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Vector Full: Parkour Run [Games] App Description & Overview

What is vector full: parkour run app? The best parkour-inspired action game is now available! Vector lets you break free and run! Don't get caught!

Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. The game opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunner is strong, and you soon break free. Run, vault, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” who’s sole purpose is to capture you and bring you back.

Inspired by the practice and principles of Parkour, Vector’s intuitive controls please players of all levels, and sophisticated level designs challenge the most demanding players with fast-paced timing puzzles as the traceur “flows” over the dystopian rooftops.

Game Features:
- Arcade gameplay from the makers of the Shadow Fight games
- Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possible by Cascadeur animation tools
- 40+ challenging levels
- Quick to learn, challenging to master

The Press Loves Vector:

“The way Vector mimics the movements of real-life parkour practitioners is quite impressive... I can’t wait to be entrapped in Vector’s promising mix of direction and magnitude.” (

“Vector is thrilling, rich in variety and it reminds us of Stick Run, but offers much more elaborate animations.” (

"The only cool way to run from all your problems." (

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Vector Full: Parkour Run Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Vector Full: Parkour Run Version 1.4.018 April 2022

This update contains: *critical bug fixes *localization fixes Stay tuned for new updates!.

Vector Full: Parkour Run Version 1.2.001 August 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. This update contains: Several bug fixes.

Vector Full: Parkour Run Comments & Reviews 2022

- I like this game but...

The most Annoying thing is when the game randomly crashes and this happens every time I complete a level and there are some in game glitches but they don’t bother me much but overall the game is pretty fun. If the crashing issues are fixed I will change to 4 or 5 STARS if the creators are reading this please consider replying.

- One of my favorite apps, but...

It can use one more feature that will put it on top. Free Running. All I need is just one endless/continuous map. Perhaps when you beat all three levels, we can unlock a map that is a continuous loop of either of the three levels. No hunter, just the runner running until the user can't swipe no more. All while listening to a deadly track from their every own iTunes playlist. Nothing like parkouring for all eternity listening to Katy Perry's "Rise". Wait what.🤔

- Great game, keeps crashing

So I bought the game about a year ago but never got into it. I’ve played the free version before and wanted to actually buy the game since I played this throughout my childhood but the game keeps running into an issue. It runs normally up until the loading screen where it finishes loading and crashes. I’ve heard this was a bug some people had but I’m not sure it’s is been/being fixed. Still I would like this bug resolved since I really want to play this game, it’s a piece of my past.

- Amazing game, but

Hello Nekki limited team! I’m just writing this review since I’ve bought the game since I love this type of game however, when I’ve tried to play the game recently, all it does is loads in and crashes after it finishes loading. I’ve tried restarting my phone, updating to the latest update, and much more but the game still crashes when it loads in. I currently have an iPhone 11 and I don’t know if this issue happens on other phones or just mine.

- OMG Love this game!!

Love this game. It is almost PERFECT. The only problem is the stars. After you finish a level it gives you stars. You need stars to unlock new levels, but I can’t do that because it’s really strict about how many stars I earn. There were four tricks I had to do in a level. I successfully did three out of four of the tricks. It only gave one star. It gave me one star for the ONE trick I missed. Other then the issue I talked about, perfect game.

- Can’t open

Listen truly i love this game one of the best games i’ve ever played like in my mine i just wish i could do all the things that you do in this game i haven’t been able to play though because every time the bar at the bottom will go all the way the game will just close i’ve tried powering my phone on and off disabled app store and got it back i’ve deleted it and regot it and logged out of my game center and it wouldn’t work please nekki look into this

- Great game...but it keeps crashing

As a completionist I loved this game. I bought the full version and was slowly working my way through the levels getting all three stars on every level. However I don’t know if it was the latest apple software update or an actual app update but ever since then the game keeps crashing at the vector load screen. I’d love to finish this game and really hope somehow this glitch will be fixed.

- Best parkour game on the app store!!

