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What is fliqlo app? This is a clock app that re-creates the behavior of a vintage flip clock with a modern and minimal design. On Mac, Fliqlo has long been popular as a screensaver module with the same design since its first release in 2002, and this iOS/iPadOS app is also made with exactly the same design. With its large, highly visible font, you can check the time even from a distance. Also, in everyday life and at work, its modest matt black presence does not distract you or disrupt your productivity, even when using the app for extended periods of time. Its full-screen appearance integrates with the iPhone/iPad device body and blends into your living space ambience, as if it were a minimalist home decor item.

- Switch between 12/24 hour clock
- Switch between portrait and landscape mode
- Option to show seconds when tapping screen
- Brightness/dimness control inside the app
- Show/hide background tiles
- Enlarge/reduce to any size

- Your device’s Auto-Lock is disabled while this clock is active in the foreground.
- This app does not start automatically like the Mac screensaver.
- You cannot replace your device’s Lock Screen with this clock.

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How to contact Fliqlo (Yuji Adachi)?
Find this site the customer service details of Fliqlo. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/900833042/fliqlo/contact

Fliqlo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fliqlo Version 2.1.326 October 2022

- Fixed flickering during flip animation on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Fliqlo Comments & Reviews 2023

- Best clock app!!

I did some research before downloading this app, and this one seemed to suit my needs. Since downloading it several months ago I use it almost daily and have not been disappointed. I hardly have any clocks and use this app when I need to keep track of time while doing something. The digits are large enough that I can see the time from a few feet away even without my contact lenses.

- Piece of junk. False marketing.

Yes, the clock looks cool and minimalist, but it by no means functions as a screen saver. It is not possible to have this act as your lock screen. The only way to see the clock is to open the app and leave it open. This is ridiculous since it drains battery and your phone stays unlocked until you exit the app. There is no functional reason that this would be useful to do; it would be like opening a picture and leaving the phone indefinitely on that opened picture so that you could pretend that it was your background image, rather than setting it as your actual background. Complete waste of money.

- Maybe one this you could fix?

It is not a screensaver but I do like to run it and see it flip by. I do not feel it was a waste off money bc I read reviews and knew what know happen. I didn’t give it five stars because I would have rather that it been a screen saver. Maybe instead of (on iOS and Mac and H.P.) it could actually be a wallpaper. Like instead of a download (on computers) it would be able to be put into a file and when you go to change you screen it would act as if of a live picture. Maybe you could do that on iOS as well.

- Simple, gets the job done

It clearly says that it doesn’t work as a Lock Screen screensaver. To my knowledge that’s not the developer’s fault, but a limitation from Apple. Anyway, it gets the job done in a nice and simple way. My one complaint though is that I wish there was a manual switch for portrait or landscape mode. I always lock my screen to portrait, but would rather use this in landscape mode. It’s annoying to have to unlock my phone’s orientation just to use this app for a short time.

- Clear and direct

I use this app daily, in different settings, at my work desk, on the bathroom counter while I get ready in the morning...You’d think there would be a decent thousand clock apps but there just isn’t. This is the best one. It’s just a clock. The numbers flip. It’s easy to rid. I do wish they would add more control/settings features. Maybe I want a different clean font in the new year?

- very cute, overall a 10/10!!

it’s a nice little app I like to keep running while doing homework and studying. while it isn’t a screensaver it works similar to one! I just close all my other apps, put on some music and leave the app running, it’s really not distracting and that’s helpful when trying to get work done! it’s useful and overall would recommend! 10/10!

- Great app!

Okay, I love this app! I use it for my all my devices, macbook, ipad and phone. I have a few of suggestions though. I would like to suggest a light background version of this clock because I like it light/dark during the day/night. I also suggest it to be available for widgets. I don’t know if it is supposed to be done through the fliqlo app or from the apple developer but it would be helpful to have the widget. I would rate it 4/5 it this will happen. :)

- Great, single function app

With Shortcuts & automation I set this app to open every time I plug my iPad to charger. It’s perfect! Now I have a big clock while I sleep. I don’t even have to think about it. One suggestion though, since there’s plenty of space on iPad could the developer just add an option to show date & month as well?

