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What is expedia: hotels, flights & car app? The Expedia app is your all-in-one travel companion, making it fast, easy, and convenient to find and save on all your amazing adventures ahead. Dreaming of a beach vacation in Florida? Or a romantic getaway in Paris? Whatever your reason to escape, you’ll find Member Prices to help you get there for a great price.

Members get more through the app, including:
- Lower Member Prices of 10% or more off thousands of hotels*
- Double points on all eligible app bookings*
- In-trip extras as your status rises, like free room upgrades and late checkout

Simply log in, or join for free to begin enjoying your Expedia member benefits.

Why else should I use the app?

- Explore over a million flights, hotels, rental cars, packages, attractions, and more
- Enjoy free cancellation on most hotels. Because flexibility matters.*
- Get extra savings when you bundle flights and hotels
- Find car rentals in as little as 30 minutes
- Plan for fun with deals on tours, shows, theme parks, and other attractions
- Keep all your travel reservations in one place
- Browse inspiring travel guides
- Helpful alerts for flight delays, gate changes, and more

Download the Expedia app now to have everything you need for your next getaway at hand.

*These offers are only available to Expedia Rewards members. The discount will be applied to the price of selected hotels (excluding applicable taxes and other fees). Prices displayed include the promotional discount and are per room, per night, based on two people sharing a room. Blackout periods may apply and a minimum hotel stay may be required. Please check individual hotel for details. Offers are subject to limited availability and may be discontinued without notice. Expedia’s usual booking terms and conditions apply. Bonus point offers are calculated on the base points earned for an eligible booking only and are not calculated on any bonus points earned for being Silver or Gold members, or otherwise. Free cancellation on most hotels. Some hotels require you to cancel at least 24-48 hours before check-in. See property pages on our app for details.

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Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Version 22.17.129 April 2022

Thanks for exploring the world with Expedia as your on-the-go travel companion! We're always working to improve the traveler experience. Here are some of our recent updates: -Price tracking, price prediction, and price alert notifications capabilities are now available to help you get the best deal on flights! Remove the guesswork out of booking your next trip. Our price prediction features will help you determine when to book to get the best fare. Turn on notifications to stay in the loop when prices change. -Virtual Agent will now enable travelers to change their hotel reservations. Travelers can update reservation dates, receive price details, change rooms, or cancel if needed..

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Version 22.0825 February 2022

Thanks for seeing the world with Expedia, your on-the-go companion. This update contains some bug fixes and performance improvements to make your digital experience as smooth as possible. Bon voyage, traveler!.

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Version 21.4909 December 2021

Thanks for seeing the world with Expedia, your on-the-go companion. This update contains some bug fixes and performance improvements to make your digital experience as smooth as possible. Happy holidays and bon voyage, adventurer!.

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Comments & Reviews 2022

- Hillside Inn in Madison, Indiana

Expedia and the hillside inn. I called and asked for a refund because our car broke down and we were never able to make it. The trip was for my 8 year old whom had a birthday that day and it was ruined. I’ve called and asked politely if I could receive a refund or my money back for the room and no one has contacted me or spoke to me since my calls. They won’t reply to email and a manager never got back with me to try and help me out. We’ve stayed here a couple times and I’m very disappointed that no one who works for Expedia or the hotel never contacted me. The costumers always right. That was an 8 year olds birthday money wasted for a trip that she never was able to enjoy. Honestly if you are a hotel that says that they would lose money because they could of booked the room to someone else. I’m sorry but if you are making that much money because the hotel is booked then why can’t they simply give me something that is still rightfully mine. I just want and need something that should be respectfully mine and my daughter.

- App cancelled $3,000 reservation, no refund

I use Expedia pretty often, about once a month on average. I’m in a long-distance marriage because of my military deployment schedule. This month, my wife and I were finally going on our long overdue honeymoon (6 years), but the DoD has put out travel restrictions that would allow that to happen. So I went on the Expedia app to cancel/change my reservation. I managed to cancel my flights, but I didn’t cancel my hotel because there was no refund option or an option to change my reservation. At that point I was okay with just canceling my flight and contacting Expedia to see what I could do about my hotel reservation. But as get off the app and am about to make the call to Expedia, I receive multiple emails regarding my cancellations. To my surprise, the hotel was also cancelled. This was a $3,000 resort in Aruba. I proceed to call customer service, and waited on hold for over an hour, then the call just dropped out of nowhere. Luckily, I went online earlier to schedule Expedia customer service to call me. When they did, I could hardly communicate with the agent because it seemed as if English was not their native language. The agent proceeded to transfer me to another person to help then they hung up on me. I cannot afford another $3,000 for a vacation and now I cannot take my wife on the honeymoon I promised her. This will definitely be the last time I use Expedia or any of its sister companies.

- Never again, Expedia

I have used Expedia for YEARS. This has always been my go-to service for hotels, flights, and cars. I was supposed to go to Atlanta for work and happily booked my plane tickets through Expedia as I always did. With the COVID crisis and travel restrictions, my trip to Atlanta needed to be canceled. For some reason I wasn’t able to cancel my flight online, and was instructed to call customer service. I did, and received a recording that because my travel was not in the next 72h they could not help me, and to call back when I was within that window. So I waited until Sunday, when I was finally in the 72h window. I was on hold for 3 hours, with no option for a call back, before being disconnected without speaking to anyone. I called back at 10pm Sunday night. I slept on and off, with my phone on speakerphone until I woke up at 5am, still on hold. I didn’t speak to a representative until 8am Monday morning- at that point I had been on hold for 10 HOURS. I explained the situation to the gentleman (named David) and asked that if we got disconnected to please call me back as I had been on hold all night. He confirmed my phone number and happily agreed. 1h and 15 minutes later, with absolutely no resolution, the call was disconnected. No. Call Back. 11h15m wasted. I called Delta, got an immediate response AND they refunded my ticket. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER USE EXPEDIA FOR ANYTHING ELSE AS LONG AS I LIVE DUE TO HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE. NEVER AGAIN.

- Have had a lots of improvements! But....

I like this app much better than I did before so thought it was worth updating my review. But have an issue with the layout that I hope they fix. I wish I could attach a screen cap here to demonstrate with an obvious visual. I’m on my iPad...and when I go to “pick a room”...the long skinny horizontal pic of the style of room appears, with a line above and below. And with the price and select button. The problem is, as you’re scrolling, it’s not clear AT ALL which pic and room name/style goes with which price, above it or below it. Because what’s in between the 2 horizontal lines/rules is...first a price/purchase button, then the picture below. But...apparently the the price goes with the picture above, not below...so the horizontal rules making you think that that’s setting off a block of info that goes together is very misleading. And the space between the price and pictures and price and picture, etc. as you scroll is the same! So there’s no definitive of which price goes with which pic/room style/size. This is just poor design layout and I hope they change it to make it a lot more obvious. Other than that, I like it for navigating easily compared to other travel apps and sites.

- Terror flight

Me and my father bought our tickets $500 dollars and for return it was free next thing you know the cancelled my flight back so I called and they gaved me another flight closer they wanted to charge me for a return flight so I told them why would they charge me for something they cancelled they hanged up on me so I called them again but a different person answered so I told them the whole thing again. So they gaved me a flight a good flight but the thing was they the last flight to my destination was p.m so I was ok with that time. Now when we were at Washington my last flight they changed it at the last second and me and my father were freaking out on why would they do that so we were stuck at Washington tell we figured on what to do. So I called Expedia for a money return but the guy was falling asleep at the job real professional guys, so I was telling him why I wanted that so he told me “ok I’m going to call United for a refund so it’s going to take 7-8 minutes on the wait time so if the phone call hangs up is this number ok to call back” I said yes it is and guess what happened the call hanged up so supposedly he was going to call back but I guess he fell asleep on the job. So I called a taxi but what was the difference if it costed the same as a plane ticket $400 to Roanoke. So if you want to get ripped off and not get your money back then Expedia is the site. Oh yea I’m still waiting on that refund.

- Horrible service

I booked 3 flights through this company and spent 2 hours on the phone to do so. Then when I log on to the app it only shows two of the three flights I paid for . At that point I called customer service to see what is going on and they informed me that my information was sent to a different email address that they don’t have access to . Then I asked if they could go and change it to put my information so I don’t have to worry about my information being out there in the crazy cyber world that we are in today. Were people’s information is being stolen left and right . These people had the audacity to tell me that there is nothing ANYONE in their company can do for me so basically I just have to deal with my information being out there in someone’s email address that only God know who has access to and can do whatever they want with my information and I probably will not find out until it’s to late . this was all caused by a glitch in there system, so my real question is what other types of glitches are in there system that is sending there customer information around . How secure can this big company be if this is the case . How can you care for your customer if you have systems that “will not allow you to do so” I would never book another flight though this so called company !! This is just ridiculous!!

- SCAM!! Be careful!!

I tried to make a reservation today for family vacations and when I tried to hit confirm after I put all my info I got a sign that says ERROR, so logically I tried again and I got the same message again. I did not get confirmation from Expedia or booking details of course. Then I see in my bank account 4 pending transactions from Them. I called the bank to tell them this was canceled and did not get any confirmation from Expedia but bank says is all approved on their end and as far as they know nothing is canceled and I’m being charged for that. To make story short, after 1 hour and 30 minutes in the phone with bank and Expedia I’m still being charged even Expedia supervisor says is canceled they are not able to give me a cancelation number or anything that I can show the bank as a proof of canceled transaction. They said may take 3-5 business day to get my money back, that means now I cannot book my vacations cause they are holding my money and I don’t have enough left on my credit card. Customer service is a shame, the money on hold is even more than the total amount of the trip when I asked how is this possible to supervisor couldn’t even tell me why. I will never book anything through Expedia again. They are a shame and taking people’s money even when it says error on the screen. SCAM!!!!!

- Horrible. Do not use this service.

There are a lot of 1 star reviews for this app. I know 1 star is harsh but Expedia really makes traveling even MORE difficult than it already is. If you’re looking at hotels on this website, you’ll see there are a list of places the hotel is close to. For example, 4 minutes from airport, or 5 minutes from beach. In the 3 hotels I’ve booked through Expedia all of what they say the hotel is close to and how far away these places they’ve listed are is completely inaccurate. My second complaint is not about the website but about the agents I speak to over the phone. As a 3rd party booker they should be making things very clear but instead they leave out really important information BEFORE PAYING (example, what I’m paying for is NON REFUNDABLE) that they claim they DON’T have to tell me before I pay because “I should know” but if I was an expert at booking trips and I knew all these things off the top of my head that they claim I should know, I wouldn’t go through Expedia in the first place and would book straight through the airline or hotel. This is definitely the last time I’m using Expedia. I’m so upset I have 2 upcoming reservations I booked through Expedia. I’m hoping the hotel is what it seems like online but I am not counting on that. Like another review says, BYE EXPEDIA!

