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What is tody app? Tody is a smarter to-do list for managing household cleaning routines. It will optimize and motivate your cleaning.

● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates.

● Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction.

● There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications (optional). Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you.

● Turn home cleaning into a game. House members can sync plans across devices and users and check-in to claim credit for their actions.

● Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan.

● Tody can be customized and scaled to fit almost any needs. It thus suits singles as well as complex households with many members. Even professionals find Tody to be their preferred tool.

Recommended by, Buzzfeed and MacWorld.

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App Name Tody
Category Productivity
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 49.18 MB

Tody Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great app with even better support!. This app is great and is definitely worth the money, but I feel that their support level on this app is what really sets them apart. If you send them a message, they answer you! I’ve had this app for years and have received helpful responses to questions, have sent them information about a bug in the program (which they updated to fix), and I’ve had some of my suggestions implemented (although I’m sure others asking for the same features too). It’s so refreshing to have a developer who fully supports their product, listens to their customers, and continually works to make the product better and easier to use. A big thank you to Peter Drejer and Angel N.!

Great for ADD adults! (And everybody else). This app has changed my life. No more time writing out to-do lists or wondering when I last did something, it’s all right here and so customizable! As an adult with ADD-i, remembering simple routines is difficult for me. I was able to create categories for my own self-care and for my children as well. No more missed showers, vitamins, or teeth brushing! (Well, less anyway.) I’m able to delegate tasks to my husband and it all syncs between our devices, which is wonderfully helpful. (We use the points system to make a game of who can get more- no more arguments about whether we’re pulling our weight) Plus the developers really listen to feedback. I mentioned just a few months ago that it would be really nice to be able to visually see how much progress you’ve made on each room that day. In today’s update they added a feature that leaves a ghost print of where each bar started so as the day goes on you can watch your progress! I’m so excited they listened and I absolutely recommend this app!

Most useful app I've found yet. I can't say enough about this app. I used to have house cleaners come every two weeks. I let them go a couple of months ago In order to save money. I work full time, am chauffeur to two kids...... I was really stressed about adding new responsibilities to my already full plate. I tried a couple of apps to help me organize my cleaning tasks before finding this one. This app is hands down the best. It is more intuitive than the others. It's so easy to set up areas and tasks, and how frequently you want to clean them. I love the "to do list" - I can easily see what needs to be done. Rather cleaning my whole house in one day like the cleaning service did, this app allows me to spread all of the tasks out over a two week period so that I do a little at a time and my house is always clean. I can't say enough about this app. Get it now!!! You won't be sorry!!!

This is a great app for depressive people. I honestly thought housekeeping was very complicated because I’m not great at organizing. This app helped me lay things out where I didn’t feel totally overwhelmed. I was able to set it to where I had a certain amount of things to do every day and it reminds me about the stuff I wouldn’t do without reminding. I was even able to set the chore list from times when I just needed the bare minimum to when I felt like I wanted to be totally accomplished. The set up took me a little while (not in a bad way, no app like this is going to be personalized to your own houses first!) but it works great with the reminders and little charts of when things should be done

Worth the $$. This app is perfect for managing household chores. Love it! I like how it tracks the last time the chore was done, and you can see the history of when it's been completed, and how frequently you really do the chore. There is nothing wrong with the scheduling/calendar feature as reported by another user - once the task has been created, enter the date when you last did it, then click "edit/view previous actions" at the bottom of the task to delete the dates that were estimated by the app. This is a little klunky and you have to look hard to find it, but it works! I also like how it gives you more of a window of time in which the chore should be completed, and the green/yellow/red colors really help prioritize and motivate you to get those chores done. Excellent work, devs.

Most useful app EVER. I’ve been using Tody everyday for over a year. It helps me to prioritize chores as a working mother—since I can only do so much in a day! I never have that feeling that I don’t know where to begin because it shows me what needs my attention the most. And then once I accomplish that, I often end up doing the next item on the list, then the next and the next. I also love that it shows my progress over time and I am always challenging myself to keep the level lower than before. My house has definitely become consistently cleaner over time and I spent 0 time thinking about it. And for those days that I’m exhausted but could maybe accomplish “just one thing”... I know what to do. It manages that “overwhelmed and don’t know we’re to start” feeling because it shows you exactly what needs your attention the most. And it gauges my progress over time so I’m always trying to challenge myself. It has improved my home and my attitude over housekeeping and takes the thought process out, which is usually the very thing that keeps from getting started at all.

Get it!. I rarely bother rating apps, but I just to review Tody. I have always made lists for chores and tried to check off each week, but it was hard to keep everything done, and I often forgot little things like baseboards or dusting my fan blades. With this I can put every single little thing, sort them into spaces, and set the reminders for when they need to be done, rather than hoping that I remember this or that. I like that I can set frequency, the option of looking what needs to be done today only, and sorting chores into rooms. I especially love the color coding. As someone who works through things visually, it really motivates me daily. Seeing a bunch of red really gets me to hurry up and sweep already. I've gotten three people to buy it after showing them!

Favorite App!!. It’s only been half a day using this app and I absolutely love it! I work full-time, have 4 kids, a husband, and can’t keep up with everything because I get distracted with another thing that needs to be cleaned. I’d be busy all day and yet would look around wondering where my time went. I was getting overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. Although, I have to play catch up with some of the more tedious cleaning, this app is amazing! What a life changer, I’m excited to get to cleaning to check the chores off! It makes it so easy by breaking everything down into smaller tasks. There is so much it does! I also am very pleased that it is a one time purchase app. Yay!!

Very useful app. I really love this app. It's helping me keep track of my tasks better than any calendar app or any other GTD app out there. I love that it calculates due dates according to how long ago you actually did something, as opposed to recurring dates on a calendar. And I've suffered no technical issues while using this app on my iPhone 6s. I do have a couple of nitpicky little wishes for improvement: I wish notes would appear on the screen as soon as I open a particular task, as opposed to me having to open a separate notes view. Right now, some of the space is taken up by a "history" graph reflecting my task completion stats. But for any given task, I care much more about seeing my notes/instructions than I do about seeing my stats. Also, when listing tasks by area, it would be nice if the area names (i.e., section headings) were more visually distinct from the tasks themselves. I use the teal background (if that makes a difference) and I can see that some effort has been made to make the section headings more distinct. (They're indented slightly and bolded and the background color is slightly darker.) But the differences are so subtle they're almost nonexistent. I think darkening the background of the headers a bit more would be helpful. Other than those two nitpicky things, I have no complaints.

Best home organization app!!!. I tried a few methods to help me keep track of housework; Flylady, 3x5 cards, and a generic reminder app. This app is very similar to the 3x5 system, but it’s better because it’s very visual. The pictures of your dirty room motivates you to clean so you can log in your chores and fix the picture. It’s like a game. It took a few days to log in all my chores because I had so many and never could find a long enough stretch of time to sit down and transfer them all to the app. Now that I’m all set up, it’s easy to keep it up. You can track your progress and see which chores or items need the most attention. I only hesitated because of the up front price, but it’s well worth it. This has also helped to motivate my kids to help me keep the house clean. Everyone is happy to pitch in!

Helpful for Large Families!. We have seven children, and Tody lets me assign tasks to everyone in the family. I can see who has done (or not done) their chores, pause tasks when when we have events or illness, easily edit priorities... it’s a fantastic tool for our family! My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that it seems to reset the timer for tasks based on a clock instead of calendar. For example, I have empty trash listed as a daily task for one of the children. They marked it off yesterday after school, and in the “To Do” list, it shows up that it is “due tomorrow”. I’m assuming it will refresh and say “due today” around 4:00 this afternoon. This doesn’t prevent you from marking it off early, but it does make looking at the tasks coming up a bit wonky. I would love to see this issue fixed, but Tody is still being used and appreciated daily in our home!

Competitive powers ACTIVATE!. God, there's nothing as satisfying as beating Dusty at his own game. I have gotten out of bed to do chores, not out of guilt, but solely for the pleasure of making him sulk because I had the most points 😂 Let me tell you, that is an achievement. I've always struggled with motivation and consistency, but this app turns cleaning into a game — literally! Also, the actual chores/recurring tasks aspect of this app is incredibly well designed! It's intuitive, adaptable and just seems to get better the more you use it. I feel empowered and able to keep up. In short, my house has been functionally clean and completely non-embarrassing for over two months, in spite of having toddlers, and I am never going back. Thank you SO MUCH to the app developers — and Dusty, brace yourself, cause I'm definitely gonna take the lead today!!!

Simple and Effective. I am surprised how helpful this actually is. The app is simple, always works and has really helped me manage my household tasks. I don't use it for anything that I do every day, but everything from every 3 days (vacuum living room) to once a year (prune trees) is in there, keeping track for me. Taking care of a house with little ones can be overwhelming, but I open up the app to the "tasks due by area" section, choose a task that my children can do themselves and work on a different one myself. I find I am MORE on top of cleaning, but feel like I'm working LESS. It seems like something I should be able to just do on my own without an app, but it is truly significantly easier with it. Well worth the money. The only thing that bugs me is I can't figure out how to pronounce "Tody" so it bothers me to see the name. Too-dee?

Amazing App to Help Clean!. Like many, I hate cleaning. I didn’t get my moms obsessive compulsive cleaning gene. But, I like a clean house. However, I often feel overwhelmed with the many tasks that need to be done. This eliminates that issue. I scheduled a millions tasks (mostly custom but I also used many of the built in ones that reminded me of some tasks I usually forget) and did them based on room of the house. I also scheduled things like home services that need to be done occasionally such as service heater/air conditioner, get taxes done, get Fireplace chimney sweep, change blue Apple filters in fridge (to keep fruits/veggies fresh), change air filter, clean vacuum filter, and so many more). I scheduled myself to dust one item (bookshelf, tv console, etc) a day to keep up on dusting so it’s pretty much always clean. This is my favorite app and pretty sure the only one I’ve ever reviewed lol. Thank you!!!

99% perfect app. I love this app dearly and I make attempts to use it all the time, because the idea is truly genius. I love the status bars for tasks, grouping by areas, ability to customize completion frequency. The only major drawback for me is the lack of notifications for individual tasks. For someone with ADHD like me, seeing a notification like “you have 7 tasks due today” is just so discouraging. I end up never opening the app to look at specific tasks that are due because it’s an extra step and I already start feeling like there are several things I need to get done. Tasks pile up, I see a red bar, I stress out, eventually stop using the app all together… It would be so helpful to have an option to turn on (or off) notifications for each task individually, what time of the day I want to receive it (e.g., do the dishes at 7pm, wipe the stove at 8am), and whether I want it on the day it’s due and/or maybe a few days before. That way I’d know when I need to get things done without feeling overwhelmed. For other tasks that take longer periods of time to become relevant again, I can open the app and actually see the status bar when I check off things I got done because of individual notifications. Otherwise, excellent app and I’ll keep making attempts at making it work for me!

