T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

#GetThanked every week with exclusive discounts from brands you love—from food, fashion, and entertainment to everyday essentials—just for being a customer.

With the T-Mobile Tuesdays app:- Get free stuff and score deals on food, tickets, and more- Get extra savings at the pump with gas station deals- Save on your next trip with exclusive rates on hotels and rental cars- Explore offers on T-Mobile's latest phones, devices, and accessories- Enter sweeps for a chance to win some epic prizes.

While some of the most popular offers return week after week, there's always something new to try. It’s all just our way of saying thank you for being a customer. To be eligible, you must be on a qualifying Sprint or T-Mobile rate plan.

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T-Mobile Tuesdays Customer Service, Editor Notes:

To keep the app in tip-top shape, we’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. Make sure your app is up to date and #GetThanked every week.

T-Mobile Tuesdays Comments & Reviews

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- T-Mobile Tuesday’s are Great!

I always loved the magazine subscriptions and branded T-Mobile items. Some deals are useful some aren’t. But either way it’s free and that’s nice especially when it’s not necessary for a phone company to give you free non phone deals. Anyways a previous review mentioned the lack of T-Mobile branded items as of late. I’m pretty sure that’s due to Covid and the fact that many regions were in shutdown so T-Mobile couldn’t have customers coming into the store. Anyways they have branded items again. Last week was a branded face mask. I’ve had T-Mobile for years not every week is a branded item. Also that previous review from another customer mentioned Verizon having local deals of some sort I can almost confirm those are taken from Groupon. So that’s kinda lame. Anyways the only coupon that often is anyways on the site of the coupon offered is Shutterfly. I really enjoy T-Mobile Tuesday’s. Happy T-Mobile Tuesday everyone!

- Not what it used to be... 😞

I won’t rehash in detail what numerous others have said, but it’s a shame T-Mobile has reduced their Tuesdays app to what it is now...little more than a coupon app for a couple of dollar discounts or perhaps a free movie rental. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the freebie offers as much as anyone even if I’m not going to get a donut. What is missing is the somewhat entertaining mini games and at least a chance to win some real prizes via interactivity with the app. This was given just for being a T-Mobile customer. It was T-Mo’s way of saying “thanks” and just the opportunity of giveaways along with the little freebies was novel and another first by T-Mo. Unfortunately, that’s now gone and the chance of winning something requires your participation in their marketing via your personal social channels. That’s not saying thanks for being a customer; it’s thanks for helping us with publicity...something all together different. That’s fine to offer, but don’t replace one with the other or the original intent is completely lost. I also appreciate T-Mo’s Kickback per line for lower data usage and paying for Netflix, things also novel in the industry now being copied by others. T-Mo: please bring back the games and opportunities for all your customers to win without asking more marketing. Give people an extra chance to play if they help market, but don’t restrict it only to those who are willing. Remember your roots!

- Free stuff is great...

Just an FYI for anyone looking at this for relevant, recent information, in the App Store this app shows an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. In the month of August 2020, there were 81 total reviews written for the app, and the average of those written reviews is 2.01 out of 5 stars. That might get you an indication of real user experience. I have had this app for about 2 months now, and although free stuff in general is a good thing, as mentioned before, some of the giveaways are useful, some aren’t really. New things are presented every week, and every week there’s an issue with one of the giveaways. One week it was food at Popeyes, only you had to order online, and to stop people from getting free food, individual Popeyes franchise owners turned off online ordering and many refused to honor the deal. I’ve run into issues and errors playing the games that are offered 4 of the 8 weeks I have had the app. Much of the “giveaways” that are offered are just standardized discounts for retail goods. Some are just an advertisement for travel booking companies (there’s no real offer to redeem, it’s just “save up to 40% on hotels by booking with...” from what I have heard, this used to be a really great feature to being a t-mobile customer. I haven’t gotten anything really beneficial out of it outside of a couple redbox 1 night rentals.

- Nothing good is offered anymore

When the app first released the items they offered every Tuesday were awesome enough to keep me excited for next Tuesday when the next bout of stuff would come. Now, as one reviewer said, it’s now nothing more than a t-mobile exclusive coupon app (which gives you about as much “free”, useful stuff as any other free, coupon app). The best thing they may have on there now is maybe a free movie from a random movie company. It’s nice when it’s consistent, if it gave consistent free movie rentals from a single provider, I might actually try and sign up, but it is not so currently. Today, I finally deleted the app after having downloaded it the day it was released. I remember when there used to be a free Wendy’s frosty every week. That was awesome. Now, they may have something awesome gets rolled out over two tuesdays (meaning, if you didn’t get it one Tuesday, then you should get it the other Tuesday), I would open the app on both those days and never receive anything. I have tried those staggered release freebies but never seem to be awarded one. T-mobile, you need to evaluate what made t-mobile Tuesday’s so awesome when it launched and compare it to now and fix it. If you do fix it, let us know, but don’t say you fixed it if you didn’t actually fix it.

