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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch 6th Gen, iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 & 4, iPad 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Pro.***

Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it’s the early 90’s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features:
• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
• Enhanced for the iPhone 5 series and iPad 4th Gen and above with dynamic detailed shadows and real-time environmental reflections.
• Physical controller support for all Made for iOS controllers.
• Cloud save support for playing across all your iOS devices for Rockstar Social Club Members.
• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
• Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

*To listen to your custom playlist, simply create a playlist titled “GTASA”, launch the game, and select the radio station “MIXTAPE”.

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Please Note: For those currently progressing through the game, please load your game from a manual save slot instead of selecting “Resume”. This only needs to done once after updating. Afterwards, “Resume” will function normally. General bug fixes and improvements.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comments & Reviews

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- I’d give infinite stars if possible.

Its a fantastic game, just like always. The controls are simple, but the storyline is complex, and great gameplay. Obviously, the graphics are top notch, but it makes up for it with storyline and gameplay. I love reading idiots who give it 1 star. No sound? probably because your device is horrendous. Bad controls? Check the settings. It honestly sounds like these people havent played a game in there life. Honestly, I cant complement this game enough. There are some missions that are hard, im looking at you, Wrong side of the tracks, but honestly, they are still fun. The side missions and things that you can do in San Andreas is epic. From getting haircuts, shopping for clothes, even being a paramedic! You can eat food and get fat, or work out and become strong. Or do both and become... Something. This game is one of the best, especially for mobile.

- Great game but some glitches

I love this game, very fun, but there are a few glitches. The first one is on the robbery mission, sometimes when you get close to something CJ gets stuck on something and you can’t move which wakes up the person inside and then you get a 3 star wanted level. Another one is that the wrecking ball does not exist it is just a floating metal ball. Whenever I try to put a car in a garage it says you cannot store anymore vehicles in this garage even though my garage is completely empty and if I try to push my car in it will delete it. Another glitch I have experienced is that when I die during a gang war it gives the territory to me or it just removes it which I’m pretty sure is not supposed to happen. The last glitch happens on a date sometimes when you finish doing what she tells you to do instead of telling you to take her home, it doesn’t do that and when you do take her home you can’t drop her off, so you end up stuck with her and I have to restart the game. Also please put an option to disable tilt controls because I have to try to keep my iPad perfectly flat because if I don’t the car will pull to the other direction and it’s annoying.

- Crashes so I can’t play anymore

I’ve tried to play this game twice now. The first time I was dumb enough to not save in the cloud(because I didn’t want to make an account) and I got very far along in it then the app started completely crashing when I opened it. Every time I’d open the app, it would crash. Rockstar themselves recommended to re download the app so I did and lost my whole progress 🤡 so I started again because I wanted to finish it and got pretty far but then it started crashing again! (This time I saved it under the cloud so I hope my progress is there)There are also bugs that get you stuck walking into walls/other things. I LOVE the game.. but the bugs have been SO FRUSTRATING Update: the cloud saved my progress this time so if you play this game make sure to sign into their social club and save under the cloud slots. Update again(the next day) app has started crashing again just from opening it. I am extremely disappointed as I wanted to finish the game and don’t think I’ll be able to if this keeps up Final update: I’m now not even able to sign into their social club to get my progress so I finally just have to give up on this game sadly.(ik I wrote like a novel in my review I’m just very disappointed as this game is amazing when it works)

- Burglary missions glitch.

The items you need to steal for burglary missions “Tv radio microwave” etc.. have a massive hitbox pull prompting CJ to go and pick them up. I get stuck behind a lamp in front of the tv and can’t move because the tv’s hit box pull is so large you’re stuck in a running animation against furniture like the lamp, chairs forcing you to restart. Also had this happen for items in the kitchen when I’m on the other side of a wall and CJ keeps running to steal the items. Behind a wall? How am i supposed to see that?! Also got stuck behind a door I opened because I’m too close to a radio CJ wants to steal stuck in a running animation against a door again. Lost three hours of solid mission grinding because of this. Had to restart. Can’t even kill myself. Or jump he just runs. As a result you need to re adjust the camera all the time and make sure you’re not in front of furniture when near items to steal. And if you detect an item you didn’t know was there behind a wall. Well bloodyhellsbells.

- Horrible Controls

I’ve been playing this on my iPad. It’s a fun game but the controls are cumbersome and too sensitive, even with sensitivity turned all the way down. There is no rhyme or reason to the camera angles when turning while walking or running. The camera pans all over the place and I sometimes end up staring at my own face. During gun fights, I’m getting shot while I try to reorient myself. It would be nice if the view would stay first person so I can see where I am going. When driving some vehicles, especially at high speeds, the slightest touch of a direction control sends me into a spin or into obstacles. It would also be nice if the route to a target was highlighted on the heads-up map instead of having to guess which way to go. This would be especially helpful in the countryside portions of the map. On long routes, I need to pause the game multiple times to check my position on the overall map so I can continue on. The further I progressed in the game, the less I actually wanted to play it and I ended up deleting the game. Dealing with the game interface and controls took the enjoyment out of it.

- Love the game, but it Won’t Stop Crashing

I love the mobile version of San Andreas, it’s so much fun going on a bunch of missions and game play is very easy to understand and fairly easy to play as well. However the game will not stop crashing which can be very frustrating while I am in the middle of a mission and will have to restart. At one point, about a day after my download the app would load at all and would crash while on the loading screen and I would not be able the play, the happened repeatedly and my game would not load so I tried to delete and redownload thinking that the point of signing up for the social club was to save your progress, but I was mistaken and the game make we start from the original state and I had lost all of my progress. The game still crashes from time to time, hoping that that doesn’t happen again though or I will be deleting my app. Not happy that I payed $7 for an app that keeps crashing.

- Good game but glitches are difficult to overcome

I enjoy playing the game and I’ve played through the game many times but I’ve been experiencing glitches that make the game difficult for me. 1. When going on a date with Michelle and she drives cj will get out of the car and not get in once she gets in. It will leave u at this far camera view and no option to move while Michelle drives out of view. U will sit there for 2 minutes then it will say progress with her has decreased and u will gain movement controls but are stuck in the camera view forcing me to quit the app and go back in. Also for some reason I have a glitch where I have unlimited sprint which isn’t a bad thing but I like to play fair and earn my stamina myself but the sprint won’t allow me to lose fat as I run forcing me to go to the gym and doing it there so my fat increases a lot which is a problem if I Don’t want cj fat. I hope you guys can fix these problems

- Some glitches

First of all, that review where it says they have to intercept the people before they reach las venturas, is not a glitch, just fly way off the map. Second, the mission dam and blast glitches bad and to move on i have to pass it. It says steal a plane and fly to the jump point on the map. I did. Its so simple its not even funny but the game wont give me any directions on what to do next and it wont give me the button to parachute out of the plane when i want to on this mission. The game is very fun and some missions are very challenging and so fun but i would give 5 stars if u could fix this. Also, please add in rocket launchers Into ammo-nation because its so annoying when i get three stars and i have nothing to kill or take down the helicopter with and i cant snipe the pilot because there isnt 1 inside. I dont even know if a machine gun can take them down but i dont feel like wasting 800 SMG rounds to find out fix this and i will give 5 star

- Glitches But Worth It

First of all, thanks for making this game available on iOS. Big shout out to Rockstar for that. There are a bunch of glitches but the game is still worth the purchase. I’m using in on iPhone X even thought it says it’s not supported. First glitch is the there are times where the steering wheel when driving is stuck on one side so it makes driving hard. What’s funny is I use to have this same issue on the original Xbox all those years ago and I use to beat the crap out of my control thinking it was my control, turns out it’s the game. The other issue is that it randomly exits out the app, it’s especially annoying when your half way or almost done with a mission because it makes you restart it from the beginning. Other than that there isn’t any other big issues that I can say are enough to turn me away. GTA is the best game of all time. Hopefully you guys get GTA V on here at some point.

- Must-buy— whether you love GTASA or have never played

I was a bit skeptical at first buying this, as I expected a mobile version of a console game to be severely crippled in a couple ways. As it turns out, this is legitimately the full San Andreas, slapped on top of a faster processor than your PS2 could ever fathom. The graphics are better and load significantly faster than before. The controls are a little clunky, but that’s a side effect of the small screen I’m playing on. After getting used to it, the game handles the same as it should. I even beat the mission “Learning to Fly” quicker than I would have on a console. I have a feeling that certain features of the game have been “dulled” or made easier to compensate for the controls— get on a motorcycle early on in the game and you’ll see what I mean. The only downside as far as I can tell is that there are no cheats in this version. This is a really big bummer, as the cheats in this game are like a separate game built in. There is a way to modify traffic in the game, from heavy to classic to light, which is helpful on missions where you are punished for hurting your vehicle or during races. All in all, if you like this game, this is a perfect app for you. If you never have played, it’s well worth giving a shot.

- So many glitches I can’t even count them.

First off, I’d like to say that I love this game so much and I play it pretty much everyday. Aside from that, I wanted to point out the problems I’ve been having which also get in the way of me completing missions. The cars go so fast on the streets that they submerge into each other and explode. If I’m driving my car or bike is likely to get caught up into another car and blow up. Cars even go so fast that they fly in the sky. I deleted my app, and reinstalled it, restarted/rebooted my phone, and followed everything everyone advised online and nothing helps. I’m on the mission where I have to drive the DAs car to the garage spotless but I always fail the mission because cars always submerged into me. Sometimes my car will even get stuck into the ground where half of my car is in the ground and half of it is out but every time this happens, my car explodes. Please fix this and the game will get a 5 star rating from me. Thank you.

