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What is shark or die app? Those nasty humans keep making shark fin soup, so it's time to turn the tables! Turn into an ocean predator; avenge your relatives and snap anything in your jaws that comes in the way of your mighty bite: swimmers, rubber ducks, beach babes and more. Watch from the sea bed as these lethal hunters strike with chilling speed and efficiency and even gobble up your own friends! Yummy! Collect achievements to let your feeding machine reach new levels. Discover new abilities and instincts, allocate killpoints to give your feisty fish some personal training and make it even more dangerous. Compare your best scores with those of your friends, and enjoy a reign of pure terror in the highscore rankings!

- Shark simulator with comic strip visuals and lots of black humor
- Route planning and real-time hunting
- Different types of swimmers
- Use your own friends as shark bait
- Internet highscore
- Different scenarios with varied graphics
- Buy special expansion packs for individual shark shenanigans
- Multiplayer feeding frenzy competition in Versus mode (iPad)

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Shark or Die Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Shark or Die Version 2.228 December 2010

- game is significantly more challenging - improved iOS 4 support.

Shark or Die Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good game - room for improvement...

The game is fun and the 3 add ons for 99 cents each were worth the money if you enjoy playing the free game. Hopefully the developers will add more to it - new levels, goals, other sharks, etc to make it a bit more interesting. Overall I think it's a good game with great potential to be a terrific game.

- Good💗

Some of u may not like it but for me its really fun and sorta addicting ive seen no problems yet so four stars cuz some adjustments could be made!💓

- Good game

Hi like it but it's nit my favorite but I'm about to play it right now though.

- It's Fangulous!!!! Lov it, as always!! :)

I lov th' shark, it's lik killin' all th' people that been bullying me at school, awsome!!! :) hmm, I wonder if I can make a 'death' sign smiley emoticons!!! $( . It's not th' best, but hope u lik it!!!! Five stars!!!! $(

- Good game

I Have played this game a lot and it is vary good:) If you do not have this game you should get this game

- Amazing

Best app ever I love it when it says "Bloody Breakfast" it is so cool so fun and I love it. By the way I am 9

- Jaws

I love this game it's fun even though a shark bit my arm off they are a animal

- Please Update

This game is really fun but I can’t play it with iOS 11 and up.

- ok

It is ok. Not my favorite but free is hard to complain about.

- Awesome game

Great fun game it is an cool game that will keep you occupied for hours it's so so so fun and awesome this game.

- Looks fun

This looks fun I'm a kid who wanted to see gore so ima try it

- Luvz it

Super addicting me and my baby mama play alot

- The fun game

I love this game.I play this game all the time

- Okay

Alot of the stuff to make ur shark better cost real money

- It's okay

NOT 2 bad not 2 good game 2 play when u have nothing better 2 do but it's pretty good.

- Fun

Addicting, easy to play and like the title says fun!

- Fun game!

Sharks eating people is always a good time.

- Stay outta the water!

Just like Jaws but funner

- Mmmmm

Raw flesh what more do you need. Love it!

- Boring too many adds

It's not that fun and there's waayyy too many adds the game practically begs u to buy the other packs that I'm sure are the same fundamentally boring gameplay it's like that other fish game were u eat smaller fish then u until u get bigger only without the fun foodchain concept and there is no bigger fish to avoid or any enemy maybe there should be divers with spear guns or people with guns on boats as is it's just a race against the clock that really doesn't make any sense for some reason even though I was eating 2500 lbs. Of food I still somehow starved to death but thank God I did cuz I was bored by the 2nd round and by the 7th I was going to quit if I didn't die. But this game only has 3star potential even if the improvements I mentioned were implemented it would still be boring. There are just way too many other fun games for me to waste my time on. And they dont have ads ontop of the playingfield that's just a dirty trick and is almost another game itself called don't accidentally hit the ads boring and annoying. Also the ads to buy the other 3 packs constantly popping up and floating by several times every level plus at the load screen and the main menu and before u even start the game. U came on just a lil too strong actually way too strong it feels like this game is just one big ad. The polish and graphics are ok and it's not totally Terrible or unplayable so it earns 2stars instead of one if I could I'd take half a star away for being annoyed constantly by ads and begging me to upgrade. They should show u the option once and have a designated place in the menu for that stuff so if u do so decide to buy u can but don't shove it down our throats if u don't want bad reviews by annoyed gamers and remove ads from the play area everybody hates those and nobody actually consciously buys whatevers up there that we are ignoring anyway so why bother? If ur targeting dumb people who accidentally click on it and are dumb enuff to think they have to buy it to make that screen go away then that's a sad way to make $ so try to find a less invasive way of advertising

- By imtheleader1

It's ok. If your board then it may be good. But I don't recommend you buy it. But killing games are cool. So get this one.

