Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D

Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D [Education] App Description & Overview

Solar Walk 2 is a powerful tool for exploring our Solar system. The app takes you on a fascinating trip through the vast realms of space and introduces an amazing Solar system model with beautiful 3D representations of the Sun, the Moon, planets, satellites, planetary atmospheres and other space objects in the smallest details.

Being a new way to view the Solar system and explore the most outstanding space missions, Solar Walk 2 stands out among other astronomy applications with its stunning visuals, graphics and attractive interface.

*** Best of 2016 ***

"A must-have for solar system enthusiasts." - Star Mapping

"The application is entertaining and useful as an astronomy educational tool." - MyMac

"A great way for users of any age to learn more about astronomy." - AppAdvice

"A peerless educational tool in astronomy boasting dazzling 3D visuals of solar flares, planetary atmospheres, auroras, and asteroid belts to deliver a unique space experience with unprecedented authenticity." - Appolicious

Main features:

● 3D model of our Solar system
● Interactive space encyclopedia
● Astronomy calendar with various celestial events
● Travel in time and space
● Space missions and the history of space exploration
● Fantastic 3D models of spacecraft
● 360 degree images - panoramic photos of our Solar system
● "What's new" section with the latest news from the world of space and astronomy

► With Solar Walk 2 you will be able to see highly-elaborated and realistic 3D models of spacecraft, satellites and interplanetary stations in real action. You will see where they started, track the real trajectory of their flight path, watch gravitational maneuvers, view real pictures made during the missions.

► Enjoy observing fascinating 3D representations of Solar system objects and various deep space objects. The list is growing! We’re eager to add new dwarf planets, missions and more facts about space! All celestial bodies are represented in their correct positions in real time and provided with the detailed information.

► Astronomy calendar of Solar Walk 2 includes various astronomical events and events related to space exploration (the launching of satellites, the first landing on the moon, etc). Choose any date and time and travel in time observing the most interesting celestial events of different periods.

► Wonderful panoramic photos of space objects. Fascinated by the beauty of the Solar system, want to capture celestial objects in their glory? You can select any object, make a panoramic photo and share it on Facebook. Share the beauty of our universe with your friends.

► Be aware of the latest news from the world of space and astronomy with Solar Walk 2. The app's "What's new" section will inform you about the most outstanding celestial events in time. You won't miss the latest astronomy news.

Solar Walk 2 is an excellent educational tool perfect for both adults and children who are interested in astronomy and space exploration.

How is it different from Solar Walk?
Solar Walk 2 has all-new graphics, interface and updated planetary textures. Your exploration of the Solar system in Solar Walk 2 is guided by a carefully handpicked calendar, a collection of simulations of celestial events with stunning visuals. You can still fly around the Solar system and explore it on your own, like in Solar Walk 1, but now you have a comprehensive tour guide at your disposal.

The app contains In-App Purchases (Premium access).

Premium access allows you to enjoy space missions, satellites, celestial events, asteroids, dwarf planets and comets.

Unlock Premium access to the history of space exploration and man-made spacecraft. Travel with Voyager 1, see how gravity assists helped Cassini get to the outer edges of the Solar system, and explore Hubble as if you were right next to it.

Note: Solar Walk users with the app installed on device get unlimited access at a discount.

Start exploring the Universe with Solar Walk 2!

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Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ A handful of small fixes and improvements to make your experience with Solar Walk 2 better. If you like the app, please take a moment to rate us on the App Store and leave a review. Your feedback is highly appreciated. For bug reports, comments or suggestions, reach us 24/7 at

Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Quite immersive, nothing else like it.

I’ve had this app for quite a while now, a little over 2 years I think; and I am still being entertained and learning new things! I’m a huge follower on astronomy, and because of this app I have been up to date on all kinds of events in the night sky. I love the notifications from both this app and star walk 2 (another AMAZING app.) But I sure wish there was an option for rendered atmospheres for bodies such as Venus, Mars, and Titan for viewing landers. Also the music for this app is great! It has that cool space exploration feel to it. And most apps are advertised on the App Store to have these great graphics, but end up being this low-poly animation from 2001. This app however has some of the greatest graphics I’ve ever seen in a mobile app! Solar Walk 2 truly makes you feel like an omniscient observer of the galaxy.

- Amazing. Got a few ideas though...

Honestly, nothing is better than flying through space looking at the planets and stars to me. But there are a few things that I think would make this game the best. First, I was thinking adding exoplanets to stars we have discovered with them, or just auto generate them. Also, free fly mode. Be able to fly around freely and do whatever you want. And that idea takes me to two others. The first is landing on planets. Getting to explore the surface of planets and/or moons with a rendered atmosphere if added. The second one is exploring outside our galaxy. Getting to travel to areas millions of light years away, but at a limit of our local group only. It would be to hard to load anything outside the local group. The app would just crash right when you start. Anyway, the final idea (and everyone, and I mean “everyone,” is gonna like this idea) is................................................... .........Black Holes. With added light bending and supermassive black holes and all. Anyway, yeah. Those are “my” thoughts on future updates for this app.

