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Tody is a smarter to-do list for managing household cleaning routines. It will optimize and motivate your cleaning.

● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates.

● Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction.

● There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications (optional). Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you.

● Turn home cleaning into a game. House members can sync plans across devices and users and check-in to claim credit for their actions.

● Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan.

● Tody can be customized and scaled to fit almost any needs. It thus suits singles as well as complex households with many members. Even professionals find Tody to be their preferred tool.

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Tody App Description & Overview

The applications Tody was published in the category Productivity on 2013-01-29 and was developed by LoopLoop. The file size is 48.90 MB. The current version is 4.2.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Improved auto-backup.
Bug fixes.

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👍🏻  Chüy  5 star

Suggestion add calendar view for tasks that match color to the room.


Great *almost* everything my family needs  cleaningcricket  4 star

So far my family has loved using this app for the gamification of getting household chores done. There are a few features that I think would improve it. One, I would love to see a “do on X day of week” option so that we could set a chore that happens 2x a week on day Wednesday and Sunday. Second, I would love to see a “one time” task option for household duties that we share but do not necessarily repeat or repeat in a standard rotation.


Just what we needed  Sjlsisjsj  5 star

This app was well worth the money. It motivates us to keep up with chores and keeps us aware of what actually needs to be done around the house. The points system works especially well for my video gamer husband who—since this app—will seek out the chores with higher points (because more complex, more effort, more dirty or otherwise less desirable) and get them done without being asked! We even use it to remind us of when our cats need another dose of flea medicine, our cars need oil change, etc. The app itself is clean, nice graphics, and simple to understand and use. It takes about 20 mins to get all the chores you want to keep track of inputted and off you go! Happy cleaning.


The app that keeps my house clean  Dancingmoonlite0319  5 star

This is so easy to use, and it keeps me on task! Love it! It changed my life! I come home to a clean house now ❤️


Bittersweet app  angellakh  3 star

This app is easy to set up, once you play around with it a little bit. I love how it sets things up and it was easy to shows my kids how it works. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars and not 5 is because there are no parental controls. My kids can change things and delete them if they don’t want to do it. I don’t want them to be able to do that. I want to have admin controls and be able to invite my husband to be an admin. If this can be fixed I will rewrite my review and give it 5 stars.


Worked until I upgraded  jammallnyte73  3 star

Moved to the iPhone XR and now it just force closes.


I love the app  Lorax1987  1 star

App no longer loads, with the latest ios update!


Makes Cleaning Fun!  gjeilwwhq  5 star

I love this app!!! I am such a procrastinator and very forgetful and unorganized about cleaning and tidying. Tody has changed my life! My house is now neat and spotless! BEST.APP.EVER!!!


Its Awesome!!  cloudmama89  5 star

I love cleaning but I hate it because of the way I am. I always intend on cleaning my room but then I jump all around the house, never getting ANYTHING DONE. This helps me stay focused and do what I intended on doing. Thank you TODY! Love it. Wish it gave you a score though on how much better or worse you do. Please think about it. I would buy it AGAIN!


Effective  KPTX  5 star

I’m a list maker. Lists are everywhere in my house. I work full time and have two busy teenagers so cleaning becomes very overwhelming for me at times. This app is like my lists only the lists are better organized and refresh themselves based on the frequency I set. It’s totally customizable and I get satisfying messages when I complete a task. It’s like a game and my house is looking pretty good. I dare say I look forward to cleaning now. It’s more than I usually spend on an app but I don’t regret a penny. My sanity was worth the money.


Brilliant  Azryael  4 star

We recently had a baby. He will often sleep for 20-40 min naps in the day. When there’s so much to get done it gets overwhelming on where to start. This app helped me prioritise & keep on top of the bigger jobs that get pushed to the back of the list all the time. My only suggestion would to add a sorting option by the time it takes to do the task. So if you do only have 10min toy can prioritise those quicker tasks. All round brilliant


Crashes when duplicating rooms  kellee29  1 star

I spent ages setting up my perfect bedroom schedule, then tried to duplicate the list for use on other bedrooms and it crashes every single time. Very frustrating given the cost of the app.


All gone  .!Sad  1 star

Been using this daily since the end of 2013, just updated and lost all but the categories. Can’t use backup as it then won’t sync, It took so long to set up with everything and in a 1 minute update it’s disappointed!


