DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE [Games] App Description & Overview

The best Dragon Ball Z battle experience is here! Relive the anime action in fun RPG Story Events!

Play in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament and face off against tough enemies! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await!

• Tap Ki Spheres on the battle screen and send enemies flying in this anime action puzzle game!
• Finish enemies with powerful and iconic Super Attacks! KAMEHAMEHA!

• Fight alongside with Goku or team up with rivals such as Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu from the anime!
• Train your favorite characters and Awaken them to new realms of power!
• Organize your team to assemble the best fighting force!

• The timeline has been thrown into chaos, bringing you face-to-face with characters from across the anime…
• Play the board game-style map and all-new story with your best Dragon Ball characters!
• Trunks, the hero from the future, will fight by your side!

Get pumped—experience the nonstop action in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle today for Free!

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DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Customer Service, Editor Notes:

4.8.5 - Updated certain system-related features. - Fixed some bugs.


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- Crash for me

I mean I love dragon ball but sometimes this game crashes on me after I have been playing it for a long time idk if it’s just my phone or my WiFi or my Cellular plan

- Everything

Best game ever

- Worst Economy & Developement

The game is definitely scam. The summoning system is rigged for you to spend money and dragon drones are WAY over priced. Hundreds of cards in the game and I pull the same useless SR or below after so many summons. I haven’t received a new card to help me deck out in weeks. This game is made for end game players only. Too late too start so don’t get sucked in. My fault I wasted thousands over the years and it’s my gambling habit I have to work on hut this game doesn’t not, I can’t repeat does not reward you. Don’t play. Go play 7DS or a game where your money yields profit.

- The game crashes

This game crashed multiple times with stable WiFi. I was summoning right as it crashed, so I opened it back up and my dragon stones were gone but I didn't get any characters from the summon, hours wasted

- RNG has blessed me

The RNG has blessed me these couple of months and have gotten all the units I’ve wanted

- I love this game

I love this game

- Don’t play. Developers are incredibly lazy

Been plying the game for 1.5 years now and there is literally NO new content added ever lol it’s a joke. You’ll beat the story and other events in 2 months then just sit there. The Japan side of the game is always filled with content creating real bias within the playing community. I work for a tech company and the laziness of the engineers and developers is absolutely pathetic.

- There’s nothing to do anymore

Theres nothing to do anymore because geting dragon stones is like impossible because ive done nerly every event and I’ve finished every quest stage with three stars and all of the story events I’ve done. so that means doing summons are imposibe now unless i buy them and the deals are trash and im broke so i cant even buy them. Please im beging you ether give more dragon stones to players or put new story events or something so players can get dragonstones please.we just want something that does not require a good team to do and it wont hert to give more dragon stones like you have a limited supply or something, just give the people what they want please. And finally i think the summons being 50 dragonstones is a bit harsh because you can spend all that time geting all those dragon stones just to get trash characters like ones that you already have like 20 of. In conclusion ad more stuff to the game so its fun again because it was fun grinding from the bottom to were i am now but i acnt do that anymore because there nothing to grind.

- F**k this game. Don’t waste your time

Screw this game. Horrible summon rates, haven’t updated quests in years. Don’t give out enough stones unless anniversaries. Need to increase summon rates because this “rng” is bs.

- Great game, awful categories

Not much else to say. The game overall is fine, but the repeatedly bad categories that intentionally leave out certain characters have gotten out of hand. The developers need to grow up and think before making these garbage categories like “special pose” or leaving characters out of categories they belong in.

- Best Mobile game ever!

This game is very fun and addicting. It is hands down one of my favorite games to play on my phone.keep up the good work Bandai :)

- i love this game!!!

at first i thought it was going to be a bad dragon ball mobile game but it ended up being a fun ride, the gameplay is fun and i love the strategy needed to play the game, my only problem is that i wish dragon stones were more accessible for free to play people, it’s such a drag to grind then and it takes hours. anyway i love this game a lot

- My fav out of the entire DBZ games

Dokkan Battle truly is the best dragon ball game for its franchise! In my opinion it beats Fighter Z by a long shot. I’ve invested time and money into this game for the past 4 years and I’ve been very happy with what I got, and the results I get from banners. This game will be around for another 5 years. These updates are incredible. I’ve seen Dokkan grown since year 1 and it’s come a long way. Dokkan Battle is definitely Bandai’s secret weapon.

- Quests

Please update quests

- Trash

Game is literal trash that they’re supporting japan over global is bs. Also not allowed to trade units also dumb

- Probably the best gacha game out there.

It takes no time to level characters to use and the free to play units are usable for pretty much every mode in the game and on top of that old units that were useless get secondary awakenings to bring them up to par with modern units.

- Garbage

The game makes you think that you have a good character and makes it bad

- Love the game

Love this game but dragon stones are very hard to come by other than that a good game

- Great game but

I love this game but there should be a way to get more dragon stones once you have completed everything in the game because I can’t get units in time when they come out but other than that great game keep it up

- Delete

Delete this game from the app store

- More Quests

Are you working on adding more areas? Sadly, I have gotten all the way to area 27 and there are no more areas after that and I’m hoping your adding more levels. I’ve finished most of the side stories so it’d be great if you added more and I’d your working on doing that that’s great. Other then that this is an amazing game. Thanks.

- The event

Okay I like playing dragon ball z Dokkan battle but I got the lr super sayain goku ang there nothing for the lr z awaken for super sayain goku ang was the last 2 summon please add that event back and the other one to they still old characters need to be z awaken please add all old events for the old characters Can be z awaken to play as that and all please add old events with it and like the one I need z awaken the android 13 event were you get android 14 and 15 got that goku ang today and fix the awaken medal imagine that good but please add the android 13 story back with android 14 and 15 half of people got super sayain goku ang sprite boom he need 3 medal that is android 13 14 and 15 on android 13 story events please do that and add old events back to people awaken the other like dragon ball fusion people half of it need z awaken medal or android can remove the 3 other medal put some goku event or put down need 140 of android 13 medal of Dokkan events that all please add the old events and android 13 event or change the medal to Dokkan event medal of android 13 140 to z awaken on super goku ang that all please one those thing on there.

