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What is big fish game finder app? Discover new Big Fish games for your iPad or iPhone – plus, find helpful and in-depth strategy guides and be the first to know about new releases and special deals, all with one app! Big Fish is THE place to find the best high-quality, immersive puzzle, mystery, and hidden object games.

Looking for new iPad or iPhone games? Find new favorites or rediscover classic series with the Big Fish Game Finder. Search through a catalog of over 700 games and be the first to know about new releases and sales on hidden object and puzzle games including the popular Dark Parables, Lifeline, Mystery Case Files and Christmas Stories series. With the Big Fish Game Finder, you are instantly connected to hundreds of the games in the Big Fish catalog for your mobile devices, with new games released every week.

• Discover the best new games for iPad and iPhone
Try new games every week! You'll always find awesome new games to love. Search, browse, and sort the ENTIRE Big Fish catalog for any device and in any genre – hidden object, adventure, solitaire, gem, and jewel match 3, word, strategy, time management, card & board, and more.

• Find the best deals and special promotions on the 'Deals' tab
Whether you're buying games on the App Store or at, use Game Finder to access current sales. New special deals and promotions pop up all the time. Check out the Deals tab every day to see the new Daily Deal.

• Master our Free Games
Big Fish has one of the largest catalogs of Free Games across the most popular genres: Match 3, Puzzle, Casino, Solitaire, Hidden Object and Role-Playing games. Enjoy some of our most popular games including:

* Gummy Drop! – Stop crushing and start squishing in this candy-themed match 3 game. Solve 1000s of addictive puzzle levels as you rebuild famous landmarks around the globe. Collect passport stamps from Sydney to Cairo to Paris, build ports to send resources to new cities!

* Big Fish Casino – Enjoy the thrill of Las Vegas with the #1 Free to play Casino app in the world. Play Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Poker live with your friends. Choose from over 90 slots, including Classic Slots, Jackpot Slots, and Scatter Slots. Play in tournaments, collect chip bonuses every 30 minutes and more!

* Fairway Solitaire – A twist on classic card games, Fairway Solitaire contains hundreds of hand-crafted levels to solve. If you love puzzle, strategy, and logic games that challenge your brain, you’ll be addicted to the unique card layouts and special “hazards” that you won’t find in standard card games like Pyramid, Klondike or Spider solitaire. Try the #1 Solitaire game in the App Store for 2+ years!

• Use 'My Games' to track and personalize your game list
See all Big Fish games that you currently or previously have installed on your device. Sort, rate, share, add game notes, and easily reinstall games all from one place.

• Search or browse helpful and in-depth Strategy Guides for FREE
Follow our crystal clear instructions and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots in mini-games, hidden object scenes, puzzles and more. Written by our knowledgeable Game Experts, each guide comes with large, detailed screenshots and fantastic descriptions. New game guides, FAQs, and how-to videos are added on a regular basis to keep you enjoying more of the games you love.

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Big Fish Game Finder Version 2.9.127 March 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. In this update: • Optimizations and bug fixes to improve overall app performance. Thanks for the continued feedback and support, and happy gaming! If you like this app, please consider taking a moment to rate/review it..

Big Fish Game Finder Comments & Reviews 2022

- Taking time for me.

Hey, This was the first game by 4 the friends that I bought. I worked hard to play each HOP. The guide is good to help you when you first start the game. This game is long enough with the extra game included. I like the twist on Sleeping Beauty. I have given it a five star rating. There are a few things I wish were different. 1. I wish it would show how many objects I have found so I don’t miss any. The map helps here but could be better. You will need to run though the game a number of times. Use the helps and guides. It is an enjoyable game. I would buy it on sale. But for $2.99 you can’t beat it for fun and it is well worth it. It’s nice to have this for a me time.

- Can’t use my credits

While my main issue with this app probably has little to do with BF and more to do with apple, I’d like to forewarn my fellow fishies anyway. I’ve been a PC fishie for years, am a member of the game club, own a good # of games and & love them. I decided to try out the app on my iphone to see how things compare. 1) gameplay is fine, no lags/issues so far 2) it’s very difficult for me to see some of the things going on, I had to take off my glasses & hold the screen too close for my comfort. It’s also a little difficult sometimes, to tap items because I couldn’t zoom in. 3) most importantly, I COULD NOT USE ANY OF MY BIG FISH GAME CREDITS! I tried a game, liked it, wanted to get the full version but apple apparently won’t let me do anything other than go through the iTunes payment system. Sorry gang, not happening! I have a lot of BF credits, have been a club member for years & can’t make use of that?!? I’m not wasting my hard-earned $$ because apple can’t work out something with BF. Ridiculous. Guess I’ll stick with my PC games for now.

- Absolutely FURIOUS!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve purchased roughly $150 in Big Fish games and my children and I have enjoyed them on my 3rd Generation iPad. Sadly, that iPad finally died just before Christmas, and my husband bought me a new iPad Pro. I went to download and install the games I’ve purchased, and NONE of them will download or install from the App Store due to “This App Must be updated to work with this version of IOS” and when I called I was told to try this app and download them from there. Problem? NONE of my games are available in the app at all. Apple Support claims there is nothing they can do. Big Fish games has zero help or information anywhere on their website, and the only contact option is email. All of the feedback I could find regarding such issues was entirely negative. My advice? Don’t waste any money on their products if it’s money you can’t afford to flush down the toilet. I now find myself looking for something to replace the games my 10 year old loved and was really upset to lose.