- Fun but controls take time to adjust

The game is as fun as I remembered it however, the controls take some getting used like shooting and looking around to shoot works so so, and the jetpack isn’t so easy because it should fly like the helicopters controls but it controls are like driving a car the reason being is the rotation control you get flying a helicopter doesn’t carry to jetpack making the green goo mission a bit tough but still playable and for those who didn’t know there is a setting in game that makes automatic acceleration turn that off if you’re car or motorcycle is driving like its being pulled to one direction the game is still fun, but if you plan on buying this app do not expect the devs to fix or add something, because R* isn’t supporting the apps updates anymore.

- Awsome game

I absolutely love this game it never gets me bored I also like the story and the missions this game is basically the animated version of Gta 5. I also like the game because there's 3 big city's and gangs to fight like the north side vargos or the da nang boys in San fierro and in Las venturas there's casinos and ice cold ken does heists with you and also Salvatore leone sends you to liberty city. Plus there's the the train to take to other city's and the plane to the other city's. There's a lot of humor in this game and you can do taxi missions or be a police officer and to replenish your health you can simply just buy a slice of pizza at the well stacked pizza company or get a burger at burger shot or get some chicken at clucking bell awssssome game rockstar thank you for realsing this game on mobile and there's mod garages man you guys are awsome 😘😘😘😁🤗 but why is is a part of las venturas named las brujas

- Really good I had to do it again

GTA San Andreas is such a good and amazing game to play even in 2018 or 2019 it is so fun for a story to develop and end ,but you keep on wishing this game never ended because I played GTA SA again and I had a lot more fun than I did the first time but I want to play this game again in the far future to see again and since it release the early 2000’s were so lucky to get a game this good with not descent graphics but a good storyline and see how the characters develop like with CJ at the start he is a guy coming home with the death of his mom on his shoulders and at the end (spoiler if haven’t played) having to deal with corrupted friends and corrupted cops blackmailing while having to worry about his family and his life and this is why this game deserves a 5 Stars

- So many glitches but so fun

I’ve had to restart my game 4 times already and by that I mean the whole entire game from the start. It’s so fun that I keep doing it but it’s just happening more and more constantly. I get so far only to be brought back to the tutorial in the beginning. This game is so fun but I just can’t keep restarting bc I keep repeating missions I’ve already completed and it’s getting to the point where it’s not fun anymore. I’ve spent a lot of money on these games only to be disappointed in the quality of the app. I’ve seen many reviews regarding this problem so I presume it’s not just my device with this issue. I’ve also got lagging in some parts of the game that make it very hard to play. I strongly recommend a new update fixing bugs and hope you are currently trying to fix this so the gameplay won’t be as frustrating not to just me but to everyone with this problem

- Game is great but...

Game is great and I love being able to play one of my favorite games from the series on my iPad. However I wish that when connected to a PS4 controller you had the option to cycle through the original controls as some of the game mechanics are difficult with the controller lay out. One of the main instances being flying, especially with the hydra jet. The Hydra was one of my favorite vehicles to just get on a play around in. But even with a PS4 controller it is now so difficult to fly that it lost some of its appeal. The inability to manually control the thrusters and be able to use L1 and R1 to bank and simple things like that would be greatly appreciated. If we had the ability to choose the original controller configurations from the original while having a controller connected I would definately give 5 stars for sure.

- Game keeps turning off?

I mean I only paid 6.99 for it and it’s my favorite game but it keeps turning off on me in the middle of missions? Come on man I was surprised y’all could get the greatest game ever on an app but that does get frustrating sometimes when your into the game or in the middle of a mission at least put an auto save on there or a save option where you can pause the game and save it for the mobile app because I see this is happening for a lot of people I have an iPhone X just like millions of people this shouldn’t be a problem but it is so it should be either fixed or put a quick save option where you can pause the game other than the safe house so people who keep getting this problem won’t be annoyed.

- My best gaming experience so far!

I had recently bought Minecraft and San Andreas and finally had the chance to try out both games. Playing Minecraft was as expected but after a while, I sort of got bored and had nothing to build, whereas in GTA San Andreas, the game becomes more exciting as you play. I initially did not think much of GTA other than the freedom to shoot cops, but this edition has the main focus on gang violence in neighborhoods which continuously updates the player with new missions and things to do in the game. I tried to go back to Minecraft and continue building but only found myself back at San Andreas. It appears the game is so fun I can’t get sick of it. I highly recommend buying this game because the experience you get will be worth every penny.

- Hey Rockstar

Hey Rockstar, I love your games. I have been playing since you weren’t even Rockstar, when you made the first gta. I mean, I love San Andreas and all, but here’s a few things thAt you could fix: first of all, please make it so that you can enlarge the controls even more. Second, please rename the option of the speedometer to “tilt steering”. Third, make the running less sensitive. I find myself running in reverse when I try to turn a slight corner. FINALLY, MAKE CHEATS A THING!!!! IT WOULD BESO MUCH BETTER!!!! CHEATS ARE ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS THAT GTA SAN ANDREAS IS MY FAVORITE GTA GAME!!!! (AND ALSO MAKE IT SO THAT CHEATS AND SAVES DONT RUIN THE MAD DOGG MISSION) and also, that Easter egg after the mission why zi mu or whatever it is is really cool. (The one where you see Claude or Clive or whatever the main character from GRA 3 [and of course he says nothing])


Rockstar, GTA San Andreas is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was also my first ever gta games I’ve ever played. When I played it on PS2, I got stuck on the mission Wrong Side of The Tracks for about literally 2 years. Then some how, my PS2 stopped working so I couldn’t complete the game. When I got it for iOS in 2017, I was able to complete all the missions. I finished the last one about 3 weeks ago and when I did, I was sad that there were no more missions. Rockstar, PLEASE, I’m begging you to make a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2, with the same characters except the ones who died like Smoke and Tenpenny. GTA SA is life, it is my second greatest game ever, and I really want a GTA SA 2. GTA SA was a success and if you ever make a GTA San Andreas 2, I will promise you it will be the #1 game in the world.

- Some weird glitch for iPhone X

So a few years ago I bought this game on my iPod 5, and it ran PERFECTLY never ran into any problems. Later I got the game on the Samsung s5 and once again no problems. But when I got the iPhone X I noticed if I play the game on this phone it will randomly crash, I could be playing for 5 minutes and it’ll crash and other times I would be playing for a good 30 minutes and all of a sudden boom. Game crashes and I lose all of my progress. I doubt rockstar will pay attention to this game anymore but please fix these issues, also make this game compatible with the iPhone X so it fills the whole screen. This phone is insanely powerful it shouldn’t have a hard time running this game.

- Nostalgia to the max!

I’m playing this on my iPad Pro 12.9 & the load times are insanely fast. Not the way I remember it on my PS2. Anyhow this a clean port and its preformed great on my hardware. I’m almost all the way through and the game has only been weird once and wouldn’t allow me to complete a mission. I closed the game and restarted it and everything was fine and I was able to proceed. The controls feel a bit awkward but doable on my steelseries nimbus. But for a classic like this ill put up with a few tiny imperfections. The game is 100% playable and you wont regret it especially if you haven’t played this title. You can see how SanAndreas set the standard for open world games. This and hyper light drifter are definitely the best games I’ve played on IOS.

- Absolute G.O.A.T.

This game is The Godfather of open-world realistic gameplay, and the story, customization options, and sheer number of unique vehicles absolutely astonishes all who have even heard of San Andreas. While G.T.A. V was incredible, this is still far more fun, heart wrenching, and nostalgic, and I don't believe I'm only speaking for myself. I have seen so many mods that place CJ into the setting of G.T.A., and countless hints at G.T.A. VI being a re-imagination/continuation of the San Andreas story. Personally, I would pay top dollar for this, even sell all my other games. I know many close friends and family who would do the same. There's no game the world wants more! May you all be content in your past, present, and future success!


Hey, I want to say that this is one of the best game for IOS out there. I already completed the game twice and I'm starting to play again for the third time. It's totally worth spending $7 on this game, however I have a few problems. I don't know if it's part of the game or if it's an unfixed glitch but can u PLEASE add an update where u can customize all the cars that I try to bring into the mod shop? There would be a car that I would want to customize and the mod shop won't open at all, but then when I drive a different model car, the shop would open but then it would say that the vehicle can't be modded. How does that make any sense? so can u please update for all cars to be customized and add more stuff like the front bumpers and back bumpers and more variety of colors and wheels?

- Crashes and can’t resume my gameplay!

(July 7, 2018) The game started to be really fun until this Cesar mission at Whetstone. I played it until I started crashing. When I constantly kept on pressing resume for the past 10 minutes, it started like crashing when it ALMOST loaded my data. I assume I needed to update to the latest version on the iOS right now. I saw other reviews, and people are having the SAME situation like me. It would be a relief if you updated your game for me to resume my gameplay. I hope you reply and I’m looking forward for you guys to made another update. I hope you understand. Thanks. (October 5, 2018) I moved the rating to one star now. I mean, it has been a couple months and you STILL haven’t updated or fixed the bug. I really needed your help. UPDATE THE GAME RIGHT NOW Rockstar! (October 12, 2018) Honestly, I’m done with this game.. it has been 4 months since I posted that review.. I’m officially done.. goodbye

- So many memories

I remember when I was like, 6, my moms friend gave us an Xbox for Christmas. Like, the OG Xbox. He also gave us a bunch of games, including GTA San Andreas. I loved that game so much, it was about the only game I played. I played it until I knew every square inch of the map. It got to a point that I even remembered certain bushes. I could be in a location and remember that last time that I was there. About 6 years later, my house flooded and I lost everything. I hadn’t played it since. Now I have the mobile version, and honestly? I didn’t think it would be all that, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Rockstar, for never letting me down, not one single time in my life.

