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Prepware Remote Pilot App Description & Overview

What is prepware remote pilot app? Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the Remote Pilot Initial (Unmanned Aircraft General - Small) FAA Knowledge Exam. Questions, answers and explanations included, for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.

Operating a drone for non-hobby operations requires a Remote Pilot Certificate. Applicants must successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Exam to earn the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating. This app is the key to test success.

Rely on the time-tested and dependable ASA Prepware apps to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam. Test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter and includes instructional text and illustrations, multiple-choice questions, answer stems, correct answers, explanations (for correct and incorrect answers), and references for further study. This topical study promotes understanding and aids recall to provide an efficient study guide.

Subjects covered include Regulations, National Airspace System, Weather, Loading and Performance, and Operations. This app will be particularly helpful for drone operators interested in earning a Remote Pilot certificate, Remote Pilot Aircraft (RPA) applicants, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) training programs preparing applicants for FAA Knowledge exams, self-study applicants interested in learning more about commercial unmanned aircraft operations, and existing (manned aircraft) pilots interested in learning more about drone and unmanned aircraft operations who are sharing the National Airspace System.

ASA’s Prepware Remote Pilot app is the best resource for successful test-taking and safe small UAS operations.

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App Name Prepware Remote Pilot
Category Education
Updated 25 October 2023, Wednesday
File Size 18.6 MB

Prepware Remote Pilot Comments & Reviews 2023

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I passed. Most of the stuff in this app is in the test. I would say once your getting 96's your ready for the real deal.

Lots of manned aircraft questions. Too many manned aircraft questions it seems. And I'm pretty sure there's an answer and then explanation that are different.

Very useful app. Yesterday I passed the exam. I used Tony Northrup’s YouTube video as a starting point, a read through of the free PDF study guide from the FAA and finally this app to see what knowledge I was missing plus daily practice tests. I studied for about a week and a half with this app. Contrary to other reviews, the majority of the questions on the real exam aren’t identical to questions found in this app. I had two or three at most that were identical. The rest were variations on questions from this app. Be sure to understand why the answers to questions in this app are correct instead of memorizing answers. If you do, you’ll pass no problem. That said, this app is well worth the $5 and will help you pass the exam.

Just pay the $5 you won't be disappointed!. Never felt compelled to write an app review before, but for this I had to. I just took the exam (August 2017) and I'd say 40/60 of the questions on my test were sample questions here. If you memorize the bank you're already most of the way home. Ideally you understand the concepts behind the question then memorization is not required, however, some of these questions are vague/poorly written and technically have more than one correct answer so knowing the keyed answer becomes very beneficial. I like that the answers have explanations. Sometimes they are needed. My tips for the exam: know your charts/airspaces. These become gimme questions. Then you can afford to miss the vague ones. Remote PIC is not the answer to every 3rd question as some of the online practice tests would have you believe! (I had 3) FYI, my test had several questions regarding the (now repealed) drone registration rules for recreational pilots so be prepared to answer those still. Seriously just get this app.

Don’t second this App!. Just passed my certification! Scored an 85. I used this app, watched some YouTube videos and read through parts of the FAA’s study guide. A lot of the questions I saw on this app were on my test. I couldn’t recommend this app more! Some friends of mine spent hundreds of dollars on online courses and I spent $5 and scored higher on the exam.

Awesome as a complementary to a fully structured course!. WARNING: THIS APP SHOULD BE USEDAS A COMPLEMENTARY TOOL to a real fully structured and up to date course on the part 107! I love this app because it gives me a quick access to practicing a few times a week as needed, but do not rely on it for learning all the details and knowledge you need for the test! See it as an extra help to what you are studying, not the all be all go to app to learn!!

Best study tool. I have used asa perp apps before for the FAA Airframe, Powerplant, and General written knowledge exam as my main studying tool they were the best studying tool in my opinion. The Remote Pilot app was also great and was my main source of study. I do wish they would have had better questions that more resembled the exam a little bit better. Might just be time for a update to the app.

