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What is max payne mobile app? Max Payne, the award-winning title is now available for iOS.

A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, hunted by cops and the mob, Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Max Payne is a relentless story-driven game about a man on the edge, fighting to clear his name while struggling to uncover the truth about his slain family amongst a myriad of plot-twists.

The groundbreaking original cinematic action-shooter, Max Payne introduced the concept of Bullet Time® in videogames. Through its stylish slow-motion gunplay combined with a dark and twisted story, Max Payne redefined the action-shooter genre.

Universal App:
Max Payne is supported on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad.

• Max Payne's signature slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time®
• Stunningly sharp, HD quality resolution and textures
• Retina supported resolution for the new iPad
• Gameplay tailored for touch screen devices
• Highly customizable controls
• Multiple aiming modes
• Rockstar Games Social Club integration to track stats, unlock cheats and more*

*Rockstar Games Social Club supported on the iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad only. Cheats are still accessible on older devices. 

For those using the "Skip to Level" cheat, we recommend that you have weapons in your inventory; as you will start a new level with your current weapon set.

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios

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Max Payne Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Max Payne Mobile Version 2.017 October 2018

Full screen support on iPhone X General bug fixes and improvements.

Max Payne Mobile Comments & Reviews 2022

- Excellent, but not quite perfect

This version of Max Payne runs and plays excellently, but I do have one big concern. If you play this game with a controller, you aren't given the original Max Payne controller layout. If the original controls were patched in, this game would be perfect. There would be no way to crouch, but I'm sure that people would be satisfied. Strangely, the game also has issues picking up light presses of the d-pad and A button on my Steelseries Nimbus. For most games, I don't have any problems, but for some reason, this game has trouble picking up those simple inputs. This had led to a number of deaths simply because the game didn’t recognize that I pressed the button.

- Superb port of a superb game

Can I just say this is one of the few mobile ports of a Rockstar game where the controls haven’t been butchered to hell? The controls here are prefect for mobile platforms. The dual-stick approach emulates the feel of the original control scheme, and the customizable HUD, with customizable button placement/sizes is a welcomed adjustment. The game runs very smoothly, but the only criticism I have is with the weapon select system. If you want to select different weapons within the category like the sawed-off shotgun or the classic dual-berettas, you have to go to the weapon select menu and tap the top weapon of that category, and keep entering and exiting the menu until you get the weapon you want. This is much more cumbersome compared to the on-the-fly weapon selection of the console version. If you can fix this so you can tap on the weapon you want and instead of the current system, it would be a much appreciated fix. Also, totally unrelated, ADD MAX PAYNE 2 & 3!!! THIS SERIES DOESN’T DESERVE TO GO UNFINISHED!!! It’s an otherwise masterpiece and I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

- A great port for a classic game.

Max Payne mobile is Rockstar games mobile port of an iconic and action packed series that redefined the 3rd person shooter genre. Everything you love about it is still here plus including accessibility options and enhanced contrast with additional settings and features for mobile. To Easy? Try the harder difficulty’s such as dead on arrival and New York minute for a real fun challenge. If your looking for a classic game that has action packed 3rd person shooter game mechanics Max Payne is the name for you. Rockstar created interesting well written characters and intriguing plot in the story. Buy it and enjoy the classic game 🙂👍

- So Awesome!!!!

Wow. The nostalgia trip was insane! Brought back so many memories. I remember playing this on PS2 as a kid in the middle of winter in Chicago for hours on end. Graphics look much better than the original of course. Nothing special compared to today’s standards obviously but definitely cleaned up and crisp. Not a huge fan of the amount of game they cut out of the mobile version (multiple levels) but it still works and is a pretty quick play in this version actually. Well worth the money and still such a fun and insanely well written game. Ahead of its time for sure. Classic!

- Still a solid game

Runs well and plays well with touch or a controller. A bit easier than I remember, seems they’ve added some very forgiving auto-aim and maybe adjusted a few things to make it more mobile friendly. Currently the game does not support any Rockstar Social Club features on newer devices, which is a real shame and the only reason I didn’t 5-star it. This means stat tracking, achievements, and I think leaderboards on the Rockstar Social Club website are not functional I think after IPhone 6 and up.

- A Superb Game

Ever since I got an Apple gift card this Christmas, I’ve been fretting on what to spend my money on. When it came down to the last couple bills, I saw some Rockstar games and bought this. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. The game works fairly well, and the ability to rearrange your control buttons is really nice. Most levels aren’t hard to play at all. One issue is that it’s fairly difficult sometimes to figure out where to go, or what to do. But I don’t mind that. The levels are fun to play and maneuver (for the most part), and the comic style strips match the noir, and gritty attitude. The story is very interesting and definitely wants to see what happens next in Payne’s story. The Bullet-Time feature is perfect and works well on mobile. It’s very satisfying to dodge bullets and shoot right back. As a content creator (albeit a small one), this game was a blast to play, and I can’t wait to replay it on harder difficulties.

