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What is cascade gem & jewel adventure app? Challenge your brain with this one-of-a-kind matching game where you aim, shoot, and match gems to solve puzzles! Explore lands, dig up treasures, and complete quests in a uniquely strategic way. Finally, a matching game designed for adults!

You’ll have a blast in this critically acclaimed gem-matching adventure! Build powerful combos on each level by spinning and tapping to make your matches. Sparkling gems, rare diamonds and beautiful jewels drop like candy on each turn. Plus, get a FREE Gold Starter Pack when you install this free-to-play matching puzzle game!

Journey through dozens of delightful hand-painted Lands to solve more than 900 clever puzzles! Connect with others, collect great prizes and crush tricky obstacles by playing in quests, bonus levels and NEW tournaments.


• Dig into exciting events to farm more resources by competing in Top Score Tournaments, or playing Quick Quests & Bonus Levels – it all helps you build up more powerful tricks & boosts!

• Jam through cascading jackpots on your gem-matching adventure with Cascade's groovy music!

• Cuteness Alert! Get help from a host of sweet animal friends along the way -- puppies, pandas, bunnies, otters, foxes & more! You’ll love Jasper, the gem digging Mole, and all his furry friends.

• Win big by being Social! Keep score with your friends through recurring events, invite them to play, share your moments in the game & gift extra lives to your friends on Facebook!

• Skill and strategy matter! Yes, Cascade is entertaining, relaxing and delightful - but it's also training your brain with each addicting puzzle!

• Where will you go next: a Casino, English Garden, Cascade Resort or a tropical Space Observatory? Yes, with more hand-painted Lands with charm and heart in each frequent update!

• Build powerful boosts! Burst Gems, Super Wilds, Spin Savers, Hammers, Shifters and more will help you match through the most puzzling levels.

Exploding color, clever gameplay and delightful wins have inspired players to rate Cascade as "uniquely strategic", "fast-paced" and "brilliant fun"! It’s been featured for its unique play style: spin a wheel for gems on each turn, tap to match them with same-color gems on the board, and celebrate cascading wins with every match of three or more. The larger the match, the higher your score! Here’s your chance to swap out that match-3 puzzle game for a breath of fresh air with Cascade.

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Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure Version 2.6.227 April 2022

NEW Levels! Illuminate your path as more adventures await you in Land 128: "Torchlight Trial"! Keep an eye out for weekly events, sales, and even more Land Releases!.

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure Version 2.6.003 March 2022

NEW Levels! Illuminate your path as more adventures await you in Land 125: "Starlit Glacier"! Keep an eye out for weekly events, sales, and even more Land Releases!.

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure Version 2.5.619 October 2021

NEW Levels! More adventures await you in Land 117: "Lost Comet"! Keep an eye out for weekly events, sales, and even more Land Releases!.

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure Comments & Reviews 2022

- Addicting

Love this game is so addicting I can't wait to get to the next level all I have to say is everyone try it and you'll never turn it down. BUT IT TAKES WAY TO LONG TO GET MORE LIVES can u please do something about that. I'm now stuck cause I have played legal game 275 three times and won the game my guy moved up to the next spot but he's frozen and the game still is telling me to beat game 275 this is crazy cause if she do what the help says I'm going to loose everything it's not fair I have been playing for a very long time can't even remember when I installed the game help. I didn't loose everything when it was time to spin the wheel they asked for my e-mail and password I did I snd everything came back yaaaa😃😃😃 Yes I'm addicted it still takes to long to get more guys and also the game takes do very long to start up when I start to play. And what's with running out of land and having to wait for it to b done.

- Super fun, BUT....

This game is super fun, BUT full of problems. 1) Logs you out on its on (don’t even know how to do this myself) 2) Looses your wins/progress when its glitch logs you out 3) Will put you back to the level where you were, BUT with only 1 star for each game you played to get you there regardless of actual achievement/score 4) Multiple wins gained me less times between lives many times- all lost with each glitch log out. Meaning there really is little point to working for higher achievements. I mean, they are lost by the game’s unaddressed issues. 5) Looong download times & a lot of them. 6) Too frequent connectivity issues 7) 1+ minute (sometimes more sometimes less time) to open app. If all this could be fixed this game would be fun/engaging. Take time to take care of the problems & I’ll amend my review accordingly. In the time since my first review above, each glitch has become worse. I play much less now as a result. In fact only a forth as much as before. 1) I get logged out each time I close the app. 2) Connections take longer 3) Downloads fail 9 out of 10 times. 4) App failure mid game forcing restart but after losing a life. Changed rating from 2 stars to 1 since no developer responded and no changes occurred in the intermittent time. It’s been over a month since my review. Now I can’t even play. Either I’m logged out or game can’t download content even after closing and re-opening app. Clearly this company doesn’t want to get better.

- Never boring!

