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EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to quickly note down all your everyday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. So rather than just ticking off your chores and reminders, completing each one earns you XP to improve and develop your character in an ongoing quest to improve stats, gain riches, and level-up.

To-do list with a Role-Playing Game spin
Streamlined and fast to use
Range of avatars to level-up with
Destroy your chores in animated battles
Points and rewards for completing your tasks
Loot to discover and share

By getting points for your chores it's easier to actually get things done. We all have good intentions but we need a bit of encouragement here and there. Doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina so why not get stamina points for it?!

The to-do list is fully-featured and supports repeating tasks, displays reminders for overdue events and allows time-critical events to be assigned to specific days, while more aspirational quests can be set to "someday" so you don't lose sight of your goals. And each task completed is destroyed by your avatar, so get your Undead Warrior to beat-up your laundry, or your Treeman to headbutt your overspilling inbox.

The app is supplied with 5 animated avatars which grow in characteristics that represent your own life. Will you be a Maiden of Juggled Priorities, or a King of Win? The lifestyle you lead will decide.

EpicWin App Description & Overview

The applications EpicWin was published in the category Productivity on 2010-08-19 and was developed by supermono limited. The file size is 30.02 MB. The current version is 1.76 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Changed the Calendar to be a better one that works on latest iOS versions.

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EpicWin Reviews

Timothy Chen Allen

Get Habitica. These guys gave up  Timothy Chen Allen  1 star

This app is no longer being supported. Habitica picked up where this left off and has a vibrant support community, both as an app and website.


Abandonware  BouCoupDinkyDau  2 star

I loved this app at one point, but it’s crazy out of date now. It doesn’t just need to be polished up a little bit, it probably needs a completely new version at this point (Epic Win 2?) with expanded concepts. It’s so disappointing the dev has left this jewel behind. 😕

The Baconation

Great, But Please...  The Baconation  5 star

Please add more loot. I’m not asking for an entire rework, but it’s a shame the developers haven’t updated this app in a long time. It’s such a great and simple concept but it’s an amazing app to get things done. Please just give me some more sweet loot to go after

Jok Sing

Addiction for good  Jok Sing  5 star

So, my friend convinced me to restart playing Pokémon Go. And I was hooked. XP grinding. Knocking over grandmas for Magikarp. And it happened immediately. How can I use this tendency for good? I had tried Habitica before but it didn't stick. Although there are some features, I wish I could carry over to Epic Win. Doesn't matter because EW beauty is the simplicity, engaging graphics, endorphin pumping sound effects and visuals when you score, and you get points that you weight with a road map of how far you've gone. Of course you're teased with needing to level up. And you have 5 types of xp.


EPIC app for EPIC people  mphsound  5 star

You could look at this app and be annoyed by the simplicity, limited functionality, the extra added sound effects, the music, but that makes you an instant square. For those of who you DESIRE the abstract, and yearn for the ONE TRUE DESIGN IDEA that delivers exactly what it promises in a truly unique and fun way, EPIC WIN IS AN EPIC WIN. I’ve tried many of these apps, but this is the only one that has actually gotten me motivated and ready for adventure. It feels slightly like your life has been thrown into a video game, and as long as you complete your quests, you can make headway on your journey, unlocking all sorts of special gifts along the way. Yep, screw all the other apps, all their advances features only screw with your head and make it more time than it’s really worth. For the EPIC stuff, use EPIC WIN, and for once you can feel like it was!

*Nickname Entered*

Would recommend for anyone with ADD/ADHD (or anyone in general, really)  *Nickname Entered*  4 star

I have ADHD, (I heard somewhere that this app could help with task management) and this app was a huge help! All the other comments basically summarize how I feel about the app: I loved it, it was super helpful, but it could be made more fun and/or rewarding


I wish there was more to it  Humblestumble  3 star

I really like the idea of this app, and for what it is, it seems pretty cool. However, I get more use out of another app I use for to-dos because there are better rewards. I feel like leveling up a character that doesn't do anything is pointless. It would be cooler to me if the map lead me to short puzzle games alternated with loot. That would motivate me to try to get there. I may continue to use this app, but I find myself quickly jotting notes down on my other to-do app instead. I have ADHD so I really need the motivation! I love the improvements that have been made for this app, but I just feel like it's lacking a little excitement with what to do with loot or to actually perform a quest.


Love the premise  GMBYeo  4 star

This is a BRILLIANT idea. But it didn't work for me 😔. I have ADHD and my issue is motivation and this is a great way to address that...but the notifications are insufficient for me! Give it louder sounds, nagging reminders, cripes...anything above the native notifications would be awesome! Good job, keep up the effort!


Recent update.  Muse7mom  3 star

I love this app-it's one of the very few I have spent money on but whenever I leave the time zone, any future tasks I've set up jump to the day before. I had to reset six months worth of future events!


From a school psychologist  Jessrrob  4 star

This would be an AMAZING tool for a classroom. If a teacher could assign tasks and their worth (i.e. Homework is 100 points) and could verify when A student has completed the work, it would greatly help with student motivation. Especially if you add in the social competition aspect. I would love to see this happen.


Crash at avatar level up  Leo_120  1 star

With latest update and latest phone this app continue to crash at level up. Can I have a refund? ------------------ I was looking forward for this app for a long time and eventually spent the money on it. The concept is fun and bright and yet the app is not functioning correctly. The app crashes at leveling up for each avatar and eventually I could not finish a task without crashing. Therefore the app lost both the fun of a rpg and the function of a task manager. Without fixing this bug, there is nothing I can do but deem this app useless, which I probably hate because this app has such a fun concept. Please fix the bug, so people with similar issue like me may still enjoy an epic app.