- Great story great gameplay

Honestly I thought the game looked stupid and I was bored so I thought hey why not just give this game a try since it’s made by rockstar games so I bought it and played it and actually fell in love with the game and enjoyed it so much that I stayed up late tel 6:00 in the morning so I was late to school but it was worth it and the game became so addictive that I played it in class and played it while walking back home, that’s how good the game is and I consider adding L.A. Noire onto mobile or Grand Theft Auto IV but keep up the work and full screen the other GTA games on the App Store please rockstar.

- Gameplay was great

Character appearances could change instead of looking the same. Although the idea that Max is gunning and grinning is kinda amusing. There were a couple times I had to look up a walkthrough to get past a single part but it was pretty easy throughout the rest of the game. I hated the fact that after I get completely stocked up on guns, ammo, and painkillers, I end up losing them when he gets drugged and spoiler spoiler spoiler... But hey you get better guns later. Will the next one come out?

- Really good, but one problem

This game was amazing the shooting felt really good, the story was amazing, the difficulty was fair, but the problem is with the saves. Personally I do not think there is enough saves and if you run out you can’t play the game. and I have deleted and got the app back and my saves that I want gone are still there and when I start a new game the saves are always low. It ruined the game for me and it saddened me to not have saves or play the game please fix this problem.

- Brings me back

Nothing to complain about besides that there isn’t an Apple TV port. I’ve become so accustomed to switching back and forth from iPhone to iPad to MacBook to Apple TV that this seems a little strange that I can’t do that with this game. I understand that certain apps don’t convert well to Apple TV but video games seem like a no brainer. Especially with the Apple TV presenting itself more like a game console inside of a set top box. P.S. I would love to see Max Payne 2 on here; I know I’m not the only one. Great job guys!!!

- Club difficulties

Gameplay is great, I have nothing but good things to say. However, when I go to sign onto the social club, it doesn’t allow me to continue further than putting in my information. A “Problem signing in” text pops up where I can’t advance further, other times it will send me to the website where if I successfully sign in I can’t get back to the game. Unfortunate, but not a major hindrance on the gameplay itself(aside from cheats). Great game otherwise.

- I love Max Payne but...

This app is unplayable. I get to the first encounter and as soon as I shoot my gun the game crashes. Shooting your gun in general will crash the game. Shoot your gun before the first encounter and it crashes anyway. I love this game and way to play it. Will update review when rockstar solves that problem. Edit: it’s like they read my review and took it personal. Updated the game days after my initial review and did it in my birthday. It took them since September but hey, they got it fixed. Good job, Devs.

- Can’t delete saves?????

Amazing nostalgic game, one of the best of all time honestly. Epic storyline, dialogue, and comic strip cutscenes.. simply unmatched. Genuinely authentic and unique in every aspect. Plays exactly like the original console / pc version. I wish I could give it five stars here now. My ONLY issue with this mobile version is the saving.. only five save slots available? Why can’t I delete saves I don’t need anymore????? Rockstar please reply, hopefully with a solution. Thanks

- Update. iPhone X

Update. iPhone X. Please Update the mobile controls for GTA. Gameloft’s Gangstar New Orleans & Las Vegas mobile games have the best mobile controls for auto aiming/auto targeting, shooting, and driving. Rockstar’s ported iOS versions of the GTA series should learn (and adopt) some of the ways of Gameloft’s Gangstar series because Gangstar has been especially optimized for mobile platforms.

- Freezes on first level!

I’m not happy at all. Max Payne is one of my favorite games of all time and was excited to play it in my new iPhone but the problem is that in the first mission when i shoot the first intruder the game crashes and shuts the game off completely. I want this game fixed or my money back. Buyer beware! (Update) Rockstar released an update on the game and it works perfect! Thank you for listening to my comment Rockstar!

- “Perfect, but not perfect” ...

The story is elegant, the gameplay is elegant, the controls, the attackers, layout, graphics, EVERYTHING is elegant! But, on PC, I wish gore was attached to this game including the NPC textures, immersive shooting on walls/bullet time slow-mo bullet sounds when it passes over you, yaddah-yaddah-yaddah.. would need a lot of MORE elegance and perfection would you attached to this to make it more of a “Max Payne” enough game. And remember: be ready for the pain.

- Great port of a classic game!

This port brings a gritty, classic game to mobile. Same cheesy dialogue and comic book-style cutscenes. The game is just as awesome as ever — the touch screen controls take a little getting used to, but the game’s difficulty leans in favor of the player so you don’t feel punished by the learning curve. Overall, great job by Rockstar for bringing this to mobile and fixing compatibility with iOS 11! Now, about Max Payne 2...

