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What is soundtrap studio app? Soundtrap is an online, collaborative music and podcast recording studio. Make music with hundreds of software instruments and thousands of high-quality loops, or record podcasts easily. Collaborate remotely with anyone, in real-time, using the chat in the studio. Work on your projects wherever you are on almost any device, everything is stored in the cloud so that you can start a project on your phone and continue on a computer. Soundtrap - your everywhere studio by Spotify.

Soundtrap Features

• Record music and podcasts together online
• Invite friends to collaborate remotely on your recordings using the chat in the studio
• Create music with thousands of high-quality, professionally recorded loops in a variety of genres
• Record vocals and play the built-in sampled instruments (piano, organ, synths, drums and more)
• Real-time monitoring - apply effects to your voice as you record
• Use a large number of high-quality and professional effects
• Subscribe to edit your vocals with Antares Auto-Tune®
• Save all your recordings in the cloud for easy access from all devices
• Download and share your recordings via email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

Visit our website for more features, like the Interactive Transcript for podcast editing or to use Automation for your recordings. Try the Premium and Supreme features in our 1-month free trial!

*Soundtrap studio works on all iOS devices except from iPhone 4S, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen).

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Soundtrap Studio Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Soundtrap Studio Version 3.1.401 April 2022

Performance enhancement and bug fixes.

Soundtrap Studio Version 3.1.315 December 2021

Fix login issues affecting some users..

Soundtrap Studio Version 3.0.307 October 2021

It's now easier to navigate into the Studio, view, and jump between projects. This new update also brings major performance improvements and several bug fixes for a smoother music-making experience..

Soundtrap Studio Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great app, just a few things.

I love this app and have been using it for a while now to make dongs & stuff. However there are a few things that need improvement. My first and biggest concern is the saving feature. You have to manually save all the time to ensure that you don’t lose your project if the app crashes or if you have to close it. Multiple times now I have closed the app, forgetting to save and losing almost all of my progress. I would recommend an auto save feature, or at least some kind of reminder system or confirmation system that makes sure you don’t close the app without saving. My next concern is quantizing. I love it for some things, like making steady bears & different melodies. However, there should be some kind of feature where you can quantize duplets and triplets in the same section so that you don’t have to split it. Other than that, I love the app and will keep using it in the future.

- Good Concept, Needs Serious Work

This is my first app review. I just felt it was necessary to point out a few things for people planning on using the app. For one, I really like the selection of instruments and loops available through the subscription. Without a subscription, however, it’s very limited. That said, even WITH the subscription you’re still very limited in what you can do creatively because the app is extremely unstable. Even when it’s the only open app, It will crash within 5 minutes of use about 80% of the time. If I get past 5 minutes successfully, then the other 20% of the time it will crash in the next 5 minutes or so. For reference, I have an iPhone 12 plus, so I’m not running on any older software. I think once or twice I’ve been able to use it past the 15 minute mark without having to completely restart it and recover the project I was working on. Even when it doesn’t crash completely, it will glitch and stop playing sound until you completely close the app and restart it. I did the free trial and honestly I was excited enough to consider purchasing it when the trial ended, but I can’t see any point in doing it when I can hardly get it to function normally. I’m pretty disappointed, because it’s obvious that this app has a ton of potential.

- Doesn’t work on my computer

This app could be great, unfortunately though, it’s not. I first tried using the desktop version on my laptop, to no avail. I usually use Garage Band on my iPad to edit vocals and got this program specifically so I could do that on my computer instead, but for some reason the desktop version refuses to use my microphone. I spent two hours going through my computer and Soundtrap settings, only to give up because of how frustrating it was. I guess technically it did connect, but I couldn’t get the volume up and it sounded very VERY muffled. So I decided to turn to the app. Thankfully, the app was able to acknowledge the microphone, but the app doesn’t carry the tools that I want to use and crashes VERY often. Also the whole point I got it was because I wanted to use my laptop. I had the grand idea to record on my iPad then edit on my computer, but even though I’m on the same account and use the paid version it won’t sync well between devices. Anyway, for my purposes this app/site has been very frustrating, but it does have some good things packed in. I’m sure it’s useful to many other people

- Half good

So I had to make a school project. All I had to do was play around with making beats. I started working, and sat at my computer for a while. I went to take a break, so I saved it, and when downstairs to read. But when I came back up, my Chromebook had turned off. No big deal! So I open Soundtrap up again. And when I tried to edit the track I already made, it doesn’t let me. So I think: “This is annoying, but I can always make a second track beneath it. But when I start making a second track, it sends it back to the beginning of the song, which is not where I want it. I move it back, but since I’m using beats, I edit it. This sends right back to, you guessed it, the beginning. Please allow for tracks to be edited and remove the fact that when you edit beat, it sends you to the beginning. Another problem I have is with recording my voice. Last year, I had to do a recording of myself speaking for school. But every time I record myself, it sounds really bad. I waste 3 DAYS trying to figure this out, and eventually realize that you got to edit the sound to Clean 1. No clue why they make the default static, but I guess someone thought they should. So all in all, Soundtrap (of course, not the app, because the app is terrible, never use it if you can use the desktop version) has ruined 1 school project, and wasted 1 hour and a half of volunteer time sitting at a compter, after working until 4pm. Please fix this.

