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What is bloons td 4 app? Version 3.6 is now live featuring a brand new track and 2 new challenges.

Update history:

3.5 - Added Pool Party Map.
3.4 - Added 2 new Challenges.
3.3 - Added 2 new Challenges.
3.2 - Added Beehive Map, Extreme Challenges and Mystery Tower.
3.1 - Added 2 new Challenges.
3.0 - Added 2 new Challenges.
2.9 - Added Monkey Heart Map.
2.8 - Added 2 new Challenges and Jolly Roger Extreme Map.
2.7 - Added 2 new Maps, 2 new Challenges, Festive Towers and Double XP!
2.6 - Bug Fixes
2.5 - Added new tower Spike Factory
2.4 - Added Trick or Treat Map and Spooky Tower Surprise.
2.3 - Added 3 new Challenges with unique gameplay elements.
2.2 - Added Blue Laser Challenge and IAP Extreme Maps.
2.1 - Added Firecracker Map.
2.0 - Added Challenge Mode.
1.9 – Added Sweet Tooth Map
1.8 - Added new tower Dartling Gun.
1.7 - Added DNA Test Map.
1.6 - Added Deflation Mode.
1.5 - Added Spring themed Daisy Chain map and IAP for Special Upgrades.
1.4 - Added Apopalypse Mode.
1.3 - Added new Sun God Temple Map.

We are continuously working hard to bring you a whole host of brand new content updates over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

You've been waiting patiently, thousands have requested it and finally it's here.....


That's right the monkeys are back and this time there is a whole new army of bloons to burst. Featuring a whole host of new tower and enemy types, Bloons® TD 4 is the long awaited sequel to Bloons® TD iPhone.

This time the monkeys are serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air and sea. Utilising a new ranking system you can build up your experience and gain access to even more powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion.

Bloons® TD 4 iPhone features a mix of classic tracks from the online game as well as a whole host of new tracks for you to master. The medal ranking system is also back to add a new level of difficulty to the challenge. Can you battle through all 75 rounds to earn the gold medal?

Of course, even if you do, the fun doesn't stop there and you can continue the madness in freeplay mode. Discover how many rounds can you survive before the enemy overpowers you then challenge your friends to beat your score using Game Centre high scores.

Bloons® TD 4 combines all of this with Game Centre achievements and there is even some special bonuses which you can discover and unlock by mastering the tracks!


• All of your Bloons® TD 4 favourites, including the all powerful Sun God and Dartling Gun.
• 25 different tracks plus 5 Extreme Maps (available through IAP).
• Challenge Mode and all new Extreme Challenges.
• 3 difficulty settings on each map, Easy, Medium and Hard for varying degrees of challenge.
• Continue the popping frenzy in freeplay mode once you master a track.
• Game Centre high score tables and achievements.
• Special bonus unlocks.
• Now includes Apopalypse and Deflation modes.

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App Name Bloons TD 4
Category Games
Updated 04 August 2017, Friday
File Size 23.06 MB

Bloons TD 4 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fun game but some bugs that need to be fixed. I still love playing this game after all these years but when playing apocalypse on any level if I put any glue monkeys on the board the app will close itself and won’t save my progress. It’s really frustrating especially when I’m on a high level.

A game worth your time and money. I have always lived tower defense games and ever since I discovered bloons I have been addicted to it! it seems to me that btd games get better as they go along and btd 4 is an epic game. I love the designs for the levels and how creative the towers are... Seriously what other td game gives you air planes, mortars, pirate ships, and so forth? None. That's how many others. Also unlike many aps that get "updates" btd4 gets updated every couple months with new towers, new modes, and new maps. Also the unlocks that one has to pay for in the online flash version are free in this version. With that said, if u still aren't sure play the free flash version online before u buy it.

Level 73 bug. I am stuck on level 73, preventing me from playing the last unlockable challenge at level 80. Could you consider a last minute bug fix for good measure, even though you guys probably won't?

Towers. More towers as soon as possible please. Really I seriously want new towers. Also I think it would be REALLY awesome if you could choose the path for the monkey planes. Please make more towers! I know we have a lot already but it can only get better. Like a car that drives around popping bloons. Hey I'm just thinking out loud. And you people out there who keep saying" make bloons td 5 a app" should stop 1 this is good enough 2 it would probably mess up our iPods pads and phones. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE MORE TOWERS!!! Please give 3-100 more towers and I will rate this app 5 stars multiple times, tell people this app is awesome, and hopefully buy more bloons games. I already have three. Please more towers. Also on the computer this app had a sandbox mode so please add that also. Thanks. I also want to say thank you for all the update you already sent us. Sorry I may sound like a brat asking for more but I will do it anyway. Also you other customers probably want the same thing, so please in the name of bloons add more towers. Keep looking at other peoples comments they want more towers too.

Please Make 64 Bit!. So I can play in iOS 11! I love this game! Got all the power ups for free

Please fix this in 2022, even though this game is old. I saw this game on the App Store today and downloaded it, but when I started to play I kicks me out. Please fix this by supporting it to newer devices(I use a iPhone S E). Please I just want to play this, so please fix this.

Love it!. I resisted this app for a very long time. I never much liked tower defense games. But, as a fan of the original Bloons game and BSM, I finally got it. I didn't expect a lot, but Bloons Tower Defense really knocked my socks off. It's fun, addicting, and surprisingly lovable. You can't truly beat it. It has more replay value than any game in the App Store! In a sea of mediocre, boring tower defense games, Bloons TD 4 is an oyster with a pearl. Instead of shooting arrows at goblins and monsters, there are monkeys trying to get rid of balloons with tacks and darts. Now that's what I call awesome. This really gives Angry Birds a run for it's money, and in my opinion, the Birds got beat big time. If you want a tower defense game for your iPhone, this is the one to get. Forget stupid Plants vs Zombies... This is a thousand times better!

Awesome Game!. This game is one of the most amazing games i have ever played! It just needs the following to add the final star: *Dartling gunner*&&*The specialty modes from expansion PC version (eg. dart, tack, and boomerang towers cost 20% less, everything else is 10% more)*&&*MORE TRACKS!! We need the Monkey tail track, the cross track, the lolipop track, and many others!* By the way, to those of you complaining about apopalypse mode making the game crash its because you save and quit everytime you are almost going to lose. I experienced these crashes before and I deleted and reinstalled it (had to get gold medals back, but sepetoner help me out ^.^) and the crashes will be gone. just dont save and quit everytime there are alot of bloons on screen.

Thank you for updating!. Game is still as good as ever. Awesome that they updated it for newer phones. Thank you guys :)

Add sandbox mode. Great game just add sandbox the pc player get it. We should to.

Played for years still best game ever!. I have played this game for years and i can play hours and hours and still enjoy it! I highly recommend this game!

Bloons Td 4. I like the game but you need to fix the graphics it makes gameplay hard I spent money for bad graphics game please fix that

Broken on iPhone iOS 6.1.2. Game says for 6.0 and up but on 6.1.2 the track placement is broken on iPhone 5 as the balloons don't follow the path and you're allowed to place towers on the track but not in some areas you're supposed to

Awesome. What more can I say? This game brings out a whole new perspective on normal TD games. This isn't about getting the enemy's HP down to 0. It's about speed. Each bloon has 1 life but there are bloons inside of other bloons. This game is better than the PC version as it has more tracks. The dartling gun is a really nice addition, and for those that are asking, you have to be rank 33 in order to unlock the dartling gun. I'm rank 75 with all 19 gold medals. ---Update 2.0--- Wow. The challenges are amazing. I beat all of them within 24 hours of the update (addiction!), but some of them really made me think hard in order to pass them. Maybe in the next update we could have a few more xhallenges on the expert tracks? ---Update 2.1--- Bah. I don't really like this new track. This one is very easy. How about adding new towers/challenges or maybe an expert track that keeps us thinking? I really like BTD 4, but please start adding harder tracks. I beat the track within the first half-hour of the update.

horrible. I thought I was buying the same game that was on cool math BUT I WAS PLAYED!!! this game scammed 3 dollar out of MY CHASE BANKING ACCOUNT. SO THEREFORE, THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH THE 3 DOLLARS PLUS TAX!!! DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS WORTHLESS BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!! worst mistake of my life.

great!!!. this is a wonderful time filler for anybody that spends long hours waiting for something to do!!! and to the previous comment there is a balloon god thus the sun god that the super monkey upgrades to, and personaly i find the monkey buckaneers to be a good start on easy mode, with grapeshot they take out balloons like crazy, also when you get their finnal upgrade if you have unlocked them to shoot metal flaming balls rather than huge darts there is no way balloons stand a chance, I THINKK THIS IS A GREAT GAME AND IS COMPLETELY WORTH THE PRICE......... BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s dont expect to get above level 90, i had an entire map full of sungods and operation dart storm upgraded planes and it would never make it past lvl 95 or 97 ish before the balloons it sent through got to much for it to handle and it ended up crashing but other than that great game... YOU SHOULD STILL BUY IT!!!!