- Used to be really great...

When we first joined t mobile, we were very impressed that they offered the freebies as a thanks for being a customer. However, after only a few months of actual good offers, they switched what they were offering, and now it’s usually either junk, or token discounts off of things we would never use or buy anyway. I was very disappointed that they changed it, because we added my husband on and talked several people into switching to T-Mobile because of this “going the extra mile” mentality that we thought the company had. We’re not on social media, so can now no longer participate in their games, since now the only way to do that is to allow them advertising via your media pages, and the things like $4 atom movie tickets are only good for the movie of T-Mobile’s choice, not mine, and the ones they choose aren’t ones I’d go see, even for four dollars. Why not give the customer the option to choose their own movie?? If a $4 movie ticket is being offered, what difference does it make which movie we choose? Anyway, the service has gotten so poor that half the time we don’t even bother to check it anymore. When we do, it’s a quick scroll down to realize nothing useful is being offered and we can’t participate in the games without social media, so there’s nothing unique anymore about being a T-Mobile customer.

- Improvement would be appreciated!

I've always loved TMobile Tuesdays. Some of the things are useful, some aren't. But what was always nice was the physical items, like the beanie, the pencil case, the 2019 glasses. Unfortunately, as of 2019, those don't seem to be a thing anymore. My biggest issue with this is the fact that the movie deals don't work at my theatre, my only Dunkin is about 30 minutes away, I don't have a Shell gas station, and I don't have a Panera. This means those physical items were the only thing I really got every month, and I always looked forward to them. I switched from Verizon about 6 months ago, and as God awful as VZW is, they offered a section of "Local Deals". I'm sure it was probably just taken from Groupon or something, but it was always nice. I was always able to find a local deal at a small business around me. PLEASE add this to the app. Please. T-Mobile, you listen to your customers, so please try to add more things for people who may not have a Dunkin or a Panera, and please bring back the physical T-MOBILE branded items.

- It’s free, but...

Let me start off by saying I used to love this app. There used to be great prizes, and spinning the wheel or whatever else was exciting. Even the small prizes like one free donut were good. Now that has all gone downhill. It’s great they’re still giving out free stuff, but if the purpose is to reward and entertain loyal customers, this app has become a bust. The minigames are gone, replaced by having to tweet things to enter a giveaway instead. Fun, free prizes are gone, replaced by discounts or BOGO offers. It used to feel like T-Mobile was seeking out the best sponsors to do the best giveaways they could. Now it feels like companies are using this app to get us to spend money with them. Despite my 1-Star review, I’m sure for some people this is a great app. I think that it should continue to exist and function, even in its current state. That being said, I get the feeling many people are disappointed in the turn this app took (myself included) and I wish it would go back to the way it was. I recommend everyone try this app out, maybe you’ll be one of the people who love it. However, if you’re disappointed by the “prizes” like me, just uninstall, it’s not even worth the storage space on your phone.

- Love my T- Mobile

I have had Verizon as my first cell phone carrier way back when there where bag phones. Having them for years I wanted an I phone i could not get one on Verizon. I stayed loyal and didn’t switch until my sister gave me my first iPhone then went to AT&T had them for three iPhones was being overcharged I thought so tried sprint horrible. So decided to go back to AT&T went back with them tried a Samsung four note junk I kept dropping calls AT&T was no help so I bought out my contract and went back to Verizon had them for a year and a half knew I was being overcharged and switch to T-Mobile over a year ago fantastic customer service I’ve never had a problem with my phone and they’re always there to help me so T-Mobile Tuesdays is a plus thank you.

- Not a great rewards program

Super unhappy with this app!! I was very excited when I first got my service to have this feature along with it but it is very much of the same things every single week. A coupon for money off of a hotel is nice but very few companies participate so you essentially have to give up a quality room if you want $50 off of a night & there are only so many vacations you can take there should be something besides money off of a room every single week!!! Coupons for food movie rental items expire in 2-3 days which is super inconvenient, I have lost a lot of coupons because I can not get to the company in question in that two day time frame to use it. Not cool at all Wednesday May-23 TMobile Tuesday is at it again!! Yesterday (Tuesday May 22) I redeemed a coupon for bogo Ocean Spray juice bottles. Went to only participating store (7-11) to redeem and coupon said expired or use limit reached. I have not used the coupon. If you can not provide the products to every TMobile user you should not offer themselves the same coupon!!!!!! At this point there should be an option for zero stars for wasting people’s time.

