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At a bhajan, and don't have your Manjiras with you? Or do you just want a super-portable set of Manjiras always in your pocket? We have you covered! Just tap anywhere on the screen for a rich Manjira sound.

◆ ABOUT iManjira ◆
The Manjira is a pair of small hand cymbals used as a traditional percussion instrument in Indian music. It is used mostly in devotional music or bhajans. iManjira is an easy-to-use electronic manjira player - just tap anywhere on the screen for rich Manjira sound. Never leave home without your Manjira again!

◆ Now you can play iManjira with iPod or other music apps running in background

√ Uses sounds sampled from actual manjiras for the most realistic sound
√ Choose between small manjira (sharper sound) or large manjira (fuller sound)
√ Easy to operate: tap the top half of the screen for the closed sound, and the bottom half for the open sound

iManjira App Description & Overview

The applications iManjira was published in the category Music on 2010-03-05 and was developed by Prasad Upasani. The file size is 4.04 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

- NEW: Support for iOS 7 & 8

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iManjira  Jimmy*65  5 star

Good ! Yep this is great


Disappointing  B'bba  2 star

After looking at iTablaPro (which seems very full featured), I was hoping this app would be more than a two-sample player. Only four samples: open & closed for large & small. No velocity or variety switching, no loops, no tuning, Really should be a freebie. —That is, unless Prasad has plans to improve it.

home recorder

please add scale changer  home recorder  3 star

please try to have a changeable scale for the sounds, to use wth other instruments the sur has to match


Needs improvement  Paramananth  3 star

OK for 99 cents. The open sound needs to be clear, the closed sound needs to be more natural. There is a static-like sound at the end of both sounds.


Nice start, but..  BayAreaRasik  3 star

..needs work to be ready for primetime. 1) Close sound doesn't feel natural. I'm sure this can be improved. 2) Needs a pitch changer badly! Thanks for great work so far on this and other products and keep up the good work.


Simple and useful!  mus1cmus1c  5 star

This is a nice simple app that does what it advertises. Love the sound, and I can play a pretty fast accompanying pattern with the two buttons - feels very natural to me. And I love that I can now play this app with iTanpura running in the background and combine the two sounds effortlessly!


Review  Rishkev  4 star

Sound pretty good. Think about making it automatic like ilehra


Very nice  Rnileshwar  4 star

Very nice innovation. Very useful. The closed sound (clap) could use some work to sound a little more realistic. Also, if access to iManjira were available whole operating iTabla Pro, it would be really very nice - at least for those who have purchased both apps. Excellent app. I'd like to see more features and improvements with updates.

Cosmo tc

Sounds Real  Cosmo tc  5 star

Exactly like the real thing. That is what one would come to expect from the master musician-developer...


Sounds GREAT  mus1clover  5 star

Simple app that does what it's meant to do - like both the small and large manjira sounds

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