Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit.

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A high quality Speedometer, GPS tracker and trip cost monitor for iPhones and cellular iPads.
∙∙ When you go over a preset speed limit, the large digits change colour from green to red and the device emits a loud sound to alert you!
∙∙ The cost monitor shows you the current cost of the journey as you drive and tells you each passengers share.
∙∙ GPS tracker records your trips so they can be analyzed, viewed and shared at any moment.

‣‣ COST MONITOR. What's the cost of my driving?
Based on gas price for a gallon or litre, MPG (U.S. or UK) or liters per 100 km the app will tell you what the cost is as you drive. You can add an extra cost per kilometer or mile! Useful for all cost aware drivers and for splitting the cost between passengers.

‣‣ GPS TRACKING. Where I've been? How long did it take to get from A to B?
Speedometer records your trip statistics even when GPS tracker is switched off. When you need point by point data to see on the map later or export (Google Earth and GPX), speedometer gives you the first class GPS tracker.

When switched on, infotainment shows trip stats or weather/wind forecast when you wait. Way better than just showing you a 0 speed!

‣‣ Easy to set speed limits and SPEED LIMIT MEMORY option
Set speed limits with 4 or 8 fast and configurable presets. Presets only need a single tap and are the safest way to set the limits! With SPEED LIMIT MEMORY you just apply the speed limit once and the app applies it for you automatically the next time!

Use MENU>MODES to turn the app into a Rally computer, G-Force monitor, Camera alerter or taximeter! Currently there are 12 modes available and we are constantly adding new ones.

Speedometer gives you the unique way to leave a note with location and even optional photo or audio note attached! As easy as double tap on the big speed digits! You'll find more in a documentation section (star button).

Import camera data into speedometer in Garmin or iGO csv formats from poi-factory.com, scdb.info or poi-plaza and let speedo alert you on a camera approach and set speed limit automatically before you pass the speed camera!

With the sunset and sunrise information that our speedometer provides, you'll be able to avoid driving in the dusk.

‣‣ BARO VSI. Barometric Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI, IVSI) in both scale and graph forms.

‣‣ VOICE COACH. When enabled and configured, voice coach will be telling you active track distance and duration as well as current speed and altitude.

‣‣ Siri shortcuts: New Track, Stop Track, Speed limits.

+ UNIVERSAL APP. Speedometer for iPhone and cellular iPads. All in retina graphics.

+ 000-999 SPEED AND LIMIT RANGE. MPH, KM/H AND KNOTS. Maximum/TOP, average speed, distance traveled.

+ BACKGROUND MODE! Speedometer will work in background if told so and will still warn you with audio alert when exceed a preset speed limit. You can use other apps while speedometer does its job in the background!

+ PRIVACY. Speedometer never shares your location data with 3rd parties or ad agencies. Location data is used solely for tracking your speed and recording the GPS tracks and never leave the app unless you decide to share by means of a track export. It always let you know when background mode is on and never runs in background unless it is explicitly told to do so.

! You can use this app on your iPhone as well as on any cellular iPad. **App will not work properly on iPods and wifi only iPads as they don't have GPS (external GPS module is required).
! Please note that as with all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Drive safely, keep the log and notes and avoid paying those speeding fines! Our speedometer is the ideal companion no matter what journey you are going on!

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Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed the issue when route and target lines would not be shown on the offline maps for iOS 14.

Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. Comments & Reviews

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- Best GPS app with amazing features

Paying for the pro version is a great investment as it opens up so many features, most important of which is background logging. So far I have used it over 5,100 Miles, including a 3,500 Miles road trip to key west and back to NYC and am so happy. The app developer Stan is super helpful and always responds to support requests within 24 hours. He updated the app to support my new iPhone X very quickly and the new layout for X is beautiful. Very nicely utilized space and amazing graphics. I switch it on before driving and close it when I have done and I have accurate route and distance logs (helps with expense claims when driving for work or general exploration during road trips). This is an app that serves multiple needs - digital speed display, background logging of routes, logs (black box) and speeding alert (at whatever limit you set). Many times during light traffic, it’s so easy to exceed speed limit but not with this app, it blares an alarm which will save you a speeding ticket.

- Must have app!

To be honest I have had this app for over a year and mainly bought it for the heads up feature. Most recently I revisited the app out of frustrations when taking a trip that consisted of three days on the road and passing through seven states. This app is the real deal. More than just a heads up display. You can cover your cost of fuel, alert you when speeding, track you, compass, alert family members where you are and so many other features that it's almost better that you down load it for free and do a walk through of the app which by the way the platform is flawless. Have been using it for over a week experiencing no crashes or sluggishness. I'm a man of few words and hate writing reviews which is why I recommend this app.

- Great for motorcycles

After I did a cafe conversion on my motorcycle, and it left me looking for an aftermarket speedometer. I decided to try using an app instead as an experiment. Instead of dropping a whole lot of coin for some big clunky dial, I decided to give this a try. (A few bucks for the app was worth the experiment). I got way more than that with this app. This app has so many great settings to make it a very personal tool for going on long rides and keeping track of gas, miles, places I visit, etc. The downloadable maps in the pro version is pretty awesome bonus. I have an extra iPhone 5 that I am dedicating to this purpose. After I make a nice aluminum mount for the phone, it will look like I have some slick digital display. Super impressed with this app.

