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AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster [Music] App Description & Overview

AmpMe™ is the record breaking #1 iPhone music syncing app that boosts the sound of your music by syncing it with all of your friends’ phones, bluetooth speakers, desktops and laptops for FREE!

Over 20 Million users already use AmpMe™! Wanna know why?


PLAY music from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud or your personal Music Library

SYNC up with your friends to play music and watch videos simultaneously on multiple devices. The more devices you connect, the louder your party!

CONTROL the playlist with your friends and maximize your sound with the AmpMe™ FREE portable speaker volume booster!


AmpMe™ sync technology is so robust that it broke a world record by syncing music on 22,000 devices at the same time!


AmpMe™ has been featured on major publications like CNN, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Variety, TechCrunch, CNET, GQ, Engadget, PCMag and more!


With AmpMe™ you can always connect remotely with friends, DJs, influencers, or even strangers all around the world by joining a FREE Live Party!

Sign in with Facebook or Google to connect with friends, follow their profiles, and get notified when they start a party. That way you can help curate the playlist with song suggestions or roast their song choices in the chat ;)


1 - Download AmpMe on your iOS device.
2 - Start a party via YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, or your personal Music Library. Alternatively, you can join a party nearby or Live Party if you don’t feel like being the host.
3- Tell your friends to connect to your party.
4 - Everyone in the party now will be able to listen to the same music and/or watch the same video at the same time.
5 - If you started the party, you’re the host and control what everyone else is listening to. Your friends can also add songs to your playlist - if you want them to.
6 - Chat with friends, send special emojis and send reactions to the music

AmpMe is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and bluetooth speakers, --just sync one bluetooth device per phone.

FYI #1: SoundCloud requires that you have a SoundCloud account. Deezer and Spotify require that you have a premium subscriptions on their platform.

FYI #2 Music Library (local music on your device) isn't supported on :
iPad1,1 , iPad2,1 , iPad2,2 , iPad2,3 , iPad2,4 , iPad3,1 , iPad3,2 , iPad3,3 , iPad3,4, iPad3,5, iPad3,6, iPad2,5, iPad2,6, iPad2,7, iPhone1,1, iPhone1,2, Phone2,1, iPhone3,1, iPhone3,2 , iPhone3,3 , iPhone4,1, iPod1,1, iPod2,1, iPod3,1, iPod4,1, iPod5,1


You can subscribe for unlimited access to AmpMe™ speaker boosting parties*
Subscriptions are weekly, monthly and annual**
You’ll be able to host unlimited parties
Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase
Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing period
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing period
Subscription may be managed by going to your Account Settings after purchase
Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during an active subscription period
* Except in Canada, France, Sweden.
** Subscription amounts are equal to the value that the “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines to be the equivalent of the subscription price of your local currency in $USD.


Terms of service:
Privacy Policy:
Contact us:

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AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor music sync bug fixes. Drop a review or send us an email to if you have any questions!

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Comments & Reviews

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- Nice but needs minor easy fixes

Okay I don't normally even care to write a review but this was needed for this app. I have two really good sounding Bluetooth speakers but from different companies that don't have a sync function also my phone is an iPhone 7 with out the latest 5.0 Bluetooth that allows multiple speakers paired. Finding this app I originally thought it would allow me to connect multiple speakers using only one phone but that's not the case you have to have another device paired with a Bluetooth speaker to get this to work however it's just a minor inconvenience since I just dug out my old iPhone and joined my party while it was connected to its own Bluetooth speaker. Really cool no lag on the audio at all! I plan on getting another speaker so I can use my iPad as well to control another speaker. I really wish you didn't have to use facebook or google to login though as I won't be able to use the app like I want without making a fake gmail account.. Overall though if you don't have Bluetooth 5.0 or speakers that offer multiple speaker pairing like UE or JBL then this app will work great as a alternative to have surround sound, as long as you have a bunch of devices that is 😂

- This app is great!!! But-

This app is so great!! It helps me and my friends make our music loud let just off of our iphones. One problem with this is that it really drains your battery. It also doesn’t help that you can’t use the app while having your phone turned off. Also- The app also needs better design and directions because it’s kind of difficult to use. Other then all of this I find it a HUUUUGE help! Thanks a lot! Thanks for the response. What’s difficult is that we can’t use the app with our phones off. It also glitches sometimes. Like the music will stop and start a lot. There’s a lot of pop ups that are kinda annoying as well. Once you get used to the app it gets a little easier to use.

- Subscriptions?

This app will go viral if you guys remove subscriptions and do one time purchases in the range of $2.99-$4.99. This app is designed for groups of people to use and expecting groups of people to all subscribe is outlandish and prevents the viral spread of this app. No one at a party is gona download this and subscribe. It’s an immediate turn off. People wouldn’t think twice about a one time purchase though. I’ve been in countless situations since this apps launch where many people would have bought it as a one time purchase but I currently don’t know ANYONE who uses this app and I have a feeling it has something to do with subscriptions. This app relies on multiple people subscribing and I find that counterintuitive because the more people you have willing to spend that money the more likely they are to just all pitch in on a speaker... why have 5+ people all subscribe when you can start to buy speakers in that price range???Also if you guys want more money to develop the app why would you do subscriptions that would turn away millions of dollars worth of one time purchases? I’m not sure how much you guys make from your subscriptions but I do know it’s preventing an exponential increase of popularity amongst your app and I really find it hard to imagine your subscriptions are making up for the money that you would make off one time purchases

- Don’t use this app

Probably the worst music app I have ever downloaded. Literally the only reason I got this app was so that I could play music on my Bluetooth speaker and my sound bar to get surround sound. The user interface is confusing, they force you to convert chrome to their layout to be able to use it on pc, auto sync doesn’t work if you have a speaker connected to your phone and they won’t even list it as a device after using sync, which means that you will have to restart the app to listen on your speaker, which undoes all the work you went through to figure out how to sync your devices. I tried to sync them using my computer, but it’s not automatic, instead the delay goes up and down in increments of ten which makes it basically impossible to get it perfect in a space as small as mine. During the point where I tried to sync my devices using my pc, the app crashed my internet. All of this, and they want 9.99 a week? You don’t even allow me to just stream whatever I already have playing on my phone! Instead, I have to select which app I want to play out of the ones they have selected, none of which I have music saved on...

- Subscription...

Okay I'm not one to write a review, but I have kinda been sitting on this for a while. I've been using AmpMe pretty much since it was put on the appstore. I went wild and showed all my friends every chance I got. It was the answer to the problem all my friends and I were having. And I really enjoy how much progress the developers have made over time to fine tune the auto sync and other features. What has made me use this app less and less is the fact that it requires a subscription to use it. Not sure if it is a bug on my end or not, but I can't even attempt to host a party without the full page being filled with why I should buy the subscription. If I edit that then I can't host a party unless I deleted and reinstalled the app. Then it would only let me host on the first instance I opened it before doing the premium thing again. Aside from the outrageous subscription, this is an awesome app and unless something can be done to help remedy that, I will be finding an alternative or making my own.