I love Cascade, it’s my favorite match 3 game! There are virtually infinite levels (sometimes a new land is under development so I have to wait a couple of weeks, but I can go back and try to get 3 stars in previous levels). Just when you have it figured out they throw something new at you. Starstones! Tornados! Portals! It’s never boring even after a couple of years. I’m giving this 4 stars because there is room for improvement. Here’s a few things I would change: When you find a boost at a dig spot you should just win it, you shouldn’t have to “buy” it with gold. Gold is too hard to earn. I have literally 8 million gems of each color, it would be great to be able to exchange gems for gold or boosts. The only thing gems are good for is to open new lands, and it only takes about 20,000 gems. I have millions more gems in my bank that are totally useless. Spin the wheel every 12 hours instead of 24. And some levels are virtually impossible to get three stars. I would happily buy a paid version to get rid of the ads. At least the ads come up in expected intervals, where some games throw in an ad randomly in the middle of game play which is super annoying. In Cascade you can skip ads and forfeit double gold, which is nice. Overall, a great game!

- Have to download Every Day!! Maddening!

I absolutely love this game. But there are issues- usually related to connection. I had to start over twice because of the game disconnecting me/ signing me out. I thought I was in through Facebook but apparently it was my phone causing that problem. Now I am registered via FB but my big issue is that Every Single Time I want to play, the game is reset! I have to re-sign in AND reload content. It takes forever! I don’t have that kind of time. I have been playing this for a couple years. I am on the top level so I always have to wait for new lands to come out. But this is ridiculous. I contacted support and they told me thing last I have already done. My phone is updated. My game is updated (or at least as far as any updates in the App Store). So now I have tried the last suggestion- delete and re-download the game. Made it worse! It recognizes me but I am still back at level 19, needing to download new content, but it won’t download. Fix these problems for players at the last levels! I can’t be the only one having these problems!!

- Cascade Conundrum

I have been playing Cascade for a few years now, and at one point it was my favorite game. Then,downloading “new content“ entered the picture, and started to become annoyingly time-consuming. There were several stages of this, and finally I just didn’t have enough patience—it took the fun out of the game for me. I did miss it, though, and lately I began to play again. However, surprisingly, the download issue was still the same. Apparently it was not seen as a problem by the developers. I decided that if it was going to be an ongoing condition, I would have to tolerate it if I wanted to play. So I did. Suddenly, though, When I opened Cascade, I was returned all the way to the beginning! I haven’t been able to solve this. I tried reconnecting with Facebook (don’t know how it was disconnected) , and even reinstalled the app. Nothing worked. I am very disappointed, but I just can’t cope with starting over, after making it to Level 2500 or so. I would appreciate it if there were some fix, but I doubt that there is any interest in doing that. I hope this behavior isn’t a common occurrence for other players, because it’s very frustrating! Thanks for listening to my grievance!

- Constant difficulty!

Apparently the most recent update has managed to lose the connection with my Facebook account. Instructions say to go to settings and find the Facebook app. I am then supposed to tap on my name to somehow connect with cascade once again because I had updated my Facebook password. Well.... there is no name showing in the Facebook app under settings. I tried using the email associated with my Facebook, and now it tries to log me in as a new user rather than past more than 200 levels where I’ve been trying to move forward for weeks. Most of my friend stopped playing this ages ago because it is tedious, difficult or nearly impossible to pass some levels, and now I’m back to zero. The designers need a wake up to the issues this game has with level of difficulty and lack of not being more enjoyable to overcome the frustration. I’m going to hang on to it for a few days to see if something is done to fix the Facebook log in issues.... but then I’m going to find something for a time killer that doesn’t make me want to throw my phone because this deserves NO STARS right now!

- MsVi62

It's still an awesome 👏 game; very addicting and challenging! Sometimes I can't stop playing until I win or played all of my chances. It's amazing 😉!! This game is awesome and very challenging, but is a lot of fun!! It's so addicting!! An Awesome 👏 game!! I love ❤️ it!! The different ways of winning the rewards is just wonderful!! Just love ❤️ playing this game; it's a fun, addicting, awesome 👏 and challenging game!! I love this game. It is fun and challenging. I would love for it to have more lives!!! I still love playing this game!! This game is a lot of fun, especially when you win!! Love playing this game!!***** The games are fun and entertaining, especially the daily challenges!!! I love playing!!😀😋👍🏾 It is fun playing these games!!👍🏾👌🏾😀 The game is awesome!! Very addictive!!!💟👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Ditto, ditto; it is still great!! I love the extra wheel bonus plus extra when you win the stars!!! Awesome game!! I need to know how to use the stars. It is still fun!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Fantastic game!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very addictive!! Just love it!!

- Fun

My current favorite. But at the rate I play, it was months before Land 30 opened. And Land 31 is 'under construction '. Update: Land 51 finally loaded after waiting for months. On the fourth level I opted to watch a video for a free 'continue'. The ad made the game hang, and when I re-opened it the game was lost. Edited again - I traveled out of town and the WiFi at the hotel would not connect to the game. It re-set me to Land 1. I tried again when I got home. All of my gems and boosts are gone. I am not going to start over. I expected better performance. None of my other games did this. I am very disappointed that the game has gotten worse over time. I will be spending my free time on Dots, Words with Friends, and Languinis. With is a pity, as I enjoyed Cascade. But starting over is not reasonable.

