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What is schoology app? Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more!

With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

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App Name Schoology
Category Education
Updated 01 March 2024, Friday
File Size 110.71 MB

Schoology Comments & Reviews 2024

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Its horrible. Schoology seems like a great app to use for school & everything going on this year especially with COVID-19, but is it really? All the students are having a hard time trying to figure out everything with it. The due dates are too small, you can't delete submissions you didn't mean to send, very unorganized, and doesn't say the assignment are done even after you submit your response. This is a terrible way to have many students focus on school. The courses you are in show up alphabetically and not in order, which can be very stressful and hard on students who like to be organized or have OCD and need to have it a specific way. The notifications are on the home screen of the app, instead they should have each class, like google classroom, with the due date and time, so you can click the assignment and it's easy. The folders in the course class are also very hard to understand. Instead of all the assignments popping up you should just be able to click a certain folder and open it and get what you need. Also, when submitting a Google Document or a Word assignment, the assignment gets all messed up when submitted, which can ruin your students grade. This school year, needs to be organized & easy, for all our online, in school, & hybrid students. This is not an organized app for any school to use. Too messy for anyone. Even the teachers are confused on everything. Terrible app. Not recommended.

Suggestions. The overall app is okay. It’s a bit disorganized, however it is understand due to the fact that if has a lot all on one website/app. However there are a few suggestions I would like to make. For starters when a student submits their assignment in stead of just have the “on time” there should be a green check or a little symbol to represent that it has been submitted. As a student myself I get a lot of anxiety when handing in work and a symbol would be reassuring. Secondly, when a student is done with an assignment, it should be removed from the upcoming area. It could be externally confusing. Either take it out or put a check showing that it has been done. Lastly (this more or person suggestions) even though it may seem like it’s not a big deal, but allowing students to customize it seem pretty cool. No offense to the designers but it’s kinda ugly, which might make some students unmotivated. The option to make is cool, might make us students like to website more. And yeah, that about it.

Disappointed!. Im a student and my school requires Schoology to be used as the main program for distance learning. The website is always down or crashed for hours a day and am unable to access a lot of my work in the meantime. Also notifications from Schoology come way later than the posted time by the teacher. For example my teacher will post an assignment at 1pm but I won’t get the notification for it till 5pm. Good thing I check it every hour to avoid this, but most kids won’t. Update: I get no notifications at all from the Schoology app. Also, something I discovered is that I am not able to remove submissions from being submitted. Sometimes, my assignment does not import properly and it shows “revision 1” and I have no option to delete it and re-submit. Instead, once I re-submit it shows as “revision 2” and the teacher has to go through revision 1 first to get to revision 2 and see the proper assignment. It wastes time for them and is a inconvenience for me as well. I also do not like that the portfolios are not available in the app. Sometimes I need to check my portfolios and have to long in through safari on my phone. It is time consuming and is stupid if I need to check just one thing in my portfolio....

Not my favorite. I use schoology at my school over Google classroom. I like schoology a lot because I can access my grades easily and it’s really nice to see if I miss any assignments. The website on my Chromebook is nicely organized. It’s a great site to use. Though I like schoology a lot, it could improve. For example, I’ve been trying to log in on mobile for a while but cannot because there is no SSO for mobile and that’s an inconvenience. I would enjoy schoology even more if it had an SSO method with Google on mobile. Otherwise, schoology is a Great Site. It’s user friendly, grades are accessed easily, classes are nice and organized (I love how you can reorder them!) and all in all I really like schoology. I just with it would sync better to Powerschool though :( Schoology is Great! I Like using this platform a lot. It’s helped me be more productive as a student and helps my parents access my grades easier. I hope it improves even more!

Bad system, worse app. Schoology itself is a poorly designed system that attempts to turn what ought to be like a project management system into a friendly Facebook like interface, resulting in a system that is bad at being either. It is confusing and difficult for students and parents to navigate and actually know what needs to be done when. This is largely because it doesn’t enforce any standardized input from teachers, because it isolated courses from each other too much, and for parents, because they have to navigate to each student and then within each student to each course in a way that far too often requires two steps. For example, clicking on “courses” seems to open a page, but it’s really just a modal. So the user thinks that after selecting a course, they can click back to get to the courses list. Instead, you go back to the page before. The iOS app makes all this worse because it’s not a true native app, it’s a custom web browser that wraps the website. It cannot, however, display certain kinds of content internally like the website can. It tells you the content is unavailable. Most of it you can actually get to if you zoom in and find the external link, but this is very poor UI design. I would recommend school systems not spend the enormous amount of money this system must cost. As for the rest of us - we’re stuck with the schools’ bad decision, but you’re slightly better off going to a computer and avoiding the app whenever possible.

So many things need to change. Now I know kids are rating this app 1 start so they don’t have to use it anymore but I really don’t like the website/app. 1 for your school to have schoology you have to pay, when you could use google classroom for free. 2 website is always crashing, no matter how good my WiFi is or how many People are trying to get on at one time we have all experienced schoology to not load and not work. 3 although it is nice that you can organize with folder and folders in folders it takes way to long to get to something if you do that, I suggest that after the assignment has been completed it goes away and there should be a tap under all classes saying “all materials” and change the one that is all materials now to “assigned” it would be so much easier to get to things. 4 when you open an assignment and hit “my document” it is sooo small, I don’t know if I’m typing correctly and I can’t see what the question is asking it is so annoying. 5 overdue/missing assignments needs to get better, if something is overdue or almost overdue and I haven’t turned it in of course I like to get an email saying “THIS IS ALMOST DUE” instead of “mr. _____ has updated schoology. Also, sometimes I have something overdue and I know I do, and it’s not even on the “overdue”board. Very poor way to have missing assignments. There are many more reasons, schoology please look at these reviews and try and fix it because if you didn’t already know the app only has 1 star.

Cant even log in. I tried both ways to log in and it never worked. Since it automatically signed me in on my school chromebook I can review the website on computers. First of all it looks kind of boring. I’m not saying google classroom looked more interesting, but this one is so boring. If this is going to be used for kids they should make it look at least a little more colorful or something! My school just started using this so no one really knows how it works yet, we still need practice, but there were no instructions for how it worked. If I’m going to have to press so many buttons just to turn in a single assignment, there should be atleast some tutorial or guide or something. Google classroom was straightforward and everything was right there. You didn’t have to click so many buttons just to get to one thing. Most of my teachers have already had problems with it. Some of them haven’t been able to put in assignments, haven’t been able to grade assignments, and some haven’t been able to view assignments at all! I don’t understand why we ever switched to schoology. Google classroom worked just fine

Disappointed in this app.. This app is one of the worst school based apps I have ever experienced. As a student, I dread logging on to this website everyday. First of all, this app is poorly organized. I can never find any of my work though all of the folders you provide. Even my teachers have told me they hated the program and can’t put in grades. Specifically, I can never find my assignments, or attach anything. It can be very frustrating when you still can’t find anything after 3 quarters of school. I still can’t get my way around Schoology. Secondly, your app always has technical difficulties. For example, I can never see my grades. When I look through them, an asterisk comes up. Imagine waiting weeks for your grade to come up. I am always so frustrated and it makes school so much harder. This is unacceptable. Third of all, the app is always down. I can never get my assignments done in time because I can’t even get onto Schoology. Theses three problems are just a few of all of the flaws you have. Major improvements need to be added onto Schoology. I have never encountered an app through school as poorly as this one.

If you are a district, DONT use this!. This app is very bad in pretty much every way. I’m saying this as a student, who experiences crashes and bugs daily. My peers and I, who normally are ok with doing schoolwork, are now struggling to keep up in the muddy sea that is this app. It has a very clunky design, and takes you back to 2014 when you get into it (it has very outdated software). Schools are always like “Kids should like going to school, what if we add some technology element”. I get it, I honestly really like technology, but this app isn’t the way to go. I would much prefer google classroom since it is more reliable and user-friendly. It takes more than one try to even edit a discussion comment! I answered a discussion question, found that I needed to add 1 sentence, and then I get an error! Come on! Everything says “Sorry for the Inconvenience”, but sorry isn’t going to cut it for all of these school districts that are relying on your website. All in all, please go for a better option like google classroom. This website is not worth the time and effort just for it to crash.

upset. I’m going to try to be as constructive as possible but to be honestly I’m very frustrated with both the app and the website in general. There is no way to un-submit assignments unless your teacher attaches a student template of a document for you- for example I had to turn in a video that I had supposedly cropped to exclude me turning the camera on and off, but it didn’t show up cropped in the video and there’s no going back. The second issue I have is the upcoming or to-do list. It never removes assignments when you submit them and I have to go back and click through the millions of folders to check whether I’ve done it, and this costs me a lot of time that I don’t have. Additionally, it leads to me forgetting about things that I do need to do. The third thing is that it’s not very reliable. When the servers crash, I can’t work because all my Zoom links (which are my only way of accessing the meetings, we don’t have meeting IDs and passcodes) and assignments are on there. Please fix these things. If you did this would be a much more pleasant to use app.

Good app, but a few bugs. The website of Schoology is very good. It is useful for school, especially during coronavirus quarantine because we have to learn from home. However, the app is not as good as the website. When I check the notifications, it doesn’t show me the new ones. Even after refreshing, it still just shows the old notifications. Then, after it finally shows me the new ones, the “notifications” section still has a red dot on it. (Even after the most recent update) When I close the app, it still says that there are a bunch of notifications. I also have trouble accessing links sometimes. Also, when a link actually works, the website it goes to always shows up in a pop-up. It never shows up in an actual browser. Another problem is that it takes forever to upload a video, which is a problem when I’m trying to submit a recorded project. A summary of my review: The website is great, but the app needs some bug fixes. Edit: Most of the links work, but there are still a few that don’t work. I’m still having problems with the notifications. When I checked the app this morning, it said that I had over 50 notifications. I did the same things: open notifications, refresh, go back to home page, refresh, go back to notifications, refresh. I repeated this process several times and I think I refreshed the page about 10 times, but there were still 50. I had to restart my iPad and then refresh 3 more times to get rid of that 50. There is still 1.

Schoology is the best!. I can honestly say that Schoology is the best online program for schools to have. I love how I get notifications on Schoology when a teacher posts, comments, or sends a message. I love how easy it makes things, such as if you forget to write an assignment in your agenda book- it’s most likely already posted in the Schoology calendar. With the app, you don’t need to log in to your laptop and get to schoology- all you do is turn on your phone. How easy is that? I also love how Schoology can be accessed from computers too! This is a great app for all your school needs. Schoology is a great way to communicate with classmates and teachers, even take a quiz on here and get your grade instantly! It’s also a way to get students excited about participating in discussions with other classmates in the social-media platform. I would definitely recommend this for ALL schools!!

Schoology is fine.. That’s about the best praise I can give it. My public school system switched from Google Classroom to this platform for hybrid learning this year because of the feature where they can track users’ exact time and activity on the app (a bit Big Brother-y for me, but okay). The web version works. The design overall is terrible, but it does what it needs to. This app, however, not so much. My teachers have regularly added embedded slides and documents to the updates section of the program, which just simply don’t show up on the app. The video conferencing is another big issue - we use it regularly, and it’s nowhere to be seen on the app. Honestly, don’t even waste your time downloading and setting this up when it works perfectly fine on Safari. To the developers of Schoology: make the web version and the iOS app the same. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to see conferences and certain updates on my iPad that my classmates are seeing on their laptops, and I’ve been late to classes and missing assignments because of it.

