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What is grand theft auto iii app? The sprawling crime epic that changed open-world games forever.

Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.

Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.

• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Universal App:
Grand Theft Auto III is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation, and iPad Mini.

For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition.

Port developed by War Drum Studios

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Grand Theft Auto III Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Grand Theft Auto III Version 1.504 June 2019

Full screen support on iPhone X / XS and iPad Pro. General bug fixes and improvements..

Grand Theft Auto III Comments & Reviews 2022

- Classic

There once was an awesome review I spent probably 30 mins typing. Then I hit cancel instead of send. *palm to the forehead* ...almost drops phone and swipes on screen nearly deleting this.. #epicfail This game is a classic piece of moving art. If you don't like it, Don't play it. If you only game on your phone and this is your first time, don't download; You're not worthy. Pros: Enhanced graphics. from original PS2 and PC versions. (Lighting slightly off on mobile version) Smooth frame rate. I originally played this on my iPod 4th gen with Retina display 32 gb and was greatly impressed by how smooth the game ran. (Of course, once support of devices with iOS 6.0 stopped, the game became choppier) it runs like a charm on my iPhone SE as of now. Thrilling Storyline. I'm sure you've played this before, if you haven't. Don't download it, remember??? You're not worthy!! (Haha) Easy Controls. Sure it may be slightly complex at times. ("Look at me contradicting the title of this next segment!" 😅) What do you expect? Your fingers are covering up most of the thankful we live in a time that you can play, what was once a home console video game, on your cell phone!! (Greedy chumps) To sum it all up. 5 stars, great game. If you want to hi jack cars on your phone without going to jail. This games for you!!

- Great Way to play on M1 (with controller)

Of course GTA III is a classic game, so I won't waste time on the quality anymore than to say: this is the game that all of the later GTA games are built on, you can get lost messing around for hours, or play the engaging story mode. On my MacBook Air M1 the experience is seamless. Paring a dualshock 4 takes seconds, and just works as soon as you launch the game. The default contol scheme is fine, but you cannot change it. I wish you could change the button mapping, but it works and is more than adequate to enjoy the game. The game looks great on the MacBook Air's gorgeous screen and I am sure it looks even better on the new MacBook Pros. It runs without any hiccups, and is an awesome way to bring GTA III with you places. One final minor gripe is that apple music opens everytime the game launches. It's cool that you can play your own music (I think I have admittely not tried it), but it is annoying because if you want to use the in game music, you have to close apple music every launch. Overall with a dualshock 4 (or another bluetooth enabled controller), the experience is pretty seamless and you can get up and running and playing this classic game in minutes.

- Pretty nice port of a revolutionary game

My only complaints are that once I got to the third island, my game would constantly freeze for a few seconds, and it ruined my immersion a lot. It got worse the longer you played the game. I’m currently on an iPad Air 2 running the latest iOS as of writing this review. There’s also a few texture bugs where sometimes things would turn into weird gray squares, but they're nothing game breaking. Gun controls could be better as well, but they’re enjoyable for the most part. The game gets a bit repetitive the more you play it too. But besides all that, it’s a solid and fun game. Interesting story and characters, nice soundtrack (although there’s only 4-5 songs per station), decent graphics for a mobile game, fun gameplay, and plenty of things to do besides missions. Be warned, though. The game has definitely showed it’s age. Overall a solid purchase and I’m happy. I just finished the main story and got everything I wanted to do done. Go ahead and buy it! I think it’s worth it.

- Really, really fun game

I’m not the best at video games but I was still able to get through this game pretty well. The story doesn’t really throw you for a loop but it’s still entertaining to follow. The missions aren’t super hard but not too easy either. The final mission I had a hard time getting through, but rightfully so. In my opinion they’re near perfect difficulty wise, at least for someone who doesn’t play video games very much. Every once in a while it gets a bit laggy but clearing other apps and restarting the device usually fixes it right up. Once finishing the game, all the cars, boats, weapons and the fun to fly dodo plane, keep the game entertaining. I recently finished the game but have still found myself coming back to drive around or start a police chase in a tank. Amazing game, highly recommend!