- Far too complicated

Not only does it take 10 minutes to sign up and verify your account, but you also have to sign into every music streaming service you want to use...and so does everyone else. After 15-20 minutes of the 4 of us linking accounts, finding passwords and attempting to sync up some music we got an error every single time we tried to play music. After a while it even just muted the music coming out of my phone (host) and just stopped playing all together. The interface is not terribly easy to navigate and understand what’s going on. A 1) open invite 2) join party 3)sync phones 4) have host pick a song and enjoy Kind of thing would have been nice, at least for new users. After several “successfully synced” messages we still never got it to work and eventually gave up. What we thought was a good substitute to our BT speaker dying on the beach turned into a frustrating waste of 20 minutes. GREAT idea, disappointed in result. Especially after seeing all the ads portraying its simplicity and fast setup. P.S. We were all using new iPhone 10s so its not like the equipment is to blame.

- Finally!

I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that I could just connect three or 4 phones together and play audio simultaneously! Finally this app exists and it works pretty well. The only small qualm I have and it’s totally understandable but it’s that sometimes the syncing time takes just a little long and I could see it creating awkward silences during a party environment. Hopefully that can be worked on and optimized in future versions. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a feature that was mentioned in another review where guests can press a Please Skip button where the host is notified that so many people would like to skip this song. Otherwise this app is fantastic!

- Great App! What they don't tell you...

The app is fantastic. It's a huge step in the right direction and syncing speakers is great but they mislead you a bit. You CAN'T stream music from one device to multiple Bluetooth enabled speakers. Technically, you can control the music to multiple Bluetooth speakers from one device but each Bluetooth speaker needs its own host app or device to enable multiple speaker playback. Example - 1 Bluetooth speaker needs an iPhone or app to enable playback on 1 speaker. 2 Bluetooth speakers require 2 iPhones or devices running the app to have multiple speakers play music through them. They don't do a good job explaining that and the app doesn't either. Knowing that information - the app is pretty awesome.

- Great app flawlessly but..

I download this app with this idea in my head that you could sync multiple phones together to play the same music and low and behold here it is ! And it really does work ONLY one complaint that’s stopping me from using this app more often is that you can’t stream your Apple Music library and that’s a huge blow to me ..especially being that I’m part of the Apple ecosystem and being that this app is on the App Store ...I really hope with a new update that can be addressed ..besides that delivers on everything it sought out to be

- Terrible product

Speakers exist for a reason and would be cheaper than your horrific in app purchases. Not to mention far more effective. Also PLEASE fire whoever is in your marketing team for some of the cringeworthy and horrific ads i have ever seen. Your undoubtable attempt to appeal to younger generation is horrific with attempts at making memes out of an already horrible advertisement. Be ashamed for a terrible product and an even worse way of marketing it. For those who haven’t seen these advertisements allow me to give you a generic breakdown. The video starts off with a girl close up and offbeat cringe twerking into a small speaker on a table that then falls into a pool. (OH NO) The video then pans to a group off girls all in bikinis giving off a skin sells product kind of vibe so strong it’s undeniable. Its a true cringeworthy spectacle you truly need to see to believe for a product I tried and deemed pointless.


First of all most portable speakers offer a better quality sound than three of your friends pairing your phone together. If your portable speaker dies, is it worth paying $10 a week per person to pay for a subscription? The answer is hell no! Who wants to paid $40 a month for a stupid app you’ll hardly ever get to enjoy, because at the end of the day how many of your friends are going to subscribe to something they may never use again for $10 a week? When you download the app you get a free week but are automatically charged $10. The marketing/advertising is terrible, the functionality and accessibility are terrible, the deceiving cost is terrible, but the idea itself is something plenty of us have thought of before. “Oh wouldn’t it be cool to pair our phone and play louder music?” It sure would, for a one time payment of say $1!

- Allow me to use more than one speaker off my phone

Take this technology to the next level by allowing me to access at least 3 different bluetooth enabled devices. Nobody uses boomboxes anymore and have at least 3 bluetooth devices near them at all times. Like dish network allows you to access as many tvs as are in your home with the same programming. If bluetooth cant do this than use live streaming and make me the director of my choice in music. please... this service aint worth the money if i cant use it like i want to use it. Dont go out of business....

- NOT FREE. Charged me $20!

This app does not make it clear that it is an automatic subscription service. As soon as you download the app which has no price range stated, you automatically confirm a weekly subscription of $9.99. It is free for a week but they automatically charge you without permission after. There was no option to pick a subscription, it was picked for you. They don’t ask if you would like to continue paying to use the app after the free trial ends, they bill you without your consent. There is an obvious dishonesty towards the customer. They try to have you forgot about the app so they can charge you a ridiculous price. $10 a week, that’s $40 a month! Thank god I caught it before too much damage was done. I’m taking this to Apple support to see what can be done.

- GREAT! But...

So this is a really great app to get pumped up with some friends over in a room or something but first of all. It REALLY drains your battery and you can’t turn off your phone or it won’t work. They also need better instructions because at first it’s really hard to find the live thing and you have to pay sometimes. Otherwise it’s really fun and it can connect to other apps to play music!

- Great concept but poor pricing

I was excited to use this app when I saw an advertisement on IG. So I went to the App Store to download it and try it out, I had to do a double take when I saw the subscription of $9.99 ... per week. That’s pretty much $40 a month, that’s $480 a year. Unless this app is making me money, I don’t see a reason to get this app and commit to a subscription of almost $500 a year, on top of my $1000 cell phone bill, on top of my other bills. If it was a one time charge, it might be different. If this was free, I would definitely download it. I would use it regularly and tell my friends to download the app. I’ll be looking forward to an app that offers this service for a better cost and possibly free.

- The five star reviews on this app are FAKE.

Sort reviews by Most Recent and check out the interesting pattern that the glowing reviews all have: a barely comprehensible sentence or two about how great the app is (in poor English), something to the effect of “I love you guys!” or “You guys are awesome!” and then 1-3 emojis. Really disgusting that this company is not only charging out the wazoo for their app, but they’re also deceptively stuffing their reviews with fake 5-star ratings. I’m furious about this; I actually READ REVIEWS and use them to judge whether I should buy the app or not. What this company has done subverts the entire purpose of reviews and is utterly disgusting. They, and this app, should be removed from the App Store. I’ll be making a complaint to Apple ASAP.

- Horrible😡👎🏻

I had the worst experience ever. I spent so long trying to sign into my music account and the the app had me answer 17 about if I was a robot. After clearing the app to try again it made me pay so I deleted the app and got it again only for it not to let me play any of the songs I wanted. It did not have all of the music apps so to make it work I had to make a bunch of fake ones And the they did not let me play music. I am so frustrated and angered. Me and my friends were just trying to hang out. Don’t get the app unless you plan to pay bc that’s the only way you can actually use it. Never again will I use this app and I have already deleted it. I am disgusted at how much time this app took up😡😡

- Needs to price correctly based on market data

A simple app, does the job, gets it right, expect for one thing, the price. I am a marketing major undergrad (attending Texas A&M Commerce) ive learned a lot about business models and price models. One thing I can say for a fact is this, Ludicrous prices can really hurt a businesses bottom line. It’s price is too high, you may need to hire a marketer to help with setting a correct price to maximize your profits based on expense, supply, demand etc... it’s not hard honestly, believe it or not Walmart makes billions not from setting high prices but from selling low, yes low. Trust me you’ll make more, you'll be able to spend more to improve this app this way, trust me it works. Don’t spam ads, just work on pricing and your consumers with do the marketing for you. I hope y’all take this as constructive criticism and work on improving your business and price model as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to read this. TLDR; price is too high, cuts into bottom line. Lower price = more revenue, more paying customers, more app investment.