- This game needs work.

I normally don’t do reviews but this game is a huge disappointment nothing like the original version, when you play on anything higher than fugitive it’s not that the game is harder it just takes a whole clip to take down bad guys which wasn’t the case in the ps2 version the mechanics are wayyy off I mean it’s like the developers has no regard for how weapons operate you can shoot a character point blank with a shotgun and in the ps2 version dead but in this app forget about it, please fix this issue I mean who doesn’t die with a point blank shotgun let only 3.

- Something got broken

I have loved this game for years; the story is amazing, gameplay is fun, looks great (even on iOS), but the game is a bit broken at this point. The hit-boxes are all over the place against the player (making it nearly impossible to play without a controller). I’ve played this on PS2 multiple times and I don’t ever remember the game being this crazy hard, even on the lowest difficulty. Hopefully you can make some adjustments? Thank you.

- Awesome classic with new life

Really enjoyed this game, my only issue was that it wasn’t long enough haha gameplay is very smooth especially when paired with a controller the story is very captivating and has a lot of tone and personality honestly feels like playing a movie would definitely recommend

- Fixed The Crash Issue

Everytime I Press The Gun Button On The Screen To Shoot The Game Crashes .. Just Goes Right Back To The Dashboard .. I Can’t Even Complete The Tutorial 😔 October 4th .. Update November 10th .. Month Later Still Crashes When You Press The Shoot Button . Update December 4th .. Finally The Shoot Ya Gun & Crash Glitch Is Gone .. I Can Play Peacefully .. Thank You Rockstar 💯

- Great game to pass the time

This game is very interesting with a great storyline. I had to deal with a few crashes when iOS 11 came out but that seems to have been resolved. I highly recommend this and it is definitely something you’ll play over and over again.

- Remedy’s original classic!

Fantastic iOS port of a legendary game. Perhaps the best action game of all time. While it was made for keyboard and mouse, the touch controls here are much better than usual and I had no trouble completing it. By the way, Max Payne 1 and 2: The Fall of Max Payne were made by Remedy (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control).

- Good game

It’s a nostalgic roller coaster and a great game but the “easy” mode is way to easy and makes the game stale and the “hard” mode is way to hard and makes the game unplayable. Let alone the “super” hard modes. Makes the game a little hard to enjoy unless you have a Bluetooth controller.

- Broken. Update baby

Can’t play if I try to shoot. On iPhone 8. Rockstar fix this I’m not the only one. Update. They fixed it for iOS 11 it’s working again and still a must have. The development team emailed me back so if he didn’t I would have never known

- No sound on iPhone 12 Pro Max

I loved this game on PS2 and a big part of it was the music. I can get no sound out of this game on here after trying every option I’ve read about online.

- Great but major issue

Game runs great but the major issue I encounter was the game was not able to shoot while moving the character & looking which makes it only able to perform two actions at one time instead of 3.

- Sometimes good sometimes bad

In some parts of the game when you fall from a tiny drop you will have to restart the level which makes me a little annoyed but other parts it’s real good

- Max is back, better than ever. IOS 11 compatible now

This is a great game and, with the recent update, it works perfectly on my iPad once again. I even got a notice from Rock Star games that there was an update available.

- epically ahead of its time every way.

I purchased the rockstar collection just to have it years ago and now in 2021 I’m playing Max Payne. I never knew this game was so epically ahead of its time every way.

- Amazing work of art

This game is great, great voice acting, amazing story telling, the graphics, while not improved, still looks like any port. I recommend this game to any one who really likes shooters or storytelling.

- Bugged

As mentioned in a previous review, I have the same bug where the game crashes after you go up the stairs and the cut scene ends. It crashes every time and I can’t play the game. Edit: Fixed. Thank you. Game works now.

- Awesome!

Love the game. Any way to let us sign into the Social Club so I can use some cheats? Currently it will let me sign in but there is no way (that I have found) to get back to the game? Any updates on Max Payne 2 and/or 3 coming to iOS? Thanks.

- Bring up Max Payne 2 and 3 as well!!

An awesome port from the PC version, controls felt so natural (unlike what it seems at the instant first glance). Had no problem whatsoever to review the amazing story of Max on iPhone or iPad... Guys at Rockstar, pleaseeee bring Max Payne 2 and 3 to iOS....and maybe the GTA IV!!


Great to see this updated. But I noticed while jumping around the levels I died and the yell that’s made carried over to the new games and the sound is “off”. Might uninstall and reinstall. Playing on iPhone XS Max.

- I absolutely love Max Payne

Sadly I wasn’t alive play it on console so I don’t know about the button layout, but I am so glad I played this. Thank you Rockstar Games for releasing this. Have fun everyone!!!