- Love it but needs a couple tweaks

I purchased the first star and solar walks and so far solar walk 2 looks amazing as well. I don’t think the planets look as good close up as the 1st solar walk but I purchased the hi res planets so can’t really compare. Where it one ups the first one is the view of local stars, it really looks awesome. One big thing that bothers me is the way zooming in and out behaves, it has “notches” you have to push through and you can’t zoom to any distance you want. I really hope it can be improved to behave exactly as you control it, no notches and zoom to precise distances. Also when using airplay on Apple TV the screen stays in 4:3 ratio where solar walk 1 will go into 16:9 while mirroring. Great app, just bought the lifetime premium access and look forward to using it. Hoping for fixes and improvements!

- Feedback

Love the app, I am a premium member myself. However I have a feedback regarding the user interface. Whenever you click on a planet you are taken into animation that zooms out then into the target planet. During this animation you can’t do anything nor interrupt this animation which could make it a bit frustrating in case of accidental clicks. Furthermore, it would be nice to have a text input for calendar time input instead of just the existing rolling menu. In case you wanted to go to a far away date you will have to drag for quite sometime to reach the target date. It would be much easier to just type the number in these cases. 5 star app overall - graphics, information integration with wikipedia and music is very relaxing and educational!

- Makes learning fun (No joke!)

Great app so far! I have played with it for about a week now and so far I am enjoying it. I also have the first Solar Walk app and well when comparing this to the first one Id have to say graphics are greatly improved, things are more descriptive and overall its very fluid. It works great on the iPad mini original (keep in mind the original iPad mini has same specs as 9.7 inch iPad 2). It does stutter sometimes due to the older processor and 512MB of ram but its nothing that would ruin the great experience for me(: I have also tried this app on my iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6+ and so far I have not noticed any lag. Overall if you are looking for a fun app to kill time or to learn more about our solar system Id have to say this is a great buy for $5.00.

- Awesome Space App!

I’ve had this app for a few years, but I only very recently came back to it. But that won’t stop me from rating it 5 stars. This app is super cool! You can explore planets, dwarf planets, stars, moons, and more. Each celestial body has a handful of information about it. The app is even more expanded with the purchase of the ability to visit asteroids and satellites. Also, I have never encountered any bugs or glitches. The app is usually incredibly smooth, which is surprising. I know this isn’t really an essential feature, but the app plays music while you’re touring the Solar System. It’s just an extra relaxing feature. This space program is a perfect tour throughout the Solar System. If you are interested in astronomy, this is the app for you!

- Beautiful/informative. Room for some minor improvements.

The looks and quality of this app are unrivaled. There is at least basic information on every planet, moon, star, or other body and man made object in the app and some are very detailed. It’s a good app to learn a little about the galaxy and also admire its beauty. I have, however, ran into a few bugs with the apps interface. Most notably, it can sometimes be hard to find the search button. It seems to disappear when zooming in on an object. Also it can be difficult to view moon systems around some of the planets because of the way the zoom works Other than a little room for a few minor improvements, this app works great and I am very pleased. Well worth it!

- Good app.

It’s a really nice app. I mean we have all the planets and all are basic information in are solar system. I love how they just stick to basic objects knowing are planets and many stars we know around us. What I love is that it’s show re current timeline in are planets today or later. I think this Is a really neat app as mulch as star walk. This also puts in the needed things and info about are stars a planets and are sun. As well as star walks did. I suggest you to look at it. I highly recommended it for those to really have no clue of the solos system, or if you have high knowledge.

- new idea!

hope you remember the surface feature, but I want something else, there should be a free camera, using some 6 buttons, forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right, up, down, and rotate left and right, and just drag the screen to look, wait! no buttons for both, actually one, pinch forward while onto a planet, and then you’ll be on the surface, and just press that button that you place wherever you want, developer! and players just have to pinch to move forward or backward, drag two fingers to strafe and go up or down, drag one finger to look around, and move two fingers in opposite directions to rotate, and at last, just tap on a planet to view it! thank you for reading this second review, please add this, I don’t think this is really a game, but this would be so cool! thanks!

- Awesome!!!

Hi! I love this app! We can see the solar system! The planets, the moons, everything! Planet 9 might have moons, and might get a real name, and we might discover more stuff. So I wish you can add that ONCE, they are discovered, and named. I wish it can show exoplanets, stars, and exomoons! Once they are discovered. And you can keep adding more stuff when they are discovered. Like the Trappist 1 system, with the 7 planets, and so on! Look up that on the web, and other exoplanets and stars! Please use my ideas, and then update the app! Thanks! 🌏🌍🌙⭐️🌟✨💫☀️🌔🌎🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌛🌜🌕🌖

- To the Stars, and Beyond!!!!

