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Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more make collaborating with others simple.

• Work on files with others through shared folders
• Use the doc scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs
• Comment on files to share feedback with your team
• Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files

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We offer a free 30-day trial and in-app purchases for Dropbox Plus. Existing Dropbox Plus customers can also upgrade to Dropbox Professional. Dropbox Plus customers have 1TB of storage and Dropbox Professional users have 2TB. The amount will be charged to your iTunes account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing payment.

Dropbox subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. Plan pricing may vary by country. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Dropbox also offers one-month trials for monthly subscriptions.

Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/pricing_terms
Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy

Dropbox App Description & Overview

The applications Dropbox was published in the category Productivity on 2009-09-29 and was developed by Dropbox. The file size is 279.24 MB. The current version is 142.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

What’s new:
• Control how people can access your content with link settings: set the audience, password, expiration time, and disable downloads! Available for customers on the Dropbox Professional and Business plans.
• Choose when automatic camera uploads begin: upload your entire camera roll, or just new photos! Available for customers on Dropbox Plus, Professional, and Business plans.
• Automatic camera uploads now also work on edited photos!

We release updates regularly, and we’re always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback or run into issues, come find us in our forums. We’re happy to help!

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Dropbox Reviews


Dropbox changed and now I can’t use it on iPhone.  ADS-suck1977  1 star

I don’t appreciate all of a sudden being told Dropbox can only support 3 devices, and hitting me up for money to do what I’ve been able to for free for a year. No worries though, I’ve got a Google Drive account and I like it better anyway. Just uninstalled the Dropbox app.


Why disturb me with a notification?  NYCDotNet  1 star

I don’t care about this app. Keep my files safe and don’t bother me at dinner time with a useless notification.


How to stop?  dorrlee  1 star

I want to know how to cancel this subscription. Haven’t been able to do it so far!


A Useful Feature To Add  Ginger2541  4 star

Y’all should really add a playlist option. For example, this would be useful for people who may be making their own music or for friends of people who make their own music. We like to listen to music that was sent to us that may not be perfect enough for the music artist to put on itunes or other platforms yet. I have a close friend who sent me songs he made and they are amazing, but I cannot listen to them all right after the other because I have to hand pick each one after a song is done playing. This makes it hard when driving; people don’t want to look at their phones and decide which song to pick next because that’s dangerous. I don’t know how hard it is to make this playlist feature happen, but I hope y’all will atleast think about it and get back to me. Much appreciated ☺️


Used to be good. Now there are better options  I💜U  1 star

After many years of flawless use, you guys suddenly limited my devices. I’ve referred numerous people over the years to get nearly 10GB of space but now I am suddenly crippled and limited to 3 devices. I could see maybe 5, but 3? Seriously?Time to switch to Something better that isn’t a bait and switch scam.

Bonita Laguna

Offline Files Function is Broken  Bonita Laguna  1 star

Offline files function regularly fails. Loses offline files, cannot even show an index of the files if offline. This has been a problem for years.


Just outstanding  CplSmashed  5 star

Easy to use share and user friendly, love that you can create all the folders you need, and they give you way. To get more storage free

The Terroriser

Great, but lacking  The Terroriser  2 star

Dropbox was good, good for storing all my files, but it had too little space. 2 GB. For all the files I need stored, I had to make 4 TOTAL Dropbox accounts. At a certain point I realized I can’t deal with this anymore. And I look into transferring my files to Google Drive. Giving me 15 GB of storage FOR FREE! I try to export my files to drive, only exports one file. I search all around! Nowhere does it say “export to drive”. I get I could have done it manually, but we’re talking folders and 6-8GB’s worth of documents, data, pictures, and whatever else. No way. I find a chrome extension, connect the account, let it sync my Dropbox to my drive! All of my dropboxes are COMPLETELY useless now! Don’t get me wrong, Dropbox is great. But hey lack in storage and refuse to give you options to transfer elsewhere. They don’t want to let you go.


Please add Arabic language  GalaxyGrp  4 star

Please add Arabic language

yo walk

Must have sync app  yo walk  5 star

No one syncs data as reliably and painlessly as Dropbox. Been a paying customer for years and never had a problem. The mobile app can be a little finicky. I would love to see folder sizes and item counts. But that's just fluff. At the end of the day, it does it's job well.


Ignores popular feature requests for a decade  StinkyPeteThePirate  1 star

Dropbox has received many, MANY requests on their website from customers to create a .dropboxignore file feature, where you could specify in that file what types of file extensions, file names, or sub folder names should not be sync’d by the app in a given directory. When staff do both to respond, they suggest selective sync to people who highlighted in their post how that feature is inadequate or they suggest storing the files outside the directory. Or they repeat the boiler-plate response that it will be forwarded to the dev team. Only to be ignored. Time to move to a better file storage service that cares about what their customers want with more than robot-written platitudes.

