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Whether you're tapping out a quick email or writing up a long report, Grammarly’s real-time writing feedback will help you make sure your work is tip-top. The keyboard for iPhone and iPad works across all your apps, no copy and pasting required. Plus, with a document editor and personal writing statistics (available on iPad), you can take your writing to the next level.

Grammarly always keeps your writing safe and private. See our Privacy Policy for details:

Real-time writing suggestions
- Sophisticated spelling and grammar checker
- Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder
- Suggestions for improving unclear sentences
- Recommendations for streamlining wordy sentences

A simple keyboard that works in any app
- Real-time writing suggestions
- Multiword text predictions
- Smart autocorrect
- Emoji predictions and search bar

A document editor for long-form writing (iPad only)
- Comprehensive writing feedback on long documents
- Easy cloud-based document management
- Access your personal writing statistics and milestones
- Compatible with hardware keyboards

Go beyond correctness and clarity with Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Premium elevates your writing with additional suggestions designed to make your writing more engaging and effective. You can access your Premium features across devices by logging into your account.

Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account when you confirm your purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If you don’t cancel, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings in the App Store after purchase.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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- Welcome the corrections but...

I’ve used Grammarly on my desktop and laptop now for over a year and appreciate the corrections and suggestions. I also like to see my weekly stats and review my most frequent mistakes. But there are at least a few recurring corrections that I don’t accept or disagree with. Most of the ones that I don’t accept have to do with context and business jargon that I wouldn’t expect the app to understand, so no big deal. But corrections that I disagree with the most have to do with writing times. Specifically where “am” and “pm” should sit after a time, i.e. “7:00am” and “7pm” versus “7:00 am” and “7 pm.” I prefer to write the time without a space between the numbers and am or pm. I also feel like that is common practice and accepted. I don’t know the specific grammar “rule” that addresses this, and I’m guessing that Grammarly is just following the rule. But I’d like the option of turning off this rule, because I think that without the space is the more common practice, especially in a business setting.

- It’s a NO-brainer...get it! No, as in no for me, but brainer! Ha!

I got this app because my husband has it downloaded on his laptop and I love it. I am pretty bad at grammar, so this app was a life saver. However when I downloaded it for my iPad; which I have the Keyboard laptop case thing on it, well the app pretty much didn’t like the Keyboard case. It told me to turn it off and use the keyboard that the app provides. Which is the touchscreen option and that’s completely inconvenient when you have to type a long 24 page papers. I also hate the fact that after you switch on the Grammarly keyboard, you get another thing that pops up and says, “allow full access”. By the way, I’m so glad they gave the option instead of just taking full access. But anyways, I’m against full access because when you allow them full access, you basically sign your life and rights away. They tell you that all the information you type or previously typed, like credit card info and address, will be collected and stored in their personal database. And that’s not all, but I rather not sit here and spell it out for you (ba-da-ting). Not-happenin-over-here-captain. So I installed it and 5 minutes later deleted. You can try it for longer if you want, but do it at your own risk! I’m telling my husband on you Grammarly.

- I absolutely love this! But...

There are some minor things that I would like to carve. First off, I'm a brand new user on my iPhone, but I use Grammarly a lot on my laptop. Not the best at typing on the iPhone, so I thought ’let's use that app that I have on my laptop.’ so I downloaded the app. I opened my Google Docs, which is where I would likely write my stories, and then I started to use it. I like to use a lot of apostrophes as well as a lot of quotation marks. But it seems like if you attempt to try to put it with a sentence, they face the wrong way. Here’s an example: ”Sally slid her pale hand across the smooth marble countertop, not knowing what she was getting herself into.” In the beginning, the first quotation mark is the wrong way. I know it may not bother you, reader, but it does bother me very much. I’m a person who gets annoyed when the little things aren't correct. Please fix this as I really love Grammarly but I can't stand this issue. It happens when I use apostrophes, too. For instance: On the wall it read: ’nice try, but you won't beat me, oh, did I forget to mention your beloved sister?’ See how the apostrophe does it as well? It bothers me so. Please fix this. Thank you for reading my long review. Again, it bothers me so much that I would have to delete this app on my phone, but not my laptop. Thank you so much, Potato.

- Grammarly is great but please make some developments •PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING•

I'm my experience with Grammarly, I have been using it to type messages and sometimes when I type names, it changes it to a different one. My friends would get confused so I just wouldn't use Grammarly for texting. Another thing I have issues with in Grammarly is that it tries to put my separate words into ones together. I was typing my review and it put the words ”with and in” together. When I put commas in between my sentences sometimes it says I'm wrong and I'm not. It is not like my reading class which actually gives way more information than Grammarly. I'm sorry if you feel offended but I just think you need to make some improvements. Otherwise, of my issues, I give this app/keyboard a 👍🏽. It is a great app and I hope you make some developments to help me with my problems. I don't want you to get mad so please don't. I'm just telling you what you can make improvements on so you can make your app better. Please respond to this and thank you for making this great app.

- Bluetooth Keyboards Limited - Some punctuation typing is inefficient

Overall, I like it although there are some issues that I find switching back to the built in Apple keyboard away from the Grammarly keyboard. First, I noticed that when using a Bluetooth keyboard the Grammarly functionality is not available. This is quite disappointing since I use my iPad to type quite a bit of material and by using my Bluetooth keyboard it negates the functionality of Grammarly and I can only use it if I’m typing it on the screen. Second, I have noticed that when typing and searching for punctuation marks it’s quite difficult to find the exclamation point which is only available after changing not one, not two, but three different screens. This is grossly inefficient when typing long documents as it slows the writer down quite a bit. Fix these things and I’d use it more frequently, I’ll reevaluate it over the next year and if not fixed I might discontinue my subscription. On plus side, I use it at work with Microsoft Office and it works great.

- it’s good..

It’s good, it’s not the best but it’s good. I hate how they want full access, that’s a little suspicious and sometimes it corrects wrong things (like if you write a whole story, it’s more than likely Grammarly will be wrong on 30% of your “errors”) Grammarly on the iPad is really bad but it corrects your obvious errors and there are some glitches for me on the iPad Pro, like when I want to add something to the dictionary it does it but the next time I go on grammarly it’s like it resetted. And I kind of hate how when you check your field and it doesn’t teleport to the part of the field it’s talking about, like it just stays wherever you were at. You’re staring at your keyboard the whole time and not looking at your actual text kinda It’s a great app on the computer and I’d highly recommend it for typing that way but on all devices, you should always proofread after you check the field bc it doesn’t correct everything like how you’d like it to. It checks a word based on the previous and the following. *DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK FOR PRIVACY CONCERNS*

- Review for Grammarly

Hello, my name is Alberto, and this is my review for Grammarly. I have started to use Grammarly two years ago and I have found it do be one if not one of the most valuable applications that I use. It is very easy to set and utilize I can employ this application in just about everything that I wright online from school, work to social networking I have the confidence to post knowing that Grammarly has analyzed my spelling as well as my punctuation. The free trial has all the basic needs to get your writing skills on their way to a great start. In the paid services it has advanced options that go beyond other spelling services I have used the past. One of my favorite advanced options is the copyright checker I feel confident now that when I submit an assignment that the work is unique as well as Grammarly correct. I would recommend this product to anyone who is in school or anyone who writes for there career.

- Full access is necessary

For any keyboard like this, it cannot see what you type, if you don’t allow it to. That is the entire point of these apps(especially this one in particular, while some others, the main purpose is elsewhere). This keyboard app is supposed to correct your grammar/spelling. However, it cannot correct your grammar if it cannot “see” what you write, and it cannot see what you write without “full access.” So, if you don’t want that, then don’t knock the developers for writing and making the software that they claim to be making. Also, just for the record, all of your information that you type is still going out online. When you put a credit card into a website, that info is sent out via internet, and collected through multiple parties regardless of what keyboard, software, or device you are using. If you can’t handle that, then go hide in a cave.

- I’d give it a six out of five if it weren’t for these problems

Hi! I just love your Desktop application, it is so useful and it works pretty well, except for the fact I can't make it work on Google. However, your app for mobile is very disappointing. It doesn't let me automatically look things up, the little green button on the corner of my screen only checks my spelling errors, which I don't make many of those anyway, and it doesn't check any of my grammatical errors. I made some very obvious ones to test it out but it didn't do a thing, and grammar is my biggest problem and the reason I downloaded it. I might have just used autocorrect with a normal keyboard. Also, I thought this would be a tiny feature I could put on my customized keyboard, but instead it gives me a whole new keyboard. This honestly is not a big deal, but there is a feature most third-party keyboards have called ”swipe input” that I highly recommend. All in all, make it more like the desktop application but include the swipe input. Sincerely, Unsatisfied P.S. Wrote this with your keyboard ^~^

- Great app but I have some ideas to make it better

Grammarly is so easy to use it’s literally the best app out there for grammar and spelling it’s very useful and has its benefits the only thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t capitalize words that need to be capitalized and I also don’t like how I change the keyboard it makes it a little harder to type but what I do like about it is that the . It is on the main keyboard so you don’t have to press needing to get a period this is very useful thank you so much for making this app I wish I discovered the app sooner. this makes it so much easier life it’s way better than Microsoft word. Grammarly finds things that Microsoft word cant which is very very helpful and fixes his sentences which is also good except for the capitalization I wish it would fix that and yeah five-star rating oh and one more thing I wish it told me where to put a period

- Needs better accessibility support

I am a blind user, and for me, Grammarly is somewhat usable. I don't use the keyboard to type. When I'm done typing I just switch back to the Grammarly keyboard, tap the Grammarly button, and it allows me to correct my mistakes. One thing I like about the corrections is that it tells me if I accidentally capitalized something, or if I added too many punctuation marks, ETC. It makes things a little easier knowing that I can correct those mistakes easier to find and correct. But I wish that accessibility was better. On iPad, once you go into the Grammarly keyboard, a VoiceOver user can't switch back to the Apple keyboard. Frustrating, because I have to go into settings to disable that. However, it lets me switch back to the Apple keyboard on my iPhone, so I don't know why it doesn't work on iPad. Any, I like using Grammarly on my phone like I do any other device. Grammarly is totally unusable on a PC or Mac, I've got a Mac with a bootcamp of Windows, but it just doesn't work on desktop.

- MAC is good & I-Phone is not so good

I have Paid for the Year for Grammarly to use on my I-Phone and MAC Computer. On my MAC, there is an excellent program that does a lot and helps out with documents and saves them on Grammarly's web-sight and gives you a lot of choices when writing up a report. With the I-Phone app, Grammarly is missing the documents folder on Grammarly's website; that dose not allow access to my projects I am working on my computer. I have tried to log in using my I-Phone on Safari APP just like I have done on my computer. The difference is my I-Phone dose not allow access; instead, I am directed to download I-Phone Grammarly. I do have Grammarly already on my phone. The computer version and the I-Phone versions are not the same. Grammarly needs to allow multiple access of your saved work on different mac platforms like when using an I-Phone, MAC, or I-Pad that can access the same files. With my I-Phone there is not as strong of help as when I'm on my MAC computer. My I-Phome is missing Options Like: Set Goals, Overall Score, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, and Plagiarism.

- GREAT 👍🏻

this is a great app even though i'm good at grammar but i still sometimes write this wrong so this app really helped and when i write in my notebook my teacher always says how are you righting everything wright , and my best friend has really bad grammar and can't spell words right sometimes so this app really helped her, but there are some things that annoy me in this app for example when i put a comma between words it says i'm wrong even though i know i'm right so can you please fix that although this is still a really good app and it helped my whole class with their grammar thanks so much to the people who did this oh and there is something that is also bothering it is that when i write my friends name it always changes it so can you fix that as well please, no offens but i'm being honest, Thank you so much 👏🏻

- Free app is amazing but premium is too expensive and needs different levels

I love the app. I use it at work with my emails and reports, I use it in my text messages I need to send when they’re important. I’ve definitely seen improvements in my writing for the years I’ve been using it. However, I want to access the additional features like checking my tone. I often notice on the web version on my work computer that it’s noticing issues with my tone and possibly coming off across as being pass aggressive. I can't afford the $140 a month, and I certainly can't afford the $30 a month. If there was an option for $2 a month that just unlocked some of the premium features that fixed my tone, and especially my wordiness- I’d sign up for that in a heartbeat. Thanks for being great Grammarly! You've definitely helped a ton!

