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Record, email/share, transcribe, trim/edit or organize, Smart Recorder allows you to easily create recordings and then transcribe them using the high quality dictate2us.

Smart Recorder is a full featured recorder and transcriber offering many features beyond what is available in the built in voice memos app. The Smart Recorder family of products has over 1,000,000 device installs. It has been actively marketed and updated for seven years. Use it to record meetings, interview, lectures, classes, todo lists, shopping lists or even your kids voices.

Record, Email/Share, Transcribe, Trim/Edit or Organize. What ever the task, Smart Recorder is the ideal tool. Check out these great features:

- A large record button makes it easy to start and pause recordings
- A main screen with the list of recordings created, each with a play button for easy playback
- Tips and a comprehensive help system to get you up to speed quickly
- Background recording and playback (other apps can run while Smart Recorder is recording or playing or your device can be sleeping during recording or playback)
- iTunes file sharing
- Flip mode for putting iPhone microphone on top
- Email/export short recordings
- Support for Dropbox if Dropbox app installed
- Multiple supported mail/export formats including CAF, WAV, AIF and MP4.
- iCloud support
- Generation of ringtones for the iPhone
- Add tags or pictures to mark positions in a recording
- Time slider/forward/back buttons to quickly navigate through your recordings
- Bluetooth and external headset support
- Auto pause/voice activated recording
- Variable speed playback with optional pitch correction
- Many system settings to control the behavior of Smart Recorder
- Stereo support
- Append to existing recordings
- Categorize/sort recordings
- No time limit on recordings
- Universal app for both iPhone and iPad
- Geo tagging of recordings allows you to keep track of the location where they were created
- Search allows you to search for conversations in a recording (based on the machine
transcription) or for tags (or recordings with specific words in the title)

Extra features (for purchase):
- Disable advertising
- Email/export long recordings
- Voice enhancement
- Trimming/editing
- Machine transcription

Buy now and you will get free upgrades with many new features!!!

If you like this product, check out the Mac Smart Recorder at

Smart Recorder and transcriber App Description & Overview

The applications Smart Recorder and transcriber was published in the category Business on 2013-10-04 and was developed by Roe Mobile Development. The file size is 45.83 MB. The current version is 4.0.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes
Machine transcription is now free

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Smart Recorder and transcriber Reviews


Ditto on Ninjasmoke's review - playback not working w/wireless headsets  Kandityper  5 star

Since upgrading to my iPhone 7 I have not been able to get playback of recordings to work with any of my wireless headsets. This is one feature I really need and I've written to Roe Mobile but have not received any support. Could my settings be off? Please fix this feature or reply with needed setting corrections. kandityper I’ve used Smart Recorder since I bought my first smart phone about 3-4 years ago. I do not play an instrument or sight read so it’s the best accompaniment I can practice to-for feedback. I used it to record my choir practices and then edited out the unimportant “chat.” It helps me to learn a lot of detail more correctly and I do t know what I’d do without it. I use it for so many other things too and am so thankful for Roe Development for making this “multi- wonderful” App. Thank you!

Tic tech toe

Import Audio Files  Tic tech toe  4 star

At first I was disappointed because I couldn’t import a file. After a lot of experimentation, I managed. I noticed that some of my files would import with no problem. I changed the name of the one I was having difficulty with and it imported immediately. I can’t explain this but it worked. This app is really growing on me. I’m finding it to be very useful.

Frederic Paine

Works great  Frederic Paine  5 star

If you don’t mind paying for what you use, this is great. it is the only voice recorder that lets you still listen to music. I love it.


Not using  Valdove  1 star

I try using this app, not what I thought it would be like. Not happy

Dr Bill Deagle MD

Top recorder  Dr Bill Deagle MD  4 star

Best tech user friendly app


Very handy  halmandery  5 star

I find this App to be very handy - especially while driving - I keep it’s icon where I can get to it quickly to remind myself of things U need to do or lookup at a more convenient time.


It is a great app. It could use a bit more in the tutorial dept  grolaw  4 star

But, for all that I know they have addressed this in the latest release. I bought this in order to exchange quick voice messages with an Android user (my paralegal). Yea, I had to be tutored how it integrates with iMessage. I own several other dictation apps, including Dragon Dictate, and I've been recording dictation for 30 years. It works, and it works well. I am impressed by the sound filters/boosts. The Apple filter makes very high quality recording a snap. There are two other notch filters that make my voice sound perfect on an Android. I thought that was impossible. Could I use voicemail instead? Sure. But you either have to build a workflow to deals with retrieving the voicemail or wade through prompts. Here you simply hit the big, red, record bar and start talking. It's a lifesaver where a few words can convey so much in complex situations. "Sam, pick up the red robe folder on my desk next to the hunk of hot glass and run it over to court at the 10:30 recess, please." Is a heck of a lot of data in a small file.