- Masterpiece

One of the greatest third person shooters ever made my only problem is touch screen controls which are to be expected I give it four outta five because it stands the test of time all though it does look a bit dated

- Super fun

I got this on a whim but it’s super good. I just wish each time you start a new mode you didn’t have to watch the month cutscenes. But that is a small negative compared to the rest of the game.

- Good Game

Its good but please put a aiming system on this stuff 🤦🏾‍♂️ Would have given it 5 but the fact that I have to do a mission 200 times just to get lucky to survive is a huge waste of time 👌🏾

- Good Game

Its a very enjoyable game for a reasonable price. However I just got the game today and I’m about 45 minutes to an hour in and by audio stops working so the game is not perfect! Yet it is still the perfect on-the-go game.

- Perfect video game

This my best game, specially when I found it for mobile, strongly I play everyday everytime, I suggest it to my friends too, thank you RockStar Games for Max Payne

- Great game

When are you going to port the next one in the series. As well as man hunt? Cuz I bought this game years ago and love it now that the hardware can handle it show us what u got rockstar

- (Fixed) The game crashes when you fire a gun

Update - everything works great! Original - Well, it sums it up pretty well. Whenever you fire a gun, game crashes, on ANY DEVICE

- Great Game For A Great Price

When I first got the game it would not work with iOS 11 but they have since fixed it and it’s definitely worth your money.

- Awesome Job

Love developers that continue to support the game long after release. Works perfect on my XS Max. Great job Rockstar. Now release Red Dead Redemption 1 on here for those of us who have never played it.

- Amazing game. Need Max Payne 2!

Just amazing. Haven’t touched this game since it first came out on PC and it’s just unbelievable that they made this playable on a freakin tablet. It plays just as good as it did back then.

- Great port

I played the game with both controller and used the touch screen and had almost 0 problems. Loved the game.

- Amazing

I loved this game when I was younger and to see it on mobile as brought me great joy. The only problem I have with it is that there’s no Max Payne 2 mobile!

- Awesome

Should bring in Max Payne 2 as well. Please following this gameplay. The second game should be brought into the mobile field as well


The game is amazing and I beat it on playstation a while back, but on mobile, that dark maze level is a game stopper. I give up when I get to that part. It’s a shame because the rest of the game is worth playing. But that is just not possible on mobile.

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- Still a Gem

The game itself is awesome, i only gave 4 stars because it ran fine until the later sections of the game where it got pretty choppy at times.

- Way Too Easy

The automatic changing of difficulty based on how well you were playing was nonsense and cheap as it made for an overly difficult game, but that seems to have been removed completely, so now you’re stuck on the opposite side of the spectrum where the difficulty never adjusts and so you’re stuck on a completely braindead easy difficulty. There is zero enjoyment to be had in mowing down bad guys when there’s no chance of actually dying.

- Controls

Can’t shoot while moving. I have to stand still to shoot even when the move and shoot option is on in the settings. Please fix the issue. Thank you.

- A classic game

Thank you for updating this game! I highly recommend everyone to turn on “Move and shoot” in the control settings. The controls are horrible without it. I hope Max Payne 2 will one day be ported to mobile too.

- Great game but way too short

Super fun and i really recommend it for the price of 4.49. I would have liked to seen more weapons and maybe even DLC or more content. Add the second game to mobile as well

- The Matrix

Just like Matrix with phones ringing and subways and coats and literally bullet time slow motion mechanic. Excellent port full screen and controller support. I recommend disabling enchanted contrast in games settings for a little brighter image but that’s preference. Please make a new Max Payne for current gen consoles Rockstar.

- amazing game but one little thing I want u to fix

So I LOVE this game and everything about it. But it’s so hard to go on with the story when u don’t know where to go, or u fail the mission and have to start over. But other than that great game.

- Glitchy on iPhone 12

I love this game and I have for many years, it also plays nicely on the phone which surprised me a bit but for some reason the only way I can get sound to play for this game is through AirPods, yes my volume is up and yes it works For Other apps.

- Awesome

The best because it’s not a shooting game it’s a story and look At the others shooting game they just shoot but this shooting game is a story so ask your parents or others to by this game

- Cool game

Fortunately the game got fixed today by rockstar games, updated it and played for 30 min and did not face any crash or performance issue. One of the best shooting games every made ! A must buy for everyone:D

- Add a crouch/prone button please

I’m giving it a 4 of 5 because it really needs a crouch/prone other than that an awesome game highly recommend it

- Great Game

I played this 3 years ago and am still waiting for the release of Max Payne 2 on IOS. Pick up your game Rockstar!!

- Excellent

Thanks rockstar games FULL GAME from ps2!!!! No sound without earphones Would be fab if the max Payne 2 releases on iPad!!!!!

