Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch 6th Gen, iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 & 4, iPad 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Pro.***

Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it’s the early 90’s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features:
• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
• Enhanced for the iPhone 5 series and iPad 4th Gen and above with dynamic detailed shadows and real-time environmental reflections.
• Physical controller support for all Made for iOS controllers.
• Cloud save support for playing across all your iOS devices for Rockstar Social Club Members.
• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
• Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

*To listen to your custom playlist, simply create a playlist titled “GTASA”, launch the game, and select the radio station “MIXTAPE”.

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas App Description & Overview

The applications Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was published in the category Games on 2013-12-12 and was developed by Rockstar Games. This application file size is 1.93 GB. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Please Note: For those currently progressing through the game, please load your game from a manual save slot instead of selecting “Resume”. This only needs to done once after updating. Afterwards, “Resume” will function normally.

General bug fixes and improvements.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comments & Reviews

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Gta San Andreas. The game is good but keeps kicking me out when I try loading in

no queri eso   1 star

No era. No era lo que queria

bomo keller   1 star

Crap. Don’t waste your money glitches galore difficult gameplay awful graphics

Cai Ji233   5 star

Nice one. Brilliant Game, but can we have GTA4 pls?

hi jakdufbebsoal   1 star

Sound doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the sound is not working

yammy boiii   1 star

WORST GAME EVER DONT BUY IT. Too many glitches to count the glitches in this game make story mode almost unplayable sometimes

pillo tamales   1 star

San andreas. Compre el juego y todo iva bien hasta que ya no me agarro que mala honda de su parte

Kylieér   1 star

Glitching rn. Can y’all please release an update or something because I can’t even get on when I am on WiFi. Like it goes to the menu where I can resume and it when it’s loading in it black out and I’m at the home screen

Warmmcj   1 star

Cant play in ip xs max. When I load the map that i ever played in the past then I resume game the game will break. so I cant play plzz fixed thia

Lil Lalo805   4 star

Froze. It keeps frozen on me while I’m on a mission can u please fix it or a NEW update please!!!

*BIG_SMOKE*   5 star

YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL!. But you sure as heck picked the right game CJ.

jhjgjbkj   5 star

A problem. This game is really good in my opinion but there is a problem. Sometimes when i play it crashes and i cant play. So i have to use a save file from before. But still a amazing game one of the best grand theft auto games i’ve saw.

ddexus   1 star

It works very nice at first. Why the app is keep crashing , i cant play it anymore , in first 1 week it works very smooth , please fix it

Ps piz fix   4 star

LOVE IT. I love this game! I’m an 11 year old girl playing this! But I was on the missions with the old man dude idk his name.. and I was in San ferrio but I accidentally restarted... I was wondering if you could give me my things back..? If you do I will rate 5 stars I will really love it I also play gta 5 too on Xbox 360 I was wondering if you could add mods and cheats to Xbox 360 to gta 5 thank you! -Jessica

riskycartoon777   5 star

Best game for phones. Awesome just like the original if you got some spare money you should totally get this game

Richwin1   4 star

Absolutely Amazing but glitches ruin it. I have just wrote a review on this game but this was after this glitch happened to me... Anyways I have a glitch where I am unable to enter restaurants as they do not have the yellow blip on them and any attempt I have made to enter a restaurant has been unsuccessful. I have attempted looking up a solution online but I was unable to find any answers. Only some people experiencing the same problem I have but like me has been unable to fix it. I have tried installing and uninstalling the game and even as far as to reboot my own device but I still have not been able to enter a restaurant. I don’t want to restart my entire game because of the amount of progress I have made and the fact that it is still not garenteed that the glitch will be fixed. I just want a little help to figure out what’s going on but it does not seem that the developers really respond to these comments so... I’ll just continue to try to fix it on my own. Also I don’t want to restart because I’m 70% done with the game and I already got all the horseshoes, fancy vehicles stored up, and finished the vigilante, taxi, fire truck, and paramedic missions so it’s gonna be such a pain to restart and redo all of that.

Hexley94   4 star

FIX Architectural Espionage. Its a great game but the door to the architectural plans is glitched and wont open in the Architectural Espionage mission. I can't beat the game because of this. PLEASE fix this.