It's alright  Ratethisappisannoying  4 star

It's good


Absolute Garbage  BluntandHonest  1 star

I have never been so disappointed in an app in my entire life. It's overly complicated, makes great promises and absolutely screws you over when it's time to export. My friends and I made a 50 minute podcast that we put our hearts into hoping to upload it. The playback won't go past 15 mins, and to export it to iCloud was $10. Garbage app, whoever made it should be ashamed. vids

Ain't good vids  1 star

I thought that you could make YouTube vids off this but I guess not now these days we need to make apps that are free and can make YouTube vids this is click bait look at the pictures!!! FIX BUGS


Great quality  Vonnnnnnnnno  5 star

Great recording quality and I like being able to save/send/backup the recordings! I am using this to record interviews for my thesis research.


Excelente  German-Morena  5 star

El mejor grabador de voz..


Awesome!!  Jordstar2001  5 star

Great app!!!!


Warning  Aus-Cross  1 star

Hidden charges after purchase to get any functionality.


Rubbish  Dono6  1 star

Hidden charges of $15-25 for something as basic as syncing with cloud services. Rubbish.


Don't buy it!  InfinityMatrix  2 star

Not worth the extra cost for all the features. I got suckered into buying all features and am now regretting it! You'd be better off using Apple Voice Recorder app or purchasing iTalk app.


Great app, but no good for me.  LaurenRox1  3 star

This app looks great and easy to use. But I can't use this app as a third party that's not the program software gets access to the recording information. Basically it's a privacy concern. I can't record interviews on this app, as that would be a breach of confidentiality.


Bad workflow  A.mackenzie56  1 star

I downloaded this app to record some ADR for a video I’m working on. After recording each scene (almost 2 hours spent recording), I went to export the files to my computer to place into the video, only to find out that I had to buy an upgrade to export tracks over 3 mins long. Nowhere was this clear displayed in the app before I tried to do this. Rather than spend another 2 hour re-recording everything through a different app, I paid for the upgrade and tried to sync the files to my computer via iCloud- which seemed easily done through the app. But my files never appeared anywhere on my iCloud drive. So I’ve now plugged my phone in and copied the files over through iTunes- all of the files are on my computer now, but in a completely different format to the one I selected to record in and none of them have the titles I named them in the app, but rather a bunch of seemingly random numbers, so I have to listen to them all and re-order and rename them manually. Instead of simplifying my workflow, it has tripled the amount of effort required to record ADR. I won’t be using it again in a hurry.


Does not work  Dvjjhg  1 star

This app does not work! I got it to do some recording and transcriptions. After paying for some transcriptions ($12 worth) and having made a quick recording (less than 1 minute) I went to send it off to transcribed only to be told sorry you don't have enough money in your transcription to pay!!!! The transcription rate was about $1 a minute so I only needed $1 yet I had bought $12 worth. I hate being ripped off. Try contacting the app people and guess what no reply....they just stole my $12.


Tried it deleted it!  Ned64  2 star

Keep it simple I say. Almost every button you touch prompts you to purchase an additional service. Pressed the record button but it never recorded anything. Gave great tips though... Too hard. If you want something simple to record voice messages, name them and send them on look for something else.


Avoid this  tns55  1 star

Run. Paid 8.99 for this app. Downloaded it, was told there is a newer version. Downloaded that. Now being forced to pay to remove ads from it. AND, it doesn't do what it promised. Offered voice activated recording. Button "to push" isn't where it is supposed to be. I'm calling apple to void this purchase. Right now.


Not worth the money  Sudarevic  1 star

Most features don't work. After you buy some feature you are always prompted to buy it again. There are free products out there that work better. Good idea and poor execution.


Great app  Phokused1  5 star

Needed a recording system fast.... I am glad I picked this one. Easy to use


Not a happy camper  Mommie4ever  2 star

The recording portion is great and clear, but the dictation/transcribing is not accurate. Wish the transcribing was good because this would really be helpful.


Buggy, unreliable  QueensCommuter  2 star

The poor UI would be worth it if it worked consistently - it's one of the only apps that can record audio offline and then upload it for transcription. It worked for awhile and then stopped playing audio. Just refuses to - nothing happens when you press play on any of my recorded files.


Great App  Harryooo  4 star

Hasn't failed me yet.


Update - now missing features  jrv773  2 star

Great app. The best. Until new versions. Now wifi export doesn't allow download across wifi. What happened? Will allow rec to be played only.


Use of Bluetooth headphones NOT WORKING!!!!  Ninjasmoke  2 star

I have use this app for several years and have found it to be very good at what it does. However over the last few updates to iOS 10 and now there are problems using Bluetooth headphones for playback. I use this both on my iPhone 5s and my iPad Pro. The same problem occurs on both. Please fix! In the past I have always given this application five stars but the last three updates and with this Bluetooth issue I have to only give it two stars at this point in time.


Rip-off, overpriced  D91Rtunes  1 star

I used this for a class project, with a short time frame, went to export my recordings and was held up for money.... I was forced to purchase the feature for 10$ to be able to submit vs a failing grade.... had I of known this prior I would have used my laptop.... hate this app

Hell Vetika

Best Recording App  Hell Vetika  5 star

I'm so happy to have found this recorder app. I love how great the playback is and how easy it is to use! Thank you! I extremely satisfied!

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