- Buggy

This game is good, but like other users have noted, once you reach the second island, the game becomes extremely laggy. The maps don’t load properly, and what gets me frustrated the most, is how the car you’re driving always pulls to the right. Aiming controls aren’t good, and it’s hard to pan the camera around corners which consistently gets me killed in some missions. Currently, I’m on the mission ‘Decoy’ with Donald Love. The objective is to divert the cops attention for about two and a half minutes in an armored truck. Around the 30 second mark on the timer, the game freezes and restarts itself. I have tried to complete the mission about ten times now and the same thing happens every time. This has kept me from progressing in the game. I’ve tried everything to remedy this and nothing has worked. What a bummer since I literally bought every GTA game on iOS. I’m playing on a new 10.5 iPad Pro. There should be no excuse for this. Please fix this!!!

- Pure Nostalgia! Love playing this game

Man what I can I say about this game, brings back good memories. GTA III is the first game I had with my PS2 back in the day. Still enjoying playing it in this mobile format. Game play is good, overall it’s easy to play, control functions are okay and needs some getting used to, camera angles on some cut scenes as well as in-gameplay can be a bit off and cut off sections of the characters. I still give this game 5 stars because it’s still pretty original and not much different then what I remember playing all those years ago. If you loved the game growing up, buy this one you won’t regret it. I bought the bundle so I’ll be spending lots of time in the GTA world 😃.

- Worth it.

This game is a classic and is totally worth the purchase. No other installment has been able to replicate the feeling of GTA 3. The soundtrack is incredible, the visuals are dark and stunning, and the voice acting is top notch with performances by Frank Vincent , Goodfellas (1990), Joe Pantoliano, The Matrix (1999), and Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs (1992). For a title released in 2001 that set the standard for future 3rd person gameplay, the amount of attention paid to narrative structure is just as impressive. The controls can be a bit cumbersome at times but what else can you expect on a touch device. Playing this game after swearing by San Andreas as the best pre GTA 4 installment for years, I have to say that GTA 3 will still give San Andreas a run for its money any day.

- Liberty City

I remember the day my dad and I went to Babbages and bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto III on PS2. It was a very memorable experience. Liberty City became this perfect place for a corrupt individual to reside in. The sights and sounds filled everything with life. The mobile port is perfect for someone like me who has to share their TV with the rest of the family. It's great that Rockstar puts their classic collection on mobile phones. I've always tried to reason with people who questioned why I played GTA. And it's because I've always had a wonderful time playing this series. Rockstar puts a lot of hard work and detail in their games. I'll always remember this series and the games that came after it.

- Love this classic

I've played just about every GTA including this one, but I never would have dreamed of a GTA game actually being on my phone. This game was an essential buy because I always will love that old nostalgic feeling of replaying a GTA game and GTA 3 on my phone runs so smoothly, without a single issue. I will probably be playing this game for decades before I get bored of it. I definitely would even recommend this to someone who's looking for that nostalgic feeling from an old video game from their childhood and to new gamers looking to find the roots of GTA and how Rockstar created this controversial blockbuster called GTA 3 to start their 3D universe of Grand Theft Auto games.

- Almost perfect

So I have been playing the game for 3 hours on and off and I noticed a couple of things you can't do. You can't do drive-by shooting and you can't aim wherever you want when shooting people. It was kind of a let down even though those are minor flaws. I'd love to see a update in the future where these two things might be addressed. Other than that, the game is amazing. Oh and it'd be neat if there was a way to enter codes to access all weapons, armor and to be able to drive the tank. Update: if you could make this game full screen and fix the bugs that are making it freeze up that would be great. I noticed GTA Vice City got an update and it looks way better in full screen for iPhone XS Max

- Amazing game but a few glitches

I loved this on ps2 and have finished the game probably 10 times now since it's release so I love that I can take it with me and play it anywhere. It is on a phone so it's far more difficult to do anything but that's as expected. Truly appreciate the free floating controls for steering and movement though (makes moving a dream as opposed to stuck controls that u might miss pressing on the screen which happens a lot). The only issue so far is that when I am driving with the analog controls the vehicle pulls to the right consistently, forcing tiny corrections the whole time. It effects slides and cars that are actually fast more. If you guys could fix that on Saaaaturday that'd b greeeeaaaat okay?

- Worst Gta ever invented on this planet

Highly recommend to not buy this game unless U want to smash Ur device against the ground. Camera angles are horrible. The guy never shoots the targets right in front of him but he sure knows how to shoot a wall. Driving is horrible. The cars jump out of no where while Ur on a impossible mission just making the game even more frustrating. The map is super off. U will get lost constantly. Missions are extremely impossible especially with the horrible Controls and camera angles. You try to make the guy look around him to check for enemies around the corner but the camera keeps fighting Ur finger and wants to stay where it wants to . Theres no free aim option available. And don't destroy your bullet proof patriot before U get to that horrible mission called "fertilizer to go." Just some advice in case U decide to torture yourself with the most frustrating Gta ever created on this planet.