Really, Really Helpful. This app is exactly what it should be. Not too complicated but nuanced enough to handle all aspects of chores and cleaning. I even use it for tracking tasks like book keeping. Highly recommend it. It has a effort system which is interesting but after they took away the ability to give tasks zero effort points I had to stop using it. With zero effort tasks there is no limit to what you can add— small things that take seconds but that you need to remember to do can be added. But if you add too many of these quick but impressive tasks it unbalances the effort manager and makes Dusty (who was previously fun to complete with) useless. Overall still a very useful app.

I have used for 4 years. I have used Tody app to keep my house clean for 4 years now - that is saying something! Tody is a great motivator for cleaning and helps me break housekeeping into smaller bites. If you are like me and have an “all or nothing” personality trait that makes balance difficult to achieve in some areas, Tody is a big help to manage and prioritize what needs to be done around the house. The app makers listen to their users and consistently update their app to make it better and better. It is very adaptable to your needs and lifestyle - you can use it for pretty much any reoccurring life-management task, not just housekeeping. If you are searching through apps trying to find something to help motivate you to clean, Tody is worth spending the money on.

Love this app to keep me on track!. I love how easy it is to break down your home and even break down each room into individual tasks. Making custom rooms and tasks is also just as easy. Difficulty level per tasks? Awesome! Frequency? Editing each chore for whatever reason? Love it. Visual idea of what is overdue and by how much? Thanks for reminding me how much I’m slacking. No, seriously! I wish I’d known about this app so much sooner! I downloaded it nearly a year and a half ago, and it’s the best thing for task management I’ve ever seen! A question: I see the Dusty option/challenge in settings have have it set up - but I don’t see Dusty or the challenge bars on my Home Screen. Not sure how to fix that. Not that I “need” it, but I love the extra bit of fun the creators are trying to plug in.

Love it!. You definitely need to learn how to use this. The key to cleaning is to PICK UP STUFF! I have been working with a professional organizer and the place to start is at the front door. Whenever anyone comes over, you want to first clean what they will see. Then work on your bedroom. This sets the tone. I also do dishes and trash daily and laundry on a slow day at home - Sundays. My personal organizer calls it the “illusion of cleanliness” and her name is Marie Ricks. She has written many books on cleaning and organization! I’ve used Tody in the past and love it, but it becomes SO BURDENSOME depending on how it is used. I group cleaning into an “area” called “cleaning reboot” for surface cleaning, vacuuming, kitchen/bath, etc. I love that I can assign this to professional cleaners and other family members. I also have an area for “morning routine” “daily clean” “tasks” and “evening routine”. I skip tasks I don’t want to do that day by pausing them. The order of the areas I work through somewhat chronologically. SET TO RELAXED! It is still sparkling. Key is that many presets are missing TIDY! Do TIDY tasks every day and surface cleaning as far out as you can handle. This gives the illusion of cleanliness! Don’t just trust me. Trust a professional organizer. Marie is the best!

Do it.. I like this app as far as it helps keep me on top of cleaning. In fact, I do some of my house work before it needs to be done just so I can keep it green rather than turning orange or red. So if you want to know if I think you should purchase this, my answer is a big fat YES. However, this is where I get picky and tell you things that don’t really impact the usefulness of the app, it’s more of a pet peeve situation: I would prefer that it be more streamlined...instead of giving the option of either entering 14 days or two weeks, just go with one option. They’re the same. I can understand things like 8 or 9 days, 15 or 16 days but 14 days vs 2 weeks? I don’t love that. I would also like a different layout, or at least the option of different layouts. I’m a visual person and I need lots and lots of color coding rather than the standard few available with this app. Again, the app is useful and does what I need it to, I would just like to see a few tweaks here and there.

Best app ever. Having suffered from depression for many years, I have struggled with maintaining everyday routines. I set up this app for my household chores, as it is intended, and took awhile to get using it. But, once I did, it made a huge difference. If I’m behind on one thing or another, I feel so much less stress, because I can easily see what to prioritize and be more productive overall. Within a week of using this daily, I noticed that my mind was clear of the chores I needed to do, even if I was still behind, because I knew if I kept working, I would get to them eventually. The system is so beautiful, that it made a psychological impact on my life. Many reviewers have mentioned that they use this app for other life lists, but I’ve had bad luck in the past combining too many things into one place. I wrote the developers with a suggestion to create another app that uses this concept for work / life / self care balance, and they kindly responded. So, not only is the app great, but clearly the creators are as well.

Yes, worth every penny!. I like free apps, but I'm 100% satisfied with paying for this one. I don't have to think about when I last did this or that house chores I didn't do because Tody keeps me accountable. It's so intuitive, easy to use and simple but aesthetically nice. It suggests tasks for me so I don't have to come up with my own and all the basics are covered. The color meters, day countdowns and subtle details of disarray on the room graphics gently gross me out into staying on top of the cleaning. Ex each area of the app has a line drawing. As time passes, the bathroom shower curtain starts to look grimy, wall pictures tilt and bed linens become squiggly. It's cute and a soft reminder that, hey, it's going to get gross/ugly in here soon. Bottom line, it's easy to use and it works!

Life Saver!!. I have been trying to find a method to track chores and know what needs to be done, making my own spread sheets/charts, all sorts of to do lists and apps, and nothing worked for more than a few days. I’ve slowly been personalizing this app and it fits my life much better than anything has before. There are only two little suggestions I would have for future improvement, but they don’t make me want to use this less. One I’ve modified for, it would be nice to have a way to denote something that isn’t necessarily a “home chore” and have it not look like a room of the house. I’ve named my own “space” for my morning routine, etc., and it works, so this isn’t a huge deal. The other suggestion I have is to include a way to have chores that come due on certain days of the week or dates of the month for chores like taking the garbage can out or paying the utility bill. Little things that I can set to have other ways to remind me. Overall, well worth the small cost to finally have my household chores managed with little stress to me.

So far so good just 1 big issue.... I just downloaded this app to help me remeber all the crap i need to do around the house on top of all the other daily things that need to be done and i wanted something i dont have to spend half my life on setting up. So far i really like how simple this app is there is just one really big issue i notice right off the landscape mode! I have an iPad Pro with a keyboard which obv makes typing information a whole lot easier but thats a little difficult when the screen is sideways. if your gonna make your app ipad compatible then you ought to make it potrait/landscape optional as well. I mean im sure even iphone users would like the option to turn to the full keyboard for typing custom information. Anyway, im going to give this a try and decide if it deserves a 5 star after that. in the meantime please add landscape mode to your next update! Thanks

I love Tody. A long time ago I relied on an index card system. But in today's world it just wasn't working for me. Just never enough time to shuffle and organize my box. So I began the hunt for an app. I tried many. But there just wasn't anything close to the organization of the index card system I had. Until I found Tody. Tody isn't perfect. But in my opinion is the best in the market. It keeps everything neat and is easy to use. It's simple to customize to your home and the specific jobs you want to do. You set the pace on when you want each job done and how frequently you want to do it. I even set other goals other than cleaning up with Tody to keep on track. The only thing I would change- Tody rolls on from whenever the last time you hit 'done'. So if you set a task for every week -say it should be done on Sunday and do it on Wednesday then Tody will remind you a week from Wednesday. In some cases I like the rolling timeline but I wish there was an option of setting a hard date. Other than that. Tody rocks. 👍🏼

Life Changing for the ADD afflicted!. It sounds too good to be true, right? How can an app make that much of a difference? I took the plunge and spent the money based on the reviews and it was so worth it! Like so many of us, I am crazy busy and my housekeeping told that horror story all by itself. I was so tired of living with the mess but couldn't afford to have a housekeeper. Tody is the solution for those of us afflicted with ADD. It breaks down what seems insurmountable into small tasks that you can fit into your day. It provides the structure that you need to be able to break all of it down into one easy to use app. You feel a sense of accomplishment in checking things off your to do list and it makes you want to keep up with it! It can be a little rough in the first week, but stick with it. Once you get everything on a schedule, keeping up becomes a breeze! Thank you for this wonderful app!

Anxiety Relief. This app has immensely helped my anxiety around cleaning. I don’t worry about anything unless the app tells me it’s time to do it. There is a lot of visual positive reinforcement when the bar turns green. It also helps my husband and I stay on the same page without having to “nag” him. I am not saying it needs to be done, Tody says it needs to be done. The recomended time periods also helped us to compromise on how often a chore needs to be done. It has been very helpful and takes something off my mental plate. Great app and worth the 7 dollars. My only recommendation Would be to make it where a family can share the app so that everyone can have access, get reminders and mark when they did something. Maybe even a place that says who did it so they can get some credit. Love it :):)

Glad I finally got it. I never pay for apps, so I have hesitated on getting this one for years. But I have a really hard time keeping on top of housework and needed to try something new. I’m so glad I finally got this app; it’s definitely worth the money. It has really helped me get on top of my cleaning and stay there. It gives you countless pre-set options for tasks, as well as let’s you create your own from scratch. It’s extremely customizable and easy to use. It shows you which areas of your home need the most attention, and it also gives the option to look at an itemized list and shows what task needs to be done first. It’s impossible to describe everything it does because there’s so many ways to use it. All I have to say is it’s worth it for me, and I completely recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it.

Great Household Organizational Tool. This tool allows you to set a frequency for each household task. Tasks are organized by room, and there are also options for the whole house, garage, and outdoors tasks. Initially, you choose one of three levels for how clean you want to keep things. This sets a default frequency for each task to get you started. Then, you go through and adjust the tasks, areas, and frequencies to your liking. The app creates a cleaning list and shows tasks with color coding to represent how urgent/ close to due the tasks are- green for not due for awhile, red for overdue, etc. There is a pause button for seasonal tasks. For example, packing school bags can be paused for the summer and weeding the garden can be paused for the winter. It is also possible to schedule infrequent tasks that happen every few months or even yearly. The thing that makes this better than a typical cleaning checklist or schedule is that items can easily be scheduled for unusual frequencies. Maybe every week is too often to clean the shower, but two weeks is too infrequent. It is easy to set the frequency to 10 days because the app will keep track for you, optimizing your use of time. And if you don’t get to it, the app will keep rolling it over to the next day for you. If you decide to do it a couple days early, the app will adjust for that, too. This is one of the most helpful apps that I use day-to-day. I highly recommend it.

