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Get the smart reporting, award-winning photos, trusted team of columnists and second-to-none coverage of Houston that you expect from the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Chronicle gives readers what they want, when they want it and where they want it, including:

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- The daily funnies in a Comics section updated every day
- Dazzling photo galleries and 360-degree panoramas
- Features from The Chronicle’s team of trusted experts and columnists

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Houston Chronicle App Description & Overview

The applications Houston Chronicle was published in the category News on 2011-09-27 and was developed by Hearst Newspapers. The file size is 102.79 MB. The current version is 2.2.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Bug fixes

Thank you for your feedback. More enhancements are on the way.

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AM Babs

Slow, slow, slow  AM Babs  2 star

IT'S GETTING WORSE!! How do I unsubscribe????


Awful iPad app  yodacohen  1 star

What is Hearst Corporation even THINKING putting out such a dysfunctional app? It takes over a half hour to load on a 100mbps cable connection. Some sections simply lock up and do not load at all. No phone support. Heck. You don't even have phone support for PAPER Subscribers by late Sunday morning, when some subscribers FINALLY have time to actually READ the Sunday Chronicle or catch-up for the week. American corporate service industry management never ceases to amaze me. First priority is cut expenses and assume customers will continue buying. A wise tv media person once told Ann Hodges: "Cut expenses in a downturn? We ALWAYS watch our expenses. That is part of running a successful business. Our interest is in growing revenue. THAT is how we boost our profits. We want to maintain and grow our viewership. And you don't do that by lousy programming and lousy customer service." I have tried the app on other iPads with other internet connections. Same problems. Hint to Hearst: why don't you discuss with NY Times and WAPO app developers and license one of their apps that actually WORKS? You cannot just ignore the digital world. Some people have abandoned paper medium and the will abandon the Chronicle altogether if you cannot find a functional, fast, convenient way to deliver via a viable digital IPad and Android app. It shouldn't take 45 minutes for today's editorials to appear on an iPad.

Wrong Jan

Hate it.  Wrong Jan  1 star

The older version that looked like the print edition was so much easier to navigate. I have always gotten a thrown paper, but opted for the data version once I got my iPad. Since the "update" I rarely open this app. Editors, take this challenge: Read an article in print - say Ken Hoffman's reprint in May 19, 2017 - then try to find it by choosing sections, so you can send it to someone. You know what section it's in. But, you can't find that section!

Green Lantern 75

Houston Chronicle app  Green Lantern 75  3 star

Use to be the worst app on my tablet: slow to load, and constantly crashing. Much improved, but still a bit slow, and it leaves a huge amount of stored junk behind. Download and store for offline reading far from satisfactory (too many stories still say they need online access). Content though is first rate, which is why I've stuck with the app.


Slow and crashed frequently  jraines  1 star

it's very slow and some days it won't open without crashing in 10 seconds


Not a Functional App  HoustonPhil  1 star

This is probably the worst app I have ever used - not kidding. I have been using it for over two years as a paid digital subscriber and despite frequent updates it only gets worse. Painfully slow to load, crashes about half the time on startup. Content doesn't seem to update on a daily basis. After launching the app, if you try to select an article, the first several attempts never finish loading (white screen with progress wheel, just keeps turnin'...). My iPad says the app is using 2.88 Gb of storage. When I use the app controls to clear the content cache....it indicates it is clearing the data but never completes. Seems like one more reason to just delete the app... As a paid subscriber to the Chronicle it is not worth the subscription price.


Unacceptably slow to load  Fishdoctor2  1 star

Previous comments have noted that the app is very slow to load. On an average day, it takes me at least five minutes to get the app to start bring up stories. If you go to Front Page and select an article, it just grinds and grinds and loads nothing. Then you have to go to Sections and try other choices. Usually about a couple of different selections, you will get one to load an article, then you're okay from that point on. The authors have known about this problem, but have done nothing to fix the problem. Because of the aggravation, and lack of concern on behalf of the Chronicle, I'm probably going to cancel my subscription.

Kcim Y

Slow and buggy  Kcim Y  1 star

This app takes forever to refresh and it cannot launch from a story notification. It try's each time but then just quits. The app never seems to improve.


Very little content  matador96  1 star

The web site tends to crash when you first sign on, so you have to do it twice. Lots of old news which is one way to look like there is a lot of content. All they need to do is look at the NYTs and copy.


Houston Newspaper  mwp1956  3 star

Southeast Texas news source since forever.


EnjeuxÉnergies EnjeuxEnergies 3 star

Date: May 23, 2017 Texas Railroad Commissioner Christie Craddick. ( Mayra Beltran / Houston Chronicle ) The...


Fitness online_dnyana 3 star

Some Waco families get 'prescription vegetables' for #health - Houston Chronicle


Preview Now PreviewNow 3 star

@rachaelgleason: Houston's Ancient Cat Society performing live at the Houston Chronicle: #hubconcert …

Freeze frame 125

Still gets stuck  Freeze frame 125  3 star

I'm giving it 3 stars because the idea of a great app, and the paper itself is so good, but the truth is, it's still sluggish and temperamental. Many times I have to start over to get the paper to appear. I love the crosswords and yesterday it never showed up.


Can't tell what is in today's paper versus prior papers  nbqy  1 star

Poorly organized. App is slow to update.

Chronicle app

Poor performance  Chronicle app  1 star

The Houston Chronicle app is slow and unreliable. It crashes at least once while reading the paper. Quite often it crashes more than once. When it restarts it asks whether you want to send a report and I say yes all the time. Not sure that the developers do anything to fix the problems. The app is also very slow when you go from one article to the next one or even to the next page of the same article. I also read other magazines and papers on my iPad like Business Week, Time, Fortune, USAToday. They are all significantly better meaning faster and crash resistant. I don't understand why the Chronicle has all these problems and why they cannot learn from other apps. I am almost ready to cancel my subscription because the app performance is so poor.


Unreadable and unusable  Boudreauxx  2 star

My last review is below - it is just slightly better than that now. Incredibly slow to load sections if they load at all. The app had gone for bad to unusable with the latest "updates". It rarely is ever usable at all. This is without a doubt the worst excuse for a news app ever! It has no resemblance to an organized effort at presenting the equivalent of the newspaper electronically. There is no flow, logical organization or intuitive look to it. It's as if it was a summer project given to an intern.


HC app  MEFORTBEND  2 star

Always some problem with it. Don't like this new version.

Haney iTunes

Better but still room to improve  Haney iTunes  4 star

The app has continued to improve and eliminate bugs. It still takes a while to update when you open the app the first time of the day. The order in subsections like college sports appears random and doesn't include all of the stories from the print version. I have been using for three years and it is much improved from the first year when I was overseas and using it to get Houston news.


Super!  jotex54  3 star

Love being able to read the news from home on my way to work - half way round the world (Switzerland)! But the App is slow, and I miss being able to go back and read previous issues.


Ap  Steams38  1 star

Terribly slow


Slow & unpredictable  Farklefarkle  1 star

Have to clear storage every time to get it to do anything then it is slow to respond. I would expect more for the price.


Much improved  Stuartadams1  5 star

I receive the printed version of the Houston Chronicle at my house. Other people read the printed edition, I use the digital version on my iPhone and iPad. I never have any problems. Years ago there were problems logging on but that has been fixed. Houston Chronicle is my first choice for news, real journalists putting together news, no sound bytes or sensationalism.

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