- I love the game just one thing

I love grand theft auto III just I want the graphics to be better and can you add motorcycles and bikes in the game and aiming to ally guns thanks also I want physics to take over the death pose in stead of a death pose how about when you murder someone :> they free fall same with falling in game and also can you shoot with all weapons in the car oh and can you choose who you want too shoot cuz I had 4 stars and I was in BIG trouble so I tried shooting a cop but instead it killed a citizen ☹️and also can bold go freely too and pls don’t let ncps despawn there you have it these will help meek the game a lot more realistic

- Fix this game and update it, y’all need to

The game is still good and fun but when I would the into a vehicle sometimes it would randomly steer to either the right or left by itself I couldn’t control it I had to go back and forth in controls it would flip, and also sometimes when I stole a car Claude wouldn’t get in he just throw the person out and he stay, had to tap 2-4 times, and also when I would aim a weapon like the sniper or rocket launcher I would turn around and I had to turn back and aim forward again, also lastly you can’t throw grenades right you can’t aim.

- Love this game but no full screen support for iPhone X

I love this game but I have an iPhone X and I fill like the full screen isn’t supported and there’s a lot of the screen that isn’t used which makes for it more hard to play. I think it’s great all it needs is a full screen support for the iPhone X series with like an update. Please please please make the app full screen supported on iPhone X. If I didn’t spend money it wouldn’t be a big deal but please do that and the app is perfect in my eyes. Also make it to where you can use a controller like the San Andreas one. Thank you so much. Make the bluetooth controller button layout like San Andreas too.

- Great Game, but a bit glitchy

I really enjoy the GTA series along with this game. This game is good, but a bit glitchy. I would guess it's because it's on mobile, but the steering I guess "sticks" where vehicles will steer to the left or right while you're not even controlling its steering. Another glitch is I went into the safehouse to save the game, but nothing happened when I went in. It went into that high camera angle aiming at the door and the door closed, but the controls and stuff were still on-screen. I closed the app and then restarted it, but I just spawned in the safehouse. I can't get out and can't do anything about it.

- One of the best Classics right here

Wow I can remember the first time I played this on my new PS2 and I was just so hooked to this game. First 3D GTA was such a game changer after playing the, from the top view GTAs on PS for a few years and at that time even those GTA was fun. But GTA Liberty City was it! If you started playing GTA after San Andreas your not going to enjoy this classic, and especially will not enjoy it if you started playing GTA games on PS3 lol.. But if you like playing classics and want to see how this 3D GTA thing started, play this and move down the list. Thanks Rockstar and Apple for bringing this classic to our phones 🙏🏾💪🏾💯🔥

- I wanna thank you

I have the physical copy of this game when it released on the ps2 there was one mission I couldn’t get pass to progress till last week it was called lennys last lunch objective in 5 minuets you must drive his car to 8 balls shop put the bomb in it. Then drop it off activate the bomb mess one scratch on that veichle and you must respray it. With the ps2 controls I would always forget to hit arm then get out I hit arm then start engine then get frustrated it was a mess that was in 1999 I think till now with your controls I got some of my child hood back thank you 🥰5out of 5 ⭐️

- Pretty Awesome!

Every now and then a couple missions have glitched on me (missing objectives like trucks you need to destroy, or you've completed them but it doesn't register), and the steering control is very picky on where you need to press; have accidentally shot my uzi out the window cause of this and I can't adjust where these buttons lie. Otherwise it's been very fun playing and Rockstar is pretty good at looking into any issues you bring up in support... (verified when I had some trouble with San Andreas). I bought this on sale and my $2 has been well spent! If you're not opposed to running through some missions a couple times, it's worth the nostalgia!

- Barely playable on newer iOS devices

The game itself is great. Unfortunately Rockstar seems to have abandoned these iOS ports to their detriment. And for whatever reason GTA III and Vice City perform miserably on devices newer than the iPhone 7 (the iPad Pro included, which I bought with the partial intention of playing these games on). The games freeze multiple times per minute, many times for three or more seconds at a time, making gameplay almost impossible. I’ve tried force quitting all other apps, rebooting prior to play, turning off Low Power Mode, turning on Limit Refresh Rate, turning off True Tone, and nothing seems to make these perform like on my old iPad Air or iPhone 7. Please fix these, Rockstar. And buyers beware unless you’re using an older iOS device.

