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What is throne rush app? Reveal an amazing fantasy world and create your own kingdom!

● Build, fortify, protect! A huge variety of buildings and resources;
● Unique mercenary — you can upgrade them until they’re invincible!
● Special heroes with special talents: archer, swordsman mage and more;
● Exciting quests every day — you won’t get bored!
● Fight with no mercy to destroy your enemies;
● Epic campaigns — kill all the monsters!
● Many clans and strategy alliances;
● Unique thematic events, heroes and artefacts;
● Priceless help from your friends.

Brave Warlord, the Empire will be yours!

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Throne Rush Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Throne Rush Version 5.26.012 April 2021

Orc Ability.

Throne Rush Version 5.24.024 February 2021

We made several changes to improve the game’s performance and stable game’s functioning..

Throne Rush Version 5.23.820 December 2020

Certain technical changes were implemented in order to maintain the game’s functioning..

Throne Rush Comments & Reviews 2022

- Upgrade asap

For some reason the game freezes a lot since the new update, it's very frustrating I need to close the game and restart it also the lightning and astroids sometimes have no affect at all due to the game freezing Maybe it's just my iPhone I don't know Ether than that the game is awesome and a lot of fun

- Hard work!!

With hard work and time you can achieve about anything in game! Trophies.... if you got the time you can win the trophies!! Artifacts... you can get them with the wheel of fortune but that’s time consuming but possible with out gem. To win all artifacts every bastion very hard with out a great team and gems, pay to play for that one. Hero’s can be upgraded but there again take a long time but consistency will get them, free gems vids and spending them for hero’s will get them there is a way for everything g but it takes a ton of time, keep morale low to be paired to your level opponents. Happy battling!!

- A lot to like

This game has quite a bit to like especially when you start playing. It seems to me that it’s set up for new players to get a quick start with short times in leveling up buildings. What I figured out was those those quick leveling times become meaningless because when you start pvp match it takes a very long time searching for an opponent that you have even a slim chance to win a match. I guess that should have been obvious but it wasn’t to me. I like the characters, the look and many of the unique buildings but it seems to expensive for me to continue. That’s my limitation and not an issue with the developers.

- Terrible and gotten worse

I get games like this want you to purchase items. But this one pretty much wont ever allow you any success without purchases. Sand accumulation is almost impossible. People 10 to 12 levels higher than you always can attack so you never gain ground. Without sand you will not make it and the match up system unfairly allows people way higher than you to come attack and take much of your sand. You pretty much make people purchase things. While it is given to get people to spend money, this game is just so openly blatant about it. Tired of it. Will be deleting it.

- Last update ruined the game

This used to be a fun game to play here and there but it’s been totally ruined by micro transactions. The developers made that clear with the last update. They cut the armies in half and reduced the output of everyone’s mines. This is without reducing any of the prices for upgrading your buildings. 1 Wall Cost you $5 million gold and 30k sand to upgrade. Your mines only produces 8k gold now and 1k sand an hour. Do the math, it’s not worth it. People that are 10-20 levels higher than you consistently wipe you out. It’s no longer fun. Everything costs gems now including your hero upgrades.

- Hello

have some suggestions to improve the game and make it more fun. Make the soldiers in the castle attack the enemy to defend it. Also, when the enemy castle is attacked and defeated, the remaining soldiers return to the castle. Improving the picture and graphics quality and making the building shapes close to the old shapes to increase the fun

- Still does not update

Does not update with iPhone SE.

- Horrible

Like so many others have mentioned, the latest update ruined this game and nobody seems to care. Probably won’t care until enough of us drop it like a hot rock. Greed, Greed, Greed. Finally had enough of the BS updates and changes that slowed progression and forced people into spending money. Deleted game. By the way, if you are looking into this game, the pictures in the description look NOTHING like the game. Believe me, it is not that action-packed. Don’t be fooled. This game is a racket and a joke.

- Bad game just got worse

I agree, the last update ruined the game. I get attacked so much and make so little that I can’t even afford to upgrade one wall piece. And I’ve been patiently upgrading my castle for over a year which has been working but aggravatingly slow. Now it’s impossible. The game developers are greedy and their game will eventually dry up and disappear. I’ll wait for an update to fix their last mistake but if they don’t the next update will be a hard DELETE.


This game deserves so much appreciation because it reminds me of The Lord of the Rings in so many ways. If you are searching for a great medieval upgrading game then this is it. I appreciate the developers in the amazing art work you have created!!