Good but not perfect  Ditran  4 star

I really like this app and use it basically every day for my tasks and chores and It really does help me keep a tab on the things I need to do. However, this app is prone to crashing but usually a quick restart on the phone is enough to fix this. It's a good concept but needs to be refined and improved


Has potential to be amazing.  Bodie67866654  3 star

It's a really good idea. But you need a reason to want your character to be good. Make a fighting game element, make the items matter. Otherwise it's just the worst part of an rpg. But I really like the concept.


Good but does crash (1.62)  timbrown13  3 star

I am a stay at home dad. What a great way to track my chores. Awesome idea. It crashed the first time I used it but was better on restart. I brought the treeman but there was a download error like previous review started. Once the errors are fix the errors it will be a better app.


Epic fail  Hemanmuscle  1 star

Paid extra for warrior but got "error try again later" I tried again next day got same message. Basically I am frustrated and angry now.


Very happy!  LukeSwad  5 star

This app has been great! I'm very impressed with its usage and fun presentation. Lets me make a quick note of things I'm doing, assign them an 'xp' value, and then accomplish them or not, as appropriate. Well worth its low price.


Too little too late  Murray68  2 star

2 years since its last update...sorry too late. I've moved on.


Fantastic  Fewixree  4 star

Great App so far. Beautiful interface design and a great way to get things done. However I was more hoping that the app would somehow let me compete with my friends, so that we would push each other to get things done. For example, being able to see your friends score or completed tasks, leadership board globally and just with friends. Some sort of competitiveness amount our peers will give us more of a drive to get things done.


Excellent improvement!  KanuZeyu  5 star

An epic win of an update! I can now use the app without it crashing every eight seconds! Kudos to the development team for the dramatic stability improvements, and for making this a fun and easy to use task list app.


Crashing  Elmo168  2 star

It crashes like crazy. I find it a little underwhelming at this point.


Lost all calendar entries  JoeHandyman  3 star

The app has been great. A fun To Do list. However, after using it for years, I decided to create a gmail account and sync it with Epic Win, alone with my iPhone calendar. I could never get the Epic Win entries to show on the calendars so I decided to unlink it. Big mistake. Not only did it wipe out all my to do entries, it also deleted every entry in all my calendars!!! Since there appears to be no support, I'm screwed. How could an app this dangerous be allowed in IOS? Also, there doesn't appear to be a way to delete the gmail account and the app keeps trying to sync.


Ads are an EPIC FAIL  unapologetic  1 star

We paid for this app, now ads have ruined it. Nice 'good riddance' move by the devs to all the people who put money in their pockets...


Beware  Wuwhwjw  1 star

The only winning move is not to play.


Great App Crappy Support  Indieflickers  2 star

I’ve been using this app for years and I love it. However if you’re looking for troubleshooting help from the app creators, you’re SOL. My app was seriously acting up after a cross country trip so I deleted and reinstalled, which I’ve done a few times before. When I opened the app after the reinstall all of my info was gone as if I’d never used it. I emailed the app folks multiple times over the course of a week and have yet to hear from them. So much for loyal users.


Ad-free option?  1dring  2 star

Possible to buy an ad free option for a few extra rubles?


I still love this App  BdweezyFace  5 star

This is still a good app with lots of potential. As long as the developers keep updating it with more loot, I'm good


Incredibly Helpful  darkauthor26  4 star

My ADHD coach suggested I try out this app, and I have to say that I love it so far. It's definitely helping me better remember to write down the tasks I need to do and then actually do them, like doing the dishes or taking my medication every morning. One feature I really love about this is that YOU get to decide how many points something is worth. As someone who suffers from Depression and some anxiety as well as ADHD, I find that a lot of things that come easily to others (like remembering to do the dishes every night or even doing something as basic as sweeping the floor) are often a lot harder for me to remember to do or to summon up the energy and motivation to do it. Being able to set the "epicness" of each task myself allows for me to account for my mental state day by day. For example, on a good day, doing the dishes may only rate as "50" epicness, but on a bad day, it may be bumped up to 150 or maybe even 300 if it's a REALLY bad day. I appreciate that the values for certain things aren't set. Being able to adjust the "difficulty" level is perhaps the best feature in my opinion. The only thing I would like to see is more "game" elements involved. Your character travels along a path, collecting gold, but so far I haven't figured out what the gold is for. Maybe being able to buy weapons and armor and fight little monsters along the way or something would be cool.

Granola Daniel

Ah, so the final boss is advertising.  Granola Daniel  1 star

PRO-TIP: To defeat it you have to rate this paid app 1 star and then delete it.

Thee Golden Boy

This app went from most used to deleted!  Thee Golden Boy  1 star

Today's update destroyed my favorite app. I have used this app daily as a fun way to organize my home and work tasks for YEARS. It has features many other apps are lacking, and it is fun. But this update did nothing but add obtrusive full screen ads with no way to disable them. This is how you alienate your user base. Deleted.


Advertisements added.  Madlobster  1 star

This formerly ad-free PAID app just added advertisements. Large ones. With a small close button.


Rpg to-do mash up!  LiathroidiDana  5 star

Works really well. Makes doing simple things that need to be done, fun!! You'll be making up chores to do just so you have something to raise your stats. Really glad I bought!


The End of Procrastination!  Wexfordian  5 star

Finally, something that turns the banal into win. The result... its in the title!

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