- Old and still fun

While yes it’s still buggy and has its flaws it’s still a fun game for its time and I had distinctly remembered playing this game so much when I was younger and I remembered where that “very fast car” was near 8-balls junkyard since I never progressed in the game. I picked this game back up last week and it’s just so fun even with how broken it might be at times, if your debating buying this I would recommend being on an iPad though or using some sort of controller because aiming/looking around is a pain

- Good but could use improvements

I enjoy the game so far, I do have one complaint however. I feel that the firearm combat was too automatic, I understand that it would be a pain to manually aim but at least make your character prioritize targets based on if they are armed or part of the missions or not. I kept dying on the mission where you kill a pimp and there’s an enemy with a pistol and one with a shotgun in a car with a flaming paint job. (First Ammunation appearance). A lot of the time I would accidentally shoot pedestrians instead of my targets that had killed me 8 times in a row. If you tweaked the combat a bit better I wouldn’t have any complaints.

- I wanted to give it 5, but there is some room for improvement.

This is an amazing game! Don’t let the title fool you. I give it a 4.7! Controls and scaling are my only hang-ups. You may have to Google a few times to figure out some of the functions. The display feels cramped, and trying to change weapons pauses the game due to the phone’s pull down menu. Scaling down and framing the gameplay area would be a great adjustment! Keep the game playing without interruption. This game brings back so many memories for me. This was the first Rockstar title I ever played! Thank you so much for the nostalgia trip!!!!

- Freakin' AMAZING

There are a lot of tough missions in GTA III, but being able to beat them all was so rewarding while embarking on my journey through one of the earliest 3D open worlds and traversing through a life of crime. Being able to do the missions my way made for a truly special GTA experience on my iPhone, and even facilitated me purchasing a MFi Controller to be able to control Claude with even more precision, it turned the mission SAM and several other final missions into a cake walk so i heartily recommend one for this game. Overall it was fun to reexperience Rockstar's gaming history on the go.

- Great

Great throwback and a good way to cherish how this franchise started. Game is difficult yes game is also very old and its what built the other games to such success. Its worth playing just understand its on a phone and it is an older game if you can get over that you will enjoy it. If you have never played a gta game this is the game to start. Play before trying another as there mechanics are a-lot better and it will throw you off going from a newer one to this. The story is incredible and you wont regret it

- Nostalgic...Almost no loading but the Mr. Whopee truck doesn't work

Big GTA fan I bought all the ones available...gta 3 is still fun to play I recommend it for any one defiantly worth the money since it doesn't require Internet...I like that when you go from one part of the city to the next you don't have to wait for it to load like the ps2 so it's almost no loading...I still give it 5 stars my only complaint is when u steal a mr. Whoopee ice cream truck you can't distribute to the customers.. I really wish rockstar could fix that

- Amazing but....

I honestly love this game, it’s entertaining and the graphics aren’t too bad. Though its been a few days since I passed the “Waka-Gashira Wipeout!” mission, but once I failed to pass “A Drop in the Ocean” and logged out of the game, when I went back that night, the game crashed whenever I pressed “Resume” and when I also tried to press the saved slot with the previous mission. I tried restarting my phone (IPhone XR) and I don’t want to uninstall it just to buy it again and restart the missions. Hopefully this gets fixed soon to continue playing, but overall the game is great.

- The 10 year old in me is happy

This is great for Gta fans whos been with Rockstar through the OG PS era. Its touch screen so you'll have to get used to that before anything, especially ppl with fat fingers ( such as myself). Once you get the hang of that its all second nature. From the hilarious commentary you hear from the ppl walking the streets to crashing your car recklessly and killing ppl. Gta III was my first Grand theft auto game I've ever played so it will always be my favorites. It plays just like its PS1 counterpart and has even better graphics!

- Great

Yo I love this game it’s great there’s only one thing, when I play with Bluetooth controller there’s no way to change the controls, but can you fix that pls. And also if you could I know it’s going to be hard to do and idk if your in the making of it, but if your not can you try to make GTA 4, probably not but Maybe GTA 5 but I’m obviously not the boss of you but you guys know that aallll the people want this so pls and thank you… again you obviously don’t have to do it but… maybe

- Quality game. Quality port.