- Games Unplayable

iPad IOS 11 - I have about 15 games that I have purchased on the iPad more than 1 year ago and now I can’t play any of them. I have been a loyal customer since 2011 (first playing on PCs and now on iPad). I still have 39 game credits on my PC. But it seems that big fish does not care for loyal customers or their complaints. I have complained about Drawn 3 for iPad which had problems long before IOS 11 and I am sure I am not the only one. And now all our older iPad games are unplayable. The only option is to never update our iPads which is ridiculous as when you buy a new iPad, it automatically comes with the latest IOS. You are offering games on the Apple App Store, it should mean YOU are responsible for its playability for each update. You offer a lot of games but ignore them once it’s purchased. You expect us to keep buying games. You probably think losing one or two customers a month to bad publicity and worse customer service is worth the new customers you get everyday.

- Question...

I’ve been a Big Fish game lover for years. I have games on my PC, phone and tablet. There used to be new games on the tablet app at least two times a week. On Mondays and then again towards the end of the week. I have not gotten any new games for the last couple of weeks. I’ve checked to make sure I’ve gotten the newest version of the app...and it seems that I have. I see the changes in what’s on sale....but as far as new games...nothing. Am I doing something wrong or has Big Fish not released any new games in the last week or so? Any help would be great... ToniMichelle

- What is going on with Big Fish games

I have been a fishie for many years. I have played and spent a lot of money on this app. I had to change my email 2 times due to being hacked. I can no longer get the games I have already played and paid for. Also they renamed some of their games from just the game name, to collectors edition, to premiere collectors edition. They charge you even though you already played the collectors edition. They say it is a new game, but after you really get into it, you remember you already played it, and bought it again. Or you try it, and when you decide you want to play again, they recharge you for it saying you never had it before. Lately this has happened over and over. Very disapointing


I have never left a review on anything before, but i’m fuming. A while ago on my old computer I was feeling nostalgic, so I went to big fish games, and downloaded a couple old games I used to play. Somehow me purchasing downloaded games on my computer SIGNED ME UP FOR A MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP!! I received no notice that I was continually having money taken out of my account. Today I happened to check my bank account charges and saw one from big fish games. Confused I clicked on it to see that THEY WERE TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH FOR OVER A YEAR. I was unknowingly signed up for a membership and they have been leaching off my account for well over a year. I’m furious, I don’t have money to spend on something I clearly wasn’t even using I didn’t even know I had it. this whole website is a scam. don’t ever give this company any of your banking information.

- Life long player

I have been a fishie for many many years and most of that time was spent playing the games on my desktop or laptop. I just recently changed to Apple products and now play most of the games on my iPad air2. While most games play nicely, there are a few that crash every time I play them. I have well over 300 games and the only ones that fail are the ones I play on my iPad. Please tell the games maker to update the games otherwise I will not be able to play their games

- Big Fish Games

I have noticed there doesn’t seem to be as many new games as there used to be. I am grown and looking for Games is hard to find. If you have bought a game and played it do you still get to play it again for free. I heard Big Fish was sold, that’s why I am asking. It seems so Games are older games. Colors not as pretty as some games. I like the Five-BN games to. Mystery, scary with hidden objects. However I do see you are working hard to get bugs out. Send us some new,pretty scenes and colors too. Thinking back I know there’s a lot involved to make a game. So there fore I will give you a four star rating. Keep on growing.

- Buying chips

At first you hit ok then as you buy more less and less wins ! I wish it wasn’t so ! That the way it’s going with me ! But if it chances I’ll let you know ! I like play but ! If I buy ! I want to get something in return . Not just zeros ! Bf really needs to stop being greedy ! It’s really not fair ! Just say be careful ! They are slow on responding to your ticket request also !

- What's up with Big Fish?

Why can't I open my Big Fish app anymore? There are no pending updates, and all that comes up is the screen that says "Big Fish". I got it to open once, looked at the "deals" page, and can't get past that screen except once or twice the same daily deal page pops up. It is old deal, not a new one. I admit I haven't been on it in a while, but my other apps work fine. Also, why don't the games I've bought in the past work with any new system updates? Google updates their games to work with firmware updates. Some of my favorite hidden object games haven't worked since almost after I bought them. They should have been updated for free when systems were updated.

- No good just another get rich scam

I started playing this game awhile back and in the beginning it was fair and fun. In the last few months BF has became the greediest site I know. If you win anything they take it all back plus more immediately, their site revolves around their VIPs and it will take your big wins and the company will not make good on anything. They have stopped me from being able to put anything on their Facebook page because I spoke the truth and they probably won't post this either. But just so you know BF people are getting fed up with the nonsense and unfairness and you seriously need to loosen up, 10 million chips in 10 minutes is too much to take and that's daily with u people!!!! Site is awful anymore '!!!!

- Plan on paying for a game you love more than once!