- Accurate Speed

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years. My speedometer quit working so I was looking for a cheap solution and this works great. Be sure to double check your settings though. I got pulled over doing 73 in a 75. I didn’t get a ticket! The officer just said obviously you’re having some issues...lol. I was very convincing because I knew I wasn’t speeding. I noticed after messing with the app that the settings were on knots instead of mph. I was doing almost 10 mph over the limit. Oops! I got lucky but now always check that before I start driving. It will measure your fuel economy and a few other things that can be useful, especially if you have an older car, boat, RV, etc w/o a computer.

- *I love this app!!!

Not only is “Speedometer” accurate and helpful, it’s FUN to use! It has way more capabilities than I currently employ but the more I use it the more I learn how amazing this app is. Three days ago it saved me a speeding ticket while riding my Harley. The Highway trooper said he had me at 85 in a 70 zone. When I showed him Speedometer’s data it showed my max speed was 73, so I got off. And...the trooper was so impressed, he downloaded the app to his iPhone while I showed him some of the features and capabilities. Turns out the Trooper rides the same Harley model I do. We’re planning on a ride together next month. *Oh, and once you use it you’ll want to upgrade to best paid version. It’s definitely worth every penny. You’ll see.

- Most amazing speedometer app ever!

I use this app all the time when I go for bike rides. Speedometer works great, I like the setup of the page, and it is completely accurate. I tested it in my car and it gave me the same speed as my built in speedometer in my vehicle. The settings take some time to learn to navigate but you’ll figure it out eventually. I’ve had this app for a couple months now and just recently got the pro version. The only thing that I am curious about is to how you can add up to 8 different speed limits as shown in the picture above. Other than that I am completely satisfied and will continue to use this app in the future!!

- Fantastic "All-in-One" App

I use this App on an iPad Mini 3 on a Ram Mount on my Motorcycle. The Speed display is large an easily readable at a glance. I like that I can also have my iPod player on the same screen as the rest of my info and Speed. No fumbling between apps. The Full screen options, and the configuration options in general, are fantastic and lets you display the Data you want. Compass, Altimeter, even speed limit presets that alert you if you exceed a certain speed! G-force info is neat too. GPS options are very good, Waypoints, even a "Rally" Mode option and GPS "Black Box" for logging trip and location data. You can't beat this for $3.99 VERY COOL!

- Nice gps

Nice accurate gps and love all the extra stats. I build and ride motorized bikes so it’s nice to know how many miles I have on a bike and average speed. Just payed for the app to use the multi trip function so I can have all 3 of my bikes on the app and they will stay tracked. Also had to pay to work in background but I only wanted that for when I am riding and it’s too hot to keep phone out for a speedo but still want my miles counted. Use this all multiple times a week and have referred at least 6 people here. Thanks for your hard work and good working app.

- Incredibly accurate!

This app saved me on a cross country trip. I bought a car out of state not knowing the speedometer was broken. It was going to be a very long unsettling 1200 miles estimating my speed. I downloaded this app and was amazed at how responsive and accurate the speed data was. It’s also super easy to use, and the option to warn you when your speed was a lifesaver for me trying to make time on a long trip. I was able to drive from South Texas to South Georgia in one day with no close calls on speeding. I highly recommend this app.

- Excellent!

I’ve got a car that cost a lot less than my phone, but its speedometer doesn’t work. Found this app two years ago and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Speed is displayed perfectly, haven’t gotten any speeding tickets, and I use the hell out of the iPod/iPhone music controls Only recommendation I have is for an EASY button for a screen grab if you start to get pulled over, so you show speed limit, location, and time stamp. Would help show LEO, that you’re doing the best you can. Thanks.

- Works great!

Had this app running when I was stopped for speeding. The officer said i was going 68 in a 55 mph zone. I saved the Black Box file and took it to court to show that I was in fact going below the posted speed limit. They took one look at the printout that shows time/date stamp, location, speed and altitude, and dismissed the case. The app is a great way to keep track of all your travel records, speed, mileage, gas usage, etc., but as I stated above, it will also aide you in proving innocence in the case of a speeding ticket. Great app.

- Nicely done

I'm a currently a 2 years user of this app never disappoints. I use it every time for short trips, long trips and even when I ride my bicycle. Keeps data and provides fast feedback when driving. Lately I have been teaching my teenage son to drive and this app helped me to keep my son driving times and also keeping him on track for not to pass over the speed limit or the alarm will go on. Other benefits is that you will received great customer service from the developer. Best app.

- Great app and an awesome developer

I had some real issues apparently with the App store getting this app to download The developer “Stan” was absolutely outstanding trying to help with me getting the app I had paid for. He stayed through numerous emails and I finally was able to get the full version. I was impressed with the free version so I am pretty psyched about using this on my motorcycle and car. Truly impressed with a developer that really cares about his customers. Kudos! You cannot go wrong dealing with a dev like that!

- Very detailed, precise, and customizable.

When you really get into the settings in this app, you can customize it amazingly well. I don’t even understand a lot of the settings (I think if I were a professional navigator I might!) Anyhow, I got it to warn me if I was speeding, and it does! (It even gives me options for speed buffers—so I’ve got wiggle room—and automatic speed zone detections and warning colors). I’m very happy with it. It takes a minute to go through all the settings, but it’s worth it.