Every aspect of this port does justice to this game. On smaller phones (pre 5) the sniping missions are a bit hard because any adult with normal sized hands would have a hard time hitting the target exactly. Overall the controls are pretty clean and the ability to adjust their placement on the screen makes for easy gameplay. The only challenge is the game itself! As for the game? The environment, the writing, and the missions are all what we've come to expect from a great Rockstar game.

- 100% unplayable

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME OR ANY GRAND THEFT AUTOS OFF THE APPSTORE. The shooting on foot controls are terrible and you can not change them at all. During gunfights your only option for fighting back is running around holding the “shoot button” this means your character is locking on to random NPCs that your character model is facing towards and shoots them until they’re dead then locks on to the next person and does the same thing. YOU CAN NOT FREE AIM ON YOUR OWN IN ANY OF THESE. There is only that terrible lock on system. During shootouts you ALWAYS lock on to civilians that are running in the opposite direction. There is no options to change or fix any of this. I bought the package and all Grand Theft Auto games on the app store are officially UNPLAYABLE. I genuinely want my money.

- Just as I remember, for better or worse

Purchased this game as part of the bundle, can't beat the price. I love it, the developers did a great job converting this to a touch screen platform. The controls take a minute to get used to, but they aren't difficult. The poor vehicular handling is just as I remember it from the PS2 days, so be wary of that, just drive nice and easy and you'll be fine. I did mark it down a star though for the lack of targeting, basically just shoot whoever is in front of you, whether an enemy, cop, or pedestrian, I guess complete missions in the classic GTA kind of way.

- Tad unwieldy, but worth $5 for nostalgia

Pretty good pocket-sized translation of my rampages of yesteryear. Pro: No cell/wifi needed, quite forgiving about keeping your place when paused without saving Con: 1) no cheats on iOS. My main activity with this game 10 years ago was cheating infinite weapons and starting a police standoff; without cheats you'll have to work to get to that point 2) controls can be frustrating (I get that it's impossible to translate the PS2 controller perfectly to a flat screen) but what compounds is that the camera angles are often uncooperative when, for example, making very precise on foot jumps (such as when reaching some trickier hidden packages) and it won't let you see where you're going. Finally, I found that the endless low-res murders that used to entertain me for hours are pretty monotonous now. The game is exactly as it was; it is I who have aged a decade. Still worth $5 to mess around though.

- A Classic GTA Experience

Anybody who remembers the old ps2 era GTA games will enjoy this re-release of GTA III. I bought this game in the GTA collection bundle along with Vice City and San Andreas. I struggled to get into Vice City because of its camera and found the controls in San Andreas to be a little awkward but on mobile these games work great! New features like a full map for GTA III are also a needed improvement over the originals. If you have trouble getting into the older Grand Theft Auto games then I highly recommend you check this out.

- Get this If you haven’t played the original yet

This game is a pretty good port which doesn’t have many glitches and runs pretty smoothly. If your new to the series I recommend to start out with this one. Many people have experienced glitches after getting to Staunton Island. For me the game kicked me out and kept doing so after the loading screen which made me delete it and lose all my progress. Good game overall but some things need to be fixed ASAP that literally make the game unplayable

- Major problem with the controls..

This was a real let down..The game was working pretty much fine for a few hours..Suddenly for no apparent reason I could no longer walk or move or do anything outside of jump. The run button also stopped working completely..Real buzz kill when ur in the middle of a game youre enjoying and it just stops working for no reason..Not even a crash (which would have been better), just a complete control freeze out while the game runs normally..Tried resetting the phone and game, no luck..Its like something just broke and now cannot be fixed. I will be seeking a refund as this game does not work properly and apparently has fatal controls bugs..Real disappointment


This game repeatedly crashes at random on my iPhone 8, 10, and now 10S Max. All troubleshooting methods do not work and both Rockstar Games and Apple Support are useless and will not assist in any way and you will not be able to obtain a refund. The game has not been updated for over 3 years and the developer (and Apple) are aware and blatantly choose to allow people to purchase a bad game that will not work on newer iPhone models and possibly older ones as well. The iPhone XS Max which is supposed to have the smoothest gameplay of any smartphone out runs this game very poorly. It is extremely laggy, choppy, and crashes. There is no way to fix it without an update from the developer, which they will not do. Please DO NOT BUY!!