This game is AMAZING. The animations and tricks are both smooth and stylish. The graphics are great. This game is beutiful and enjoyable at the same time. My only complaint is that the bonus cubes are badly placed on the level, and the only way to get 3 stars on a level is by collecting all the bonus cubes. This game is undoubtfully worth the 2 dollars that you pay for it.

- I love it but....

I have had this game on every phone I have owned. It's a true classic in mobile gaming. And still, to this day it's a challenge to play. The only problem I have right now is that I iPhone 11 and the game crashes during gameplay. Is there anything I can do to stop it?

- App will not even open

IPhone refuses to even open the app. All it does is go to the blue loading screen loads the loading bar and then goes back to my homepage and when emailing the company to fix the issue or get my 0.99 cents back, I have yet to get a response and the website of the company has no information about vector, only shadow fights or whatever that game is. I would really like a response to resolve issue and allow me to play the game or my 0.99 cents back in my apple account.

- Slow

Used to love this game, it was so much fun. But now that I wanna play it again, the game is just really really slow. I don’t know if it’s an internet thing or that Vector 2 came out, but kinda disappointed that I can’t play one of my all time favorites.

- Unique

Other than the sequel I don’t know any other game like this, it’s pretty sweet. Love the physics, the story, the skill. It’s so thrilling. I run into an issue of it crashing every time the loading bar fills up after opening the app some days making it unplayable for a while regardless of what I turn off or restart.

- Please update

This game was one of my personal favorites but now I can’t play it. I’d greatly appreciate it if you kept it alive and updated it to be compatible with iOS 14! I hope you see this and deem it important to keep this masterpiece of a game running smoothly!

- Unknown

I need new map and level And hunter map and level Bounce and story because This is boring I already finished this completely this map and level I have 3 star each map and level please new one.

- Amazing parkour game! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This game is pure gold. I play this every day, escaping from them guards. There is a large collection of unique tricks. The one thing that I don’t like is that the game will crash sometimes, and it’s annoying. Overall, this has ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love the game but

The wall jumping is the most inconsistent and annoying part of this game. I remember why I deleted this the first time, there needs to be buttons because I can’t stand falling off the wall because the game didn’t register the movement. Overall amazing game

- Crashes

So I can’t even log in to the game it says nothing black screen bu I remember playing this a couple years back it’s a good game but I just want to log in I do not know what happens but I was just wondering if you can fix that thank you :)

- Straight up 5 STARS

Ok this is the best parkour game ever I like this one more then the second one. If I could I would give it 1 million stars and it’s just the best parkour game you can get. Because most parkour games there are not that good

- Why Is this Game keeps Crashing

This game is annoying it Crashes too much the loading screen Finishes and then It Crashes Please fix that Bug I don’t like that

- The game keeps crashing

The game doesn’t even open it just goes to the blue loading screen and then crashes and it constantly does that. I spent 0.99¢ on this game it’s not a lot of money but i could’ve spent it on something else i would to get my money back or at least have the crashes updated and have bug fixes but apple isn’t allowing me to refund my money yet

- Amazing game but one big issue

This game is the best parkour game on any device, but it crashes whenever i enter the app. It loads then crashes, i have an iphone 11 so im guessing it happens in newer devices. please fix this so i can play it again please nekki.

- Not working on ios 14

I updated my iphone and suddenly it’s not working. Please fix it to ios 14 compatible. I love this game and I can’t play it anymore😢

- Stopped Working

I bought the full version of the game a few months ago and now whenever I try to run it, it goes as far as the blue loading screen then crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t solve the issue. If there’s no way to get it to work I’d like a refund. Other reviews have shown me that I’m not the only one having this issue.

- Unplayable

I used to love playing this game, I was surprised when I found it still on the App Store. But after purchasing this game and launching it, you can’t even get past the loading screen before the game crashes. I tried many times to see if maybe it doesn’t happen all the time, but it does. Save yourself the 99 cents, this game doesn’t work anymore.

- Not working

This is my favorite game and with the new Apple update it’s not working anymore. I did pay for it so Please help me get my game back thank you

- My music, not playing.

