King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

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Make friends and battle enemies across the globe, your dragon and throne await!

With more than 50,000,000 downloads, players from nearly 150 countries, and countless recommendations by App Store, brace yourself for a legendary mobile adventure!

Get your armor on, the hottest real-time MMO of 2019 is here! Raise your dragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. Chat, help, trade and wage war with players around the globe. King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne. Get ready to get medieval; the battle to conquer the kingdom has started!


◆ Unique Dragons in Each Castle: Each player has a unique Dragon that they can raise and customize with special abilities, making each battle unique. The dragon’s abilities benefit the player's city development, resource gathering, and training.

◆ Alliances and Diplomacy: Players form Alliances together - constructing, defending, and attacking together. Alliances cooperate with each other and live together, managing diplomatic relationships as a team. They might lose battles together, but they can also win the war together.

◆ Global Server: King of Avalon players all over the world could battle together for the Excalibur to become the rightful ruler of their kingdom.


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Terms of Service:

The price of monthly subscription is $29.99, and lasts for 1 month. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges in game.

Please note:

1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

3. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal

4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase

PLEASE NOTE: King of Avalon is completely free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

A network connection is also required.

Do you have what it takes to become the King?

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare App Description & Overview

The applications King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare was published in the category Games on 2016-07-13 and was developed by FunPlus. This application file size is 309.15 MB. King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare current version is 7.2.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

What's NEW:
1. Netherfall is about to begin!
2. New Hero Weapon: Wildfire Hero Weapon
3. New event: Hero's Crucible
4. New chapters in Merlin's Trial
5. The Thanksgiving Feast is about to begin!

Optimized Kingdom Raid event.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare App Tips, Tricks and Rules

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Donjulius5   5 star

Great game. Good time killer.

papaw 4846   1 star

Very upset. I have been playing for 1 year after i lost my sh19 .latest update has locked me out .cant get on. Had no trouble before update. Don’t know if this will help,tried everything else. Please help. Took 5 hrs yesterday to get on,have been trying for 6 hrs today.please fix your problems.will lose everything i have saved for sh 28. Wish i would never had updated. Locked out again 3rd time . Please fix your update.not good

Jenibeann11   1 star

Update. With the new update, nothing will work. It doesn’t register that my finger is even touching the screen. Please fix.

Danktype   4 star

King of Avalon- Danktype. Never gets boring

Whatashot   5 star

KoA. This is by far one of the best war games I've played!

silver17l   5 star

Love this game. Pretty fun game id suggest playing it if your bored and wanna pass time

squirrel3232   4 star

Awesome game. Highly addictive game can’t stop playing

xlxliwodjsna   4 star

Meh. Good game just very pay to win

the_lilster12   1 star

Frozen App. After most recent update, the screen loads but then you can’t move it around or open any of the building screens, or honestly do anything at all. Normally I would just get rid of the app and move on, but it is a really good game. Shame that it completely crapped out on me.

Arrufio   5 star

Enjoyable time killer. Fun to play but sometimes it is clearly p2w. But there’s plenty of lucky opportunities to get gold and plenty of freebies

maryjane5151   5 star

Maryjane5100. Awesome game I can play for hours

Slush-2345   5 star

Fun. Fun

lu89728   5 star

Pretty good. The game itself is really fun and doesn’t get boring after a few days but every time I upgrade something it won’t let me click on it again which is real annoying cause I have to reload it but besides that it’s a really great game.

LESTAMPOC   5 star

Q. Quick

Original DesertDragon   4 star

Lots of interesting things to accomplish is what makes this game enjoyable.. You will be loosing sleep once you start playing.

FrostDragon1997   5 star

Amazing. I love the set ups and strategies this game offers!!

ReconGary   5 star

Here’s a Review. Get your speed ups! You’ll need them to compete, or you’ll have to speed a ton of money!

