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If you love “Heads Up!” the game created by Ellen DeGeneres, played on her show and by millions of people around the world, then get ready for "Heads Up! Kids," a fun and exciting game you can play with your little ones, no matter their reading level!

From animals to actions to items around the house -- give clues to help your teammate guess the picture that’s on their head before time runs out! Whether you’re waiting in line, on a road trip, or having a family game night, "Heads Up! Kids" is the only game you need to keep the good times rolling!

- Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time.
- Pull up a new card simply by tilting your phone.
- Keep videos of your hilarious game play
- Diverse categories let you challenge and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!
- Scavenger hunt-style pack where it’s up to you to find the pictures to complete the deck.

With a ton of themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun never ends!

Decks include:
- Animals
- Actions
- Who Am I?
- Around the World
- Scavenger Hunt
- And lots more!

Heads Up! Kids App Description & Overview

The applications Heads Up! Kids was published in the category Games on 2014-12-10 and was developed by Warner Bros.. This application file size is 113.56 MB. Heads Up! Kids current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

This update contains bug fixes and improved screen compatibility for iPhone X and above. Happy Playing!

Heads Up! Kids App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Heads Up! Kids Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Eden421   4 star

Have to pay for each game!. It comes with a few games if you want the extra ones you must pay for each one individually. There is no all in one purchase. It’s a fun game but I don’t want to have to put over $10 into the app to get access to all the games.

Skseth   3 star

No Sound?!?. Has a nice feature of recording video but there’s no sound when the video is played back. Please fix!!!!!

CREMrunner   1 star

Can’t play anything... App crashes. App crashes every time we click play. We’ve tried every category and the same thing happens. Deleted app and restored it. Updated iOS. Reset phone. Nothing has worked.

Little Snickers 8   5 star

Teaches Kids. I love this game because it teaches your kids all the different species, animals, and hats! And it’s totally free!!!! And it keeps your kids company. And it teaches them to listen to their teammate/s. And use their noggin.

Yumikogirl11   3 star

🤬Can’t Purchase!?!!?🤬. The app is really great but For some weird reason, I can’t make a in-app purchase! This really triggers me

gymnast100%#loveit   4 star

Fun , but..... Ok wow super fun game but I’m eleven and like yo I like the regular app better. And the video you can just see the top of there heads when I hold it to there forehead so. You get my point

Josh1191   5 star

Glue!. Gah meg neg

americanbeauty85   3 star

Disappointed. Love the game so much I downloaded the kids version to play with my nieces and nephews. One day we played the game for 40 min straight and saved all the videos. We couldn’t wait to watch them all and upload them later. Unfortunately none of them saved to my phone. This was 2 weeks ago and I’m still having the same problem.

redphoenix31   1 star

Obnoxious Popup!!!. Please remove the obnoxious reminder asking for access to the camera. This is a game for children, I should not need to give access to the camera for it...

nanansnsnsnansnahs   1 star

Read this!!!!!. WOW. This is a weird app it constantly asks for my camera and microphone access. Why do you need to watch and listen to me????? Other than that it works fine I just like my privacy. Be sure to use caution with this app. Developers, please tell me why this keeps happening. Also, can the app access my mic and camera when I’m not in the app or it is running in the background??

Ilovememez   5 star

Thank you Warner Bros!!!!!. I love Heads Up kids because it is a fun opportunity for kids to play Heads Up too! The only thing I don’t like about this app is that it won’t let you purchase (pay) for something offline. However I will soon make a game that you can pay offline, then download online. Heads up rules!

mom to stuttering kid   3 star

Great but can you create an option to play without the timer. It’s a great speech therapy game but the timer gets in the way

tabcjo   3 star

Fun, but annoying.. This game is a ton of family fun, but it asks to turn on the camera every click. Extremely frustrating. On the regular adult version, they only ask once a game. They clearly want to trick the kids to turn on the camera which is creepy. Other than that, it’s a perfectly fun game.

bdhgdjhsjjdhjs   1 star

Accidentally. My son accidentally purchased this app is there a way to cancel it

shadowstormnet   2 star

STOP ASKING FOR CAMERA PERMISSIONS. The game is ok, sometimes the cards are not very good for kids, or not enough context, but EVERY game it asks for access to the camera. I do not want to use the camera. I never will. I do not want to ever give any app access to my camera. SO STOP ASKING FOR IT. Incredibly irritating when one is just trying to have fun with the family.

AudreyC16   4 star

Too many in app purchases. I really did enjoy this game but I feel as if there are way to many in-app purchases. I already had to play $0.99 to download the game and there are only a few categories for free, others cost money.

jmccammon   2 star

Can’t see the images. When playing on an I phone we couldn’t really see the images

Songfire   2 star

A fun game in spurts. Update: I'm dropping my review two stars, until the dev team fixes the memory leak issues. Playing the game increases the memory bloat, and the weight can only be shed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also, we purchased the Act Out deck, and the same ten or so cards keep repeating. Original review: My kids and I loved to play this when we first downloaded it. After the first few days, we rarely played it anymore. On a technical note, after buying a new phone, many of my in-app purchases have not transferred. For example, I definitely bought the letter 'M' deck, but for some reason the purchase did not restore.