- Fantastic, please release Max Payne 2 on iOS

Excellent game. Best in the series. Please release Max Payne 2 on iOS I would definitely buy it

- I love this game

I wish they’d bring the second one to iPad. It’s an old game but it never gets old.

- Annoying

Downloaded, deleted and downloaded again 4x over and there is still no sound within gameplay! Menu has sound, but no sound in the game. Rip off!

- Great game and hope to see max payne 4


- Works, just takes a few mins on first run.

Had some issues with the 'black screen' issues at first. Swearing at (& later pleading with) my phone was unsuccessful, as was a hard reboot & delete/reinstallation of the app. On the millionth (give or take a few) attempt, I left the phone on the black loading screen & made a cup of coffee rather than hitting the 'home' button out of frustration. Upon retrieving the phone, I heard the familiar minor key piano/violin music of the main menu, still recognizable after all these years. No issues since - obviously just needed ten minutes or so. Awesome for those who want to walk down memory lane - pretty intuitive controls considering the limitations, & easier to use on the 4S than I anticipated. Well worth the 3 bucks & whopping 1 gig of space.

- I want a refund

The graphics are the worst and it’s not fun at all please give me my money back

- Love this game

One of the best game in the world

- Clumsy but Decent

Playing on my 3GS and it took a long time to load up. Once in the game all the controls had to be adjusted because my fingers were all over the screen with hardly any way to see what I was doing. Even still, the controls feel clunky and options like the weapon choices are tiny. Accuracy is always going to be a problem with this game as it was designed with a mouse involved and the auto aim assist does help out. For the price that it was, it's not a bad purchase choice but it's not the same game that was out on PC.

- Great game

Love this game. Story line is good, narration and voice acting is very well done, in fact, sounds overall are done very good. Controls are mostly fine by default and offer a lot of customisation to fine tune them to how you want. Performance even on my 3GS is perfect, the only time I notice drops in performance is when I first start the game but after a few seconds everything finishes loading and performance remains perfect for the rest of the game. It's a very fun classic game and worth a lot more then the asking price.

- Classic

First things first I'm running an iPad2 and a 4s with latest iOS update and both work fine. As useuwel the controls aren't the best as with all console ports but work well for what it is. It's a nice treat to look back before Max Payne 3 comes out and for $2.99 I'm not gonna quibble over controls or outdated graphics the only thing is I don't remember his head being so square! if you like the console version it's worth the price of admission even just for the nostalgic feeling you'll get

- Great classic game fully playable on the iPhone

Picked this game up today and was really impressed at the level of depth the difficulty though is really low compared to the original ps2 pc and Xbox version It's a shame more developers aren't copying rockstars example and releasing these great game in hd so we can play them all over again on our daily commute Solid game very impressed But the controls where pretty hard to pick up and adjust to shame they are not as good as what gta 3 was

- BAFTA winner on iPhone

Not many games available on iPhone are winners of BAFTA's... If you have never played this and own an iPhone quit reading the review and get your bullet-time on! To the gentlemen who has given a one star rating... Thats rough dude, this is a five star game, im sure your issue can be fixed by shutting down your iPhone and making sure you have done all updats. :) 5 Stars all the way, Thanks Rockstar!! Planck

- So cool

I better write a review and improve the unfair 3 star rating - firstly , I friggen loved this game when it came out on the consoles , and I was a bit dubious as to how it would fair on the iPhone . At first , it was a bit laggy in some areas and the controls were a bit ' how's ya mum ' , but wow , once I got used the controls and put my glasses on , it's been fantastic , no more lagging and I'm into it - the story , the graphics , the game play , it's a classic

- almost as good as I remember

the max payne series is in my top 10. been playing this on my iPad and I really like the controls and in some areas it's better than the pc ... The only difficult aspect is jumping, the position of the jump button is a little awkward. I would probably have the button positioned more toward the bottom right corner.

- The Payne will ease the pain.

As good as ever. Controls are so good, I even got into the secret Tutorial room (jump on van, then vents and yay for geek boast :)))) Try a cold reboot if it doesn't load, hold the side power button down for 5 seconds, then turn iPad off... Don't forget to turn iPad 'on' again before playing :) . Clear more Apps off device if it doesn't install, but it installed and loaded fine for iPad 1.

- Works fine

To all the people saying it won't work did you try ALSO CLOSING DOWN ALL YOU APPS like it says to? That made it work for me. Apart from that, pretty awesome game. Although it's awesome how you can position the controls, it's kinda annoying that the game seems to only respond to 2 fingers on the screen at once - which makes it hard to run, jump aim and shoot at the same time :/

- Does not work

I just bought this for my brand new IPad, I get nothing but a black screen, sometimes it shows the remedy logo and gets as far as the rock star logo then it goes to a black screen. Please fix this! Have tried booting out and in, nothing works. The game has never once worked for me. I am a huge fan of R* and Max Payne, but this is unacceptable. I assume some people have working versions which is great, but mine doesnt and many other peoples dont either. If your version works I am sure it is awesome, but don't assume so much based on your own situation. The black screen is very real and it is affecting Ipad2. Fix this or please offer a refund.