Smh_Itz_Aleena   1 star

amazing game but.... rockstar you need to please fix these glitches because they aren’t okay. and when i download the game it doesn’t lemme play or it does and then it logs me out and takes me out of the game

Keiaudra   5 star

Game needs to be updated. Great game could use an update tho it stops at certain parts of the game an dosen't load the game anymore I had to delete and re install the game other then that it's great   5 star

GTA Sa. It’s better than a lot of games

khalil jan 826 help   5 star


josh6632108   5 star

GTA. This is a good app and a lot of fun I love the story and all the characters the only thing is I tried to play it the other day and the app just crashed and I cant open it and play without it crashing I don’t know what the program is

NoelKreiss132   5 star

Pretty good port !. I love the ultra widescreen of the IPhone XR but man the controls take a while to get use to . Also the orange hue of the ps2 version is long gone which is a huge minus for me in the aesthetic department

johnbbiv   4 star

Sound isn’t working. I just downloaded this game and the sound doesn’t work. I made sure all volumes were turned up and it still isn’t working. I even deleted the game and re-downloaded it and it didn’t help.

:&83&((   5 star

Like. I like this game but can rockstar open the ammunition store but other than that really good game and pretty cheap

Froggersman90   2 star

The game crashes from the beginning. As the game is loading it crashes can I get my money back?

Itsdaltonah   5 star

Very impressed. I think this is great! One of my favorite gta games of all times! It runs better on iOS then it did back in the day on ps2. I use a controller with it and have no issues at all! I would highly recommend this

Cocacola diet   5 star

Carl Johnson’s opinion. Gta San Andreas is the finest game ever it is more fun then Chuck E. Cheese must warn very funny gets you addicted to drugs

Edgarisgr8   5 star

Game crashing. I can’t go on to the game anymore it just glitches out

tonybrag   5 star

Excellent. I used to play this game when i was a child, it’s nice to play it in my device

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scoppler   4 star

Crash. Whenever I open the game and press resume, it just crashes. Please fix this

Pona3465   5 star

The w has been found. This game is just like the ps4 it’s soooo fun

ghijsa   1 star

Sucks. I waited a full year for this game to finish loading

Arshia Zarifian   5 star

The best game with great content on ios. I love this game. I hope gta 4 and 5 can be played in ios.😂

JAAN E   3 star

Gamer. Crashing everytime

Haydrow   2 star

Keeps crashing. Great game when it doesn’t crash...

Himok1   4 star

Keeps crashing. The game has been good until today now when I am on the loading screen after is shows the social club it almost loads then crashes please help I really like the game!

BrianBirch   5 star

Amazing. Truly a magnificent game; even on the iPhone. I played on an X and the graphics are good, gameplay is fun and overall the handling of it was terrific. Absolute beauty.

fstgsbshshshs   1 star

To rockstar. I got on the third island and every time I load in it kicks me

coolmaispascool   3 star

Le jeu crash. À la fin du chargement du jeu, il crash.

lorri paquin   5 star

I love it. I love the game but can you guys add in a way to import mods please because I gets boring playing the story multiple times in a row otherwise it is the most fun I have ever had playing a game

apoopcat   5 star

PLAY WITH A CONTROLLER!!. it’s a straight console quality game!!! you can play any rockstar game with a ps4 or xbox controller!

Joseph a savage   4 star

GTA San Andreas. I love this game and I play this game all lot

flecj   5 star

The good old days. The game reminds me of original for ps2 and this is an amazing game

Mikk❤️😂😊😐   5 star

Every thing!. So gta is a fun game but I can’t turn to a girl.. I know how I just can’t but it’s a great game and!!! It’s my OkY game on my iPhone

pobeysaale   5 star

Good with minor fixes. Please fix the social club account issues keep asking to login again and again

Smashine   3 star

Crashes. When I load the game. Re installing means I lose all my progress. Dammit rockstar

Duck lord101   5 star

Grate game. One of the best free Rome games on mobile and the story so far is really good recommend if you like these things.

yungpapi215   1 star

Not working. Not letting me download the game fix this

goodlooking33   5 star

Great. Totally worth the money

Awaycomet   5 star

Brings back memories. The buttons are kinda hard to use but once iOS 13 comes out I’ll be using my ps4 controller.

iamdravin   4 star

SAN Andreas. Very fun game for an iPhone, kinda glitchy but still easy to controller driving and running. worth it in my opinion.