- its a decent game

its a great game but its so hard to get good characters. i dont know if my luck is just bad or what but i have horrible luck with these new characters and trying to get them ive spent over 400 stones on one banner and got nothing pls increase the chances to get featured characters

- Developers please reply

I had an account for two years in my iPhone 6 but my phone broke and got a new one then I wanted to get my dokkan battle account back but didn’t transfer my data so I asked how do I get my account back they said for your ID which I didn’t know then they said couldn’t do anything which was heartbreaking if you get to read this please can I get my account is bombard and don’t hasn’t been active for two years and can I please get it back I don’t want start back over I had waste time in your game which was fun I don’t want to lose the memories.

- No lr for me

I didn’t get holy ultra instinct

- Yes

I’ve been playing dokkan since the day my daughter was born I downloaded it the hospital while my wife and her were sleeping and I have not put it down I absolutely love dragon ball and everything that comes with it since I was a small child and dokkan does justice to the franchise especially lately with the units that have been comming out recently and the new game modes there is a massive community surrounding this game with players who have a strong opinion on litterly every single aspect of it needless to say this game is amazing for everything good and bad with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone I just wish I had nanos luck

- Changed into a better game

People who have played dokkan back in the days know what im talking about. It has hard to get stones and they tried to get your money. Today they give out good F2P units and give a lot if dragon stones out and five us discounts and tickets. The game has really changed from when it first started out.

- Good game

I really hit you off and on when you in the end game

- 35 free stones

I heard people was getting 35 free dragon stones, I never received mine.

- Dokkan Battle

Best game ever, I really hope to get the new LR but I’m still working to get it, it has absolutely great animations one complaint though the story progresses at too slow of a rate.

- Nothing has been changed

I’ve been playing this game for like 2 years now and nothing in the game has changed. Once you beat the campaign and all the events you Can’t get anymore gems. there isn’t any new events.

- great gacha game

i think people should understand that this is a gacha game and that it's designed to make you spend your money. if you dont want to spend money, save up and grind stones until a banner of good value/ that has a character you really want comes.

- The battle rng

First thing i hate "HATE" the rng when it comes to your opponent super attacking you. I do really love the game. i have played it for sometime now, and yes i do understand the rng "when it comes to summoning" it's enjoyable, and fair (most of the time). The rng when your opponent super attacks you is very annoying though. like for example you might not get super attacked for 2-3 turns straight, or sometimes you get super attacked 1-4 turns in a row. It really ruins the game when you lose to rng rather then poor decision making. I hope you guys can find a way to make the battle less rng and more fair. One more thing i do understand some bosses are supposed to super more then once, but i'm talking more about "The legendary Goku event, and Super battle road" and more.

- The game is bugged

I did the legendary summon for ultra instinct goku and I was clicking through then it said I had got the lr and the summon was done but then when I went to the new characters to look at it the character wasn’t their but it said I had got it so what do I do?

- Summons.

I love this game. But as another review stated, it bothers me how the latest Summon feels rigged, as everyone else is getting the SSR Super Saiyan God Goku, and I’m getting nothing useful or favorable no matter how many Dragon Stones I have to grind and use up. At this point I’m starting to feel that the game “hates” me too, as I keep getting nothing but garbage pulls. As if putting hours into making up for the Stones I had to spend was enough work, sitting through summons and getting bad-to-mediocre characters is just as tiresome. I feel it would be best for the game to upgrade a player’s chances of getting Event-exclusive characters if it means they don’t have to waste another chunk of their lives grinding or even spending tons of cash in order to get a simple character Again, the game is great. But like many other things out there, there’s always that one thing that makes this game pretty easy to hate. And in this game’s case, the Summon mechanics.

- DBZ Dokkan Battle

This game is really fun for me. For me dragon ball is a big part of my life and is one of my favorite things. I just wish there were more ways to get dragon stones. it takes a really long time to grind to get enough to get enough to summon.

- My app is crashing

My dragon ball z is crashing sometimes and would like to see if you could fix some bugs

- Loving the global dokkan first exclusives

Gives a fun and hype twist to the game

- Dokkan battle

Then new banner that’s for UI goku is so bad the pick rate is ass half the people get nothin and they’ll use 500+ stones and get nothin we should’ve got 50 free gems because not like we was funna pull anything anyway disappointing 🤦🏾‍♂️

- Good for collecting although sometimes the summon rates can be iffy


- Help me Dokkan

I need more stones I got in the game one stone 😡just why I need more than that and the new LR ultra instinct Goku if I don’t I will never never never never never never never never never again and that’s why I rate this app a one star.

- Good game


- Best game ever

I absolutely love this game everything about it is so good

- Best game ever

I have SOOOO much fun playing this game i love every thing about it!!!!!

- Quest mission

Great game but was wondering when the quest mission will be update with more mission to continue the story

- So much potential

I enjoy playing the game but I feel like you guys need to make the super moves graphics better. 3-d like. A cleaner and cooler animation. I know you guys/gals can do better.

