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The largest newspaper in Texas – the Houston Chronicle – is now an interactive, multimedia experience, reimagined for the App Store.

Get the smart reporting, award-winning photos, trusted team of columnists and second-to-none coverage of Houston that you expect from the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Chronicle gives readers what they want, when they want it and where they want it, including:

- First pick of exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else
- Local news from the Woodlands to Downtown and throughout greater Houston, including updates throughout the day
- The daily funnies in a Comics section updated every day
- Dazzling photo galleries and 360-degree panoramas
- Features from The Chronicle’s team of trusted experts and columnists

It’s all in an exciting, digital format delivered instantly every day to your iPad or iPhone.

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No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period.

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Houston Chronicle App Description & Overview

The applications Houston Chronicle was published in the category News on 2011-09-27 and was developed by Hearst Newspapers. The file size is 110.00 MB. The current version is 2.2.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Improved load times

Thank you for your feedback. More enhancements are on the way.

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Takes forever to load  Garyfan2  2 star

I really get tired of waiting for something to show up in the blank screen so I often move on to another news source. I am seriously reconsidering my subscription due to this problem. Which is a shame, because when the page loads, I do like the content.


Is it supposed to work?  BattleRed  1 star

If you like reading a blank white page this is the app for you. I'm assuming they no the app doesn't work & somebody is trying to fix it. They said they did, they didn't. I'm giving it another week then I'm canceling.


It's a joke  Sassy4567  1 star

Terrible. Freezes, does not open properly and is just plain slow. Old one was much better.


Doesn't open  Russtdo  1 star

This is very disappointing. The app still has to be opened several times before it will work


Still ....... Worst app ever!!  Leslie6404  1 star

Just downloaded latest update. Have opened and closed 5 times already. Still yesterday's news. So what bug fixes were handled?? Maybe need new IT people??!!


Too slow  [email protected]  1 star

Takes forever to load when it will load!!!


Horrible  Pbc1999  1 star

Most user unfriendly app. Freezes. Won't load. Front page isn't first to load when it does load. Many users saying the same thing, so why no fix? Updates NEVER address these issues. Please pay attention to your paying customers and fix this mess. 9/11 - Have spent almost ten minutes to get app to open. Then, when it FINALLY does, the articles won't open. What a waste of time. Worst app to deal with.


Worst news app I've ever used  Chelhere  1 star

Extremely slow to open and to load stories. Crashes often. I give up more often than not. I read more Chronicle articles on news aggregator sites than on this app. I keep trying because this is my hometown paper, but it is SO FRUSTRATING. Please buy some decent software, Houston Chronicle!

Magnus Foote

Crashes regularly  Magnus Foote  1 star

Does anyone at the Chronicle use this app? Routinely crashes, articles don't open. Great if you like watching spinning balls.

17 year subscriber

Worse with every update  17 year subscriber  1 star

I've taken the Chronicle for 17 years and have used this app for something like 7 years. Each app update is a step backwards as it gets harder to find the latest news among the repeated items, takes 2 or 3 boots of the app to get it to actually display stories beyond the front page, etc. Then the Chronicle decides to remove the comics from the app. Makes me wonder if this is all a plot to drive subscribers back to the print edition or to move to other news sources.


Donald Bower DonaldBower9 3 star

@DanCrawfordMBA: @texan2you @txnroxy @DiamondandSilk @Lrihendry @HoustonTexans @NotBobMcnair I hope not as well! Here's a good article a…


neez neez 3 star

Wind, other renewable energy sources are the answer to climate change - Houston Chronicle


MARCO BAL99 marco_bal99 3 star

@latinafighter2: Video shows Louisiana police officer fatally shooting suspect - Houston Chronicle