- Could be improved

I have loved Expedia since I started traveling on my own and the checkout process is always easy for me. Overall the app is decent and could use a few more features. For example when searching for an all inclusive on the website you can filter that option but in the app you must scroll through all hotels, motels and resorts. Also, I wish that you didn’t have to specifically search from one airport. The app states that it’s to help you find the best deal but to me the best deal would be found by checking all available airports that I am willing to travel to without having to research and put back in all of my filters every time. Also, they claim that it is cheaper to book through the app but I have always found that the better bundles are found on the website. It would also be nice if there was an “availability calendar” like on some other sights where you can see how much cheaper it would be to stay a different night. Another feature that would interest me is being able to search an entire country as your destination to try to find new and cool places to stay in a specific country.

- I wouldn’t even give a star

I have been traveling all day after reaching the hotel they told me there is no booking under my name! I contacted Expedia to solve my issue, unfortunately, they did the opposite by not giving me any solutions and telling me there was overbooking and the hotel cannot accept you, it is not the customer problem that your system is bad to show availability and there isn't ! I am expecting to reach the hotel and find my room ready not solving your problems. Not only I spoke with one agent But 4 agents all of them were uncooperative, rude, and they just put me on hold, then they hang up! I spent 2 and half hours on the phone which was an overseas call which coasted me a lot of money without any solution or at least offering anything for your mistake. I have been an Expedia customer for 5+ years with gold, silver, and blue membership but after what I have experienced this week this will be my last time using this platform, I am still waiting for my hotel refund which they told me I will collect within 2 days and now we reached the 6th day without any refund. Learn how to treat your customers not telling them there is nothing we can do to you! You have a problem with your system you solve it don't expect your customers to do it for you! Worst traveling experience ever and surely worst customer service!

- Horrible customer service and ability to use credits

I have used Expedia for years and always raves about how easy and reliable it is but lately everything about the app, service and customer service live abs virtual is horrible. I feel like it’s all a scam. I have multiple air credits due to Covid and have tried to redeem them. I get confirmations that my flight is booked and thank god I double check everything because all of the sudden my tickets are cancelled and my credits are missing. When I used virtual assist they pull up all these travel itineraries to other countries that I never reserved. When I speak to a live customer service rep they barely understand English. Tell me my credits don’t exist even though they were on my app and I have confirmation emails. Then they tell me to call the airline directly. Keep me on hold for an hour while they say they are reviewing my info. I call the airline directly and they say to contact Expedia because Expedia never sent my payment and credits. In addition they charged my credit cards for the overage cost. Still no credit for that. From now on I will book directly with the airline. Have had perfect service from them and my credits exist and easy to use. Expedia seems like crooks at this point. If it was just one time I would think it was a mistake but this happened 3 times.

- Location, Location, Location!

Perfect place to stay if you enjoy easy access to the marina and the beach. It is a small and quiet resort. Which we like because we go as a family and not the party scene. Which was cool for us 20 years ago ;) Service staff was very friendly and accommodating. Only complaint is trying to sign us up for the marketing sales pitch at their sister resort as soon as we checked in. When we politely said no, the front sales staff became rude and wouldn’t acknowledge us the entire week we were there. Not a biggie, but it’s polite to at least say hello or good after afternoon when passing by. What they forget to tell you is you can still go to the sister resort 10 mins away and enjoy the luxurious pools and view and also includes the all inclusive if you have that package. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and would stay here again. We also didn’t need the sales pitch for discounts on activities. We met a very nice young man at the marina who took great care of us setting up the clear fiberglass boat and the dolphins experience.

- Expedia tried to pocket the difference and blamed the airline

We had a trip planned and needed to change flights during this COVID-19 mess. I attempted to change the flights on the app...no luck even though the app showed a significant amount of savings. I waited on the phone for hours into the wee hours of the morning only to have the system hang up on me. After another 4 hours of holding I finally got an agent, they changed the flight and acknowledged the price difference, but said that the airline was charging change and exchange fees and while there was no additional cost , there was no surplus because that surplus covered all the fees. There was a $1,300 difference! So I told the agent on the phone that I would contact the airline because all fees were supposed to be waived. The Expedia agent forbid me to call the airline and assured me that the airline was charging the fees. Well.... I called the airline anyway. They were completely and totally shocked that Expedia would say that fees were being charged. It angered the airline so much that they gave me vouchers for the difference in flights and the airline agent took the time to rebook the flights to pull my itinerary from Expedia’s control. The airline was livid. I learned a valuable lesson.....always book direct with the airline and never use Expedia. Necer again Expedia, never again.

- Liars and cheats

This is the only forum I see to speak about an experience with Expedia. WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, buyer beware. Purchase direct from the airline. Plenty of 5-star plant-reviews here as well I suspect. Expedia changed my flight, no reason, said the airline did it. They gave me no updates and could not give me a firm date when they say they notified me. Customer service is in India or Pakistan and you’ll be on hold for 1.5-2 hours. At one point she has gall to tell me I was notified at 1:20AM. It is 2-something in the morning and I’ve been on hold since 12AM. I check my email, it’s a confirmation of my trip with the new times as if I JUST purchased it. No old times and confirming a change. Had I not looked up my flight, assuming I had 20 hours left until check in, I would have missed my flight. Instead, I’m up all night trying to remedy this with no solution, scrambling to find work coverage and finish packing. So they say it was the airlines fault, airline says it’s Expedia. Not the first time. I’m done booking through agencies like this. You really don’t save anything price wise through these services Find the ticket you want and book through the airline. If you want the worst room a hotel won’t give to normal customers, use Expedia or a middleman ap. Better to cut them out of the picture.

- Don’t book they just want your money!

Expedia is possibly the worse to book a flight with. We paid two tickets including seating AND checked bags. I call customer service since on my email confirmation I was not showing any details about my seating as well as my checked bags. I called the first rep told me that I had not paid for them that I had to pay for them through the airline. I then requested to speak with a supervisor and I was advised I would get a call back in 15 min. I then wait one hour and call back and then finally get transferred to a supervisor who kept placing me on very long holds which resulted one hour on the phone. Finally the supervisor then tells me that they have no record of me paying for the checked bags AND that they don’t offer to purchase checked bags or choose seats on their app. I told him that they do because I myself purchased the seats as well as the checked bags through them and my total balance was sky rocket high !! The supervisor does NOTHING to try and help me with this issue. I have seen on previous reviews where they have also been over charged as well. I guess it was also my fault for not checking the reviews. But to end this review DO NOT BOOK WITH EXPEDIA!!! They change the price way higher and then claim that they aren’t showing nothing in their system.

- Disappointed

I wouldn’t even give a star but I have to pick something. I booked a hotel with the app and chose the next day and check out the day after that. I paid the $1 to cover any problems if we had to cancel. Then when I went to cancel the day after booking which would have been the day we checked in later I was told that I couldn’t get my money back because I booked it for the day before. I triple checked the dates I entered and even hit the dates on the calendar for that Friday and check out Saturday. But they said I can’t get my money back because I was a no show. Yea because I booked it for the day after not the same day I submitted the booking. I am very disappointed in Expedia and their site and will never be using them again. Which is disappointing because we will need to book lots of hotels coming up due to our baby needing surgeries further from home and lots of appointments where it will be easier to get a hotel the night before. You lost lots of business from us. So anyone using this app or Expedia make sure when you book and get confirmation that it shows the correct dates because otherwise you will get screwed out of money. We lost almost $200 because of them when we could use that money for our baby’s doctor bills.

- Family trip gone wrong and then made right

After going on our first family trip to universal studios Orlando we tried to save money and purchase tickets through Expedia.. unfortunately the purchase was made for universal Hollywood... After freaking out because the purchase was over $$900 and they informed me there was a strict no refund policy I really was devastated... We were able to come up with the funds to enter Orlando but we were out the $900... After communicating with supervisor after supervisor they were able to contact Hollywood and ask for a refund. .. it took a few weeks but I was refunded the entire amount and they kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.. I'm definitely extremely grateful they went the extra mile to make that happen..I have a large family and we saved up for that family vacation for a while .. We will definitely be using Expedia again because the customer service was great!

- Scam

I highly recommend just using this app to strictly compare prices (kayak and hopper are also great apps for this and hopper has cheaper flights than any other place I’ve found). This is the second time booking my flight through Expedia. The first time was not that bad. This time though I had to do schedule changes for my flight. I called Expedia twice. They explained to me that they had a fee of about $90 to change the date (no biggie I understand) and that I had to pay the difference in price (again understandable) my ticket originally cost $340 and I looked up online how much of a difference it would be to estimate about how much I would be paying which was roughly $200 in total. I called the first time and I gave them specific flight numbers and time to make their job a bit easier, and the end result they were asking for was $800 which is a little over the top. I didn’t want to pay that much so I hung up and called again with in seconds to double check. And once I gave the exact information and everything the end amount was $1000 ???!! I understand that prices fluctuated but that was crazy. So I cut out the middle man (Expedia) and called the airline and ended up changing the dates for just $215.

- Don’t use Expedia

I’ve used Expedia for over 10 years faithfully. In March 2021 I booked a two night stay at a hotel in Satellite Beach, FL and upon arrival found bed bugs and or bodily fluid stains covering beds in a very unsanitary hotel, “Americas Best Value Inn Satelite Beach”. I called Expedia and explained situation to agent and he assured me that the second night would be refunded by Expedia but that I would have to work with the hotel for a refund of the first night which I attempted to do only to have the owner or manager tell me to never come back to his hotel and then he hung up on me before I could say anything. Now I receive an email from Expedia saying that they are not refunding me anything and that it was never promised. This is not only a lie but it is also against there refund policy. At worst I would only pay for the first night stay if cancelled after 3 PM on the first day. However in this situation I of course was not going to sleep in a bed that was unsanitary with bed bug stains and or bodily fluid stains (especially during a pandemic), of which I took numerous pictures of and sent them to both Expedia and the hotel manager or owner. Note that the hotel switched my first room with another room in which I found the exact same conditions on the bed which I also took pictures of.


I booked a trip to Vegas last night using the Expedia app which is directly linked to my Expedia account. Because my wife is not going on this trip with me I put my email address in instead of hers. I noticed that my trip itinerary was not showing up in my account so I called Expedia in after being on the phone with them for two hours I was told two different things. One, since I used a different email address when I checked out that it did not register to my account, then I was told that I must have gotten logged out of my account while using the app due to a technical malfunction. This is very upsetting because I have been with Expedia for 15 years and use them for all of my travel needs. Because of this the rewards points will not be applied to my account and I will not receive the VIP access at the cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. The last woman I spoke with claimed to be at Expedia corporate and she was astonishingly rude, told me I was just out of luck and there was nothing she could do, I insisted that this is ridiculous and then I did nothing any different than I have done in the past while booking on the app through my account, she then hung up on me. I will be looking for different ways to travel, or boots or kayak maybe.

- Expedia’s Customer Service plays games!!!

