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Audio Recorder & Voice Editor [Business] App Description & Overview

What is audio recorder & voice editor app? Let's talk beyond recording, let's talk sound!

Audio Recorder App is an all-in-one recording application that will enable you to record your precious sessions, concerts, conferences, meetings and much more. You can experiment with sound by recording in various formats, editing and trimming the recording, and play with different playback controls.

When it comes to sharing, Audio Recorder App is both public and private. You can easily upload your audio/recordings on cloud storages like iCloud, Evernote, SkyDrive, etc. Further to this you can record and share private recordings with password and encryption feature. Want to import your recordings to your Mac? - Do it with our Wi-Fi and FTP sharing feature.

Record, Edit, Play, Share and Enjoy!

#### Features #####

# Audio Recorder
- Unlimited Recording (Tested up to 20 hours).
- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.
- Continue recording into existing recordings.
- Auto Pause and auto resume recording.
- Set Input gain for increase and decrease microphone gain.
- Support recoding via bluetooth.
- Restart/Redo recording.
- Best UI and UX.

# Recording Formats & Quality
- Different recording formats: AIFF, WAV,CAF, M4A.
- Different Quality - Low(Smallest Size), Medium(Best for voice), High(CD Quality), Max(High Definition Quality).
- Different Bit Depth - 16 Bit, 24 Bit, 32 Bit.

# Audio Input and Output Device Support
- Support for different I/O devices. Like bluetooth, headphones, external mic, speakers, etc.
- Tested with Tascam iM2.
- You can switch between the connected devices.

#Auto Stop Recording
- Recording will automatically stop in specific time interval.

# Recording Interval
- Automatically recording interval based on the selected durations like 15 Min, 30 Min,1 Hour,etc.

# Player
- Fast Forward and Backward.
- Manage Playing Speed.
- Trimming Audio.
- Audio Output Settings.
- Supports Apple EarPhones and EarPods.
- Support bluetooth.
- Continues audio playing
- Audio play stop timmer

# Audio Converter
- Convert to mp3 and m4a.

# File Manager
- iCloud Support.
- File Management Options (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, etc.).
- Make Zip with multiple recordings.
- Email multiple recordings.
- Searching and Sorting files and folder.
- All advance Info Detail viewer of audio file.

#Theme option with Dark Theme & Lite Theme#

# Trash
- You can move the useless recording to trash and can revoke it from trash if needed.

# Private Recordings
- Store your private recordings in private folder.
- Secured with password.

# Cloud Storage
- Upload your recordings to different clouds.
- Background upload support.
- Import from clouds.

# Supported Clouds
- Sound Cloud
- Dropbox (Auto upload new recordings support).
- Google Drive (Auto upload new recordings support).
- SkyDrive (Auto upload new recordings support).
- SugarSync
- Box.Net
- Evernote
- WebDav Server
- FTP Server

# WiFi Sharing
- You can access your Audio Recorder App files on your Computer/Mac web browser.

# FTP File Sharing (Over WiFi Connection)
- Access Audio Recorder App from your Computer/Mac with FTP Share.
- You can create Network Drive on your computer and can access Audio Recorder App files without cable connection.

# Settings
- Audio Quality Settings.
- Audio Format Settings.
- App Passcode.
- WiFi Sharing.
- FTP Sharing.

# iPhone spotlight search.
# 3D touch support (Start Recording, Search files).

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How to contact Audio Recorder & Voice Editor (LiveBird Technologies Private Limited)?
Find this site the customer service details of Audio Recorder & Voice Editor. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor Version 8.010 August 2022

- New stunning UI Enhancement. - UX Enhancement. - Bug fixes and Improvements. Thank you for using Audio Recorder App! We would appreciate it if you had a moment to leave a review in the App Store..

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor Version 7.010 September 2019

- Recorder screen UI and UX upgrade. - Major Improvements to make app faster. - Japanese localization Improvements. - Bug fixes..

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor Comments & Reviews 2022

- High quality sound recorder

Records very clear audio, records while phone screen is off. However when the phone rings it stopped recording. Could fix that, otherwise it is an all around good recording app. I would highly recommend it. IfYou needed to record things for school or conversations anything like that it has high quality.

