So begins a new tale of crystals...

Enjoy a grand new adventure in the classic FINAL FANTASY tradition, as SQUARE ENIX presents an original FINAL FANTASY title for your smartphone!

Join forces with legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand.

With exciting battles, awe-inspiring visuals, and a whole realm to explore, this is one epic journey you won’t want to miss!


- Intuitive and strategic battles
Unleash devastating attacks with a tap of your finger, and combine magical abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes!

Join forces with Cecil, Terra, Vivi, Vaan, and other legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand.

And that’s not all—summon legendary FINAL FANTASY espers like Shiva, Ifrit, and more with awe-inspiring visuals!

- A vast realm to explore
Roam freely through exotic locales, and delve into perilous dungeons to search for items, rare treasures, hidden passages, and routes to new destinations!
Converse with the denizens of the realm and undertake challenging quests to reap items, gil, and even rare rewards.

Enjoy all the wonders of a grand RPG in the palm of your hand!

The hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life.

A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within.

Harnessing the power of the crystals, mankind prospered, nations flourished.
But just as day gives way to night, that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion.

Now, as their world stands on the precipice of ruin, two young knights summon visions to their side as they strike out on a journey to chase the shadows.

So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who would save them...

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS App Description & Overview

The applications FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS was published in the category Games on 2016-06-29 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX. This application file size is 124.20 MB. FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS current version is 3.8.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

- New Minigame Feature - Slots de Chocobo
- 5* Select Summon - Unit Prism Exchange

Bug Fixes:
- General bug fixes and optimization implemented.



Advertorial    5 star

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renatognunes   1 star

Too many updates!!!. Too many download requests after first installation!

wagglie   1 star

Not to play!. Crashed a lot. Every other chain I crash. You will need a lot of space to just play some 2d game. Every other quest or update you need like zillion space just to download. Additional to that I was double charged and never got any help on it. I would’ve give it zero star or less if I can from my experience. I would rather say move on to something else

geo230484   5 star

Great. Awesome!!!!

ZAY 24/7   5 star


qjbJones   2 star

Adding a friend. I can’t even add a friend and we both tried adding each other’s friend codes and nothing. Please fix.

GankedYaNub   1 star

MASSIVE UPDATES REQUIRED!!!. You install the game. Then, it prompts you to download 11mb to start. Afterward, you are at a menu to login, you don’t need an account, but after that menu, it prompts you to download 16mb. After you finish that, it prompts you to download 251mb... after you finish that, it prompts you to download 1.6 freaking gigabytes.... I declined it outright. iPhones have a storage limit :/. Anyone with anything older than a 7, or with 32gb or less should avoid this game entirely.

Punn Farr   4 star

Just started. So far, I’m enjoying the game

ASR971?!$   5 star

Totally made it up to me!!!. At first I gave a one star rating because I couldn’t login in for close to a week; but they did fix the problem and gave me compensation that I was more than satisfied with. No game or video game company is perfect, they’re going to make mistakes here and there. As long as they fix the problems and fairly compensate players that were adversely affected by the bugs, it’s all good to me. Thanks Gumi!!!

DeadmanShida   4 star

Slots broke. So I’ve really been enjoying this game for a year now and they recently released a slot mini game. I only need one play to get an awesome reward but it won’t accept my token. It says I have one but when I push the button it says I don’t have enough. It only takes one token to play right?

mommy hates this   1 star

I hate this. So I have been on other games and when a add comes on this is what happens it shows this and I can’t even press the X button which gives me a total headache

Sarita:) 114   5 star

The game. Hey this game is very cool

dragon6265   2 star

Fun tutorial. Have downloaded this game after 4 different “updates” on two different iPhones. Can play part of the tutorial, but once the main download starts, it never finishes, or the app crashes. Wish I could play, love the aesthetic of this game. There are enough reviews with more detail here already. I'll change the two star if I can ever actually try the product.

ryansan2001   1 star

Game doesn’t work now. Apple needs to pull this from the store. It hasn’t worked for over a week and people have wasted money on it. Fix it or just go back to a previous version.

Jamalamb   3 star

Repeated download made it unplayable.. When I first bought this game it was a real wonder to play, so many characters, so many missions, I’m simple so it was really cool, was. Now every time I load the game it has to download over one and a half gigs worth of data. Unbelievable and unacceptable, seriously, if you can’t keep your game data downloaded fully the first time, don’t even make the game. Also, a note for the developers, the game needs a way to make use of all the characters you’ll inevitably acquire, I suggest a tower mode, that allows the use of all the characters in increasing difficulty for various rewards, like Valkyrie Connect.

Texassilent   1 star

Game is great, what is with the downloads. I don’t know if it’s a glitch on my part, but 90% of the time when I open the game, I have to download like 2gb of data. What is with that? I have fun playing it but it is annoying when i have to wait for the downloads to finish. Edit: ok I downloaded 2 gigs earlier today and now it wants me to download 2 more gigs. Good game, but I have to get rid of it

JodyFin   2 star

Never got to play. Honestly it wouldn’t stop downloading things, so I just up and deleted it. Never got past the start screen cause it would crash in the middle of downloading, and I’d have to restart. Some may say I just have a sh***y phone but it’s the iPhone XS.......

_Rodri_   1 star

Unheard of. Are you really not even going to try to fix this garbage? Good bye useless developer.

Mjkline622   1 star

Bugged game. Don’t bother. Game doesn’t work anymore. Constantly asks you to redownload data and never completes a download. So buggy.

shortnigga101   5 star

Incredible. I’ve been playing this game since I had an android and now I still play it on an iPhone this game is incredible

Pyaewaaung   1 star

Connection error after Halloween update. Still can’t login into account after the halloween event update came out.