- Decent grammar correction, but sometimes inconvenient

As someone who judges people for poor grammar, I judge myself even harder when I make stupid grammar mistakes. Grammarly keyboard goes a long way to preventing those so that my self-righteousness remains intact. For this, if rate the app 4-4.5 stars. However, there are some features missing that make using the keyboard inconvenient compared to iOS’s default keyboard. For example, I would like to set the default quote and apostrophe characters to be those found on a normal computer keyboard (" and '), rather than the stylized/slanted characters that you would use when writing something by hand (“, ”, ‘, and ’). Another missing feature is the prevent-autocorrect-from-occuring checkmark button in the predictive text buttons that iOS’s keyboard has. This requires you to press spacebar, allow the autocorrect to occur, and press backspace to undo it before going on. If you want to change the word rather than undoing the autocorrect, pressing backspace does not remove the space when the autocorrect is undone, so the cursor is not where you would expect it to be. The missing features’ added inconvenience isn't enough (yet) to dissuade me from using it, but it is frustrating, so I'm rating the app 3 stars. I've added both of the approve issues as feature requests, so it is possible (or likely) these inconveniences will disappear shortly.

- Favorite keyboard 🙌down (Help me get premium 🙏)

Like I said before, this is the best keyboard 🙌 down but maybe my favorite iOS App at all (Wish I could afford the premium version) I tried emailing you guys to see if there is any possible way I could assist you in joining your beta testing 👥 if applicable since this is becoming my favorite keyboard ⌨️. Now that I am on the job hunt, Grammarly Premium would be a lifesaver with all the emails, updated resume requests, and cover letters. I would gladly pay for the Premium Verizon once I get a job, but hey I get it, y'all have 💸bills to pay as well, so I totally get it if there is nothing you can do. And don't worry, I will continue to use and recommend this amazing keyboard and overall service on all platforms regardless of whether or not you are able to assist me or not.

- Can’t reset my password.

The service won’t work at all. I’ve followed all of the instructions in the “commonly asked questions” and the app still will not work nor even show up on my keyboard on my IOS device. I’ve tried to reset my password because somehow it’s says my password (the one my phone has saved) doesn’t work so I click the reset password tab and Grammarly sends the reset instructions to my email. I click the link and it takes me the App Store where it tells my I’ve already downloaded the app so I click the app and it kinda of all just repeats from there. Getting pretty annoyed especially after the fact I paid 60 some bucks for the annual service. Now it says I’ve attempted my password to many times and I’m kinda just locked out until who knows when. You guys better get it together and I’ll rate you better or give me my money back in a timely fashion. So far the only thing Grammarly has managed to do is waste 45 min of my very limited time when it’s whole service is designed to save time.

- It's great but each new version sees performance dips

I really like this keyboard actually, it does something even the stock keyboard doesn't really do. It has sentence predictions alongside of the normal ones. This really feels like a great alternative to the stock keyboard but with each new version it seems like the keyboard sees performance hiccups. With the current version, the keyboard seems to cause a delay when sending messages. The user presses the send button but then there is a delay before it actually sends. Not a huge issue, but it is something the stock keyboard doesn't do. Also, this keyboard does not seem to learn the way the user types similar to SwiftKey or the stock keyboard. Again not a huge issue, just the predictions are pretty much locked to what is in the dictionary already. You can have it learn words you type, just not the way you type.

- Way way way better

This app is hugely improved from what it was in the past. I can actually use it now! You might have earned back a premium customer. I have just three nit-picky requests going forward. 1) Better tune the keys to reduce wrong keys. When I use the apple keyboard, it just knows what key I want, even if I tap wrong. I make more mistakes typing on this keyboard, ironically enough. 2) I would also appreciate swipe texting. 3) Having multiple levels of pressing to select exactly what text you want was a huge game-changer for apple’s keyboard. (you have hard press to move the cursor, but your missing the second hard press to select text.) This feature on apple’s keybors changed the iphone into my favorite writing device for short writing sessions. I would love to be able to rely on the Grammarly keyboard for that same level of precision. For thise reasons, I will continue using apple’s keyboard when drafting. However, this keyboard is finally good enough to keep on my phone and use when editing. Well done to project development and the software engineers that improved this so much! Ps: upon rereading this review before sending it, I notice many errors, but the Grammarly keyboard claims I have none. I'll leave them in so you see.

- Ehhh

It works as it says it would, but there are some problems with the service. I'm not sure if it's just my device or whatever, but it keeps glitching out. For example, it would type something, like ”I did something.” Something would be continuing to the next line. But instead of typing ”did”, I would type ”fid”. It would autocorrect it but would make ”I” and ”did” come together. I would then fix it, but then it would autocorrect back to” Idid”. It was really annoying and took some time to get it back to what it should be. There was also a time when it said I had two things wrong in a paragraph I wrote, and I clicked in the tab to correct them. The thing was, though, it wouldn't fix it and the tab kept popping again and again and again. I feel that it's just a glitch, but just saying.

- It’s good but...

I don’t really recommend on your phone, it’s annoying every time you wanna type something and it continuously autocorrects my phone already does that but with Grammarly it happens more. It tried to autocorrect my own name changed my nick to lei instead of Kei. It's great but for the story, I was writing it wasn't the best when I'm writing reviews, emails, and stuff like that it's awesome but when writing stories that have different words that it might not know it continuously tells you that something is wrong. Which annoys me because I have something where notifications bug me I can't stand seeing them, but Grammarly is great but do not recommend for Wattpad stories that have a lot of ”slang” words like y’all, cringey, and words like that but I would recommend it if not used with Wattpad.

- Read the third-party keyboard details

”Third Party Keyboards provide an alternative way to input keyboard data. These keyboards can access all of the data you type, including bank account and credit card numbers, street addresses, as well as other personal and sensitive information. These keyboards may also access nearby text or data, which is useful for improving autocorrect functionality. If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers. If you disable Full Access for a third party keyboard, and then re-enable it, the keyboard’s developer may be able to access, collect and transmit what was typed while the network access was disabled.”

- New but effective

I ended my winter Abnormal Psychology with an A. I was borderline set up to stay the B+ range as long as I wasn't doing poorly. I required a 98% total grade to defend the 4.0 spot once again excellent. The family was spot on when I came to help me do the best I could do. I don't prefer clutter or mess, and Chegg supported me in handing in the school processes and one article of art and at a time. Analysis of everything we'll need for the exam. I continuously remind myself that I wouldn't be without the nutrients and firtilizer, like plants, grow, and what we give them for survival. Brains are great, but take care of yourself, your body, hydration, esp with that gross vitamin pack. Proven to help slow down the progression of disease I want to prevent the part of the illnesses that is harder to treat with modern medicine

- Good for some, not for others

Overall, Grammarly is a nice app for typos, word placement, and sentence correction. It works best with small emails and projects with little information to process. However, it has some kinks that can be worked out. For Ipad/Iphone use, when I check my whole 5 page book chapters, Grammarly doesn't fix anything, and will tend to crash. I have tried re-downloading. It doesn't work. If you're looking for spelling, this app is an option. If you're looking to help odd sentence structure and writing in general, I suggest look for another app. Grammarly suggests a few ways to edit sentences like adding a word or comma, but doesn't offer alternative sentences, word replacement, etc. I do love the keyboard layout, I just wish this was easier to use. I had a lengthy process just to install a keyboard that doesn't work. My computer wouldn't accept the application.

- Too expensive

While the product itself is excellent, the price of up to $30 dollars PER MONTH is completely ridiculous. I don’t see any justification for charging a subscription fee that high or for charging a subscription at all, rather than a single price up front. It is not a service, like a VPN or Cable Channel Provider. It’s a grammar and spell checker for goodness sake. They could charge a smaller upfront price and sell a lot more of their product. Even their yearly offer works out to $20 per month. At least with “in app purchases” you can make a one time purchase to add functionality (talking about productivity software not games). Grammarly would be categorized as a word processor enhancement. In no way do I see that as justifying a subscription fee at all, much less $30 per month. Even Apple Music, which IS a service, doesn’t charge nearly that much.

- Waste of time and money

I’d give this app zero stars if it let me, but it won’t. So one star it is. I paid for their service for two years and it was okay. There are things about the app that are frustrating; like you can can’t move copy on the page or bold ares so you can go back and make changes. Yes it checks grammar, spelling,etc, but definitely not worth the money I spent. But the real reason they get no stars (if that was possible) is that they have no customer service. No phone number. No person to chat with. Just an unmanned zen desk that takes 24 hrs to get back to you, which they fail to mention anywhere. But they did me a favor because I paid for a competitors software which is 100% better, let’s you move copy on the page, create folders for different projects (another thing you can’t do with Grammarly). So if you’re a professional writer, get out from under this limited app and get one that caters to your needs and has customer service.

- Cool app

It corrects my mistakes when my mind goes way faster then I can type. It's caught one million and one mistakes I've made. I’m usually pretty good at English even spelling but my brain doesn’t work like normal people or not most. I’m even slowing down now and it’s about impossible. I will admit google gave me Grammarly before but NOTHING like this for the same reason. My poems writings would have one word missing which takes the whole writing book paragraph into a different direction. I look for it now and when it’s gone there comes slow writing ideas list that was right there so if you're a writer and have that amazing ending but all of a sudden you look up at 20 thousand mistakes, ideas one! I've always loved this but the updates are unbelievable! Recommended for all especially writers.

- Privacy Concerns Not Reality Congruent

If you don’t want your keyboard input sent through Grammarly’s servers, by all means, don’t enable keyboard access. In fact, don’t even download the App, because clearly, IT WON’T WORK if their servers can’t process your data. If you think there is a workaround for this, then my friend your cheese may have slid off its cracker. In addition, if this concept baffles you, you should very probably chuck your smartphone and/or tablet in the rubbish bin, as you clearly lack the resources to deserve the privilege of technology. Stick with a flip-phone and a hard copy of the ‘Manual of Style.’ I am taking a star off for the lack of external keyboard support, but perhaps that’s Apple’s fault. The workaround is to, after writing, disconnect the keyboard, switch to Grammerly, and recheck the text. Not ideal but it works.

- Used for three months

I have used this for three months on my laptop at home and genuinely really like it. I decided to install it on my phone. So far, the only real problem I have is ”manage personal dictionary”. I would like it to be able to include all the aspects, or characters, of the keyboard. For example, a running joke with my friends is Jim Carrey’s ”B-E-A-UTIFUL” quote. Grammarly doesn't recognize the word so it will either try to correct the word or ask if I would like the last part ”UTIFUL” put into my personal dictionary. Trying to put the word in myself results in an error as it does not allow characters. Honestly, I do not see any other problems with this app. I would recommend it, my friends and family.

- The PC Version is better

Hello! I’ve been using the Grammarly function on my computer for quite some time, so I decided to test it out on my phone—An iOS for those interested. I was extremely happy about the desktop, which is why I was understandably excited to test it out. When I got the mobile app, though, it was a disappointment for me. Whenever I would save a word to my dictionary, it seemingly disappeared the next time I went on. Along with this, it incorrectly changed a lot of things automatically, which took a lot of time to get something out. One of the functions I was most excited for—being able to continue the works on my PC through the app—wasn’t a feature at all. I understand that the app is just for the keyboard, but I ultimately think that an in-app writing area similar to the PC version would ultimately be good.

- Great app

I love grammarly keyboard! It helps me with my papers for school work, and also helped me learn more about what kind of easy mistakes I would make when writing anything that I never even knew were incorrect! But I also wish that the monthly payments were more cheaper, because I know that I would love to have it apart of my daily life and work, but for me the prices are slightly more complicated than I thought and I wish I could pay for example $30 dollars for a monthly subscription but I just don’t have the money that could get me longer than just one month. I love this app, and I just want to have people know that this isn’t a hate comment, it’s just my opinion but I definitely would recommend this app!