Jackbobo20   5 star

Good game. But can be a money pit.. Good game. Makes you spend a lot though

EMORALES388   5 star

G2G. Good game, worth the investment if you have the time


Amazing game and expensive.. I GOT HOOKED.

Quivaura   5 star

Good game. Best one of these games I’ve ever played

eck46   5 star

Great game.. Better than other games that think they are the same level

Mighty 9er   4 star

Avalon. Keeps me occupied

Former D.M.N.user   5 star

So much fun!. I have been playing for only a few weeks but I’m completely addicted!

Rockhawk22   5 star

Great game. Great fun game to play. Have to spend some money to be competitive but still fun if you don’t

Wauday   5 star

Just outstanding. Just o outstanding I cannot tell you guys enough how much fun this game is and I finally got connected with the girl and the experience of people in other countries helping you out at the same level is amazing all I have to say give try to game out give yourself 2 to 3 weeks and if you don’t like it you can let it go if you do like it just keep pushing you’ll see it gets better

Flavius Silva   4 star

It only gets better. I’ve been playing this game for about 4 months and can’t seem to get enough of it. Each time it begins to feel like ‘same old, same old’ the programmers come up with a new update with new challenges, new enemies, and new gifts/treasures. Never a dull moment!!

Un1c0rnP3n1s!   4 star

Great game. As expected there are some pay to play components, but I think improvements can be made on the messaging board — text/message length increase as an example.

Firewalker34   4 star

Good game but pricy. The game is fun and all. They update all the time and it increases the price to play for older kingdoms.

zzzzzzz£   5 star

Destiny. Awesome people and game play !!!

Advertorial    5 star

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SunriseMeadow   3 star

Excellent Graphics, Not so Excellent gameplay. The graphics of this game are amazing! That being said, alliance gameplay is weak, a single semi-powerful player can wipe clean a fairly strong alliance.. which doesnt make sense. The game is also very pay-as-you-go focused. The more you spend, the stronger you are, and the more you win. If you don’t want to spend, expect gameplay to slow to a halt when you reach stronghold level 18. You will need so many resources to progress, but you are too weak to defend yourself from most players so you don’t really get anywhere. Alliances are super important to advance gameplay, but don’t expect them to keep you safe. They can’t. Power dynamics in this way are ridiculous.

Junk166   1 star

Not loading.. It’s not loading. Fix it.

LK-AlphaRomeo   5 star

Great game!. This game is absolutely amazing, you guys smashed it, keep up the great work!! But you need to fix the connectivity issues I can’t load the game at times on wifi and data.

Mighty Mitchell   5 star

Good game.. Honestly it’s addictive.

{Zen0}   5 star

Koa. Enjoy the game very much

Steven from mincraft   4 star

Good game. It’s a fun game to play but you don’t really fight anything it does it for you but overall good game. If the creators read this review make the game so we could fight the monsters and the kingdom’s

Krockimolly   5 star

highly addictive. since the day i downloaded this game I've been obsessed with it. you are constantly improving. whether its your dragon, lord, hero, gear. theres always something to do. the one downside to currency is that Chinese have a massive upper-hand. prices are cheaper for them. i feel it should be balanced for all players world wide

minhyui   5 star

KoA. Très bon jeu , mais il faut un portefeuille bien garni pour suivre les update ...

Bearcanada   2 star

Scam. This game is filled with cheaters and even insiders. Avoid like the plague.

tiltsyj   4 star

Tilt. Would like to see a game that you only pay once at 50.00- 60.00 and then that’s it it’s yours and away you go.

Expert Gamer2   1 star

Can’t even log in after the last update. Game loads and then disconnects telling me to check my network, as if the issue is on the user side. Don’t they check their code before going live? Seriously.