All you’ll be able to do is sit there and become mesmerized! This is both a visual fantasy as well as a visual reality of our next frontier. Whether you’re a novice sky watcher, or a professional physicist, you’ll absolutely love this app. Sure, it costs a few bucks, but there’re very few things in or “out” of the world worth having that come free. So, if a few bucks is a stretch on your budget, then splurge a bit; this one’s worth having, and you’ll absolutely love it!

- Please update the app

All of the satellites and probes along with their missions are out of date, the description and info tab are not up to date at all. One example of this is the ICE probe. It says it was launched in 1978 and the mission duration is 18 years. It then says that contact is suspended. That means that they would have to be either not in contact with the probe at all for 24 years. Or that the app is out of date. If it is the latter of the two, then I’m sincerely sorry for not understanding. This app is otherwise amazing, and I’m looking forward to the next update.

- Planet size visual comparison

I’ve had this app near its release date from the first version, so all versions and add-one. It’s really good. I would recommend to implement way to better illustrate the scale between solar system objects. For example, the Sun’s size cannot be estimated visually in comparison to planets. The same between planets. Maybe there is a feature or chart in the app, but I was not able to find it.

- Not as much info as I thought

I purchased the space exploration encyclopedia, but it doesn’t offer as much information as I thought it would. Animations and colors are nice, but planets are low-res when you zoom in. I also find it very difficult to navigate through space without selecting an object..every time I try to move around I end up selecting objects I don’t want to select. navigation is very frustrating. This app seems to be geared more towards kids than adults. I’m disappointed in terms of cost vs value.

- Love the app, but... immediately crashes on Apple Watch, Series 1, running WatchOS 5.1.2 through Apple Watch Series 5 running watchOS 6.0. I have written to the developer, at least twice in about a year and a half about this and not once have I heard back from them nor has the Apple Watch bug been addressed. Very poor support would be a lie. No support is more accurate yet worse. And now, clicking on “Support” for the app in the App Store takes the user to their website where absolutely no support options exist.

- Review

I just love being able to see the planets and stars in space Gives a better idea of their location and proximity to earth with great accuracy. I love the app so much and refer footage ever we have discussions on our solar system. Or meteor showers. have recommended the app to family members that are interested in our universe as well. The music is also appropriate Thank you.

- Favorite app

I wish more apps were this informative and oriented toward the user. Just an incredible piece of work that somehow keeps getting better. I don't have many geek friends but I would be proud to call the people who invented and developed this app friends. If you don't have this app, get it. Your friends, associates, kids and grandkids need it. Tell them about it.

- **** Love This App

Top 3 Apps I’ve ever had. They aren’t just in it for money and I downloaded the free version many months back but comparing the 2 or even when I bought the paid the DEVS made many amazing updates. Nothing negative to say. Keep it up. Major updates keeps an app alive and people coming which they do , can’t wait to see what’s next !!

- Amazing Astronomy!

I’m a huge enthusiast when it comes to the sky. Every time I open this app I’m guaranteed to lose at least an hour of my day. There is so much to explore and with the amount of information they have packed in, you could spend days and still have more to explore. Highly recommended!

- Galactic App... the Best Ever! That

TheThis app is by far and away the best solar exploration app ever created and they constantly update and I predict they will soon offer a 4k app visual experience via Apple TV.! Think about how amazing that will look! WOW! Ready now for that upgrade but it’s excellent as it is.... always amazing and they have the sound the planet makes . Fascinating!!!

- As if the price of the app wasn’t enough

The app is $2.99 so I expected it to come with everything. But no it only comes with our solar system and a few other stars. If you want anything else you have to pay for a monthly premium. I’m sorry but that’s dumb. If you’re gonna make an app that costs money then why do you need extra money. If I’m paying for an app I want everything that the app has to offer. If you want more money then make the app $4.99. That seems more fair then demanding a monthly premium.

- The best game about space

I love It. It’s my 2 best game of mine I like. love getting all of that space knowledge. And space looks so amazing so when I grow up I’m going to be a astronaut. And I will try to go to Mars. Even do I never saw the milky way in my life. I only saw one thing n space but the from this game I know how stuff in space look like.

- Best app (for solar system) ever

I’ve been with solar walk for a long time and the first game was amazing but the only thing that I would love for them to add is the movies about the Hubble space telescope and that stuff but yea I really love this app and I think it will have a long future and I will stay with this app

- Looks nice but information is outdated

Even New Horizons mission is at least 2 years out of date. Wish the developers kept up on updating the mission statuses. Also the sun surface is incorrect due to being perfectly uniform with no sun spots. The zoom is ridiculous as it steps in and out in huge steps instead of continuously. You can’t view binary stars because of the zoom.