This is the best app to help you prepare for the part 107 test. I used the ASA Prepware Study guide and The app in 2017 to take the initial test and passed with a 90 and used the app and study guide for my recurrent in 2019 and passed with a 98. Get this app and the study guide and you will pass!

Best Prep App. I purchased this 2 days ago after studying the FAA test prep documents and passed with a 95%. Why is this app good? It is cheap and it has a lot of the related test information within it. It is easy to use and provides explanations from the regulations.

Fine eccentric for one big problem. Using past Prepware Applications, I’ve had some pretty good results. One of the biggest benefits has been to be able to pick a topic and practice on a few questions chose randomly. The problem with particular app, however, is that it will not let you reduce the number of questions. This means that instead of a bite-size practice of five or 10 questions now and then, you would have to have a 96 question quiz on only one topic. Had I known that, I probably would have tried a different app other than this one. Also, there are no flashcards or study materials. but the biggest problem is that you either have to take a full simulated test, or a one topic test including all of the questions in the bank for that topic.

I passed Part 107 with this app. Very grateful with this app. With under 24 hours I was able to crunch as many question for their study guide and helped me a lot with the actually test. Thank you

The perfect Part 107 app. This is essentially ALL I used to prep, learn, and study. The actual exam was virtually identical to the tests on the app. This app is worth every penny. Thank you!

It's ok. This app has many questions for airplane pilots that are mixed in with sUAS pilots. Not sure they are needed. It is a good quiz but not a good learning tool on its own.

Help! Something’s wrong. I cant find an email or anything. Suddenly this trusty app isnt showing me just remote pilot questions but also i think actual pilot exam questions? It now has questions related to TSA, what runway signs mean what, etc. Please fix this!!!! I loved this app before this glitch.

No Legends?. The “Study” and “Test” questions have figures, but the legends are not included in the figures (at least, not as far as I can tell). Considering the information in the legend is critical to deciphering much of the contents in the Sectional Charts, it seems odd that the legends would not be included. I have not taken my official exam yet, and I’m using a number of resources to prep. Thus far, this seems to have accurate and current information. This is the only reason I’ve given it two stars.

Perfect. Extremely helpful and very easy to use. The real test was a breeze after using this app. Explanations are concise and helpful. Definitely worth the price.

Thanks guys. This was my primary method of studying with very few supplemental resources. I took the part 107 and password with a 95%!!!! Couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks guys!

Help. This is a great app but my problem is the words to the question and answers have turned the color of the grey background what to I do to correct it.

Great App for 107 test. I just studied with this app and the suggested study materials from FAA. Took the test today and passed with an 83%. Questions are identical to the test. I highly recommend this app.

Questions need to be updated!. Do not count on this app to provide you with the full gamut of knowledge to pass the test! The mix of test questions needs to be much heavier on the sectional chart knowledge. There are MANY questions that appeared on the real test that never came up in this app. Although I passed, it had more to do with my prior experience as a commercial full scale pilot, not this app.

Not ready for prime time. Seems hastily put together with a lot of questions that are irrelevant to drone operations. The explanations are not very good, often just a simple sentence restating the question. Also, there is no way to see how you did on previous exams and nothing to help you learn the material. I understand that it's pretty cheap compared to other apps, but seems like a large compromise for what you get.

Needs work. While being a decent practice module, they need to mix up the order of the possible answers from practice test to practice test. It would also be nice if they had several preinstalled questions asking the same thing in different ways. It is too easy to get lulled into thinking you know everything just because you can answer all their questions.

Must have if you plan to pass the exam. Very useful and will definitely help you pass your exam.

Great Study App. Great mobile app to practice questions on the go. I got a 93 on my 107 after studying for about 10 hours (used other materials too).