Krimson82   2 star

Pay to win/cheat to win. Game was awsome but now its to much of a pay to win/cheat to win game takes all the fun out of it!! If your not willing to open your wallet everything takes months to get done now a single one of their new gems is over 4 months of events and daily grind or pay a couple hundred $$ to get it. Same goes for gear and heroes so unless you want to spend thousands of dollars or find a way to cheat dont bother starting a new account now.

halfassman   4 star

Chill. It’s addictive. Fun! But can be a little confusing honestly. Still hard to put down once started

Martymar97   1 star

A big spenders game. If you want to spend money to be able to stay in the competition this is the game for you. Nearly all the events require spending to be successful or you need a sh40 to survive. Anything less is useless now due to the over spending in the game. Just saying

Mr. GachaLife   1 star

Nul. J’ai regardé votre commercial pour moi ce jeux c’était un jeux de survie mais pas du tou ses nul mais vraiment

Ryan87654321   1 star

Not what I thought I was getting. Watched an ad for the game wasn’t anything like what was in the ad. I deleted within 5 seconds

Im smart your not   1 star

False advertising. The add says it’s like Ldoe but it’s just a copy of other games

UwU the 2nd   1 star

The ads. This game is not the same as the ads and I think that is just click bait so one star😡

Jerme tuoc meanup   2 star

Fake. Not as advertised.

ndenns   1 star

Not what advertised. Ad for game shows gameplay similar to Last Day on Earth (as far as CGI & game control) but is nothing close! It’s a repeat of about 50 other games with identical platforms. Waste of time.

Rossie.J   1 star

Very disappointed. I am very disappointed, the gameplay depicted in the add I watched was not actual gameplay, the game in the add is the game I wanted to play, the actual game was for from it.

ruieheh   1 star

Fake. False advertising...

Kassmomdad   1 star

Ads. It not how the ad shows it to be

Le Grand A   5 star

FRA French Touch. Joint to us FRA French Touch recrute we need 15 player wee have free resource to give a lot of player all day or connect team work et a lot of gift so joint to us

Ikee213   1 star

Mike. The game started off great the first year. It then grew in a very Racist game!! There is no strategy only cheating. KOA claims they have fair game play but that is incorrect. I believe my privately rights have been violated and I have had packs purchased with out my consent. Support does not help you only sends an auto reply. I would like a developer to contact me, but we all know that won’t happen I would like a full refund for the damage done.

Jolzen   1 star

Garbage lies. It would be nice if the ads for this game had anything to do with the gameplay. Shouldn’t this kind of [email protected]&$ be illegal. Show me what I’m actually going to play you idiots.

Really KOA   5 star

Banned. Not good

92639301fu   1 star

Pay to Win. This game went from mildly exploitive pay to win, to EXTREMELY exploitive pay to win. They took away most of the best deals and replaced them with more expensive and inferior options. They also lowered the value of the in game subscription service with the intentions of getting people to spend more on “value” packs and random chance loot box systems. They also went from adding new features (that you pay for) to stay on top once every month or 2 to twice every month as well as more “low cost” features to “help” people slowly move up (for example, they raised the level cap for your Stronghold from 40 to 45, and to claim it isn’t pay walled they made the required in game resource for each new strong hold available but at 1 unit a day for free. This means someone can currently go from 40 to 45 for free, after over 20 years of getting freely earned resource. If you want it sooner it costs over $20,000. If you do not spend in this game you will never be competitive, and worse the because this is a Chinese ran company, the Players in the Chinese market has lower costs for in game purchases. They also have a Chinese market exclusive VIP service that greatly reduces their costs in the game and has market exclusive packs that are not available to anyone in Europe or the Americas. Instead Europe and the Americas have a king’s group service that’s supposed to be the same thing, however the deals are not even close to the Chinese market exclusive. Would not recommend. Have played this since the day it came out and will never spend on this game again.

kingdom 386   1 star

Worst game in the App Store. The game developer is based in China and favours Chinese players over other players. So much so they get a special discount of 20% vs all the other players. This makes for a very unfair game. The game allows for Chinese bot farms, but bans other players for no reason. Do not waste your time with this game, you have been warned.

nicolasblanchette   5 star

Cool. C’est tellement hôte

Advertorial    5 star

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fisparity   3 star

Price disparity. The game is amazing, I have an issue with the disparity of game item prices across the world. China plays for peanuts while other countries are charged outrageous amounts for the same items. Hence all the Chinese alliances are massive.