Words simply cannot explain how irritated I am with EXPEDIA . I booked a room and was charged for it. As I pulled up to the hotel I received a call from the receptionist at the hotel telling me that there were no rooms available and they didn’t t know why Expedia booked me. I immediately called Expedia and I was put on hold for more than 50 minutes at least 3 times. This was a Saturday night. When I did get someone on the line, the kept telling me that they had to call the hotel to see if I could be refunded my money. Simply giving me the run around. It wasn’t until the following Monday that someone told me I would be refunded but it would take 7 days and it wouldn’t be the whole amount . I was like Hell No, I want my money back immediately. Why can’t people do the right thing???? Why do they Nickel and dime people. I will NEVER use this company again. It is so disrespectful to leave people on hold for a long period of time hoping they will hang up. This is so wrong and extremely unprofessional. STOP TAKING PEOPLE’s Money if you aren’t going to go over and beyond to make sure they are accommodated and treated with the utmost respect. Unacceptable! I will do everything I can to spread the word about this company.

- 12:30pm

At 11:15pm, I made a reservation through Expedia for a motel room for my son in Escondido, California. Five minutes later he called me to tell me his truck broke down and he couldn’t make it. I immediately called Quality Inn and told them to cancel the reservation. When I asked them to please refund my card - it’s amazing how fast Expedia charges your card!! - they informed me they couldn’t do that as only Expedia could! Within 10 minutes, I called Expedia and was told I’d be refunded by 9am! That was March 22, it’s now April 27,2020! After 30+ phone calls and emails, they have both lied to me over & over! The motel says only Expedia can refund me, Expedia says the motel won’t authorize it, and the manager says they-Expedia-aren’t telling the truth! Now the last excuse from the supervisor at Expedia is that the hotel charged them, therefore they can’t refund me!!!! Many calls to Expedia had me waiting 20-30 min. Only to be discontinued! Most of their phone employees don’t speak English enough to easily understand them and I had to ask them to repeat and repeat! It’s not so much about the money but the principal!! Their website says Free Cancellations!!!This is the most unethical company and I, and all my friends, will never use them again!!!!

- Frustrated and disappointed

I am not pleased with Expedia. I scheduled a rental car and did not get collision coverage. I received an email telling new it’s not too late to add it in. I clicked the button and tried 5+ times to add it but it kept saying “sorry please try again later”. I tried to add it directly on the app and same thing. I called and was given another number to call. Called that number and was given a third number. I called 3rd number and spoke to someone and they transferred me. I was on hold 20 min and had to hang up because I had somewhere to be and was already running late from over an hour being tossed around. My husband said “it’s fine, it says on the email you can add it when you pick the car up”. I just picked the car up and Budget said they could not honor the $10/day rate, that’s thru Expedia. I called the 3rd number again and the gentleman from the insurance agency said it could only be authorized by an Expedia supervisor. He had no authority and no back door access. Needless to say I did not pay the $30/day collision coverage thru budget. I WILL NOT GO THRU EXPEDIA AGAIN. My time is valuable and I don’t like being treated this way. It’s disheartening and frustrating. Not worth it to me at all! Dr. & Mrs. Barrier

- Beautiful Resort

We went for a weekend getaway to Hilton Head in January and decided to stay at Omni Resort. It was a wonderful experience! Our room was spacious, very clean and the best thing is-it had a kitchenette. It also had two bathroom vanities, separated by one being inside a bathroom and one on the outside of bathroom. Our room had ocean view with a balcony. But the best part was the pools and two hot tubs! The pools were heated and super warm. The outside bar (closed for the season) and bathrooms were conveniently close. You could rent bikes right there at the pool area if you wanted to. In the evenings, we sat by a beautiful built-in gas fire pit surrounded by many chairs. There were a few fire pits through the resort. Also, there were many other activities that you could do for entertaining—large chess in the grass, bean bag toss, etc. A beautiful restaurant was on site as well, even though we didn’t end up eating there. The overall experience at Omni Resort was a pleasure, and we’d highly recommend it.

- Crooks!!!!

I would have left a zero star if possible. My wife typed in the search bar for flights from Philadelphia “PHL” to Atlanta “ATL”. She booked a flight and after printing the ticket she noticed the first flight was from Trenton NJ. She called and explained the situation and they still charged us $109 to change the ticket. She obviously explained that a flight from Trenton should have never shown up in a search from Philly. Not to mention why would anyone park at one airport then return to another? That’s ridiculous! They refused to make good on their search engine mistake. Trenton should’ve never been included in Philly flights. I have used Expedia quite a bit but will NEVER EVER use them again. What happened to the days of “the customer is always right”? By the way they did the same search as she did and saw that Trenton came up and admitted it shouldn’t have. Then the Superviser lies through his teeth and told her “we can see here that you did indeed type in and search for Trenton flights as well!!! Why the hell would anyone flying out of Philly search for Trenton flights then fly back to Philly. They literally lied through their teeth! Dishonest and disgraceful! You should be ashamed Expedia!!!!!! We’ll be using Kayak from now on.

- Technical Issues cost me $150+

Expedia app screwed me over. Due to technical issues, it did not cancel my flight reservation and now it’s after the 24 hour booking site and I’m down $150. You can’t trust apps. I recommend calling to make sure they can cancel your booking with some confirmation that it’s completely cancelled. Learned my lesson...triple check everything and make sure there is a paper trail. Good luck ya’lol. Definitely turned off by Expedia app right now and will consider another website. Update-Called their support peeps and supposedly they have screenshots of my activity and there was no error. How do I know that? They could save whatever to save their butts and money... Well if I pressed the cancel button and it doesn’t go through...is it not an error? I’m stupid for trusting that it went through and not calling. Lesson learned-no cancellations on apps. I recommend the app team come up with a way to bring attention to the fact that the app may not have processed a request. Not everyone understands that after pressing the button, it may not process. There’s no alert to let me know it didn’t cancel. I’m stupid for trusting it went through...so that’s my $150 mistake.

- Never again

I kept getting phone calls from an Arizona phone number that I ignored bc I don’t know anyone in AZ. When I called the numbers back, the calls would not go through. I also received emails from an email address that was different from my initial confirmation email and contained a different phone number than what’s on Expedia’s webpage. When I called the number on the Expedia site, they initially told me that everything was fine. But after checking with the airlines, it seems that one of my flights couldn’t be booked bc of missing information. (Missing info was birthday.....that was submitted during purchase and stored in my profile on Expedia). Weird that one flight was booked/confirmed with no issue and the return flight couldn’t be ticketed bc of that. Unfortunately the airline couldn’t complete the booking and I had to call Expedia again for assistance. I spent at least an hour on the phone with Expedia today. And come to find out that whoever booked our flights didn’t have enough common sense to book my toddler in a seat next to me. So I’m still waiting for the return flight to be ticketed so I can try to change seats. Never again Expedia.


I’ve been calling, using the app, filling out forms and no one is able to give me a call back or answer my request to cancel my flight which is today. I understand that with the ban to travel to Europe there’s a surge of cancellations. However, Expedia is deliberately trying to not answer customers by hanging up on them and making us fill out forms for cancellations, which can take up to 14 days. All communications with this company are nonexistent . Been calling since I found out about the ban, even though in their website it advertises that you should call if your trip is within 7 days. I call, provide my itinerary number, places me on hold, and after 2 songs on the line, they hang up on me even before answering. With the itinerary number and date of travel that they ask, all customers who have flights today should have been answered and filtered out to provide assistance. Meanwhile, other flight companies like delta or answering their customers in less than 20 min!!! Never again booking with this company! Lesson learned. I’m sure other customers agree- just look at the comments of desperate people on their social media pages trying to get some assistance.

- My mom waiting in airport for 6 hours

We bought a ticket from Orange County ti Evansville with an hour stop in Chicago. First the flight was delayed an hour in Orange County , of course arrived half hour late at O’Hara’s, so the people missed the plane to Evansville. My mom wasn’t informed about this by crew , one of the passengers told my mom about this so he went and found out the next plane was at 9;50 pm . So my mom helped by this passenger was waiting fir the plane but then she was moved to another flight an hour later. My mom was upset because all the wait and changes and the fact that we were waiting at Evansville at 5 in the afternoon according to the ticket we bought . It’s the second time that American Airlines does this uncalled and don’t care about costumer imposition. We were waiting my mom for hours and had to paid taxi for that many hours, we live two hours from airport. I tried to talk on the phone with supervisor he told my mom that was personal , he wouldn’t talk to me . My mom is 73 has to use restroom many times, she was hungry and cold waiting in airport fir more than 6 hours ......now them just told my mom they re canceling the flight again .... wth please a supervisor on any help in O’Hara’s airport

- Hotel reservations

Went to reserve a hotel room. I put all the information that it needed, which meant my credit card. It charged me and everything. Then the app quit working and it didn’t give me a itinerary number or anything. So I called Expedia and explain to them that you charge me and that I got no itinerary number or a receipt saying that my room was reserved. The guy did not understand at all. He kept asking me if I wanted an upgrade and I said no I don’t want a upgrade you charge me for a room that I didn’t get The guy went on telling me there was nothing for him to do. I told him okay then I want my money back cause you charge me twice which I saw in my bank account. He told me I had to call my bank and figure it out. I am not going to call my bank for something you did. So after fighting over the phone with him for about 10 minutes about how he couldn’t do anything, he finally said that those 2 charges will be in my back on my card in 24 hours to about 48 hours. I will not be reserving anything off of Expedia again. I understand that the app will sometimes freeze, but when it does, they need to have better costumer support and not tell me to fix the mistakes they made.

- Frontier Airlines selling tickets to destinations that don’t exist

I went through to get airline tickets to Guadalajara Mexico. Through frontier Airlines. Purchased a ticket to fly 1140 P.m. they use third-party third-party for the flight “Volaris.” So when we got to the air had no flight going to Guadalajara. So Frontier try to book flight the next night to go Guadalajara. Same time One day later. Check with Volaris they had no flights The next night to Guadalajara. Frontier Airlines are selling tickets for flights that don’t exist. This was was it a important flight so we can receive grandmas body that was being flown to Guadalajara. So you can see why we are so upset with this problem. Expedia need to re-consider using frontier Airlines. I’ve used Expedia all the time. This experience has been so bad. Right now The way I feel I don’t know if I want use Expedia again. I hope to frontier Airlines sailing practice. And straighten it out or quit promoting flight through Frontier Airlines.

- Warning!!!

Be really careful and think before using Expedia to book something, I planned and booked a whole trip with Expedia spending around $10,000 between flights, hotels and activities, one of the days I arrived to Rome and I went to check my email confirmation to call the hotel/property phone number and the answer that they where not partnered with Expedia anymore so I spent another 4 hours!!! Talking to their representatives repeating the information over and over again, talked to supervisors, managers and they allocation department which where trying to charge me for another place!!! I keep calling and calling them and nobody helped! The call keep failing or disconnecting, I don't know if they do it to get out of the hook but they never returned the call that obviously they have my phone number on file, so I ended walking at 1 in the morning with my family looking for another place to sleep with no battery in my phone to call them again after 4 hours with them! Also when you reserve a rental car Do Not Use their insurance because when you get to the rental place the companies say they don’t accept Expedia insurance and Expedia won’t reimburse for what you paid of their insurance!