Atabora89   1 star

Unplayable. Played for years now and it currently won’t launch past the login screen. Keeps telling me to re-download the data and when I try that it still crashes. When this gets fixed I’ll update this to a higher rating but right now it deserves the 1 star.

broxigav   1 star

Won’t download.. Can’t complete the updates, on wifi or in cell data. Really wanted to try the game but I’m giving up after 20 attempts of deleting data and trying to download again. Sorry but I can’t even see the game...

BleakWolfie   3 star

Fun but.... Keeps crashing..

Noky511   1 star

Greedy. P2W

Lataleonline01   4 star

A bug or a glitch?. The game keep kicking me out of the game, whenever I start an adventure/battle

Jangourface   4 star

Can’t login. Great game, but can’t login due to recent update. I’m stuck in connection error repeat download land. Will update rating if issue ever gets resolved.

hdiendixbeue   1 star

Won’t download. Every time I try to download the update it says a connection error has occurred even though my wifi is perfectly fine, I have tried restoring it and re-downloading it yet it still doesn’t seem to work.

Zanman02   1 star

Game filled with bugs. I’ve been playing this game for the past 3 years. Great game love every aspect of it when it works. Lately there had been several bugs and issues with it. Until gumi fixes the bugs, crashes, and fixes the issue where people like me cannot log in I will give a better rating.

Th33rdMan   2 star

Downloads. I love the game, but for god sake just download whatever. Stop asking every single time!

ZakAKAZane   1 star

Broken game. New update trashed it makes you restore and redownload data just to run into the same thing and asks you to do it again shoulda skipped the halloween update it made it unplayable

Advertorial    5 star

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JLAwatchtower   1 star

Very Long Time Player. I've played this game for multiple years, but I grew frustrated with the glitches, weekly 6 hour maintenance after 4 years? I stopped playing for 6 months or so. STILL THE SAME if not WORSE! This game should not be this unstable after that many years. Add in the phasing out of older devices and it becomes a random guess if the game will work after every week. Play for fun if you must, but save your cash for a copy of a PC or console game. You'll be much happier in the long run.

Beka53   1 star

It’s broken. No ones been able to play this game in days. No ones replying on socials. Constantly down. Don’t bother.

Eli(Final Fantasy Fan)   3 star

Magnificent Game But CRAPPY Download. I loved this game so much and grinded the crap out of it. The story was fabulous and the events and bosses made it pop with fun! HOWEVER, despite the great game, I hated the download as it took 30 minutes or more just to enter the Damn Game! This could be fixed easily. Also there’s a current problem that I have been experiencing that other iOS users might also have experienced. You CANNOT DOWNLOAD YOUR GAME DATA ANYMORE THUS, LOCKING YOU OUT OF THE GAME!!!!!! It always asks you to “restore” or “redownload” your data but I’ve doing that a lot with no avail! I really hate this about this game, I would have rated this a 4.5 but the download is just slowing the game’s potential. It’s fine anyways as this allows us, the fan base to play with this app’s competitors like the newly launched Last Cloudia game. I don’t like being kicked out of this game because of a stupid download process, no one does. Gumi, plz fix your sh!z for the sake of your fan base. Thank you.

Staplechucker   4 star

Good game but.... I have never seen a game need so much down time for maintenance or new downloads. It’s constant. Other than that there are few ads and they are all voluntary and it’s free to play. Great retro FF vibe, too. I would recommend it but be aware of the frequent download and maintenance break issues.

Sephirot543689   1 star

Data Eater. That’s the most powerful boss in that game. Just to enter the game you have everytime to download loads of data again and again. Its wasn’t like that at the beginning. Make that game much worst than before. WARNING ; If your not on wi-fi don’t play that game

Snazdabular   1 star

I finally had to give up.... I loved Brave EXVIUS. Played it for years. Spent more money than I care to admit. But the last time I opened the game, I had to approve not one, not two, not three, but FOUR separate “we need to download data” and each chunk was larger than the last. There needs to be a serious adjustment on this app’s ability to background update to bring it back to being my favourite iOS game. I really appreciate the years of entertainment I got from this game, but would need and appreciate an easier download management system before I’ll come back.

Zeramathia   1 star

Amazing. Downloads every time I log in of over 2 gb. Not a day goes by I log in where I don’t have to download anything, whether a large or small amount. Ridiculous!

SilverRoseCat   1 star

App kicks me out. After updating my iPhone iOS and App. The app crashes after playing for 10 to 15 minutes. I’m frustrated that when you’re in a middle of a quest or battle you get kicked out of the game. Please fix the problem and get rid of the downloading MB screen. I think that caused the instability of the game.

flavia.x   5 star

Data usage. If you use data to play your games then don’t bother with this game. It’s recent updates has made it required to eat 200 MB just for attempting to open the app because of all the downloads it’ll do every time you open the app. All in all if you’re in actual wifi. Only then is this game for the gods because it’s actually really good game asides from the fact that recently also everything is starting to cost money money money

Clash of clans lover999   5 star

Great but umm. I love this game I’ve been playing since the beginning but recently I got a new device and I Have done everything I can can you help?

Marshall051502   3 star

Good game. I’m getting quite tired of all these endless updates that eat up my data and seem to happen every time I turn on the game. But other than that I find the game quite enjoyable

QXR LOTD   1 star

Disappointing. A surprisingly good attempt to bring the gameplay of FF to a mobile space, but predatory gacha decisions stand in the way of the game. Between the refusal to make changes or add content that they have promised for over half a year and their most recent event where one can’t even pull they new time limited units with luck. The only chance to get these new time limited units is to spend literally hundreds of dollars in currency. Not a chance to half to spend that amount there is no luck involved it is spend this amount or don’t get the units. Disgusting.

bretpro   5 star

Loved this final fantasy. Great game

NutzMongo9   5 star

1/10. 🙌🏻 it’s good.