Lord Noahnooz   5 star

Noah. Great game!!!

gazzamomighty   5 star

Gazza might. Great

Newman335   5 star

Gr8. Good game

nonjastar   5 star

Koa. Super great gg

Bill.kat   3 star

Nice game. Good game drop your prices would be better

Joe15646337   1 star

Don’t bother. As per title of this review, Don’t bother with this game. I have poured thousands of dollars into this game yet its still not enough to stay competitive. Game strategy depends on how deep your pockets are. If you are a millionaire and want to dominate an online game, then this game is for you!!

sirlimps   3 star

Great game but crazy expensive and subject to Chinese corruption. I mean really expensive. Top castles are worth $150k US. Quite glitchy and the Chinese corruption is bad and aimed at making you spend. Otherwise it’s a great concept and it’s got great team play aspects. If you get strong you’ll find Chinese alliances will appears and upgrade beyond you at unbelievable pace. There’s documented and rife corruption so unless you have big money to throw away I’d play something to else.

Soppy Joe   1 star

Rampant Cheating favoring Chinese. This game has lots of bugs. Numerous players cheating. Game offers special only Chinese accounts in game. Matching system favours Chinese kingdoms. No western player is allowed to lead leaderboard. Developer uses all tricks at its disposal to ensure Chinese win. There are numerous special discounts offered to Chinese players.

BillionDollaBronxX   1 star

What’s going on. I’ve seen this game in many ads. They show a man who goes on an adventure and builds his empire which is no way similar to the game when I downloaded it

Crazy Kenyan   1 star

Very poor customer service. At lease a few bugs are fixed since last update, but customer service is extremely poor! Spend or not the service is rubbish!

chinaforlife1234567890   5 star

Very good game. I am Chinese and they gib me lot of deals and my frends have bedy expensiveied dels so I’m happy

azrahin   4 star

I can’t claim the reward for event. It stated that if my stronghold level 17 I can claim the reward but right now my stronghold level 18 but still can’t claim.. already try to restart the game so many time ..

Slappy12345678   1 star

Can’t play with friends. This game did not let my friend and I join my alince

Rogue1-134   1 star

Full of insiders and cheaters. Basically it’s a Chinese game that favours Chinese players planted in your kingdom you are suckered in and chill for a few months then boom massive stats Chinese guy kills your alliance you try to boost up and help but they have maxed out for free. Game is full and I mean full of cheaters and pack sellers if you want to spend go ahead but it’s a waste of your money good luck it’s rigged.

UnBan Revenge   1 star

Scam. Total Scam of A game. Do Not Download it. You will either get bullied by game if not some Chinese Alliance. Game crashes multiple times during a single event. You can’t even win even if you spend money on this game. Total waste. #UnbanREV

SwordPoint(s17)   1 star

#FreeRevenge. KoA have banned the account of one of the highest paying (Western) players who runs a discord server for the game and makes YouTube videos to assist the whole KoA community. Pretty much all you need to know about this game’s developers.

goodgame113   1 star

Fake. Fake game not good bad graphics and not worth playing

Kristoferkl   1 star

King of Avalon. Looks absolutely nothing like previews that’s just to get u to download once u open it it is a completely different game shame on Apple and developers for misleading absolute garbage!

Gotzy   1 star

Horrible Game, Do not get. Don’t get this game........... Heavily skewed to help Chinese players, with cheap VIP deals unavailable to the rest of the world. Random account banning for no reason. Horrible laggy servers that conflict with your gaming experience. Expensive endless updates that cost $ 000’s. Sneaky gambling games that have no evidence of win rate. Apple store should investigate.