- Eh, not that good

Pretty much completely boring! Probably jaws revenge is better! Biting game! Get this game if you like boring games I guess.

- Awesome

All I have to say is awesome

- Shark or die

Love it! Come on buy it it's fun really fun!

- Shark or die

Get it now it rocks im jaws can u beat my scare

- Good

Good game it was worth the money

- Shark or die

It's a good game but I wouldn't consider buying the real thing

- Not that good

It was not as good as I thought I was going to be so that's why.

- Boo

The controls are stupid and it's boring don't waste your time

- It's ok

I expected it to be a little better

- Shark Or Die

The best game I've played.

- Blood

This game is so it

- LOVE IT!!!

3rd best game next to jaws revenge and jaws

- Ugh don't play

Terrible game boring and not fun.

- Yep

Killin is always fun!

- Kindy stupied

I really dnt like dis game but my cousin like it so I keep it for dem but other dane dat I could care less

- Not very good

It's kind of bad just not that good

- It's great

It bloody

- Bad

Game doesnt even turn on

- This game is fin-tastic!!!

This is an epic game! Sharks! ><>

- JAWSome

This game is disturbingly awesome!

- Flippy

I love this game

- Awesome

This game is fun!!

- Stress relieving


- Worst app

I hate this app! :@

- Awesome game

Awesome game

- Zyon

It's awesome

- A good game

I love this game

- Shark or die

Awesome it rules

- This game

Hey this game is alright i guess! :)

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- Exellent

I just love this game i have not played it yet but it smells very yummy!!!

- Shark or die

It's so awesome and such a fun and violent game which makes it a good game

- What a pile of rubbish

Seriously bad theme, how can being shark eating people be fun! Boring gameplay and pretty sad idea. I just witnessed the death of creativity!

- Shark or die?

This game is cool but boring or u have to do is tap the people so the shark can eat so I give u 2 stars :)

- Wow

What a horrible game

- Bally

It is fun

- Awsome!

Best game on the app store!

- Oscar

This game is awesome but a bit sick. Lots of blood but great anyway. You should definitely get it!

- Awesome

Great game

- I hate it

Yeh I hate it

- Poo

It's alright cause of the blood but that is all that is good about it

- Rating

This game is fun and boring at the same time :|

- ???

I don't get the rating part

- Cool!!!

Kool.really really's awesome.

- Boring

Most boring game I have played off the app store. It has adverts in it even though it's a FAAD app. Aren't FAAD apps supposed to be the full version, free for one day? All round bad game.

- Repetitive and boring

Even though it's free it's bad

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- Good game

It is a fun game

- Lol

I love sharks but this is hilarious love it

- Shark or die

Shark or die is a very fun game. I love it when I touch the people and the shark goes after them.

- Good


- Mon avis

Le jeux est moyennement le fun il est compliqué

- Cooool

Bom passe temp

- Not bad, packs too $$$

Fun but not worth $$$

- It's fine

It's an ok game to play when your bored but when money comes along it's not worth it.

- Shark

It's evil

- good game

It ok

- Mediocre at best.

Keeps young children occupied.

- Aaaaaa++++++


- Crashes

I tried playing this game several times and it always crashes!

- Meh

Boring and packs cost too much

- Okay

Nothing special

- Meh

Lame =p

- Quite Fun!

This is quite the fun little shark attack game, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The only thing that made my four star rating drop to three was that the top of the screen is in a different position than most of the other apps. Other than that, Great App!

- Good game but

Its a good game but 1$ per pack is expensive. 1$ fir the 3 is a good price

- Horrible

Font get this whatever you do

- too bloody

should have restriction to youth

- Bloody Goodness

Fun, addictive and simple. Only they should just sell the entire game as package. There are three in app purchases that make it great. $.99 each. Without the add ons the game is repetitive. Good humor and a bloody mess.

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Austin Stewart

A shark that doesn’t swim drowns, keep moving forward or die!!


Imagine being a shark and you get sent to hell when you die because you bit someone’s leg off or something

Andrew Hunt

I love telling people that sharks have to keep swimming or they die. Like, 7 out of 10 shark conversations I have will involve me bringing that up at some point.

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Shark or Die iphone images
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Shark or Die iphone images
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The applications Shark or Die was published in the category Games on 2010-08-07 and was developed by HandyGames [Developer ID: 316574911]. This application file size is 19.63 MB. Shark or Die - Games app posted on 2010-12-28 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 4.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.handy-games.shark