Anthim   5 star

Great But. It’s a great game! Customer support sucks!

ryu1234512345   1 star

Worst support ever. You raise an issue, they say they investigate for weeks. When they reply they blame it on you. Nice work

Tondal   1 star

Download every second. Let me resume the experience for you : Would you like to download 1.6 gb Would you like to download 7 kb Would you like to download 8 mb Would you like to download 300 mb

Scodino   1 star

Useless downloads. You guys must be kidding. You force me to download 8mb of data just to tell me that I need to download a new version? Never heard of remote config? This is a joke, you should be more careful about wasting user data.

Sniperboy66   1 star

Poor maintenance. Your maintenance is getting out of hands you fuys sucks big time

Geminix1817   1 star

Download 2gb every time I start up the game. Every time I start up the game it asks me to download the game contents and it’s so annoying because I don’t want to download 2 gb every time I want to play this damn game. this happened with my iPad as well. Please fix this.

Afghfjdjcjvlfs   5 star

Good. Love it

Entrée   5 star

Best game in the App Store!. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan and love a good collection game, you’ve found it! Updated frequently, fun events, and addictive as heck! :)

BlackBearCircus   3 star

Great game, keeps crashing. Love the game, but most recent update keeps crashing my device. iPad mini 2, iOS 12. Please fix!

summi4lyfe   1 star

They nerf every single reward. 3rd anniversary rank/ login rewards were not given like they were supposed to be. Wow

RB-20   1 star

Game not functioning at all. WORST UPDATE YET 3.6.5 update has broken the game. Won’t load. Support staff is giving out canned messages and not actually responding. ... BUT. They are now responding in a different language... like that would help. Thumbs down.

miciowilly   5 star

Old school Final Fantasy with a modern twist. Finally an old school Final Fantasy RPG is back! After growing increasingly frustrated with the series past 12 (I couldn’t even finish 13 from how dull both story and gameplay were) I was so surprised to find a real FF back on mobile, of all things. Finally story and characters back with some level of depth and no more brainless button mashing, but strategically sound turn based style. And it’s free! Enjoy the story, the events and don’t obsess over the characters too much and you’ll have fun.

amos19880831   5 star

Disappointed. I’ve spent 30 minutes trying to login. It keeps saying I have a connection error, because of my internet. My internet is working but the game isn’t. I’m just extremely disappointed and not sure if I want to invest my time anymore. I just wish that if the game is having issues that you take the responsibility and don’t tell me to find a better connection. Thank you and hope you get it fixed

Konabud   2 star

Horrible. Horrible load times! Horrible servers!Horrible weekly updates!the worst connection issues of any game I have ever played other than that the game itself is fantastic

Bumblebee7050   5 star

AMAZING GAME BUT.... I love this game to bits and have been playing for a long time and even though I love the game I hate the limited timed characters since both time the nier banner came out I never got it so if you were to bring it out a 3rd time a lot of money would be coming your way *wink wink*

Sariel.L   1 star

I loved this game, but now it’s broken. Since the last week’s update, every new day, the game require to download 1.6GB data! That’s impossible to play anymore! What’s going on here?!

Advertorial    5 star

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TheSootman   1 star

Won’t DL. I installed the app and it asked to do more. But it won’t do even on a wifi network, it just crashes and says to try again later. Uninstalling.

P020025   4 star

Great but nothing left to do towards end game. You can be free to play and still enjoy this game. They’re very generous with gifts and you can get by without spending anything. Mechanics are great and 5star units are not necessary to get ahead. What you really want are equipment you’ll need to farm from events. I’m at end game and there’s pretty much nothing left to do which is quite disappointing. Pretty much finished the game. It’s been a good run thanks gummi

Dawesy321   1 star

Consistently breaking. I’ve played this game for a couple years and it is ridiculous how often this game breaks after maintenance. No one is surprised when they can’t log into the game after maintenance and what makes it worse is the horrific customer support which consists of generic copy/paste replies with no substance and can takes months to be resolved. To top it off there have been numerous false banner rates published over the past year and incorrect images displayed on banners which have resulted in refunded pulls etc. This game is pushing away its paying players through poor execution and customer support and I’d be surprised if it lasts another year.

SpookyMC   5 star

Nothing else quite like it. I’ve played on and off for a couple of years, never needed to spend money to enjoy the storyline. I deleted the app because it was consuming my time; this time around I’m not racing through and have the characters I need to complete most challenges.

Th3_Mattman   2 star

Horrible drop rates. I have summoned hundreds of times spent tens of thousands of gems probably close to 100 000 gems and real money trying to get either cloud or sephiroth . This is absolutely shocking .not to mention I lost my first account which I was playing in the first day of release and had to remake. To the current account . And I have contacted customer service and got no reply when having issues with the current event summon this is very disappointing. I am close to deleting the game for a second time and never downloading again

Dora Hawk   1 star

Predictable. I think gaming developers need to understand that female gamers are a thing. I want to be able to choose to start as a female character. Predictable game play with predictable dialogue. Takes forever to load and install assets.

drkhorse1988   5 star

Final fantasy brave EXVIUS. Best game on mobile Period

FFBE player   1 star

I have become so severely disappointed ..... With this game, how it’s managed, Gumi/Alim and Square Enix. I don’t want to spend 30+ minutes on a review and so I’ll sum it up like this: When people who’ve been playing FFBE for years and sunk $100k+ into the game are quitting then there’s something seriously wrong with the game.

Geko v1   3 star

Add online chat. many other games that are hugely popular but “cash grabbing” they include a global chat for players to talk among themselves, Final Fantasy Brave Exidus thrives on adventure, characters and fighting but lacks player base. I believe if they could add a way for people to chat like a global chat, this game would reach thousands of reviews and players. Please make this happen.

mmadd2388   1 star

Maintenance and it’s gone... Your latest maintenance patch has completely wiped my game (probably countless others). I’m gutted, two years of play gone in moments...