- Love the app, but not the keyboard.

This app is fantastic for typing up emails to my professors and anything else. The issue I have is that the keyboard is tough to type on accurately. So, I used the world key to access the standard keyboard to type what I need and then use it again to switch the Grammarly to correct any mistakes. The second issue I have is the concern about privacy. Like many others have stated, you have to give them access to anything you type on your keyboards, this includes account usernames and passwords. I hope their ethics are in check. So, Grammarly, since you’re watching me type this, please update your keyboard to better mimic and work as the standard iPhone one and be mindful and respectful of the information you gather from our devices and lives.

- Wouldn’t recommend for everyday texting

The autocorrect on this keyboard is atrocious. It doesn’t identify well with suggestive words so if you misspell a word and don’t wait for the suggestions to pop up (which is really slow to pop up) and continue to type, it’ll often autocorrect it to a word that does not make sense to be in that sentence. Then you have to manually go back and correct it. If you enable the keyboard before sending a professional email or text where you’re taking your time, this is a good keyboard. If you’re sending a ton of text messages and emails daily, it’s very annoying with all of the manual correcting you’ll have to do. Often times I’m sending the message because the keyboard is too slow to keep up with me and when I go back to read it it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have this problem when I use just the regular apple keyboard.

- I’m concerned about the terms and conditions

I have downloaded the app but haven’t switched it to the “full access keyboard” it pops up saying if you accept it then the developer will be able to access sensitive information. Such as credit card information, your address etc. I did see where someone was concerned about this issue also and the developer responded in a way that sounded convincing. I’m hoping the developer will respond to this and if you do, my main question would be if that’s not an issue, why is it still a disclaimer you have to agree to before allowing full access? “If I can change the rating later, I will, depending on if I can get additional information or not.” Just to clarify: “I have not used the app yet! So I cannot give any information on how the app works.”

- It WOULD NOT let me log in!

I tried and tried. I had this app earlier but accidentally deleted it. I decided to get it again and it went horribly! I made a new account with the same email and a different password. It said I already had an account, I had forgotten I got this app until that moment. So, I went and clicked the sign in tab. Put in my email and new password I’d updated about 2 months ago. And guess what! It didn’t work! I tried a couple more times with the same result, I don’t know why I thought it would make a difference, it didn’t. So, I make a new password and try again! It didnt work! At this point I was losing my patience. I deleted the app and found a different writing app I can use. All I wanted was to make a short story to pass the time in quarantine. I found an app, but it wasn’t this one. If there’s anything I can do to use this app again please let me know! Thank you for reading this if you did, Sincerely, Nikayla V

- Needs Work

I was about to take my iPad Pro back to the Apple Store... but deleting this app fixed the issue. I was having random “dead spots” on the screen, almost seeming like the tablet was overwhelmed and stalling... its an iPad Pro.. that shouldn’t be happening, unless this thing is cranking away on the internet continuously. Removing the app fixed the issue instantly. Unfortunately I paid for a year before discovering this. It does work well on my Surface, which I rarely use, only for software that isn’t available for the Mac. No support for MS Office on the MAC, so it is useless for my professional intent - I write government proposals for a living... typically 350+ pages each, so I’m no doing that on the Surface or an iPad... or any web-based garbage. Too bad, it’s nice, but the iPad version needs work and the lack of support for OSX (by far the best writing /creative / content platform) is strange - to say the least.

- Sign Your Life Away

This is a great Ap. I have bought for all of the Clerical Workers in my office including myself. Improve your writing skills as well but I just came across something I find something very disturbing. It says if you check the box for full access you are agreeing to let them transmit any keystroke you make any where they want even CREDIT CARD ENTRIES. Does that mean they can sell your credit card number, does that mean they can use your credit card to remodel their office? Obviously not but it still scares me enough not to use it anymore until they can more properly explain exactly what they do with your info. These Aps never can seem to be specific about what do with it and that’s hard to understand when your asking to share my credit card info with anyone. Explain that and you would be 5 star.

- The app works about half the time.

I downloaded this app as a student to help me proof-read my essays and papers. At first, the app was great! Click of a button and it proof reads everything and gives you recommendations on what to fix. Unfortunately, this feature has been broken for weeks now. It will proof read the whole paper, then give you the recommendations. Once you fix one or two errors, the app will crash or freeze and you have to have it proof read the entire paper again. Sometimes you have to refresh the entire keyboard add-on because it freezes the entire keyboard. It’s quite annoying that a feature that would once take me a matter of minutes to go through now takes 10-15 minutes. It’s also fairly annoying that they still don’t have a feature that works with a Bluetooth keyboard. Having to unconnect your Bluetooth keyboard every time you want to use the app gets tiresome.

- Great but have to keep an eye on it

I have dyslexia so I find it very useful for fixing the small mistakes I never learned about in school. (where to place the comma, the proper word usage). However frequently it will insist on a change that affects the entire meaning of a sentence. To be something else, or even not make sense. I would like to see the sentence in context as written as well as the proposed changes. I'm not sure given space limitations if it's possible. Perhaps highlight the mistake so it can be viewed. Then I can easily read it and see if it really needs to be fixed. And give ignore this correction this once button. I use the free version because I'm on a fixed income and I'm very grateful for that option. Even if advanced mistakes are not shown.

- Shame

I’m so disappointed pointed in the grammarly app and the developer needing full access to what I type to use the full functionality of the app. I know this is common practice but I’m also starting to realize apple supports this type of piracy and is a witting accomplice in this unnecessary trend. If apple truly cared about my privacy they would ensure developers didn’t place you in a compromising position for using apps that would truly help improve certain aspects of your life without the need the need to know what I’m typing, bank account numbers and all manner of critical information that doesn’t make the app perform better. I’m ashamed of both the developer of grammarly and apple for supporting this type of behavior.

- Magical

Josey86 describes this keyboard as worst than anything out there. Well, I don't understand it. Is there an extra star to put it? I want to give 6. Clearly exceeding expectations. This keyboard is made for non-native English-speaking professionals. Which, this is me. I learned good English through my long life and can say my learned English is well above average. After working two months using this keyboard, the quality of my reports is improving faster. My weakness is accuracy (I need a small paperback English handbook on my side all the time) Saying that, this is the closest to a Magic act I've ever seen. Just an example: for non-English speakers, there is always confusion between disease and decease; device and device, advice and advice, etc. There are so many ”close calls” that your brain will never be able to catch. This corrector works in context. If you are a native speaker, and you write above average advanced English, don't use it. For the bunch that must work in the USA and has no time to follow the additional training, Grammarly is the way to go. By the way, I need this in French, Portuguese and Italian. For Spanish it will be an annoyance.

- The computer version is better :/

I have a premium account that I love using when writing essays on my computer. I'm trying to write an email right now, and I thought I'd use the app because this teacher is very formal. It made stupid, illogical correction suggestions, and it's doing right now as I write this! It wants me to capitalize random words. When I wrote ”in early December, ” it wanted me to capitalize the word ”In.” This app is HORRIBLE and context, unlike the computer one. It is currently bugging me to change the word ”capitalize” to gain. And put a period after that when I just put it in quotes. Word needs the synonym ”name” right now. When I press the ”check your text” button, the screen flashes and tells me there's nothing wrong. This all doesn't know what context is. I wish I could write this email on my computer right now it's insane. Disappointing. Download the computer program.

- Awesome On Computer, Needs One Thing on App

So as a college sophomore, I’ve used Grammarly for my papers, and I’ve also used it to store my creative writing. It’s awesome for helping you write, especially on the Premium version. And I have the iPhone app for Grammarly Keyboard, but I want to see one thing on the app: transfer of my documents from PC/Mac to Android/Apple products. As I’m on the go, I don’t always want to carry around my laptop to work on documents, and don’t want to invest in a tablet when I could edit my documents on my phone the same way I could with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If Grammarly can offer a Drive or Docs app feature in the near future to edit documents on my phone or a tablet for other people, I would 100% recommend Grammarly to everyone.

- Not exactly the best...

I suppose Grammarly is good for writing? I wouldn’t exactly recommend it to many people though. I struggle to find the right words to describe things, and Grammarly usually helps me with that. It also finds mistakes and typos I didn’t see and I find that very useful. The reason I wouldn’t recommend it is... that’s all it really does for me. When I’m using Grammarly, it will try to correct things that are already perfectly fine. The autocorrect option will appear and just won’t go away, too. And in order for me to get rid of it, I sometimes have to let it read all of my writing. That can be a pain when I write a lot. Sometimes I’ll write a word and forget a letter. For example, “Appl” It will have an autocorrect option appear, but when I add the e back myself, it’s still there. When I press the button, it makes it “Applee” I think that needs some work... As I said before, it will autocorrect things that are already fine and have them make no sense. It’s funny how it’s Grammarly and doesn’t know correct grammar. But who knows, this is just my experience with Grammarly on iPhone. Maybe it’s different for others or other devices. I guess it’s still helpful nonetheless.

- Dreadfully Annoying

The concept of Grammarly is excellent. Unfortunately, Grammarly will insist on its own spelling or grammar even when wrong or a perfectly acceptable alternative spelling or grammatical construction has been written. The app refuses to let me type the name ”Betsy” without turning it off first. The app insists I must be writing the word, ”best.” I have had to uninstall the app because of these small but extremely irritating functionality problems. Another example: the app won't recognize the word "ago" and keeps insisting I must mean "agl" which I can't find listed in any dictionary. And now writing this review, the app is telling me this is an unknown word yet insisting that is what I must mean in another piece I am writing. The app refuses to allow me to choose my own closing to a letter or email. It insists that I must use a homonym of the word I want. The concept is excellent but the app itself creates work rather than make work more productive.

- The worst thing that happened to me!!!

I love this app, It’s so awesome. It doesn’t make you frustrated when writing the wrong words, but fixes it for you. But, sometimes it’s wrong about the words you are trying to say. I get “there” and “their” confused sometimes, which is all the times and it always corrects for me all the time in the right way. But, then one day, when I did it the whole “there” and “their” thing again. That time I really tried my best to not make that mistake, cause it was a really important day for me. I was getting hired for a job I’ve working and wanting my whole life. When I was writing I didn’t bother to look back at my writing because I’ve been using grammarly for about a year, so I didn’t, but guess I really thought wrong because everybody always tells me to check over my work before sending it. I got a letter that said that I wasn’t qualified to write and I was so sad and mad at grammarly!!!!!!!!!!!

- Completely Copied from Gboard

This app is so bad because the whole keyboard is copied from the app made by Google called Gboard. If you go look at the emoji icon for Gboard and then go look at the emoji button icon for Grammarly its the exact same icon. And then if you see the shape of the Gboard keys and then go to the Grammarly keys they are the exact same shape. Then if you see the google icon on the top left corner and then you see where the grammarly icon is on the keyboard you will realize that the grammar icon on the keyboard is at the same position as the Gboard icon. Plus Grammarly has the same design for the word suggestions at the top of the keyboard as Gboard. I highly suggest not using the grammarly keyboard because it is completely copied off of Gboard!

- Needs iPad version to mirror the desktop or laptop version

I have been a pro user of Grammarly for a couple of years now and love the full version. However, as Apple intergrates their iPad Pro line into more of a do all “computer,” Grammarly has yet to follow suit. I would like to see cross compatability on the iPad Pro version just the same as the full version. If Grammarly coulld support other iOS apps like pages, word for iPad, etc it would be a incredible app worthy of 5 stars. Now more than ever with the magic keyboard support, it would be nice if grammarly could support the new magic keyboard. As for the desktop/broweser version, I would rate 5 stars. The iOS version is just pushing out a 2 star.

- Frustrating but good.

It’s frustrating how slow the extension is. It misses a letter if I type to fast and it gets annoying easily. The point for this app is to have it correct your typing easily and quickly not hold you down of how slow it is. Privacy is also a thing that people want to be protected. Maybe make the app so it disables automatically when you're making purchases or using your password. It is helpful in a way. It does what it advertises. Correct your grammatical mistakes. The reason I give three stars is because of these problems. It is godawful slow when typing, it misses letters, and there are privacy concerns. It can be even better if these problems are addressed and fixed. It has potential. I'll keep the app in the hopes these issues will get fixed.