I’ve purchased probably a dozen or more Big Fish hog’s over the last 4 years. After an OS update half of them no longer work. I’ve put off rating Big Fish, but I spent MY money on their games! Big Fish should offer a free update of the purchased games. I shouldn’t have to repurchase an updated version of the games I’ve already paid for one time. Two of the games I’ve been really upset about are their Christmas hog’s “Christmas Carol” and “Nutcracker HD.” They still sell these two games in updated versions. I should be able to download these in the updated version for free that work with OS11 and above. I will no longer be purchasing any of their products!

- More time management iPhone games for the U.S

I have loved big fish for years and even have a membership for almost 12 years that I have use on for my pc however I recently downloaded the app to play more games on my iPhone and every Time Management game I choose says “not available in the U.S.” since those are the games I enjoy the most it’s disappointing. I would love to see more iPhone Time Management games for the U.S. App Store but for now a way to filter the ones that are available would be nice too because I find myself clicking away trying to find one game I am able to play.

- Great Games

BigFish has a lot of really great games to offer, and you can almost always find a good deal. I took off a star for two reasons. 1. A lot of the newer games have been glitchy or having some type of problem lately. Most of them end up getting fixed, but it takes some time and is inconvenient. 2. When you go into the BigFish app, the Deals section (and maybe other sections, not sure) will always display games for the iPad even when I have the app already set on iPhone (drop down on the top of the home page). I have to change it to iPad and back to iPhone before it displays iPhone apps. Otherwise, when I click on the game and it goes to the AppStore, it will tell me the game is only available on iPad, even if the same game is available on iPhone. Other users may be getting the same thing and think they cannot download.

- Some the the best games are gone.

I’ve played many big fish games, but Drawn was my favorite by far. I really hope you bring back the Drawn series to the App Store again. Along with many older games I was really fond of. I actually hold these games close to my heart, and so many others. I would consider bringing some of the old games back. At least the Drawn series. Nothing makes me happier than going back and replaying some old favorites. I get so much nostalgia from them. I enjoy the new games as well, but the older ones have a certain charm that the newer ones don’t have.

- Worst site

I use to enjoy playing this site years ago. Not sure who took these over or started their sister site Jackpot magic slots, but they have become terrible to play, and their customer service even worse, the site charged for purchases I did not do, they told me they don’t see them and contact iTunes, thank god iTunes gave it back, they won’t let you win anymore or keep winnings for any real length of time, they give you generic answers like we can’t control the odds, When your betting 250k or better a spin and win 5thousand that’s not odds that’s a bad site! Be warned people they will just take your money if you buy coins and not give back or let you win!

- Not all good!!

This App is pretty good. I like having one place to keep certain games together. I do have one complaint so far though! One game I like a lot & played it a lot on my mini iPad. I got a new IPad Pro for a gift, which I love!! I couldn't wait to play the games on a bigger screen! All of my games except one picked right up where I left off on my mini!! Of course it had to be my favorite game that didn't. I have to play on my mini whenever I want to play it, or start at the beginning on my iPad Pro. The game is "Midnight Castle."

- Customer Service, not so much

First the good report. I use this app everyday on 3 iPads. It's become one of the first places I check in the morning. BUT, this week, I'm tweaked. Not once, but twice I've gone from the app and downloaded games that were $2.99 only to purchase in iTunes it says $6.99. Like I said, I check everyday so it's not an old or outdated ad. And on the iTunes page under In App Purchases, it says Sale price$6.99 regular price got it. $6.99. Customer service, well, if you can is hard to access and just a pain. Come on BF. No new games for 3 months?

- Enjoyable? Yes. Problems? Yes.

There are a ton of great choices for games, and they are all a lot of fun. It is great that you can have an hour trial of games you want to try before purchase. It s also great that you can use credits to buy most games-just not new games. However, I have had troubles a few times downloading games that I wanted to purchase or try. It freezes, or downloads then says trial is over? Frustrating at times. Otherwise this app is awesome, and I have been a member for a few years!! 👍🏻😀

- Buyer Beware

Big Fish is running a scam so big that I wonder why they’re allowed to continue to operate. They charge around $7 for each game (more if you want to get anywhere with their “free” games) and n e v e r update them. Not for iOS updates, not even for defects. So, if you recently updated your device and want to play a game you paid for, you’re out of luck. If you really like the game, you could pay for it again and play it on a desktop. Nothing shady there. My point is, this company charges for games that they do not make available for use after a couple of rounds of iOS updates. They need to refund or update. Otherwise you’re just donating money to a scam.

- Replaying games

With many of the games you can play a trial version and then unlock the full version. The problem I have is that when I would like to go back and play the game again, there is no distinction between the ones I bought and the ones I tried. The only way to determine if I have already purchased the full version is to go through the process again and see if It tells me I have already purchased it or it processes payment for it; which can be quite expensive as many of the games when not on sale are $6.99-which is way too much for a game.

- App not working correctly

I've deleted and reinstalled this app, but it still goes crazy when I try to write a review. It freezes. Sometimes, after a minute or so, it unfreezes to let me write a review. But, mostly it just freezes. I've had this app for years without a problem. But now, no matter what I do, it sticks. It drives me crazy, since I WANT to review the titles for myself and others. I don’t want to waste my time replaying the sample of a game I already tried and didn’t want! I reported this issue before, and all I got was a suggestions to delete and reload. Still doesn’t work right!

- Great graphics....