Daarrccy   1 star

Crashing. Keeps crashing, I want a refund please.

jurrasicworldfan   5 star

Big smoke. I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45’s,1 with cheese, and a L A R G E soda.

$$$#iamawsome   5 star

LOVE IT. this is a really fun and cool game I love it

#f that   5 star

Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer would make the game so much more fun.

Shootykilly123   5 star

Amazing game. It’s great couldn’t ask for a better mobile game

Revan Ricky   4 star

Pretty Good. The game is pretty good except I think the bike controls are a little tricky.

Romank133133   5 star

Great game. The story is good but fix the level where you have to chase that guy with a moto cycle because it is really difficult

Tahrak   5 star

Good game but u can’t change or buy clothes. If you guys can release an update to change ur clothes or buy them atleast

Advertorial    5 star

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Shootey guy   5 star

It's too hard to get away from the cops. Whenever I commit a crime the cops immediately come after you which is fine they just don't ever leave you could be on the run for hours and you couldn't get away also can you make the hood mission easier but other than that it's a really good game and deserves to be more recognised.

lucindwilky   5 star

i cant get out of the water in a mission. in the mission amphibious assault when i’ve reached the boat i can’t get out of the water and on to the deck of the boat!! please write back so i know how to get out.

Tahlo___   1 star

Gta 5. When I play this game and I complete a certain amount of missions the game does not work and it doesn’t let me back into the app. I have to start a new game every time for it to work.

Zallow44   3 star

Fix This Please. Fix the social club login. It’s impossible to see what I’m typing, because the keyboard covers the parts where you type in your login details.

MrScorpian208   5 star


kaeljcunn   5 star

Brought me back to my child hood. This blast from the past, was seriously the best of the gta series and I’m very glad with how they have brought it to mobile platform. For a game older then myself that’s been remapped for mobile use I’d say it’s easily a 5 star

Hjajahahga   3 star

Good game heaps of glitches tho. Been playing for ages and got a glitch saying I couldn’t do anything inside buildings expl play pool play games and now i can’t even go in any buildings my games completely under the map and I can’t move around or anything HELP

KaranPlayz123   5 star

Please rockstar games. Hey so I know gta sa and vice city are fun but can u pls add gta5 on mobile/iPad for free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz although I rate gta sa and vice city 5stars pls add gta5 Kindest Regards Karan

doggo 122(1761   5 star

Awesome game. This game is like GTA V but could u add animals bc I like animals and fix up the cloths it looks like they are stuck to you and make it so u flop it’s wired how u go in a position when u die or fall down thank u pls update! It would be great 👍🏽 oh and one more thing make it so u can play as different characters!PLS UPDATE

PaulLaBomb   4 star

UPDATE. Hey rockstar, I was wondering if you could please do one big update for graphics and cars,because at the moment the cars are pretty boring after a while so please add like Porsche 911 Lamborghini adventador mclaren p1,etc

B.C.2014   5 star

‼️HANDS DOWN BEST GAME EVER MADE‼️. This 1 game ‼️GTA-SAN ANDREAS‼️is 1 of if not the ‼️BEST GAME‼️Ever to hit a Gaming Console on the PLANET 🌏

Tas07   5 star

Swag dogs best game ever. I love the swag in this game and love how it’s going back to 1992

lahrbwkjwsrs   5 star

Crashing on loading screen. Love the game and on my second time through but ever since this morning I haven’t been able to get past the loading screen as it keeps crashing. Please fix this 🙏🙏

xavxavxavhardy   4 star

Such a fun game. I haven’t been playing for long and I love it already It’s always good playing an old game