My music cuts out when I return to the app if you could fix this small problem that would be great, Love this game.

- R.I.P

This was the best parkour game ever made, UNTIL it completely broke, it can’t get past the loading screen now. :( this was a part of my childhood and I will always remember it.

- Awesome

I’ve played this game many times before and used it to pass the time. I’ve always loved it and forgot about it over the years. I’ve recently found the game again and downloaded it but was disappointed to see that the game won’t load. It’s says the name of the game and a loading screen. But then cuts back to my home screen. Please fix this!

- Awesome sauce

Why don’t you allow iPhone users to play music in the background while playing this game!??? It’s absurd, great game but come on!!! I want to hear Metallica while running from da police

- Good time spend

Just a good way to spend the time if you have nothing to do just a fun game in general 10/10 would recommend

- Fix it

I just bought the game and can’t even get in. It keeps crashing, fix it please

- Waste of money

When something costs money than it shouldn't have adds in it. Seriously it feels like a waste of money because the only thing I get in this paid version is a low quality hunter mode

- Great game but...

I have played this game in the past on iPhones but when I paid for it every time I open it, it goes through the first loading screen and crashes. Sends me back to my Home Screen.

- Game crashes on iOS 14

Great game but since upgrading to iOS 14 this game crashes after load screen. Hopefully it gets updated.

- Frustrated

As of today I’m writing this on an I phone xr. For some reason whenever I load the game it crashes and takes me back to my Home Screen. Apart that I paid for this, the developer doesn’t seem to care for the game since the last update was 4 years ago (Oct 2020) I expect a full refund and I am truly disappointed

- Fix!

I love this game and would give five stars if it actually worked but you can’t get past the loading screen. It’s a little frustrating but if you can please fix

- Help please

When the game pops up and finishes the download it will close out and it keeps happening. I have tried so many times and I just really want to play it. Can I get help with this please. Thank you

- Ending

Omg the ending to this game is bad you have been working so hard to escape the guards and then finally at the end of the game you get caught it would've been nice if you could have escaped

- Love this game but keeps crashing

Can you please fix the crash wherever it loads please fix it I really want to play this game again

- Still have to watch ads after you pay for the game

Game is ok, but after every level they nag you to watch an ad. I hate that I paid for this game.

- Really

I bought it and it never even lets me open the app it loads then closes I tried to uninstall it and nothing is working so I want my 99 cents back because I’m not paying for something that doesn’t work can’t even get into the game loads and closes over and over again.

- Update Vector 👉🏾 IPhone 11 and X

Things to optimize in vector, add full screen, ultra graphics for iPhone 11 only, extra bonus levels, and add full screen and for the the cutscene and that’s it.

- Good but needs update

I enjoy the game, it's definitely worth $.99. But please fix the crashes! The app will crash in the middle of a run. It happens every 3 or 4 runs. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

- ?

Who is the girl that is in bonus 1-5 construction yard and I was wondering why did she help me and I used the force blaster and she died not the hunter please tell me

- I can’t play this

This game let me play it a couple times, but then it stopped. Every time the game loads, I get kicked out of the game and can’t play it. I only bought this because the free version didn’t work but this was a waste of my money. I hope this gets fixed soon.

- Beautiful

Best game I ever seen best graphics parkour moves are so smooth and cannot wait till vector 2 I also love the ending so a twist

- Crash

Game is keep crashing after it says loading.

- Should be fixed

I have played this when I was younger always the free version. I just spent money I shouldn’t have spent to buy this game and it keeps going to the load screen when it gets to 100 it closes app. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

- Doesn’t work

I just bought this for a $1 and it loads and then instantly crashes, I tried the free version too and it did the same. If this game is no longer supported then why is it on the App Store?

- It just keeps crashing

I paid $0.99 for this game and I can’t even play it. I’ve tried several things to fix the issue and nothing helps. If anyone has a solution let me know. It loads after the orange opening screen and the crashes.