Special Agent Sunshine

Version 142.2: bug report + essential app + how to make it better  Special Agent Sunshine  5 star

BUG: Even though there are uploads to be done, there’s no badge-number on the icon - this wasn’t a problem until the latest version. Please fix. PROS: Very reliable, does what it’s supposed to without any fuss. Syncs fast across my devices. Has the option to make files available offline. Updated version now uploads the edited version of a photo, instead of only the original version. Regular updates to squash bugs and improve the experience. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Allow it to search for two words in the search bar, not just one. Provide more options for upgrades to Plus. I currently use 7.8GB, so I don’t need the 1000GB (for AU$15.39/month) option. A 100GB option (at, say, $2/month) would make sense. CONCLUSION: An essential app for file backup and storage. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”


I want to cancel subscription  eine0212  2 star

I did the 30 days trial through my iphone but I can not cancel my subscription. In the subscription section in my iphone there is no dropbox shown. So there is nothing I can so to cancel this. Please cancel my subscription and I want a refund.


I love this app  vshsbsiwnwvwldh  5 star

Because this is only I can use the cloud save!


Touch ID Erorr  trx.vt1  1 star

Hi there, Every time I try to use it it crashes on Touch ID prompt although I pressed “Enter Passcode” it still prompted for Touch ID


I have cancelled  dlg1111  1 star

I have cancelled this subscription numerous times can you please confirm it is cancelled I keep being bombarded with message, and I verging on harassment I don’t want the subscription and I cancelled it and I have received another email this evening threatening if I haven’t cancelled I will be charged why am I getting this if I have cancelled? It said it was a free trial and you can cancel with in the time frame which I have done.. I am not happy. © 2019 Dropbox


❤️  Hgosborne92  5 star

Dropbox is a favorite and trusted service for all my stuff. Photos, documents whatever file I create it gets put in Dropbox. It’s a little pricey... but the reliability is excellent. Wish they did family plans for the ‘team’ at home.


Limited devices  mezpppp  1 star

I wouldnt recommend to download this app. Dropbox are now limiting devices you can use to 3. After using dropbox for years i have to now find another way to store my docs. I cant afford to pay to upgrade. They should at least allow 5 devices grrrr

jefferson mathew

Files going to junk folder  jefferson mathew  1 star

I am trying to share a proposal with my team members but no one sees it in their inbox. It’s all going to either junks or spam. That’s can be very embarrassing you know. Get this fixed


Keeps shutting down Update  michaelch22  5 star

The latest update seemed to break it. Keeps re-opening at the login stage. Fixed now. Had to reinstall. They made a change without telling me that the limit on syncing devices is now 3. So it wouldn’t let me in. It was clogged up supposedly synching devices I no longer even own from years ago. It would have made sense to drop off older devices. Very annoying.


I don’t even write reviews, but this is bad  reff33  1 star

Dropbox quietly updated so you can only sync 3 devices only now. For many people that might be suffice and I’m all up for Dropbox trying to monetize some way, but Dropbox should drop their ridiculous price likes of iCloud and/or Google Drive. 10 bucks.. a month. Don’t you see this not working? I gladly pay for iCloud and Google Drive, but this is the wrong direction Dropbox is taking. I can’t believe I’m taking time out to even update this. Feel like I was hoodwinked not being notified about this update.


Crappy  endjdjehdjjdkdjdjdjdjydhed  1 star

This thing is a piece of crap I hate it


I love Dropbox!! >w<  ShelbsTheOtaku  5 star

Okay, I do admit, I only use Dropbox for music, but it’s still useful! Alright, so the problem that I was having was downloading music. I have an IPhone 7 and I couldn’t download music instantly like on an Android, so I used Dropbox as a folder for music, and it works! Now I can edit music into videos without problems! So, thanks for making this app, Dropbox creators! ^^

Ti leaf

Another Great Service destroyed by APP  Ti leaf  5 star

The app is worse than useless. I used it last year quite successfully. This year I started using the camera upload feature. Now it won’t let me access the MANY MANY document files that are stored them. From vital legal documents (for hurricane/disaster protection), to articles, and other documents. I am a writer and journalist, and I travel. I have been using Apple products since 1989, and have migrated to the newer IPad Pro, for travel. Dropbox has become a monster dead pool of data. I will likely delete everything. Dump the app. Deal with it on desktop. Move to another cloud service, like Amazon. Sickened to have just paid $450 for a business account only to have it wreck my administrative systems, just as I begin another trip and will be away from home.