- Major Story Glitch

I’m going to skip all the extra stuff such as great game and I’ve been playing it for this long type thing. There is a major bug/glitch within the game, after you collect everything you need for the casino heist I’m assuming which the heist is supposed to occur after all the main missions are completed which is when you kill paulaski and I also assume that your suppose to get a phone call afterwards I’m not sure by who I’m guessing woozie but you never receive a phone call or an indication that you can now start the heist or progress further into the story and it causes you to have no further missions past the mission of killing paulaski

- 5/5.. when it loads up.

It’s the same game we know and love. The screen is fitted with larger iPhone screens which is nice and everything is high definition. Only reason I’m giving it a 3/5 is because the game has a serious issue with opening up past the loading screen. Even though I got this game for free it’s disappointing I can’t play it. There are others who may be having this issue as well who have payed for it and I can’t imagine what they must be feeling. I have an iPhone XR so it’s not my phone. Other than that, this game would be a solid 5/5 if it loaded up past the loading screen. I hope this gets fixed sooner or later. Hopefully the 3/5 gets Rockstar’s attention. I love this game and I don’t want to see it plummet because of this one issue. Everything else is perfect.

- Social club error is eminent, plz fix!!!! -nvm

Someone else has the same problem, and it’s annoying, every time I tried to log into social club, it won’t work, and I’ve tried deleting the game, resetting the password, and even shutting off the wi-fi, which was the cause of the problem. If you’d stop making DLCs for GTA5, and start focusing on one of the best rockstar games, (this one) maybe less problems like this would happen. If it is not able to be fixed, then I want a refund. Thank you for your time Edit: fixed it, just logged in through social club website, almost thought I lost all of my progress for a while there, sorry.

- Best GTA ever!

I don’t know what to say; I’ve been playing this since 3rd grade (I know it’s too young but i never got into with the nudes in the game, I just played it having fun, shooting, flying planes and helicopters, it was a really fun time!), i just downloaded it from the AppStore legit today, finally after 6 years! Back then i would only download it from online, and it would keep getting shut down, but I’ve played it on a pc before and it was my childhood, now I have full access to the game, once again after 6 YEARS IT WAS SUCH A LONG WAIT! I hope to finish it when I go back to my country this weekend, where I started playing GTA. I really appreciate it Rockstar. Have a nice day ;)

- Brings me back to the good old days

San Andreas is the biggest gta release to the day in my opinion I’ve played this game so long that my dad was the one who started playing it first I remember almost breaking my grandmas printer printing cheats over and over accidentally and I wrote the down too hell I still have some memorized but any way as for mobile version the only thing that left me feeling robbed was that I couldn’t play basketball like I used to on ps2 I really do wish this would be added other than that it is like jumping through a window to the good old days when I would play games and have my dad get me pass the hard parts


The game is the best on the phone but the only problem is the vehicle turning... At least for me, probably cause I also use a Bluetooth remote that also works with this game but I'm not entirely sure, almost whenever I load the game and I'm in a car or I find a car... Every time I drive forward one the wheel is also stuck slightly turned or all the way over to one side... Some times it works great and I don't have this problem or it comes in Shortly after or it's just stuck that way... Please please please fix it if you can or if comments can be made on this, cause I don't write up reviews often on app store, if you have any tips please help me. I've tried almost everything I know.

- Rockstar fix your game!!!

My game has been crashing for weeks and nothing I do seems to help. I’m so disappointed in this app and would love a refund. The makers of this app do nothing to help make it better. Updates don’t happen for months and if not years (last update was 6 months ago). If you read through the reviews multiple people can’t even play because of a problem with the game crashing or constant glitches and to make it worse nobody even acknowledges the issue or seems to want to fix it. Waste of money for an app I can’t even use. I’m so upset because I actually liked the game at first but now I’m just frustrated and want my money back. If I would have read the reviews first I never would have downloaded it in the first place. Way too much money for an app that doesn’t even work!

- Amazing game but needs controller update

This is an amazing version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. One thing though, the game desperately needs a controls update to add more console like controls for controller users. The main thing that bothers me so far is the inability to switch targets like I can in the console or PC versions of the game, or even the iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories with the left and right d-pad. Or how in the iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it features target swapping with the left and right triggers. I implore the developers to add this small but vital feature to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of your game. I will update the review and add a 5 star rating if the game is updated.

- Edit: Amazing!!!!

Wow so much nostalgia in this game. Remember playing it everyday on ps2. Talking about this game with my friend and learning new stuff around the map. I got myself and MFI controller and I’m more hooked playing the game. But I would love if you guys could make an IPhone X update so the game can fit better on the screen. Still look good but would like a wider view. Thanks rockstar!! Edit: yes!! Developers read and they did a iPhone X update. But there are some bugs appearing. I play with a MFI controller support and when I access the map it won’t let me go to the right and the game is crashing after a couple of minutes. Still love that you guys updated it.

- Hope you can do this for us Pleaseee!!

Hi Rockstar Productions! First of all I just want to say that I love the games you make like this one, GTA San Andreas. I have just completed the game and my brother is almost there. That's when I had the idea to ask you guys something which might be a lot of work but I am pretty sure that everyone else who play this game would also want it also. Ok so my question is that can you guys please add a "Online Multiplayer Game Mode in GTA San Andreas so we can play with other people? Many people would want this so can you please add this in the game?! And can you also add CUSTIMISIBLE CHARACTERS THAT WE CAN CREATE AND ALSO ADD PUT OWN NAMES?! Please do this and thanks in advance!!!!

- Best No Matter The Year

This game was part of my childhood and so many others no matter what they play on. This game is super iconic and original that many people just fall in love. I have to admit the graphics weren’t so good when it came out but now it’s way better. Anyways I hope they come up with more stuff maybe online? I don’t know but I do want updates like maybe at least multiplayer where you can play with friends if they also have the game? I don’t know but I genuinely love this game and nothing can take that away from me. Rockstar if you read this ever like really read this I THANK YOU REALLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU THIS GAME JUST THE BEST I CANT PUT THIS INTO WORDS!!!

- I love it but...

So; this game has so much potential and I want to love it but there’s a common lag to it. Random occurrences during game play the crashes in a way. Specifically it stop s the entire screen and is in a paused motion but the audio is still there. The only way to fix this for me is double tap home button and wait 2 minutes. And this isn’t just like once a week this happens every 8-10 minutes. For me it’s almost unplayable but if this is fixed than this would be the best open world adventure game on the AppStore.👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻. ( my version is up to date and I run it on an iPhone 6 Plus; please fix. 🙏🏻)

- Great game but it keeps crashing

I’ve been playing this game for some time and it’s really fun. San Andreas is probably my 2 favorite gta game. But something happened once I got to san fierro. After doing the mission where u have to free some prisoners from a huge boat I closed the app. Once I got back on it, it crashed as son as the loading bar got full. I tried it again and it did the same thing. I powered off my phone for a couple minutes, same thing happened. I deleted the app and re installed it. This time it says “A rockstar club error has occurred” so I have to restart the whole game because I can’t get my cloud data back please fix this because I really want to finish the game.

- Awesome but a bug had developed

I love this game but over the last few years a bug has developed for me where the geometry just starts freaking out. And it happens a lot. It's like all of a sudden spiky geometry triangles take over my screen. It's hard to describe but it's definitely a geometry bug. What do you think could be causing it. It never used to do this and yes I have it patched up to its latest version. Could it be a memory thing like I have too many apps on my iPad? I mean I get a smooth frame rate. I don't know..anyone have any ideas or suggestions. I really don't want to reinstall because I have 33 million dollars lol

- One problem

Honestly the game is wonderful I’ve played it on many different platforms such as ps4 and the iPad it’s great have all of the same missions and aspects which was something I was worried it wasn’t going to have since after all it was only 6.99 the only problem is that the game has kicked me off several times like when doing missions then I’m forced to start them over which is fine for now speaking that I’ve only had it for two days I’m on like mission 20 or 21 anyways today I tried to get on all it does is load then kick me off please fix this I really hate to complain knowing you guys try your best enjoy the rest of your day thank you .

- What a game!!!

I was looking for a game that had a some shooter experience and/or driving involved and this fit right in! This game has both. I also didn’t want any in-app purchases or subscriptions. At first I was having trouble driving the motorcycle with the left and right “flick” controls, and I was going to grant this review four stars. But I discovered you could use left and right circular analog buttons and resize them and move them ANYPLACE on the face of your iPad. I’m probably about 1/2 of the way through this game, and find it extremely entertaining and worth the money!

- Knew I shouldn’t have bought this

Just as the game started to get fun, my game now crashes in the loading screen, I can’t even get in before the game just takes me to my screensaver. It’s ridiculous.. $7 wasted. If you’re reading this considering on getting the game, don’t waste your time, even if it seems to be working, it’ll eventually start to always crash. Your better off finding it somewhere compatible with your console or pc, if they even have it on pc, and I believe you can only get it on Xbox 360 and lower and PlayStation 3 or lower, not PlayStation 4 or Xbox 1+. Thought the game would be a fun way to pass time instead I just got frustration trying too long to open the game thinking it’ll eventually work, and it end up crashing. Don’t waste your time!

