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San Francisco Chronicle App Description & Overview

The applications San Francisco Chronicle was published in the category News on 2011-05-31 and was developed by Hearst Newspapers. The file size is 115.51 MB. The current version is 2.3.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Fixed crash on article pages
* Resolved issue with loading images on section pages
* Resolved issue with auto-refresh on obituaries page
* Addressed other bugs

Thank you for your feedback. More enhancements are on the way.

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SF Chron app  bonchein  3 star

Unusable when I first tried it, now getting better.


SF Chron  C.Ratzlaff  1 star

Worst app I’ve experienced. Most of the time it won’t load anything but the Front Page and Comics sections—if those. It freezes before I can get through the Front Page section. Last week Tuesday’s Front Page stayed through the rest of the week; only the date changed. I’ve attempted to get tech help, but their suggestions have not fixed the problems. Some days I’ve managed to get through a few extra sections, but only by closing and removing the app, and hard booting the iPad several times.


Updating of articles  gumbozilla  1 star

I moved from Bay Area to Texas. Got app to keep up with Bay Area sports. Many times articles stay the same in all sections for up to a week and sometimes even more. Poor attempt to digitize a paper. The real paper I used to get daily was great!


Freezes  BruceW20115555  1 star

The key to happiness with this app is to open it two minutes before you want to use it. By then it will be ready. And be patient while it unfreezes.


Great News, Lousy App  LMS'80  1 star

I love the way the app emulates the look of the newspaper and I use it daily. However, in the past few months the app functionality has devolved. I cannot forward articles without the attempt to do so causing the app to crash. Also, the headlines of articles I had read used to turn from black to grey, no longer do they do so. I would imagine a growing number of subscribers read the Chronicle via a tablet. I WISH THEY WOULD FIX THE BUGS PROMPTLY!


Frustrating, buggy app  Chookma  1 star

This app is ridiculously buggy and the Chron does nothing to insure these bugs are addressed when they are brought to their attention. Therefore, you cannot rely on the app to allow you to read the paper for which you pay.


Well, the improvement didn't last.  Rhaspun  4 star

My previous problem is now gone. Now I find that animbedded video is sensitive. The video starts to run when I am trying to scroll down. I can't touch the video without the video starting up. Usually I try to flick it to scroll. But the video starts instead. Too sensitive. -------------- Now it is much much slower in loading the articles. It doesn't matter if I use my cellular connection or my home wifi. It can crash sometimes when trying to download an article. Sometimes it will crash and close upon trying to start it. 07/24. It has been a few weeks and yet nothing has been done about the problems. Users should be given credit or time added to the subscription for such poor performance. I may end up canceling my subscription if this type performance keeps up. 08/01: Finally they have fix the issues of crashing, slow starting and loading. I hope they improve the articles. There are some old articles hanging it there. 08/02: Slow loading is back. I wonder if their server is slow. At least it hasn't crashed yet. Why are other news app so much quicker. They also have photos to load. 08/07: It has crashed a couple of times when trying to start the app. Who ever is doing the programming for this app should be taken out to the woodshed. 08/09: I wonder what goes on overnight. Now this app is worst this morning. Now it freezes for a longer period of time. Several minutes. It has crashed twice. When I use other news that have pictures to download they work fine. 08/20: Inconsistent performance. Sometimes it might load articles fairly quickly. Certainly not as quick as other news apps. It can still crash. As others have noted. When trying to load an article it seems like nothing is happening for a couple of minutes. 10/16: For a while the app was quicker in downloading the news. But it seems to fallen back again to a slow start and download. Even has crashed a few times. I wonder what makes this such a low performing news app. Other apps have photos also. 11/11/17: I downloaded and reinstalled this app after deleting it. Now it is finally working the way it should have. It finally has some snap to it. I will have see if it will last.


It’s gotten a whole lot better  Stuartbaker1776  4 star

It’s seems like they worked through bugs and now the Chronicle apps works much better. Straight forward and easy navigation.


Repeats articles from week before  NLCALC  1 star

I keep paying for this paper so that when I go on vacation I could read the paper on my iPad. Besides the occasional crashing I am disappointed that the same article from the previous Sunday shows up in the latest Sunday edition as the latest article for the new week

Aldus M

Grudging tentative kudos  Aldus M  3 star

After YEARS of dealing with one of the worst apps ever, horrible update after horrible update, I must tip my hat to this version of a functional app. Loads quickly, hasn't crashed (so far) and relatively easy to use. Thank you!


Are you listening Chronicle?  Wynnsworld  1 star

As indicated by others, the app is currently all but unusable. Embarrassing effort!


Terrible!  AGrinberg  1 star

This has got to be the worst app ever. Takes forever to upload. Won't switch to different sections. Gets stuck when you try to scroll.

Lena Brook

Worst app on my phone  Lena Brook  1 star

I couldn't be more disappointed with the Chron app. It is entirely unstable, doesn't load from alerts and doesn't update. The phrase "utterly useless" comes to mind. Not helpful during this especially stressful time in the Bay Area where people are relying on news more than ever.


Horrible  sfbraincandy  1 star

You'd think a San Francisco paper could find someone who could make functional app, but the Chronicle can't seem to. Doesn't open. If it opens it won't load. If it loads it won't refresh. If you get that far you're confronted with both app and subscription password issues that don't seem to stick. If you're a subscriber, just read (if you must) via a browser.


Terrible  SaltWaterHappy  3 star

What an awful newspaper app. There is a fix though. It stores large amounts of data and that slows to stops the app when the storage gets big. Go to setting and clear storage and set it not to save data. You can also erase and reload the app. Once I did this it actually worked fairly fast.


A downgrade  Kopperhead67  1 star

This continues to be a truly terrible app. I am a lifelong Chronicle reader, but this app makes it nearly impossible to consume their product. Loads glacially, crashes repeatedly. The Chron is doing its best to drive me away as a customer.


App Fail  Blydonlam  1 star

I’m actually surprised this app is allowed in the Apple App Store. It consistently crashes and freezes, and it almost feels like it is getting worst over the past few months.

Janet dickly

Chronicle, please start over and try again!  Janet dickly  1 star

Words cannot describe how poorly this ap works. Constant freezes essentially make reading the Chronicle impossible. I have been trying to read just one section and have wasted 30 minutes. When will the Chronicle address the problem?


What good is an app that doesn’t load?  ToddD_1111  1 star

The update says they fixed the load time? What a joke! The Chronicle irrelevant if you can’t read it.


Colossally BAD app  103David  1 star

There must be a reason for this, but every day I plan to drop/delete this waste of time. Why, I ask can my competing New York Times app pop up instantly, all sparkly and new while my pipeline for local news, the Chronicle, waits until morning shower/shave is completed before it deigns to display yesterday’s front page. There are quite good reporters and photographers providing material...if one can wade through the amateurish web site. They must scream in frustration at the presentation of their work. I suspect there is a sub minimum wage provider somehow involved. Oh, well, I just keep the Chron for the comics, anyway...though even they suffer...

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