....and I like the new type game play....the music is relaxing and facilitates thinking. I’d say the only thing that bothers me is instead of being allowed to look at things like the closed and locked window, I get a question box...I’m still not sure what that means for me to do, action wise.... ***But since I just laid out my $7.00 dólares, I would guess I like the game. I did like the first ‘move this over’ puzzle....are there more? Back to the game!

- Love

I have always loved Big Fish Games. With their prices they have always returned that love in spades. I hope God continues to bless them abundantly. Their customer service is world class and very WONDERFUL. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AT BIG FISH GAMES. I HAVE BEEN WITH YOU SINCE THE EARLY 00’s and it’s only gotten better. I love you all in Christ. Even if you were horrible tho I would still love you but your not. Your wonderful. Thank you

- Not good

First off, why in the hell have you not updated requital, weird park, and several other games to go on iOS 11? I thought this game might help me play that series again, but no. This is actually kind of scamming, because this app is supposed to help you find every big fish game ever made, and weird park and requital, as well as the grim tales series and Nightmare Realms, are not here. I used to love your games, but if you don’t bring the old ones back, I won’t play them anymore. Either get up and update your games or add them here.

- Great games, Always!

Have been playing many, many, Big Fish Games! I am so glad to have gotten"hooked" on then, over a decade ago. Never been disappointed, except for some very Challenging games that I was not able to beat. Only disappointed in myself, for not enduring, to the end. I love all the great games, that are from Big Fish. Period, enjoy!!!😘🎶👣💕🌹 -gene-

- Love! I Wish Though

Always love the hidden object games! Only wish there was away they can mark the games in our accounts (in the app) to show which ones we’ve purchased instead of downloading it again just to see if its one we’ve already paid for. Other than that it’s great!

- Fun game!

Not too hard, not too easy. LOTS and I mean lots of puzzles to do. I like the sparkly hidden object games better than puzzles. There are less of those than the puzzles but they are not your typical hidden object games. They have extra steps to them, or you can chose to do match 3 instead. Over all I really enjoyed this game!

- Update

Since only the older games have a strategy guide included as part of the game, I've gotten used to and appreciate the big fish app. Switching back-and-forth between fantasy and reality still breaks the mood, but it's better than wandering in the wilderness. PS. Please stop interrupting the games with ADS!

- Big Fish app

I love the app. It's great to find the hidden object games. So many to choose from. I myself must have 50 or more of them. My favorite about the app are the 2 games in the mini game section. I play them faithfully every day. When are you going to produce the third one? Can't wait to see what it will be.

- Beware Big Fish needs to update games or may not work with iPad

I have 8 games that were purchased from Big Fish games Sacra Tera Angelic Night, Sacra Tera Kiss of Death, Twisted Lands Shadowtown, Twisted Lands Insomniac, Twisted Lands Origins, Phantasmat Crucible, Echoes of sorrow, and vampire saga 2. All of these games are hidden object games which I cannot play since updating IOS 11. When I try to play it states developer needs to update it to work with iOS 11. Contacted Big Fish no response to 1st email. Sent another email response was told to contact Apple for refund which I cannot get since past 60 days.

- Not for you if you have anything other than a PC or MAC

I have a membership and have accrued 9 credits. When i went to finally order games for my iPad or iPhone i find out i cant use credits. You have to purchase the games through more money. Now I'm stuck with credits i can’t use and customer didn’t offer refund or apologize. I sure don’t remember being told/reading this important tidbit. Lesson learned for me, but i will paste it everywhere i can so others don’t make the same mistake

- Thank you so much Bigfish🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thank you all for your support and assistance every week and thank you for your wonderful and successful work. Thank you also for the wonderful customer service and their service to us to the fullest and quick response to all our inquiries and assistance good luck 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

- Enjoy the story

The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is that I never get to read the whole story. I touch the screen and it skips past it, and there is no way to go back and replay those parts. I’m sure some people complain because it slows the game down, but for me, the story is a big part of the enjoyment of it. No complaints otherwise!

- Games won’t work in a year. Don’t waste your money

I have purchased many Big Fish games over the years and spent quite a bit of money doing so. Now I have at least 20 games that I’ve purchased in the past that can’t be downloaded cause Big Fish doesn’t update them. It says the developer needs to update them to work with iOS 11. I have free apps that I have been able to use for years and on the newest iOS and yet their $7 games....well too bad. Very frustrating!! No longer supporting this company.

- Love big fish except for a few glaring issues:

The inability to use big fish credits to buy in iTunes is ridiculous. I rarely play games on my Mac, but frequently use my phone and or iPad. Speaking of that, downloading games during a sale, then coming back a week later to find out they are inoperable in my current (most uptodate) iOS system is BS!! I paid for it, but can’t play it?!? How is that right!?


To make more of these games. I miss them so much! If not the whole game, consider to make an app with just the mini games. I loved the, the most. I would love to contact the developers of my favorite games and see if they're going to make more. It would be great. Everything else is boring.

- BigFish

I belonged to BigFish, a few years ago and couldn't wait to see what new games they would come out. I believe your games are very good for the mind.😳 Your games are very entertaining if you want something to relax with and sometimes can be challenging .Cant wait for something new.😀

- Love It!!!!!!