Some tower suggestions. 1. Oil tower Price easy-595 Price medium-700 Price hard-755 Effect- splatters oil out onto the track, slowing down balloons and occasionally causing them to slide backwards. Upgrade 1-slippier oil Makes chance of balloons slipping back higher. Price Easy-195 Price Medium-210 Price Hard-245 Upgrade 2-Heavier Soak Makes balloons twice as slow Price Easy-245 Price Medium-295 Price Hard-325 Upgrade 3-Toxic Oil Pops soaked balloons every 3 seconds Price Easy-510 Price Medium-625 Price Hard- 710 Upgrade 4-Oil Spill Every 8 seconds the tower will flood it's attack range with Extremely Toxic Oil, Popping Bloons every 2 seconds. Price Easy-855 Price Medium-985 Price Hard-1055 This is my first tower suggestion. I will add on to this for some tower suggestions that I would like to see in the game 2.monkey swimmer Price easy-170 Price medium-200 Price hard-215 Effect- can be only be placed on water like a buccaneer, but acts exactly like a dart monkey. Upgrade 1-heavier dart Monkey swimmer fires a heavy dart that can pop 2 bloons instead of 1 Price easy-125 Price medium-165 Price hard-195 Upgrade 2- longer range Increases towers attack range Price easy-75 Price medium-90 Price hard-95 Upgrade 3-water cannon Tower fires a cannon of water that can pop up to 18 bloons at once Price easy-595 Price medium-

LOVE IT!! WANT 5!!!!!. I love this series and I want bloons td 5!!! I've only played this one and 3 but I want 5!! Due to the fact I don't have enough money in my account to buy 5, I'm saying this now here, MAKE A FREE VERSION FOR 5!!!!!!!! I have heard a lot about crashes for the game, but the only thing that occurs to me is it slows down when you get further in the game. I love the new towers and the mix between dart monkey and spike o pult because before in 3 they were different towers but now their mixed! I've heard about new towers in 5 that get my attention. Since I've said all of this stuff about 5 here, is because you have to have the app download to review it! That's why I've talked about 5. This 4 and 5 is a great addition to a great series! In 2010 there was only bloons td 1, 2, and 3, but with 4 and 5 it is the happily ever after a great series! ( or is it the end?!) :D

Layout problems. Awesome game, but the button layout could seriously use some work. Three of the most obvious problems: 1. Move the "Sell" button! I don't know how many times I've accidentally sold something when I was trying to hit the "Towers" button, or when moving my left thumb away from the screen. So, please move the sell button, make it smaller, or add an "Are you sure?" box, or all three. 2. Close the spikes, glue, and pineapple button at the end of the level. It's useful to have them stay open during the heat of bloon battle, but after the the last bloon has burst, its only really good for putting down one more unintended item (usually when trying to select an on-screen tower for upgrade). 3. Tower targeting buttons obscure the towers on the left edge. Buttons could be smaller or changed to a single cycle toggle button. Besides the layout issues, the game is fantastic. If I didn't just about throw my phone across the room every time a tower accidentally disappeared, or when I end up $30 short of an upgrade because of the road spikes I didn't mean to buy, it would be perfect.

Perfect!. I was hesitant at first, considering there are cheaper TD games out there, but this game has blown my mind! I'll sit down with the intention to burn a few minutes, and suddenly an hour has passed! To me, this is much more addicting than Angry Birds and Temple Run put together (and yes, I got a bit addicted to those as well, when they first came out). But those addictions faded. This one hasn't. The gameplay is simple in a complex way, if that makes sense. I can replay the same track time and time again without getting bored, just trying out new strategies! The challenges are great as well; they turn a track you've completed 10 times into a whole different game. The level system is great as well; it takes time, but never feels frustratingly slow. Not once did I feel like I was only playing because I wanted to reach the next level (as is the case most of the time with me). There is no strategy that works for every track. Gameplay is smooth, there are no glitches that I've seen... all in all, it's just a great game. If you couldn't tell, I'm quite pleased with my purchase.

B E S T G A M E E V E R. Gameplay gets tedious after level 128 and it would be cool if there were harder blimps to pop or something!

I would love it.. If there was the ability to rotate the plane, and also maybe change it's coarse to a circle if you want . And if there were more upgrades for all towers but have it so you can buy different upgrades at a time. Such as you tap on a monkey dart tower and you can upgrade range, fire rate, pricing darts, (damage) and damage should change the dart color and maybe even make it something besides a dart. I would also like more towers ( sniper monkey is a good idea ) even if there real random like a monkey that captures bloons puts them in a cage and sends them out as explosive bloons, or even a close range sword monkey. Just though I'd throw out some ideas because your updating so much. Thanks!!!! Also I'd pay more money for stuff like that.

I still like this game. Idk if it’s nostalgia, but even though btd5 and 6 are out, this game is still fun, minus the rank ups.

Awesome but......... I love this game but I bought the extreme package and I accidentally deleted the app and I tried the "restore purchases" button but it dose not work when i press it all that happens is that a little blue box pops up that says "restore all purchases yes or no" I press "yes" but and the blue box goes away and it dose not say "processing" or anything like that then nothing happens but i can still play the game without having to restart the app also I tried the "unlock extreme" button because I was willing to buy it again but it doesn't work either all that happens is a little blue box pops up that says "buy extreme maps yes or no" I clicked yes and the blue box goes away and it dose not say "processing" or anything like that then nothing happens but i can still play the game without having to restart the app I have the iPhone 3GS and IOS 6.0 (the newest IOS) also I checked if the same thing happened to the bonus in-app upgrades (before I deleted the app by accident I didn't buy the in-app upgrades I unlocked them) it did not happen when I clicked the buy in-app upgrades it worked perfectly but I didn't buy it because I can just unlock it again I really hope this gets fixed!!!

Epicly awesome game. Best game ever, love all the options, and thanks so much for the dartling tower, but what about buying packs of towers, like a ninja monkey with close combat/area effect hits, a better catapult that will do something other than take up space past level 40, ability to call in an airstrike/slower and stronger plane(a blimp, maybe having the ability to draw a more efficient path?) and level 5 upgrades for some things (such as crazy big blast radius for Moab mauler, another spell for the monkey wizard, even better banana farms, mortars for piercing 3 lairs of bloon and faster shooting, etc.). Please don't get me wrong, I love the variety already, but the more the merrier, huh? Also, you could charge a buck or two for a set of towers, and that is always nice. I bet at least half of the people who consistently play this would buy a pack or two, probably more. I know I would! Thanks for your time.

Amazing port. This port is so good oml it’s already a good game too! the art style didn’t age good but I still think it has a charm to it like BTD 5.

Outstanding. This game is overall incredibly good and offers endless hours of playtime. The game is continually updated with added towers, maps, and challenges. It is a unique game with tons of towers and upgrades to use. The game just keeps getting better as you progress in it. A couple suggestions to make this game more appealing to those who have gotten "bored" with it, add in a couple new boat/water towers. There are plenty of water level which would be way more fun if there were two or three new boat towers. If you guys do add some more boat towers, a map completely covered in water wouldn't be a bad idea. Overall this game is incredible and is my favorite on the app store.