- Sound Designer’s

I love this app! So often I stumble onto a sound, something in the field... without my usual (bulky:) field recording rig, and can capture something I might never capture otherwise. Is my phone/mic ideal? Nope:). But I never have to say, “if only... “ What he said, so true! Then I go home and Airdrop to ProTools:). Ever so handy, and easy to use in a hurry (never missed a sound!)

- Recording app

Extremely useful. Helps me to assess my performance in piano playing. I can delete the disastrous performances and save the ones that give me hope. I can make comparisons with current and past efforts. I can listen to my weak areas and seek to improve them. Recordings are saved until I choose to delete them.

- Almost perfect music sketchbook

I use it to record music ideas as they come up, wherever I am. Great if you just woke up with a tune in your head and want to get it down before it goes away. Or on the road. You get the idea. I love that I can store the recordings in my choice of cloud service. My only quibble? I can't get it to playback through Bluetooth. And I paid for the full package. Maybe in the next release? Saving files to iCloud could be better. It doesn’t find but the Documents folder. I can’t navigate easily. What’s up? 1 Star off for that.

- “A Jobless is a review” 😔😔😔

That Recoder app is a good app for me but I have no moneys for this app to reach Update time. This app has a used for reason issue, I have an hobby that is singing 🎤. One day I must famous singer 👨‍🎤 That is my dream ,so that app maker something to help for me. Thank you, Sir

- Amazing quality of sound!

I’m loving it! It’s simple, reliable and friendly

- Confusing

Trying to get your recording off this app is a cumbersome process. It took me a good half hour to figure it out, when most other apps have one button to share. Pretty frustrating and do not recommend

- Gimmick

I used the app to record important information shared by our doctor. The app was clearly recording our conversation but when I sat down to review what had been discussed, the app prompted me to purchase additional software for file management. Once I declined, my recordings were deleted without options for recovery.

- Excellent

Works perfectly & recordings are great!

- Failure to record

App intermittently and consistently fails to save recorded files. 10 minutes of voice dictation results in a file with zero data. Have brought this to their attention numerous times with no fix. I’ve had it.

- Crashes a lot but fun

Crashed and burns

- Nice


- How many

How many ads do you need

- did not work

failed to do anything without any warning

- Excellent product!

I tried a few, and this has been the best audio recording app! Less noise, clear voice, easy to email, multi file formats, and most importantly...easy to use! I did get crashes on FTP as soon as a file I tried to transfer after establishing connection, and it isn't obvious when the recording starts after a warning message comes up. Yet I will recommend at work to standardize on this app, and buy one with cloud features for everyone! Keep up the good work! Now if we could attach a picture and a note with each recording, I'd be all set to remember what was what.

- Outstanding HD Audio Recorder

This recorder is truly perfect when it comes to recording audio. All my microphones result in increased quality. I purchased the pro version through the in-store purchases. It was worth every penny. The interface is good. Yet In my opinion I would slightly change the recording screen. I would rather want to have a little bit more organized way of typing up the name, artist, and other fields in a separate viewcontroller. However this app is perfect as it is right now.

- Bad day

I'm writing this review so the same thing doesn't happen to you that happened to me. When I am in a important meeting. I want to record some important discussion about project. So I've set to recording between my client. I use this app to record the first session where we discussed most important part of our projects for 2 hours. After the session a file exists within the app but it will not play. I've downloaded it to my computer in 2-4 different files formats and it will not play. I've reached out to customer service 4 times looking for their help and they haven't responded one time . If the file is bad, it will be a tragic loss. The app makers failure to respond just makes it worse. So I can recommend this app. If you want to record something valuable or precious, I think you should look elsewhere

- Great app!

I bought pro thrugh the in app purchase. Recorder is most everything ive been looking for in a recorder app. I am using a rode ixy mic with this and it works great I have emailed the creators with a few suggestions and they got back to me right away with an effort to implement the ideas. I tried about 20 audio recorder apps before I settled on this one. LOTS of features while still nice looking and easy to use!

- Best Recording App out there!

I purchased this app years ago and it has to be the best one I have found to record class lectures from sitting anywhere in a large room the voice comes out great. It's worth the price and you can record a long time. I just graduated and I Thank this app for its great production. Def. buy it for your recording needs!