- One of if not the best game there is

This game is really fun but one thing that I HATE is the downloading. The download sometimes doesn’t work it’s unable to download the game and the worst part is if you put it to download and it stops a few moments in to the download and you wait an hour doing something else not realizing it’s not being downloaded for the past hour but other than that first phase 10/10 would play again

- Can u do me a favor

can u give us 50 or more for my Global and my jp and can u put LR goku in jp for my Jp account

- Summons

Just wasted 500 stones on the new UI Goku’s banner and literally got nothing usable. People are getting LR’s left and right like it’s some kind of charity case, except I’m excluded. 6 multis and not a single LR while people are pulling 2 LR’s in their first multi. I’ve been shafted since Kaioken Goku’s banner in December and haven’t gotten the new card since then. No Future Gohan, no Cooler, no Android 13, and no SSJ2 Goku and Vegeta. It’s been approximately 1000 stones that I’ve spent on the previous banners over the past 5 months and I haven’t gotten a single new card. That’s kinda crazy, I am pretty sure no one has ever experienced that before. This isn’t my first time going through this as I’ve been mistreated like this on the Japanese version of this game. Am I just that unlucky or does the game hate me? I don’t get it. There’s probably a higher chance of winning money through gambling than through Dokkan for me. I’ve never been this shafted before in my entire life and I don’t know how long this nonsense will continue. If this occurs during the 5 year anniversary, I’m gonna quit this game and free myself from the depths of hell, aka this injustice, rigged game.

- F2p

Sure this game is pay to win but you can still do really good as f2p im f2p for almost a year and i have 9 LR’s.

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- Pretty good mobile game

This is a great game. The rng isn’t too bad and if you do get shafted on a multi summon, you are guaranteed 1 ssr unit.

- First rank bonus gifts

I’m a high level and it’s hard for me to grind dragon stones because I grided everything so I can’t get dragon stones and when I can get the first rank gifts I didn’t get the seven dragon stones so I thought I will get it later but didn’t and now first rank ultra instinct goku bonus gifts 35 dragon stones and didn’t get nothing.please fix this thank you

- Horrible game that is pure p2w

This game unless you have money to spare is absolute dog****. You must have the trio LRs (UI sign goku, lr fusions) to even enjoy the game and it’s highly unlikely to pull all 3 as f2p. In the end another P2w garbage game.

- Please fix!

I LOVE DOKKAN❤️!!! but can you find a way to shorten the data download. Nowadays it takes more then a hour to finish it. Please find a way to fix this!

- Almost perfect

Bandi has done a lot to improve the game. Global has been getting better units as well as beautiful new animations. The rates for ASR’s seems to have gone up too.The problem is they have become quite stingy when it comes to dragon stones (what you use to get new characters) before when there would be a celebration like getting first on the App Store, we would get like 25-30 dragon stones which is a lot! But now we only get 7... SEVEN you can’t get anything with 7!!! Also I ran into a new issue that my game frequently drops in FPS from time to time as well as tons of crashes when starting the game. It takes about 3-10 tries until the game starts up. It’s really annoying but at least I can still play. Overall I would recommend to any fans of DBZ, DBS and DBGT. It’s a great game with a couple of issues.

- Awesome

An awesome game

- Dokkan

I love this game and it’s one of my favs and I just finished watching a YouTuber named nanogenix and he got the Hercule and buu summon animation and hot an lr and then I got it but didn’t get an lr so I am wondering is that animation I guaranteed featured character or an lr

- It’s Good To Play

It’s as good as jp dokkan battle

- Don’t pay for stones

Don’t waste your time or money games rates are ridiculously unfair to players.

- Absolutely Terrible

You can’t even log in, I had the game before *i forgot when* and then when I got it again it’s telling me to make an account so I proceed so far so good and then, THEN the “Verify you’re not a robot” part came by and I place all the puzzle pieces in the spots, they’re perfectly in spot and then “VERIFICATION FAILURE RETURNING TO TITLE SCREEN” I do it Over And Over And OVER AND OVER! And still, it doesn’t work after about the 31 time and just gone full RAGE MODE and knocked over my fan just be some STUPID GAME! 🤬🤬🤬

- Yaquoi

I play dokkan battle a lot I'm like a grinder and I can't let it goo it's a great game

- I have horrible luck

Multiple hours of grinding for nothing

- Wasted

I lost all my stuff on dokkan. I worked so hard for my damn units, I finally gotten an LR (PHY gogeta) AND THEN I LOSE ALL MY DATA CAUSE I HAD TO SWITCH APPLE ACCOUNTS CAUSE MY FAMILY DIDN’T KNOW THE PASSWORD FOR THE OTHER ACC. :( I’m not rating 1 star cause I hate this game, it’s cause I lost all my stuff and NOBODY on customer support is responding..

- Dokkan battle is amazing

I’ve played dokkan since it came out and yes the odds on getting more than one SSR is still low but I still love it because ima hard core dragon ball fan I think they out did it with the new super attack animation are fire

- Keeps Crashing After Last Update

Keeps crashing after last update

- Lost Account

Can you guys help me retrieve my lost account? I forgot my ID but I still have a picture of my account with my name on it. Been looking for ways to get my account back because I really like playing it.

- Takes up way too much space

Yeah....fix that


so I like this game but when I try to download the files it just says “download failed” even when I stay in the game a watch it download it so annoying oml

- Great game

Unlike legends you guys care about your fan base so I thank you guys we will beat grand cross!

- HELPppppppppppp!!!!!!

It is keep putting me in the data download and won’t move can u plz fix it so I can finally play the game it has been like 2 or 3 days since I played the game plz helpppppp

- I recommend this game

I absolutely love this game it’s really fun and you can do so much but the one problem I find is the beginning is a bit boring and eventually you get so far that you can’t get anymore stones to get new units which sucks

- Loading screen

Bull$&@ I cant even play anymore. The post update loading screen appears and it’s been stuck like that for ten mins

- Amazing game!

KC is the best card no cap GB has busted attack n r sr ssr ur lr

- Game does not work

Game no longer works, does not load post launch screen.

- F2P friendly

As a mainly F2P play for four years I can say the RNG isn’t too bad, I have a lot of the good cards, LRs too. You of course gain an advantage paying a premium as to be expected, but everything from what I’ve seen can be done F2P. As a F2P there is a grind, but there are always new ways for stones, even for me at level 460.

- Sure

Pretty good game but after update not good can’t play game

- Dokkan Battle

Finally a good “Dragon Ball” game I can play and that works.