- My new favourite game!

Addictive and fun. You can earn enough gold to 'buy' lives, tricks, etc., so that you aren't forced to spend real money. Different than all other match games - very innovative and FUN!! Wish that the 'developers' games' were more frequent and would stay longer on the site. Update: I did like this game-a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall it several times for freezing issues. Prior to the last crash, I had made it to the 200 plus levels. Now, I’m unable to even get to level 30! It seems as if the computer is generating gems to purposely have you lose. I know that buying lives is an income generator; but, with the amount of ads between games, they must be making a decent amount. So, I refuse to pay money to play this game! So, I’ve uninstalled it AGAIN, this time for good.

- I do not get the rewards the ads promise

The game is fun, but at least half the time when I am offered “watch ad to continue”, I can watch the ad, but the game does not continue. Or I get a “watch ad for reward”, and I watch the ad, but never see any reward. Sometimes watching the ad causes the game to collapse entirely. I wish you would not lie to me. I find it discouraging and depressing. Makes you lose stars on the ratings. Makes me not watch the ads. Makes me not even want to play the game. Is this really your goal? March 28,2021. The problem continues. It runs the ad, then collapses the game and I have to reload. Down another star. April 11, 2022: latest glitch is that EVERY TIME I win a game, the game closes itself, and I have to start it up again. You guys aren’t even trying to get along. A game should be fun, not a frustrating job.

- Cheater

Here is a game that has a lot of pit falls especially when it comes to control. Unless you spend lots of money on the booster tools, you will be virtually unable to clear many boards. If I was able to take screen shots and attach to the review, I could prove my point. However although the game is enjoyable, be prepared to spend some money. I have played one board 117 times and still not able to clear the board without spending more money, I hope the developers make their fortune early, because people will stop spending. Once you have played the game long enough you begin to see the pattern the game uses to control who wins and who loses. It forces you to make moves you don’t want to make or manages to scramble the matching pieces so you cannot clear the board. Spend dome money and you’ll find out for yourselves.

- Lagging

I gave three stars because of a few reasons. First off the new update lags no matter how good of the WiFi or how many bars showing so please fix this as it’s annoying. Second, I have literally been enjoying and playing this game since 2015 maybe even 2014 not sure but I told you guys this before if there is a multi colored star in the tray of stones for me to match then please let me use it don’t say I can’t and it’s wasted and I have to spin again and waste a multi colored star. That’s not cool man! Especially if I’m about to beat the challenge. So please fix these things. Other than that your game is fantastic!! One last thing, please fix the loading as well OMG omg I’ve never seen an app take so long to load in order to use it!!

- Go~To Game For Years

I have played this game for probably 10 years. I think it was the first game I ever downloaded, and I’m nearly to level 2500. I am very thankful to the developers for keeping it free, and ad- free. It is my go to game when I want to disconnect a little bit at the end of the day and I just can’t say enough good about it. I have never experienced any issues or problems connecting or running out of lives and not having enough gold to buy more. A true gem in todays world of games that have ads every 15 seconds. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!

- Perfect

I play this while on the elliptical. It lasts long enough for you workout (#of lives), the buttons are big enough to hit while moving and it keeps my interest. I like that there’s strategy involved and that it changes from level to level. I also like that there’s built in stopping points, so you can remember to go and do something actually productive. 🙂 Have had this game for several years and it’s still one of my favorites, so I throw the devs some coin every now and then.

- Ads still cause crashes

Still crashing more than it should. Is this due more to iOS 11 than anything else? This isn’t the only place I see crashes when ads are played. Discoveries are still missing, but I don’t really need them as I approach Land nine. Latest upgrade is a real, improvement, but it still tends to crash too often. Missing points, gold, showed up on restart. Discover and problem dig spot still there. Discoveries are still missing. There’s a dig spot that can’t be accessed in land 8 and the ad videos are causing the app to crash, and you lose the points you’re supposed to have won. I lost 40 this evening. Graphics are still excellent, game is still fun, in spite of the problems. Lost my Discoveries during an upgrade It's really fun; mildly addictive, and full of things to do! Some of the levels are incredibly fun and very, very clever; some annoyingly frustrating. And then it does occasionally crash due to ads, and such. Basically excellent graphics, great game play, very clever level designs.

- Loved it until it totally crashed on me!!

I played this game which I absolutely loved until at level 113 it completely crashed on me. I spent a lot of time AND money (dumb I know!) on this app to get to level 113, and it totally up and crashed! I tried turning my phone off and back on, did a soft reset and it STILL wouldn’t work! I even re-downloaded it and started ALL OVER and AGAIN it crashed! NOT COOL!! I think I should get my money back!!! But I know that won’t happen! DONE with this app, and bummed cause it was a lot of fun!! My advice: PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! 😕

- Relatively original

Update: I’ve had this game for a while now, and the fact that I haven’t deleted it yet kind of surprises me. I usually get rid of them after playing a week or two. The puzzles are innovative and challenging enough to keep me interested. I would suggest reducing the length of time it takes to gain enough gold to buy power ups, or reducing the cost of the power ups themselves. Seems to be stable, playable, and fun, but I haven't experienced the addiction others have discussed here.