- Not anymore

I am extremely disappointed about what the recorder app development team has done to its customers to me they have miss-represented their product & deceived customers. I will be opening a case with Apple & hopefully get their license to sell through iTunes revoked. One of two things happened and i don't know which one is worst. That recorder app advertised a product with certain features but are not completely transparent with the customer letting them know that some of those feature are 'trials' & will expire at a certain point in time.

- Useful for voicemail (cell phone) recordings

This app did what I needed for preserving sentimental recordings off my phone. (The iCloud feature was the reason that I purchased this app.). The only problem has been the overloaded email transfer (sending too many files over an email) that will not close itself automatically. I'll have to write tech support, but a useful app overall.

- Good work...!!!

Love this app so far, This app compliments this feature and think about how true anything can be recorded clearly without much trouble. keep the work great work up on the App is has become one of my favourite app to use when i can. Things like to see is a limiter or a VU meter to slow if the audio peaking.

- I really appreciate this app. Creative and useful. One of the best recorder

I need to record voice daily. I try so many voice recorder app in App Store but this one is really good. Sound quality it's too good. I highly recommend this app for audio recording.

- Too many ads and prompts

With the lite version, you have limited time per recording, no way to export or share or upload your recordings from the app, TONS of ads, opening the app asks you if you want to upgrade, then pressing record asks you again if you want to upgrade, every single time. The only good thing is you can set audio quality. If you are looking for a free app, this is not it.

- Cannot work properly

I must say that a bunch of amateurs must have created this lousy app I lost two of my very important lectures as the app can exit/close without giving you the option to save your recording. In the first instance the app was recording in the background and when and I used the multitasking option to browse through the different app this recorder just closed itself closed without giving me the option to save the file!

- Great app

Not only can it record .wav files, it can also transfer them to my PC using Wi-Fi with a secure user ID and password. No more need to convert file formats or go through the pain of uploads and downloads just to get the files on my PC. Wonderful.

- Wonderful!!! Easy!!!

My daughter needed to learn a part for a play. It was very easy to record it, email it (slide the title and select email) to my desktop where I burned an audio CD for her. It will play on her older CD player and works great. She can hear her part and memorize it.

- It works as indicated

After a number of emails concerning the apps inability to use anything other than the iPhone microphone on my phone, I found it was the case and connector that was the problem. Great support for the app. Kudos

- More of a question...

...okay, I downloaded the app and it works well for my needs. I was hoping, though, that the app would allow you to select those who get the "Trump Hands," as shown in the screen shots. Good recorder but does not follow through on implied physical changes.

- Great app

I use it to record lectures. Love the ease of recording. Would give it a 5 if the recording came back louder. Records low even when volume is full blast. Please fix if possible. Thanx the the product.

- Records files in .caf format that cannot be converted to mp3!

I was hoping to use the paid version of this app to record sounds, upload them to iTunes, and then put them on Garage Band. The problem is this app saves the audio recordings as a .caf format that are impossible to convert to mp3. Attention makers of this app, make it so that the sounds recorded are saved in an easy to use mp3 format and I'll recommend this app. Until then, this app is useless.

- perfectomundo!

Excellent app. I use it to record lectures (small class, close quarters). The abilities to trim recordings, and file them in nested folders are very nice and useful features. Does everything I need, and does it very well.

- One of the best app for Audio recording

As per the heading the great recorder app finally i get which i want Nice UI great work "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

- Best so far

Best recording app I've found so far. Would be better if there were a way to monitor input recording levels before recording. Even better if there were a pre-record buffer of at least a few seconds.

- Great App

Does everything easily! Click, click and you are through, copy saved! Recommend highly!

- GR8 "record, trim, file, cloud" app

Nice free app for a test drive. After 4 days of use it was solid - very reliable. I went for the Pro upgrade. No similar app I tested had the feature set (see keywords) and recent updates, semi-decent ones were $4-$5, and not even the $10 leading app was any better. |CAN|RECOMMEND| 3½🌟 ...tested on iPhone 4S and iPad mini both w/ iOS 8.3 Feedback: - short, 12 sec. test recordings do not clip accurately; user needs to use >2 minute recordings - no sound is heard on the help tutorial

- awesome app

I've used several recorder apps...this one is the best of all.. it support a greater quality to you, so i recommend this app can attempt to use it and will love it soon..

- Best Ive Found

Used it a year for free, then bought it because it did everything I reasonably wanted it to do on an iphone to record live music I wanted to learn.