- Age Of Oh No Not My Piracy Privacy Privy Privileges!

I love the Grammarly apps for Firefox and Chrome. Honestly, though, I only downloaded this to write this review. To all of the illiterate nuts that want, love, need, and use this app, but feel the need to whine about ”privacy” concerns and how the app requires full access, please shut up. Stop trying to hide behind fake privacy features in the millions of convenience apps we've all become addicted to using on a daily basis. Stop being shady enough to need to hide that much. We use these apps to make our lives easier to manage (or easier to ignore), but we're worried about being important enough that someone else wants to be that deep in our business. Oh ok...

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- Definitely Recommended! Just one thing...

I use grammarly on a daily basis. It’s is often hard to just trust auto correct with e mails or essays, and this leads to a big misunderstanding with what I try to write. Ever since I downloaded this app, it made my life so much easier! I used this app on my iPhone and on my pc. However, I have a keyboard connected to my iPad 11 Pro, which makes it so much harder to use grammarly. One of my favourite things about grammarly is that it is easy to use, and corrects your mistakes so you don’t have to, but instead of it automatically changes it like on pc and on iPhone, you have to press a button to check it. When I think my e mail is great, and I forget to check it with grammarly, I end up with loads of mistakes that grammarly could have helped me fix. I look forward for a new update on this app. Thank you for reading my opinion!

- Close to Best App in App Store.

I love Grammarly; I use it every day on my phone and MacBook. It stops me making elementary mistakes, with spelling and grammar. It also picks up when I break the more obscure and difficult rules embedded in the English language. Since getting a premium account, it's fair to say Grammarly has made me a better writer. The feedback you get via email comparing your writing to other Grammarly users is excellent motivation. Being able to change the style of your language, as well as the context within which it will reside is handy. Grammarly then checks that what you have typed follows the relevant syntactic rules based on your choices. The seamless transmission of information from your typed words, to the minds of the target audience for which you are writing, is pretty much guaranteed. The customer service is outstanding as well. I've had some login issues (all my doing), and the team at Grammarly are super helpful; they are efficient and effective as well. Well done. I have one suggestion, the iPhone app could be improved. It is often difficult to see the word Grammarly is suggesting you change or delete. The cursor on its own is too hard to find, primarily when you've written a lot of words. There are occasions when I want to ignore Grammarly's advice, and I can't tell because I can't find where in the text the change is being suggested. I hope that makes sense - great app tho.

- Grammarly: Writing Checker.

( I am using Grammarly to type this inquiry) Grammarly is a promising app; I highly propose using it, while some dilemmas I crave to be repaired such as bugs; and not able to return texts for problems such as indentation in text, or paragraphs. The app fixes errors that I did not know of; they help with bringing your statement more engaging words, less lengthy paragraphs, and adding lots of synonyms and adjectives that make your essays, articles, stories, paragraphs, and statements spread the word; and bring more of a representative manner. I have no other further issues on the subject of Grammarly, apart from the Privacy concerns. These comprise the ”allow full access” button, which is impractical for many foolish people who do not realise that this includes the composition checker and without it, they cannot check your spelling, grammar, and any other mistakes you may have missed. If you would like to see an example of this spelling checker in action, I shall show you. Without Grammarly: I had a good time at my friends house. With Grammarly: I had an impeccably lovely time at Anika’s Manor; I couldn't have imagined such a delightful day such as mine. Here you can see the difference, and this is why I rate it 4 stars.

- Best thing ever

So I had this app on my laptop and then when I started writing essays for high school I didn't like bringing a MacBook every day to school so I converted into taking digital notes on my IPad Pro, at first I thought this was only available on a laptop or computer but I was so pleased that they had an app available for IPads and even Phones, I love this app so much you don't even have to buy premium to get all the main features if all you need is grammar check, another word options and correct spelling then the none premium version is good for you, the app even tells you the level of writing you are doing, for example, informative, formal, basic and many more.... 100% recommend this app even if you don't do heeps of writing😁

- Great idea, not quite there yet.

Grammarly seems to work very well on my iPhone. It only works on my iPad when the Apple keyboard isn't connected which is disappointing as it's much easier to type with than the on-screen keyboard. On Windows, the MS-Office app only works in Word and Outlook, but not PowerPoint, and there is no Office support at all on the Mac. When running the office add-in, I received a number of script errors before I could log in, but once through that, it seems to work welL Grammarly would be excellent if the MS-Office problem, in particular, could be resolved. I’d consider a Premium subscription when the current problems are sorted out but will hold off until then.

- Please support physical keyboards for iPad

I got the Grammarly download on my Windows 10, and it was really useful. It lived up to what it advertised and my expectations. However, I downloaded the app on my iPad and the app asked me to disconnect the physical keyboard I paired with my iPad. Having a physical keyboard is almost essential to me. I type almost three times as fast on one, and with significantly more accuracy as well. If you could bring an update that allowed compatability, I’m sure there wold be a lot of users out there who would thank you for that. I guess it’s good on the iPhone (which I’m gonna say this app was designed for) if you’re using it for business though

- Review the app, not societal paranoia

This is a great companion to the desktop Grammarly. Without really realising it, I have started using Grammarly for everything wordy. If you are concerned about the credit card information maybe think it through a bit, if the credit card thing was an issue wouldn’t we know? And if you are concerned about the authorities seeing what you are writing then what the hell are you writing? Think what you will but this app is efficient, expert, and very easy to use.

- Privacy Issues

I had heard many great things about this app and I was starting to think about downloading this app. I’ve seen others use it and I am surly amazed about what it can do and I can use it to write many great pieces. As I was going on Settings to turn on the keyboard it said, ‘Allow Full Access’ and it came up with a bit of text. It said some stuff about the keyboard but at the very bottom it read, ‘It can access private information.’ I really love the idea of the keyboard and it’s purpose but I don’t want people accessing my stuff. I would highly suggest to make the keyboard more private with the owner’s information. From, a random year 6 student.

- Needs some work but it’s a good app

First of thank you for making an app like this to help people but it just needs some work. 1. When it checks my work and I look at the list of errors it found I press the green box to correct my mistakes but then all of the errors from the list get deleted. 2. I’m not so keen on the full access thing like most people. please try and change that. 3. I have found in my writing that random commas appear in the middle of words like my after I use the app’s keyboard. For example my turns into m,y. 4. It doesn’t always pick up all the errors like lower case I. Somethings I do like about the app are. 1. How it shows me punctuation I missed like commas. 2. How it doesn’t automatically change the spelling of your words without you knowing (like auto correct) but it suggests it to you. 3. How it checks all your work at once to show you your errors (even though it does work its still a good idea and very helpful when I can see my mistakes). I hope this helps and thanks for the app

- I use Grammarly in every day situations

Grammarly is the main thing I lean on to make my writing more precise. I use Grammarly in text messages, notes, social media, and a whole lot more. As I'm writing this I am using Grammarly too! The only thing that could be worked on in Grammarly is the loading if you make too many mistakes it tends to load quite slow. Which can be very annoying at times where you need to write a quick text message. But overall Grammarly is amazing! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone! -lily

- Overpriced and needs more work

It's good and definitely a very productive app to use but it does not pick up all corrections The suggestions that comes up for correction come are way too slow then typing speed and lags alot Errors left behind as you keep typing are not addressed and auto picked More mistakes it has actually caused me to make more mistakes going back forth by auto correct with this is not consistent unless you type slow and then what the point apple keyboard can do same The price is too high for subscription unless you are writer blogger who just do type not worth it I have office work email and apps in my mobile which is where I want this app to work mainly, I anyway can't use it with office mail cause you have no tie ups with Google office suit used officially or outlook mail or teams app or any other so it's blocked in that network and apps ,So this limits the application and does not justify asking price

- Best writing app on the market

I would highly recommend this app for grammar spelling punctuation and any of your writing needs. It has helped me dramatically across all my devices, Mac computer iPhone and iPad. With my personal and professional emails, it gives a safety net to make sure that your writing style sounds professional & knowledgeable. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five-star review all the way. Also, the customer service is friendly and quickly replies to any emails. Definitely worth the money 👌🏼

- Terrible on iOS devices 👎

The Grammarly app is TERRIBLE on iOS like iPhone and iPad. On my iPad Pro 2, I have tried Grammarly with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I have reinstalled the app 3 times over the past 3 months. Nothing helped. Symptoms Within the Grammarly keyboard, press the green ‘G’ button to initiate half-screen mode. Often, Grammarly does not pick up any issues, OR if it did pick up a problem and I tap on a correction, Grammarly would not carry out the change. If I copy the same text on to my desktop version of Grammarly on my Mac, it would pick up several issues and carry out corrections as expected (but only on dedicated Grammarly MacOS app. It does not have Microsoft Word integration on MacOS). Rant I suspect Grammarly commenced its life as a Win PC app and they are trying to port it over to MacOS (3 stars out of 5) and iOS (0 stars out of 5). It would have been more honest to declare that Grammarly does NOT work on iOS, instead of releasing a half-baked app. I have paid for a Premium subscription, but I will not be renewing. I will NOT recommend this app to any iOS users.

- 4 stars app!!

OMG! I never have rated a app 4 stars! Most of my rating was 2 but tell you what? This app I didn’t even play it before and I rate it 4 stars. I did it because it looked cool and awesome. The thing it should fix is that it should make it like WeChat so people won’t have a hard time finding people to chat with. Conclusion: I would love to rate it a 5 star if the app has no mistakes but don’t worry cause you don’t have to listen to my ideas. Best regards Chelsey

- Grammarly Is The Best.

I love Grammarly because it helps me to write and it just fixes it up for me and tells me how to change my writing in the future. There is just one thing I think in the texts in needs to just fix it not but a do like a little notification because it gets annoying to write and check what it is saying. Well I think this app is amazing and I recommend you download it.

- Doesn’t support external keyboards

I purchased this specifically to use with my external keyboard on my iPad Pro. It wasn’t until I tried to connect the app that it informed me that external keyboards aren’t supported. This REALLY needs to be in the upfront info. I’m also concerned about security now. When attaching to my iPhone, Apple gives a warning that using the app will allow the company access to everything I type, including passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Something to think about, and since I’m not tech savvy enough to understand the backend security on this stuff, I won’t be taking the risk and using the app.

- Great application

I wand to express my gratitude to the developers of this app. When I studied at the university I used this application a lot. I used public computers and kept my Important documents on my usb desk. One day I lost my usb desk and I lost all my documents. I was so anxious and depressed for that. The usb desk had all my important documents and files. Due to this application now I found some very important ones. Thank you so much!!! Awesome application

- The perfect replacement

If you're looking for a new keyboard to replace the default one or alternatives that you used previously then look no further than Grammarly. This app has it all! And works flawlessly! It is the perfect error free keyboard replacement that you're looking for. Also note: I made several errors writing this quick review but Grammarly easily caught those errors and fixed them.

- Nearly perfect

Grammarly is a nearly perfect app. It lives up to all expectations. Works exactly the same as it boasts of in the ad. But there is a catch. To have the standards of what the ad boasts of you have to buy it. So although it says it's free, if you really want floorless writing you're going to be charged money. This is very annoying as the ad says that Grammarly is a free app. Overall paying for a better version or not the app is still helpful.

- Such a rip of, so stupid!!🤬

There’s no point in having a free version if all it does is catch spelling errors, because that’s the whole point of a spellchecker which you don't need an app for anyway. Plus as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t work on anything like Microsoft word or notes, it only works inside the app so it’s pretty pointless to have. The premium version costs a whopping $18-$44!! As a student, I definitely cannot afford that!! Would rate this zero if i could. As soon as i finish writing this review (with no help from Grammarly) i am deleting this app. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time.

- This app is good

This app is nice and helps a lot but it is annoying when it says ’advanced issue found. Upgrade to premium to fix it’ and then I want it to fix my work but I don't have enough money to pay for it. This is so annoying and I think you should either get rid of premium or sell it for free. Otherwise, this app is really good and I like it!