- T-Mobile Tuesday Deals

We LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday! Maybe the offers can be based on locations or regions. We live in Los Angeles County and a lot of the deals are not applicable. For example pretzels, the closest vendor did not accept the deal, same for the Carls specials and when we found one that did, they only accepted it on the Tuesday (only one day) and between 3-5 even if the deal lasted for a week. Same for Kroegers. They've closed the Ralphs. ADunkin Donuts finally opened 8 miles from us so now we will use the offer if we are going to be in the area. We love the free t-mobile items but so do others. We tried to get the beanie but we were out of town andby the time we got to the closest store, they were out. So if you work, you need to go during your break or lunchtime because by the end of day, they are out! Overall, we love T-mobile Tuesday and we remind our friends especially when it is something we think they will enjoy. Great job by the team who puts this together!

- I haven’t won... ever

I know a ton of people who love T-Mobile Tuesday’s because they’ve won a variety of things. But I haven’t. Not once. My friends win over and over and I get nothing. I have to wonder if it’s location tracking or employment analyzing. For instance, my friend who’s won the most works for a major entertainment company and so, T-Mobile maybe tracking this, looking at her location and employment and believe she has a ton of social media followers and a large social media influence. Thus, she wins more. Meanwhile little ol’ me, just being a mere librarian, probably has very little. Jokes on them though, because I run a major blog, have a ton of followers and constantly pay to promote my posts, especially if its to put a company on blast or tell them how great they’re doing. T-Mobile Tuesday’s are cool because some of the stuff is free, and that’s just neat. But I would love to win sometime. C’est la vie!

- Thank you

Thank you for the opportunity for various discounts and promotions. Although, many I am unable to get. For I start to work early and get out late. Discount items at the T-Mobile stores or givaways, I never get the opportunity to take advantage of. Because stores always run out by the time I get out. And if I call a store to see if I can get an exception, they always say it has to be for customers that come in. So, I settle for the gas, movie and other basic discounts which are still helpful. T-Mobile, should give long hour workers a chance of using their phone to lock in an item at the store. By texting a confirmation lock item at a store and that will give the worker a chance to pick up the item at the store at their leisure. Thank you T-Mobile

- Revamp the length of time for deals and better deals

Most of the time the offers don’t appeal to me or my interests. The offers that are appealing to me expire before I can use them. You need to let them last for at least a week and/or up to a month. And how about giving a choice of movies to choose from. Not everyone is into Si-Fi. How about gasoline offers? Instead of you deciding what drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts you let the person decide what they want to drink. Not everyone drinks lattes. Some people prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’ Donuts. Last but not least some store freebies that don’t expire immediately. Give the option to accept on the app then decide when they can pick it up instead of being at the store first. Thank you BTW I love the sunglasses I got about a year ago

- TMobile

I love T-Mobile they are really good they’ve got great customer service and they are great at helping you with any problems that you may have and I haven’t seen anywhere that I do not have service and I have been everywhere like even up in the mountains I still have service I love T-Mobile and I love their extra incentives that they gave you like T-Mobile Tuesdays that is the greatest. And when you’re in the military or have been in the military they give you extra incentives you can get magenta which is really cool because you can get a Netflix through T-Mobile and they pay for it and they give you a discount plus if you get it to where your bill is taken straight from your bank account you also save money with that as well

- Waste of time

Everything they offer just gives them more money. You really get no deal. I just spend time updating the app because you had a new logo. What a waste of time. Most of the offers you don’t need or want in the first place. If you don’t check on Tuesday, you have to wait until next week. A free fitness app for only a month. The app will billing you after the trial period is over or most likely start pestering you with emails and text messages. $20 off a play kit subscription for children I have no children and again they will bill you or add you to email/text ads. Who wants to send a post card, when you can send a live video, picture or text someone. 20% off new chargers that are marked up already so you don’t really get a discount. Stop wasting my valuable time with these lame offers. And merging with Sprint, I left Sprint years ago for the terrible service, billing errors, and poor coverage. On the first sign that your quality starts to slip I am leaving T-Mobile.

- Pointless

80% of the offers are complete junk, I get partnering with unknown online companies from a business standpoint but from a customer standpoint your marketing is pointless, I mean really free telehealth visits? Most if not all insurance already have it as free and many companies also are providing this. Furthermore what’s the point of offering things that can be redeemed, for example Burger King — you have to have an online order to redeem but not all Burger King participate in online orders. T-Mobile should really consider regionalization of offers and also need better commitment from participating companies we have been turned down so many times when trying to use their coupons in store and online. My family has deleted the app because for us there is no point of using.

- Good app but fell off to me.

