So begins a new tale of crystals...

Enjoy a grand new adventure in the classic FINAL FANTASY tradition, as SQUARE ENIX presents an original FINAL FANTASY title for your smartphone!

Join forces with legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand.

With exciting battles, awe-inspiring visuals, and a whole realm to explore, this is one epic journey you won’t want to miss!


- Intuitive and strategic battles
Unleash devastating attacks with a tap of your finger, and combine magical abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes!

Join forces with Cecil, Terra, Vivi, Vaan, and other legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand.

And that’s not all—summon legendary FINAL FANTASY espers like Shiva, Ifrit, and more with awe-inspiring visuals!

- A vast realm to explore
Roam freely through exotic locales, and delve into perilous dungeons to search for items, rare treasures, hidden passages, and routes to new destinations!
Converse with the denizens of the realm and undertake challenging quests to reap items, gil, and even rare rewards.

Enjoy all the wonders of a grand RPG in the palm of your hand!

The hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life.

A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within.

Harnessing the power of the crystals, mankind prospered, nations flourished.
But just as day gives way to night, that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion.

Now, as their world stands on the precipice of ruin, two young knights summon visions to their side as they strike out on a journey to chase the shadows.

So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who would save them...

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS App Description & Overview

The applications FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS was published in the category Games on 2016-06-29 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX INC. The file size is 106.06 MB. The current version is 2.2.3 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Various minor bugs have been addressed.




Cool  Kay1337  1 star

Well, to start, I'm an extreme FF franchise fan. This game gives you the nostalgia that you crave about every FF game. There are some repetitive parts but then every FF game you play is pretty much similar in some way or another. Contents are vast but the stability could use some work. Every time I finish a big quest the app crashes. However you have scene skipping! Which is awesome! Anyway I give it a 4 star due to the crashes. Maybe after some tweaking it'll be better than before. (Update 10/05/2016): I've changed my rating to 1 star. Due to the new update, what with all the new characters being incorporated and a HORRIBLE stability problem. Every time I go to the colosseum I get crashed during or after I finish the run. Now this annoys the hell out of me. Get your act together and stop thinking about adding a crap ton of new characters. Update: 08/23/2017 Once again my rating will not change, one part is due to the lack of content. It's quite disgusting that the game constantly introduces new characters for every event and making it impossible to draw what you need. Like the current banner that requires you to have machine killers. In this banner I've spent over 8000+ lapis and 50+ tickets. I didn't get a single 2b character, which is a far cry from the A2 character. Aside from the pathetic summon rate, there's also a constant advertising of ariana grande. This is a huge smack in the face. This punk insulted USA itself, and you're advertising the ho?! Holy hell, that's a new low. Advertising her once was enough to irritate me, but twice is pushing it.


:)  Betim619  5 star



Starting over  Weldwire  1 star

This game is a lot better then the review I just gave it but you have to have Facebook to save your data or when you get a new device there is no other way to carry data over. 2 days ago this happened to me and the support team just said oh well even after all the money and time I've put into it the last year. WeldWire


Ok???  Cherylllb  1 star

It won't even let me download so don't know... goes to 99% and stops every single time.


😎  Chuck179  5 star

It's a good game I like it 😎👌


Business practice and rates  g676  1 star

It's been nearly a week since I've bought a chest that glitched out and didn't show up. I contacted customer support and they wanted me to wait 24 hours. Mind you, I've already paid and they want me to wait 24 hours. So I send them my banking info the next day, but they wanted the receipt which I ended up sending. Customer support told me to wait and that they'd eventually get back to me. It's been nearly a week now, and I've had to go and contact them. It should be vis-versa. And I still have not gotten the items. It feels like customer support was better 8 months ago. It did eventually go through, but a week is too long. This leads to 2 conclusions: 1) Gumi (and ultimately Square Enix) do not give a care, considering JP has a full and running English support team. 2) They're incompetent. This is all before talking about the switch up of rates and "increased" rates and whatnot. I was pulling for this limited Nier banner. Got another off banner rainbow. You can read other reviews, and if you doubt them you can speak to the whale/dolphin/spender community. Instead of spending money earned from consumers on better coders/programmers and customer support, they decide to pay Ariana Grande to put her in the game. Please let that sink in and think about it. Ultimately this shows that Square Enix doesn't give a single squat and enforces the fact that the company has really fallen to just a cash grabber. This is the direction that the gaming industry has gone in for a while, and this game as a whole is proof of that. Do not get me wrong, there are good aspects such as the music, visuals and combat system. The bad parts of the package, which are equally important, just outweigh them heavily.