- Password reset doesn’t work, paid but no access to premium

I’ve logged in with my Facebook account and when I tried to log in with my email, it didn’t work, so I requested a password reset and the reset doesn’t work. My account now is blocked and I can’t neither log in with my Facebook and nor with my email address. On top of that, I upgraded to the premium access in July via my phone and when I try to log in to my account in my laptop, it doesn’t work , and now that my account has been blocked, I am left with no option. What a bad account settings. :(

- Fabulous App

It helps to correct grammatical errors and helps one focus on speech and language context. I truly enjoy it because after receiving partial brain damage after an assault, simple tasks have become difficult. Also, the age effect on memory is lacking these days. Great to go through the simple lessons and learning what lazy teachers never taught me at school.

- No bluetooth why???!!!

How? I do believe this nonsense of the feature no bluetooth keyboard I strongly believe that is stupid. There is no point of downloading if you cant use the keyboard. I am on a mobile device not a pc and I need my Bluetooth keyboard. Firstly It is hard to type fast if you can’t use your bluetooth keyboard maybe the apple auto correct is better because you are obviously not allowing us to use the Bluetooth keyboard please improve and add it in a update. Secondly I cant write an essay without the Bluetooth keyboard because I only have a week to do my homework and if I have to tap my fingers on the screen it as well take 2 weeks. Lastly like some people say “there is a bee in her bonnet” I am in the same situation no keyboard, big problem. In conclusion please improve this problem of mine and update to allow Bluetooth keyboards Sincerely Mr Illuminati

- Needs improving

Grammarly having a free app is fantastic especially with my grammar being so terrible. The app does require some improvements though. I find some of the auto correct suggestions to be really stupid and I wonder how they even got that suggestion, it doesn't pick up on ”u” and a few other little errors, I find the keyboard a little smaller than the Apple keyboard as well. If it wasn't for those minor issues the app would be #1

- Big Improvement from standard keyboard

I've been using Grammarly for already four years and recently upgraded to premium. Worth it! Now that they have an iPhone keyboard, I'm more confident in my writing no matter what I’m writing on. The keyboard is new, so it needs some fine tuning in its usability. But I'm confident that these people will only make it better.

- Full access? I don’t think so

Uninstalling this app because it requires “Full Keyboard Access” which basically means this app will receive a copy of everything that you type or have ever typed. Even if the creators of the app have the best of intentions, it only takes one hack of their security and suddenly every person who has given access will have their personal information stolen. Passwords, pin numbers, credit card numbers anything and everything you’ve ever typed out on your phone. Yikes. No thanks. Remove this feature.

- Huge privacy issue, be careful

I downloaded this app as it looked impressive. I was shocked to learn during the setup the developer can access anything you type present and past including credit card numbers, passwords your address and more. Very disappointed so now I have deleted the app, privacy issues are becoming more and more invasive and putting us all at risk. I’m sure the developer is not a malicious person, but would you give an unknown company access to everything you type and send, not me! Deleting app now!!!

- Great but...

There’s this problem that makes it so that the keyboard thinks are should be is then when you change it it says to change it to are again and I hate it when it still has the red notification when that happens also I don’t mind it doesn’t change u to you it just doesn’t detect it. Love the app!


Grammarly is an amazing app. It helps me to correct spelling mistakes. And it gives synonyms for any words that are bland. Would recommend to all my friends. I also have a suggestion, it would be good if grammarly premium had a trial for free. Because i really wanna trial it before i make a purchase. But other than Grammarly is a def 5 stars

- Very useful

I am in high school and I have to write many essays and stories and they have to be punctuated and the spelling right and it helps a lot in that so very happy with this app but the only thing I don't like is would like to purchase the premium but it is way too expensive than it really should be

- Grammarly thoughts

I think Grammarly is a great app. It helps me a lot because I type quick so I get lots of mistakes whilst typing. So when I get something wrong I can just easily have it autoCorrected. I hope you keep on updating the app so this can keep on getting better and helping lots of other people with typing.

- Almost perfect

Grammarly has helped me out a lot as it helped me to write this very review. But like ireview iOS devices, review there are some problems on iOS, for instance, some times I see a mistake but Grammarly doesn't also some Times it changes something and then it says the thing it changed is wrong. But apart from that, it's a really good grammar checker.

- Very Fishy App

Ok, so I download the app cuz I just got a new phone and then it tells me to put full access. I go to settings and press Grammarly, then keyboard then I allow it, then I press full access and it gives me a warning that if I do full access the devs can see what I type and have typed on the keyboard already. That is fishy and can lead to you losing your money, accounts, address, etc. Thank lord I had that warning, or I would have fell for it. Not hating, just very fishy, don’t download this app, you may get scammed.

- Good

I suggest this app for all ages because it can be very helpful but there are a few downsides to this app too, but nothing's perfect. One of the downsides is that you need to get close to the word you want to spell for the app to do its job but other than that I still give it a 10/10 rating.

- For anyone from children to adults. I definitely recommend this app

This is close to the best app I have ever downloaded. I hope more people get this because honestly, this is the best app! Grammarly developers please tone down the price of a premium by a little bit, thanks!

- More features

Can you please add the same features as on pc (the hard to read sentence etc.) because all my assessments are coming up in a couple weeks and I need the best possible paragraph so if you could add that, that would be amazing. Love the app, keep up the good work!

- Not useful with a real iPad keyboard

Firstly, thank you very much for this fantastic program. Secondly, I use a Smart Keyboard Folio when I use my iPad Pro. Actually, I cannot find any way to use Grammarly when I use a Smart Keyboard Folio. Please, this problem should be resolved quickly. Finally, Please Please Please I want to use Grammarly website through my iPad Pro.

- Pretty good!

I prefer to use this for school work because i am not the best at typing. I had it on my phone for a while but deleted it because it didn't let me say funny words for example "omg yasss" auto corrected to "oh my yes" or something like that. So i suggest using it for school not really for texting friends etc.

- It's great on iPhone!

It's helped me with my spelling and grammar and it's much better than the apple keyboard for me! Is easy to set up on the phone just need to go to the settings and the Grammarly app it takes 5 minutes or less. The bad thing about the app is that it's just sitting in your phone and not using the app. If your writing an SA it's there to help you. If your writing an Instagram or Snapchat it's there for you. If your going homework is there for you. If you're just texting a friend its there! it's like spelling and grammar best friend always there for you by your side. It's available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, any laptops and computers! -Amelia😊

- Kind of hard to afford full access

Coming from a person that lives with my mum and my sister as a 13 yr old, living of of around 500 AUD a week, I find it hard to afford this. I just can't afford full access, no matter how cheap it's made. I know this won't be everyone, but this is just my opinion. It'd be great if I could get full access for free, but that'd never happen. - a random person on the internet

- It is awesome

This app helps you so much I’m only nine this helps me so much you should really download this app I promise it will help you right messages to apply for a job which is very helpful and important instead of struggling it could save your life you need to have this app so yea 👁👅👁 👁👄👁 👁💋👁 👁🧠👁

- Ani’s review on Grammarly🤩😎

I love Grammarly, especially for me, as I am not the best at spelling it helps me to correct that. Though I am not sure if it is able to be used offline and I do not know if advanced Grammarly costs money. Other than that I think that this spelling app is highly useful. From, Anita Huang

- Love it ❤️ 😍 💕

Grammarly makes everything seem easier. With this review, I used my Grammarly keyboard it helped me with my mistakes and to make a simple word sound a lot better. If you are thinking of getting this for you kid or yourself I would definitely recommend Grammarly.

- Loved it!

I personally love grammarly because school assignments are much easier especially for English. I do wish however that it would connected to your keyboard so if your emailing a teacher you don’t have to pre write it in the app.

- Intermittently becomes unresponsive

The Grammarly keyboard is a lovely keyboard to have installed, but I have 2 issues. One is related to security and the requirement of full access to work. The other is the intermittent unresponsiveness that it will exhibit in the middle of typing something out. While writing this review, it became unresponsive twice. I’ll be deleting this keyboard and watching carefully for a new distro to be released. iPhone X, iOS11.3.1

- I love Grammarly

I love Grammarly I am only a year 4 student and with the COVID-19 my writing has gone downhill but now that I have Grammarly I love to write I have a 2,000-word story and I had 150 mistakes I never even bothered looking at but I didn't have to so my advice to you is to download Grammarly NOW

- Milan 🌸

I am a 10 yr old writer and I absolutley love this app! It is so helpful since I love to self publish all the time. It saves me from having to edit and edit after about 3 hours of writing! Thank you for creating this app I am so pleased! Keep up the good work.

- Thanks Grammarly

The reason why I gave you five stars is because you are such a help to me and I love Grammarly because when ever I write something wrong you automatically autocorrect it when ever I write something wrong thank you Grammarly thank you so much

- Pretty good but not kinda

I'm keeping the app, using it a bit, but it's not so good with the structure of sentences, ill say see I just made a mistake because I'll is written as ill and they haven't corrected it. I don't know why but it sometimes makes sentences worse. Noope Nah maybe so I think we should fix this biggest problem. I'm talking blab but it's letting me, not a good mark on a test 👎🏻

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- Please fix this

Found a bug: Grammarly Added even More detail: I wrote 3 paragraphs and copied it to NOTES app iphone, using Grammarly it catches 9 bugs Same thing happens for MAIL, FACEBOOK, text message, skype, linkedin Problem: I copy paste same thing to Gmail app and catches only 1 to 5 bugs max, Please fix this

- Need more Privacy

Full access. Why? Do you have any policy written somewhere which shows you will not save our credentitials. Sorry uninstalling.

- Why ?

Full access for whom or what ? C Mon Simple spell checker will do exactly the same without spilling the beans. Or any good dictionary without granting full access.

- Hoping the new upgrade is better

Spelling is an issue if you’re Canadian. Continually shows words like Behaviour and Colour as wrong. We’re Canadian not American so while we use the letter “Z” in words like Familiarize instead of Familiarise like the British we do spell other words differently than our cousins to the South. And before you ask, yes I did change the Region to Canada. Also be nice if you were Apple friendly instead of PC exclusive


Me to full access: Hell nooo

- Scam do not get.

So to activate and get it to work you have to give full access. Full access means everything yes everything you type including credit card numbers they get to see. Oh gee don’t see anything wrong with that.

- Grammerly

On rare occasion, the app requests one to change the tense/spelling, but the sentence doesn't sound right. However, you don’t HAVE to make that change. I wanted Grammarly because I thought my grammar was getting a little lazy. I think, within our society, at this point in time, a lot of us are not thinking/don’t really care about the words which are coming out of our mouths of from our fingertips, are getting a bit lazy. It very easily helps you with spelling errors, when you use words that sound the same, but don’t mean the same (ie.: to-too ~ then-than, etc., ) it helps your grammar and more. I keep Grammarly on my keyboard, just in case I’m not paying attention and getting ”lazy”... Definitely worth the 5 stars (I would give it 6 if it was possible) and worth a try....but be patient, it is well worth it especially if you are a writer! 😉

- Grinder.

Slows down all machines. Dumping it.

- Not happy

Not happy that to use it. It has to be in full access mode and it can see Credit card info sorry uninstalling

- I will not give you full access to any of my info!

This app should be ashamed of themselves asking anyone for full access to your personal information such as your banking and addresses. I will not have any app on my phone that requests such things to do with my privacy and charges an overpriced amount for premium features that don’t use proper spelling for Canadian users. The desktop version works much better than this without being as invasive but still way overpriced for these features. I immediately deleted this app.

- Love Grammarly but not the mobile app

You cannot use it, unless you give them full access to everything you’ve ever typed on your phone. Example, credit card info & many more..

- Not as smart as the apple English keyboard

Not good typing experience. Uninstalled after trying to reply my email. I would prefer use the system input.

- Exceptional.Incredibly fast.

It's the best thing happened to the keyboard till date...

- Uninstalled

I uninstalled this since I don’t like how it remembers anything I write like credit cards or important passwords ect.