- Please update

Please update troop looks also how does people know what they need to destroy your base. The algorithm is messed up how does a player with 0 trophies be found by a player with 660 trophies as an example. It’s really messed up please fix your game. Or people will end quickly quitting the game and stop supporting the game please update your system and game!!!!

- Updates

Hey can you guys make it to where you can still open and play the game even thou there is an update available!!

- Give up

I used to be able to win 75% of the time now its like no strategy works for me and i cant get the millions and milli ns i need to upgrade my soldiers ... i mean my upgraded dragons get destroyed way yo fast to the point of them being useless...unless im willin yo pump money into it ... uninstalled movin on sad to cuz ive been around 6 years and spent quite a bit of money to get were i was

- 4 yrs playing

I used to love this game , I played it every day , the last update ruined it , it’s no longer fun I would not recommend this game

- Thief’s

The only way you are able to get ahead is to purchase items, either jewels, troops, spells, etc. then they come out with a update and take back everything you paid money for except you buildings and jewels. But they make your building less powerful, your barracks hold less troops. The support email is invalid.

- What a Terrible Update

I used to play this game everyday, until the update... Mines are now producing 10% and upgrades are impossible to mine for without paying for gems. Sand is impossible to earn and higher players constantly attack to steal resources. Thanks for ruining 3 years of fun! 0/5 stars, 2 thumbs down, Unsatisfactory

- Update ruined everything

Why did y’all make the troops half? I was really liking the game when my friend recommended it and it was a great game. Even better than clash of clans in my opinion but now you guys halved the troops and I can’t be attacking nobody at eagle league with 26 trolls and 2 wizards it makes no sense. Fix it asap.

- It’s a good game but

I’ve been playing for a while, I may have leveled up 5 buildings in the past year... I agree with the negative assessments but it’s a good game...still playing a year later... still programmed to fail... I did upgrade two buildings

- Update

Idk if anyone else is having this problem but it will not let me update the game in the app. I have tried numerous times and still can’t enter the game. Please help. I want to play my game. Sincerely, A game girl

- Fun game

Pay attention to how attackers beat you. It's about strategy.

- Used to be so much fun!

when i first started playing this game in 2013 it was so much fun. i was addicted. then, the introduction of sand ruined virtually every aspect of the game and then the developers got greedy as hell. now, the game is virtually unplayable without spending money. what a shame.

- Disappointed

I played this game for 5 years. The most recent update made me delete the game! It’s impossible to gain ground without spending big money! Sorry, but before too long will end, just like Mafia Wars did. Greed never pays!

- New Update

Russians are hacking this game and they don't allow anyone to win in Brother Hood.. have raised the ticket but don't get response .... don't put money for gems at this game is hacked ...

- Cityville Clone

Good Click-bait Cityville clone, but definitely NOT an RTS game comparable to Warcraft 2 or Total Annihilation. This is not RTS gameplay; this is a ploy to get you to pay cash for gems. However, it can be played (very slowly) without buying gems.

- Meh

I started playing this game after reaching the point in so many other games where everything takes 5 or 6 days. Now I'm reaching that point here. I have to say there has got to be a better way to make money on your games than by making things take several days. All that does for me is make me not want to play for several days because any resources I get in battle will be lost by the time I get a chance to use them. Also, while this game is pretty cool, the images you show of the game look nothing like what the actual game looks like. Maybe that was just an idea of what it would be before you actually put it on the iPhone and realized the hardware restrictions, but it makes the user feel lied to. Please replace with actual images of the game that you are downloading.

- Last update Horrible

Hope this next update is better. This game was cool, but last update was so bad I’m We lost over half of our brotherhood.

- Update ruined everything.

The last update earns you barely 20% of stuff you used to. It ruined everything.

- New update deletes everything and you start at the beginning

Worst ever; spent 3 years and it wipes everything out and puts you back to day 1, thanks!😡😡🤷🏻‍♂️

- About game

Best game forever

- A

Just perfect game !

- Russian Bot Trolls

They just want you to spend money. No way to advance without spending money.

- Total Let Down

Seem very promising in the beginning but then became another greedy coc wanna be.

- The best

I love this game

- we’re good players

we’re good players

- Awesome game......

Awesome game is all I can say!

- Another CoC

Boring give me my time back and hundred fifty dollars

- Awesome!!