Emily prelovsky   5 star

Old school. Love this game brings back so many memories 😀

I like driving   5 star

More games please. Thanks for adding san andreas to mobile its great I love playing it everyday the graphics are good for mobile the controls are a bit sensitive but thats fine for what the game gives you. But please rockstar could you add more games like gta4 and maybe 5 to ipad please, but I know 5 would be hard to port over, but anyway gta san andreas is best open world offline games for ios !

billy dab   5 star

Gta. Best game app I ever played

Thefrostynomad   4 star

Needs cheats. I would 100% give 5 stars if I could use cheats it’s absolutely ridiculous we can’t on iOS. Come on rockstar give it up already

Leannep2008   5 star

Gta. This games is awesome

fmitabilj   4 star

Crashing. I love the game and really enjoy playing it, but once I reached the end, I finished all the missions and now when I try to open the app it crashes while trying to load back in, making it impossible to play the game.

just kill me 😑   5 star


Oz1676   4 star

Robbing places. I love the game but I wish we could rob places without doing a mission and also can you add more missions like GTA V has missions where when you finish the game you can go on heists

Joe8ob 30   2 star

Ok. Fun when game is actually good, not enough checkpoints in missions and cars should be able to be flippable like in gta 5, explosions to sensitive 50 meters away and still died please fix

Jphnsena   5 star

Follow the dam train cj. Omg I love this gta out of all of them beside the 5 one it is the best you did so good but I finished the game and don’t know what to do

TigerJohn11   5 star

Soooooo cool. I love this game so much but wuy it’s not like gta 5


ADDD GTA5 ON MOBILE. Add gta 5 on mobile

Daniel Chamley   3 star

ok game. I have finished all the missions, all I have now are the side missions. can please add more missions to the game thank you. can you please add liberty City to this game because you fly to liberty city for a mission so this game should have liberty city and missions in liberty city thank you. can you please add cheats to the iPad for this game and can you please add a phone button so you can get into cj's phone to make calls and put cheats in the phone thank you. when you drive vehicles or fly aircrafts, etc and go somewhere and save your game and the vehicles and aircrafts etc are not in garages etc and they are left outside they just disappear it’s unrealistic. In real life vehicles and aircrafts etc don’t just disappear. can you please update this game so the vehicles and aircrafts, etc don’t disappear thank you. Can you please update the game so when you change into any of your special clothes they stay on you no matter what you do eg when you go to millies home and your in the gimp suit once you are done the gimp suit goes away and your in your normal clothes and then you have to keep going to a safe house to get into your special clothes again. so can you please update this game so you stay-in the Special clothes no matter what you do until you decide to change your clothes thanks Also this game needs an update as well thank you can you please create gta 5 for the iPad thank you

Shneee693   5 star

Brilliant Game. Had hours of fun playing this game, Rockstar please remake it!!!

hc boys   3 star

Found a bug. This game is really fun but I need space to get other things and I deleted it and now it won’t delete I can’t play it or anything so please help

unfissykiller   4 star

Game would kick me out. Hi rockstar I am having trouble with loading in it would kick me out apart from that game is really good and fun

gang person   1 star

i hate it now. everytime i get on the game it crashes me off the game

BMbScrill   3 star

Idk. Liked at first spent 6 dollars on it and now the game keeps glitching every time I try open the app and play I think it needs a update 😞😕

Tia00   5 star

Are you guys gonna do GTA V?. Great app but would love for gta IV and V come to the App Store zas well. What’s taking it so long ?

tnewson82   4 star

Old Times. Great game

ffghjjnvdss   1 star

Keeps crashing. Well guess I have to start over, thanks rockstar 👍🏼

Wacy Justice   4 star

Great game but a few bugs!. I got really exited when I saw that this was compatible with my iPad (iPad 2) because I have had this on my phone for awhile but could not really play because the screen was small. But on my iPad I had some minor lag in Los Ventures, but that was not the problem. The problem was the mission that you needed to shoot up the military base. The object that I needed to collect never spawned! I watched gameplays on YouTube so I know it’s supposed to be there! I paid 8.99 for this game! I should be able to complete it!

cooldude_Eb   3 star

Fix third person camera. My character is to close to my screen. My settings is not stating how I can fix the issue. Over all the game works fine. But one more problem when the tutorial shows. I Believe I should be able to go to my settings to read the previous tutorial that showed. But instead I couldn’t. So that leaves me lost in dumb founded about what to do.