Dear Schoology and WCS board. A year ago, a review was written that shows up in the forefront when viewing this app on the appstore. It is a one star review and brings up so many relevant criticisms. However, this review was written an entire YEAR ago and we still experience the exact same problems with the system as a whole. Williamson County Schools, like many counties, have chosen to rely on Schoology and Zoom in combination in order to teach us remotely. Why is it that- even after being provided so much responsibility and opportunity- Schoology still refuses to rework the clunky and outdated formatting? Us students need a reliable and easy to maneuver system in order to cause the least amount of issues during an already stressful and issue-ridden time. So- to Schoology- listen to what your users have to say, we didn’t choose to use your system, but you can choose to make it easier; and to WCS, stop trying to force us to go back in person when there is no reason to. If the need is due to counseling, keep the counseling open for in person- which would allow for a better focus on assistance over education anyways. Sincerely, a distressed student and citizen.

Very efficient. This app actually helps me so much especially when I do not have access to my computer to get on the website and when I need to submit a photo or video. I have noticed that a lot of kids are giving this app one star reviews so that it will be taken off the AppStore which will not even solve anything so I don’t know why they are doing that. They will still have to use the website for school work. And honestly it is just very inconsiderate because many other people including me find it very useful. It is so much easier to upload photos and videos to the app rather than the website because computer image quality is horrible and transferring a photo from my phone to my computer is a hassle. Kids need to stop doing this. It is a great app and really helpful.

point of view from a student. Everyday I go to log into my schoology account it takes me a good ten minutes to load, and then I have to wait for the home screen to load, and after that I have to wait for my class to load so. A good 30 minutes later i'm finally able to start my first assignment of the day, I have around 8-10 assignments every day so waiting 30 minutes for a screen to load isn’t necessarily efficient. Not to mention but our education system put all of our work on this terrible app that glitches out, un-submits half of my assignments, glitches me out of tests and then I'm not able to get back into them. Schoology is the reason i'm doing so bad over distance learning, all of the teachers just think I flunked the test and want to retake it when I email them all because this terrible app keeps glitching. The saddest part about this review is that I put everything very lightly, this app is actually so bad I'm having trouble putting it into words. Also i just want to add after reading other people’s reviews I don't want schoology to get taken down but my experience with this app is very bad but that’s just my experience and you might have a better one than me!

It gets the job done, but not well. It is ok when looking at it without actually using it. When you are an actual student using this it is horrible. I have not met a student that uses this that enjoys it. Pros: It shows all of you let assignments and when they are due. It puts all of said assignments on a calendar. Cons: Just about everything else. Including but not limited to: It doesn’t actually show you overdue work unless you change that in the settings. The amount of digging you have to do to find some things in the grade book is crazy. There are many aspects of the app that are never used. If the work assigned wasn’t put as an assignment it won’t show up on overdue or the calendar making it impossible to know when it has been graded, not to mention if you forgot the due date you have to learn the due date the hard way: by turning it in late. And when looking at a teachers prospective it is very overwhelming, even if they only assign 1 thing to all of their students it shows it as 160 ungraded assignments. It is so confusing that in my school district that 2nd grade and below teachers are barred from even using it with their students. If it is too confusing for second graders, then it shouldn’t be used at all. That is barely even a scratch at the surface. I might be a little biased but still, this is an app that has a confusing interface with some weird aspects overall. Not putting this on the devs, they obviously worked very hard. But there is just a lot to fix.

Clean things up and improve. Clean things up, have an icon or text that says turned in or not turned in so it can be easier, organize things and make it more kid friendly, and also make it simpler for example how is someone supposed to know to press the blue text at the top when there something you have to open or there is like a link and for the different things teacher assign to you in this app you could have little text saying what course or class it’s from and when you open course make it so it only shows the assignments from it and not from other courses. Then show all the assignments on the main page. Also sometimes when o ha e something overdue it doesn’t even pop up on the thing where overdue stuff is. The website crashes a lot as well and the emails are pointless like I don’t care if they updated Schoology U could just tell me when something is overdue, when something is turned in, and what the teacher actually posted on there. Aight I said what needed to be said

Honest feedback?. So my school switched from Blackboard to Schoology this year for the hybrid learning option; two school days and three online days. I’ve always liked Blackboard better because the layout is very simple and it’s easy to access/find things. The theme colors are also very pleasing to the eye. White is a very bright color and I wish Schoology had a dark mode option. The layout is also quite messy and hard to organize things. I do like how you can submit assignments directly through Schoology though. I wish there was a function where when you submit an assignment it has a check mark next to it and when you submit the assignment it checks it off. This would save a lot of time because I have to frequently check which assignments I did. I guess it takes time to get used ton things so overall it’s a pretty good platform. Remember that this feedback is coming from a 7th grade middle school student so I’m trying to be as honest as possible.

A headache to try to use. I took me 2 days to figure out how to switch between my students. Oh, it's not under the 'my children' tab. There isn't anything under there, actually. Nothing is found easily. My son is at the high school now & I haven't figured out how to add the new campus to my 'buildings' list. Nope, it doesn't automatically happen. I have all notifications set to 'on' for email & app notifications & I have yet to receive one. There is no 'parent view' to be able to see what is going on in chronological order. You have to view each item as your student. So you have to check each class, for each student. And the 'courses' tab does not scroll down so you can actually only see the top 5 courses. So I hope you don't need those other 2 for anything!! I hated this app last year & now that my kids are at different campuses I hate it even more!! The website is less ridiculous, but seriously, why have an app at all if it's such a pile of 💩?? I'm on an iPhone X with the latest operating system & my app is updated. Stick with the website if you must use Schoology.

From a parents point of view.. As a parent, I am so disappointed by this app. The concept of this app is unacceptable. It’s unreliable and extremely unorganized. First off, the layout and organization of the app is just terrible. It makes it extremely difficult to read and understand the material given. It’s always such a hassle to first find the things I’m looking for. To add on to this, the app is constantly down. Whenever I go into the app, it always has nice some sort of issue going on. The content never loads and the app itself crashes when being in the app for short periods of time. I wanted to let you know it isn’t my WiFi nor do device I’m using it on. My phone is in very good condition and I’ve only had it for a couple months now. Im for-sure it has no bugs or viruses, and my WiFi is very strong and reliable. I’ve talked to professionals about this topic and they’ve always replied with, “it’s the app, not your WiFi”. To add on, my kids have had much trouble with this app. This includes posting, viewing, and finding information posted by their teachers. I’ve tried google classroom and it’s so much more organized and overall a better app. Once again i am extremely disappointed in this app. Do better next time. You’re truly, Debbie Miller

Horrible. My school decided to use Schoology for homeschool this year and they made a horrible mistake. Most of the homeschool are having this problem: we would turn in work and the teacher would not get it. It would say completed with a check mark and everything and the teacher would only get a few assignments. Almost all of the homeschool students are getting the same problem with different subjects. My problem particularly is in Literature. I always double and sometimes triple check that I have done EVERYTHING in that week on Friday and somehow the teacher does not get it. If you are a school, DO NOT put your students through this stress. I am getting bad grades due to this stupid app. And to you, Schoology creators, you should be ashamed of putting students, parents, and teachers through this stress. I am honestly surprised at how horrible this app is. How could anybody give this app any stars? If I could, I would give this app ZERO stars. Yes, I am only twelve in 7th grade, but I am extremely disappointed, and so are my classmates and family.

Garbage of an “app”. This “app” has some of the most bugs I’ve ever experienced and to get schoolwork turned in is even a question. I’m a student in Texas and we use this dumb app for school especially right now during coronavirus and it doesn’t know wether I turned it an assignment in or not. I will click submit and it won’t even submit it even after it says that it has been submitted so I end up redoing the entire assignment and getting stupid zeros in the grade book because they can’t even submit a dumb assignment. And another thing, there is a toolbar at the side with three lines and every time I scroll DOWN (not to the SIDE) on an assigned that thing pulls up and takes over the whole screen so I have to go all the way back to the assignment because there is no way to go from that toolbar thing back to the assignment. Simple bug fixes people. I’m not sorry to say that you should tell your teachers to get some other app that has some kind of simple bug fix and also tell them not to get this app if I haven’t said that already.

Not very fish app, whomp womp, wouldn’t recommend level one gyatl. This app has GYAT too go. 🤌🤌🤌 I don’t really understand this app it might be the lack of prestige or it might be the car driving in my face, but whatever it is, it’s the to go and truly negative one dojo point I know this app was made by and for educators but it is really really dumb dumb so old and needs anti-aging cream. Yeah drunk elephant would have much to do maybe too much for the brand drunk elephant buy some today and you’ll get a free car anyway I was just telling my Besty, so Janeiro and I was just like what is this apps deal cause they’re like baddies first of all and then they’re like really really not good so I was like that’s that’s not good but it’s not good and then she was like well girl I think you’re kind of a baddie too and I was like I am not your body and then we got a big argument and then she left and then I was talking to my friend Brianna and I was like have you seen this app? It’s so bad, and she was like yeah just like your bad dragon breath and then I was like well. Your breath is kind of stinky as is and then she was like I don’t know anyway, I’m glad I really I’m glad I gave you another review and you’re my besties so like bye see ya! Disapprove and not give his consent to give a fish star rating. 🤌🤌🤌🤌😨🥹🤠😐 don’t touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrible version of Schoology. I’m not writing this because I hate school or whatever. This is genuinely a terrible app. My reasoning? Well for starters half of the stuff on the web browser isn’t even on this app. I had to join a meeting for school because ✨covid✨ and I couldn’t join. I was 5 minutes late thanks to your app because apparently links don’t show up so after trying to figure that out I had to go to the web browser and get on from there. I blame that on y’all. The link was there and working but not on this app. My computer has issues all the time so I have to use my phone and iPad to do schoolwork and I downloaded the app to try and speed stuff up. Terrible mistake on my end. More things. Submitting stuff is a joke to be honest. It takes like 14 hours to submit anything (if it does submit) and it’s so finicky. With google docs it is terrible because if you don’t submit it one of two ways no one can see it or access it. It is terrible with transferring links/pictures especially from other apps and the bugs are ridiculous. It is sooooo unorganized and I have to go back and forth to find one class. The only good thing about this app is that I can get onto Schoology immediately vs using the web browser, and I’d almost rather do that. FIX THE APP OR TAKE IT OFF ITS PRACTICALLY USELESS

Terrible for a parent managing multiple children. When my school district had to change to online learning in 2 days last spring thanks to Covid, they quickly switched to google classroom. While it had its learning curve, within just one week I had figured out how to manage my 4 children in 3 different levels (elementary, middle, h.s) via the “to do” page. I could check from my phone or computer and know in a glance whether my kids were staying on track. This year put district switched to Schoology and I’m having a HORRIBLE time. The “feed” clutters out the visibility of any upcoming assignments. Submitting assignments is clunky and not intuitive or flexible (now to submit a photo of a completed paper takes 5 steps instead of 2). Maybe my mind is more traditional— I hate Facebook because it isn’t neat or orderly/you never know when you’re “done.” Modeling a learning management app off of Facebook seems like a mismatch and the messiness of it shows (endless feed of interaction crowding out the “upcoming assignments” section so you can’t even see what’s incomplete.) We should have stuck with google classroom and I’m so angry they messed with a good thing. Any school districts checking this out, take it from a parent and stay away!