- Amazing game, but crashes ruin the iOS version

After a while of playing, I’ve progressed 30% into the game. However the game has crashed too many times, especially during missions. The game is without a doubt a 5 star game, but I give it a 2 star because the crashes ruin everything. Halfway through a mission, I’m more scared of the game crashing than dying. I save more often than usual. What’s even worse is before it can hit a checkpoint in a mission it crashes, and I’ve spent 10 minutes playing it. It’s just a horrible feeling knowing your hard work has been reset, and I can’t keep replaying a mission over and over hoping it won’t crash. I’m playing on an iPhone X version 11.4.1. Maybe it just needs an update, but right now the game is unplayable for me.

- Please help!

I love this game and have been playing it since it was first released and I am soooo grateful they transferred it onto IOS so I can continue to play.. this is already the second time I’ve played the game and first time no problems but now it keeps crashing on me and really wasn’t a problem because it just did it randomly but now when I try to complete the robbery mission for Woozie it’ll let me get half way through but as soon as I start to drive or walk into the casino it will just shut off and want me to restart at the checkpoint when I get it back up! Someone please help fix this because for now I can do a couple other missions but soon I shall be stuck! :(

- Amazing game but...

This game is amazing and I love it. But I have the iPhone 8 Plus and it says it’s compatible with my phone but its been crashing lately when I start up the game. I’ve already updated my phone to the recent iOS and even turned off and on my phone and nothing. I really love this game but I can’t play it now. It will load up and the loading bar will fill up to almost the end then it fills up and crashes. I’ve had to uninstall it and reinstall it for it to work. I don’t want to keep doing this and lose my data all the time!

- One Of the greatest games I’ve ever played

For so long I had to play fake games like this but never as good ( seriously though, one of the games were worse than the Xbox 360 port of this game) until two days ago when I finally got the game, and let me say, it was fantastic! (All though, if you have Bluetooth controllers, use them because the touchscreen controls won’t let you jump.) everything from the story to the sandbox world of San Andreas and the greatest place in GTA, grove street, with a great theme. Check this out if you have the time and chance to.

- Nice and smooth

So far so good, being playing on and off for about a day now and the game runs pretty nice on the XR. Graphics are spot on with the original GTASA with a bit more smoothness, mechanics run pretty good, running and jumping onto a platform or over a fence is a bit of a hassle making it kind of hard to evade enemies. The vehicle steering takes a minute to get used to, there are 3 different settings in which I’m adapting to all three. Saving and loading works nice and smooth, no crashes so far. Definitely enjoying it as I did on the original release and rereleases

- Rating

This is a cool game to have on your phone. If you’re ever bored and you don’t have anything to do this is a great way to waste time. Also this is a classic game that never gets old, it’s a game that really put grand theft auto on the map for the ones who regularly didn’t play. This game was my favorite game of my childhood so that’s why my rating is kind of biased towards the 4 out of 5 rating. The graphics are not the best but it’s manageable to play but that’s how all the games would look from the time they were made. The downloading process went by very fast and I got happier than I was when I got the game on my PlayStation 2.

- Home Invasion Bug*

I’m not sure if anyone else is encountering this issue. Whenever I play the home invasion missions CJ sometimes gets stuck walking towards an object outside of his reach (usually near the rectangular tables). I cannot make home jump out of it, the controls do not respond. I then have to reset the entire game to try again to hope that it doesn’t happen again. This has happened to me atleast 4 Times so far. Other than that, this is he exact game I remember playing when I was younger and I am glad that I can access it on my mobile device. Please rockstar fix this bug / glitch!!

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- All you had to do was follow the dam train CJ

Where I begin with this hidden gem of a game that truly brought the grand theft auto series to life. Storyline is amazing, gameplay is still the same I remember without the cheat codes of course but to have port this game from PS2 to mobile is a job well done. There is no micro-transactions for those who are worried this game would’ve had it but no this is a straight up purchase as a full game experience from one of the greatest PS2 games of its time. For the $10 I think it’s asking for is well worth the price. A game I will never forget from my childhood memories and should definitely own from a hardcore grand theft auto fan 👍🏻

- ok game

I have finished all the missions, all I have now are the side missions. can please add more missions to the game thank you. can you please add liberty City to this game because you fly to liberty city for a mission so this game should have liberty city and missions in liberty city thank you. can you please add cheats to the iPad for this game and can you please add a phone button so you can get into cj's phone to make calls and put cheats in the phone thank you. when you drive vehicles or fly aircrafts, etc and go somewhere and save your game and the vehicles and aircrafts etc are not in garages etc and they are left outside they just disappear it’s unrealistic. In real life vehicles and aircrafts etc don’t just disappear. can you please update this game so the vehicles and aircrafts, etc don’t disappear thank you. Can you please update the game so when you change into any of your special clothes they stay on you no matter what you do eg when you go to millies home and your in the gimp suit once you are done the gimp suit goes away and your in your normal clothes and then you have to keep going to a safe house to get into your special clothes again. so can you please update this game so you stay-in the Special clothes no matter what you do until you decide to change your clothes thanks Also this game needs an update as well thank you can you please create gta 5 for the iPad thank you

- Worth the nostalgia trip

I remember fondly playing this game and it definitely brings back memories, just liked I remembered it. If you played this game when it first came out then I definitely recommend a purchase of this game to play it! No micro transactions too which is a boon. I do have to criticise it on the fact that the controller controls haven’t really been updated to adapt to the way we use controllers today. There still remains the clunky drive by shooting method which requires you to look left and right rather than using one of the analog sticks to actually control where to aim when shooting from a vehicle. Other small irks include not having a button to go directly straight to the map, and even a GPS route showing would be nice. Not entirely realistic given the 90s but I’m willing to forego that for convenience, mirroring the GTA V and really any open world game these days. Worth the buy!

- Faifthful update

Thank you for updating this classic game to support the newer devices. Only issue I have is that there is a bug where if Michelle wants to drive you around town as part of the date, she would kick you out of the vehicle and drive off. The camera angle then changes from third person perspective to bird’s eye view, making the game unplayable. You’d have to reload your save every time you encounter this small but annoying bug. I hope GTA: IV will one day be ported to mobile too.

- Great game but needs an update

It’s a great game and i love it but some missions are really hard like the mission where you have to get the four cop bikes and take them back to the truck with the thing to hold cars on the back (I forgot what it was called) there’s not enough time in that mission. Also you could probably update some of the graphics like eating animations like when you eat a hotdog from a hotdog van you could see the hotdog you could also update some gun texture if you crouch you can get a close look at the pistol if you do that you will see what I mean. But really it is a great game and definitely worth it to buy it.

- Pretty sick game, but

there’s definitely some things that should be changed considering the technology we have today. For example when you walk out of a house or building it’s just black.. it would make the game so much better if there was just the tiniest view outside. And the controls are a little spastic sometimes. And if you could change the radio without pausing it that would be great 👌🏻👌🏻


The controls have been made far too sensitive Even with the analogue sensitivity turned all the way down which results in the car turning so suddenly or running spastically and all over the place when I barely even move my finger on the stick. Also when driving, just brushing past another car or driving through a light post causes the car or bike to totally lose control and spin out of control. Makes getting away from cops or trying to do driving in missions very hard. Please fix.

- Broken map

I really love this game, however, ever since I put it on my iPhone 11 pro max, I can only navigate around the left side of the map, its really frustrating because I cant put custom waypoints anywhere on the right side, I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling it, I also tried starting a new save but it still doesn’t work. It just starts in the middle and wont let me move past the middle to the right. I’m playing with an xbox one controller too, if that makes a difference. Please fix this in an update.

- More games please

Thanks for adding san andreas to mobile its great I love playing it everyday the graphics are good for mobile the controls are a bit sensitive but thats fine for what the game gives you. But please rockstar could you add more games like gta4 and maybe 5 to ipad please, but I know 5 would be hard to port over, but anyway gta san andreas is best open world offline games for ios !

- GTA SA the greatest game ever but small problem

I’ve played this game in my Xbox and first I thought this game was garbage but everything I’ve leaned about rockstars, my eyes were shocking about GTA SA 👍. Months later my iPad is having a problem about steering the cars bikes and other vehicles every time I go forward my vehicle starts slowing turning left plz rockstars try to fixe it and try not to make it worse thanks


GTA as is an amazing game! I Really don’t like the races since I’m on mobile, oh and one thing, I accidentally overwrited my file, but I’m back up to my level( Don’t worry 😉) Could you please make it less easier to overwrite your data because it was really frustrating. Any way, I play it at school all the time, I am really addicted to this game, this is worth the price :).

- Just an all round good game

It’s worth the price, you can play it offline, it takes forever to complete the story, GTA never gets old. Controls are alright, physics make sense, graphics are bad (still better than the original San Andreas) but they do the job. Only game that has stayed on my phone longer than 3 months so far.

- Mission Bug

Hello Rockstar. I love GTA San Andreas, but there is a mission for big smoke called wrong side of the tracks and the people on top of the train take over 40 or 50 bullets to kill. This is a very urgent matter because I have a feeling other players are having the same problem too and so we can’t continue with the story. I hope you can fix this glitch as soon as possible. And also I’m enjoy the game a lot.

- Pretty good, but

I’ve been play playing for a while now and I went to go into tenpenny’s second mission, gray imports but it just crashes whenever I walk into the marker. I had to keep loading it at Caesar’s drag race, so I tried to save so I didn’t have to do the race every time. Whenever I clicked on a save file though, it crashed. I love this game but now I can’t play I’m sad. Please fix this glitch!

- Awesome game, except

This game is amazing for its time and was made on for the ios. If there was one thing I could change it would be the figure of CJ, I think that he doesn't look realistic enough as the other character especially his eyes and mouth. But anyway I love the game and great job!