Helpful for procrastinators!. The app helps you stay on top of household tasks. Rather than setting a rigid schedule (you can still do it that way if you prefer) your task schedule has a bit more wiggle room by showing you how badly a task needs doing. The only thing that isn’t working well for me is “anytime” tasks. They don’t seem to show up in any of the todo lists, and it would be nice if there were a section for “anytime” tasks in the daily todo list. Otherwise it’s out of sight out of mind! Overall the app has been a huge help in sharing housework assignments and keeping things from getting too far gone. No more marathon cleaning for me!

No more lists. I absolutely love this app. I am a list maker. But we all know that it takes time to write lists. Everyday I would write my cleaning list taking time away from actually doing the cleaning. With this app you make your list once and it's done. The app gives you the ability to change the frequency times as needed. So if you set Windows tasks for once a week then realize it really only need to be done every two weeks you can change it. It also motivates me to do more.. I'll see that I have one more chore in a room but it's not due til tomorrow.. I'll do that chore just to get all the bars down to nothing! :D I do wish there was options to add actual dates for some things. Thanks TODY for helping me stay on track and saving me from using lots of paper!

This isn't an app, it's a miracle!. I bought this thinking it would help me keep track of cleaning which it does. I also use it to keep track of all kinds of other stuff that need to be done on a routine or semi routine basis. It's amazing. Plus you can list anything you want, so under living room I have things like clean fireplace and vacuum under couches that need to be done but not on a regular basis. I no longer feel reactive and that I am actually taking care of everything in my home. Do you forget to change the filter in your furnace? You can schedule it and it can add it to your calendar on your phone. Forget to get your oil changed in the car, rotate tires? Can't remember the last time you gave the dog a bath? Add your yard, garage, basement, attic... use it to help keep track of pre-winter and pre-summer maintenance for your home like disconnecting garden hoses before the winter. Power washing the house, clean out leaves from gutters... seriously this app is amazing!

Best app for this purpose!!. I have been looking and trying many cleaning apps, mostly free ones and a couple of paid ones as well. This one is hands down the best I have seen! It’s super easy to use. It comes with standard cleaning options for daily cleaning and special options for those things you do only once a month or less. I love that it can be customized as well. It shows you tasks by room or by due date and when they are due, you check them off the list and the counter resets until the next time this needs to be done! This app gave me cleaning options that I didn’t really think about much, like the window and door in our entrance 🤷‍♀️ This is the one that works for me, best money I have spend on an app in a long time! 🤘🏻

Game changer. I am a big time procrastinator and “ I’ve gotta clean......(kitchen, bathroom, car etc) was always in my head but seemed so time consuming I pushed it to another day. This app breaks things up into small tasks. Most take 5 minutes! So while cleaning my entire bathroom sounded awful, I can take a few minutes to wipe down the sink and mirror- DONE! Checking off the task is so gratifying! These little tasks add up and my house is CLEAN- probably for the first time in my life. I know.... not rocket science but for someone who put off housework this is a game changer. I can’t wait to show my college age kids because they have roommates and sharing the app and chores looks awesome and can probably save some roommate arguments. But I bet they’ll be thankful I didn’t have this when they lived at home!! Haha! This would be so great to keep track of family household chores without the nagging- well, less nagging! 😊

Wish Syncing Worked. I love this app and have been using it for over a year. Unfortunately even though my husband and I are both synced it usually only stays synced immediately. Then somehow it separates. There have been many instances of me thinking he's been ignoring a task that's way overdue and end up doing it myself to find out that he already did it. Then upon opening the apps next to each other his will show I'm behind on everything and vice verca. And there's no easy way to re-sync without losing all the previous data. Would love if this feature worked! Smaller issue if I keep the app open then switch to another screen to another app and then come back the app locks up and freezes with a loading icon. I then have to force close and re-open the app.

THANK YOU TODY. I would just like say this App is probably my absolute favorite App I have ever found. I have been using it a very short time but I am IN LOVE. It has lessened my stress level just by getting all of my To Dos out of my head and into a world where they always live. That was just the start. Then I noticed my stress level going down more and more each day as my tasks were consistently being accomplished. If your tasks are not done or overdue they range in hues of orange to red. If they are done you get to look at a list of tasks in lovely shades of green which is super rewarding, as if having a clean home were not rewarding enough! It is super personal and you can create your own specific tasks while it also prompts you with common tasks. I do have one request for the developers. It is great to have the option of sorting by area (or not) when viewing your entire to do list. I would really appreciate the ability to see all tasks (completed and not) sorted by the frequency of the task. This would make it much easier to plan out what I need to accomplish. So far I have no other comments. Thank you again for such a fantastic product. PS To those who try this product, check out Kondo. Same App just not for cleaning. Good stuff 😸

Great; but the changes?!. I thought Tody was great before they did the most recent major update that involved changes to some of the interface. I enjoyed being able to scroll to compare how awful I did this month vs last month; to motivate me to do better the next. My goal has always been to get it in the green; but that feature seems to be gone as well... I’m not sure WHY I need to see that every day I’m doing more work than my spouse... I already know that; I don’t need statistics to prove it and make me feel more depressed about my situation. I was content with the very simple pie chart, but alas, it seems some spouses/families really need that granular detail. No judgement, but I thought part of the app was to be more aware of how long it’s been since something has been cleaned; the updates seem to be a deviation from this focus.

Fantastic App with just one problem for me. This is a well thought out concept, and I enjoyed the interface. I liked seeing quickly which things needed my attention. I really only have a minor complaint or two, that may not bother anyone else depending on their psyche, but for me, while this app is overall in my opinion the better app, the one feature important to me is to organize where everything is on my list. Most of the time I’m half asleep in the morning, and exhausted in the evening. Having the list in order will help me do things with a smooth flow until I’m on autopilot. The tasks can’t be arranged to your chose order in this app. Where this app shines, and is better than the one I chose to keep is the ability to be super specific on time lines. You want it don’ every 17 days, you can set it. 9 months? 24 months? Things from inspections to last time you had your radiator flushed. This is an awesome app, and you should definitely give it a try if the order of what’s in your list doesn’t really matter for you.

The most helpful for household management. I have used this app daily for well over 2 years. It has completely transformed the way I manage my house. If I see something that needs to be done, I just add it to my routine. Then that mental load is gone! Of course I still have to complete the task when it comes due, but I’m not thinking about it all the time! Everything is adjustable, so if something ends up needing to be cleaned more or less often, making a chance is easy. Or, I can easily move tasks around to different days to accommodate when my schedule changes. A few other resources that have helped me along the way to successfully managing my home are: Creating Mary’s Home (a blog that helps you declutter and make a cleaning schedule) and The Lazy Genius Way book and podcast. For those who like (or need!) to be organized, Tody will be a HUGE help for you!! **Tody programmers** I do wish I could designate a recurring task for a specific day of the month, like the 8th for example. And, have the ability to make tasks come due at slightly different weekly intervals, like every other Tuesday. Thanks for creating such a great app!!!

Functionality is great but know what works for YOU. I like the concept and functionality of this app but, as with any system, there’s a learning curve to see what works for you personally. I admit that I am not a good housekeeper because I don’t have cleaning habits established. I thought this app would help with that. Instead I found myself ignoring the notifications or doing things but not updating the app. Recently I switched phones and had to start over. Setting up tasks made me realize I am most effective using Tody not for daily tasks, but for tasks that occur every 2 weeks, months, etc. For regular cleaning, I’m better when I have a schedule (It’s Thursday so I clean the bathroom, not Tody said I’m due to clean the bathroom).

Just what we needed. This app was well worth the money. It motivates us to keep up with chores and keeps us aware of what actually needs to be done around the house. The points system works especially well for my video gamer husband who—since this app—will seek out the chores with higher points (because more complex, more effort, more dirty or otherwise less desirable) and get them done without being asked! We even use it to remind us of when our cats need another dose of flea medicine, our cars need oil change, etc. The app itself is clean, nice graphics, and simple to understand and use. It takes about 20 mins to get all the chores you want to keep track of inputted and off you go! Happy cleaning.

Makes a game of cleaning. I absolutely hate house cleaning. I would wait until company was coming and then spend one or two days doing a whole-house cleaning and be exhausted. No wonder I hated it. Now I do one or more small tasks every day and feel good about how my house looks. Tody allows me to break down cleaning into small increments that I have set and rewards me by changing the color of the task from red (overdue)or yellow (must be done soon) to green when I mark it done. It automatically resets the next due date for the number of days, weeks, months that I have set. It is like playing a game with yourself, the object is to have all tasks I have set for myself in the green or yellow range. I also add non-cleaning tasks that I need to do once a month or once a year.

Helps me focus. This app is wonderful. I’m generally a pretty tidy person but struggled with how to maintain our household once I had three young kids close together. I’ll admit sometimes the app overwhelms me because it bosses me around. But it’s a good kind of bossing and three main benefits have come of using this app: 1. It has helped me not get so hung-up on certain tasks. It has helped me to just get it done with the tasks I tend to put off. Cleaning the fish tank used to be something I’d let slip because it’s a pain. But in reality it only takes like 10 minutes and I’d rather just get it done than have the app turn red on the task! Haha! 2. It has helped me to only focus on what’s right in front of me. In the past I’d look at all the things not getting done and berate myself about them but those days are gone because I know that messy room or that cluttered closet will have its designated time, and if that time isn’t today, I can let it go! 3. I just love having everything in the same place. I put my freelance work, bills, garden tasks, daily Bible reading, cooking, hobbies, random reminders like signing kids up for swimming lessons, even taking showers (yes, apparently I need an app for that, haha), in this app. I love that it helps me prioritize all types of things - not just cleaning! This app is a total game-changer and worth every penny!

Cleaning way more efficiently. My husband and I got this app so we could easily track what chores need done and whoever does them could mark them off. Previously we were using the reminders app through the iPhone which had way too many notifications and we would then just ignore them. This app has been really helpful with prioritizing our cleaning so jobs that we have previously let go for months are getting done finally. It also doesn’t overwhelm us with notifications so the days that we are able to clean, we just open up the app and can find a chore that we can do that day to mark as done! It’s especially been helpful by giving suggestions on what to do in each room and you can easily adjust how frequently and the effort each chore takes. 10/10 app!

