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The new iRobot Home App is here. With it, enhanced maps, the ability to clean specific objects, custom routines, seasonal suggestions, and intuitive smart home integrations*. Every aspect of the iRobot Home App has been redesigned to give you ultimate control over your clean.

* Feature availability varies by robot model

Unlock a cleaning experience designed around you. Create cleaning schedules, save favorites, and adjust them on the fly. Get personalized cleaning recommendations based on what’s happening in your home, and even tell your robots to clean while you’re away with smart home integration. Turn cleaning from something you do to something that happens around your life.

Customizable maps of your home enable your robots to go to the mess, cleaning by room, object, or area while staying away from Keep Out Zones*.

* Feature availability varies by robot model

Use Automations to connect to your smart devices and personalize your cleaning experience by scheduling your robot to clean when you leave the house.

Keep doing what you’re doing! All connected robots are compatible with select voice assistants so you can clean with your voice*.

*Works with Google Assistant and Alexa enabled devices
*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Your robot will stay up to date with automatic software updates.

• Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band
• Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band
• Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices

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iRobot Home Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Extended favorites capabilities now rolled out to all robots! - Added 90° rotate button to the map view screen - Enhanced personalized recommendations - Fixed an issue where clean schedules were being removed - Fixed various map related issues

iRobot Home Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing Smart Home App

This is one of the best products and accompanying apps I’ve used in a long time; and most importantly, my life and time are enhanced by this little Roomba. We are still deciding a name for our Roomba, but we love that we can creatively command our Roomba with her unique name with our Alexa. Contrary to some of the other reviews we read for this app, we found the app is actually very user friendly. Connecting our Roomba to the Internet was straightforward; the graphics are very cute and the professional videos explain all the steps. It’s really one of the best end user training processes in an app I’ve seen. And if we had issues, their help section is pretty detailed (not that we’ve had issue). We were also able to link multiple user accounts to the same Roomba. So my girlfriend and I can both interact with the Roomba and not share a password. Some of the cool features we already enjoy is the maps we see after every completed clean (we have a Roomba 960), the real-time updates in what our Roomba is doing as it is doing it, the customization of a schedule for every day of the week, and the ease of using the app for what it is meant to do - get the Roomba to start and stop cleaning. As a tech person, what I find rewarding is that it performs firmware version updates over WiFi to the Roomba itself. So the actual robot software, and not just the app, are improving over time Great job iRobot! We are very happy with your product.

- Not bad but needs update badly

I can only justify 4 stars for this begin with,there is a definite problem with part of the WiFi connection...I have an IPhone XS Max running iOS 12..I also have the newest Roomba I7 +... this is a very expensive unit and one should expect a flawless app to go with it! The unit will connect with your home network and will function as it’s supposed to...but when you use the “locate” function says “this function does not work unless your Roomba is on the same network “..I have tried deleting the unit from my network and re-installing it but always with the same result! Also... the next problem is with the mapping takes at least 2 full training runs to map my apartment and then I can name the rooms etc.. I can tell it to clean one room and it will work once! Then all I get from that point on is the maps will reappear in a grayed out form and you will not be able to select any room at all for the unit to can edit,rename, and save a new configuration but you still can’t tell it to clean any of the rooms! This all tells me that the app is flawed! I’ve also read many of these reviews and others have the same problem as me! Again...when one pays this much for a Roomba one would expect these problems would be solved! Please update this app to work on all smartphones!

- Wish the care & maintenance was better integrated

Love that I can use the app to adjust maps and cleaning areas and start/stop my roomba. But as someone who’s terrible about maintenance, I wish the app did more to remind me of those things. There’s a notification center in the app, and for as long as I’ve used the app there’s never beenANYTHING in there. But today I was just randomly looking through the help section and come across something labeled “care and maintenance” and opening it I find there are all these tasks which are apparently overdue. Why would that be in the Notification Center? What’s t Notification Center for if not that kind of stiff? Instead I guess I have to regularly go to the help section, then go to the “care and main.” section, THEN see what tasks are needed or coming up. And seemingly no notification for filter needing to be replaced. And I know I know, I could just task myself with those duties and not depend on the app. I just don’t understand WHY the app wouldn’t notify me about those things. It’s clearly tracking the robots use, as well as some cleaning needs, so why not just throw in reminders instead of making me dig around the app to find them (or in the case of filters not have them at all)? I’m spoiled by technology, so come on roomba, spoil me a little more with some reminders!

- Series S9 Robot has series mapping / nav issues (do not buy)

We have had an Series S9 Robot for about a month and it has not completed a room let along an entire floor my house. We have gone through 4 factor resets and replaced the robot each with the same results. The robot is unable to clean a specific room let alone the entire house. We have completed a mapping run that takes 10+ hours and got a good map 3 of the 4 times. After the first vacuming event the map is updated to not reprsent our house. The robot goes to the wrong side of the house when sent to a specific room. Can’t find its way back to the base station and regularly dies vacuming the wrong area of the house. It also has spend 10 hours vacumming one room with completing. (It cover the room in a hour and then spend the rest of the time spinning in circles and banging into the same walls over and over again). The next run it goes lost and has naviation errors. I have spent more time with support than I can count. At this point they should be paying me to perform testing for them. Do not buy an S series robot. I keep hoping they will figure out a way to fix it or update the software, but support has had zero success. Currently waiting for a supervisor to follow up before I request a refund and return the unit. Hopefully somone beside tier one support wil read this note and follow up.

- Good but there is a BUG

I have owned several roombas over the years. I recently purchased a 675 during Black Friday. This was the first roomba I owned that could connect to WiFi and be controlled by this app. Recently, I noticed that the battery indicator about the “Clean” button within the app showed the battery level a little less than 50%. Initially, I thought that maybe this roomba may just need a long time to charge, and the bar wouldn’t move until the roomba was on its charger for a while. After a night of charging (and it said it was charging), the battery level indicator within the app was at the same level. I thought maybe the roombas battery was defective, but I ran it for a full job (around and hour and 45 minutes) with no issues. So after that, I believe that there is a bug in the app which doesn’t show the true battery level of the robot. I really enjoy the roomba app and the bot itself, but hope this can be fixed. I typically decide how frequently to use the roomba based on battery life, and my new 675 doesn’t have a flashing battery light when sitting on the charger like some of the older models I have owned. iRobot, please fix this issue. Other than this, the product is great.

- Very unimpressed

Okay. So I got a new roomba 800 yesterday because I’m lazy and I hate vacuuming. And the box said that it could connect to an app on WiFi? So I’m like “yes. The epitome of laziness. I don’t have to bend down to press the clean button. I just have to click a button on my phone” so I downloaded the app. And started it up. It’s like “okay. Find a place for roomba with a strong WiFi connection and a clean area” so I did just that. Then it asked me to name my roomba. I named it stabby. And then it asked me to press the home and the button with a plus sign with a circle on it at the same time for two seconds and I’ll hear a noise. I pressed the buttons. No noise but it did turn on so I continued forward. It told me to look for a roomba/iRobot thing in the WiFi settings on my phone. So I did. But nothing showed up. So I tried pressing the buttons again for two seconds. Nothing. I tried for ten minutes. Still nothing. I moved right next to the router. And tried for another 20. Nothing. So I said “you know what. It’s midnight. I’m tired. Let’s do this in the morning.” So I did. When I pulled up the app, it told me that the app was down and to try again later. I did. And I didn’t get any farther than I did yesterday. So I put my roomba on a test run. Lil stabby works like a charm. This app is a dud. Save yourself a few wasted hours and don’t download it.

- Had been great but…

... after changing my robot schedules this morning, now I can’t seem to edit schedules anymore. I can add new items to the schedule, but cannot see what is there or make changes to it. After a call to Support, were they had me try rebooting the robots and that didn’t work, I was told my only choice supposed to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, that throws away all of my cleaning maps, scheduling information, room names, zones… You get the idea. What a major pain in the backside! Dear iRobot: please read what I wrote before you respond. I DID reach out to your support staff. THEY told me my only choice was to do a factory reset, which I did. Then I spent the next day or two retraining the robots to relearn the house, relabeling all my rooms, and rebuilding my schedules. As I said, a major pain in the backside! With so many people reporting similar problems, have you guys looked at your app to find the source of these issues? One more data point for you: I noticed that after getting everything redone, the app kept crashing. Fortunately, it did not throw away all my new work.I also needed to delete one of the room lines I created, because apparently your app crashed if I tried editing the schedule containing more than six or seven rooms.

- Poor customer service

My wife and I have the I9+ robot which worked great for just under a year and then started having problems. Since the problems have arose, we have called 30+ times to try and get help over the past 3 months and each time they say they will fix the problem and send an email with a shipping label. We continue to tell them we have not received a shipping label, verify that our email is correct, and have been told numerous times that the problem has been fixed on the Roomba which it has not been fixed, and the email problem has been fixed which has not been fixed. Their favorite line they’ve trained their customer service reps to say is, "we won’t be able to send you an email now but you should receive an email in 24 to 48 hours." I guess this is their way of getting you off the phone and not having to help you out. We are frustrated at this point and feel we should let others know our experience to warn you’ all of the customer service you are going to have to repair the Roomba when it eventually breaks. I hope your experiences are better then ours when the Roomba breaks.

- Wise investment to buy back your time...

We have slate flooring that is uneven and it cleans it especially well. With two dogs and two cats it makes life so much easier. The fur is picked up every day leaving my bare feet feeling good. It takes some adjusting, in that you need to make paths for it. We are very tidy, but I move the dog beds and trash cans and anything out of the way when I’d like it to clean behind them. Obviously there are small spots it can’t reach, like behind the doors when it’s doing the whole house, but you can easily fix that by either manually hitting those spots, or closing the door and having it do a room at time. The bin needed emptying quite often during the first few cleanings, but after the second day it was not as bad. Now we can do a couple cleanings before emptying it. It bought us back some time and we really enjoy it. My dogs are substantially more comfortable around it than a regular vacuum and that says something.

- App is ehh, low iOS compatibility

I love my roomba for sure, my floors are always spotless, the dust level in my carpet has greatly diminished, my family and I can breath again but, I have some issues with the app. First off, why can’t I have roomba go home from the app? I feel that’s one needed piece of this app for sure, sometimes I just need to hit the clean or home button to get it moving again because it was “stuck”. Having the access to the home button remotely when it’s stuck under my bed or something would be so much easier than crawling under there to hit the home or clean button. My second and biggest issue, there’s no HomeKit compatibility, or much iOS compatibility at all, come on guys! You have an iOS based app, so why not give it the compatibility to work with an iOS based smarthome? I have scenes and automations set up that would be perfect with my roomba cleaning up before I get home, or even having the ability to add a widget, but instead I have to deal with the app. First world problems I know, but we’re dealing with a smart vacuum which is heard toward convenience, so why not continue that convenience for iOS based users?