It’s okay I guess but has a lot of bugs and issues…. I’m a student that uses this app to access schoolwork and school related things, but sometimes this app can be very stressful to access. I am trying to access this at home to try to catch up on any missing work and assignments that I have to finish or am trying to complete, and this app is giving me a hard time trying to log into my Schoology account from home. I’m trying to finish an assignment but I can’t seem to log into my Schoology account, so this means my work is going to have to be late. I’m already having a tough time trying to figure this app how and how it works and it’s not giving me the best time. This needs to be easier to access not for just me but for Parents, Teachers, and for just other students I can’t log into my account and that is a very big problem. Not just this the app has just other issues in general, this app has so many different kinds of bugs and other things. One time my class could not do their work and the app just would not work, this was not just stressing to me this was also stressing to other students, and teachers. The teachers were getting very stressed and worried because on this same day the printers were not working, so this caused us to be behind on a lesson and students weren’t able to complete their work. This app needs some fixing, not in a rude way but this app could be so much better.

Really isn’t that bad at all!. As a student I use Schoology ALL the time. Sure, it’s not the BEST. But I simply disagree with all the one star ratings. It is so helpful, I will tell you how, If a student is ever falling behind they can just check into Schoology and they can see what they might need to ask for help with and what not. It also helps with getting things turned so they aren’t overdue and then you get a zero. But I do see why people may disagree but, I have reasons why it’s not that bad as people are saying it is. Heres why: First, you may not be able to do a lot on an iPhone because it isn’t really programmed for iPhones to do like assignments and stuff so that could be part of the glitches and stuff. Second, you may not get any like assignments if your school doesn’t use it, so don’t even bother trying to get this app. Third, it is AWESOME because I don’t get notifications on my school laptop, so I can just turn on my notifications for my phone and I will get everything I need to know such as: sports, assignments, and even announcements from the head school boarder! Well I hope after reading this I changed your perspective just a little bit! - a formal 6th grader who uses Schoology

Bad app, worse organization.. Hello, my school has been using Schoology for years, and every year it has been the same problems. An app like Facebook attempting to be “Educational.” This causes many problems because Facebook was made for talking, and getting together, not uploading assignments for students. So combining the two ideas would be a mess. One example of this is the “courses.” Tab. The courses tab is hard to navigate through unless you change the order of the icons, and if you don’t know how to do that you’re gonna have a hard time getting around, and get this, close to no instructions are given on how to do that. Another reason I gave this app one star is the group feature, it’s just plain useless. Nobody really uses it besides clubs, and even then it’s just a mini course. Another problem I have with this app, is the lack of dark mode. A lot of students have to stay up late and having a blaring white light in your eyes when you try to do literally anything. It might just be mine and my friends opinions but the interface hurts, no exaggeration. I hope this will help the app improve somewhat, and give some guidance for adding or removing features.

Not at all user friendly. My sons school district has used Schoology for quite a few years now. One would think that over time, it would developed a more user friendly interface. It clunky to find assignments, notes from teachers, etc. it requires going under several different menus to find anything. With the update this year, it’s more like they took the webpage and shrunk it slightly and called it an app. The whole page doesn’t fit into the phone screen, she if I am reading grades or a post by a teacher, I have to pull the page left and right, to read each line. Even the My children screen when grades are posted is like this. I have to drag the page across my phone screen to the left to see a grade that posted. This used to fit in the screen so I didn’t need to figure out which line the grade belonged on. It’s like it’s getting less user friendly as it goes along. Since most people are using an app on a phone, one would think the app would be designed for a phone screen.

Terrible design. My teacher assigned me this at the start of this school year and it’s to say the least, terrible. Last year we used google classroom and everything was so easily accessible and you could see anything, and it would be displayed in a simple and understandable manner. Schoology on the other hand is a true hassle. If you submit an assignment it still displays it in your To Do list so it’s always confusing and hard to know whether I turned something in or not. Submitting assignments is so annoying and arguous as well. It always requires you to submit something online even if the assignment is done and turned in by hand. It should allow you to submit an assignment whether or not you have a document uploaded, not all assignments are done online. Also, to upload a document you have to go through so much work, on google classroom you would just have to choose whether it was a doc or another type of file, on this you have to go through several screens just to access google drive. In conclusion, the design is terrible. It’s so hard to access and upload documents, and it’s not very versatile, the only type of assignments you can somewhat submit with it is something from google docs. A lousy step backwards from google classroom is all this thing is.

New update broke the app. I mainly use Schoology on mobile since my iPad is lighter than my school computer and I can’t carry too much weight on my back and it was working great for the two years I’ve used it until the newest update. The Google drive resource app is completely busted on mobile and wouldn’t let me submit any other file since it “couldn’t read the file” but worked fine on the computer (even tho I triple checked that my Google account was synced on mobile). The Google assignments feature also got destroyed in the update, pulling up a broken web version of Schoology that says “access denied” even though once again, I am fully signed into my Google account. I am essentially forced to use my bulky and heavy school computer because they made the app unusable. Schoology, fix this. You have so many students that rely on this app to do their schoolwork and this new “bug fixing” update is preventing them from doing that. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because there are already so many troll accounts trying to get the app deleted from the App Store just cuz they don’t want to do their work but I genuinely need this app to change.

bad system, terribly organized. Schoology seems like a great app to use for school & everything going on this year especially with COVID-19, but is it really? All the students are having a hard time trying to figure out everything with it. The due dates are too small, you can’t delete submissions you didn’t mean to send, very unorganized, and doesn’t say the assignment are done even after you submit your response. This is a terrible way to have many students focus on school. The courses you are in show up alphabetically and not in order, which can be very stressful and hard on students who like to be organized or have OCD and need to have it a specific way. The notifications are on the home screen of the app, instead they should have each class, like google classroom, with the due date and time, so you can click the assignment and it’s easy. The folders in the course class are also very hard to understand. Instead of all the assignments popping up you should just be able to click a certain folder and open it and get what you need. Also, when submitting a Google Document or a Word assignment, the assignment gets all messed up when submitted, which can ruin your students grade. This school year, needs to be organized & easy, for all our online, in school, & hybrid students. This is not an organized app for any school to use. Too messy for anyone. Even the teachers are confused on everything. Terrible app. Not recommended.

Utter garbage. DO NOT USE. This app and the website itself are terrible in terms of interaction and, well, pretty much everything. The website and app can not handle more than 20 people on it without the website running tremendously slow, thus causing problems with online classes, such as not being able to do assignments, turn in work, submitting answers, etc. Not to mention the headache of just looking at the website. If you are a teacher at a school, wondering if you should use this for your class, DO NOT. The interface is not user friendly, and is clustered with random things when in reality students will not spend much time on this website at all, if any. And when they do, they are only in maybe two tabs, the courses dashboard, and recent activity tab. You’d think it could do at least one thing right, like sending out notifications that your teachers have sent a message, or something along those lines. Nope. Often times it does not send notifications at all, causing confusion, and when it does, it tends to do it 5-10 minutes after the message was originally sent. All in all, if I worked at Apple and could remove this from the App Store, I would.

Not truly functional. This app is a piece of crap compared to the website. Once in a while it logs me out and I have to move heaven and earth to log back in again. It is RIDICULOUS. Nobody should have to open their bulky laptop everytime they want to check their grades for two minutes. Nobldy wants to spend half an hour re-logging back in every few months. I have no idea why the “Stay logged-in” function even exists if after a few months you are going to be logged out. I mean, come on, this app has ONE (point 6) stars. Its CLEAR no one is trying to improve it. Everybody just give it a bad rating and delete it so that MAYBE someone will notice. I was trying to respond to the discussion boards as my schools “attendance” during this quarantine. I was not able to because the app kept saying I am not connected to the internet (I have 3 bars LTE, so that was wrong) and would take 5 times as long to load everything. It would crash every time I wanted to see my grades for any class, and would not display new information posted that day. Already deleted the app. Unacceptable.

Bad app worse website. Not only is this app difficult to use, but the website too. There is so much going on that it is easy to get lost or accidentally mess something up. For example: There is mail and notifications, but they are separate. Does that even make sense? Another example is the Materials page, all teachers use the app totally different and it is hard to keep up with all the work when it is not even on Schoology itself. I’d take Google Classroom over this app any day. I have missed multiple assignments because of Schoology, although it is a good idea to have due assignments posted on the home page, only some of the assignments pop up and I was soon to find out it was causing me to receive failing grades on assignments that were not on the calendar. Half the time the whole schoology site is “Temporarily” down. I’m sitting here all the way from 10AM to 2PM and the app is STILL down and I cannot do my work. Once it finally comes back I have to do my work and finish at about 8 to 9 at night.

Perfect for its intended purpose. I think that many of the reviews were written by misinformed individuals thinking that this app should be their sole tool to help them work through the semester. This is a fantastic app. It is NOT an app where you should be completing and turning in every assignment, and expecting it to work flawlessly. It is meant to be a helpful mobile tool to help find out what due dates are coming up, introduce you to newly posted assignments, and submit documents in a pinch. And for those purposes the app works fantastic. If you need to see the due dates neatly lined out for you, this is perfect. You would not expect to transfer money to a relative through your simple mobile banking app, but you may need to quickly check your bank balance, in which case a mobile app is perfect. This is not a full Schoology interface. You will need to have a laptop or desktop where you are working through the vast majority of your assignments, and this can be accomplished simply with a 100$ chrome book. Do not be misinformed this is by no means a full computer software, and the developers surely know this. This is a fantastic app, and it is even easier than the full website for many purposes. 5 stars.

Bad app overall. Hello, I am an 11th grader. I have been using Schoology for school for probably about 2 1/2 years now. Last year, my school made it mandatory that my teacher give tests and quizzes and some assignments from here. With COVID, we have been using it more than ever. Although it is amazing we are able to do this, this app is messed up. First of all, some assignments for me my teachers can’t see, back in 9th grade when I had to redo a whole week long lab, and my AP US History binder check for a unit. Furthermore, sometimes Schoology crashes. Last week for my AP Bio class, we were supposed to have a test on Wednesday. Guess what??? She couldn’t post it and it was delayed to Monday. Instead of what I was hoping to be a chill break turned into me studying for my test. This is not my teachers fault. It is not my fault. We, especially the teachers who are doing so much already with reinventing learning, are sick of this. I hope Schoology improves A LOT because if it doesn’t, Canva, which has WAY better ratings, is right next door. This application isn’t the worst thing and I understand how so many people are suffering way worse than me right now, but I thought I’d add to your pile of rotten reviews. I’ll give you a 2 because you aren’t the worst thing in the world.

good but some issues. I’m a student, I’m not giving this app 3 stars because I hate school, I’m giving this app 3 stars because it makes it difficult to do school. First off, the amount of times that I have submitted pictures of assignments through the Schoology app and they just VANISH is unacceptable and shows me this app is dysfunctional. There have been too many occasions when this happens (like every couple of days) and I end up getting marked down for “not turning in everything” when really it’s the app glitching. Second, this is not necessarily a problem with the app but with the website. In the create tab, there has been a couple of instances where I’m typing something long or detailed and I mis-click ONE KEY and all my work is gone. There’s no back button and if you use that key board shortcut (I forgot what it is) and you have pressed another key, say goodbye to your work, it’s not coming back. Lastly, while this isn’t a huge problem for me, I know it’s a problem for the teachers. On your website, Schoology goes down way too many times. While us students are excited to not do work for a bit, it messes up the teachers schedule and puts us behind. Thank you for reading my review and I hope that these problems get fixed ASAP.