- Absolutely needed

I’ve this application running along with Mobile Justice whenever I’m on the road. I’ve TMobile SyncUp also installed in my car. Between the apps running and data provided by SyncUp a traffic stop need not end with an automatic guilty verdict in court! Traffic stops are for the revenue more than traffic/public safety. If you’re wrong you’re wrong but if you are in the right you have to be able to prove it! This app is outstanding in the data points it provides.

- Awesome Application

I am a race driver and I now use this app for G Force readings as well as actual track speed and street use. It is extremely accurate and matches dead on with my track computer. I highly recommend this for even every day driving and if you have kids it has a feature that will record if they speed and tracks where they were at when they broke the speed limits. Very useful to say the least. Charles Dodd CEO Synergy Race Systems

- Loyal Co Pilot

I just drove 1500 miles in a 55 year old car with no heater and no speedometer. This little app perched on the (all metal) dash was really nice to have and was very responsive and easy to figure out. It might sound pathetic, but it was kinda like having a buddy along for the ride and I missed the little devil on the few short jaunts when I didn’t bother to turn it on. I’ll probably never use all the bells and whistles in the pro version, but I just upgraded in gratitude ;).

- Awesome features and even better customer service!!!!!

This is the most versatile GPS currently on the market! And these customer service is second to none, they literally email you back within hours. I emailed a request for some possible map features to be added and Bam! Instant reply and it’s being worked on for a future update. What more could you seriously ask for.

- Best RV travel tool

I used this app for east-west coast round-robin trips. It rally’s my trip time and distances between drivers! Over 2900 miles and my destination was within 1 hour of my predicted arrival! Wow... and it kept up with my driving costs, weather alerts, map logging, and speed alerts, and more! At end of year, i can report mileage for company and irs purposes too. So many uses. I recommend this pro version to any travelor!

- Worth the purchase price.

I posted my review with a suggestion on the free version and got an immediate response from the developer- so I just had to post a review on the paid version (which I had purchased within an hour after trying the free version). It’s worth every penny, and judging from my and others’ experience, the attentiveness of the developer is legendary. Thanks for a great product and great service.

- Speedometer pro

Love the app I’m really getting the hang of it after all this time. One thing I can’t figure out I get a Siri suggestion all the time to turn off work in background or something like that. I check it is off every time and the what the heck is it the reset all to zero is all at zero. Sorry I’m having such trouble remembering. Every tim I look I loose this that I type. Great job thank you Ron

- No Speed Appears

I have used the free version of this app for a couple of years with no problems but all of a sudden, on a TGV train trip I’m France, it stopped working. I then paid for the “Pro” version, thinking that might help but $17 later it is exactly the same. My location shows up on the map and google maps, apple maps and every other GPS based app works fine. Location services are set to Always for this app but the gps light is red. I have rebooted the phone and tried to to everything in the developers troubleshooting page (within reason, I can’t spend hours on this) but all to no avail.

- Fantastic and Well Orchestraded

I’ve enjoyed this app, Speedometer 55 Pro. I’m excited to experience the Pro version since being a free client. The pro versions have been wonderful and logically written. Thank everyone who has walked together, with others and me, for sticking out some hiccups and sticking with this developer by using this app, free or pro. I’m looking forward to flow thru this GPS edition to find all its new bells and whistles.

- Better than others out there

My sport bike speedo went out and have been using this for some time now and really love the features and the built in music player is awesome to be able to control you music without leaving the guages to go to another screen. It deserves 5 stars but I don't ever give the highest score to any apps as there is room for improvement on any of them. I have the pro one and you can't go wrong by getting this app

- Saved from km

I purchased the speedometer because my car was in km but with this app no problem. I sold that car to my brother in law now he use speedometer. The only thing I haven't like is that the weather stuff appeared and I had to uninstall the program to get it to change. Was sent an email on how to fix. Thank you. Love love love this app. Just used it on an 1800 mile trip

- The best iPhone speedometer I’ve ever seen

This app has save me quite a bit I have no speedometer in my car my cluster is bad and speedometer works very good as dead on on the speed and then stops me from speeding because I have it set to go off on running alarm and it’s real easy to get to turn on when I’m driving never figured my phone would be a good speedometer

- Great App

Wow. This app is outstanding. Helps me keep in line with speed limits. One thing I would like to see with maps interface time of arrival to destination (when using Google or Apple maps). It displays on the google and apple Apps but when displaying through speedometer that info is not provided. It would be nice to have but not critical. Speedometer Gets what I need done BTW... I also use the app while I’m walking. It tracks my time and distance!

- Better than expected

A lot of apps over promise and under deliver. This app is the opposite and was a very pleasant surprise. Use this on motorcycle and car trips. My in car navigation is now obsolete. Great features and customization. Glad I found this app. Great tool for long distance motor cycle travel and provides tools to communicate location for greater on road safety

- Awesome

Best speedo app I’ve had. Free version was so great, the pro is actually the only app I’ve ever paid for. Do no regret it at all. I drive a 78 Chevy k-10, and this is so great to track my miles for maintenance, and the speed is so accurate I got a ticket going exactly what the app said I was going! I love creating tracks too and seeing how good I can get my mileage. Don’t regret it at all!