T-Mobile doesn’t have to do this at all so I appreciate them for doing this. I will say though when I first became a member it felt like there were more offers that fits everyone lifestyle as far as food deals and other stuff that’s more relatable but now I come back every week honestly just to try to win something but to be honest I’ll let you know now, your chances to win something are close to zero you really have to be lucky to win. But, other than that they do have good deals time to time, usually every week they can save you 25 cent off on gas a mile. So there are benefits that’s why I give this app 3 stars. But honestly this app has been pretty useless for me atleast the past few months(before COVID as well ofc) but that’s doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize more deals then me from this app. But yeah 3 stars for me

- Never win anything

I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years now. When they first developed this app I joined in, it’s been since then that I haven’t EVER won a grand prize. And it seems like it’ll never happen either! How is it that I have seen the same names pop up as winners, and you can assume who they are just by the names as well. They haven’t had any good offerings as well. It’s always the same thing that no one uses. The best things they’ve had were the free movie tickets to whatever movie as well as the Dunkin’ Donuts card they gave. Other than that it isn’t something I even bother opening anymore. They need to update their “gifts” and actually give people chances to win. JUST NOW I did the “spin to win” for the American eagle gift card. It literally STOPPED right on the 500 yet it said I didn’t win because it wasn’t fully in the center of the 500. Like what? What possible sense does this make?

- Not like a few years ago

I tried sharing the shell 25 cent discount with a family member: what a horrible experience. I chose to share it via gmail because iMessage wasn’t available to share with. So after sending it thru gmail, there is a link you have to click. Instead of going straight to the fuel rewards app, it takes u thru a web browser back to the t-mobile Tuesday website. It never worked. It said something stupid about enabling cookies. Cookies are enabled by default or else web sites wouldn’t worked. Absolutely ridiculous. Apparently t-mobile’s developers are just as bad as their customer service reps. If t-mobile wants to be taken seriously like Verizon and ATT, they have a lot of work to do.

- I love free Stuff But.....

Most of the Tmobile Tuesday stuff is stuff I don’t use. Every once in a while I get a gas credit or food credit. Try giving away stuff that really helps in this economy, like bill credits, gas cards, free upgrades on your phone plan,pedicures, $5 or $10 gift cards can at least buy lunch for most people. Free haircuts, manicures, massages.I pay a lot for my bill because I travel in and out of the country a lot. I want to feel like I am really valuable as a customer to Tmobile. I don’t want stuff I don’t use as a reward. Maybe take surveys in each account so everyone can chime in on what’s important to them. That is why you have only 3 stars from me. It’s ok but could be way better. Keep tweaking the program, Make your Tmobile Tuesdays stand out from all the other companies. I know you can do it Tmobile!!! I have faith in you. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.

- Unfortunately

Except on gas cents off,I have never entered for any Tuesday T-mobile appreciation and came out with a win even when there no contestants competing with me. Sadly I have called the T-mobile staffs on many occasions to express my concerns on the discount the T- mobile claim to give their customer on certain restaurants, the staffs either hang up on me after long waiting on phone or bluntly telling me they don’t know how it works. One of the T -mobile staffs succeeded expressing a height of ignorance in dismissing me about T-Mobiile Twitter saying that T-mobile is not on Twitter. As such is it that T- mobile are not organized with respect to what they are fronting themselves or is it that T- mobile is making a bogus advertisement since non of your staffs can assist in the said program ? I have been with T- mobile for countless years making payment on 3line and all expensive phones, yet it seems to me that T-mobile is yet understand customer’s courtesy and appreciation

- Free stuff should be appreciated! Thanks tmobile

I’m not sure why everyone on the reviews are so upset. I don’t have a problem redeeming anything. The stuff I want I gladly accept the stuff I don’t want I pass on. Again this is ALL 100% free to customers. I’m so sorry to hear that all of these entitled customers aren’t getting what the specifically want each week. Here is my tip... PAY for it. Don’t complain about a hand out. They don’t have to do this. They could cancel it. Also the more we use atom the more atom will become available at more theaters. So... if it’s not available near you. Request it to be available at your nearest theaters. Don’t give T-Mobile a hard time because you choose to live nowhere near an applicable city.

- Disappointed…

Beyond believe I am disappointed. I’ve been a customer with T-Mobile for the better part of two decades now, this application came out not accessible plenty of pictures can never tell what they are can’t claim anything don’t know if I want to because being visually impaired or blind. Makes life more difficult T-Mobile you used to be able to make my life simpler now, don’t know what I should be getting for you from you for free. I’ve gotten plenty of free phones in my life through T-Mobile now I’ve purchased more phones with T-Mobile more applications more products and I still have not received anything don’t forget about your loyal customers of been with you for years. But you seem to be and this is why am disappointed. Are used to work for AT&T wireless are used to work for Verizon wireless are used to work for Sprint. I’ve never work for T-Mobile not sure if I want to. Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed. Disappointed

- Can't complain about free...!