Great classic game. This game is great because it could go on forever and I love the game because it gives me so much nolstagia becuase the gives me good memories.

Meh. It's good and all but I think I would play the PC version instead because it is kinda old

Good game. Sooo this is the earliest version I can get of btd I’m still trying to get Bloons td anyways good game and super fun 👍

Pls make it full screen. When I bought the app today I was disappointed to see that it was full screen. Other than that I would give this game a five star review

Glitches after level 110. Waste of time when you find out it glitches.

How do you find the sandbox option?. How do I access the sandbox game mode on the app?

Still play this game!. Even thought BTD 5 and 6 are out, I still play this game. I really wish this game had an auto round start. I know Ninja Kiwi doesn’t focus on this game, but I wish they would add that feature. Anyway. Still a fun game.

Awsome. Bloons tower Defence 4 is one of the best games I ever played I'd just wish they would make like a Monkey can and it would shoot out soda and upgrade to like where it shoots out coressive soda and they need to make more tracks mybe like a almost immpossible track like a swirl it comes out the bottom left corner then goes though the swirlly track and goes out in the center of the track. I play Bloons Tower Defence every day on my ipod because it is a sick wonderful game. I wounder how they came up with an idea like that it's like a combination of learning, defenive skills, amd monkey defence as well it is a very neat and fun game while your still good at it. Because when you get past round 50 it is the most challengingist part of the whole game. The highist I'd seen anybody make is round 236 so if you want to beat that then download this app and try your best.

Please update old bloons 👍. Like the game but can you update bloons td 1 please

Great game but there’s a huge flaw. There is a glitch that consistently happens in rounds 8-12 where the game will crash in the middle of the round and I will start the app back up and I’ll be down money on a higher round, sometimes the upgrades I make that round will be disqualified

Great game. Brings me back to my childhood love this game

Why?. Hey there is two things I have to say:1. I don’t have the Dartling Gun. 2. Why does the secret tower require 2 million bloons to pop. Please fix those and I will rate a five

What are they doing?. This is crazy. Of all apps this was the one tower defense that was fun as heck for the whole family. The updates were so awesome! Free maps, new upgrades, new towers and new modes, but wait......whats this? They decided to follow the footsteps of some of the worst apps out there! Now they want to charge us for maps?!?!?! Did they hire a new manager? You know what for 3.00$ you probably wanna wait. There are other great apps in this category. If it was .99 cents that would be a different story. How sad to play this free online, but it's bad were forced to pay for it to play on the itouch/iphone let alone pay for additional maps. You guys blow. Stop following and start leading the industry like you guys were! 4 stars for overall. could've been a 5 but the new update to pay blows.

Good game. Love it

Awesome. Best Game ever

How do you make in game purchases. I just need to know cuz I always see this in the game and I click off of it and now I can't find it 😞

Crashes immediately after opening. Well I guess I wasted my money on this because the game crashes as soon as I click the icon to open it.

Come on now. Game keeps randomly crashing today when it never has before. We need that new IOS update please!

Is there a sandbox mode?. This is a great game, there just doesn’t seem to be a sandbox mode for me.

Best Tower Defense Experience. BloonsTD4 has a multitude of great maps, ranging from very easy to very challenging. None can be beaten in quite the same way. There is also a wide variety of towers, these also allow for great strategizing and personal preference. On top of that it is astetically pleasing as well. This game is available for free on the computer. But it is worth having to pay, because you get a lot of extra maps and special bonuses(if you can unlock them). There are also a multitude of special challenges. In addition, this is the kind of game thats great to have wherever you go. There is also a steady stream of new content that makes this game continually fresh and enjoyable. The game doesnt have any lag until around Level 100. Not only is this around the same time it will lag on the computer, but it is also at a fairly advanced level in the game, so it would be rare that you reach it. Overall this is fantastic.

YES!!!!!!. This is an amazing game i lave it more than life it self

Awesome.. Hey guys, awesome game. Ive been playing since you had to get gold metals on ALL the maps to get all the upgrades and this is the only game i haven't ended up deleting since i got my phone. The frequent updates and content releases keep me coming back. Well worth the money. Especially for long car rides and awkward family get togethers (we've all been there) much better than the online version (especially with my computer), rarely have problems with lag, i don't update the apps on my phone unless theres one on this app. But hey, when are you guys gonna release btd5?? Bottom line buy the app. They actually use some of the money you give them for updates rather than purely pocketing it like every other app (;

AWESOME!!!!!!!. It's sick but it needs more towers and need something better than a super monkey like an axe monkey and it slices everything in it's path and it swings in circles otherwise it's AWESOME. Also could u make new bloons it's getting SO BORING here are some: a weak bloon: that's only damaged by the picture it shows A dart bloon that throws darts at monkeys(the harder it is to pop the fast the bloons shoot) Also you need some new towers Lightning monkey: throws bolts of lightning Solid spike summoner: a monkey that summons a spike out of the ground and pops 2 layers of bloon Ram monkeys: three monkeys slam a ram into a certain amount of bloons and does double damage to ceramics Moab destroyer: takes all blimps (including layers) and takes them Down to half a life Pepper monkey: sprays pepper on a bloon and makes it sneeze on another bloon to slow it down with glue A bloon assassin : takes a knife and jumps from bloon to bloon destroying camos to regulars Bloon earthquake monkey: makes a huge crack in the track and destroys all bloons completely Hope u like the ideas so there u go PS please come up with something better than a super monkey (for bloon fans try these challenges) First track hard darts second upgrade and and bombs and beacons Second (nickname cash bees BOOM): Flower track on hard with beekeepers, farms, mortars and bombs Ill come out with more soon

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Great but,. 1. If I have a tower under the confirm button when I put a tower down, it will go to the options for that tower. Example: Tower a is under the tick button. I want to put tower b somewhere in the middle, and I press the tick button. It goes to the menu of tower a. This is extremely annoying as the button to show the selection of towers is in the exact place of the sell button, and I accidentally keep selling my banana plantations, as i expect the game not to 'click' tower a for me. 2. At the end of the round, I would appreciate it if the game would not remove my tower when I'm finding a place to put it. Same with the upgrades menu. Other than that, great game!

Game crashes. The game crashes after I upgrade a glue tower to level 3 upgrade for the first time in a map

Cool. It needs more towers I know ur already making a new one and more maps when I get to round 100 and over it lags but on 140 and over it takes 7 mins to complete one round please make it 5X faster and make the lag start at round 170 who agrees ?

Awesome. This game is absolutely fantastic; I love it. The updates are always great and I always look forward to them. Now I just have a few suggestions on how you could make a fantastic game the best game: -make a level editor and maker. -make a helium bomb (like the pineapple bomb but with delayed effects so about 5 seconds after explosion make the blooms float away). -make an electricity tower that pops blooms with electricity, but needs to be in the monkey beacons range so is can use the monkey beacon as a power source. If you do this, this game will be the best game on the app store and nearly everyone will want it. Thanks for listening to what I have to say bye.

Lag solution. I love this game, I got to round 140 before my iPod lagged and then crashed... Which is my point. Would it be possible to add an option to toggle the popping image? The little white star thing that is made when a bloom pops is what really makes the game lag.

Glitch. This has happened to me at least 3 times; I have 3 super monkeys with plasma vision and then I sell 2 so I can upgrade the last to a Sun God, then when I do my Sun God disappears. I know I did not sell my Sun God accidentally because I didn't get any money for it. This happened to me in the first challenge when I was on the final round! It's really annoying! Please can you look into this and try to fix it. I'll be happy to change my review when it's fixed. Otherwise this game is really fun.

Very addictive. This tower defense game is much better than the online version of BTD4 so much maps to choose from and alot of towers. BUT........I had a previous version of this game and it had alot of bugs so I had to delete and re did the download and that versions towers were cheaper than this versions one so if u would fix that 5

Excellent App!. This game is addictive and very hard to put down, though it needs a few more features such as an in-game description of bloon and tower types, a restart button and perhaps an exit button when a tower is selected. If these things are added, this game will be completely deserving of 5 stars!