- Needs better sensitivity in the screen to look around

Epic game I remember spending hours on this as a kid it’s almost perfect except when I look around on the screen it only turns a little bit I keep getting killed coz I can’t turn around quick enough to shoot back playing on iPhone 8 fix that and I’ll give 5 stars

- Great port faithful to original

This game is an absolute nostalgia hit! I have only played for about an hour so far and memories are flooding back from the PS2 days. Controls take a little getting used to (I typically only play controller games) but they are somewhat intuitive. I’m loving this version so far!

- Crashes all the time

Such a great game but unfortunately the developers don’t keep up with the latest iOS updates. Whenever you update your iOS, this app seems to just begin to crash with any more than 2 to 5 minutes of gameplay. Otherwise, it would be perfect, so it is pretty disappointing that it isn’t kept up to date, please get on that!!

- Great Review

This game is awesome. It is far superior to Vice City and the rest. The graphics could get improved but it’s a classic. There’s just a bug where cars disappear so easily. Definitely a game to buy. ALSO AGE GROUP: It is definitely not for 17+. The game in truth is about a 10+ anyway so yeah buy this game instead of vice city.

- Please help me

I’ve been plying this game for months and it crashes all the time and sometimes I’d lose a couple thousand dollars because it wasn’t a checkpoint save but it was fine. I’ve been trying to play all day and it won’t load my game. I am logged in and I press resume and it keeps crashing Before it loads So I go to new game because you can switch between slots but I can’t get back to my game so now I’ve lost my house my cars and my money I need answers to why I can’t get my game back please help me

- Crashing on loading screen

Love the game and on my second time through but ever since this morning I haven’t been able to get past the loading screen as it keeps crashing. Please fix this 🙏🙏

- GTA: San Andreas

Absolute best game on the App Store I love it! It is better graphics than the ps2 and is the same old feel good game that we all know and love the, controls aren't clunky and hard to use and you have the option to customise them so I give it five stars and an all round great game!👌🏻

- I love this game! Even Radio Los Santos!

I really love this game, back 17 years ago when the was first released, I played it. And I really loved it! Really! This game brings back memories like GTA Vice City! I really really love this game! When I found it on iOS since my PS2 broke, I was hyped to play it! Thank you Rockstar for bringing back memories!

- Broken

It crashes every time and I cannot play the game and when i googled ways to fix it I read 50+ peoples reviews saying that it happens to them too and nothing works and that theres is no help, you need to update for iOS 11

- Brought me back to my child hood

This blast from the past, was seriously the best of the gta series and I’m very glad with how they have brought it to mobile platform. For a game older then myself that’s been remapped for mobile use I’d say it’s easily a 5 star

- I love this game but broken

I love this game but every couple of minutes it closes the app for no reason and I lose all the process of a mission making it unenjoyable, one of the missions I keep getting to the end and it will close and start it again making things extremely frustrating, this saddens me greatly that I can’t enjoy such s great game.

- Save game

Hey there is a crash before the start of the game and now it restart so all my work is now back to zero how can I retrieve my save data with my account!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!? Also the missions I have done is so hard and I'm starting to get mad and "HATE" the game


Been playing on and off for the last two weeks and as soon as i entered the portion of the game where territories are introduced, I went on a mission and the game instantly crashed. Now whenever I go to open the game it crashes every time just before the game finishes loading. PLEASE FIX ASAP I WANNA FINISH THIS BAD BOY, WILL CHANGE RATING AS SOON AS I CAN OPEN THE APP

- Gta sa

I find the game so much fun but my mum found out I had it and she put restrictions on and now it’s gone when the restrictions are taken off will all my progress still be there????????????????????????(,???????????????????????? And the challenges are to hard after 15 levels


GTA San Andreas is hands down my favourite GTA game ever to release even better then GTA V this is the closest to remastered that we’re gonna have for now. If you ain’t played the mobile version you won’t disappointed. same gameplay as Ps2 just the graphics are more crisp 👍🏽 I love it good job guys

- Great Game! A few issues!

Ok so I’ve been playing GTA SA since it first came out and what can I say! Best GTA game ever. So today I logged in and it restarted the game for me. And because I had so much money and progress I got frustrated with it. It kind of upsets me but idk. Could you please fix that!

- Best mobile game ever!

I love the grand theft auto series more than I love my own House,can’t wait for gta 4 on mobile keep up the good work rockstar games I’ve wanted to tell you guys how good you are at making games and you guys are the future of gaming love you guys :D

- Iphone Xs

This game is awesome! I was playing on my Iphone 7 and the game is perfect. But I’ve upgraded to an Iphone Xs. I’d like to keep playing the game on my new Iphone and I’d like to ask you guys to try to “fix some buggs” for Iphone Xs as well. I’m playing already but many times it just shuts down by itself. So, please? Thankss

- Brilliant game

This is a great game and well worth the price paid it works really well the driving controls are a bit weird as on my iPad and iPhone they keep pulling to the right side but other than that it is an amazing game

- Confused.

I’m really enjoying this game. My only problem is that I want to get to the other types of island, but every time I do I get chased by the police and don’t last long. Is it because I have to do more missions or explore more to get to the other lands? :/ thanks.

- Great game

My brother always told me how good of a game this was and now I am playing it I love it might be a bit harder than the PlayStation but it is still fun to play on the go! One of rockstar games best game. P.S except maybe vice city which is still a great game on mobile.

- Updating gta with new iOS 11

Was annoying when i had to delete the game because of iOS 11 then redownloading it white the new update. But it was worth it I have this game on ps2, PC and iPad. Always has been one of my favourite games.

- Latest update crashes at load screen

Since the latest update, the application crashes every time at the load screen. Seeing as how I paid for this app, This bug really should have been fixed by now, the bug has been active for about 2 weeks.

- Not a Review

Was a really good Game, really enjoyable. It brought back a couple memories, too. Also, For the Kids playing this game, it’s 16 years old, it’s just the original game transferred across to iOS. They’re not going to listen and update this game, go to GTA V for that.

- Please fix

this game is good and I’m enjoying it but whenever I try to get into the game it just kicks me out so it doesn’t let me in, i think it’s a bug or something but can you fix it? thanks.

- Great

This is an awesome game really it is I remember playing this on the ps2 but I think it needs an update sometimes it just kicks me from game awesome game must buy but if Rockstar updated it would be amazing and Mabey bring back online

- Crashing

I love the game and really enjoy playing it, but once I reached the end, I finished all the missions and now when I try to open the app it crashes while trying to load back in, making it impossible to play the game.

- Great Game But The game kept on kicking me off the game

It’s a great game but It kept on kicking me off the game and it would never work since I hit resume it would load to halfway in and kick me off the game! Please fix it i am so far in the game!

- Love the game but it crashes frequently

The game is great, use to play it a lot. Would really love to see multiplayer added. Unfortunately this app crashes very frequently. Super annoying to have the app crash after you just pass a mission and then have to start all over again!

- Update needed

Great game but could you make it work for the newest iOS because when I try it just crashes on the loading screen Thank you

- Awesome but

I have found that when trying to change the button configuration that some buttons clip outside the screen. why?

- Would recommend

The app is good, and most of the time works perfectly, but it keeps glitching and going out of the game every time I try to save it so I can’t get pass a certain part of the game, fix that and it’ll be 5 stars :)))

- Disappointing .

I have been playing this game for the last few months now and have really enjoyed it... until, the game crashed, now I can’t load my game. The loading screen loads fully then the screen goes black and the game crashes. This issue needs to be resolved I have made a lot of progress in the game and don’t want to lose that progress by having to start a new game.

- I can’t work out at the gym anymore

Whenever I go to the gym it says that I worked out enough today when I didn’t even work out in the gym so I go back the next day and it still says I worked out enough what should I do now

- Gta

The game is really good I really enjoy it but it glitches out and I have had to start it again and lose everything it has happened to me again and crashes every time you go to play it

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- Big smoke

I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45’s,1 with cheese, and a L A R G E soda.

- Old school gta

Brings back good memories from my childhood 😂

- Controls

Kinda glitchy cuz controls on iPhone are close together but still fun


Got pretty far into the game, had to play extremely cautiously due to the game crashing every time I completed a mission so I’d have to RUN to a save location every time I completed something. Alas, the bugs eventually caught up and now I can barely get through a mission without it crashing - now at the point where I can’t even load the game because it just crashes during the loading screen. Using an iPhone X so it should be capable of running but the game itself is too riddled with bugs to work.

- Excellent Game

Excellent game on the IOS

- Great game just add cheats

I love this game, always have and always will, just looking for a chat window where cheats can be played in game. Love playing it as normal but when i want to have some fun in the game i love adding in some cheats. Please update with text option for cheats. Upvote so they see.

- Cheat codes

How come there are no cheats

- Big Smoke

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a L A R G E soda.

- Game crashing fix.

If your game crashes when you press Resume, just start a new game and skip the first cutscene. Then when you get to the part where you pick your controls just go into Options, press Load Game and press the auto save which should be the first option and you will be back to where you were.

- Please update

The game is real fun to play. Have had no issues until I reached a mission through the casino for woozie where I have to get photos of a blueprint. Once I capture the photo and head back to the casino to complete the mission, the game crashes once I get inside.

- I love it

I love the game but can you guys add in a way to import mods please because I gets boring playing the story multiple times in a row otherwise it is the most fun I have ever had playing a game

- Fun game but it crashes

Everytime I get far in the game the game bugs out and won’t let me go back on because It will crash when the game tries to load, I’m kinda far in the game and I just completed a hard mission and I didn’t save and now it won’t let me play because it crashes pls fix it thnks

- Best game ever!!!

This is the best game ever!!! It never gets old so I suggest you start playing this game now! Don’t hesitate to download it I promise you, you won’t regret it!