- It's really help full use this app for my work

I really really like to use this up and thank you making this app

- Crashing on playback

I can't get the app to play a recording for more than a minute or so without crashing. This makes the app functionally useless and a total waste of my $5 (I purchased the full upgrade before discovering that it always crashes). Otherwise great UI and features but how do apps see the light of day when they are this fundamentally broken?

- do not trust this app

I want an app for recording my kids funny talks, unfortunately, I can't tell you how many times this app has failed to either record our save!! And the UI is not effective and at all. I tried to trim the file but ended up deleting most of file instead.

- Bad product

This app is very difficult to use. There is no manual or help that I could use. After I made a recording I didn't know how to deal with it. I'm sorry that I purchased this app, and I didn't find a way to cancel the purchase. I tried to communicate with the seller but was unable to get any support or get my money back.

- Excellent Job…Nice App...!!

Lots of features…!! Full functional app with Recorder and file manager…!! Music Import is really useful for me. this is only app have this feature…!!

- Import Music Library Songs Amazing..Excellent App..!!

its really helpful to share music library songs with others….!! Thank you so much…!!!

- This is my Recorder…... amazing App

finally i get my recorder app for both iPhone/iPad great work every thing is just perfect

- Not happy

I am not happy. When I read about this app. It didn't say anything about having 5 uses before having to purchase the pro version. Not only that it's not user friendly to transferring recordings. I expected to be able to open in iTunes and transfers the file to a cd. Cannot.

- App has a lot of features

The app works very smoothly and has a good UI

- Bummer-

I purchased the recorder app for my iPhone 5c today and although it loaded and I paid for it, it won't open today and when I tried sending an error inquiry through the apps contact screen , the form bombed out and I received a server error message. Don't buy this app for iPhone 5c.

- Not for Quick Memos

The button to start is at the bottom. Ok. 😀 The tiny button to set a folder location is at the top. Ugh 😠 The click to continue to drill to a folder is elsewhere again. 😒 The tiny button to accept the folder is at the bottom. 😒 The layout is cumbersome for one hand mode. Too many tiny unreachable places the thumb must go across the screen make this frustrating for quick input and filing of memos with one hand.

- Excellent App..!!

Lots of Functionality…!! especially all cloud Storage, Advance Recorder Setting and File Manager..!!

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- It actually works

You must get this amazing app before it gets taken off the App Store Please give it unlimited recording

- Really good...!!

Really very helpful for my daily recordings...!! Thanks for all cloud support..!! One of this app can import music from music library...!!!

- Works for newer gen!

Great for transcribing. Crashes on 2nd Gen iPad. Works fine on my 4s.

- Misleading

You only can use it if you buy each one of the features. Otherwise you just see what the app can do but doesn't do actually anything.

- Doesn't even download 😡

It doesn't even work, don't buy it!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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- great app !

This app is elegant and easy to use. I don't know why it crashed for the other reviewer, as it's been bulletproof for me. I'd recommend it.

- Tragically flawed

This was a promising app for recording audio of many types. Until it begin to charge everything and are easily hacked by hackers to stop recording and stop one from deleting audio recordings.

- froze when i paid cash

suspicious crap- ok it gave me one recording free- then would not let me edit or delete that recording. so i paid for the professional- being trusting. It then would still not edit, it then accessed my iTunes library and froze up. restarted it- it is still froze up. hit delete and lost the $.... it is a SCAM me is left thinking...

- Solid software

Easy to use but lacks the function of presetting file names that lead to changing every file I record, which can be a pain if you record a large amount of files.

- Bad app

It looked good from the pictures but every time I wanted to view my memos it would crash on me. Found it annoying. Please update

- Bang...


- Limited

Max 3 min per recording to start. Get your own soundcloud for $4.99

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Audio Recorder & Voice Editor 8.0 Screenshots & Images

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
Audio Recorder & Voice Editor iphone images
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Audio Recorder & Voice Editor (Version 8.0) Install & Download

The applications Audio Recorder & Voice Editor was published in the category Business on 2013-11-08 and was developed by LiveBird Technologies Private Limited [Developer ID: 551521372]. This application file size is 48.32 MB. Audio Recorder & Voice Editor - Business app posted on 2022-08-10 current version is 8.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livebird.recorderlite