- iPad

The lag on the iPad (when I have to use it), disrupts the recording, stopping, and after hitting okay in microphone questions. Also, I'm a new user, as well as someone who didn't grow up with computers. As I learn how to use the AP, I do find it easy to use. Living with a disease that keeps me horizontal, outside of a few minutes at a time, I'm grateful to have your program to learn so I may still pursue my dreams and have my lyrics of my life heard one day. Although I may not be able to stand up and sing, I will find my way! Keep in touch, you never know how famous I may end up being. Oh, and when I get there, maybe your company will give me an affiliate site, so others may experience what I am. My future realistic goal thoughts! Stacie CoG Healing


This review comes from someone who uses an iPad to make beats. When you first open the app, it flips the screen like how you normally use an iPhone. It isn’t too bad until you have a tablet with a keyboard attached to it. You could flip the screen until you create a new project. I feel like it isn’t necessary to fill in my personal information like my email and birthdate. I just want to enter the app and make beats. When making a beat, the app tends to lag and freeze up. I couldn’t save my project a couple of times when this happened and ended up losing my progress. The app needs to automatically save your progress instead of having to do it manually once in a while. It lacks the ability to edit your notes with a piano roll. The interface isn’t really user friendly like GarageBand. I found the volume throttle and tools like it difficult to turn it.

- Soundtrap

Soundtrap has been a fairly user friendly way to continue some sort of choir during the pandemic. I have used this with my church choir made up of members ranging in age from high schoolers to senior adults and most have been able to use the sight fairly well with some troubleshooting along the way. I’m planning on using Soundtrap for education with my public middle school and high school students when school resumes. One weakness I wish Soundtrap would address is the ability to “lock” a track so that preliminary tracks cannot be erased inadvertently by someone adding a track.

- Not too impressed.

The computer version is wonderful! I love the computer version of Soundtrap, however, I’m not that impressed with the phone app. Basically it’s good for listening to songs and maybe contacting with collaboraters. But I found it complicated to try and work on a song on my phone with this thing... for starters (this is especially annoying when you’re collaborating with someone), you can’t see the name of your tracks when they’re in your song, it just shows an instrument. Most of all, it doesn’t like to let me move my tracks, and with the smaller tracks it wouldn’t let me make the tracks longer. Although I didn’t want to take too much time trying to figure it out... I don’t know. I wasn’t very impressed when I first downloaded it on my phone. I recommend working on your songs on the computer version of Soundtrap.

- Please fix this

Ok, I have music in my school during quarantine, my teacher showed us this app and website, but my first music making? Worked very well, but when he told my class that we were using it again, I thought I was prepared. But it sooooooo laggy! I can’t get anything open, I pray that it works JUST to get in the main menu!!! Please just FIX THE LAG. Another problem; I was playing my music with my mom earlier, she liked it. So when I was going to use this to do an assignment, the only thing that showed up when i opened in studio, was “loading...” and there wasn’t even a lot of beats in it! It just only said “loading..” and I deleted some apps, I waited and waited, nothing happened. Please fix it. Thank you.

- Very Good just one problem...

Need to fix the ios app because when i get on it it flashes the screen and keeps loading. Sometimes it even crashes. It just keeps flashing on and off for a while until i can finally press something. Also, can you add the ability to add the animations in the mobile version so i don't have to use my laptop because its old and the CPU easily gets overloaded with the music? Its probably just a computer problem and not the actual software. But otherwise, a very well music program that i enjoy using. 🖤🖤🖤

- Crap.

Saw the app advertised and thought I’d try it out. I should have done more research first, for one. I purchased the most expensive package, but didn’t realize that it was year-to-year. I’ve been trying to cancel and get my money back for three days, as it charged over $100. The customer service (Tin) I e-mailed back and fourth with this morning has been LESS than helpful. I don’t think English is their first language, based on their response wording. I’ve ultimately been instructed to “directly” contact Apple. I cancelled my membership, but apparently can not get my money back. I don’t want the app. I just want my money back. It’s obviously been made very difficult, intentionally. You also can’t truly benefit from this app, without a desktop, which I didn’t see advertised at all.

- I make music and this app makes it so much easier

I love that I can, at any place, at any time, as long as I have WiFi... instead of taking notes I can actually freestyle to a beat. I’m also a web/mobile dev. The future of the OS is the “browser”, and SoundTrap is one of the pioneers leading the way. Besides a few key board shortcuts and advanced engineering + plug-ins (which I can’t do anyways), its in my top 3 of online audio suites. Great pricing, awesome response to feed back, and an all around great product. You can’t go wrong with Soundtrap. I’m advocating for a mass export, or export as “file format”. That would just be too sweet. For now I have no worries and no complaints downloading one by one. If ur like me... I think I have 100 projects and I want to send them to my final mix engineer, it’d be nice to send them all in bulk. I still give 5 stars, I’ve been growing along side them and I will definitely be a product advocate. Cheers, you guys did a great job!