Okay so I'll still complain a bit... Firstly, it's awesome to have a program to get free stuff every week just for being a customer. The disappointing part is that it seems to be going downhill in terms of how exciting or useful the free stuff is. My favorite is definitely the gas discounts, least favorite or exciting being the equivalent of a coupon for Dunkin' Donuts or discounts on high-brow hotels/stores that nobody has heard of, etc. in terms of functionality, the app works just fine. No complaints there! Once again, free is free, so it's just nice when there are sweet deals/free random stuff that you'd never use or try if you didn't get an excuse to try it out, because I pay for my phone either way, so it's cool to sometimes get free stuff out of the deal!

- It is great to get thanked

Overall, this program doesn’t have any meaningful impact on my decision to be a T-Mobile customer. I like it because they do give things I appreciate - who doesn’t like a free cup of coffee or taco every now and then? I decided today to rate it 5stars because T-Mobile stepped up during this Covid-19 pandemic by removing data caps and throttles and extended services to schools and communities (zero association with the app/program). I don’t like that I have to use the app to get TMobile to donate $500k to Food for America - they should just donate. I do get the point to make me, the end user, feel empowered and like I did something, thereby increasing my positive associations - or whatever marketing people call it- with the TMobile brand.

- LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday’s!

I absolutely love T-Mobile Tuesday’s! The idea of getting discounts on materials such as, food, clothing materials ,T-Mobile accessories, gas, etc really gets me excited about the week! Tuesday is the most look forward to day for me. Not to mention all of the free stuff you get within the app! Yes that’s right! FREE!! Free food! Free accessories! Free clothes! The part that excites me the most is that with the T-Mobile Tuesday app I also get $.10 off a gallon for gas every Tuesday!!! I drive around Town a lot so this really helps a lot with saving money. I am always trying to find a way to cut back on costs and working on my budgeting and this app is the perfect way to do that! Thank you T-Mobile Tuesday for all of your generous gifts!!

- Don’t listen to the haters!

Not sure why there are recent bad reviews to be honest.. the app is entirely free and yeah, occasionally a week’s rewards are not worth redeeming but you have nothing to complain about because it’s.. free! Some weeks I check the app and sigh and go back to what I was doing. Some weeks I check the app and I get to take my wife on a movie theater date for $8! I received nearly $10 in Starbucks this week, seen countless movies in theaters for free or for huge discounts, and have even received a free lunch or two thanks to this app. Thank you T-Mobile for being everything a company should be! Couldn’t be happier since my switch from the evil Verizon network. 👍🏼😎


I’m a Sprint Customer, and since Sprint and T-Mobile joined, all customers are encouraged to download an app that shares special promotions with its customers. One such promo I decided to try was a month of free postmates delivery. I have an iPhone and I do these promos for different things from time to time. I always immediately go into my Apple ID under my subscriptions and turn them off immediately as to avoid charges. The postmates app did not appear in my subscriptions. Supposing that it was because I had taken the promo through the T-Mobile app and having seen no information that said the typical “you will be charged ‘x’ amount after such period” notice, I thought it would just run out. WRONG! Turns out this was all a clever way for me to have $100 taken out of my bank account. I can confidently say that this is a time in which NO ONE has the patience for such tactics. Companies like T-Mobile and Postmates finding tricky ways to take your money during the pandemic. If you use any of these apps. I urge to check any promos you have before you are forced into a long term subscription that you aren’t ready to pay for. I promise you these companies are not feeling the effects of the pandemic like us, the average citizen. Yet they have no problem taking advantage of us. “Feed the Rich” right?

- Can Beat Free & Consistency

T-Mobile Tuesday offers great free deals every Tuesday. As time goes by, free is harder to come by even when you are a loyal customer. Tuesday only gets better when the deals keep raising the bar. Prizes can escalate from a simple free coffee to discounted/free concert tickets or a random chance to win a grand prize. Also I won’t forget to mention that their CEO (John Legere) cooks and entertains his customers live with good humor. You tell me what phone provider is less about self-service and all about customer service other than T-mobile? Don’t worry, I’ll wait until all the other providers straighten up (more than likely not in this lifetime). Bahahaha

- Fake news

This T-Mobile thanks app, doesn't seem to work. I've played and played all these sweepstakes games and play now games and never ever win. Been a T-Mobile customer since 2001 and it's unbelievable that I can't win anything nor get anything really worthwhile. Attempted to contact someone using the chat, only to receive an automated response to log into my account for which my inquiry had nothing to do with my account. I imagined the point of chat was to actually get a real person as anyone in the customer service line can work from home, so I don’t understand why all this automation. Sprint must’ve already taken over that feature. So disappointed that I’ve been really loyal to this company and paid thousands over the course for almost 20 years and I’m not even valued enough to get a real person. So sad and very disappointing.