Mediocre Performance Continues  SudokuNut3  1 star

Continues as a pathetic app. No progress in any updates. The management of Houston Chronicle is obviously not interested in going digital. Unfortunately, the alternative is obscurity, irrelevance. LATEST UPDATE: The latest version is worse. App freezes when trying to open initial articles. Requires app reboot to clear. This app is moving in the wrong direction - needs major rework. Come on Chronicle, are you listening?. PREVIOUS UPDATE(S):Little improvement noted. ** cannot access articles from links embedded in articles. To do so requires another logon (why? I am already logged in thru the app) and fails validation even tho I am using same ID and password used to enter the app. ** daily repetition of old articles is maddening. ** very slow daily initial download. If this were the only problem, I'd be tempted to rate 5 stars. As a 5 year user of this app, I've seen some igradual mprovement. But Chronicle has been left to irrelevance by its competitors (NYT & WSJ). Come on Chronicle, why not benchmark performance against successful competitors and take action for needed step-change in app functionality and permanent? UPDATE: While new version is better than past versions, rampant problems remain. I can relate to nearly all of the criticisms listed in iTunes reviews about this app. Why can't Hearst Corp/Houston Chronicle do better than this? NYT and WSJ (I subscribe to both) fully get it. Why doesn't the Chronicle? The only motivation for keeping this app on my iPad is so I can read my local paper while traveling. The app makes that a challenge. Current version has compatibility issues with iOS9.0.1. Lots of strange characters embedded in text - a problem being widely experienced. I like this app's delivery of the Chronicle but find the multitude of bugs and lack of support pathetic. When is The Chronicle/Hearst Corp going to commit to supporting this app? Until then, it will remain mediocre.


Slow and crashes frequently  jraines  1 star

Most recent update (8/2017) is crap. Crashes even more now even with all my tricks for clearing caches and such.


Unresponsive  seacapn  1 star

Stories are slow to load, if they do at all. The only thing that ever comes up quickly is the Cadillac ad.

Beach Donkey

Didn't think it could get worse  Beach Donkey  1 star

It did. Clearly an app developed by people unfamiliar with testing, quality control, usability, or a fundamental concept of programming. This app is beyond salvage. Hearst would be wise to hire a new group to develop a new app from scratch.


The old app had teething problems but....  RedSpyderX  1 star

Update... I tried again after the "It's a new day!" addition to the app. I'm sorry to report it's still too problematic to use. Two main problems. First the most irritating. Stories won't open (a long, longstanding problem). They just do nothing spinning the "wait" icon. The problem seems to be pop up ads. Once you find one story to open (dozen or so frustrating tries) the app shows the pop up then things work. The second problem is that the app completely hangs up. You have to completely shut it down and restart it. It's a new day! But your old, irritating problems remain. ----- Give up ! Your old app had problems as you were developing it but nothing like this abomination. Did you change just to employ some friends that knew nothing about app design? That's the only conclusion I can come to. I have cancelled my subscription and won't be back until the old app returns... suffering through these amateurish updates on this app is not an option.


Garbage  jimminy-v  1 star

This app is garbage. I put up with its unresponsiveness for a year. Now I have decided to use Dallas Morning News app for general news and TV station apps for local news and sports.


What changed?  newberries  1 star

I used to be able to share articles to Facebook from this app, but that feature doesn't work any more. When I try, all that gets shared is the photo from the article 😒 Update 8/6/17 Unable to share articles to Facebook at all! App crashes when I try to share from my iPad.


Getting worse...  mhormann  1 star

Unfortunately the most recent update crashes more frequently that ever. It remains slow and poorly responsive. Been trying to load an article for five minutes, crashes every time despite rebooting. I am willing to pay for news access, but Hearst needs to put some actual effort into this app for it to realize it's potential. I haven't seen that effort yet, and I've been using the app for several years now.


The worst newspaper app.  BrhTexas  2 star

Takes forever to load. You may have to make several attempts. Once it finally loads the front page it will not let you open individual articles. I start with the Chronicle, get frustrated. Move to read international papers with no problem, then other papers from other cities and return to the Chronicle and it is still slow moving. Very frustrating to say the least! My husband laughs every morning and asks why I have not given up already. I will!


Unusable  Badhaircut57  1 star

I find this app to be totally unusable. It is slow to refresh and frequently freezes completely.

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