MarloweSilver   1 star

“Free” to Play. Gumi has broken this game. Drop rates have been messed with and any way they can take to increase the money people have to spend on the game. Not worth buying if you don’t have a spare 50K burning a hole in your pocket.

Squallboy   2 star

Fun concept, poor execution. Addictive turn based RPG with favourite Final Fantasy characters. Excellent concept, very poorly executed. The main issues are: A) Bugs - every single update introduces new critical bugs. It’s as if they spend no time on testing. B) The gacha system is very expensive and a clear cash-grab with no respect to the player base or their feedback. However, it can be played for free too, which might be the best option to avoid disappointment. C) Extremely frequent limited time banners, with appalling drop rates, which ties into point B: a clear cash-grab.

iax   5 star

Love. I have played all the ff games and this plays to my old school sensibilities. Its familiar, its fun and its rewarding

An app for our Georgia   1 star

App doesn’t open anymore. After the latest update the app won’t even load. Piece of junk

Kruz4d3r   1 star

Horrible experience. I absolutely loved this game. Had this game on my Samsung phone and apple ipad. Have spent years and thousands of dollars and have loved it. But with the latest update of this game it has now wiped everything on my apple iPad. I have lost everything because I never binded my iPad account to a Facebook account. Is there anyway I can please get this back. Help me!!!

riad taoube   3 star

CRASHING. I’ve played the game and I’d rate it 5 stars but I can’t even play anymore i downloaded the new data then it says download 240kb I download and the game crashes over and over again I can’t play pls fix this

Joseph70013   1 star

App is not responding. App crashed App alway loading Bad glitches on top of the screen have a line gap. Graphics is bad and colours blended badly

Taoube187   5 star

Crashing. This game is a solid 5 stars when I can actually play it tho, after this recent Chinese New Years update I can’t seem to get even to the loading screen where u tap to continue. It really is disappointing and I hope u guys and fix it soon ,great game though :)

optimus_pledge   1 star

The Definition of a Scam. This game is the reason why many free to play games have such a bad reputation. It has some of the worst business practices and they THRIVE off your need to get your favourite Final Fantasy character. Things were so bad that they HAD to increase and improve the rare character summoning because you could do 50, 60 or more draws and get nothing but a bunch of unknown common characters. Happened to me and hundreds of other people several times. Things have apparently improved a bit so I downloaded the game again to give things a try. I did over 30 draws, and recieved nothing...and judging from the Facebook page things are still really bad and they are just taking your money. As a game reviewer, I look for certain things...and this game has all the worst, money grabbing practices you can imagine. I feel sorry for those who have spent hundreds on this game trying to get their favourite character from a beloved Final Fantasy game. That's why I've taken the time to warn people to avoid this game. It's a cheap, pay to win, gambling emulation that does deserve your time or money.

Aciraniel   5 star

A love letter to Final Fantasy fans. Brave EXVIUS could be a mainline final fantasy title. The story is high quality and the new characters are full of personality. The gameplay is simple at a glance but also full of mechanics which makes it very fun once you have worked out how to use them together. The game has limited time gatcha banners to summon heroes from other final fantasy games and Square Enix titles as characters in the battle. The game is very free to play friendly even for new players. The negatives would be that the game is very grindy similar to other gatcha games, and the existence of the gatcha system you often won’t be getting what you want from banners. If you are a Final Fantasy fantasy fan and/or want to get invested into an incredible gatcha game, I would highly recommend FFBE.

Zealoussnake   5 star

Awesome. I found the game to be awesome, iv been playing for 3 years now and still very addictive. I have put a bit of money In it but it isn’t a pay to play game, you get awesome rewards if you login daily and they refuel have events and raids that if you take the time to play it you will gain from it. I am a massive FinalFantasy fan and I think kudos to the developers for making a game that is still awesome CG but with that retro old school feel of what made FinalFantasy what It was and still is today.

Cathy81   1 star

No rainbow units for months. I have not had a rainbow unit from a ticket for months no matter how many tickets or lapis used

Boy Wonder Dad   2 star

Less is more!. There is honestly way too much in this game to do and manage. At least for me. I spent probably 20h on it over the weekend hoping to get deep into the story and master a few of the basic side elements only to unlock more and more side elements. It just became too much to manage. For others though, this game might just be what you’re looking for. Role play and PVP, quests and much more. Prepare to spend some serious time investing to go places though. Another plus is that it doesn’t look like you really need to pay to play, you’ll get more out of it taking your time to go through everything until you understand what you’re doing, then make a purchase to support the developers 👍🏻

Craigmainzzz   1 star

Would not recommend. Would not recommend this to anyone thinking about starting up. Shafts beginners and vets alike

howllikeyoumeanit   1 star

Global is a cash grab. Developers for global are only interested in maximising their profits for the game. If you are going to play this game and hope for an enjoyable experience, I’d recommend looking towards the Japanese version of the game instead. Priorities for the global developers is Profit over Player Experience. Newer players will have trouble beginning the game and a lot of the rewards that are meant to keep the balance of achievable rewards for newbies have been stripped when those updates hit global. Global punishes newer players by removing the rewards that are designed to give them a fighting chance. Global is great. For whales. And day 1 players only.

Tprasong   4 star

Fun and Addictive. The game is really enjoyable and addictive. I would give a 5 star if the app does not occasionally hang when switching apps.

Jess correia   4 star

Ok game. Love the game but I can’t use my mobile data when I used to

maddyjayde   5 star

So addictive. FFBE is an awesome game, with so much to do! It’s totally possible to level up and earn characters and items without paying any real money, especially as there are special campaigns and summons on rotation. Gameplay is fun, and there’s a nice auto feature in case you’re feeling lazy for easier battles. There are a lot of familiar faces and cool characters and it’s very satisfying to earn summons and items as you go. The game gets better every time it’s updated. The only big problem I have with the game is that you have to be online to play it. This seems to be the deal with pretty much all big Japanese mobile games these days, however it would be nice to be able to use the app when I don’t have internet available. In short, FFBE is very addicting (sometimes a little too much) and is very worth a download.

arianatoria   3 star

Fix now. Saying needs internet connection at startup but I am connected

Jazzjian   1 star

:(. There a lot of black patches and I am stuck in a mini map where I can’t press the menu and go back to home. Please fix that.