Can’t manually order tasks.. I do really like this app. It helps me keep track of what needs to be done and prevents me from over-cleaning when something doesn’t need to be done yet. The features are simple and not overdone and it is intuitive to use. However, it is lacking one specific ability. While I can manually order the areas, I cannot manually order tasks within an area. When cleaning, tasks need to be completed in a certain order. For example, one always dusts the tops of cabinets first and vacuums last. This way one is not re-vacuuming cabinet dust that may fall on the floor after the floor has already been vacuumed. This app determines it’s own order of tasks and it is not in a good order. I have to try to hunt through the list of tasks to figure out what to do next and inevitably miss a task. I end up dusting the tops of cabinets after I have vacuumed and have to re-vacuum. I spend as much time managing the app as I do cleaning and find myself just not using the app because of this. I really want to use this app on a daily basis so I really, really hope the developers are able to make the task list be ordered manually .

Good App but not Great. I do like this app. However, for $7, I feel that it definitely needs some improvements. For instance, there isn’t a way (or, perhaps, I have not figured it out quite yet) to just show your daily tasks. I don’t need to see everything that is “due” in the coming weeks. I just want to filter what I need to get done today. Also, I feel like this app automatically lacks a lot of general things that need cleaning around the house. Sure, you can enter it all manually, but who can remember all that. Something as simple as “Clean windows, baseboards” i.e., other areas that are often forgotten are not automatically included on this app. If this app were cheaper or free, I wouldn’t feel as disappointed. However, there is a lot lacking here as you are not getting a lot of bang for your buck.

This has honestly been life changing for me.. I have struggled for pretty much all of my adult life with cleaning and maintaining a house. I would always let things overwhelm me because I couldn’t keep track of what needed doing when, so I would constantly be thinking I needed to do EVERYTHING right now. I would get overwhelmed, defeated, and then lose all motivation. This app has honestly changed my life. It helps me compartmentalize what needs to be done and when, and not allow myself to stress out over the overwhelming task of keeping a whole house clean 24/7. It lets me just think about today. Once I got caught up on everything and now it’s all on a schedule each task seems easy and small because nothing builds up. I honestly love this app and it has improved my life in a way I never thought an app could. Also, I tried a few other similar apps and found this one to be the most user friendly. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Exactly what we needed. Makes sure my husband and I don’t skip the “hard to see” or more difficult chores. Tracks how long it’s been since each chores and prioritizes the “dirtiest” based on frequency it should be done vs last-done-date. We also chose to have it rotate each chore between us back and forth (although it’s very flexible and you can use it how you like). Just the easy, no-maintenance-needed chore app I was looking for. Just set your preferred frequencies and needed chores for your household and then follow it. Comes helpfully pre-loaded with most common tasks (and common frequencies for each) you can select from for easy setup — plus as many make-your-owns as you like.

Worth The Money. There are three modes of cleaning. Relaxed, Standard, and Proactive. By choosing your style of cleaning it will automatically suggest the amount of days, weeks, or months for the preprogrammed cleaning guide. This is really amazing especially since it suggests things that someone might forget like washing your outside Windows or wiping down your inside doors. I highly suggest you just load everything in that is listed for each area unless of course you don't own it (e.g. I don't have glass shower doors in our upstairs bathroom so I didn't add in that task). It's well worth the money and the capsule colors keep you in line with what area needs the most attention. I personally check each zone every day to see what's in the red (meaning what's either due or behind). Also I love how it keeps track of how overdue I am on a task. For instance I actually made a zone called cat, lol. In the zone I put throughly wash cat box every two months, empty poo every day, and change the pellets monthly (we use the Breeze system), as well as change pee pad every ten days. It is amazing how many times I get busy and time slips by and it will read throughly clean litter box as all red and I will think to myself man two months went by already? My only suggestion for using this app is not to wait for the main area to be red. Check the areas daily. There is notifications that you can set to remind you when tasks are due or overdue so you can set those up as well. I love this app.

Practically Perfect!. As someone who struggles manage daily tasks this app has been a life saver. If you are the kind of person that creates a plan, does it for a few weeks or even months and then gets in a rut this is great because you always have a complete list of your chores to come back to and that really help you minimize your rut time and get motivated again. It starts over fresh every month which helps me too. And the game element to cleaning with Dusty helps motivate my families competitive side. I love that you can sync everyone’s devices and chores in one space. I LOVE the new Focus Timer where I can set tasks for my kids and myself for a certain time to create a lil boost and the timer encourages everyone to “beat the clock”. All in all this app has been so helpful managing a task I absolutely hate - cleaning. It’s been such a struggle for me my whole life, and this app is part of helping me create better habits.

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Bumfluff. Really good app, I find it really useful, pretty easy to navigate too..

Highly recommend. Great app! Helps me keep track of tasks and when they need to be completed and create a regular schedule. Thankful for how easy it is to use

Happy when I’m organised 😊. I love lists & staying organised, Toby keeps me on track Daily, Weekly, Monthly for all your daily chores and the ones you tend to forget or put off. It’s a feel good feeling when you know your on top of things! Love it 😊

Great app. This app is great for those of us who love to list all our jobs and put those jobs we tend to forget on a great time plan love this app :)

Fantastic app but.... Support for horizontal rotation into landscape mode would be great.

Excellent app. Easy and intuitive to use, customisable on so many levels! Great visual display of tasks to do by due date and/or home area. One suggestion: provide the option to organise tasks to do by the task itself, eg task: vacuum (then list the areas that need vacuuming), sweep (then list the areas that need sweeping) etc.

Poor executive functioning? Not anymore!. I have been using this app daily since October 2017 - quite a record for me - and it has helped me in so many ways. Allocating tasks is easy, as is syncing across devices. It reduces my mental load daily as family members don’t have to ask me what chore they should do - they can just check Tody! There have been many upgrades and fabulous new features over the years, and on the two occasions in six years that I have needed support, the response has been fast and efficient. Great app!

Fantastic love it. I never write reviews but this app is helping me so much I just wanted to say thanks and PLEASE keep it going and updated. So helpful for busy families who are feeling overwhelmed. Love it so much!

The best home and life organiser. Was reluctant to spend the $10 but now wish I had much earlier. Now all I want us this to be extended beyond housework. I’ve already extended my use of the app for exercise, keeping track of haircuts etc.

Dream for a day dreamer. Keeps me and my ADHD brain on track with tasks. Excellent app. Took a little while to work out how to customise tasks but a bit of fiddling and got there in the end!

Loved it. Now hate it. DO NOT UPDATE

Nearly there. I’ve just started using this app. This is awesome. I hope you’ll be adding widgets soon!! It would be great to have something on my Home Screen showing what tasks are due for the day so I don’t have to keep opening the app. Great job!

Great!! but.... ...would have given 5 stars if I can assign task to people Would it be possible to add a "On Holiday" mode? I am on a long relaxing holiday and it's just disheartening to see my tasks piling up and in the red zone.

Won’t open. Will ask for refund soon. Would have given it 5 stars but the app won’t open anymore. Will ask for a refund in a couple of days if not resolved

I love this App!. This App is amazing ESPECIALLY for those that struggle to stay on top of chores. I also use this app to make a checklist for my Car! One question though, are you able to make the app compatible with the iWatch?

Great concept. Ugly looking.. The app works fairly well. It needs a UI revamp though.

Life Organiser. As a person with my own business at home I have a hectic self-managed schedule and I don’t just use this app to remind me when cleaning tasks are due. I use it To remind me when it’s time to get a haircut, do weekly invoicing, re-do my nails, do a social media post, exfoliate, wax, do different types of exercise, call my parents, change my contact lenses and change my tooth brush. I literally wake up in the morning and look at this app and it tells me what I need to do today so every day is a productive day. i think this app could be marketed as more than just a cleaning app. The programming of timing how long it’s been since you’ve done something and when it’s due is so useful for so many other things in life! Please don’t change it!

Excellent!. Excellent. I enjoy using this app and it keeps me on track. Very easy to use and so easy to amend if required. Love the levels of housekeeping - 'relaxed' sounds so much better than 'lazy'.

Great app - had really inspired me to stay on top of my cleaning. This app has really helped me to stay on top of my cleaning. I love the way you can set up all zones in your house and then add all the cleaning tasks that need to be done in that zone. It then shows you a colour-coded bar that shows how clean or dirty that particular zone is. You also have a sorted list of jobs which you can rank by the one that most needs doing, by zone etc.

Simple & easy. Easy to use. Very intuitive

Simple and effective. Simple to use, works perfectly.

Best ever. Absolutely love it, it's been a great tool in helping me get my house in order, would recommend to everyone.

Amazing!!. Allows me to see at a glance what things need to be done, plus also reminds me when I have forgotten things!!

Crashes when duplicating rooms. I spent ages setting up my perfect bedroom schedule, then tried to duplicate the list for use on other bedrooms and it crashes every single time. Very frustrating given the cost of the app.

Great motivation. This is an excellent app. I recommend this app to anyone who needs motivation to do cleaning. It definitely has motivated me.

Useful App. The app works well and it serves as a great way to program your house cleaning on a regular basis so that you don't do everything every weekend - you can roster it and space it out without forgetting things. It would be nice for the app to rotate into landscape.

Just right. This app is great. It shows all my tasks in exactly they way I wanted them. Great interface.

Great App. I'm using Tody for both housework and personal tasks that I need to do. Helps me to organize my life.

Brilliant. We recently had a baby. He will often sleep for 20-40 min naps in the day. When there’s so much to get done it gets overwhelming on where to start. This app helped me prioritise & keep on top of the bigger jobs that get pushed to the back of the list all the time. My only suggestion would to add a sorting option by the time it takes to do the task. So if you do only have 10min toy can prioritise those quicker tasks. All round brilliant

So good!. You can put EVERYTHING in this app. Not just housework! Put when Bills are due, your workout routine.... It will tell you when it's all due. It makes you feel motivated to complete the tasks you need to do as well! Well worth the Money. So glad I found this app!

A great idea!!. This is an awesome app! It’s a fantastic idea, and if your brain works the same way as the app, it’s extremely useful. I love it!! I can’t give it a proper 5 star rating, though, because data entry is just so hard. There’s a lot of flashing and moving and keyboard jumping, which makes it very inaccessible. There’s no landscape mode on the iPad — which means I can’t use my keyboard! There are presets you can choose, but they’re hit and miss. Entry is the most frustrating part of the app, and being able to type properly would make such a massive difference!! Having said that, I’m a long-time user, and I’ve made in-app purchases — so I obviously think it’s worthwhile. But the lack of typing ability is still a problem after all this time, so I decided to leave a mixed review.

So simple and engaging. Love how easy this app is to set up, use and customise.

Love it!. This keeps me organised immensely satisfying and reminds me when things are due. Nice colours and lists to choose appropriate tasks.