Flawless yet again - again. Still a very good game, already finished all the challenges and it made thr game much more interesting having to do things differently to what i normally would do. Keep up the great work, and bring out more map packs. :D

Great game but used to be iPad compatible. New version isn. This game used to run natively on both iPod Touch and iPad. In a recent version update this has changed and now it only runs on my iPod Touch. On my iPad it is low res and needs to be run at 2x. I now need to buy the game again for my iPad. I feel cheated and think this is a cheap trick from the developers to make more money. Shame.

awesome. This is one of the best apps out on the itunes store. heaps of towers, heaps of upgrades and heaps of maps, free maps. I love this app because you don't have to buy any maps or in app purchases like some apps make you do just to play the game. Keep up the good work and add new towers and maps.

But. Can you put a login so that you can share things across the pc and iOS versions because I am sick of having to go through all the ranks to catch up with my mochigames account

Nearly perfect. Because you update this game often every time there is a newl challenge or a new level I don't want to play it because my other game will be deleted. I will rate this game 5 stars if I am able to save games so I can come back to it. This game is amazing and there is only one thing that can make it better. I will be addicted to this game If you are able to do what I have said.

LOVE IT. This is such a great ap i really recommend it. Love the new dartling turret. I think they should bring out a sniper turret which shoots across the whole map and through balloons. Keep up the good job and keep the updates coming.

Full music support...?. I aboalutaly live this app, but I use a special app to listen to music on and that means that I can't listen to my own music and that really makes me not want to play it :( so if you give it full music support you'll have a nice shiny 5 stars

Brilliant game. Lots of modes and updates every once in a while to keep this game alive with a very high replay value. I'm wondering why they made 4 more maps you have to pay for (even if it is only 1 dollar). I do sincerely hope these are unlockable or slowly made free in the future. Continue to bring out good free updates like you have and I will consider paying.

Game keeps crashing :(. Love this game so much but unfortunately game keeps crashing at higher rounds or at random times in apocalypse mode, please fix :(

Very addictive!. This game is great. I haven't been able to put it down for days. I'm stuck on track 10 though (Bus Route). Has anyone got a strategy for this one for hard mode?

It's legendary!. Definitely one of the best apps on the appstore! Don't worry about all the people complaining about purchasing maps, you still have at least 20 maps to play and you only get the extreme map pack's if you want them, it won't stop you playing if you don't get them, definitely a must have game!

Updates.?. I love this game so much has been my favourite game since I was 11-12 (somewhere there) but I have beaten, completed, deleted, re-download and done it all again so many times I was wondering if yous are going to do new updates on it.? Would be awesome.!(: Thanks sharni

Awesome. Whoever rates this app less than 5 stars is crazy. Could you please add something where you do the bloons, and try to make the towers lose all of the lives? That would be awesome if you could. Anyway,BUY THIS APP, IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D >__<

Freezes. Great game, loads of fun!!!! But since I have upgraded my game, the game now freezes and I can't get access any towers, or other maps but the bloons still come on the last map I used when it froze. Very frustrating as I can't play the game anymore until the problem is fixed. Otherwise I would have rated it five stars.

Look at the ratings. Its actually a good game with lots of fun and chalenging levels After you learn how to play and rank up the game becomes a little easer, until you buy the extreme pack which is super challenging The chalenges are fun and creative

awesome. It is a great game and I recomend it to everyone. It is a great stratergy game just like the version on Cool Math Games. I recomend the full version because you get heaps more levels plus the challenges. It can get a little slow at level 100+ but still something new to do every time. :)

Best bloons tower defense game ever. All the other Btd are filled to brink with micro transactions while this one allows you unlockable upgrades for free and has a few dlc maps

One problem. Random crashing due to lag when fighting off tons of bloons still hasn't been fixed. Other than that, excellent game!

2.6/2.7 bug. Sometimes, when I upgrade a tower in any map or challenge, it just disappears when I start a new round and I do not get any money or anything. It is especially annoying when it happens around the beginning and i lose something i put all my money into. Other than this it is an awesome game, keep the updates coming.

Bugs/suggestions, but still awesome. I would normally rate it the full five stars but I just bout the extreme maps and none of them work, they just white screen the background (HUD still fine). I and just about everyone would love for you to make a "map editor" in the game, and I believe that the spike factory should have the spikes last a bit longer, at the moment the effect is not really worth the cost. Never the less still a great addicting and awesome game!!! 

btd4. ***Please fix*** nearly everytime i try and sell a tower during a round the game crashes and i have to start the round again. very annoying! this bug also ruins apocalypse mode for me

Value for money and entertaining. I have purchased this game and I'm damm satisfied not only with the game but also with the service .as the programmers keep updating the game and providing new free maps and items within the game. This game is seriously value for money compared to any other game around I have purchased . To: programmers -keep releasing those maps and new items love the new one spikes . This is the first time I have ever rated a product since having my phone for 2 years. You guys are worth it ...everyone get this game you will love it

BUG!. Amazing but after the last update the screen goes white when i play the second extreme lvl on hard might also happen on other difficulty havent tried

Amazing. One of the greatest games made, very fun and hard to put down just love it. Needs like a balloon diary where it explains all the different types what is in them and how strong they are. Also an option to just quit and a restart option

Favorite game ever!. !!!!!! I absolutely love it

AWESOME... except.. This game is worthy of 5 stars. Problem is, when you get to lvl150 with a screen full of Sun Gods, the lag and sheer amount of bloons makes each level 15 minutes long! Would it be possible to get a "Skip forward" button implemented - which is exactly the same as watching the level happen without doing anything, but in an instant. Thanks in advance if you do end up implementing it! :D

Flawless yet again. Brilliant game, currently on round 268 on the Monkey Temple map on Apocalypse mode. Im getting moderate lag. And for anyone who's wondering why there is lag, it's due to the high number of bloons on the map at the one time. The key to reducing lag is to kill as many bloons as soon as they spawn. ;) Can we please have some more maps? That daisy chain one was a little bit too easy. :P

???Prestige???. They should do something like on call of duty how when you get to like rank 50 you can prestige and you lose all of your towers and start it all over again and once you've prestiged you can gain access to a new tower.

Needs an update. I play this game most of the time still but it's getting a bit slow cause I own a iPhone with iOS 10 on it and I've been waiting for an update on this game to support iOS 10, the iPhone 5 up to the iPhone 7 so an update would be nice

Great app 1 concern. This app is amazing and entertaining... BUT!!! NEED A FREE WAY TO GET THE EXTREME MAPS!!! I have a gold medal and have finished all challenges on every map i deserve the extreme levels and so does everyone you should have unlock normal levels through medals like now and unlocking extreme maps by certain amounts of completed challenges.

Awesome Game. The game has more tracks and challenges than the computer version It needs spike factory and sandbox mode otherwise best game ever bonus upgrades are awesome and the extreme tracks are a real challenge BUY NOW if you haven't already Popping frenzy

Bugs!!!. It is good game as a whole, but sometime the game tool frozen. It does not allow you to add any more. It is quite annoying since it often happen around round 18-30 when the game just get interesting. Please mix the bug.

New Map. I wonder what this new map is guna be like cuz ive already completed all on hard and finished all the challanges please give us a really hard map that is almost impossible Thank you

Just Awesome!. This app is so good! And recommend it to everyone! But... The remove placing towers at the end of a round is annoying. And the new tower dart gun is great! But the aiming system is annoying and cant really be focused. All it needs is the aiming system of the mortar tower, then more than one can be used. Besidrs that, GREAT APP!

Extreme maps. I want to buy extreme maps but don't know how much they cost it doesn't tell you in the app and for this reason I won't buy until I know exactly how much you want to sting me for it first thanks

Brilliance. An excellent game that certainly gives your logical analysis and decision making to the test. Best tower defense game there is! Although there is severe lag whenever you get to levels 100+. and it would be really good to have a sandbox mode so you can test out some possible positions. Aside from that, this is definitely a game worth every cent!