- LOVE this game!

This game is awesome! There are enough changes and challenges to keep me interested. The new update provides new gems to collect and hidden levels, which I like. Update (April 2021) - I’ve been playing cascade for over 7 years. Still love this game! BUT..... it’s been about a month since the last event of any kind (burst tournament/king of the mountain/level lab) and I do not recall a time where it’s been more than two weeks without SOME kind of event. What’s going on, cascade????

- Love it!

Ok...I’ve played this game forever! I play it almost every day. I’ve put some money into it, but not as much as others. If you watch the videos and it doesn’t give you coins...just get out of the game and go right back in, wait a few seconds, and it adds them to your score. I know some levels are harder than others, that’s when I bought some things to get me through. But, I’m 60years old, and have never played a game this long. Thank you writers!

- Level 575, “Starstones” end the game

It’s been a great game all the way to the “Starstone” level. I’ve never had issues others have stated; I’ve learned to finish any game before closing the app, they’re never saved mid game. However, these ridiculous starstones you have to get rid of are nearly impossible. Gems of the same color need to be aligned perfectly otherwise your move does nothing. I’m up for a challenge, obviously playing to level 575, but I’m done now. Sad the developers decided to make levels so ridiculously difficult at the higher point, I really enjoyed the game until this now. Makes me think they are tired of coming up with winnable reels!

- Can’t Leave It Alone!!!

This is one game that if it weren’t for losing my life and not being able to play, I wouldn’t be able to write this review I would still be playing ALL THE TIME. I’m a Cascade Addict. I know I could buy some more lives and keep going but I have never bought anything on any game site. I kind of consider buying a life or anything that helps you with the game is cheating in my book. You didn’t win it on your own power, you had to rely on buying something.

- Glitches

I take the time to watch the videos to earn extra gold. However, when the video is finished, over 50% of the time, the game gets stuck. The only way to resolve this is to close the app and restart. And even though I watched the video completely, I never get the credit. I’ve played this game for a very long time but am getting more and more frustrated with crashes and/or the game freezing.

- Recent problems

Have played this game for at least 4 years and like it more than most. However, have encountered a problem in the past week that is truly aggravating. I build up a significant number of gold bars via spins, dig spots and the daily challenge (50-80) then the game freezes and when it finally unfreezes, all my newly acquired bars are gone. Happened this morning, and I lost 80. Since I’m at the highest level, daily challenges and dig spots are the only way to play unless you want to keep attempting to get 3 stars on impossible challenges. Please fix this!!

- Connect problem

I love this game but every time I open to play it goes through a long process connecting. And I mean long, I actually left it connecting, walked my dog and when I came back it was still connecting! Most times I interrupt the connecting by tapping one of the items below the connecting. But when I do this, I can play the game but because I’m not connected I can never spin the wheel to get a free token. Very frustrating and I’ve been playing this game for years. I guess I should maybe move on to find another favorite.

- Level 1926 is unwinable

I love this game and have been playing for quite a while. I have come up against some difficult levels but have had the coins and do dads available to get through it. However, I have come up against a level that is impossible to get through. I’ve been at it for a few weeks now and I’m about done with the game. I want to play a game that is fun and challenging but I’m not going to put up with a level that is rigged to force you to either spend money to get through it or stay on the same level for ever. In my opinion that is a dirty trick.

- The Game is Fun WHEN it works

Great game, when it works. The excruciating ‘download’ EVERY TIME I open the game to play is beyond annoying and just not worth it any more. If this last ‘bug fix’ update resolves it then I’ll keep it, if not - then I’m deleting the game. I’ve been put through countless emails with customer support and I’m over it at this point. Update: I sure hope your ‘update’ fixes the previous problems. I’ve stopped playing for some time because I don’t have the time to wait for the ‘downloading new content’ EVERYTIME I want to play. There’s nothing new, but it says there is. It used to be fun and it used to save your progress and allow you to play - we shall see

- An enjoyable game, just wish...

This is a fun game. It is very much like a pick three game, I am happy they have added more opportunities to get free gold. Maybe I am not far enough into the game, but I have no understanding what the leaves that are collected are for and I have no idea what the gems collected are for, maybe I am missing further instructions, but I don't see the point. But the games themselves are fun and challenging, the further up one goes. UPDATE- lowered from 5 to 3 as they have had months of complaints on the watch for gold not working. You have to watch 2-3 times most of the time PLUS they lowered the amount of gold from 30 to 10. Hence, I lowered the stars! Get it together and working and increase the gold value for the months of frustration that seems to go ignored!