- iRobot Home App

Great app & I appreciate all of the features it provides for my Roomba 890 vacuum which I received as a Christmas gift (I’ve been using the vacuum & iRobot app for about a month now). First the 890 vacuum itself is great & actually cleans much better than my upright 12 amp Bissell PowerForce vacuum. My only complaint with the app at this point is that the recent update (version 3.3.0.) seems to have removed the battery percentage indicator which used to show the Roomba device’s battery status in a percentage format as opposed to having to rely on a small battery bar graph. Also something that I’ve thought could be improved upon since starting use of the app is within the “history” section under “status” it only shows either “completed” or “cancelled”. I’m just saying it would be nice to know as to why the job was cancelled (eg: battery needs charged; user manually cancelled; bin is full; etc). Everything else is great though…being able to start the device, adjust the schedule, &/or turn the day’s schedule on/off while not being home is awesome. Last little suggestion is that it would be nice if one could schedule multiple times to clean within one day. This would make it possible to schedule a job, allow the device to charge after the job is complete, then resume or start a new job after charging for “X” amount of time. In the end though, if you have a WiFi enabled iRobot device, this app is a must have. The pros heavily out-way the cons here.

- APP is not working

I’ve tried multiple times now, with no success. I followed instructions of Roomba 960. Just received the Roomba today and at first I tried it in our living room and it wouldn’t connect to the Roomba-XXXXX in WiFi. In fact, couldn’t find such a thing. Then, I moved it closer to our wireless router in our bedroom. No joy. Looked online for assistance/tips. The website said to turn off phone (I have an iPhone 8), turn on, put in airplane mode, turn off airplane mode, try the app again. I’ve repeated these steps over and over. I’m using my 2.4 WiFi connection, and have no problem connecting to my WiFi, but beyond that, it is not working. I’m pretty disappointed. I also made sure the Roomba was docked (like in instructions), and I pressed the physical “Clean” button once to wake it, pressed the “spot” and the “home” button simultaneously for two seconds to hear the sound before trying to find the Roomba-XXXXX in WiFi settings. That didn’t work. Hope this can be fixed. That all being said, the Roomba itself is amazing! It really cleans well and is very intelligent. Love to watch it do its thing. I just wish I could use the app for it to input my preferences and have it on a schedule.

- Best investment ever

I bought my IRobot 980 Dec 2015. I used my cats as an excuse to spend so much money on a vacuum cleaner. But since I have it, I can not live without. Oscar (my robot) runs while I am at work. This means that I come home every day to a house without cat hair flying around. Because it runs every day, dust does not even collect in high amounts in areas where Oscar can not get to as under the couch. I have to mention that he tends to get stuck after several weeks. Usually it helps to reset the robot. It would be nice if patches would be sent to fix some of the programming issues. To give a comparison: a vacuum robot is like a dishwasher. Nobody needs a dishwasher and probably does a better job cleaning dishes by hand than the machine. But who wants to live without a dishwasher? Same here. I got so used to the robot, I don‘t want to live without.

- i7 is lost

The whole point of getting the roomba was so I could do other things while it vacuumed. It worked great for the first 2 weeks, but unfortunately now it can’t find the rooms it’s supposed to go to anymore. I have to follow it around to get it to the right place, which defeats the purpose. Also, I created some “favorites” and as of today there is only 1 showing on my app and 4 have disappeared. I purchased an Echo 3rd generation to be able to use with Alexa. Well that was a waste also because Alexa isn’t communicating well with my i7. I have a list of the commands to use for my i7, 85% of the time they don’t work. So I tried using the commands for the Braava mop, switching out the word “mop” for “vacuum” and that worked a little more often. When it didn’t work with those words I would use the word “clean” in my command and that would sometimes work when the others didn’t. I don’t understand the I inconsistency quite honestly. I paid a LOT of money for the i7 with emptying bin and echo, that I expected it to work better/work at all. Did the new iOS update create these problems? Will you be updating the iRobot app to work with the new iOS update?

- New Update Needs Some Work

The new update has a lot of room for improvement. It is more tedious to change the schedule than before...I want the old app back! Now the days of the week are grouped in a single box, and editing a day is not as straight forward as it used to be. Now instead of just unchecking or checking a day of the week, I have extra steps. You have to “edit” the schedule. That might not sound like a lot more work but before I could just tap on schedule and turn off/on whatever days I wanted without having to click into the schedule, hit the pencil to edit, wait on the edit screen to load, check/uncheck the days I want, and save the changes. It feels like the new update has made scheduling my Roomba to run much more complicated. There also seems to be a lag in loading the edit screen. I understand that updates are necessary but the previous version of the app was more user friendly in terms of changing the cleaning schedule. Please bring back the old scheduling system!

- Needs lots of work

Update With c/s we managed to work out the bugs I had, I do enjoy roomba but having a app why can’t we have roomba assigned room names so that we can tell roomba what rooms to clean or not to clean? I do love my roomba, it has helped me with my bad back. The only problem I have left is when roomba gets stuck and I just move it a bit and press clean one time it starts cleaning all over again. Old review...... This app does not listen to the settings or roomba is not listening, every setting automatic, 2 pass or 1 pass all run 3-4 or 5 times. Also can not email through the app because none of the drop down menus work. My roomba is the 980 model. This app should not be using customers to solve their bugs, I'm so disappointed in the app and causing me to be frustrated with roomba, it is driving me crazy cleaning a little bit in every room back and forth for 10 hours with monies I paid is ridiculous.

- Good but a few flaws & one needed improvement

I have the S9+ and have enjoyed it for the most part. I like that you can adjust the map of your house, assigning rooms and zones and indicating areas to avoid. I also like that schedules can be set. However there are a couple issues. After adding or modifying a zone the app tends to just spin and timeout. Sometimes the change sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. Modifying zones, even though keeping the same name can mess up the schedules as well. It would also be nice to temporarily modify schedules cleanings without making a permanent change to the schedule or deactivating it. For example, if I’m home working in my office and want the roomba to clean everything in the schedule but there, it would be nice to be able to deselect it for the next cleaning only. Or, if I need to delay the scheduled cleaning it would be nice to do so without deselecting the scheduled cleaning and having to do it manually later, or letting it start and then pausing it.

- Nice but needs considerable work

The current app version needs some serious work. While at first glance it appears well baked, after a couple clicks you immediately notice that the developers just through in a bunch of hodgepodge features without fully developing them. The “favorites” tab just has a couple colored circles appear in random spots which give the impression of a half completed splashpage while a message displays stating “Coming Soon”. Nobody wants a useless button that just takes up space. Roll it out when it’s actually ready. The other thing that’s driving me crazy is the feature to read messages or info about the most recent cleanings. I have an exclamation point showing on one cleaning which I can only imagine means that there is something important which I need to know about the cleaning. However when I tap on the icon to see the info all I’m greeted with is a blank page with a loading icon spinning for hours with no info pulling up. Something is really broken somewhere.

- 2nd time trying Roomba

I bought a Roomba a few years ago when they first came out. I took it back. I thought it was more of a slightly interesting toy than a true cleaning device. Only did mediocre work and kept getting stuck. A friend recently bought the 900 series and raved about it. Skeptically I decided you try Roomba again. I LOVE it ! I have 2 dogs and a cat. The pet hair was a constant battle. Not any more. Roomba does a great job. The cleaning roller handles the hair without getting all snarled up. The little side brush does a great job of cleaning corners and removing pet pair from the moldings along the floor. Something I was never able to do with my regular vacuum. My home now looks great. I have Roomba clean my house about every other day. Unbelievably easy and looks great. Very happy I decided to try Roomba again

- Good but could be great!

I love almost everything about this little robot Vac, app works well, cleans well, charge is good, reliable... BUT 2 things keep it from being great. #1~ won’t clean my dark colored carpets because it thinks on a cliff due to its visual sensors getting confused, (but what clean modern person that would have a robot for a vacuum would have dark colored rugs... ahem well everyone I know... Big Issue). #2~ does not clean an entire chunk of my house except every once in a while when “it feels like it” whith no discernible reason as to why, and with this high tech app that even lets me monitor the strength of my WiFi in every room, I can’t tell the robot to clean in areas that it is consistently missing. This one is a Big miss. The product is overall good but these two problems have me witching for a much improved software update so I can tell this thing where I want it to prioritize for cleaning or I will be looking for another robot vac soon.

- App redesign took an easy interface to awful

A couple of months back, iRobot updated this app. Before that, it was intuitive to add a map for a separate floor or change how things were programmed. But this update has made it near impossible to figure out how to create additional maps (say, for additional floors). And even when you make the right decisions, you still don’t get what you came for. IRobot needs to employ some human interface designers. I’m a software engineer and this new UI is both baffling and stupid. Update: as you can see from iRobot’s responses to my review and many others, instead of fixing all the problems they have created, they’re doubling down on their badly designed app and telling us we will all get used to it. It’s way better, they say. But they’ve turned many of their customers’ Roombas into expensive doorstops and seem to have no interest in solving these issues.

- Love the robot! App needs some work.

I absolutely love how well our Roomba 980 cleans. The app setup was not bad . . . Took a few tries to get the wifi portion working. The app would hang when I entered the password for our wireless network and then time out. After several tries I selected our home's guest network which has no password. Connection went fine from there. After that I went back into the settings and switched the network to our secured one. Worked fine. Why that part of setup was difficult I don't know but I can see where people would get really frustrated with it. After all that everything was working fine. For a while. Now the app no longer generates a map of where our vacuum has been. I REALLY liked that feature! Please fix it! Otherwise, things are going well. So one star removed for some flaws in the app.

- Performance

I can’t thank you enough for creating the Roomba. I have two dogs and thought my house was clean till I got a Roomba 980. I run it every day and I am amazed at the amount of dog hair it picks up. I have Pergo flooring and area rugs and it performs fantastically on everything. My house now looks clean instead of having tumbleweeds of dog hair throughout. And it leaves vacuum marks on the carpet just like a real vacuum does. If it happens to bump into a dog, it stops moving, so I don’t have to worry about their safety. It cleans the entire house, and self docs when battery is low. Only suggestions I would have for improvement would be to make it quieter, give it a larger debris collection bin and engineer it so it can run in the dark. But overall, extremely satisfied. Thanks for making a great product!

- I robot

Love it, it has made my life a ton easier. I have mostly hardwood floors and 1 room with carpet.. it nice because this does both kinds of floors.. it helps control all the foot traffic in the house along with the dog hair from my 2 dogs... I’ve named it Cookie Monster because my grand kids love cookies and this machine picks up the crumbs... the phone app is great because I’m outside a lot and I can check to see if it got stuck anywhere or if it’s charging etc without having to go hunt it down. I can also start it when I’m away from home.. I’m not big on computer etc, but this app is easy to figure out and set up cleaning schedules without finding where I put the manual every time it has a problem.. can’t say enough about this product love love it!!!

- Great product

I have a Roomba 960, and use the iRobot Home app. The 960 works wonderfully, and the app is a good feature. Having said that though, I do wish the app was able to do more. With the older Roomba’s one could just pick the robot up and place it in a specific area if you wanted that area cleaned a bit better. The newer models “know” where they are though, and you aren’t supposed to pick them up and place them someplace new. I like that the robot knows where it is, and is cleaning based on that knowledge, but if I want the little guy to go back over an area, the only choice I have is to tell it to clean (everything) again. Here are two suggestions a) allow the owner to drive the robot to a specific area via the app, or b) even better, allow the owner to pinpoint a specific spot, or area on the map created by the robot.

- i7+ Amazing!