- None

It's very hard if you want to get a GOOD ssr in this game

- Lost acc

I lost my acc and the free beginners items have been removed. It is very hard for me to get better

- Games won’t let me in

I downloaded the game and when I try to play it it just the black load screen and then kicked me out pls help

- Log ins don’t always work

I love this game overall but why can I not log in? I’ve played for about 3 months now and this game doesn’t log me in all of a sudden

- Great game collecting enthusiasts

Why haven’t you downloaded this yet?

- Good game

It’s a pretty good game but I don’t play it 24/7 But at least I have five lrs

- It won’t let me in the game plz fix it

PlZ fix my game bc its not letting me join the game and I am getting angry at this game I’m really sorry for it to but if I could play again I would rate it five stars

- I Love Dokkan

My ps4 just sits there

- I dont have the update for the new or gogeta and new or lr vegito

When I login I don’t have that summon for the new or gogeta or lr vegito idk why and my name for Dokkan battle is mystic40

- Quality

Incredible game

- Amazing Game

I’ve played dokkan for 2-3 years now and It’s the best mobile game I’ve ever played, I love the graphics the combat and most of the art. It’s insanely fun to summon even If you don’t buy any dragon stones (like me) and if you’ve never played it I 110% recommend playing it

- Crash

I can’t even start the game

- Help

Spent along time playing this game ended up breaking my phone and got a new one and now I can’t get my profile back it’s a piss off

- Trop bien

C trop sympatoche quoi

- Good game

This game is fun and all but the chances for more rare characters needs to come up and the chances to get above super saiyen in the summon

- Dragon ball

This game is amazing i totally recommend it

- The best game ever

This game is absolutely wonderful The summons the gameplay The animations are all perfect

- My big burger

Miew miew

- Always crashes

Every time I try to turn on the app, it stays on the main screen for maybe 5 seconds or goes to the last screen I’ve been on and than it crashes, it’s really frustrating and I want to play the game but it always crashes

- Amazing game 😁 just gets lots of hate

The game is great and they keep updating cause they know the community loves it 😅 just people get frustrated over the “shafting” and they are working on ways to bend that around to benefit the player it’s fun :)

- Amazing

I’ve had this game since day 1! It never ceases to not surprise me, everything is great the play style the art and the game is constantly being updated! Thank you so much for creating a wonderful game

- Loyal players get bad odds

Just decided to put $150 on this game to get a few featured characters I don’t have and guess what not a single featured character every single SSR I got was old or pure scraps. I have noticed that a lot of new players or players that don’t actually really play the game have better odds.. and I’ve witnessed this with over 20 players any other whales that play this get get scrap luck. I don’t understand why this is you would think the loyal players would get some luck but it’s the complete opposite. After doing some research online I have notice many loyal players that actual constantly play this game have noticed the same thing.

- J’arrive pas à me connecter souvent

Il arrive plusieurs fois que lorsque lance l’application, je n’arrive pas à me connecter (alors que je détecte aucun problème). Ceci m’oblige à supprimer le jeu pour en suite l’installer une autre fois (je crois que c’est la quatrième fois) le pire daba tout ça c’est le temps de téléchargement qui atroce que j’ai dû subir 5 fois (avec la première fois que j’ai téléchargé le jeu)

- It’s amazing but has its flaws

I’ve been with dragon ball Dokkan battle for 1 year now and what’s annoying about this game is how hard it is to get dragon stones it takes me on average 1 minute to get 1 if I want to do a summon I have to do 50 minutes and after that 50 minutes I’m only gonna get a terrible ssr the rng in this game is okay but the cost of dragon stones is to much yes the cards and attacks that characters use is amazing but I’ve spent $100s of dollars and I’ve never gotten a main unit if u would get 2 dragon stones per mission perfect this game would be way more popular Dokkan loses fan base because of this and it’s basically running of nano because he spends of $300 each summon video just make the game easier for dragon stones then it would be a 5 star from all of us

- Yeah

Absolute mad lads

- PLEASE Download this game

Bro this game is insane bro i got all the LR and ur and the characters are good

- It Keeps Closing......

Whenever i even try to enter the game it closes. Thats It Really.

- The App Keeps Crashing

The App Keeps Crashing I Log In And It Just Shows The Grey Loading Screen And It Crash’s You Need To Fix This

- Great game but one thing I have wanted for several years

So I have been playing this game long enough to have not one but two LR brolies (new ones) so you can expect me to be a long time player. Except for one thing for the years I’ve been playing I have always wanted trading apart from the rewards you get from logging in, however these rewards are great but if you added trading you could trade with you’re friends and get great cards, and yes I know that could introduce scamming but please.

- Scam

Gives you literally only 1 dragon stone a day. Do a multi summon after hours of grinding for only 50 stones and I get garbage. They only make the characters hard to get because they want you to buy stones until you finally get them... :/

- Gun game


- Great game

Absolutely amazing it’s a fun game and easy to earn stones and there is plenty of f2p characters absolutely recommend it

- Great for dbz lovers

I love this game and it’s unique fighting way,its true that it can get boring sometimes since there can be nothing to do, but I love how you guys keep giving updates and such, keeping the game still full of things to do. I love the z battles and I think (if you want to) make the rest of the sagas in the story. I think it would be fun to make the buu saga and the cell saga and maybe if you have the time,the universe survival saga.

- Bring back codes

okay okay data transfer codes are removed and now life is more hard ye just use an email but the thing is the codes were way more easier to use as i usually giveaway accounts now that i can use email ill have to make an email for every account i give away as i dont want to give my actual email pls bring back the codes as they were way more easier also increase the drop rates,i spent 400 stones and not a single featured unit on the cooler banner Done a single and pulled cooler,this shows how broken the rates are

- I love it

I love dragon ball z Bandai you did a amazing job just keep it up

- Dokkan

The animation is the greatest thing in mobile history but the game is doo doo

- Gogeta and vegito!!