- I love this app

I’m no astronomer but love looking in the sky each morning and seeing what’s up there. The information provided on stars, constellations, and planets is astounding. This morning I learned about Arcturus. It looked like a 3 karat diamond and don’t know how I ever missed it. Gets 5 stars from me.

- Incredible Graphics!

This is currently the best space exploration app. The graphics are amazing and there's a ton of information and things to explore. Suggestions: 1. The sun is white, not yellow. 2. The dark side of planets and moons should be much darker than grey. 3. Adding the Milky Way would be dope.

- Where have I been❤️

Never had this ability other than going to planarians an breaking my neck trying to see see but guessing what was which ! This should be available in all schools for teaching!

- Very Detailed App

I love this app. It's very detailed and extremely educational as well as easy to use. I've always loved space and my daughter has that same love for space so we use this app a lot to learn new things.

- Great info, But!

The first version I downloaded had ads. I bought the primum upgrade just to find out this upgrade did not include removing the ads and there was no way to buy the option within the app. So now I buy the version with no ads but you can't restore the primum upgrade with this version, it's asking me to purchase it again. After being bamboozled so many times buying apps you would think I would learn. I'm bad!

- Great graphics, but

The one really annoying thing is it’s not a smooth consistent zoom. What I mean is there are “zoom stages” where once you reach a certain zoom level, the display jumps in or out to a predefined zoom level. It’s impossible to get within some zoom ranges to get some wanted perspective views that I want to see.

- Awkward Solar Walk

A virtually unusable, frustrating app! Problems stem from the User trying manuver in 3D... while the App’s motions are herky-jerky, and don’t move in logical progression. For example, try to observe the Moon, relative to Earth from the Sun’s perspective. Far easier to say & imagine than to accomplish! Comets & Satellites can be imaged, but this requires a renewable upgrade (with attached costs) for which you can BUY a lifetime 40% discount...(such nonsense!) I wanted to see more specifics of the Stephan-Oterma Comet, but they bumped me out to purchase an upgrade (bandits!) I didn’t expect those “sucker punches” from the same people who created the far superior, Star Walk-2!!! When their feet are firmly anchored in one place, these developers are Masters of their Trade. Out in 4D they are lost in space.

- I feel ripped off

I got a notification that this app was on sale while in Star Walk. I didn’t know Star Walk & Solar Walk were different apps, so I bought it thinking I was upgrading to a newer version of Star Walk. This app is less informative and also seems to have a subscription service to look at things that you can look at for free on Star Walk. Plus the navigation is a nightmare. I’m not sure if Apple does refunds but I’m going to try.

- Great app.

I was able to use it for a school project and it helped me. Also I was able to get a permanent subscription and I was able to fix the problem I had with renewing it earlier.

- Good but some ideas

I been looking for a for an Astronomy app where you could go from the sun to the observable universe so if you can maybe let us be able to see the observable universe more

- Solar walk

My husband was an astronomer for over 60 years. He has recommended the solar walk to many others. Unfortunately he passed away recently and I am continually in awe of your site. Thank you. Sincerely KarenDavis

- CD1943astronomy

An awesome app. If you love astronomy and are a serious student of cosmology, this is a must app for you. Works beautifully in my iPad - also in my iPhone. Highly recommend this beautiful and highly instructive app!

- Helpful

This app is is great way to understand how the planets are going to a-line. This will be a great add in viewing the planets in the night sky. Also it will help one to know when Earth is closest to the other planets.

- Mind Blowing

I just watched Voyager 1 & 2 land back on earth by reversing time. Just one of about a zillion things you can do with this app. Get it. If you’re even a little curious about space, get it now.

- Please add longer years to the app not just to 5999

Make it so that that the years can go to 10,000 to 20,000 years so that I can see how long it takes planet nine to orbit the sun

- Exoplanets

It deserves a 5 star right off the bat, as it’s basically pushing the limits for a mobile sim and looks like it’s straight off a PC! However, add confirmed exoplanets around stars (Proxima b, Pollux b, 51 Pegasi, etc.) That’s all I wanna say.

- Awesome!

For those interested in exploring our solar system and beyond, this app not only has incredible graphics, but a plethora of information.

- Everything is GREAT!!!

I don’t like that you have to pay for premium for 1 month-12 month-forever I only have a couple dollars and I believe it shouldn’t be 8.99 it should be 4.99

- love this app!

Been a Star Walk user since the original was the free app of the Month at starbucks 10 years ago

- App problem

This app is great! But the app Outland, we just see pictures! I don’t understand what to do in the app Outland. What do we do in Outland? Is it just used for pictures?