LMAO koa   1 star

Stop harassing revenge. Stop harassing revenge because Chinese spends more money.

link666link666   1 star

Unfair. This is a very unfair and racist game. Some events in this game are pure gambling, they don’t publish drop rates on the “gambling... also revenge gamer is a fair person who does not cheat, use 3rd party programs or anything and has been banned for nothin except the fact they don’t want him to be in first place

Disappointed in the glitches   5 star

Kings group accounts. A fantastic game to play and very intricate. Only thing is I have bound accounts to kings group accounts and want to be able to unbind them to another. Phone numbers have changed and they are bound to an old number that I can’t access any more. The option to bind and unbind from the kings group account would be appreciated. Thank you

mitch5525   1 star

Trash money hungry developers. 2,000 gold for 1 teleport to move positions equating to approximately 14.99AUD, 1k gold to shield, another 7 bucks, 1k gold to speed your March 50%, another 7 bucks thank you, don’t even think about having a good time in kingdom raid and Alliance Conquest unless you’ve got a nice 50 or 100 note to burn. But in all Honesty I spent 10s of thousands over 2 years or so. Why? I often ask myself the same question. Yes they throw you a bone now and then with a splash of gold but the timed lord targets are simply built for mega spenders, all my spending and I can’t even collect the lowest reward on equipment rewards 😂. The game has taken a mega dive of un-fair proportions to the little to mid range guy. These capitalist fat cats need a wake up call as this is an addictive yet mess of a game built on mega castles calling the shots (probably developers) who spends that much really? Get outside and get a life. Don’t get drawn in to fake wars and phong friends.

iPhone Aussie   1 star

Nothing like the adverts. I installed it due to the advert, it’s nothing like the advert showed. It’s just yet another boring game where you need no skill, just pay to win.... boring

dcivdtehbdjdjowowks   5 star

Llllllllllllllllllllloser. Hi yes I’ll let ya go pick up the kids tomorrow and Thursday night or Friday morning maybe we will have to be around here at two or maybe later pooped on our lunch

Hath dos   3 star

Customer service poor + hacking. I’ve been locked out of my game since the latest update and now I’m being charged for pouches of gold. It was decent when it worked, but since the latest update I won’t be playing it. It’s a waste of my money and my time when I can’t even play the game.

Fjeifjsjcjes   1 star

Average game.. The game is great, very fun, very challenging! But there is some pains to deal with, people can swear at you and are racist by messages, mods can’t do much except give you advic, which is useless. There should be a attack limit on who you can and can’t attack, for example if your castle is lvl 15 you can only attack a lvl 15-16-17 or a 13-14-15 to make it a lot more fun! It will be great that way, thinking oh a guy 2 lvls higher attacked next and I almost defended my castle! Not a player who is 10-20 times higher then you, comes and attacks you and takes every rescource, where you can’t lvl up due to when you get close to the amount you need to lvl up, you get attacked by another high lvl player! In my opinion, that shouldn’t be fair on low level players. Their should be a pvp attack lvl range or a pvp turn on or off mode, for people to play and enjoy the game without wanting to quite by lvl 12! All up, I don’t recommend this game, to much to fix on it, not the fun when your always trying to lvl up and people raid you. I regret wasting my money on some stuff for the game.

Rustysb   1 star

Lies. If cam here because you watched a video and it looked good. Well it’s nothing more then a click wait and farm game. If it was like the videos it would of been good

F7Nick   1 star

Problem. I saw a trailer of the game and it showing that smoking replenishes your health. That is not good and because of that small thing I’m going to give it one star

justin93254   5 star

Really good happy it’s here. I hope everyone else gives 5 stares

Wavefinder   5 star

CoolnGame. Met new friends, the game is more than a game

Indulged player   4 star

Great game. This game is great. There are a lot of interactive and strategic parts to the game. The in app purchases for 4.99 are more reasonable than any game I have come across so far.