Amazing app. This app is awesome, it allows me to see what needs doing, what room needs the most attention etc. I really liked how I could adjust the task frequency (I.e. x amount of days, weekly or monthly) The only suggestion I have relates to the main screen. When you select a room the app orders the tasks by due date (as in the tasks that are due to be completed sooner show up on top). It would be helpful if you could also rank the rooms on the main screen!

Literally the only thing that’s helped me.. Major case of ADHD here. This is the only thing so far that’s helped me really stay on top of the cleaning long term. Visitors and family have started asking if I’ve hired a cleaner! The value bar system makes tasks feel urgent without feeling judgy, and keeps me from forgetting tasks when I have free time. Thanks Tody!

App has stopped syncing. Tody was great up until recently when it has become useless. Changes no longer sync between my and my partners devices. We’ve paid for the premium features on both devices (costing over $20), and now we can’t even use it. It’s a bit ridiculous.

Wow Ticks ALL the boxes. The latest update is fantastic - now even better to use. I am a visual person and this is so easy to use and quick to see what I need to do to keep ahead of my five person and a dog household.

Best on the market. I just spammed all my friends on Facebook about this app, I love it that much. It is incredibly user-friendly, motivating and easily customised (eg. I added general chores to it as well such as making dinner, watering the garden etc). My children love to mark off their jobs and it has really helped them to keep on task. I cannot recommend it more highly, it is the best cleaning app I have seen. I like that I don't stress about any job in my house anymore as I know it is all scheduled in and will be done in due course. The house has never looked better.

Was great. This was great until it didn’t work anymore! Why is it all of a sudden not working?? For the price you pay I expect a premium product.

Every day. I use this app everyday and it has helped me and continues to help me get organised. Highly recommended.

A 'To Do' app that is actually achievable. I love this app so much. My home has never been so clean. I love that it isn't so full on that it is unachievable and you give up. Being able to set your level of fussiness is fantastic. The flexibility makes this app extremely useful. Recommend to anyone who struggles to keep up with their housework.

Tody. Great app has given me motivation and an organised home thank you

Amazing app!!. Tidy has helped me so much with keeping my house clean! I’ve never felt more at peace when it comes to house work. It’s so easy as well, I can keep track of everything I need to do! I totally recommend this app to anyone, seriously changed my life!! Thank you tofu

Awesome. Love it so easy to use and keep track of what needs to be done and easy to set up

Love this cleaning checklist 💖. I have been looking for a cleaning checklist for ages and here it is. I'm impressed at how easy it is to use, add new tasks, and I love checking them off as done and dusted! Bonus is, it's free.

Would be 5 stars if the app stopped crashing. This app is exactly what I was looking for — a simple way to identify and schedule home maintenance tasks, and get a clear view of the highest priority spots to clean. Unfortunately the app crashes every time I navigate away from it. It’s a few seconds each time to quit the app and restart, so not a huge deal, but annoying enough that I can’t recommend it to others.

Great App. Fantastic, helps keep me organized. Would like more colour options, but that's such a minor detail.

Love it. This app has changed my life, so good!

Awesome App!. I love this App. I have it set up so everyone at home has a profile and we can quickly check what the kids have done. They like being able to use their iPads to look at their chores for the day. Definitely worth the money!

Can’t believe I’m motivated by an app. I used to think cleaning was dictated by a daily/monthly schedule. I love how Tody lets me know when a task was last completed and what’s due next without tying them to a specific day.

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Useful app. Useful app and love it.

Love the app, hate the new design changes.. Still rating as 5 stars as I love this app but I really don’t like the new design changes. I loved the way it looked before with the “sims-like” bars. The dirt smudges is visibly distracting and I can’t tell now where I should be focusing my efforts. Please bring the old design back or let us choose!!

Very helpful. I was hesitant to spend the money without trying it first, but I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using it consistently for six months and it’s been so helpful. My only complaint is that I don’t have the dust bunny race option that users on other platforms get. Please add it for iOS!

Needs to be more flexible. Need to add in empty slots for each room that can be customized. This would allow for greater variation in how people organize their homes

Essential app for me. Love this app! It lets me be proactive about cleaning instead of reactive (after it gets embarrassingly bad). I love the room cleanliness indicators that are auto generated based on the average status of the chores for that room (which lets me prioritize the dirtiest room). I love that if you don't do something on time it just remains there overdue, just like the real chore does. I like the todo list that will show you everything due today, and the done today list that lets you see everything you accomplished, so even if you didn't get it all you can still feel good about it.

Almost perfect. It would be perfect if dark mode option was available! Easy to use!

Worth every penny!. I am "housekeeping challenged". This app helps me by telling me what is most urgent, and reminding me of what needs to be done. I simply have what I call "Tody time" every day, and work through as much as I can of the tasks that are due.

So useful!. This app is very helpful for keeping track of chores. I've put everything beyond the basic daily chores it, so now I now how many days it's been since I vacuumed or dusted, etc. I love the to do page that only shows items that are due or overdue. I feel like I might actually get caught up now!

Still Great. Still great app. Dev provides regular updates and improvements. 5 Stars.

Great app. awesome app, simple to use. Can be synced between multiple devices. Customer service is A+. Peter emailed back and forth with me 4 times in less then 12 hours and my issue was resolved quickly. Their response time is amazing.

Fabulous App!. It took me a bit of time but I enter everything I want to do in each room and how often. But now it is a great checklist to keep me on top of my cleaning! Love it! Sure beats the spreadsheet and calendar reminders I was trying to set up.

Amazing. I love that this app takes a large room and breaks down the tasks so it doesn’t seem to daunting. I also love that you can set deadlines or times to do things. It is amazing and so helpful with housework.

Keeps the house cleaner.. Definitely helps keep the house cleaner. Decided to get this app and say goodbye to housekeeper. The app was cheaper.

Tody Review. App should be able to rotate and function on landscape mode. Even the most basic APPS can do this.

Great. I love this, it really helps me organize and tidy up. The completion rewards are strangely addicting.

Amazing. This app is fantastic. I would recommend this to every adult to keep on track with housework. It’s customizable & reminds you to do chores like check smoke detectors, etc.

Very impressed makes housework manageable.. I’m not an overly motivated person when it comes to house work. This app is easy to set up and it’s customizable to suit your unique home. There is a to do list every day and it even let’s you know what you missed yesterday and gives you a heads up on what will be on the to do list for tomorrow so if you’re feeling ambitious you can check off things today if you know you have other commitments that take you away from home tomorrow. I love this! My house is getting cleaner, my family is noticing and I feel very good about it. I highly recommend this app!

Awful support, major gaps in app design. Does not deserve even one star. App has problems with task counter, reported to support and was told to delete app and reload. Problem here is that app does not allow you to recover password for data sync, so you have to recreate it manually. I do not recommend this app.

Sharing with family costs. I was excited about this app because I could share it with my husband. I didn’t anticipate that the app would cost $9.99 PER person. Expensive for a cleaning app if you ask me.

I don’t write reviews but this app was worth one. Love it. Makes keeping up on house cleaning so much better especially if you are a procrastinator like myself.

Love this app !. I love this app and I'm a neat freak ! The only thing that would make it better is if there was a way for the app to open in my to do list instead of seeing all the different rooms in the house. Would be nice to have the option of choosing a default list when opening the app. Also would be nice to have an option for the task to disappear as soon as I confirm that it's done in my to do list instead of staying on the list with a green line.

Days aren’t updating. Some rooms have a time freeze… so it’s not helpful

My Review. This app makes it a lot more fun to clean

Like the update. I like the new update to view due dates. Good idea!

Most useful app for organizing my life. I downloaded Tody a couple of years ago, and used it half heartedly. Recently, I decided to get a handle on my chores, and other tasks. I schedule everything from simple dusting, and sweeping to shampooing the carpet, self care (I’m the worst at going to bed without moisturizing my 67 year old face.) My home is always company ready. No cupboard, drawer or closet is a cause for shame. It took a few weeks to get everything just the way I want it. I gain such satisfaction at clicking on the “Just did it”. I do like the customizing that is available. Great app, I highly recommend it.

Amazing, highly recommend. I’m neurodivergent and have a LOT of trouble forming habits and keeping on top of chores and things. This app gives me a physical list that I can check off and see the progress in a simple and easy to track way and it has helped me more the last week I’ve had it than any other method I’ve ever tried. I highly recommend this app to anyone

Great app. Works well. Fun to use. Flexible. Haven't tried the sharing option yet.

Great app. I previously wrote that the app crashes with iPhone 12 but that is no longer the case. Good functionality - I like being able to sync with my partner so we both know what has been cleaned or needs cleaning. The vacation feature is useful. One more complicated feature I wish the app had was the ability to create levels of chores. So if I have “sweep floor” as a weekly chore and “vacuum floor” as a bi-weekly, then if I check off that I have vacuumed, the sweeping chore would also be reset because the floor is clean.

Love it. Simple to use, just what I was looking for

My favourite app!. I use this app every day of my life, no joke. I use to for my house chores but also my self care like shower, brushing teeth, vitamins, etc. I also use it to track my pet's care like nail cutting, flea treatment and baths. I do wish that there was Apple Watch and widget functionality, and ability to upload your own image as the the Room picture. Thank you so much for a wonderful app! Several years and counting!

Unlike any other app. This is unlike any cleaning app I have used. I'm not very good at cleaning routines. I don't always do things exactly once a day or once a week...just dailyish or weeklyish. This app helps me to see how urgent each task is because it takes into account not only how overdue it is but also how often you do that task. Something that hasn't been done for a day that's a weekly task is not too urgent but something that hasn't been done for a week that is a daily task is very urgent. It really allows my cleaning to be flexible. I also like that I can use it whether my house is super messy or fairly clean. If it's fairly clean, I aim for each room to be in the green. If it's very messy, I just try to get each room to a lighter red, then orange, then green. It gives me instant gratification that my house is getting cleaner, even if it's hard to tell by looking around, and then I am more motivated to keep cleaning. The price is more than I would normally pay, but this is such a unique and useful app, I have to say it is worth it.

Ok - this is friggin’ awesome. Honestly has been so great - not only is it stupid easy to use but is stupid easy to sync and makes it stupid easy to develop a routine as there are so many suggested tasks. Admittedly I have not yet ‘got on top of’ everything as I have only been doing this a few weeks BUT, I am doing a pretty darn good job keeping up with stuff once done AND my house is literally cleaner and more tidy than it has ever been without a really good reason (company coming to stay). House cleaning is taking up more of my life than it was but it is so amazing to have such a clean house and I can see that once every task has been done at least once, my days of cleaning for weeks on end, will be over. I don’t think I will ever hesitate to have company drop in same day again. Feels great!