- Worst Expedia experience - flight change due to Covid 19 -won’t change it

I had to return to HTX from DIA due to Covid 19 outbreak at work causing major staffing issues. I had a credit with Expedia from a prior cancellation of $249 on my account . I had to call 8 times over 3 hours because they kept doing call back automated responses and then they wanted to on the 8 th call charge me $123 more than the other 7 times I had called telling me the price went up and refused to use the credit. They have calls that drop during the interaction and at this point I believe it’s on purpose .I just gave up snd just tried again and after getting through snd a flight in process one way dia to HIA they refused to tell me the credit balance and I got hung up on again . I’m so tired snd frustrated I could spit nails . All this while on Thanksgiving holiday . So supportive they are absolutely not during this covid 19 pandemic . I have used them for years and I will never use them again . Going directly through the airlines from here on out . So I have a $249 credit they refuse to use to get a one way home , I am so blown away because I can’t book it through the app all credits have to through the phone 🙄

- Not able to even SEARCH for a hotel after midnight

I usually swear by this app and have used it quite a lot, and told my husband to use it going across country, and tell everyone else to use it, too. But right now I need a hotel for TONIGHT after midnight and it won’t even LET me put tonight’s date in! If the hotels won’t allow me to book, that is one thing, and not in the control of the app. Let me find that out when I put the date in and then nothing comes up. Now I have no idea how I will even LOOK for something. Totally ridiculous. If the only response from Expedia customer service is going to be that no hotel will be available so therefore you didn't think there was a point to have that option be available, or if the response will be anything other than that this ridiculous policy/dumb mistake that that the app developers made will be changed please don’t insult me with a ‘response’. Keep it to yourselves.

- Awesome time! Excellent professional staff

Let me just say how fantastic the staff of the Hyatt Centric were! My wife and daughter flew from the states overnight on Delta and arrived at the hotel around 8:30 a.m. Hyatt employee Caleb spoke to my wife and let her know that the room was not ready till a bit later. He was able to work his magic and got my wife and 10 year old daughter into their room a bit earlier than that. I was going to Join them in the morning later traveling from Dublin. Upon my arrival at the hotel I was greeted by Catiana. She was so welcoming and provided me with a warm and welcoming experience. Check in went very smoothly and I met up with my family. During our stay, the front desk was fabulous with directions, tour bookings and general recommendations for the area. The hotel is brand new, and has comfortable accommodations and nicely appointed amenities. I would highly recommend this property to anyone who wants an American style stay in Europe.

- Stay away don’t use them, Worse experience ever with a booking agency

I would rate this company lower because of how scummy they are. We booked a room for the weekend to find out that when we got to the hotel the whole place had been sold out and expedia actually hadn’t booked us a room. Even with the confirmation number and Itinerary number stating we had a room there was nothing in the hotel. We got to the hotel @ 8 pm after a funeral with a seven week old child, a 3 & 4 year old. We had to drive 3.5 hours home that night with them screaming because we had no where to stay. To top it off when I called their customer service to get my refund, they told me it would take 7 days to process because it had already been charged. They are thieves!!! I demanded my money back immediately since I received no service. They transferred me three time before I got to a manager who could process the refund. Each time they transferred me the wait time got longer and music more annoying. This company is running a scam and they do dirty business. I would never use them again. Don’t use them if you rely on having housing when you arrive at your destination.

- It is good and beyond a shadow of a doubt I know others will feel the same way

It’s been years since I last saw him and now that my friend Kip told me to try this app I thought at first no it’s just like all the other apps I have. Yeah Nick says to me they are all full of bugs. Guess what yea it’s pretty easy to use and navigate and when I went looking for some useful information it wasn’t hard to locate at all and I mean at all. Why should it really be this way. HaHa I don’t know but getting used to it. The whole experience left me scratching my head and looking for my dog... yea kind of strange but not in a bad way. That’s what my neighbor Sal told me? Wow it’s a real game changer from so many areas of where I’m going and of the other locations that apps kind of take you. This is really the one I would have to say yes to and I mean yes it is a Good or should I say great coming from me. Rest my case and move on to doing the darn dishes HaHa!!

- Customer service

I recently booked a trip through Expedia, I travelled from Grand Cayman to Thailand then 3 days before my return found out that Emirate airlines had cancelled the flights to return me to my home. Expedia did nothing to assist with my problems with returning home instead I paid them an additional $3500 usd for new flights to get home and made the request for my money to be refunded for the cancelled flights FYI I had also paid Expedia for flight insurance for my trip. I have now been home for 4 weeks Expedia have now told me I won’t be getting any refund they also refuse to reply to any of my emails their chat support constantly tells you they don’t have any agents available. I have also tried calling several times being put on hold for 2 hours each time and having to hang up as my mobile phone is about to explode because of the heat. I honestly believe that due the circumstances we currently find ourselves in that not too many people are currently booking flights and hotels which means Expedia staff can’t possibly be that busy and are blissfully ignoring their responsibilities to their customers. Barry McKenzie (very unsatisfied customer)

- Never again

I booked a trip using Expedia. Because of the pandemic I needed to change the flight. This last April 5th I flew down to Orlando without any problem. When it was time to come back the airline said we didn’t have a ticket. We had seats but no ticket. Apparently Expedia didn’t transfer the money to pay for the flight back. AA made us purchase tickets to get back. The next day I called and talked to Lester. After about 30 he put me on hold to “look into it” then after 10 minutes just hung up on me. Never called me back. So I called in again waited the 140 minutes and talked with Makai. Said she would push it on and to expect someone to contact me within 2 days. A week later no one has contacted me to resolve this. So I called back today. 3.5 hr wait!!! Talked with Janelle this time. Apparently no record of any of my previous discussions. Explained the entire thing over again. And she hung up on me. Called back- 3.5 hr long wait....again. Regardless of the outcome of this resolution I will never use Expedia to book a trip again. Have told my friends and family to not use them either, and I would suggest you do the same.

- Worst travel site

Zero stars !!!. I booked a flight for April 10, 2018 from Tampa, Florida to Newark. When we got to the airport we found out Expedia had booked it for July 10, 2018. We called Expedia and they said they couldn’t do anything and that it was our problem. We had to ask the United people if we could change our flight date and she said that all the flights that day were sold out and they won’t help us , I had to ask to speak with the United flights supervisor after pleading for help, she could help us book a flight for the next day but we had to buy new tickets. Because of this I almost lost my job and my kids missed an important test that day. Once we got to Newark I made a dispute and they said they would resolve my issue in 2 weeks. I called in 2 weeks and was told that we would not get a refund and that it was not Expedia’s fault for changing the date on our flight.

- Horrible App with Horrible Customer Service

Where to begin, first off I was going through Expedia to book airplane tickets for a trip to Miami. Okay first off booking the tickets is easy and quick. My problem is not there but going through the app the transaction wouldn’t go through but look at my account and they took the money out of my account. Smh, called them immediately and they tell me they don’t see anything on my Expedia account. I’m like you should cause there was a debit against my account multiple times. So to speed this up, argued with some agent for an hour on it coming out of my account. And that my bank can’t release the funds unless they sent me a letterhead and they refused to help me. I was like okay so since y’all took the money out can I just get y’all to confirm the plane tickets then and she stated no I had to do a new order and be charged again. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for an hour. The lady came back on the phone just to say she is getting me a supervisor and still no supervisor 30 minutes later. I’m all the way screwed right now and stuck two extra days cause of Expedia this is an outrage.

- Sad and frustrated

I waited 4 hours on hold today-March 30. Then I was hung up on. So I tried again and waited another4 hours and got cut off. Then I did 2more hours but I have to go to bed... I just wanted to ask if I was being refunded my airfare (I had called Turkish Airlines and they said I qualified because of Covid-19 so cancelled through the app) and not getting future credit. I tried the automated system too and got nowhere. I am afraid to wait the 30 days to see if it goes back on my card and then be told it’s too late for a refund and this trip cost over $2700! I will need that money. It has been very frustrating. Today, 31 March, I got an email trying to smooth my feathers but I am still so upset and so tired of the process! They could use an automated system to call back customers and not just cut off the phone calls!! I am so very disgusted with this customer service. Yes, you’re getting slammed and so are we! I don’t have that kind of money sitting around and want it back!! I don’t want travel credit, especially when the airline said I was qualified for a total refund!

- Be aware before booking

I had to cancel a flight with United Airlines due to recent changes with COVID 19. Once I was booking the false information said both flights and hotel can be cancel within 24 hours of departure if there is need to cancel. As we are living in a pandemic era and changes can can occur I booked my trip. I had to cancel my trip the hotel was refunded. However the United airlines Flight was not. They kept the money saying it can not be refunded only use in another flight. When I try to book a new flight took over 7 hours of back and forth with Expedia over the phone. After everything was about to be done. They downgraded my flight from 1st class to economy and kept my reminding balance... in my opinion the are thieves both Expedia for misinformation and problematic.... united Airlines has no respect for the customer , they keep your money at all cost, lying and horrible play with the customer to make a gain only for them.... I would not suggest or recommend any of this companies ...

- Absolutely horrible.

Horrible experience. My wife and I booked an all inclusive vacation back in February. We received all the confirmation emails and were patiently waiting until our vacation week over spring break. 2 days before leaving we decided to double check that everything was set, and discovered that our flight had been cancelled. We got no notification or update and had we not checked, we would have shown up to the airport on the day of departure and not had anywhere to go. After we called Expedia to make the change and get on another flight, they added an additional day and along the process, changed our entire reservation from a honeymoon suite to an ordinary room, even though we paid for the best room in the hotel. We had to call back 4 times to get things fixed and my wife and I were both on hold for almost half the day - and each time new representatives answered and made matters worse!! We ended up losing our reservation permanently thanks to the incompetent customer service morons. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Do your travel bookings with another agency. These people are awful.

- Many issues

After booking our trip I quickly realized that trying to make any changes was extremely inconvenient and difficult. They offered little help in rescheduling a flight after a weather cancellation. I asked them to cancel my departure flight and was told I was eligible for a refund which turned out to be untrue. I scheduled my departure flight directly through AA which was a better option. They couldn’t help me with make changes to my check in date but some how manage to cancel my room reservation. They said they never made any changes but the hotel had it as canceled in their system but luckily the hotel staff was amazing and went above and beyond to accommodate my wife and I with no help from Expedia. I will never book a trip with them again. If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars and book your trip directly through the airline or resort or wherever your traveling that is the better option. If you book with Expedia and have any issues you have to go through them to resolve it the hotel or airline will not be able to help you. Customer service is very mediocre.

