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Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more!

With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

Schoology App Description & Overview

The applications Schoology was published in the category Education on 2010-12-29 and was developed by Schoology, Inc.
. The file size is 161.30 MB. The current version is 6.10.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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The reason the school system is broken  BravoAlphaTango  1 star

This service our school district subscribes to is hands-down the worst choice I think they have ever made. This has set back our students so far its going to be hard to make up for it!

Le me me

Schoolspace was better  Le me me  1 star

Schoolspace was a great system sad to see it go at such a young age but this crap that replaced Schoolspace is terrible the Facebook like setup is just crawling with the admins trying to make it hip and fresh basically the equivalent of Facebook moms. Bring back Schoolspace and cancel schoology!!! 😡😡


So bad  hejdhjdndgeiwoekjeieie  1 star

I can’t believe how bad this is I I would give it zero if I could

Tiny Taylor Swift

Trying  Tiny Taylor Swift  5 star

It’s really good but I can’t get everything to load right it keeps saying I need the app but I do. Otherwise it’s so helpful to get school work done at home I feel so much more organized.


BAD  skksjnsn  1 star

It takes forever to upload something on an assignment, and it only shows like 4 photos when I try to upload one for a project. I wish this app was faster, when I go to check my grades it takes 3 minutes to load in my grades. And when I click on a notification it says Sorry But This Post Is Unable To Load… I was going to rate this 2 stars but it deserves only 1. 😡 FIX THE BUGS AND THE LAG!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎


Good app but I wish they would change one thing  reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeęėēêèéët  3 star

I am a seventh grader and I love the concept of the app I love the idea that it holds all my important documents in one place and I can ask questions to my peers via Schoology so they can answer my questions and my teachers have access to questions. Hers the thing it sends me notifications after the due time has passed if it sent me notifications prior to the due date perhaps the day before just a reminder the due date is coming up it would make the app so much better.

Irrelevant Male

Bad system, Terrible bug  Irrelevant Male  1 star

The system itself is not great, but there’s this horrible bug when using the app where if you make even the tiniest swipe to the right, the “side menu” pulls up and there’s no possible way to swipe it away, remove it, or get back to where you were. It makes you have to go all the way back home and click through the courses and assignments, losing all progress on what you were working on. This has even happened when I was taking a QUIZ, which made me lose my one “attempt” and cause lots of wasted time trying to fix it.


Good app  jsahlidbkhlvkbfwlvk  4 star

I am a student in high school and our whole district uses this app. It is helpful to have all the papers in one place and to be able to speak to your teachers 24/7. I have been reading the bad reviews and they all sound like problems with the student or teacher, not with the app. Schoology can sometimes be confusing, but most of the time it is good.

Lonely Ape on a Blue Dot

Broken system  Lonely Ape on a Blue Dot  1 star

I think the brokenness of this app can be quite another great example of the brokenness of our education system. I've wasted 12% of my life here so far. 12% I can't get back. I actually wake myself up in the morning to go to a place that tears me down and makes me overwhelmingly unhappy. Seeing this app on my phone every day just reminds me of all that pain all over again. Here's a toast to you creators, a toast to helping make a broken system even worse! Thank you!

h wdge fbdynyneh

This makes me think of school  h wdge fbdynyneh  1 star

I don’t like school


Well a lot of reviews are outdated so.....  Extremelyforgetfulpie  4 star

I think the app is very good, especially with this new update. :)


Please have proper update descriptions  SilkCharm  1 star

I really dislike this shift to " bug fixes & improvements". It's disrespectful to the customer - Apple should insist on proper communication. Will change star rating when update description has more info....


Facebook Ripoff- Schoology needs a Eulogy  LchStr99  2 star

This is the Schools version of Facebook, but unlike Facebook, nobody uses it. Make this more relevant to learning and not a failing social media attempt


Worst app ever  Dhruv💯  1 star

This is a very faulty and glitchy app, always crashing and saying 'unable to load page' . This is the worst app ever and DO NOT BUY IT. Just DONT BUY IT


Swipe to reveal  Kowalsk17  4 star

You guys really need to fix the hidden menu so that I can scroll horizontally on whatever I'm viewing e.g. a quiz instead of revealing the menu. I can scroll right but if I scroll back left the menu just opens.

