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Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more make collaborating with others simple.

• Work on files with others through shared folders
• Use the doc scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs
• Comment on files to share feedback with your team
• Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files

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We offer a free 30-day trial and in-app purchases for Dropbox Plus. Existing Dropbox Plus customers can also upgrade to Dropbox Professional. Dropbox Plus customers have 1TB of storage and Dropbox Professional users have 2TB. The amount will be charged to your iTunes account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing payment.

Dropbox subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. Plan pricing may vary by country. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Dropbox also offers one-month trials for monthly subscriptions.

Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/pricing_terms
Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy

Dropbox App Description & Overview

The applications Dropbox was published in the category Productivity on 2009-09-29 and was developed by Dropbox. The file size is 263.95 MB. The current version is 134.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We release updates regularly, and we’re always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback or run into issues, come find us in our forums. We’re happy to help!

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Offline files will not stay downloaded.  Enjoiincubus009  2 star

I have a fairly large number of files that I need to stay downloaded to my device. I have to watch them download because they won’t download unless I leave the screen open, but then a couple of hours after they’re done they suddenly all disappear and have to start over. I have more than enough space on my iPad, and this is beginning to make Dropbox unusable.


Crippled app  Trebuin  1 star

It no longer will allow most of my devices to connect. Find another provider.


No!  TriggeredByRussia  1 star

foo">king insecure and unsafe!


Best file sharing service  BoredMeteor  5 star

One of my favorite things is how it does not duplicate temporary Microsoft Office files like other file sharing services. When you open an Office file, the program create a temporary file which is then sent across your dropbox folders. When you close the Office app, this temporary file is deleted and, it’ll disappear from your Dropbox account - as it should! On other services, you’ll end up collecting temp files forever.

Steven Zyler

Simply Outstanding...  Steven Zyler  5 star

...especially as a PDF reader. An alphabetical index selector on the right side of the Files tab screen (such as the Acrobat app has :), rather than just a scroll bar, would be a very handy improvement, especially when hundreds of files are displayed. Also, the way the PDF document search feature is designed and functions is simply amazing.


Limited logged in devices  Kenji2019  1 star

They are going to limited the number of devices you can log in at the same time to 3! I’m going to move all my files to google drive and delete this app.

Edivaldo Pericleiton Rasta

BEN BOSTA  Edivaldo Pericleiton Rasta  2 star



update issues..already invested in it (for now)  DCFallbrook  3 star

IPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen lastest iOS -Dropbox grayed out now as an iOS file saving option from most other apps -Greyed out as an upload option from most other apps -Not appearing at all as a iOS Files save option -Cannot select multiple files (photos, etc.) anymore - which was an awesome addition to the previous update -Soundcopy-AudioShare - no Dropbox option to save via iOS Files Also a little pricey on the month to month plan for 1TB, and without full text search. There are competitive cheaper alternatives that (literally)do the same, but I have gotten used to and have always liked the DB updates, the simple functionality and solid synching between my windows 10’s and the iPad.

jessica r_

Cancelled due to lack of customer service  jessica r_  1 star

I’ve been a loyal paying customer of Dropbox since 2011. I’ve stuck with it despite all the bugs and glitches along the way. A few months ago I made the mistake of signing up for a trial to a higher business tier. After opting out of the trial, my account no longer functioned properly. I am now dozens of customer service outreaches in and have yet to find someone who will directly address the problem. Instead, they outright ignore it and tell me the only fix is to upgrade to the higher tier plan. All I’ve asked for is my account’s functionality to be reinstated to its post annual payment / pre-“free trial” status. I’d rather take my business elsewhere than be hustled by “customer service.”

Conan the Reviewer

Never liked Dropbox and still don’t  Conan the Reviewer  2 star

This app is confusing and hard to use. A friend sent me a Dropbox link of a song file, and when I clicked on it I got the option to either get the song in the browser or “download the app,” which I had already done. I clocked the latter option, and it just brought me to the App Store. When I clicked open no notice appeared about the download; it just took me to the app. As far as I can tell there’s no way to search through emails or Facebook messenger from the Dropbox app to download the link. I then went back to the link and clicked the other option, “open in browser,” which took me to a playable file but again gave me no options to download the file. I’ve always had problems with Dropbox, and the only time I use it is when someone shares something with me on it. This was one of those times, and though this was my first time using the iPhone app, I came away from it disappointed as usual.