- Cascade Review

The only time I don’t like Cascade is when I get stuck on a level for what seems like forever. It wouldn’t be fun if it were too easy, but when, after a really long time, it feels as though I’ll never pass it, I get totally frustrated and almost quit for good. Cascade and one other are the only ones I play consistently, and I’ve been playing for years. It’s very colorful with ALOT of variety! M

- Used to be your biggest fan

Beyond shocked and just disappointed....You used to be better,so different! I never thought in a million years you would change the algorithm and make it so you could not win . It’s impossible just by using strategy. You force players to buy...unless they can wait it out. You’ve changed everything. And The 15 mins- now 20 for new lives. It doesn’t force me to want to play anymore, it forces me to find new puzzles when this was the only one on my phone. Bc of your changes, I’ve downloaded a bunch of new games to find my new fav. Am so disappointed

- Absolutely Fun!!

Didn't know how this game would go at first but when I started playing I realized not only is it different from other matching games I have played, it's also fun on a different level because it's a bit more challenging. I'm really enjoying this game!! 👍👍👍👍👍 Update: I'm still playing this game and I'm still having a great time playing it. It really is so much fun!! Loving the cool graphics, and sounds! 😃😃😃😃😃

- Dawn Stevens

I love this game I have played it for about five years but… The time it takes for new lands/levels to be provided to play is ridiculously so so so slow. Can you not do something about this can you not make it quicker than having you land/levels to play I have waited for over A month fullbore levels/lands to play that is ridiculous. If the developer is not going to keep up with the demand then you’ll need to get somebody else to do that because whoever’s in charge of nails doing a poor poor job. I didn’t even want to give it one star & I have played it for over five years

- One year later. The changes have been amazing. Love it!

I reached the end of this game long before the new update came out. So basically all of these discoveries and getting gems doesn't mean much to me. I have more than enough to proceed to probably the next five levels. But I am tired of waiting for the new levels to come out. This was always my favorite game until I reached the end.

- My favorite game for years

This is my go –to game. I never bore of it. However, The reason I do not give it five stars is that because I have no idea what my app name is (or whatever they call it) and can’t submit technical requests. For example, Right now The game is not giving me the little holes full of gems that give me rewards or discounts. I have no idea whether this is intentional Or not but can’t let the developer know. I do hope they fix the problem.

- favorite game ☑️ 😔

As of September 2021, can’t load game. Just a black screen. Over a year playing this game and still not bored of it. It has the perfect challenge/fun ratio. Plus the Level Labs and Daily Challenges keep you engaged when you have to wait for a new land to open. Only improvement I would suggest is a secondary use for the RGB gems you collect.

- Cascade

Love this game! It's fast-moving, I do t have to wait for an opponent to play, I can go back to earlier levels to increase my score so Ivan move further along, and it's just overall one of my favorites I always come back to! I just wish I could have 'friends' in the game. I thought I used to have them but now I don't, and am not sure if I'm just missing something?

- Addictive

Love this game except for the fact that it keeps getting a glitch and I unfortunately have to delete it and start over. Even starting over is okay because it still is a challenge. Now the glitches are so bad it takes forever to load and sometimes won't load. It freezes up and I can't play at all. I have deleted and reinstalled and it still gets stuck. I'm at level 265 but it has taken almost a year to get to this point fighting the glitches. Wish I knew who to contact to ask for help.

- Cascades

I used to like this game, but lately I am very discouraged.I have been on the same level for weeks, coins add up very slowly, and not at all unless you go back to other levels and play again.I do not like to spend money just to win one game. I'm ready to delete this game all together because you cannot win the higher levels without buying things that help you win. It's not fair to an older person who just wants tto have fun, and cannot afford to spend money to win.

- Game HORRIBLE now

Have literally been playing this game for YEARS and for the last 5 (yes, FIVE) months - see original review in June - the game rarely loads. I’m in the 1400 or 1700 levels (been so long since the game has loaded that I don’t remember!) and have been stuck for months with the game not loading, not connecting, saying there’s a problem but nothing ever gets fixed. Since JUNE, people! I used to love this game and played daily, and now, nope. Guess I need to find a different game, but this game used to be so fun. Bummer the developers don’t care enough to fix their product.

- Sure For Sure

The more I play the more I like it - it's been very hard to put it down... I know fore sure I'm NOT gonna quit any time soon... It's a great think time game… with tons of variety throughout the maze. For sure I'm having more fun then ALMOST ALL THE OTHER GAMES, because the Big Sky Crew has got you covered. The updates have been very good by adding even MORE fun options to play with!

- Love it need to fix adding friends

So much fun, but would be nice to get more hearts,because of the hard levels, need to fix the bugs, lost my bonus fire because it lost my three won quest and can no collect it. Need more gold. Can’t get help or give it. I was going to try and delete game, but it says I will lose all my data. No way. I am on the 1200 level. Long time getting there. Don’t want to lose it. How do you get friends ?

- Love/Hate

For the most part, love this game! Colorful, adventurous, challenging and really fun. However, GET RID OF THE VINES….HATE them😡. They are not the list bit worth the effort. The challenge to remove them is just stupid and for the most part, the spin for the gems are NEVER in your favor so those stupid vines continue to increase. I really wish those would just go away and be replaced with a fun challenge.