- Simply the Best

This is the most comprehensive speedometer app I’ve found. Very customizable for your specific needs. I use the seed limit alarm all the time while driving. I have Google Maps running in the background while using Speedometer 55. The two work well together. I have noticed that my GPS speed does not exactly agree with my vehicle’s speedometer. One vehicle under reports my actual speed. It’s good to know what your true speed is when pushing the envelope when cruising above the posted speed limit. The upgrade purchase is definitely worth it to unlock the full potential of this app. I’m totally satisfied.

- Oops

I have been quite delighted with the operation of your app until today. I live in a small town and use your app when I get on the highway. Today, I was on the highway for about a 50 mile, one way drive and was disappointed when the speed indicator blacked out for extended periods of time. 15 to 20 seconds at times. This may be related to the ios 13.1 that I just installed today. I don’t remember it happening after The update to ios 13.

- Well done!

I increased the tire size on my truck and went past a speed check roadside device and realized I had a problem. This was a smart and cheap solution. I did encounter a problem that was quickly diagnosed with tech support and turned out to be an after market cable issue. Well done team!

- Great app.

Great app, great response from developer too. I had a question about features before I purchased, he answered my questions quickly, very good service. App appears to have a lot of features beyond what I am capable of using, but it is easy to use, shows me accurate speed in tenths...exactly what I need. Thank you!

- Well Written and Lots of Features

I was looking for a speedometer readout program as one of my vehicles only has analog which is hard to read. Using in conjunction with cruise control and my V1 this App looks to be well written and supported. Lots of features that I hope to explore when I get bored on the road.

- Best one yet

I have tried many of the free and paid apps similar to this and I will say this is the absolute best one yet the free version is pretty good so I purchased the upgrade pro version and I am very pleased with all the extras it has, this is a must have for any one tracking their trips and cost per trip 5 stars from me great app

- Best speedo app

Has every tracking option needed, it’s a little confusing at first but the help options are spot on and easy enough to guide you though the app. The paid version is more than worth it, I’ve paid for this app time and time over, with no complaint!

- Great app

This is one of the best apps I’ve seen for tracking coarse and keeping stats. A little complicated to use however well worth the effort to learn to use it after having a few issues I contacted the developer and he resolved the issues almost immediately GREAT APP AND WELL WORTH UPDATING TO THE PRO VERSION

- Speed app

It would be easier to report on what this app was missing, and I can’t think of anything right now. I love using it, every time I open it there’s something new or a new discovery. Thanks for all the time you put into it to make it perfect.

- 100% worth it

Just a normal app user looking for the best bang for the buck. I have the paid version of this app and it blows my mind how many options and features there are. Normally I don’t believe in most paid apps but I’ll give it to y’all on this one. Good job

- Almost perfect

Everything about this app is great except one thing. When you scrub through your track it doesn’t show how far you’ve gone. It shows the altitude but not distance. You would think distance would be more important but I guess not. I really hope they can update it someday to show distance traveled while scrubbing.

- Speedometer app review! ! !

The greatest speedo app...Has lots of other gps type info...can even be used in aircraft..I only wish I could get larger # on the altitude screen😎; Update-Thls the only app I have gotten such a rapid response from...🤓 I use the app when ever I drive, which is daily 🤠

- Exelent app

I stared using this wonderful app since my friend got a speed ticket on the freeway for going over 15 miles of the speed limit this app will alert you if you going over the speed limit I love this app will recommend it

- Great app, lots of fun & quite versatile

Great useful app. Wish I had had this in my working years. Expense reports would have been so much easier and much more accurate. Lots of fun on trips and helps with economy, too. I like the tracking part as well.

- Great app

I was looking for a boat navigation app, and I found this one and work perfect for me and my trips on my boat. Very good format, excellent data info, and the best is the map gps, so many features and help, I will say is good not perfect because is no marine tata on it but is very good app. Thanks

- Great GPS/Speedometer app

Very accurate and feature rich app , the developer continues to release new features in his release’s . I dl’d the free version first and tried it first , but I ended up buying the pro version . I emailed the developer and he’s quick to respond back 👍🏻👍🏻

- Easy trip tracking

accurate fun tracking of trips showing speed and time There are a number features I have not experienced but look forward to learning all this cool app offers one caveat is it seems to use a lot of battery power

- Good app to have running at all times.

Keeps track of where you’ve been and your speed at any point along the way. Handy if you get pulled over and want to check your speed.

- Pretty sweet

Used this on a long trip driving a Uhaul. Uhaul puts this stupid sticker over the speedometer that makes it really hard to see you speed at a glance going over 55. This was great. Could see my speed easily. GPS tracking was nice too.


I have used this app for about 4 years and it hasn't let me down once. Very useful with features that anyone who spends a lot of time driving will appreciate. The heads up display is great while driving at night. Best app for the money that I have purchased.

- Great App

Run it on my iPhone 6, no issues or problems. Easy to use, started with the free version and quickly upgraded. Use it primarily when setting up carts but is great on the open road too. Love it, recommend as one of the best.

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- EXCELLENT!! Greatest Speed/Tracking App

Use it to track and monitor my driving, distance, costs, etc., the whole lot. Highly recommended. One really needed update would be to do like Waze has with automatically detecting and notifying speed limits. I know there is some ability to download some speed days, but I have found it too inaccurate and it does not seem to automatically update. Being able to tap and set speed is great, but relies on the driver interaction while driving (not legal) and there’s just too much “taps” required to make it practical. So in short, can you please add road speed limits like Waze has. I agree it’s not 100% accurate. But it’s at least 85-90% correct mostly and does not require user interaction.