TheLionFox   3 star

Small installer, big game.. App Store says game is less than 100mb. Before getting to the tutorial you need to download ~300mb. After that another pop up said I needed to download another 7000mb during the tutorial. For someone who doesn’t have home internet and only has cellular data, this is too much.

Irdane   5 star

Amazing I love it! Ty for this game!. I’ll love to find help easier tho! How can I report bugs? That UI bug I was trying to sent a report but when I tried to upload the screenshot it freezes forever. Thank you for fixing the UI great game !

KDG597   2 star

Too many updates. There’s absolutely no reason to be putting out a patch every single week that lasts up to an hour to download. It’s taken away my interest to play with the amount of time i spent downloading updates throughout the week

BFG Mr Grimm   5 star

So far so great. Looks great I'm only lv3 and haven't played long but it's very epic right now. Let's see if it has a level cap or if it wants me to pay to play. But for now I'm loving it. UP DATE. It’s been a 3 years and I’m still playing this game every day. So yes if you like Final Fantasy you should enjoy this game you don’t have to pay to get good people it’s all luck of the draw and patience. I have just about every character I wanted and they bring out new ones all the time.

GodBoundByRules   5 star

Insane Update times.. For some reason every single day I have to make an update of 1,800,000 long it takes at least an hour. Every day... can someone explain what the hell is going on? Why aren’t we getting compensation for this??

Rro430   1 star

Terrible client service.... Game is pretty good. Been playing for around 2 and a half years. You had better hope nothing goes wrong with the game or making a purchase because the client service team have never been helpful. I have contacted on several occasions and all I get is packaged responses or no response at all.

HdndjdjzjendbbfkN   3 star

Good but..... I’m absolutely in love with this game. But there’s i this weird thing, I download all the recent updates, then a few days later it will try to make me redownload what I ALREADY downloaded. It really turns me off of whats a fantastic game. Could you look into that for me square ?

Sitruk8   4 star

Good game but..... The game play is just what you expect for a final a fantasy game! Really like all the back story’s and, development of all the characters. How ever it’s become very annoying nearly every time I go to play FFBE there’s at least one or two downloads that can last quite a while!

Trevzorzz   5 star

Been playing since launch!. Absolutely love the game, it has a great story and character development! I know a lot of people complain about the random loot chance for characters, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. Just encourages to continue to play to ensure myself to get better characters. I really wish I got to see what happens with Rain and Fina, THEY NEED TO GET MARRIED OR SOMETHING!!! Take an chance and try it out really.

tgodjetlife   5 star

Best mobile game out there. I love how this game incorporated all of the beloved characters. The app glitches out sometimes and the updates take forever but everything else is awesome.

Gooba420   1 star

Frustrating. Spend more time downloading than playing. Content does not come out fast enough. To hard to make seven stars with the crappy pull rates. It’s set up for pay to play.

Kcv7129   5 star

The best mobile game I’ve played yet. I enjoy this greatly. It gives me all of the nostalgia feels, and the story mode is huge and makes me laugh with all of the pop references sprinkled in. I can feel my account progress as each challenge is completed, making my party stronger and stronger.

NellyMarie86   1 star

Im sad. I've been trying to recover my data for two days and it doesn't appear. They erased all my game. It starts me new game and all my previous game lost.

Dre0369   1 star

Great game. I love this game but it’s having issues I can’t even log into my account because everytime I do the game force closes.

Itsmetonileigh   1 star

I really want to love it. I’ve only been playing for about a month, but every time I open the game I have to download so much. It’s killing my data usage. And now after the newest iOS update, it’s literally unplayable, the download is so slow it takes over an hour to download even connected to my fast internet. Such a bummer.

Animus2713   1 star

Horrible Customer Service. Game works fine until a new iOS or Android update comes out. Every time and never fails that Gumi can’t provide a fix when they’ve had a developer kit for iOS13 for months. This should be fixed on release. However, user should NOT or ever be told “to downgrade” a product so software will due to laziness or inadequacies of a company. Entirely unacceptable. Will be filing a formal complaint with for every day this goes on.

aDoN768   3 star

iOS 13 facebook crash. Trying to log in with Facebook and the app crashes / force closes. Please fix ASAP. Must play. !!!!

Wulphus   2 star

I have a huge issue that I can’t fix and it kinda ruins the game for me.. I love the game by all means, it’s great, fun, and engaging. However, I have this bug(?) that makes me redownload several small things and a 1.56 gigabyte download every time I launch the game. It’s really annoying when I want to play while using data but I can’t, because I can’t afford to redownload it with data. I would love to rate this higher but this issue ruins the game for me.

FxKnight206   3 star

Stop with Katy Perry. Garabage event, useless and irrelevant. She and Ariana Grande have nothing to do with Final Fantasy. The event has been up for a god awful amount of time. More than any other event to date (by a good amount of months). Moreover, YOUR customer service is HORRID. Not only are they not helpful, they close your ticket without you even responding or confirming said issue has been resolved. Furthermore, the amount of updates is bananas. Everyday, all day, every time I open the game, every event I enter; the drop rates have become garbage, good luck getting any 5* select summon tickets. They are almost non existent and when they do give you and opportunity to earn one, they make the prerequisite for obtaining the ticket next to impossible. Lastly, my review keeps getting deleted. Not sure why.