Let Us Delete Assignments. I think this is a great platform for learning especially during the Coronavirus outbreak. From a student who has only been using this app for around two years, I do not have many complaints. The biggest one is how we are not allowed to un submit an assignment once we turn it in. I personally have had multiple problems with having to submit an updated version or submitting the wrong assignment and confusing my teachers. Since there is coronavirus and most kids are learning online I also feel that we should be able to use the conference feature through the app instead of going on a third party search engine. For my school I use Zoom and Schoology Conferences. I feel that for many other students and I would have an easier time on this app during such a rough time if you made these feature available. Thank you.

A Decent App. I am a teacher and have been using the schoology app with my classroom set of iPads for several years now. Overall I have to say it has done a good job. I love the test/quiz feature, which allows me to get instant data on student learning so I can then take action armed with realtime knowledge of where the gaps are in student learning. My only complaints are with the updates. Most of the time I don’t even notice the updates because they make improvements. However, there have been a few instances where an app update felt more like a downgrade. One such update just came out. In the previous version when you opened links within a course, the link would open in a full page window. With the latest update the links are now loading in a mini window about half the size of the screen. So far, I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to make them full screen. This mini window makes viewing materials linked in schoology much more cumbersome as you are forced scroll to see different parts of the page. In addition, if you try to move the window around the screen it often triggers a refresh, which can erase work. I am not a fan of the update, but the overall app I really appreciate.

An “app”, ha ha. I used all of my dang right information in this app. I double checked it to see any mistakes or errors, and saw none. So then I did all the other information stuff to get in to Schoology, but I come to a glitchy white screen that doesn’t take me anywhere. I needed the app for an assignment on my phone, because I tried to get an example of something so I could get help with my assignment. But I clicked example, and it said I needed to download the schoology app. I went to the App Store. When I saw schoology it had a 1.4 rating. I just downloaded this app without seeing any reviews. So I did my right information, then went back to the schoology place and it said I still needed to get the app. I wouldn’t actually call this a “learning material”, or an “app”. I would call it a trashy scam that needs to be fixed. Just make a HUGE update, like fixing how glitchy the app is, and etc. I un-downloaded the app, and so it was very hard to do my assignment. I had to have two computers in my face looking at a different one about every couple seconds. If the schoology app works, my assignment would’ve been a breeze. So don’t download this app. It’s a waist of you’re phone storage. So just use a, computer because it’s a million times better than the app. And it’s confusing to get on to. Probably we should create a new app that has a big similarity to schoology. But in the mean time, I’m going to call this app a piece of hot garbage, crap, and a scam.

Useful but so bad. Because this is where almost all of my school stuff is, I do have to use this app. And I am able to find most of my assignments here, so thats why the two stars are there. I just hate how you can’t edit notification settings! Add a system where you can turn off notifications for certain types of things, like student responses on certain posts or specific posts from other classes. Additionally, there are some things that deserve notifications! I only get a notification from a teacher if they post something on the main page, which none of them do (also that would be so disorganized because of the current pandemic going on), so I always have to check everything to see if there’s something new in every folder. I use this app A LOT, so this takes up so much time for me. Aside from that though, this app is mediocre. Some things feel clunky when going through the app, but I don’t really care about that. It’s just the loading issues that everyone here is complaining about. Just stop being your own browser.

Terribly unorganized. I know that a lot of kids have rated apps like these with bad reviews and 1 star because they don’t like school, but trust me I’m being serious schoology is so much worse then google classroom. If you are a school district reading this and considering getting this, DONT it is such a hassle. There are so many reasons not to get schoology so I’m only going to list a few of them. First of all, you cannot unsubmit anything. Once you submit it’s in there for good and you can’t change it. You can submit another attachment but that’s still confusing for the teachers when they are grading. Anyways it’s super annoying. Next, school districts have to pay for this while they can just use google classroom instead. It’s not worth the money. Do not make the same mistake my school district did: sign a THREE YEAR contract with schoology. Not to mention all of the teachers hate it as well. Lastly, it has SO. MANY. BUGS. it can barely load. And if your school has a lot of kids in it like mine does (3000 to be exact) then it will take forever to load because so many of us are on it all at the same time. I hope you take my advise and not get schoology. I definitely recommend google classroom instead and sorry this was so long. Thank you for reading what I have to say about schoology if you made it this far. 😁✌️

George. I was using this app because my school forces me too, I went to the bathroom and the intercom announced that "he's back" and I was scared and I started to shake because I knew who "he" was, "he" is George Floyd. I heard screaming within a moments notice and then complete silence like George wiped out an entire classroom all on his own. The sounds were becoming louder and louder, drawing closer every second until... I heard a foot enter the restroom and a voice saying "momma... I can't breathe" at this point I was fearing for my life and I was violently shaking. I put my legs up so hopefully he wouldn't see me, but I was too late George Floyd found me and started banging on the bathroom door screaming "Momma!!" | started praying for my safety and all of a sudden Derek Chauvin came into the bathroom and wrestled George Floyd and after a long struggle finally got his knee on George's neck, George started screaming hysterically saying "momma. J I can't breathe, momma" and finally after a minute or so, George was defeated. I was finaly able to go back to class with a traumatic event. Stay safe out there guys.

all my homies hate schoology. honestly, though? The interface could be SO MUCH BETTER. The potential was THERE but the servers are crappy a lot of times and videos won’t play in the app on many occasions. the web version is much better than the app, which is a problem, since most kids (at least in my district) are using the app because iPads are provided by the school. Schoology is hard to navigate for parents and first-time students. One of its biggest flaws is tracking the assignments - it doesn’t show missing assignments in the overdue section of the upcoming tab, meaning that missing assignments stay missing for days, as I am unaware that they *are* missing, as checking missing assignments requires you to go through the grades of your classes one by one. In summary, the potential is there, it really is. Upgrading the app to have the same capabilities as the web browser would go a long way, as well as having a tab itself for missing assignments and a way to contact your teachers quickly and easily.

Terrible for students and parents. This app is not a solution. It is just another hurdle, difficult to use, and that is not what parents need most during a frickin pandemic. THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION. It’s a hot mess. It’s seemingly based on the Facebook wall, which works when people are posting puppies and food pics, but not for students and something as basic as having a single place to see all assignments due and upcoming tests. We already have something that works the way we need: a grid. With columns. Radical, right? A page that is just a grid of what’s due and when. No, instead we get a wall where everything is poured in, kitchen sink and all, and we have to scroll and pick and hunt and search for something we should see on a macro level. If the teacher isn’t great updating, then parents are really hosed. Each time I open this stupid app (which requires parent’s to sign a Terms of Service akin to Facebook, where they are CLEARLY sharing or selling student data... and the argument that there is such a thing an NII is laughable these days) I am frustrated. This app is frustrating. It’s poorly designed, it is a whole new way for kids to get lost and fall behind... and for parents trying to help and keep up? it offers no help. This is a bad app. This is a company with a questionable TOS regarding children’s privacy. It’s the wrong choice. Period.

Absolute trash. My school switched from google classroom to Schoology and it is the most unconventional website/app I have ever chosen. The design of it is almost archaic and it is very difficult to navigate. Some problems: turning in assignments are very difficult. The process of importing files is extremely annoying, and many google form assignments do not mark the assignment as done so it looks like we didn’t do the assignment. Additionally, during class many teachers require us to have multiple tabs with several assignments at the same time. Unlike google classroom, it does not automatically open assignments in new tabs so I find myself constantly clicking back and forth between pages. Finding assignments and resources is also very difficult. Unless I know the exact folder or tab it is in, I end up needing to spend a long time just navigating assignments. The app itself won’t even let me log in even if I have my log in information but even then it’s very deification for me to stay updated with assignments and notifications from teachers. I have nothing positive to say... :(

Might be biased, but.... Aside from how unorganized the app is, the features it lacks, and how the Home Screen resembles Facebook, I want to talk about “bugs.” Are they bugs? I don’t know. So, I don’t get email if I get a missing assignment, nor is there a menu to see any missing assignments, which needs to be added. However, my parents get an email pretty much right after the assignment is declared late. And here’s another thing: the way schoology counts missing assignments is weird. If an assignment hasn’t been graded EVEN IF THE ASSIGNMENT ISN’T DUE YET, my parents get an email about it, and it adds all sorts of confusion. And in a time where I have to work pretty much exclusively using schoology during the pandemic, it adds all sorts of unnecessary stress. Another thing with the app, when you open another page, like a course, calendar, etc. That’s like opening a new tab in a browser. So if I accidentally miss click, there’s another 30 seconds of waiting because even though I have pretty decent WiFi, schoology servers are being overloaded because of terrible optimization for students. Definitely nitpicking on that, but it needs to be overstated. I know this review will get another automated response and the devs will do nothing about it, but maybe if we spam the app with bad reviews, it will hopefully be removed, and that’s what I’m going for. I hate this app, I have no idea why my school district adopted it. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

Not sure…. I’m a student and we use schoology in class. Schoology does good things like keep all of our work together but it has SO SO SO many bugs, malfunctions (we’ve had times where the app was down for a day so we couldn’t access our work) and I can tell it really stresses out the teachers and my fellow classmates. There’s always something wrong. There was once an entire week when the app didn’t work so we would have to use the website which is laggy. Schoology has good intentions, but mixed with the lags it depends what type of person you are. It’s not my schools choice to use schoology and even our principal doesn’t really like it. I don’t know how the elementarys in our district use this. It’s too complicated sometimes. I understand the developers probably spent a lot of work on this and I respect that because I’m not very good at coding myself and it has soOOOO many features on this app… when there’s not bugs this app can make my work a lot easier to access. I will say though, when I was forced to be virtual during quarantine and all we had besides zoom and email was schoology, it was very stressful for me (it makes me very scared that we might have to go back virtual and I’m going have to rely on schoology again..) But other than that id say that if schoology just worked on it’s bugs a little bit this app could be great for districts. :)

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Amazing. Thank you so much for all you have achieved with is software. It has been such a great tool for our little school. Ihate it when comments only point to fixes or problems but I am going to be guilty of this! The app version "time difference" doesn't work yet.... Help!

Very bad. Doesn’t work well at all

No. No

Not great, doesn’t log in and is glitchy. The app is great but is extremely glitchy and when I try to log in through computer it says login error or something else and takes me awhile to log in...

Wise. It so bad

Hi CGS.... It's deano the amigo!!

Awesome update!. Awesome update. So easy to use!

