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You’re about to download the fastest homework helper and math solver around (aka, your new best friend). Take a PHOTO of your homework question or math equation and get INSTANT explanations, videos, and step-by-step help. And yup—it’s 100% free, NO in-app purchases.

Supports ALL subjects, including Math (Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Graphing, etc), Science, Chemistry, History, English, Economics, and more. *Featured on the App Store, Time Magazine & The Verge.*

~~ How it works ~~
Take a picture of a homework problem and our AI (Artificial Intelligence) instantly figures out which concepts you need to learn in order to answer it!
Socratic’s AI combines cutting-edge computer vision technologies, which read questions from images, with machine learning classifiers built using millions of sample homework questions, to accurately predict which concepts will help you solve your question.
Socratic’s team of educators creates visual, jargon-free content. The best online videos are curated from sources like Khan Academy, Crash Course, and more.
Whether doing HW for Biology, Algebra, US History, or Chemistry, Socratic can help you learn better and faster!

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Socratic Math & Homework Help App Description & Overview

The applications Socratic Math & Homework Help was published in the category Education on 2015-07-09 and was developed by Socratic. The file size is 89.30 MB. The current version is 4.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Teensy tiny updates to make the app all-around better. Ta-da!

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Socratic Math & Homework Help Reviews

Devout Capitalist

Amazed at the Capability  Devout Capitalist  5 star

Awesome app! Amazed at the capability of this app to scan a math problem and show detailed steps even on many complex algebra problems. Used correctly, it is a great learning tool. Important to use as a learning tool and not a crutch. Used several apps, but always come back to Socratic. Superior!


Suggestion  😘✌️✌️😝  4 star

I love socratic a lot but one thing it should have is many answers to many questions even if its not math,reading,writing ,or social studies so thats my suggestion other than that this app is perfect


Love the app  Dybdhgdkdu  5 star

I used to have another app for only my math homework and whenever I wanted to type it the keyboard on the app only had numbers and it only answered math questions. I like this app because it answers more than just math questions, it gives you multiple sites to check the answer, and the numeral keyboard has more than just numbers it has any variables, percent, equal sign, all of it


Great, But Could Use A Fee Improvements  XxTAPorSNAPxX  4 star

Overall the app is great and helps tremendously 👍. I think that it helps with grades and you can check you answers in a hurry. The only two problems I had were: 1. There is a bug when you take a photo. When you take a picture with the app. it seems to shift a certain section to the right a lot. This is making it inaccurate and harder to read the questions and crop them. 2. Because of the bug or glitch, it is inaccurate in the searches and cuts off or changes a fee words.


Help  Seenos  5 star

There’s a man behind me saying give it five stars or face the consequences


Great app!  andrewheaton221123  5 star

Fantastic for checking hw!!!



This app is great for homework and easy to get A+ ;) this also shows the work so if your teacher asks for the work here you go

ankle sock man

Easy  ankle sock man  5 star

Just take a picture of your problem and it will solve it


Socratic  highoffzuzu  5 star

They are so amazing when I take a picture it’s like the answer boom and it take me about 20~30 minutes for me 2 finish it amazing


Honestly really helpful but..  gshyxg  4 star

This app is really help full it shows you the steps to get to an answer in a variety of ways but it doesn’t always work with every question

Blake Rivera

Great!  Blake Rivera  5 star

Very helpful, useful and overall amazing. It’s helped me get better grades. Thank you Socratic!


This the best app ong 👍🏽🐍  ErickLoco122  5 star

The best app


So fire  memologist  5 star

Gimme all duh answers


It’s helpful  cloudlz  5 star

Thanks for making the app


MUY BUENA LA APP  MrPlayerAlvyn  5 star

muy buena la App solo falta que literalmente responda más que solo preguntas 😬😁 se las recomiendo 🤗👍🔥🔥🔥


Love ya  dianetadri  5 star



Love it  AmandaRHer  5 star

This app is great, love it

Alana Brown☀︎♥︎

🤩🤩🤩  Alana Brown☀︎♥︎  5 star

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!❤️


😁  💯🌹💙  5 star

Really great app


great  bricem2207  5 star

great app for homework


This is a very good app  shayatlast55  5 star

This app helps with anything, if you can’t find something they will find it for you, amazing


Helpful👍  MADDPENG  5 star

Nice for difficult homework

Dog Toffie

Good  Dog Toffie  4 star



AMAZING!!😍  Fionagorm  5 star

It helps so much on homework, I’m in Junior cert and they’re piling it on us, It’s amazing, it gives answers, with different meanings. If you know what I mean! It’s good, You’ll be esurprised!


Amazing 😉  ZoZ768  5 star

Downloaded it 5 minutes ago and already know what I am doing. Really good to do before tests as if there is something you are unsure of you know what you are doing before the test Such a good app 😀😀❤️❤️👍🏻


My god...  Phillywelsh  5 star

Probably the single greatest app in history. Couldn’t recommend more of you’re having trouble with maths.


Amazing  Aneensto  5 star

Gets my answer almost 100% of the time.

rebecca tynan

Really helpful  rebecca tynan  4 star

It gives u the answer and how u get the answer very good !

nerd 🤪

Best app ever  nerd 🤪  5 star

I love the app so much it asks you on what you wanted to divide multiply add take away by it is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen I would highly recommend this it tells you on how to do the Sum and it gives you the answer and it is always correct!!! Love the app

Amna Aslam

Omg ITS A LIFESAVER  Amna Aslam  5 star

Instead of rummaging through books and what not to find where you’re going wrong in a sum or an answer they present you with all the info needed allowing you to find out where you’re going wrong. It’s easy efficient and helpful.

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