- A classy face for the iOS alarm clock

With Night Shift and True Tone turned on and the brightness turned all the way down, Fliqlo makes your iPhone look like a 1960s or 1970s digital flip clock illuminated by an orange neon bulb. The uncluttered display turns the phone into the clock instead of the gimmicky appearance of other flip clock apps. It’s worth every penny of the price.

- Love App!

I love this app… my only wish is that the seconds were bigger so you could actually see the time moving instead of having to wait for the minute to change. Also if there were different colors to choose from that would be even cooler.

- Great for studying

I love this app because it keeps me from buying an actual clock. Not that it’s a bad thing not to have a clock, it’s just inconvenient now. Having this on my phone is amazing when I study I keep my time managed because I’m constantly looking at it.

- Best flip clock, but could be better.

I got this app to add extra functionality to an old iPhone X I use as for music in my office. This clock looks nice and clean with the OLED screen. I would love for the developer to add weather temperature on the top right of the screen.

- Just a clock app

I wish this could be a Lock Screen on the phone instead of just an app you open. I don’t see why I would need this app now since it’s not a screensaver I probably won’t open it again lol... however I do love the desktop version that does act as a screen saver.

- The perfect clock!!

Okay I love this app. I wasn’t too happy about the cost of a dollar, but that is low key the best dollar I ever spent. I use my iPad a lot for school & when I’m not doing anything on it I put this clock on & it automatically makes my surroundings more aesthetic. 12/10 🙌🙌

- An Update Idea

I really love this app but i wish there was more use for it! Which could be possible now i paid 99cents for it a long time ago for my phone and never used it but now that IOS14 allows widgets you should totally make it widget friendly!!!!!! It would be an amazing look on a home screen!

- Love It 🥰

At first I thought it was something I set as a screensaver but it’s just an app that shows the time which is even better because I turn it on while I’m working and it helps me to not mess with my phone as much. I’m honestly obsessed!

- Great!

For those who complain about it being false advertising are idiots for not reading everything. Clearly says it’s not a screensaver. Just read the description!

- Review

I really like this app, for my aesthetic/indie/ and vamp type of style and self I think it’s really cute. I use it for my iPad. You can change the setting so it can show the second and more! I like it:)

- Would be nice to have weather info

Would be nice to have more clock faces and simple weather info

- pretty, but lacking

it’s so beautiful! I got it on my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, but I feel like it’s lacking on all three. there’s just some things I’d love to see added to a paid app: - changing the color of the clock and numbers - a variety of number styles - an app for Apple Watch (god, this would be great)

- Love it but...

This is a nice clean looking clock with a retro style. My only gripe is that I wish it could be the default lock screen. I would be willing to pay more for that feature. Even better if it could be the default timer style too!!!

- Nice clock - missing date

I like this app. I keep it up on my iPad regularly. I wish it would also show the date and even next event on the calendar. For a large clock with cool font it’s great.

- can't be your lock screen

like others, i mistakenly thought i could set this clock to act as my lock screen. i'm assuming it's not the developer's fault that this isn't possible, but i wish i had known before spending a dollar on this. you have to open the app and leave your phone unlocked to see the clock, which isn't something i have any use for. i'm giving the app 3 stars because it does what it does perfectly, but i can't find any usefulness in what it does. it does look nice though.

- Please make it able to be a screensaver for iPhone

Was stupid not noticing it couldn’t be a Lock Screen saver on iPhone before I bought it so kinda bummed. Hope we are able to eventually! Cause I love it on my Mac screen saver.

- So simple. So beautiful.

One of those apps that does one thing, and does it incredibly well.