Tody  Genette11  5 star

Great app has given me motivation and an organised home thank you


Loved it. Now hate it  Werryvsdc  5 star



Just right  Achickpea  4 star

This app is great. It shows all my tasks in exactly they way I wanted them. Great interface. Unfortunately I have had some trouble getting it to save since the upgrade to iOS10, it's mostly back to normal now, still frustrating.

not the best housekeeper

Simple & easy  not the best housekeeper  5 star

Easy to use. Very intuitive

Turquoise rocket

Love it  Turquoise rocket  5 star

This app has changed my life, so good!


Bumfluff  Bumfluff11  4 star

Really good app, I find it really useful, pretty easy to navigate too..


So good!  Opaljanee  5 star

You can put EVERYTHING in this app. Not just housework! Put when Bills are due, your workout routine.... It will tell you when it's all due. It makes you feel motivated to complete the tasks you need to do as well! Well worth the Money. So glad I found this app!


Amazing  bean7411  5 star

Still figuring out some of the idiosyncrasies but it seems they have addressed all the obstacles we have come across. We (my family) are enjoying it.


It does the job  cheffoodiee  3 star

I’ve been using Tody for 4 months to keep track of chores with my sister. I like everything about it except a few things. I don’t like that my sister’s bathroom tasks are listed on my feed, even though she set those tasks as her own responsibility. She hasn’t cleaned her bathroom for months and I hate seeing the red on my list! I get things done to see everything green. That’s really my main issue. I would also like if there was a way to swipe a task on the list and where it says “move, edit, delete” add an option for “complete” so I can quickly mark my tasks as done without entering each individual task. Or even just adding a check mark box next to each task. Any quick way to mark things complete on the list since I do tasks all at once usually. Also sometimes the days are not updated accurately until I refresh the page or app a couple times. Other than those issues, this has been a useful app to keep my chore list. I would recommend it, but only because I haven’t tried other apps and I’m not sure if there’s a better one out there.


Seriously amazing  Do-whop  5 star

I am NOT a natural cleaner and this app is a game changer for me. I’ve tried several similar ones without the same kind of success. I’m a big list person but I have to generate those, yikes. I love the clear visuals of the now, OMG now, and later tasks. So wish there was also an Apple Watch app 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 hoping that’s somewhere in future plans.


I love cleaning?!  Rawrawrrawr231123  4 star

I got this app because I needed to keep track of when I last cleaned something. This app more than accomplished that task. I haven’t fully utilized the app with different users, but I aim to. In the meantime, I have started to actually clean a bit more than usual despite only having a relaxed/standard cleaning schedule. I love seeing when a room is green! I wish it would rank areas to focus on by need. Instead, it will list tasks that are the most urgent, but they may not be in the same room. Also, would be good to see which rooms all need the same task. For example, I like to clean mirrors all at once because it’s easy and more efficient that way.


Love this app!!  1223846387  5 star

I absolutely love this app. I have tried many cleaning apps and this one works the best for me. The app is motivating to me to get stuff done. The new update is fabulous. Many new features and colors. Love love love!


On Google  SlumberPartiesbyAdrienne  4 star

I would have rated this five stars if you had your app on google. Half of my house hold apple and the other has google. It would be nice to share with the complete household

Pepe McStuffings

So Helpful  Pepe McStuffings  5 star

Makes cleaning so much more organized


This is the app to organize your life  cyncere7  5 star

I’ve been using this app since late 2016. It’s wonderful and has changed my life. It’s the gentle nudge or nag I need to get things done. I organize cleaning, shopping, trAvel, fitness. It’s a great way to develop hAbits and get things done!


ADHD Must Have!  squonk1962  5 star

This is THE app for organizing ALL tasks not just cleaning! I own a restaurant and use it for opening and closing checklists on an iPad, and for things I gotta do like check the mail or enter and pay bills, all of which are rooms in my "house". Life altering and thank you so much to the people who made this app!!


Made living with roommates much more enjoyable  Klace  5 star

I love this. I convinced everyone in my house to buy this app after being frustrated with no one taking responsibility to keep things clean. 3 weeks later our house is the cleanest it’s been since we moved in. Everyone feels better about doing chores when you get recognized for your effort!!










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