- Awesome port!!!

Great work War Drum Studios (not Rockstar) on an amazing port! Can't believe I now have Max Payne on my iPhone! It's as good as I remember it being. Is there a chance you guys could port Max Payne 2 in the future? To those complaining that it isn't working, try rebooting or turning off your iDevice and WAIT for the game to load, please don't ruin the rating for this game with your impatience.

- Fantastic port!

Amazing 1:1 port (from what I've played) of the PC classic. After booting this up the nostalgia came flooding in, from the intro movie through to the awesome spawn feast tutorial level and comic book presentation, it's all there! I don't need to go over the details as others have already done that here. Suffice it to say, this game at this quality for this price is a deal worth taking. Looks fantastic on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd Generation)! **NOTE: Those complaining of a black screen, simply wait. Even on a 4S, it can take ages to get up and running. Don't fret if there's a prolonged black screen, just give it time.

- Awesome port

Absolutely loved this game back in the day, and this is a really well done port. The controls work way better than expected, and you can set the buttons wherever you like on the screen. Simply amazing value, whether you're a fan of the original or just into quality third person shooters. Runs flawlessly for me (iPad 2).

- True to the source.

Great replication of the original with nice control options! For those of you who are getting a black screen only, I got that too and thought it didn't work. You just have to be patient. Mine stayed on the black screen for about 1.5 minutes then it works fine.

- Love it

To all the ppl that say it's crashing try getting an IPad to play it on I'm not crashing yet you are and for the dick that said that it has bad video it was a game made in the 90's and the fan's who like it what it to be the same even on the iPad but over all it's a great and I bet that we want max Payne 2 on iPad don't we :)

- Just like the old days

If you played the first Max Payne and loved it and want the same feel again then this game is for you. I was surprised how easy it was to control and having the same graphic quality as the one on PC. Definitely work the $2.99.

- Great game fix crash

The first time I ran max Payne on my iPhone 3GS it stopped when the r for rockstar came up. I went meh and closed the application a re-opened it and it worked fine and I played for a bit and it is awesome but then I went to play something else and when I came back to it it froze on the r and I closed it and reopened it and it went black and crashed. Great for as much as I played but not worth it for the crash maybe consider it if an update comes out that fixes this. Otherwise dont get it.

- Great port, great game

The controls are really solid, well thought out and customizable; the minor tweaks for ios gameplay are really well thought out and, of course, the original game is awesome. Definitely a "grab it now" if you liked the pc version or if you want a high quality third person shooter.

- Rockstar you've done it again

The game is so awesome. For those having black screen issues, when you load up the app let it run for 5-10 mins. The black screen should go away and then you can play this fine game.

- Good game

This is surprisingly a really fun Third Person shooter, despite from certain parts of the game where you have to "tight-walk" to get to the next area, considering how sensitive the controls are, this makes me want to turn the device off completely due to my stress levels from 100 attemps


I played this game on ps2 a lot as a child, so when I seen it on the App Store it was a must have. It already had amazing reviews so I bought it, and it's amazing. The touch controls are so flawless it's great, it's really easy to manoeuvre, and the graphics are awesome too. 10/10 recommended too anyone

- Help please

How do you get past to part II, chapter 4, the one where the restaurant is exploding I've tried it several times already and I've found some 'sweet spots' but when I stand there I just wait and nothing happens. Can someone tell me how to get past and what to do. Please. Cheers. Oh and the game amazing, definite buy.

- Great Game

I really enjoyed this game start to finish because of the narration by Max and the gameplay was great especially the bullet time. I think this game is worth the money because it's the full first Max Payne Game. One thing I would've liked is achievements but the y probably weren't in the original.

- Surprisingly Easy to Control

This game is very solid. Whilst I was sceptical with the controls of this game, I was delighted to find out how easy it is to use the controls in this game. The graphics also greatly suit the platform and runs smoothly which allows for a good play experience.

- Wow...

Finally I can play this classic "bullet time" game that's spawn so many clones again!! since I don't have much time to play on the pc a mobile version is awesome! controls are ok as you can change them around. Wishful thinking but bring on Max Payne 2! (once I played through this first!)

- Excellent port

Love that I can play this game at a resolution I couldn't even dream of back when it first came out! To all those with black screen issues, make sure after installing you kill all running apps and then restart. I did this and all is well.

- Loved it!