Great app; has made household chores easier. Great app and has helped make chore assignments in my household equitable and clear. One big drawback: wish the rest of my family could get the app without having to pay for the app too. I have to write down the chores on a whiteboard for everyone to see. I don’t want to pay 4x for the same app

Use it everyday!!. Tody has become part of my daily routine. I’m a stay-at-home-dad and it helps keep me on track of my daily todos. I’m a pretty laid back kinda guy so I really like the ability to have flexibility with work. It’s great to see what things are upcoming and what’s due or overdue. Makes it much easier to get things done and not forget about them. But not stress me out either! Really well made app and very helpful. Been using Tody for about a month now and it’s become an essential in my day! Great job making this app!!

Have been using this app for years. I’m not lazy — I simply prefer using my energy and creativity for just about anything other than housework. Tody provides the reminders and incentives that help me stay on track. I like how I can break down tasks within rooms so cleaning isn’t overwhelming. This doesn’t mean I have a spotless home because I still prefer creating over cleaning, but Tody has improved my consistency with the chores.

Ms.. Excellent app. Super easy to use, great for goal oriented people, and fun to see your chores disappear from your to do option. Only use the to-do option as it is not to overwhelming. Love it!

A Useful App I’ve Used for a Long Time!. The recent update that lets you swipe right to indicate a task is completed is fabulous! Makes the app even better!

For any recurring task, not just cleaning. Much better than any to-do list or calendar when it comes to recurring chores. This app deserves to be used for much more than just cleaning. The ease of backdating completed tasks or logging a task done early is a key advantage that other apps lack. But the most novel feature is the graphical summary of tasks into “areas.” I mostly use custom items, and redefined “areas” to represent parts of my life that I want to balance. The coloured bars then give me a quick overview of what I’ve been neglecting the most. That’s important, because it’s when there’s not enough time to do everything that I really need time management. Those bars allow smart reprioritization decisions without triggering shame, whereas the list of overdue tasks that other apps provide just overwhelmed me. I just wish there were presets for areas like education, health, career, relationships, etc instead of being strictly focused on cleaning. But I’ve been able to fit everything in with custom tasks.

Almost Perfect. The ONLY thing I don't like about this app is if I complete a task at, say, 4pm, it won't show up on my to-do list until the next time it's due, but at 4pm that day. This really sucks when you think you've completed all your tasks for the day, but then others start popping up all throughout the day. I would rather have all 'due today' tasks listed first thing in the morning on the to-do list so I can plan my day accordingly. Otherwise, this app is brilliant. I will continue to use it as it is.

Thank you, Tody!. I have five kids—4 at an age that can use this app and it is amazing. As someone with ADD, I needed something that would help me get things on track. Tody does this and more so. AREAS: First, as other reviewers stated, you can have different “areas” either inside (like Living Room) or Outside (like Garage). You can even have customized areas (I have Homeschooling as a customized area because I homeschool. TASKS: Under each of these, you can have different tasks. There are preset tasks for the areas already programmed in (like dusting) or you can create your own tasks (like Math) and you can choose how frequent these tasks should be. You can even have Anytime Tasks (like doing a load of laundry) which can be done at any point and as often as you need to. You can assign who each task is for—and whether or not you want them taking turns (Rotating) each task. I love the Seasonal option which allows you to have certain tasks only for certain times of year—great for spring cleaning. You can also decide how much effort (from 1-3) that each task requires. So, tasks like reorganizing a closet can be a 3-effort point task while light dusting might only be a 1-effort point task. Underneath each task is how many’s until that task is due or how many days it’s overdue. You can even write notes under each task so that the person doing the task can know what is expected or whatever other things you want to jot down. CLEANLINESS BARS: I love how you can see which rooms need cleaning by the cleanliness bar—which can be room-by-room and task by task. DUSTY: Dusty is an option that you can have as a little adversary to motivate you to clean. My kids love watching Dusty cry as we beat him. They love seeing his little comments. You can choose not to have him if you’d rather not. CUSTOMIZATIONS: Almost everything, like Dusty, is customizable. You use the features you like and can choose not to use the features you don’t like. The dirt splotches people don’t like can be toggled off. SYNC: This is one of my favourite features. My family each has Tody (thanks to family sharing) and I was able to create a family list that has all of our chores in one place. Everyone is able to add chores (like my hubby adding things he’d like to take care of in the garage or fix up in the home) and these automatically update on all our devices. COMPETITION: Not only do you have the option of seeing Dusty cry when you defeat him, but you also see who’s doing the most chores. This is based on the effort points talked about earlier. There’s a chart showing who’s done the most for the month. My kids love trying to beat each other and this just means they want to do more chores! JUST ONE THING: The only thing I wish they had was an option of toggling off who in the family is able to edit chores. With just a swipe, a child can delete a chore they don’t want to do anymore and there is no way to prevent this presently. Honestly, this is well worth the money. I love how responsive the developers are to questions or feedback. Great app!

Add one-off tasks please. I love the app. A couple things I wish it did: ability to move items to a different category/room and the ability to add one-off tasks. Great app that's very simple to use and helps me keep on top of things.

Tody. This app is amazing!! I decide what tasks to list, and what days they’re due, and how often. You can see chores by date, or room/area, what’s coming due etc. I hate doing housework, and a lot of stuff would get neglected if not for this app!! A real game changer!

Don’t know what I would do without Tody!. This app is great! My house would always be a mess without somewhere to keep track of my cleaning to do list! I love how customizable each task can be, but still is super user friendly! The only thing that would make this app even better is if there were widgets for the iPhone Home Screen. I would love to be able to see my daily tasks without needing to open the app everytime!

Love this app. I absolutely love this app- it keeps me on top of the household cleaning - great motivator!

Good but maybe not worth the money. Great app I love using Tody and it does a great job helping keep my house clean but there are a few little things I don’t like and it is definitely over priced.

Simple but effective. Great app for repetitive tasks. Would be better if they added more options for days of the month/week. For example the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Thanks

Gamify chores and make grime an enemy!. Gamifying chores and cleaning turns out to work really well for me! Having untidiness personified into an enemy means cleaning becomes an act of vengeance, which is an energy I can get behind.

Useful for ADHD. I have ADHD and often struggle with where to start and staying on track. The app is organized in a way that helps prioritize what needs done, add the feelings of success when you check everything off and the competition with the character Dusty to have the most points at the end of the month it’s been the best method for keeping my house clean.

Widget needed!. I am just starting out and loving this app. Find I am needing a widget for my home screen to keep this “in my face” each time I pick up my phone. Hmmm… maybe I will screenshot Dusty and use him as wallpaper for now… still would like a widget though!

Sans équivalent. Toutes les applications du genre fonctionnent avec un calendrier à dates et heures fixes totalement inutiles et encombrantes. Le concept des tâches récurrentes pourrait être extensionné à beaucoup plus que les tâches ménagères comme l’entretien de l’auto, du terrain, la roulotte, le chalet. Mais ce n’est pas tout, il pourrait servir à des activités qui ne concernent pas le ménage comme les entraînements sportifs, l’alimentation, la lecture et toutes les tâches récurrentes qui doivent effectuées à répétition à une fréquence qui devient très encombrante si elles dépendent d’un calendrier fixe. L’important n’est pas de savoir si la tâche est réalisée tous les mardis à 7h30 mais à tout les 7 jours « environ » ce qu’il est impossible de réaliser avec toutes les applications concurrentes.

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Worth it!. I bought this app while looking for something that would help me break down my chores in our new (much larger than I've had before) home to keep me from being overwhelmed. I was able to break down the chores and do only what was needed and nothing extra as some other apps will have you believe. I also was happy that I could set the frequency of the chore. Over all, I'm very satisfied with Tody and have recommended it to family and friends! It's easier to keep track of what I've done and what I need to do! 5 stars

An beginning user wish. So I just downloaded & started working with the app — which so far has been great (but obviously I won’t be able to do a fully informed review until I’ve used it for a bit. The only (tiny) thing that’s come up so far is that I wish the “+ Task” button was at the TOP of the chores lists instead of at the bottom, because some of my lists are getting rather long & I'd love to have it right there & ready for me to use instead of scrolling all the way down to the bottom. (I promise to write a more thorough review once I’m fully acclimated to using it! 🤓)

Love but ONE small thing. I have been using this app for a couple years now. I have used some and spent the money. I have only recommended to is app though bc it just outweighs. That or I haven’t tried any recent ones. But it is still my go-to! My son is at an age now where he is doing his own chores without having to be told to and that boy works on stability. He recently got his own device and while we use our tablet to check off, he uses his. The ONLY issue I have that stresses me - when he finishes his tasks and checks them off, they do not update EVER on anyone else’s device. It is a minuscule error but it makes a lot of difference when using it for someone like me.

Life changing. I’ve had this app for over a year and my apartment has been tidy since then! I was never a tidy person until I had this app. I also use the app to keep track of non cleaning tasks like caring for my cat (changing litter, washing bowls, brushing.) I actually really enjoy doing my Tody tasks for that day. It’s relaxing and makes me feel productive. I also like how it holds me accountable without stressing me out. If I can’t get to a task one day, it rolls over to the next day. Honestly, the most life changing app I’ve ever downloaded!

Pretty great, could use some tweaks. I’ve been really happy with how easy this is to set up and use. My kids each have the app as well and I can assign tasks and see if they’ve been completed. Couple things I would like to see: 1) sometimes we accidentally mark something as done and I would like a way of correcting that without affecting my history, and 2) I would like to reorder the tasks within each area so they can be listed in the order I do them. Other than that I really love it, this is the first time I’ve been able to maintain a system without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!!

Love it. The good reviews are true. Worth $6.99. Took awhile to get chores in App, but easy to do. I’m putting everything in there, including personal like manicure etc. Love how chores show out of season and puts them in automatically when I need to do them. Love how it changes colors if I don’t get everything done instead of just starting chores over. It’s fun to get red items off the list. Also love the rating chores easy to more time consuming. Most of mine are easy under 10 minutes. Love how everything is on one to do list-can do it anytime during day or if I’m tired just let it go until next day.

Accountability. Tody really keeps me accountable for keeping my entire house clean. No longer do I have to guess on how long it’s been since it’s last clean or forget about something and then discover something disgusting. It tells me the last time I cleaned and I love that. I also love that it prioritizes by how often you want to clean something. I check it daily and knock off a couple tasks a day so that I am only cleaning about 30 min each day instead of hours on some days. Once the pandemic is over I expect to always be able to have someone over and not worry about the bathroom status and such.