Facebook Ripoff- Schoology needs a Eulogy. This is the Schools version of Facebook, but unlike Facebook, nobody uses it. Make this more relevant to learning and not a failing social media attempt

wo. if this site was a pizza itd be dominoes if u catch my drift

Terrible. It’s just bad

Almost good. I like the idea of having the mobile version of Schoology in the palm of my hand, but all the functions are very limited. You can't edit or delete a course or assignment once it is created. I made a dummy course just to see how it works, but now I cannot delete assignments I have created. Adding notes to attendance function is almost impossible. There are some positives. It is easy to add discussion topics, events and assignments

Terrible. This app does not work and is not at all helping my son We don’t have great wifi in Australia so nothing is working on this app It should be taken down

Great!. Extremely handy, but needs an update ASAP for messaging!

NO. why would you create this 😔

Great app. Great app only thing it needs is being able to change you're profile pic from within the app

It suck. Fuck u

So bad. This app is the worst, I have been teaching for 32 years and thought I should try something different. And when I tried this I was surprised

Terrible. Doesnt work and is super glitchy. Wish I could give it 0/5!

Bad. Bad

Schoology is horrible. This is probably the worst app to be using for school work, on the mobile version you can’t even login. And on the computer version submitting assessments and navigating the site is slow glitchy and hardly ever works. Doing year 8 high school work is hard enough without using a slow and glitchy site, half the time submitted assessment delete themselves form the submission point! I’m fed up and very frustrated with this app.


Groups. I still have groups that teachers have not deleted and I can not leave the group. I'd like to be able to leave the groups that were used years ago.

Trash. Most trash school website. It’s too slow and is a piece of trash.

Allright. It's alright

Can’t log in anymore. I get either error 104 or error 404 whenever I try to login. And even worse they force us to use the app, which doesn’t work

Great school app. Schoology is a great school app but an improvement would be once we have submitted a task it should come of the due date screen so we know what we have submitted and what we haven't.

Well a lot of reviews are outdated so...... I think the app is very good, especially with this new update. :)

Schoology. Kinda alright

Unreliable. Bad

Garbage app. So many bugs

not that good. not that good

Impressive. An impressive update guys and just what users have been asking for. Attendance, file attachment tools for posts etc. You've generally tried to bring the browser version to the app which whilst isnt always "clean" it is functional. Well done Schoology, keep it coming and keep listening to your "educated" users!

Please have proper update descriptions. I really dislike this shift to " bug fixes & improvements". It's disrespectful to the customer - Apple should insist on proper communication. Will change star rating when update description has more info....

Worst app ever. This is a very faulty and glitchy app, always crashing and saying 'unable to load page' . This is the worst app ever and DO NOT BUY IT. Just DONT BUY IT

Not happy. I can't even leave the courses. What is this?!

It do be gae. It do be gae school is for ppl who want to waste their time,just drop out and do what u want it’s a joke dumbass

Nice. Very nice overall update. Much better. Usable, no performance problems, you've nailed it- very functional. Here are some suggestions for future though that I hope you'll implement: •filters for activity feed •Read comments (not showing for me) and show thumbnails of the people who commented below the post •Like button •The comment button doesn't.. fit in that well •Ability to view the menu in grid as well as column view, and rearrange items •In column view, a compose icon next to Messages •Possibly wider button in top left to access menu, easier way to access "Upcoming" on the right •Preview someone's profile by tapping their display picture •ATTACHMENTS is a must for messages, as well as "Read" receipts... This would dramatically improve Messages! •Expand and collapse "Courses" and "Groups" in the menu And finally •A "Profile" link to my own profile and easy edits to to my profile/image etc. is this there already I couldn't find it? Account settings also takes a while to load. Maybe you could merge Profile with this? Thanks for reading!

Like my titti. Pretty gay ngl

Is awsome. It a realy great app. It's like Facebook,not that I use Facebook, but it's for students you can set up a chat with the class and discuse things. Realy great app hole class loves it. Don't down load it unless you know others who have it.

Swipe to reveal. You guys really need to fix the hidden menu so that I can scroll horizontally on whatever I'm viewing e.g. a quiz instead of revealing the menu. I can scroll right but if I scroll back left the menu just opens.

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Worst app ever. It makes me want to beat my meat in the school washroom. I find myself cûmming all over the stalls after I close the app

i quit.. this app makes me wanna hang from the fan

Dumb. I hate this app and its really confusing 🙄

Rape. One day this app snuck up on me and try to rape me. I did not give consent. Barney is a dinosaur From our imagination And when he's tall, he's what we call A dinosaur sensation! Barney lives with Michael and With Amy, then you'll soon see Little Tina tags along With her big sister Luci Jason/Derek is in Barney's club And Adam/Jeffrey has a ticket But Mom has never seen him, 'Cause she doesn't know our secret Barney comes to play with us Whenever we may need him Barney can be your friend too If you just make-believe him! Barney is a dinosaur From our imagination, And when he's tall, he's what we call A dinosaur sensation! Barney's friends are big and small; They come from lots of places. After school they meet to play And sing with happy faces Barney shows us lots of things Like how to play pretend, ABC's and 123s And how to be a friend. Barney comes to play with us Whenever we may need him. Barney can be your friend too, If you just make-believe him! Barney is a dinosaur From our imagination, And when he's tall, he's what we call A dinosaur sensation! Barney comes to play with us Whenever we may need him. Barney can be your friend too, If you just make-believe him! Barney is a dinosaur From our imagination And when he's tall, he's what we call A dinosaur sensation! Barney and friends are here for you To sing and dance and play games too! Barney comes to play with us Whenever we may need him Barney can be your friend too If you just make-believe him!

I hate this!!!!. I hate this app so much, I work a 9-5 job and this app is making me fail in life….somedays I just want to reach for the stars but this isnt it!!!

Sucks. Wont let u unsubmit 🥰😍

Monke app. Too much work big monkey app pls remove

Bad. When I join a class, everyone makes fun of me and tells me to do the peepee poopoo dance

L app. why are all school apps terribly made

No. No

Mid. L school = L app

Confusing. Grades are confusing, disappear for teacher, cant see announcements.

Hell. I wake up on a happy day, looking forward to the wonderful day ahead of me. My phone buzzes. I pick up my phone thinking my friends texted me but no, it was not. My smile flattened as I read the notification, it was schoology. Thoughts rushes through my head as I read further into the notification. Unit 7 test marks… I held my breath and opened my balcony window. I look into the roughed concrete 6 floors below. I take another look at my phone. I jump.

Bad. This app is so bad I want to jump in snow eat a bar of soap and eat healthy because of this app so bad to won’t even find my school I literally had to to research on my school to find it the domain and won’t find my school fix your god dam app it’s not that hard

That one tik tok. Garbage

Review. I was on this app and some big black guy sent me some explicit pictures and he texted and I quote” hang up that phone call and come over and kiss I’m feeling romantical!” I didn’t even know him and when I tried to stop him he took of his pants and started doing the helicopter but he wasn’t flying. Not very good app

Weird. Just like classroom is 100% way better this is very weird

Confusing. This app is very confusing - half my notifications don't come through and I never know when a teacher posts a new assignment.

Power school is the g. Power school works better

app doesn’t work. tried to navigate app for 30 mins and gave up. google classroom is soooooo much better. everyone hates schoology

Bad. Bad app doesn’t work google classroom better

lol. layout is weak.

Not Really User-friendly compared to PowerSchool. There isn’t a nice user interface, compared to PowerSchool, which owns this platform. Please make it more user friendly and I will like Schoology more.

Serious review. Hello I am a concerned parent. My child has been using this for school and they have had multiple nervous breakdowns please remove this as it has caused nothing good for my child.

Delete this app. School is bad for my life and this is related to school and very bad and laggy

💙🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼. i helped my mom do the laundry and made her tea after work, my grandma clean up the dirt around the garden, and gave my extra change to a homeless man that i got from subway.

This is bad. One star=one good person

Can't leave classes. The all is fine. But why can't you leave classes? It gets annoying creating new acconts every year..

Stupid app. Stupid hard to navigate stupid school app

Bad. Bad me don’t I like school

App. Bad app

Spammm. I get a lot of spam from teachers it’s very trash

Gangbanged and doxxed. This app threatened and succeeded in gangbanging me they gave me the a5 waayu of BBC

Bad. Schoology is racist. It dosent have dark mode.

Absolutely Horrible and Reliable App. I don’t know what our school was thinking when they switched from Google Classroom(that everyone was comfortable with, easy to use and knew how to use) to this completely unreliable app. You are unable to view any material the teachers post. As a parent this is very frustrating. Not user friendly at all.

Terrible app I hate it!. Terrible app I hate it it is so laggy and won’t let me see my classes also why is there inappropriate adds!!!!

Racism. This app hates black people more that the kkk in 1869

Phhhhhssss. I don’t like school This enables school I don’t like this app Platypuses are monotremes

this game makes me board. theres not a save game?? where is the jump buton?

Soap. This app made me want to eat a bar of soap

No. Just no

This app is mad goofy ahh. Take this goofy ahh uncle productions app down and use google classroom

It won’t let me login. I have tried both ways of login but it won’t let me login.

Huh?. Why is there feces😭😭😭😭😭😜😜😜

This sucks!. Google classroom is better

Big virus alert. I think it’s a virus. Would rate 0 stars but aparently you have to give at least 1 star. I think App Store is trying to make the reviews higher becuz if were alowed to make the 0 star reviews then the rating would be around 0.6 stars.

Great app for school.. Love this app, really helped me keep myself and my assignments organized!

Schoology>Classroom. Schoology has helped me a lot 10/10

Sux. This app is dumb af

Schoology attacked me. They come and attack you when u least expect it. BE CAREFUL!!

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The browser shouldn’t work better on mobile than the app. The app is missing tons of features that are available in the browser, namely the built-in apps (like conferences and other links that teachers provide in the course sidebar, i.e. textbooks) and general navigation clunkiness. Also, the app does not seem to provide accurate notifications; maybe this is controlled by individual teachers but sometimes the notifications seem to be sent at the wrong time or not at all. Finally, please consider redesigning the Grades section so that it is possible to see your grades for all courses on the same page. It is very annoying to have to click the sidebar and then each individual course (while re-clicking the sidebar to get the course menu) in order to see all the grades quickly. Honestly I only use the app because it looks better than using the browser on mobile, but the browser works so much better that the app really isn’t worth it.

Not optimal for students. The system was obviously designed for academic activities and it fails at providing the service it was meant for. This is a poor service for anything having to do with school or education. It is my personal opinion that this app should be removed off of the app store. Not only because it fails to provide the intended service but because it is failing our children and failing our future. It is an indisputable fact that our children are our future so don’t you think it is essential we back them with the appropriate resources? If we truly want to create a better education system we can start by clearing the gutters and removing apps like these from the app store. Personally, I would be angered if I found out that my children weren’t held to the standard that they deserve. Something needs to change and it needs to change now. Im sure you will be the change that you want to see in the world and do the right thing Sincerely, Abram Ramirez of El Dorado High School

Improved greatly!. The app has been updated for the better. It didn’t work very well in the past, but I would definitely say it deserves at least 3 stars. It’s smooth, fast, and helps me a lot. Before, it wouldn’t transfer my work to the teachers, or it wouldn’t send my work at all. Now, my teachers get my work, and I may rely on the app, Schoology, whenever I need to turn in a late assignment, or check over how my schoolwork is going. I don’t have to log into the website anymore, and I’m really glad how they have improved. I admit it may be confusing to find things sometimes, but as long as you are familiar then you are good. For now, I definitely recommend this for Schoology users.