- Good DAW, but some serious problems

I use this app on my computer, so I thought I’d get the phone version. But it has some serious issues. The app makes me log on with my google account literally every time I open it, sometimes more than once. This is frustrating. The app also now is unable to play your songs while doing anything other than being on the app, which can limit ability to listen to them on the go. Additionally, the app continually fails to play audio, even after I close it and restart it. I enjoy using this DAW and would love to use it more on the go. But without some changes, I think I’ll be sticking to the desktop version from here on.

- Just a want

The app is amazing! The only problem is though, whenever I try to use my mic and record a song it says that the sound is too loud or something like that and I don’t know how to fix it. Also just a recommendation, can you make it so that you can open the song you created and have it as a project in the app bandlab. This is the only app I can create actual music with and it’d be awesome if you make this update where you can open it in other apps so that you can create projects there. But other than that the app is amazing.

- I can’t do it

I am writing this during the coronavirus pandemic, in which I am in New York City. I have online school and my orchestra teacher makes us use this. She said to share it to her, but I don’t have a share button! It would have made me get a zero if I weren’t a favorite of hers while I was in school. So to get my work in, I have to collaborate with her. She shouldn’t have to do something different for me while others are sharing it. Today, I had to do an assignment that involves singing. I know I sound like a pig being painfully slaughtered, but the audio was breaking and I couldn’t understand myself after the recordings were played back. I hate this so much, I can’t do it. I can’t I hate hate hate it. It’s horrible.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Crashing and Bug fixes

My friend told me this was a great app to get so we could work together on music. I’m not doubting him but in order to do that I need to be actually able to log in without crashing every single time I re-install the app, I’ve re-installed it 3 times now Incase it was a glitch, I’ve figured that it’s just the system. Once I see that this crash is fixed I’ll definitely however give this App Store a five star review with no questions asked because still - this is a very good program, and is helping other artists write there story. Just please, try to fix this system. Thank you.

- My app won’t work!

So I used to use this app frequently making beats and songs. I delete to fix my storage problem and when I downloaded it back it won’t let me click to access it. I delete it to download it again and it’s still saying “open” as if I have the app. The only way I can access this my account is through google and I’d much rather have the app. If there’s anyway you can help please do! Thank you. (Four stars because it won’t let me download it again)

- I can’t share my music!

I like being able to have music go straight from my computer to my phone, and I used to use this app because it made playing music and sharing it with my friends easier. More recently the app stopped letting me share audio files. It keeps saying that I’m not allowed to send files as audio. Would like assistance or an update or really anything because it’s causing a lot of issues for me at the moment.

- Very disappointed!

I had a subscription to FL studio mobile for a few months because I couldn’t get GarageBand (I’m on iOS 12) but I cancelled because I didn’t want to pay for it. I found soundtrap as the top alternative to fl studio and GarageBand, so I got the app but it won’t let me make songs and it just takes me back to my profile after it loads! I’m camping right now and the WiFi is kind of crappy and I’m on iOS 12, so if either on is a problem sorry for the mistake. The WiFi isn’t too bad because I can fix that later once I’m home, but if it’s the iOS, I’m kind of mad because this app says it requires iOS 8 or above. Anyways I’m so upset because I thought this would be a good app!

- Good luck creating a Profile Name

All names are taken. Nothing works. Even stuff that obviously wouldnt be taken like. Hatfuueg418g is taken. ABCDEFMAHTYS5712 is taken. ThisShouldntBeTaken is taken. My name is taken as well as every combination of my name and any set of numbers is taken. Not sure if this is a bug or if the app just doesn’t like me but I’ve got an iPhone7 so it should work fine. The tutorials only show how to use the PC version and only one tutorial video provides iOS use, but it’s limited.

- Great & Disappointing

Should be amazing, but instead there are the most insanely trivial things that should have been fixed years ago. The syncing is only good on a MacBook, for instance. Otherwise it’s impossible to sync and every single track is a millisecond behind or ahead of the other, even when you’re in perfect time with the metronome. Customer service....yeah, no. Nonexistent, and virtually impossible to find ANYTHING online about how to fix or do certain things. You can only be in a call with one person. Really? Like... fix that. Basic upgrades and fixes would make this amazing.

- Signup & Legal Agreement to See the App?

The most basic rule for creating good apps? Don't purposely make it more difficult for people to try your app. It's called user friction. The idea is to reduce it, not increase it. For example, there's no reason to require new account signup and require legal terms of service agreements before the user gets to the first view in the app. Think about it. Yes, it's possible an app really requires a valid account *to use it*. It's not possible an app requires an account just *to see it* or learn about it. Still think it's possible there's a valid reason? Ok I'll bite. Forget about letting people actually try the app first. Can you please explain why you can't link to a 15 second video about the app, without requiring people agree to legal terms and signup? What's that? People can find videos on your web site? Do a web search? Ah, but...remember the friction thing? App design 101: Make things easier. Even if all you can do is show a 15 video clip.

- Most useful feature not included on mobile!

So, I was creating a song just using the piano in this app on my computer, and at some point I wasn't able to access my computer (for certain reasons) and I found out this was on mobile. I had created it with the "Piano Roll" option to make it easier, and when I got to the mobile app, I was disappointed because I had no way to edit my song so basically it was a waste. If the Piano Roll feature can be brought to mobile it would be great!