So nice having the first floor always clean. I can schedule the rooms weekly at first light before I wake and have the entryways cleaned every day. Once a week, I just have to remember to pick up charger cords from near floor outlets or Roomba wraps them up and the dogs water dish (I haven’t got virtual boundaries measured properly), and shoes etc to make it easier. It mostly navigates all the furniture and crannies. One suggestion for app: instead of area and lifetime stats, set it up to cue for maintenance — when to check rollers, rear wheel, clean/check filter, etc. even a reset stats button would help (I check rollers and hit reset). Otherwise I probably won’t check anything until it’s smoking. :-)

- Good Could Be Better

The overall design and layout of the app as to the GUI is perfect don’t change a thing. However I think there are some easy customizable things that could be done easily and make the app even better. Ex) The schedule: Right now you only have the option of telling it to work on an exact day Sun-Sat. That works great for some people but not everyone. I work for the fire department and my schedule while routine and regular does not follow a normal week. This is true of many people in similar fields; Police , EMS, hospitals. It would be GREAT! If we could set it to clean every X number of day starting on Y calendar date. And another way in addition would have it pull up an actual calendar and let you check mark the days you want it to clean in a month not just week. Basically would like to have more scheduling options.

- Misleading, app doesn’t do any of what it claims

I had a deebot robot before getting a Roomba. I was excited when I saw all the features included with the app. My old robot had an app as well but I expected my 7 year old robot to be more outdated. I was wrong. This app claims it can have favorites and schedule jobs and see maps but I can’t even see its battery life in the app. When I click favorites it shows me a half glitch screen that says “coming soon”. Literally the only thing I can do is hit start and then see for how many minutes it has been cleaning. You can schedule it to clean but this is useless for me since you have to pick up everything off the floor anyways. No way I’m going to deal with that when I’m running out the door to go to work in the morning. I think the actual robot is ok but don’t get it based off the “high tech app”. Really frustrating that I can’t even see battery life. It doesn’t even connect to my WiFi half the time.

- Nightmare! Beware!

I bought the s9+ with the mop for Christmas. I spent a 1500 dollars for the combo. Setup was easy but trading the s9 to map the house was a challenge. Nevertheless the robo mapped the house, and it worked great, the app not so much, crashes on the phone and isn’t 100% responsive. However I was impressed to say the least with the robot mop and vacuum until it broke today. The s9 started slamming into the wall over and over again. Having only used it for 3 weeks I figured support would be very helpful. What a nightmare, first I tried online where the guy told me if I need replacement parts I’d get 15% off. Really? I just bought it, it better not need parts and I have to pay? After getting nowhere I called in. I spent 40 mins on the phone with India support who spent a lot of time getting a video to. After viewing the video they decided there computers could only here see so much so they wanted me to install a app. I finally had enough back and forth and told the lady I just wanted my money back. After that they agreed to send me a new one! Yay! Or so I thought, she said after we get off the phone I get a email with the shipping label. Never happened. What a shame, if iRobot is going to expect people to buy something so expensive, they should have better support. Tomorrow I’m calling back and just getting a refund, this not worth my time to play games with support.

- Getting sloppy

I waited for years to finally get a Roomba. Purchased a 960 and loved it at first. It was really learning the layout of the house and doing a great job of replacing our daily vacuuming routine. All of a sudden the Roomba decided to start getting stuck on everything. It particularly can’t handle a low pile dark rug that has a light floral pattern in it. It gets onto the rug and then acts stupid until it dies. It won’t even touch one of the other black area rugs in the dining room. I understand the limitations of the system but I know iRobot could do better for how much people pay. Another issue is their lack of app support. I’ve been stuck with an app that won’t give notifications (which is helpful to know if the robot completed a job or is helplessly stuck on a terrifying rug). They are aware of this bug in the app but still have not released an update. There are tons of people having this issue since the update. Come on guys. Let’s get this stuff fixed.

- Would prefer more scheduling

It’s a handy app but it’s slow to connect to the robot and also I’d prefer more scheduling options. As I’m not always at home it would be nice to be able to set her off twice a day as my dogs move through the house and are continuously shedding (one is a beagle). It’d be pretty cool if there was a function to set areas and direct her (I’ve dictated gender and named her Ruby. No I do not have a life.) we have a robot lawn mower and it has a secondary and primary area and mows them accordingly. I’d like a function to tell Ruby to clean one room first at 9am and then around 2pm move onto the next section. Maybe mark perimeter with the towers? Realistically the function would be awesome but I move ruby around different floors so either way it would just be a cool function and not life changing.

- Latest app update is terrible!!

I recently purchased the I 7+ and it was working great early January and then Roomba updated the app and now I’m having all sorts of trouble. The I 7+ will die in the middle of a cleaning cycle, failing to make it back to home base to charge. Isn’t the robot supposed to go home when it’s battery reaches a certain percentage? And speaking of percentages, why was it removed? Were people complaining too much about terrible battery life ? so they decided to remove the icon so people couldn’t see it? Also the smart maps no longer work and after each cleaning cycle it is currently not generating a map of the area cleaned anymore. I’m hoping they update this soon, otherwise I’m going to return this product back before my return window ends. I purchased top-of-the-line model thinking it would be great to take advantage of all the smart features, but with the latest app update this rumba is no better than a $300 version.

- Rating the New App

My intent is to give feedback on the new iRobot app and can find no other place to do it except here. I love the product and for the most part the app is fine. The deficiency in the app that I see is on the scheduling side. The creators of the app will not allow the user to turn off a schedule time without it being erased from the app. Because of my dynamic household (as in living), my preferred times for running the cleaner varies from week to week. This requires me the annoying task of having to start with a pre-programmed schedule of three days and begin the process of eliminating their pre-program settings. Ideally, the App would allow the user to turn off a scheduled cleaning without it being erased. This would allow me the ability the next week simply to press one button and be done with it.

- Robot is great the app needs work

I love the robot. The app needs quite a bit of work. When looking at my cleaning history it gives the options to update the smart map. However, if the app feels like the map is out of date it will not let you update the existing map. I don’t care what the app/robot think. That is the map I’d like to use so please allow the option to update a map if I so choose. As for the smart map features, there needs to be an option to draw in/delete actual portions of the home that the robot won’t acknowledge. Example: my map shows a walkway from my dining room to the bathroom that does not exist. No amount of training runs will fix this. Also, training runs should still be an option once a map reaches “100%.” Tl;dr: the app needs lots of new features to give complete control. The robot’s actual ability to clean is very good.

- Great Functionality w/ 980

Haven’t had any issues with the app. I do have a wishlist of additional features I would like. 1) Ability to edit the vacuum performance and cleaning passes on the weekly schedule. Instead of just blanket settings for number of cleaning passes and vacuum boost, I would like to be able to make certain days of the week “deep clean days” to have multiple passes and vacuum boost, while others are just quick single pass on eco mode. 2) Using saved home maps from previous cleaning: be able to designate certain rooms based on that and ask Roomba to just go clean a certain room. I know I can just pick Roomba up and stick it in there and hit clean, but then I have to lock it in so it doesn’t escape and clean the hallway.

- No notifications

On iOS, I get absolutely no notifications. I’ve only had it for a couple of days. The first time it cleaned, the robot’s battery died mid-cleaning and didn’t re-dock before hand and I didn’t get a notification. Both times it cleaned, the bin was full after it finished, but the app didn’t tell me either time. I’ve never received a notification from the app, where I feel I should have at least gotten three at this point. All my notifications are enabled, both on the app and in iOS settings, but nothing. The vacuum is totally awesome though. The only quirky problem I have is that one of my doors doesn’t stay fully open, so the robot shuts itself in my master bedroom by banging on the door repeatedly until it closes. I don’t fault the product for that though. I need to fix my door.

- Has a few issues but happy overall

The app is easy to use and simple but is inconsistent with push notifications. I will often return home with roomba stuck or the bin will fill while I am home but I won’t receive a notification. Aside from that, the app functions very well and has some nice, convenient features. -SIDE NOTE (if app developers even read these things) I do wish that you could more refine roomba’s path. For instance, I live shotgun home in the south (long and narrow) and roomba’s base station is set up on a parallel wall. Because roomba’s path has it make sweeps perpendicular to its base station orientation, it makes 50+ passes working its way down hallways instead of just making 3 or 4 going up or down the hallway. The easy solution would be to put the base station on a perpendicular wall so it would leave its base, turn 180 degrees, and do long paths up and down the house. Unfortunately, I do not have a spot for the base station on a perpendicular wall, so it would be nice to have a setting to change roomba’s sweep pattern orientation. It’s an issue that 99% of people probably wouldn’t even notice, but it would be a nice feature to add. Thanks iRobot!

- Rosie the Roomba to the rescue

I have two dogs and a husband that works in construction. Before I was sweeping at least once a day and it still wasn’t enough. Now our little Rosie does a sweep every other day. It helps with my daily and weekly cleaning. The dogs still get a little antsy when she runs, but I’m so very appreciative of it. Best Christmas present I’ve ever received. My home is about 1900 with carpet and floors. I’ve had her for about a month. She does get a little lost in the house but she usually sends me a text message. I have noticed that if I’m not home when she is running she gets lost or stuck more often. So for me I would rather be in the house when she does.

- Updated Rating

I am downgrading my review from three to one star. The most important features of this app to me do not work with the s9+. I have reset the vac twice, which means I have had to go through the mapping process three times now, and set all my schedules up each time. I wanted to set up a whole house cleaning, with the rooms done in the order I wanted, but every time I try to save the schedule, it removes the order I set and reverts to vacuum all. I tried removing one room, and it will save the settings, but the vacuum does not follow the order set. Not only that, but the last time it ran, it only did half the rooms, stopped to recharge and never finished. I will not reset again. That does not help. Nor does re-doing the schedules. It makes no sense that you cannot save maps and schedules, and reload them after either a reset, or purchase of a new robot. This app is all but useless for my needs.

- Iboto

I had an older Roomba that did a great job but the way my house is configured the unit had a hard time finding “home”. This new unit does the entire house and during the cleaning process when the battery gets low it docks itself, recharges and continues where it left off. You can literally set, cancel, or change the time you want the unit to start (and if necessary, you can stop the unit remotely with your phone app.). It does a great job. I use it everyday and I am amazed how much cat hair and dirt Roomba collects every time. Since I’ve begun using this product (remember I had one before the 960) my carpets look much better and I feel confident they are much cleaner. I have eight cats that are in and out all day and sleep inside at night. I don’t know how I made it without my “Roomie”as I call it. The only two short comings I’ve found are when the iboto cloud is down you cannot operate it remotely and the floor needs to be free of cat toys. They will easily get stuck between the rollers and stop the machine. I plan to buy the kitchen floor cleaner/mop next.

- Cleaning behaviors and settings by scheduled job

You removed the ability to associate cleaning behavior or settings by the scheduled job or a favorite. Vacuum intensity reverts and must be set manually before each and very scheduled job. That means I have to change the setting before the job runs. Which defeats the whole purpose of scheduling in the first place. I should be able to run a favorite job or scheduled job and have the settings I choose tied to that job. Now I’d have to set a reminder to change settings before the job runs. It makes absolutely no sense. This is going in the wrong direction. Regardless of mop or vac I want the settings to be remembered when that job runs each time. I feel this last app upgrade missed the mark. This is not easier to use when you have to remember to make changes ahead of something automatically that runs for you.

- Buggy update

App no longer connects to roomba unless phone is connected to the same WiFi (used to conned fine before and I’ve checked all the settings multiple times). All the clean maps have vanished and new clean maps are not available, even after resetting roomba and running 3 small clean cycles. The “care” section of the app no longer shows any status bars or anything. No longer receive notifications from the app (notifications are turned on in settings). The only feature which still seems to work is starting and stopping a cleaning cycle; however, this can only be accomplished when I am home and connected to my WiFi, which is pointless because I can just push the button on the roomba. Not sure what was updated on this version, but now everything I used to use the app for no longer works, essentially rendering it useless.