Can’t wait for year 5!!

- Ok

Before legends I played this

- This game is great

I love this game so much it was so much fun but the loading is all ways annoying but other than that amazing game

- Don’t hate on dokkan

It’s a little hard to get into dokkan battle is designed to be a chill game something to do while watch tv or watching YouTube videos there is a ton of grinding in regards to free to play cards but the end justifie the means of course it’s all RNG when summon for units but missing a unit hurts definitely but don’t let that turn the other way it’s still good enough new players should definitely give it a go if you like dragon ball z or dragon ball super than it might be for you

- Dokkan battle game status

It’s awesome the graphic on some though are bad like copy and paste but everything else is good

- I love it

It is an amazing dragon ball game for iOS! However, I did lose my money just recently trying to buy the dragon stone (last pack) with the 91 stones. If the developers are reading this, can I either have my money back or my dragon stones please? Thanks and an amazing game

- Umm

Well I have just downloaded the game and we’ll I did all the terms and conditions kind of stuff so I’m like loading to the game and I have been sitting here a really long time to load in????

- Lost my account

Awesome game just wish I could get my account back spent nearly 4 years on it

- Crashing?

Keeps crashing I don’t know what to do

- Smemdmd,dkwlsslxmx c cmcmckddk

Rjjdkdskdjfjffjtifkdlslxlc l m mmcdkcjckckckckckkckcckdoojjdjdkckdkdkxkxcmmcd

- Pretty good game

The game itself is alright but it does get boring but the game does have constant new cards and the cards themselves keep getting better in quality each time and this ultimately makes the game more fun because you have to grind to get the newest and greatest card making it so that you don’t get 6 of the strongest cards and basically “win” although the grind to get the dragon stones to make summons to get the cards is a pain it’s a long process if your a f2p player and it gets very repetitive although dokkan has tried to counter this with creating some sort of story for you when you do a mission or fight a boss. Honestly dokkan has its pros and cons but if your wanting to play a good quality dragon ball game that isn’t riddled with ads then it’s a good pick

- Amazing game

Love this game

- Game adds content too slow

I have been playing for almost 2 years now. In the game seems to be busy with stuff to do and keep it fresh for 2-3 months out of the year. The rest of the time it is really really dry and there is literally nothing to do. We are in the middle of the “thank you celebration” at the moment. It is a celebration for thanks giving and to thank the players for their support. It has resulted in the whole Dokkan sub reddit rioting at the game developer for a lack lustre celebration with easily the most skippable gatcha summons in the whole time I have been playing. If reddit is mad then it must be really bad. I have been bored out of my mind with the game the past 4 weeks and it was just revealed it will be minimum 2 more weeks before we get something to do.

- Always loved this game

Been playing this game for years, sure there’s spells when I don’t play it but always end up coming back to it



- 🤩

Coolest game ever

- Kakakakkakakakaaj

Epic gamer

- OMG this is an amazing game

Let's get strait to the point this game is amazing if you are a dragon ball z fan you will love this it's such a great game because of its amazing graphics and animation to be honest I love the animation so keep up the great work this game keeps getting better and better. Ps if you could give me some dragon stones that would be great

- Started Super, became in-SAIYAN

This game was always good, and I admit that I deleted the game and reinstalled it several times, before I started to get a really good account, then I tried to trade with my cousin and lost it all. Got a new account and I’ve never been better. I’ve been here since 2 weeks after release and despite it being kinda similar to candy crush (which I hate people that refer to it as), it’s amazing The team choices are endless, the new cards are better, badder and have super art! Also I think the music is underrated; it’s spectacular and fitting. The background behind the game for me, the game for me, and all the new updates and features like baba’s shop in 2016-2017, The Porunga events, the hundred Dokkan events, the World Tournaments and even the brand new wallpaper feature! There’s so much to love and enjoy, and it really puts you in the shoes of the team your playing with as you watch the sequences of battles play out! Thank you for making a great game!

- Goo


- Gacha RNG is terrible

Decent fun but way to grindy for stones all for nothing when you spend over 500 stones and don’t get anything good but the gameplay itself ain’t to bad and if you do somehow get the characters it’s really fun

- Can’t play because something happened

I can’t play because I tried to load into the game today and I have to delete the game

- To my sexy readers at Bandai

So hey this is a really good game I love it a lot but I’m always deleting and coming back to the game.The reason for that is because I have to wait for you guys o give me dragonstones at my gift box and I don’t spend money on games sorry so this is a little selfish but maybe can you increase the dragon stones daily reward please? Thanks for reading

- Gud gim

It is a gud gim

- My packs luck is very bad

I would like to report dokkan community to give me da good dokkan packs I would like Str namek goku please my account is Pandori. I had 3 packs on the new namek banner and haven't got a feature. I still love this game but it needs to show me loves

- Bug

I’ve been playing this game for almost 4 years now and never had a problem with it coz Bandai would always give out plenty of dragon stones for a f2p player like me. But the newest update has a bug for me and I can’t even load into the game. It always crashes on me and at this rate I’ll miss out on the new 300million DLs festival. Plz fix

- SO GOOD but please add trading

I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS I don’t know if you read this but if you added trading then the whole game would be a lot easier but somehow make nobody able to scam, I know if you accept this then you will have to do a lot of code but please I am really bad at getting the required medals so please make you able to trade items and characters

- Fun

Really fun if you are patient

- This game is trash

I’ve been playing this game for years and it’s nothing but a nuisance put as much time into this game as you want you’ll be disappointed in the end this game is terrible.


I recently had grinded quest and went on and got 157 stones after this decided to switch mobile phones since the current one i had was broken. I had switched phones but keep in mind i stayed on the same OS, idky but it said id lose my dragon stones and i hit cancel immediately i restarted the app and done the transfer account again it worked and popped up with my account i clicked yes and then continued and nothing else was shown after that... the movie had played and the stones were all gone. If i could get some inside info on why this has happened and why all my love for this game has now depleted especially since i wanted to summon on the lr banners but please bandai can you see into why this has come!!!???