- ios 13 update has affected GPS signal level

Have been using the Pro version of the App for a long time and have found it to be great. However the recent iOS 13 update has caused major issues with GPS signal level. The App now only shows a weak GPS signal or no GPS signal under open sky and will no longer display vehicle speed. The App worked fine on my iPhone XS before I updated the App. As a test I opened the App on my old iPhone 6s placed next to my iPhone XS. The 6s, running the pre iOS 13 App update, showed strong GPS signal while the XS, running the iOS 13 App update, showed weak signal. I then updated the App on my 6s to the iOS 13 version. After this it too now only shows a weak GPS signal. I have tried soft and hard reboots of the phones as well resetting network settings but it makes no difference. Please identify the GPS signal level issue in the iOS 13 update of your App and issue an update.

- First impressions apply here

After a short play with freeby, I quickly downloaded full version, all I can say is "Wow". An everything for everyone is shortchanging this app. Absolutely right up my alley, being a retired competition driver, this one takes the place of some very expensive equipment I used to have in my rally car. Being just a traveller now, the fun is back in driving. Thanks to all

- Great app lots of background features.

I have been using the free and then the pro version of this app for a few years now and it really is all you could want for a GPS speedometer / path tracking app. Includes background speed monitoring and Stan the developer is attentive and customer focused he answers his support emails quickly and is very helpful and thorough.

- Control

This app is awesome. Let’s you concentrate on the drive and instantly alerts if you go over preset speed limit. You’re not always watching the speedometer so this is my private ticket guardian. I need my licence and value it for work and leisure. Too many systems in the modern car to distract you from driving. I’d be lost & no licence if I didn’t have my guardian. Awesome assistant.

- Packed with so many features

After getting yet another speeding fine, I went looking for a device or app that would alert me when I was speeding. I found this one and started using the free version and I was amazed to see what it could do and the features offered in the free version. It had everything I thought I needed. But I like to support developers for the work they do, so I purchased the pro version. I am still exploring what it does, and I can see they are so many features that I could use. I would recommend that you make the once-only purchase and support such creativity.

- Simply the best!

Love the app, the creator is a nerd genius. However, for Christmas I would like to be to set my own home screen with a display of my choosing. I would like to be able to toggle off the seconds from the time display and finally I’d like to be able to display the current temperature. Cheers!

- Amazingly Useful Tool

I love it. The only improvement to this would be a Dash Cam feature. As a professional driver it is a great backup when questioned about speeding by management or authorities. Having the black box to refer to is a real plus. Users relying on this need to set the margin for error if Phone Reception is Marginal Top App!!!!!!

- Excellent app

I’ve had this a while now and love it. Speedometers these days are never accurate but this app is. Even has a speed warning you can set up. Great for learners as they can quickly forget their speed. Also like the black box feature.

- Best car app I ever use

I love this app, my car speedo is not quite right, has saved me a few dollars and points, though I missed a few portraits of the car, all features come in handy in 1 way or another. Even got some friends into it as well

- Speedometer

What an App!! It has everything i ever need for my daily drving, weekend trips with the family to my work related trips away interstate. It logs all the important data you need such as proving in court that you weren’t speeding to calculating the cost of your daily drives. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way.

- Absolutely awesome

Only been using short time and already upgraded to better one . I haven’t use the maps yet but going by everything else I don’t think there would be a prob , keep up the great work computer people 👍👍👍

- Speedometer

Excellent. If it could compress a days driving and email the data to a storage file for review later or by others it would be fantastic as a record.

- Great App, needs some practice but worth it!!

It’s a great App, you need to spend a bit of time setting it up, but it’s worth the effort. Still learning all the features like waypoints and speed camera alerts. I’m interested to see if it alerts me as I approach them.

- Love this app!

Great app for my classic car, whose speedo only works when it feels like it. Really impressed with the app support and development. Very easy to contact if needed and it is clear that the owner/developer cares that his app works. Best speedo app I have used.

- Really good

It’s very good. If developer had a website where I could download the user manual that would be great so I don’t have to do everything on a small screen!

- Love it! CarPlay Compatibly?

Love this app! So many fantastic (actually useful!) features. Thank you to the developers. Any chance of adding compatibility for CarPlay? That would just take it next level!

- Great App

Use this extensively when driving interstate don’t have to take me eyes off the road and is more accurate than speedo in car.

- McArtie

Really good app, I’m so happy with its accuracy & relevant information. Thanks to those who created it & those who rated it well as this was the reason I downloaded it. Well done. Bravo.

- Lots of features

Checked all the speedometer apps, this was my choice because of the enormous amount of features.

- Great

Have been using this for a few years but noticed lately the speed will jump all over the place. Was doing 70km when all of a sudden it jumped to over 100km. Has done this for about a week

- Awesome

A bit hard to work out at first but when you do it is a very handy app to have on your phone

- Speedomaster

I really love this app. I travel by car from Cairns to Gold Coast frequently. My speedometer is playing up so this app really saved my day. Very impressed. Robert👍

- Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!

