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Tody is a smarter to-do list for managing household cleaning routines. It will optimize and motivate your cleaning.

● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates.

● Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction.

● There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications (optional). Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you.

● Turn home cleaning into a game. House members can sync plans across devices and users and check-in to claim credit for their actions.

● Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan.

● Tody can be customized and scaled to fit almost any needs. It thus suits singles as well as complex households with many members. Even professionals find Tody to be their preferred tool.

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Tody App Description & Overview

The applications Tody was published in the category Productivity on 2013-01-29 and was developed by LoopLoop. The file size is 48.65 MB. The current version is 4.1.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

● Performance optimizations
● Swipe right in lists to mark tasks as completed
● User names can now be 8 characters long
● Bug fixes
● iOS12 support

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Family Chores Accomplished!  BristolBec  5 star

I have struggled with how to get the family more involved in chores. This is great! Room by room you can list chores on their own individual schedule. And the app has so many preloaded. Now the girls get an allowance based on if all their chores are completed on time! What a joy! Thank you!! Our house has never been so clean!


Great issue though  All4JesusAll4Him  4 star

I love this app. It has an easy set up! It shows your progress in pictures and in colored bars. It has the same feel at Fitbit. The only issue I have (unless I missed this feature) is that it should have an alarm to remind you do whatever is due. I sometimes forget to check it and then come back and everything is red and orange. If y’all could fix or add that feature this app would be close to perfect.


Best cleaning app!  LaureVilla  5 star

It really helps me to stay organized, I love that I only had to pay for it once and not a monthly deal like 99% of apps now a days! Recommend 👍🏻👍🏻


Not syncing  Mom2erc  1 star

I was hoping this app would help the whole family see what chores needed to be done. It doesn’t sync so it’s just on my device which is not convenient for the family to see what needs done. For $7 not worth it at all. I also wish the room lists would automatically populate and then we could delete as needed. Spent a ton of time setting up every room only to find out it doesn’t meet our needs. Really disappointing.


Wonderful  Dancingmoonlite0319  5 star

Effortlessly my house is clean! I do my chores before I go to work, how awesome is that?


Syncing issues  hogan1020  1 star

This app could be great - but there are too many syncing issues


Great app  RachMcCloud  5 star

This app is so helpful. I have ADD and it keeps me on track. I would love to see it work with the Apple Watch.


Best. App. Ever  Duckieo  5 star

This is the best cleaning app I have ever come across. I have a busy schedule with being a wife, mother, and having a career. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin in the house. This app helps me break the tasks down into manageable pieces. I suggest loading all the preloaded tasks for each area of the house to start with and tweaking the time periods to your needs. Every busy woman should have this app. It has saved me thousands of dollars on a housekeeper, and my house is now always clean!


SO worth it  lazyasheck  5 star

I’ve never written an app review before but I felt compelled to with this one. It’s pricey but worth it. It’s like a to-do list but better. My habits are actually changing when it comes to keeping things clean. Love it!


Looks really good, but...  Briterfly  3 star

I really want to use this app but my daughter and I have apple phones and my sons and hubby have androids. The syncing with androids is not available so it makes this useless in that respect. ☹️


Loved it. Now hate it  Werryvsdc  5 star



Just right  Achickpea  4 star

This app is great. It shows all my tasks in exactly they way I wanted them. Great interface. Unfortunately I have had some trouble getting it to save since the upgrade to iOS10, it's mostly back to normal now, still frustrating.

not the best housekeeper

Simple & easy  not the best housekeeper  5 star

Easy to use. Very intuitive

Turquoise rocket

Love it  Turquoise rocket  5 star

This app has changed my life, so good!


Bumfluff  Bumfluff11  4 star

Really good app, I find it really useful, pretty easy to navigate too..


So good!  Opaljanee  5 star

You can put EVERYTHING in this app. Not just housework! Put when Bills are due, your workout routine.... It will tell you when it's all due. It makes you feel motivated to complete the tasks you need to do as well! Well worth the Money. So glad I found this app!