Bwoons. Bwoons Td 4

Lag. I love this game and always have it's the best td game ever. My only problem is though that after reaching round 100 it lags like hell and it takes like half an hour to get to the nxt round plz fix in new update

Needs more updates!!. This game, is at best, mediocre. My biggest quarrel with this game is that it lags a hell of a lot, even on the iPhone 4. Another issue is that of the towers, which need more upgrade options. This game is definitely not worth the current price tag. I ONLY recommend buying the game if you're a diehard fan or if the price is reduced to AU$1.19.

Addictive, but has some bugs. Love this game, hours of fun for myself and my children. However this app has some bugs. It has frozen on me a number of times. I have to save and quit before re-entering the game. At times I have also lost sound, but it comes back after a while. With all it's flaws I still recommend this game as a great time waster. Love wife says that I am addicted to it.

(v1.3)still needs level editor but still fantastic!!!. Mainly Still needs: level editor,more tracks (and more classic tracks) Game status's: Grafics: 4 Customizeation: 3 Adidiciveity: 4 Fun: 4 In app updates: (erelevent) Acevements: yes Cost: pretty-much worth it Bought on relese date: yes Updates added: 3 Overall: 4./5 stars Disscripiton: nice still need's a few tweak's but I still think that this game is fantastic cool graphic's nice bloon colour's but I woud really like digital goldfish to make a level editor please... with more creativity too!!!! Also recommended app, if you like bloons games you'll like this game lots more then the other ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this little game full of fun with new tracks (but I still really want a level editor though please!!!) Come to think of it!!! I woud like more tracks too!

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Well worth my time and money!. Omg I love the new map- Temple of the Sun God! That map alone adds a totally wicked new concept to the game! I also sew that the lag has been reduced compared to before; it doesn't lag anymore until you get to level 90+! Awesome game, well worth my time and money. I look forward for more new maps and updates. :D

great game. I play it a lot thanks it's so fun

Is so hard. There are map harder than me plz make more easy and is fun

Meh. I like the game, it’s fun. However it crashs A LOT! With the developers I think not updating this game anymore. Means the crashes are permanent. So unless they fix these crashes, I would not purchase as the games almost unplayable.

Great. Make a glue factory!

SANDBOX MODE. Where is it? I mean I loved it on the PC, but where is it on the iPod?

OMG. A must buy this app is amazing with the new levels compared to the computer one this is the best game in the app store BY FAR. 👍

Best one in the series. Really hate the new art style of the games. TD4 was the peak for me. I wish they’d update it to actually fit the new phones and iPads in general, but I still play it anyway.

The cream of the crop of tower defense. Oh ninja kiwi when it comes to monkeys kicking the crap out of balloons there is no one who can beat you!

Awesome so much fun but no spike factory???. Twenty thumbs up

Buy it now!. My friend showed me this on the computor at school, saw an add for the appstore on the website, now im here reviewing the best game ever, to ba this isnt so well know like angry birds. oh and by the way, this game never ends and is amazing! :D

Amazing game. Great game, I'm lvl.72, what about you guys? Great game, love it, 5 stars, don't listen those crap filled liars who say that it's crashes! It doesn't! Best app ever

Awesome upgrades plz hurry and make. Blt5 for IOS

Super fun. However when I activate the super sun god on the last level in apocalypse mode the game crashes. Please fix ASAP. I want to see what level I can make it to.

Couldn't be much better!!!. I got this game months ago and I'm still playing it. I would really enjoy a couple more game modes with separate bloons and monkeys for those special levels. Other than that, perfection!

Goat. Best bloons by far

After All These Years. 'Tear' You finally updated!

BTD4. Absolutely fantastic game and insanely addictive. Just one gripe though, even though I know I have enough money in my iTunes account (a little over a dollar), the game keeps redirecting me to the billing info part to "enter the correct billing info" whenever I try to purchase the upgrades. What's up?

Best. Best game in all my apps worth the 2.99 its so fun and lots of maps and new maps by lots of upgrades

Need a new map or 10!!!. LOVE the game, beating the maps first day they're out though. Please do something about the lag after round 75 though, played up until 136, but had to stop, rounds were taking forever!! Every time app store tells me I need to update, I get excited, hoping its an update on Bloons... PLEASE give us a new map! :)

Great game!. I have Bloons 4,5 &6 and this one was the first game that got me into being interested in these games I loved to play it as a child I will never regret spending money on these games.these are my favorite series of games thank you so much! And for everyone who spends money if your on Apple and your parents or you have a phone it will be free and if you have the same Apple ID on the phone as an iPad then it will be free on the iPad too.THANK YOU SO MUCH

So addictive!!!!!. I absolutely love this game! It's so addictive!!!!

Fun. I have this on my iPod and I am really good and it very addictive I highly recommend this thrilling game. 

awesome game!. this game is super fun its good that even after unlocking all the towers you can still unlock more stuff!

Awesome game but. When will btd 5 come out? And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want btd 5 deluxe to come out I will so buy it

I have a few tower Ideas. Glue factory like the new spick factory and a bomb factory that makes pineapple land mines so when they touch it it blows up and flamethrower monkey with same range as dart monkey but can pop frozen balloons and doesn't need to reload like the super monkey but will cost 2400$ u have more but you probably are to busy to read all this but if you do please consider it.

Amazing. I love everything about it!

Great game, could do with some UI improvements.. This is an excellent tower defense game, among the best I've played on the iOS. I found myself using almost all of the towers and found the upgrades fun and addictive, making me want to play more just to unlock them. The difficulties offer a nice learning curve and the hard difficulty is a great challenge, specially in some of the more advance levels. The iOS integration is also quite awesome, saving the game whenever you need to take a break and instantly loading it when you come back. My only gripes are that the menu UI could do with some improvements to make the game more accessible. Mainly the following: 1) Get rid of the animations between menus or make them almost instant. They don't really beautify the game that much and they make it really annoying when you are trying to beat a difficult level where you need to restart often. 2) Save which was the last level played or group levels under difficulty. There are enough levels to make scrolling through all of them a little bit of a chore, specially as in the previous example, in the final levels when you need to restart often. 3) Allow reloading the last saved game from the in game menu. While the game lets you save your game so you can continue after a break, and will do so automatically, it would help if you could also save one game that you could load back at any point (that wouldn't be overwritten by the autosave). This allows for testing strategies mid or late game without having to play through the whole level, which, can be tedious if you already know what to do in the first, say, 30 rounds.

Finally a new update!. Awesome game!

So fun!!. This app is amazing!!!

I loved this game but.... I loved this game, hour and hour of fun but as of late sound effects have disappeared. Would give 5 stars if it was fixed.

Amazing. This is my favorite game on the app store. It is 10x better than angry birds. Keep the updates coning!

BTD4. ... I'm speechless it's so good

More maps. We wants a bew expert map. Plz .... Too easy beginner map. ( ont veux des maps pour les expert ... Pas les map de noob )

OMG. The updates are literally ENDLESS!!!

Childhood!. Been playing since 2012 and it’s crazy to see how even as i grow older i find myself coming back to BTD4 as a simple pastime. To the developers i am eternally thankful for the hours i’ve spent playing, Thank you!

Fun. One of the must fun games ever

My favourite app. I love it...but i wish you could tap the level stary buttom two times to make it 4x speed. Just a suggestion but awesome app! ./

Awesome. Fun game, been popping balloons for years now. Keep up the good work.

Come on. I loved this game but a while ago it stopped letting me download updates I would have the option to update but when I did it would say waiting as usual but after that it would crash and go back to the last version I had so I deleted it and now it does the same thing when I try to download it I can't give you a good rating if a can't play it anymore

Amazing. I love it I would play it hour after hour if I weren’t so busy

Glorius. The most amazing game for iPod that I have ever seen. You are disgracing yourself if you think you like tower defense games but you don't have this on your iPod!

BTD 5. Love this game! Can't wait till BTD5⃣ comes out!