This is a brilliant which can save me from getting more tickets but importantly if it saves the memory of a trip as a ride leader it will be awesome.

- Great GPS

I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it just gets better and better.

- So happy

Just purchased the pro version, the free version is awesome. Happy to buy the full version and support the developers

- Thanks all you need for safe driving.

Money well spent, purchase pro Well worth it.


I love this app if your a rally driver or just some off road hoon then you will love this. Hats off to the creators and thank you for giving the world this app well done and god bless peace Joe

- Great app for old bike.

Number of useful features, fuel and mapping. Ideal for older bikes where you only have a low fuel light. Instant smart dash.

- 55PRO

Great app that just gets better. Use it daily, loads of info, tracking and more.

- My review

Love this app, easy to use, has many features , very practical and useful .

- Excellent speedo

Great product excellent functionality. Use it to test all my vehicles

- Upgraded version doesn’t work

Had the free basic version which worked fine. Wanted the better version and paid for it but doesn’t work. Reverts back to basic version and can’t change any settings. Requested refund.

- Top app

Excellent app with fantastic features. Highly recommend.

- Great Speedometer App

This is without any doubt, the most amazing and comprehensive iPhone app that I have ever installed. I love it very much.

- Great app & support

Yes good app & support. He replied my questions very quick. App has lot of features. Recommend.

- Minmoocher

What a great app. I do long trips and my speedo is not correct. This app does it all for me. Couldn’t be happier with the app. Cherz.

- Word cannot describe

Excellent in every way Worth the money

- Great

Been using Speedometer Pro for years, love it and will keep using it 👍

- Best speed check app

I use this on my motorcycle. It’s an awesome all in one app.

- So many uses

Great to use on the bullet trains in Japan. Use to benchmark your car’s speedo.

- App

This. App is just fantastic spend the $5 it’s well worth it

- Packed with Features

Best by far HUD and driving data app

- So much info.

Love this app. It is full of info and fully customisable.

- Works great love it

This app does what is says it does

- Does as advertised

Good travel app

- Fines

Speed limit warnings are very useful. Hopefully preventing speeding fines.

- Fantastic

Fantastic app well done ✅

- Review

A great app for speed & distance

- Please add a timer so one can be reminded for legal breaks

Please add a timer so one can be reminded for legal breaks

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- Super cool


- Ah WOW!!

Cette app est très intéressante, Les data sont bien présentés et utile. Il y a même un G meter!! Je l’utilise en kite ski!

- Not very good

I look at the ratings and everyone thought it was good but it won’t tell me how fast we’re going and where was are. It not very good and I paid 5.49 for it.

- Fra

Excellent App! I love this app! Never fails!

- Best App Ever!

I’ve been using this app for years on my school bus using a dash mounted iPad Mini. It works - everything works just the way the app author says. I have a bonus feature - a bus loaf of children all monitoring my speed! Awesome app! If you need a speed app (and more) look no further - you found it!

- Info Galore

I really enjoy this App. It probably most of the information you would ever need. The only thing I would like to see added is an accelerometer so I can measure my 0-60 (0-100km/hr) times. Very nice and useful gadget. I use the digital speedometer all the time as the speedo on my vehicle is a little off the mark. Definitely recommend this app!

- Best app for live speed

So many options excellent layout

- Works good

What impressed me most is it works when in no Cel service areas even and is fairly accurate

- Excellent App

How can we get a tachometer on the display?

- awesome app

this app is bang on . we have speed radar signs throughout the city and this app it 100% accurate . im happy enough that i paid free the pro version. thanks so much for a great app 👍👍👍

- Great app!

It works well. Thank you.

- Disappointed update

Have just purchased the full version and additional features still not available, not happy. Complete download on phone delayed until could access wifi then Pro version icon appeared. Generally pleased with outcome and app.

- Avoid Ticket

This app is really help me to maintain what is speed limit set by the specific location to avoid violations, my car has a 3.5 l engine tendencies is rev em up in high ways but this app reminded me that you’re above limit.

- Yes

It’s really good. Speed is always accurate it’s really cool to play around with

- Precise

Accurate and smart

- Awesome app. Has everything I need.


- Love this app

Really interesting data ... thank you!

- Speed

I bought this app because the speedo on bikes are not accurate It works awesome and has lots of other features I did not know about

- Très beau et efficace 👍

Très beau et efficace 👍

- Application

J'adore la version "Pro" pas cher pour tout ce que cela comporte. Merci

- Great app for the car or the bicycle

Love this apps. Great add-on.

- Saved me $70,000

I can’t read my stupid truck speedometer without reading glasses so now with this app I don’t need to buy a new truck lol. Really though, this is a fantastic app that is perfect for going between kph and mph when travelling between USA and Canada. It does a bunch of cool stuff. I bought the full version cause I love it. Thanks for developing this.

- Any updates?

A good apps,I been using this apps since 2014

- Merci c accer complète


- Best Go-To Driving App

This is the best app I have used for tracking trips whether you’re using wheels, your feet, or on the water this app records and shows it all. I’ve been using this app for years and the developers have come a long ways in adding more and more features to the app! Congrats on the awesome app and keep up the great work developers!!!

- Auto speed limits

Nice app, but I’d like to see auto speed limits. I use this on my motorcycle and the speedo is much easier to see than my bike’s instruments when mounted on a ram mount. But the manual limits are useless to me when I’m riding and the limits change, so I turn that function off. Add this and it’s the perfect app for my bike.