Nightwalker6   3 star

Great app. Very enjoyable great way to get your kids to open up , sadly it's been freezing and knocking you off.

123556alphazeta   2 star

Crashing!. Just bought the app and after 5 minutes it crashes each time I open it! Sadly I got it with me and the kids out to dinner!!!

Luvgeometrylite   5 star

Best game for kids. Requires them to think of clues. Way better for kids who cannot read yet. My brother enjoys feeling independent while playing the game without help.

Mattspunkingurl   4 star

Cute. My 4 year old daughter likes to play the original Heads Up with me but it was limited to just the 1 deck of cards for kids. I had no idea there was an app for kids!! She loves it! My 7 year old son really likes it too. I'm so glad I found this.

ElysseMaven   5 star

Super fun. My kids love this app. They learn to challenge their own vocabulary in describing each item. Fun to watch the replays!

EmiJJ83   3 star

Bug in the update!. We LOVE this game, but I just did the update and now it has a problem of getting stuck on the green checkmark screen after almost every clue while the clock is still running! We get time for maybe 2 or 3 clues per game—so frustrating. Fix this bug please! (iPhone 6)

SeriouslyDave   3 star

Definitely better! 😄. If you use your own photos, this app forces you to crop everything into squares instead of leaving them as is so they can fill the whole screen. The good news is that you now get the opportunity to choose which part of the cropped photo is shown. --

Bryan Kuro   3 star

Needs ability to customize deck. I want to use this app to have fun teaching English to Japanese students, but it's difficult because I can't browse the deck list and customize what is included and what is not. Please let us toggle on and off specific cards/items!

Ma7hbra1n   5 star

iPad version. Hey Ellen, I really liked the game heads up pictures and I'm glad to play it with my little cousins but the thing is that I want the app to become iPad version because I still see the 1x and 2x button on the screen. So would you do a favor and please put it on iPad version? Thank you, Miguel Trejo

davilaN21   4 star

Fun. Fun game we can all enjoy as a family the only down side is I can't seem to get it on my iPad for my kids even though it says it's available for it

GregGomer   5 star

So much fun - my kids love it. My kids wanted to play Monopoly - I suggested we find a short game. This is the ticket. We had so much fun. Probably played longer than we would have if we played Monopoly while having more fun too. I like that they have a picture version. My 4 year old can play along now and had so much fun. Another reviewer mentioned the recordings. In the App settings you can enable or disable recording. It allows you to create a video of the round while you play. After the game you can choose to save or discard the recording. My kids love the replay and think it's pretty silly. And once in a while when we have a really funny round we do share it with a few family members. Clever idea - I don't see any security concerns. It records to your phone locally. You can choose to save it or not. And can disable the feature entirely. So we liked it.

kitkat0988   1 star

Fun while it lasted.... The kids had a lot of fun with it for a few rounds, but then it just stopped working. You hit play and the deck closes. Tried re-installing. Really disappointing.

Advertorial    5 star

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jcfox101   2 star

😎 cool. Cool game

Francesbeaudin   5 star

So great!. My 3.5 year old loves this game and my husband and I love playing it with her. So funny and great for all ages.

Fixxxxxx allllbulmmmms   5 star

Really fun. Really fun for the kids

Baberaham45   3 star

Screen off. The screen resolution is off it only shows in about 2/3 of the screen on my iPad. Works great on the iPhone

Cw20098   1 star

Not compatible with iPad mini. Using my iPad mini and can only see a small square and can choose from only two games. Disappointed kids here!

Harley Queen Been   5 star

Awesome fun!. Everything Ellen touches is awesome!!!! :)

Agenda needer📓📲   5 star

Great app. Get this

JennaSophiaRyan   4 star

Crashing. The game won't let me play. It crashes when I try to play a pack.

Tamana16   5 star

I love u Ellen so that's why I have it!!. Ellen is awesome so that's why the apps awesome!!

Ronald.cheung626   5 star


Jen_Kuc   4 star

Lovely game, as the original. I teach English as a second language and this is great for it! The only thing that I find unfortunate is that the titles of the cards disappear, cause when I play with children, they can describe the opossum, but they forgot the name! So even if I guess opossum, they can't tell me if that was in fact it ... Any way we can make the titles disappearing optional? That would be a great update...! Thanks for the cool new game!

4fghdfgh   5 star

Amazing. Love ellen!!

Advertorial    5 star

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Rural vic chick   5 star

Awesome game. I love this game. So much fun for the whole family

emmysuu   5 star

Amazing. I have the other app of heads up and it's better for the adults but this is good for all ages. 5/5

Cosa loca   5 star

Muy buena. Muy buena para personas q no leen o q no saben un idioma 😃

Smugster   2 star

Display text the whole time. This app should display the text the whole time when guessing. It's hard to know if you are correct.

