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What is episode - choose your story app? Episode lets you LIVE your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that with over 150,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter.

With billions of reads and 150,000+ stories, Episode is an immense collection of interactive stories where YOU choose your destiny. Or become a creator and write your own!

How does it work?
Customize your avatar and design your outfit
Develop relationships with your favorite characters - will they be rivals or Romeos?
Change fate through your choices
Discover all of the different endings
Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds, the options are endless!

Not only can you read your favorite stories, you can also write your own! Write and publish your very own interactive stories on Episode’s platform, amassing millions of reads yourself.

Some of our favorites reads:

You’ve been selected to join LOVE ON FIRE, the ultimate dating competition. You’ll live in a luxury beach-front mansion with other hot singles and look for your true love!

RULE BREAKER: Find out what happens when you start crushing on someone who’s technically “off limits”. Will you pursue that romantic spark?

BEHIND HIS MASK: How wrong can a kiss get? One, he’s your new neighbor. Two, he’s the most popular streamer. Three, it was live streamed in front of thousands of people by accident…

CATCHING FEELINGS: Best friends forever, but now things between you and him are suddenly...changing. And it’s exciting. You don’t want it to stop. But can you ever go back once you cross that line?

PRIVATE LESSONS: Your new neighbor is nothing but trouble! He’s cute, smart, athletic and after a misunderstanding between your parents, you’re now his private tutor! Things get intense when the two of you realize you’re academic rivals for the only spot left at your dream university!

Other goodies include:
Pretty Little Liars

PLUS… more new stories EVERY WEEK!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

PLEASE NOTE: Episode lets you purchase items within the game for real money. Please disable in-app purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.

You can subscribe for unlimited access to Episode content
The subscriptions are $2.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly and $39.99 annually*
You'll be able to access unlimited stories for the duration of your subscription
Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period
Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication
*Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent subscription price in $USD

Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at http://pocketgems.com/episode-terms-of-service/. Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at http://pocketgems.com/episode-privacy-policy/.

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Episode - Choose Your Story Version 22.7118 April 2022

LOVE ON FIRE: It's summer all the time in Love on Fire and the living is GOOD! Live in a luxury mansion and date a whole bunch of sexy singles who all want YOU. The Prince’s Bride: The Prince of Castille is looking for a bride, and YOU are invited to participate. Can you win his hand in marriage, or will you need to find a new love? Operation: Quarterback: Take Miss Congeniality, throw her in college, mix in the town’s cute QB, and sit back for sparks to fly..

Episode - Choose Your Story Version 22.4028 February 2022

LOVE ON FIRE: It's summer all the time in Love on Fire and the living is GOOD! Live in a luxury mansion and date a whole bunch of sexy singles who all want YOU. The Prince’s Bride: The Prince of Castille is looking for a bride, and YOU are invited to participate. Can you win his hand in marriage, or will you need to find a new love? Operation: Quarterback: Take Miss Congeniality, throw her in college, mix in the town’s cute QB, and sit back for sparks to fly..

Episode - Choose Your Story Version 22.0013 December 2021

LOVE ON FIRE: It's summer all the time in Love on Fire and the living is GOOD! Live in a luxury mansion and date a whole bunch of sexy singles who all want YOU. Rule Breaker: Two bickering boos stuck together in one apartment? Only a real rule breaker can decide how this sweet will-they-won’t-they will end… Operation: Quarterback: Take Miss Congeniality, throw her in college, mix in the town’s cute QB, and sit back for sparks to fly..

Episode - Choose Your Story Comments & Reviews 2022

- Suggestions

Absolutely love this game. The only things I would suggest is making it to where instead of using the diamonds to chose the best option in the story we read, why not let us use our diamonds towards tickets? We are only granted 4 tickets in an allotted amount of time. Why not let us buy tickets with the diamonds and let us make our own decisions in the game without being charged for them? And instead of getting just 1 diamond at the end of every episode, why not make it 2 diamonds? Each ticket should cost one diamond that way we can continue reading. You can still offer your deals to buy diamonds and tickets, but for people that use this app to read the stories they love and escape reality to go into fiction, it would be nicer and more combiner for us. As far as designing, please add more backgrounds and maybe add music that people listen too daily to kinda make the story revolve around their preference! There are a lot of stories that involve parties and dancing and the music you hear sounds like it came from the early 2000’s version of strawberry shortcake. We get to customize what our characters look like and their names. Why can’t we pick the music we like too? You can make safety features that make you verify how old you are so you know what music content is suitable for younger and older ages. Again these are just suggestions and the app is amazing. But I feel as if the suggestions would better accommodate your users.

- Amazing but I do have segments

First of all I love the game. I wish you didn’t have to spend money to get to keep playing and not have to wait 3 hours or 2 hours. I wish you could spend 1 diamond for 1 ticket you could keep the diamonds for money. I wish the time to get more tickets was 1 hour. When you start the game you only have limited stories. I don’t have enough diamond’s to be able to read any story I want. So please take that out of the game. I have got done with the limited story thing. Now and on our other phone you got 4 tickets and on my iPod I can only have 3 tickets. Now I get 4 tickets you have to read 40 chapters. Well on the phone you ran out of tickets you could watch one ad to make the time shorter by 30 minutes but it wouldn’t work on my iPod. I am tired of waiting for 3 hours tell I can play again please make it 1 hour. Well PLEASE make it to were you can watch ads to -30 minutes I know you added it to iPhones but not to iPod touch or my game is glitching if it is please take that bug away PLEASE fix it. Ok sorry I keep adding a lot I am rating it as I go on with the game. Ok so now it lets me watch ads for when I run out of tickets and sometimes it won’t let me which is fine for me The stuff that I recommended they are just sejestions. You don’t have to add the stuff I wanted but I would make me happy🙂 If you add my sejestions to the game. Love the game these are just sejestions.

- Things that you guys need to change!

Where can I start off, episode started being a fun game where everyone can enjoy and the people that don’t spend money and the people that do spend enjoyed The experience throughout the years it has became a game where you have to spend to your life money to make small decision like changing your clothes or doing stuff that intrigue’s for example let’s take the old scenario where a mean girl insults you in front of the whole school thereWould likely be do a good come back that would be insulting them even better then what The mean girls did Of course the majority would want to pick the come back but you would find it very rareFor you to do it come back without spending your money into diamond Thai mean yes you can grind with other stories but isn’t this game all about making your own path and not having not do things choices that you want to doNo the biggest issue is the multiple players have been getting mad because mobile on iOS cannot make stories this is simply unfair because with stories you can gain diamonds and tickets I mean yes I recently set the hood most of the questions are made of diamonds But please notice that I never said for there not to be diamond questions since I know this is with the company gain there money from so I believe that if you can make iOS mobile players make stories again we can all have a fair experience because to the majority of us we see that the computer readers have a really big advantage.

- Episode

I really like Episode I’ve played it off and on for a couple of years now. I just recently downloaded it a couple weeks ago since a year ago. The first thing I noticed was the new stories that seem really good. I also know that there has been a lot of changes and I’m not so happy about it. First off you have too many choices that I have to spend diamonds on. I don’t remember having to spend money to make a good choice. I get it y’all have to make your money but not with ALL the choices. I shouldn’t have to use diamonds to make a decision on a change of clothes. I can’t change into nothing different with out having to use diamonds and that’s not fare at all for the reader. Make the game a little more useful for us than you and stop being so money hungry he’ll we all got to eat and I’m not about to keep spending my money on no games that I might not keep that long. So I feel like y’all could at least make it a little more interesting and fun because this is not it. You all are wrong for this and the tickets take too long to refresh. I use to be able to read for hours because my tickets would renew while I read now it don’t start until the chapter of the last ticket ends. THIS GAME HAS OFFICIALLY IRRITATED ME change it back the way it was. Like I said before my rant. I love the new stories I’m glad I don’t have to keep seeing the Pretty Littler Liars, and Mean Girls anymore. Just make it a little more fun to read instead of braking the bank for diamonds and tickets.

- love it but it needs help

I love episode and I like the idea of being able to read and have fun at the same time. My two problems are the two problems i’ve seen the most according to the other ratings as well. The diamonds and tickets. The ticket is the most aggravating thing, and I understand that’s how they make their money but only 2 tickets every 3 hours? That is very unfair compared to the 10 minutes I have reading the actual episode. And only if I read one episode and use one ticket in one sitting, the clock doesn’t start till all the tickets are gone! So the next time i’m excited to read I only have one ticket then have to wait more than 3 hours for 2 tickets. And I don’t have money I can spend on a game to but more of the app that should already be there then I get so aggravated that I just delete after all and how is that good for your ratings? Also the diamonds. The diamonds change the whole story and of course that’s the path i want to go down but i cant because i don’t have enough diamonds then it just ruins the whole story (that’s why i like the story’s that don’t have diamonds). And the last thing is the outfits! cmon guys if i’m going to a ball room dance and only have my pajamas to wear? and the other option it 29 diamonds!! that would equal 29 story’s worth of diamonds for just one little part of the story and the next thing you know you didn’t inpress the queen cause you couldn’t wear the dress. Anyways if anyone reads this i appreciate the rant😌

- Great app.. minor issue... but still amazing

First off. I love episode I have had this app since the sixth grade so that’s been what.. 5 years now. I’ve been obsessed with this app since their classic characters and I’ve never got enough. The people on here are amazing and truly have talent. I feel like episode is the perfect base for people to start and learn how to write. However recently I’ve been having this minor problem where it won’t let me get into the app. It just says error and exits me out. I’ve tried shutting of my phone and turning it back in and deleting/ re downloading the app and it still tells me this. I just wanted to put this out there for episode to see and if anyone else has this problem. But regardless this is an amazing app and I would recommend it to anyone. And if you are apart of LGBTQ+ they do have stories like that as well! And they also have stories that take place in Highschool/ college. And stories with mystical creatures and so much more. They have all sorts of genres to choose from so I’m sure whatever you like to read will be on there. It is more of a romance based app though but not all stories have that happy ending. If you’re deciding to get this app I would 100% recommend it and even if you feel like you’re not into that type of stuff. Just down load it and see how you feel. I’m sure it will change your mind on reading if you’re not a reader.

- Amazing but there’s some suggestions.

AMAZING GAME. It has so many good stories, it’s like reading a book or watching a movie but it’s just so much better because we get to search through all these peoples creativity not only giving readers a good experience, but make authors express themselves in a good way to make them feel proud! But there a some suggestions I would like to make...So, number ONE. The Diamonds. Yes, the diamonds are very hard to get for a reason and I get they put that in the story for reasons too. It’s like an exclusive to make a story more...more...juicy. BUT. JUST BUT...Why only one diamond a chapter. I feel like I have been ripped off every time I finish a chapter and get only ONE diamond. I have to like watch at least 15 chapters just make one choice in a story! And I need to watch so many ads and get so many passes for that! I feel like there should be at least 2 diamonds given. Or maybe a limit to these prices of these choices to all of the diamond choices. If not, I pity you. And problem number two. The Creating Process. So, I’m the game, you can make some stories. But, why would you limit the process choices to add in your story while in mobile? That’s just way to much work to actually make a GOOD JUICY story on mobile. And the creating on computer is so complicated! You have to do all these codings and stuff. It’s just so confusing! Please, fix this. That’s all I got. But I will keep playing your game because it’s over all a cool app.

- Kinda getting annoying

This is a pretty cool app, I love the story’s and the design but there are really on two problems I have. Number one is the diamonds, it isn’t really fair for the people who can’t buy them to have to wait to get them. We have to choose options that effect our story but because we don’t have the amount we need we get stuck with the bad ones that almost ruin the entire story for us! The fact that there is only two ways of getting them and one of them is just playing is annoying. We either have to push through not having them and choose bad options or we have to waste tickets on a story just so we can get diamonds! Please fix this. My other problem is the story’s we can make ourselves. It’s a great idea and I absolutely love it, especially sense you can’t have diamond options but the design of the characters are different and it’s to hard to make. The episode story’s have an amazing design and I really applaud the people who make them but why don’t the users get the same design? It’s unfair and really a waste. I’m sure a lot more people would use episode if they had the same chances for characters. My other problem with the story’s is it’s way to hard to make. I’ve tried several times to make it and I’ve failed every time because of the difficulty. You should make more animations, backgrounds and clothes. Also give a better tutorial so we understand how to do it more. Other than that this app is perfect, change those things and it can be five stars.

- Love!

I downloaded this for an offer in another app. I had seen advertisements before on social media, but didn’t seem like anything I’d get into. I expected to only get through the few chapters I had to, in order to receive my gems in the initial game. But after those fewchapters, I ended up reading more and more, finding myself constantly checking for passes. Sometimes, it can get frustrating to not have passes when you’re reallyinto reading the story, but you can watch ads to reduce time, or you can get so many after reading a certain amount. They also give so many passes after a couple of hours. I normally rate an app, based on how much they keep my interest, as well as their support/customer service. It’s definitely kept my interest, as I’m constantly coming back to the app each time I get the baby settled or he’s distracted. I’ve only dealt with customer service twice with once hoping for something I’d googled about subscriptions to passes (which are no longer available/offered), and the other with an issue with one of the ads. Both times were responded to within 24 hours (very good timing, as most take days, or never respond), and the issue I had with an ad freezing, they were aware of and looking for a fix, but compensated me with the loss of my items (very quickly). I definitely have to rate the app a 5, and the customer service. They’re great!

- Love it!!!