- Good app

Use this app on my electric scooter, gave no SIM card but found the offline maps work pretty good

- Awesome

Wicked good app, definitely will keep using

- All cars should come with this app

It’s a user friendly vehicle app that should be mandatory for every driver in the road

- Impecable

Je m’en sert tous les jours, pas un mot a redire bravo

- Just bought the paid version

How to get rid off “Enable iPod Player” displaying on the bottom screen? So annoying!!!!! I’ll give five stars if someone can help to remove that from main screen.

- Great for my bike!

Always use it on my motorcycle! Top notch.

- Fun

J’adore cette appli. Beaucoup d’options. Faut apprendre à s’en servir. Bravo

- So excited

Look nice ,very nice worth more than the price

- Very nice

Have been using the free version for several years, this is actually the only app I have paid cash for, it is that good that I finally broke down and got the full package.

- Yamaha TTR 230

Live this app for my bike.!

- Wowwww

Ça semble plus complet que l'autre app que j'utilisais... Je crois bien que je vais l'aimer beaucoup, et toujours l'utiliser lors de mes voyages

- Review from bob

Works great love the altitude portion And the alarm has saved me twice from radar issues ;) the gas usage function really helps save fuel New upgrades are awesome the taxi portion Is good and overall functionality Is better than ever this saves me time and headaches with the new upgrades When doing my cost reports for milage

- Default Waypoint speed limit - Request

I wish there is a default waypoint speed limit that can be set by user. Like 50kmph here in canada. So there is no need to press 50 every time. User just need to press if there is a change in posted speed limit. Pressing the phone always will distract the driver and it could result to big ticket fine. Your app is close to excellent.

- Sven


- Better and better

I love the update with more options for speed limits. Well worth the price! 👍👍

- Great app. Tons of detail 👍🏻

Enjoyed using this the last few days. HUD works really well and love the Rally feature being a rally enthusiast. Lots of features packed into a high quality display.

- Ça fonctionne!

Très utile sur l'autoroute.

- Great app

Use it all the time to monitor my speed!

- Excellent app

It's excellent works exactly the way I want it to!!!

- Great

Love the black box feature.

- Actually works!!

Accurate and current maps !!

- Awesome app, but..

Hard to figure out how to do things, hard to find information, the app layout and everything is clustered together.. other then that i like it and use it almost everyday.

- Wonderful Apps

Rana Brar from Canada I. Use this apps everyday because I driving Instractar Thanks for making this


Much love to the creators of this App, ❤❤👍🏾💯✅

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- Useful tool

I use this to calibrate the speedometer on an old motorcycle, and to do speed tests, where I would rather be looking at the road than the speedo! It’s great, the black box mode clearly records all the data, and lets you save it, to compare later. Love it.

- Impressive!

I just downloaded the paid version after using the trial for almost a year. I really like the ability to combine a speedometer, compass and navigation on one screen. No need to carry a separate GPS anymore!

- Most functional navigation app

I love this app it is the most functional nav app I use for tracking and realtime data, I am a Rally racer for Recce, Transits, and Racing also personal and business travel you get great speedometer and altitude, travel cost and black box tracking. Love it.

- Bike speedometer

Like it! love it! get it! U will agree! I use this everyday I go to work using the back roads the speed changes 6 times this speedometer auto changes and them coppers will not get me any more! This is my 3rd speed app I have tried now it's my only app Love it ty ty ty

- Question

I just want to know if ... Is there any way to put the speed limit into automatic? Like in google gps they chnge automatically but they dont have alarm and you cant see your speed.

- Best speedometer app

I have tried several different speedometer apps and this is by far the fastest and most accurate. Extra features like speed alarms and fuel usage are a bonus. Well worth your time to try this.

- Any information you need

Speedometer is incredibly. Besides the great speed display it has map navigation, waypoints, time and distance, even cost If you like a lot of driving info get this app

- Great app and developer

Use this app for speedo and trip settings. All kinds of features to use and check out. Embedded iPod player as well. Had a question for the developer and the response was very fast and helpful!

- Great UI and dev response!!

By far the best car (dock) application available! Lightning fast response from the developer. Very friendly and glad to help. Looking forward to any improvements and future feedback.

- Functional and polished

The main UI is a little crazy for me, but the only thing I use this for is to track my speed so in case someone pulls me over and lies about what speed I was going at I have backing in court.

- Worth the $$

I have a modified Jeep and originally got this app to calibrate my speedometer. But I loved it and all its features so much that I bought it and use it almost every time I drive! I highly recommend it.

- Excellent App

Our sports car, I don't know what it is, just that it is expensive and my husband won't let me wear heals in it. The guages are situated so that I can't see the speedometer. Well now I have it right in my hand.... Thanks!!!!

- So much information

So much data I don’t know what to do with it all. Pretty much anything anybody could ask for, information-wise. Definitely worth the pittance that it costs.

- Speedometer

This is a very useful multi-function application showing speed, limits, location and more! It works well. I highly recommend it!

- Awesome Bicycle Ride Tracking

Love this app for tracking my bicycle activity! It keeps me honest with the actual mileage and distance gone as well as speed and locations. I highly recommend it.

- This works very well for old vehicles!