Much better than the first. The merely adequate gameplay of the first game almost kept me from buying it. It was game centre compatibility that convinced me to. I'm very glad I did. Incredibly fun (if you like tower defence games) and addictive. The only problem is that it can be too easy at times. Still, worth the money. I was debating between 4 and 5 stars.

Lives up to the name. Deffenetly what i expected from a bloons TD game.Worth the money to.

This will be the best iPod app you ever play. Constant updates, tons of modes... What can't you like about this amazing game? Beats angry birds any day.

Awesome sauce!. Such a great game totally worth the money

I want my money back. I want my money back, I don’t like the game as much as 5 or 6.

LOVE IT!. I love this game; it's challenging and provides hours of fun. I have a request though! Please give us BTD 5! It's been out for a while and would be awesome on the iPhone! Keep up the great work!

Epic Game. Best td game on appstore

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Amazing. This is one of my favorite apps it never gets boring the towers I very fun but the Gatling gunner is a little irritating because when I click a space that's where the hub points at and it's annoying I'd use the tower more if you could fix it. But other than that it's amazing. And lay off btd5 this td is enough. Also I check my updates every day to see if there's a new update for this. But please work on more towers. I'd love to see what you think of next but yeah thanks.

Great game. I love the game so much and have been playing it for awhile now and I love the Gatling gun monkey but can you put a lock on it so that it can stay in one place and please add many more towers becuz I'm so use to all the towers now! And more upgrades like for the tower that shoots bombs from anywhere and you can place the target anywhere you should have the upgrade as when it shoots and the bomb hits bloons it freezes them like a freeze bomb and maybe a tower where you touch and drag it too another tower and the upgrades can be combined with elements... And one last thing.... A tower that creates water on the playing field for buccaneer tower

Great game but.... Add an almanac (like plants vs. zombies) that tells you which tower does what. Also add bloons to it. How many bloons are in a MOAB? How many bloons are in a rainbow bloon? Id like more info on all of that please! Another thing is can u add an option to lock a tower in a certain direction? I like having certain towers facing one way. Can you also move the pause button to the top left corner? Its right by the play button which annoys me.

Great Game BUT!!!!!!!!!. This is one of the best game Apps I've ever played but i do have and issue!! It seems in the middle of a game it just crashes A LOT. On top of that if you have upgrades active, when you reopen the game and go back to your saved level, upgrades are turned off and you have no choice but to finish the game without your favorite upgrade. Not a huge issue but it is rather irritating to say the least. Maybe the issue can be reloved in an update so in game upgrades dont have to activated ever time u start the game! thanks love all the Bloons games!!!

Awesome. This game is highly addictive and worth every penny your going to be playing this for weeks. The game modes in this game keeps you want to play more also unlocking upgrades and ranking up maybe your friend has this game you can see who has the best monkey army. What i personally love about the game is apocalypse mode where the rounds never end you keep trying to stay alive its challenging and fun.I also like how this company takes customers ideas and all that. I love this game and thanks for reading the review.

Love this game dearly, tired of glitch. This glitch is annoying me intensely. Occasionally (more often lately) when I tap the screen I apparently hit the spot where the sell button slides off to when it's leaving the screen but it causes me to basically demolish my building. I get no money back but I lose the tower. The last 5 games I have played it's happened and I lost all 5 due to a missing strong tower. I'm extremely addicted to this game and would greatly appreciate it if this issue was looked into, thanks!

STOP FRICKIN WHINING!!!. Obviously, games go on sale near holidays, so duh, that's why this game is. Many other patient people wait for sales cuz they know it happens, but it's ok! You bought the game original price therefore you played the game beforehand. There are always sales, and you can't complain about them cuz everyone likes to buy things on sale, and if no one buys this game, then updates will be scarce, and lately they have been updating this game slot.

Amazing!. Great game, in my opinion there is not a single thing wrong with this app! I would recommend to everyone who likes tower defense games! I would like to see a couple new towers though to mix it up a bit like -a sniper monkey or something with a low rate of fire but high damage and goes through multiple balloons or -monkey blimp that instead of a fixed course like the plane you can change the route it flies I don't know I'm not that creative but anything would be pretty cool

Great gameplay and lots of updates. By itself, this has continued to be my go-to game for my ipod touch. I've spent way more hours than I care to admit playing it. But, for me, what really puts it over the top is the seemingly constant updates. Since I bought the game, it's gotten two completely new towers, a whole new challenge section of gameplay, and more new levels and challenges than I can remember. I've had it for over half a year and I'm still not bored yet.

Better than the flash version. I'm addicted to this game, and have been since I first played it on Kongregate years ago. My only wish is that somehow the Internet version was as good as the iPhone version! There's no lag, you can actually GET to round 250 (even though it takes days) due to the fact that you don't have to worry about your browser or flash crashing because it gets overloaded. My only problem is that I finish the tracks within hours of them debuting, haha!

Score Tracking!. Really this game is phenomenal, but I just have a few complaints, the main one being: we can see who's accomplished what maps on what difficulty based on what medals are shown on the map. the thing is, nobody can see how you've done on apopalypse or deflation. you get no medals for those. here's what I think you should do: on the left, as usually, there is the bronze/silver/gold medal for normal play. in the middle, there should be a tiny BFB icon with a number on it representing the furthest round one has been on that map. on the right side, there should be a deflating bloon (as on the deflation gametype) with another number on it representing the furthest round one has been on that map playing deflation. that would be very helpful!!! please add! also: slow down the ring of fire rate of fire, an make the sun god rays look more like on the computer version. that is all.

Worth it!. This game is awesome and the only thing that can make it even better is if it had sandbox mode. I love the upgrades and the map packs. Even though they cost a little extra money, it was better than having to spend hours receiving metals to unlock them. Also, this game is more worth it than on the computer; it may be free on the computer, but it costs tons of money just to unlock even one upgrade or map pack. Mochi coins are such a rip off!!!

Amazing game, love it 200%. This game is so fun, by far the best iPod game ive ever played, loved the new challenges tho they were a tad easy. Only 1 thing I wish for though, I wish the higher waves, like past 80 were not just complete lag fests where you only get to see the screen change like every 5 seconds. Maybe if the graphics were reduced or something at moments of intense lag so I could actually see what's going on, I would love that. Still though greatest game of all time right here

Flat out Amazing. Digital Goldfish is probably the best Game Developer when it comes to responding to it's consumers. Digital Goldfish keeps the updates coming and every single one is a success, they never stop to entertain it's costumers. Digital Goldfish, keep up the great work, keep the updates coming, keep the greatly amazing spontaneous ideas flowing, and people wit keep buying. I don't understand how I haven't seen Bloons TD4 on the Top Apps page yet, but your doing a great job, I wish there was a 6 star option, your team deserves it.

Awesome. I must say, great game. This game is highly addicting and you can play it for hours without stopping. My only complaint is what's inside the big box. I downloaded the game and had the box open in less than a day because it was fairly easy to open but the thing inside the box honestly isn't worth having to pop 2,000,000 bloons. I won't give away what's in the box, but trust me, it definitely isn't worth it.

Tower request. Add a nuclear dart that wipes out the screen of bloons and has a flash when activated. The radiation could slowly pop the bloon for a certain amount of time and make some towers have less range and power . The lead bloons could be immune to the radiation but not the blast. To launch it would be that you have to buy a missile range that increases power to near by missle towers and has the option to launch when you tap it.

One of the best apps I've bought. Well I bought this app back at Christmas time when I got my first iPod for ninety nine cents, this was an incredible bargain especially for all the new content updates they've had recently. There is only but one thing I would suggest is that any tacks or glue that don't get used in the previous round should stay through the next rounds until they do get used. Also you should add more upgrades! Other than that I have no complaints!