- Cascades

I bought this game again this year and loved it. But twice now (when reaching level 100) the game freezes up and I'm no longer able to continue playing. I'm hard pressed to start the game over for the third time. What's with this???? Still play the game even tho I've had to start over numerous times. I just love game.

- Musician

The game really makes you think, each step is a great challenge. I am also very annoyed that I have become so addictive this game! Level 305 has really stop me in my tracks, I can not figure out how to win at level 305. I finally got pass level 305! Love the games!!! I even play this game all the time when I am traveling! I can’t stop playing this game!!!

- Cascade

Fun and challenging! Some levels seem impossible but determination will pull you through! Enjoy most daily challenges as well. Very disappointed that daily challenges don't give star credits to rewards in the updated version however. Always look forward to the new levels! Keep them coming Jasper!

- Impossible to play

Great game become nightmare. Take long time to connect if you’re lucky,most of the time impossible to connect. Finally when you are connect it is takes long time to download and at the end you are getting message to try next time. Sorry, but I never will play this game again

- Challenging

I enjoy the challenge of the game - particularly the labs and going back to try to get all of the gold! I noticed that the higher you go, the harder it is getting all three gold bars. Sometimes the video for extra gold gets stuck. It would be great if additional levels were created a bit quicker.

- Apparently need to upgrade OS

I've played this game long enough to be waiting for construction zones to be finished. When now the game is forcing me to update. That would be no problem, except there is no update available to me. I expect that it is due to being behind in my OS versions--which I can't upgrade. The problem now is I can't play the game even in an offline way. No access to prior levels, no access to finish treasure chests, no access to get additional gold stars. I LOVED this game and now I Can't. Play. At. All. Should be a way to still play without an upgrade.

- Love this game, but...

I’ve been playing this game since it was Wordsplay years ago and it just keeps getting better but you lose me now with the overly long ads for masterclass, pillow whatever and miracle vitamins (and if the last two aren’t scams, they have patterned their advertising on that model). As soon as they start, I head for solitaire.

- Cascade games

The game gets stuck on “you found gold watch a video to double gold”. The white ball keeps going in circles for a long time. Sometimes can’t switch to anything else. Tried turning the phone &game off thinking this would do something, but it did not help. What is wrong, can u fix it soon?wrecking grandpa

- Fantastic

I love this game! I'm having so much fun with this app. I just wish that when you surpass the points to win you'd get rewarded with more gold. Updated review: I too am having trouble getting friends to join in the game, and I have a lot of friends. But I don't care. This is still my favorite game. They don't know what they're missing!!! Update review: Cascade is still my all-time favorite game! I can't go to sleep without playing this addictive game!!!! I don't know why more people aren't playing it!!!! Come on, just give it a try. You'll love it!!! I love the weekends when there’s special tournaments. I keep surpassing my goals! This game is still fantastic in my eyes. And that's all that matters to me.

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- Cascade

I’ve been trying to lay my Cascade App for quite a few months. It won’t download new lands. I’ve sent diagnostics and correspondence but to no avail. I’ve hoped the problem would be fixed but it hasn’t. I’m so frustrated that I’m considering deleting the app permanently. Not worth having if you can’t play it.

- Cannot play this game- won't open...

This great game have horrible maintenance & updates issues... It turned from bad to worth! Now I have to delete it completely after near 300 levels played for very long, as it won't allow to open or get an update. The status on update page is always showing 'open' thus u return to same page. Tried to write to tech support but there is a bug in the app that does not allow to send any queries... ( keep showing 2 missing fields to complete & keep rejecting any support queries)! 😡 very disappointing to say the least!

- Great game

Addictive game once you figure out how to play it, haha!! I just wish I didn't have to wait so long between lives!! It's great because you can earn gold to refill lives, I love it just a little bit too much

- Cascade

I play whenever I have a few minutes! I struggle with the vines. It is totally addictive and fun. Only problems I have are when the game refills, I regularly have at least 6 refills in a row that cannot be used, so it automatically refills. That is really annoying. Lately, I have been having 3 or 4 refills before there are any available turns for me to even take.

- Great game but.....

Great game, I generally play every day but as soon as an update is done I cannot login. I get kicked back to the beginning (which is frustrating seeing that I am actually at the end of the game waiting for each new level to be released) and cannot download to bring me back to my correct level. This happens all too often to call it a freak event. If this wasn’t an ongoing issue it would be a 5 star, even if it was a once off it would be a 4 star, but all too often...1 lonely star

- Wipe out

I had over 1000 levels when the game jammed. I reinstalled but lost those levels. I started to play again and have now lost over 1000 golds. Not happy!!

- Top game cascade

Awesome game just addictive. Don't need team mates to progress. Brilliant. Fast forward a year and I still love it!! Finally got through level 920! Yay. Next level yay Yes it’s getting tough past 1000

- Joshua Taylor

I was trying to get the gold in land 1 but it is a bug except other lands. Can you fix the bugs in the game, please?

- Love this game

Why does it take so long to release new levels. Love this game, but so frustrated waiting for new levels

- Very frustrating

You offer people a free continue token if you watch a video. What a load of rubbish, you watch the video and the the app shuts down and closes app. Have to start again and the game has been lost and have to start again. There should be some compensation like free tokens.