- Crashes on story resume.

I’ve never had this issue before, but whenever I try to resume from the start menu, the progress bar fill 3/4s of the way, and then crashes.

- Update

Keeps on crashing every time I press resume

- BRUH!?!?

So after finishing the game, I closed my phone and charged it. Next when I tried to open the app, guess what happened? It kicked me out of the game every time I open the app. Then after deleting it, I reinstalled it and ALL MY PROGRESS WAS GONE!!! 4 stars because of that and it’s fun. So basically... I’ll never play again because it took me 3 weeks to finish. And it’s not rockstars fault though, (well kinda) cuz they haven’t updated in a while so bugs like this happened and also doing the sign in for the cloud thing didn’t work but either I didn’t sign up or I pressed sign in instead of sign up. I just hope that rockstar will update again thanks for understanding :)))))

- Good game

Good game on the Iphone no problem yet


Great game

- Fun GTA but idk what problem people have

I like this GTA game I have so much fun but when I look at some of the reviews there saying that the game crashes when they have to take picture of the cansino well I have no problem which that so I don’t know but yea it’s a good game

- Best game

It’s so fun

- This game is awesome

Having so much fun playing it but this game is not for younger children. There is violence and mature content, but it is very fun

- Ok

Ok ok why I gave it a 4 star its good but there is a bit bit problem I cant download mod Menu stuff on this game

- Awesome game

I play on a iPad 5 generation no bugs so far. PS I have been playing this GTA on this iPad for 7 months

- Great

Although races are really hard on mobile

- Pre good

The games amazing on my iPhone 8 and you can do virtually anything but just a suggestion plz add planes cuz you got airports but no planes

- One of the classics

I’ve played GTA SAN ANDREAS for the first time as a minor when I had my PlayStation and the Bush for entertainment. Imagination grew to greater levels and taught a lot at a young age and I don’t feel one bit regretful for picking up the controller and playing.

- Yeah !!! Old School Game in iOS

Remember me souvenirs. Thanks.

- Trash

Will not open

- Flipping Awesome!

Definitely a five star game! And I would love to see it on Apple TV 4K soon..

- yes

play this and watermelon dog go will protect our house tonight

- Help me

I would like to know why I can't download this app again without having to pay again. I compared it a while ago, but it's not in "my purchases".

- Perfect

works perfect on my iphone XS Max finished the game in 3 days

- Pls fix this

My game keeps on quitting its a bug that I want fixed Thank you

- Crashes

I’ve been playing it for awhile and have had an excellent experience. However, as of today whenever I try to resume my game it crashes and it goes to my home screen. Very disappointed!!

- Ce jeu est cool


- Issue

I have problems to load the game in my IPhone 11. The game has been running good but since one week ago when I try to open it the system fails and the screen goes back to the Iphone screen.

- Big smoke

The game is working very well so far on my iPad mini doesn't lag at all

- Some missions are tough

This is a great game and it's awesome being able to play this wherever and I love the Mixtape feature. My only complaint is that a lot of the flying missions are really hard on mobile because of the controls, but that's really far into the game.

- Great game but I have a problem

Hey Rockstar Games. I been playing this game for years now but I can’t play any video poker games in any casino in Las Venturas but I can still play other games like slots. Can you fix it please.

- Child hood

This game is my child hood

- Best game ever

I have started and completed this a few times on my phone now. Amazing every single time! Love it

- Title

Still one of the best paid games here :)

- Great game

Great game I love it my favorite game 😊😊

- Game does not aim and the controls are trash

It is glitchy af and I put a lot of time in this game but then it glitched and I lost everything

- SMOOTH GAMEPLAY only Took 3 mins to get used to

Best 9.99 ever spent

- This game is so fun I I play it everyday but the graphics are a little low

I love it

- The shooting is a bit off

Free aim Shot pattern on almost every gun except snipers is off by a long shot and you often have to move your cross hairs diagonally above the player to get a headshot please fix


Very very fun game! And will always be. Been playing this game for years!

- One of the most epic game ever

I’ve been playing this game for ten years and this game still lit.

- Not worth it

If you want a fun game with good graphics this is not the game for you. The game is ok but the graphics are way worse than the pictures shown, and I kind of feel like I wasted my $12 on this game for nothing and I would really like refund even though that is not possible.

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- Best mobile game ever!

Grand theft auto is my favorite game series. GTA San Andreas is SO fun. When I first found out about mobile grand theft auto I got GTA SA. I love it. You should get it. I’ve gotten so close to getting 100% but then it crashed. I don’t really care but when it happed again I got kind of mad. Still, I love the game. My brother has it too and he LOVES it. My brother rages. I don’t rage though, so maybe some people shouldn’t get it. Although a lot of bad things happened in the game, quit still deserves 100 rating stars. Also, it’s worth 7 dollars. Maybe more! Don’t forget to install!

- It is GTA:SA

Just like all of the other GTA ports that have made it to mobile, this one is great. The controls are pretty good, the gameplay is of course fun. One thing that I wish was available (in each of the GTA ports) would be that ability to cheat. I've played through each of these games several times and to be able to spawn a vehicle or weapons would be really convenient, and casually gratifying. It is a great game though, from an era when you could just play a game and enjoy it, and not have to worry about the thoughts and opinions of "social justice warriors".

- Crashing

I personally Love San Andreas, and have been playing it since the original release on PS2. However I have been having problems with the game crashing, it will randomly kick me from the game and once returning to the app it is as if the game restarted and I am back at the home screen hoping it saved before then. I’ve also had to uninstall and then reinstall the game for crashing during the loading sequence. It has not let up with the random crashing even after uninstalling, losing all progress, and restarting. The game is great and I Love that it is for mobile devices now however it needs a serious update for the glitches and crashes.

- Greatest game get and tip for the loading screen crash glitch

All in all I love gta San Andreas, but one thing. I’ve had to reset the game 4 times because of the loading screen crashing . If you’re game is crashing when it’s just about to load when you hit the resume button then instead reload the game and go to the play button and load your most recent save and it will load perfectly. It worked for me and fixed the resume button crashing glitch. Make sure to always save progress to do this.

- This game is the best! just one tiny problem...

I don't regret buying this game! It brings back so many memories as a kid and the graphic are amazing! It just has one little problem, there's a bug where you go in the clothing store but it doesn't let you buy anything, the red mark is gone and it really frustrates me because I want to change the character looks😕 can you guys please fix that? this game is amazing and I recommend to anyone who's into rockstar games or for those who wants the throwback feeling.. keep it up Rockstar games 👌🏻

- I recommend playing with a controller

The format of playing on the screen is eh. I’ll be driving and I go to steer and it’s unresponsive. I have to swipe two or three times before it recognizes I’m trying to turn. Usually I end up wrecking before I can turn. Secondly, the shooting. Now to be fair this is my first time playing, so maybe this is how it was originally, but the shooting is just tapping on the enmy and hold to shoot. Not to mention sometimes it misses and I’m shooting randomly or even hitting civilians! Again I’m still playing it but I believe playing with a controller would make it much smoother to play.

- Good game but massive glitch or lag

So i just got the game and its super good the missions are awesome the storyline is great and the game is just beautiful the graphics are bad, but i like that. It reminds me the old games. Theres a glitch or lag though i got to the forest map and i was doing a racing mission but then it kicked me out the game and then every time i log in the game loads half way then backs me out i hate this and i really want this to be fixed. I worked so hard just to get to that mission and area now i have to RESTART THE GAME and boy do i hate doing that now it just makes not want to play anymore. Hope the game gets fixed.

- Everything About The Game Is Perfect Except Two Simple Things...

Everything Rockstar Games Could Think Of About San Andreas Mobile Is Perfect! Except There’s A Small Glitch... I Hit Anything With A Car That Has A Paint Job That Can Be Changed, And Sometimes On The Area Where I Hit The Car, It Changes The Color Of That Area... Like If I’m Driving In A Yellow Muscle Car And Hit The Front On A Tree... The Front Bumper Changes To Red. The Last Thing Is On An Ambulance, The Word “Ambulance” Written On The Engine Cover Is In Reverse. That’s All I Have For Now, Thank You Rockstar Games And Keep Making Amazing Games!

- 4 star review

I enjoy 89 percent of this game the reason I say that is because of the cops ai there kind of dumb the crash there car into a wall while trying to get me on a hill where there’s a road they can just drive up to get me it’s so stupid they try killing me over writing graffiti on a wall they overreact over everything it’s also ridiculous how annoying some of the challenges are. But one of the main things I like about this game is that it is funny the car driving is great and the way the game looks is amazing the cops stupidity is funny to I like it 4 star review keep up the good work

- Got a detrimental glitch.

So I advanced into the game until San Fiero. And I've been trying to manage my characters weight muscle etc etc. Fat goes down over time and if that gets to low your character gets tired. But you can eat at certain restaurants to fix that. But for me every single time I go in any place with food, the game doesn't load. It just says "burger shot" or "clicking bell" but the screen stays black. No matter which one. Bars to. The game is fine with every other building but it doesnt load restaurants. I tried deleting and redownloading. Doesn't work. Please help and fix.

- It was good but started crashing

Alright first of all I was very hooked on this I loved this game and spent hours playing it. I was doing a mission for Cesar and for some weird reason it started to crash when I wanted to start the race. I restarted my device and it didn’t work. So I redownloaded it to find that my files did not save. Honestly it was good until this happened. Don’t even bother buying this. Why spend money on something that will not even save after you spent hours playing it. It’s a HUGE waste... not even Chinatown wars did me dirty like this. I’M VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED 😒 I caught up and redid what I lost.. I saved it this time but after trying to complete the mission Farewell My Love it crashed again, it’s been a few days (since Friday) that I haven’t been able to play it.