- Don’t buy an iRobot device

I have the s9+ that has been replaced once under warranty for random errors and the mapping issue. The new robot has the exact same mapping issues in that it cannot correctly maps walls. This makes most of the jobs fail because it cannot figure out how to return to the dock. I’ve already contacted support but the extent of their ability to assist revolved around “moving the base” and “reset and remap”. Unfortunately, I’ve done all of those things and despite that fact I find myself in a support circle of the above 2 options. Fundamentally, the mapping software is broken. Too dark? Turn the lights on. Which I’ve done. If that doesn’t work then what? My recommendation is to buy a robot that has lidar and can accurately map a room. As it stands now, this is as bad as their original models that navigate by bumping into things.

- Roomba 960

We are a family of five plus a rough collie. We have had a series 560 for a few years and just upgraded to a 960 a few weeks ago. We are sooo happy we did! The technology has improved so much and it does a fantastic job! Even with a long long haired dog and three kids the roomba surpasses my expectations! Being able to control it from my iPhone is a plus. It even shows me where it cleaned on a map and it always gets each room, one by one before it heads to the next room. When it needs to be recharged it does and then immediately heads back to where it left off. Our family loves our roomba!

- New App Design is Horrible

UI nightmare! Previous version was simple and easy to navigate. You could easily start/stop Roomba with a big button in the center. Or view schedule, go to history, etc. with a quick tap on bottom icons. But new version puts the controls all over the screen or makes you scroll to find them. And it's busy with stuff I don't want or need. Why is there a big empty section for notifications when there are no notifications? Revert to more user friendly UI please. Also, when viewing details of a run (in History" the date & time and back button arrow at the top are written in white against a near-white background, making it almost impossible to see. If I were completely new to the app, I wouldn't know how to go back to the previous screen.

- Version 5 takes two steps back

I’ve been living with version five for about a week now, and I really don’t like it. Instead of having separate screens for different functions that are easily accessible by icons at the bottom of the screen, everything has been jammed into one long, scrolling screen. It’s especially annoying that the top third of the first screen is occupied by a totally useless Roomba animation, while the useful big green button for stopping and pausing is completely gone. Now I have to locate a skinny little gray bar. Apparently this change was driven by the desire to include the new “Favorites“ section on the first screen. That is totally useless for me, however, as I have a non-mapping model. Yes, I know that it offers me the ability to create shorter routines, but what’s the point in that? All in all, whoever designed version 5 created a highly-cluttered interface that’s also significantly less convenient than the old version. It’s as if the UI has been designed by somebody who did webpage design 15 or 20 years ago, and who isn’t aware about all of the lessons that have been learned since then.

- Works where others simply can’t!

Having lived with a competitive robot for the last five years, we’d gotten used to moving furniture all around every time we cleaned, and doing the cleaning in multiple sessions to avoid “robot confusion.” That’s all gone now with our new Roomba! We simply set up a boundary marker, close one door (a closet with too much “stuff”), and let her go! Rhonda Roomba does her cleaning cycle of approx 1800 square feet in around 2hrs, goes back to her base when she’s finished, and reports status on the iRobot app! It all simply WORKS, which is all one can hope for from any household assistant. My wife is constantly amazed at how much dust Rhonda can find each time she completes her cleaning chores! Nicely done!

- Ver 5.0.1 user interface is Terrible

This 1 star review is for the latest update. The previous version was a 5 Star app but someone decided it needed to have a fresh look and royally screwed it up. The original iRobot app was wonderful. It was simple to use and did exactly what you needed to do. This new version 5.0.1 looks like it was designed by someone that thinks they know what the end-user wants but has no clue. Us blue-collar workers want a app that you can press a button that says “clean” and the I robot goes and does the job. Oh... the previous version did, but you killed it. We don’t give a darn about extra frills. You know, the lame idea of “keeping things fresh” which is a website and app designer’s buzz word always has negative affects on the end user. Designers should learn that the original “keep it simple” mentality is always the best way to go?

- Short lived warranty

These machines have a tendency to start having serious errors and defective issues right about the time the 6 month warranty expires. The trouble shooting on the app is not helpful, and from what I’ve found on online forums, many of the issues that develop with these machines ultimately result in a required total replacement (which is a very time consuming process of jumping through hoops. God forbid if you have a job or a life that doesn’t permit you 2 hours on the phone with a customer service tech). If you’re outside your warranty, good luck. Hope you have a lot of disposable income and free time. While these machines work great in the beginning, their longevity and support is unacceptably limited for how expensive they are.

- Watch app?

Kinda wish I could control the direction it goes. There’s a grid thing in this new update I would have thought to do it but I haven’t figured it out if it does. My irritation is that I can hear the robot roll over an air vent 3 separate times (like it will go to another area of the house between) and it never makes it to the room I want it to. I keep having to physically move it to get the area. So I wish I could like do a redirect in the app or something. But then I guess I should just vacuum with a handheld if I paid attention to the robot all the time? Also, a simple Apple Watch app would be nice. Get the notification it is stuck, or be able to start and stop/ send home. Those simple features would be great.

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- Roomba i5

I absolutely love my Roomba i5. My back is poor so vacuuming isn’t an option for me. We have timber and tiled floors. I love how efficient it is at perseverance. My timber floors look shiny and feel clean. I do have carpet in three bedrooms so I do those areas on different days so as to not overwork it. Generally I run it twice a week and once a week for bedrooms. I have two small rise entranceways that it goes up and down very well. I did put a slim mat to assist with one doorway as it was just a few millimeters too tall. Problem solved. I put my dining chairs upside down on the table and it’s free to go. Perfect for cleaning the floors while I’m out doing something else. Definitely as efficient as my Previous two Dysons

- Great help!

Was sceptical when it first came out as I did not think it will work. After a couple of year went by, the temptation was still not there to purchase until I went to a tenant house that have a robot and asked him how it was and he said it was amazing and even showed me the amount of dirt that it picked up. After that, I went home and did some research and decided to purchase our first robot on the weekend! It was amazing as the floor was always clean! After using this for a couple of years, we have recently purchased the iRobot m6 moo. Now I hope that this new robot will live up to our expectations!

- Good helper when it works

We purchased roomba about month ago. Didn't really know what to expect Friday but we were quite impressed with its mapping system and performance especially on the carpets. Unfortunately have to admit many times when I'm using it it gets stuck. I'm usually making sure the floor is tidy and free of debris yet somehow it gets stuck. Also I'm pretty sure before we bought we found the information that the battery life is up to 2 hrs but we never seen it going for longer than 1.20 mins. I like the app although not too sure why most of the time it says there was no dirt picked up. Overall is really good and loving it when it does the job right.

- iRobot

I love my IRobot Roomba 150 So can this app Control it I tried To reach the screen with the clean button My vacuum can Tackle any Messes Works on all floor surfaces it has a 4 axis-motor system So That means The Cleaner Can Go North South East West And map shows Where Cleaner is going and end Of cleaning or when battery Is GETTING LOW The Cleaner Seeks the Base Station Even Works In dark in dark the cleaner Uses Ultrasonic Night vision in camera and ultrasound Sound Sensors only a active In the Dark and Uses X-ray Vision to Track Dirt only works in darkness And Shows the House Map And The o Dot means Where The Cleaner is Modes: Turbo Spot Normal Clean dock

- Love the robot - hate the latest update to the app

The newest app update has completely cut me off from my robot. Not only does is force you to recreate an account that you didn’t ask for because of some backend change that quite frankly should never have been made into a customer problem - there is 100% absolutely no way of bypassing the login screen to troubleshoot the previous robot settings without doing so. Following that - I had to re-add and reconnect my robot from scratch despite having done so already twice before. When I’m in the middle of my workday - working from home during covid , super stressed out trying to spend 5 mins figuring out why my robot suddenly Is making beeping noises from nowhere with 10 mins to spare before I have to get into a zoom meeting. I nearly threw the robot out with the trash I was so frustrated. Horrible horrible customer experience - coming straight off the back of my robot not recognising walls despite being restarted and having firmware updates checked repeatedly and having everything cleaned and checked multiple times. When the robot finally gives up the ghost I’ll be checking out the competition brands. Fed up and over it.

- Great, but docking😠

Really happy with the vacuum. We are in a pokey little place, but it bounces it’s way around fine. It gets stuck sometimes in the edge of thick rugs, but amazes me with what it can handle. The only issue is it fails to dock a lot. You can watch it go up onto the dock, then it turns at the last minute and stuffs it up, which pushes the dock to the side too. Not a big deal really, I just dock it when I get home or when it alarms

- Almost Great

The app does everything it says it will etc. however what it does need which I feel is missing is the ability to give the Roomba a path of exit defined by the user or a RTB path. My base is near my table which unless cleaning has chairs around it. My Roomba thinks that the table is there with no chairs and always tries to put through them then turns around. Probably screwing up my mapping. Real pain when you only want to clean one room or two quickly outside of scheduled “chair up” cleans.

- Sadie, my cleaning lady

This is a better Robot vacuum than the Samsung we had. It has a much more efficient way of going about doing its job. I swear I see it thinking about how it’s going to battle the table and chairs or some other hurdle. The app works well on my apple device too, unlike...... you know who! My only complaint is it doesn’t have bristled rollers. It still works well, but it doesn’t tickle up the carpet very well.

- iRobot is the best

I love my Roomba 980 and the integration with the app is fantastic. Only thing I think could be added-not because it’s needed but because it would be super cool-is remote control from the app. It’s a bit gimmicky but would be a fun little feature to play around with. Be even better if you could see through the camera on the mobile device while driving it.

- Disappointed

While the vacuum itself is great I’m extremely disappointed in after sales service. I contacted the Australian support service listed on the app and was hung up on after they found out I purchased through another authorised retailer. IXL Australia pick up your game. I purchased the 980 version for its wi fi capability which worked well for the first 2 weeks, now the app will not even open displaying an error message every time I try and open it. Your after sales support really does leave a lot to be desired on such an expensive item. Not happy

- Would love to be able to create zones

I love my Roomba, however we have a large open plan home with areas that don’t require vacuuming everyday. I would like to be able to create different zones that could be scheduled to clean on alternative days as when unattended the bin becomes full and unable to be emptied to resume cleaning the remainder of the home leaving some areas uncleaned. If I could create zones then I could schedule different rooms “zones” to be cleaned ensuring all areas of my home are cleaned over the course of the week.

- Great product

Purchased my iRobot two years ago. It’s amazing. I can’t fault any aspect. The clean is brilliant, the information available on its performance via the app is phenomenal. I can schedule start and stop, use the barriers to close down areas and it’s quiet, which is important given I have a three year old who love an afternoon nap!

- Pretty good

The app works fine and gives all the required information, however, it would be excellent if there were options to turn off the cliff sensors so that I don’t have to cover them (black stripes in my rug causes the cliff sensors to stop the unit) and also to have an option of splitting the house into 2 or 3 zones so that I can select which zone I want to clean instead of having to set up the towers or to vacuum the whole house.

- I’m quite happy with my Roomba980

Overall I’m quite happy with this 980. Although it does get a bit quirky at times, for all general purposes it does its job. One thing I really want is HomeKit integration. Now that Apple has gone the software route, I think it’s an absolute essential. It does not look good that Alexa and Google Home and supported but Apple is not. Hope the team is working on fixing this parity.