An easy way to find great games. It doesn't really matter what kind of games you like to play-they will have something great. Even the ftp games they have available are some of my favorites and I haven't spent my savings in order to advance or to simply enjoy the game. Give it a try.

- Awakening

I have been playing Awakening for the past 5years and I am really sad to think you won't update it. When I started I was undergoing chemo and radiation. It gave me something to look forward to each day . I am on level 74 abs would really like to make level 100

- Midnight castle

I have been a member a long time. I even have the Big Fish fish. I have loved Big Fish games until about a year ago and now I cannot play my favorite game. I play on my iPad never had a problem and right after I bought credits for the game I can’t get the game to open nada nothing. I have done what they tell me to do and it still won’t open. I have bought a lot of games lots of $$ on all games I play but now very disappointed it’s been about a year or more and I still can’t play

- Competition

Basically all about being a casino slot strategist which mostly consists on knowing when to bet high or low takes time to learn but very fun and addictive come give it a try you won’t want to play any other game again!

- Frustrated

I’m getting really frustrated with the error.....the app isn’t available for your country or region. It’s happened too many times for a lot of games. If this is a thing, you need to have a country setting so we only see those that are available in our country. I’ve been a bfg fan for decades, but I’ve been let down too many times over the past several months over this error.

- Memories of mom.

I really love these hidden games. Before my mom passed away we use to set and play these games all day. She enjoyed them alott. I want to thank big fish for her and myself. It is a memory that I will carry with me until the day I die. Now my daughter and I play them together. Thanks alott. Kathy Masterson.

- Big fish games are worth every penny.

I've been playing big fish games for a number of years. The games are worth every penny! The deals that are offered are very fair. The graphics for hidden object games are gorgeous. I've never been disappointed.

- Useless app

Just a way for big fish to capture your email address so they can spam you with their worthless promotions. The app only works if you open an account with this highly over rated company. And the sales items are a lie. I downloaded a game on sale for $3.99; bought the full version and was charged $6.99. The price is hidden from your view when you make an in-app purchase so you'll never know you're being scammed until you get a receipt from Apple.

- Can’t Use Credits on Apple Devices

The games are fine. Nice gameplay, interesting storylines (often a bit dark). Big Fish is one of the few developers left to offer pay once play forever games for tablets. But don’t join the monthly club if you are on apple devices. Buy games separately instead.

- Big Fish, BIG FUN

Big Fish games are the best, especially Collectors Editions. I've spent many peaceful, fun hours, days, and weeks playing Big Fish games and have never seen better! You can't lose playing Big Fish, (even though you might not always win...😸)

- Too many ads.

Even though the app is free to download the games each have to be purchased. I have played Big Fish Games, mostly hidden object games on my pc for years. Many hours of enjoyment. Having recently started playing some on my iPad I am totally frustrated by the number of ads and being repeatedly asked to rate the game while playing. This destroys any momentum and enjoyment of the game itself. I am frustrated to the point that I am ready to remove the games and app.

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- Kerry Hayes Review

I have been playing Bigfish games on various devices for about 8 years. The games I choose are excellent. I’ve only rejected about two games, solely because they were not my style, not because of the quality of the game. I am very ill, and these games help me very much with and use these games as a part of cognitive therapy. Memory use. Thank you Bigfish.

- Great!

I've used BFG for quite a while now (playing mostly hidden object games, a few time management or puzzles here and there) and it's great to have it on a mobile device. It is a little bit slow but that could just be my phone as I've got an iPhone 5, and I do wish I could see what specials they have on for PC games through the app because that would make it a lot easier for me. Other than that, great app!! Keep up the great work Big Fish! ❤️

- Poor performance and functionality

Been using the games app for a few years now, surprised that there has been no improvement. Incredibly slow todo anything in the app, after any step you do, have to wait for whole page to reload. Whenever you load a game to download, the list reloads to the very top and have to slowly scroll back down to continue looking at games lower down; if you go too fast, the whole list freezes and reloads. This is on newest iPad, with up to date app and iOS. Really need to fix this BigFish.


New to BIGFISH but really enjoying myself so far my good friend described you to me as fun; exciting and the big kids games. I really can understand where she is coming from; I have only just begun and am already HOOKED ON BIG FISH What a catch not that I see myself as much of a fisherman but here goes another line it's a good way to catch your daily feed of games. PS: thanks for your help BIG FISH

- Love it!

I have played BFG for years now, I love the app, it makes purchasing and downloading so easy. I'm a bit disappointed that if I want to play my favourites that I downloaded on windows app, I have to pay again, however I love BFGs so many good games to play. Thank you BFG. 👍👍👍❤️ Pauline. 😊

- Not Happy

Since the new update, have had problems downloading BFG App on IPad. Some of the games for Aussie players are just too expensive. And some of the games that are coming in lately are either dark and grizzly or too much witchcraft. It is a shame, because you use to have some good games. Update: Can download App, just can't download any BFGames off App. Please fix.

- Helpful

With s many games to choose from it helps being able to search and compare to find the one you want.

- Doesn't sync installed or new purchases

I find this app only useful to buy new games. The installed and purchased sections don't work and support could not help to resolve this. Installed shows no games even if I have 5 installed. Purchased doesn't show all new games, only some. Very frustrating and even worse that Big Fish can't resolve this for me. I have the latest iOS installed too. Very disappointing.