Matsuhikoh   5 star

Beware!. I’m giving the game 5* because honestly it’s a phenomenal mobile game! Story is on par if not better than some mainline FF. Game is really fun and engaging you can really lose yourself in the content. However this is the beware part!!! If you have IOS13 device or the new 11 series phones the game will crash non stop and not let you attach your account to Facebook which is how you save data. It will work with google if you choose to go that route.

Michavelli Gee   1 star

iOS 13 crashing. Found out game isn’t optimized for iOS 13. App crashes when trying to sign into Facebook. It was working prior to the 13 update. Tried going in as a Guest and syncing. Didn’t work either.

DarkTyr   5 star

Good game. Great game to pass time with

Nuphica   5 star

Excellent. It’s really amazing, huge final fantasy fan!!!

Fairshakes   1 star

Ok, but unstable and poor customer service. The gameplay is ok, but the game is buggy and crashes alot. It’s been crashing with each patch for over a year now so I guess they don’t really care. Don’t expect much help from the customer service either.

chickenbirdbrain   5 star

Screen turns black and now I’m stuck. I really loved this game but now I’m stuck and cannot continue my love for it. I returned a letter to some guy dressed like Robinhood in the Royal Capitol Grandshelt and now I cannot get out. The screen turns black anytime I go to a door or exit and does not return me to the World. I have to restart but it happens all over again so I am literally stuck. So sad. I am going to delete and reboot from the apps. I’m hoping this will work.

nruricn   1 star

Katy Perry. I was literally uninstalled the game after that . Smh adding her is a slap in the face one of the most trash updated/character adds ever

RendarSelin   3 star

Crashes frequently. Would be better if the game didn’t crash on a consistent basis...

Kdkspagsnxoshahzbx   1 star

Crashes all the time, infinite update bug. Played this game for years, bug riddled cash grab. Since a few updates ago, it crashes every time. can’t even get in 15 min without the game randomly shutting down. Unplayable in its current state. Edit: the crashes seem less frequent, maybe every hour now. However there is a worse problem now. Every time I open the game from launch screen, I have to redownload the ENTIRE latest update. This is over 2GB and even on my iPad with fast internet it takes about 30 min. Yesterday I booted the game up a few times intermittently thru the day (as this game requires u to play in such a way), ended up having to download the patch 4 or 5 times. Today I open the game, have to install the 2GB patch again. This is like the 10th time I’ve had to do this. How does this even happen.

Austinarthurhart   5 star

3 year player. So I gotta say I have probably sank more time into this game than any other. It is a F2P gacha fantasy RPG with new units and content that gets released each week. The game has been out for 3 years but it is still newcomer friendly, though it may take you a few months to challenge the vortex trials. The game has expensive in app purchases but is very f2p friendly. You get free summon tickets and in game currency constantly and if you don’t want to pay any money (if you like the the game please support it) the best strategy is to hoard for a few weeks and then blow your wad when a new good unit comes out. You don’t always get what you want but it forces you to experiment and find new strategies. There is a lot of grinding so if you like that this game is for you, and the player communities on /r/ffbraveexvious and are very helpful.

Omgthedonny   3 star

Game is awesome but...... The game is awesome but requires way too much money to go after units you want and you are going to always want them because there’s always newer and better units coming out constantly... you can enjoy the story and game as free to play though. Just the price for doing step up pulls is way too much

HadTo...   4 star

Great but.... This game is great but lately the stability of the game and the constant downloading is really starting to get on my nerves. I hope they fix those ASAP, so I can enjoy this game again!

Fade253   4 star

Compliment. Lots of crashing in exploration but, ether way a solid game

DHayre   5 star

Bugs. Too many bugs, since lat update....

daosino   1 star

Still can’t get inside the game.... After playing many hours everyday for years, and spending tons of money, now since the previous update, I can’t get inside the app anymore. Everytime I try I’m asked to download a small file (45kb), and when done, the app crash 100% of the time. I’ve tried all the step of debug suggested by Square, try to restore my data, reboot my phone many many times, still I can’t get in. When asking for help, the only thing they answered me was: “wait for the next update, it should be fine...”. It’s not, and I won’t ever spend money on mobile games anymore... I’m on iPhone 6 Plus, with the latest iOS version, and I can’t get inside the game, it crash everytime... Will probably just delete the app, and loose my $ anyway, as this is what is left... Very disapointed user, that used to be more than active, talking about this game to everyone, spending money on it, spending lot of time get all my character to 7*... now just tired of all these crashes... fix your game or don’t expect money to come!

Accesscant   2 star

Game is fun but constantly crashing. Ive been playing for juat over a year. The game is fun with decent story. A lot of challenges as well. However, it constantly crashes for me. Opening the game is like a lottery. Most of the time it will crash during the “loading” screen. Theres a small chance that it will go through. This started two months ago. Lots of new bugs everytime the devs will do a “hot fix”. Looks like they only care about grabbing your money

TheLocat   4 star

Immediate Crashing. This game is well worth your time. However, lately every time i go to open it, i can download the file i need and once per day claim the lunar new year daily but that's as far as it goes before crashing to my home screen.

Sythenil   1 star

iOS. This App no longer functions on the latest iOS version for my iPad or iPhone 6S Plus. I have left multiple tickets with the support department over the last few days with nothing but automated replies. I’m also not the only user experiencing this frustration as many people have voiced the same concern on their Twitter and Facebook. The real nail in the coffin is the company’s refusal to acknowledge this as a concern or offer any support.

Princesing   5 star

This is Final Fantasy. This game is amazing, and with all the FF characters is just wonderful to see.

Stewart07   3 star

Possibilities. This is great It holds my attention but it just started crashing Please fix and you won’t lose a customer

Dante_Lilly   1 star

Game is fun. The game is fun but since thursdays update my game is fcked on my ipad takes 1,507,886kb to download than the app keeps crashing even though all other ipad apps are offloaded untillthis gets fixed no onhas helped me its getting one start and im sure i lost all my game data i put into this game

Syggy Santos   3 star

Glitchy. Every time I'm playing the chamber of arms it decides to crash on my phone and I can't do anything to stop the crashing and the is this mama chocobo glitch on the newest Island in season 2. The game is always having maintenance but glitches are still there. They say I need a device with more storage but I already have enough but it should work on all phones or maybe Apple is purposefully glitching older devices.