- Find another company

I surprised my wife and son for Christmas with a trip for Spring Break. Unfortunately COVID has other plans. Fast forward a few months and here we are rebooking the flight. Two and a half hours later because you have to call and can’t just use the credit they give you online, and I s as m charged $98 more dollars on CHEAPER than the original flight. The next day we receive the confirmation email and we select their seats etc. The following day an email was sent one leg of the trip was canceled by the airlines. I call the airlines only to find out (28 minutes later) EXPEDIA only created a “skeleton” reservation but never fully booked that leg. I call Expedia and 40 minutes later am disconnected after being told it was the airline’s fault and they are not booking this far out (2 months) to which I informed her that wasn’t the case because the return flight was 2 weeks after the flight in question and was fully ticketed and booked. I had already told her twice what the airlines discovered. Here I am on hold with a supervisor trying to get it straightened out and at 29 minutes and counting.

- Worst Customer service ever!!!

I booked a 2 night hotel stay through Expedia and got a slightly lower price. I wanted to cancel 1 night. It said I had to call because of fees. I called hotel 1st. They said I could cancel they charge $25 if I booked with them. But I had to cancel with Expedia. I called Expedia and got someone with a foreign accent so hard to understand, then he said ok would be a $25 fee. I said ok. He says he has to call the hotel, then said they couldn’t do it and so he couldn’t do it! I asked him to explain why and he kept saying “it’s not available “, which made no sense! So I called hotel , they said they talked to the Expedia guy a couple times and told him he had to send a form or authorization to cancel and he refused to do it!! Guessing he didn’t want to lose commission. So Expedia guy says he can’t cancel the night. I ask for a supervisor, none available, says a supervisor will just say same thing. Hotel said they’d be happy to cancel room if Expedia just sent proper notification over which he REFUSED to do! I was getting very angry and upset, so decided to just leave it alone. I will NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN!!!!!

- Scam

This is not a good travel agency. It’s a SCAM! I been loyal to you guys since I’d been traveling. I ignore other travel apps and choose to booked on yours. Recently, I took a trip to Phuket (package hotel and flight ) . I noticed that I didn’t received any rewards points at all, considering we paid almost 3k on this trip. I talked to representatives and told them my issue , she said I will not get any rewards points because I didn’t booked any trip from the past 18 months and that my membership with Expedia had been cancelled . When I opened and booked this trip it was under my emails , under their application, no notice that my Membership was cancelled ? When did you tell me it’s cancelled ? I login and logout of Expedia application so many times , but nothing in the app suggest that my membership got cancelled . If my membership is cancelled I should not be logging in and out right? I’m so bitter right now , I feel like I’d been scums... I been a member for more than ten years , never used or Claims any rewards, now I become conscious of rewards points Expedia just throw this rule on me . Im one unhappy customer , I do t think it’s right at all .

- -10

Had a great trip with Expedia about a year ago, but booked a trip thru them in February for April...covid hit and my trip was canceled. I had purchased extra trip insurance, but in an email I was assured that all I had to do was call Expedia when I was ready to rebook. They lied. I checked their online flights. I called. They could not rebook me “because of the airline.” I was transferred to 2 supervisors and hung up on. I called again, was hung up on twice, and then they called me. They wanted to rebook me on the flight I wanted but for almost $200 over their published price. Told them that since I had insurance, & they were unwilling to give me the published price for the flight, they could just refund me the original ticket price especially since I had already purchased the trip insurance. They transferred to supervisor and hung up on again. Called me back, talked to supervisor and asked for my refund, transferred to another supervisor and hung up on again. They called back, transferred again and hung up on again...it’s now been hours and they have not called back. I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company...

- My 2 Anniversary was ruined

Expedia was the worst trip I ever took . I’m never booking through 3rd party again I advise everyone to go to the Direct Website of the flights and hotels you want to book I got way to San Juan to see my hotel was under construction and do to my asthma I couldn’t stay there which was not told to me when I booked this trip on the phone with an Expedia representative if that was told to me I would not have choice this hotel then when I called Expedia to relocate me they gave me a hard time tried to make me pay extra money well I did pay extra money that had to be refunded to me or they wouldn’t be able to get me into another hotel .. I was hot , frustrated, and staying in the middle of nowhere trying to get relocated with Expedia then the hotel they sent me to was the worst I ended up booking a room at the Sheraton and calling Expedia to give me a refund for my hotel Porsche which they didn’t even give me my whole amount !! Never book with EXPEDIA they are the WORST !!! The beginning part of my anniversary was terrible because of Expedia I couldn’t even enjoy my first day in San Juan because of Expedia...

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- Missing checked luggage

I can honestly say Expedia is the most unsupportive and unprofessional travel company I have ever dealt with . I booked flights from Dublin to New York on the uk website . I thought great luggage included . However when the confirmation came through checked luggage didn’t appear on itinerary. I called the customer support line ( only supporting Expedia’s interests ) even though I explained I was calling from Australia I was still kept on the line for 1.45 hrs . Only when I mentioned I had screen shots did Expedia offer for me to purchase my own checked bags and they would give me a $50 hotel voucher ! Really ! What I needed was what I paid !!!! In the end I had to book and pay for a lesser luggage weight with the promise of a refund to my bank acc and a $100 voucher to my Expedia account . Neither has occurred . I work hard and only expect a fair deal . Shame on you Expedia.

- Frustrating filters let down a Great app

I really like using this app and use it almost exclusively - and I’m in the middle of a 94 day European holiday and I’ve book almost 80 nights using Expedia. I have also only had good responses when booking have gone wrong with Expedia staff always helpful with me incurring too much inconvenience and no additional costs. But I keep being frustrated by the price filter not really working - I don’t want a high-end hotel and some major tourist locations you want to filter them out so you can more easily see find a suitable hotel. The map function too shows you all the sold out properties ... why? I’m here to book a hotel not to see all the hotels that not available! Also I take the time to write decent reviews of most places I stay but I do get a little tired of rating the property at check-in time and then again when I have checked-out. At least add a section to the personal preferences to allow people to opt-out of one or both review preferences. Fix these frustrations and I’m almost at a 5 star rating!

- Not as supportive and helpful as before

I have been with Expedia for almost every booking for the last four years. The latest experience was extremely terrible. Without my authorisation, the hotel took the “Pay on Arrival” room fee X 10% extra two days before check in, and won’t release the payment until the one month after check out. Expedia never told me about the 10% extra fee and never told me we need to prepay even we chose “pay on arrival “ option. Because I booked the room for other people not for myself. Why should I pay!!!!! The Expedia reservation team tried to ask me to deal with the hotel directly . They charged my payment and didn’t pay a role as a responsible travel agent. Terrible!!!!

- Great app for planning/searching for acomm and flights

But A bit of a buggy checkout process. I booked a bundle, chose our flights and accomm and clicked complete booking, only for it to fail with an error. A charge was held on my card and released a few minutes later and the booking had failed. Then I had to restart planning my whole package to confirm the booking again, at which point it failed again but this time just with a warning about credit card fees from the airline. This resulted in another hold and release of part of the fee. I then confirmed it a third time, and it worked. My bank looks at bit messy at the moment : $2000 debit, $2000 credit, $2000 debit, $2000 debit, $2000 credit. I’m glad you release the funds immediately if another part of the process fails otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to book!

- Excellent Customer Service - Ms Sona

I had confirmed & paid for a booking, then immediately realised the check in date was out by 1 day. I immediately called Expedia & spoke to customer representative Ms Sona who had listened to my dilemma & she called the hotel. The revised check in date was resolved within a few minutes. I always have great experience with Expedia for a number of years now, nothing’s too difficult. Online Booking through their app was always easy & quick to navigate & the room rates are great. Issues are quickly resolved to my satisfaction. I have recommend Expedia to friends & family.

- Fabulous apartments beautifully decorated and great location plus excellent service!

We stay 5 nights at the loft apartment at this building and it was one of most gorgeous apartments we have stayed at! Great location less than 10 minutes walk to the waterfront, great furniture and all amenities you would need for a comfortable stay. Joao at reception was super helpful and such a nice gentleman, and tools extra care to make my wife and I enjoyed our first trip to Lisbon. Lovely location and well connected to everything. I give this place a 10/10. My best from Melbourne, Australia Manoj Malkani

- No response from Expedia over a booking issue

I had booked accommodation in Coffs Harbour recently for a return trip. On the drive there I was informed that due to a sudden COVID outbreak I needed to turn around snd get back home or else possibly have to cover costs for quarantine. I contacted the hotel to see if I could arrange a credit and they advised I would need to contact Expedia to act on my behalf. I emailed Expedia and almost a month later have had no response - very disappointing as I travel quite a bit when the borders are open - won’t be using them again

- Watch currency conversion

After booking return flights believing this to be a good deal, was shocked when the conversion rate cleaned out my account. Contacted Expedia only to be told I needed to speak with the US office, spoke to several staff members only to be met with patronising inertia! Their conduct is unconscionable, I selected my countries currency on the app, included my countries home address only to be told it was my responsibility! Their app states they are not able to change the currency, nowhere in the app does it state that it’s American! Their solution is to cancel the flight wait the 72 hours for the money to hit my account and book through their Australian office! Not an option when I don’t have the money to do that and fare increases as times moves closer to travel time, they know all this too! Most unhelpful and distressing especially in extenuating circumstances!

- Great private guide with deep local knowledge

Phyo Phyo was recommended to us by a well travelled friend of ours and it surpassed all our expectations. He was always very polite, soft spoken and very customer centric. We set for him a challenge to select the best standard of every shop we went and he did it beautifully. His deep local knowledge allowed us to visit the real gems of the area. We visited the very few small temples that have paintings well preserved despite being hidden to the mass tourism. We wanted to try the local cuisine and he chose Sanon, which is a social project to train the youth to be able to better their lives in the hospitality industry. The food was safe, truly amazing and very well price. So Phyo Phyo blow us our minds again. If you want to be in safe hands, travelling in an a/c clean car knowing that you are going to have a unique experience I recommend to arrange his service in advance.

- $$ Discrepancies in app and website

The app doesn’t have all the functions of the desktop website, I also noticed that the price for hotels on the website and the app are different - the app has a higher price but offers double points for bookings through the app. It just doesn’t make sense though, the benefit is cancelled out. So I hope that Expedia makes it more honest in the app and if Expedia is offering double points with using the app to not cancel the benefit by raising the prices in the app. That is my customer experience and feedback of the app, also I hope that this will help Expedia keep improving their service and product more transparent.