- Me and my Roomba xx

Could never look back from having my Roomba vacuum. My asthma is so much better despite having a very good hand held vacuum Roomba does it better. Gets into all the places dust collects. Even between the computer wires under the desk. So easy to clean and maintain. Can’t believe the dust and animal hair it lifts up off the carpet and floors. So effective. Love my Roomba!

- Love this Robot

Absolutely love my iRobot. The app is fantastic. Great being able to see where it has cleaned on the map. Integrates well with Google Home. 2 suggestions would be 1. If I could select a spot on the map for it to focus (I realise this is a stretch). 2. Being able to schedule multiple cleans in one day.

- Best purchase of my life

Roomba 980 owner - couldn’t be with out it. The app itself is easy to use with plenty of options to set and run your Roomba the way you want. My floors look fantastic it has far exceeded my expectations. Planning to get the mopping bot to complete my set up.

- Disappointing software

I was expecting more from the software: -not having to manually sync the second phone to be able to manage the robot after logging into my account. -iPad support -a virtual map showing the track throughout the house, and the ability to spot clean or create no-go areas on the map without having to revert to physical beacon devices. -ability to control how long a cleaning job runs for. -ability to target the cleaning of different rooms on different days. -robot to go DIRECTLY home when asked, or when the battery is flat. -memory of, and subsequent avoidance of the places where the robot gets stuck. -less day-to-day supervision and intervention.

- Really helps

I moved into a new home with a much greater floor area and found myself vacuuming every two days and spending a good couple of hours on it. I have a sore hip so my husband bought me the robot with dust catcher. I love it so much. My floors are always clean

- Great vacuum

This item saves so much time. I am amazed at how much it picks up each vacuum. The App is great too. It does cost a bit but I believe it is great value for money and is the best investment I have made in a long time.

- Last update useless

The last update has completely stuffed the operation of the robot. Won’t connect even after redoing all the setup. Unit would actually beep if I changed a setting in the app but continued to tell me I wasn’t connected and couldn’t. Have had for almost one year and have been able to sort any issue DIY but the customer service when you need it doesn’t work either

- Roomba 980 is great - software needs work

Roomba 980 doesn’t get everything everywhere - not possible - but does an excellent job overall. Software - work needed - Homekit, iPhone Widget, Apple Watch, Siri, more refined scheduling/zones. Notifications and maps of work done are provided now. No firmware problems now.

- Poor first use experience

My wife setup the Roomba 5 days ago, and neither of us can connect to the app since. I’ve followed ISP port setting changes (now decreasing our home internet security) as suggested on iRobots home support page, and still no luck. This is the worst experience from purchasing a product I’ve had to date. If you’re not tech advanced, don’t risk buying an iRobot product! Stick to basics and by a Dyson/similar.

- Battery

I find the app really help full for cleaning the house when on the go so often. But I’d really like a manual over ride to send irobot home when the battery is dying or be able to try and get it unstuck when away from the house. And be informed that it’s stuck before I come home.

- Love love love

Such an amazing robot. Love the fact I can operate it from work especially when people unexpectedly tell you they are coming over. Great work!!

- Good functionality

Good to know is charged and be able to put it to clean while at work. Would be ideal to have a map of the house and be able to tell the robot where to clean

- Use to connect to wifi now it doesn’t

I used to be able to connect to my Roomba So I removed the device. But now I can’t it goes through the setup process sends the wifi info to the device then tells me it’s a 2.4ghz connection which isn’t true. Roomba isn’t as useful if I manually have to turn it on..... I used to have it run on a calendar

- iRobot

Simple to use. Occasionally has some connection issues but not very often.

- Awesome !!!

You get what you pay for !!! The app is great also, one push of a button and iRobot vacuumes the house and the app showed a mapped out diagram of the places cleaned by iRobot... worth every penny !!!

- You can't do without

Coming home to clean house, is so good. Specially when all the A.I. is working as a charm

- Uncleaned areas

There are areas that the robot doesn’t seem to even go into even though there’s enough space. You wait for it to go the second or third round, but it just finishes the ‘job successfully’

- Favourites is useless on 900x series

It’s great when you are not at home to hear the loud jet noises but how many people will be out everyday? Great to keep it simple - as it works however can be better by 1. If Roomba can automatically stopped if cannot clean entire house. It recharges then 2-4hrs later comes back to life to complete the job. 2. The favourite should support the different settings (power or boost, edge or no edge) 3. Makes #1, #2 available on 800, 900 series!! There is no point doing a 15min clean on the 900 series as you cannot define room or path.

- Latest update went backwards

Although the new app looks great, our iRobot i7 now gets stuck reversing out of the dock. It also needed to be retrained to learn the floor plan again. Hoping a fix is on its way for the docking issue!

- Mapping Exceptionally Poor

Despite the many recent updates this is not the smart device advertised. Just completed another full training session and it refuses to go down the hallway, just stops at an invisible non existent barrier. The random job done by both mop and vacuum is ok they are still the dumb devices of years passed.

- App issue

I had to send my robot away for some repairs now that it’s back I can’t use the schedule on the app won’t let me delete a schedule or start a new one or use the current one.

- App is fine, update notification should not prevent you from using the app

A notification for an available update SHOULD NOT force me to update them and there. The app was unusable until I updated to a new version of the app.

- Keeps me updated

Great app to keep across the Rumba and any issues that come up.

- App keeps shutting down

Since last update the app keeps shutting down when trying to edit favourites - very frustrating as I have rebooted cleaner and now cannot update favourite settings.

- Great product

Excellent. Cleans daily and does a great job every time. Saves me a great deal of time on the weekend.

- Worst Map

Area map is not good at all. Hard to remember areas. There should be an actual map of the house so you can easily select areas. We previously used Ecovac their App is much better. IRobot should work on their app.

- Sadie

Thanks so much you have made my love so much easier. Thanks

- Child lock

The app locks great and works great, however why is there no option available for “child lock” to disable the local buttons ! Such a simple thing to integrate these days !

- Works well

It works well, links well and I'm really happy with it!! Would be great if: - if it could wait a bit more than 90min and still resume for a full bin - *** if you could set quiet hours, so no matter what happens with the Roomba no sound comes out of it at night (e.g. 3am when it woke me up :( ) Thank you for the great updates!!

- Good but room for improvement

Great app to control roomba. Features that will help: 1. Edges only. 2. Designating areas to be cleaned (currently managed through light beams).

- Crashes and Apple integration

App keeps crashing when I attempt to update a room divider in the smart map. Renders this feature useless. Why no integration with Apple HomeKit or Siri. You need to program IFTTT which is overkill - just jump on the apple bandwagon please....

- Great

Easy to use App. Love the little maps. Very good device.

- Great but targeted cleaning needed.

This is a great app and works reliably. It would be great if a future update allowed me to pinpoint places on the map, to send the vacuum for targeted cleaning.

- Please return to the old app

We used to love the app and I have given it 5 stars in the past. The new home screen is a mess! Such a shame! I think this is change for the sake of change, and it has not helped!

- Great can be improve

Overall great but wish can spot clean a room.

- Was good but useless now

Latest update requires an account to be created. This occurred while I was away and I had disabled my schedule. Not I can’t reenable it as the account creation doesn’t work. Valid email. And complex matching passwords. Fix your app ASAP!!!

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- Great app. I have one suggestion

It all works well. It would be nice if I could see the floor map updating live as the robot was actually in the process of the current cleaning program.

- Says I’m not connected to WiFi

Can’t setup because it says I’m not connected to WiFi.... when I’m connected to WiFi

- No longer works—blank screen & no response from developers

I see nothing but a blank “account” screen. I re-installed several times over the last couple of months—no success. Have reported issue several times—no response. iPhone X, iOS 14.1.

- Homekit

WHAT no homekit but you have amazon alexa, what the.... The most stable operating system Apple and you do not offer homekit, sorry but this is an insult to iphone users. When will it be available, you have to answer us here by giving a release date which should be this year. PLS REPLY

- Needs homekite support

Good app, but needs homekit

- Recent update messed up connection

Can’t connect to roomba with the most recent update. So annoying!

- Crappy update

The older version of this app worked well. But ever since the last update, this app is garbage. It can never connect and says to try again later. Defeats the point of having it since it can never start or stop the vacuum from running.

- Bring back the old App !

What was an amazing robot is now a lost soul ! It has no idea where it is anymore. Terrible upgrade.Very frustrated.

- Please fix the bugs

Crashes on iphone 8 when trying to modify quick jobs. Used to crash on ipad pro, when trying to edit a map. I don’t care about new app’s esthetics, just make it work.

- Old app was better

The update was not an improvement. It’s now more difficult to control roomba. The old one was clean and simple. This seems overly complicated. Bring back the old one!

- Landscape view for iPad Pro

This app is almost perfect... can’t believe you don’t have the landscape view available for iPad... ??

- Please add siri shortcut

I want to tell siri to stop or start my irobot. App is good, but long to open and siri would fix that

- Clean specific areas please

The hardware is great, software not so much! Still can’t direct cleaning to specific areas with Roomba 900-why? Simply allow it to store the map and have me select areas and label them.

- New feature

My son would like the next update to have a button to push that would tell the Roomba 600 to clean a specific room in the house.

- Precise PHONE location for wifi to work!???

Why on earth you need to get my phone location all the time? And why precise location? There is not a single reason for that other than collecting users data!! Bluetooth and network access from my phone is more them enough for all that your product need!!!

- New app not as good

I don’t love the upgraded app. The scheduling feature is clunky and info related to my specific model is hard to find. But my biggest issue is how my E6 now functions - it does a terrible job!! I come home and there are obvious dust bunnies in easily accessible areas that have been missed. Roll it back if you can’t fix this new version.

- Too complex and not working

My second iRobot. First one was solid and easy to use. Issues with this app and iRobot: 1) I cannot cancel a job. IRobot is paused and I can only resume. It will cancel in 1 hour 30 mins but I want to cancel now and do another job. Cannot switch to a new job. 2) The app dumps when trying to view the maps 3) Portrait mode only. Very odd to type on the iPad keyboard at right angles to the screen orientation 4) the bin is very small compared to the old model 5) if i start the iRobot manually (with its button), it never works out which room it is in and starts to create a new map (which of course, I cannot view (and delete) as the app dumps Rather than making my life simpler, my vacuuming is now more complex.

- Not User Friendly

I preferred the previous app an its ease of use

- Can anybody fix the bug

After update, lot of problems, cannot connet,cannot finish the job, forced exit app...

- Can’t connect

Can’t connect with this app I Robot Roomba says no connection

- Issue with the app

I have a issue with the app. Robot not connected, called support, and got an answer that developers are working on it..... no other support... how to use robot in the meantime.... use the button on the bot... what a joke of a response after spending $1000 with a company..

- Cannot connect

Cannot connect to my roomba after update.

- Says I am not connected. !!

Before this new App, it was always connected! Moreover, it seems it has erased my map and program ! While the robot vaccumed today, I could not open the App three times. It did not saved where it vaccumed today as a map. It did worked properly before this new aop. What the need of this scrap?

- Cloud died, so did robot

The cloud died today and now the app is completely useless. Can’t even do local start or stop with it, just breaks completely when their service dies.