Fun Game!! Good Prices!!😃

- Good

This game is fun

- Rip off of clash of clans

This non English speaking company is a joke! Only way to get gems is to give out personal info that has ruined my emails and I'm harassed by callers now to a point I'm hAving to change my number and email. Plus I got no gems for these surveys and support will not respond or refund me what I was never given as agreed. I bought a builder that clash of clans offers Permanently. Come to find these guys tell you u are buying them but really ur renting. When I complained about them scamming me on the purchased builder they took a week to respond saying it was temp and the second builder would disappear... Proving either supporthas no true English speaking staff or they are just that out of the loop. This games does start me over and support has been no help so the only way I can play is to restore a back up of my phone. This game is not worth my time anymore since this is such poor coding and support and y'all clearly just want our info. You are a poor company as ur buisiness plan has a better competitor that allows players better value. Good luck translating this all as I have no faith in you capability. Shoulda kept it in India only. USA is too good for your company my friend. Have a blessed day

- Exceptional

Well, it's true that this is a little bit of a rip of the popular app "Clash of Clans" but that doesn't mean there aren't good things about this game, Pros : Great music, the graphics also look largely more realistic than other titles and that's definitely this games strong suit. Cons : As said earlier the fact that this does copy off of Clash of Clans makes this not an original idea, but there are no real bugs and the waiting times are a bit tedious of course. One thing I would definitely like to see change with this game is removing the waiting times, it will allow players to have a better gameplay experience, rather than having them wait for a couple hours just to actually be able to play the game.

- My Opinion :)

Throne Rush is a great game especially if you like more medieval and rustic looking Clash of Clans. Now I love both Throne Rush and Clash of Clans but they do have there good and bad parts. Throne Rush ---------------- Good- Better Troop variation, Better looking buildings, Great battle features and has a really awesome touch to getting resources Bad- Lose too much Honor when attacked multiple times, Ziggarauts are overpowering once your troops get bunched up and the troop capacity some units take up is too much! Clash of Clans ------------------ Good- Nice colorful and friendly looking game, Clan Wars are fun to do and side quests are great goals to work for! Bad- It is too hard to get different types of troops as Barracks take a lot of resources and time, Dark Elixir takes too long and Getting raided makes you lose a large amount of your resources Summary ------------- Overall both games are nice but Throne Rush is a little better for me because of it's Medieval theme and feeling plus being able to get resources back and faster compared to the hours of waiting to regain your resources in Clash of Clans after building, recruiting or being raided! 5 out 5 Sparkly Stars 😄✨🌟✨💫

- Great game, just a couple things

My friends kept sending me requests for this game and I finally decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. I play realm of empires so I knew I would like the style of game play. A couple of things that I would like to change or add rather are descriptions to everything. There are buildings that I have no idea what they do and I figure it out over time, but if there was a description, it would be a lot easier. Also, more ways to get gems would be nice. Finally, maybe being able to change the view might be nice. This would be helpful when building walls. Great game though, I love it.

- Builders.

What kind of tower defense game only allows two builders? I mean, you said it was a way of making it "balanced for new players", but new players have, or had, the same chance at getting as many builders as the older players. And, I had a personal problem that I reported earlier but didn't get reimbursed. I bought a third builder for 90 gems, but the game exited out, started to update, and by the time I got back in, 90 gems were gone but I didn't have a builder. Do you know how hard it is to get 90 gems without paying? I could write a book on why builders are essential to this game, especially for the long build times later on, but I won't, because you'd probably limit me to one page. Two stars for two builders, but I'll allow an extra star for the nice change of music.

- Cool? :/

It's a cool game, it really is. But, it has a lot of bugs. First off, I can't connect to Facebook. Whenever I do try to connect it would just open the FB app and go back to Throne Rush app, thinking it was already connected but no, it never connects. Second, it won't let me attack. Not only for the campaign but also for 1v1, I don't know why but it just won't let me. The app would close whenever I do try to attack and I've restarted my device how many times already. Lastly, it would really be great if you guys could add a feature that would help us edit our village a lot easier? That would be a great help in the future as to when I get to a higher level.

- Imbalanced so don't bother

Great game for people who have been playing forever. New people are restricted to two builders which severely hampers there competitive ability. Joining a clan doesn't do anything good since you can only communicate with them. But if you want to try something new knowing full well that you will never be able to compete with older players, then this is the game for you. Let's reward people who have been here forever and tell all the new people it is a "balancing issue." You have to be smoking crack to think that limiting new players to two builders somehow balances it out. Every strategy game like this hinges on your ability to increase your ability to make funds, store them, and how many buildings you can que at once. No other factors give you more of an advantage. So again, if you are thinking "I want to play a game with an immediate handicap," then this game is for you!