- BEWARE - THIS APP IS A SCAM! Cost me $400!

I am not one to write negative reviews. This one is my first ever (and I have used hundreds of apps!) If I could give it negative stars I would. My daughter downloaded this app 9 months ago. I just realized it has been charging me $9.99 PER WEEK for 9 months! It has cost me almost $400! She tells me that she did not subscribe to the app. Other reviews on here confirm this as well. That is the definition of a scam. I am sure this developer is laughing all the way to the bank. Apple needs to kick them off the App Store. I hope this review helps someone else out there. If you download this app, just know what you are getting into though I highly recommend you avoid it!


It makes you put in your information if you want to use it even though it’s “free” for a week or whatever. I tried to use it and it was complicated, and then when I figured it out it still didn’t work that well. Needed to use it because the car didn’t have radio. We all gave up on it anyways. Forgot about it because I didn’t use it. Should’ve uninstalled. Now I have TWENTY dollars taken out of my account. 10 for what was expected when I realized, still needed a refund. The other 10 came out of nowhere. AFTER I cancelled the subscription. Remember to cancel your subscriptions, because they don’t warn you before taking it out of your account :)

- Not a radio guy at all:

I don't listen to the radio in my car, I prefer my own music. After using this for a while I figure it's worth a review. One thing that's definitely very handy aswell is that I don't have to disconnect my phone, my friends can just add music to my private party playlist. Which is great because then i don't have to pull over to type in my password and disconnect from the BT so that they can connect. Potentially a lifesaver... Just saying.

- Got rid of my phone player for this.

I bought a new phone and the built in player was problematic. The problem was, when I moved the downloaded songs to a different folder, the built in player didnt show the songs in the new folder whatsoever. The sound quality of the built-in player also sucked donkey d!ck. This player serves me well in both of these areas amidst an array of sick extra features..Really outstanding app!

- Went for a walk a few days back..with ampme! Ended up getting a boyfriend. LOL

Bumped into a friend of mine while strolling through the park and it was such a beautiful day we decided to sit on the grass in the sun and chill. We synched our phones, lay back and listened to music for almost two hours and just chatted. Didn’t even need our bt speaker, which neither of us had anyways. Was so cool and even better cause now we’re dating. This app is perfect for any setting, really!

- Do Not put your credit card down

I don’t leave reviews however this has got to be the biggest scam out there. They offer a free trail then after the first week charge your card on file 1x week for the full amount. I have had this service for 1 month and been charged 4x. This is ridiculous, they have don’t have bad customer service for to have that you’d have to have a customer service phone number which they don’t therefore I’d say they have zero customer service - do not download this app it doesn’t work nearly as well as it should and unless your all using the same exact phone and model never sinc perfectly

- Great experience, everytime I use it.

Fantastic, wonderful, excellent are just a few words to describe the performance... The best app for playing music but there's also a whole social range to this app aswell. Some of my friends already had it so it's cool to connect with them daily even though we don't live in the same area. The nearby party search is a must try feature. Try it on the subway! Sick! Anyways, download and enjoy!!

- Unclear conditions, be cautious

This app operates tolerably which is why I chose to give it a star. However as soon as you subscribe it instantly charges you $8.57 and continues to do that every single week you are subscribed. This is only mentioned in extremely small fine print on the apps terms and conditions. I downloaded the app to use once and found out I have been “subscribed” for 3 months. That’s almost $100 down the drain, which is extremely frustrating. This company is also not supported or recommended by Apple. It’s a despicable way to try and make profit, get a decent product first instead of just scamming people in the fine print.

- My kind of app.

Not only is it easy to use, but it does what it advertises. Syncing is super quick, like the devices listen to each other. There are so many parties to choose from and I love how the people I follow update their parties as in following their playlist. It’s like having your own personal dj. I’ve followed quite a few and I’m starting to connect with people who have similar taste. I could see how people could hook up on this app! Lol

- Great app terrible pricing

Awesome app!! Works great, but pricing is terrible, i see everyone has the same issue in the other reviews since a year ago and pricing model has not changed, i do undestand you need the money to develop the app but $40 a month is insane!!! Specially for an app you are only going to use 1 once a month. I would Pay $9.99 for this app. In total or maybe $1.99 subscription monthly. I guess they still dont understand that a little money from everyone is better than no money from no one, i cant believe people stay with this subscription plan for a long time.

- Review

Great subscription! I love how you can see other people’s playlists! You never know what you’ll find or what kind of music another person likes! Might even be the same music you like and you may choose to follow that person and then create a bond, through music even though you may not know each other, there will be a bond through music between you and that person

- Meh...

So I saw this app in an Instagram ad. So, I just wanted to try it out. Turns out, I like it. But, after I did my first party and I wanted to do another, it kept spamming me that I needed to buy the VIP thing. If this is the case, then this app is pointless. I would just try playing videos/music at the same time. If it wasn’t obligated to buy VIP after one party, then this app is perfect. If u wanna pay for VIP and wanna play music at the same time without struggling, then this app is for you. I’ll still have the app if I decide to pay, but I don’t think so.

- Terrible

I downloaded this app thinking it was free but immediately canceled my subscription and made sure I did that before getting rid of the app. Not wanting to get charged. But this app has charged me a literal 2 times this month and it’s only the 5th, and last month about four times and three times in October. It’s never even the same amount. And the amount they are charging me keeps getting higher and higher. I’ve tried to go back and cancel it again but it says I don’t have a subscription. So if they could stop making my bank account go negative and charging me LITERALLY ever 3 days. That would be awesome.

- Expensive

The app used to be free for when people wanted to start parties with their friends to play music. Now you have to pay to use the app and it’s not fair and there’s no point to anymore. The whole point of the app is to make a party and invite your friends and you could all use your phone as speakers to play that music. The app used to be easy and fun for everyone, and now you have to pay to make a party to even listen to music with friends. I used to have the app and it was free and all my friends used it and I told them how much people about it and how it was amazing until now. You can’t even create a party without paying.

- SCAM WARNING!! Unauthorized funds

This app works completely fine if you’re okay with paying a fee of $7.99 a WEEK even when you don’t SIGN UP for the subscription. I used this app once with some friends for a very specific occasion and just needed a free trial as I didn’t intend to use it outside of that one VERY SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE. I just received an email from Apple notifying me of funds taken from different apps and this app — I had deleted about a month ago — had taken $8 for the past weeks without my consent. Be sure to read the fine print ⚠️⚠️ I also contacted an Apple employee who informed me that this app is not endorsed nor recommended for purchase by Apple.

- Exquisite quality.

Greatest music player. I've tried several music player apps but most of them have not been very good to say the least. Some have very annoying ads while others do not have full range of music platforms like Ampme. There're also so many ways to connect to audio with this and all of my friends have it which make the chats a lot of fun.