Dfam75   1 star

584 Plague. Game used to be very fun, but glitches and horrible customer service make it very frustrating and expensive to play!

LynetteBE   5 star

Very fun. Love the game. Actually quit other games because this one has so much in it that there is always something to work on. Alliance and team work is promoted. Very versatile. The only thing I would recommend in improving the sign in for players with Sever all castles: easy access. And a way to link castles and farm castles inside the game. But overall, the game is fun, rich and developers always serving new events and activities!!!

Cameronlay67   5 star

S. Thank

EHJ Jr   1 star

This game is addictive, and costs a fortune. This is a well designed game. It will quickly grab your interest, you will quickly become part of a competitive alliance, and you will quickly see that to be successful, you have to either spend every waking moment improving your stronghold, or your dragon, or your weapons, or your dragon emblems, or your stronghold statues, etc...or you will pay. From $1 up to $99, the improvements are just one or two clicks away from increasing your power and helping your team. But you don’t have to spend a penny, if you’re willing to give up your real life to improve. You do the math. My recommendation after playing for a year? Don’t.

Blahyeahright   4 star

Tough match ups. Hard to be a non spender and compete, also hard to gather when all there is are expensive gather gear Game crashes a lot since the 6.0 update. I have a different phone so shouldn’t be memory, also phone is current with updates.

winwillwin   1 star

Deserves 0 stars. This was a great game up until the constant updates that costs 10k plus to max. Which if your in a kingdom with someone who does spend that much (which is many kingdoms surprisingly) to max out, you will always be outmatched yourself in every event whether your in this persons alliance or not, matching system is horrible. Socially the game is great, but getting outmatched every event like I stated earlier, you’ll never grow without spending a bunch of money yourself. And then if you do, Koa come out with a new update that makes what you spent on free to get and even stronger items are available in which you will have to spend even more just to stay relevant. It’s an endless money pit that caters to only big spenders and doesn’t listen to mid spenders or free players. Used to be fun, sadly it’s not anymore.

Travdeso2002   2 star

Stupid. How are you going to give a update for everyone but iPhone users. So everyone else is in game. But as a iPhone user my game keeps crashing over and over. That’s stupid


Pay to win. It’s just pay to win game you don’t have to be gamer with skills just you should have credit card full of money

Daprincesshargis   1 star

New update will not let me log on!. If my bubble drops and I die I will find you in rl! FIX THE LOG IN ON YOUR NEW UPDATE!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

badpollo9210   5 star

Honor hehe. Buen juego

Mr. Duck!   1 star

Login. I can’t login, the game keeps rebooting. Fix or I’ll quit

Lymer4life60   1 star

Frustration. You would think this application would have there technical staff up to par; when they do upgrades to the system. But, I was so wrong every time I try to log on I am booted off if I had the time.. I wonder how long it would take for it to stick and let me in....constant upgrades falling short! After 2.5 years you would think they would get it right. Hmmmmm

bdog1120   1 star

Maintenance break. You guys had a maintenance break now I can’t get on the game it won’t connect are you guys that worried about money you can’t even get your update right what a joke come on FUNPLUS you make enough money off of this game to actually make it work right you guys are useless

47shelly   1 star

11/192019 can’t log in. Unable to get past the main log in page, since the maintenance break get the initial page to load and get a network error pop up and unable to get back into the game to shield. Leaving me open and exposed to attack. Game has been installed and uninstalled and that didn’t work. Tried logging in on a few different devices with the same issue. Takes forever for the update to show in the App Store for me to try and update the game to see if that helps.