- Pretty Decent and Easy to Use (Expect for mobile)

Soundtrap is a great way to collaborate music with friends, but I have a few concerns. Unless you have a computer, Soundtrap isn’t for you. I’ve often tried their mobile app, but it constantly crashes. I’ve also created a google account for it, alas, if you try logging in with google on mobile, it probably won’t work. It’s a great app, I just wish they would fix the bug. :)

- Won’t make an account

I just tried to sign up but it didn’t work (I’m probably just stupid but it should be easier to make an account as in it’s more obvious if I am) I put in my EXISITING email, a password, the country I live in (US) and my birthdate which I don’t feel safe telling random people on the internet but the screen never changed. I pressed the logo, the exit button, in between the two of them, and the dead center of the date thing trying to find a button to make an account but it never worked

- Can’t sign in on mobile.

So, for some reason. There’s a problem with signing in. When I get the app on my phone (iPhone 6s) it lets me put in my password and email but then it brings me back to the home screen of the phone. So when I try to manual type my info it says “You Need To Sign In Through Google” but when I do that. It brings me back to my home screen. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. But that hasn’t helped. This has only recently started happening. So I’m kinda confused. It works perfectly on the computer. But for mobile... it’s acting weird. Can’t sign in.

- Pretty Good

It’s honestly a perfectly fine and actually quite fun to play with and is basically my little studio. It can be struggling sometimes when it comes to producing and using effects and beats correctly. Also let’s mention the fact that I’m not a premium member like others so I don’t get as many features xP. But overall pretty good! Still have yet to find bugs, crashes or glitches :)

- Come on now 🔥

Soundtrap is truly amazing. Been working with it for a week, using the free service and have been able to do so many things. I think next month in December I will start to invest monetarily. Easy program to work with and navigate and the provide tons of tutorials if you find yourself confused or wondering. Amazing! Maybe one day I will become successful enough to partner up with the company.

- Break what doesn’t need fixing

It’s been a few months since I’ve used it, but I can no longer import my beats onto the mobile app. And now the mobile audio is automatically made a lower volume then originally. And to cap it all off I can’t even play and record myself as I read my lyrics from my notes, the beat is automatically cut and my recording is messed up. I made countless songs in the past with this app and a decent quality. Now it’s like they broke everything that worked and didn’t fix any bug I had previously. Just a bunch of useless effects that are pretty much the same.

- Very good but crashes at times

This app is very good for making music and is easily accessible for newcomers. But, the app does crash at times, such as when I try to use a picture for my profile. Also, can I please change my profile name again, I kinda messed up on it when I tried to change it the first time, it would be very generous of you to change it.

- Doesn’t work well for recording

There is no metronome function in studio, which is somewhat annoying. It also doesn’t let me use my air pods for recording. When I hit record, it has a pop up that tells me to wear headphones, I’m pretty sure ear buds connect the same way as headphones, so I hit yes, I got the headphones, and then it blares out the other tracks in the project through the speaker! So it asks me to wear headphones to make sure there is no audio looping and then it proceeds to ignore my air pods and play through the speakers. And I can guarantee that my air pods were connected.

- i have so much good to say!

i never write reviews!! I like making music quickly and autonomously. Being able to step away from the computer and be making waffles in the kitchen while i listen to what i just created through my phone... amazing! the seamless ness of it all is perfect. This is simple, quick and great for people who do not have a lot of time or a huge budget to spend on DAW’s. Waiting for things like: -VST plugin availability and more options for midi add ons. -Mic Monitoring when recording vocals on pc -private playlists that i can share a group of my songs to people in a link instead of having to give individual links other than that, this app/program has it all and i can’t wait

- Crashes whenever you edit the metronome

Despite this problem I tend to be a” make due work whatever “ kind of person, so I do find it useful for transferring projects from the computer to a mobile device. Other than that it does not compare to the desktop version at all! I just need a note editor/arranger on the app without having to record something on the keys. Please and thank you.

- Soundtrap is... aight. The app isn’t

Yea so I usually work on a computer when using soundtrap. It’s not great, adjusting pitches and tempo can take a while to load, but it’s got some solid basic tools and usually works. The app, however, does not. Every time I open it, it has me sign in. I do that. Then it loads for eternity. Only twice of the many times I’ve tried have I actually gotten into the app, and it seemed okay, but still very limited compared to the computer studio. Fix the login stuff and you’ll have a solid four stars, but until then nah.

- Why NOW can’t I share my project audio?

I love this app so much but please if you can devs can you help me out: I don’t know why now starting today I can’t share my project audio. When I click share audio on ALL of my projects, they say: “Alert: You are not allowed to share this project as audio” and I have no idea why now it says that. If anyone could reach back to me and help me figure that out it would mean a ton :)

- Good

This would have been a five star for the sound quality, but I wish when moving tracks, I could place them in between the lines more easily on my phone and not just on the line. It would also help me put two different tracks next to each other without cutting the previous one, but otherwise, if you just use earphones, your recording will sound very good.

- I can’t even log in

Edit: They seemed to have fixed the problem, Cheers! I have used this on computer, and have made a couple of mediocre songs, but in Mobile(newest IOS IPhone 6s) It decides to crash whenever I login with google, and if I use my email to login, it just says to try again later, even though, I have tried again Later.