Missing Features. Overall this app is highly disorganized and I feel as though I have to spend minutes looking for assignments that need to be done. It’s I’m possible to find assignments that don’t have due dates, you have to sort through your materials section of a class because they aren’t listed on the calendar or to do section. Items still stay on the upcoming list even after turned in. Honestly just making the non due date items more visible and having a to do and done section would make the app so much better. On top of this, for some reason the resources the teacher assigns are grouped in with the worksheets and finding something for that days class is a pain. Also please update the GUI the whole app looks awful. If your a teacher looking for somewhere to put your work for your students please use google classroom it’s so much more organized.

A terrible online school system that’s embarrassing.. Schoology is not only a bad system, it’s possibly the worst online school system I have ever used. This is a terribly designed system, that’s makes it hard to find classes, and assignments. The app will glitch a lot, and not tell you if you have an assignment. The app will continuously make you sign in to do things even though you are already signed in, and it wastes time. There is barley any communication with the teachers, and it seems the developers don’t care, because they haven’t even been bothered to do anything new. Not only is the design boring, but it seems like the developers just didn’t care. Also if you finish the assignment the system will still keep the assignment up as if you didn’t do it. The app had absolutely nothing redeeming about it. It’s poorly designed, extremely glitching, hard to find assignments, no communication with teachers, and feels like no one cared. Please never use this app. It’s an embarrassment. Your better off using Google Classroom.

No teacher would ever select to use this app.. This is the only negative review I have ever written for an app. If I could give zero stars, I would, because 1 is far too generous. Schoology is by far the worst LMS I have ever seen: canvas, Showbie, google classroom are all far better. Don’t take my word alone. It has over 77K reviews and a one star rating. Nevertheless, the app developers are doing NOTHING to make the product better. Not only is the system cumbersome. (It takes multiple clicks to complete any task), the product is simply beyond poor on a mobile device. Furthermore, the teacher annotation tools are simply pathetic. Despite seeing in a schoology discussion post that teachers have been asking for an erasure for over six years, there still isn’t one. No teacher would select to use this LMS! Because it is linked to PowerSchool, admin are buying into the program that they themselves don’t have to use, and teachers, students, and parents are left dealing with a less then adequate program. If you have not already committed.... LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Hate school, but it works well. Hi there! This is a student speaking. I don’t relate with almost every other review out there, and I am genuinely surprised the rating is 1.3, like, wow. I don’t know about everybody else, but Schoology only stopped working once. In the (almost) two years I’ve used it. I just miss the old Schoology. No, not any bugs before. But the way you did the work. Somehow, my Spanish teacher can make the assignments in the same templates as before, so this isn’t a huge issue. And even better, now, with the newer ones, you no longer have to wait for the grade, and just refresh. Don’t exactly enjoy the app, considering it’s school and all but, it overall works pretty great. -Student

Junk Software. I rarely use this app because it constantly loses grades and I end up regrading things a lot. This app honestly adds 4-6 hours to my workload every week because of how often it crashes and loses data. Yes, it is the newest version. Looking forward to the developer having a canned response that makes it seem like they care. Not sure why so many schools use schoology. I always used my own website up until now since unfortunately I am required to use schoology for e-learning. A one star average rating, but #20 in education software. That goes to show you how far behind education software is in general if this is award winning... but, schools are resistant to change and will continue using this system indefinitely. It’s a sweet deal for schoology and other companies like them. They know schools get these contracts and then have a hard time changing over to a new system, so schools keep paying regardless the quality of the software and there is no incentive for schoology to change.

Schoology!. I love Schoology. It is so nice having all of my classes in one place. I like being able to switch to Chinese, and see what is due today so easily! I can submit google docs, presentations and more. Basically all of G suite features. There are few bugs, but I am pretty techy so I can usually fix it. I will be honest, I am a 13 year old and I know all of the 1 star reviews are kids who just want Schoology to be removed from the App Store so they don’t have to do school. If you notice, the 5 stars are the people who write reviews. The one star and people just clicking one star button. In conclusion, having my Grades, Classes and assignments all in one place is very nice. I would recommend Schoology.

Bad for Teachers and Students. It’s not just the app. Schoology, even on a browser, comes no where close to delivering on their promises. They tried to be a LMS but function like a social media site. They failed at both. Schoology was supposed to link to outside applications giving students one place to go for all of their work instead of multiple websites. Schoology also states I can sync my grades over but that does not function. Only the due date can be changed and the time is always 11:59pm if assigning from an outside app. The Calendar does not function either. Schoology claims you can drag and drop calendar items and the date will change. This does not function at all. I have to manually go in and change dates by hand when adjusting my schedule. Even manually doing this on the calendar brings errors. A ticket was submitted with the video but eventually closed with “shouldn’t be doing that”. The app is even worse. Much of the due date information is not visible in the same way as the website. I would prefer if I could tell my students to not even download the app but the app is required to upload assignments from an iPad. In Summary: This is not the LMS you are looking for. Well, at least in the current phase the product is in.

Just sad :(. Using this app in school always took at the very least, a dreadful 30 minutes to get every student to be able to log in. Using this app at school always made me uncomfortable and panicked because it’s so difficult to navigate and understand so when everyone went online, I actually cried every time I had to use the site or the app. Not only that, but when the site and/or app was down when out of school, the blame falls completely on the student for simply “not getting it done” which has to bring hundreds or even thousands of students grades down daily. And when the same thing would happen at school, sometimes tests, quizzes, or projects would have to be moved to the next day causing teacher’s entire student plans to come to a halt. I had to switch schools just to avoid ever using this app again and I hope I never have to, to be honest. Seeing this app brings up a lot of bad emotions for kids lol

There are better choices than this app.. I hate to have to argue with an app that i’m sure try’s to better children’s education all over the globe but schools you can do BETTER! I, as a grown woman who works in a tech department, have never seen anything more confusing and unnecessarily elaborate as schoology in my entire life. Imagine being a grown woman who works in tech and barely being able to figure out an app that’s supposed to be for little children? Schools, trust me when i say this app has 1 star for a reason. It is not just kids doing this. I highly doubt about 112,000 kids took the time out of their day just to rate this app poorly because if they really wanted to get rid of a school app powerschool would not have almost FIVE STARS! Please, take my message into consideration and listen when i try and warn you about how preposterous this app truly is. If you are still reading i want to thank you for trying to take my thoughts into your perspective on how childrens education needs to be bettered.

Great for teachers. To be clear: the app is not my primary interface with Schoology. Nothing beats the desktop/laptop-based interface for doing things like setting up a unit. But the app is excellent for grading little assignments. I find I can write feedback more easily on my phone screen, and I can scroll between different students quicker on the phone. During distance learning, I’ve been struggling with time. Short mini-assessments like exit tickets used to take 10-20 minutes to grade a class of 30 on paper. Now it takes about a minute just to load a single submission on my laptop that is only 10 months old. The app is great because the load times are so much smaller.

Schoology stole my information. It's a tradition for me every 3 months to write a review about ur how awful of a job the dev team for Schoology is and September seemed like the perfect time as it's already ruined my life 2 days into the year. First off the person who had the idea to remove viewing grades on the app needs to be fired. Out of all things to address on a bug filled, sluggish, and REPULSIVE app you subtract a decent feature. I strongly believe the dev team over at schoology has the easiet job in America because they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this app. Schools paying this company for servers need to look in the mirror and realize the corporate monsters behind this companv, extracting thousands just to leave you with an app that a 12 year old could've designed. Also the constant spam emails from the spam companies schoology associates with has led to my credit card getting hacked so good that my bank had no clue what to do and cancelled my account. I hope this company goes down in flames. See y'all in 3 months

Really?. It isn’t that bad! I know all my fellow classmates are rating this 1 star because they think it’s funny, but Schoology doesn’t deserve this. I mean, if the schools stop using Schoology we’d just have to use a different site. I think everything is well organized, and the only time I don’t see something until after it’s due is when the teachers forget to post a notification. Everything to complain about is either the instructors or the students being stupid. According to parents, it isn’t very interactive and doesn’t keep them updated, but I’m a pretty responsible kid so I don’t need my parents checking in on what homework’s due. I recommend this site, it’s helpful and well put together.

Probably the worst school app I’ve ever used. Period.. I was forcefully switched to a school by my parents over quarantine and this app didn’t make my life any easier. With the need to transfer a page onto a note taking app, before then transferring to google drive, before finally submitting to schoology, the entire process is very tedious and annoying. There are so many other better options to choose rather than this terrible app and I dont get why a school would ever choose to use this. On top of this, half of my teachers dont even know how to use it and on numerous occasions I’ve had falsely reported late homework assignments and even tests on some occasions! Truly pathetic! I go to a very strict school and its nearly impossible to persuade these teachers otherwise, I blame you schoology. If your a teacher and considering using this app. DONT! It just makes your students and your life much harder. Thanks for the terrible year schoology.

My opinion on the app from a students point of view. This app makes it easier for me to be an even more terrible student. If it weren’t for the app I wouldn’t be failing but my school system doesn’t care. A crappy app for a crappy school, if you have to use this app for school I’m truly sorry. Might as well kiss the scholarship from that Ivy League college you’ve been working your whole life for goodbye. Soon as you get this you’re basically teaching yourself. Even if the answers to a quiz, test, or homework assignment is right it can mark it wrong. You can’t do anything about it either, tell your teacher? Oh sure! They won’t believe you though because why would such a crappy app mess up even though everyone else has the same problem. Wanna contact a teacher because you don’t understand the assignment? You’ll never here from them, so take it from me, a student who has to put up with this website, don’t even bother which trying you’re doomed the moment your school gets this app.

Ugh, where do I start?. It forced me to give it a review so I gave it a one when I wanted to give it 0 stars. I wished my school never had this app. It is harder to use than google classroom you can’t delete stuff you never meant to submit like unfinished work. The due dates are too small, the schedule does not show everything I have to do for the day so I have to look in every fricking folder just for a assignment. Google classroom has this area that shows your missing work but schoology does not and it gives me so much stress, like who asked for a Facebook based school app when we don’t want to chat with our teachers. I missed two weeks of school just trying to figure out where my teacher and class were and now I have to waste my time looking for assignments that don’t show as clearly as google classroom. This app is hell for school students .in conclusion , I hate this app and I wish my school never had it.

Horrible System. The apps features are HORRIFIC. The system and the features are unclean and are allowing kids to post whatever they want including inappropriate actions. The app is designed to, “help kids learn”, but clearly it is not. The fact that over 92,000 people have rated this app 1 star lives up to it true vision. I would rate this lower than one star if I could. Unbelievable. School is to help children grow and learn and become the best that they can become. Schoology is not letting this happen by constantly crashing and having so many bugs and glitches that kids are unable to learn at some point. As soon as I got this app to check my sons grades and be able to track his progress on different things, I deleted it right off my home page. Please do something about this. Please developers if you are reading this, just change the app for the various reasons I have stated.