MrSleepy718   1 star

Why does my iPhone keep crashing. I’m trying to log on so I can turn on my shield but it keeps crashing so basically if I get attacked it the games fault I'm hoping to get reimbursed for my loses if not I can recall all the money I've spent

mazeyyyc   4 star

Good game. Fun chats

hbnfire   4 star

Fun. Addicting

wtfidkidi   5 star

Koa rocks! REDBEARD MoD K538. This is a very sweet game that will give you hours of enjoyment!! I recommend it to anyone that loves fun!

Cheif Ghost   5 star

Dragons. I love this game

Dfont46522   1 star

Pay to play or don’t bother. ITS A ENDLESS MONEY PIT .....HAVE SPENT $7,600 and still get zeroed every event by CHINESE CHEATERS .....Screeww you KOA a year of my life I’ll never get back

624 mrs blue   1 star

Can’t open the game. New update won’t let me in

Mr. Melo   5 star

Love It. I play EVERYDAY..

Pebbs12   5 star

KOA. Fun game. Enjoy meeting new people around the world.

KOA moneymachine   1 star

Good luck logging on after an update. They run a maintenance break and then when you try to log on the game doesn’t let you. It just likes to tell you your network connection is lost and to reconnect. Then if you get attacked cause your shield drops, oh well, tough, pay us money and we’ll give you resources for healing. What a joke.

BCM979   1 star

Money pit. Every week there is something new to buy there is no way for a none spender to compete with the spenders. I have played this for over a year spending. They will not get any more money from me 😡

JizzleDicks   4 star

Good game. Fun game. Very time consuming. A few bugs that never seem to get fixed, but overall a really fun experience.

wingnuttintx   4 star

King of Avalon. Decent game. The money amounts to “speedup” grown are reasonable.

fyre90   5 star

Tres divertissant. Le concept est intéressant et divertissant. Beaucoup de possibilité et d’interactions avec les autres joueurs.

13Angelz   5 star

Want a game to keep you busy?. Great game, great graphics alot of great event and rewards givin :)

Danou56   5 star

D’Anjou. Super jeu

HatakeKinume   5 star

Quite fun. And addictive

Asgard's Squire   5 star

King of Avalon. I’ve been enjoying this game for a long time. There’s lot’s of events, and always something to do, even for people like me who are more gathers than fighters.

David Goyo   5 star

Kings of Avalon. This game is all anyone could ever ask for when seeking out long term goals and amusement.

i_ate_ur_brains   5 star

addictive, lots to do. Join a strong alliance that participates in events, has folks you get along with and experienced players to help. There is a lot to this game.

Cat mondo   4 star

Cat mondo. Great game but hard to get ahead without tons of money

Jwilkins1984   4 star

Great game. Great game. I wish they were a little more aggressive at dealing with cheaters though?

kallawanna   5 star

I enjoy this game. Great game

fggfgjiyrefghku   4 star

Bon jeu , mériterait des simplifications. Facilter la regeneration des troupes pour rendre les combats plus frequents et le jeu plus fluide

fripou   5 star

Un super jeu. Merci à vous d’avoir conçu ce jeu. Il faut être patient et investir un peu mais ça vaut la peine. Ça m’a permis de me faire des amis en France. 😊

White men dancing on turtles   4 star

Bunch of jerks. Too many overpowered players of this with little support unless you ran multiple farms. I walked away a few months ago. I play on another realm and am quite happy there.

onefeather66   3 star

Hard to follow. Difficult to follow just pushing buttons collecting things.

god damn no nick name   4 star

Good. Good but Still has lag issues

Blitzchancy   4 star

King Of Avalon. Good game

Thor4pres   5 star

My favourite so far. Love this game, people are amazing and action can get intense. Enjoy I have been playing over a year now and still love it. Great work.

Smurf Ridgeley   4 star

King of Avalon. If you want to play a free game and not spend a lot of money this is the game for you

3***&aSUN   4 star

King of avalon. Nice game

Dark Queen Soul   5 star

TP. Good

tc junior   5 star

Tc junior. Thanks

Pipes63   5 star

Koa. Love it

Ren 123456   5 star

Captain. Love this game would like to be able to send gifts

hfbfixhehe   5 star

First impressions. I really like the game and having a dragon makes it all the more fun!