- Almost useless

I have used the T-mobile Tuesday app for a long time and as others said at first it was great. However, even before the pandemic there was a steady decline in the value of coupons and free stuff handed out. Today I was surprised to actually see something I might use (a flamingo shaving set coupon) and even though it is 9am the website is already out of stock. In the past when you couldn’t use certain coupons due to availability they would give an alternative deal. But of course in these hard times they won’t do that. Even in the past when there were donation type of things you could just press a button and T-mobile would donate to that cause. Now they only donate match so you have to put in money in order for them to. I just feel like they have dropped the ball on really caring about their customers.

- Negative complaints

It’s so interesting to read all the complaints from people that have no idea of all the little things that need to go just right for us to enjoy these gifts! T-Mobile is under no obligation to give coupons or rentals or burgers or whatever discounts they choose to bless us with. Please be appreciative of the efforts put in to T-Mobile Tuesday and say Thank you so much for the hard working techs and staff and leaders that never tire to bless us every Tuesday. And for those on the negative vibe just come in and if there is nothing you like then ok all good next Tuesday it is. Thank you so much for your hard work T-Mobile team!!!!! :)

- Why are people like this?

This is free stuff, T-Mobile is providing us with discounts and free items. All these bad comments shame on you, you will never be happy a day in your life, instead all you waste your time providing bad feedback when someone spent nights doing this to provide you this app. You guys make me sick. This is for feedback, not for you to throw your nasty comments with vulgar language and disrespectful gestures. Someone reads each and every comment and it’s disgusting they have to read all that. Provide honest feedback and be courteous that someone with a family reads this. Thank you T-Mobile! Keep up the fantastic work!

- Let all customers be thanked equally!

The app should be linked to the account (the app already has the phone number of the phone owner) and allow the main account holder to pick up free giveaways on Tuesday for every member on the account. The way it set up now, every person on the account should visit the store on Tuesday to get their freebie. That’s impossible if you have family members who work or in school during the day and unable to do so. After getting to the store, customer should be able to scan the their phone and get store employee to present them with items to much the number of the phones on the account. After that the account and app should reflect the receipt of the items received to prevent anyone else from the same account to redeem more items that were allowed. Let’s make it happen folks!

- I love my perks!

T-Mobile Tuesday’s give me a chance to try new things at a reduced price or even for free. I wasn’t a coffee drinker but I found that I enjoyed flavored iced coffe from Dunkin Donuts because of T-Mobile Tuesdays. I didn’t often eat at Taco Bell but I found that I really enjoy their food because of the weekly specials. People gave asked me about my water bottle, sling back bag and umbrella because we all seem to use those items in our day to day life now. I’m happy to tell others that I use T-Mobile because they treat me like more than just a paying customer. They do something that shows they want to keep me in their circle and I appreciate that.

- T-Mobile Tuesday

I love Tuesday because I get great stuff free. Photos are my favorite, it has taken me back to photo albums and hanging pictures on the wall. Also because I never eat meat, the impossible burger was awesome and I thank Burger King for teaming up with T-Mobile to give me that treat free. It’s great that I can now joint the family in a fast food meal instead of just fries. I love my T-Mobile shop where everyone is so helpful. I got a great deal being over 55 and we were able to buy new phones and were still paying less than we were before. The cheapest phone contracts with the best deals on phones. Sometimes buy one get one. 🤗📞

- Manager

It always some surprises for my crew ..we have 12 line with Tmobill..and they have fun what is going to be on next week ..but the problem we had is we have to drive to at least 2 store up to get the stuff from Tmobill ...because the word we got from them is they run out ..sometime is only noon time ..like t-mobile reused able bag ...we cannot get it ...I call the customer service they said if they out mean they out ..so why like that ...they should have better calculate what people in that area used weekly ..because I have to drive to 2-3 different store and finally we not getting it ...out of 12 bag that we should we only received 3 bag ...just sample ...For the good way it make people fun and have they good day ..we good good price for ice cream ...it work ...

- T-Mobile is good but Tuesdays are Not good

Hopefully, T-Mobile will check their reviews. Why not ask your customers what they would prefer to be thanked with? Take a poll, offer alternatives (this for that) for customers not near offerings. Come up with ideas- your a large company, put a team together to brainstorm. The Tuesday “Get Thanked” app was good when I first joined T-Mobile. But it’s become crappy with few to little offers I can use or, interested in using. Some weeks, I don’t open it up. Other weeks, I’ll open (sometimes save items) but, rarely redeem. Exception- the occasional Redbox rental. Gas at shell- not worth it. Can find it cheaper. Travel/hotel/car- I don’t travel often. But it’s offered very frequently. Fast food- poor selections. Would prefer to see Chik-Fil-A or Smoothiefresh. Offer healthy alternatives. But NOT home meal delivery sign ups (commitments). Understanding, you can’t please everyone but, try to do better. You can recoup from these critical reviews. Become the “Mobile carrier leader” who LISTENS to customer feedback, improves and GAINS our trust and more customers. Also, rectify the issues/problems others have expressed when trying to redeem offers.