- Patn

Used to be a great site for interesting and challenging games, but since being taken over there are very few new games, lots of clunky old ones at discounted prices, and lately absolutely nothing, new or old. As an Aussie subscriber I refuse to pay for full price games but I will happily pay up to AU$5. Very very disappointed with the total lack of support. Don’t know where to go for decent games now.

- A bit disappointed

I have be pen a faithful BFG addict since the beginning and have been playing your games ever since! For years BFG has been THE place for variety and quality. You can imagine the disappointment when I looked at the winter sale and saw the same gameplay rings on the second pic of every game on the Winter sale. Common guys! Don’t lose your edge!!!! ,

- Big Fish Game App.

I love ❤️ your game apps. But I have just downloaded : Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny. Which you advertised that game would cost $3-99. And now you're going to charge me $5-99. What is going on. Can you please fix Dark Romance; Romeo & Juliet.

- Please

Can you please update all the puppetshow ones please please because I loved those games to death and it would mean so much to play the mystery of joyville again.

- Not working

I have 300+ games which I have purchased over the last 10 yrs, now they won't go to full games, or when I play them it flicks back to start again after collecting 2 items. This has start 2 weeks ago what is going on. I can't play most games on my iPad Pro cause no up dates and I can't check the bigfish game app cause it won't start up are you trying to scam us now

- Big Fish Games

I play these games on my Laptop computer as well as my I Pad. The developer of this Company is very clever and the games produced are very entertaining. Thank you so much Sanmax

- Great app but!

It’s a great app to find my hidden objects games but a lot of them are not compatible with the new update so I can’t play any of the ones I have already downloaded,very annoying,please get those games undated

- Big Fish Games Rock

I really love the Big Fish hidden objects games. I have been playing them for years. The Collectors editions never let you down. Thanks Big Fish!

- Very efficient!!

I only use the app to purchase HOS games, but having all of them in one place to choose from is awesome!!

- Hours of fun

Love these games but would love even more if games were cheaper!!

- It’s not what it used to be

Sadly I spend so much money on bigfish games in the past and they won’t work anymore because bigfish won’t update to new platforms. Now I’m playing just one game which is free and it won’t work either lol really guys how did you went from being one of the best to this pitiful state?

- Why can’t I find my favourite games

Especially the ones I downloaded. I can’t even open Dana Knightstone. I had a collection and now all I have is death and betrayal. Please don’t delete these games.

- Good

Some games are still way to expensive for what they are. Enjoy the games though

- Bigfish

I love this app. It's very easy to use. I can always find the game I want.

- Big Fish Games

Love love love it. So many games to choose from. Thank you

- Got for good deals

Have an app that doesn’t really contribute anything a simple search could do ... but was advertised as giving deals ... didn’t really offer any good deals.

- Big fish games not working with iOS 11

I have purchased several big fish games that will now not open since updating ios11. Is there any way of rectifying this?

- Brilliant game

So amazing, love playing this every day. Thank you so much

- Goof fun

Enjoy the game it will be easy to play if games are cheaper

- Bored

No new games have been added in a very long time. Still waiting for the new Dark Parables games to become available on IOS and I haven’t seen a new Redemption Cemetery or Mystery Case Files game either. Disappointed 😞

- Gummy Drop Crash

I was in Lisbon until Gummy Drop crashed. I was told to delete and then reinstall. Bad mistake! After reinstalling it, it took me back to start in AustraliaI I have been in touch with Gummy Drop but they can’t seem to get it right! DISAPOINTED!!!!

- Great game

Great app for downloading and buying games

- Too many Pop Ins

Even after purchasing a Big fish game, the advertisements still pop in whenever I start the app

- Big fish games

Games are getting too expensive and twice now I have played free ok, then paid and could no longer play the game

- Great app

This is a great app,great games,and we'll set up

- Big Fish

Great app. Very happy with Big Fish Games.

- Downloads

Once purchased, it is so much hassle to download the game on a Mac. The service and user face could be so much better.

- Big fish

Great app

- Living in Australia

Hello developer as l’m from Australia I can’t access a lot of your games 😭😤. This is frustrating and very disappointing. Please fix.

- A big fan

I have been with big fish for a very long time and I have been very happy as they keep me informed of all the latest games that have come out. I have gained some excellent games which I have enjoyed immensely.. One thing I have noticed is the abundance of hidden puzzle games which has increased. I like that style of game but lately they don't appear to be as challenging or interesting in their story line like they used to but that does not deter me from still being with big fish. It would be great to see more variety..

- Terrible

Really bad app no win scam I can show you people with over a 1 million zero spins

- Old hat

No new hidden object games for over 6 months

- Games deleted

Gotten rid of games with no updates or replacements.

- I love

I love playing this with my nan but I want to get a app called Claus but it’s not on there. Please bring it back

- Maze

Did not like this game. Difficult at times. Waste of money.

- Mad Mouse

Why have you taken off Mad Mouse ???

- Not the greatest app

It's ok, you can see some games, but the games aren't organized into categories, and you can't see prices in the app, you have to exit out of the app and go into the app store to see the price, and even then the ones that are just 'try' you don't find out the price until you finish the trial...I feel the games are also overpriced. I don't think it should be the same price for an iPad app as a computer game. Especially since you play for a couple of hours and finish and that's it, it's not something you could play over often because you know where everything is, so to me it's not worth the 8 bucks.