I just finished this game and loved every minute of it. Never having played it in its heyday, this port to iPad was surprisingly smooth to play, both in visuals and more importantly controls. Highly recommend it. Maybe we'll see Max Payne 2 next... 😎

- 1st world problems

Stop complaining about a 14 yo game that has adapted so well to iPhone. Awesome used to play it on pc when I was 12. And seriously it was about 100 dollars when it came out if you want to complain about a 3 dollar price tag you deserve a slap in the face

- Better controls

Good game BUT... You need to be able to hold onto the shoot button and aim at the same time. But instead what you have to touch the button to shoot then drag your finger across the screen to re-aim towards the next enemy.

- Lazy Developers

Rock star have never been good or proud of what they do, this release shows that even more. It would be nice to see a release that's been tested on all devices before its put live on the app store. Either do something great or don't do anything at all. Don't be "just another developer". One step to being great, test your products before releasing them. A game that doesn't load may mean sand boxing issues or runtime errors, how embarrassing.

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- Great game

Really time consuming but when all said and done when you’ve finished the game you will be wanting more.

- Best game on the App Store by far

Since a child I’ve been playing max Payne mobile and I still enjoy this game like it’s brand new it literally a ps2 game in your phone this game definitely deserves more recognition.

- Glitches

Every time it says “tap to load previous game content” it takes me right back to the first level. It’s glitching a lot and I really don’t like the quality of the game. It’s very crappy.

- Max Payne 2

The game was amazing but when you play it you want the second story which is Max Payne 2 , I really want to play it on iPhone or MacBook

- The BEST mobile game!

My title says it all. I love everything about this game. I keep finding new drawers that open revealing hidden stuff, the locations are unique, and I love the playability. Easy to learn. I wish they would make Max Payne 2 mobile!


No sound

- Still a good game but the gameplay is not convenient

Pros: - always fun to play - unique ambiance and good memories! Cons: - the graphics are really old... even on a small screen (the game is a simple copy/paste of the original game) - the use of the bullet time is not convenient. It’s very difficult to activate the bullet time/aim your target and fire. I definitely recommend integrating the 3D Touch fonction for fire purpose (like COD)

- Needs updated support for iPad Pros

Content is boxed in and doesn’t fill screen. Please fix!

- Decent but not worth the full price

The game runs smoothly and is finishable but with the controls finishing the game on “ dead on arrival mode is next to impossible look at pubg they make it so you can aim fire shoot and walk seemlessly where as this game you can shoot and move but doing both at the same time is a nightmare which shouldn’t be the main star of this game is shooting bad guys

- Confusing and hard

In the first level, you have to navigate around a subway tunnel but you don’t know where to go because there is no map and no health boosters. You have to wait for your health to go down or just hope the game glitches. And it’s not just that. You can’t skip any cutscenes which is annoying because the first cutscene is long and boring. Sure, it gives you important info but they drag it out for so long. Waste of $3.99

- Fantastic!!

If only mobile games got this in depth. Great action game still. Mildly irritating aim at times but well worth it for the story, pacing & cinematic gunplay.

- Rediscovered with controller

I tried this game as it was a favourite of mine when it was released for the original Xbox but got frustrated with the controls. Now that Bluetooth controllers are supported I started playing again and really enjoying the experience. This is a great game that holds up well over time...despite payphones only existing in museums now

- Put manhunt 2003 on the App Store

Make manhunt 3

- Flick the silent mode switch to fix the sound

A pretty impressive port of a beloved game. Hard to recommend somebody playing through the game for their first time on this. For long time fans it’s a fun pass time playing through the game. Stable performance on my iPhone X

- Solid

Its not a looker but its a competent, reliable and entertaining game. Only addition I can see is 3D Touch support for shooting. Tapping to fire is unreliable and the button requires you to stop aiming to fire so you gotta compromise, ether implement an auto fire system (unlikely) or pressure sensitivity, otherwise still playable with auto aim at Max but it can be a bit of a Payne.

- No sound

Please, fix no sound issue on iPhone Xs

- No sound

I need my money back no sound in the game

- Honestly one of or not my favourite game of all time.

I’ve beat this game like 5 or more times and it never gets old, this game is such a classic and I will probably play it even more, thank you Rockstar and Remedy 👍


This game is incredible - I have played it so many times that it’s not even funny and I still enjoy it time and time again. Thank you Rockstar for iPhone X screen support! I never expected this and wanted to write expressing how much I appreciate it.

- A great classic

If you played max Payne on pc you will be at home here. The game looks just like the pc game and it has good FPS for a port of a game from 2001. And is just super fun 5 stars

- So good

I played the full game and it was a hell of a good time. The game looks good and it was worth the the money thank you rockstar for a good game

- Add more max payne games

I really like this game but i want to know what happens to max after this game. I really want you guys to release max payne 2

- Good but

Love it, very good , better then I remember but what is the point of having a universal app that makes you commit to one device? This and gta3 would be amazing if they had Icloud syce of game saves like infinity blade 2

- Enjoyment for all with an itchy trigger finger!