ADHD Savior. I use this to help me cluster tasks. I get overwhelmed by “just clean up the house.” This helps me break things down by room. I’d love to see a timer feature, and a print option. For the timer, I would be able to select the amount of time a task you take, when I press start it would run me down the list of tasks, each timed. Like Routinely App but for these chores. And the print option because sometimes the phone is just to distracting and paper would be better. Anyways, great app, and it lives on my homepage.

Used To Be My Favorite-Still Good. I’ve used this for years and it’s made a huge difference in how clean my apartment is and how stressed it makes me feel. I never forget to do a task! However, I kinda hate the new update. My favorite part was the chart where I could see overall how clean my home was. That’s entirely gone. The new charts don’t tell me that, they only say how many tasks I’ve completed. And they are fiddly, they load blank and I have to hit buttons that make no sense for them to work. A month ago this would have been five stars for sure. If the charts are fixed and the “how clean is your home chart” brought back, I would change my rating. For now I’ll probably continue using but may look for a new system.

Wow. It helped to finally get onto paper (heh) the cleaning task list for the house. Then see when everything is due and what is due when. Originally I just kept a list in Reminders, it found it was going out of sync as I would it but by bit over the week, but then clear the entire list at week’s end... and then potentially work on an area I just worked on days ago. And then tasks in an area do have different needs: somethings you just have to do once every quarter, etc. One suggestion: can I have a Watch app that just lists and lets me check off today’s items ? ;)

Vacation Manager is terrible!. I absolutely LOVE this app. I really like the visuals it gives, and the colors of the bars, depending on how many days you have or how many have passed. It’s well worth the money! With those good remarks comes the horrible one. For the 4-5 times I’ve used the Vacation Manager for trips that I won’t be home to clean, it has only worked ONCE. It’s telling me that I haven’t done certain things for 9-10 days, which is when my vacation started. I began the manager for the day after we left, and it never picked it up. PLEASE do something about this!

This app is EXACTLY what I needed. This goes beyond your basic “to do list”. Tody really helps you see what needs done & when, so you can prioritize your to do list. I love that I can look at it and actually see how clean (or not) my house is & know exactly what needs tackled first. I haven’t gotten to use the new features much yet, but I’m so excited about them! First, I love that I can now set it that trash needs taken out on a specific day, instead having to set it to “once a week”. Also, I’ve thought many times, “I wish I could put things that only need done once”, and now I can!! I’m so thankful for this app and the updates!

So worth it! So, so worth it!. I was hesitant to download this app because, hey- it isn’t cheap, but the reviews don’t lie. This app will change the way you clean. I don’t feel pressured by a cleaning calendar and I’m never worried about what zone I’m working in. I simply clean what’s due. Sometimes I only have time to knock off 1 or 2 things on my list, but my house stays super clean because the most critical items are resolved first. Moreover, because this app is not cheap, it makes me a lot more motivated to use it. I believe in getting my money’s worth! Download this!!

Wonderful app!. I didn't want to rate until I had been using it for awhile...this app is excellent, not only as a reminder for chores that are overdue, but also as a record of how long it has been since a chore was last done. You set the specific chores, you set the timing of how often they should be done...everything is individualized to YOU. You alone decide whether changing the bed linens should be done every week or every month, LOL. Chores you deem important can be set at a more frequent interval. The app is pretty, clean, and most importantly, user friendly. Highly recommend.

Tody has unleashed a monster. I got this app to help keep track of when stuff had last gotten clean because with 2 kids time is meaningless. I stumbled across the effort system and thought why not? My husband shortly discovered the “point system” and it has been 3 days of competing to get the most points ever since! Our house has never been cleaner!! Why am I vacuuming the stairs instead of watching tv?! Why am I setting the oven cleaner before bed?! Things are going to get crazy when summer hits and we have yard chores again!

Life changer!. I have never written a review before, but I am compelled to for this app. I have ADHD...and three small children, a husband, and a dog. All of that equals a house that stays messy until one area or another is so filthy I finally take notice and clean it. Before this app, I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I cleaned ANYTHING, because I have a very distorted sense of time and an unreliable memory. Now, my mind is at ease. After I clean something I don’t have to think of it again until the app reminds me of it. Also it sort of game-ifies maintaining a clean home, also great for engaging my ADHD brain. All in all, I don’t remember what I paid for this app, but whatever it was, it isn’t enough!

Good, with a few tweaks could be great. I downloaded this during quarantine to help me stay on top of cleaning habits and schedule even after getting back to my routine. My one suggestion would be to make things more editable. For example, certain tasks like laundry and dishes are set for “any time” meaning it doesn’t show up on my to do list. I wish it gave the option to keep it as such or to make it schedule-able. I like to do my laundry every Sunday, for example. My trash is collected every Tuesday so it would be nice to set that as a task for Mondays. (Yes, you can make you own customizable task for this, but I wish it had the option to change the existing).

Simple, easy app. This app is great at what it purports to do: help the user schedule schedule and track household chores. You can view tasks by area (such as bedroom, kitchen, etc.) or you can view tasks by what is most pressing (you’re 8 days overdue to mop the floor). One thing I wish this app would let you do is view tasks by type; when I’m doing a load of laundry, I would love that extra help remembering to grab the hand towel out of a rarely-used bathroom. Or if I have the mop bucket full, I might as well mop all of the tiled areas, not just the kitchen. Overall, a great, easy to use app that I highly recommend.

Very helpful. If you have trouble tracking “when is the last time I cleaned ____” , spend more time trying to decide what needs cleaned most than cleaning , or ever say to your spouse “but you didn’t tell me what to clean” (life hint - planning cleaning may not be their job either) then this might be the app for you. Mostly, it tracks timing of regular chores and notes (if you open the app to look) what’s due. Can be used for regular maintenance in addition to cleaning: quarterly car maintenance, furnace filter changing, anual hot water heater maintenance, planting, etc.

Versatile uses, very happy. Used this app when my daughter was young. Now in her 20’s and living at home, I re-downloaded this app to show our daughter how much my husband and I do around the house compared to her lack of contributing to the home. This app has turned out so helpful for a number of reasons: 1. Acts as a reminder to get tasks done around the house 2. Graphs show when one person is doing much more than others. We have turned this into a friendly competition at our house. 3. We added custom tasks such as helping other family members outside our home with their projects. This has been an eye opener for our family. 4. Having our young nieces and nephews over that wanted to earn money, they enjoyed picking a color and animal that represents them. We allow them to pick their task/sign off on completed tasks. They find it fun, so motivating. 5. This app is versatile. We enjoy the back dating feature.

Control of Cleaning!. This app is worth every penny! I am able to effortlessly stay on top of household cleaning allowing me to do a little each day as needed and no longer spend an entire weekend day on cleaning the house. Also, being able to link amongst others my children are eager to open the app and check items off after school, having everyone chip in and get the jobs done. They are happy to spend 5-10 minutes regularly versus an entire Saturday! Can’t say enough about how this apps improves my sanity and actually reduces mom anxiety. Taking control of cleaning with the help of this app feels so amazing and energizing!

So Worth it. As type B person with ADHD, this app is chains my life within days! It organizing everything and is so easy to edit and customize, with templates. An app made for individual looking to manage chores or family (free for other on family sharing plan). This app is fun, easy to use and within days helped me start managing a household and managing my cleaning/chores. Like a piece of cake 🍰✨🎂. All other reviews are right, so worth the v. affordable price for such intuitive, helpful software. Very happy I made this decisions for the 2022 new year.

Game-changer for ADHD adults. I've tried every kind of housecleaning strategy, app, list, you name it. This one changed everything for me. Yes, there is some set-up work involved for tasks that aren't included in the suggested tasks for each area, but it's super easy to add/edit tasks when you think of them. The best part for ADHD adults like me, though, is that once you do a task and check it off, you don't have to think about it again until it comes due. This is fantastic for people who get overwhelmed easily, and for tracking tasks that only need to be handled occasionally (like cleaning ceiling fan blades or changing air filters). This system also trains you to do a little bit every day, instead of a massive deep clean. All I have to do is look at the app every day or two, do the red tasks, and I'm done for the day in a matter of minutes. If I'm up for it and I have time, I can knock out some orange tasks, too. I HIGHLY recommend this app for ADHD adults, as well as anyone who has trouble prioritizing the day to day tasks needed to keep a house in relative order.

Great app. I’ve used this app for years and really like it. It lets me use my todo list for items that actually have due dates and makes core tracking much less overwhelming. I do have a couple suggestions that I think would improve the functionality of the app. Having a widget showing what chores are due would be nice, or a score pad showing what everyone in your plan has done this week, would be helpful. It would also be nice if it could be hooked up to google homes/nest hubs so google can yell at you if there are things that need doing. Just thoughts!

After last update, cannot connect to synced plan!. The previous update deleted over a year’s worth of data and when I contacted the developer, his response was to delete the app and reinstall. Guess what? Once I reinstalled I was no longer able to connect to my family’s synced plan! So now I have to rebuild my routine/chore list from scratch and then I CAN’T even get that new list to sync to any different device!? I thought that giving the dev a few weeks/months after iOS 12 to get things together would yield a workable update but no such thing has happened. I think my husband and I will go back to using a paper calendar and manually looking back on it every so often. I just want my old and ugly Tody app back. Ugh.

Awesome helpful app. I have benefited a lot from this app. I don’t generally notice when something needs to be done until it gets really obvious and at that point the job is pretty tough. This helps me to be more consistent with my household tasks and i even use it for self care things like when to clip my toe nails, tracking teeth cleanings, when i need to wash the dog, everything! I wholeheartedly think the cost is worth it. Other family members haven’t really caught on but hoping over time they will start looking at the tasks more on their own.

The best cleaning app for me. I'm a busy housewife that gets migraines regularly, is always playing catch up & is very visual. Tody works great for me! I agree that a copy task feature (including notes) to another room or multiple rooms would be handier as well as a more noticeable notification system. On the other hand, I may be overrun by my high expectations when life goes stampeding over my cleaning plans. Perhaps a priority system could aid that potential situation? The plan sharing cost for EACH person also seems a little much, but I'm not a developer to know if that really is over the top. Overall, the core concept of this app really works for know, besides it actually DOING the cleaning for me.

The Holy Grail. I have been trying for years to figure out some system or routine for keeping up with the house regularly so that I don’t have to dedicate full weekends to major house cleaning. I have tried calendars, index card files, integrations between Trello and a calendar and so on. For years! This app doe exactly what I’ve needed all this time. I’ve been using it for three weeks and it has been effortless! The house looks great! Even with a major party/sleepover weekend for one of my kids thrown in. This app is truly amazing. I can’t thank you enough!