- big fish games

I started playing mystery games and have found the( BIG FISH )ones the best . I played one from ALAWAR it was basically a where's Wally it sucked . Big fish have made evan the hidden objects interesting , put the game on hard with no hints and it goes on for day,s you won't wan't to put it down . What improvement cans be made is less hidden object room's more coded messages .

- Great idea but needs a little work

I love Big Fish games but there are so many that there is definitely a need for an app like this to help find more BF games as u complete them. However this app does need some work. I would find it a lot more useful if it categorized games into different types (eg time management, hidden object etc) and if each game description actually had some blurb about what the game is. The one liner u get in the app's current form doesn't tell u anything useful about what u can expect if u download it. Would also be very cool if it had a "if u liked this game u'll also like game xyz" type function but we're getting a bit flash now lol ;)

- Needs to sync more with App Store for bargains

I love this app for info on the latest games and ability to use strategy guides when I get stuck. Service is fantastic when having a problem, BUT the advertised price for deals offered by Big Fish is not upheld by Apple through the App Store. Is there any chance this could be remedied for future purchases? Also love the daily hidden objects game. Thanks for this. Keep up the great work and the good games coming!

- More iPad games needed

Can there be more strategy and puzzles games for the iPad, there are plenty for the PC on the big fish website. Also, can the interface for searching for games be like the website, broken into specific categories. It would be much easier to find things. Thanks for the great games, we need more.

- great game

The layout of the game was easy to navigate and the hints were good. The puzzles were good and generally easy to work out and play. The only negative, minor, was that the whilst that the inventory told u what thongs things were (which is great) they popped out which was weird and annoying. All in all,a great game ... I've played it twice already!!

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- Bigs Fichs

Voici mon opinion votre politique est qu'ont acheté vos jeux et que l'ont peut les rejouer mais j'en ai acheter tous à part ceux d'enfants et ceux anglais mais la quand je veut rejouer certain que cela fait longtemps que je n'ai jouer ont me dit qu'il ne trouve pas mon achat alors que je sais que je l'ai déjà jouer et en plus j'ai dit en racheter pour jouer cela est du vol pur et simple vous ne pratiquer pas votre politique qui est dans votre parole et je ne payerai plus aucun jeux de Bigs Fish et le pire c'est qu'il et de Apple merci

- Objets cachés en français

Super jeux le fun Bravo

- Love It But..

For some reason my app is not opening anymore.. it shuts itself down before it even loads up anything and I love this app and used it a lot to buy games... is it just me or are others having problems too.?

- Gummy drop

N,ouvre plus Merci


Why don’t you update the first of your series so that we can move them onto newer systems. I have Dark Parables, Phantasmat, 1000 Doors that I cannot play cause you won’t update old games that WE purchased, so why keep buying your games since in the future you will not upgrade these ones either?!?!!

- Minotaur is glitchy!

have reloaded the game twice now and it continues to freeze

- Updates

Updates used to be easy for Gummy Drop on my phone but I haven’t been able lately to find where to update the game. Now I am locked out and I would like to get back to playing this game. Please advise where I update on my phone.

- This is crap!

SERIOUSLY not pleased any more. I tap on a game I would like to try only to be brought to the app store and told not available in my area!!! Is Big Fish ONLY for people living in the US? It is a serious piss off when 85% of the games for apple devices are not available in my area. Seriously considering deleting this app from my device cause what's the point in having something that only works 100% for people living in the United States of America and no where else. So upset.

- GUMMY drop


- Old is old

Loved this for so many hidden object games. But no new ones in months which is heartbreaking!! New some new games!!

- Supers. jeux. Jamais je cherche bookworm. De luxe français


- Décevant

Le jeu est bon, mais beaucoup trop court pour le prix demandé. Une arnaque!

- Big Fish

C’est triste qu’on ne puisse pas l’avoir en français. Mais j’aime vraiment ce jeu. Mireille

- Never changes

I’ve been on this app for a few years, the games never change, I’ve played them all, I’m hoping for new material but I don’t think I’ll get it, is it still running? Getting updated? I can’t tell

- Great Games

I love Big Fish games. They are awesome, interesting, challenging and they sure work your mind.

- No updates

I got a new iPad and wanted to replay my favourite game series (Awakening, Dana Knightstone) and most are unavailable. Very disappointed as it was “one price, play forever”, well not if I can’t even download to this iPad! PLEASE update your games I would love to play them again.

- No new releases in forever.

Will have to stop playing and paying. Getting bored. Again where are the new releases. No seek and find type games in probably a year

- Free trial

After I downloaded the game for free trial a window opened saying I had to buy the game for $9.99.

- Bravo

Toujours des jeux fascinant j’adore milles bravo!!!!!!!

- Hidden object

Great so far like that I can play for free before I decide

- Awesome mystery games keep them coming plz

Amazing games love them please keep adding more of your mystery/ hidden object games because they are so amazing

- Add Rush Hour! gas station for IOS!!

Add Rush Hour! gas station for IOS!!

- Hidden object games

Why no new games for iPad format. Even the ones I purchased most are no longer available. Pay once play forever, NO not so. I was an avid gamer however nothing to buy for iPad. What’s up with that😒

- Love this app!