- Great app, but.

“I wish you had street view. Can you create a hypothetical virtual world for some areas.. on some planets.. maybe make a RPG out of it or am I asking for the moon....?” -Charli Ben$on

- Deceptive app Purchase

Pretty much everything in this app requires a subscription. I didn’t realize that since I had to pay $2.99 for the app itself. If you want to get access to information for any of the items in the solar system you have to purchase a “premium” monthly membership. Waste of time and money.

- Too many alerts

I like some alerts but I don’t need to know goofy things like Mercury is waning. More than one alert per week on average is too much for me. Maybe make 2 options for alerts. One much more limited for the non super nerds. ;)

- A stand in for a telescope.

This app is great, especially as a stand in for a broken telescope. It’s almost like I don’t even need a telescope anymore. Thank you guys!

- Great app

Star Walk is a great tool for finding planets and constellations. Our family uses it lot with our telescope. Highly recommended.

- One bug and one bug only

When I launch the app on my Apple Watch it crashes

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- Very interesting and beautiful

I loved the original version. Kind of sad that the current trend is to release new versions -- rather than more utility or better looks for existing revisions. Often this strategy leaves users thinking the practice is simply a grab for $$, a means to increase revenue for software publishers--and it probably is just that. Having made that comment, I admit that I like this '2' version of Solar Walk though I haven't yet explored it in any depth yet...

- Good, and frustratingly close to great

Solar Walk 2 is the best simulation of and reference to the positions of the objects in our solar system that I've been able to find on the App Store. Unfortunately, some of the navigation features really hobble what would otherwise be a near-perfect experience. For example, let’s say you wanted to observe Voyager 2’s closest approach to Neptune, to see how it altered the probe’s trajectory and brought it into position to capture images of the previously unknown geysers on the surface of Neptune’s largest moon, Triton. You can search for Voyager 2, and in the calendar section of its information select the Neptune Fly-by and choose View. From this point in time, you want to rewind to see the closest approach, but the fastest you can rewind in close-up is too slow to get to the approach in a reasonable amount of time. Worse, if you zoom out too far by accident (in an attempt to view both Neptune and Voyager 2 in their entirety), suddenly the app switches to a much larger time scale, and Voyager 2 zips all the way back to Earth in an instant, forcing you to start over. I think the two time scales need to be unified, and the app needs to allow you to zoom further out while in the object scale, and further in while in the solar system scale.

- Fantastic app also no crashing so far

I love the detail and how well it works especially that I’m in Australia. Headphones are really good idea to get full experience, as well as Apple TV on my 4K uhd tv. Keep up great work.

- Not cool

You can get this for free but have to pay to see satellite. I got this for 4 dollars hoping to get the spacecraft but I got on and nothing was different and it cost money to see the satellites

- Your app should be Improved.

Your space features aren’t so bad, but I’m still not sure 🤔 how to take the “guided” Space Tours. 🤔🪐 I feel you could provide many more Actual Photos and Videos - not merely animated versions. You can also give better & clearer Instructions as to HOW to USE the various features and applications. I DO have relatively High mechanical aptitude, but I still have a Lot of trouble using your app! With your guided tour of the Planets, I can’t seem to get it to work correctly, and I invariably finish right back where I started! So please provide more detailed Instructions. Robert.

- Just Fantastic

A fabulous app that just keeps getting better. Thank you for extending my education.

- Awesome Tool

This is an awesome tool for study and perceiving the solar system and beyond.

- A facade app to make you pay more

Anything you click on on the app will tell you need to pay to see it. Very little value in this app. The developer response confirms my review.

- OMG ‼️

The best app ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just superb⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ To the universe lovers like me🙏don’t miss this experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Kina good

It great and all but the thing is i hate i try to go to others or i need to mke none i go to a star it supid

- Solar walk2

If you get this app you should get another millions apps to see anything they promised in this app...Not recommended, just money to waste.


I love this app !!iklej&..@2.@¥l@00.:9:9.”92@‘eeipel mrlrlelpezqll world is to grow p I have pplqq

- Rowerouge


- Geoff

Really awesome cheers

- Love it

I loved the first one and I love this one, but one thing I dislike about the second is the fact that it locks you to a target, in the first you could pan around the whole solar system, but, there is a ton more in this one so its kinda forgivable.

- Starwalk

Really quite useless

- Meteor Shower ETA

Ever received an heads up about the Eta Meteor Shower!!! Not Cool

- Do NOT be fooled to purchase this app!