- There are better games.

This game was fun at first. I started playing a few months back and it was awesome. I used to play it all the time. Getting gems was a hassle and there's literally no way to get gems aside from watching some stupid video or downloading some stupid app - and from getting high morale, but the gem give out on that is low at best. I ended up buying builders and it went smooth, but it quickly got boring since I was getting raided BEFORE my protection even ran out which made no sense to me. Then just now with this update, I was happy they added stuff and decided to come back to find out there's this new sand resource which you need for every upgrade and it's impossible to get unless you attack relentlessly. This game isn't fun at all like it used to be and the developers need to rethink certain aspects. They're just money hungry at this point wanting you to buy gems.

- Every Update brings even more bugs

Question? IS THERE GONNA BE AN UPDATE TO FIX ALL THE BUGS OR IS EVERY UPDATE GONNA BRING EVEN MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE BUGS. This is the only game in which getting an update is actually a bad thing. No wait, I see, they dont update the game, THEY UPDATE THE BUGS. Yo, fix this lame'o game. Whats the point of buying rubies with actual money if at the end its not worth buying nothing in this game. After every fight you win you get nothing and its like you never battle. No Morale, No Gold, No Food, NO NOTHING. Truthfully whats the point to keep playing this game if it just gives a bad time. Only game in which the creators dont care about the gamers only the money or the money they used to get cause this game isnt even worth the time anymore. If you are reading this and thinking about playing it, go try some other game out, this would only give you a bad time follow by a head aque. R.I.P. THRONE RUSH

- Throne rush

It's a great game. The game should make it for the low levels to make there stuff speed up faster and hae more people help them and they should not kick you out of the clans unless you don't even help them the game needs to help the low levels out more then the high levels. The low levels should get extra exp to help them and they should have more high levels send them good people. I will start to help the low levels when ever I can I will send them some good troops to help them. The game is a great game you should get it you have nice people on it and people who only use you. It's a great game😀

- Good game, BUT...

This really looks like a Clash of Clans rip off. It is pretty good, though there are some things I don't like. While editing, moving your walls takes so long. Gems are so expensive. Try and nerf the time it takes for buildings and troops. Troops and buildings are so imbalanced. Just a couple of trolls wraiths and eagles can screw you over. We need longer break times between getting successfully attacked. Every time I check my base it says I was attacked 3 more times. And because of the imbalance of the troops they always win. I can never get my moral above 500 with getting attacked and loosing it again. Please fix these problems.

- Magic Sand Ruined The Game

The game was fun until the introduction of magic sand. I have not been able to upgrade a single thing (aside from 3 pieces of wall) in the past month. The game basically ends the moment you reach level 13 castle, because of the exorbitantly high requirement for magic sand. In the 8 hours you sleep, one of two things can happen: 1) you will be attacked and lose nearly 50% of all magic sand (I've lost over 100,000 before), or 2) you will gain 10,000 magic sand from your magic sand mine. That's it. In the past month of logging in every day just to harvest magic sand, I have accumulated only 158,000 sand. This is why I say that the introduction of magic sand was the absolute most idiotic decision that the developers could have ever made.

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- One more improvement

I think that it would be better if that the buildings in throne rush were able to be next to each other but they have to be a space apart and I have no room to put other buildings.

- Throne rush

The last few years going much better updates helped a lot and the seasons tasks similar to clash has have helped a lot

- Update is the WORST!

put so much time and money into this game, only for the developers of this game to completely change everything! increased the price of everything, halved army sizes, etc. all so they can make a few extra dollars. The developers of this game have no consideration for players, and are just greedy. Will be uninstalling Throne Rush. Thanks for nothing.

- Stealing my Sand

I love to play this game, but I am frustrated....I cannot open this game anymore .... it asks for you to update ..... but cannot update....... greedy developers , halved the army ....... totally wrecked this game Bye bye

- Like a lot

I like that you can have troops left over after every attack in battle ev

- Mr

Why did you have to go ruin a perfectly good game ..bah!! I'm done with it

- Good game but....!