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- Game Wont Load

Back in the day this used to be a good as game, i decided to get it again and it would just show the logo and the loading screen then crash, i tried many more times and it wouldnt work

- No joke, Best iOS game

I first got this game on my iPhone 5s and it was so fun. I made my friends get it and we would all play at the same time. I finished everything with three stars. I got a new phone half a year later (iPhone SE) and downloaded it again. I saw my progress wasn't saved but that was good cause that would mean I would have to do it all over again and haven't got bored since. I highly recommend it to a lot of people who like to every one that wants a simple yet challenging game.

- Exquisite

This is old so I know chances are we won’t get it, but the game no longer works. It crashes instantly on all devices, and it’s a shame really because this game is fantastic and I’d love to still play it and recommend it to people, as would many others. Any chance of one more update for the latest iOS?

- Problems opening

I remember I used to play this game lots a few years ago with some friends. With those memories in mind, I decided to buy the full version but every time it loads the company loading screen, the game shuts itself down. Any chance we could fix this?


A few days ago, I purchased this game because it looked very interesting. Once it downloaded I tapped on the app, it showed the Nekki logo and then the loading screen and once it faded to black it crashed. I thought it was just a first time thing but it repeatedly did it, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but it was the same outcome. I need this bug to be fixed. I have an iPhone 8+ for those who think I might have a bad phone / device

- Nekki please fix this.

I bought played this game a long time ago and it was lots of fun. I thought I would get it on my new phone which is an i-phone 8. I opened the game and the logo appeared then the loading screen, then the game crashed. I have tried again and again but nothing works. Please fix this or give me a refund. I don’t want my money wasted on a game that won’t work. I also tried the free version, the same thing happend.

- Good game.

The game is the same as all the other games such as temple run and subway surfers but has levels instead. You don't actually have to do a special combo move to preform the tricks you just jump and they preform were it is required. Sometimes doesn't respond to you swiping fast enough. This game is good but should be free.

- please fix this

I know this is old and the devs probs won’t see this but I can’t load it on my iPhone 11, the game gets to the end of the loading screen of the game then just goes to the phones Home Screen. Ps I love the game just please fix this

- Literally doesn’t work

Bought the app, as I remember playing it lots as a kid and wanted to have some nostalgia. Bought it and downloaded it, now everytime I open it, it loads, then just closes. It has done that every time, so I am going to be asking for a refund from apple, please fix your game.

- Bug fix!!!

Alright nekki idk what's going on but it has been a long time since i played this and i really want to again on ios this time. I purchase the game, install, play but the logo appears, loads and then crashes. I can't get in the game. Either fix this or i want a refund. Overall a great game.

- Pleaseee fix

Look I’ve played this game for ages and love this game still....but the game doesn’t load anymore probs cos its outdated. But devs pleaseeeee fix this!!!

- Best game but can I request something

2019 almost 2020, and I’m still playing this game. The game is Good and smoothly but can we have more Tricks and more continue Tricking, that will be Awesome. Plus Is it possible if you can add a CREATE YOUR OWN MAP?, that will be awesome for people like me who likes to do Tricking/Flipping everyday. Can put any tricks on map, no need for enemy, it can just be you or the enemy too, on your own map. I still love this game, great job.

- Nekki fix the bug

I’ve played it before and I really liked it, I bought the fu version and it opens into the Nekki screen then loading screen then crashes, I’ve tried multiple times and the same thing happens, please fix this or I want a refund

- Not loading

Does anyone have a problem where it loads and crashes right away? I can’t even start the game to play it.

- Why it’s good and bad

Hey I just want to say don’t buy it if you have a iPhone XR or later because it doesn’t startup it just crashes and there not going to fix it so buy something else. Also I like the game cause I used to play it on my iPad but it just doesn’t work on my phone.

- One of the best games

Still one of the best games, but does it support every platform like iOS14?