Version 2.2.8

Another gets deleted  Version 2.2.8  1 star

Just got the notification that I can only have three devices or I have to pay. Nice advance notice. It will take me a day to move everything, but I will. See ya


Like it, BUT....  Litekid79  3 star

I remember when bought my galaxy S3, wow...in doing so; received 100GB of free Dropbox space for 2 yrs. Was some kind of promotion for buying a Samsung Galaxy phone. Than I referred like 5 ppl, so received like an extra few GB. In all, I had around 105GB of space(or there abouts). Was awesome, had 5 devices connected & uploading all camera rolls/vids to a backup folder. Super handy, & used my Dropbox ALL the time. Then I get an email 1-2 mos before “honeymoon” was over saying my Dropbox storage is over the 15GB of space allotted to me. Than I find out that instead if 15GB of free space, they changed it to 5GB of free space, unless wanted to buy additional storage (& a tiered subscription every mo/yr). Kinda sucked having to copy 80GB of storage to external drive & took forever. I’m okay with Dropbox now & storage, as I have things managed & under control. Can only connect 2 devices now....kinda crappy, but dem da rules, w/ the continued 5GB of free space. Don’t mind all this, truly...I’m living w/ it. WHAT I HATE, is the UPDATES! Why? Thanks for asking. Here’s why(take good note Dropbox & other Devs/ppl): IT’S B/C YOU DONT LIST EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE UPDATING OR DOING WITH THE APP, INFO, DATA, ETC... INSTEAD, YOU GIVE A CUTESY STATEMENT LIKE NETFLIX ET AL...OF TAKING OUT TRASH, KOW8NG THE LAWN, TWEAKING THIS/THAT....IMPROVING THINGS FOR US, & REGULARLY RELEASING NEW UPDATES WEEKLY TO JUST “TWEAK” AGAIN THE PREVIOUS WEEKS UPDATES! IF YOU & OTHERS WOULD TELL US WHAT YOUR DOING, IT WOULD SOLVE SO MANY ISSUES. IT WOULD ALLOW PPL A CHOICE WEATHER TO UPDATE OR NOT, MAYBE UPDATING WILL PREVENT APP FROM WORKING ON THEIR VERSION OF PHONE/OS(WHICH HAS HAPPENED MORE TIMES THAN CAN COUNT FOR ME/FAM/FRIENDS OF OTHER APPS ETC....), OR THEY DONT HAVE STORAGE SPACE & “CANT” UPDATE” BUT ARE WORRIED OF SECURITY PATCHES(& IF NO SEC PATCHES INCLUDED IN THIS PARTICULAR VERSION UPDATE, THEY DONT NEED TO WORRY...OR WORSE, DELETE APP CUZ DONT WANNA LOSE, COSTING YOU A CUSTOMER), THAT MIGHT NOT BE NEEDED IF NO PATCH INCLUDED ETC.... So please, real the mold....be bold, brave, & tell us what your changing/updating in the new versions of every update. Transparency goes a long way ya know, especially when we are trusting you with our data......just sayin’ ya know. Most Apps do list what’s new in the updates, heck....Apple does it, on their OS updates! Think about those apples...... Besides this, I like Dropbox & use it daily, but not “knowing” what I’m updating or allowing...is uncool & why a rarely update my App. The only reason I do update it, I MUST so it will continue working on my devices, otherwise, I don’t update any app that doesn’t list the new changes etc....ANY APP! Strange thing is, thought Apple required Devs to divulge to ppl what was being updated & why in the descriptions of every update &/or new install of an app/product; so then, why isn’t COs’ doing this then....Hmm... My score 3/5 b/c of lack of transparency in updates etc...FIX that & I’ll redo rating. Cheers y’all


Attach a file  Ash!3Y  2 star

I used to be able to attach pdf docs from Dropbox to an email and ever since I updated the app, that feature stopped working. What happened?


Not Paying? Expect Limitations!  SugaBoy  1 star

Not paying? Expect issues at one point.


Unusable garbage  哈欠猫  1 star

Cannot use this garbage anymore. It asked me to unlink 38 devices but I only have 4 devices linked. Try other free cloud services ..... Dropbox is dying.


Best investment in myself ever.  MandemAZ  5 star

I'm into Dev and Tech of all sorts. I'm self taught and have been obsessed since elementary school. I got banned from using school computers in middle school I believe. Took the final exams for computer science and built a computer from the ground up my freshmen year. So needless to say I'm doing something right. Here's the catch. I'm very odd and ADD. Trying to pick up where I left off on code lines saving tidbits, thoughts, emailing myself and using every free image and file hoster I could get hands-on. I ever have two 1Tb hard drives in my mx14 Alien. It was a cluster of coding, open sources, project's, notes, reminders, you name it. No space to run programs at their full potential. I turned away after my free trial in HS. BUT after giving it another go and storing literally my life in your Application not knowing if I'd regret it forever if it didn't save everything. It syncs, it edits,it's organized and I have another 1tb of anything I need on the go. DropBox is perfect in every way for me and I'm obsessed. Thanks for making my passion less of a struggle to maintain and build upon.