Barry.Mak   2 star

Fun but unreliable. Gams got a lot of things to do, too bad they’ll kick you out and can’t connect randomly so you can’t actually play

Too much Swagger   3 star

Good game, bad devs.. Fun base game. Fairly easy to blaze through early game to get materials and 5-6* promotables but you need a bit of luck to start. It’s fun for the first bit, tons of uniquely designed characters with a slightly bland storyline. Once you get to later parts though it really shows how Gumi ruined the game, becoming more and more p2w and grindy. Still fun, but don’t spend and encourage Gumi.

Moredom123456   1 star

Worst money grab in the history of money grabs.. I get the appeal behind gatchas. The idea of “Gotta catch’em all” is not new. The problem is how expensive this game is along with how little a chance you have at getting the characters you want. It’s a very selfish move by Square Enix and the last straw for me. I’ve been a fan of Square since FF 1. Some of the greatest stories, I would go as far as to say works of art, have come from the minds of Square. But ever since Hironobu Sakaguchi left it’s lost I vital part of what made it special. Honestly, it feels like everyone there is trying to hard. The amount of time it took for FF 15 to finish? The lead leaving the project. I’m done with these people. There not interested in creating a work of art. They just want to know how to hook you and keep you hooked so you give them your money. My advise to you is: Play the older titles, 1 - 10, and don’t touch and don’t touch anything else. ESPECIALLY FFBE!!!

oswpanther   1 star

Game is garbage. Can’t play the game cuz everyday there’s an hour long update each date so I don’t even bother anymore

Spierk   1 star

Worst Gacha I ever saw. - Overpriced cash bundles - 3% of all units have any value, and you need 2 of each+insane amount of other currencies. - Community managers are being censored - weekly scheduled maintenance for up to 24h - Banners insanely misleading Just move on!

AceOspade7   4 star

Still learning the controls. It’s pretty cool. Still learning everything

Lucas_117   2 star

WONT UPDATE. I love this game and have been playing it nonstop until this recent update I suppose. The game tells me I need to update and I go to the App Store and it only gives me the option to open the game and not update and yes, before anyone asks I do have enough space in order to update.

Brendanwebster   2 star

Restart. It’s been 2 or 3 years and I used to love this game but one time i died in game and it brand me back someplace so I couldn’t go back to where I died therefore I couldn’t keep playing

Spudoooooooo   4 star

Rigged(but good game). It’s not to pay to win as far as I can tell, but that’s because character drop rate is random as hell, you’re only good after playing for maybe 5years or so. please change the drop rates

节操的左手   3 star

iphone xr resolution. The resolution on iPhone XR looks very off. Please have a fix soon. Thank you!

LilDuke2000   1 star

Money Grab. I used to play this game multiple times a day. But eventually found it to be a cash grab and “pay to win” scenario - where no matter how much you levelled up it didn’t compare to spending in-game currency (which is bought with real cash). The premise was fun, but not worth it. Spent money on full FF rpgs (FF1-9) way better use of cash and more fun too.

Sky_263   5 star

Awesomr. This game is the best ever

9462859264   1 star

More of a full time grind/money pit than a game. Most summons you get are garbage and anything worthwhile has such a low summon rate that you’ll be lucky to ever get 2 seven stars. Lapis prices are a rip off, spent $40 to get absolutely nothing besides 3 stars. Most events require a team of 5 seven star units, which also are the only way to get the best chance to summon more good units, just for one step up banner costs 5000x5 lapis and if you were to buy the lapis it would cost $200+ each month. Basically everything in this game is meant to screw you even if you spend money on it. The chances to get five star select summon tickets are almost nonexistent. This is probably one of the worst free to play models I’ve ever seen, which is a shame because I quite enjoy the gameplay. I would have much rather paid for the game and not have this cheap FF gambling system.

Anonymous363   1 star

Sucking us of our money and it’s getting ridiculous. They add a new system for Global for “free lapis” and not only is it more garbage, it’s filled with ads and you barely get returns because RNG favours the BIGGER OPTIONS aka nrg potions. This on top of 7 stars which make it so you need 2 of the same 5 star unit to make (making this game super pay to win, Hyoh is a must have which means you need to spend money to get him) and you have this garbage. I can’t wait for the UK committee to outrule this gambling nonsense.

ZaroxJH   2 star

I cant even play it. I dont know what the game is like, because i cant even play it. LOVELY FIRST IMPRESSION. All i get is connection error and my internet is fast enough for everything, so why the HECK can i not even play this game? Please fix this, i would like to even try the game.

Some nameless guuyyyyy   5 star

It alright. Yuh

GregPJ   1 star

Rates Poor and Sometime Not as Advertises. Gumi seems to have trouble with basic QA and their latest update is no exception. They prioritize new features designed to get players to spend more money and ignore long standing bugs. Don’t worry though, they’ll toss the game into emergency maintenance to iron out issues that benefit the players. This week’s news and update also says that some limited time units are not included in the Hyoh step up banner summoning pool but they are breaking the terms of the Apple Store gacha rates publishing. It really is a good game but prepare to be frustrated beyond your limits with their crappy PR and endless maintenance cycles.

Jerome also known as Sven   5 star

Amazing. My favourite mobile game. Very in depth strategy and team building and easy to get into.

Yogistof   1 star

Beware of developing gambling addiction.... The best game of its type, but the low chance of summoning the good characters is off-putting. The team behind the game is awful, disorganized, and offers atrocious customer service - they’re the real reason most people leave this game. Also beware: these types of games are intended to get you to purchase in-game currency with real money. It can easily become a gambling addiction (it did for me, and I never thought that would happen to me). Exercise caution.