- T-Mobile’s Killin’ the Game!

I’ve been a long-time T-Mobile customer and I absolutely looooove T-Mobile Tuesday and find something I can use or enjoy almost every week. I’ve gotten tons, like seriously, TONS, of great magazine subscriptions. Movie night with free Redbox rentals has become a special thing for us. I get excited every week to see what’s in store for us next. T-Mobile Tuesday truly makes me feel special, valued and appreciated. It’s made me love being a T-Mobile customer even more and I’ve started referring friends and family because of it. Just one more extension of the great service I’ve always received with this company.

- Useless on many levels,

Don’t waste your time, I’ve had this app for 3 years. It’s time to let it go. I have the bill payment app. That’s all I need. I tried the money app, wasn’t as advertised. The account/bill payment app is the only useful app. I’ve received more from the slickdeals app then this trash app here. 😂🤣 I pay t-mobile over $400 a month for a family plan. Which I should for all the mess on my account. The service is great but stop selling this t-mobile Tuesday app as a added bonus for being a customer, it’s trash. There’s no bonus, the only bonus is this networks had been outstanding for the past 3 years ( for my family and I personally). As soon as they started advertising this app as a customers bonus, that’s when I started side eyeing t-mobile. They should have never started it. It’s just trash...

- Ok, but not worth the hype

T-Mobile Tuesday occasionally has something you actually want but on those blue moon days you have to be at the place when it opens, like on Black Friday, or else they will have already given out the two quantities they had in stock. Also they give you a timer on the item so once you click that redeem button it’s all in and you have to hope you grabbed the right thing, in most cases you haven because the one accepted variant of that thing already sold out and your left there at the counter like an idiot. Overall, there is occasionally stuff you want but is probably sold out or most of the time its one year online subscriptions to “boring home magazine that no one wants”


I find it appalling how ungrateful people are rating this app 1 star because they aren't happy with the deals they are getting. T-mobile doesn't have to offer any of us any of the deals they give. Instead of complaining... be grateful to have a cell phone provider who is trying to step it up. A lot of times, they offer deals that aren't available in my city to my family (vegetarians)... so guess what? I pass on them and move on. Better Luck next week! No point on blaming T-mobile or this app for something they shouldn't have to do in the first place. We have, and continue to enjoy amazing DEALS! 🙌🏻

- Offensive, when not disappointing

Generally, I’ve found this app to be useless: as a person with a ton of food allergies, the free Whoppers and Taco Bell are wasted on me. I miss the days of reusable grocery bags and tchotchkes. I thought the pandemic might mean the app would improve since we should be encouraging people to stay at home (so more non-food gifts), and one week was nifty: a free postcard. I may even use that service again. I get that this whole app premise is a marketing ploy to collect data about us, but if I’m the rewards are good, some of us are willing to give up a limited amount of our privacy in return. Advertising and marketing aren’t inherently bad: they’ve just become bad through predatory and unethical practices. But a free Jillian Michaels product? Jillian Michaels, who has said “it’s fun watching other people suffer like that,” regarding the abuse and permanent harm she’s inflicted on people under the guise of “fitness.” You know what else she’s said? “I don’t care if people die on this floor. Your better die looking good.” We’re in the middle of PANDEMIC. Maybe you should be a little more careful about the kind of messages you’re sending your customers? Do you really want to promote celebs who don’t care if your customers die, as long as we die pretty?

- Time to call it a wrap

I now have two lines with one phone being TOTALLY PAID OFF and one line half way paid. No extra frills except for the jump on each line so what I can’t get over is why oh WHY each month T-mobile manages to try and get me to pay as if I had an entire Laundromat inside my phone line!!! Each month I’m on the phone with them wrangling my bill down to size. To me this is the CRIME of all CRIMES!!! I’m telling each and everyone of you to go over your phone bills with a fine tooth comb and know exactly what you should be paying for. I find each month T-mobile is sticking something into my bill in hopes that I don’t recognize the charges. Huh... I copy and maintain those copies just for that reason. T-mobile has more money than we do. Watch your money or they will take it without blinking an eye!!! You’ve been warned.

- What rewards?!?

So I’m not saying that T-Mo has to provide this “service “, but if you are going to do it make it worth your time. When this app first started, I was truly impressed with the deals that T-Mobile was able to provide(e.g. free pizza from papa Johns, Panda Express and so many more) Now you’re lucky if you even get anything for free! And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but if you can’t keep up the trend, stop trying to get us to come back. Half the deals don’t apply to my area. INSTEAD of making this app and it’s “deals” look better (because they are not) Just have better more relevant deals, look at your customer base and ask yourself if I have to give some a $3 meal from Boston Market will they actually able to shop at Quicksilver even with a 30% off.