- Please be more honest

App itself is simple enough to use. Just a couple of suggestions. 1. Please do not pre select travel insurance. Your app sometimes just charges for it anyway even if you unselect it. And its a pain having to email the insurance company separately, because you guys cannot provide the refund yourself. 2. A lot of click baits. Everytime there’s a good deal, when you click on “pay”, it will say “hate it when this happens! price just went up! Pay quickly!” I noticed this happens everytime with good deals and packages. If you repeat 10 times with the same deal/package, it will happen 10 times. It will show up as a good deal, when u click to pay, the sign will pop up. You guys are big enough...please dont fake the customers.

- Horrendous

After having our flights cancelled due to Covid and an email stating we would receive a refund, I have been on the phone over 10 times in the last 9 months trying to find out what’s going on. Each time, I get told I have to wait longer. At no point can anyone I speak to give me any idea of when my refund is meant to arrive. When I ask if I can speak to someone who can give me an answer, they simply refuse to put me through! I can absolutely appreciate the situation of covid, but if you put in writing I’m entitled to a refund, then you should be following through with that and not making me feel like you’re giving me the run around hoping I’ll just give up! Worst experience ever!!!!

- Excellent app (most of the time!)

Have absolutely appreciated this app on our trip around Portugal and Spain . So good for hotel choosing and activities booking . Had a duplication and the problem was fixed up immediately . Only negative is that on each search I have to re-enter the number of travellers ( I think?). I have also had a problem with credit card details having to re-enter the details manually at times. Overall thank you and will definitely use again .

- Expedia is Excellent

I recently booked a 5 week trip to the US using Expedia. Every booking & every flight was spot on. There were no holdups, no hitches & nothing went wrong. I was able to call Expedia to confirm bookings & they sent me notifications of any changes. A fabulous App! Also great to be able to book & pay as you go so no huge bills. A fantastic experience. Also because of the reviews you can make great choices. No complaints

- Multiple charges

When trying to book with the app I was charged over a dozen times trying to book the flight . Every time I got to the final part of paying for the trip , it was telling me that it was not working and to try again in a few minutes . I did that several times and the got the same result . My bank then sent me a message stating that someone was billing charged to my account numerous times and put a block on my card for security reasons . I then looked at my bank account and was in shock that Expedia had accepted payment on every failed attempt I made to book with the app . I then called up the booking staff who successfully booked it for me over the phone . He mentioned that the reason that my problem occurred was due to me booking the last 3 seats on the flight which had the app confused as it wasn’t quite sure if someone else may have tried to book them at the same time and this stalled the app process in being able to complete the purchase . I only hope now that Expedia can help in refunding the moneys back into my account .

- The most hopeless and worst company

I’m definitely gonna say that this company is the most unprofessional and are hopeless, I have bought two flight tickets which with no reason the airline canceled our tickets and this hopeless company is having us jumping in between the airline and Expedia with literally not even a clue if they are gonna give us back our money or not, it’s been more than 5 months and we are not giving up, customer service don’t know what are they doing or searching and never have a clear response and you end up losing the money, literally it feels that this is an scam app, Apple should remove this app from this platform

- Promised refund but none received

Booked accommodation that I had to cancel due to Covid 19. Was told I would receive a refund coupon within 30 days. After following up was started to give the run around. Told numerous times I would receive an email with my coupon within 7 days. That went on for a month. Was then told I would have their final decision about whether I would receive a refund within 3 days. Still waiting for that email. Terrible customer service and complete dodgy company and subsidiaries. I was even sent an email telling me to call to speed up the process. The number they gave me was for another company 😠

- Great App but needs to be more user friendly.

There is no doubt this is an excellent app for booking or even comparing hotels, flights and trips. Major problem for me is once you have booked you are not given an email contact of your hotel. So if you need to contact them you only have a phone number which has proven difficult when contact is required. Expedia can contact them but there is a 48 hour turn around. Just make the app more user friendly and it will be a 5 star app.

- Thieves

Bad review. In October you took a booking, charged me $90. On arrival I found the motel booked out and told it was up to me to get my money back from you. I will not use Expedia again as I travel in remote areas and rely on my booking being correct. Sometimes I am 100’s of kilometres from the next motel and do not like arriving to find motel fully booked and I must sleep in the car as I have nowhere to go. I am annoyed that I must chase you to get me money back.

- Never again Expedia has been disgraceful !!

Expedia has the worst customer service in the world. Phillipine airlines have canceled my flight. I have tried to contact the service support. I cannot get through to anyone. I'm still not even confident of speaking to anyone within the 72 hours before my booking. I would recommend to people to avoid this app at all costs.

- Dodgy booking

I booked a property through Expedia. My credit card got debited and I got a confirmation from the property as well as Expedia stating that my property was booked. After a couple of hours I got a message from the property owner that the property is no longer available for the booked dates and I should cancel my booking . If the property wasn’t available in the first place why did Expedia debit my card? Also when I tried to cancel the booking through Expedia, I was redirected to call VRBO. I had to make many calls to VRBO to get the property cancelled and have still not received my refund. Overall, a very poor customer experience.

- Difficult company to deal with

This company has stressed me out to the max. Their virtual service is useless - when a question gets too difficult they say they will look into it and then disable you. This happened 3 times! When you phone the agents in the Phillipines cut you off when they can’t answer a difficult question. Tried to have a Voucher reinstated- wasted over 3 hours attempting this and told it would be done in 72 hrs and then 72 hrs later spent another hour asking why it wasn’t reinstated and got cut off again. I’m sure they just hope you will give up which is the case here.

- Motel review

Unable to review a motels lack of service re pet friendly accomodation..Silky oaks Gilgandra NSW paying $110 a night on 2 occasions & firstly after complaining to manager in case he thought we’d left it did not clean up the broken glass & dog faeces outside unit on request after our first nights stay..2 wks later it was still there plus a clean glass in the fridge in its paper wrapper had a lens wipe & bottle top inside wrapper...Very shoddy & poor hygiene practice after we who travel with dogs one who sleeps in the car, leave the motel in an orderly manner & have to pay the hefty surcharges after you advertise free pet friendly accomodation...please review & check these places before you advertise them..

- Good app but price keeps changing

Been using Expedia for almost 10 years now. Booking service is pretty good, but if you search for the same flight for a few times, there is algorithm that notice the demand and changes the price. It changes just right before you check out as well which sometimes is confusing. Other than that good app

- Cancelation Plan and Flight Protection Plan

The app tries to trap users. Even I am a Gold Member since 2019, I decide to delete Expedia as they are trapping us to use the Flight Protection Plan. They allow us to purchase it at cost 10-12% the total cost of the trip - but when we need to cancel the flight and claim the inssurant - they trap us to click the button “Cancel the Cancelation Plan” then refund us the very little money of the fee only not the fully fee of the flight. I called the support line and the lady told me that I still need to call each airline to manage it and call the issurance company to claim the cost. What kind of customer service???

- Rewards Activity

I would like the ability to be able to drill down on the rewards activity section. Credit for each night that you stay takes up to 30 days to be recognised and this makes it difficult to track if you have been awarded the correct amount of nights stays or money spent towards status tiers.

- Good deals

I like the vip points ,normal points and extras and look out for further discounts with coupons that I google or use CASHREWARDS or ShopBack.I have had to negotiate some issues but have been given a credit so it makes any hassle easier.I also like to book stuff together which they offer and cars seem good value.

- Excellent service.

I found using Expedia to book my flights and accommodation so easy all the other sites I tried to use were so confusing. With Expedia I had my flights and accommodation booked in no time will definitely be using them again and would totally recommend them to everyone so satisfied with everything.👌

- Great App and Follow up Service

During this time of COVID-19, we have found that it is impossible to reach Expedia and feel that the level of customer service has disappeared. This is very disappointing as we’ve been Gold members for many years and not so sure as to what we’ll do in the future....

- What points?!

I’ve booked and paid for numerous hotels and flights etc (thousands $$) via the Expedia app only to discover that none of the points I thought I would have have been credited to my account. All of my trips are showing in my account however after 2 phone calls to customer support I am still without any points. When I called Expedia all the person could say was ‘it’s the policy’. There is no transparency at all - when the app says earn 800+ points for booking, it is extremely misleading.

- Please fix this problems from App

I have booked the tickets and wanted to check the info from this App. But i can’t see my all booking info because they showed depends on country not depends on Account. What i mean is that some tickets i can see when i enter with Expedia USA, the others i need to access with Expedia UK. I really don’t understand why I can’t manage my trip with only one account access. If i want to check all my trip i need to login with Expedia USA and logout and again login with Expedia UK. Please fix this app i could manage my trip with only account access not depends on countries. Thanks.

- I love Expedia!! Thanks for all the great trips!

I have been a member for years and consistently find the deals prices and hotels better than others or travel agents at home. Well done for creating such a great business that saves me money and allows me to enjoy my business and holiday trips more than ever. I’m coming home when I’m booked by Expedia... thanks

- Excellent Servive

Have used a lot of Apps over the year and don’t normally write reviews but Expedia is one of those exceptions Cheapest deals in comparison, great selection of hotels, car options, flights. Convenient to have all your bookings in the one place with reminders automatically setup. Excellent holiday things to do selections. Well done Expedia

- Limited app

This app is so limited in room choices . Because i travel with my partner and two daughters, i regularly need a two bedroom apartment but there is no option to choose this . I have to book two seperate rooms. Then when i want to choose different beds in different rooms , there is no option to do that. You have to book two of the same configuration and contact the hotel to change it. And as for contractions Expedia .... impossible. Virtual chat is hopeless and you never answer the phone .

- App seems to have trouble with language support

My last name (German) has an “ß” in it so when booking flights i need to exactly enter this. No probs when booking in the app, but all subsequent notifications (SMS, email) and also the booking confirmation in the app itself show the letter as a “Ô… hope this goes through with the airline….

- It’s ok. Good in some areas. Falls over in others...

Pros: - Getting holiday packages together is a breeze. - Expedia points are easy to earn and used towards future bookings. - Nice app layout. - Good discounts. Cons: - Confusing and convoluted itinerary; Layout, And general delivery. - E-tickets are not E-tickets! - Pricing is always more expensive than other budget travel apps. - When booking flights and selecting seats. The selected seats are not always reserved with the airline. Very annoying!! - Not enough filters for bookings. - Profile information is sparse. Recommendations: - Add more personalised profile options. I.e seat preferences. Hotel preferences...Etc... - Simplify the itinerary delivery. There’s to much useless information on the page and not enough useful stuff. - E-Tickets. Sort it out.

- Great!

We have always used Expedia to book our trips & they’re wonderful. If we’ve ever had a problem with changing our travel schedule they’ve helped us immediately. Can’t wait to book our next holiday

- Great app

The app is easy to use and makes booking accommodation simple. It’s also great that the booking is saved in the itinerary. An opportunity for improvement is the search function should include number of beds required. I travel a lot with my sister and cousin so obviously we want separate beds which means having to weed out the options that only provide two beds.

- Great app

This is a great app, brilliant for checking deals and quick and simple to book. Great feature to save bookings to Wallet and on app itself, but it has an issue when you book online and not via mobile as you can’t seem to load bookings from other devices?