Jay duke   5 star

Just like original. It brings back so much nostalgia

Doriankrj   5 star

Smh. Great game but glitches out when started up

change4adolla   3 star

Free Aim Not working. When I toggle between free aim and auto lock, it does not give free aim only auto lock in the game. Game is better with free aim being used but can’t use it

pow137   5 star

It’s dope. It’s dope

WWE awesome sbjjgbrxb   5 star

Revolutionary.. This game is awesome, I got it when it first came out. I recently found out there was controller support for this and all of the GTA games. But I am a little bummed out that there is no cheats. Is there any time you will implement cheats into the game for controllers?

jpull1977   1 star

Sound doesn’t work. Paid for three Rockstar games .... the sound doesn’t work on any of them.....

Obolague   1 star

Want my money back.. I complete about 30 missions an then out of no where game cuts an I can’t reload it. Was very happy to get it but extremely disappointed an wasted my money basically.

sure123sure   1 star

social club log in error all the times. cannnot log into cloud for no reasons

CANDII   2 star


soyeergvu   1 star

Fix the glitch. Fix the glitch

Maulakai   1 star

Crash and data loss. Game crashed after a few missions. I lost all data. Very frustrating.

steve2016.   5 star

👍🏻. CJ ❤️❤️❤️

Mtns2Ocn   5 star

Best game for mobile devices. Best game for mobile devices. No in app purchases.

Adro415   5 star

GTA SA 2 PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSE. Rockstar, GTA San Andreas is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was also my first ever gta games I’ve ever played. When I played it on PS2, I got stuck on the mission Wrong Side of The Tracks for about literally 2 years. Then some how, my PS2 stopped working so I couldn’t complete the game. When I got it for iOS in 2017, I was able to complete all the missions. I finished the last one about 3 weeks ago and when I did, I was sad that there were no more missions. Rockstar, PLEASE, I’m begging you to make a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2, with the same characters except the ones who died like Smoke and Tenpenny. GTA SA is life, it is my second greatest game ever, and I really want a GTA SA 2. GTA SA was a success and if you ever make a GTA San Andreas 2, I will promise you it will be the #1 game in the world.

Garsonlarson   4 star

Please fix controller support. Come on rockstar. Really!!! Bought this game after apple added controller support to iPadOS and this is absolutely absurd on your part. Try to play this game with Xbox one controller and CJ has a Mind of his own turning around and walking by him self without touching controller. Please fix. It is very annoying and unplayable with controller. Fix the controller support rockstar

Alizayah Joe   5 star

Release GTA Vice city stores plzzz. I’m glad you listened rockstar when we fans told you to full screen and optimize the gta games and it took you long but you did it and I been really wanting to play GTA Vice city on mobile since I never tried it before and please rockstar release GTA V or IV to iOS early this year or next because my iPhone 11 Pro Max could handle the game since it has 70 FPS please

jonathanwon1   1 star

Kicks me out the app. I always try to play and every time i click resume it kicks be out when it half way the loading screen.

Phillyop   5 star

This Game is the ScarFace of GTA. Love it when it came out love even more now these yes later and the new updated features as well

Greek_Sophist   3 star

Could add keyboard and mouse support. This game is good, except it does not support keyboard and mouse. With iPadOS 13, mouse support is already a thing, and iPads are having keyboards for years. This game should take advantage of them.

Treycooooo   5 star

Great. Great game

KING🥊   5 star

I luv gta 🖤. I love gta and San andreas is one of my favorite grand theft auto game and 2 know that I can now play it on my iphone is cool and I’m obsessed I play it all the time I luv this game thank you rockstar!