I have A.D.D. ... Love this App. Best App ever. I love being organized and have always written lists..but at home lists don't work for me. Just toooo many things to keep up with. With this app my lists are easy to manage and with me wherever I go. So even if I get off track. I can see all that is due room by room and I hit those tasks til done. I think the biggest perk is that the tasks never get hidden when completed or go away. They're always there never having to rewrite or add it to my list. I set the frequency by day week month and it'll pop back up. Best app ever!!

Love it. Loving this app. I struggle with maintaining our house that feels huge when it’s messy. I have a full time job and 2 small children. (5 and 2) and I feel like it’s a constant battle to keep things tidy. The Tody app breaks I’m down into a manageable amount of cleaning each day and I find it so motivating to check everything off of my list. I KNOW that I was letting some chores go entirely too long because the daily tidy up felt like a lot of work to do. The first week it kind of stunk because EVERYTHING needed to be done, I broke it up and did one or two rooms a day and then have kept up from there. Love, love, love it.

Excellent customer service. My spouse and I have used Tody for three years now to balance out chore load. Nothing else on the market does what Tody does, and it really helps manage the household cleaning in a way that I never feel overwhelmed. Recently, my app was failing to sync with my spouse’s and we couldn’t see what the other had marked off already. I emailed support and the problem was fixed within 24 hours. I was super impressed since they already had my money but still made sure my app was working right.

Love, love, love!. I have been using this app for a couple years now. I absolutely love it. I’ve added my seasonal outside chores to it; I’ve added seasonal exterior inspections such as a roof inspection and siding inspection; I’ve added interior to do’s like furnace filter replacement; etc. It keeps me on track so I don’t have to constantly do major house cleaning. I can schedule my chores so that I do a little bit each day and I don’t get too tired out. I scheduled Window Washing for twice a year, I schedule major cupboard cleaning for once a year, etc. etc.

It does the job. I’ve been using Tody for 4 months to keep track of chores with my sister. I like everything about it except a few things. I don’t like that my sister’s bathroom tasks are listed on my feed, even though she set those tasks as her own responsibility. She hasn’t cleaned her bathroom for months and I hate seeing the red on my list! I get things done to see everything green. That’s really my main issue. I would also like if there was a way to swipe a task on the list and where it says “move, edit, delete” add an option for “complete” so I can quickly mark my tasks as done without entering each individual task. Or even just adding a check mark box next to each task. Any quick way to mark things complete on the list since I do tasks all at once usually. Also sometimes the days are not updated accurately until I refresh the page or app a couple times. Other than those issues, this has been a useful app to keep my chore list. I would recommend it, but only because I haven’t tried other apps and I’m not sure if there’s a better one out there.

Brilliant concept, UX could be better. The overall concept is brilliant and is a game changer for thinking differently/approaching household tasks. Rather than chunk out by room or just spending more time less frequently cleaning, this app nudges you to clean more frequently, doing a few small tasks per day. So you gradually clean over the course of a week. Kind of revolutionary and I’m noticing it feels less daunting to clean, since you’re doing it all more gradually and actually staying more on top of it. With a general redesign visually and some UX improvements, this app would be incredible: - hide completed tasks - allow swipe gestures to actually clear/archive a task in one gesture rather than two - allow undue after completing a task - task status page is confusing (pause, skip back, forward?) - notifications with actual items or integrate with calendar would be massively helpful - the general clunkiness of the overall design and UX (feels like a Microsoft product from the early 00s)

Wonderful house maintenance app. This is a great app. It works well for developing a schedule to keep your house clean. And then reminding you what things need to be done. As with any app, there's always room for improvement. I wish there was an improve method of giving credit to a user. Current system is very inconvenient to me. One minor change would be to have the ability to take a picture of the room. Although designed for cleaning, you can use it for any reminder you want: Changing air filters, giving the pet a bath, replacing your toothbrush head. The possibilities are endless! Continues to get better and better.

Game Changer. While my kids aren’t quite as happy about this app as I am, I would still say this is a game changer for our home. Not only can we see what needs to be done (like a regular checklist), we can see how badly certain areas are in need of cleaning. We can also track who is doing what chore, which helps prevent the issue of certain people doing all the work while others fly under the radar. It also makes me feel good to know that often forgotten areas of the home are now on a cleaning schedule. It’s like a game to see if we can get everything caught up and kept on green.

Best app I’ve ever downloaded. I absolutely love this app! I don’t usually bother to pay for apps, but this one is hands-down worth every penny. I have been using it for a month, and I love that it is so customizable. If I don’t have something like this, I just keep cleaning, feeling like I’m never actually getting anything done. But with this, I feel like I am accomplishing something because I can see it. I live by lists, so this is perfect for me. Now my cleaning is usually done by noon for the day, and I feel good about it.

New procedure for me. I’ve always cleaned by room, doing a whole room at one time. I found myself just ignoring my to do list because there was no time to do a whole room. This has helped so much with tackling the things that actually need done in the time they need done instead of trying to find time to do a whole room at a time. With this app, I might clean the kitchen counter every day, but the cabinets every four weeks. And I like that they have recommendations for you to get started, and you can edit as you get used to the program.

So incredibly helpful!. I have tried so many ways to keep my house clean from lists to flylady to once a week cleaning and I’ve failed over and over to be consistent. Well this app is changing everything for me and my attitude towards cleaning in general. I love checking to see what is due or about due and I never feel overwhelmed when I check or when I start cleaning. Now it’s only been a week in so I will rate this app again in a couple of months. But so far I can tell a difference in how I feel about it all. Great app & worth the $$ thanks! 😁 👍🏻

Multiple users. I like the setup of the app. I just can’t seem to figure out if I have to purchase multiple subscriptions to have multiple children on the app. I will readjust my rating if I can add someone with out paying another 6.99 for their phone to. *Edit: Thanks for your help it worked. Now I can really get use from this app. Definitely a 5 star app. I love that I can set chores for my kids to do and actually see if and when they have done them. It also makes cleaning easier cause I can break down what needs to be done in each room

Seems pretty good so far except... I just downloaded this app, and it’s basically utilizing the zone cleaning method so I didn’t blink at the $6 price tag, I had to try it. It seems awesome so far, but the major drawback is that it doesn’t seem to have a home screen widget, where I can see upcoming tasks etc without going into the app. This is a MAJOR drawback for me, considering the app cost $6. If I’d known it didn’t have a widget, I likely wouldn’t have spent money on it, unfortunately. Without that major feature, this feels like it should be a free app. Can we expect a widget in the future? Otherwise, easy to use and seems great. Thanks!

Fantastic app!. Really has helped my brain stopped churning about household cleaning lists. After a month of use, I just plan on hitting Tody and seeing how much I can get done. I am not fretting as much, and am more realistic about the last time I vacuumed. I also like that the plain facts are just there, and it's a pointless conversation with my husband I don't have to have. We both work long hours and long commutes, and clearly the kitchen floor isn't going to mop itself, no matter how many weeks we hold out. I like that it's encouraged me to break it up into small tasks (like clean the bathroom sink) not entire bathroom.

Godsend for screen addicted kids. My son loves this! He wants to collect all the tasks he can and this takes the guess work out of what needs to be done and when. I am very pleased with this app - the lacking star is because I’d really love to be able to assign chores to a specific day instead of, in the beginning, it gauged timeframes by s/m/l type completion ratios. After the first time doing each task, it’ll start the REAL countdown. It’s not so helpful for reminding me of filter changes, vent cleaning, etc the first time around. I’ll settle in in a few months or so. Great idea!

Very helpful app. I love this app! I am not naturally a tidy person and this app has been extremely helpful in managing my desired frequency of cleaning. It’s also great for helping take off some of the mental load - I love that I can just dump my tasks in here and let Tody remind me and my husband when things need to happen. Competing with Dusty (a messy character that completes a set number of points per day) has somehow been extremely motivating for me to make sure I’m doing enough every day as well. I cannot recommend this app highly enough - it is so helpful!!! I am slowly becoming a tidier person as a result haha

Keep having issues. My husband and daughter; with any chores they do, does not show up on my side. They’re synced to my account. They’ve redownloaded the app, and it still won’t alert me. My daughter and husbands side will show them having to do all chores, even with the ones I set up for me alone. Even one of the chore boxes, set up for care of my father’s bedroom does not show up on my daughters app. She and I share chores for his room. My husband and daughter have to let me know what they did in order for me to mark stuff off.

Excellent way to organize cleaning. This app is 100% worth the cost. Before Tody, I struggled to organize when and what I was cleaning, and usually went far too long between cleaning tasks that needed to be done more often. Tody takes the guesswork out and lets me get started without being stuck trying to decide what to clean and when. I love seeing which zones need some attention, and taking care of small tasks when I get the time. My house has stayed cleaner thanks to this app. Thank you Tody!

Motivates me!. I both love and secretly hate this app. I love it because my house is consistently clean now and it tracks chores for me so I don’t get stuck going down a rabbit hole when I go clean my bathroom for example by reorganizing drawers and clothes’ closet placement. I know that I am there to do one task because it’s due and move on. I do hate that it reminds me that it’s already been seven days since I cleaned my sink because I feel like I just did it 😆But really that’s why I have it, so I don’t get behind and end up with an insurmountable mess that will take me forever to complete. Small tasks frequently is definitely the way to go. Worth paying for for sure!

Great for first time home buyers. I had moved back to my parents for several years to save for a house. While there, I was only in charge of keeping my space clean. However, now that I have my own house, and with the memory that I was not always great about staying on top of household chores if things LOOKED clean, I wanted a solution to help me stay on top of cleaning, beyond just keeping things tidy, and Tody is amazingly helpful. I love it’s flexibility but also that it comes preloaded with the bulk of the chores a household needs to manage. Even though I’m still unpacking boxes, I’m keeping the house so much cleaner than I ever did at my previous homes!

Love it! Just needs one feature. I absolutely love this app and have been using it for months now. It’s great to keep track of when I last completed an item and when another item is coming due. It’s super customizable and has an aesthetically pleasing layout. The only thing that would make this app better would be a widget. I use widgets for everything on my phone and having one (maybe that lists the tasks due that day) would make this app complete In my eyes. Other than that there is absolutely nothing I would change about this app and I frequently recommend it to friends and family.

It’s all about me!. I love this app because it’s all about what I need- what my house needs. I can organize my cleaning by days, weeks , or months. I can add or delete tasks as they come up. I can add tasks that are “to do” items, such as change batteries in fire alarms, clean the dryer lint hose, or organize certain cupboards or cabinets. I’m in week three and still finding things to add. But most of all- I am motivated to click off all my tasks- so my house has never been cleaner or more organized. I have a family of 5 with a pet, and have gone from being embarrassed when people come over to happy when people show up!

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