I want my money back thank you. You false advertise and you provide nothing. One can't do anything without being pinged for more cost. If that is how you guys want to operate with in app purchases then the core should be free. NOT $5 for absolutely nothing. This is STEALING people's money. I normally don't write reviews because when it's bad it's normally what you NOT pay for. First I downloaded Solar Walk 1 which you guys happily take my money for BEFORE you say, 'oh by the way' we have a much better updated one called Solar Walk 2 where you can do all this amazing stuff' Then charge me AGAIN for the new one, which I thought 'oh well, it better be worth it' but oh no, if anything it was less functional than the 1st one. I request my money to be returned for both Solar Walk 1 & Solar Walk 2, and don't worry, your apps will not be staying another second on my device once the money is returned.

- Doesn't let you do anything unless you pay extra.

I can't lie the game looks amazing but they make you pay $5 for the app then won't allow you to do any thing except look at the plants unless you pay the extra money to unlock premium. I though the hole point of paying for apps was so that there was no in app purchases that you had to by to get anything out of the app.

- The 1# space app on the App Store

This is a very good space app because you get to explore planets, dwarf planets, Asteroids, satellites, and much much more. And Recently a new update has came to the app so here is what is new in the app. new calendar events, new satellite: smap and a little surprise for Christmas.

- Amazing!

The best space sim app out there! I only have one request : Can you add Black holes and videos to tell us what that thing is for even better education?

- Simply incredible!

Absolutely amazing graphics! Gives a vastly impressive view of the solar system, can't to upgrade and get commets and other extras.

- Awesome!

I absolutely love this game and there's so much more! Like more satilites' comets' astroid 's and stars! Very educational I love it but one small thing I would like you to add:vy Canis Major. Besides that it's very cool!

- Does not work

Paid $5.50 after a few uses gets stuck on start screen and does not open. I want my money back. This is on brand new iPad Pro. Now you change to a monthly subscription service and I have to pay again. Not going to happen, I'm writing to apple to get my money back from this scam.

- Fantastic

So interesting. Wish it was around when I went to school.

- Fantastic app

A veritable smorgasbord of information and beautiful images here... Hahahahaha Gesinn's review below is hilarious! I hope he doesn't get his money back. 😅 Hey Gesinn: 🖕

- Solar Walk 2

Great app. I am a backyard astronomer and appreciate this much improved app. Highly recommended. Murray

- Crashes Before Use

The app instantly crashes upon launch. Running iOS 9.1 on iPad Air 2. Please fix, love using your apps for my classes and really want to use this new one! 😄 (I am sure rating will change once crashes fixed!)

- Love this app

This is a very educational and informative app. It is also very relaxing. Love it.

- Solar walk

One of the best apps out there

- Relaxing!


- Crashes

Great concept but garbage as it consistently crashes



- A con

Overpriced . Paying for premium access is a ripoff

- Extremely dissapointed in Ver 2

I have bought all of Vito's apps and been very happy - until now. Version 2 is inferior to the original version in every way that matters. Graphics, smoothness, content are all better on version 1 of the app. What on earth are they thinking! And what's worse, they initially offered version 1 owners the premium content for 50% off and I foolishly went for it, only to find that I was charged the FULL amount only to find that no additional content is downloadable! They then issued a patch promising that the issue was now fixed. I tried restore numerous times without success and then hit purchase again, as App Store ordinarily will then give you the message that you have already purchased this, and do you now wish to download it again.And guess what they must have changed the properties of the premium content download, as I have now been charged FOR THE SECOND TIME, and STILL NO PREMIUM CONTENT! This borders on fraud, and I demand a refund of the entire original purchase price for Solar Walk 2 AND the premium content twice. Extremely disappointed. - do not purchase this until it is sorted!

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- Un planétarium dans votre poche

Que dire de plus. Tout est là. All the Sky in your pocket

- The best in the west

Really stable!! Very efficace! And informatif!! Easy to use!! Thx

- Superbe

Je le consulte depuis un bon bout. Facile, pertinent et instructif.

- Remerciement


- Great App

Very detailed. Love it.

- Well done


- Moon

Very Good extrême les gourdes

- Piège

Vous laissez croire que appli est complète avec votre offre mais à chaque fois que je l’ai utilisé, ça écrit que je doit acheter premium.

- One of the best!

Vito technologies continues to lead (imo-anyways) with high end astronomy apps. They are my trusted go to app. I love astronomy and their apps help me learn more about our world. Keep up the great work. I'm hoping with the upcoming technologies coming in newer devices that you will update your apps instead of releasing an exact same version (with included technologies) for a new charge. I feel an update with a reasonable in app purchase seems fair. I would also recommend that if you do plan on creating a whole new app for newer devices that any previous purchases and in app purchases should be carried over and migrated. Thanks! P.S. I own all your apps.