- Not bad but a few things.

So I will agree this is the best 3D gta game. I have a lot of fun playing it and lots of variety. I only have a few complaints. One is the shooting controls. I pretty much only use the lock on since the auto aim has you aim with the right finger. But problem is the right side is also the button to shoot so it ends up feeling awkward to use. 2 is the territory’s. Some ballads of vagos territory are really small to the point where no enemies respond so that territory ends up feeling next to impossible to take over. But aside from that I really do have a blast playing this.

- Awesome game but.....

I love the fact that the game is available for mobile devices since I don’t have a ps2 anymore. I like playing the game but I have one big issue with it and that’s the random quits. When I’m playing missions it would randomly crash and I’ll have to start the mission from the beginning and it would crash again after another. It’s really frustrating and annoying that I have stopped playing it. I still have it but this needs to get fixed or I’ll never beat the game. :(

- Please fix the amphibious assault mission!

Ever since I downloaded this game for my iPhone 6 way back in 2014, this has been my go to game. The problem is, even though I played this game several times from the beginning, I never got to finish it: I always get stuck at the Triad mission in San Fierro called "Amphibious Assault", because CJ cant swim underwater in the mobile version. All the character can do is swim on the surface, dive, stay still and resurface. If you dont want to adjust the controls, can you at least do me a favor and remove this mission from the storyline of the mobile version?

- Good port to iOS

I give this port of GTA: San Andreas 5 stars! My only experiences with the entire series was me playing GTA4 once for about a few minutes at a friends house and GTA5 on my PS4. This is a great alternative to getting it on PC, but there is one problem. It takes up SO MUCH STORAGE DATA! That’s my only problem with it though. Everything else so far is flawless. I also like the feature that adds controller support. I have a SteelSeries Nimbus and the game picks it up. Nice touch! Get this game! It’s a good way to pass the time and learn some GTA history, along with the other ports, which I haven’t gotten to play yet. I imagine they will be like this one, so there’s something to look forward to. P.S. Allow mods or a Co-op mode. It’d work and make this game the king of iOS games. If other game ports can do it, then so can this. Just don’t ruin it, like GTA5 online. I am not sure they even try to make that game better anymore. 😒

- Irritating Glitch

I Kindly Request Rockstar To Fix This Glitch Associated With User Tracks And Mixtape And The Glitch Is Whenever I Enter A Car I Choose Mixtape Then The Music Starts Naturally But Whenever I Pause The Game Or Enter The Map Or Get Out Of The App And Return Back The Music Starts From The Beginning Or The Radio Gets Mixed With The Music And The Music Seems To Be Louder Than Usual But The Funny Part Here Is When I Have Added The Music For The First Time It Worked Naturally But For Some Reason Or Another I Choosed To Reset Privacy And Location Then The Glitch Happened 😔😔😔

- Missions disappearing?

So im playing gta sa, enjoying it. And i just completed the “Just Business” mission. Next thing i know, big smokes name isnt on the map. I have had to restart my game numerous times because of this. I lost OG LOC missions, i lost Cesar missions, ive lost Ryder,Sweet, bla bla bla. Ive also lost C.R.A.S.H missions. Please fix this. Because even when i show up to the houses of these missing characters, the marker is gone as well. So i need to know what to do before i can never play the game again. Because now everytime i restart, ill just expect my missions to disappear, driving me to not play the game. And i know you dont work on this game anymore but, this is a major glitch for me. Just please fix it, or tell me if im doing something wrong.

- Fantastic game that brings back childhood memories

I played this as a child on the PS2 (it probably wasn’t a great idea but oh well) and I loved every moment of this game! The cars,the combat,the surprisingly non outdated music,everything is perfect in this port. Except ONE THING. Cheat codes,the games still fun without them,but it would be useful if there was a cheat menu where you can type them in the options menu or add a PlayStation/Xbox controller button configurations. Anyways thanks for creating such a memorable game Rockstar,I hope you add that cheat menu!

- Aim problem

The gta app its awesome but what it bugs me it’s the aim that when I wanna shoot, I gotta make touches in the people so I can kill them because the other way, the “free aim” when you try to shoot with the “free aim” it’s kinda hard to move the “free aim” because it keeps braking, it’s hard to move the aim so it makes slow so it’s better to use the “easy” aim touching the dolls which it’s too easy which it makes kinda boring for being too easy so please rockstar try to fix that, make more easy to use the free aim so the game be more challenging and besides that I think the game it’s great, thanks ;D

- Good game but a problem

This game is really good. I love this game I played for 2 days straight and got really far into it and then it crashed. I then tried to go back into it but when I clicked start it just closes the app on the loading screen. I then uninstalled the app and lost all my progress so I did it all again. I once again had the same problem. I was in the game and it suddenly crashed. I tried going back in and it crashed on the loading screen again. Please fix this I really love this game and I wanna play it but I don’t wanna have to restart. Thank you.

- Game keeps glitching

The game is great and all that, but it has one big problem that after a short while of downloading it, it stops working. Every time I try to play the game after exactly two weeks of downloading it. It keeps going until it shows you the loading bar before starting and when it reaches the end it just takes you out of the app right away. You try again but it keeps doing that. So you guys must do something about it. Thank you.

- ATTN: Rockstar

I love this game, & would continue playing it for hours, IF it wouldn’t completely sign me out of the game while playing. I finish missions, then on my way home to save i'm booted from the game, upon returning i’m at the last mission that was saved! meaning all of my progress was lost. This glitch doesn’t only happen after missions, it can happen at any time during gameplay. Rockstar if you are reading this please fix it so I can enjoy gameplay. ALSO, my boyfriend has purchased the game on his Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the glitch occurs there as well, i’m using an iPhone X.


DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME OR ANY GRAND THEFT AUTOS OFF THE APPSTORE. The shooting on foot controls are terrible and you can not change them at all. During gunfights your only option for fighting back is running around holding the “shoot button” this means your character is locking on to random NPCs that your character model is facing towards and shoots them until they’re dead then locks on to the next person and does the same thing. YOU CAN NOT FREE AIM ON YOUR OWN IN ANY OF THESE. There is only that terrible lock on system. During shootouts you ALWAYS lock on to civilians that are running in the opposite direction. There is no options to change or fix any of this. I bought the package and all Grand Theft Auto games on the app store are officially UNPLAYABLE. I genuinely want my money.

- Game crashes once you get to certain level

Hi, I would like to start off saying that I freaking love this game, I grew up playing it, and now a mother of two kids, still playing , however there seems to be a problem with the app. Once I make it out of Los Santos and into the country forest level, the (farewell) racing mission to be exact, the game just cuts off and no matter how many times I click on it, it will load then go back to my home screen. It’s weird that this is still happening because this happened years ago when I first bought it on my iPhone and the problem still haven’t been resolved??? I didn’t buy this game just for it to crash!!! I would like to beat the entire game but can’t :( please fix this


i love this game and it’s super entertaining. Yet every time i do a mission it always crashes. so i cant even enjoy it. every time i’m almost done with the mission it crashes so then i have to restart the whole mission again and that’s super annoying. that honestly just makes me want to stop playing the game all together. and the last update was 8 months ago. i have an iPhone 8 plus and in the description of the game it doesn’t say that it’s compatible . please fix this bug!!! i really love this game but i cant play because of the dumb bug .

- The Best GTA Game

Many have said that GTA San Andreas is the best game in the entire GTA Series. I agree with that statement. The amazing storyline, tons of features, and massive open-world map in this game are just a few reasons why. Especially the story. The variety of each mission, with no two being alike, is engaging and hooks the player right into the story. The game’s only downside is its graphics, which are not high-quality at all by today’s standards. But if this game got a remaster, and its graphics were updated, not even GTA V could compare to this masterpiece of a game.

- The best GTA game still far better than GTA LCS

The game is amazing, I loved it works perfectly but there's one thing, sometimes I want to listen to the radio station and I found a bug when I was listening to the music. it's not playing the music (in the radio station ) smoothly, this is all of them actually all stations they play like normal and then like cut it off and join to another music it even didn't finish properly. So yeah please make an update to fix the radio station for the iPhone 5c please.

- Fun but needs improvement

I deleted this app a few months ago ( yes even after paying for it) because it was force closing. I'll try to download it again and hopefully it isn't force closing anymore because it's disappointing. There are also a few glitches within the app for other than that it's fun. The glitches and force closing is why I rated it 3 stars instead of 5 Update: I downloaded the app again, worked for a few days now it is force closing again. I have the iPhone 8 if the game is compatible with iPhone X I should have NOOOOO problem. Please fix the force closing for refund me my money.

- Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

I love GTA, I grew up playing it and this iOS app is a nice addition because I love playing it then putting it in my pocket. The problem is though that for some reason when I start it CJ is falling through the ground, I can swipe around to see some buildings for a half a second but I just keep falling. He knows he’s falling too because he’s saying stuff like “Gravity’s a b*tch”. I’ve restarted the app and my phone and it hasn’t helped. I really would like this problem fixed because it’s become a part of each day for me. I love this game so much.

- More Autosaves

I hope the devs are listening to this. I love this game but I recently had a problem. I feel when you spray a tag it should auto save. During the mission Tagging up Turf I decided to get all 100 tags. After I got all 100 tags, which took about 2 to 3 hours by the way, I then got busted by the cops right after getting the last one. I then go back to the mission and it resets all of the tags I have done. I have now decided not to play the game as all of my hard work to get those tags has been thrown out the window. Please make it so only the 6 tags in the mission reset. That would make more sense.