626083832703268636963773470   4 star

Xbox Controller support needed. ^

cmmp121   4 star

Great game. It’s a good game but when I get to a certain point it starts crashing

daddyrocks221   1 star

Crashes. Please fix this

overlord27   4 star

Great game. Just some bugs tho

Fire Exit   4 star

Help. Hi I completed all the flying lessons and I got gold for all of them but the military helicopter isn’t appearing for some reason. Please fix

montre ta placque   4 star

Bug. Rocktard son raiso bug

XDdddman   5 star

Awesome. Just like old days I remember me and my brother playing it when we were kids

BACKGlitcher   5 star

Super jeux un peu de bug mais très cher mais ca vaut la penne. C’est super

GhostRabbit830   5 star

Hello rockstar games. It would be cool if u guys added "the warriors" that game was super fun

yaasss girl   5 star

Plz help meh!. When i was playing then got off and did something else and when i came back like waiting for the theme song to end it took me out of the game!!! Plz do something about it

1232$$5   1 star

Crashing. Game is great but it keeps crashing so I give it one star. My wifi’s great and my iPhone 8 is mint so it’s a issue with the game

antivaxmom2006   4 star

Good. Good but uses analog and tilt at the same time

nickianno13   3 star

Why is it some days I have sound and others I don’t?. Tf

Nzourp   3 star

Always crashes. I got pretty far in the game then all of a sudden it started crashing, know when I go to load the game it always crashes please fix this

Isaë   5 star

Génial!. Très bon jeux je te conseille de l’acheter cher étranger

5secondsofemo   5 star

Best iPhone game no cap. Most fun I’ve had in a while

hsiegeud   5 star

Won’t work. I really love gta sa and I rated five stars because I played it on Xbox but on my iPad I spent $10 and it doesn’t even work

imbadatgaming   3 star

Keeps on crashing. ..If I’m paying $10 for an app I expect that it’s not going to crash often, lately it just crashes when in the early loading stage 🙄

god fjdhhdnd   5 star

Very fun. I like it, doge em haters that say this game is bad

Jaeday29   5 star

A some. I love it rockstar games are my favrite the only thing I don’t like is that if you run into a car it moves but I’m giving it 5 stars good work

another apple consumer   3 star

Some problems. Wen I load my saved game the app closes and I have to start all the game from the beginning.

iPod reviews for cheep   3 star

I love this game. So fun the graphics look so good You should have a theatre so much looks like a realistic adventure however the money to use great dollars for buying things the occupations look so fun when the police has a way to take you to the police station to drive a vehicle its so fun I have not seen the clucking bell restaurant however it’s a big game the size is in about 2.1gb there’s a lot going on I’m surprised that they have money the controls are easy it was originally a Xbox game then they made it in to an iOS game it’s fun

twobit211   1 star

terrible interface. delicate controls are impossible with iphone touchscreen making it unplayable. button presses often don’t register, effectively rendering this game unbeatable. i love all iterations of gta but this is just an exercise in frustration

kyleykylekulejoe   5 star

Mind blowing. Honestly, one of the best games I’ve played on iOS

binplayinsince03   1 star

GAME CRASHING FIX!!!!. My game wasn’t crashing earlier today tried reinstalling turning off my phone everything it won’t work it crashes right when it finishes loading

GonkDroid   1 star

Extremely Choppy. Game is so choppy on my phone. FPS is horrible. I’m using an iPhone SE as well; what’s the deal with that? Used to run perfect.

L'halloween fête   5 star

Love it but. I love this game but it keeps crashing after I hit resume, please fix it.

DaCookieBoi   5 star

Best game!. This was the 2nd game I got on ps2!i love this game!

hawk sharif   1 star

First person. Hi I Just need a first person

tb96:)   5 star

GTA. Awesome game

MasterBlaster099   5 star

Damnnnn!!!!!!. Damn good memories

DaGreatest143   4 star

Great game. I used to play this on my apple iPod touch five and on an Xbox 360. But I still can’t pass the one with the train. Can’t get Big Smokes words out of my head. “ All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ. It is stuck in my head.

TIMELORD7373   3 star

Alright. The game itself is pretty well made, there are a few things though, the ai, is absolutely terrible, and I have had the game stop working multiple times, completely erasing my progress and forcing me to start from the beginning.