Something’s Gone Terribly Wrong!  Naturalmom022*  2 star

Dropbox was my favorite storage app and I had used it without problems for several years. I was seriously considering the monthly subscription but the last month or so I haven’t even been able to sign in on my iPad. I trusted Dropbox too much by storing many valuable documents only on this app and now can’t access them. I can’t reach out to customer service either because it hangs up forever when trying to sign in. Now I’m left with trying to find another storage option as I do not like iCloud or Microsoft options due to difficulty retrieving my stored information. Now I guess I will have to delete the app and lose my valuable information which I purposely chose not to store on iCloud. So disappointed!!


Unable to cancel drop box plus  LucyStar246  1 star

Did drop box Plus trial for day, now having huge difficulty cancelling the subscription- drop box customer service saying it’s Apple! Can’t make contact with Apple.. Not very happy


Great, Needs Playlists  SugoiDude  4 star

A great app with a lot of space that lets you listen to music offline. What is there not to love? All this app needs is a good playlist feature and it will easily be the best free cloud app. It’s a little annoying to have to manually change music when a song finishes. I know this isn’t necessarily what this app is used for, but what’s bad about having a wider audience by implementing small features? Edit; Also bring back the picture of the disco bird when playing audio files. It was so beautiful :c


Not reliable & don't trust them anymore + extremely poor customer service  baby_joyie  1 star

I used to be a fan of this service and have been using and paid Dropbox service for years. I now lost my trust with them after I encountered this situation: *I activated the 2-step verification a year and half ago as per the pop-up message shown in my Dropbox account. *I lost my primary phone (where I kept my Dropbox emergency code) and no longer have access with my back phone due to a job change. *I contacted Dropbox team via email and through the Social Media channel (Twitter) to seek help as every time I log, it would ask for the verification code and it sends to my primary phone or my back up phone which I no longer have access to. The only thing they could tell me is that they couldn't help me. *I even sent them a copy of my driving license, passport and proof of address to prove my identity, yet no response from then since and they just ignored to help. *Now I'm very upset and disappointed 'coz I'm unable to access my own files no more and I'm very worried that be it from my important personal/work/family & my children's photos are saved on my account and I'm unable to access my account no more. as result, I now lost all my files. *Then Dropbox keeps sending me on email messages saying that they're closing my account as I have not used it since and files will be deleted off their system on Dec 2018. *How can I use their service if I'm unable to access my own account? They don't have other options for me to reset my password now disable my 2-step verification or change the mobile number linked on my Dropbox account? At least with Google or Yahoo, even if they have the 2-step verification option, there's still an option for me to verify my identity to be able to update my contact information. *Lesson I've learned from this: even if how tech savvy a person is and even if the Cloud service can make a person life easier & that you can access your own personal / work files anytime and everywhere, you still have the 99.9% that you'll lose your files online. Just like what happened to me. Also, I'm disgusted with the level of customer care I've experienced with them and I will never use and trust Dropbox anymore. Moving forward, I'll save my files the old fashion way as it's more reliable than dropbox cloud service.


Not working anymore  macktack  1 star

I have used the Dropbox App for many years and have been very impressed with the service. However, it would now appear that you have broken the App. It hangs constantly and is now completely unusable. I have tried deleting it and reloading a few times but the problem still persists. Using an iPhone6. I have noticed quite a few similar comments to this recently but have not noted any response from Dropbox. Not very encouraging for the people that you are trying to persuade to sign up for a subscription service. The App was near perfect so why do you keep trying to change it to the pint of breaking it!!!


UX nightmare  Juanjoseluisgarcia  1 star

3D Touch is not correctly implemented. It behaves very erratic. Sometimes do not recognise the 3D Touch gesture and others doesn’t interpret the actions correctly. I checked in the stock photos app and works fine so it’s Dropbox developers that doesn’t listen to the events right. Doing anything with the picture involves many many taps and you get the feeling it takes forever to repeat the actions for several pictures. The quality of the app has decreased dramatically.


Gyhfyfhhh  dgknvjkk  3 star



Sharing on my machines....  Cork2990  3 star

When I first used Dropbox I would input stuff on my desktop and it would appear on my laptop, iPad & iPhone.... brilliant. But nowadays I have to input it separately on these. Not so good anymore & way more complicated.... such a pity as the initial version was great.


Bad App  RemerYT  1 star


Aria Shade

Playlists?  Aria Shade  3 star

I normally use Dropbox for my songs and I keep on having to open the app continuously to change songs after they have finished. This is very annoying. I think it would be a great idea if we were able to make playlists with our music, thanks

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