- Unethical charging after I unsubscribed

The apps functionality is okay - works better in high density environments, but gets out of sync easily too which renders the experience on octopus and somewhat ostracizing if in a public setting. All together could be a fun concept but not worth your money. The app downloaded under the guise of a free trial, and then charged me for a week after an obscure amount of time elapsed. But then I unsubscribed after realizing that and to my surprise I found $40+ of additional charges in my bank account for this application. Not exactly happy with my user experience as an Apple App Store customer either.

- First time to use this app

Worked perfect the song started off weird and out of sync but the app gives you the option to speed up or slow down to sink with the person if your next to them once that was done everything plays in perfect sync courious to see how many phones can be linked together to play the same thing

- Extraordinarily buggy.

You Gus want us to pay $99 dollars a year for something that literally does not even work at the moment? I tried joining global party’s, no sound, never loaded. Can’t even test it with my own speakers as the offset feature for delay was not doing anything, the numbers never changed. I definitely don’t think it’s right to have people subscribe to something that isn’t finished to a point where it is completely useless in some circumstances. Bad business practice, but great concept for an app. Save your money at the moment.

- Finally your review..

I enjoy this app almost daily and I've had it for a long time, meant to review so here it is. Just wanted to say that I like all of the improvements you guys keep making. The addition of the desktop app too is killer because it allows me to play through my laptop now which is connected to my entire home system...Absolutely ballin!

- Finally your review..

I enjoy this app almost daily and I've had it for a long time, meant to review so here it is. Just wanted to say that I like all of the improvements you guys keep making. The addition of the desktop app too is killer because it allows me to play through my laptop now which is connected to my entire home system...Absolutely ballin!

- Wicked!!!!! 🤘🤘

My friends introduced this to me in the car when we were doing a 3hr mission. What impressed me was that we could upload from one phone to another in the private party and play through the car blue tooth, I bought it pretty much immediately. Since then, I’ve noticed a whole bunch of different parts of the app that are amazing. I’m enjoying this!

- What a blast! 🤙

I’ve been having such a great time on ampme. I really am blown away by how versatile this app is. It allows you to play music together with friends, through multiple phones in sync. BUT you also have the option to play through a blue tooth speaker aswell! OR you can even play through a laptop/computer! The social parts are great too with the party chats! This is the bomb! 💥 💥

- Extremely good app! I had another similar app but the pop ups where horrendous, also had problems wh

Extremely good app! I had another similar app but the pop ups where horrendous, also had problems where the videos would keep buffering. This app by far beats any of the other apps I've tried, the social aspect definitely sets it apart as well.

- What happened?

I used to have this app 2 years ago and it worked great. I just redownloaded it to use with a friend and now I realize how bad it’s become. You have to pay to use the app, despite it being a free download. I can’t do anything on there without a paid subscription, thus making the app useless. It’s nice to know that companies are all starting to care less about their people and more about the profit. It damages the quality of their products, and makes the company go to complete trash. I understand needing to make money to stay successful. But ruining your product to do that is foolish.

- Just works so well...

I was looking for a good music player app and I found it. You can sort the music the way you want in your playlists and being lazy at times I just hit up a recommended profile for a hot new playlist. i don't mind paying because they're no ads. i've tried the free apps before and they're absolutely littered with ads..

- ⭐️ Desktop app ⭐️

Desktop app saved my party, was using the blue tooth speaker last night, which of course died as soon as my girls came over. Remembered I left the charger by my bf. Anyways, got the desktop app and we were back in action! 🌈 That’s one cool thing about this app, failing that we could have still synched phones..the music is always AMPED by this app. One way or another!!

- Wanna chill with some friends?

I love playing some mellow music as loud as my speaker will go, and this just helps me do it better. I love it, and would absolutely recommend this to all of my friends, and even people I don't know, just because that could make us friends. No I wasn't paid to rate this app. I was given a prompt, "would you like to rate us?" And was like... heck yeah!

- Idea sounds good but not for the price!

I started to download the app and then realized that you have to pay a subscription! Nowhere in their advertising does it say you have to pay! Does it bother me to pay no but only if it’s reasonable! 9.99 a week is most definitely not reasonable! That is a scam especially when the app won’t be used as often as I think they are expecting someone to use it! My suggestion make it more affordable or at least provide ample time to use the app on the free trial 3 days is not enough time in my opinion! As fast as it downloaded I also deleted the app!

- Came recoomended..

I've been using this for a long time (my phone didn't come with a music player) and I love it. All of my friends have it aswell, it's fantastic that we're always connected through it and when we get together it makes the actual party and playing music together on the same playlist so easy!

- Old faithful..

This player has served me faithfully for the last few months. I use it for a variety of reasons, primarily for music but also all of my friends are on it so we catch up from time to time in the chats or if they send me a link to a cool party playlist. It's a complete party in here where you can be social or just zone out into some sick music.

- Came recoomended..

I've been using this for a long time (my phone didn't come with a music player) and I love it. All of my friends have it aswell, it's fantastic that we're always connected through it and when we get together it makes the actual party and playing music together on the same playlist so easy!

AirBNB 🎁

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- Multi speakers

I use this so I can have two speakers on the handle bars of my bike. One iPhone shows my navigation app; the other shows Cyclemeter (speed, heart rate, cadence etc). I was using the app Stereo Speakers but that requires that the two phones be connected to a wifi network which cannot be the personal hotspot of either phone. So I was carrying a third phone. Amp me seems to work when one iPhone is connected to the other iPhone personal hotspot. It’s not automatically stereo but if I change the balance settings on each phone that seems to send my late the effect. Anyway, still to test live on the bike.

- Excellent App for playing on multiple speakers

Great App, simple to set up. It allows you to get two or more Bluetooth speakers/headphones connected/paired to two separate devices with this app installed playing the same tune. Best suited for jogging/training partners/groups wanting to listen to the same music, as the exact synching of the music is not so important; 1/10 second out of sync between the music makes no difference. Syncing the offsets to get two or more Bluetooth speakers playing together with no lag between them is trickier. The App does allow for this though. Good job. It fills the gap with iPhones not allowing connection to more than one Bluetooth device, which needs to be sorted out by Apple.

- Stream option

Needs to be an option to go into your recent songs (which you can do) and then stream those as a party queue

- Ads are doodoo

If you earn so much money from your scammy subscriptions surely you could afford some actors/actresses that aren’t absolutely brain dead. Also, I feel that the plot is repetitive, predictable and quite frankly disappointing to put it nicely. I think you should hire a more creative and professional director/producer to make the ads engaging and more likely to entice a purchase. I find your ads extremely irritating and I can’t seem to go one browsing session on social media without seeing one and thinking “wow it’s that really annoying and monotonous ad again” and immediately skipping it. I hope to see a new ad in future with an engaging plot and interesting display of the apps capabilities. Thank you, JSizzle - 1/5

- Excellent app!

I love how easy it is to use the app, and it’s so much fun using it with friends! It’s so cleverly made if you haven’t already tried it, you definitely should because it’s just like a loud speaker except you don’t need to spend all that money on one! They’ve designed the app in a way that anyone can understand and easily use it!