I love this game I love story games there cool I think but if you think you don’t like the game well that’s okay it’s not me it’s you that don’t like the game so I play this game every day and I really like the story love on fire it’s cool and in that story I look hot and I’m a lesbian so I date girls on the game but sometimes you have to date a boy and that’s okay to me and and I also love the story my brothers hot friend I love that one but do not not look like my family because I did not know they were gonna look like that because they show you then but that’s ok I love the game I am 18 so I can get this game and my sister is 11 her name is max and my name is opal and i love this game so much and will forget this game and my sister has this game it’s her birthday in 6 more days and I can’t wait that means she is gonna 12 because she was 11 can’t wait and add more to the and story’s so there is more cool story’s to do and I also have a brother he’s 20 years old and he’s name is mike and I have a girlfriend she is 18 like me and her name is Blake and she’s really cute and kind the only thing that is sad about her is that she has cancer 😔 her brother died 13 yeas ago her brother was 16 and he was kind helping her sister and he’s friends and family and people he’s name was Zach and I have a job but I’m not gonna tell you where and I live in Canada and thank you for his game it is my favorite game I have played in years!!!

- Not just me

Episode is great, don’t get me wrong. I honestly love it so much and I play episode almost every day. But the passes and gem situation is very frustrating. You have so many downloads, and you guys probably want to keep it that way. So if I were you, I would try putting yourself in a different position and ask, “Would I be frustrated if I waited 4 hours to get 2 passes?” I definitely would be. 2 measly passes after waiting for 4 hours! That’s insane. Now I need to point out one thing though, they do give 4 passes every 4 hours of you continuously play episode. that seems a bit more reasonable. As I said I love episode, but maybe change it to 4 passes in 4 hours all the time, not just if u play episode a lot. Some people can be very inpatient and might just delete the app as soon as they see how long you need to wait. Also, maybe consider a thing where you can watch ads in order to get a pass?! please consider. One last thing. Some stories actually have tons of choices to choose! There’s the rlly bad choice you have to choose, or the really good choice. But you don’t really get to choose the one you want unless you have TONS of gems. And I mean TONS. Especially the pretty little liars. I honestly love it sm. But srsly? Almost 40 gems just to choose a good choice?! It makes me furious. Maybe have a limit for authors for about 10 gems per choice.

- Good app! Just a few minor issues...

Okay, before I get into this I would like to say that I've been reading on this app for over 4 years. I have seen a lot of changes, good and bad, happen. I love this app and it's a great opportunity to put yourself out there by writing unique stories. There are a couple issues that I've noticed while playing. My first concern is the length of the episodes. I've found some awesome stories out there but they're only 12 episodes long. How on earth do you expect me to get into a story with 12 episodes in it?! I get that you guys don't want to spend forever on the episodes but why make them so short? Another thing I've noticed is the diamond issue. I know I'm not the only person to bring this up. I don't appreciate having to pay 30 diamonds for one choice. I also don't appreciate there being 5 diamond choices in one episode. How am I supposed to love this app when I have to pay in order to go down the path I want? It's not fair to the reader. I understand you guys want to profit off of your app but this is way too much. You should give us more opportunities to earn diamonds. Make mini games! Then we can play those to get diamonds. All I know is that I won't keep using this app if something doesn't change. You guys are losing a lot of readers because you're all money hungry. Thank you for reading! Hold down and press "Helpful" if you want something to change in this app!!

- many things could be improved

Although this app has many great stories there are many things that could be improved. Number one, diamonds, I find it ridiculous that if I wanted to wear a cute outfit or do something like go to a party I’d have to pay 15 diamonds. They could at least make it reasonable like 5 and give u at least two diamonds at the end of each chapter. Just because of this I only watch the stories where I can choose whatever I’d like even tho there are many that’d I’d like to watch but they don’t allow you to choose the best options unless u have that number of diamonds. Number two, tickets, I feel that we should be given more than four tickets per refill. There are many stories that have a least 50 episodes so it’s kind off annoying that I can only use 4 and then have to wait for like 3 hours for the tickets to refill. Which leads me to number three, waiting time, I absolutely hate when I get to a really good part of a story and my tickets run out and I’m forced to wait 2-3 hours before the refill. I will say they have added ads that you can watch and in return you get 30 minutes off your time but you can only use those about 1 to 2 separate times a day before you are forced to wait another 2-3 hours. In conclusion it would be great if the amount of diamonds needed to pick the most appealing choice could be reduced as well as the amount of time needed to refill the tickets, and if the amount of tickets could be increased.

- Pros and Cons

I like Episode, but there are a lot of faults. First off, a lot of the stories only have choices that cost gems. For example, Protect Me (Always) had not a SINGLE choice that didn’t cost gems. Also, I think the rewards for reading an entire story should be more than 1 gem. Finishing a story should be at least three or four gems. I appreciated how in the Demi Lovato story you could earn gems in the actual gameplay, which made it much more appealing to me. Also, many of the stories have inappropriate material, and a majority of users are children, but I do appreciate the addition of warnings about content. I have seen many reviews about passes, but that doesn’t bother me too much, but maybe as time goes on, you can earn more than 4 passes as added incentive to continue playing. That being said, there are definitely some perks to episode. I think that many of the stories are beautifully written and they compel me to keep reading. Most of them portray real life problems and issues but I still feel they are captivating. I definitely appreciate how most of the stories if not all are LGBTQ plus friendly. Also I think the aspect of designing your own character’s appearance and deciding a name is super fun and useful, end it lets the reader feel in control, as well as doesn’t give the opportunity to discriminate between races or anything. Overall, although there are so many things I would change about episode, this is definitely a game worth keeping!

- It’s good but....

The game is really good but I’ve seen some issues that I have and some that other people may have the first is the passes issue I’m not getting mad I don’t really like that you have to wait hours just to get three passes sometimes I don’t even get three I get two I was thinking maybe watching adds to get more passe. 2 gems I know that you have to pay or watch episodes for gems but I was thinking maybe just giving more than just one an episode maybe like ten or five. 3 choices when I do an episode like Cameron dalles or pitch perfect I sometimes run into choices that require 20 gems I certenly do not like that I think that no choices should give gems and I understand that the choices are pretty big like you get a cool dress but I still don’t think choices should require gems it’s just unnecessary and I think you should take that out and lastly I don’t think this happens to evreyone but every time I try to make a a episode of my own it dosent let me it says story has eneded would you like to create and it doesn’t let me create that started about a week ago and last every time before that happened I finessed my episode series it wouldn’t let me post it to real and i got mad cause I worked really hard on it so those are some things I think you should fix but otherwise I really love the app and think it’s amazing

- Passes and Time

I love the interactive stories this has to offer and their plots are intriguing as well. However it not only takes forever to get passes but the timer on it is glitchy. For example, just now I went back to the app around 6 o’clock 6:30pm and it is currently 9pm. I used the rest of my four passes before 7 and it showed 3 and a half hours left but when I just checked it was telling me I still had to wait for 2 and a half hours instead of one and a half. That’s an hours extra wait time. Players shouldn’t have to use all four passes in order to reset the timer to earn more. It should be an hour or even half an hour for each pass with the option to watch ads (limited number per day) in order to earn more. Additionally players should be able to watch ads and earn gems, even if it’s just two or three at a time because we want to be able to play the game fully. Also for whatever reason I feel super guilty when I don’t do the premium option but that could just be my anxiety and lack of friends in the real world. Anyways the timer can be super glitchy and needs to be fixed as well as the opportunity to earn passes or just have a shorter waiting period. The pass timer being glitchy and awful has happened to me before on multiple occasions and I would like that to be fixed. The lack of ways to obtain extra passes and the unearned wait time really sets what otherwise is a really fun break, back two stars.

- Way to expensive

I’m going to start off with all the things I like about Episode. For one thing, I love how it is interactive and the stories are super fun to read. But I don’t like how much the outfits cost that don’t even really effect the story for example, I bought an exclusive outfit and used up all of my gems and all the characters were super impressed, but then, it gave me the option to pay for an exclusive scene so really!?!? I wasted all my gens on an outfit that didn’t even get me a bonus scene which is ssuuppeerr annoying. And if I don’t get the exclusive outfit? Everyone overreacts and says I look awful which is also annoying. Then there’s the fact that I saved up to get this outfit I really wanted and I was reading the last story that I needed to get the last gem when all of a sudden it gave me a choice to pay for a scene but I didn’t want to but, my finger slipped and hit the exclusive option and I didn’t even get a chance to confirm which was super annoying because I didn’t even want that in the first place!! The gems are also basically impossible to save up because you only get one per chapter which I think is unfair. Last but not least, I would like it if you could make it so that I can change my characters height and body type because it is not realistic that all the girls are shorter than all of the guys and all is the guys are super fit and have six-packs whole all of the girls are super skinny and have big hips and a small waste.

- Like it/don’t like it

Don’t get me wrong, great game! The stories are all nicely hard worked on, and detailed. But then it comes to hatred! Seriously, I know this isn’t real life but...would you have to pay diamonds to wear something nice that you already have in your closet! No! At least have a source of some sort to earn them, instead of waiting a day to only earn like 1. I understand you want to make money off of your game, but this is to much! Those people who are insanely rich probably don’t have a problem, but I’m sure those people who don’t have iTunes money and stuff are sick of having to wait a whole day for diamonds and 3-4 hours for only 3-4 tickets! Really, in all honesty I would actually watch like 17 ads to get a few diamonds and tickets rather than waiting a day, and 3-4 hours. It’s true. I just want to watch my story without waiting a whole 3-4 hours. Also the diamonds is just outrageous. How would you feel, in real life, there’s a nice dress/suit in your closet. Would you straight out pay 20 diamonds when it’s already in your closet. Or would you just stick to a old, ugly outfit? I’m so tired of this, it honestly wants to make me delete the game from stress of diamonds! Who knew a diamond could make you stressed? Yes! I am STRESSED! So please fix this or this game goes in the trash for me! Not trying to be rude but it seems it’s the only way I can make my point! So for random review readers..if your about to download the app just know what’s coming your way!

- Best Interactive Story App

I have had this app since the beginning. It’s the one app I’ll never delete. So many amazing stories with beautiful storylines and plots and incredible animation/directing/art work. Once you’re done with one story then there’s thousands more to choice from. Literally every storyline you can think of is on here and I love the diversity. The app itself is great and easy to navigate and I love how you can personalize your own profile on here and have a list of recommended stories. My favorite part of the app is the fact that anyone can create stories in here much like Wattpad but I’m strictly a reader as I don’t have the skill set to direct my own stories on here because it definitely takes skill to create the ‘episodes’ but I enjoy the other users story greatly. The only thing I don’t like about the app is the featured stories that the app’s team makes because they often cost a lot of money for gem choices and sometimes those gem choices are the only desirable option or the only way to dress nice and for people who cannot afford those choices can miss out on important scenes and also those storylines tend to have terrible plots so you waste your money on gem choices for a mediocre story. I do use the unlimited passes for $9.99 a month which is worth it if you read a lot on this app though!

- Needs Some Work.

The concept of this game is amazing, having a bunch of different stories, choices and personalities to chose from but the fact that most of the choices are locked away if you don’t have gems is really disappointing. Even in the first 3 stories you are given nothing really happens if you don’t have any gems, all you get to do are the blander choices and the stories goes on and on with filler to get that ONE chapter that you read 12 other chapters for. Honestly it’s very disappointing, even though that may be the case it may still be fun seeing what happens without them. But also the way tickets are given is very strange, the 2 tickets that you get are given ever 3 hours, but the 3 hour timer doesn’t start till after you use all of them. Which means you get to read 2 chapters every 3 HOURS, even though it only takes maybe 5-15 minutes to read a chapter. You should instead just get them every 3 hours no matter if you’ve used the previous 2 or not. The gem choices should be lower especially in the starting 3 stories. Some of the choices will be from 20-50 gems even though you start with 0 gems at the beginning of the game. The fact that this games REQUIRES you to buy big amounts of tickets and gems is ridiculous. If the game developers would find a better way to profit the game would become much more enjoyable for its players/readers.

- Issue

Just want to say first that I really love episode and I have been reading these stories for a very long time but just a few days ago I was having some issues with the app. I went to read one of my favorite stories and it popped up telling me I had to agree to the terms and conditions and it has never done that before and also I noticed that all my stories were not listed on my favorites they were back in the genres. Also when I tried to read my story it took me back to the very beginning and I was already on chapter 20 or so in fact it did all my stories like that. It wouldn’t even let me save them to my favorites. I’m am really upset about this so I sent in a complaint to support and they sent me an email telling me they had to restore the app and that I had to uninstall the app which I did and that they would let me know when I could reinstall the app which I haven’t heard anything back from them yet and I have been trying to find out how long this process would take because I miss reading my stories but they won’t answer me back which is really aggravating. I’m just trying to find out about this issue so could you please find out something for me and let me know cause I would love to get back to reading my stories cause I love episode. Thank you

- Pretty Good

I won’t deny it, the game’s entertaining. I find myself genuinely frustrated to have to wait 3 1/2 hours to keep playing again. I just wish the game would stop guilt tripping the player to constantly spend money so they can wear something or do an exciting action to change events in the story. It just bothers me how much manipulation is in the dialogue. The game should be happy to let you use the normal route, not trying to convince you to use your money about three times per chapter. (This applies to the story I’m playing through.) But other than that, the character design’s pretty nice, the story doesn’t seem half bad, and I do feel pretty happy playing when I’m not being asked to pay money. The storyline does seem to try to convince the player they’re supposed to be interested in one character, even if they don’t like them at all. I’ve seen multiple instances of this, but I don’t think I need to name any specifics. In summary, the game’s pretty great when it’s not trying to tell you what you should be doing. It’s truly great at the points where you have your choices to make. I think it’s pretty good, overall. I suggest it to people, but trust me, you don’t need to pay them money. The story will survive without it. If you want to spend your money, feel free, but don’t let them manipulate you too much. It’s called a “choose your story” game for a reason.