Not worth it  alanwarnock  1 star

Developer very greedy, app has gone down hill in the years I have used. There are better apps out there.

I. Pavlov

Changed Basic Plan  I. Pavlov  1 star

I have used the basic plan literally for years. Now they have changed it and added limits to it (only up to 3 devices). You should encourage existing customers to switch to paid plans by offering better service and not by crippling their existing experience.

zoe murphy

Look into this bug please 😩  zoe murphy  1 star

This app was a little clunky but straightforward nonetheless, now it’s just impossible to use. I can’t export ANYTHING, I have to email photos to myself which literally defeats the purpose of the app. I can’t even view a single document, just an endless loading wheel. My phone is up to date, I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it, logged off/back in and nothing is working to alleviate the issue. Please look into this bug, I don’t mind the app otherwise (when it works!)

RNG 96574

Best in class syncing, not enough space.  RNG 96574  2 star

Syncs well, seamless operation between desktop, phone, iPad and the application is one I prefer...But 1TB is not whopping anymore. To get 2TB you need a business account which is horrendously expensive. I need 2TB. Other cloud providers are offering 2TB on a lifetime subscription, with an excellent app and security. So back to the free Dropbox account, which is so small to be all but useless..I’ll keep the account, one day you’ll be competitive again.


My most reliable cloud sharing  Kretschmer71  5 star

I’ve found Drop Box to be the most reliable, efficient way to share files (video, photos and large presentations) with colleagues (internal and external). I travel frequently and use a few of different cloud based sites, none work as well and as easily as drop box.


RE: Version 132.2  Hzedras  5 star

Best update ever....Finally 'Select multiple files and export all at once' YYEESSSSSSS 👍🏼


Updating?  Gran01  3 star

I appreciate many things about this app - it’s just so easy to keep track of shared documents - but am puzzled as to why it can take up to four days for the app to display a new document that I know is there because I’ve seen it on the website on the PC.


Export is broken  James5639  1 star

Photos will not rasterise properly or export to a IPhone.


Could be better  Snadllecans  2 star

I came from Google Drive and the Dropbox app (and web interface) are serious less refined. Maybe that’s to be expected though. The app takes 10mins to open any PDF and the web interface consistently fails to upload files (and it isn’t an issue with my internet connection in either case).

dont need a nick name fix it

Want to cancel but it is clear as mud!  dont need a nick name fix it  1 star

Went to check at how to cancel due to not realising it comes with a monthly payment..... Instructions are rubbish and send you in circles.


Love dropbox but app has issues  Bealullabyz  3 star

I love Dropbox and have been using it for years, but the app has issues. It's annoying that when I'm in a folder that has over 3000 photos and i'm browsing one by one to delete, the folder refreshes and shows an empty folder. Then i have to go back to the parent folder, enter the photo folder and go back to where i was. It refreshes every couple of minutes and shows an empty folder. The iPhone also does this. Sometimes, the folder disappears and i have a minor freak out thinking it got deleted so i have to log out then log back in again.


Was good  JDawg1090  2 star

Been using Dropbox since it was created but as of recently and idk how it happened not does the Dropbox app but all of my files, pics everything I had including important documents are all just gone. Doesn’t say where they went to they just disappeared and I’m not happy about it if they fix whatever issue that caused it I will go back to a 5 star rating


Easy to use and does its job well  MrCJ1988  5 star

Simply the best Aldine managing app in my phone/desktop.


This app is horrible  Procriticz  1 star

I don’t know how to unsubscribe from it because they hide it and keep changing it, they keep charging me and I’ve discontinued subscription may times but they keep charging me, stop sending me notifications and stop charging me before I call the police


Crashing  April61  1 star

The Dropbox app keeps crashing. It makes it difficult to get export anything off the off.


Dropbox support  Mickeymouse32555  1 star

My account was hacked and linked to a business account that my exwife made. Dropbox has refused to grant me access to the account or even close the account so I can remake a new one with the same gmail. I’m really disappointed because it has 100’s of pictures of me and my dog in it who died in March 2018.


Please fix this problem  Roshana12  1 star

My friend told me to not use Dropbox anymore and I asked her why and she said that apparently people were sending links of people’s nudes on there.I don’t think it’s right and this should be fixed immediately. Hope you have a nice day.