This is my 4th time playing the mobile version and Rockstar got rid of the gun bug for iOS 11. Thank you for showing me you care. How do I throw you more money so you can port Max Payne 2 to mobile so I can pay you even more!

- Bug fixed

Thx to fix the iOS 11 bug and it’s a sick game! 🤪

- Money back

It’s so boring I hate it

- These other reviews must be fake

The controls are so insanely bad, even in the menus they are laughably bad. I would not recommend this to anyone. Shame on you rockstar

- Great classic

If you enjoyed Max Payne on the PC, you should get this. And if you havent played Max Payne before and you're a fan of shooters, you should also get this... It's a great game!

- Great work Rockstar!

I was impressed with GTA 3 and now Max Payne reaffirms my faith that you guys know how to deliver console quality gaming on mobile devices. Keep up the great work guys and hopefully you have more for us in the future (maybe Midnight Club 3 perhaps?)

- Love rockstar

Great port. Works surprisingly well on iOS. Forgot what a awesome game this is! Recommend you wear headphones. Would love to see GTA Vice City baby on iOS.

- Sweet! Another well executed classic!

I thought the controls would be awkward playing a shooting game like this but rockstar handled it extremely well! Plays amazing, controls are very easy to adjust to. This game totally takes me back to my childhood! And the improved visuals are worth it too. Like the other reviews say if you have played max Payne before its worth revisiting this timeless classic again. And if you have never experienced max Payne before then it's also worth experiencing it now for the first time on ios! Can't get enough of these rockstar classics. Keep it up! 3$ well spent! :)

- Meh...

The game really shows its age. Plus the controls feel wierd on the iphone. Was more fun on the pc 10 years ago.

- Doesn't work

This game is the perfect example of the limitations of the iPad as a gaming platform. The controls simply do not work. Without a controller of some kind, shooters like this simply will not work. A disappointment.

- Payneful

Good game, terrible controls.

- Poor controls, can't play in daylight, poor performance

It's too dark and the controls are awful! You can't shoot while looking and aiming simultaneously.

- Awesome!

Great game! Thanks for porting this over, Rockstar!

- Crashes on iOs 11

It use to be a great game on ios 10 but keeps crashing when i did the switch to ios 11

- Doesn’t run on iOS 11

Game will launch but as soon as you try and shoot, the game crashes every time. You can’t get past a few minutes in it’s current state. I have iOS 11.1.2 installed.

- Crashes

Would be a good game if it didn’t crash every time I go to shoot. This is not gonna work as there is a lot of shooting involved !!!!! Looks like I’m gonna have to fire up the trusty ps2 to play this gem again . Would have been five stars but the game is broken .

- Game crashes on first level

The game crashes as soon as the first bad guy shows up in the house and doesn’t work CAN I PLEASE HAVE A REFUND!!!

- It keeps crashing when someone shoots

Please help me it keeps crashing when I shoot or someone else shoots in the game

- Keeps crashing right as I enter gameplay.

Please fix crash bug

- Crashes

The game keeps crashing fix it.

- Why tho

Trying to play it on the seven but it just crashes every time right when I get to shoot the first dude

- Crash

Game constantly crashes when you draw gun, got newest ipad with iOs 11 and not working

- Game crashes whenever I shoot! Fix this!!

Game is unplayable because anytime I shoot my gun it instantly crahses

- Game closes

After about one minute of play the game automatically closes at the same spot every time. I’ve tried to contact rockstar games with app support, But that link is no longer active. Help me out rockstar games.

- MFI controller still working 👌👍

This game is a chef-d’oeuvre 5/5

- Keeps crashing

Do not buy this game. A waste of money. Within 5 minutes of starting this game, it crashed 3 times on me. I am very disapointed and wants my money back.

- This game sucks

The one only reason why this game sucks is because each time I tried to shoot arrows glitches out and brings me to the homepage.

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@RockstarGames Will gta vcs be release on mobile, i've played all the gta games on mobile(not emulator) and i would like vsc on mobile cause with the games i really like them, but i've finished them all, sa, vc, lsc, ctw and 3, and also max payne, i want some answers.

Justin Zombie Angelo

@RockstarGames @RockstarSupport are there anymore mobile updates for iFruit app or gta/bully/max payne updates as of 2020?

Max Payne Mobile 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Max Payne Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Max Payne Mobile iphone images
Max Payne Mobile iphone images
Max Payne Mobile iphone images
Max Payne Mobile iphone images
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Max Payne Mobile (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications Max Payne Mobile was published in the category Games on 2012-04-12 and was developed by Rockstar Games [Developer ID: 330049731]. This application file size is 1.7 GB. Max Payne Mobile - Games app posted on 2018-10-17 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.maxpayne