Best ever  Busben777  5 star

Absolutely love it, it's been a great tool in helping me get my house in order, would recommend to everyone.


Great motivation  Lilmizcupcakes  5 star

This is an excellent app. I recommend this app to anyone who needs motivation to do cleaning. It definitely has motivated me.


Useful App  Devorppa  5 star

The app works well and it serves as a great way to program your house cleaning on a regular basis so that you don't do everything every weekend - you can roster it and space it out without forgetting things. It would be nice for the app to rotate into landscape.


Fantastic app but...  huandlu  4 star

Support for horizontal rotation into landscape mode would be great.


Most useful app EVER  deirdzs  5 star

I’ve been using Tody everyday for over a year. It helps me to prioritize chores as a working mother—since I can only do so much in a day! I never have that feeling that I don’t know where to begin because it shows me what needs my attention the most. And then once I accomplish that, I often end up doing the next item on the list, then the next and the next. I also love that it shows my progress over time and I am always challenging myself to keep the level lower than before. My house has definitely become consistently cleaner over time and I spent 0 time thinking about it. And for those days that I’m exhausted but could maybe accomplish “just one thing”... I know what to do. It manages that “overwhelmed and don’t know we’re to start” feeling because it shows you exactly what needs your attention the most. And it gauges my progress over time so I’m always trying to challenge myself. It has improved my home and my attitude over housekeeping and takes the thought process out, which is usually the very thing that keeps from getting started at all.


Love it  Kwelhouse  5 star

The good reviews are true. Worth $6.99. Took awhile to get chores in App, but easy to do. I’m putting everything in there, including personal like manicure etc. Love how chores show out of season and puts them in automatically when I need to do them. Love how it changes colors if I don’t get everything done instead of just starting chores over. It’s fun to get red items off the list. Also love the rating chores easy to more time consuming. Most of mine are easy under 10 minutes. Love how everything is on one to do list-can do it anytime during day or if I’m tired just let it go until next day.


It is a pain to check things off  MickyG  3 star

It is a nice idea, begins able to see when something needs to be done and what is about to need to be done. However, why do I have to open each individual task to check it off? Why can’t I swipe it to check it off? It is a pain so I tend to avoid using the app. And that’s a bummer because I rarely ever spend this much on apps.


Tried so many apps, should have gotten this one instead.  Puckymona  5 star

This is the one app I was looking for. I saw this app right at the beginning of my search for a house organization app, and wanted to see if there was a better free app. Let me save you a year of your time - there’s not. Spend the money, you’ll not regret it. It’s perfect and wonderfully designed.


Attention Deficit Approved  Thinkminx  5 star

As a list maker, this helps so much because my list is now pre-made and I can update and customize it as needed. I have a hard time deciding what to tackle first even when it comes to routine tasks, so the color indicator bars let me visualize what’s most important. Worth the money and has made me more efficient when cleaning the house.


Love it!  K!yah  5 star

This was definitely worth the money. This app has helped me stay organized and on task. It is often hard for me to keep my house together, especially with young children but this app has helped tremendously!!


Most helpful  nealbij  4 star

Excellent concept, and once you get going and developing your own time periods it gets better! A few touches on the UI and this would a 5.


Decent  Aadensmommy  3 star

I like that the app allows you to set up all your rooms and chores for that room underneath them. I also like the bar that tells you if a room needs attention and you can set each chore to the time frame of attention of your liking. The app notifications needs some work. The cheer does not work when you complete a chore, the notifications are just for you to open the app. I also wish there was an ascending and descending option available in the sorting.


A  junkiejoesephstalin  5 star



Can’t add family  dontdownloadever  3 star

This would be a good app but you can’t add family members to the app. I def don’t want the kids using my phone all day. Kind of a bummer since I had to pay $7 for it.










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