WJ mommy   2 star

Long delay!. I want to like this- there is a very long delay (at least 5 seconds) after we get every word right before it advances to the next card. It gets stuck on the green check mark. Very annoying, especially in a time crunch game.

Road rage >:(   2 star

Good design, bad execution. Love it, but it keeps freezing at the end of each game.

Jamiecar   4 star

Great for my 5 year old. My daughter loves to play Elle but she can't read yet so it's always her turn! This is great, now she can play too!

Dansho14   1 star

"Heads up!" You can't take pics. "Heads up"misleading you can't take your on pictures like its shows in the pics! Without paying a dollar$ more....,.disappointing :( $$$$

Badecker   1 star

Doesn't work on iPad. All other iPhone apps that I have downloaded to my iPad work fine, but this doesn't work at all. Only part of the screen shows, and about 1/3 of the pictures. Since I don't have an iPhone, I just wasted my money. Please fix for iPad!

Reddfw   3 star

Nice but in app purchases are buggy. Fun game for kids. Love the original version, but in app purchases will not load. Please fix!

Emmamacita   5 star

Heads Up! Love Ellen even more!. Saw this on Ellens Facebook page and was curious to see if was as fun as it seemed. I had more fun with my 16 yr old daughter playing this game than anything else! Grateful this gives us a chance to bond having fun being silly together! Thanks Ellen and Warner Bros! You rock!

Pookytoo   5 star

Liviya loves it. Awesome fun!

Kroc7539   5 star

One of the Best Games Ever!. Any iPhone or iPod just isn't the same without this app. I played this game at school with my friends several times and they, too, agree that it is one of the best games ever. If you are not sure if you want to get this game or not, take my word for it: you will LOVE 💖 this game!

Kel & Faithy   5 star

Awesome fun for family. This app is great for family fun. Even our three year old can play now!

Janefire6783   2 star

Boring! Something's wrong too.... You have to buy the good things! It's a waste of money and there's another heads up with more themes and it's free! I'm sticking with that one! And did anyone else have problems with the around town theme? Mine reappears the same picture!

Jim Egbers   5 star

Hilarious. Hours of entertainment and fun. I couldn't stop laughing

Kjvivhihv0303   1 star

For little kids. It is only for little kids that can't read because if you have the original heads up this isn't worth the 0.99 cents because it is only a picture with the world under it I bought it thinking it was different

MommaDuff   5 star

Love this game!. My daughter and I have been playing this game a lot lately! She is 4 and has always loved watching the grown ups play the original Heads Up. It's great family fun. My only warning is that the Pink deck is not pink things, rather things with a pink background. So strange. Otherwise love it.

celenganbabi   5 star

More fun with pic. English is not my native language, so does people around me. With Headsup!Pic i can play it with my little nephews, even with my grandmas. Thanks for making the game with new way to play it. Love it so much!

Edras_vazquez   4 star

Good, BUT. It's ok but when I want to add a new deck I can't purchase one. And I really want to buy more.

Masameso   2 star

Bugs. There's a bug where it won't allow me to ad a second or third card to the "build your own deck" instead, it replaces the first

Lisasanches94   5 star

great. it's great for non english speakers. im brazilian and i love this game, but i could never play with my friends And family bc they dont understand english. now with the pictures, it's easy and always fun

Tre_21   5 star

Heyelllyes!!. Fun and even more fun when you watch the video of the hint giver!!! Even my 7 year old is in on this game. Well worth the 99¢.

Sal ad   2 star

Ok. It is like the regular one but for kids because they are pictures if you do not know what the word is then you see the picture and describe it so it is a baby version of heads up

MediaTeacher12   4 star

Great for Parties. This game is great to include the little ones in charades. I wish it recorded the people acting out like the regular heads up.

Liv10123   2 star

Way too Hard For Little Kids. This app was supposedly made to help little kids play but it is way too hard! Heads up is way better don't waste your money!

Pichon83   5 star

Best party game ever!. Simply the best! You better play it!

J speaks the truth   2 star

Fun for a couple hours. At first it was full of fun, but then we started to recycle through the previous pictures within 2 hours. It was disappointing to have payed (yes I know it is only $.99) and only get to play one nights worth.

Keri Leigh   4 star

Love this game!. We play this as a family and it is a lot of fun! Even my 4 year old loves it! The pictures in the "who am I" category are difficult for my younger ones to decipher since they are still just learning to read so we can't play that one :(, but the others are great!

KacolLOL   5 star

LOVE IT. How could u not love something by ELLLEN! It Keeps getting better and better, LOVE U ELLEN, I'm YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!❤️❤️

JayHereToStayMakin   5 star

Great new edition. Another fun new spin on Heads Up, the go-to game with friends. Played with family too, and it's simple to learn and challenging enough to keep playing...for most of the night. Thanks, Ellen and friends!

Scookw2005   1 star

Bad. This app doesn't work and I wasted my money on this app!

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