SPLASH75   3 star

I have issues with the game.. The game was fun and awesome but i had stopped playing it for a month,i came back to play and i couldn't enter the app

kittykampana   4 star

Hrrmmmm. GREAT GAME! Never spent money, but still got some pretty good stuff, just not as frequently as you'd probably get if you paid stuff. Worked smoothly on my iPhone 5c, until it got stolen a few days ago. Started using my old iPhone 4S since then, but no luck in loading the game. The "Connecting..." and "Loading..." pages show up but that's as far as I'd get. I'm so sad. I hope that I'll still be able to play, and soon.

Frosty082   5 star

Awesome. This game is a whole bunch of awesome fun! Just beware if you’re in Australia though as any updates are done during the day for us and they take almost all day :( so you miss out on a day of play at least once or twice a month :,(. Aside from that this game has drawn me in :D

Valdus_Skullspear   4 star

F2P, still good. I've been playing for about 2 years now and still haven't spent a single cent. At the moment, I've got several 6*s, about half or more with their Trust Master rewards obtained. I might just be ridiculously lucky, but my experience of the game has been and is still good, especially considering I haven't spent any money for it. In terms of playability, yes it has problems like crashes during some patches, but so far they've managed to get around to fixing any bugs/etc. that exist.

Isabella cover   5 star

Love it!. I love it so much it's completely awesome no words lower! I don't want to stop playing it it's that good!

Betelgeuse caboose   1 star

New update broke my game. Since the new update, I can't do anything, every option except the main sooty is blurred out as if I haven't unlocked it and then even when I do try to play the story, the app crashes

newong   1 star

Don't play this game if you don't have 10k aud. Do not play this game if you do not have 10 thousand Australian dollars. plug-ins and modifier players is so much. the official will ignore your question. Give you advice,don't play this game and any Japanese phone games.

Hylianaura   1 star


Wicked Rose   2 star

Latest update kills. Haven’t been able to play for days. Game is good, takes some time to play and not pay. Game currently crashes just before loading every time on both of my devices. Hope the new update fixed.

Grafiti ball is fun   2 star

Loved the game, new update has issues. I've been a loyal player for months now without issue, the latest update though causes the game to crash whenever I try to open the app. If the developers find the problem then I would recommend this game with a 5 star glowing review.

Danny2260   3 star

Constant Downloads are killing this game. It’s a great game by all means but gees the amount of updates and downloads is horrendous.

Gardiado   3 star

Not bad. Enjoyable Pull rate is ridiculous though

Vilaibzy   1 star

Rubbish. Absolute horrible game. Game Glitches and characters can't die. It's a known bug and there's still no fix. Closing app doesn't work and even deleting and reinstalling doesn't help. I just want to play normally. Instead you get lead into a boss fight that you cannot win. You can't die, you can't escape/leave the fight. All you have to do is wait hours (if not days) till you defeat the boss doing 20-50 dmg whilst the enemy does 10k - 20k dmg on you. Just don't do it. Tarnishes the name of final fantasy. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

Barflairer   1 star

Poor game. No instructions or tutorial to begin. Interface is confusing, no clear sorry line. Just a shameless app to try and make money. Don't waste your time.

Leonadavinaa   5 star

Classic 👌🏼. Love the old school rpg feel. Them good FFVII high school years ❤️

L2pgg   1 star

Play jp version, not this cash grab garbage. There used to be a time when the game was enjoyable. They nerfed everything in global and buffed all bosses. And for every good card they make "global exclusive" to guard it pseudo lowering rates as if it isnt low enough compared to jp. They say global ffbe is a different game and they are right. Jp version is an enjoyable game while this garbage exists to squeeze money out of supporting fans. I uninstalled a few days ago thought I would let ppl know.

Mattutina82   1 star

Disgusting. Just don't do it..not unless you have thousands of $$ to basically flush. The rates on summoning in this game really ought to be illegal so please don't give them any of your money you will only regret it. Nothing but a shameful cash grab taking advantage of our ff nostalgia.

Ioopoolool   5 star

Good game. Solid experience. Been playing for a while now and I'm greatly enjoying the game.

LillyWhite99   5 star

Maintenance?. I absolutely love this game, it's the best of its kind by far, but do the developers have to take it down for maintenance every single week? In Australia it always falls in the evening (prime playing time) and it drives me nuts. Now the game is stuck in a loop after another maintenance outage and won't load. There must be a better, less intrusive way to keep the content up to date. Hope the glitch gets fixed super fast.

Jon Irenicuss   1 star

The game won't start. After the update the game downloads additional content however it cannot be installed, the game issues an error screen and starts downloading the contact again in the loop.

Franklop bone   5 star

Final fantasy Deja Vu. Here comes the Deja Vu...

Captain H 5110   3 star

Great game but.... I love this game and have done for a while but with the recent update I have been unable to open the game without it crashing. I do hope this will be fixed in a future update. Sincerly, a loyal customer.

Striker_of_Light   5 star

Gran juego para móvil. Buena jugabilidad , excelentes gráficos ,personajes memorables y una gran historia que va expandiéndose con cada nueva actualización.

Sr Yolado   5 star

Final fantasy. Buen pvp, buena historia, creación de hechizos, armas, etc. Muchos personajes geniales y mucha variedad de todo.

2bakk   5 star

Awesome. Simply good

Tower powers   4 star

Good game play. Has good in game play little if no spend

lesane0318   5 star

Good. Great game, yet time consuming.

Wasabiii86   5 star

Best mobile rpg. One of the best and most addictive game.

Waychou9245   1 star

Glitchy. Darn game keeps crashing at the load screen.

Bob Marley jnr   5 star

Good fun and true to the game. 10/10 would play again, good that they kept the combat system true to the original games, story seems good so far.


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