- Criticism

Good game but I don’t know understand why pop ups keeping up when I had to pay to play

- Vector Review

I purchased Vector Expecting to be satisfied since I really enjoyed the free version, but to my surprise the app keeps crashing as soon as the game finishes it’s Loading Sequence. If anyone knows what the problem is or knows how to fix please reply, thanks.

- Allow music to be played in background

Great game, I love it, but one of its flaws is that you can’t play your own music in the background. Please fix this


The game isn’t optimised for iPhone 5+ probably and that’s why newer phones can’t play it, if the developers came back they would update the game so we can play but now we all spent our money on a game that don’t work

- Great addictive game but..

Often closes down for no reason. Please fix this and it will be awesome.

- Crashes

It just keeps on crashing after the loading screen appears

- Game doesn’t load

I paid for this app, and when it attempts to load it always exits the page. I’ve tried deleting it, reinstalling it etc. not happy!!

- Game destroying bug

We need help. I just got the game and and i tried everything but every single time I go in the game or try to start it up, it just crashes and exits me strait to my Jaime screen… HELP.

- I can’t open the game

Similarly to other players, the game doesn’t get past the loading screen and crashes.

- I want a refund

I paid a $1.50 for this game and whenever I open it closes. If can’t play then i would like a refund

- Please Fix

I just bought this game and it just loads then crashes automatically. I just wasted $1.50

- Buggy and in app purchases?

I remember an age of games where you payed for the game and that was it. These days games for the AppStore are either free but pay to play or cost money with in app purchases. This game is a perfect example. Ads come up after every run and you need to pay to get some stuff in the game.. Waste of money if you ask me. And I won't even start on the controls.. When ever I slide up to do a move it doesn't even register. Tired of these kinds of games.

- Can’t open my game

Paid the price to get this game as I use to enjoy it. Couldn’t even open the game, waste of a dollar lol

- Error

Game won’t even open it finishes loading then closes

- Must read

back in 2017 I use to play this game a lot but now it just crashes so don’t get it now. It’s to late😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Bug

Can’t play the game every time I go onto it, it crashes every time

- Do not buy

Crashes on iPhone XS Max on startup every time, not worth any amount of money. I will be seeking a refund

- Won’t work

Just payed $$ an the game won’t even start 😂

- The game is not working for me

I bought this game and it is not working

- game doesnt even work

bought the game on my iphone x and it just glitches out everytime i open the app?? fix the game dude

- Thanks for 3rd level fix :D

Thank you so much for fixing xoxoxo :D There are your well deserved 5 stars as I promised, but just a few things that you could add like some more character customisation in shop, more tricks (as I have unlocked them all :3), some kind of multiplayer aspect, maybe a button that allows you to skip the cut scenes and of course more levels :D (completed all levels too, bad ending but by the words "to be continued" I will wait for the future levels before I judge anything). Also vector unexpectedly crashes sometimes when I have played 2-4 levels without ending it on task manager (double tap apple button), but hopefully it is not an issue to do with my device (also my device makes the game run slower than it is supposed to on a more recent apple device, but I'm not complaining because sometimes it helps, but at other times my FPS drops drastically for short periods of time depending on how big the level is) and will be fixed on a future update, but again thanks soooooo much for fixing technology park on my device (iPod touch 4th generation) <3

- Needs improvement!

When I'm trying to pick up the new tricks while running,I'll swipe up but my character just will jump instead of picking up the move! I don't do anything different, I perfected the whole level but the movements just refuse to be picked up!!! I hate it! I played the same level like 1000 times now and every time the character just doesn't respond to me swiping up!!! Please fix because it is so frustrating!!! Also, needs an endless runner mode.