GREAT bit need 5 or massive update. I <3 this game but u need to make a five because it is awesome or you can add the new towers and upgrades from 5 on 4 because I need a sniper monkey and the battleship with mini airplanes. And I have a idea for a tower it would be a gangsta monkey and you could upgrade the gun and range when it is fully upgraded it would have plasma bullets or you could pick three spots and the monkey would transport every three seconds just a idea 🐵+🎈=📱👍👍👍. Epic ness

Great!. Wanted to try a different style TD after playing PvZ for so long. Was skeptical at first but didn't take long to get hooked. Really enjoy the more classic TD feel of continuing to build on your setup through many rounds vs starting over each screen like in PvZ. I wish there was more in game info about the towers and upgrades (like the PvZ almanac) and better stats about which medals have been won. Still giving it 5 stars but the extra info would be nice.

WOW!!(:. Great game. Beat all 19 levels all on hard. More levels please? Also new towers please!!!!! And fix the lag issue that happens when you have so many super monkeys out. I've used up every spot on the first map on hard for super monkey fully upgrades, and the magic monkey fully upgraded. It takes like 5 minutes to finish a level because of all the lag due to all the stuff I have, I'm only on level 254

Great Game! Great upgrades to buy!. Awesome tower defense game. I have almost a hundred, and this one is in the top 5. Thanks so much for letting us buy the upgrades! Some of us have real lives and can't afford to play for days to earn the good stuff! For some of us a few dollars is nothing. Charge more for the game, it's worth it! 2 suggestions: restart mode on the map itself. Also, since the game progresses at a slight geometric curve, it's possible to be doing great, then suddenly lose all ur lives at once on one level. It would be nice to have some sort of last round repeat (give us one chance to correct a mistake). Thanks!

BTD 4. this game is great and TOTALLY awesome, and if u think it's not worth the $ u r wrong. its got plenty of different maps, modes, and tower upgrades. I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME!!!!! and my favorite part is that my games can take from a few hours to a couple of weeks (not continuously of course). its a must have ipod app and you can play it on the computer, 2!! IF U R READING THIS REVIEW AND PLANING ON GETTING THIS APP DONT WASTE TIME AND GET IT B4 UR ANGRY AT URSELF 4 NOT GETTING IT. if u wer wondering im not b-ing paid by the company 2 give this app 5 stars lik most peeple.

One of my better purchases. As I fired up TD4 for about the 10 thousandth time tonight, I remembered there was a new update and got excited. Because every update means a new level! But there was a new tower this time, too! Out of all the apps I've bought, this is the only game I'm still playing one year plus past purchase date. Well, this and Catan. It's a super high quality game and if you love TD, you will not be wasting your money here. Thank you for a great game! <3

A very fun game with hours of play. Bloons Tower Defense 4 was amazing back when I reviewed version 1. Now, it much better. There are three modes to the game- Classic, Apopalypse (one continuous round without cease) and Deflation (you begin with a certain amount of money but can't gain any more). THE GOOD All the maps, challenges, and extreme maps (available via in-app purchase) provide hours of fun. A plethora of creative towers to work with and premium upgrades (available through play or in- app purchase) seal the deal nicely. The toggleable fast forward is a well-appreciated feature. Consistent updates are given to the game. You can play your own music in the game as well. THE BAD The towers can be quite small and difficult to select when grouped together. And the game still lacks the Sandbox mode of the Flash version, which is more of a disappointment than a flaw. OVERALL Bloons TD 4 is a solid purchase, especially for fans of the tower defense genre. Without major problems, this game will satisfy for hours. 5/5.

Bawdy game. The game is so fun I have everything but the sun-god and i have one complaint the game play is fine but the mortar tower the monkey would get shot cause when the mortar tower fire the monkey has gotten cover and right when he loads it it fires. I just got the sun god and the two new modes are awesome theres appocolyspe mode wheee you don't have to press play in between round and deflation where you start out with $50,000 and never earn more(banana farms are disabled)

LISTEN TO ME!. Just think how much money u will get from btd 5 if it's 1.99 and 100 people buy it that's 200$ 5 stars hope u never stop making bloons td games I spend about 2 hours a day playing it but still bloons td4 is five stars but please add bloons td5 please p.s I've got 5.00$ in my account and I've been waiting for btd 5 since christmas and u have so many people waiting and asking on and on that's why this is such a big comment I'm trying to get u back to five that's all I have to say and hope u take my advice for it

Great but some pros and cons. This game is one of my favorite this game keeps you ever emerged in the fun of set up towers and building a great strategy to keep the bloons at bay Pros -has lots of cool towers and many cool levels -game keeps you very amused and entertained I have had this app for a year and it is still fun. Cons - gets wicked laggy when many towers are put down quite annoying some times Future updates requests/ demands This app need some serious lagg prevention when more towers are added Keep adding towers and please add a harder opponent then the n.a.r.c **this one is what I think is really nessasary to be able to toggle between aployse mode and regular mode after you reach level 50 in regular mode this would allow people to test what level there protections can Stand up to much Easyer thanks this is great game but needs first and 3 rd update very severly

Great. The game is almost as awesome than the Flash version! I am very pleased with the stability of the app. It never has crashed! I find no major gameplay errors, and it is designed rather well. I can only report one bug: When you have a Mortar tower, and it has never been upgraded, it is really difficult to select the tower. The bug stops once you upgrade that Mortar tower. This game is really great, and it is also starting to rise up the ranks in the top 50 apps in the app store!

Superb game!. This is possibly one app that I don't have a complaint about. It's keeps me occupied whenever I gotta wait for something or on break. Simple and easy to use. The lagging I see as part of the underpowered processing capabilities of some of the iPods and what not just like a pc, so much action going on. I love how it has never crashed on me, even when it's all jittery, from any other app I would expect it to crash. 5 of 5 and I WILL continue to support your products.

Awesome game! Have few ideas. I love it this game but i wish that the challenges would be more challenging. Like you are only allowed to use certine upgrades if you have them along with certine towers. And challenges for other modes too like deflation and apocalips. And i think this might be hard to do but it will be awesome if we could make our own maps and submit them online for others to play, just brainstorming some ideas!

BTD4-Yes! Things still missing though. Great and i'm a big bloons fan, but problems. Here's what needs to happen; Sandbox Mode-This is where I copy my pal N___, and fill the screen with super monkeys Option to skip round-I'm on round 110 in endless mode, and each round takes half an hour even with fast forward. Set it up so that if you're confident in your defenses, a round can be simulated instantly. Missing functions from BTD3-In 4, whenever the round ends or you press play/fastforward, whatever you had on the screen, like tower information, is closed out. Also, you can keep only one game at a time, which is not good at all. Creativity-Sheesh, developers, be creative. Go past the flash version. Create a single level where there is five upgrades, or one that when you tilt your touch, all the bloons go down that pathway, or where you can combine monkeys, and create Glue Splattering Sun God. Just think. And yes, high rank awards would be aprecciated.

Bloons. #1 most favorite game on my iPod!!! Oh what the hell, I would rate this game 10 stars if I could but, you should make an update that contains 1 new level where when balloons get past, you can't lose any life and sometimes when I have a lot of stuff in the level I'm playing in, the game starts to get slow and at some point the game shuts down and that makes me a sad boy but if you make this update, you will make me a happy boy.

Try This. Ok now that I know u going out for new towers you've GOT to try this one. Ok so it cost 2500 and it's a giant monkey ape. When u click it u can do it before the game starts or while the game is on. If it's before when u start the game he comes from the end and crushed every balloon in sight but he walks real ssssssslllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwww... If it's while u can place him anywhere you want. If it's a split track he splits in half and they turn into monkeys who start running. But the kicker is it takes 2 whole minutes to reload. Now if that not a good Idea what is?

I love this game!!. Easily my favorite game for the iPhone. Period. Loads of fun, a bunch of cool maps, great towers and upgrades, and a solid version of TD! I'm eagerly awaiting an expansion pack or BTD5. Once you beat everything and get all the upgrades, especially the double money upgrade, everything is ridiculously easy to beat, a cakewalk. Getting up to that point it takes quite a bit of work, but it's very rewarding and enjoyable. Highly recommended!!