Hello I’ve had this app for a few years and as I played it I loved it more and more, but it has recently come to my attention how unfair episode is to the community. If you play episodes you know there is Ink and Limelight. Well in a attempt to get rid of ink authors and stories Episode has come with new guidelines. These guidelines apparently don’t apply to limelight authors but ink well we are really getting beat up with this. Some of these new rules include in fight scenes we can’t throw more than 5 punches during the duration of the whole episode, or no teacher and student relations. But it seems that one of there featured limelight stories have those relations so episode I’m afraid to tell you that your breaking your guidelines and now your going to have to change the whole plot of your story. Well at least that’s what you told one of your most popular ink authors to do! Last but not least Episode writers aren’t allowed crossovers due to copyright, even if you get the other authors permission. But episode has a Instagram post talking about a possible crossover but wait it’s only for limelight I guess. These are just a few of there new guidelines and it is killing me. The community wants Episode to listen. Listen to us I don’t even read featured stories or limelight I read ink by my favorite authors, and I’m deleting the app until episode listens to us. I hope you can finally hear us now that we aren’t playing or writing for you anymore.

- Love This Game But......

About two years ago, I installed this app and FELL IN LOVE with it❤️I would ALWAYS play it, but an issue had begun and I had to delete it. Last week I re-installed the app because I missed the stories. When it finished downloading and I started reading, I noticed that after the 3 tickets it gave me, I had to wait 20 minutes to play AGAIN. Which kinda surprised me because the last time that I had played the game *2 yrs ago* I could watch an ad, gain a ticket, and easily start playing again. But since nothing ever stays the same, I accepted the fact and waited the 20 mins. Today I went to play again, wasted my 3 tickets and it told me that I had to wait 3 HOURS. Now I understand 20 minutes but to wait 3 HOURS FOR 3 TICKETS IS KINDA STUPID. People are more likely to stop using the app because nobody spends money on a game, and waiting 3 hours doesn't make sense. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could find another way for us readers to gain tickets. For example , if the reader were to finish reading ,“Watch This Ad For A Free Ticket” and instead of making the person wait, have them watch an ad and start playing again. That will benefit both you, the creator, and us, the readers. I would really love that. I really do like this game but I disagree with having to wait more than 20 minutes on end. I hope you take this into consideration. Have a good day❤️

- Kinda good overall.

I wish that they would give readers more tickets or at least have to not wait as long for a refill. Also I have a huge issue with the whole gem situation. I’m currently doing a story that I would love to make some fun and flirty choices but I am unable due to not having enough gems. I wanted to make a choice to find out what someone was thinking about a situation but I would’ve had to use THIRTY-FIVE GEMS! That’s insane! I only have five because I just redownloaded the game and I can’t make any good decisions. My stories are going no where due to me not having enough gems. I personally think they should give readers/players like maybe 60 gems to start off with but even that will only give you about two choices. Another option is reducing the amount choices cost. I saw another review that said maybe limit the cost to 10 gems. I think that’s very reasonable, but it still has it’s cons. Players can save up gems and make more choices at a smaller price, but they also have to wait a LONG time to get this amount and by the time they get enough gems, the choice is long gone and they have to restart their story. My last solution is to give readers/players more gems per episode. Maybe they should earn 5-7 gems instead of one so that way they can make more choices and be more involved in their stories. Other than those issues I think this is a great game with great and very creative stories.


Dear,whoever made this game:) OK so in this review I will be telling you all of the good things about this game. None of the bad things about this game. So this game is really great and I really appreciate the developers and yeah, so this game has a lot of stuff and okay I will be telling you one of the bad things I just barely downloaded this game and I read a review just very that said if you play it for a long time you won’t have to wait three hours to get your tickets back so you can play the game and I had to wait three hours for one I don’t know well I haven’t stop having to wait three hours I really appreciate this game and that’s why I’m kinda disappointed about this. Sorry that was a really long sentence. Ok here we go OK here we go I said that’s what is sorry I know this is it really bad or you OK if we talk about the good things then one of the things is that the characters are honestly to me it look like real people like the way you rock the waiting room and like the way that they kind of like I don’t know like what kind of talk there like talking like a real person moving like a real person and it’s just kind of like honestly if I were to be like a Real person in one of those characters I am are you a joke I would not know how to do this I honestly do not act like that but yeah there’s a lot of things that are really good about this game OK will thanks for making the game I guess:) Love, Makynli

- Too much for me, but fun for being stupid.

Episode is a fun app for making stories. It allows you to create practically any kind of story you want. Each separated into two categories: serious and stupid. My stories are on the stupid side. Now, you may be wondering - what else is good about the app? Not much. First off most of the stories that are made by the community or the staff are... well... gross. They’re all about sex and love and dating “bad boys”. This isn’t my interest. Now if you’re into that genre, be my guest. Another problem is how you cannot share your original story on the iPad app. It is a pain in the booty to work on the episodes on the website. To me this app does not have much to it; once you find the beautiful, comedy stories though, the app becomes heaven. Oh! And the advertising - the ADVERTISING for this app is so horribly done. How does this app even have people using it? How about come up with a better marketing idea rather than really annoying, stupid ads about complete random stuff like ‘peeing on someone asleep on the toilet’, or being pregnant and some guy saying ‘yay it wasn’t a food baby!’. Honestly, what. The. Heck. If you wish to make everyone smile by writing and creating a hilarious story use this app (I extremely recommend it for this use). If you are searching for something steamy to read, pick this app. Personally, I use it for writing stupid and pointless stories and showing them off to the world.

- Everything expensive for no reason

I like the game and all of its types of genre, but I have this a one star because everything mostly about diamonds which makes sense, but some should at least be free to choose. For example when you are choosing an outfit from your closet and it’s a really good outfit, but then you have to use diamonds to wear it. Which makes no sense because it’s your own clothes and your not actually buying from the store, so it should be free since your at home and not at the star, Also some points in the story would cost diamonds but you really need that choice ,so that your story can progress better for an example in Kiss list there is a lot of choices which include using diamonds and some choices do make sense to have diamonds for, but some of them don’t need diamonds and needs to be free. Also another thing about the clothes is that when you don’t have the right amount of diamonds to pick that choice you have to go with the other outfit which is really horrible and effect the story in a bad way sometimes. I understand that you need money, but at least make some way to get diamonds easier and quicker so that we have more of an enjoyable time playing your game. I hope you understand and have a good time By Jerrod your long term episode player

- Please Listen to Us!!

I first downloaded Episode years ago way back when it was first being released. And I loved it! For a little while. I found a lot of little flaws that eventually built up and made my experience awful. So I deleted it. Then a year or so after that, I redownloaded it because I wanted to create a story and I missed reading all the stories. But again little things got in the way and I deleted it. And downloaded it for a third time because I really wanted to play. This last time I downloaded it I saw that a lot of things had changed like the ticket and gem/diamond situations. It has already begun to frustrate me and I’ve had the app for 20 hours. So, I decided to check out the reviews to see if other people were feeling the same way. I went back four months, which isn’t a whole lot, and people back then were complaining about the ticket and gem issue. That means that Episode has not fixed this problem for months but the app has the holiday design and says it was updated more recently than that. This means that the people at Episode aren’t bothering to listen which is really disappointing Honestly, it is a really fun game but I would not recommend downloading it unless you’re okay with not having any choices or having the options and spending a bunch of real money. As someone who was there at the beginning, I am very disappointed. I wish the Episode team would read these reviews and understand that people don’t want to pay.

- Meh :/

This app was big part of my teenage years and have been using it ever since it had the bug eyed, weirdly proportioned characters and haven’t had many issues. But for a period of time, I deleted it and only recently have i reinstalled it. I was pleasantly surprised to come back to a 3D art style but now it feels like i can’t do anything in the stories. I feel like i have to pay diamonds for every single thing and it’s like my character is just going through the story, heading forwards the inevitable. it isn’t even fun to play anymore. For example, in Blood Lust there was multiple times where i had to choose between two love interests but always ended up going off on my own and being boring. I bring this up because i remember back in the day when this would happen you COULD pick either or without paying and something eventful would happen and impact your story. It was amazing. I feel like that’s not really available anymore and all the stories are lacking in plot and intensity :/ But other that that there’s only one more thing that’s bothering me and that’s that the game stole my gems! I was playing Love on Fire and got to the last episode where I received the voice to buy lingerie or not. I bought it (with 20 diamonds!!!), but i never got to use it! Which was super disappointing and a waste of gems. I love the new style and everything but it feels like the stories have lost well, the stories.

- great app, buuuuuut

So this is an amazing app, but I find the only flaw with this app is the amount of gems needed, and that we do not get enough tickets! If every three hours, I get four tickets, by then I would be probably be occupied with something else, which takes me away from the feeling of using the game. I honestly think you should stack up on the tickets, let’s say if you missed six hours of gameplay, you get 8 tickets, for nine hours you get 12, and so on and so forth. OR you could give us up to six tickets with three hours. You could even do five. With the gems, it’s another story. You would typically get 1 gem from watching any episode story (created BY episode or some authors who work with them) but from any other you get zero. I’m thinking, we should get two gems per ‘episode’ (episode’s organization with authors) and from authors around just on episode that aren’t working with the team of episode should give us one. And the amount of gems needed to wear a dress is kinda ridiculous. for a dress, it should be five, and for a big decision, 10-15 or if it’s a crazy game changer then 20 at the most. Ads are a pain in the back as well, we don’t need two at the beginning of it, but rather one at the start and one at the finish. I also believe everyone should gain five diamonds when they finish any book. Thank you for your time :)

- Very Happy

Me and episode have had our tough times but I am happy to say that things have gotten better! I absolutely adore the stories I am finding, though some categories (horror/thriller) I wish I saw more of in the recommendations. I am very glad to see that we can have a refill of passes every four hours now(and thank goodness for that or else I wouldn’t be on it as much) Though some things have gotten to me... but it isn’t to any of the creator’s fault or a big problem, really, I just find it annoying. Most of the stories MC are girls, which is fine and everything but I would just love it if I could see more male MC’s (and also “fan mail”. ) Fan mail, love the idea but wish I could have a chat with the authors or just tell them have done an awesome job.. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think a chat room would be awesome! Plus diamonds. . . Yeah that’s been a thorn in my side but since we can gain them through reading a chapter of episode’s published books it wasn’t a big problem unless you actually want to spend gems. I know it’s a way for people to spend money but I think maybe five times a day we can watch an ad for a diamond(s). Anyhoo, overall am awesome app and I love the way the animation looks— it keeps getting better and better in my opinion.(oh and!) HAPPY NEW YEARS 🥳🎊🎉

- Meh

The stories are generic and seem to always put you as a Mary Sue. The first story, The Kiss List, is so eye-rollingly generic. “Sigh, I’m just so rich and instantly popular, it’s so annoying” the main character is just so unlikeable. I doubt if a girl moved into town and appointed herself as the savior of the school, people would be fawning over her. And all the stories are like that. They sound like stories a middle school kid wrote about what they think high school is like. I understand that games cost money and you need to get paid, but they REALLY strong arm you into spending gems. Even from the beginning they make the story changing decisions cost more gems than you have (a whopping 20 gems, and you start with only one). You can purchase gems or earn them by completing chapters, but you only get 1 at a time. So after playing through 20 chapters, being forced to make terrible decisions the whole time, you’ll finally have enough gems saved to make 1 good decision. It’s not worth it IMO. You’ll be using more than 100 gems per story (minimum $10), which sounds like a lot, but is only 5 choices. This seems like a game for kids, because the stories are so generic and the choices are obvious. But the themes about sex and alcohol make this for adults, I doubt many adults would actually care for a game like this though. Just don’t give this to your kids with a credit card attached to your account, or they’ll rack up a fortune.

- I like this but.....

Let me just say that this app has many great stories with great plot lines. I like that you can choose how a story can go. With that being said, however, if you want something good to happen, you will have to pay gems that cost lots of money. I understand you want to make money off of this game which is a really important thing to do, but lots of us don’t really have that much money to burn away. I think it would be better if you had the option to either pay gems or watch an ad to make something good happen in a story. I understand that many gold choices vary greatly in gem values. So I am not sure how this would work out completely. Maybe have interactive ads play for the more expensive stuff? Then maybe a simple ad for the less expensive ones? I know this would kind of defeat the purpose of having gems, so I would think that gems could be used in other ways like buying more tickets/passes if a viewer decides he/she doesn’t want to wait so long for new free tickets/passes. I was also wondering if you would make it to where we can go back to episodes we have already seen and read them again. That way lots of us like me would enjoy reading a story over again that we really liked. I honestly would not mind if we had to pay gems in order to do that since I think it would be totally worth it! ;)

- It’s fun but frustrating

I have downloaded and deleted this game a few times. All because of the tickets and diamonds. I was hoping that in time maybe they would come out with new updates on ways to earn more diamonds or up the tickets you earn. Literally two tickets and once your done it’s like 3 hours before you get another. The diamonds are outrageous. It costs so much for choosing clothing options and choices that if you really want the story to be “your” choice you would have to come out of pocket, and quite a lot. The community story’s are great. No cost but so far I am on my first book and my options of choosing the story is limited. That could be just the one I am currently reading so I’ll find out once I start another. That is why I went with those story’s though because I don’t have to pay for the diamonds. But only two tickets is really frustrating. Why not start people out with 5? It seems like the makers and story writers of the games too focus is making people spend their money. I know ads are annoying but if it cut back on the diamond and tickets down fall I would be willing to deal, or even pay to eliminate ads. This game is great and has awesome potential but can really make you livid when you see the amount of money you have to spend to even play, choose what you like, or have the story line go your way. It should be called Episode: PAY your way to your story.