- suggesting new ideas

I love the app, i just think not only songs, but I believe you should be able to watch videos with your friends, also it wont let me watch it full screen on the side :(

- Overall A Bad App

I’ve seen this app everywhere and each add has a different concept. But what wasn’t mentioned is the fact this is $15 a week!! ridiculous if you as me. By the end of the year that’s $780, you can buy your whole friend group a real speaker instead of linking your phones together. This app should be free if you ask me, it’s using bluetooth which every phone already has. Do not recommend this app!!

- Good app , but terrible price

The app changes about $15aud per week.. that is $60aud a month and $720 a year for what is ultimately a very simple mobile function. To put this in perspective if you and three friends all download and use this app you’ll be paying together a total of $3160 per year ... that’s almost $10k in three years! Imagine how many quality blue tooth speakers you could buy for that amounts.

- Amp me

This is such a good app I love it and my friends do to, when we don’t have a speaker we just connect our phones, and we love to playing music.


This app scams you into thinking that your music listening experience will actually be better, it does nothing with an iPhone X and iPhone 11 to amplify the sound of both devices. On top of that the subscription cost is borderline extortion. Do yourself a favour, stay away from this app and either deal with the one phone speaker or buy a Bluetooth speaker for $20

- Doesn’t acknowledge subscription cancellation

The app didn’t work well for us, so we cancelled our subscription and deleted the app, but kept getting charged over $15 a month, actually had two payments taken out one month! Had to file a report against the payment in iTunes to get money back (pretty easy), wasn’t impressed.


I would like to see this app add a Bluetooth mode for offline party’s

- Avoid this app

Sneaky app which lures you in for the use of one very basic function, syncing music. What it doesn’t say clearly is that it bills you $15 every 2 weeks. How is this price justifiable at all? This app preys on people who download, delete and forget about it, simple way for them to make money for nothing. Have reported to the authorities for investigation.

- Refund from Purchase

Can you please give information on how to refund a purchase I unintentionally made.

- Amp me

I use this app for a secondary speaker I love the app it’s amazing the only thing I don’t like is having to pay to subscribe videos

- Unable to play from Music?

Seems like a well put together app however unable to play any of the songs from my phone. Why are all my songs “unavailable” Forcing me to stream.

- Waste of time and money

This app promises to connect your Bluetooth speakers. What it does not tell you is that you can only connect one speaker to your phone. So if you have five speakers well you are going to have to own five phones. Hopefully you don’t want an app to connect speakers because this is not it.

- Sound not working

I make a party and I choose a song and the music doesn’t play even when my mates join my party it doesn’t work, I have an iPhone 6s and the sounds works perfect on everything else :/

- Terrible

Nothing like the commercials, this app is blocked behind a pay wall furthermore there was not a group of babes wanting to hang out and listen to music with. My speaker wasn’t broken by Jess, so that’s good I suppose. If there was an option to give zero stars, I would. One star is generous.

- Extremely Expensive - Don’t Get Trapped

This app is a great concept, and works ok albeit a bit clunky. But charging $15 per week for something someone would be inclined to use with friends maybe once a month at parties is honestly extortion. That’s $780 per year if you can’t afford to pay more at once. To put it in perspective I paid $400 for one of the worlds best video editing softwares and it has literally countless features and decades of development behind it. This app is up to $780 per year and it does one thing.. sync music. Joke


I got this app for one social event and deleted it straight away. Little did I know the free trial would end and I would be automatically billed $165 over the next 2 months. I get that it was my mistake but $165 for 2 months of an app that should be free. I will be spreading the word telling people to avoid this app

- Good but ...

It is a really good app but we tried connecting my phone to my friends phone and it didn’t work (group party) and it would be better if it could get louder

- Just terrible!

I don’t understand why you add a subscription service for an app that used to be free?? And it’s not even affordable. Come on!! The app worked perfectly before so the using of funds to improve sync is an excuse and utter bs. I used to use this app a lot but now it’s just terrible

- ‘Add friends to boost the volume’

Pretty disappointing how you are expected to add friends just to use the volume boosting feature... on the paid subscription too! Would not recommend

- Overpriced

Well... it’s looks like a great app, when you first join it’s really good. But then to start a live again it’s way to overpriced just to listen to music. It would be much cheaper just to buy a speaker if you want one, other then using an over priced app.

- Awesome App💕

Absolutely love this app, it’s great when my speaker goes flat when I’m hanging with friends!!👍

- Friends

Make a feature so you can search friends via account instead of facebook ffs

- Stupidly expensive

Expect me to pay $60 a month for a app that lets you connect 2 phone’s to pay simultaneous music when you can just buy a speaker for 100 bucks with 10 times better sound!?

- Read before downloading!!!

Sadly this app scarcely functions as described. When you inevitably delete the app, make sure to unsubscribe first to avoid being charged unnecessary payments months after removing an app that you never used.

- Best app ever

We used this app on the school bus and it was an absolute lit time - highly recommend I cry by flo rida

- Doesn't open

I have an iPad mini and when I try and open this app it never ends up loading. It just crashing when opening. Not fair and bad app. Test on older devices first before the newer ones.

- Party starter!

Great for a silent disco or just syncing up with a few friends in the room. No noticeable lag.

- Warning Use at your own peril

I tried this app but it was not what I was looking for so I cancelled it same day. Now I have discovered weekly amounts withdrawn for months from my account,for a subscription I never signed up for.

- Apple Music?

When will Apple Music be compatible? Won’t let me play songs from my library

- Rip off .. don’t even open app

Lame functionality .. deleted app and they kept charging st $15 / week. Apple should kick these guys out as they have setup a model where people are tricked into paying for it ongoing .. Really poor

- Horrible

Difficult to use, took me 10 minutes to log in. Accessed too much information and didn’t ever work (would not locate my friend sitting next to me)

- Don’t get this

NEVER GET THIS APP! Once I downloaded I saw the ridiculous price $16 p/w and cancelled my account before the free trial ended and deleted the account! 3 weeks on and they are still charging me for an app I never even used and deactivated !!!!!!!

- Mr.

I did not have time to check if i like the app, when i was getting charged for used it. Normally with other apps you get one month for free. with this one not even a week.

- No

Tells me to buy a subscription 10 minutes after downloading

- What an absolute scam

Charged me weekly payments, monthly payments and back to weekly payments..... all on its own??? Over $100 in a few months! Any app that does this, in my view, is a scam.

- Not worth it.

A very expensive solution to a simple problem. You can buy a JBL Bluetooth speaker for less than 1 months subscription to this money pit.

- Fraud

Downloaded app and never used it, started charging me $24 after a few month. It’s somewhere in the small writing and they are taking advantage of ppl

- Doesnt work and charges till you unauthorise purchase

App barely works, doesnt connect, took 15 days just to delete it and by the time it was done it charged me

- Shittest app ever🤮

The idea of this app is good but the app itself isn’t at all practical. A subscription shouldn’t cost $15 a week. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I recommend NOT getting this app.

- $15 per week not month ahahah

The only use to this app is the multi speakers feature which currently costs au$15 every week, best to 180 leg it in the other direction.

- Nickmullen08

This is the best singer app I’ve ever had it’s beast.