This app WILL fail you. My boyfriend had to do online school this year (take a wild guess as to why ) and all of his assignments were through Schoology ISTEAD OF Google class. He did all of his assignments and he even did them twice just so he wouldn’t fail but yet Schoology would still show missing assignments and none of the teachers cared enough to contact him, and failed him anyway. The platform doesn’t function whatsoever and won’t take your assignments in and count them as finished assignments. The only reason why the teachers wanted to use Schoology instead of Google class was because when you posted the grade it went straight to Powerschool. So when you turn in an assignment and it doesn’t go through and you tell your teachers that it doesn’t go through, they can immediately fail you. Google class and Canvas are the only two platforms that I’ve used/seen that are functional 90% of the time while Schoology doesn’t even work farther than you could throw it.

I like it.. I know a lot of people here are just people who are mad they have to do school and all that but this website/app itself is really good if I have to be honest... I am also in school and yes I hate school but I’m not gonna leave a bad review Because schools use it. All in all I think it’s a pretty good app and I would suggest it to any school. I think it does deserve more love but it won’t get more love cause schools use it. It’s really good for school work and DONT even think I’m an employee for leaving a good review. I’m not saying it’s perfect of coarse there are glitches and sometimes it’s shut down. Please consider this review instead of just saying “it’s a school platform and it can die” because the app itself is good. Please consider this review. Thanks for this app also devs.

I’m not going. I’m not sure what I was thinking about but it wasn’t a good job to be with you guys and you have a good day and you feel like that your right and your self confidence and your heart desires and you will be proud to have to do that with you in a class of you love and love your love to love your dad love and love your dad love your mom so bye love and you have to give my life a life I just want you and I don’t have to do it but I’m still like that Ty you have a lot of fun things that I mean you do that I mean you have never had a problem at this time but you have a great time I don’t have a anything I don’t like you do you know I’m just going through the whole house I have no one more time to think about it it but☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🧯🧯🧯🧯🧯

Use google classroom instead. If I could give this app less than one star, I would. Not only is this a visually unappealing mess that looks like it came out of the early 2000s, the design of this site is awful. All the notifications feel like they blend together, and you really have to pay attention to see what’s new. The site is also slow, broken, and hard to operate. As I type this, I have been waiting maybe 8-9 minutes for a simple video to load. Once it took me around ten minutes to fill out a google form that should have taken two. The site is that hard to control. I also can not see critical links I need for school in the app, and I can’t see the conference feature either. Use google classroom instead, it is superior in almost every way. If your school already uses google docs, slides, etc., google classroom is a no brainer. At the end of typing this review, it has been almost fifteen minutes, and the video has not loaded still.

major issues. i know lots of ppl just review this app badly because it’s for school. this is not that. i understand that we would just move to another platform without it. but this is a genuinely bad application. it has service issues so frequently that there are often hours when i’m just unable to do schoolwork. it has gone down while i was taking tests. in addition, the mobile app is almost unusable on a smaller phone screen (like the 2016 iphone se) because the sidebar menu will open at random while you’re scrolling and is literally not closable- you have to renavigate to wherever you were. this is annoying at best and actively harmful when i’m taking tests that aren’t resumable since, again, there is literally no way to exit the sidebar menu on mobile. you have to go somewhere else. it also frequently has major connection issues with google drive, making submitting homework a pain, and it’s extremely inconvenient that you can’t submit, say, a photo along with a document. you have to submit one as your first submission, the next as your second, and hope your teacher looks at both. the notifications are slow, the app crashes every time it’s in the background, and it’s just overall not a good application. it needs major revamping but i assume they’re too busy fixing the constant service disruptions to do anything major.

This app if very helpful and organized. I cannot believe that for most people they write reviews saying how horrible this app is. For me a student, it works very well. My favorite part about this app is how well organized everything is. I read previous reviews on Schoology, and as much as people say it, this app does not make your child fail. It is not the app’s fault that your students assignments are graded poorly or don’t show up. If to you this app is unorganized, it once again has absolutely nothing to do with the app itself. It is the way that the teacher chooses to post assignments and work. Overall I really enjoy using Schoology, as it provides easy access to all of my courses and has many factors to assist students with organization and their learning.

Just use Google Classroom. Schoology’s systems are laid out horribly, the issues include: deleting all of your progress when submitting a form if you accidentally click away from the type-box, bad system for sorting assignments, when I try to turn something it, it makes sense for me to have to select the class to turn it in to, but I wish I could just sort it by due date (and have it save the way I want it sorted so I don’t have to keep selecting it every time I turn in something) also sort from new to old, instead of the other way around so I don’t have to scroll all the way down every single time. Google classroom is set up well, having public class discussions as if it were social media that most kids already understand how to use. (If they’re teenagers) it also kind of familiarized new students with the popular system used in social media, which schoology almost seems to avoid entirely. The app is trash, idk why every school uses it. It makes me mad.

From blackspave. Hello, I am a student who uses this app and I have many problems. One significant concern is its user interface, which can be complex and unintuitive, making it challenging for both students and educators to navigate. This can lead to frustration and wasted time. Additionally, Schoology lacks the flexibility and customization that some educators require to tailor their online courses to specific needs. Another issue is its occasional unreliability, with reports of system outages that disrupt the learning process. Furthermore, Schoology's mobile app has received mixed reviews, and not all features are fully functional on it. Lastly, concerns regarding data privacy and security have been raised, as any platform handling sensitive student information should be held to the highest standards. In sum, while Schoology can be effective for some, its shortcomings in terms of usability, reliability, customization, and data security make it a less-than-ideal choice for many educational institutions.

It’s Fine.... I would say Schoology is awesome and easy to use, but a few factors contribute to the fact of why I don’t like it. On the app, if you accidentally swipe right, the test you were taking is gone. You can’t just swipe left and get rid of the menu that shows up, you have to find it again. THEN, if your teacher hasn’t made the test resumable, you have to submit it without finishing it. Another issue is that sometimes links don’t work. It just gives you an error page without any explanation as to WHY it isn’t working. Any other websites we’ve used have had links that are accessible, but with Schoology, it just finds a way to mess it up. I’m not entirely sure if this is an issue with the app or link, but it happens with every single one. Also, it’s not easy to navigate. There are tons of files but I can never find the assignments I need. A to-do page would be helpful. I hate using it, but I have to.

I have a question. Why can’t you delete yourself from a course? You see, I added myself to the wrong period in this one class, I have issues with talking to people and I don’t see why it isn’t possible to delete yourself from a course. Could you consider, if you read this, maybe adding that function. I get that you might want to make sure a kid doesn’t delete the course with out finishing the class but if you’re transferring schools it would be a much easier transition if you could just delete yourself from the former school courses. Otherwise I really like this app and have no other problems (other than the jankiness that is split screening, but that’s not really a big issue) and I find this app to be very helpful with keeping track of my schoolwork and updates from my teachers.

Sleazy and poorly designed. I would be fine with schoology if we didnt have to use it for 70% of our school work. Also apparently i HAD to download the app because you cant view pictures on”mobile browser” its so frustrating and infantile that it is REQUIRED i have not only a smart phone, but also a poorly made, idiotic, waste of space to sit on the screen to remind me that i have to wake up every week day look at myself in the mirror and know that for the next few hours of my short life the only feelings i will have are dread, self hatred, and a strong sense that im just not good enough because i cant be an honor student and i cant do good in sports. In short not only is this app making me do even worse in school but it is also reminding me if not mocking me about the fact that i am nothing but a statistic to come to school get bad grades and participate in the ever so important standardized testing so that the government can see just how bad this app is in our classrooms.

This app is great. Please read- it’s a good reason. Ok so, as a student, this app is amazing. A lot of people don’t like the app because it’s hard to navigate and won’t load, like if you go to most critical, a lot of them is it being super slow and sometimes not working. This is because of your internet. It’s not the app’s fault . Please check the internet before posing a review. Also for it being unorganized, that is the teachers. Dying this pandemic, the first year was very hard to navigate, but this year is much better. If you are having trouble, contact the teacher. Don’t blame every thing in the app . When I went to the critical sorting for the reviews, some said they couldn’t log in. That’s because you don’t know your login! Please quit blaming the app! It did nothing.

I cant even go to my homepage. Schoology is okay but it has a blank screen and not enough info on how to fix that. It’s not so good, i am a student in Fredrick county public schools and I am not one to judge but it is poor designed, i am saving up for a computer so I could run schoology better. I could think of some ways to make the ui better and all, but honestly i feel like i am stuck in this one page in schoology. I used a chromebook for school early in the year and I could see a little page that my teacher made so it would be easier for us to get to different assignments. My mom is a teacher and she uses a windows laptop, and schoology works way better on laptops then on iOS. I hope we can all think of better ways to make the app and the user interface better because learing is important, and when you don’t like what you are using in school then it is harder to learn. I am only a fifth grade student, but every opinion matters. And that’s one of mine.

Had great potential but executed poorly 😞. I just moved back to Houston for middle school and I’ve never used Schoology until this year, and I was disappointed. I like the idea of having folders, but how it was executed, made it harder to get to get your assignments for class that day. Especially on a mobile device. I was trying to submit an assignment through email to my teacher and this mobile setup made me confused,frustrated, and stressed out. I know this sounds stupid but I got so stressed that I started to cry and shake. Sometimes the app will turn into a black screen, logout me out, or kick me out and delete my progress. I don’t use this app for big assignments like a essay but for things like uploading videos, sending emails, or checking my grades if out and about. I would prefer to use Google Classroom since it’s easier to track down grades and assignments for each class. I wish there was an easier way to set up both mobile and online setup so I won’t feel like throwing my phone and IPad away.

Bad App Overall. Since quarantine began my school has been using Schoology. I know kids are leaving 1 stars just because they don’t like school, but I personally think it’s just a bad app overall. They cover it up using “Award Winning App” but if you dive deep into the app you’d realize it’s just a buggy, messy, school system. The courses are confusing to access, (probably because I’m used to the online version, but that’s not really an excuse) and the messaging system, oh god the messaging system is the most broken thing I’ve ever witnessed. You can’t type in a teachers name and instead have to type in half for the recommendation to show up. You can’t even start a messaging thread if your teacher replies to your question or submission. Overall, I recommend NOT to buy this piece of garbage. It’s just a worse version of the online website that supposedly “looks better”.

Bad news. I’ve used this app to access school work for years and it has disappointed me deeply many times. It has a LOT of bugs and issues. It crashes, doesn’t load in, and even sometimes won’t let you access the work that you need. It had caused me to lose points on my grade due to its terrible way of submitting. I lost 20 points and got a 72 because I submitted my work TWICE and didn’t realize that it never ended up submitting. Another issue with this god forsaken app is it’s issue with loading things even when you have perfectly good WIFI. I recently started doing online school just like many kids in America and I had to wait till 4 to actually do my work due to issues regarding my WiFi. This would be whatever but the same thing happened the next day, and I know it wasn’t the WiFi because I could send emails and use the internet. Conclusively, this app is not resourceful, and is having a negative impact on my grades and school experience. It should be taken off the AppStore.