- Cool

Epic game 101

- Pay to win

It was fun for awhile, but then it got boring. Nowadays, I just login to get the daily and then peace. Redownloading it after like 3 months, since 4th anniversary is coming up

- best game in the world!

the game has all the things that I like in it. Everyone should play this game it is the best game!!!!!!!!!!!!


Make your single Summons lucky-er, because I got a krillin and vegeta and got a rare

- Story mode

Love the game but there needs to be more story mode

- Money thieving

In the game there is a summons where you get characters for dragon stones which you get very little of unless you purchase. These people manipulate these summons so it’s nearly impossible to get the bet featured character unless you spend enormous amounts of money and do stupid amounts of summons

- Ok if it worked

Game not loading after the previous update // I was 35 day login consecutively, and now that is gone , I have removed the app and loaded it on 4g and wifi (global) and yeah it’s ridiculous three days now of drama it just does not load. After title screen has error and return to menu - otherwise it was good. Wasted time really.

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- Lost accounts

Ive lost 2 accounts so far and apparently its impossible to get back update i found my lost phone and downloaded dokkan on it and got my stuff back



- Amazing game!

I’ve been playing this game forever. It was interesting to learn and pretty difficult at first but when you get into everything comes naturally.

- It’s a great game but there’s TWO problems

I think that Dokkan is a great game and I’ve been playing it since it came out in 2015. But there has been a problem that’s troubled me for the whole time. And one newer problem. The biggest problem about the game is that there aren’t enough ways to get dragon stones. And the newer problem is that I’m noticing that a lot of characters literally have higher summon ranks as you go to higher ranks. I checked by literally looking in the patch notes. But this makes the game unfair by letting the good players get a literal triple LR pull every summon but then the newer accounts can only get one per 300 stones which the normal rate is. In order to solve the first problem I would say just add more boss rushes and make more missions that give dragon stones. Because most players end up doing all of the boss rushes and most of the dragon stones missions before they get to rank 200.

- >:(

This game is a complete shaft to me I usually get nothing always I actually kinda got good stuff before but now I rage cause of this game fix it.


Just recently we got a all new UI Goku in the game and comparing the SA’s from the start to now it just shows how much work and improvement is constantly being added into this game, unlike many gacha games as well there are many opportunities to get dragon stones like EZAs, story and Events overall this game deserves 5* and I hope it can continue to improve further and further in the future

- pp


- I’ve posted this before but it’s still happening

I’ve had a issue with the eza for teq golden frieza and blue kaioken goku not showing up it started around the time the eza for frieza appeared and it’s frustrating especially now that the universe 6 story event is back so I could have a slight chance of beating kaioken goku and finishing the eza is there any way to fix this?

- Please fix the download all

When I pressed their first time I kinda got mad but when I changed the language it just did the download all by itself so please fix it or remove it

- Just great

I love this game but needs more quests

- Crash Problem but Good Game

So I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s pretty fun, but 90% of the time when I go into the app, it pulls up a black screen with the title on it in gray and it stays like that for two minutes and just closes. So I barely get to play the game half of the time. Please fix this.

- Cool game

This game is really fun five stars period.

- To improve

To get more story to do and to bring back gogeta lR and have more story and make it easyer to get potara earrings and every time the timer goes out to summon to put old lr and more

- Omg

It’s a great game to play with your friends but I can’t get this lr goku😡😡😡😡😠😡😡😠😡😡

- Ok game

I really Liked Dokkan battle I used to play it everyday and spent some money on it too. But once the device code update happened I stopped playing cause I couldn’t log in to it. I had great cards almost 3 LRs and was like level 90 or higher. But it’s still an ok game just don’t like the login settings now.🤷🏼‍♂️

- Dokkan and Legends

Dokkan battle has better units than legends in my opinion. I’ve been playing Dokkan for almost 2 years now and I’m hooked. I would say the best dragon ball game in App Store.

- It takes about 2-4 hours to download

I love this game and all it’s just the downloading speed it just takes years is there anyway this can go faster? But when last time I deleted it went faster it took like 15 -20 mins I don’t how this happened and yes I did safe my account and transferred it and I did it again it just takes years this time to download can you help me?

- Amazing game but I have an idea

Definitely the reason I use my phone a lot more often. I’ve had the game for the past 2 years now, and I think there should be a feature that allows you to trade cards with your friends. However, to trade a card they both have Dokkan Awakened and they the have to be the same rarity. You can only trade an LR for an LR and a UR for a UR. That’s just an idea though, but this game is amazing and I definitely suggest it for others

- Love the gane until...

The game was good but i lost all of my units when i switched phones

- Best

Just best

- Game crash AGAIN!!


- Bet game everrrrrr

I was jk with my other post I love this game I have put my time into it and I have got rlly good characters and LR I’m trying to get good like nano I’m that guy that put sorry to cuss at the beginning of his review and btw I love your game I got the goku lol

- Gvfgnncjxyycjc

V b h

- Plz read

Needs more reward for post 5 year anniversary. And maybe instead of like one or 2 Dragon stones for login like ad 3 plz.

- Great game

I enjoy this game very much and like to see it grow. But just one question what happened to the super Saiyan God SS Goku extreme awakening battle? If so can you bring it back. It’s the one with the 10x kaioken god kamehameha. Next level strike.

- So fun

This game did it, AND IT IS SUPER FUN!! And challenging, BUT IT IS OK!!

- So close to perfect

Love everything but can there be an “auto” option were u can breeze through lower leveled missions?

- Dokkan battle

A great game

- Won’t let me play

It keeps saying it’s a verification failed

- Can’t even play anymore because of a glitch

I was playing Dokkan battle yesterday and wake up this morning to play it but it keeps crashing on the Dokkan screen the first screen before the Hercules screen I think that it’s the new update that happened so for now I will give it a 1 star when I can play it again it would be 5 stars thank you for your time.