- It's pretty good

The app work good, syncing can be off sometimes, syncing can be very very off but it's aight

- Doesn’t work very very very expensive

What is the deal 15$ a WEEK???‽!!!! Anyway couldn’t get it working think these other reviews are paid bots to be honest

- Needs integration with Apple Music

Great app but really would love to see it integrating with Apple Music

- Took my money

Do not get this app They are trying to stinge you They took $16 out of my account without asking me... I don’t use the app I want my money back or will be reported

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- Lit


- FIX YOUR APP. ALL your 5 star ratings are fake

this does not work like it says, so buggy u might as well make the app yourself, at least it will work. and DONT DONT DONT download the computer app. 2 hours of bugging my computer before i COULD get it off. (opens automatically and repeatedly crashes in quick succession) so it wont let u get rid of it even till you find it. and it does not even show in the bottom doc. your app is super wack.

- Cool

It would be better if we can add music from Apple Music

- Pre bad

Pre bad

- Does not work

Wasted my time, eventually did not work Garbage

- Out of sync

Party function is useless for connecting multiple speakers, plays half a second out of sync no matter what configuration we try.

- The music is slightly off each other

The music is a little bit off each other and it is really bugging me

- Lemon

Who is coming from kimokaze

- Worst piece of software

This app is one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever seen. A very hard setup in the beginning, and it’s not even synced properly with other phone and is not user friendly at all!

- Terrible

My friends and I wasted half an hour trying to get it to work. This app just makes me want to go out and buy a speaker like a normal person..

- Spotify doesn’t even connect anymore

Idk what happened with the new update but on iOS Spotify keeps showing that you don’t have any songs or playlists, and doesn’t search or connect. Can only play from YouTube and other sources. Needs a fix.

- Mohammadreza sharifi

It’s best in this type of application?!?!🤔

- $15 a week

What a joke

- Love u guys

I love the app and I love u guys

- Do not download

Worst experience using a 3rd party app. They charged me over 100$ and I never ever used the service. I tried to delete me account but the app wouldn’t let me and just gave me an error message.

- Free?

This is amazing

- Worst and they stole your money without notification

I never downloaded this app but for some reason they took 15$ without even asking for authorization! This is a scam please be careful I had to change my credit card because of that !

- Terrible, Needs A lot of Work

Doesn’t sync correctly, quality poor. Unable to play Spotify through multiple devices unless every phone has the premium accts. Generally bad to navigate and the menus link to external apps and then disconnect from other phones

- Doesn’t work

This app is awful it doesn’t work and you can’t even connect to the other persons phone!

- 700???

Appreciate all the effort on this but 13.49/ wk is over $700/ year for this... seems a little pricey.

- Amp me is the Bees Knees

Amp me is the Bees knees

- Too quiet

One phone was louder than 2

- $700!?!?!

PER YEAR! For this??? Who is paying for this?

- $15/week

Super expensive and is the worst app I ever used lol half the time one phone plays such low volume. Constantly makes you sign into Spotify. Black screened from time to time. Do not buy. 8==D- - - :(

- 0 stars if I could

Buggy at best and 13$ a week ????? Absolutely a garbage company trying to get your money. Run away.

- Absolutely Garbage

This is the most terrible app I’ve ever downloaded. They make u pay 15 dollars per week to use this garbage app. And they don’t even let you try it out without committing the 15 dollars per week. Garbage.

- bad


- Hate those ads so much

stop plz

- Review

You should make this into an advertisement platform, and make the subscription for free. You would get 1000x more users. Seems like a good idea but there’s no way I’m paying $13/week for this.

- Not Free

Says it’s free but whenever I try to make the party it tells me to subscribe. 😐

- Pffffrt

Doesn’t allow 2 devices to play at once

- Dangerous

Why can strangers drop in, that’s scary and dangerous. I just wanted a speaker, not someone that steals my data

- Weekly subscription ! ? Lol

13.99 weekly! You have to be kidding lol good for you if people pay that. Not even going to attempt the free trial for for that ridiculous price.

- Catfish!

This app is a total catfish, i was so excited i could hook up multiple speakers but it only lets u connect multiple phones, and those phones have to be connected to speakers. Wasteeeee of time

- Junk

Doesn’t connect tried multiple devices ludicrous price

- It works

Needs to be compatible with Apple Music

- Slimy app

Greasy stuff they steal 15 bucks from ya every week

- 👎

This trash doesn’t support Apple Music

- Expensive

Who would wanna pay 13 dollars for this app every week to sync music. That is the most stupidest thing to ever do and I feel like it should have been free. Also if u we’re tryna make some money it should be like 1-4 dollars a week like most of the time people won’t be syncing music and our money is being wasted

- Don’t download this

It’s such a rip off. It’s not free either. I’d rather get covid than get this app

- Doesn’t work

It doesn’t work so bad. Don’t buy.

- Garbage.

Doesn’t work on 11pro, crashes and all sound stops all together. Had to shut down and restart phone to get sound again. Figured I’d give it a try because of their aggressive marketing technique, was wrong, the app is as AIDS filled as their IG or TikTok videos.

- sucks



DO NOT USE. THIS AP IS CIRCLING THE DRAIN AND TRYING TO CASH IN .Insane rate fees for a service that you don’t really need! Has always been glitchy I’ve used it for years and it’s gotten a bit better but still anoying (but it was free) Then they rape me with their own ad clicked on by accident, following week 14$ charge. This ap is worth maybe 15$ a year at most.

- Wtf

14$ a week?? Get bent. Good luck with that.

- cool app, wayyyyy to expensive

An app to connect speakers together, I’m probably gonna use 1-2 times a week when I have access to multiple speakers at parties etc. They won’t let you do anything unless you pay $13.50 a week. cool idea but I ain’t paying 50$ a month for this.

- Seriously paid subscription ?


- Horrible

Such a useless app and it doesn’t even work properly

- Hahaha

You’re out of your minds with this pricing structure. It’s hilarious.

- Total fnkin scam.

Do not download this app trust me. I had it for about 5 mins and I’ve now been billed 30$! This is robbery

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- Fantastic app!

I really enjoy being with my friends in a loud place, and being able to actually hear music 😂. I don’t know if this is just a bug or something, but Apple Music doesn’t seem to be working on this app. The song will appear to be loading, but then it goes to the next song on the que, not even playing anything.

- Beware - free trial is a scam

I wanted to try this app with my friends, but after we ran into a bunch of syncing issues on our first day, I clearly remembered cancelling my subscription with all my friends and confirming that we each had cancelled them. However, it’s been a week and I’ve been charged for an auto renewal subscription that I had already cancelled. It’s just frustrating to have to deal with this and incur extra charges from a free trial. The service is not cheap either and I was charged a bit over $8. So if you want to download to try with the “free trial,” just be careful.

- Better than good!

Like most things in life, apps can have a few problems when operating, but none of them are major. With each successive update the developers have been fixing they bugs and my experience only gets better. Despite this the app is still extremely helpful aand fantastic lol

- Only one speaker per phone

All this talk Im reading about being able to connect multiple bluetooth devices is totally misleading because you can connect everything and only play one at a time. However you can use someone elses phone to play one other speaker and so on. Yeah I can see high school kids marveling at the technology. Compared to the 1800s its out of this world amazing; yet for most people its a lame concept. I dont want your crummy bluetooth speaker playing with my 1000 dollar mackies or whatever.