- Controls need an update

This controls in this game are incredibly difficult to use when walking, running, and shooting. It’s nearly impossible to choose a target and the character could be shooting at any direction, so while you want to shoot in front of you, he’s shooting somewhere off screen and you can’t turn and shoot where ou want in time. Frequently you’ll end up getting shot in the face until he does and be unable to do anything because you can’t choose who to shoot at. It’s so frustrating and gets to the point where I’ll just quit playing for a while and then come back hoping I can just tough it out because the game is really fun, it’s just things like this that ruin it. Here’s one out of five stars in hoping it gets the game creator’s attention and maybe they’ll make a fix for this. Update: I didn’t realize I had already written a review when I came here to write this review. I tried deleting and re-downloading this game (among other things) to get it to work. It’s so glitchy that I can’t play it. It’s disappointing.

- Enjoyed

I like this game (not as much the others for mobile) but I have gotten so used to playing San Andreas that I can't seem to get a hang of these controls,I know it's something that probably won't get changed but just in case, I would like a way to use the controls from either San Andreas or vice city so that people coming here from those games can still play with the controls their used to(I'm mostly talking about the camera movement in gta 3,it really irritates me).

- Best GTA Ever

This game is a classic. Can’t go wrong with this game. You will find yourself running around doing missions, and you will lose track of the time, so make sure you give yourself time if you wanna play this game all the way through. Even if you don’t want to do the missions, there is enough things to do in Liberty City to keep yourself entertained. This game has great graphics for how old it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for reading. -Hector

- When the player enters the car cam?

Takes me back to the ps2 gta iii. A lotta fun but now something’s missing. Like the camera when the player enters the car. Ps2: when u press triangle, the player reaches the car opens the door and the cam immediately goes into vehicle cam before the player is even in the car and about to shut the door. Pc/ios(mobile): press the ret/f/door button, the player reaches the car and opens the door, oh wait... only this time the cam STAYS in on foot cam mode until the player enters the car and shuts the door. Theres a lotta differences in the platforms. I know this is a minor thing a minor difference, but I would like an update where the previous stated pc/ios(mobile) gta iii would EMULATE ps2s said “player enters the car - cam switches immediately to vehicle cam before said player is completely in the car shutting the door” kinda like gta 4. Fix this problem please and I will GUARANTEE 5 stars :)

- I would've paid more!$$

Okay man this game is on point. Works offline, it doesn't drain battery that bad, sound quality is 10 out of 10, story mode is on point ( I say this after beating the game). The only bad things about it are little things. Things like no cheat codes, no flashing lights when you steal a cop car, auto aim on every weapon except the M16 and Rocket launcher. But yeah I would've paid like $2 extra if it meant I could have this game in my pocket.

- Great game!!!!

This game by far the best GTA game. I have played the ps2 versions and it was good. On mobile, it’s really good, the controls are a little tricky to get used to since it’s touchscreen and so does the driving. But, once you get used to it, it’s fine, though if you don’t like using the touchscreen, it’ll also work with a Bluetooth wireless controller or a ps4 controller. By far, this game is still the best in the trilogy, highly recommend it

- Great game, but the cars won't move out of the way!!

This is great game, good missions, nice sports cars, but whenever I steal a cop car, fire truck, or a(n) ambulance, and turn the siren on, the cars don't know where to go! Some of them swerve right and then swerve right into me and knock me off the road, some of the cars even commit suicide by driving off the road into the water when they hear the siren come up behind them. Other than that, great game, having a great time doing head on collisions with dump trucks and busses, and the missions as well.

- Love the game

I remember playing this game on console when it first came out! I forgot how fun the whole trilogy was! The only complaint I have is the camera angel while driving. It cuts away half the car if you want to see in front of you. If you want to see the whole car, you can’t see where you’re going at all. The game is still playable of course, it’s just annoying when you can’t see the car you’re driving. Other than that, the game is perfect! I’m so happy that I can play GTA in app form.

- Kinda good could do way better

So I'm giving this game a 4 to rate because sometimes it could be boring I love the fact that where ever u go u can play it without having wifi something that u need to change is to not have the same people walking around like there twins I also love the fact u can have a job as a taxi driver a cop and an ambulance one more thing I like is that u can go on the train and airplane but I still wanna figure out about the airplane so please someone tell me how to get on the airplane thanks

- Great, but MAJOR BUG

The game overall is amazing, but soon after you unlock the second map it gets really glitchy. When you go to save your game in your safe house, the doors will not open and you will be stuck. And even if you kill yourself with grenades, you will not be able to open those doors again. And the save game menu will pop up in the middle of missions and you will not be able to continue.