MrsChezano   5 star

Classic. This is where I lost most of my time as an adolescent it’s awesome just to come back

my nice review   5 star

Amazing game. I love the storyline much better than vice city and I love all the missions and it pretty good graphics

golfpunk22   5 star

Please fix. this game is good and I’m enjoying it but whenever I try to get into the game it just kicks me out so it doesn’t let me in, i think it’s a bug or something but can you fix it? thanks.

juliseph   3 star

Lag. When i update the game, it became lagging and the vehicles are more sharper and delayed. Should it fix thank you.

Bindipindi   5 star

This game is legendary. I love this game it would be good if sometimes it didn’t crash but it’s an amazing game I love walking around fictional LA as CJ Carl Johnson

b-rad!!!!   5 star

Gta 4. Put gta 4 on the iOS please it would be great

lilted908   5 star

Fix this. I can’t get into the game without it crashing but it’s a great game

Diamond credit   5 star

The best game. Very good game with intense actions!

plz developers read this   5 star

Add it pls developer. Can you make gta available in ipad plss I really want that :) Love ur games

pmgyes   1 star

keeps crashing. it keeps crashing when i open the game

jaxonedge7   5 star

Brilliant game. This is a great game and well worth the price paid it works really well the driving controls are a bit weird as on my iPad and iPhone they keep pulling to the right side but other than that it is an amazing game

JacobTaouk99999   5 star

Good, but. This game is amazing but the only thing I am annoyed about is there needs to be more checkpoints in missions because I spend so much time on some missions but then I just die or something like that and i hav to start again, so please add more.

Christine684   5 star

Great game. My brother always told me how good of a game this was and now I am playing it I love it might be a bit harder than the PlayStation but it is still fun to play on the go! One of rockstar games best game. P.S except maybe vice city which is still a great game on mobile.

fire setting   3 star

Grand theft auto San Andreas. This game is so much fun and I have only been playing it for about 20

M.melkonian   1 star

app isn’t working.. I paid money for this game played it like 4 times and now everytime I want to play it the app keeps closing on me! it would be good if you guys fix this bug. Thanks.

CookBirb   3 star

Latest update crashes at load screen. Since the latest update, the application crashes every time at the load screen. Seeing as how I paid for this app, This bug really should have been fixed by now, the bug has been active for about 2 weeks.

L.Harper2006   5 star

Update needed. Great game but could you make it work for the newest iOS because when I try it just crashes on the loading screen Thank you

prawnsgoturback   5 star

Amazing work. Amazing, flawless and doesn't once lag.

Hddcbhff   4 star

CONTROLS TOO SENSITIVE. The controls have been made far too sensitive Even with the analogue sensitivity turned all the way down which results in the car turning so suddenly or running spastically and all over the place when I barely even move my finger on the stick. Also when driving, just brushing past another car or driving through a light post causes the car or bike to totally lose control and spin out of control. Makes getting away from cops or trying to do driving in missions very hard. Please fix.

bigdog69001   4 star

Answer me please. It lags out when I am in the loading screen and it started to happen when I was on the last mission to go to the second island

Isaac O'Farrell   5 star

Game. The game is good but the graphics need to be more better

Poison me   4 star

Master piece. I love this game rockstar! Keep it up!

AnetQueenb   1 star

Great game but keeps crashing. I love this game but every time I go in the app, the game crashes. I’ve played for a few days and it’s been normal. Is there a way to fix this?

Cpt-InUrFace-Jnr   5 star

Best game on mobile. This game is amazing I think you all should get it

douglas mackaki   1 star

Crashes. This app crashes while loading every time. Waste of money.

Taylor1err   2 star

Crashes. The game crashes constantly on the iPhone 8+. This needs to be fixed.

GamerPlayz787   5 star

PLEASE READ. when im dating michelle, on her special date, she gets in the car and kicks me out, and she drives off without me and the camera is stuck on perspective mode! Please fix this 😥😥

Soup1992   5 star

The best. This game never gets old. The controls are a little tricky but you get used to it

Aaron hanlon   3 star

Game keeps cutting out. I’m sick to death of this game stopping mid game or if I’m in a mission everytime I play this game my battery gets hot and stops the game. Before you say it’s my phone it’s not I’ve had checked by repairer and their is no problem

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