I Really enjoy This game and all it features but it's missing A lot of Potential 1. Level Creator / Editor is Really important as it could have so much potential with Online Interaction with other players levels. 2. Please add more customisation to your player because I fell like some shorts and a cap is enough, Please read this NEKKI because I have done app support and bought lots of In-App Purchases :D love Gazza

- Bugs

On one of the eighth bonus level for construction when you are supposed to go upwards where a trick and block are instead of the hunter following you he continues downwards and the game acts as if he got in front of you this happens most of the time sometimes he'll follow which is the only reason I know thats the right way plz fix

- Great game except for lag after latest update

Hello, I am a massive fan of Vector, however after the latest update that released the TechnoPark, the game lags HEAPS and the GPS is around 10, and the game runs at about 1/4 of its original speed. I'm using a 32GB iPod Touch 5th Gen. Please fix this as you game is currently unplayable.

- Fantastic game

Fun and great time passer. Over +100 moves to learn, awesome! My only two complaints are; There needs to be multiplayer, two people running from two guards, with split paths to go. And lastly, the +100 moves aren't important to learn. You can continue the game without them. So really, they just waist your money.

- Great but..

This game is awesome but when I try to play in the loading part it just crashes and exits the game I have tried over and over again could u guys please make a update for this because I really want to keep on playing this game so please make a update

- Great game...

Has me addicted for hours :) However I'm disappointed that your progress from the free version does not transfer over to this version. I hope there will be an update to address in the future. Until then, I will stick with the free version.

- One Improvement

This would be a 5 star rating if you could just play your music in the background, but every time I open the app, my songs stop playing. If you could fix this, that would be amazing ! :)

- Fantastic app!!!

Can't stop playing it, trying to get perfect on each level. But it could improve with an endless mode, multiplayer and some more gear and outfits would make this the perfect app out!! Get it it's so worth the dollar!!!

- Amazing and stylish

Fast paced and addictive. The difficulty feels just right. Later levels have new/hidden paths which are harder to access but equally rewarding. Only complaint is the ending sucked. Hope they improve on that in the sequel. Plus add some mirrors edge like fight dodge elements.

- Please make second!

I loved this game(awesome😀) and I really want you guys to make a second vector. But in a few of the technology park levels, you can go through a wall then run for a short time before you die. Apart from that, great game

- It's epic!!!

But when I was playing it suddenly was very slow, I had no slow mo's but my character went half the speed he usually is... Other than that absolute buy its awesome!!! But terrible ending

- Downright exceptional!

I played this game for months at release. Just downloaded it again and having so much fun all over again. Nekki needs to make more games. I'm also a huge fan of Shadow Fight 2.

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- Why this

I just want it to play vector but he doesn’t work because at the loading of vector de screen as crash

- Add support for IOS 14

It’s been crashing ever sense IOS 14 came out and I really wanted to play this game, please add support for IOS 14

- Crashes

I can’t even get past the first loading screen the game just shuts off.

- Fix vector please!!!

Loads then crashes immediately.

- crash

I try loading in it just crashes as soon as it does. I paid for this game>:(

- This game was good but now it sucks don’t recommend

This game was good before but now it sucks if you see this review don’t buy this game it crashes right when you play the game ( I mean when your loading in to it) 😡😡😡😡😡give this game no stars and if you have IOS 14 it won’t work so yeah

- refundddd

can i get a refund please

- Don’t buy:(

Sad to see legends fall this was the greatest game. I hope it’s one day fixed

- Crashing

It’s nearly been a year nekki are you guys gonna fix the crashing problem ?

- I want a refund

I bought the game cause when I was younger I played it with my brother but no I can’t and I can’t see them to I. Want a refund or it to be fixed

- This game was so fun

This game was so fun when it was working I bought it a bit before the game stop working and I had little time on it I wish the devs would come back to this game and update it just so it can be playable for people who wanted to play it and haven’t bought it before cause it’s now a ripoff to get it now cause you can’t even load into the game

- Can y’all fix this?

Doesn’t support iOS 14 and so it crashes in the loading screen, a fix would be nice so I could enjoy your game again 🥺.

- Let me play

It won’t let me play I paired for this I’m broke

- Still Crashes at Loading Screen

This was one of my favourite games on my old phone but it seems people are saying it doesn’t run on iOS 14 so until there’s a fix, I can’t recommend it.

