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Bose Connect unlocks the full potential of your Bose Bluetooth® Product.

Get quick access to the key features on your products, like the auto-off timer, volume control, and battery readings. And it’s the easiest way to manage multiple Bluetooth connections. But that’s just the beginning.

MUSIC SHARE lets you listen together. Now two pairs of Bose® wireless headphones can share the experience - listen together, at the same time, while one of you DJ’s. New PARTY MODE lets you sync two SoundLink® speakers for double the audio…ideal for listening in two different places, and new STEREO MODE immerses you in music by separating the sound into Left and Right channels across two paired speakers for that amazing stereo experience.

CONTROLLABLE NOISE CANCELLATION on our QC®30 headphones lets you decide how much of the world to let in by adjusting the level of noise cancellation right in the app. And the built-in HEART RATE MONITOR for our SoundSport® Pulse headphones displays your heart rate clearly in the app.

From viewing product details to personalizing settings, get the most out of your Bose wireless products. It even downloads the latest software in the background and only installs it when you’re ready. See how our simple app can make all the difference.

* NOTE *

Bose Connect works with Bose Frames, QC®35, SoundSport® wireless, SoundSport® Pulse wireless, SoundSport® Free wireless, QuietControl™ 30, SoundLink® wireless II, ProFlight® headphones, and SoundWear Companion speaker, SoundLink® Color II, SoundLink® Revolve, SoundLink® Revolve+, SoundLink® Micro, and S1 Pro® speakers

Some features may not be available for all products.
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Bose Corporation is under license.

Bose Connect App Description & Overview

The applications Bose Connect was published in the category Music on 2015-12-08 and was developed by Bose Corporation. The file size is 229.69 MB. The current version is 8.0.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using the Bose Connect app! We update the app regularly so that you can get the most from your Bose products.

Here’s what we did for Bose Connect version 8.0:
- Laid the groundwork to support Bose AR – an innovative audio-only take on augmented reality (coming soon!)
- Made Accessibility improvements
- Fixed bugs, improved the UI, and did some general cleaning up under the hood

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Bose Connect Reviews

Jo and Jamie

Bose are boss  Jo and Jamie  5 star

These sound cancelling headphones have changed my life and my son’s. So helpful to have downtime or to help concentrate on work! 👍😊


The best Bose app ever‼️  Zil2007  5 star

It’s so useful because if you have bad sound quality you can update your earphone or buds. I recommend this app to all Bose users


Not good  juanjose999  3 star

El sonido es excelente en mis soundsport pero cuando utilizo youtube el audio no esta sincronizado correctamente


Latest update broke my headphones  Pat893  1 star

App said I had a firmware update for my QC35II’s. I did it and now the audio keeps dropping out so headphones are useless. It also made a second headphones appear in Bluetooth called “LE-Bose QC35II”, kinda weird cos I only have one pair. Anyway they both connect now and the audio keeps dropping out and pausing. This makes the expensive headphones useless. I tried forgetting both Bluetooth devices and repairing but it still has audio dropouts. If I forget the LE Bluetooth device then it keeps nagging to pair like 20 times when I try to play music. Just got them recently so without a fix soon I’ll seek a refund for the headphones and try the new Sonys instead. iPhone XS, iOS 12.1.4, QC35II firmware 4.3.6

Gryphon K

Nice app  Gryphon K  5 star

Simple to use and everything is where it should be.

jacks pancreas

QC30  jacks pancreas  5 star



Eat to use.  Digininja  5 star

Very easy to use. No problems


Clarity, Design, comfort  gremic77  5 star

Excellent noise cancelling, stylish, light weight, most importantly comfortable on the ears. Without hesitation, I would say even the toughest critique of the BOSE brand ear/head set would pass with flying colours.

30 Steady

Steady  30 Steady  4 star

Incredible sound for an earbud. Build quality good. Control buttons are a little small for my big fingers but I can get used to them. App good too. Well done Bose. 👍

zuby 56

One head phone cuts out everytime you turn your head from left to right  zuby 56  4 star

Zuby 56

Poi Pounder

Awesome  Poi Pounder  5 star

I love the app because I no longer have to get up and press the on/ off buttons!

fetty cash

Great but it would be better if  fetty cash  4 star

The app is great but it would be perfect if they added the option to turn off ur speaker, so if that gets added it would be game over all I’m saying is to please add the turn off option


Long time user and big fan  skunkjuicer  5 star

Great like all their products.


Bose ' sound sports  EatMyDickHo  5 star

Excellent, love the share get part


New toy  DjDonDiva  5 star

Love them

vera langley

Good, but how do you find the case?  vera langley  3 star

I really love these earbuds (especially the find my buds feature because I’m very forgetful), but what happens if you loose the case? This situation isn’t taken into account. My earbuds are in the case and because of Find My Buds I know that they are in a certain area of my house, but since they’re in the case, I can’t ring them to find them.

Irritated fan 24663

v8 broke wired connection  Irritated fan 24663  1 star

When I plug the 3.5mm into my pc the headset can no longer connect to the app as of v8.0 I can’t turn the noise cancellation off without the app it it won’t save the settings.


No Siri Support  Troyhe98  3 star

Would like to see Siri voice assistant supported.


Bose Connect  Emerald51  5 star



Rocco  rocko380  5 star

The better of the year


Broken app  Demba7  1 star

App does not work, always says we need to Bluetooth to connect when Bluetooth is already on and the phone is also connected to the headphones.

Neal Carlyle

Bose Connect  Neal Carlyle  3 star

I downloaded this app pretty much as soon as I got my speaker and it connected up with no flaws. Also tried party mode and stereo mode with no problems at all. I really must say, the Bluetooth connection on Bose products really is very stable. My speaker connects basically instantly to my phone and I think the app really helps out a few things in relation to this, telling me battery life, options to rename speaker, language change, and party mode is much easier to set up through the app. However this app does come with a flaw. And this is a big one in my opinion, it can’t link to Spotify??? Now I understand a lot of you are using Apple Music but the fact is a lot more people use Spotify and considering that a few of the other Bose apps are able to connect to Spotify I really am upset about this. This app would get a perfect 5 but unfortunately it’s going to drop a few stars because of something I feel they could’ve done right since the development of the app. Shame. Hope they change it. :/

Fahad alasmari

Hi  Fahad alasmari  5 star

Siri didn’t work can you fix thinks


Mike  Petyt  5 star

Brilliant product-quality personified


Good app  fiacrak  5 star

Nice, simple to use, great sound, play local radio stations as well as international


Super intuitive app..  Speedlite87  5 star

...for the most amazing headphones ever made!


Amazing sound quality  CiaranMcP  5 star

I have the Bose Quiet Control 30. Love the sound quality from them and the app is really cool and easy to use. The noise cancelling function is of particularly good quality. Great for anyone who likes to catch a few Zzz while travelling. Also- they are very comfortable.


High Quality and Well-designed  shanesully01  4 star

A nice app with the right set of features. Some minor bugs but overall it’s cleanly-designed and well-thought-out.


App works great!  DanK92  5 star

App works great across everything. Bose gear is unreal.


Bose QC35  Briangeekboy  5 star

Ability to control noise cancellation is terrific

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