Biggest107   5 star

Excellent jeu. J’adore jouer à ce jeu

Le rat73   5 star

Plaisir. Vraiment le fun comme jeu travail d équipe et aide entre membre d un même clan

R3D-MAN   5 star

Thanks. Great game well done

hhcmmn   5 star

Très bien. Très bon jeux

Sir EatenUrAss   5 star

Great game. The game keeps you intrigued with the amount of growth events.

likeable7123678   5 star

Lords of Avalon. Very good game. Lots of thought in how to get stronger.

Falconblood   5 star

I really enjoy this game!. I would like it to be easier to protect my Castle so that I can utilise my time playing eliminating goblins and cyclops rather than needing to constantly rebuild my army at enormous expense having been attacked by other players whilst not online. In addition to this, I have been upgrading my dragon’s Guardian Skill with Guardian Power, and Assault Skill with Assault Power since first I started playing the game, but the ‘Chapter 1 The Final Fragment’ hasn’t ever updated as I have upgraded the skills so it still shows me having only completed 5/7 tasks required in that section, when in fact I have completed them. I suspect that it must be a glitch on my game. I have written to the mods about this previously but not received any reply. I would like for this to be rectified. I would like to be able to place some type of protection over my castle for a couple of weeks whilst I am away and offline. Overall it is a very good game.

Mickos_77_   5 star

Great game. I love this game, awesome. Best I’ve downloaded so far.

mavman22   4 star

Expensive. Very much pay to win

   4 star

CLAMPS123. Thanks

Stereo12345asd   4 star

Not a bad time waster. Enjoy it but cost a bom to play properly

king tytytytyghop   5 star

Mr. King tyty

Assie. 1   5 star

A lot of fun. Great game

ravengibbs   5 star

Ravengibbs. This game is addictive love it talk to a lot of players make friends

ap#87   5 star

Koa rules. Fun and very addictive game to play would be good if things where a little cheaper to buy as this game is money orientated or would just give u more for the money ur paying but all in all fantastic have tried other games like this and nothing compares

K217-GoT   5 star

Love the game. Have lots of fun even though spent a bit money for it

Catseye0091   4 star

Game. I like the game, it’s fun and I’ve met some amazing people

Dhuwest   4 star

Kings of Avalon. Great strategy game

Stumpa28   5 star

Koa. great game, make friends, learn good teamwork!

Pritchard83   4 star

Awesome. Games real good

Nathaniel kalem gunawan   5 star

I doubt it is bad. It will probably be good

Arnoldjames41   5 star

Best game ever. Love it AAA

tajikhokhar   5 star

Tajikhokhar. Tajikhokhar

Adama69   4 star

Awesome. Been playing for just over a year and have not spent a cent to get to Sh 27 in Kingdom 369 we have a peace agreement amongst alliances which gives smaller peeps a chance to grow. I have made some great friends and plan on playing for as long as I’m able. 👍👍👍 Steele.

bloodywayne   5 star

Koa. Great games

No such thing   1 star

False advertising. Advertising shows a very different game... nothing like it...

RenzoQuiwa   5 star

King of Avalon. Best game ever

Dirty Old Gramps   4 star

King of Avalon. Great game Very addictive

cookie rambo   5 star

cookie Rambo. I

Me!74   4 star

Slow down. If the rate of new additions slowed down this game would get 5 stars

jaysawn west   5 star

Great game. 👍

XxNLEChoppa   5 star

This game cool. Fun lmao But confusing

Trickster1949   5 star

Fun. Awesome game👍👍👍

bav20   5 star

Bob Jane. Awesome

snjaocnbehsh   5 star

Good game. Well done good game

Nickpoohypoyrdj   5 star

Great game. Great game

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