- Transfer

Dokkan team Could you give us dokkan players a challenge that we could have free Lr’s and we players have to complete them to Lr’s if they don’t that Lr’s will be deleted from the account, if they do they get to keep can you do this offer dokkan

- Jo


- Good

Very nice

- Unironically terrible

Absolute player abuse in every way possible.

- Good game

It’s good but my only complaint is there’s no transfer code

- It won’t open

This is a great game and I’ve really enjoyed it but I will tap the icon and the app opens to the loading screen and will crash. It will take me 20+ times of retrying to open it before I can get onto my account and sometimes it just never opens. This bug needs to be fixed now.

- Game and IPad (Mabye not iPad)

So I have been playing the game over the year and seen Youtubers that have these amazing characters that are not even in America and these characters have been out for like 2-3 years already that I am still waiting for, and the animations are a little off from what I see from the youtubers like Nano, DatruthDT, and Rhymestyle. Ps the summons that these guys are doing are nowhere near where anyone that play on the device I play on, so please help with this problem I am hating on SUPER harshly.

- Weird nitpick but hear me out.

So dokkan has made excellent progess. I have been with this game for almost 4-5 years now. Nice job guys. Now to the weirdest nitpick, so I have a few ideas, theories, or concerns with the stats. No unit in question, just the stats. Why cant we see the def stat in battle? This is probably a FAQ or LAQ but I wonder this for a while. Because I always thought it weird to that if a nuker gets a lot of orbs but he is last attacker. What is the def? It can make or break a situation, and busting out a calculator to see the stats sounds, "why?". And me being a geek knowing the math and either trying to get an estimate, its now invalid to the stats resetting. I understand if its restricting on the screen, or may take up space but just apply the process for the attack make it so which stat changes is shown so def based units can see the progess instead of atk which shouldnt change, or just line it. Atk on top def on bottom. Sounds easy, and if/when they change you will know the stat. Weird nitpick, sorry.

- Just Dokkan

It’s honestly an amazing app! Takes what I love in DBZ and expands upon it

- the game is amazing

but if you have epilepsy do not get this game

- Great game, but....

I love this game very much. The characters are great the animations are great. I love everything about this game. You can play this game without having to spend money on it even though they push it in your face a lot but I’ve gotten really far with not paying for anything. Now I can’t even get into the game it just stays on the now loading screen and will not let me even get into the game this is very frustrating. I’ve tried deleting it and downloading it again and the same thing happens but this time I can’t even get to the download screen. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of other people and they haven’t done anything to fix this. I don’t recommend getting this game if you’re gonna spend money and a lot of time ok it this is going to happen.


The game has an error where I can’t log into the game. Whenever I start the game, it says there is a communication error and to check my internet connection even though I am on a stable connection. Uninstalling and reinstall doesn’t work too as it says there is a communication error even when I try to data transfer. I can’t access my game or my account which is over level 360 and I have spent more than 3 years on building. Please fix because I don’t want to have put so much effort into an account that I may not be able to access anymore.

- Best game

This game is very fun it could be more fun if we could play like of dB legend how u chose to take not match orbs

- Bosses way too cannon and broken

When I was fighting ‘The Horrific Cell Games’, all cell does is just heal spam and use special move over and over again. And it’s not worth it beating it. What we need is a nerf on bosses


You guys really need to fix training because I lost all my characters accept for three just by training

- Please answer

This is the best dragon ball z game on mobile ever but I have a question. When are you guys going to put the dragon ball fusion awaken medals up again because I need to Dokkan awaken Barlot. Sorry that i bothered you with this question, keep up the good work. When are you guys going to add more quests


This is the best dragon ball game out there, I did say that there were some levels that were way to hard for beginners, I change that. For the players that are stuck, just grind. I have started grinding, and made a gojis family team. I’m taking on the Dolan bosh rush like a breeze. This game is totally amazing. I also feel like the rewards are amazing as well! For the harder levels you get tons more dragon stones, and I have gotten so many great/amazing characters from them! Also, since I grind J get a lot of dragon stones after a while one at a time. This game is amazing and you should play it! It starts slow, but it gets better! I promise!

- Dokkan Review

I had just started, and for the most part it is good. I am still getting used to the mechanics, and the cardboard animations are alright. But all and all, doing pretty good right now.

- Meh

This is overall a very good game but sometimes it crashes and things happen. For example very recently I spent 50 dragon stones to get fused zamasu and it crashed and I lost 50 dragon stones. It didn’t even give me it back or give me any new characters! Overall good but that flaw makes me rage.

- Good game

It’s a good game that has hours of fun but I think it needs a team auto selection.

- Rigged

I did 4 multis and got garbage.The merry Christmas dokkan festival is RIGGED.

- Crap!!!

Will not even load after I have a few LR Characters grinding for nothing !!!

- Game crashing bug

Whenever I try to open the game it doesn’t even let me pass the loading screen and it just crashes the info says it’s compatible with my phone but it crashes

- Questionable Rates

First hand experience that this game definitely plays with the rates. When you pay for the game, it’s harder to summon featured characters (especially the main one that everyone wants) BUT if you start a new account as a free player it is much easier to get the featured character. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. They do this because they want pay-to-play players to pay more for more summons. New players? They have to attract and hopefully get them to pay because rates are supposedly “great!” It’s super obvious, and don’t fall for it.

- Sadness :(

While I don’t hate this game, It’s being really upsetting. It doesn’t give me characters until there are much better options. And when it gives me actual good characters, I would’ve already had one and they are way less useful then a new character. Before it was fine but now it’s ridiculous. I am filled with sadness because of the low odds.

- Fun n


- Crash!

Cannot enter to the game menu after updates IOS 13.3


Thank you guys so much for all you have done keep up the great work!