- Only 1 problem

My daughter thinks this app is fantastic and she uses it all the time. The only problem is that you state that your age is 4+ so because of this i listed the year as 2009, but that doesn’t meet the age requirements. This confused me so I tried a different email and was going to put my age. When I put in my email, I was told that I was underaged (I had not put my age in yet)

- Website is cool, app is useless

You can’t do anything useful from the phone app. Like edit your song or record audio. Even MIDI notes, no access on the phone, it’s like they only made the app so they can say ‘access from different devices’ like literally what is the point other than maybe listening to your WIP? I was impressed by the website’s ability to function almost as a real DAW but the phone app is a waste of space on my phone. Can users with brand new iphones access the piano roll in the app?

- Great app, just a few bugs 🐛

I got this app for school to record a podcast, it works great and is great for recording, there are just a couple things that are kind of confusing. In example, the fact that the microphone auto adjustment isn’t clean, it’s mic enhancer something, idk. Also, it crashes kind of often like the audio playback won’t work. Other than that, nothing to complain about.

- Bugs

The audio breaks after a certain point, and starts to get annoying at around the ten minute mark in the audio file, as well, it keeps glitching and the audio stops and starts almost randomly, also, it’s hard to sign in to and keeps spamming that the app wants to open the thing that you are signing in with. Sometimes when you aren’t viewing the app and the music is playing, it stops about 30 seconds after. These bus are so annoying that I usually listen and publish stuff elsewhere. Pleas fix these bugs because they are app breaking.

- Cool app, but a few problems..

Alright so, i dont see the addition sign next to the loops. I cant add a loop to my song, i tried everything. Another thing is, when it says “make sure to record with headphones”, i grab my airpods and put them on. But it still tells me to do it, and to make it go away i have to put “no im recording without headphones”. I dont know, i really want to make music. I dont want to give up on this app, like i have to so many others So please developers, please help me.

- It’d be great if I could access the piano roll and edit

So I really do love sound trap, but I have one problem. There’s absolutely no way to edit or even get to the piano roll on the mobile version! I started using sound trap with my laptop about a year ago, and works really well. But I’m kinda disappointed with the mobile version because it doesn’t include the piano roll.

- Great music making app, just one problem at hand...

I have an account already and i made it on the computer, but when i try to log into my account on the iOS application, the app is supposed to load me into the studio but instead it crashes every time i log in. I have even tried to delete and reinstall the app, but nothing seems to be working for me.


Outstanding recording software; however, every time I open a project in the studio there’s a beating sound that goes on endlessly then the track eventually overloads. Recording is impossible with this effect, maybe the app is too old for newer iOS updates I don’t know what the problem is but I wish it would be fixed. I’ve had Soundtrap in the past with no problem, but ever since I upgraded the studio has been useless.

- Problem

It’s a great app, but before I was able to use all instruments without worries, and now with premium taking out all the essential woodwind and brass instruments, this app’s capability for those of us who can’t afford that kind of thing has become excruciatingly painful on making music, if anything, at least leave the woodwind and brass instruments free instead of locking all but tuba, clarinet, and African pan flute, behind a premium/supreme subscription, my apologies, but this app for me needs to leave.

- Please fix the ios crashing error

Don't get me wrong the app is or was great when I could sign in and work on music, but every time I try to load in and work on my projects the screen flashes following a swift return to my home screen thats the only issue otherwise its really great and well developed

- Can’t even get in

I’m on iOS, and saw someone else put a review about this. I love the website, like on my computer, but I just can’t log in on my phone. Whenever I try to log in and use the app, my phone screen turns black and then the app crashes. So I just can’t do anything on my phone. It’s upsetting because I love the website, so please fix this. I gave two stars because I love the website, and removed three because this mobile version is just.. well... useless right now considering it won’t even work.......

- Not compatible with IPads

Soundtrap used to work great for me, because I am in three choir classes and have to record a lot of music. Recently though, I have noticed that I am running into a lot of problems with using Soundtrap while I’m on an iPad. I have problems with my phone so the iPad is the only thing I can use to record on and it is very frustrating that I can’t import files. The app is also extremely laggy and takes forever to load and download files. Definitely not worth it

- Playing out of app?????

I remember that last week, I was able to play my projects in the app and then go to another app and it would keep playing. I liked that because I want to listen to my music. But now they feature is gone! What gives? Can you put that feature back, why did you take it away? I wasn’t even worried about all the other problems, but now I’m really disappointed.

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- Improvements

A good program, but you can’t edit notes or make regions, the computer version is much better, if you could you could make notes it would be way better.

- Great!!

The app is fantastic, I love the sound choices. I differentiates so much from GarageBand, although, one feature from GarageBand is very useful and this app could use it. In GarageBand, you can tap on a track and select “edit”, which would take you into an interface similar to the interface used on the edition of Soundtrap for a computer, in other words, a grid where you can add individual notes. It would be a massive plus for the mobile version of Soundtrap to include that as well. I don’t know if it has already been implemented, and if it has, how do I access it? Thanks a million!

- I had high hopes for this and my podcast.