Not Up to Date for 2021. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can memorize these questions and pass the test. Lots of changes have happened that this App does not cover. Questions the FAA are currently asking are not in the question pool here. Also needs a Review Missed feature. If you miss a question, then select the right one, it counts it as a correct answer.

Passed! 85%. I took the UGR test after studying the 2019 Remote Pilot Test Prep book and this app and Prepware is the best in aviation education. We professionally train our customers on this education package. I highly recommend the app as “on the go” studying and testing. Well done Prepware!

Needs updating. I used this app for prep prior to a test in 2017, at that time it was top notch for preparing, however, after letting my license expire I had to retest- and this time (2/22) the actual test was vastly different than what the app prepared me for. I still passed, but many of the topics were not adequately covered in the current version.

Great app—helped me pass!. Just passed my part 107 using only this app and free videos on YouTube (drone coach). This app works even better on an iPad if you’ve got one! Finished my test in an hour and got an 87% ✅

Needs to be "tweaked" a bit.. For the most part, this app works well. The problem that I have experienced is that if you do a partial study and want to finish it later, and have marked the questions with the blue marker, the option to "exit and save" doesn't work at all! If that option is available on the screen then it should work. It doesn't work and one has to start all over and on a different set of questions when you reopen the App. Why doesn't it work? Seems like a easy fix for the developers.

Passed FAA exam by the first try!. Great app! I love that. I would pay much more for it. Passed my FAA exam by the first try. English is not even my best language I speak an I’m a woman 😉 I studied for all together around 12 hours and watched 2 videos on YT. Many thanks!

Money well spent. I used this app to pass my 107 certification. I would say that the exam was a lot easier than the tests provided here. This app and Tony Northrup's free video were the two main sources I used to study and it worked out great. There is one question however that appeared on the exam that was the same as the one that appears here (the Blue Angels question). I believe the answer for that question is wrong in this app (I used the same answer on the exam and it is the only question I got wrong). Goes to prove you need to actually read the study guide as well, not just skim thru it.

Works Good. I just used this to prepare and scored well on the test. I recommend.

Not like the other Prepware. Used the App and passed my test with about 24 hours notice. Figure out how to read sectional charts and those weather reports and you’ll be golden. PS there are diagrams for how to read the charts in the beginning of your appendix books.

Worth it. For the price and the fact I passed this test on my first try using this app I would recommend this to anyone any day and put it up against those $300 online or in classroom schools any day!

Thanks to this app!. Passed my drone test today with 88% score! I just watched Tony’s video and studied on this app. During the test today, I had around 20 questions from the app, which is great! I wish this app could save the marked questions.

Helpful but needs to be updated. Overall this app is pretty decent. Offers explanations for answers which I like. But this app needs to be updated for new regulations and needs to be a little closer to sUAS operations as opposed to fixed wing. Would recommend getting it but be aware that you will need additional study materials to be completely up to date and thorough.

Where’d the questions go?. App was working great until a few days ago. Now some sections have limited study questions, while another has none at all. 🤷🏻‍♂️

100% worth it. I just passed my test and this is a great reference to what a lot of the test questions are like. There are explanations for each question which is extremely helpful. Over 300 different questions so you can get a lot of practice.

Excellent practice tests!. Definitely purchase a paperback or digital copy of ASA’s study book too but this app is an EXCELLENT way to complete practice test while on-the-go. I performed these practice tests daily multiple times until I was scoring 100%. Being able to see the aeronautical charts within this app is a really nice touch. ASA is my go-to resource for Part 107 study materials.

Excellent Source!. I just took the test and passed with high score This app was a big help although there were 3 problems that I have never seen. No need to spend $150-300 or expensive mobile app costing $30 $40. This app is more than enough. I mean what is the point of getting 90s or even high 80s? With Tony’s video and this app, you should be able to pass. All these drone pilot schools sell their programs by instilling fear. The sectional, for example, was quite simple although there quite a few If you understand the weather questions in this app, you will be fine. Take time and read the problems and you will do fine. Thanks to this app!!!