- Amazing

I really like episode. It’s really good to get ur mind of things and all. Different genres and types of stories are really exciting to start and play/watch. One thing that is a bit bothering is that most stories created by the community have such a long story. But no matter what choice u pick, it’s the same ending. Like, what’s the point of my choices if it ends the same way.... it’s basically a story to watch. Not play and have a different ending for thing s. Of course, there are a lot other stories that have a lot of different endings and I like those. If episode could have a section that specified different endings that would be cool. And also the love interests in the story( if there is more than one), u always have to pick one on the end. Like it can’t be during the story when u pick the choice of who you spend more time with or who u support more. It’s always the end u pick the important things. Well if there was a rule(not a rule but like a message sent to authors to inform what makes readers happy) that would help a lot. Other than that I love episode and I don’t mind the cost of gems because if u make other choices right, it makes up for it. Like in the “Kiss List”. So that’s only one problem of episode that I want to point out. Thanks for your conideration.

- I adore this game but...

UPDATE: Now they have subscriptions. 2.99 weekly which is almost $150 a year. 7.99 a month which is almost $100 a year and then annually is $40 which is the one I would suggest if you decide to spend money on subscribing. The gems are not the only issue, now I’m not getting tickets at all. They are not being replenished after a few hours like before. I don’t know what’s going on but I hope they fix it. I’d rather pay for the app a month with unlimited passes and pay for gems IF I choose to. Having to pay for both seems greedy to me. I’m hoping this gets better because I love the stories and have had the app for over 2 years but if this doesn’t change I might have to delete it. The only problem I have is the GEMS. The amount of gems we have to use during the episode is insane. .99 for 10 gems, 1.99 for 22 gems, 4.99 for 60 gems but the kicker is usually you need 25 gems(sometimes 15)just to make romantic moves, wear something nice, or do or see something important & fun for the story. 25 gems per episode of 20 episodes is 500 gems which is worth around $50😒. That’s if you’re not playing something super popular like Pretty Little Liars which I remember them asking for well OVER a 100 gems in ONE EPISODE to make what seems like really important choses to where you feel like you have to buy them😩 I am fully aware you don’t need gems to read the story but I hate how they try to make you feel obligated to buy them.

- Fun Game, but $ Talks...Too Much

First and foremost, I want to say that this game is actually really fun. Woman or man, it’s very interesting. The storylines are interesting and the variety of stories keeps it interesting. However, there are a couple major issues. In order to complete the stories, you need passes. Once you run out of passes, it takes roughly four hours to get more which is a little excessive amount of time to wait. Not a huge deal however. Secondly, and the biggest inconvenience, you encounter several choices in these stories where you only have two choices and one will need gems in order to make that choice which would progress your character in a positive way. The other choice, which is free, will not and potentially do the opposite. The issue with this is that these choices cost upwards of 19 gems and you only get ONE gem per episode you complete unless you want to spend actual money on gems in the app. Now, since this app has minimal ads, I imagine the majority of their money comes from people buying gems and passes, but I don’t feel like it’s necessarily fair that people are almost forced to buy gems in order to make positive choices in the game even if they can’t/don’t want to spend actual money on them. I’m sure several people, including myself, would be willing to have more ads if it means we actually get more options.

- Great game that could be so much better!

Dear developers, This game is amazing but it could be much better! The gem situation as many people say is ridiculous. I like that you can earn gems after the chapters but I would like more options that don’t include paying we’re I can get more gems like watching one ad for five gems everyday or something like that also the ticket situation is not good. I don’t think it should take three to four hours to get a one ticket or even two. If you are going to keep the timer at three or four hours we should get at least five tickets either that or you need to shorten the timer to 30 minutes or something. Also if you start playing the game for the first time the first gem choice should be free and you should get a complimentary 20 gems at the start of the game that would be a very nice touch. I understand games need money and in app purchases but it is unfair that the only way you can get gems is to read a chapter of a story and only have two tickets every three or four hours. Other than that this game is amazing! The stories are awesome as well as the plot and characters! Don’t change the stories and whoever is writing them props to you! Please think about what I have said because I’m telling you these small changes can turn your game from a four to a five star game! Keep writing and developing! : )

- eh

i love this app a-lot, but i have a couple problems with it which interferes with the experience! firstly, i feel like 2 tickets is not enough after having to wait THREE hours. some people don’t have the money to buy more tickets, so i think there should be an option to watch ads for tickets, which also gets me into my next gripe. second, i can’t do what i want to without gems, and that really annoys me! i love the feature which gives you gems after reading certain stories but with there only being 2 tickets, that’s only 2 gems per every 3 hours. if i’m persistent and read 2 chapters every 3 hours, after 9 hours i’ll (maybe) have acquired 20 gems which is only enough to make ONE “good” choice. i think there should also be an option to watch ads for gems. lastly, i’ve been trying to read the next chapter of a story but every-time i click “play”, it plays TONS of ads! i don’t mind having to watch 2-3 ads, but i swear i’ve watched 20 by now within the last 30 minutes! and i mean 20 ads in a row. ad after ad after AD! i keep thinking after watching the next ad it’ll allow me to get to the next chapter of my story ... NOPE! i even tried restarting the app, but it’s still having me watch more ADS! i’ve even left it overnight hoping i’d be able to get back to my story... STILL NO! i swear i’ve watched every ad from every one of Episode’s sponsors! pls fix this and improve the gameplay.

- This app would be awesome if?

The one thing I truly hate about this app is the amount of gems 💎 you have to use for choosing what you want to do in a story !! It’s totally ridiculous that you only get one 💎 at a time after each chapter verses the amount of gems 💎 you need to use if you wanted to do the challenges in the stories .. oh and the amount of money you have to pay to even buy some is a rip off !! I bought some and feel I got ripped of !! I’ve tried getting into it and did do a few stories but the outcome was always really disappointing because half the time you cannot do what you really would like to do .. it be ok if it be 2 or 3 gems 💎 needed to perform the challenges but it be ridiculous from 20 💎 to 35 💎 on most stories.. and the tickets 🎫 are somewhat fair to keep reading but also get disappointing .. it be a lot more fun if it was reasonable.. Also the earn gems 💎 button doesn’t work for me at all!! If this wasn’t the case I totally like this app!! But am definitely gonna delete it now! And believe me I totally get that people need their profits but come on be reasonable!! Oh & by the way I totally don’t get why people rate this app 4 stars rating when they know they cant accomplish a lot of stories challenges without paying so much !! Smh unbelievable 😮 I wish this would change because then I totally would recommend this app!! But as of now am gonna just delete it and go back to reading regular stories!!

- Zoey. Age14

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- Why

I downloaded this game as a joke and mostly out of boredom, but why am I addicted!!! I find some things really annoying which are in order #1) if you do the stories that are promoted on the front page of the app the gems are basically required to do good in the game and this game is promoted towards 12+ so that’s asking kids to use money on a game... how much sense does that make. Also, the outfit differences between the gem outfits and the regular is really annoying they give you the choice between a perfect outfit and an either destroyed, ugly, or just confusing outfit and your character always makes some type of petty response about. It’s so irritating #2) the whole “ticket” set up is really irritating too. I don’t understand why you have to wait 4 hours to be able to start another season or whatever, OR again you can pay for it but 12 year olds don’t have money..?? I understand the need for companies to make money but it’s seriously irritating. You shouldn’t be putting into kids minds if you don’t have money you basically fail at life situations it’s just not okay. Why am I getting mad over the fact I need gems to wear the cute outfit to a fake party to impress a nonexistent ex. And why have I actually spent money on this app, which is how I know the money makes a difference. I took off 2 stars for those reason but the game is fun and a good stress reliever at times.

- It’s ok

I like some of the stories I wish choices for episode stories didn’t cost so much in gems. You can’t continue with the good part of you don’t have enough gems then your sitting waiting forever to earn enough or you have to spend money. I don’t so the stories sit there unread. I do like some of the community stories like pregnant by a vampire and similar mystery but some stories are unfinished and it’s understandable because they have lives. It’s hard to find stories that are worth reading in the meantime waiting for updated content hoping the author created more or earning enough gems for episode stories. So I had lost interest, and I don’t come on as often anymore. I will come back from time to time to see if a story continued from a user. There is one I follow who I really like but she is busy so I basically have only cane to check for her updates. I’ll still browse to see if a new story is interesting but so far none have been as good as hers. I do follow her on Twitter. I can’t remember how to spell her name or if it’s ok to say it here but she does have good stories and customizations if you read her stories you’ll know who I’m talking about anyway. So if episode didn’t have their stories cost so much in gems I’d be on more and I’d give a better rating so that’s why it’s ok. And the only reason I haven’t deleted the app is because the user I follow. The app should thank her. She’s really good.

- I love the game but theirs a bit an issue and a problem...

Okay so I have been playing this game since I was in 5th grade but I deleted because I was really busy, then a past of months plus year’s have been past so I re-download it again but now I have this problem, it won’t let me in then it would like take like a bit of 5 mins or maybe more to let me in but it didn’t. Well if you open the app the first thing is you see Is Welcome We can’t wait for you to start your new story okay then so you look down and see this red thing which is loading part but for me it didn’t EVEN load properly to be honest like it suddenly glitch. So then I was just waiting to open my game then suddenly this sign thing or a warning pop out-( idk if this is a warning but I didn’t do anything like I didn’t cheat or etc. I just want to play this game again because I’ve missed it for such a long time )- Like out of nowhere and said this to me: TIME OUT The connection is timed out. Please retry to connect the server, okay so I did fix my connection so then I try again but it didn’t so I try and try again but it didn’t even work. Okay so I have WANTING to play this game again but the problem is I can’t i don’t know if this a problem or something but please try to fix this! that’s all I want plus I want all kids or everyone to enjoy this game again please fix this issue. Please and Thank you.

- Someone needs to fix the choices options.

This game is constantly being falsely advertised as an interactive story where you get to make choices. Considering we already are asked to watch ads from sponsors before each chapter, as well as have passes as a purchase option, the idea of having to spend gems to do literally anything is absurd. Premium choices that cost extra gems that you have to either wait to save up or buy to get ahead would make total sense. But it should not be the ONLY way to make ANY KIND of option for EACH chapter of a story. Many stories make it so that if you can’t or don’t want to dish out $100 in gems for that story, your choices amount to your character saying “no, I know we just made this whole plan, but I suddenly don’t want to do it anymore for absolutely no reason other than I want to convenience you.” It’s especially annoying because in most cases, it could be so easily avoided. Ask a player to choose between three party dresses, two being perfectly acceptable and free and one being super fancy and cost a few gems that maybe unlocks a special scene, not asking if they would like to fit in at a party for $25 and be complimented by the love interest once, or wear raggedy pajamas instead of something your friend had already given to you that there is absolutely no reason not to wear. Add actual choices or stop advertising that you can do so in the game.

- Two Big Problems

Episode is quite a fun and engaging app. However, a common theme that has been arising is gems and passes. Passes regenerate VERY SLOWLY, and you can’t acquire more without real money. Meaning if you want to binge a story, too bad. With gems, there is no way to acquire them naturally. You can either get one gem per chapter when playing specific stories that Episode selected as “gem stories” (most are Episode originals, and they only give gems on the first read), get a few gems throughout the first Demi story (multiple times), or there is, of course, buying them. Gem purchases are pretty ridiculous too. Some are reasonable (say 5 gems for a dress) then maybe you’ll find yourself staring at a 50 GEM PURCHASE for something ridiculous like a dinner with someone. Most of the time, when presented with a cool gem purchase, you’ll end up saying, “No thanks, sorry!” because you only have a few gems. It is beyond tedious to always be presented with a gem purchase you’d like to make, but only having so many to spare. And this same theme applies to passes. A story leaves off at s big cliffhanger, you want to continue but...sorry! Gotta wait a few hours. Daily or weekly gems/passes would be a miracle, as they’d allow people who don’t have the money to spend on gems and passes to be able to experience the bulk of Episode stories, which a lot of us are missing out on.

- episodes

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EPISODE! but there are some things i will say, i wish i could change. the gems, there about all the GOOD choices. but you only get 1 per episode. and it will take 40 episodes to get 40 gems. that’s a long time! and most of the good choices cost 15-30 gems. and you can buy them, but my parents barely have enough for my phone. so i think, gems shouldn’t either exist or something simple to get gems quicker and easier! tickets on the other hand are pretty great. if you read 40 episodes you get 4 tickets. all though they re-fill every 2 hours. you can buy them as well! but i don’t really mind passes, it keeps me off my phone so i’m not on it as much! so thank you to episodes for that. the only thing is if i get really into a story and my passes run out, i get really upset about it. 😂 but other then that it’s ok to me! i don’t really mind it as much! other then that, the game is perfect! 😍 you can get GREAT story lines, and pick your own lines and character! it’s absolutely amazing and is a great app. i highly recommend! especially during this whole pandemic, it keeps you very active and you will never get bored of it! thank you to the creator of episode, without you i don’t know how i would get threw my quarantine without this app! 🥰

- gems 👎🏼

this whole “spend 25 gems to wear this dress” or “spend 25 gems to go do this daring thing to accelerate the plot” thing is really frustrating. seems to me everyone has been complaining about it in the reviews but NOTHING has been done to fix it. instead of giving only one gem after you complete a story, how about you give 3 or 5. that way, gems add up more frequently and you can make those better decisions more often. i get the whole “we need money to ensure we can operate the game!” thing but instead of charging money for passes AND gems, just do it for the passes. i don’t really mind waiting 4 hours to get 4 however it would be nice if there was an added “watch ads to get passes/gems” feature. because then, the creators will get money to operate Episode & the players will get more passes and gems. it’s really annoying to be in the middle of a great story to then make the worse choice because i don’t have enough gems. if you think about it, if you get 4 passes in 4 hours, that’s only 4 gems every time you play. that would take literally almost a week to collect 20 gems which isn’t even the regular base price for a better choice in the game. this game is focused around YOU (the player) making choices in the story to make the plot go how you please. how am I supposed to control the plot if i don’t have gems? just doesn't make sense.