- Not working once updated

Once I updated my app, it says I am not connect to WiFi, now I can’t even open my app

- Last update won’t work

Since the last update, the app won’t open and gives me an error message stating that my device is not connected to the wifi, which is not true. Because of that, the robot starts its job as scheduled, but doesn’t complete the job and goes back to its base when only halfway done. What’s the point of paying extra for the i-series if the app is a disaster?

- Cannot start the app

After the last update, the app won't start anymore with an error that my service is offline and I must connect it to the internet. But my device IS online, I wrote this review using it. Now I have to start my robots manually.

- Not working

Since this update I cannot open the app. Says my mobile device is offline. I can assure you it is not.

- No longer connects after update!

After updating the app, we are now prompted by an error message that we are not connected to the network, which we are, and the app will not open. Tried on and iPhone XR and 7. Same issue. App will not open. This needs to be addressed ASAP as there is a heavy reliance on the app with smart vacuums.

- Cannot start up the app

Was working fine a couple of times, then today the app keeps telling me that my mobile device is not connected to Wi-Fi when it is!

- Recent update

After the new update the app won’t open all the way I’m on an iPhone 8 running the most current iOS and it opens to the loading page and tells me that my iPhone isn’t connected to internet but every other app connects to the internet just fine

- No longer works

The app is completely unusable since the latest update. I will have to delete and re-install. Please fix this. It says “your mobile device is offline. Please check your internet and try again”

- Bad App

I bought the product yesterday. It worked fine. Today I am unable to login to the app. Customer service say their app is down. I am not sure if it is for the first time or it happens every fortnight.

- app update does not work

I updated the app to 5.2 and nothing works anymore. I can't open the app. The message tells me that I am not connected to wifi even though I am. Can't see iRobots history ir anything since I can't get into the app. Deleted it and downloaded it again but still can't get into the app! Everything worked just fine before the update and now the iRobot is pretty useless for me since I can't program it etc.

- Frustrating. Took roomba plunge and regret it

Got an i7 the other day. It got frozen “saving cleaning map” for 2 hours, had to delete the map, app and restart from the beginning. Wake up today and constant app error “your mobile device is not connected to the internet”. Looks cool sitting on my floor, expensive decoration though

- Can’t control the robot if iRobot server is down

It’s a stupid design that I can’t connect to the robot by local network. Today the iRobot server is down and there is no way to control the robot by phone in this case.

- Do not update

Update doesn’t work Will not open or connect to network (even tho I’m connected) Cannot use my robot at all Very disappointed

- App update: major fail

Was working well... now, after update, won’t even open! What a pity company!

- Useless

Useless piece of code

- No landscape mode for iPads

So awkward to use... 5th is is just the iPhone app scaled larger.

- Great App Except For...

The app is great, works as expected for the most part. I only have one complaint. The schedules were “improved” in an update not too long ago and you can no longer inactivate a schedule. There is a toggle button that I would expect to work as an active/inactive toggle (as it did in prior versions), however toggling it off deletes the schedule without warning. So if I have it scheduled to run 3 days a week and I want to skip a day this week only, the entire schedule is deleted. Please fix this!

- Mapping Function Not Working

I can’t see map icon in the App. I need clear single room sometimes. Overall is good, but I need map function. Please update the app.

- Love the new clean zones

While I really liked room mapping the addition of clean zones is terrific. I didn’t realize how often I didn’t use the roomba because I would have to go move stuff out if the way. Now that I can target the main traffic zones (kitty litter zones) I use it every day and have it do the whole room every couple days. Didn’t know this was a feature I needed until it was there.

- No more mapping

I’ve tried all suggestions but mapping function has disappeared. Latest IOS 14 and latest Roomba.

- Your team should do better!

I bought both Roomba S and Braava Jet M6, it looks that Roomba S is smarter than Braava. Let me confused that is Roomba generated a house map, then Braava generated another house map again. Why doesn’t Braava share the house map of Roomba by iRobot App’s menu command? If user is allowed to modify generated map, it would be a better tutorial for iRobot.

- Hate the new app

I’m not sure what features I have gained with this new app but I’m not even sure how to stop a run and start something else without sending the iRobot home. The display seems cluttered and confusing. Update - still struggling and missing the old app. I haven’t found a way to send roomba to another room after it’s done it’s job without it returning home or a reset on the machine. You can pause but not cancel / end now?

- Favourite ETA

I love my roomba 960 so far, it is a great product, but do have an ETA about favourites for your app, as it is a hectic to run a full clean every time instead of specific area.

- :(

Liked it a lot more when it had a simpler interface. Now there are too many levels to navigate through. Also once in the map section my version of this app doesn’t allow me to back out. The only way to the main screen is to kill the app and restart. :(

- Thanks, it’s better now

Update: now it’s possible to go back home 😊 Still some adjustments like too big room for starting Roomba Hopefully we’ll see that soon Previous The new release has forgotten a basic rule: make visible all navigation buttons! HOME button! Impossible to go back to the main page when you see something in History because everything is white on white I do not like the new release , need a lot of adjustments Plus if you touch anywhere in the upper part, it starts cleaning , AGAIN!

- “Favourites page half loads”

Good basic app but key feature to create favourites loads form inputs with no text content and a disabled blank button, thus is completely inaccessible. Apart from this critical feature failure the basic start/stop remote functions work well.

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- Great product

Does a great job cleaning the house. Gives you a summary upon completion and seems to get more efficient as time goes on. It has gotten stuck a few times but only because of the layered carpet we have in the house, not because it gets ‘lost.’ I would like to recommend that you be able to have the option to change the suction level from room to room. It does a great job switching to performance mode on carpets but we have cats in a hardwood floor room. It has a hard time picking up the litter off the floor on the eco setting so I’d love to be able to have it go to performance mode in that room only.

- Beware of latest update

Have loved this robot and app until the latest update from the past few weeks... now have had to do complete factory reset and remapping of my home. Getting an error that says that my Alfred is registered on multiple accounts. I have spoken with customer service 3 times in the past two weeks. Promised a call back, never received it. Can barely comprehend half of the people I spoke to. Spent 59 minutes on the phone this last time. They cannot find that my robot is or has ever been registered to anyone else. They apologized but aren’t really sure why I am having the issue except there is an issue with the latest update that will unfortunately affect some of the customers in this way. Their fix - delete everything and resend the robot on 3-6 training runs per floor of my 3 story home. Spectacular...

- iRobot Roomba 960

Amazing! Right out of the box I charged Robi, downloaded the app and that’s how she got her name. I have a two dogs and the first time through I had to empty the tray a few times but if you run her daily or every other day that eliminates the emptying the tray issue. She does a really good job and I love the notifications she gives you when the tray is full and when she gets stuck and when she’s done. I love the map after she’s done that show how much she cleaned and you can see where she missed. The only thing I could say negative about her if anything is the tray is to small but if you use it regular it’s no problem.

- Had it for 6 months

We’ve had our 960 Roomba for about 6 months now. I absolutely love it. My husband and I have 3 kids and a St. Bernard that had awful allergies and sheds in the summer to the point where he’s bald. The vet had to put him on steroids it’s so bad. I digress though. The app works great. You can set up a schedule so it runs every night. You can see a map of he floor it cleaned. If it had a problem you get a notification of what went wrong. For example, “bin is full” or “left wheel stuck”. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 simply because we have issues with it disconnecting from the WiFi. But in the 6 months we’ve had it it’s only happened like twice. Love the Roomba, love the app.

- App makes cleaning a breeze!

I love this app! It makes scheduling so easy. It also shows where it cleaned. Setup was easy. I bought this Roomba, after buying two others, because it was suppose to empty itself and I would only have to change bags in the tower every 30 days. All true! The app maps out the rooms and you can tell your Roomba where to clean. Gets around the house easily. I had back surgery and bending wasn't an option. I had a caretaker for a few months and she cleaned the house and was awesome. I knew she would be leaving and I needed something to help. I don’t have to bend much to change bags - could sit on a chair. The app and Roomba are life changers! I have two dogs that shed like crazy. I wake up to a clean house every morning. I run it at night while I the dogs and I sleep. Do my bedroom and bath in the daytime. You do need to take out the rollers every few weeks and clean them...the ends especially. Also under the steering rubber wheel. Other than that it is easy and awesome!

- Best. Gift. Ever.

My husband bought this for me as a Mother’s Day gift. He thought it would be nice to get me something to help lighten the load of the house chore burdens for me so that I may spend more time with my family. He was right on. This robot vacuum has been so great! We will soon be getting another one for the second level of our house so that we don’t have to move this one up and down anymore. The app is the selling point. There were several times where I’ve been away from home and realized I needed it to run and was able to start it from wherever I was. We have two cats, one dog, and four children.

- V3.5 mapping now working.

Update. A day after I wrote this review now new runs are now making maps. The old ones that didn’t have a map still don’t. Weird but it’s working. Update to 4 stars. I’ll make it 5 stars when I can chose to clean every other day or every day etc. rather than specific days of the week. I’ve never had an issue with the app until this update. Now my Roomba will not create maps since the update. All previous times still have their maps. I’ve tried rebooting the Roomba and reinstalling the app. The problem is with the update and all the recent reviews confirm that. Please update your app and fix this issue.

- Rosie

I checked out virtually all brands and sizes of various “robot” vacuums and read all the reviews I could find and made the move, paid a little more, and finally decided on a Roomba 980......excellent choice!! Easy to set up the app, does a superb job of cleaning, covers the whole house, carpet or tile or wood floors, climbs over throw rugs and really rarely gets hung up, anywhere!! I love it! Surprised how much dirt it actually picked up. The “dust trap” is small and filled up a few times during the first few runs, but, now, the house is so clean, it rarely fills up during a single run. I got in the habit of running “Rosie” twice a week (sometimes 3. Love it!!

- Works well except

Everything has been a breeze to set up and it works very well, but on my app it never loads the “schedule tab”. I click on it and it is just blank with no options to toggle on and off days. I have tried departing and reinstalling with no luck. Can anyone help......update, the roomba began to start at strange times without any command, like at 1 and 7 in the morning while everyone is sleeping. Ended up doing a factory reset on the roomba through the app and when I repaired it the schedule tab started working and havnt had any more issues. Hope this helps someone

- New App design is confusing

I love the Roomba product! But this new app is terribly designed. Very hard to navigate and feels like the designers did a lot of "can we do this" thinking as opposed to "should we do this". Reminds me of the new Lifx App. Needlessly over complicated and adding features that no one will use. I.E. do you really want your Roomba to vacuum every time you leave your house? Absolutely not! Run to the grocery store real quick and you have to come home and deal with an in progress vacuum. Anyways, please stick to traditional, "boring" iOS design. No need to invent new navigation patterns for an app that should be dirt simple. No pun intended. Update: My roombas are now not respecting their schedule. It is vacuuming on days that are not included in the set schedule. No idea what's going on.

- App works great... but...

The App works great, but I’d like to suggest a couple improvements. Specifically, when the roomba is charging or paused because of a jam, you have only two options, continue to clean, or cancel. If you’d like to make changes to the schedule, or show off the features to a friend, you must cancel the cleaning job first to be able to get to the rest of the app. It would be great to have full access to the app at all times. Also, for whatever reason, there is not always a map. Being able to see where it’s cleaned has been awesome as well. Beyond that, the app is great, seeing what’s happening and where the roomba has cleaned is great.