- Customer Service is Terrible!

I had the worse customer experience with Expedia. I booked a flight with Malaysia Airlines via Expedia and was later advised that our flight had been changed for a whole day later! This was terribly inconvenient. Expedia advised that the airline refused to provide a full refund so I contacted the airline directly which they granted the refund but I need to speak to the travel agent (being Expedia) to organise it. Until now I am left without a flight nor a refund. I will never use Expedia again!! The application is also terrible!!

- Style and luxury in Legian

Having stayed at the Rama Gardens over the years how refreshing to find a bit of upmarket luxury up the road. Food at the new Asian Spice is flavoursome and delicious. Signature cocktails are refreshingly a notch above what you would get at your local / not a Bali moon concoction on the extensive drinks menu. Must try before you head home.

- Good app, but no multi city flight function

I would have given this app 5 stars and rated it a “GREAT” app if only it came with a multi city flight booking option. Otherwise, it works fine if you’re only interested in booking a single city flight. Alternatively, use the full website to access this function. Can you please fix this??

- Great stay

Great stay at the Quest Canberra City Walk. The room was lovely - clean, well appointed and perfect for our stay. It would be a great option for an extended stay as well. The location was excellent - easy walking distance to restaurants and shopping and to ANU. We didn’t realise we had to pre-book a parking spot when we made the reservation. We were unable to park in the hotel car park (limited availability), however the hotel provided a solution a short distance from the hotel. We would happily stay here again.

- Only useful to look at to summaries

I tried to use the app to book a hotel yesterday, but it just is so inferior to the web site I won't bother again. When you look at a hotel on the web you can see lots of details about the room including one of the most important features: how big is it - Am I going to have lots of room or am I booking into a shoe box? On the app you get no information about the room except what bed is in it. Not helpful.

- Would give this App zero stars if possible

Worst app I have ever used. My itinerary does not show up on my app despite entering it in and logging in multiple times. It crashes constantly or just times out. None of my bookings or spending is reflected on my profile. Every time I enter my itinerary number using the app, the app takes you to a browser with a header asking you to download and use the app. I wish I had booked my trip using a different platform.

- Hard to share links with others

The app isn’t great when you want to share a potential place with another guest, and doesn’t give you the option to invite them to the booking at the end. In addition, the photos aren’t great to view - slow to load and only a few pictures available on the app. Other than that it works great

- Im a good customer with Expedia

I got charged for an amendment fee of AUD 114 just because I had a mistake in my return flight for my next trip, i have been a good customer of Expedia however Expedia charged me for changing my flight just few minutes after I did my booking, this is unfair. I also checked with the airline and the airline doesn’t charge anything, I work on Freight forwarding industry. Terrible experience with Expedia... I’m I’m very disappointed. I think I will be looking for other alternatives after this experience.

- Horrible experience

I wouldn’t touch this service with a 10 foot pole in future. Absolutely disappointing experience with how they handled my tickets booked on Virgin Australia. Just passed it all to the carrier that is almost non existent and washed their hands off everything. There is a reason we didn’t book direct on Virgin and instead went through Expedia as we trusted the brand - but this experience has revealed how shallow the promises of this brand are. Not worth a cent of my money!

- No customer loyalty

During this period of time ( Coronavirus) was heartened that our hotel had made allowances for all bookings including prepaid non refundable to be rebooked or resort credit issued, however this needed to be recognised by Expedia.. all throught this epidemic their non refundable policy has been reiterated and webpage enquiry refers you back to fine print .. trying to get a call thru was impossible and like so many others on social media and forums I have to say that Im very disappointed in this company

- The app itself is good support is nonexistent

I’m not here to complain about the app itself. I understand that that’s the purpose of this review. But I’ve tried booking flights and accommodation thrice on this app for the same hotel. Each time it failed and in the last attempt it deducted money from my credit card, however I still don’t have a booking. Been on call waiting since more than an hour. The chat support isn’t helping.

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- Very convenient and fast!!!!

Using app for the first time...flight and hotel in Manila completed in 15min. Fast, great layout and easy to use.

- Yes, you exceeded my expectations!

If you phone SpringHill Suites the automated message will say that their goal is to exceed your expectations. And they succeeded. I have nothing but great things to say about the facility, the service and the staff. Clean accommodations, great pool area for the family and such pleasant people. Nothing but friendly service over the phone and in person. Great team! I would highly recommend this hotel and the area for that matter as there is so many dining and shopping/supply options for a day before a cruise.

- Very good website

The is my preferred vendor for my travel plans.

- Awesome

The Expedia app is quick and simple! Wish I can use PayPal to pay, it seems only credit / debit only for now. I would recommend this app!!!

- Keep upgrading this app

Would love to be able to book multi city trips and have had a lot of errors while booking hotel. Great app otherwise.

- Chat bot waste of time

So the new look and feel of Expedia is terrible. The chat bit just wastes time trying to retrieve who knows what from where and literally minutes later is no closer to cancelling or modifying a booking! Whatever happened to the old style of modification, where it would be so much easier and FASTER to use. Honestly Expedia…, I have no idea what is happening there, but the bot has to go before people leave out of frustration of waiting !!! Really bad quality assurance testing!

- Absolutely horrific service

Arrived after 10 pm building three was closed… building one said to get Expedia to transfer reservation over to them and Expedia refused to assist in any way…. Rude service that doesn’t stand behind their service. Leave you stranded and offer no support if something happens… all they had to do was transfer the reservation… call building one and transfer the stupid reservation… nope instead have to pay full price at the other building ($30+more per night) and hope to god they don’t try to bill for the other reservation because they wouldn’t even cancel that one!!!!! Do not use Expedia!!!!!!

- Lack of Customer Service

I booked a motel last minute. I called the motel if they were ok with us checking in really late as we were in road and needed a place to sleep for a few hours. The motel confirmed and said it was fine and to go ahead and book. After booking we get a call about 40 mins away from the motel that the it was late and she receptionist wants to go sleep and does not want to wait. We got charged and had to sleep in the car since every other place was booked. I followed up with Expedia and they pretty much did not do anything. Told me they will call me back and follow with the motel which they did not do. Been a loyal customer on Expedia for pretty much my entire travels. Very disappointment!

- Terrible experience

I book a place with this Vrbo and Expedia be very careful cause the cancel my booking without telling me anything now I have flights and tickets for places and not place …. Sooo frustrating

- Canada/USA bookings don’t work

I can’t use the app if I book from Expedia.com so when I try to find my itinerary it cannot. And I cannot download Expedia.com only the Canadian app. Not helpful at all.

- Do not book through Expedia

I had a worst experience for booking my vacation through Expedia. I called to have some information, and all 3 agents that talking to them didn’t know anything about their package, like Free transit, the distance from beach and extra, and when finally I booked, right away I found out that the spelling of my name was wrong, just one word. I sent the email and asked them to correct my mistake, and no reply from them. When I finally called them they charged me $50 for correcting the spelling, and when I complained he told that it was mentioned in terms and conditions!!! I was really upset as I am a gold member of Expedia. I will never get back to Expedia as they don’t appreciate loyalty.

- Bait and switch scammy practices

I have tried renting a car on three different days. Every time I pick the car and enter my payment info within a minute. As soon as I hit "Reserve", I get a message "We hate when this happens. Your price increased ".

- Virtual agent

To force customers to cancel through Virtual agent which is not working is a terrible experience!

- Walid

Very bad customer services

- Bunch of Crooks

I have $1600+ in airline credits that Expedia is holding. Wish I never booked anything through these crooks. I’m trying to book a flight for me and my daughter to Anaheim to go to Disneyland. On Expedia’s website it CLEARLY shows each ticket is below $450 each. Expedia is telling me our flights are $800+ which I can see is a complete lie. These scammers should be put out of business. Just because I have credits and can’t book online they’re flagrantly ripping me off. Never again will I buy anything from these crooks again

- They didn’t own their mistake

here is my story hoping that we can share it with the public the people get aware of what has happened aiming that nobody will go through what I have been through. i booked a flight from Calgary to Lebanon on 4 August for a month after being almost 6 years away from my family . the main reason was to introduce my daughter who is 4 years old who was born in Canada to my family who didn't get to meet her in person. and the other reason that made me take that decision in spite of the unlivable situation in Syria is to see my siblings maybe for the last time on the land of Syria who are evacuating the country because of the economic crises in the country. so in long story short, it was our last meeting as a family in Syria until who knows when. i booked my flight through Expedia as a travel agent and here where the headache has started, after booking my flight for an affordable price and with a very convenient route, the airlines changed my flight to a very long inconvenient one 1 week before my trip. so i had to call Expedia assuming they would solve it for me and that is what they said after being on the line for 5 hours and after delaying my original booking for 2 days for a better flight they made me believe the issue was solved. I went to the airport on the 4 of August but they didn't allow us to fly because the tickets were not issued. i called Expedia and they denied that they made a mistake and they made me make calls back and forth spending a full day talking to them and to emirates airlines who booked me an alternative trip which was the one I refused when they made the change. Expedia was able to call the airlines directly preventing me from going through these back and forth phone calls since I'm a single mom of my 4 years old daughter. my baby had to go through this waiting time with me and through all that frustration. i accepted the replaced trip on 6 of august based on what Expedia promised to open an investigation and get back to me. i never heard from them and I went to Syria and came back. and I will list all the problems that Expedia caused: I had to redo the PCR test because I missed the first flight I had to take a cab from the airport to come back home when I missed my flight. I had to do a night stay in LOS Angelos because the layoff of the return trip was 30 hours. I had to take 2 cabs from and to the airport in the US. I had to check out my bags in LAX and carry them to the bus with my Daughter to go to the taxi area at the airport. the shameful part is that Expedia offered me $50 as compensation and later when I declined that they offer me a voucher to book a hotel just as an enforcement step to make me deal with them again.

- Messed up my hotel

I asked for the person who was helping me to book two rooms to make sure the hotel hot tub is going and I arrived to find out that it wasn’t and it ruined our night

- Zero Customer Service

Expedia is now a joke. I don’t use it to purchase. Just for info. Never again!

- Scam

I live here in Canada I booked a hotel in Halifax Nova Scotia to spend one night I booked a room through Expedia at $228 a night received an email for $446 called up shortly after cancelled my reservation and told me that I will not be refunded. But my reservation has been cancelled. After arguing with customer service for 20 minutes they said the only way for me to get a refund was for the hotel to approve a refund then Expedia will refund what’s owing we had a three-way call it was all approved it’s been five weeks and still no credit good job Expedia. Scam artists.