- Great app

I’ve always loved this app, and it has come so far over the last few years. One thing I have noticed though is that in all the main stories if you don’t have the money to get the coolest clothes or to do certain activities, you’re made to feel bad about it! I get that it’s a tactic to real in money but when young girls (and boys) learn this kind of thing they get subconsciously aware of their societal class and it’s almost implying that they won’t be able to get those clothes, fame, relationships, or hang out with certain people unless they have money. It’s not good! I think there should be at least some stories (that aren’t the user stories, even though those are great!) that don’t make you pay with diamonds for cool events or fashion. We’d rather watch some ads to be able to do these things, compared to spending real money on diamonds! But on a different note, they’ve got so many great stories in the User Stories section! I have literally almost read all of them. They have such talented writers on here! And in those stories you don’t have to pay for scenes, friends, or clothes, so to anyone who may want to consider getting this app, there’s a huge plus! Also they have updated the facial features and clothing on the characters to look much better and more realistic. Now they’re more varietal and very inclusive when it comes to skin tones, hairstyles and body types. I totally recommend this app if you like to read!

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- Enjoyable but...

I love this game! So many great stories, great ways to make character, and I love that you can make an account and make your own stories. I also like the different art styles you can have. I play this game a lot and it is an excellent way to pass time. However, my one “concern” with the game is how much limited choices cost, and how often they are. It is extremely hard to earn enough gems in the game without in app purchases. I go through almost every story not doing any limited choice because they cost so many gems. Some people aren’t able to make in app purchases for fun choices in the game, and I understand the app needs to make money seeing as it is rising is popularity excessively, but, 39 gems for going to some party with your love interest!?!? I’m not saying you NEED to lower your price for choices (although it would be good if they were lowered) but if there was somehow a way to earn more gems easier rather than earning just one gem from reading five chapters. I understand sometimes you get free passes for certain stories so you get a gem for each chapter you read, but it is still hard to do more than one limited choice every 5 stories. I still love this app, it is extremely enjoyable and I play it most. Good job!

- amazing but has a few issues

Episode is a great app, for those who like to read different genres of stories, to people who create them. I just think there should be a few changes. Including: Ages. It’s annoying that there isn’t ages. I know that they’ve added babies, but not like toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens. Another would have to be sizes. A main issue I don’t like creating stories is weight sizes or height. Although when you squish them down they just get smaller in general. Not in length. If you could choose how tall or wide they are, and their weight size. Having more customisation like this would mean a lot to us who create stories. Also, a little idea; try to bring in animals. Maybe start off with household pets. And the last thing, gems. Now it’s a cool idea to get a gem/diamond after reading one of episode’s stories. Although in every chapter there is a deal to get that good ending, or path for gems. And these ‘better paths’ aren’t necessarily better. Maybe you end up doing something more fun, or get to wear something better, but the cost of it is like 15-20 gems. And these deals of paths occur every chapter. Please shorten the, down to 5 at max. Maybe even try to not use them at all. I know that it’s for profit, to get people to buy more gems. Doing this will probably not do that. It’ll probably be the opposite effect. Please listen to these ideas.

- My favourite app now my least

I used to love this app but now that you have to use 20-30 gems to pick the most reasonable choice is a terrible mistake by the app. Me and my friends all used to play Episode and only recommend stories t each other that are worth playing - which means making use choose between paying real money or not having a choice isn’t looking so good for you. Users do not receive enough gems to regularly or even rarely make those choices which can ruin the stories for the audience. Many people are not willing to pay for those gems which are reflected in your other reviews. There are also not enough passes given out often enough. I have noticed that you have recently retired the mobile creation on Episode which for me used to be a great way to attempt making my own stories to match up with some of the other amazing ones out there. The mobile creation was limited to only the Episode INK character and had extremely limited outfit choices (the outfits also had to be chosen all together rather than mixing and matching different seperate pieces). It would be great if you could create some way for users inexperienced with coding to make their own stories in Episode LIMELIGHT. It’s disappointing how my once favourite app has turned out and reading through the recent comments makes it clear to me that you have no value in what your users want or want improvements on. Try listening to them and I hope your app gets better :(

- Pros and cons of this app

I used to play this game all the time when I was younger. It was really fun and always entertaining. I’ve suddenly gotten into it again and I’ve got to say that the new update is quite disappointing. It is very limited, and not as fun. You either have to buy everything to get the full package or read six chapters of a story you don’t enjoy. This is very inconvenient, I understand that you need to make money but is it really necessary to take away pretty much everything that we were use to having? I’m extremely disappointed with how Episode is running their app. It used to be my all time favourite game and now it’s turned into a massive bummer, it really isn’t that fun anymore. I also don’t like that you have to pay to pick a choice in a game. Nobody who plays the app should have to pay gems to pick an option in the story. I feel that gems should be used for other things such as certain features for when you are designing your characters. That would be much more reasonable don’t you think? I hope that you take my suggestions into at least a little bit of consideration. Because overall your audience is what matters, they keep your app running.

- Great app but needs some changes.

Episode is actually a great app but as I said, it does need a few changes. Some stories give you options to change clothing, what to do, or accept an invitation to the raddest party in the town. But some of these options cost gems. A lot of gems to be precise. If you are playing a mystery story and trying to escape from the cops, to hitch a ride you need to spend gems. This may not sound like a bad thing but there are tons of stories like this. I have been playing a story and it has asked me for one of the gem costing options and I spent 20 gems. Later on I have to escape from the cops and to hitch a ride I need to spend another 20 gems. You are only given around 15 gems and I had already been given a choice to spend 15 gems in another story. Whats more is that, it isn’t easy to get gems. Yes, some stories do offer a gem after finishing 1 episode but you can’t always read these stories because you probably have run out of tickets to read stories. Which take a whole 2-3 hours just to refresh 2 tickets unless you spend real money to buy tickets. Tickets take too long to refresh and too many stories need gems to advance the story. Episode really needs to create a more efficient app. It is a fun app but as I have said, it needs a few changes within the app.

- Just a suggestion <333

I love this app, but I wish there were more ways to get diamonds rather than blow money off on a lousy deal that would only last me one day— due to how expensive the choices are getting in these episodes. I would also suggest a feature that allows one to download a story, so that the person could access it without internet— in the past I’ve wished for this, and it would always be frustrating for me to wait till I have proper internet connection to play. Other than the gem issue and my little idea, there’s just some minor details that irk me from time to time— such as the templates for the face, body and hair are very low pixel, yet for some reason the eyes are more highly detailed? There’s also a few assets, such as the back of the heads are always the same shape, and a bit awkward looking— as well as; the hands always seem stiff, background resolutions are always horridly low quality, there’s not many diverse animations, and objects/entities have a very faint outline of colour that obviously shouldn’t be there. But those are just the little things. As an artist, I tend to find those details better. This app has a great community, great memes, and an ever growing creativity— if these little minor fixes are done, this app would be perfect. I love everything else about this app. That’s all. <3

- What happened?

Like many people Episode was a classic game from when I was younger. It was fun, and sure waiting around for tickets was a pain, but no where near as much of a pain as the whole app is now. It’s become so exclusive and the whole “read x amount of chapters before unlocking the full game” is stupid. If you’re gonna do that at least provide some variety, because I know for a fact there are more stories than just romance on this app. And having those stories be “use gems to pick this choice” kind of stories is also bad because no one who first opens the app is going to have the 19 gems to pick a good option in a story they don’t like. In fact the whole concept of having to pay to select a choice is terrible because it means that there’s a TON of people who don’t get the full experience of a story and it isn’t fair. If you’re advertising as a free to play game it should BE a free to play game. Not a “you can play for free but you don’t actually get to choose” game because that defeats the entire purpose of this app. You really have something going with app, and it was always cool to see the lesser popular stories and go through them because those were my favourite. But with this new set up you have I am required to wait 20 hours before I can even LOOK for those stories. Surely if this game is able to afford every second tumblr ad it can afford to make the changes to improved

- Amazing. But a few annoying things

Overall the reading experience is amazing! I play episode on the Dailey and have never been disappointed with the amount of stories there are for all kinds of people with different preferences, wether is romance, drama, crime, horror, adventure and so much more. Now, I understand there have been a few comments about gems. If you read stories that episode have published themselves there will be gem choices. However if you read user stories (stories made by the public/episode community) there are no gems required. Therefor you will not need to spend money on gems. The first chapter of any story is a free pass which is great. Moving on to my things that could be improved. I enjoy making my own stories (creating on my phone) but on the app there are limited emotions and outfits. On the computer you can make and customize your own outfit and there are heaps more outfits. Please find a way to bring both of these the outfits and the different emotions into the app. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Amazing game haven’t been disappointed. Good work!

- Very angry 😤 😡😠😤😡😠😤😡😠😤

I like this app a lot yea I really do but from my perspective every app has a flaw like I don’t care that before you play a story you have to wait and watch two adds or that you need passes but the one thing that really pisses me off is the gems right now I was just reading a story and I couldn’t do certain things because of the gems which is soooooo stupid like it’s more like this is what you have to choose unless you have enough gems even though there is some stories that you don’t have to use gems but most of them you do in my opinion this isn’t really a choose your own story app it’s more like bug enough gems so we can make money app choose your own story more like here’s your choose unless you can buy gems absolutely hopeless so many people complain about gems just remove them no one likes them and you still make revenue off people buying passes and people buying the game anyway 😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡 also the authors are saying this is not your story this is Chloe’s story or bree’s story it’s so annoying cause it is called choose YOUR OWN story the authors shouldn’t be doing that it’s so unfair I’ve complained so many times also I have not gotten a reply at all I’ve complained like 10 times please bother to reply and or fix something god

- Great game definitely recommend, although few things I would change

Really enjoy this game, I downloaded it on an old phone and sad to see that I could transfer the date due to having an iPhone so I had to redownload the game meaning I had read episodes original stories before I could unlock the all the story’s which I’m perfectly fine with because you only have to read about one story (18 episodes i think) and I wouldn’t enjoy that but the gemssss!!!?? You get one gem per episode and it almost always cost more than about 20 gems to actually choice the good options which I think is absolutely ridiculous there is no way you could get those gems without purchasing them. I think 5 gems would be much more responsible considering you have about 2-5 choices an episode. I also think the waiting period between ticket refills should be shortened, 4 hours!! Just to get 2-4 tickets depending on how long you’ve had the game, but you can shorten the wait be watching ads witch I really love even though you can’t do it all the time and you have to watch about 5 ads. Other than that great game so many good stories to choose from and lots of genres and episode makes very inclusive stories, you can pick your gender, sexuality and ethnicity witch I think is great.

- My Honest Opinion.

Hi all. I just wanna state this is my personal opinion. I see ads for this application on a daily basis almost. So one day I gave in and downloaded thinking ah what’s the worst it could be. After all it looks like a fun narrative that has endless options and outcomes. Boyyyyy I was wrong. Straight away I’m being pestered to pay for the “cool” or “interesting” stories that have been shown in such ads, I ignore and proceed to find the stories. And instantly. There were only 3 or so stories to choose from. So I frustratingly picked one knowing that without paying this is all I’d be able to play. Not even 5 minutes later (keep in mind this game does NOT have skipping features in between dialogue) I cannot “proceed” with that story as I have to pay. And as I am not going to pay to play a game that I had no interest in playing in the first place I uninstalled this. I would not recommend unless you want to spend money on a rather boring game as it turned out to be (the little that I played of it anyway). I have to give 2 stars. They have the idea there but definately not the right go about it. I hope this gets listed in the recommended reviews as I believe this shouldn’t be a biased list of only “pro” reviews and should be an even list of against and for reviews. Thankyou for reading this far. James E

- Just amazing!

I have been playing episode for a while now it is super fun and all the stories are great this is a super addictive game and totally recommend it. But like all reviews there is always a down side.. I don’t like the fact that gems are really rare to get. I know how you have to watch the stories that have a thing that lets you earn a gem every episode. Some people can’t get gems for reasons like parents won’t allow or it’s a waste of money. I watched a video and this YouTuber (Yammy)she spent so much of her money on gems on episode. I myself am not allowed to get gems because of my parents (thanks mum..)another hung about gems, I hate in stories that are like do such and such for 29 gems like these story writes already get like ten million gems a day and I don’t think it’s fair like why can’t we have this thing where if we do the right thing we get 2 gems? I know it won’t happen but really 20 GEMS TO DO ONE THING I aM LiTeRALlY RaGInG!! And passes are probably the easiest thing to get even though you have to wait 2 hours for 2 passes.. but the questions that give you passes I find amazing. Over all... this game is great but JUST DONT MAKE US WASTE 20 MILLION GEMS FOR ONE CHOICE ITS A WASTE OF TIME LIKE ITS JUST A CHOICE!!!!!!!!

- I highly recommend it

This app is certainly the best “choose your own adventure” app out there, with a variety of stories, genres, and opportunities to create or read. A lot of people are upset about the gems in the game, however there are stories that don’t include gem spending (that I find are actually more interesting than ones that cost gems) and ways to get around spending gems (such as watching an as instead of spending them). Since the gems don’t bother me that much, and there is always a downside to a review, I must say that when creating a story that you want to release, it requires intense coding without much guidance to how to use it. It would be helpful if there were guides to work it out, even for the simplest of codes programmed on the app. However, compared to the rest of the positive features this app provides, this issue is close to insignificant and can be avoided by searching guides online (though it would be helpful for episode to provide them). I truly recommend this app if you want a place to create, choose and read - it is brilliant!

