is amazing I should definitely recommend this app for you if you are a person who is message or PowerPoint or anything else, this is a amazing app.👍👍👍👍👍👍


Funny how bad it is  grumbledeath  2 star

Grammarly is usually pretty good at correcting spelling but when it comes to grammar, it kinda falls flat. For example, right now I'm using the Grammarly keyboard but I could still type something like, I will murder u to death, and even then it couldn't correct u into you so I, personally would stick to the normal keyboard because its more built for text scenarios bit if your writing an exam or paper it could help a lot but in a quick text you won't have time to tap’did you mean this?’ anyway, a short summary is that this should be used for things where u have time to check things( I know, I know u can tap the green G to check for mistakes but it doesn't exactly work so like yea( I checked it myself and it couldn't pick up any of the mistakes like auto-correct could ahh autocorrect, its like a blessing and a curse, but mostly a curse)) I know a lot of people are worried about the full access function but for anything you don't want anyone to see or know 😉 you can just use the apple keyboard


Keeps switching keyboard  Marfield000  1 star

When using it it’s fine for a while. After a few minutes using the keyboard it automatically switch to the next keyboard and emoji thing in my list of keyboards set up on the settings on my phone. I did not even click the globe switch symbol to switch the keyboard.

The roadster1

I can't even login!  The roadster1  1 star

It doesn't even work.It won't let me go on this app.I was hoping to get good at grammar and I am very disappointed that I can't even get on this app.


Thank you!  Luisolveram  5 star

Amazing. My favorite app of 2019 so far!


Why Full Access?  damanirajeev  1 star

They ask for full access, which mean they will have access to all credit card details and passwords you use while using their key board!


Good tool to fix small mistakes  💖Karly💖  4 star

I really like Grammarly because it catches lazy mistakes like spelling errors, punctuation, etc. I like the fact that it is available as not only an app/keyboard for your phone, but I can also use it on a computer to type essays. The only problem is that it sometimes does not catch every little thing, but no program is perfect. Definitely a good tool for everyday use!


E  b5434343434  4 star

Where are the new emojis at?


Keyboard very helpful.  sandyinolympia  5 star

I have arthritis in my hands and limited control of hands. The keyboard seems to know what I intend to type. Thank you.


Thank you  kkhayhay4  4 star

Thank you, Grammarly for helping me with my grammar even though u could be annoying


Everyone need this App.  Blain227  5 star

I'm thankful to Grammarly for making me appear smart.


Doesn’t work with iPad Pro Keyboard  jfwilkus  1 star

Grammarly keyboard does not show when using the iPad Pro keyboard. I’m a Grammarly Pro subscriber and am pretty disappointed that I can’t use it with my attached keyboard.

Jim Julian

Deleted.  Jim Julian  2 star

I’m aware of the risks of having this be a keyboard extension, plus allowing full Internet access to send what I type to their server. I get it. So I was just turning this “keyboard app” on and off as I see fit. It’s workable. It’s deleted because it’s just not stable. I have apps that I use every day, and they lock up because they’re not meshing with Grammarly. Here’s the other thing: I’d be willing to be a paid Premium user, but the price difference from Free to the minimum Premium tier is too high. They need to lower the base price dramatically for casual users.


Dangerous  wilnol  1 star

Keeps coming up on my iPhone and blocks everything all the time I have to close and restart my iPhone this app should be removed now as of July 4th I can not play any games on my iPhone as this stupid app has blocked it.

mm bad app

Get off my phone  mm bad app  1 star



Annoying  Isabel_kelly_liz  1 star

A load of garbage. Only works on the odd occasion. Terrible.

Dénis Wettmann

Essential  Dénis Wettmann  5 star

Thank you for the great app.


Very Slow  Eoinews  1 star

Very slow app, and the A button doesn't work

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