This works well with in old vehicles with broken or inaccurate speedometers! Plus all the mileage and cost tracking is fantastic.

- Speedometer Pro

Great product. I have an iPhone 7 with latest OS. I have used about 50% of the features. Awesome program. I haven’t run into any problems been working flawlessly.

- Great for Harley

I love this app. I mounted my phone on my bike so I get an accurate speed reading. I can see the clock, plus I love the iPod player. All available at the same time. You won't go wrong with this app.

- Cannot be without it

My speedometer is not working in my van, and this is what I use so I won’t go over the speed limit, my van even passed inspection sticker with my phone and this app

- Very good!

This app has many useful features. Easily switches from miles to kilometers (I regularly travel between the US and Canada) and records daily distance. I highly recommend it.

- Nice to have GPS Speed anywhere!

We live where cells phone coverage is spotty and have this great app allows for GPS speed where ever we go. I am looking forward to the Apple Watch addition.

- The speedometer is more accurate than my car!

Using the speedometer and odometer with this App is certainly far more accurate than the meters in my car.

- Great App!

Take some time navigating through the App in order to understand features and settings. The App works really well! It contains many useful features.

- Mostly excellent

Everything I want is here. However the dark blue icons are sometimes difficult to see on black background.

- Love it!

Love it and support is fantastic! This app does everything! It’ll be a great defense tool if you get an undeserved speeding ticket. Soon to be much better! Stan has a beta that adds even more features.

- Love all the features

A great way to check the accuracy of my speedometer and how much fuel I’m using on my drives. Also my odometer on my car is broken so this helps a lot too.

- Speed Plus

Awesome app! I’m hard to please and don’t care to clutter up my iPhone. This app however, does everything I need it to do. Definitely worth buying the $3.99 Pro version. Steve Virginia

- Amazing app

Works with multiple versions of gps. Many options for any mode of transportation. Keep track of a multitude of data.

- Good app but wish it could pick up current speed limit and use that against actual speed.

Good app. It would be a great app if it could pick up speed limit for current location and apply that against actual speed.

- New Speedo

I have antique cars and the speedometers hardly ever show the proper speed, this iphone app is the greatest and shows the correct GPS speed, allowing me to make adjustments to the old car speedos. Love it! PJ

- Greatest app of all

Your spirometer doesn’t work? No problem with this application it’s all you need with all the features you’re all set to go best app there is!

- Works for me

I use it to check speed on my scooter as the speedometer on it if off. This app comes in handy so I know how fast or slow I'm actually going.

- A TRUE Speedo/Trip Planner/map App

All rolled into one! Plus many other useful function. I find it so useful. Especially at night. You guys hit one out of the park with this app. Thank you!

- Works well!

Really like this app since my car speedometer gave out. I’d like it to have an odometer display too since my odometer is giving out!

- Feature rich at a great price

For all of the features that it has it’s a wonder it doesn’t cost more. Easy to configure as well.

- Big numbers

I like this app for the big speedometer. I wish I knew what the rest of it was and how to use it because it looks really fancy.

- Bunkydu in Alaska

I have used this app for about 2 weeks now & I LOVE IT!!! It is amazing & has so many great options... Just DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I recommend spending the $3.99 to get the full app. It tracks EVERYTHING!!! Thank You

- Works great

Easy to use. Seems to be accurate. Good features. App has not crashed yet. Better than the last 3 i tried.

- Worth it

I so a lot of off-roading in my Jeep and this app for the price seems to have everything I’m looking for in my traveling. Great app! Highly recommended. Thank you.

- Awesome

This Is a great app, it has so many features, like setting up your speed limits, gps map, you can set up your gas use, sunset and sunrise times, is great!

- Motorcycle Speedometer

I ride a motorcycle and it does not have GPS or digital display. I love this app. It changes my iPhone into the perfect display with integrated maps and music!

- Speedometer

Excellent app. I use it in my ‘64 Jaguar for more information when driving and a record of my trip. Works well.

- Awesome

Started with free version liked it so I upgraded and paid for full I use this app a lot great app I have used it in my car and on my motorcycle

- Awesome app

I’ve used this app for free for about 2 months now and it’s the the one to get. I’m now a full version user and it’s even better.

- Best by far

One of the few speedometer apps I’ve used without lag and gps issues. It does exactly what it’s supposed to!

- Love this app

Provides a lot of information and is handy to use. Like the larger speed indicator and the variety of different modes

- Full version not working when app is minimized

I have paid full version and installed it in iPhone 7 Plus , not giving any alerts for over speed, just the color is changing to red but I configured all the settings for alert. When I minimize the app nothing working..

- Excellent App’

Fairly accurate with ability to keep me in the speed limit. Fun to use when on the Eurostar between Paris and London

- Speedometer 55 Pro

New user w/ extensive navigation experience! I really like it so far. I only wish that a detailed manual was available.

- Speedometer

Totally worth it, I’ve used this app cause my odometer stop working. Definitely saved me from all those speed traps.

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Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. 2.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images
Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. iphone images

Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. (Version 2.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. was published in the category Navigation on 2012-06-10 and was developed by Stanislav Dvoychenko [Developer ID: 433259771]. This application file size is 70.14 MB. Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. - Navigation app posted on 2020-09-29 current version is 2.1.1 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.blocoware.speedometer

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