- Is a solid 3 could be a 5

Love it just that when the minute changes both the right most number (single digit) and the ten’s number both flip even though the ten’s number only changes when the signal digit moves from 9 to 0.

- iPadOS Widget

I love the app overall and use it on my phone a lot. I’d love to see a widget option for iPadOS. I have a screen dedicated to the apps I use for work. Having a widget in this group is what I’m missing.

- Simplicity at its finest!

"simplicity we'll use to survive" - Sizzla 💋 concept: kept it simple and short. it's a clock with brightness and tile background options. I just live it

- It's ok

I love it on my laptop cause it can be saved to your lock screen on your laptop. But on any other device you can't. It's use full and cute on a laptop but not on any other device.

- Great work

But can you add a capability to auto dim when say the same time the system changes from light to dark mode and/or add a manual schedule setting feature?

- Seconds options

The continuous scrolling seconds is cool but I would like to see a regular count

- Excellent Simple App - Need iOS14 Widget

Thank you for the excellent app. Please make a widget for this on iOS 14. That makes it more beautiful and always available on screen.

- Don’t waste your time with other flip clocks.

This is the only flip clock app not infected with ads.

- It’s a shame it doesn’t work in locked screen

You (developer) should update this. In Mac is pretty good as screensaver but in iPhone is merely an app that one needs to open every time. What a joke!

- It is so helpful

I can adjust it from 12 hour and 24 hour and I can also adjust the light level. It is really helpful.

- You know what

I would make it so u can customize it color or font or backgrounds

- Cannot make it a a screen saver for my iPhone.

After I installed this clock, I tried to make it a screen saver for my iPhone but was unable to do that. Disappointed.

- I’m alive

Saved my life because I almost was late to my career meeting.

- Bad app

Do not buy this app it is such a waste of money your phone already has a clock so why are you wasting more money on an app that has a clock. Please save your money and don’t purchase this app. I was so disappointed. If I could I would give it 0 stars

- Wanted this as a wallpaper..

I googled “clock wallpapers” and this came up. I thought it was awesome so I bought it. You literally have to go into the app to get the time... you’re seeing the time on your phone already, while you’re tapping the app... 😂 come on guys!

- 😎

So awesome! I use it every day!🤩🥳I can see it in the dark so good!!! At night or at day!

- I should’ve read more before buying

My impression was that this app would serve as sort of a Lock Screen clock on my iPhone. It doesn’t. You have to manually ope this app each time to use it. Who’s going to do that?? Waste of a $1.

- I got duped!

Feel like you should know that it is just an app the displays the clock when you open the app. You can’t set it as a Lock Screen. Maybe I missed that part in the description?!

- Not a screensaver

This is by no means of any use to me. I thought time would be displayed at all times but no you have to open the app to look at the time and that’s it. You either leave the app open to drain your battery or delete like I did.

- This app give a new purpose to my old iPad

It’s the best clock for my desk.

- Love It!!!

What’s not to love! Classic analog feel merged with digital convenience. Looks amazing and allows for way more tweaks than I imagined!

- Cannot use alarm clock

App looks nice and the configuration options were simple. But, if you set an alarm clock, it won’t ring through. Very disappointed. It was my only use case. Failed.

- Big Numbers

I love the big numbers and color, clear and ease of use! Ok

- Clock

How do I make this my screen saver?

- Where’s the widget support?

Ever since the IOS 14 update, I always want my home screen to look minimalistic so I bought this app in hope of a widget but it doesn’t. I request an update or I’m going to refund this.

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- It’s great!

I don’t understand why people could think this was a screen saver. If your on a iPad you should already know that iPads can’t work with a screen saver and neither can a iPhone. Anyway I really love this app but for the price i really think it needs a timer or a count down I could really see that being used a lot!. This apps great anyway especially if your into Aesthetics and stuff! totally recommend!