- No

If you spend money on this game you are supporting possibly the worst game ever made

- Meh

The odds of actually getting a good character is incredibly low.

- I ride with dokkan

I’m bout this dokkan. I touch bare rarities unlike the rest of you unlucky wastemans.

- It gets boring after a while...

Well,when I first played it,it was pretty good!But playing this for a while makes the game boring.It was still good,but I guess you can add more effects and cool stuff into it.

- Plz add this

I love this game and it’s unique concept and everything but there are 2 things I hate about the or recommend adding into the game 1: add co-op/multiplayer so you can do really hard challenges with friends and lastly make so you don’t need to do 50 stories to get the summoning dragon stones

- I quit

I lost my 1st account due to a bug but I put up with it because I love this game but then it just crashes every 5 secs after I lost my lvl 200 plus account and on top of everything I just spent 50 dragon stones and lost it due to a crash please help or please fix

- Omg

Oh my god this game is so cool it’s the best

- Better fix it

I had 50dragon stones then it logged me out of the game this has happened two times if it happens again I will delete the game

- Team cost

I don’t like how you have a team cost because it annoys me whenever I make a team it might go over. Overall great game with amazing art and graphics and one of my favourite mobile games

- Epic

If you’re getting mad about spending money and not getting the new character, you’re not spending enough

- Lost my Account!

Linked my account on fb then when i upgraded my device, it says theres no account linked to my fb

- Awesome


- Horrible.

If you want to succeed in the game, you have to put in hundreds of dollars. Otherwise, you can’t win. Waste of time and money, it used to be such a great game. Bandai is only in it for the money.

- Just bad

Don’t try this game it’s trash that’s why I gave it a 0

- They took my account

They took my account and they won’t give it back. I played for 3 years and they just took my account for no reason. And this happened to my friend too and he was playing since the game came out.

- All available characters are super class - Summon

Doing the ticket summon. Clearly says all characters summoned this way are at least super class.. got 4 R’s fml

- mmmmmmmeeeeeeiiiiiilllleeeeuuuurrrr jeu


- C’est super

Incroyablement bon et donne plein de cadeaux

- Super fun

Great game I play it all the time 👍🏻👍🏻

- Enjoyable game

I’ve installed and deleted this game so many times, but now I finally a team that I can work with. Really fun game.

- Vegita Evolved.

Hey I’m so excited and happy I just pulled in we are Card. Thank you! Dokkan on battle...

- Best dbz game

I love it

- Awesome game

I love that game and very addictive IV been playing for over 1200 days

- Mediocre at best

I see everyone getting great pulls from multi summons and I’ve done over 30 and am yet to get anything that I want to use, there is no way to guarantee getting anything and I will not be continuing this game, thanks for proving that square enix are undeniably the greatest devs of all time. At least they know how to make a fun game with grinding for what you want.

- Good game

Excellent game if you put in the time.

- Thx

I love this game, hopefully in the future we can get at least 500 dragon stones

- Ok



CE JEU EST TROP BIENNNNN!!!!! Le gameplay est de qualité et tres unique. Et tout est equilibré bien joué Les gars!!!!

- WoW

This is just a great game

- I love this game

Amazing game, been addicted for years without kissing a day

- Its nice

Is nice

- So......

After playing for years, the game definitely has gotten better

- Best Game Ever!

Absolutely love it!!!!

- Anonymous 123455

Good game

- Paying users have a far better advantage

Too many micro transactions in the game when playing you are weak because you don’t buy characters and also is very very very time consuming to lvl up or even obtain simple characters odd are far too low to keep my interest

- Add

Auto mode cause I lost my previous account when I got a new phone and now it boring to grind the simple mission again on quests

- Dokkan Dream

I’ve been a Dragon ball fan for years and I must say this is one of my most favourite Dragon ball games. The card art is absolutely amazing especially with the new units. The attack animations are insane people have been making comparisons of the super attacks and the actual show and it’s INSANE HOW SIMILAR THEY LOOK. I love this game but they only thing I would change is add a better way to get dragon stones cuz at level 300+ once you’ve got the majority of quests done you don’t have a really good way of getting dragon stones anymore. Overall I give it a 9/10

- Love this game

I’ve been playing now for over 2 years and still love it, I would definitely recommend the game

- Ssr luck

I played the game for 2-3 years. It’s a good game but the only problem is the SSR rate. They always do some event to have a chance to obtain some specific SSR characters but when I tried those 1 out of 10 give me one SSR of the Event. I had a SSR « bad » character at least 6 times and everytime it wasn’t linked to the event.

- Pls add more chances for stones

Please add more stages for boss rush or new events to get dragon stones, but other than that this game is great

- Finally Fighting Legend Goku Event!

I finally get to test all my defense stacking teams on this event for fun whenever it out of stamina, and also thx 4 the free tickets :DD


I played the game for literally 8 minutes, got off, and tried to play the game again emphasizing TRIED it kept saying connection issues and it would continue every time I wanted to play never stoped, even to this day,horrible experience

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Nos estrenamos por twitter también! Directos de Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle todos los dias a partir de las 18:00.

//wait is it Dragon Ball Legends or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle?

引いていくよ🤪 【#50 ドッカンバトル】ケフラフェス開幕100連引くよ 【Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle】 #ドッカンバトル #ドラゴンボール

@burningmicchan: 気合の300連目❗️ 朝メシのメシウマ動画にしてくだせぇ🤣 ︎【ドッカンバトル#129】 ドッカンフェス続編  ケフラ狙って300連目‼︎諦めたらそこで試合終了です😣 【Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle】 htt…

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE 4.8.5 Mod (Attack, God Mode, Dice) APK

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DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE 4.8.5 Screenshots & Images

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE (Version 4.8.5) Install & Download

The applications DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE was published in the category Games on 2015-07-16 and was developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. [Developer ID: 352305770]. This application file size is 379.11 MB. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE - Games posted on 2020-04-09 current version is 4.8.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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