- Problems since update (Updated)

12/03: In fairness to iRobot, the issues were not really with the update but instead cloud based services. The timing was coincidental with when I upgraded to the latest version of the app. I have therefore returned my rating to a 4. The app works fine, though I do think the user interface could use some work. There is no denying overall the robot vacuum makes life a bit easier. Original: Worked great until recent update. Now constantly says phone is not attached to the network, when it clearly is. Alerts not coming through. Etc. App is running on an iPhone 12 Pro.

- Not only is my Roomba amazing so is this App

Holy smokes!! I have only had my Roomba for a week but I seriously love it!! I have a German Shepherd and a golden retriever and their hair is EVERYWHERE!! My little Roomba gets EVERYTHING!!! I just wish her little dustbin was bigger!! But that’s the good thing about this App!! Whenever her dustbin is full of her wheel is stuck I get the notification and I can even locate where she is in the house with it! I can get instructions on how to fix an issue straight on the app or even order parts without having to google around and try to find it!! That just makes me life so much easier!

- Gotten really bad

I live in a one story home that is 4000sq ft. It is very spread out and I own both the s9+ and the Braava Jet mop. Suddenly large chunks of the map are missing and the mop just can’t find anything. That’s probably because after over a year of using a map, it decided to add a random hallway. Nice. Maybe that’s where Theresa Halbach is hidden. The maps were working fine before this app update. I understand that this has always been the case but it is SO TERRIBLE that you have to redo your entire map if some little thing is wrong. iRobot needs to work on and release a feature where you can fill in missing zones/delete zones of a map rather than wait hours and hours for a retraining run and hope the new map is right.

- Love my Roomba

I have two children who are wonderful, but also drop things everywhere. If you have a relatively level floor plan and typically vacuum once a week but should do it every couple of days to avoid stepping on stuff, get a Roomba. I set it to run every day after I leave for work and I come home to clean floors. The app is great. Getting reports on where it cleaned gives you immediate feedback on where it’s getting to in your house (it can get into a lot of places). We splurged for the top of the line model and it easily handles cat hair and all manner of messes left by my five and two year olds.

- Not Great

This app is junk. Just installed the latest update and now it says I don’t have an internet connection - which I definitely do. The algorithms that control the robot are also weak - it constantly runs out of batteries in the middle of a run. Why isn’t it smart enough to return home to recharge? Overall not impressed by the app or the product. This needs some serious engineering effort to become world class. It’s not worth anywhere near what they charge for these products and it’s definitely still an early adopter product - I.e when the market is more mature these products will be completely worthless. They are only remotely useful now because they are unique.

- App not allowing to login and saying check internet Connection

I am having hard time in getting into the app since this morning. Was able to use the app till this morning after that it started giving issues. So I have deleted app and reinstalled it and as soon as click login button to enter my credentials it is not taking me to the screen where I can enter my credentials instead it saying”your mobile device is offline . Please check your internet connection” if there is a problem with my internet connection how come I able to download the app and app was able to navigate till welcome screen. Been on call with tech support and they just told it is general issue and hang up the call. Are you guys fixing this issues? If so when can we expect the resolution?

- Works great after help from the iRobot team

Like many others I too had many of the problems indicated in the customer reviews. I sent an email detailing what my problems were. They connected to my iRobot and they determined my battery was not charging so they provided detail instructions on how to fix this. Then with the problem of connecting still happening, followed their instructions but I decided to delete my WiFi connection and reinstall and making sure I connected to 2g instead of 5g. I have had no problems since.

- Update/downgrade

This piece of junk won’t even charge anymore! I’ve done all the trouble shooting that’s offered... I know I’m not the only one that’s had trouble! Big mistake! It lasted less then 2 months, for that price I could have easily hired someone to sweep my floors once a week come on, what a waste of money! My Roomba i7+ worked amazing before the last update, then it completely fell on its face. I managed to get it working decent again,(with no help from iRobot I might add). But now, half the time it won’t charge after returning to its base,(only empties bin 2/3 of the time)!.. can’t imagine that’s an issue with the app but it had no issues (at all) before the last update. I’m sure the app developers are failing, starting to wonder if the robot itself is junk. A Pricey lesson on technology! ($1,100)MISTAKE...

- (BUSTED APP) no longer

Had the issue below for a few days but seems to be resolved now. At some point very recently, I go into the app and it shows the i7 is connected and a current status, but seconds later it changes to a status of “Not Connected” and from that point nothing in the app works. No maps, no favorites, MAYBE a history. Can’t create or start a job. The only way to get the thing to do it’s job is to push the button on it, but that’s not what I paid for. Pretty surprised this is the current product offering as I’ve always spoken highly of this thing prior to this.

- Big disappointment

Buyer beware. These iRobots and Roombas look great on paper but get one in your home and you’ll be disappointed. I live in a 3,000 square-foot home. Each level is 1000 square-feet. It takes 3 to 4 hours to vacuum 1000 square-feet. More times than not I can spot an entire room that hardly got vacuumed when this iRobot tells me it is done with the job. I can vacuum the whole house, all three levels manually in 30-45 minutes. Also, the waste bin needs to be emptied 3 times in those 5 hours. For more money, iRobot has added a vacuum that can empty it’s waste bin so it can keep vacuuming without being emptied but will still take a silly amount of time to clean the floors in your home. Consider all of this when buying one.

- Hey, it’s not annoying!

I had a 700 series Roomba that I just loved, but, let’s face it, It has all of the annoying charm of a two-year-old without the actual charm. It was noisy, non-white things like table legs and chairs and peoples feet took a pretty good beating from the thing, and it’s behavior of “investigating” unexpected obstacles by repeatedly pushing against them could be infuriating. My new 960 seems to have solved all of those problems. Compared to the 700, it is almost silent. It’s much smarter about approaching and investigating obstacles. And, as a techno-geek, I think the coverage map and Wi-Fi map are totally cool.

- Wonder why we have cleaning people!?!?

Roomba 980 is amazing. I love my this new toy/gadget. My husband and I live in the house about 3000 sq ft. We had cleaning ladies who clean the house on Saturday. Roomba arrived at Saturday evening. So I charged it up over night. On Sunday I started letting Roomba run around. Oh my my, I was so surprised to see how much dog hair and dust Roomba collects! It almost suggested me why we still have cleaning ladies;(. Roomba took almost 4 hours to clean our entire downstairs about 1400 sq ft. It also let me know the bin was full twice. My husband and I both suffer from allergy. Hope this Roomba helps us feel better!

- Life Saver for Pet Owners

We are first time dog owners and we have a 9 month old golden. We just moved into our new home about 6 months ago and we were just devastated at the amount of dog hair we swept everyday. We had dog hair everywhere, and thats when we discovered Roomba. By far this is the best thing that has happened to us. Both me and my wife love the Roomba and we finally have a hair free home again. Absolutely recommended no doubts !!!! Great mapping and also the wheels can roll out of difficult corners. The best thing we like about Roomba is that it cleans through tough corners and edges. Love it !!!

- Weird date

I have the roomba 690. The app works ok just basic. Can’t get a map of what was cleaned. About once a month the schedule stops working but still connected. I go to the history and has a date of Dec. 31, 1969. Did it get hacked? When I set up the app and have to connect to the roomba it says insecure network. With the roomba having a camera on it and not being able to view that myself my questions would be who can view it with an insecure network. After I get the 1969 date it will no longer start itself. I have to clean out the roomba and start all over just to get that date in another month. Definitely needs better security especially if we need an account and use our own WiFi credentials.

- Absolute Worst

UPDATE: Well, I’m back to using my regular vacuum. My once fantastic, reliable i7 is now a very expensive doorstop. This latest update made already very bad things even worse. I simply don’t have the time to mess with the thing anymore. Consider me a very upset, disappointed former customer. I have no idea what they’ve done to the Roomba software, but now my Roomba doesn’t work right and hasn’t since the latest version of the software was released. Perhaps it was a firmware update that’s the problem, I don’t know. What I do know is my once 100% reliable Roomba i7 is now barely usable. And the latest Roomba app is an unmitigated disaster. Extremely non-intuitive, commands and options that only show up occasionally, etc., etc. I’d give the app less than 1 star if I could, it’s that bad.

- Great tool

I absolutely love this thing. It cleans efficiently while I’m away. I did have to stay home for the first few runs. It gets under furniture I normally don’t so the dust bin filled up quickly. Now that it is caught up the dust bin isn’t a problem. Only concern/ complaint would be the suction itself isn’t as strong as I would like, or maybe it could use stronger more aggressive scrubbers. It rents to leave anything stuck in the carpet, in the carpet. Having a wood shop in my garage and bringing in chips and dust. It picks up a lot of that but I have noticed where items were stuck into the carpet. Overall highly recommended.

- Roomba great, app not so much

I give the actual vacuum5 stars, or 500. It is awesome, great, I love it. The app is frustrating. It works well, until it doesn’t work well. Half the time it doesn’t generate the map that it is supposed to. The other annoying glitch is, it tells me the dustbin is full, so I empty it. Then rather that resuming the job as it should, it cancels the job. This happens 80% of the time. The only option is to restart the job from the beginning, and then it doesn’t finish because the charge runs out. Really annoying. If they could improve the app, it would be great. But I put up with the problems because the vacuum itself is just so incredibly awesome.

- Love our Roomba! Just wish...

My whole family absolutely loves this roomba (Dj Roomba as we’ve come to know him 😉)! The app is fantastic, scheduling works great, and Dj cleans precisely! However... the one thing I’d LOVE to see is if the cleaner could learn its environmental space and begin mapping (AI) out the rooms in our house. This would be beneficial for the bot to start understanding its environment and where it’s been versus where it need to go, but also for us to have a visual map on the app that shows exactly the path (in our own houses layout) that the bot cleaned. It’s an amazing invention, but I believe the best is yet to come!

- Version 5.2 Is unusable

I have had no issues with the previous version. However, version 5.2 was updated on my mini iPad and iPhone 6 days ago. Now when I open the app it goes to the iRobot graphic, shows the indication that it is trying to do something, and within a couple of seconds an error pops up indicating my mobile device is not connected to the internet. At this point I try the retry button with the same error. The only thing you can do at this point is close the app. I immediately run Speedtest on my device and find no issues with my device connection to the internet. Sorry to say but this iRobot home app version is completely and utterly useless. I have no control of my iRobot 900 making it no more than a paper weight on wheels.

- Recent update- i7 Not good.

Update: 26Oct2020..... my device is no longer communicating to the cloud. It makes it seem like it’s paused in cleaning but it’s on the base fully charged. If you keep hiring, pause/resume it finally lets you know of the communication issue. My internet is working fine. But the device hasn’t worked per schedule in a week. I even reset it AND my internet... nope nothing happens. Please fix it. Previous: Roomba doesn’t clean fully and now gets lost. It’s no longer going over my area rug. It’s not going to other places it used to clean. It’s going into areas beyond the selected rooms I specified. Would be nice for the map to auto update or for you to be able to re-map your home. This needs another update but test it first before you push it out.

- v5 design worse in every way

The iRobot app was previously poorly planned and designed, with missing features and some of the least empathetically designed UX of any app I use regularly. In v5, iRobot made the same app aesthetically more attractive and even worse in terms of usability, in terms of being able to find the information or function you’re looking for, viewing information, or intuitiveness of layout. This app should be blown up and restarted from scratch. Hire a professional user researcher, talk to some customers, design a UX model, and then design the app. Visual design updated on a badly designed UX might be fun to show off in your executive presentations for for your board members, but for your customers, you failed.