- Nostalgia overload

Takes me back to the good old days of walking home from school so excited to get home and play or having a saturday morning in the living room to yourself before anybody woke up. I find myself playing for hours on end and my vision even begins to blur until I take a break. I probably downloaded this at the wrong time as I have so much work to be getting done. In anyway I am beyond thankful for the instant rush of dopamine I receive when I put on my headphones as I prep to begin play.

- Clothing store doesn’t work

I love this game! It runs exactly like San Andreas on console, exactly like you’d expect it too. They gave the controls a selective design so the buttons don’t clutter the screen. The only problem I seem to be having is with clothing shops not allowing me to buy clothes. There is no red circle or a cashier that allows me to Purchase clothes nothing appears I even did the Ak’s and Nine’s mission to unlock clothing but still can’t purchase any because the circle doesn’t show up. Everything else works fine but the clothing is broken as of right now.

- Fun But Glitches

I’ve had this game a couple years ago, it had glitches then. When I triedto log onto the game it kept closing out. This time around I tried it again and got pretty far. After a few weeks of playing I was unable to log into the social club. I was still able to play the game though. Now, once I try to log into the game it closes out again. I’ve tried a number of times over the last couple days but it continues to closes out which is disappointing. I’m going to try again tomorrow, if there is no changes I will just uninstall the app all together.

- Give us GTA: vice city stories!

Completely unrelated to this game, and btw this port of San Andreas is awesome but I just wish you guys would release GTA vice city stories, in the same way you released Liberty City stories, I believe and I’m not alone in this that VC stories is one of the best games you guys have made, the management the gameplay and the overall crisp feeling of it compared to the OG Vice City. Hopefully you guys release it someday on IOS, I and many others would gladly buy it, it could also be added to the rockstar bundle!

- Kicks me out back to home screen

It’s been a while since I last played this and I thought about passing more missions again in this game. As I tapped on the resume button, it loads up so I can play the game and do whatever there is to do, but when the line that goes left to right on the bottom, when it gets to the end so I can play, it just takes me back to the home screen. This never happened to me before so I just found it odd, so are there’s like a certain thing I need to do or wait for more bug fix updates, I really want to come back to playing this game again.

- So classic

I remember playing this on console as a kid and fell in love with it. Although I didn’t stick with it very long. Haven’t played gta in years and then when I got older and met a girl who wanted to marry me, she said she had gta5 on the ps4 and I was soooo shocked, so happy. I then became addicted. I can’t wait for gta6 to finally be released. So going back to this version of gta is soooo cool yet so different from gta5. I hope Rockstar will put the story mode of gta5 on cell phones, iPads, and such. Maybe later down the road. Thanks for this game.

- Controls

So some people do complain about the controls being crap but there are some work arounds. First you could change the in game settings to be more comfortable. But playing GTA as a mobile game is just not the same and could become uncomfortable. But luckily iPhone has compatibility with both Xbox and PS4 controllers. In my opinion that elevates the gameplay past its limits being a mobile app. Over all solid game. But I would like to see San Andreas updated to look like GTA V. Or at least IV.

- Bug for the iPhone X

Whenever i start playing the game for like 5 min it just crashes for some unknown reason I don’t know if the devs will get this but please fix it, this is the best out of all the gta’s and I want to enjoy it. Moreover, I have seen the update and got it but it didn’t do anything except make my screen bigger devs please fix this issue. I will still rate this a 10/10 hands down this game is the most fun I’ve ever had in. Ps: the game is worth every penny that it asks for

- Add Social Club 2-Step Verification Support

This is my second review of this amazing game that will never age. First of all, I really appreciate that you added support for apple music (which i requested in my first review). It made my life much easier. Now that you added the possibility for 2-step verification on social club, it’s impossible to log in into this game. I’ll suggest to either add support to the game itself or add the option to create app specific passwords on the social club website. Again, thank you for providing us with such an amazing set of games.

- Game bug that needs to be fixed asap

Everything is amazing and works smoothly, but there is one big problem with the game: after a given amount of time/gameplay, there will be a moment where you try to access the game and it wont pass the loading screen. It will “kick you” out of the app and if you try again, it will do the same. Someone else already reported this same problem. The temporary solution (which is awful) is to delete the app and download again and restart EVERYTHING, until it happens again lol.. please fix this, Rockstar.

- Awesome game with one exception

Thanks for allowing us to play our own mixes in the cars, unfortunately its useless because i have to listen to the same exact song every time i step into the car, FROM THE BEGINNING. makes one of the coolest features pretty much one of the most aggravating features. Also the buttons for shooting are way too close to the analog directional so lots of extra wanted stars and wasted ammunition. If I am in error and there is a way the song on your “mixtape” automatically forwards please let me know.

- The Glitch is Horrible!

I love the game, but the glitch is so annoying! I will be in the middle of a mission, and the game will just close and make me start the mission all over again. Sometimes it does this multiple times right in a row! Other than the glitch, I really like the gameplay, but there are no directions to a waypoint, and the cars around you drive absolutely recklessly, so everything gets to be very difficult. I would definitely recommend the game, just be prepared for the awful glitch!

- One of my favorite games from growing up but one complaint

This game was my childhood. I’ve played every GTA but this one was by far the best. When I noticed that this game was available for mobile I was so happy, the nostalgia was crazy and I couldn’t believe they released it for mobile platform. My only complaint is that often the game crashes and you have to replay the mission you just played and it’s pretty frustrating, I hope they fix this bug:(


THIS GAME IS SO GOOD. I grew up playing this and it’s been my favorite game since. I play endlessly when I have the spare time. But I’m always at work and have to go places and I wanna bring an actual good game like this but there is a glitch that really messes up trying to open the game. I don’t know if anyone else is getting this but when I open it and it gets half way it closes automatically and I usually have to wait a day to install and reinstall to work. Please fix this soon I really hope ur still trying to fix bugs !

- Amazing game but crashing glitches

In this game I was about to finish it and have fun. But when I keep playing at a long progress it will crash. It’s really annoying for players who reached a long progress. There are 2 ways to fix it. 1 is sign in rockstar games social club and use cloud save. 2 save your game (not in cloud) and load your highest progress save. These ways can help you resume. It would be best if rockstar removed crushing bug/glitch. I’ll keep playing

- Works needs small improvements

It works great been playing for about 5 hours and I play on my iPhone 11 with my Xbox one controller. The main improvement is that I cant go past the first half of the map while using the controller, I can get around it by disconnecting Bluetooth and interacting with the map and then reconnecting Bluetooth, but it takes about 2 1/2 minutes every time I need to use the map. Other than that great game 10/10

- Dissapointed

I've encountered a few glitches and game crashes but I've worked past those and they don't bother me much. One thing that I am really upset about is that when I go to play the "Architectural Espionage" mission, there is absolutely nothing there to do. There is no briefing of the mission and no blips at all. I've played this mission before on a different platform so I remember what locations to go to and everything so I tried driving past them and there is nada. If this can be fixed, please do it. I was aiming to complete the game and with this happening I'm not able to do so.

- AMAZING AND FUN GAME but there is a bug that I HATE

Look, this is a very fun and amazing game, but there is this one bug that gets me VERY VERYYY angry, whenever I’m trying to do a trucking mission I always get a 3- Star WANTED Level, and the police always slotter me if it’s not a glitch then please tell me why this happens and if it is a glitch (which I’m sure it is) PLEASE fix this. I would’ve given this a 5 star rating but I just gave it a 4 because of this glitch. But people who are reading this I do recommend downloading this game though. But other than this glitch THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME. VERY ADDICTING AND VERY FUN

- Force Closing

The app opens and I press resume and then it loads and force closes this has been happening since yesterday around noon. I love the game but it’s not letting me play now and there’s no other way I can get an update on what’s going on. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Edited: July 24th 2020 App never worked after I submitted the review so I uninstalled and today I reinstalled and tried to log into my social club account and it keeps saying “A social club error has occurred”. I know there is no issue with my password because I am logged in on the website. This too has been a persistent problem and it’s upsetting since I had to pay real money for a game I cannot play.

- Vehicle bug.. and no mission restart. --LAS VENTURAS--

Okay, I love GTA SA, some missions are challenging, but there are some glitches, like, no mission restart. Yep, every time I fail a mission, no "Do you want to restart the mission? YES NO" so, please fix that, and one thing. Whenever I enter a vehicle, even a Hunter, it keeps going left or right without me pressing the left/right button, please fix it, and it happened since a few missions after I started to do stuff in LV. Please fix this. Thank you. Now it's fixed! Wooo!

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Just 1. Bought Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PS4, and 2. Got a 12 month subscription to PS Plus, expect to see me in the NBA 2K21 park in a couple days


Rockstar Games in the 2000s: Midnight Club trilogy, Grand Theft Auto III/Vice City/San Andreas/Liberty City Stories/Vice City Stories/IV/Chinatown Wars, Max Payne 1 and 2, Manhunt 1 and 2, Red Dead Revolver, Bully.

Red Frames Gaming

@WORLDSTAR Marvel vs Capcom 2 Street Fighter 2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Diego :)

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) live at

J Dot Lethal

@WORLDSTAR Mike Tysons Punch Out Final Fantasy 7 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Diego :)

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) live at

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2.2 Screenshots & Images

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iphone images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ipad images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ipad images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ipad images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ipad images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ipad images
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Version 2.2) Install & Download

The applications Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was published in the category Games on 2013-12-12 and was developed by Rockstar Games [Developer ID: 330049731]. This application file size is 1.93 GB. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Games posted on 2019-04-12 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.gta3sa

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