- Amazing App with a few problems.

I really, really like this app. It’s really addiction but there are somethings I don’t like about it. First of all, unless you buy a ton of the diamond thingies, you are stuck doing all the boring activities. Situations come up now and again when you have the choice to do some thing exciting, but you can only go through with it it you spend up to 30 diamonds on it. This usually means your stuck doing the boring actives instead of enjoying it properly. I understand that free apps like this need to find an income some how, but by in creasing the amount of diamonds you get when you finish a chapter and decreasing the amount you have to pay, the game would be more enjoyable. Another thing I find annoying is that to move to the next chapter, you have to pay tickets. This is really annoying because whenever you finish a chapter, it usually ends on a cliffhanger. I’m saying that this is a bad thing, but then, to go into the next chapter you have to pay tickets. You can either buy or wait for the tickets regenerate. This usually takes about three or 4 hours. This app is really good, but if these things were cleared up it would be a lot better.


I love this app so much! Personally its my escape from reality and a great way to be creative and share and create stories. But i have a few issues id like to bring up. Emotions, backgrounds, clothing and so on why is it all available on episode interactive but not on the mobile app? I don't think it's fair. Not everyone has access or can afford computers and so on. While you can go onto episode interactive on a mobile phone, it doesn't exactly work and its disappointing for so many users that we don't have the opportunity to actually pick clothing and create outfits , we don't have many options for backgrounds and we don't have many options for our characters actions or emotions, its disappointing. Im sure I'm not the only user of the mobile app that feels this way. This is so many people's way of escaping reality of expressing themselves, being creative! Please, please, please take this into consideration! This would improve the mobile app so much as the majority of us use the mobile app! Please add more backgrounds, give us the opportunity to select out of the clothing options and create our own outfits and give us more options for our characters actions and emotions!!

- Needs Improvements

It’s a really good app where you have the option of fantasising about your deepest desires and experiencing stories in first person, however... their’s some elements in this app that it should work on to further satisfy gamers such as myself. For instance, for every chapter you finish in a story you get rewarded 1 gem. However, in some stories, there’s times where there are golden options available but costs like 25+ gems, and you could have up to 5 golden options in the one chapter! So the ratio of that is unfair and we’d either have to go out of way to purchase gems or even play other episodes to be rewarded one gem after finishing that chapter. Also, after completing a story on episode, if we wish to replay that whole story, we should be given free passes to replay all of it, not that we have to wait to for more passes to play it again. Nevertheless, it’s overall a good app that gives you realism and makes readers more engaged to reading in an unconventional sort of way, but there’s areas that needs improvement.

- Episode on my iPad

On my iPad I have episode, and I’ve had this iPad for about 2 years and episode has been on there for the 2 years and I had read about twenty stories and had fifteen more that I had to continue on and one day about a month ago ALL of my stories were gone ALL the ones I had to continue were gone. I was about to finish the watchers, I thought mabey it’s just a mistake?, so I turned off my iPad for about one hour and got back on the game, it was still the same so I left it one night and got back on it the next day and IT STILL was the same from the start, and I’ve had to do all my stories again ( I forgot to mention I still have all my diamonds) so I started with the watchers when I used up all of my tickets I turned it off and got back on it that night, BUT it had restarted all over again from the very beginning! Now I can’t finish off the stories because every time I try to read another story then turn it off for the night it just starts again. So please is there anything you can do so I can have all my stories back please. But other than that it is the best app in my phone.

- My Review (kind off bad)

This app is good in many ways. But like all things it also has its downsides. Most stories written are absolutely amazing (I especially love he romance section). The customisation and overall storyline is entertaining. But there is a problem. The passes. A few months ago, I upgraded my phone. I managed to back everything up just as it was with much ease. It was done and back to normal in a day. It saved absolutely everything. School started and I didn’t have time to play episode. For about a month and a half I didn’t play. A couple weeks ago I opened the app to see that there were many new stories (YAY), and the stories I had saved and begun had been saved at the exact spot I had ended them. Everything was identical to what it was, except my passes. I had over 30 passes on my episode and when I started playing again I had only one. This made me quite upset as I had gained those passes. Loosing my passes isn’t quite the problem here (although very annoying), it is the fact that I (and other episode users) have to wait 3 hrs 25 mins for a pass. Either shorten the time you have to wait for a pass or make readers watch an add to receive a pass. I have never seen anything like this. I hope you take my comment into consideration.

- Best interactive story app

☁️ After episode, I’ve seen so many other apps just like it but changed in style, stories and etc. But episode was the first one ever (i think) and it still is for me, such good stories from the community, amazing clothing artwork, avatar customisation, fanmail, creating your own stories and sharing it with everyone, the layout... you can put recommendations on your profile for others to consider what you personally love.. these are what makes episode unique and the best. ☁️ Maybe i’m biased because it was the first interactive story app 🐨. Because I use to play episode when I didn’t really like how to males looked but the girls were fine. Those times where you can skip ads because there was an X at the start. Those other times when you leave episode and come back to it and have 400 passes because they did not limit the amount you get (rip :( ) when episode didn’t decide to have you read 3 chapters to get another story when you start abnew account or that you’re new (which I hate). i have seen the journey of episode growing and it’s just so special to me and I do support them so much. They’ve worked so hard and gained popularity in the industry. Thank you for creating this masterpiece 💖 ❗️⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️❗️ But please.. fix the favourites tab of the stories we favourited because i have to tap “see all” to read the stories and it’s getting annoying. It has been like this for a while now (not this bad before though).

- Great ideas behind it but....

I love episode but for 1 ticket you have to wait THREE HOURS?!?! I find this more than slightly off putting especially since I don't want/can't spend money on an app. I do understand that you have to make a profit but 3 hours to play one 5-10 minute chapter? I find that ridiculous. I suggest making it maybe 30 minutes instead of 3 hours. Then the gems.... How many stories I have played that for the only reasonable choice or the choice that allows you to get close to a person or save someone costs a huge amount of gems. I don't think that KISSING someone should cost money. Like that is so freaking dumb. Maybe if the character is shopping for like a special outfit it can cost something but wearing an outfit that you ALREADY OWN? Again really stupid. Yeah at the end of most chapters you get 1 gem but every chapter you have like five choice that dost at least 15 gems.I have gotten no where and have had to make really cruel choices in some of my games because I don't have enough. I strongly suggest you consider some of my ideas and others because from looking through these reviews everyone feels similarly to me.

- I love this game but...

I love this game and have been paying it for years. It is the best interactive reading and choices app I have ever had. It has great animations, heaps of stories and some authors put free choices which I love. When I first got this game it had a feature where you could easily just create your own story and not having to publish it. Now you have to create stories on a laptops or computers using coding which is much harder to do and not everyone has access to a computer. The old version of create story mode was easy to use you. Just simple make the characters you want, pick from the number of different backgrounds, type the want to say and use the many animations. Do this many times to create a story it was as simple as that anyone could do it, now it’s complex coding that people can’t all do. This game is so amazing and highly recommend but the only thing it needs to make it a five star is put that easy creation of stories back. BRING IT BACK PLEASE. I’m not the only one who things this way either listen to us please. Thanks for the amazing game though.

- Disappointed

I have been playing this game for years now I have completed many stories and while that took a long time waiting and waiting and waiting for tickets I was fine with that but, recently they added this gem system for creators stories/chapters were you have to pay gems in their story to get a exclusive scene or pay gems for early access. Now I understand that creators spend a lot of time on these stories but in my opinion this is ruining the game even more, I have never and will never purchase gems from the store (mainly because I’m broke ) to get this stuff actually I went to community made stories for this reason they never made you pay gems to progress and get a good ending it was all for free and with some creators like episode there hella greedy they might make you spend 10 gems to get a special scene or make u pay 15 gems for early access. The only form of gem use in community that I got no problem with is the end were u can support a creator since it doesn’t impact the story or waiting time. Honestly I just don’t understand why this is happening and why this game decided to do this :/

- A Shortfall

Despite it’s great story creation and character animations, I’ve felt dissatisfied with a handful of things in the app. Firstly, with a quite below average rewards system, people like me (without access to purchasing diamonds) cannot purchase premium choices in stories, no matter how little those premium choices make to the storyline. Secondly, a story offering premium choices without a diamond reward for every chapter read really turns me away from reading as, in mentioned above, I have no way of purchasing diamonds to purchase premium choices as I have been locked out of money purchases through my Apple devices (thanks Apple). Third and finally, many of the stories (including ones with premium choices) have predictable storylines, predictable upcoming premium choices, a plateau of emotional intensity through love interest scenes, action scenes etc. and doesn’t do the app justice in helping engage the customers, especially with overlapping plot points in similar genres. At this point, I’m not bothered if I read anything more from the app or not. I’ve nothing to gain or lose and nothing to enjoy in continuing to use it. Maybe I’ll come back to it if a better reward system is introduced.

- Great gane, and i love it but things beed improvement

I’m seriously in-love with this game, the stories created are just so engaging and the fact you can choose what you like not just a list of things to do. But i would like to see inprovements, i’m not saying that this game is bad but i just think this would make it even better. I would suggest in having less of you need a ticket to continue, or you need this many diamonds for this.. oh wait im going to give you one after you finish this chapter so you cant do this until you finish... I just find it quite frustrating when these qualities come in to play. So prehaps remove the feature of tickets or at least give us more then 2... and maybe even add more ways to achieve diamonds or for it to be more common to get more then one, because at this point in the game im grinding for diamonds despite the fact that i cannot afford to buy them for money. Yet i understand you have to make something from this so these are only suggestions and what i think would make this game so much better. Kind regards, Me

- All Background hair etc!

I love this game but it would be almost perfect if there were some changes. I would love to be able to use all of the hair,backgrounds,emotions etc! I don’t think it’s fair you can only use it on episode interactive, also on more of the popular stories please make the prices to pick choices cheaper!!! It’s very annoying how expensive they are and I think with these changes that it would be super awesome for you to do so, please listen to this advice cause I have wrote multiple reviews about this topic and nothing has changed since 😕. It would be 👍✅ if you would please change the app by doing so, when I was changing my character on the profile there was all of the backgrounds and I got really excited for the create section cause I thought that changed as well... Please change it and I’m sure there are more people who feel this way also, Thanks!

- Diamond problem

This app is amazing i love the stories and all the romance but as alot of people have said about this app is the diamonds please shorten the diamonds to atleast 5 because we miss so many good oppurtunities no good dresses, no hooking up with nice people or going on a nice date i know its for profit but no one wants to spend money on diamonds there should be a way to get them for free like watch an ad or something because getting only one diamond after each chapter isnt enough when you need 20 for one opportunity its not fair like even if we got 20 diamonds for completing a bunch of chapters you'll spend it on one opportunity then your back to square one waiting till you get more we miss too many good opportunities the characters that we talk to buy us stuff or dress us up then when you get a choice its "wear this cool dress and impress whoever" for 20 diamonds or for free its sweatpants like are you serious atleast put something decent like a cheap dress like whos going to rock up at a nightclub in sweatpants and a singlet like come on shorten the diamonds or get rid of them otherwise watch your player numbers drop!!

- Good and bad

This app can be really pay to win with the “diamond choices”. However there are free versions of stories which are well written and there a lot of talented writers on this app. The diamond stories are advertised a lot almost forcing you to play them and leads to stories where you are forced to make the “bad choices” if you don’t have diamonds, which you can earn for free by reading lots of chapters of the diamond stories or buying them for unreasonable prices. I don’t mean to sound like a freeloader but when it leads to bad choices that can make young girls or teenagers feel annoyed or insecure about the story they’re reading there’s a problem. Another problem is the ads. I don’t mind the ads, but some of the ads you literally cannot click off and glitch the whole app. An example is one of the demo games, there is no cross button and you have to reset the app and watch another two ads to read your story. The only bypass for ads in this is to buy a bypass that isn’t even permanent. Another issue is there was once a very erotic ad displayed on an app young girls play.

- Acquiring the Gems

Episode is an incredibly fun and interesting game. I love the way you can customise the characters, choose their names. So far, I have only come across is how difficult it is to get gems. I don’t particularly want to spend money to get gems in a game. To me, that’s kind of pointless. I do, however that paying for things in the game is the way that the company pays their engineers, but it would be nice if you make it a feature to watch a short add to get, 5 gems. Just a small amount of gems like that. I know that you could get old his in the premium version or something, but I’ve only had the app for a day and I’m not sure if I want to pay to get a couple adds. All I’m asking is that we can watch an add to receive gems, and it’s a daily thing. It would make this game so much easier to play. I have had this game for a full day now and only have four gems. I need more than fifteen gems to do anything interesting in the stories. I haven’t spent my gems on anything at all because nothing I’ve come across is worth half a gem. Please just upgrade the game.

- Episode Review

I really enjoy episode and I’ve had the app for about a year now. I find that it’s not only fun but a great way to pass time. I also love the way you let people get creative and make their own stories which is one of the things I love most about episode. Some ways I think this app could be improved is if you give out two diamonds for each episode you complete or if you don’t have to spend as many diamonds for special choices or outfits. This is because I find myself, and many people I know not enjoying the story because you have to start other stories to collect more diamonds from before you continue and you lose interest in the original story you were reading. I also think that you could bring out some more stories that are a little more original because the last few stories I’ve read have been quite similar. Overall I really love episode and if you took some of these ideas into consideration I really think that episode could be even better!