- Great app but needs widget for IOS 14

This app is great and in love it but I think now as IOS 14 has come out and widgets are the in thing now there should be a widget for this app :)

- Brilliant!!!

Does what says on the box. No user data collected nor disseminated nor sold. Brilliant app very useful. As soon as I found it, it was installed on my iMac’s screen saver, my IOS device, and the cheap Chinese knock-off was deep sixed. Don’t need to be spied on; thank you very much. Highly recommended!!! 👏👏👏

- The right app.

It did everything right.

- not a lockscreen

If you are after for a screensaver/lockscreen for ipad or phone, this ain't it. This is an app where you have to open it to see the time, which i believe we all doesn't want to do every now and then. I should've read reviews first before buying it. 👎🏽👎🏽 👎🏽

- Looks great, works as advertised

I’m not sure what the deal is with all these negative reviews - anyone familiar with iOS will know that there is no such thing as a ‘screensaver’ on Apple’s mobile devices. Perhaps people are thinking of dynamic wallpapers..? In any case, this *app* works just as expected, and looks great.


I purchased this app under the impression that it was a screensaver. It’s doesn’t appear to be so. I have been provided misleading information and false advertisement. Not impressed. Save your money. If I could give it zero stars I would.

- Not a screensaver

This is not a screen saver, do not purchase if you are after a screen saver

- ?

What’s the point

- Not working?

This is a screen saver is it not? Why can't I veiw it when the phone is locked???? Pretty useless if I cant

- Don't buy

Wish I had have read the reviews before buying. This ISN'T a screensaver; just an app that you have to have open at all times to see the clock. What a dud.

- Looks great but has no purpose

It's not a screen saver. It's just an app you have to manually open to view ... why would you need this?

- Don't buy

As the other reviews say, this is just an app that plays a flip clock, it isn't a screensaver or anything

- Do not buy!!!

I can't believe I just spent money on this app. It's not a screensaver. DON'T BUY!!

- just awful

it's just an app, not a screen saver as marketed - what a lie!

- Rip off

Does not do what you think it is going to do. I would give it -533567 stars if possible.

- this is suck and fake

this app is suck and fake. don’t get it !!

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- Great

The surface is clean and the font is beautiful Personally speaking better than other relevant apps

- Flip click


- One thing…

Dev’s: Wish you would add a simplified text weather report under the clock. One line with the temp, rain/sun/cloudy, humidity, sun rise/set.

- Just another clock

Thought it might be more versatile, just a clock, not good for screen as it will burn in after time if left, I think.

- Nope

Don’t do it. It doesn’t start automatically. It won’t go for your lock screen. It’s literally just an app on your phone that says the time. It’s a waste of money.

- Miss the split screen option

The reason I got this app was because it was one of the few clocks that would work in split screen. I used it for my class during tests so i could project the time (no clock in the room) and notes the students might need during the exam. Will now need different option.

- Useless for IPhone

It is useless for iphone, Doesn’t appear on Lock Screen so why do you create something useless, I want my money back!!!!!

- Best digital clock

Love it!!!

- Awkward 5

Flip artifice slices 5 awkwardly. Evident in screenshot. Otherwise awesome

- Battery issue

Drained my iPad Pro's battery from 100% to 0% in 30mins.

- Screen saver

Love the look and when I use it on my MacBook, but I’ve switched to iPad only for work...I dislike how it doesn’t start like a Mac book screen saver - that was my favourite part as I use the clock for work sessions. I’ll have to find something else :(

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Fliqlo iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fliqlo iphone images
Fliqlo iphone images
Fliqlo iphone images
Fliqlo iphone images
Fliqlo iphone images

Fliqlo (Version 2.1.3) Install & Download

The applications Fliqlo was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-07-27 and was developed by Yuji Adachi [Developer ID: 549135474]. This application file size is 1.77 MB. Fliqlo - Lifestyle app posted on 2022-10-26 current version is 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 13.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.9031.fliqlo