- Hi

I really want to play the game bc it is one of the best games that I have played, so plz make the game playable

- Update

This is literally the best game I have on my phone please Can you make it iOS 14 compatible

- game

my ios 14 ain’t allowing me to play g, help out

- Game crash

Imagine paying money for a game that doesn’t even work smh

- Please fix the bug

I used to love this game and i just remembered that it existed a couple days ago but saw all the reviews and also tested it myself and sure enough it just crashes. Please optimize this awesome game for iOS 14!

- Crash

I cant even launch the game without it crashing without any apparent reason.

- App is crashing. Won’t pass the loading page.

The app is crashing the moment the game loads. Running OS14.

- bug

je ne peut pas charger le jeux donc jaimerais me faire rembourser

- abdel

Can I know why the game don’t work when I open it?

- Not working

Just bought it doesn’t open at all loads then kicks me out

- It kept crashing before I could even play the game

I’m not sure why but It won’t stop

- Crashes

Terrible, can’t even start the game

- Crash

It crashes quite often

- Broken hunter

For the level bonus 2-8 in the beginning you are supposed to wall jump up to get the bonus. BUT the hunter keeps going down a path and pulls out his gun even though I didn't go that way down

- Checkpoints?

Great game, needs checkpoints though. I can't tell you how many times I've failed to drop down the hole with your teammate in 1-11. Please add checkpoints.

- i want it back


- Awesome

This game is and has always been awesome

- Fun game,but

It a fun game to play but they really need to fix somethings about it.

- Watch This Ad for more coins

I want to give this game 5 stars. Unfortunately we're dealing with another greedy developer. After PAYING MONEY to buy this game, the developer still has a freemium model built into this game revolving around buying coins with real money. The truly despicable act though shows up upon your very first play on level 1, which is consistently prompting the user to watch a 30 sec ad in order for a chance to get 100% coins. Sad that what looks like a great game is ruined by rovio style greed.

- Jewish Star

This game is not like other iPhone games in a good way and once you get flowing through the hunter levels it's sick

- Awesome!

The animations looks exactly the same as when i do parkour. He's flips are the same as mine!

- Don't get...

Just kidding it is just amazing

- 10/10 Would Recomend

The fact is that I have a great way of saying it

- Request

I really like the game but It would be more cool if I could listen to my music at the same time :/

- Awesome

This is one of the best game on Apple Store !!! This is incredible

- Awesome

It's a super fun and hard game

- Good but wth

The game wont change orientation on my iPhone 6. Cant read anything because of it.

- Fix this

I got an iPhone 5s. I downloaded this game, insanely fun, everything about it was amazing, then it crashed, then I went to open it and everything on my game restarted, the tricks, levels, but I kept my bonuses, I spent 5$ on this game and lost it, now I can't even open this game, it crashes after the introduction. But a very fun game!

- Vector is the best

Amazing. Hope u guys make vector 2

- Best Game I've Ever Played

For my iPhone, there is no other game I've played that matches this one. I love the pace, graphics, the simplicity, everything. Well Done!

- Simply Amazing

Absolutely LOVE this game! Controls are nice, gameplay is fluid and gorgeous. The only issue i have with it is all the pop ups and ads that still show up despite this being an app you have to pay for. Thankfully not as bad as most games, but in the end, the pros far outweigh the cons!

- Gadgets

Add more gadgets like a slow motion that slows everything down

- Awesome

The game is so awesome I hope they make another one

- Awesome

Still playing this now, amazing game

- Awesome

This game is great, the gameplay is awesome and it runs smoothly

- Woww

A must have n play really nice

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Vector Full: Parkour Run 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone images
Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone images
Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone images
Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone images
Vector Full: Parkour Run iphone images
Vector Full: Parkour Run Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Vector Full: Parkour Run (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Vector Full: Parkour Run was published in the category Games on 2012-10-20 and was developed by Nekki Limited [Developer ID: 1101320102]. This application file size is 452.92 MB. Vector Full: Parkour Run - Games app posted on 2022-04-18 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nekki.vector.iphone