- Not sure if it’s an app or roomba

I purchased an I7 10 days ago. The first one worked but the map would not update. It kept saying there was an issue. Called customer service (over 2 hours mostly waiting for my turn in the que) and they shipped a replacement roomba. Five days later it arrived and it won’t leave move off the docking station because it’s sensors think it’s on a cliff. I spent another hour and half on the phone with support and now they have submitted it to the escalation department. I called this morning for an update to learn it was never submitted. Now the clock starts over to determine how they are going to handle it. I don’t know what’s related to the app but fair warning that this is not the experience or quality you expect for a $600 investment.

- Not thrilled with iRobot e6, like Neato better

I have had a Neato VX12 for about 10 years. Costco had the iRobot e6 on sale. So I decided to give it a try. I ran about 10 times. iRobot does a better job along the walls because my Neato old version did not have the side sweep bristle back then. However, I do not like the iRobot diagonal path routes. They seem less efficient. Neato lightly bumps furniture much gentler then iRobot. iRobot did not return to base four out of ten times. I found him stopped in different locations for no reason at all when it should have returned to the base. Neato returns to base pretty much always to recharge to continue or when finished unless something has trapped it. Rarely. iRobot needs battery operated post to stay out of areas. Neato can be prevented in areas by using a movable magnetic strip on the floor. I like it as an option. I have even put it under a medium pile carpet and it detects the magnet barrier. The iRobot isn’t bad but I like Neato better. I returned the iRobot. Maybe the 900 series are better. Not spending that much money though.

- Poor Documentation

Spoiler alert: Make sure your robot is on the Home Base before attempting to connect with it. The app gets a fail from me right off the bat for poor documentation/process flow: Immediately after registration, the app automatically attempts to connect to the robot. The problem is, the robot needs to be on the Home Base to do so, yet the app leaves out this necessary bit of info. After hanging for a few minutes on a “Connecting to Robot” page with no success, a curious person starts clicking links to try and figure out what’s wrong. Only AFTER selecting the “Roomba” link are you shown the process for linking your robot to the app. Kinda’ backwards iRobot; normally the “how to” page precedes the results page. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤬🤣

- Absolutely Amazing

Rosie (my roomba) is one of the best things I have ever owned! Living in Hawaii, we get lots of dirt and dust throughout the day, but Rosie is always there to clean it up quickly. We have tile throughout the bottom floor and with two cats and a dog that shed and track dirt inside she is always ready to do a quick sweep and make the floors look great. The new WiFi bata for the roomba works well too. It has mapped my whole first floor and is pretty spot on with my coverage. Not something I expected to see with a roomba but a nice touch to see where you might have low spots for coverage.

- From Sebastian to Hazel

We purchased the first one and loved it until it got stuck under things. We readjusted furniture, and moved it’s home spot. Worked like a charm occasionally a dogs toy got stuck. Recommended it to many friends. Then we got a new 960 and Hazel and the app have been great. Got new and better wi-fi which helped. My only suggestion is maybe the app could tell you where it is stuck. Vs having to search for it. But still we love. Had a lab and it got his hair up everyday. He shed a lot too. Had to empty the bin everyday. Now it’s weekly

- Works great after some initial trouble connecting with wifi

UPDATED: The roomba is great. I initially had terrible trouble trying to connect the Roomba with the app. It took a while, but after a phone call from a very patient and knowledgeable iRobot technical service person, we traced the connection to some settings deep inside my home wifi router. Problem (which was on my end, not iRobot's) solved. Roomba: 5 App: 5 SUMMARY OF ORIGINAL REVIEW: My router lists the Roomba as being connected; the app consistently freezes when trying to finish its own connection process. Roomba: 5 app: 0

- i7+

Men and women definitely have different ideas of cleanliness. This has been a game changer for my wife and I. No more pet hair when we come home and the little guy can crawl all over without dog hair all over. We have two schedules one for when we are not home. And another one for when we get home and open certain doors that we want to keep the dogs out of. Then it cleans the dust bin in the middle of a job if it fills up. Then goes right back to work. So far we absolutely love this. My wife feels like this is amazing and is not a tech fan but loves Roomba i7+

- Betty is Awesome!

We just recently upgraded our iRobot named stickers to the 980 iRobot names Betty. Stickers got to the point where she couldn’t back up from the home docking station but we loved our first robot so much that we had to adopt another. Betty is amazing! She cleans, takes a nap, cleans, takes a nap and best of all; she gives me a status report on where she’s at and when she’s done! She is amazing at what she does and I am so Thankful for her doing this house cleaning chore for me. If I could give her more than five stars, I would! Thank you iRobot for making Betty!!!

- Love the device, but not the app

I receive notifications for everything except bin full alerts. And since I have a dog who sheds constantly, that alert happens a lot. It’s the main reason I would need a notification on my phone. This means I’m going to the Roomba itself to check the light and if the light is on I hit the button on the Roomba to stop it. So the app really doesn’t provide any benefit to me whatsoever since I’m doing everything manually anyway. The previous version of the app would send those alerts but silently, which was annoying but at least I’d get some sort of notice. Not sure why they removed it entirely for this release. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- App is truly terrible

There’s really no excuse at this point. Y’all need to focus on fixing this app so it’s actually functional. Last year it would sometimes work—I’d have to close the app 10-15 times and then I’d finally be able to connect. More often than not it would say it couldn’t connect. I have good WiFi so that is not the issue. The last few weeks the app has been entirely unusable. Maps are not being saved. I can’t even start the vacuum remotely because it now has the message “cannot start, low battery” 100% of the time, even when the roomba has a full charge. I’ve deleted the app and reset everything so many times I’ve lost count. If we’re paying hundreds of dollars for this we should at least get a working app

- First week was great!

I have a less expensive Roomba model; but it does have WiFi available. The first week I used the app to schedule cleanings it worked great! The second week I had to change the time on a couple of the scheduled days because...well, life...and since doing that I’ve noticed that it doesn’t run consistently anymore. I’ll check the time for the scheduled cleaning and it will be passed the time and no cleaning so I’ll just have to start it up manually. It’s done this several different days this week. I’m not sure what’s going on. But I thought the feedback might help with the app improvement moving forward.

- Great but...

I love the roomba it keeps all my floors clean most importantly without me having to sweep hardly ever. But. I just wish I could set it to clean one room. I don’t always need it to clean my entire house maybe just the dinning room or kitchen. It has a camera and keeps a map of my floors anyways so why not allow me to use that data to my advantage instead of me having to buy virtual walls. I know this is probably ridiculous and sounds lazy but what can I say I bought a $800 device so I don’t need to sweep. Also homekit comparability is important. I have the 960 and would recommend it to anyone with tile wood or carpet.

- Mapping

It would be such added feature if you could actually teach Roomba to remember or map certain areas. It would be nice to tell it via Alexa to clean only a certain room. You limit an area, let Roomba clean that area, store the area it just cleaned by giving it a name like TV room or dining room, etc. I am not sure how much memory would be required or if the phone memory would be able to be used. In today’s smart home environment it just doesn’t seem right to pick Roomba up move it the location you want cleaned and put up the electronic barriers. Anyone else feel as I do?

- I am super impressed

Have had my Roomba I7 with automatic empty feature for a month. There is a bit of a learning curve with Smart Maps but worth the time to do and redo until nearly perfect. I couldn’t be more happy or impressed with this marvelous little wonder! Software updates have been outstanding and customer support easy to reach and very knowledgeable. I am using the vac in a two level home and not having to move the base station at all. The dog is also very entertained by it as am I. Thanks for the great product.

- Frustrating Update

Like many others reviewing the most recent app update I am quite disappointed and frustrated. With the release of the latest app, my i7 has barely been able to function. Oftentimes I cannot connect to the robot, it refuses to dock properly and stay on the charger, and will not clean based on the floor plan (would only clean a small section of the living room then redock and then I had to retrain it to alleviate the issue). Thus, because of the communication issues and inability to stay charged, the robot has been sitting in the corner collecting dust (and not in the way you want). I have to say I’m quite disappointed with my experience with Roomba thus far and I hope they can improve the experience for their customers.

- App Literally Does Nothing... doesn’t work

I have an iPhone 8 and the app won’t get past the open screen to select the country for privacy terms... even worse, I’ve been pushing a customer service convo for over a month trying to get a resolution or refund as this is the main reason to get the latest model roomba. Terrible app, even worse customer service. Last note as something humorous, after weeks of “customer service” they released an update to the app specifically for my issue... unfortunately they didn’t even reach out to me for testing or for more details on my issue so... as you guessed it... still not working, and my average response time from customer service is 1 week after I typically have sent several emails.

- Just an expensive toy

Paid around $700 for an i7. It ran three times then erased all the mapping it had done. Now it needs to spend another five or six hours re mapping. There are significant communication problems between robot (which does what it is supposed to do) and the iRobot App (fatally flawed) that seem not to generate any serious response or actual resolution from iRoomba, just endless phone time on hold. It is fair to say iRoomba is more interested in sales than support. Re mapping every three times it runs, I may as well save time and vacuum manually. It IS amusing to watch when mapping, blundering around like a puppy but there i less expensive entertainment . Conclusion; cannot recommend. i7 is not ready for real work, just for experimenting with robotics.

- App Keeps going offline

Nov 25, 2020. So frustrated with this product. The app won’t open after the latest updates to OS and app. Says my device is offline check my internet connection. Obviously my internet connection is working otherwise I couldn’t submit this review. It’s gone offline at least 5 other times and had a heck of a time getting it back on. At least the app worked then. Now the app is dead. Googled and tried multiple methods to get it up to no avail. So very frustrating. Update: was going to contact thru website found message saying app is affected by AWS outage they are working on solution.

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My mom got me a @iRobot vacuum and it’s keeps saying he’s stuck 😂 I’m not home.


Getting real angry every time a commercial sets off my Google home devices. All of a sudden I'm screaming NO! at it. @iRobot your ads suck.

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Looking for some input on the name of our home’s new @iRobot Roomba:

Negro que Aprueba.

@iRobot Thanks, I still prefer my old loyal broom. No spies at home.


@webdad3 We hear you! Thank you for voicing ideas about features that are important to you & many other iRobot family members! While we can’t discuss future product plans, iRobot is always exploring new ways robots can improve our lives inside & outside of the home.

Christopher Ronaldhouse

@Royalacresrod @PrivilegedLydia @AndyJackson1776 We can record audio from an iRobot vacuum cleaner using LIDAR. Our utility companies can see exactly where we are in a home by creating a map of energy being used. China using tech to map us out isn't very far fetched.

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iRobot Braava Jet M6 Mopping Robot Review


@Mttkolb88 @ColeCuster Lol same, we got one 1-2 years ago and now decided to connect it to Google Home via the iRobot app. What model do you have? Could be that mine (should be a 605) aint compatible with that


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Digging a bit deeper reveals that smart home products were a win this year. iRobot and Ring making plays. GoPro typically much higher by now.

iRobot Home 5.2.3 Screenshots & Images

iRobot Home iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images
iRobot Home iphone images

iRobot Home (Version 5.2.3) Install & Download

The applications iRobot Home was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-09-19 and was developed by iRobot Corporation [Developer ID: 479370968]. This application file size is 419.18 MB. iRobot Home - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 5.2.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.irobot.home

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