- Another scammy service

Grammarly is another one of those services that will continue charging your credit card even after you cancelled your subscription. I didn’t even provide them with my new credit card information, but apparently they can request the bank to update it for them. It’s unbelievable. I’ve used this service before for work and it was okay, but I will absolutely advice everybody against it from now on.

- Cancel my subscription to Grammarly

I am requesting cancellation to Grammarly. Please advise and thanks in advance

- Full access to everything on my phone? Really??

This apps use all the informations your iPhone can hold, including passwords, pictures, usernames, etc. This is unbelievable! It's a big no for me.

- Full access to private info and NO refunds!

Grammarly needs full access to the keyboard. As per iOS : "Full access allows the transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard...including your credit card number..." Does nice grammar worth of all private info, including passwords? And just be aware that as per terms: ”all Fees paid or accrued in connection with any Services are non-refundable”.

- No privacy

As others mentioned. I know you have to benefit anything from free offers but this isn’t the right way as far as I’m concerned.

- Can you updated

Add new 2019 emojis in the emoji keyboard


I can’t go on a single app without getting ads for this. It’s really annoying. And when I did finally get this app, it asked for full access to everything on my device. Not happening, that’s disrespectful to people’s privacy.

- Ads, lmao.

You make ads about 27 year olds not knowing how to spell. You can only solve your dyslexia by serving and learning how to spell.

- It didn’t even let me make a account

This app is the worst app ever

- Ur adds sucks stop them on youtube


- where’s my privacy🙈

nobody: not even james charles: grammarly: CaN i HaVe FuLl AccESs? me: *uninstalls*

- CaNaDiAn diScRiMiNaTiOn-


- Ads

I don’t like getting ads for this app while I’m playing games it’s really annoying ; no hard feelings thanks :)

- Keyboard

There isn’t even a keyboard 😒

- It helps

It is a little bit of a burden

- Wants too much info

Why are other keyboard apps able to do the exact same job as this one but don’t need us to give “full access”? No thanks. No one in their right mind is going to use an app that can read everything they type, including passwords and credit card numbers. Especially when you give no info on how this data is stored or protected. Big no for me.

- Poop

This is poop

- Make it free

I logged in free and it still made me pay. Would have given this app five stars if it didn't do that other then that I really like it

- Okay

I mean it’s ok but it can improve

- Do not download!

Phone warns you this app has the potential to view your credit number. Do not download! Do not trust! Scam!


I HONESTLY EXPECTED BETTER FROM YOU GUYS. It “corrects” the wrong things and says inappropriate things and sometimes sends without me wanting too. NEVER AGAIN!!

- suggestions for Grammarly

Can the creator of Grammarly let the full access to be free because I am a student so I didn't get any money 💵

- Do you guys have logic?

Why would people need an app with a correcting keyboard if we would have an auto-corrected keyboard already on our devices?? It’s just stupid how we already have a keyboard that can correct us, but there is a useless app?? I DO NOT RECOMMEND

- No Privacy

it doesn’t function unless you give access to your keyboard— which you are then warned will enable full access to all of your data. I twice asked for an explanation but received no response. I deleted the app.

- Full Access?

Well I was seeing a lot of adds about Grammarly so I thought ok let’s download it it looks like a amazing app, it downloads and tells me to put it on my keyboard, I do that and now it needs full access, that will lead to some personal information that they don’t need to know! I was surly this was a good app, please make the next update not needing FULL ACCESS pLeAsE!!!

- Find a way around the full access

This is silly, full access means you can ready all of my notes, passwords, payment info, contacts and other sensitive data. You guys should find a way around that you can’t ask users to grant you full access it’s not ethical.

- American Grammar is NOT Canadian/British/Austrailain Grammar

American grammar isn’t the only English grammar that exists in the English language. If you’re going to provide an app to aid people in improving their grammar skills, than remember to include Canada/England. An example of your American grammar is the word “favor”, which incorrect to us because we use the letter “u”. If you want more people, specifically Canadians, the United Kingdom, Australians and other countries that use British grammar, using your app, please include us. Thank you.

- Doesn't help with punctuation

I'm looking for an app that helps with my Grammar and punctuation. This app does the exact same thing as my autocorrect. Its only fixes misspelled words it doesn't help with punctuation all because they want you to buy premium what a waste of time.

- Horrible App

Grammerly itself is an excellent tool, but the app is just horrendous. Autocorrect is super buggy and inaccurate, the keyboard doesn’t support the iOS 13 feature to “swipe type”, and the actual correction tips aren’t very useful. The most disappointing thing, however, is that for the app to even work, Grammerly demands “full access permission.” Meaning, they insist on knowing your credit card numbers, passwords, and any other sensitive information you type with the keyboard. I honestly cannot believe that they haven’t addressed these complaints yet, because the app has the potential to be an essential part of every writer’s toolkit.

- Change the “full access” requirement Pls

I love Grammarly, but I won’t install this app on my phone. What possible justification can it possibly have to require “full access”? I don’t even let Google Maps use my current location! Please make this app more respectful of users’ privacy. I promise you’d get a tonne more users!

- I Like Having Privacy

Don’t get this, by granting full access they can see your address and stuff, I granted it for like a few minutes but then I deleted it. I just felt unsafe

- Why Grammarly give some privacy

not giving you access to all the things because y’all going to steal

- I will download once...

There is privacy

- R U KIDDING ME? A full access needed? HELL NO

Why you we have to buy such a thing like this? To make it unlocked, you have to buy the subscription or unlock it one time. I'm not getting this app and it will be removed from my list. Delet this. Remember: if you don't press "allow full access", it will rip you off. Use the Apple keyboard instead. If you press it, it will Give out all of you personal info on this app. DO NOT GET. HELL NO F*** THAT $***. I AM GOING TO ANOTHER APP. REMOVED FROM PURCHASED APPS. Also, WHY DOES THIS APP HAS A LOT OF STORAGE TO DOWNLOAD THIS? HELL NO I'M DELETING THIS.

- They scammed me

My son told me their plan was 11.66 per month and I got charged almost 200$ I am still waiting for my refund

- Glitch

What a waste. Barely works at the best of times. When you go to correct mistakes it jumps around and then clears them all that it's done but yet reverses all changes forcing you to start over

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- Good but needs improvement

I love this app but there are a few problems. First and the most important is that u cant use keyboards that connect with Bluetooth , the ones you clip on to your iPad. It is very annoying because when you are typing very long documents it makes very hard to type on the screen. Secondly, the app always crashes and when that happens, it doesn’t save your data. I have lost work a few times like that already so I hope you fix that problem. Lastly, this is not really a problem but I was wondering what full access does. The app always tell me to enable it but I have no idea what it does. I would love it if you can reply to this and tell my what full access does. Thank You.

- Pretty mediocre

This app is great but there are a few major issues: •the whole overview editing -when I use it many times I’ll get a whole bunch of things but when I click it it immediately closes all the other issues and only shows the one you clicked that hasn’t been changed. -a couple of times it hasn't even fixed the problem or it just adds the corrected word without getting rid of the original one -sometimes it won't catch phrases to add commas around. -it will try to attach two words together just because they can be a compound word when they aren't supposed to. •the keyboard itself -the main, and frankly only, the problem is the quotation marks. When it you try to use the punctuation it is programmed on the end quotation. So now my quotes look like [”•”] instead of [“•”] and while it doesn't show much difference here other sites with different fonts it's much clearer. •the App -kinda useless. All it does is show you how to get the keyboard I, personally, would like an option to alter the keyboard or customize it. Just a suggestion •overall -It's good in small doses -there are glitches -problems with catching fairly simple punctation issued. -quotation marks are an issue!!!!! -Vamp up the app itself please!

- Grammarly App not compatible with voiceover

I am a blind user of Grammarly and when using it on a computer I get to enjoy all its benefits. But on the iPhone, it will not work for me. I reported this to Grammarly ages ago and they gave me the runaround. Today I tried it again with a new release. It is still useless to me. When I reported it they suggested I uninstall/reinstall the app. I went through that exercise only to learn tech support was wasting my time. When I complained more loudly, I was told making Grammarly accessible is difficult and they don't know when they can do it. Really??? This company brags about using sophisticated AI to analyze sentences, yet they can't get their app to do what tens of thousands of other applications already have figured out? Voiceover is built into every iPhone for a reason. It provides Blind people equal access, but only if companies care enough to build their applications with us in mind.

- Full Access to Sensitive Information???

I have to be honest, i’ve been using Grammarly on my laptop for years. I’ve had a basic free plan and just recently switched to the premium one. So for the first time I have decided to download the app on my iPhone and it wouldn't work without internet connection AND ”Full Access”. When I read terms and conditions regarding the Full Access you are literally giving them an access to all sensitive information such as Bank Account, Credit Cards, Street Address as well as other personal and sensitive information...Also, why would they need to access my photos? That's just crazy, you are the app that suppose to correct data, not accessing my bank account and photos.. I was hoping to use it cause I purchased a premium plan but i’m deleting it immediately on my phone now and checking settings on my laptop as well!

- Nice

I have had problems with texting using grammar correctly ever since my old phone got destroyed from water damage. I had to use an old Kindle that had a horrible touchscreen recognition. This messed me up when I got a new phone. It's uncomfortable for me to type, but now I can just type away and let an AI fix my mistakes (a little bit ironic). The main problem I have with this so far is that the keyboard that Grammarly provides is extremely laggy. It may just be the phone I am currently using, but most games don't lag on my phone so maybe it is just the keyboard itself. TIP If you're worried about Grammarly collecting personal data (hopefully they don't) just turn the app off, really simple like seriously.

- Incredibly distracting when composing a message

It's very distracting trying to compose a message with all the flashing of the three boxes below as they produce the words the program thinks are trying to be spelled as well as the large G that opens and closes while typing. Extremely distracting to the point where id rather not use the App. Please address this as everyone I spoke to that has used this App says the same thing. Love the concept of this App and it could prove to be amazing! Is there a way to turn off the three boxes below and just have the functionality of the app highlight the words where it could recommend a different spelling or grammar allowing me to choose to correct them or not? I'm so close to deleting this App it's so annoying trying to type with all the flashing and opening and closing of boxes while I type going on below.


”full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address” is what the warning says when you click and turn on full access. Yeah... 200% not letting that happen. The developers responded to a post that said they needed internet access to work. But I'm usinung the keyboard right now without full access turned on 🤔. The developers also said that Grammarly is blocked from accessing any field marked as sensitive and that the keyboard can not obtain that information. It should definitely not be an option in full access mode to give away our right to privacy to a keyboard, if they keyboard ”wont even use it” and even without full access. The app has to read everything you write reguardkessvtk correct the grammar. Kinda creppy already, am I right?

- Missing dictation capability

I would truly love this keyboard but it seems to get in the way when switching between my normal and my emoji‘s. I like using it because I can always check what I have written in the business emails and things like that. But it would be nice if I didn’t have to switch between the Grammarly keyboard and my normal keyboard in order to use dictation. I was solely use this keyboard if it had dictation through the microphone input like on the normal regular stock keyboard. Please add this function please. Because I am one of those people that can’t really type that fast so being able to use the dictation on my device has been miracles for all of my editorial work.

- What's the difference between this app and my iPhone?

I don’t really understand what the point of this app is because my iPhone does the same thing and better. I tried to use the microphone and it only put in a few words and then it would say error so that’s a problem and I also don’t like how the microphone button is the same as the space bar. Maybe I haven’t used it long enough and I should give it a chance but I really don’t think it’s going to make any difference. It’s totally unnecessary that’s just my opinion. Smartphones have all the same features already. Sorry I hate giving bad reviews but it only took me a short period of using the keyboard to decide I like my current keyboard that’s built in on the iPhone. To delete or not to delete and give it more time so I can try it more? Not sure yet!!!

- Switching Issues

I think Grammarly is great as an extension for your computer and computer’s web browser; however, it’s efficacy does not translate to the mobile app. Be that as it may, it appears to be a much needed application. Whilst reading the reviews for this app, I noticed some terrible grammar as well as terrible spelling mistakes. I must say the Grammarly website/blog is chock-full of great information, lessons, and articles about the proper usage of various facets of grammar. They articulate different rules (E.g. When to use semicolons with conjunctive adverbs), with clarity, coherency, and even humor! I think the mobile app needs a lot of work, notably on the usability and interface fronts, but am hoping they chiefly prioritize a way to integrate with Bluetooth keyboards. It’s a drag that when using my iPad I cannot employ both Garmmarly, and a Bluetooth keyboard. I do hope these issues are addressed soon.