The workflow looked amazing but when using it crashes frequently. The web browser version allows for video and links to collaborators easier than on the iOS application. I would’ve thought that I would be able to use my iPad for more on the go editing but I find myself now with a subscription to a app/service that doesn’t do what I need. Hopefully an update fixes the crashes.


I tell you what. It’s good it’s the best music app I could find but then when I left it for a while and came back to play it again . It didn’t let me into the studio. Don’t know what to do. If you read this can you please fix this problem where you can’t enter the studio to make music please. 🙂

- Wow

I don’t normally write reviews but i had to since i noticed there arent many reviews on here. This app definitely needs more attention! Idk try marketing? Bring in more customers! So that you can update this app to be even better than it already is. Keep updating please.

- Crashed the studio

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but the software is smooth and not laggy, yet sometimes, it just crashes. Apart from that, it is a great software to use

- I love it!!

This app is amazing it is much easier and cheaper than getting all of the equipment and doing it your self when this app does it for you, this is my favourite music production app thank you so much.

- Good but…

It’s a great music app and all but I’m not kidding when I say EVERY name is taken even stuff like: jhjvjghcghgkhijojkjkjkn(sfallaknsbjkliyggにぬんつんしΚαλαμάτα. Is taken I can’t change my name and it’s really annoying so please fix it or I’ll have to change to another music software.

- I love this app

This app is the best you can record good quality music a lot easier tha any other app I recommend getting Soundtrap

- Good

Super easy to use, better than other music making apps I have tried I use this to teach

- More instruments, please.

This is great and all, especially on the computer version, but this NEEDS more variety in available instruments. Examples I want to see being added are: Separate drums and cymbals (like bongos, timbales, djembe, marching snares, etc.) More keyboard instruments (like a Pipe Organ) More strings (like a lyre and a dulcimer) More brass and woodwind (like a sousaphone, a normal oboe, and a flugelhorn) These included instruments would certainly better the variety.

- Bummer! :(

This app is not good at all! When you have too many songs it disables them so you can't edit them, or go to the studio! Then you have to PAY, AND GET PREMIUM!!! This is so annoying, please help me! Buuuuuut, other than that, I guess it's okay!

- Ok

Pretty good, i wish there were more sounds for the free version

- Can’t unsubscribe - money trap, not just a sound trap

I have spent two hours trying to unsubscribe immediately upon receipt by email for fees. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe as the directions are convoluted and end up in dead ends. Trying to get unsubscribed but I’m sure it will end up being an expensive money trap!!!

- World Of Muzic!

Sound Trap is a very helpful and entertaining app. I think it could engage many people in music. The only minor problem it needs to have more varieties of instruments.

- No sound

I don’t know if it’s me or not but there is no sound at all on anything when I go to use the app that’s why I deleted it I hope this issue can be fixed as when I use the browser version it’s the same

- Swing and a miss

I had hoped for this I have it on the pc and it’s good but it’s physically impossible to sign in or log in I put my age in and it keeps saying “INVALID DATE”! Seriously come on

- Won’t let me make an account

Every time I put my age in and press confirm it changes it back to today’s date

- Sign up broken

I tried to sign up using the app and when I would type in my birth date it said invalid, so I clicked sign up anyway and it said invalid age and won’t let me sign up anymore

- Best dubstep mix I made which was awesome


- Bug

Cannot even sign up Tried all methods Always saying there is no internet and once to get thru that bug- you get incorrect birth Too hard

- MIDI not supported on iPad. Garbage.

Such a great looking app, but it doesn't support a MIDI keyboard on iOS, so it's pretty much garbage. So many other music making apps support it just fine.

- Why?

The Age Rating Is 4+, however when I try to sign up it says invalid date even though I’m 12. I cant enjoy the app if I can’t get into the thing in the first place!

- Supreme

Hi there, I can’t use Supreme for some weird reason, I can get it but It thinks that I am still on the basic plan, Can you help me?

- No horizontal view

Crazy how it rotates your view. I have a keyboard stand and a trackpad. You want me to tilt my head 90° and distort my hand in a similar way to use your app? Really?

- Horrible

It wouldn't let me sign in with my Facebook, Google or email. So I tried country and date of birth. I put in my D.O.B (Jan 1999) and it said that I was to young and must be a student

- Sign in Problem

I can’t sign in because every time I try it says that I don’t have internet

- It’s not letting me use the app. I’m 17...

Hey um the app isn’t letting me make an account even tho the app is 4+???

- Mr Anderson

You guys must realise by now l don't know enough about music yet lol . But honestly carnt till l do. I love music my favourite band is Dr Hook.

- Won’t let me use it

When signing up it said I did not reach the age requirements and that my birthdate was invalid. I’m 21. Seriously?

- Fix

I opened the app and all it is only a blank screen

- Fuvk you

Your app is trash,wont let me use it cause I’m not a certain age

- I’m old enough

Why doesnt it let me in, I’m old enough I’m WAY over four is game is a scam. Ugh

- Terrible

I can’t even sing up this app is terible.

- 🥵🤙🏼

sweet program guys good job



- Just use Garageband.

Just use garageband.

- This is my favourite app




- Not good


- Best EVA!!!