Auto-upload  ScottDub44  1 star

My 1 Star is for one reason only. I was uploading some scanned pictures to my account. The app asked for permission to have access to my camera. Naturally I said yes in order to upload the specific pictures. But when I clicked “yes” it automatically started pending upload for all of my pictures on my phone. Luckily I was able to stop it on time, but the idea of all of your photos being uploaded suddenly is scary. All in all I enjoy the app but the feature needs to be updated.


What happened to Dropbox???  Dukelolo  1 star

While the Mac app still works, the iOS app stopped working for over a month. Deleting and updating the app doesn’t work. The iOS app just can’t open any file. Extremely frustrating!!! Did all the iOS engineers leave the company or what?


Responsive to issues  lone_tree  5 star

They quickly addressed the scan crash bug.


Not reliable & don't trust them anymore + extremely poor customer service  baby_joyie  1 star

I used to be a fan of this service and have been using and paid Dropbox service for years. I now lost my trust with them after I encountered this situation: *I activated the 2-step verification a year and half ago as per the pop-up message shown in my Dropbox account. *I lost my primary phone (where I kept my Dropbox emergency code) and no longer have access with my back phone due to a job change. *I contacted Dropbox team via email and through the Social Media channel (Twitter) to seek help as every time I log, it would ask for the verification code and it sends to my primary phone or my back up phone which I no longer have access to. The only thing they could tell me is that they couldn't help me. *I even sent them a copy of my driving license, passport and proof of address to prove my identity, yet no response from then since and they just ignored to help. *Now I'm very upset and disappointed 'coz I'm unable to access my own files no more and I'm very worried that be it from my important personal/work/family & my children's photos are saved on my account and I'm unable to access my account no more. as result, I now lost all my files. *Then Dropbox keeps sending me on email messages saying that they're closing my account as I have not used it since and files will be deleted off their system on Dec 2018. *How can I use their service if I'm unable to access my own account? They don't have other options for me to reset my password now disable my 2-step verification or change the mobile number linked on my Dropbox account? At least with Google or Yahoo, even if they have the 2-step verification option, there's still an option for me to verify my identity to be able to update my contact information. *Lesson I've learned from this: even if how tech savvy a person is and even if the Cloud service can make a person life easier & that you can access your own personal / work files anytime and everywhere, you still have the 99.9% that you'll lose your files online. Just like what happened to me. Also, I'm disgusted with the level of customer care I've experienced with them and I will never use and trust Dropbox anymore. Moving forward, I'll save my files the old fashion way as it's more reliable than dropbox cloud service.


Not working anymore  macktack  1 star

I have used the Dropbox App for many years and have been very impressed with the service. However, it would now appear that you have broken the App. It hangs constantly and is now completely unusable. I have tried deleting it and reloading a few times but the problem still persists. Using an iPhone6. I have noticed quite a few similar comments to this recently but have not noted any response from Dropbox. Not very encouraging for the people that you are trying to persuade to sign up for a subscription service. The App was near perfect so why do you keep trying to change it to the pint of breaking it!!!


UX nightmare  Juanjoseluisgarcia  1 star

3D Touch is not correctly implemented. It behaves very erratic. Sometimes do not recognise the 3D Touch gesture and others doesn’t interpret the actions correctly. I checked in the stock photos app and works fine so it’s Dropbox developers that doesn’t listen to the events right. Doing anything with the picture involves many many taps and you get the feeling it takes forever to repeat the actions for several pictures. The quality of the app has decreased dramatically.


Gyhfyfhhh  dgknvjkk  3 star



Sharing on my machines....  Cork2990  3 star

When I first used Dropbox I would input stuff on my desktop and it would appear on my laptop, iPad & iPhone.... brilliant. But nowadays I have to input it separately on these. Not so good anymore & way more complicated.... such a pity as the initial version was great.


Bad App  RemerYT  1 star


Aria Shade

Playlists?  Aria Shade  3 star

I normally use Dropbox for my songs and I keep on having to open the app continuously to change songs after they have finished. This is very annoying. I think it would be a great idea if we were able to make playlists with our music, thanks


Camera uploads work again  kahsbrbdoxksje  5 star

Nice job. Cameras uploading pictures again. Well done


Tony  Tonikers  1 star

Gone bad Before sign in was 4 digit code Now asks for Email and passwords! Crazy and losing the ease of use


Latest update won’t download!  BMWcare  1 star

Why is this and can you fix please?

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