I love the hidden object games and have found many that really stump me, but I keep moving on until I finish the game and then move up to a higher challenge!

- Nothing new

Big fish has stopping publishing games over 6 months ago. No warning, nothing. Terrible company who doesn’t care about their customers!

- Petite sirène

Et acheter ce jeu trois tableaux plus tard plus capable d aller dans les salles.Je suis très déçu.

- ??

What is going on with the Big Fish app?? Why has Dance Macabre been on the new games list for the past year almost?? I find I’m being recharged for games I’ve already bought a couple of years ago! You guys really need to revamp this thing! I don’t even buy your games anymore with the fear that you are displaying extremely old games as new! Do you people even read your reviews? Did you put someone new in charge of the Big Fish app and they don’t know what they are doing?? Or do you guys even monitor what is going on?? The app is ridiculous now. You are losing a long time(years) faithful customer as of now. This app is a joke...uninstalling!

- jeu plus la

the best of lycan isle nest plus la ,deception jai eu

- The little prince

Trying to play this game but stuck at the point of putting boots onto fox. Nothing I’ve tried helps and the strategy guide is useless.

- Cœur de glace

Incapable de terminer le jeu déjà payé

- Fishdom

Exciting! Holds the interest, while providing marvellous (sometimes aggravating) puzzles, with intriguing rewards for your aquariums.

- Disappointed

You use to be able to view games within the app now they won’t load and takes you straight to the App Store kinda stupid if you ask me what’s the point of this now

- StraySouls

Best game ever!

- Games unavailable in Canada.

Why can a not download games for big fish in CANADA???

- 15 minutes I'll never get back

Title says it all. Deleting app. Did a search for the game I play. Tried both iPhone and iPad. Can't find even though I play it on my iPad. Check the size of app. It's just advertising of stuff you don't have. Installed because it promised check out our sale.

- Big Fish Games

Right now I would say that Big Fish games is on their way down as far as updating their Apps to work on the iPad. I have lost close to 65 games that I like to play. I paid real money for some of these games, now they will NOT work. This is very disappointing and discouraging for me from this developer. PLEASE update your games.

- My games ...

Please help me , I own about 40 games and need to change my password and email . Not letting me do this ... WHY ... I love ❤️ playing , my computer was broke and now I need to put in new email and password ... please please!

- Golf solitaire

I am very disappointed in the delay of the games on this site.

- Love it

I love these games. The graphics are great and they are super fun.

- Glitch

Game constantly glitched. 2/3 of the way through, game says you’ve finished the game do you want to play again? No

- Expensive

I used to love these games, they are entertaining and fun! I would buy at least one a week when they were $5 or less but now they’re $10, way too much for a game I can beat in 2 days. It’s a real bummer

- Why is game FOUND not being updated

I have been playing Found for couple of years and love it and also like that at certain holiday periods specials are offered. Why has this been abandoned .. Very disappointed that this special game is not being taken care of for the users. Please help with updates

- Big fish sucks

You Buy a game and then later on they make you have to rebuy it again.

- IPad App.

I like it very much easy to find games ! Been with Big Fish for years Best gamer app! Love them

- Does not open anymore

This was a great app to find games, but as of March 2018, it does not work on iPad 3, so no longer any possibility of finding out what games are out there, which is too bad. If it is no longer compatible, the it should state so, so no one will get their hopes up, because it was an awesome app. Been a fan for many years, so would be glad if someone cleared that up.

- J'adore,👍👍👍

Grande variété et beaucoup de jeux très intéressant,merci pour les offre à rabais pour l'achat des jeux.

- Problems!

Nothing but issues when I try to download most of your games. Wasn't always like this. So what's going on? I'm giving up soon. Thanks, SweetherbT

- Disappointed

I have played many games with the bigfish app on my desktop for years. I have just recently downloaded it on my iPad , Not happy. I can no longer buy games for my iPad. All of the newest games require the iOS level 10 or higher. Unfortunately my iPad cannot get that update. Can you please remove the pop ups? The app shows what games are available,but when you start playing a game ( even the ones you pay for) there is a pop up ad as soon as you start the game. It isn't necessary, and if you hit it by mistake you are redirected out of your game just to have to click cancel and reload your game again. Please lose it. Ok now what's wrong? Buying games that crash. Trying to buy games after I've played the free trial but it won't let me buy. And now this BFGApp crashes too

- Got to the last part of the purchased game and it didn’t allow me to finish

I played up to the very last step and when I declined to rate it the credits came up and I can’t finish without redoing the entire game. For $10 I expect to be able to finish it. 😡

- Are u kidding me

I have purchased games in the past and now I can’t play them because now they are not available in Canada so do I get my money back

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Big Fish Game Finder 2.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Big Fish Game Finder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Big Fish Game Finder iphone images
Big Fish Game Finder iphone images
Big Fish Game Finder iphone images
Big Fish Game Finder iphone images
Big Fish Game Finder iphone images
Big Fish Game Finder Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Big Fish Game Finder (Version 2.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Big Fish Game Finder was published in the category Games on 2011-05-01 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 115.45 MB. Big Fish Game Finder - Games app posted on 2018-03-27 current version is 2.9.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.gamefinder