- Would not connect for prolonged time

I used this app for a recent party. The app would connect multiple phones to different Bluetooth speakers for like 10 minutes and then all kinds of complications were occurring: one speaker would stop playing music, another speaker got out of sync, some apps were just closing out. We thought maybe there were something wrong with the speakers but we tested out each one individually prior and had never had issues with them before. Also, $10 a week for each person connecting??? That’s insane.

- Playlist master.

A really clear music player that gathers all the audio you've downloaded from your phone in one place alog with music from virtually any other platform. there are even live partys and reccomended profiles to choose from where other people share their playlists from around the entire world. Super-fresh!

- Okay, but devs need to follow up.

I like the app to a certain extent, it is a nice app to use when you are with some friends going out or something and you don’t have a speaker. But, it is hard to have to look up the names of all of the songs you want to add to the playlist, whereas if the devs followed up and would link with Apple Music it would make it much easier for other people to find music, and more people would most likely download the app.

- Scam

I simply got this app the other day and I did not agree to any subscription or anything and it started charging me $9.99 a week to use it..?!! First of all, $9.99 a week is insanely high for an app that can be easily replaced by a simple speaker, so this is useless. Second of all, they just subscribed me to this without me agreeing to anything, the app was free so I decided to try it but when I realized I had to pay for it I didn’t want it anymore. Overall it’s a complete money scam, don’t get this app bc it’s useless, and will steal money from you without you even knowing.

- Doesn’t work and won’t unapp

First of all, whenever I click “add music,” the screen turns black. So the app is useless. If that weren’t enough, whenever I try to delete my account (since I don’t wan’t to pay money every week for an app I cannot use) I am given a prompt asking to take me to the App Store. I click this, and the app shuts down. I’m not even taken to the App Store, it just shuts down. Granted, I have an iPhone 6, but if I cannot cancel a subscription, then I shouldn’t be allowed to start it, especially if I cannot get the app to do what it says on the tin.

- Well created app..👍

There's alot you can do with the app from customizing your own playlist (with friends, remotely), you can stream party feeds, follow people. It allows you to connect to different types bt devices for sound (one at a time). I can even connect to my laptop via the desktop app. I love that it gives me all of these options.

- Not What I Though It Was

I think the idea of the app is really cool. I was under the impression that I could connect my phone to play on multiple Bluetooth at the same time but found out that this app won’t do that. Instead it is recommended that I share my party with other friends devices and have their devices connect to additional speakers. If this app ever lets you connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time in the future I will be more than happy to download this app again.

- No Apple Music

It won’t let me play music downloaded through Apple Music, even though it shows up as an option (not trying to stream, trying to play downloaded music). It tries to play it and fails. Literally any music I would want to listen to is through Apple Music. Music that I added to my iTunes library from CDs like a decade ago and is on my devices does play, and to multiple devices. So the app works, I just wish I could play any of my good music. When that bug is fixed- 5 stars.

- Criminals!! They steal your $521 a year from everyone!!

This company needs to be taken out of the app store!!! Everyone contact the app store and demand these criminals be stopped. The app does not even work!!! They get your info before you even use it so they can bill you later without your consent!! They also sell your information to multiple ad agencies and make money off your personal information!!! And finally, 90 percent of the 5 star reviews are fake and the rest are rated before anyone evn uses the app that does not work And is just a money grab!!

- Loved it

Love this app and so does my Boyfriend... It gives us notifications when there's more questions and when each other has answered a question... Gives us things to talk about to help our relationship grow... Helps us to define topics we need to discuss and areas in our relationship we need to work on...

- $9 WEEK

I’m a capitalist for sure. But $9 a WEEK for this app is insane. I can get an incredible leased sound system for the same amount. Of course they tout you can save a ton with a yearly subscription. I get the fact they need to make money. But their business model to do so is quite ridiculous considering today’s technology pricing for apps. I guess it’s something cool for teens at a party but for people who can actually afford the app the value to sync some speakers together simply isn’t there. I’ll pass.

- Great for connecting while travelling

I was introduced to it at a hostel I was staying at, and a group of us spent the night showing each other music all just through our phones, and it was clear and loud, and everyone was able to line up their tracks from their own device. Really awesome.

- Not good

It asked for my location and notifications and my email and my microphone and all of these things and it took forever and now the government is watching me because I let it do this stuff and I don’t like them listening to me. Money I should throw my phone away and they won’t be able to here me. I was also thinking that I will start an app called MeAMP and it will be way cooler and the government won’t be able to here me. If anyone wants to be apart of this new app please contact me and you could be a shareholder on this new exiting app. Thanks peace out

- Private party feature is ideal. 👍

My husband and I saw this at dinner with friends. Since we both have it now it’s been a real treat and makes life easy since only one of us has to connect to the sound device and then we can both upload to the private party separately on our own phones.

- Tuned in!

Really good, well thought out music player. Great layout and look, particularly the skin colour and inoffensive font. Everything is soft on the eye and all of the music plays smoothly without lag. Must have some good tech because even the phones stay in synch when we use that option when we're jogging.

- Whipping through this like whoa. 🌈

I like this app so much. It's makes deleting and editing of songs so easier for me than some others I've tried. The phone sync really boosts the volume in truth! Mostly I just pump music in the car or on my bt speaker at home, but it's sure nice to have the option, just in case..

- DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Money scam!

Downloaded this app because my friend asked me to. Did NOT authorize them to bill me $10 but then a few days after downloading they charged me. Didn’t send me an email or ANYTHING stating they where charging my account. I would of continued to use but not if you are going to charge me without even sending something to give me a heads up about the charge. I did not sign up to purchase just downloaded the app, opened it, found my friend who played one song and haven’t used it since. Very upset with this app. I do not recommend.

- Glitchy and Spam!!

I had nothing but trouble with this app, it constantly dropped the connection to other iPods and iPhones. Every time I went to re-sync them, it said I had to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker. Then re-sync, then reconnect. And then it often still wouldn’t re-sync. Absolutely more trouble than it was worth. But worst of all, I immediately got bombarded with SPAM after signing up. I am really shocked that paid subscription service sold my email onto spammers. I’ve cancelled this app. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

- Multiple experiences available, all good..

Great music player with a lot of fantastic options so we can adjust our experiences as we see fit. I upgraded to the full version because the expanded selection of options appealed to me. It's a top quality app and functions perfectly for me, thanks!

- Multiple experiences available, all good..

Great music player with a lot of fantastic options so we can adjust our experiences as we see fit. I upgraded to the full version because the expanded selection of options appealed to me. It's a top quality app and functions perfectly for me, thanks!

- Love it

I love the app it's honestly amazing. Me and my friends always use this and we love it. Only thing I'm waiting for is when they finally support apple music which is coming soon so I can't wait. I hope they do it in the next update, other than that and a couple of other things I like using this app

- Doesn’t work

I have the iPhone 12 pro and two sets of Edifer Bluetooth speakers. This app clearly states that you can pair multiple sets of speakers together but that is not the case at all. It’s hard to even figure out how to get to the speaker pairing and then it simply doesn’t work. The 9.99 a week fee is outrageous but I was willing to pay for one week if it worked as I needed it for my Halloween party. When I opened the app it said I had a 3 day FREE trial... I cancelled the subscription the same day I started the trial and still got charged the 9.99! What a SCAM!