Only $5. Only paid $5 for this app. I studied (because you actually need to study for this test) for two weeks, in between breaks, walks, eating, etc. I passed with an 87. I know the next statement is irrelevant but I’m just throwing it for extra info: after you pass the test, and go home, you need to apply for license but it’s free.

Good test, but doesn’t explain incorrect answers. This seems to be a pretty good app for practicing for the actual test. The biggest issue is, when you run in Test mode -once you get results, and you look at the explanation of why you missed some, it doesn’t tell you what the right answer is. It does have a small paragraph, but in many cases this still does not explain which answer was correct.

Great App; However Needs Function To Save Results!!!. Overall, this app is great; however, it is EXTREMELY frustrating completely the practice test, and not being able to save a record of that recent test, as well as any prior exams. I just completed one, received my score, accidentally closed out of the app, and the app proceeded to refresh back to the home screen before I could even check my work, thus losing the ability to learn from any incorrect answers, seeing what I got correct, etc. SUPER FRUSTRATING!

Good but found a question with incorrect answers. The app seems to work well but I came across one question with no correct answers. The answer it said was correct only applies to manned aircraft and not a sUAS.

Just get it. (98.3% on test). At $5 it’s a pricy app by the usual expectation of most apps being free. You’re paying $150 or more for your test, just spend the little extra to pass it. I passed with a 98.3% thanks in part to this app!

Great UAS test app. I have used several of this company's apps for my aviation written tests and always managed to pass them the first time (including ATP). I was very happy when I found this app for the UAS test. I like the system they use for studying, (I learn by repetition) and can't beat the price!

Not reliable. No legends to use for the maps on the studies or tests. Some of the map figures are not matched with the correct maps in the questions.

This program helped me pass with an 85%. I used this program to get into the pattern of testing used by federal tests. Some of the questions were very similar or even like the actual questions. I also used downloads from the FAA site for help with the answers. Can't beat the price.

Get the program!. I took the FAA Part 107 yesterday and scored a 95%. While I am a private pilot, I haven’t flown for 15 years, and forgot a lot. I used this app for 90% of my studying, taking a practice test whenever I had some free time. Knowing your charts is a must. The FAA seems to like questions about flying over towers in layered airspace. And unless you have 20/20 vision, bring reading glasses! For my test, I was provided a workbook of all the charts & graphs - which were smaller than a sectional chart. I had been spoiled with the digital charts provided on this app, being able to zoom in at will. No such opportunity with the workbook. If I had left my reading glasses in the car, my score would be much different. Although the charts in this app are all out of the same workbook, there are others, and most questions were new. Practice airspace until its second nature for you. Then you will look forward to the test. Good luck!

Good But Questions Don't Mirror FAA Exam. I used this app exclusively as my study guide and, while I did pass on my first attempt, my score was well below my 98% average within the app (l took my exam in January 2021 and was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover virtually none of the app's practice questions appear in the official test.) l do recommend the app, but only as a study supplement

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Passed with a 90%!!. Today, thank you to this app, I passed my Part 107 exam with a 90%! To anyone looking for a great study tool, this is it! I was skeptical at first but now, I can recommend 100% using this app as a study guide! Other resources I used along with this app was Prepware’s remote pilot 2019 soft cover study guide I purchased on amazon. The questions are the same BUT it has all the FAA Part 107 study guides literature in it with explanations. The only other resources I used in conjunction with Prepware was the test bank from and the practice test available on the FAA website. I studied for 1 month off and on. All the questions available from these study guides were almost verbatim to the actual test questions. Good luck!