- Just like I remembered it!

Absolutely no complaints. It plays perfectly. If only I could say the same about Final Fantasy 7! And that cost over twice as much. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway Rockstar, would you please give us GTA 1&2 for iOS? GTA 2 is my all time favorite! Come on, throw us mid 30's folks a bone! It can't be all about the new games right? I would gladly fork over $9.99 for a GTA 1&2 bundle! Please make it happen! I must battle the Krishnas and the Loonies from my iPad!

- The memories!

This game just brings back so many memories from my childhood! It even looks much better too. Small little things here and there , like the screen flicker or graphics but that's to be expected converting such a big game. It doesn't take away from the game at all! I do suggest buying a steel series nimbus. It's a tad expensive but it really does make a huge difference , and if you enjoy gaming on your phone. You won't regret it!

- Needs Graphical Update for Newer Devices

Certain effects and graphical details (fog, tire tracks, certain emissive effects and lighting) were removed from this game when it was ported to iOS years ago. It would be great if those effects were included for iOS devices that can surely run it i.e. the iPhone 6 and later models. Also, I noticed that certain effects that weren't even on the original GTA San Andreas were added in GTA SanAndreas for iOS. Maybe the developer should take a break and pay more attention to its early, yet popular releases such as this one.

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- Like the PC version but….

When I connect my ps4 controller and try to look, it automatically switches to first person and stops walking. pls fix. other than that its like the pc version but on mobile.

- Great game but..

You've had how many years to address the purple nines glitch? I just wasted the last few days collecting all the packages, beating rampages, getting unique jumps, vehicle missions, etc. Only to find out purple nines won't spawn. Rockstar are a bunch of lazy ingrates. Noticed the MP3 radio station barely works as well, but it's okay. I know you've already made enough off of the game and don't plan to update it again. Just thought I'd screw with the overall rating and write this review to even things out a little. PS would it hurt to add aim sensitivity so using a sniper rifle/ rocket launcher doesn't feel like you're moving in slow motion? FFS!

- iOS 11 crash

Can’t play more than a couple minutes until it crashes to desktop since iOS 11. There’s been several iOS updates and none from rockstar. Unusable and an unacceptable waste of hard earned money

- Great!

This game is already great, but please make it like GTA V or make a mobile GTA V.

- Good game

Good game,i like

- Severely lags

I know gta is a good game, but the app versions lags so bad u can't even play, save your money

- Gta

Good game but the controls need to be better

- Perfect.

My favourite Grand Theft Auto flawlessly ported!

- Love this game!

My favourite GTA game on iOS. Been playing this for years, it never gets old.

- iPhone X/Xs Max support

Game needs to be full screen

- Dear God.

Content wise this game is amazing. Lots to do. Now that I’ve said that; I was having fun until the first “race” mission where you have to race across town. Having played many racing games oh lord this is bad. 12 attempts still didn’t make it far before rolling the car and failing. There are only little dots showing up occasionally to guide you, no clue where you’re going, and the slightest bump from another car almost sends you into a front flip. The driving mechanics themselves are laughably bad; car either turns very little or a LOT which causes you to spin out making any “accuracy” for turns nearly impossible. The auto-target component of gunplay isn’t a bad idea but when you have a target to shoot and the auto target makes you shoot civilians and get cops on you before you even start the mission...that’s bad. So....for $7....lots of content but it’s impossible to get through because of the terrible controls.

- Great game but glitchy, and no cheats!

Been playing for years and was not glitchy before.. iPad Air 2/iOS 11 hangs, crashes, and locks up for seconds at a time during gameplay!! Very frustrating. Would also be nice if could change sensitivity of the analog steering.. Sucks most that cheats don’t work, deal breaker almost..

- Takes me out of the just before it's done loading

It constant takes me out of the game after it is completed loading at the end so it frustrates me

- Good Game

It’s a game.

- GTA 3

I’m still stuck inside my home & I can’t get out can you please fix this glitch I’m inside

- Super Cool

The Graphics Are Nice When I Go To The Garage The Cars Gets Fixed Amazing App 10/10


This is my first time playing GTA and I really like it it’s one of my favourite games now

- Garbage game

A Garbage game for garbage people.

- Controller compatible please

Great game otherwise

- Worth buying

This game runs so smooth and is an amazing game.

- game goes back to home when finished loading

just as im enjoying the game the app cant start all of a sudden

- Awesome!