Way cool. New everything so awesome tracks u can't play online new darting gun which is a very good choice I would suggest next a a monkey that shoots sound waves that would be a good tower anyway great game plz keep updating this is totally worth the money great game and also graphics  I would recommend this to anyone who loves the free online version this has way more and better stuff and if u have to go u can turn your ipad/iPod/iPhone off and resume latter also deflation mode apocalypse mode and normal very very fun TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Thx for reading my review I hope it wad helpful with making your purchase

Overall:Awesome. Awesome game but I think there should be a button in the pause menu where you could sell all of you things. Also I think you should make more maps with more water and more towers associated with water. I think it would be kinda cool for an automatic turret that shoots water. Like it has to be set on water for it to work. There should be wayyyyy more towers too. Please consider my requests.

Tips n tricks. The new daisy challenge, take your game off drop and lock tower placement. It will revert you to dart supers if you don't. Apocalypse mode: to spike factory or to not spike factory... If you make spike factories they never wipe the old spikes at the end of each round. Great right! Well no, once you get lvl 80 or so you will bog your game down do slow it's unplayable. Stay away from the factories on this mode. My highest level was 6500 ish. Took a day running itself but no lag issues even that high up without those factories.

Awesome game needs easier maps. This game is soooooooo fun and awesome! I like it a lot but some of the levels are really hard to master. All-in-all it's an amazing game and please update more awesome stuff! I would like it more if the levels were easier on hard difficulty and if there could be a sandbox like in the pc version. Please keep on updating and making more maps that are easier because some of them are IMPOSSIBLE on hard difficulty. I have been waiting patiently for more updates and more maps but none have come.=/ that is the only bad thing about this game. PLEASE MAKE MORE UPDATES! Thank you :)

Awesome. It's a great game, I just couldn't stop until I got those 15 gold medal for the special perks, but I noticed a good idea for the dartling gun, why not have two targeting styles? Could there be an update that gives you a new way to use the awesome tower? It could have a style called "Locked", why it basically locks it direction of fire. I'm sure this would help those angered by the nuisance of accidentally tapping the screen, an triggering the change in direction of fire for the tower, I had this slight problem when I was using a dartling gun strategy. Please consider my idea for this, because I would like to help the BTD empire!

Good game, can't restore purchases. This is a very fun game to play whenever! It doesn't get old and the updates make it even better. Only one problem though. About a year ago I purchased all upgrades. Now I need to restore my pitches and I can't. I tried and ended up purchasing them again by accident so technically they owe me 3 dollars. I know Theres no way the company will redeem my money, but please fix this issue. Thanks

Best game. This is the best game ever. To all who read reviews get this app. You will not regret getting it. It is worth the money. I think you guys should make a update that has a monkey that shoots 3 darts one is a laser one is a huge dart and one is a missal/ grenade launcher valleys. Another new monkey should be a monkey that has a grenade launcher. Its four upgrades would be better accuracy, then x2 damage, bazooka, stronger damage and faster reload, then it would finally be laser grenade which when it explodes a huge wave of lasers covers the map ( the price is your decision!). Thanks for reading my review.

Halloween update. One of the most awesome skin packs I've ever seen you guys should make them for all the holidays... Except Easter, that would look a little gay... Also you guys should make a tornado tower. For 850$ just like the monkey storm you tap it buy it and then drag your finger over bloons to catch them in tornado for little bit and then use dartling gun and it better than wizard tempest tornado Ps you guys if you suggest a tower don't ask for something too super awesome or the game would get boring like a helicopter with a chain gun and bombs?! That would be like the only thing you'd need and then it'd be boring

Awsome. Amazing game I played the light version constantly. You guys need to just keep coming up with more levels, one I liked the most was the river bed one with the wider track on it that made it cooler and more fun. More and different upgrades/towers would be super freakin awsome, so you guys should work on that too. I love the game I play it all the time(even in class while the teachers talking, don't worry he's an idiot) and doing all that would only make me play it more. :) ***** five stars!!!

Outstanding. This game is overall incredibly good and offers endless hours of playtime. The game is continually updated with added towers, maps, and challenges. It is a unique game with tons of towers and upgrades to use. The game just keeps getting better as you progress in it. A couple suggestions to make this game more appealing to those who have gotten "bored" with it, add in a couple new boat/water towers. There are plenty of water level which would be way more fun if there were two or three new boat towers. If you guys do add some more boat towers, a map completely covered in water wouldn't be a bad idea. Overall this game is incredible and is my favorite on the app store.

Better than the online version.. Ok, so if you've ever played Bloons Tower Defense, you know the drill. Place towers, pop bloons, the end. What this game suceeds in doing is making that prospect much more interesting. The game can be frustrating, at least at first, with only one tower at your disposal. Pretty soon, though, you will have many towers, as well as good knowledge of tactics to play the game. Where it does better than its online twin is in the upgrades. In the online version, you heard all around complaints over how the premium upgrades must be purchased. In this version, you can purchase them, or you can unlock them. This is the way it should have been, if you ask me. Overall, excellent, and worth the money. Also better than the other btd app. My only gripe is the fact that there are no rbe's in this game(red bloon equivalent), but i can get over that. I would easily recommend it to you.

Awesome game, well worth $3. After wearing this game out I just reinstalled it so I could play through from the beginning. It does get pretty easy once you get all the upgrades but I guess it's your reward for getting all those medals. I definitely recommend this app if you like tower defense games as this is one of the best I've played. However, if I were the developers I would make these changes in the next update/game: •Option to restart level without going to main menu• Sometimes I'll be dissatisfied with my towers/placement after a few rounds and want to start over. Going all the way to the main menu seems unnecessary but it's the only option right now •Send consecutive waves without waiting for the end of the round• Sometimes I have good towers in place and need to save some dough. It would be cool if I could automatically send in the next 3, 4, 5, etc waves instead of waiting for each to finish All in all great game. Thanks!

Why cant I play?. I just updated the new version and I tried to turn it on and the thing froze. I waited about 1minute and it unfroze so i hit Resume. I got to the map and I went to hit play and guess what? I couldnt play. For like 10 minutes i let it sit there and every few it would unfreeze for a second. I am giving my full rating minus the crashing and freezing. iPod Touch iOS 4.2.1. Please look at this so I can return to destroying bloons again! I recommend this as someone recommended it to me. Its a great addicter!

Cop-out. This is a great game. You should definitely get it. BUT. I have a problem with the update. Part of the long time fun of the game - part of the challenge - was the gold medal bonus upgrades. And now you've copped out and made these available to everyone? The game's already three bucks, guys, and BTD the original is another three. And now you're trying to make more money by giving away these upgrades. I'm sorry, but I just have a problem with that...

Awesome. Well my friend introduced this game to me 4 years ago. It was pretty cool I got into it. I played Bloons TD 4 on the computer all the time. Then I got the iPod touch 4g 1 year ago. I bought the game and I was like WOW! The graphics were way better and the game play was faster. I guessed why because computers hold a lot of memory so the game goes slow. On the iPod it doesn't hold as much memory so the game is way faster. There is one thing I recommend putting in the game...... SANDBOX. That was the best thing on the computer version I liked the most. I like the other games as well Apocalypse and Deflation, but I like the sandbox. So I ask nicely if you can add that in your next update.

NEEDS MORE TOWERS-PLEASE READ!!!. I have some suggestions. First, you should change the laser upgrade for the Dartling Gun to Exploding Darts. Second, when you upgrade the Monkey Buccaneer to Battleship, it should change to a modern battleship (steel) not that old-fashioned wood one. You should make a unit that looks like a tank that will drive around the map wherever you point your finger on the screen. Lastly, maybe a helicopter-looking tower that flys in a back-and-forth pattern that launches bombs, but you can upgrade it to shoot fully automatic. Other than that, this is in the top three of my apps!

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.6.2
Play Store com.digitalgoldfish.BloonsTD4
Compatibility iOS 6.0 or later

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The application Bloons TD 4 was published in the category Games on 07 December 2010, Tuesday and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This program file size is 23.06 MB. This app has been rated by 191 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Bloons TD 4 - Games app posted on 04 August 2017, Friday current version is 3.6.2 and works well on iOS 6.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.digitalgoldfish.BloonsTD4. Languages supported by the app:

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