- Thanks for Giving Back

I want to say thank you for being appreciative of my patronage and that of all your customers as well! I've been a T-Mobile customer for some time now, and am ultimately satisfied and impressed with the company. Your acts of thankfulness are sometimes for me, the reminder that there are still good people, with high values. T-Mobile has shown this giving back quality through the Mobile Tuesday's as well as for my school district 151. Being a parent and president of the School District 151 PTO (Parent, Teacher, Organization), I say thank you for valuing your customers and communities. Sincerely Best Regards, Angela Campbell

- Disappointed!

The last few weeks Tmobile Tuesday has definitely been disappointed. I understand that we cannot go to the physical store during this time but there should be some excitement opening up the app on Tuesdays. It was something to look forward to weekly, I anxiously waited to see the things that the Tmobile Tuesday’s staff came up with. At this point it does not even make sense opening the app because nothing is appealing anymore. I want the old, fun, exciting Tmobile Tuesday’s back, the one that I anxiously waited for on a weekly basis and I boasted to my friends and family to about. Bring back the creativity in the offers, the ones that actually make people want to return to the app the following week. Signed a disappointed Tmobile Tuesday’s customer.

- Bad Coupons unless you’re looking for food

Unless you’re looking for food the coupons are pretty bad. The may seem fine for example the most recent converse coupon 30% off + free shipping not bad right maybe get something you’ve been wanting. However do note that on converse website, any orders $50+ have free shipping and then your coupon doesn’t work. Even the basic converse start at $50 so essentially the coupon is useless unless you look at the sales bin which doesn’t have anything you want anyway or has stuff that is sold out or just in random sizes. Anyway if you’re looking for food and munchies great app even if there are som ridiculous hoops to maneuver through, but for anything else theres just too many hoops for the coupons to be useful.

- Frustrating re-direction

Being a broke college kid I LIVE off of the sustenance T-Mobile Tuesday’s provides. However being redirected to different apps can be confusing and doesn’t always work in the other party’s app. Burger King specifically is the main culprit, lots of miscommunication and ordering there is always a pain, I wish there was a way to redeem in the T-mobile Tuesday app without the redirection. I get the other companies want a way to make money but there is ALWAYS some sort of problem I experience and it gets frustrating to the point where it’s not even worth the half hour of my time to set up a new account and download a different app that doesn’t even work.

- Worse than a lame coupon book

This app almost never has anything worth getting, it’s always something like “20% off a worthless magazine that you’ve never heard of and would never want anyway* *with creation of an account you don’t want and a 2 year subscription you don’t want, and only if you sign up before 5 AM before they run out”! Some aren’t quite that bad, but you get the idea. Basically offers worthless discounts on stuff no one wants anyway, and chances are it expired before you could use it anyway. Just about the only useful thing from it was a free hat and gloves from t-mobile (with a giant pink “T” on the front). Hardly “rewarding” t-mobile’s customers to offer them coupons they could probably get online anyway, then throw on a 12 hour duration before they expire 🙄.

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Go Away Reap3r

It’s 11:48 and I still can’t get in this damn show. T Mobile Tuesdays has been slacking hard for 2020

T-Mobile Help

@cardinalalli Hey there, Allison. If you're with T-Mobile you can redeem for free in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app! ^DanKing

T-Mobile Help

@thatddIovato Hey there. We're excited too! Make sure to redeem through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app: ^DanKing


T mobile Tuesdays be giving corny free shit

👑Queen J 👑

Let’s see what this T Mobile Tuesdays hittin on....

ShaNayNAY ‼️

@KayyyySlayyy Lol i be playing the Lil games that they be having on the t mobile Tuesdays app

Elizabeth 🥰

@OKAYYYWOWWW Thank u I just went into my app !! Lol I forget about t mobile Tuesdays

Nicole P🐾

Today's T-Mobile Tuesdays Giveaway


t mobile tuesdays has done more for me in this pandemic than the government


Just won $5 from t mobile Tuesdays...it’s a good day


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no one

fuck t mobile Tuesdays! i never won nothing! 😂


T-Mobile & Sprint Tuesdays: FREE Photo Prints + More -->


I’m so sick of T Mobile and they Tuesdays ever since Sprint came along these bitches ain’t been nun


Winner, winner, easy dinner! 🍲 Get a 3-week subscription for only $2.49/meal from #EveryPlate and #TMobileTuesdays. 📲:

T-Mobile Tuesdays 6.4.1 Screenshots & Images

T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone images
T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone images
T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone images
T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone images
T-Mobile Tuesdays iphone images

T-Mobile Tuesdays (Version 6.4.1) Install & Download

The applications T-Mobile Tuesdays was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-06-06 and was developed by T-Mobile [Developer ID: 525560781]. This application file size is 114.3 MB. T-Mobile Tuesdays - Lifestyle app posted on 2021-02-25 current version is 6.4.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tmobile.tuesdays

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