Can be fun but being lvl33 with only 2 builders when things are taking days to upgrade it kinda makes this game pointless, also I thought that if I collect gold and bread and it goes into storage it's safe from others, it's not! Big changes need to happen and options to build more items and upgrade and uniquely design you're area is needed, better challenge matching etc and group challenges, contests etc. I am going to have a few wars then I'm out, better games with in app purchases available!

- great company

so this is a good replica of (you know it) clash of clans. Now i support this company as it is going good for what seems a if this game can make an originnal game it could be a hit. this game had good graphics and jumped straight into the action, none of that boring stuff. so make a new game and i will play it a lot. great new company and continue to make great, great games, signed off, me

- Started well but is now aimed at the paying customer

Now that sand is required for building the game will stop for some. In battle you lose too much compared to how much you can produce. Be prepared to spend a lot to get ahead. For those that like to build this is not the game for you, for those that like to fight your troops can only attack, you need to build for defence and at some point sand will be required. You will spend money. The game started well until they introduced sand.

- Good game, but....

Good nice entry-level game, but some items take to long.. Defence buildings, unless you want to pay "real" money, take too long to complete ... You don't have the ability to place your men during an attack and the survivors don't return.. When will developers learn people would rather pay for a game than have very expensive "in-app" purchases !!!

- Great game

It's a very good game but ever since the last update I haven't been able to play it on my iPod 4th gen it would be great if this bug was fixed. If that happens it will be an excellent game

- Loads of bugs...

Very slow to load. No editing function for changing village. Crashes often. Prompts for reload even when active in the game... Last bug could not use all troops in war, game continues but only with troops already fighting... Clunky graphics, difficult to move building and walls.. Not sure i will stick with this game..

- Join my Brotherhood RagingRampageHD

This game is super addictive I do agree it is slow at the beginning but give it time. Can you add the edit mode like CoC has? It would be extremely helpful. Join my BrotherHood RagingRampageHD

- Needs merging

Love this game but it would be better if you could merge with the one you have on Facebook (on computer) with mobile.

- Interactive!

Very good game, it's kept me entertained and challenged for hours, and that's not something easy to do. It also reminds me of a game called stronghold, from my childhood, a game that i loved to death. Have a go at it!

- Great game!

This is truly a great game. Even though it is like clash of clans I still prefer this game. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is smooth. All round great game. I just have a couple of suggestions: 1) could you make a world map feature that way we can pick our own battles, but still keep the arena thing. 2) could you introduce chat in the brotherhoods? Thanks keep up the great work.

- Awesome game !!

Effing awesome game only thing is ever since I updated to iOS 8 its drops out heaps and when upgrading it glitches once it's finished !! Please update so I can play on iOS 8 !!

- Mr

What have you done to my game?... Since the last upgrade it lags badly.. Force closes... and makes me keep on logging into Facebook every time I want to play!!! Please fix.

- Update

If you update this game people would stay n play it n pay money. Let us edit our base easier it's just annoying atm. Reduce army build time. This game had some nicer things compared to clash of clans. Addicted but annoying game at this stage

- N

Great game and my castle is already level 11 so I'm starting to loose interest I want more stuff to build more walls different towers and more warriors to make it's starting to get boring

- Throne rush

Its not bad but the only thing that wrong with the game is when u go to war and if you have 10 soldiers left they they die once you come back to the village and it take way to long for the soldiers to get born again.

- Monkey D. Luffy

A good game but....! Being only to have two builders that takes a lot of time to build. And their is so many rebooting then lost of morale points... Need new updates

- Great App

Good game, you need to be able to upgrade and move sections of the walls at once though other then that great app

- It's not bad

Game is not bad just a few little things need attention eg- wall upgrades need to be faster, warrior control while fighting as many times left without collecting all the gold n food. So far so good

- Can't open game now

I can't open my game now every time I try to open the app it just crashes and I am sick off Facebook popping up every time I open it

- Johnno

Great game . Very addictive. Can be a bit slow at times but it keeps you in suspense.

- Need more free payouts on gems

It's a good game needs better payouts with gems and cost less to buy them. Don't believe I'm getting my money's worth with purchasing them

- Chief

Need to fix your servers. The game would be better if it could keep up with what you upgrade. Keeps crashing all the time as well.

- Excellent

Finally a mmo you can play on either your puter or phone/tablet

- It's pretty good

It's better than the others in my opinion I love it!

- Nice design

Nice balance game wish that if your troops don't die on battle they go back in your stash

- Latest update

After installing latest update for iPhone 4s. Loads 100% but won't open. Use to be a good game before sand was introduced, just a way of slowing game play and generating more in game spending. In game rewards given are ineffective and don't work.