Bucky is awesome

Not happy  Bucky is awesome  1 star

I can't even leave the courses. What is this?!


Groups  Laurenabuck  4 star

I still have groups that teachers have not deleted and I can not leave the group. I'd like to be able to leave the groups that were used years ago.


So bad  DirtyRags  1 star

This app is the worst, I have been teaching for 32 years and thought I should try something different. And when I tried this I was surprised


wo  Athletics573  5 star

if this site was a pizza itd be dominoes if u catch my drift

boyar cool

Bad  boyar cool  1 star


Thought Spot

Terrible  Thought Spot  1 star

The overall Schoology platform is not well constructed, is overly complicated and ultimately misses it mark on meaningful helping to improve education through better communication, collaboration and tracking of progress for students, teachers and parents. Parent email digest is a great ideas but all it send is a set of links and none of the links actually work. Hence that is worthless. Courses get auto set up which seems nice, but once you realize that only about 1 or 2 of the 12 listed are actually being used the yer is about half over. And then you can’t remove those other courses not being used. This no way to streamline. Most assignment and test information seems to be rather limited giving only a high level score or letter grade for it. This no idea where to help my children further at home. App is simply an interface to access the website vs. actually being a designed experience for mobile. Zero benefit of having the app as most of the information hat gets posted you wouldn’t be able to see or use anyway. All parties would be better off using good old fashion paper, or even a make shift set of files on a Google Drive along with a messaging board over the convoluted Schoology system. It is clear that this was a design process that was very enamored with what they thought they COULD do, focusing on adding more and more features that they never stopped to really think about what they SHOULD do. Or to even think about the user experience, if it is this difficult to use as a parent I am distraught to think about the experience the students have to deal with, and certainly the teachers. School districts need to ditch this platform.


Publishing  Jmjtjmjt  1 star

Why can’t I publish and unpublish my materials from the app? Previously this wasn’t an issue. There are many times I need to use this feature and now I have to open Schoology through my web browser in order to do it. This questions why I have the App downloaded on my phone when I have to run through the web browser to complete all of my required tasks anyway.


Schoology is amazing!  XxSecondLivexX  5 star

I use Schoology a lot! It is great!


Horrible app  ObserverBot  1 star

This app is a fake schoology and if you want the REAL one go to YOUR school website and look for a link that says schoology and that will take you to your REAL schools website (I hope this app gets shut down) the app doesn’t help or tell you what to do at all. I’m not a complainer but from a person like me I know this app is BEYOND useless


Bravo  Kdhebshdnsjaj  1 star

I just adore this app! I love how I don’t get notifications even through it says that they’re turned on. I love how I have to press 4 buttons to see one grade!! I hate seeing all of my grades at once! Oh, and the best part is that the ‘course’ and the grades are two separate things. I love throwing my phone to the wall in frustration every midterm. Thanks for that!! I love you guys!


LET ME LOG IN  tay...5  1 star

I am at school right now and my laptop is dead. I have tried to log in to the app on my phone in which I just downloaded, and it’s not letting me. It tells me that my email is not associated with schoology.....I USE SCHOOLOGY EVERYDAY AND THIS APP DOES NOT WORK.

peter banchez

Help  peter banchez  5 star

How can I hack the system and change my grade?


Color scheme  FlamnDragon  3 star

Please get rid of the new orange color of assignments and quizzes. I go to a somewhat large school which relies on this app and not a single person has been like “I really love the orange assignments and orange quizzes”. Please revert the colors to what they were before.


Dude  gregfod  1 star

Dang it

legend of jj

My whole school uses this app  legend of jj  5 star

This has helped me get better at my work


Check box  Mammamia3  4 star

It would be useful if you could add a check box option beside assignments on home page for students. Thank you.

Callum Browme

Great  Callum Browme  5 star

Overall, a great app. I use this along with many others for my school iPad. It keeps track of many classes and keeps everything looking fine! But, if it want to change my profile picture, I have to go to the desktop,cor search engine version. Could you add in an edit profile interface? That'd be great. Callum Browne

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