Very disappointed. I have diligently studied for the past month all of the written material I could find and this App was highly recommended by someone on YouTube. I've used it day and night for a week and a half and the past 3 days have consistently scored 100 on each of the Sectional Studies and 100 on the last 7 test I took! I just took my FAA exam this afternoon and made an 87! Yes, I passed but only 7 of the questions out of the 314 in the App were on the test! Even the Examiner told me afterward that 3 of the questions that I missed were so totally bazaar that no one knows what the answer is supposed to be and he is a top notch Flight Instructor!! Since the App said it had updated its questions and explanations on June 28, I expected a much greater percentage to actually be on the exam! Update: 2 things to add...a few years back I took Ground School and passed my Written Exam after missing only 1 question! I thought that this App had far too many "manned aircraft" type questions but I was totally prepared for any on the Part 107 exam. At least the exam I took yesterday had none of those type questions.

Don’t try taking the 107 without buying this app. This was the only large collection of so many prep questions that I found, and unbelievably, when I went in to take the 107 exam today, about 25% of the questions were literally recycled and unchanged from questions I already knew from this collection. It is a little annoying that it doesn’t save your scores, but that wasn’t a big deal since I went through the exam sections about 3x each and got very fast answering the non-chart (regulation and trivia-style) questions. Read the free Jonathan Rupprecht’s 107 guide, spend two hours watching the Tony Northrup YouTube guide, and use this series of test questions and you’ll pass the test easily.

Best study aid I had!. $5 is all it will take to pass your drone certification test! I only studied for two days using this app and a couple free YouTube videos and passed on my first try with 80% Don’t waste your time with those $200 training scams you see all over google this is the ONLY app you need

Updating my review to 5 Stars. 5 stars. Well worth the money spent. Passed with 88% today 8/29/16. Maybe a little heavy on the manned materials, but serves to make you a better more responsible unmanned pilot. And, btw a couple manned questions were on my test '...manned craft on final approach...' I hope the developer will continue to add and enhance the app as the FAA evolves with the field. 24 months will be here before we know it. I'd also like to see the FAA in two years adopt this same technology and app for renewals. Does a licensed Remote Pilot really need renew with another test? How about an 4/8 hour online course or online test for renewals in two years?

5$ you’ll never regret spending. I prepared this exam in less than a week. Stay away from any course that want to rip you off of $200-$300. I basically watched Tony Northrup’s video on YouTube couple of times, read the FAA study guide book once and just used this app Monday through Friday during my subway commutes and lunch breaks. Passed the test today Score: 88% Total price paid: $155 Time spent: 5 days Couldn’t be happier. I barely leave reviews but this app definitely deserves it.

The Perfect Companion. Even though I purchased a $99.00 online training course which was very helpful, I found this app indispensable and the perfect companion to enhance my learning experience, my 95% score proves it. Thanks and happy flying!

Best App Purchase!. I was able to pass my Part 107 on the first try with this app! The 300+ questions were pretty reflective of the material covered on the exam and in some cases, verbatim to the real test! This app and the Tony Northrup YouTube video got me prepared in 7 days. Best $5 spent. Do not spends hundreds on other prep courses.

Good Info for the Price. I used this app and one other to study for and pass with a 97%. The question banks for the two apps were very similar. I also downloaded the Remote Pilot Study guide and Advisory Circular 107-2 from the site (both are free). After reading through these two documents, the questions contained in the apps are more easily understood. Most items are straight forward, but be aware of the blended questions where multiple areas of information must be used to answer correctly. Good luck!

Awesome test prep!. I also watched some YouTube videos and went over important info by googling. A lot of the questions from my study tests were on the real test! I was scoring 88%+ on the practice and ended up with a 90% on the actual test in a month.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.57
Play Store com.asa2fly.Remote
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Prepware Remote Pilot (Versiyon 1.57) Install & Download

The application Prepware Remote Pilot was published in the category Education on 21 July 2016, Thursday and was developed by ASA [Developer ID: 334278379]. This program file size is 18.6 MB. This app has been rated by 82 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Prepware Remote Pilot - Education app posted on 25 October 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.57 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.asa2fly.Remote. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Prepware Remote Pilot App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The questions, answers, and explanations have been updated to reflect the most current information available to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Prepware Remote Pilot. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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