Great iOS game. Just like the original. I loved playing it on XBOX back in the day, and this is the exact same game. I am playing it on my iPad Air from 2015 😮, and have absolutely no issues. I cannot stop playing it. I really hope you love it. And you can beat the price!

- Settings

Why are most of the settings gone (resolution,shadows,draw distance,camera hight,visual effects) 😐

- Classic

Classic GTA game

- My friends are always looking over my shoulder

It’s so nice when you have something that people are jello about. I bought the three pack of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

- Old and Now… it’s actually worse…

Lack of instructions in missions are still here, making some missions impossible to complete without a guid… (also the credits bugged out! The game kicks me out into the main screen during, and I all of a sudden the credits music stopped! - HOW ANTI CLIMATIC - IRONICALLY CONCLUDES THIS MOBILE PORT) Also on top of this frustrating game, the controls are not good! Why couldn’t they keep them consistent with the other two GTA games? like GTA SA(which btw imo are the best for controls). Camera controls are terrible and the auto aiming is non functional at times! This doesn’t feel like a remaster, but instead just a game with all its previous major issues still there, and with added terrible controls. Only good thing is a texture update. (Also the UI is terrible - why can’t I easily find or access the settings while playing? Like in GTA SA?).

- It’s great.

Excellent quality on iOS.

- doesn't work on mac

doesn't work with wasd

- Great!

This game is awesome and I love all the gameplay & graphical updates they put in. Stoked to revisit liberty city wherever I go

- Fantastic

Very good video game for a mobile port I really want a GTA 5 on mobile with very good graphics and controls like san Andreas please rockstar if you make an online multiplayer for mobile for free for GTA 5 mobile that would be a dream come true so yeah very good game highly recommend

- keeps crashing

keeps crashing

- Amazing

I love classic ps2 games and I’m a huge gta fan so this is amazing, I can play my favorite gta anywhere now that it’s on mobile and the graphics are better than on the ps2

- Awesomeness

Now with controller support, its a must buy.

- GTA IV please

Love it, but could you please port GTA IV though please! I do still LOVE this game, and also try to implement the controls from San Andreas to GTA III and GTA Vice City please!

- Awesome

Love the whole series

- The best

To explain this it had the best adventures in this game. The plot was hard to understand

- Nice

This is very good but can you please make 2 player mode. And also this gta game brings the old memories never gets old this game was made on 2001 on the ps2 people say that this gta sucks and gta v is better but this one is still so fun! And also every time I play the game it kicks me out please fix that

- Great game

Love it

- Game is stuck

Game only loads turismo mission by the pay phone at this point please fix

- Good Game

I bought this game and it plays smoothly and feelt like i got my childhood days back.Its an excellent game.

- The good old days

This game is such a classic. My childhood memories are flooding in more then a submarine with a hole in it. It is a little bit harder since it’s on a phone but that’s not stopping me

- Classic

The game runs beautifully and it is really fun

- Crashes

The game worked for awhile and now it just crashes. I spent 10 bucks on this app. I want a refund

- Classic

Runs beautifully and I love how there is controller support.

- Make him swim

Make him swim pls

- A Fantastic Port Of A Classic!

GTA 3 - The first ever 3D GTA game released for the PS2 in 2001 and a revolutionary game for the Open-World genre in general. Enter Claude, the silent protagonist of GTA 3. Claude roams the streets of Liberty City as a Criminal working for the “Leone Family”, the Yakuza, and many other organizations. The game is jam-packed with missions that have a variety of action, adventure and driving. GTA 3 is optimized for newer iPhones that have notches. This game, while not as talked about as other GTA games like Vice City or San Andreas, is a must-play for anyone looking for an Open-World Action-Adventure game.

- Awesome game

Just like I remember it on ps2

- Crashes every time I open it!

Please fix

- Game poo poo

It’s so trash on mobile

- Crash

It suddenly starts to crash everytime I try to open it.

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Grand Theft Auto III 1.5 Screenshots & Images

Grand Theft Auto III iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grand Theft Auto III iphone images
Grand Theft Auto III iphone images
Grand Theft Auto III iphone images
Grand Theft Auto III iphone images
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Grand Theft Auto III (Version 1.5) Install & Download

The applications Grand Theft Auto III was published in the category Games on 2011-12-15 and was developed by Rockstar Games [Developer ID: 330049731]. This application file size is 704 MB. Grand Theft Auto III - Games app posted on 2019-06-04 current version is 1.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.gta3ios