- Wonderful App!! Requesting More Language Options

Can there be support for different languages? Also, does it have the ability to place what grade level the text is (similar to the function in MS Office)? I realize the immense hurdle logistically, however Spanish is a VERY predominate language and should be supported. At the very least there should be an option to decrease error recognition for Spanish. I am multilingual, and while I absolutely adore this app and what it does for English grammar, it becomes frustrating navigating around it otherwise. Never had an issue with app stability, however. All in all, great app for grammar, spelling, predictive text, and ease of use.

- Could Be WAY Better

Using the keyboard as I'm typing this review, and there is major lag. First impression: I used the keyboard to review some business emails, and it did not catch some easy typos. Once I've clicked the refresh-like button, I am not directed to the beginning of my email’s corrections, I'm led to the very end of recommended revisions. Recommendations: * A user should be able to select a section that they want to be proofread only. Otherwise, a user could be required to go through corrections of the entire email thread. * Offer the same type of app that we use online through a typical laptop or desktop. Offer a keyboard assistant as well as the ’normal’ Grammarly assistant where you can copy and paste into it. *(I’m an iPhone user) Build your IOS keyboard assistant to be the same size as the Iphone keyboard. I've noticed that I am constantly correcting my spelling as I use the keyboard because of the minor differences with Grammarly's versus the Iphone’s actual keyboards. An iPhone user is comfortable with the keyboard that they use on a daily basis, and the slightest difference in keyboard size can really screw things up. It has made it difficult to type and is the main reason why I will be deleting the app.


I got this app because a friend recently recommended it to me and thought I should try it out. However, after I sign up it makes me turn on the Grammarly Keyboard. ( I do not like adding keyboards because every time you go to type an emoji, the keyboard switches. ) But I enabled the keyboard anyway. Then it asks me to Allow Full Access. An icon pops up saying “Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address.” I was not comfortable with this. STEALING MY INFO??? Due to this issue, a result in deleting this app has occurred. Even though this is a great tool, it is not worth exposing your personal info. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend this app to ANYONE. Save yourself and don’t download this app. PLEASE.

- I was obsessed with this app. Not it is unusable.

Used this app for months in my college English course. It was helpful when finding errors after I had been staring at a paper for 2 solid days. Up until today, I have used this app with no problem, now it is unusable. I reinstalled that app and shut down a restarted my brand new iPad multiple times. When I select my first or second error that I would like to correct, all of a sudden, the errors start swiping a way a rapid speed like it is possessed. I can’t make it stop, I can’t do anything and then it says there aren’t any errors. I did this 15 times, over and over again trying to see if it would work. Now I am freaking out because my final paper is do soon and this app isn’t working anymore. It is hard to proof your own paper and I have nobody else who can do it. Very upset right now.

- Shady developer, spyware company

A previous person listed there subject field as difficult to rate. They didn’t like how Grammarly record EVERYTHING Grammarly replies 9 months later and says we do not record your credit card info, passwords, urls, etc... So, I downloaded it. Before I could use it, I had to select Grammarly keyboard. Ok, no problem. Then I had to select “full access” and it says we can see sensitive things you type and HAVE typed previously, things like CREDIT CARD information, home address, etc... Some people already worry that the Government or phone companies already track everything they do online and can see what they say to others. I do not over think that part. However, I will not ever believe this company can not see my credit card information after what it says to have to give full access. Also, to be able to see previous things I have typed, I’ll pass! I do not need an app that is actually malware/spyware on my phone and will be taken off my computer now. I do not need any “app” recording my key strokes and able to read what I type and save it. It should be correct what you type, and when you hit enter to send the text or email that there is no recorded information kept from what I typed!!

- Brutal getting used to.

Let's try this. I'm going to type kit this review to show uoj just how difficult it is to use this product. I've been using this keyboard for about a month. It's been frustrating to use, and I had hoped it would learn and improve. Unfortunately, I've been left with the conclusion that this makes typing on an iPhone more difficult than the default iPhone keyboard. That should say a lot. The most straightforward corrections such as uoj > you should not be something I have to manually correct. Even when j do manually correct a name or place, the keyboard doesn't seem to understand that I've edited that word 50 times to make it spelled that particular way. I know that this type of product is severe, but at this time I can't a say that this product helps in any way shape or form.

- Great utility but have a privacy concern

I just started using this on a different platform (other than iOS) and so far I am impressed. I do have one big concern here: When enabling the grammarly keyboard, it feels very disconcerting that this app has access to credentials typed in the past as well as future and also obviously it has to send all the information captured out of the device via internet, and that could include anything typed using the keyboard. Until Apple adds restrictions on the iOS apps to block access to identity details typed via the keyboard, I can’t give full access to Grammarly. Sorry.

- Clunky, slow autocorrects, and subpar predictive text

I really like other Grammarly products and wanted to like this keyboard. However, the keyboard suggestions and corrections are MUCH slower than the normal Apple keyboard. Autocorrects that are close enough that I know the Apple keyboard would have changed them in time before shooting off a quick text do not get changed in time so I’m sending nonsense. Predictive text is nearly useless and doesn’t seem to be learning like Apple’s does. If you’re used to sending quick texts this WILL slow you down. I’ve found I’ve made more mistakes while texting since trying this keyboard. It’s likely most useful if you do a lot of emailing or other longer-form writing on your device. For my typical uses, I found it clunky enough that I deleted it off my phone.

- Slowed me down too much

This app ended up causing my typing to slow down. It missed many needed corrections which I’d then have to go back and correct myself, rarely fixed missing apostrophes, and occasionally made correction suggestions which made no sense. I so very much wanted it to work, as I’m very particular about my spelling and grammar, especially the last 2 months as I have a hand injury with my dominant hand, and therefore accidental mistypes have increased. I deleted the app before coming here to write this review and typing this without grammarly is so much nicer already. It also has a glitch of putting 2-3 spaces behind the word “I” (eg. “I want it”, would look like “I want it”, so I kept having to go back and delete those spaces. I assume that glitch is temporary so it’s truly for the other reasons I chose to delete it. Had high hopes but it’s not to be.

- Seems pretty much useless

My grammatical errors consist of run-on sentences and comma splices. I'm using Grammarly right now on my phone, to write this review I think it's incredibly stupid for ME to have to add a period to my sentences. Otherwise, it'll never mark them as wrong. (just an observation, but shouldn't there be at least a comma in between review and I. it's probably the end of a sentence, but who am I to question the number one app in the world) It's not even finding contextual errors, an example: I believe there should be another coma added, but I'm not sure where. It's not correcting capitalization mistakes; it didn't catch that I asked a question and used a period the mobile app is entirely useless. I love the extension, I've used it for years, but only the free version. I can only hope that the extension on the laptop will work better than this or I'm going for a refund

- most features dont even work (using iPad Pro 2018)

I was using the app and when using it iv noticed that most of the features don’t even work when like when using Google docks or etc.. auto capitalization and when it scans for mistakes it shows them to me, then I click on it so it can correct it but it just disappears and also when it shows the grammar mistakes it shoes the same mistake literally 20 times in a row and doesn’t even correct it. There is no support for physical keyboards which I don't get because the iPad Pro line had non-Bluetooth physical keyboard support for over 3 years. I mean Grammarly need to catch up, it is falling way behind. (While writing this review it was working well for the most part but when using it in a word processor it is terrible) IM JUST ASKING SUPPORT FOR THE 2018 IPAD PRO!!!! Plz

- Awesome! I just wish I could use this with my Smart Keyboard

I love Grammarly and its premium version to guarantee spelling and grammar check, along with it’s great writing feature. I just recently got the IPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard, cause I couldn’t wait to use Grammarly with Microsoft word to enhance my writing. I came to find out that unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t work with any additional keyboards but with only the touch screen keyboard. I mainly am going to be using the Smart Keyboard, so this is a considerable loss function for me. If Grammarly could somehow work as a desktop version with some applications that could be great. I’m not a fan of detaching my keyboard to check my writing.

- They keep all your data: addresses, credit card info, etc

I downloaded the app to my new phone and decided to read the “Third-Party Keyboards & Privacy Agreement” and immediately followed to delete the app from my phone. Here’s just part of what it says. I rather Google a word than allowing access: “If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers. If you disable Full Access for a third party keyboard, and then re-enable it, the keyboard’s developer may be able to access, collect and transmit what was typed while the network access was disabled.”

- Okay

I only give this app 3 stars because of the keyboard. I love the way Grammarly fixes grammar and typos, but the keyboard autocorrect and its ability to understand how I type is so off from Apple's keyboard that it drives me insane. Most of the time I only turn on the Grammarly keyboard before sending something important. It doesn’t learn your typing habits at all, or at least it seems that way. Because of that, it’s infuriating to keep the keyboard up because the autocorrect is so off from the regular iPhone keyboard. I wish they could sync what the iPhone already knows about your typing habits. I’ve had iPhone for over a decade, so it knows me very well and never misses a beat. This keyboard still needs work. The grammar fixes are top-notch, however.

- Can’t sign in

I’ve been a premium member and using Grammarly on my desktop and mobile. I didn’t realize that I used a free one and didn’t sign in to my mobile. Today, I tried to sign in, a keyboard was too large and can’t even show half of it on the screen and no way to make it a regular size. I started feeling like there is no point of going premium. They updated the features on the desktop but hard to find the control that how I want to edit such as for personal, business, as well as a casual, blog, etc. They’ve already charged me the next 12 months of subscription. Guys, you can go free one that should be fine tho. I'm planning to leave for free one for next time if there is no improvement in those difficulties above and can't sign in to my mobile.

- Why I think you should have Grammarly

So I have had Grammarly for a while and I am using it to jot down this and it is more powerful than not having Grammarly but there is something I don't have the words for it so say I am writing an email to my teacher and I don't have Grammarly and I miss spell some words or are not using them in the correct content and they think differently it something like that or I am just texting my friends and I miss spell a word if they are a real friend they will correct me and forget but if it is a fake then will you will know so that is why you should have Grammarly 👍😁😎

- Dissapointed

I updated my subscription to the premium just to try it and see how it works. I paid $33 for the monthly’s been two days and I still don’t have the premium access. The subscription is running as if I was using the service when I’m not. I reached out to them via email, on twitter and even on facebook messenger and I haven’t gotten any response. I truly feel disappointed that I spent so much money on this app and I’m not getting the service that I was told I would get. It feels like a ripoff and I would NOT recommend this app to anyone. Sadly, I have to rate it for my review to be posted. If I could give it a 0/5 I would, just for the fact that I’ve gotten such terrible support service but sadly I can’t. Im giving it a 1/5 because I can’t even give it half a star. Again, DONT fall for this service.

- Not so hot

I found this to be no improvement over the native iPhone keyboard, and often it seemed to be less efficient. It was sometimes difficult to get it to correct an auto-correct error and it missed lots of words that should have easily been identified for auto-correction. On top of that it does not seem to be effective at recognizing grammar either, as the name suggests. The only thing I really liked was that they send you a weekly email with stats and suggestions for improvement, but it wasn’t worth the additional aggravation of using the keyboard. Really I was looking for a keyboard that learned your own typical word phrasing and typos and I am truly amazed that there seems to be nothing on the market that does more than use standard dictionary algorithms.

- Good but inconvenient

The service grammarly provides is superb but there’s an issue that’s been really bugging me lately. I use the website on my laptop and it’s just fine, but then I specifically want to use the site (NOT THE APP) on my phone. At first it shows me the grammar checker and I type in whatever text I want, then it asks me to log in as a last step. After I log in it takes me to a page that says download the app and I can’t choose any other option and I have zero access to anything else. Dear Grammarly crew, if I wanted to download the app I would do it without this very annoying gesture from your site. Everything aside, I would give it 5 stars, but this issue is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

- Not recommended for long essays

I am currently a middle school student using the Grammarly keyboard on my iPad for essays. One thing I noticed is that when it corrects a word it ends up making some form of a mistake. One time I used it to correct a word and it fixed it but it merged the word right next to it together and I was trying to put a space in between but my text box kept moving. So in the end when you use this to correct something it ends up giving you MORE mistakes. Although I do have to admit this is really good for finding synonyms to to short words. Honestly autocorrect is better than this and it’s really slow too.