- Really no need for the subscription!

Me and all of my friends used to use this app and when I came to redownload it I have to pay a stupid subscription fee?? Everyone used to use this app but now that you have to pay for it I don’t know anyone who has the app! It would be so much fun if people could just download the app for free or even with just a one time payment so that they could have it and use it on special occasions. It would be more beneficial for you guys to get rid of the subscription! You’d have a lot more downloads!

- Has it all..

Definitely recommend it! I put all my favourite songs on here, it plays them well and also it plays from different platforms aswell which is super. Being able to chat with my friends at the same time is just another bonus.


Works great, luuurvely sound quality.. Unlike the frustration I've suffered with the stupid apps I've used before. Also the dark background is great for me while driving, but mostly I try not to make changes for safety and usually set a long private party or just hit up the recommended feeds.

- Worth a good rating!

One of the nicest players i've come across, the only one really that I have found that has streaming music and the option to make your own playlist that works efficiently. The chats are a nice treat, quite refreshing after a long day to listen to music and chat to new people.

- Costed me so much money

I downloaded this application months ago so my friends and I could play music through multiple areas at once. After that night I cancelled the free subscription and deleted the app. Months later I unfortunately found out it charged me $10 every single week, costing me $40 a month. This is absolutely absurd and I have no idea how it got resubscribed, but at the end this little download costed me a couple hundred dollars. DO NOT, for the love of god, DO NOT, download this app for any reason. All the 4-5 star reviews are absolutely fake.

- Delivers always.

Ampme never disappoints, whether it's just my mobile, through my BT speaker, in the car, through my laptop via the desktop app...It connects quickly, the sound is just always on point, it never lags or glitches. It's just extremely reliable and good.

- All that and a bag of chips..

Honestly, I feel that this is the best music player out here. There're no ads, the app is efficient and simple, yet it's high tech enough to support chats and phone syncs. I've had no problems with it. It blows my cool with it's versatility almost daily..I can use this anywhere, solid gold!

- Took the leap of faith...

I can isolate myself from the world, get lost in the music or I can have an immersive social experience meeting new people and enjoy new music with friends even if they're not right beside me. It connects to all of my bt speakers with ease and I use this in the car primarily instead of the radio. Ad free unadultered non-stop music!

- Has it all..

Definitely recommend it! I put all my favourite songs on here, it plays them well and also it plays from different platforms aswell which is super. Being able to chat with my friends at the same time is just another bonus.

- Hard core..

Easy to use, and plays music types that some players cannot recognize. Playlists are easy to manage/create. I really like following people on the recommended profiles, sometimes I don't even bother to do a playlist I just use one of theirs if we have similar tastes.

- Fraudulent Advertising - App is Not Free

This is fraudulent advertising. The usage of this app is not free. It is “free” to download, but any of the core features advertised are NOT accessible to users without additional payment at significant recurring cost. To actually use the app as it is advertised requires buying in-app purchases at a relatively high weekly charge, which is also not made clear to the user before they are charged. There is no way to do any of the things listed in the app description for free. You can not actually “boost the sound of your music by syncing it with all of your friends’ phones, Bluetooth speakers, desktops and laptops for free” without paying - all of this functionality mentioned here requires payment and is only available after you subscribe and pay. This is a lie and a sham and should be removed from the App Store.

- All that and a bag of chips..

Honestly, I feel that this is the best music player out here. There're no ads, the app is efficient and simple, yet it's high tech enough to support chats and phone syncs. I've had no problems with it. It blows my cool with it's versatility almost daily..I can use this anywhere, solid gold!

- Syncing is easy and really boosts the volume.

I was skeptical at first but we both tried it together on our phones and it rocked. We actually got another friend to download it and the volume increased exponentially! It really helped us out because we went up to the cabin without a Blue-tooth device. Absolute god-send!

- Private party is a hit!

I love when we’re in the car and my girl is driving, that everyone can upload their music to the private party, because when we’re on a two hour drive, getting her to disconnect her phone is a bit hard. Especially since she’s driving! LOL

- I basically use it more than instagram 🤣

Ampme is more useful than any app I've had before, I host a lot of parties cuz I have a big student house and we literally turn the house into a multilevel club all through synching speakers - we have the same music playing throughout so everyone is on the same vibe. Rly cool app.

- SO happy I found it

It has been so useful and I've only had it for a couple weeks! Great to use at a party, and when we took a trip to my grandmother's house, my sister and I were able to sync up and listen to music in the backseat together instead of listenin to my dad's crap music haha

- Loved using this at my bday party

My flatmates and I all have a decent sized bluetooth speaker, we just linked them up and then the three of us djed the whole night - they took over when I had a few too many 😂 but so much fun, basically sounded like we had professional sound!

- Best app out there.

I had poor volume on my default media player so I deleted it. Now i'm Boosted and the volume jacked, I can't believe it. i really could barely hear volume until I installed this. 10 times better!!! I love the art and everything the social stuff aswell. It's easily worth 10 stars.

- Hard core..

Easy to use, and plays music types that some players cannot recognize. Playlists are easy to manage/create. I really like following people on the recommended profiles, sometimes I don't even bother to do a playlist I just use one of theirs if we have similar tastes.

- Fun fun fun!!!

I love this app. It's so much fun. I could play it for hours and not get bored. I saw people talking in one of the chats and got involved. Everyone on here seems so friendly, I love how interactive this app is. All of the great feeds are a bonus and you can still creat your own 'private party'/play list which puts it over the top.

- Stupidity

You should not have to pay to start a radio. Mine as well just pay for the entire app. Do you want to people a lot of people to use it but not everyone has money in their account to pay for a subscription or whatever so be able to use it I think you would get a lot more users if you lower the price by a ton or just get rid of the price but that’s just my personal opinion but I’ve been reading other reviews and it seems like a lot of them Are pretty much saying what this says.

- Greatest music app I've ever come across

It has everything you need in one spot, and so useful in so many situations - speaker syncing for getting loud, syncing with a friend so you can listen to music together through headphones (rly good if you're on a trip and travelling), cool playlists to join in on, rly user friendly...I love it

- Not as described.

The iPhone can already sync multiple Bluetooth devices however I was hoping this app would resolve the issue I’m having broadcasting an audio signal simultaneously to 2 devices. I have two jet skis. I’m able to connect them both at the same time but it will only play to one device at a time. ***upgraded to 3-stars for the software team’s response. Thank you. ***

- Ampme is for anyone and everyone

So easy to figure out, and everybody loves listening to music with friends right?! Or you can just use it when you have a party, everyone is always happy when they can contribute to the music, and once they sync up they can queue tracks

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AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster 8.4.4 Screenshots & Images

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images
AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster iphone images

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster (Version 8.4.4) Install & Download

The applications AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster was published in the category Music on 2015-09-24 and was developed by Amp Me inc [Developer ID: 986905978]. This application file size is 141.29 MB. AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster - Music app posted on 2020-11-12 current version is 8.4.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.amp.ios

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