Weird duplication glitch. This app is annoying because there is a weird glitch where if you type something it duplicates if you tap a number. It makes me have to delete the duplicated parts when doing algebra and math, and it’s getting on my nerves. I hear people say there is more glitches, and I found most of them which makes this app vulnerable. You still have to do work because of this pandemic, but try to combat the glitches as much as you can. I have anger problems when something gets me annoyed. I sometimes feel like I should throw my phone on the floor in the living room. This app should not be recommended for teachers, but then again Google Classroom seems to have some glitches too. I have an IPhoneXS Max, so you can see if you can find the glitches for that device. Maybe change the GUI if that’s interfering with it, but please polish this app more, so there won’t be bad glitches that interfere with school work. That is all I need to say. Bye!

Worse of the worse. Can not believe schools are using such a P.O.S. app. No scroll option, can view anything on the mobile site, it directs you to the app. I load the app, sign in and lo & behold, no scroll under courses. Basically you can only see the 1st course listed. If you take your fingers and zoom out you can see all the courses but the minute you let go- it zooms right back in and you can only click on the 1st course listed. I then clicked on the word courses listed above the course listings. Well this somehow linked back to the mobile site within the app which did give me the option to see all courses, however, if I click on anything within the course- notes, answer sheets, assignments, grades- it comes back with another error stating to use the Mobile App which if your keeping up reading this review I’m in the app getting the error to ya the app. Yeah. This app is crap!!!! I’m going to my district to complain. And will everyday until it’s removed. It’s probably the most unhelpful and useless app I’ve seen in a while.

Little things could make the app so much better. I wish there was a way to separate submitted work and the ones you have yet to turn stuff in for. For instance, on the calendar instead of highlighting each assignment red, the ones you've already submitted work for could turn green. We used to use Google Classroom and the most helpful system that they had was separating to-do and already finished work. Also, we never had to wait minutes for a Google Classroom submission or file to load and go through. Other than not being able to connect our grades and other things to Google Classroom, it was so much better and easier to use than Schoology. Also, something that this app MUST have is a button that counts as submitted without turning anything in, some teachers put the agenda on the calendar but not every thing they post requires anything to be turned in. Its so annoying having it say “overdue”

I hate this and would not use it if I had the choice. This app is terrible. It takes forever for things to load. It needs a strong internet connection to really work for me. I live in the country so I have DSL. This app only opens up my assignments once or twice every week, and that’s from trying every morning and night for about an hour which is not convenient when I have 15 assignments. When this app does load it is very very slow even with a good internet connection. Good internet will have me signed in and connected to my account in 15-20 min. If the connection is bad but for some reason I can sign in it will take a freaking hour. If I could I would give this app 0 stars. It’s just terrible. Don’t even get me started about how it shows that I haven’t completed something but I actually have. I’ve been an all A student but as soon as I was introduced and had to use schooling I’ve had b’s and C’s. PS. I also want this app to get down to 1 Star so we can’t use it anymore.

Unfortunately, very confusing to work with. I’m all down for online learning, but when you have a system as broken, confusing, and looks like it’s a website straight out of some 13 year old basement back in 1990, it can be frustrating. Overall the layout of this website of the computer is poorly made, a lot of things should be more easily accessible, as well as easily seeable. The amount of times i’ve missed an assignment because Schoology did’t show that the assignment. Would. Be. D u e. Is absolutely outstanding. I’ve had nothing but pain and suffering when working with this website and I miss google classroom. PLEASE work on making your website more straightforward and easy to work with. I believe that if you guys were to maybe work on this site a bit, it could be so much better, so i believe in you guys! But at the moment unfortunately, i have to give this 1 star. Though i’m hopeful that you guys can improve and make this a good website!

Useless. The teachers that claim to know what they are doin with the app have no idea how to use it then to slam large amounts of school work throughout the day not taking down the old ones because they don’t know how to. This makes the app incredibly slow and terrible at meeting my needs to fulfill my assignments when getting the assignments is near impossible. The app also has a spot where teachers post assignments that are paper on to the app which then the app claims that since I turned the paper worksheet in the app claims it is missing which gets me in tons of trouble with my parents due to them claiming that teachers know what they’re doing with app when clearly the teachers are a bunch of monkeys who claiming that it’s a new simple way of school when in reality the app slows my software,glitchy constantly, and third is such a confusing app that teachers struggle to make class easier with this “new and improved school app” which is a complete and utter lie.

Good but I can’t log in 😃. For some reason I can’t log in because I need a password but I’m trying to get in my account but it won’t let me so I keep on trying and trying and trying and trying till I get in but all I can think of is “Ipoopedinmypants” but that’s the worst password so instead of putting that I put “schoologyiskind:)” BUT IT SAID THE SAME THING over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again sorry for the overs and and it still wouldn’t let me log in please help the connection have better connection make it a offline app please please please please please I’m asking you to like put it on a offline game where I don’t have to out connection on

It’s fine, but there are some issues. I use Schoology for school, and for the most part it’s tolerable. A few things get on my nerves about it, though. 1, On both the website and app, when I change my preferred name in the account settings, Schoology /always/ resets it. No matter how many times I hit ‘save changes’, it always reloads the next day as if no change had been made, and that’s extremely annoying. I have to go into the settings and rechange my name every day instead of the change /actually being saved/. 2, When I search someone’s name in the app or for messages, even if I’m spelling it exactly right, it never shows up. I type the name in, and everyone but the person I’ve searched shows up. This makes messaging teachers a lot more difficult when I’m not in classes with them and only know their name and have to carefully type it in so Schoology doesn’t hide them from me 3, In the app, clicking links brings a popup, which sometimes will not let me close it unless I reload the app. It’s ridiculous, and should just redirect us to a working browser instead of the finnicky popup 4, It doesn’t update teachers about assignments handed in after they are due. This makes it hard to grade late work, and makes it more difficult to see what my grade actually is, since it only updates teachers about work handed in on time It’s fine at it’s job, but it could be much better

Not the best for students. No I am not an educator but I am a student who uses Schoology. To start, I have been using schoology for 3 years now and I still have some trouble navigating the system. Schoology can also feel very overwhelming when you have a million things that fill up the ity bity calendar. Next, you have full access to your grades at all times. This may be good for some students, but for myself it is terrible. As soon as a new grade is posted, you watch your grade go down. This is because everyone starts with a 100 in the class at the beginning of the quarter. This is not a good system for students who obsess over their grades like me. Schoology is confusing and can make school feel worse. Not to mention, the fact that it crashes every 5 seconds which creates so much anxiety and frustration! I feel that Schoology could be a great learning platform that could be extremely helpful. But, some changes will need to be made first!

Never Works. Schoology is incredible at disappointing its users and creating unnecessary stress for students and teachers alike. Up late doing homework thats due in half an hour? well good luck because you need to block at least an hour to submitting anything on his app. Today I got an error for uploading a PDF that said “Unable to read file”. What does that mean? I don’t know. And god forbid you decide to google how to fix the errors because the solutions are nowhere in sight. Even the LAUSD District itself doesn’t know how to fix the errors to the point where the common “solution” you get its to delete the app and download it again, where you’ll then need to sign in again which can take up to a millennia. Not to mention that it often doesn’t even work on school grounds do to the firewalls??? Seriously what do they want us to do???? Its insane that this is all we have.

Pointless. I would give this app 0 stars if I could… it’s not that I hate school intact I'm one for learning but with this app it’s impossible!!!!! It’s painfully slow, links don’t work, if you don’t know your sign in your screwed, tests and quizzes have wrong answers, and worst of all when your classes change it doesn’t even change on the app!!!!! Im not sure what the district was thinking letting them make school online- but like not even fully online we go into school but guess what your on schoology the whole time your there WHY ARE THERE TEACHERS!?!?!?! First of all if your going to make us use this god for saken app with no Wi-Fi, what in the world are the teachers there for?!?!? Ok here me out I would so much rather have the teachers TEACH than this freakin app! So dear school- make up your mind and make this fully online and we can all fail because of your sucky app or just go back to normal school and just have teachers teach!!! Thank you

this app is the root of my blindness. Where’s the freaking dark mode? Whenever I use this app on my chromebook I mine as well be getting flash banged in war because holy moly guaca freaking mole is it bright. The amount of damage that this app has done to my eyes is truly breathtaking as well as incredibly more than a monitor inconvenience. Moreover why can there be folders inside of folders inside of a folder which is inside of a folder to hold another folder for one folder. It is just too much and too complicated where is the search feature? What if I don’t wanna look through my never ending folders that my ELA teacher makes and I instead would like to search for the specific item in which I am in need of? All in all tho could be worse, the app could allow teachers to make weird google slides with their bitmojis attached to the top of their classroom page. Wait…

The worst program ever. I am stuck using this for school and have been having so many problem with it. I have been unable to access my documents to submit assignments. While it does like to PowerSchool it is just a off-brand google classroom but worse. It is impossible to submit anything and the interface is slow and sloppy. It is missing some of the key components of a good website for school. Links are always fussy and have problems working, you can’t submit a assignment that has nothing attached so you are blasted with ‘late’ work whenever you open the program, many links don’t even show up in the app. It is just a horrible experience using this program for school. I have been using this thing for over a year and I am still unable to get it to work properly. You can’t even open a google doc or slideshow to submit assignments overall a bad idea and has even worse execution.

i hope this app suffers trauma and loss. okay yall. this app is absolutely mortifying. it had worsened my depression im feeling a bit more suicidal because i know i have to go back to this system soon because school is starting up. this app is absolutely DISGUSTING! google classroom will forever rain supreme. i hope the developers know how much everyone hates them and wishes the worst on them. this app is giving headaches EVERYDAY with such a tough turn in system. you are the reason i hate myself schoology. such a stupid name too. die. ALSOOO THE NAME IS ABSOLUTELY ABLEST. i have a horrible lisp and a speech impediment so it makes it really hard to say. do you know how much i’ve been made fun of because of this. no you don’t because you don’t have a lisp so you don’t have to deal with this. instead you get praised for making this horrible disgusting spiteful revolting and lastly absolutely hornswaggling ableist app. i hope both sides of your pillow are BOILING HOT and i hope your charger brakes.

Frustrated. As a parent of a 6th grader, this is my first time using this app. Almost everything my son does in class and assignments for home revolves around Schoology. This is absolutely the most frustrating app I’ve ever used and having to try and navigate it on a daily basis is a nightmare. I can’t tell you how many homework assignments we have missed entirely because we couldn’t find them in all the folders and general disorganization in this app. Why isn’t there a section just for HOMEWORK with each class listed with the homework and due date next to it??? Instead I have to go through each class individually and if the teacher didn’t create an update on the side, I have to try to go through all these folders to try to find it. Using this app on my phone is also useless because most of the files are too big to open in the mobile app, so I have to get on the computer every single time I want to check something. This app definitely needs a lot of work, I’m dreading having to deal with this for another two years. 👎

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The application Schoology was published in the category Education on 29 December 2010, Wednesday and was developed by PowerSchool Group LLC [Developer ID: 1057394489]. This program file size is 110.71 MB. This app has been rated by 124,663 users and has a rating of 1.3 out of 5. Schoology - Education app posted on 01 March 2024, Friday current version is 2024.02.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.schoology.schoology. Languages supported by the app:

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