- Great app but still not perfect

I've been using this apps for years now and have seen many improvements since then, such as getting 5 passes instead of 2 in the allotted time, which is now much better, but the app still has a way to go. The gem situation has improved but not nearly enough, they're still expensive and you have to use to many on an option. For example when there's a clothing option they want 20 gems but want the same for a a larger part of the story. I would spend more gems if it was reasonable, I would happily send 5 on a clothing option and then 20 on an important part of the story, it feels more reasonable. Plus without gems the main stories aren't fun, which I get is the point of gems but I'm already sitting through 1 and a half minutes of ads, so I know you're getting money anyway.! I get the need to make money but I think there's better ways around it and then this app could be perfect. I seriously love this app but I find myself disappointed at times.

- Disappointed

I used to play this game so much, it was such a great app, just re-downloaded and you have to read stories to unlock more stories and then you need to complete 6 stories before unlocking all of them. It takes for ever to get the passes and I’m not gonna pay for them the amount of passes and time you would need to use to unlock all stories. Honestly not worth it. So disappointed in this game. If it was the way it used to be I might actually spend money on it if needed or for fun. I have an idea that can help improve the game! You guys should have mini games and achievements and the prizes should be gems! To the point where it’s still fair to the players. But still have to option to buy if you want more then what’s given. Or add some ads or something so you still make a profit and the gamers still have fun. And have the option to collect gems by watching ads! Also you should make the passes more then what there is. Like at least 6-10 and then wait for more!

- Great but annoying!!

I love this app tbh.. but it’s really annoying how they only give you one gem for every time you finish an episode. Like at least give us two. Because most of the episodes have 3 exclusive choices where you have to use more than 20 gems for each. And that’s only for 1 episode/chapter which means it’s about 60 gems you have to spend for one episode (if you want to). They need to put less than two exclusive choices in one episode. Because it costs a lot. And for the exclusive choices there’s usually three choices where you either keep what you don’t want/sorta destroy your relationship with someone, have to pay for something and have to pay for something else. Which means we don’t really have a choice and it’s really annoying. They need to at least give us some chances so we actually make our own choices on the app. I’m loving this app but i might delete it soon because it’s not really fair. I get that episode wants to make money so we buy gems and passes but yeah that’s just not gonna roll.

- Cost too much

I really enjoy episode but some of these stories are ridiculous with the amount of gems you need to continue with the story. One for example is the character will suggest to the person she likes to hang out, but to actually do it is 20 gems. If you can’t afford to actually buy them with real money you don’t get enough to choose these options often enough, which results in choosing the “sorry, maybe next time” option over and over again. I agree with another review that maybe gems could be used for personalisation options such as certain hairstyles, clothes, colours, etc. but at this point instead of there being a basic option and a premium option it’s either play premium or don’t play the way you want. I don’t think it’s fair to be asking 20 gems for EVERY decision either. If you have to pay gems for that I think there should be different costs based on choice level. Hanging out to study or going on a date should not cost the exact same as some of the riskier choices like sneaking in somewhere with the crush character, etc.

- WHY THE GEMS!!??🤬🤬🤯

This is a GREAT gam but the gems RUIN it. I was playing the Cameron Dallas story and he guilted be into wearing a dress he bought me and he was like “I got u a dress, rlly hope u can wear it u would be so disappointed if u didn’t” 😔😔 and the the dress ended up costing something like 25 gems!!! 💎 this really annoys me and your game could b incredible if they weren’t there. It’s not like u need to make something achievable in the game cuz that’s not the purpose. It really ruins the game if there r gems so plz just get rid of them. In real life there would not need to be money paid to make a choice of clothing u already own. Also the adds are quite annoying and they glitch a lot. I once had to watch 6 adds before an episode and didn’t even get to read it! Others than these two MASSIVE 🦕🐋🐘 issues that could be easily fixed, this game is awesome. The stories are great and I love how almost every story lets u customise urself. This - overall - is a good game but some changes need to be made. Sincerely a person.

- Episode Review

I love this little game, but I have a couple issues that you could change and the game would just be even better. Could you please make it so you don’t have to spend so much diamonds to make the choice that you really want to make. Sometimes the outcome can be disappointing. Im currently on the 2 boys game with Tessa and Cole and Jay, you know it... whatever, Cole was in jail and I spent like 20 DIAMONDS to break him out only to find out that he was gonna get bailed out like an hour later. Please read this and just BTW could you possibly make some of the animations more flush and make more sense, because 2 girls started to touch another girl and stuff only to realise that they were putting on a dress for her. If you are one of the creators of this game, could you please respond to this just so I know. And hey, keep up the good work 😃 and if you can’t fix all of these things, could you possibly give the character more options to talk it’s kind of boring to just read and never talk. Bye

- I love it but...

This is one of my favourite apps and I use it nearly every day. somehow this app seems to pull me towards the dramas and the romances, the only thing is... I have been writing my story recently and I’ve realised that the Mobil creation part of the app only has very limited options. I am very grateful at the fact that the app has added choices to the list of things we can do but I feel as if we should be able to do things like have more backgrounds and limelight features on our characters. I have also noticed that our clothing choices are very limited. For the clothing choices I think that we should have a lot and I mean a lot more options. I think we should be able to choose what top we want, what bottoms we want and what shoes we want. I have visited the website and created characters on there and I think that the character creation part of the Mobil creation should be more like that. But other than that great job on your success and I hope you can make some changes to make your app even more wonderful.

- Needs more on create your own.

I'm not gonna go on about how great the game is (you already know how amazing it is) and just cut to the chase: 1) In create your own, it is so fun. Although, there is no hugging action, filming on phone, TALKING into a microphone, bowing, running, etc 2) More backgrounds? There are limited background options, making it hard for times like: Eating, there is no table or dining room. Fancy bathroom, only that messy, 3rd class one. Dressing room? Shopping but you can't really try anything on. Closet? More classrooms? I'm publishing stories but all the schools only teach science... More options on a work place/school area. Back yard, pool, front yard? 3) It would be amazing if we could make elderly people, adults, teens, children AND babies/toddlers! Different outfits and all, of course! 4) Having more than 20 characters in a story would be heaven, almost. 5 characters on the set at a time is NOT ENOUGH! 5) While playing other episode stories, we get offered many things as a choice but the only good choice is ALWAYS (and I mean EVERY TIME) at least 15-20 gems. Now, it is very hard to make gems, collect gems. We have to BUY the gems to continue playing the stories! This caused me to delete the game but then I missed the only GOOD thing, creating a story. So please, either make the choices 2-5 gems each or make it easier to collect gems! PLEASE Thankyou for taking my thoughts into consideration. I bid you all a good day, bye.

- Love Episode but Please Improve

Episode was an app I used to play all the time when I was younger - and I still go through phases of using the app on and off. But it is just SO HARD to play now unless you want to spend money to buy your way through it. It’s so unfair that you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t buy passes and gems - which quite frankly, ruin the story. It’s not really ‘choose your own story’ if you CANT choose the options you like because you need gems every. time. It’s also super hard to play because you can only hold 2 tickets and it takes hours to get them back? It’s such a shame because I’m sure you’d have so many more people engaging and playing if they could read and access their stories more often. Could you try and implement video incentives? Eg. giving users the option to watch a video to gain a pass? Or could you have incentives/mini games/awards to earn passes or gems? Or could you make other alternatives to the gem options so the story doesn’t suffer? I hope you value ALL your users and not just the ones that buy gems.

- okay

i enjoy EVERYTHING about this app. i love the stories, how u can create ur own character, the qna option, almost everything. but the gems and ads are a HUGE problem. 1. gems - some stories ask for too much gems and u only earn a bit from ur streak or u can earn 1 gem from reading stories that use gems, so i always avoid stories that use gems because i cannot afford to buy some more. 2. ads - this is a HUGE problem!! why should i watch 2x ads PER cHAPTER!! ur ads last 30-15 seconds so im wasting 4 minutes max from reading 4 chapters!! #lessads. however the option where u can watch ads to remove 30 minutes of waiting time for the tickets are a really good idea!! here are some improvements: 1. allow people to comment on the story and show their ratings 2. 1 ad per chapter!! (none preferably 😂😂) 3. gems should be 5-10 pre choice!! OR allow a way to earn lots of gems, like more gems being earned from reading a story that uses gems, watch ads, from rating a story, etc. 4. allow authors to make announcements and allow readers to comment in them so that the author and readers can connect more also side note, i see episode ads that have really cool options and wonder what story they are from and can never find them... fake advertising? please just put the name of the story in the end of the ad so that the author gets credit pls. smh

- There are a few issues to be addressed

Lately I have been playing episodes and trying to create my own story’s but there are so many bugs that come with it that drive me crazy! For one sometimes you will spend all that time putting a story together with all the characters, leave the story and then come back the next day to find that all your characters are gone from the scenes! And they are no where to be found, so i tried to make a new character but after spending a load more time doing that when I tried to save the character the game tells me I am unable to save it to this server!!! And then I tried to create a new story the exact same thing happened!! So I am at a loss and I’m giving it 2 stars for the amount of stuffing around this game makes us do and we still don’t get the outcome that we were trying to achieve!

- Exceptional! Nothing else like it.

The best feature of Episode is Limelight, being able to customise everything as an Author, being able to write your own story, to be able to make choices as a reader, being able to have the readers be able to customise characters & just looks great. I love the music & all the sounds made. No other app that is a game & a book made visual is anything like it & they just don’t compare to Episode. I do hope Episode continue to keep making it better in every way possible, that there’s more choices of clothes, hairstyles, music & backgrounds. There’s only one fault with Episode, & that is that only Episode made stories have gems as a reward for reading. I think it should be for all stories. As not everyone can spend there money on gems to have better choices in said Episode made stories. Also, they need to reconsider the new terms & conditions as they have become too restricted.

- Two things that I’d personally like

1- I’d say this is more Important than two. Limelight: I’d give episode and automatic 5 star rating if you could make Limelight stories on mobile. I don’t get why you can’t. It’s almost the same as Computer, and plus I’m not the only one. I’m sure many more people want limelight on Mobile. 2- I understand that it’s only fair if you have to pay your diamonds for some things. But it’s become a little to much. It gives you two options for outfits normally, there’s the really amazing one, and the ok one. The amazing one is always 20-40 diamonds and the plain/ok one is free. And situations, having a ‘romantic’ night out, it’s always costing diamonds, or you can just say no. I’m just going to say this in a, more, clear way. We shouldn’t be charged diamonds for every outfit we wear and every move we make. Apart from this I’d say episode is really fun, and interesting. There’s always a story for your specific taste too.

- My review

I definitely love episode, I can’t get off it! But the only problem is that really good choices cost heaps of diamonds. That is simply not fair for people who are poor and love to play this great game. I think you should take away the diamonds and put a smile on peoples faces. For instance: Tell Chris that you will be his girlfriend. And then next to it 19 diamonds. And if you press no that will depend on your whole love with that person. And he or she will possibly break up with you. We just want to have fun. I also asked heaps of friend and they agreed with me. I asked my best friend “what is the worst thing about episode?” And she said “ that you have to pay heaps of diamonds for great choices that will depend on you friendship or love with someone. My other best friend TOTALLY agreed. So can you please consider not wasting people’s precious money on great choices that you have. Once again I LOVE episode but it will make everyone happy if you could remove the diamonds. ❤️

- Great game minus the adverts & asking of money

All in all this game is entertaining, it’s similar to the early sims game but on a story. The downfall to this app is the constant need to have 20 gems to either wear a particular outfit (which you didn’t choose, the game did) or pay 20 gems to (go to a guys house). To buy the 20 gems isn’t cheap either. I think it was $8.99 for 50 of them & since the game asks you to spend 20 gems at a time it spends your $8.99 in less then 1 chapter. Each chapter goes for about 10 minutes then you have 5 minutes of adverts you can’t skip past unless you pay the game 2 or 4 gems. This is your own personal real money and let’s face it, most young people cannot afford this. You can go to the shops and buy a physical PlayStation 4 game for $30 and never pay a cent to it again, so how is it realistic a person spend over $30,$40 or $50 on this game? It would be very easy for one 2 which isn’t fair to anyone that plays the game. Great game but no value for money.


Ugh it is soooo annoying when you get to a part if the story when you have to spend gems to get the premium choice…my only problem with this is that some people can’t afford to pay for gems all the time and when your spending 20 gems 💎 per premium choice they go pretty fast I mean I know you have to make money and stuff but maybe for some of them it could be you have to watch a vid or spend maybe 10 gems and you have a choice and also I think you should earn 2 or 3 gems after watching a single episode not one hem, it’s just not fun for the people (not me) that can’t afford gems…all I want is for the people who do not have much money to have a say (I’m 13 and I don’t get pocket money) please take this into account… it would make it a lot more fun for the people who don’t have much money 💵 ……please -love from jade 🥺😔🥺😔🥺

- Amazing App! Just a few things...

Hi there! I’m in love with the app and I just wanted to say how great it is! I love how there are so many great episodes to share and read over. I would also just like to address something I thought would help me and many other people. I was wondering if the creator/s of Episode could maybe add the option on the app to do Limelight. I know this sorta frustrates me, because I would love to find other ways of creating episodes and stories. I have tried many times online to do a Limelight but it is just so confusing and pretty challenging. I know I and many many others would appreciate this if the creator/s could add Limelight editing onto the app. Other than that I am forever endlessly in love with Episode!! I think the creator/s has/have done an amazing job! Thank you for making an app I’m in love with. -Mads

- A great app but...