- Looks pretty but cannot share in-app extra content with your kids

Bought this and the in-app extra since I felt I was missing too much content with the baseline purchase. Looks pretty, though I haven’t seen Sky Safari 6 Pro yet to compare. I politely contacted Vito Technologies, the Solar Walk 2 app creator, asking how to share via Family Sharing with my son on his iPad. The answer was that in-app purchases aren’t shareable and that I need to invest my $15 of in-app purchases (for Solar Walk 2 and Star Walk 2) 4 times, one for each family member. I asked the rep if I should similarly also buy four telescopes, one for me, one for my wife and two children. No response. Just greed and arrogance. They aren’t the only company that hide behind the “in-app purchase excuse” to circumvent Family Sharing, but let’s boycott family-unfriendly apps like this one. When Vito Technologies become obsolete they need only look at the mirror to determine cause. Good riddance.

- Become a crappy ap

Used to be good, now just wants to sell upgrades.

- Unreal !!!!

This app is fascinating.

- Solar walk 2

I don't spend a lot of time in it, but I enjoy the time I do spend there. It's a good app. I just use it mostly because I like the colours and stuff.

- Excellent

Great on mi iPhone, but what about a MacBook Pro version ... please, please, please.

- Loads of info!

Wow! I could spend tons of time in this!

- Hi

Great application

- iMessage

Malheureusement, depuis la mise à jour, les autocollants de iMessage ne fonctionne plus.

- A must have!

High quality app. A must for every space enthusiast. The amount of content is phenomenal.

- Very cool but....

....the size of the app in over half a GB. I'm not sure I have room for this. So.. if it could be reduced to around 200MB or less I'd keep it and give 5 stars.

- Just awesome!

It's like having a mini version of Celestia in the palm of your hand, only with tons of factual science thrown in. I've had the app for about a year now and it keeps getting better with every update. I love the addition of new missions with each update, and hope to see more asteroids and star data added as the app continues to expand. Great job to the devs! Worth every penny!!!! You've taken stargazing to a whole new level.

- Love it

Use it on all my devices. Well done, bug free enjoyable app.

- Étourdissant

Visuellement intriguant !!!... Manque de repères ... On s'y perd !!!...

- Navigation très difficile

Le focus est très difficile à faire et l'applications décide par elle-même du niveau de focus, spontanément. Vraiment, la navigation n'est absolument pas au point et l'utilisation de l'applications est presque nulle. Il n'y a aucun plaisir à explorer sous cette forme. Attendez la prochaine mise à jour avant d'acheter.

- Doesn't work on Apple TV

I purchased this app through Apple TV's store and it doesn't work. This is so inconvenient, stealing people's money. I paid to use this app and I ended having an app that can't even open (crashes on the start). You should test it thoroughly before asking people to buy it.

- ״ God is in the detail ״

WOW! With Solar Walk 2 I can literally spin the universe with my finger every night I walk the dog. Incidentally, I don't think it's an accident that ״Dog״ spelled backwards is ״God״. B i g T h a n k Y o u S o l a r W a l k 2 et al.

- Fantastique

Tout simplement merveilleux d'aller se promener dans les étoiles

- Friggin cool

Love this app...great help teaching my son about astronomy. Thank u Tim

- Pay for a subscription ??

Got this app for the new graphics etc... Looks very very nice problem is I need to pay monthly or for unlimited access 10$ for all the features the first one had ...

- Incredible App

Best Space App ever!

- Just get the old version

The new app is pretty much useless unless you pay for a subscription. Old version has more features.

- Too many costs

Hate that after purchasing this for over $3. I need to make another $5plus to gain added features sold on with original purchase

- Hours of fun

Awesome everyone has to try this connected to there tv WOW.

- Previous version superior

This version is not only very buggy but a lot more money for less features. The graphics are improved and textures more updated, but unless they add the mission animations back and fix the bugs soon, this is not a good value.

- The APP is beautiful ...BUT....

The APP is beautiful and well put together ...However. It requires a subscription to get anymore than very basic info ( names of planets stars and constellations etc. ) Either monthly, yearly or indefinite memberships $$$$$$$$$$ grab

- solar walk 2

not worth the purchase unless you buy the extras for a monthly fee or an extra $10.

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- App Rating

This would be a better app, if the background music could be disabled.

- I am amazed

This app is so cool! I love everything about it. If you want to see planets orbit and different moons this is the app for you! Great job on making this app😁

- Worth it/amazing

Worth it. And amazing. works fine, nice apps and data, and just fun and cool to have. You can get lost in how awesome and precise it is, fun for all ages :) 5 stars

- Good

All I need is you to say stuff about the stars and planets please give information about the planets and stars thanks

- I was in space expiration since 1955. i like to see where it is today.

Is now.

- Solar system

I love this app ,I learn more everyday about our planet and the other planets in the solar system and the sun

- Notification reminders are great.