I believe with today’s technology, until someone can come up with, and I’m sure that someday in the very near future there will be, that this App is NOT really worth risking to anyone who has any concerns of allowing access of their iPhone personal information. I don’t care what anyone says, none of us do NOT have any kind of verification or guarantee that our personal information is going elsewhere!!! Until this App says that it has been rectified and it no longer has to be utilized to gain access of your personal information with the help of today’s updated technology, then I say this APP would be great. In my opinion now, there are too many privacy concerns and a risk to take at this time. Nothing is impossible to be resolved somehow!

- Corrections are great but grammar is not

OK, I’ve had this app for about a week, and I love it! But, with really long paragraphs insensitive, it pretty much has a heart attack. I love to write stories, so I need a lot of grammar and punctuation helps. And it also helps me with my schoolwork too. But it sometimes has a hard time looking for the simple mistakes. It gets really complicated Ones in the ones that I don’t see right off the bat. But it also misses the easy ones that I can see. It also has a hard time with Word. It, for some reason, will not correct me if I do a capital I on certain words like it is or in. But other than that, this app is fantastic

- Wish there were more options off premium

I love this app. 😍 It helps me with a lot of grammatical and spelling issues. Also, the feature that lets you see synonyms of a word. That is the part I use the most. It’s super helpful for times when I can’t think of the word I want, so I type a synonym, and it comes up with it. The only problem I have with this is how much of it is on Premium. I'm not in a financial situation right now, that I can pay for this app. Premium is too expensive for me, and I wish that more of this app could be free. Other than that this is a pretty lit app. I would recommend that you get it.

- Great app thanks Grammarly!

I'm a 40-year-old single mother with a son in high school. I wasn't born with dyslexia I developed it as a child due to lack of interaction and neglect by my parents. This app has helped me tremendously on a day to day basis. I need to communicate with my son's teachers, parents, and tutors. Due to lack of knowledge I've missed many opportunities during my life because I could not read or spell and I was too embarrassed, to be honest with my peers. This app has taught me how to read and spell 3 grade higher than I did before I began to use it. I'm truly grateful everyday for such an awesome app. Thanks, Grammarly!

- This is definitely correction heaven,

I love love this app. Every time I write anything, it always makes it sound more professional and make more sense. If you want to sound like a dictionary, I would really recommend Grammarly for you. Even now, Grammarly is making this review more awesome. The only thing I do not like about it is that it does not support physical keyboards. I have a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad that is connected to the case and cannot be disconnected so I thought it would work out well. But that is the only negative thing I have to say about this app. Whoever made this app is a genius. For once, I can type like a pro!

- This keyboard is great.

As the title says, this keyboard is great. It checks for any grammar errors and then lets you look at them. You just tap the error to correct it. It has helped me write some papers because I often forget a comma or accidentally put two spaces between a word. The only problem is one day it just stopped auto capitalizing words. I’m so used to a normal keyboard doing that and I missed a lot of words. Then it would make a little ding and tell me to go back and fix it. I don’t know if I changed a setting, but I probably did something that caused this to happen. Anyways, this keyboard rules!

- Bills your card w/o permission. Unable to reach rep for billing

I’ve been trying to reach a representative for months to cancel my membership. (I had planned on re-subscribing at a later date. Now I will just look for another provider considering the dishonesty of this company.) Every link sends me on a rabbit trail and and the only phone number sends you on even more. Since I was not able to reach a representative and neither one of my emails sent through the portal was replied to, I had to file a claim through my bank. Grammarly filed a rebuttal and I am not able to get my money back for a service that I no longer needed at the time and have not used. If there is a representative reading this, it would be great for someone to reach out to me otherwise my review will stay as this.


I downloaded this thinking it was a good tool. It came up as an advert in a game I was using. Once I’d downloaded it, a user agreement came up. As I’d never seen one of these for an app I was using, I read it. By agreeing to use the app, you agree to the developers having total access to any program that you use it in, including your entire email, notes, and messages files. Basically EVERYTHING! DO NOT download this app if you want to keep your personal files personal. Also, I’ve tried to purge this from all my machines, but once you have downloaded an app, you can never get rid of it from your purchase history. It stays in your iCloud, and I now get the ad, as before, but it now asks me to open the app. VERY annoying! I truly wish I’d never downloaded this!

- Perfect for Mac, iPad not so much

I have used Grammarly for quite some time, and was excited to use it for my new iPad Pro as I’m going full time to using it now that there is true external keyboard and trackpad support. I was disappointed to find out that the grammarly keyboard only works with the software keyboard. Hoping that they can get something resolved for this in the near future as it’s not convenient to have to fire up safari, copy paste and copy paste back into whatever app i’m using. Hopefully the developer can get this resolved sooner as I’m a paying customer. Unless you do all your typing onscreen, I don’t think I can recommend this app right now.

- Adequate at most(CELL) great (LAPTOPS)

Love the app on the computer for essays and only places it on my phone for emails. However, it regularly switches between keyboards when I don’t want it to in favor of Grammarly. Also in text form, Grammarly messes up a plethora of word choice and syntax often making sentences confusing or the opposite of what I want to say. While I have been able to turn the app off and denied it full access, I have also found it difficult to determine how to delete the app from my phone all together for peace of mind and more storage. Again. It is perfect and would recommended the full version FOR A LAPTOP, but is woefully inadequate for the regular social vocabulary of common text message over a cellular device.

- disgusting experience

While the mac and web version are great and do everything really well (I bought the subscription).. BUT THIS IS NOT AN APP< ITS JUST A KEYBOARD>this add-on ios keyboard experience is incredibly bad. its horribly done. I have an iPad which is where i type all my mails and I do have a keybaord folio attached to it. One must only and only use ‘ the grammarly keyboard’ while typing to receive any corrections or review any content. This is unlike the mac version where the app has a new note you can type in. I am surprised how there is no place in the ipad app to paste my text and proof read or spell check. :( Why would the app not let you do something that basic? I am never using that add-on keyboard, hence sadly i am never using grammarly on evry mail i type on this iPad. :(

- Better with the new update.

I like the app a lot better with the new update. My only suggestion is to add swipe to the keyboard. Can you please add this feature to your latest update? Also, when using the grammar corrections, the app does not underline the word that it is suggesting to update. On the desktop, this option works flawlessly. Hopefully, this feature will be fixed for the iPhone app. This app still rocks! It is definitely worth upgrading to premium. At least for me, it is. Even their free version is a great choice.

- Sluggish and Slow to Learn, Poor Autocorrect

I’ve tried it for about a week, just now removed it. Sluggish I assume due to the latency of traversing the network with keyboard activity and awaiting responses. Built-in keyboard is much more responsive as it does the autocorrect logic locally I guess. Very poor with autocorrect, I was hoping it would assess context more accurately. A few instances of correcting grammar but mostly the suggestions were irrelevant to what I was typing. Even the touching of keys or word suggestions seemed sluggish. The look of the keyboard differed from the built-in one, I seemed to make a lot more typos (not sure if is the physical keyboard layout or the lack of autocorrect compared to the built-in keyboard). Great idea, but not the magic bullet that I expected.

- I love this app! But...

I have never written a review before, but this app needs one. In my opinion, Grammarly on iPhone doesn't work as well as it works on my MacBook. I often have a hard time trying to type anything on my phone without looking at the Grammarly keyboard. I only use this keyboard when I have to write anything more professional like this review. Here are some things I do not like: 1. The keyboard checks for mistakes very slow. 2. Apple keyboard is easier to use and better at learning the way I type. 3. Grammarly keyboard is not very good with names; it tries to change names to words.

- Not good for many people

Now, every day more and more people are using tablets instead of standard computers. The one feature that is missing from a tablet is a keyboard, so most buy a keyboard instead on the on screen one. Since the Grammarly keyboard only works on the digital keyboard,it won’t work if you will buy a real keyboard. Because of this, this review is probably full of Grammar mistakes witch could have been avoided if in this app, the had the desktop version. If they don’t do this, users have to go to grammarly, sign in, request desktop site and continue to use the non-optimized for Mobile websites. This could all be avoided if they restructure this app. This would be extremely helpful for many people.

- It's Awesome, But Emoji Integration Would Be Great

You probably won't read this, but I have a couple of things to say. Firstly, I am typing this using the Grammarly Keyboard, and it has already corrected numerous typos and mistakes I have made. Secondly, I think it's a really a really great keyboard that has both fantastic form and factor. Finally, the ONE thing that I could think of that could be fixed would be Emoji integration like Gboard. I think adding an Emoji button would really step up your keyboard, instead of having to use the Globe button and selecting the Emoji keyboard. My case is closed.

- Advertising made it look better

i got this app to hell me with my writing because in the ads it showed fixing wordy paragraphs which was the main reason why i wanted to get this app! so i downloaded it and made an account and whatever and went to writing and i did the review thing and it said that the only thing wrong with it was it was wordy which of course is my problem but it said it was premium which i was like what because that aspect of the app was what mostly shown in the ad and i was kinda pinged about that since there was nothing else it was helping with that autocorrect couldn’t do so i deleted it so if youre looking to get this app for that be prepared to pay money 🙄

- Oh Grammarly, why do I have to use your app on my mobile

Why can’t I login like I do on my desktop? I will not install your app because of what you require me to give up in your privacy info. For something that I have to pay annually for..fix this If you really care about your customers and allow us to use it on our mobile devices without your precious app. Oh wait, you won’t do that because you want access to information that you DO NOT need. I’d like to renew if you would fix this feature. Will you? Will you allow the people that pay for premium to access it via their web browser on mobile devices and not FORCE, YES FORCE users to download the app as the only way to access it on mobile devices. Will you? Say yes or no? YES or NO.

- Almost there

I've downloaded this app in hopes of expanding my synonymous. At first, this was a paid feature so I deleted it. I've downloaded it again and it seems to be added in as a free feature. Also, the prediction is a lot better. Synonym suggestions are worth it to me it makes my writing broader and more indept. I fully have confidence now writing understanding that it has been proofread 😆 in fact I'm using it to write this review. My wish is that they add a swipe type option like Apple did with their native keyboard.

- Clunky

I love Grammarly on my PC. Works flawlessly. The app is clunky. The keyboard does not register spelling mistakes fast enough. Also if you have on auto correct there is no choice to keep the word you have typed as the app will change it for you. The regular keyboard has it. Please implement that. Lastly, the Grammarly keyboard does not learn typing habits. I create a lot of strung together sentences because Grammarly doesn’t know when I’m at the end of my word and trying to hit the space button. I keep pressing “c” or “v” and making a sentence like “icranvtocthecstorecandcitcwascclosed”. It’s might be that I’m bad but I’ve used the app for two month and this is my biggest complaint.

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Grammarly: if ever na may gagawin kayo essay or research work (mainly sa english subject) and your not that good at grammar, then this is the app for you. Switch your keyboard to the grammarly keyboard and it will automatically suggest you correct grammat words.

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Wtf I installed Grammarly and this is really weird omg djsjkks this keyboard is so awkward to use

Grammarly Keyboard 1.9.6 Screenshots & Images

Grammarly Keyboard iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grammarly Keyboard iphone images
Grammarly Keyboard iphone images
Grammarly Keyboard iphone images
Grammarly Keyboard iphone images
Grammarly Keyboard iphone images

Grammarly Keyboard (Version 1.9.6) Install & Download

The applications Grammarly Keyboard was published in the category Productivity on 2017-11-02 and was developed by Grammarly, Inc [Developer ID: 1134927945]. This application file size is 182.94 MB. Grammarly Keyboard - Productivity app posted on 2020-10-23 current version is 1.9.6 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.grammarly.keyboard

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