- Great

Love it gets my mind going but frustrating sometimes. Slow to open.


The game was working well until recently until I started watching the video to get double points. After watching the video the screen freezes and I can't continue playing. If I don't opt for bonus points the game proceeds normally but I miss out on the points

- Awesome game!

Love this game it's addictive. Will not stop playing it. A year later and I'm still playing! And another 6 months, I still love it.

- Jewel match

Great game higher levels quite challenging highly recommend for those of you who enjoy a challeng

- O.taleb

Great fun and in all honesty if you don't think ahead about you moves you won't get those three gold gifts. So think ahead

- Constantly crashes

Love this game but very frustrating how when you watch a video to get extra points it freezes or crashes

- Safari

Lot of fun have been play it for months wait on new levers. It good to have new levers

- More Levels ???

I’m on level 1720 and there is no more levels 😠 It’s says it’s under construction. When are more levels available ????

- A little ripped off

If you need to re-spin because there are no matches, you shouldn’t lose a turn for it. The amount of times I’ve “spun” and had the majority of the gems all one colour and no matches, which has cost me a turn, is ridiculous. Hate the pay to win element as well.

- Cascade

I used to enjoy this game but with the latest update, the developer just doesn't seem to want us to win! I've played the daily game for years now but lately, in order to win, I would have to use helpers and they've stopped the extra free spins at the end of game. I'm rapidly losing interest here !!!!!

- Disappointed

You need to fix all your technical problems or you will lose players in droves. Constantly freezes, videos don’t load, no free money continues don’t work. Shame because it’s a very good game

- Love this game

Have been playing for months. Makes you think & strategise. Lots of fun.

- Since Lastest update it won't open

Played this Game everyday for years! Since the last update it won't open....(I click on game to play but instantly closes EVERY TIME)

- DG

When u can play it, u won’t be able to stop

- Tech issues

Great game & addictive but always so many tech issues!! Have not been able to open game at all since the latest update, so frustrating ... am over it!!


Think this game is fun, every level offers something different. Strategic and challenging!

- Great game

Enjoy playing this game interesting to beat levels

- Bombaholic

Getting a bit tired of waiting for the next land to open. 2545 played and waiting. When is it going to happen.

- Dysfunctional

Have been playing this game for a long time time and usually love it, but now it crashes and shuts down before I can even start playing. Extremely frustrating ands needs fixing

- So addictive

Always playing!

- Cascade top thinking game, hard to stop, top thinking game, up too 1,010

Fantastic thinking game Best game ever

- 👎🏻

Now I’m stuck on Game 500 in Land 32. Can’t even remember when I arrived here! This WAS my favourite game but I’ve been here so long and not getting anywhere there seems little point in playing it anymore.

- Can't stop playing

Very addictive - my favourite game.

- Can not open.

Since doing the update, it will not open. Have deleted and reinstalled several times and it still won,t open. What's the problem

- Rigged

Great game, gives lots of boosts to help you finish levels. But EVERY time I select either Star Burst or Double Points, suddenly the spins give no options or double in difficulty? Don’t bother buying these boosts as they won’t help but they do cost!

- Love it

Can’t stop playing it

- Had better

Awesome and addictive

- Cascade

Great game any age will enjoy. I am 72 and love it. Now 73 still playing it

- Cascade

What a very great game come and try

- A Paid app with all the horrible parts of a free app wanting gambling payments to win faster

Boo!!! Pay for a game. Then enter adverts and pay to win!!!! Terrible.....

- Fun

Love this game, only one problem I can't stop lol

- Disappointed

Unable to connect or update.

- I like it. It's good.

Here's my review. I like it. It is good.

- interesting

worth a try!

- Great !!!

Fun Fun Fun all the way :) Love this game

- Maintenance

Keep losing where I’m upto - does not save progress.

- Great

Super game

- Cascade

How does one get past level 255. Very hard to score 1,300,000

- Cool Game

Lots of fun!

- Love it

Love this game

Payoneer 💰

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- Merveilleux

Jeu tres interessant ainsi que les extra

- One major thing I don’t like, otherwise fun stress buster

I don’t like the number of times I play the ad for a free continue and then do not receive as promised.

- Cascade

It's a good game, kills time. Although it does get expensive, it's only major drawback.

- Problème avec ouverture du jeux

Je joue à ce jeux depuis très longtemps et je l’aime beaucoup. Dernièrement, je ne peux l’ouvrir. Ce qui m’apparait c’est seulement le titre et le reste de l’écran est noir. Pouvez-vous me corriger ce problème car il faut que j’essaie d’ouvrir le jeux 15 fois et parfois plus pour pouvoir avoir accès au jeu. Merci beaucoup! Missmika2

- I love cascade

This is Mariette Cloutier i really enjoy playing cascade sometimes I feel there is not enough spins to conquer a level. I have been trying to reach you to let you know when I sign in it is not my name Felici Renellana can you please fix this it is the second time this happens to me.