With Reduces stress to remember and stress discovering the date has passed I don’t know which is worse. much to remember it

- Solar walk

I love this app could never get bored of this very awesome and educational for my Grandson!!!!!!! He loves it too he’s thirteen years old...

- Need ‘real time’ clock sim setting

Need ‘real time’ clock as well as current simulation settings for stopped, accelerated forward/backward

- Finally a good app

Finally a better app than time wasters. One star less due to ambiguity in version 2 and 1 I description.

- Star walk

Beautiful, amazing to be able to see the solar system

- Fantastic real time journeys

It’s a journey of exploration like no other app can do, close up and personal.

- Amazing App!

The Cosmos is the most incredible thing we know about. This app brings the Infinite into the palm of your hands. Amazing!!

- Good Game, But...

I Need The Asteroids, Locked Dwarfs, And Comets. You Need The Money, You Know? I’m a Kid, Of Course. And I Play This Game. I Need Lifetime Access To: Play With All The Asteroids, Of Course. Yep. That’s What I Need And Tell You All About This Game. (My Life Spare.) (Oops.) (Not Clickbait).

- Inspiring

My grand children enjoy this app very much! Too bad it’s discontinuing in a few days, they will miss it.

- Awesome for all ages

Fun and educational for the whole family...... on so many levels

- Amazing

This app is amazing, very interactive and the children love it, I also use it for astrology purposes as well concerning the zodiac signs

- Great app

I have always thought this was the best app for learning about astrology that was ever made.

- The only app I’ve spent money on and felt good

Everything is great freaking AWESOME if you have kids

- Five Guy Stars

This app works for somebody who has no real knowledge of the stars, but this app is for anybody like a burger from five guys.

- Nice, informative app.

For those who love to dig deeper for Information that is not easily obtained this app is a must have.

- Glitch.. but I love the app!

So there is a glitch where the ISS is inside earth.. but besides that I love this app! 5 stars easily!

- Tesla Roadster please

I really love this app and I think it would be funny to have the Tesla roadster that was just launched by spacex in this app.

- Solar walk 2

Love it great app for young children who are wanting to learn about solar system

- Need help!

Purchased this and the unlimited explorer due to wanting dwarf planets, cannot access the expanded content on Apple TV Any help in this area from the devs would be greatly appreciated!

- 😍

Love the app its pretty informative & shows the planets & more clearly. Keep up the great work🙂

- Love it - excellent graphics and UI!

Great on any iOS device. Super packed with info and great graphics.

- Novice

Amazing app and so beautiful created extremely helpful to the experienced and the novice

- Excellent on ios iphone

I really enjoy the peaceful trip thru outerspace

- Space Encyclopedia issues

Space exploration encyclopedia did not share properly across family sharing - please fix this issue.

- Great app

I'm learning a lot more about our solar system.

- Amazing app

Using this app is a moving experience!! Enthralling, captivating, informative - all that and more. I love it!!

- Great jupiter ever

I love the moving jupiter stuff that you made and also this game

- Solar Walk 2

This is great game. I love it but Jupiter’s Red spot is warped but that’s my only complaint. Again great game

- Amazing!

Great app! My grandsons, ages 3 & 5, and I really enjoy spending time using this app together.

- Good App. Turn off the music.

Music is irritating. Not conducive to night sky observing. The option to disable should be resumed

- Great app

I use it often to help me setup my telescope what a great help it is

- Great hardware

Really enjoying this app keep up good works

- Star light star bright

A fun and enjoyable learning experience

- Fun for the kids and parents

Cool it’s great fun learning for big and little scientist

- Star walk 2 is great

I have a Celestron telescope that I will watch tonight

- Unable to download

The app has been trying to download for 4 hrs and still not done. I’ve downloaded 2 other apps since then in less than 30 seconds! What’s up?

- Fix the notifications

I turned it off in both places but ...

- Best apps out there

I love them all. Money well spent!!

- Night sky

It’s nice to have help to direct my view. THANKS

- Great app!!!

Great but I want it to be something like google earth

- Awesome

I freaking love this app!!! Great graphics and very-educational. Kids love it.

- Solar Walk

Very educational and amazing graphics


Thank you for making this game I love the Solar System so I played this gam

- Cost keep coming.....

This AP asks for $ to unlock functionality features that is advertised up front. To get a fully functional screens it’s about $25. I hat this !!

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Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D 1.6.5 Screenshots & Images

Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images
Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images
Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images
Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images
Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images
Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D iphone images

Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D (Version 1.6.5) Install & Download

The applications Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D was published in the category Education on 2015-09-24 and was developed by Vito Technology Inc. [Developer ID: 289641503]. This application file size is 769.76 MB. Solar Walk 2 – Solar System 3D - Education app posted on 2020-10-19 current version is 1.6.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vitotechnology.SolarWalk2

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