Love so much. Also really good on the p.c. And you have control in anything basically to create great music. I actually created a remix of one of Bruno Mars's songs.

- Usernames!

Overall, I think this is great. BUT When I try to change my username it won’t work. I search up artist who ‘have the same name as me’ and nothing pops up. It’s getting really annoying and I can’t let my subscribers on YouTube know what my soundtrap account is because I don’t have the usernames. I want to collaborate with others. But this app isn’t letting me.

- Same issue as cheese N Egger

Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date Invalid date

- this is gay

damn apps brocket can’t sign in through my email because the keyboard is broken on your app

- Bad.

Won’t let me change my username. Sorry.

- Sign Up Fail

Whenever you try to sign in and confirm your birth date, it says it's an invalid date even when you entered it in correctly. Surprised that Spotify haven't done anything to fix this even though people have been complaining about it for months...

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- Patterned beat making!

Please add the pattern beat making it would make the app so much better I don’t have a lot of time on my hands but it’s nice to make easy music.

- Love the app, but it’s kinda slow

So basically, I love this app of yours, I really do. But the thing is, it’s kinda slow. Like, really slow. Cause whenever I would tap on something, it kinda takes forever. It’s almost like a battle with time, and I’m probably not winning at it. Maybe u can give it an update sometime? That way it would be way better to use. Anyways, hope u have a great day☺️ and thanks for listening/reading to this.

- I cant invite people

The app is Awesome! But there is a problem in it i can not invite people and i don’t like that But it good so please fix it AWESOME!

- Looking for the best developer

You can introduce your friends or colleagues to contact me.:. My Skype and WhatsApp⑥: +♨ 8618903532913[,%The company urgently recruits online developers to customize and develop apps according to our needs👽. If you are skilled and have time to do it.@ We pay the corresponding Commission.+

- Alright

Hard to work with on mobile but simple to use in general. 3.5 outta 5.

- Amazing

This is an amazing app for making music, and the website as well. However, I spent 3 hours on an instrumental beat and forgot to save. When I was done, I gave it a title and clicked save. The website glitched and my whole song is gone. And then it asked if I wanted to recover and save my last project, and that crashed and exited the tab... The last few hours I have been redoing that same beat and EACH TIME IT GLITCHES OUT. IM SO upset.

- It crashes

It’s crashed sometimes :/

- If you want to create anything under 4 minutes, this is the app for you.

Don’t be fooled into subscribing to this app and think you’re going to be able to create a podcast. The app won’t open on my laptop. It won’t open my projects on my phone. The only way I can use it is on the actual website and even after I finish editing everything, it takes several hours to “mix” I was under the impression I was the one spending hours mixing my own podcast, evidently the system needs to as well and takes twice as I, a physical human being with minimal experience, take.

- I don’t like it

I don’t like it

- Like it but...

Don’t get me wrong, this app is wonderful but it would be even better if it didn’t require me to restart the app literally every 10 seconds. I am not exaggerating at all, every 10 seconds. It took me an hour to even get it to work once without restarting. I also have a few suggestions... 1. Make it so when you are listening, you can edit. I know you can do this but you can’t do it without it PULLING YOU BACK to where the bar is at. 2. If people don’t have the premium version, don’t put the free stuff at the bottom. 3. Make buttons like the ones on those little DJ things. ( I cannot describe it so search up D1ofAquavibe on YT and you’ll see what I mean, it has buttons )

- Nvm I’m dumb

BEST THING EVER just when u in call u can’t hear the music that much but everthing els b

- slow

sometimes when i try opening the app it takes forever to ask which ac im using and im jus sitting there with the logo on a white screen but idk it could jus be my wifi.

- site isn’t working :(

the app and the website server keeps saying there’s an error and it won’t open up. i tried on different platforms (chrome, microsoft) and different devices and it’s still now working

- It doesn’t load

I spent more than 15 minutes on the loading screen and it didn’t load so I just gave up.

- Great website, terrible app

I downloaded this app about a week ago and it was functional (mostly, let’s not get into the how distorted the recording is when you don’t use earbuds for some reason) for about two days. Ever since then, anytime I try to enter the studio I’m stuck on the loading screen forever. Troubleshooting didn’t help, the only way around it is using the website on your phone’s browser which completely defeats the purpose of the app. Also, the site on a computer makes every recording lag for some strange reason. The ONLY way to record is using wired earbuds or no headset at all on your phone’s web browser. That’s not the worst thing in the world though, and the website functions reasonably well aside from that, it’s just that the app is completely useless.

- It’s ok

Trying to load a sound is horrible, it doesn’t play it or it takes forever to load. Can’t load my projects it’s always stuck at 61% when loading which is dumb if you want people to use your app.

- Can’t use piano roll

Can’t use piano roll on this, I’d recommend sticking to the browser version.

- Annoyed:(

I have to sign in at least twice everytime I open the app and it’s getting annoying lol. However the website on my computer woke great and I thank you because I rlly love this music maker :))

- Horrible

Editing is atrocious You can’t make a beat too fast or it doesn’t pickup Every time I open the app it asks me to sign in to google twice And you can’t do anything without premium

- Great app, but I don’t think I can import anything.