- Bug found

After finishing a bottom online, the moral does not increase sometimes

- Good game

This game i good but it would be better if you could start of with more gems

- Yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Very good, worth getting! Much more entertaining than "clash of the clans" and all that other stuff... AMAZING

- Merging

Can you please merge face book throne rush with the app, it will make it so much better

- Throne Rush

A great game visually and just all round fun. One of those games you can just chill out with!

- Could be better

Good game need to make it more like clash of clans tho

- Town management ruins it

The town management is just a way to capitolise and its become very old. This could have been a good rts game but they ruined it with the stupid overused 'fee to pay' town management thing.

- Poor game

Game always crashed during battles. New up date doesn't even allow you to open the app any more. Build times are a joke. The pictures used to promote the game are nothing like the game!!!!!

- Pass the time

Great way to pass the time

- Great! But...

The game takes way too long to get things done, so it loses it's fun.

- It's like a game, but only for a moment

Oh look, the startup image momentarily shows some Christmas stockings before the app crashes. It's little touches like that which make the fraction of a second that this game works for so rewarding.

- Could be Better!

Really good game really good but there could be better features for example 1. Music in background 2. Water moving 3. Way more animations

- Wow

Wow best game ever but u could change the speech at the start different like "hurry master u must...." So yeah but great game

- Game

Well made like a old version of clash of clans

- Good game

Not totally incredible but well rounded and worth playing for a while.

- Awesome

Loads of fun make your own kingdom and mess stuff up

- Good game

Great game jus needs a few bug fixes like highlighting the hole wall to upgrade so its quiker and shes all good

- Time killer

Kills time just right

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- Nice

Good game..

- Great game

This is such a great game, new content…… it just doesn’t get old.

- This game is ruined

Why ruin such a perfectly good game lol the troops are way too big compare too the town hall is very small. What a shame

- Impossible to progress any farther without $$

Game was fun for a few years, but tweaks have made it impossible to advance any farther without paying. As in after 5 months of trying not a single building has been upgraded outside of a few walls. Getting silly even trying.

- Enjoy but ...

I have played about a year and am stuck at level 12. Hard to progress unless you spend $. Army size recently cut in half. Might be time to delete what was once an enjoyable game!

- Last update

Since this last update I’ve lost half my troop. Took forever to work up to this point and now taken away. Also trying to build and collect seems to have gotten harder and more out of reach. Hard to win battles with half the troops which makes it nearly impossible to grow your kingdom now. Building upgrades are still as costly or more so now that you can’t win as much in battles. So basically they want you to pay to play. Why pay for a free game. Don’t understand and seems pointless to continue playing. Was an interesting concept. Was!!!

- Crappy support

Really bad customer support. There was a new update and I can’t play because it’s stuck on a loop and it won’t update. The new update 4.18 is not working for me. Tried customer support and no response.

- Epic Fail Another Pay to Win

Since last update The game no longer crashes though To compound error On error the game sufferers from sever imbalances just one example would be getting attacked by one unit you win the defence but the losing attacker still gains a substantial total of your resources classic dynamic of the whole pay to win black holes. The lesson here be very careful where you spend money.

- Hmmmm

Was alrite till i realized i couldn't sync with Facebook then it erased and no save.

- super


- Good game

Takes awhile to get going however once your into to the game it's fun and a good time killer.

- Love it

I love the game it's a little different from the pc version but still fun

- Can't stop playing


- Good game!

Very easy to learn, addicting, and fun!

- Good

Its a good game !!

- Jeu


- Bout the game

This game is pretty fun aha I like the armies and stuff hope there more things to come

- Awesome

Awesome and addictive!

- Good game

Cool game but I don't always get my jems when I watch the videos

- Great game


- Horrible

Looked cool when downloading but is really really stupid

- TR

It's a fun game, but I wish it was more like the desktop version.

- Bad


- Awesome

It's was Awesome I love it

- Throne rash

Game is fun and will not take a lots of time to play. However can u increase the hero cap up to 30 or higher? Hero seems weak when u tried to attack higher level castle

- J'adore


- Roxando

Mucho pqp

- So far, so good

Somebody recommended via FB (which this game does connect to, under discretion). It's playable both with and without FB involved (To keep it simple, I play alone via iPhone when wi fi is available). Challenging game I've encountered.