- Ou est la suite?

Y aura t il une suite à ce jeu? C’est mon jeu préféré. Depuis 5 ans que je me régale, mais depuis des moi j’attends au dernier chantier. Alors?

- Loved (past tense) this game

This has been my go-to game for years and loved passing time with it; challenging but doable without spending money. But I just bought a new iPhone and now on IOS 15 and the new “land” can’t download. I am going to miss playing. 😔


Svp! À quand la mise à jour pour les nouveaux niveaux? Je suis en attente depuis plusieurs jours…( semaines)!

- Interrupteur

Comment faire pour allumer les interrupteurs? Suis au numéro 513

- Level 24 land 3

Please remove from daily quest. Nearly impossible to get 3 stars even with the use of multiple boosts!!!! In fact get rid of it altogether.

- New levels

How long does it take you to upload new levels. I’m tired of waiting

- Cdot

When are more levels going to be added?

- Glitch

I love this game, but their are a few glitches in every level I play in, otherwise this game is really fun to spend time on!

- Won’t work

The new download won’t even play!!! Grrrrr...

- Waiting

Waiting for more games. Need more soon!

- Interesting

Interesting game.

- Wifi

Cannot play with internet turned on. It half starts and freezes but if I shut internet off it works fine.

- Glitches

First levels not bad but higher levels lots of GLITCHES, cannot tap screen without jumping all over the place! Screen goes up and down only way to fix is to reboot phone , STUPID way ! Fix bug!!! Latest update CRASHES!!! CRASHES !!!!Useless to try playing

- Favorite game

My favorite way to waste time. I usually get bored with games but have been playing this one for over a year now. I like that the levels are challenging but doable without purchasing extras. If they weren’t I would have left it a long time ago.

- WAY to long to load!

Absolutely LOVE this game but so frustrated with time it takes to load and how often the ‘continue’ button glitches! Please fix!

- Ugh!!

Giving 3 stars because of love this game, but since last update it freezes, crashes, and I get robbed of coins. :(. I'm hopeful this latest update will fix these bugs, but since there's no mention of it, I'm nervous. Programmers? Keep in mind we aren't all using newer iPads. I'd prefer fewer graphics than frustration!

- ???

Ou est le niveau 81 ?

- Good game

But Hate how cheap you got with the gold rewards. Give back 15 for three stars!

- Garbage

Wouldn't open and locked up my device. Good programming people !!

- Joy & Happiness

The most relaxing game and consider it very enjoyable.

- Just fabulous

Other than a few technical glitches along the way, it’s an outstanding game. And I haven’t spent one nickel!

- Cascade


- Family oriented? I think not!

Although I have enjoyed Cascade for quite a while, and love the challenges of each level, I have lately been disturbed by the advertising. There has been an ad for a slot game that is repeatedly being shown, which features two indigenous women barely clothed in suggestive poses. This is hardly appropriate for a family site. And it is blatantly racist and sexist, as well as being in the poorest of taste.

- Merci

Jai haye que les nouveau territoire ouvre!!

- The cascade game, What happened to all my gold that I purchased to playwith.

They seem to have disappear ?......?.....?... not nice

- Fun

Awesomely awesome fun amazing game

- Be careful

Once you start it’s hard to put this game down

- Found a bug

Love this game, but after the update my app just keeps crashing and I can’t play it anymore. It’s the only app that does this and I have an IPhone 7.

- Cascade

Great game, enjoy it lots!

- Fix it

I love this game but for the past 6 weeks there seems to be a problem when you watch the video from Cascade Today. After watching the Video the screen goes black and you have to close the game and reopen it. After watching you are suppose to receive extra points but you DONT.

- Points

Trop long à amasser des points, ça fait 2 fois que je pers tout mes points vraiment pas drôle j’en avais 7450 ça me choque pas mal.

- Cascade

Fun game

- cascades

Super impossible de décrocher, à essayer absolument, je dépasse le niveau 1071

- Freeze Issues

I would give it a 5 star , if my screen would stop freezing mid move. Extremely frustrating when there are timed bombs involved ! It has now improved . Thx .

- Cascades

Good game. Some challenging levels.

- Cascade

Lots of fun and challenging. Recommended it to some friends

- Great

Enjoying the game

- Cascade

WoW, super jeu très amusant et vraiment très bon pour les ménages. Vive Big Fish et leurs jeux qui aident â mémoire. Merci Danika

- Slow to open

Opens very slowly but enjoy playing!

- Great

Good for mindless entertainment.

- Really fun!!

Fun game, can be quite interesting!! Also refills free games fairly quickly.

- Cascades

Excellent game.

- Too hard

Why are some of the levels so hard you have no chance of getting more than one star?

- Excellent

Excellent game! Play it too much!!

- Addicting

Brain power required!

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Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure 2.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone images
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone images
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone images
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone images
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure iphone images
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure (Version 2.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure was published in the category Games on 2014-07-16 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 228.05 MB. Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure - Games app posted on 2022-04-27 current version is 2.6.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.cascadef2p