This is a great app, but I don’t think I can import anything (or maybe I just didn’t figure it out), so it is a bit disappointing. Is it ok to do an update sometime (if it’s ok)? Then I think this app will be perfect! Thanks for reading~

- Amazing app

Hello random person I’m a singer songwriter and I use this app to make my music along with other props and stuff I upload my music to soundcloud this app is great for young beat makers and musicians! I totally recommend this app!

- Won’t Load My Saved Project

Ok so I did a project and forgot to save it yesterday so I restarted it today (btw auto save would be a nice feature). Then, today I did half of it and had to take a call. I saved it during the call and closed all my apps because I have a habit of doing that. I tried to load the project back up and it’s stuck at 5%. I also can’t log in half of the time and I’m using the same password and email.

- It’s amazing, but it’s always signing me out

The app is amazing, I have been using this for a few months during quarantine, and you can do quite a bit with it. The only problem is whenever I refresh the app, it signs me out

- Amazing

I love it so much

- I think there’s a bug

Usually I don’t have many problems with the app but for 2 days it won’t load when I open it and the bottom bar flickers on and off but this app is amazing I just need to get on to it

- App is broken

Paid for the full subscription and it appeared on my Apple subscription list, but when I went to use the app it wouldn’t let me use any of the premium loops. Wasn’t working on desktop either.

- Hi there

It’s a little too complicated

- Crazy


- So good

The interface is so easy. Making music became fun overnight.

- 1 Star

I can’t even log in using google how am I supposed to even use the app

- doesnt allow me to sign in

says that im not connected to internet connection even tho i am and it doesnt let me put my country, therefore i cant even use it. tried redownloading it but it says the same thing.

- Accessibility with VoiceOver

Please make your app more accessible for VoiceOver screen reader users, and if you read this and make it more accessible, I thank you in advance.

- It pretty good

🅱️ruh it is pretty sick 👌

- It’s crashes

The app crashes every time I open it now somehow pls fix

- Cannot login

It crashes right away when I log in and it demands to not work. Fix that please it’s great on pc but crashes straight up on mobile. Not only that but it used to work.

- crashing problem

Can’t even login, crashes as soon as it starts to load. My account works on my laptop fine, apps just broken.

- Doesn’t work

Crashes every time I try to log in

- The app keeps on f crashing and im trying to make some bello beats

Like please fix this cause i finna make a bello beat but it keeps on crashing

- Awful app

Trying to sign up it said I didn’t meet age requirements also wouldn’t allow me to choose my birthday. What a terrible application deleted instantly.

- Please fix

The app keeps on crashing when i try logging in.

- Really bad for cutting and trimming clips

This app has a lot of really good loops, but for editing literally anything it’s horrible. Makes it impossible to make beats and move around your clips

- Can’t do piano roll

I’m sure it’s a really good app, but I can’t do the piano roll thing with it. I know that you can do it with the website, so why not the app?

- It is the worst

It is so bad

- There’s something Wrong with it

You can’t open the app the past few days without a flicker or something like it’s trying to force close. I like this app but I’m giving it one star because there isn’t even a way to contact Soundtrap and let them know there is a bug. Please fix this app as now I do not have access to the music I’ve created.

- Crashes when I try to use a loop.

Soundtrap is a beast at eating away whatever memory your device has, it will clip and crash even when it’s the only app open on my iPad. I can’t use a single loop cause it will just freeze and crash. The instruments clip when I play them and overall it’s a mess. Only reason for the 3 stars is cause the desktop version is better even though it will eat your RAM into oblivion.

- It’s okay but I would not recommend it

It works but it’s terrible first of all it does NOT let me use headphones to record second of all it just crashes way too much

- Hate this never get it

So I was looking at the app, and it looked good at first. So I got it and It won’t let you do anything.It’s a terrible app.

- Great app!

This is an on-the-go music making app! Easy to use and fun to make music with friends! I’d 100% recommend it!

- Crash

It crash every time i try to open it or log in

- I hate it

It wont let me log in i have an account but every time i try to log in is says error and wont let me in i have tried deleting it and downloading again but nothing works terrible app

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West Seneca CSD

West Seneca West band students collaborated in small groups to record carols. Students used Soundtrap, a web-based, cross-platform, collaborative music recording studio to record and work together remotely.

j.p guurdenky sliplogruya-q schwenck

@soundtrap you guys should have the option of *duplicate* studio project.

Alan Cameron

Online learning will be delivered at least in part for many schools in January onwards. Any school interested in a free trial of online podcasting and music studio @Soundtrap, let me know! @EducationScot @IanStuart66 @musicmarkuk @MusicEducatio10 @SAMEMusEdScot @soundandmusic

Soundtrap Studio 3.1.4 Screenshots & Images

Soundtrap Studio iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Soundtrap Studio iphone images
Soundtrap Studio iphone images
Soundtrap Studio iphone images
Soundtrap Studio iphone images

Soundtrap Studio (Version 3.1.4) Install & Download

The applications Soundtrap Studio was published in the category Music on 2016-04-25 and was developed by Spotify [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 121.3 MB. Soundtrap Studio - Music app posted on 2022-04-01 current version is 3.1.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.soundtrap.studioapp