- I thought it would be good

Very very similar to Boom Beach but with medieval fantastic arsenal and being able build some walls besides using your buildings. No control on your troops once you deploy them.

- Nothing like picture

It looked cool in the pictures but then u play it it's just super boring and another copy of clash of clans

- Throne rush

Best game so far😊

- Player

Bad update i try to open the game and it close all a time .don't load.

- Hey

I just downloaded this game and it won't even open it keeps crashing it looks like a fun and enjoyable game although I would like if the bugs and the crashing error could be fixed.

- Decent

This game is a well thought out game with enjoyable pvp as well as pve have fun and good luck

- 100

Great Game

- Game

This game is good and I really enjoy this game

- A title

Fix it.

- Game was good

Until they removed app sync with Facebook.

- Update

Because I use a iPad I can no longer play with my friends, so I guess I won't be playing your game anymore.

- Game will not load after lastest update

Sad story

- Misleading

When I looked into this game I saw pictures of huge battles and possible legit strategy. A possible hidden gem on the App Store. Oh boy was I wrong. This game is another lazy click and wait money grabbing game. The animations of the soldiers (when you attack small castles) are okay and passable for a iPad/iPhone game but apps like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans have much better animations and are much more worth looking into (even though I'm not a fan of Clash of Clans). This game is another copycat.

- Not loading after update

I downloaded the update and now the game is not loading. Please fix ASAP

- Bad update

Game will not load after latest update!!!!!!!

- Needs work

Every time I tap on my gold mines, or windmills, though the mine may say 14,000 gold...I get only 1400, or if bread made by the mill is say 1,824...again only a small fraction is added to my total

- It's ok

A little ghetto compared to clash of clans, boom beach or dominations. I prefer any of those over this game.

- Bon jeu

Tres bon jeux mais c'est long

- Bossness game ever!!!!!

This game is boss but when u update it you should make more troops in the barracks and add a new defense. But otherwise this game is awesome!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄

- Awesome

Awesome game

- Nice game


- Can't open the app anymore

It's been a week now and we still can't play the game (stuck at 100%). When are you going to fix it? You can't have good ratings if your app doesn't even open!

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Throne Rush: Arena - Revenge - Nimmimonie vs SG tron


Throne Rush: Bastion of Horror - Level 12


Throne Rush: Arena - Alexander vs Nimmimonie

Ky 🪐

@Throne_YT @KingJames Throne I gotta question how do you stop these people that just user rush you every play like social rejects


Throne Rush: Arena - Revenge - Nimmimonie vs Balepa


Throne Rush: Bastion of Horror - Level 10

The Threshing Floor with Caleb

@C_3C_3 @deansjojo Father, You are on the throne Lord. I lift up Rush that you may see his condition and ask that you heal him Father to continue the work that he has been doing. Give him peace and take away his pain as this disease is forced from his system. Let him know your love in Jesus Name.


Throne Rush: Bastion of Horror - Level 11


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victor jones

@gruden3 @SportsCenter Nice cigar in your profile pic. Lemme guess, you’re a huge fan of rush Limbaugh and plan on taking over his “throne” when he’s gone, right?


Throne Rush: Bastion of Horror - Level 11


Throne Rush: Arena - miguel vs Nimmimonie


@quiaiuspretium He'd fold his arms, tilting his head. His helmet was seated on the arm of the throne. He'd feel a shive rush down his body as she traced a finger down the gun. Followed with a smile of his own. "I could do better." He'd say, rather ashamed he only got her a weapon.

Corey Brown

@Author_Rory I got you, A cologne fit for a king, Throne is all about the delicious contrast between bright, energizing citrus notes, and the cool, aromatic rush of lavender and florals. The velvet earthiness of woody accords gives the scent a forest floor finish

Julian Mills

@blueinredtown @Sandys_lane @marklevinshow That is awfully one sided. Quite the judge you have become. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. John 8:7. See I can quote scripture too. Get off your throne and realize you're no better than the rest of us. I believe Rush is going through enough.

Throne Rush 5.26.0 Screenshots & Images

Throne Rush iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Throne Rush Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Throne Rush (Version 5.26.0) Install & Download

The applications Throne Rush was published in the category Games on 2013-10-23 and was developed by Nexters Global LTD [Developer ID: 660706304]. This application file size is 274.27 MB. Throne Rush - Games app posted on 2021-04-12 current version is 5.26.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.progrestar.bft