- After a year and a half no answer on a car rental dispute in mexico

After endless phone calls (with promised of this being resolved in 48 hrs) online chats, emails (never returned) and anything else i could do to talk to a human who would not ‘pass the buck’….i am here. A negative review is the very least i could say. I have ALL the evidence, saved screen shots with expedia employees and when finally i was able to find an email address, i sent a message asking to send all my evidence in on paper. No response..this saddens me. At first it was Covid that was the excuse, now i see it as just down right poor customer service. After this i go to the media. We have a great news channel that specifically has a news caster who deals with these types of issues where the customer is being scammed. Fox Car rental should also be named here, they are also to blame. DO NOT RENT A CAR IN MEXICO #1 and NEVER THROUGH FOX CAR RENTAL AND DONT TRY AND BACK IT UP BY DOING IT THROUGH EXPEDIA FOR EXTRA PROTECTION AND TRANSPARENCY BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE!!!! (that was specially told to me by an expedia employee, who clearly was saying this because of past history). RATHER THAT HELP THE CUSTOMER THEY HIDE BEHIND THE COMPUTER/PHONE…NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILBITY. EXPEDIA JUST KEEPS PASSING THE BUCK FOR IMMEDIATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, BUT NOTHING EVER EVER HAPPENS!!! SO DISAPPOINTING EXPEDIA, SHAME ON YOU!!!

- The app is beyond frustrating

I’ve changed the idiom 10 times, and finally it stuck. I’ve booked four different things yet is has no record of my itineraries and when I input my itinerary numbers it says they don’t exist. Then when I go to support they admit I have itineraries but the app itself won’t. Beyond frustrating

- Do not book using Expedia

They are not honest about airline policies and try to only issue credits rather than refunds. This has happened to me twice now. They change their tune when you read from the airline policy. Do not call for a refund until you have done your own research. I will not be using them in the future. Book with the airline directly.

- Brutal Service

I preordered my car, very poor directions, wasted an hour trying to find the place. When I got there they were so rude and there were so many extra charges, some due to my flight Change. I ended up leaving and not taking the car. I will never ever use Economy ever. I am surprised they are on Expedia. What are my chances on getting a refund ?

- Terrible customer service

We booked a hotel room through phone call and when we got the bill via email, we saw that they have charged us more than 20% for tax (when they charge 11% on the Expedia App) PLUS $14.99 for reservation fee (which the hotel said they never charge people for that). I Called the customer service 3 times and at the end they only waved the reservation fee which they shouldn’t have charged us in the first place and they didn’t. Had to pay $32.14 TAX for a ROOM PRICE of $153 per night. That’s insane that they can charge different percentages for TAX for the SAME ROOM and SAME PRICE.

- Can’t use app unless update everything

App itself is very useful, but I HATE that it asks for updates all the time. If you don’t update, you can’t use it. It is so frustrating.! If I want to update the app, I have to update my IOS. And my phone is a relatively old one, so updating the system can be a bit of a problem. So basically what Expedia doing is telling me that people like me with old phones who can’t afford the newest versions of phones and systems SHOULD NOT BE WITH THEM. This is condescending, frustrating, and it causes such inconvenience in my life since I travel often.

- Very bad

The worst ever

- Required to change reservation

On hold for over an hour with no timeline as to when you would answer the phone. Will not use Expedia again.

- Gold Member Customer - Avoid

A 5 month nightmare. Had to cancel our Europe trip due to covid. Bookings.com, Airbnb and Hotels.com took care of all cancellations within 1 singular call and in Airbnb’s case no call just full reimbursements - I am over 30 phones calls in, countless days and night of hold and call time, including missing days of work, I am over 80 emails in and as of 30 minutes ago finally out and end to this stress mess created by you. - I was lied to(given false information) by Expedia numerous times. Had agents contradict themselves over and over. - I’ve had agents tell me they cannot do something such as call hotels/airlines then hang up and call back 10 minutes later to have the next agent call these hotels and airlines - Promised vouchers that I did not receive but given a $50 credit for the headache. Thanks that covers a lot....absolute joke - Had 2 managers hang up on me mid conversation, not disconnect, actually hang the phone up on me. Note no swear words or threats were made. 1 of these occurred last night - I was hung up on while on speaker with my 60 yr old parents listening and spouse. My spouse has video footage which she will be sharing to social media. - I was told countless times Expedia would call me back or be returning my emails once they got answers. Not once did I receive a call back, and emails I had to follow up on in order for them to respond. I had the hotels following up with me personally before Expedia. - the first month after numerous attempts none of my requests were even processed. I finally got a supervisor on the phone who handled a good portion of the mess and was completely blown away how nothing was handled prior. Apologized over and over. - Now to cap it off my last reservation was a travel credit through air Canada, I followed Expedia’s step by step process on how to use this travel credit which I planned to do yesterday. I sent them the exact itinerary of what I wanted to book for less than the travel voucher but Expedia insisted I had to pay over $1000 to secure this booking so after 14 hours of calls/emails to both air Canada and Expedia - it was air Canada who confirmed Expedia is in fact not booking the itinerary you requested they are booking you in premium Economy. Everything Expedia told me about air Canada was not true. I tell Expedia this and they still tell me there is no economy seats available. BUT I CAN BOOK THIS ECONOMY SEAT THROUGH THEIR EXPEDIA WEBSITE as well as multiple other booking platforms but no Expedia stated there ticketing is what’s accurate. AIR CANADA AGAIN CONFIRMED THIS WAS IN FACT NOT TRUE. So 2 supervisors and 3 agents tell me this seat is not available when it %100 is! I can’t book it on my own dime right this second. So then I change the travel plans to accommodate Expedia and then they tell me this credit does not cover airport taxes and I will also have to pay another tax on top of this so again I am out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Expedia insists there is nothing they can do and I am out of luck. So I again call air Canada and I actually had the air Canada agent laughing at how incompetent YOUR team is. So she had me record a step by step process to play to your agents on how to process me a AIR CANADA TRAVEL VOUCHER which she said all the staff at Expedia should know and should have offered you. THIS WILL ELIMINATE ALL FEES and allow me to use my full credit as I see fit. I had multiple Expedia employees tell me there was nothing they can do and I have to eat the cost. So if I would have shut my mouth my parents would be out 1000’s of dollars on Christmas Eve. So I call Expedia back and they process my parents the A.C.T.V. is less than 3 minutes. Expedia is now cut out of the equations. The incompetence, lack of communication and disrespect your team has shown is truly disgusting. I am a gold member, I have never in my life gone out of my way to write a bad review for anyone so this is a first. I will never in my life book another trip through you again, nor will anyone in my family and be sure to share these stories everywhere I can. You have screwed me and my family over and over again. Sincerely a once loyal Expedia Gold Member

- Horrible

The service is an absolute disaster They issued me 3 different e-tickets, then voided them and did not tell me. Nor have they updated my itinerary and it does not seem that they will.

- Price change

In the middle of my booking the price changed

- Asked three times

Key did not work initially Only one bath robe in room upon arrival Had to ask three times to get second robe as there are tow people in the room

- Eh…

Cannot specify nonstop flights or a specific airlines before starting the search. Why?

- Customer service

The call agent I spoke today with was nice, but I hate this company’s overall customer service procedure. 1) Takes too long: Took 4 hours for them to pick up the call and another 1 hour to buy the ticket. 2) I can only use the credit via call, which is very inefficient. Expedia, please don’t reply to this comment that you can use online because I tried & ultimately you guys ask me to call to use the credit. 3) Expedia overcharges $1000 extra for buying the same ticket if I were to buy it from Expedia directly. They say they just charge extra for customers that uses credit. They should be transparent about this extra charge from the start. Otherwise, I would’ve bought the ticket directly from the airline.

- Terrible

Worst Service, spent the hole day trying to Cancel my flight wasted my money pls don’t book flights with this company.

- Filters

Please add Spa Bath in amenities. Thank you

- Love it

I always use this website! Just downloaded the app 🤩

- Offre qui n’existe pas

Des offres affichées et tu peut pas acheter, c’est de l’import quoi!!

- Aggressively slimy company

The only company that sends ads to my email without any way to unsubscribe (I really tried). That’s a really slippery, slimy line to cross!

- Do not use this app

Absolutely horrible, I have 1400$ in credits that I can’t access. The customer support told me to calm down and handle business when I said this was unacceptable. As soon as I can use even a fraction of these credits I will never use Expedia again which was my mistake in the first place

- Friendly all the time

Whenever I need a cheaper ticket I found Expedia the best

- Would give this app a 0 if I could

My bookings won’t show up, my itinerary number it asks for doesn’t work and the support bot repeats “I have no bookings” though I have both itineraries in my email.

- Remboursement interminable

La compagnie est très rapide pour encaisser , mais quand il s’agit de rembourser cela peut prendre 8 à 12 semaines . C’est incroyable !! Voir hallucinant ! C’est la première fois que je vois un délais si long …

- Sucks

To cancel a free reservation, it would not allow me to find my reservation. I will have to call. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP.

- Booking

I book the wrong night as the nights popped up again. Then I called and they told me I had to cancel the day before. Instead of fixing my dates. Had me rebook to get my first booking cancelled without penalty. Said they can’t guarantee my refund. I laughed and dismay and then the man said oh now your laughing. I said yes. I was trying to explain what I was told and he told me I had to be quiet and listen to him. I am the customer and he was awful to work with. They booking lady was very helpful that was rebooking me and I appreciate it. If I am not refunded I will never use your site again. Thank you for listening. Respectfully Dawn Robins 3069607825. If you would like to have a conversation

- Worst experience

I got the e-mail with the flight purchase confirmation including the itinerary number, yet the app doesn’t recognize the registered e-mail (the same the confirmation arrived) or the itinerary number. It’s a laughing stock.

- Unclear policy from both Expedia and Crowne Plaza Portland Hotel

I make a group booking for my employees through Expedia to stay at the Crowne Plaza Portland Hotel for 3 days. Some of my staff needed to leave one day early. The hotel charged for the entire 3 days and offered no explanation, claiming I needed to go back to Expedia to ask for a refund of the extra day. Expedia then claimed it was Crowne Plaza who made the policy of Pay Later. In all of the hotels I ever stayed in, Pay Later means to pay on the actual day you check in and the actual day you check out. We were never charged for the entire stay if we decided to leave earlier. Crowne Plaza must be hurting for guests and based on this fiasco, they have lost our entire company account. Doubletree is just next door and we’ll be taking our business there.

- Nice and easy to book

Very nice and easy way to book trips .

- Amazing

It is always a pleasure staying at the Moose. The hotel is clean, and the staff is friendly. The rooftop pool and hot tubs are wonderful after a long day. The Pancini restaurant is delicious and reasonably priced; I highly recommend the shrimp risotto.

- Worst

Worst site ever used to booking . I had worst experience.

- Phone

Can never get through to these people it’s pathetic

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Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car 22.17.1 Screenshots & Images

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images
Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car iphone images

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car (Version 22.17.1) Install & Download

The applications Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car was published in the category Travel on 2011-04-07 and was developed by Expedia, Inc. [Developer ID: 314063735]. This application file size is 146.82 MB. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car - Travel app posted on 2022-04-29 current version is 22.17.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.expedia.booking