General Bone

Fun  General Bone  5 star

Very in depth

JLO 11

I love this game  JLO 11  5 star

Best rpg ever


Awesome game!  Happymeal0033  5 star

Constantly updating and adding new features. The ingame current you pay for is called lapis. However, you get so much throughout the course of the story that you don't have to pay to win. Character drops are random with various rarity, but if you save to 5000 lapis and spawn 11 characters at once you are guaranteed a 4 star. And it doesn't take long to hit 5000 once you start


Goodgame bruh  Goddjdjehwhath  5 star

Goodgame brooh


Great game  SquallNoctis  5 star

It's really fun and it has great events like the NieR one


Up 5 star chances  Brent331  1 star

100+ pulls and I only got 1, 5 star crystal. Ridiculous. Need to up that rate


Crashes on intro video, 7Plus  Ayelwenn  2 star

Haven't played t in awhile. It's fully updated but crashes shortly after the Squenix intro. Could use some better debugging.

Joe Sancho99

Issues must be addressed.  Joe Sancho99  1 star

I liked the game, I'm an ff fan and the characters are great. However, the company has made some poor decisions that I can't stand by. Adding Eve to nier was a really poor move done in poor taste. He's largely unusable, doesn't really offer anything a Firion doesn't do 10x better. His TMR is ok but not worth base 4 status. It's a worse Hill Digger. Everyone wanted 9S, it was obvious. There was no reason to add Eve to the summon banner and not make him a raid unit, only reason is a cash grab. There should be a way to guarantee banner units because the pull rates feel bad and I don't feel like spending on the game because of it. I've spent before on good banners, but it's getting crowded now and rates for banner units should be upped. I will keep this rating until issues are addressed, otherwise the game is just a gambling addiction.


Game is broken  DarkStriker24  1 star

Somehow with the update, I'm stuck on the map. Can't get back to home screen. The Option button doesn't work, heck many of the buttons doesn't work anymore. Limit gauge doesn't fill up during fights and I can't swipe right to use spell. Please fix it.

Tikiwave shinobi

Review  Tikiwave shinobi  5 star

Very awesome Final Fantasy app, allow I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it's reliance on online features. I love how it references other games, and the gameplay is solid. Keep making more great games!


Very fun  Michael1  4 star

At first I was annoyed by the amount of ads I saw for it, but when I finally tried it, I had a blast! I'm still not the biggest fan of relying on RNG for good characters, but the rest of the game is good enough that it doesn't bother me much. Plus, I got lucky enough to recreate my FFIII team here! Good to see so many characters from across the series, all with ties to their respective games.


Great game, but kinda disappointing  NotRomanian  3 star

Brave Exvius is a wonderful game, great work on the sprites, nice mechanics. The biggest problem for me, however, are the summon rates (which is always debatable when compared to the JP content). The least that could've been done is an increase in rates via continuous summons or a summon pool limited down to select unit series, both of which Brave Frontier actually has. The "featured banner rates" for select banners are horrendous and I'm actually partly convinced that those "increased rates" that I've been told to enjoy do not even exist. I'm not recommending this game any more and I highly advise to anyone willing to spend money for in-game transactions for it seeing how it's more or less inconvenient, if not a downright ripoff. Great game literally anywhere else but the area mentioned above.


Loving it so far  SlowZetta13  5 star

Has yet to disappoint me tbf


It's pretty fun, but all about luck.  Mizamb  3 star

FF Exvius is quite entertaining, but unfortunately, you need good luck to draw good characters and even if you spend money, it doesn't guarantee you will get the characters you want.