I think this app is amazing and great for people who want to read and also play! But the fact that you get 1 diamond every chapter AND you can only read the next chapter of you have a ticket is REALLY annoying. And in all the good story’s the best options need around 20 diamonds to choose them. I think it needs to be easier to have a better experience. Or maybe to add more ways to get diamonds and tickets without having to wait 3 hours just to get 1 ticket. It would also be better if there were more options on what you can wear inside the story’s. For e.g the story I’m in the middle of reading makes your character wear the same thing two days in a row AND makes the clothes look horrible, the only way to make your character look good is to buy diamonds and tickets. If the creators can do something about this then please do it quickly then people will have a way more fun time.

- Annoying

I love reading the episode story’s but sometimes I just get annoyed of how we have to use gems like when I don’t have enough it doesn’t make me feel connected or my decision to the branches, I wanna do this I wanna do that but I can’t how is it a story about your character when your not able to do things you want? Not everyone has money to buy things online and I know that’s not your problem but at least give us 50 gems a day going on, another thing that annoys me is trying to make a story when I’m adding branches and characters doing my own thing, I keep going out of the app and when I’m able to do it my characters are gone apparently you can only do it on laptops it just lets me down that the app has so much control over your decisions I know it’s just an app but sometimes people feel connected to it could you at least make it available for people with iOS devices to make story’s and animations

- Cons of the new update

I used to play so much when I was younger, it was my childhood games. I spent so much time playing this and reading. I got to experience the fun of stories and bring my mind to another world. I have recently starting thinking “I should start using episode more” but I was very disappointed when I came on. Before the new update there was so many stories I read, for free. I understand that episode needs to make their money but isn’t the main idea for episode is for entertainment and for people to experience the fun of these stories? So why limit it? I do not agree having readers reading the first few chapters of a book they might not be interested in just to unlock others. Maybe instead of the gems being used for unlocking new chapters maybe they can be used for special styles to characters? I just hope episode takes this to consideration. This is no hate just giving my opinion to help episode improve.

- DO NOT! Unless

Now I love this game!, but these gems are ridiculous. You get only 1! Only 1, not 5 or 8 just 1 gem every chapter, and don’t get me started on the tickets you need to read chapters... you got to wait almost 4hours for only 2 measly tickets, it’s ridiculous. But not only that, you get guilted and disappointed everywhere through out the storys, because you dont have the gems. This game is all about the money. I love this game but you are honestly losing people by the minute because they either can’t buy the gems or when they have the right amount you use it then like a few questions later you get asked again. It’s almost 30gems each time so really you don’t get to pick your own story unless you, yourself are rich and can blow money on gems continually through out every book, every chapter. So sorry no I fell in love with this game but because of this I have to throw it away ............ DO NOT get this game unless you are willing to be disappointed. Or you are rich. Unless update and fixed this game is nothing more than a scheme for your money.

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- You should make another app for us to create a story

I love the app but I want you to allow to make episodes on the mobile app or make another app to create an episode. And allow us to make out own outfits

- Please bring back unlimited passes and no ads

Long time reader and fan . But please bring back the unlimited passes and no ads package!!! :(

- Not a fun or a good game

The game isn't great. It advertises itself as a choices game but it's not. On some occasions, certain "choices" are locked unless you use diamonds to choose them. This usually happens when there are two choices, with one very favourable and the other not at all. Unfortunately, diamonds need to bought with real money. So unless you're willing to cash out on a dumb little choices game, you'll be making less favourable choices throughout the game. This is a "pay to choose" game. Not fun at all.

- Love episode

I love the app but when do you think you will update the demi lovato series I can't wait to see the next episode 😊😊🤔🤔

- Meh

Stories are great but there are too many ads, you have to spend way too much money way too often, and you either get the choice of something great for $$ or the worst possible answer - there's no other option.

- Over Priced

Dear Episode, The app itself is fantasic. Can’t get enough! My problem is that the gems and passes are overpriced and the target consumers are young girls. They can’t pay what your asking. They could go and steal a debit card from their parents to see what happens next. Thats not something we should be teaching. Pay to play. Maybe watch an add for gems or passes. You would still make money. Sorry for being an SJW.

- Episode

I used to love episode but now when our I try to do a story the ads don't work. After some of the ads, it just turns write and you can do nothing. I ALWAYS have to keep do the ads and it never works 😡😭😡😭😭ALSO the update I got doesn't work because I'm making a story and when i go to my characters it glitches out

- The new update

It was good before the big update now... we can’t make our own stories we can’t pick what category we like. It was better before it didn’t need any fixing. Please put it back how it was :)

- Waste

You can’t even play the game properly without spending money. You either pay money for diamonds or you get dumb choices. Such a waste of a download.

- ❌

There is no non binary character options

- Love it!!!

I have been reading episodes for almost a year I think and I've never been disappointed with it :) I of coarse only read the completed stories too so I don't have to wait ;) and sometimes it sucks to run out of passes so quickly but with the right stories that have longer chapters it works out fine :) I love this app!!!

- So creepy 🧐😱

I was looking at the comments and somebody said something about a weird sound and they where not wrong I tried it and there was a creepy sound so if I could put -100000 I would put it don’t download 😖

- Title

I was hoping for a bit more choices and less locks so it would be more like real life

- 1 thing I don’t like

I don’t like how it takes so long to get tickets

- Racist

This game is so racist (or idk how to use it) anyways it’s just rude and not right. Please fix this!

- No❤️

Maybe don't queerbait...

- Hi

As much as I love the game I think the creators should put in more than a few passes at a time and I also think it’s kinda silly to be waiting 3 hours 20 minuites and 12 seconds. But if you are going to have any passes they’re should be more or you should have infinity passes. But over all I love the game!

- so manipulative...

this game is so incredibly manipulative.. like i just want to make one good choice and it baits you in so far.. then its like lol nope to enjoy the game at all you gotta pay!! some of the options really make me feel like a bad person and i dont like it.. please change this or make the gems easier to obtain.. its so stupid..

- Fix this

I can’t believe you took off the create stories on device I loved it now you ruined it take it back episode interactive is way to complicated!

- Fun

It is fun but pull like to see a little less more gems needed to pick outfits...makes you choose what you really don’t want. Some endings are like lunchbag let down.

- Episode

I miss the old episode where it was easier to create your own story can we have it back plz🙂

- Just a question..

My mom says if there is one for kids I can have she doesn’t approve of some of the things that are on this app.. so if you could think you could make a kids one? I think a lot more people would play, also here’s an idea.. I see a lot of people complaining about prices what if it goes off another choice so you don’t have to spend money! You could still have tickets, so you will still get profit but people can be happy and play the same! Thanks for listening!

- unlimited passes

Love this app so much and the community stories but it’s rlly annoying that you took unlimited passes away for the community stories, won’t be using the app anymore unfortunately and I think a lot of other people can agree with me, ur losing readers because of this. pls bring it back

- Gems

Great great game but hate the whole gem thing

- Have to buy gems now

I used to love this app. The writers are so creative and the stories can be very enjoyable. Now they make you buy gems to see parts of the stories, sometimes outfits or better choices. You need gems to read more than one new chapter the author has updated. I spend A lot of money on passes and now gems too? Really disappointing.

- Free please

Can you please not make us have to pay diamonds 💎 to wear clothes 👗 it’s annoying ✋😒

- Games Trash

Forces you to play as female characters

- -

doesnt work for mac

- Trop sexy 🥵

Je trouve que c’est trop sexy

- Disappointed

I used to love episode. There was more choices and I was able to make an account and write stories from my phone. You won’t be able to write stories with this app on your phone. And you need diamonds for all the good choices which are really hard to earn.

- We can’t do something nice/On ne peut rien faire d’amusant

Whenever you can do something fun or wear a cute outfit it costs you diamonds! And it's very rare to have them. Please make it so that we can do more things and have diamonds more easily. Dès que vous pouvez faire quelque chose d'amusant ou porter une jolie tenue, cela vous coûte des diamants! Et c'est très rare d'en avoir. Veuillez faire en sorte que nous puissions faire plus de choses et avoir des diamants plus facilement svp.

- Important info

I put my phone on full volume and put my ear next to the speaker when I was out of the app and heard nothing, but when I did that while I was on the app I heard static. I checked the other reviews and saw one about this also.

- Makes you buy crap

I was playing the game when I noticed all the good options cost diamonds.

- Irritated

I’ve been using the unlimited passes for a long time now and the fact that has been taken away and replaced with a $6.99 per WEEK option??? It’s freaking ridiculous. Y’all start farther and farther away from the whole point of Episode. It’s sad that a cash grab is more important than the well-being of your users that have been using episode as a coping mechanism for the longest time. Congratulations.

- Scam

Good addicting game but you can’t get any good choices without spending real money.

- Disappointed

I used to love episode; it was my favourite game by far. But now since redownlaoding it, I’ve discovered that every single good choice that comes along costs diamonds. And I mean EVERY good choice. It never used to be like that. It’s impossible to actually enjoy the game without spending money. And that’s disappointing cause it never used to be this bad. Wish I could have the old episode back:(

- Scam

This app will record you just turn up the volume and put your phone to your ear and you will hear static’s in the background please do not download the app

- Static

This games creepy there’s static it’s recording you do NOT download for your safety!

- I got banned

I woke up one day and I was randomly banned. I promise I didn’t do anything and I still got banned. 👎🏾😠


It records you if u turn up your volume you here static and static means it’s recording you!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD 😡

- Hi I’m Lilly

I like this app but I keep hearing static noises coming from mic everytime I open the app as if it’s recording everything u say it’s super creepy!!wtf?Please do something to fix that because I’m deleting the app I’m creeped out! I don’t like to know that it can probably hear everything:(

- This game RECORDS YOU

Put your volume full before you go in the app.Then you will here static.DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Misunderstanding

The game has really good stories, very fun to read, everyone who is mad that you have to pay for choices- realize that the developers of Episode isn’t the one making the stories, people who installed the app is. It’s not there fault! Other from that, it would be great if you could add back making stories on mobile.

- Alright i recommend if ur into corny romance

It’s pretty good although the stories are quite tacky and it takes about 4 hours for 2-3 tickets

- Review

I just want to be able to do more episodes having only two tickets sucks:(


The people on mobile should be able to create story’s! I had so many story’s back then on my phone and y’all just had to take em away! 🤦🏽‍♀️

- Passes & Gems

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great app, I love it! But, I hate waiting 3 and a half hours for my passes to refill. I don’t mind watching the ads to reduce the time by 30 minutes, but eventually there will be no more ads to watch, and I’m back to waiting. I’m not a big fan of the gem system either. All of the “Featured” stories have gem choices, and you can’t choose the obviously favourable choices unless you have gems. Apart from those two things, though, this is overall a great app! Would definitely recommend.

- Great......?

Episode is rlly fun and interesting but it takes sooooooo long. 3 hrs for only 2 tickets, could you guys maybe make it so like 30 mins for 1 ticket or something like that but make the limit like 5-10 tickets?

- ❤️

i really like this app. but please stop making everything for diamonds

- 😁

I really like this app but if you use all your tickets will you get some back the next day or..?

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@TopStore12 Episode choose your story allow us to get free gems and passes


@TopStore12 Episode choose your story.. allow use to have infinite gems and passes pls


Episode is game for girls boys don’t like this game so in this game you choose a story and you have your character you play as you give her a name and appearance and how the story will go and end is up to your choices

Espooky Tales Podcast

@GenZExplainsPod @LadiesFrightPod Yourself explaining a crime or paranormal story than like sharing a soundbite of your latest episode. Add captions, you can choose trending songs & turn the volume down (I find scary music to put) and again stay in your nich, you don't need to hashtag fyp or foryou or foryoupage

The New Liberals

@LexiOHudson @StrangelEdweird @LauriLinnea Only that specific episode of Black Mirror (Bandersnatch). It was structured like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. It plays out like a normal episode of television, except every so often the story pauses and forces you to choose a path. Some paths *seem* benign, others vital.


Hellurrr!!! Today is our 25th GTA Story Mode Episode..will we beat the game today? If so, which ending will we choose? i dunno yet..so make sure you are there to let your opinion be heard!!


I just posted "Episode - Choose Your Story - FREE GEMS & PASSES Tutorial (ios/android)" on Reddit

kai❥ / selective asf.

Episode choose your story

Jesper Schmidt 📚 Author. Worldbuilder. Educator.

You've got the story, but how do you title your novel? In episode 37 of the Am Writing Fantasy podcast, Autumn and I hash out why choosing a title is very important and how to go about doing it. We even share some very useful tools to help you out.

Choose Your Struggle

We've all heard the story of the former slugger who finds his true passion in CBD & health right? Check out this week's episode with Kyle Blanks of @roadrunnercbd at or wherever you get your podcasts. #cbd #chooseyourstruggle #chooseyourstrugglepodcast

Arts at the Arms

🙌EPISODE TWO - OUT NOW🙌 For the next episode of our ‘Introducing’ series we've a got a fantastic monologue, A Lockdown Surprise, by the fantastic novelist and short story writer, @BradleyBooks!📝 Choose your platform below👇


BC OF EPISODE-Choose your story I will watch this


I want to say sorry for my spam post with Episode - Choose your story I will try to stop posting😭

Episode - Choose Your Story 22.71 Screenshots & Images

Episode - Choose Your Story iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images
Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images
Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images
Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images
Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images
Episode - Choose Your Story iphone images

Episode - Choose Your Story (Version 22.71) Install & Download

The applications Episode - Choose Your Story was published in the category Games on 2013-12-18 and was developed by Episode Interactive [Developer ID: 761807761]. This application file size is 260.42 MB. Episode - Choose Your Story - Games app posted on 2022-04-18 current version is 22.71 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.neonfun.catalog